The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, October 25, 1871, Image 2

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CIRCUIATIOM••: • ••• • &•••11901)
C. VAN fintillit, killior anti Proprietor.
_lytllrborouph, Tea.:
kVethiesday, Oct. 26,1871
John Chinaman does not approvo of
teregraphs,.. He ha been lifting the
eablo betwe.on Hong Kong and INaga
sild,-1.0 the rage and 411egIfirbf - foiiign
residents. Ile ;44L,ve., " Telegraph no
good—too.rnuenee s talkee—maket hob-
Lary plenty." %And he has stolen a
long reo ion 4.f aceordinglv
( '
l'itvil Int.lllll , llity lin& little itiivor
ill tieritiany. ' In wde.brtfo in the 11:IA4i:i
-ll:in .neith..eirtit, the I\linh3ter of l'ablio
M'orshi I) :II ti I mArtietion aniionnee,d
tlmi I hii pia is- to,l al all times the right
to tiOiti., vi;m[iiu , , lii the Inw:-1 relating
t,i 1 1., - ie' I; 1 . 1 ii I, ' rho gov ern men t would
Vti) ( t'"E :; . L .l . ~ I Ile, o.lzenfi us (11(1 104
it.c,o,r ' 01 . e il;*01, i ilitlor Infallibility, anti
, on-‘l.!. 1 1 h.rtir - , rk egnnti-lionviii eatho.
ttot , -- A 1 , •;-: ilti, King' and Connell fa
rot eil .uy ) ,,lis , t , eptiratlott of Church
laid ..i6" - , 1.:11, oics complte Indepen
, tit„:t, the oelutilter taut etilbeaPerl
lugs hLe4i ,entcnued to ten years of hard
tailor i a ti,e - pe.nitentiary,..a centeuce
'which v. , . i e :Ain't:non with the Repub.
tican . ..14c,, . t til l - mghout: the country,
heartily cinh4,:e • But, for the benefit
of our- Dt:tritouitttio cotemporarles who
ilzi:ve iiimi.eli ..d.- the '•eonolusion that
(mitt. s.trai e. Republican thief, because
he hell! fl itnlrative position under a
Republican administration, WO wish to
iemark ilitit I-loclge way legit mato : of
the regular Tammany stripe.,i a dyed•
rn :tilee.w ',pi Democrat, . -r
1 , ....
.., ) ,L,t-ctiiig to : know tiat while
- •
tree , %“rrie tnitVe; auch .exclusive
c oautvt,i japau'lmoVe with it. - A
tevulatioo- -peaceful in: its character—
a11110:111.:01 &Ls baying s.uceeedetriti
changing the Torm df Japanese - govern •
meta-from a Nodality to- a centralized
inonarelty; fate Mikado is supreme,
lint the Dairnios retain their honors arid
cities, without the power which enabled
ihcia to matie war on each other, niter
the manner of ancient chiefs and ha
-0119 -
Japan is ptoblibly a few centuries off
as a republici; tire centralized form,
van . c.o on feudalism.
' Ntiury-c;t 1 lOni: it':a iler3 Will take 1 live;
i/ -lute/ eat :in - - int.. yaelit race which
...tiny:loft hi-t o'rek. fnr the Qneen's Cup,
%;hleh thi :1,1 A.meriel won in the Se
-1.-, tto "I'7•;rit Thu liite yacht races bbow
t Lilt. att. .. ril , t it'A I S model has not been
\ cis u,,,•-it int proved on during the lust
.6.enty 1 3 I. 41:, and /11a3V-Wno SM..' her
~t i that t-t.. I.: , t‘t. the - Brooklyn navy.
;too in .1 iiii r , 1,70, think het model
i... , t0%,..:-. niii:kll Fl ,m tor iii)provetikeilt.—
't ht. 1 ,, A.-t, ••••100 OI the CI p (iOr 'ids on
he I eL,ti ; i ~r tt :,t • l'it.'B of I' tees—ieVell in
t. Li ti I t.,ei --- I , e( %, , en thy-Li i 'Oiliti and such
•;t:i2! Li,els Os mhy the selected to
,t , iiie:olit 1 h, vlipliting i / tterests of Aide.
,t its- 1113( l'ilCO of the series was
tit I , Cotitmbitt p by 27 minutes
t nti 4 sTcon(l6. Whole t irbe of the race,
ni 41:0-1)
I,thi vietorled lIJ 10.
1.)111,, Pennsylvania, have ex
id I eix f o.42rations of the most sau
,,mm. iiviitr , ll4thfi. These victories
..111 Lave n 1,0;-t dec,lded effect on the
VlebiLlt tlal .-cutest in 1672, and it can
\ be dented that they are a strong en
qoisement of rile conduct of our ua
omit otfairs and Republican policy,
t triff and nil
The Vol k TI - gnitic goes out of ,
td c ,, e.,plalu that the!:o victories
,:re. not t Le taken as an eutioraement
of Grant administration, but, we fs.n•
oy the perl,le will hardly accept. the ex•
planatio(: Right on the heels. of a
most destructive and exhausting war,
we 'tind our untfon more prosperous,
more actively progressive, than any na
Lion on the face of the earth. In spite
.)f our huff, debt and high taxes, we
:lie building more railroads and than
c2nrating more enterprise's than ever be
fore in our history as a nation, Does
this mean prosperity? If not, what
doe's it mean? ,And if the nation, just
recovering from the effeots of a disas
trous war, is thus prosperous—socially,
financially and politically—it strikes us
that another four years of the same
. /night be endurable, and not at all ru
1 4 70 r mouths the Tammany Democra
cy has lost no opportunity for making
rho most of the'" infamous force bill,"
Its the Kukldx law was termed by the
press of that party, North and South.
Abuse-of the law, and of the adminis
tration un*Which it was passed, for
toed to largelshare of the stock in trade
which WAD relied on to carry the recent
lections, and it had the effect ot en
couraging and strengthening lawless
organizations at the South, without by
anyyoettus adding strength to the party
at tiff, North. ft made the recent pro
, tionatb,n of President Grant a neces
!..ity, which any intelligent man could
- while . , t dis,trusted the better crass
of men in all parts of the country.—
rho policy of blatant abuse and vitu
peration Mei failed everywhere, and a
portion of tilt; youth 1 'to-day under
inertial htn , 4.lth the Imearty approval
of the t.. , t ter iicir46ll -- of the American
peoplii. lied the Democracy North
• :tid to the South, " Obey the laws as
they are ; look for no aid or encourage
ment from US in any lawless proceed
ing whatever; drop your weapons and
taw-breaking organizations,- burn your
lc.uklux disguise,s,, and go honestly to
work in retrieving the ruin you have
wrought,"—this, instead of the tone of
encouragement—the furtive pretense of
aid—that aided nothing, but kept the
z3outh it a feverish ferment of lawless
wohld have rendered the proclai
ming ()fit:Partial Jaw, unnecessary, and
would have streagibened instead of
weakened the Northern wing of, the
Democracy. The silly denials of Ku
!dux outrages which were proved be
yond disPuto, helped nobody; but ner
ved to disgust Candid, thinking men.
The senseless excuses which were re
sorted to when denial was no longer
possible, only added contempt to dis
gust ;—and, if the recent elections prove
anything, they prove that the people
I.4ortli endorse the Kuklux bill.
Alin the 11th instant the President is
sued a proclamation commanding all
lawless orgivatatlons to dlaband, sur.
rctt.l.k...„.thei.r. arni . s aw,1,44.4Fe.,.1.-.1.<49
r itiws. =eve sin yi-d• Rriiel, wife l tfi
on tile Pith, tin lteell,)taving.lieeu paid
to the proclamation, measures were be
ing taken to bring
,i he lilwleel to-tertusoo,
The Te;h?»?e a the yilth blip( tile foltoWl.
.2 •• , ' 0 , . - it ; .- - k
- lug: := 6 "
" Vi ' .l. , llllNl/10N O. 11;.- - :-A1ivjeez !frutti Si"
Caroline are blotted' for _heto , sieltli-4onsiderahle.
anxiety 1e..-day,„„ns the ,lart of the fire days of
race allowed by! the Vp•)Pl,l proclamation The
Attorney General 11(1 A gru l / 4 o till Coll Merrill, of
the ';-th.eavalry;- an sy,-43.-Ck.0314t
or•the proclaimed district Atltiiiitloal cavalry
hero arrived thole Pince the publie.i tine of the
proclamation. - :11reortling to renent ['deices, there
eppoars no disposition on the part ur! the - Kttklt!x
to surrender then . struni ' ,Se.. ' On the vin rarY; it'
i f
is 'known that most of., tllose..vho .feat, a ellt. .aye
lying cut. Via United. Stutea iiir'sbal and tiks
deputies tire bury lit the tok Inc country. Arenrik
the arms. td be surrendered, are 800 f 'Winchester
riftee.,_ • - • , tlplytred from 'the ,".rata militia several'
mulatte. ego, which hare been in-possession of
tbit'rela I banditti over elnee "
. •
The ' reunion Of
.the Ifitit stq s!
... •
000l)l t -p a telies'fi'Utit - C6T I nil', Atiss.; •
ciptuio of lirc.a . the litiltlitx Klan!
cifillY, VerYjetiell in the strain. tb
used in vaerring to i tlor en,ripring
gorats in Cputrat . Aerie.t., )bat
epeeist- I rit'el'eAt "t.ft ttlici , " ottitteular
the. rs'et Lltrotterquerniiirl¢ rostn
awe ic ! !i t iring.perephernAlio were tt
men;, end 3 ef; with 11,64i - reeltlatiorn
riot tcanaparent nt 16 "ideas" <4l)
stoutly teeing mode, there are peoplt
not to believe that the mt-ettifeti-icul
thing till trine!al, pions URA' desert''
The reeent'ealaintWs hy, tire' in the
West are wahoilt:Pre.Cedent in .iltebis. 1
~ .
tort' of the - world. Equally beyond all
precedent is -the liberal gene oslty:with '
which the sufferers aro bei g supplied
with the. motor-immediate necessaries
of life. O'er 1 8000 :PeoPI ' Were ren•
dered homeless idlittle me a than ire
day, and .many of these inst!everything
bi 4 the clothes in„whichthiy .escaped,
jn mapy , easea.these being ortly. night
clothes.. flqar{y,were• not. .s• fortunate
as to escape, but.wero nl
burn d oreeth:
i l:t
ered, in the endeavor. - • -,,, ,- ‘ .
In thie'tearful eiliernitY, ' the Whole
CiVilizetfOrld tieetnt : moved tOtMulk
tion in coritribUit it g ,rell leeto tlititituffei:7
Ihg (and - Wet - it j viFtVe :91 1 rfifittlOr; .
! ) .ffkilTig . , Blll ? 4 rf4'Wgb t' -°.fl;#loqkit iid
alf), /IA! I ?.i , .b . ” ll .: , 4rifivio44!t_ l ) o l 7 A rilVq'
b ist o ry., • • -• N Vie ! Ipti IA IR} bel sowheie- leUe4
ektracts as .*.O have iotn, , fir,!,thate our
readers. who do not have 'accesti to the
dallteA -may get an adequate idea alba
calamity;"' All' the leading . f oity papers
have c6lurnn-on ( ) olden n of'pertienlers
concerning 'the 'lire, and accoutitk
read" I I k e:roin a rice, - thpugh
~O. pen 'Oti
do•the subject:'' • '* -1
And there, is danger;that i
, in the rush
of sympathy and . aid which are being
lavished ort-b firned.Ch Wage,' ivneries - of
greater catamiticewill be pirtially - ovist;.
W - sil
looked: - --e y .'•gfettter, -- becianSeVe
look on kleathcand especially death by
mastitis alll! , e,''Fi`citt great6::dttlittnit
than any los'S' nfliroperty bt depri i ii i ...
don 'b. ) . libb tairning of- di , i, 7 , And let
it heYemembereti that, .t tbotitneChi•
cage was burning, thriving:Tillages,
srnail haiajets, a'nd leolate i t n i dwellings
ife'r' f . ) beini , swept by fire, d the iwoiL
lee (Herein burned alive.
. ..
hi the heavy forests.* the-Noah=
west the tire-flend,Ariven, y a furious
gale, was sweeping everyt lug clean to
the lake shores of Erie and Michigan,
In a way that seems fabulous to those
cilho have only seen forest fires' among
the' Alleghenies. 'File 3lorthwest has
been swept by tire to an unheard of &-
tent, 50 al the loss of property in btirned
towns and timber will be very likely
to exceed the losses in Chicago, l reck
oned in dollars. Slut the .eaddest of all
is the'rearfnl loss of 111 V. , I N.ccounts are
wild and unsettled on this point, but
nearly all place the nunib'er 'of lives
lost between 1,000 anti 1,500.
We quote an are - mut of the burning,
of Yeshtlgo from the Prt, as a sam
ple of the"way in which ao f may be
swept out of existence inn hour : '
"Prom the survivors we glean the following
In 'reference to the-scene at the village and in the
(arming region commonly known as the ' Sager
Bush.' Sunday evening, after oh rob, for about
half an hour, a deathlike atillnesS bang over,the
doomed town. The smoke from the fires in the
region around was so thick as to ibe aiding, and
hung like a funeral pall over everything, and all
was enveloped in Egyptian karkneSs. Boon light
puffs of air were felt; the horizon at the south,
omthonst and southwest be gain to be faintly H
iumlnated; a perceptiblelmbling of the earth
was felt, and a distant rota broke Ate awful si
lence. People began to feu that totrto awful ea
iamity,weasimpeoding, bat) as yet no one evert
dreamed of .the
-dangers '
i' The illumioation soon beca l tuo intensified
info a fierce, lurid glare; the roar deepened into
a liorro as if all the demons from • the "infernal
pit had been let loose; vhen the solemnest) 'gusts
of )wind from the main _body of the .tornado
shuck. Chimneys were blown down, houses tin:
roofed, and, amid the tionfurtion,rror, and ter
rible apprehension of-the momen -, the fiery -els—
went, in tremendonstnrolliug bit owe and masses
of sheeted ilarneYetiveloped the - devoted village.
The frenzy of despair anted on all'heatts, Strong
men'bowed like reeds before thefiery blast; wo
men and children, like frighten Auppecters flit
ting through the awft&glOom, were swept away .
like autumn leaves. 'Crowds imbed • for. the
bridge, but the bridge,',like all else r was receiving
its baptism of Bre. Hundredi n erptyded into the
river, cattle plunged 'lri"irith theni, and being
huddled together it*itio jfenerki lonfusion of the
moment, to anY-whw . haeVtakea - -t r 4. e,the . water •to
avoid the dames were drowned. -,great many
were on the blazing bridge' when' It fell. The
debris from the burning' fertnjwas hurled' over
and on the'heade ot:those who t ore in the wa-,
ter, hillieg-many, and maiming iotherezeo that
they- pre up in despair and :sank" to a watery
grave, ,
"In tbatt ..a hour trete th time the tor-' 1
nano streak the town, the village f Peshtigo was
annililott.i. NH one hundred perished either
in the floeo or in the teeter, en all the property
was wipe.l oet of existence. ..n the "Sugar
Doti,' the lost of life was even g pater in propor
tion to tbe number of„inhabitents than in the
village. W hale familieq are destroyed, and over
a thickly ,ettled rt:gion in the, IMti.vy hard wood
timber. , otirl,tioe. oi two or threo ' townehips,
there I ‘ , -arecl v a Ilmilv but i ' now left desti
tute, end mourn. , far the to Of erne of its loved
1 " The
.-ittieriug at neshtigo ha been terrible;
I in one phre , no less than 11pereens beink
t it
berried to .death , and In anot ett over thirty:—
)lounged,, it ie thought, Imo been drowned In
attempt log, to escape the flames. No, pen can de. 1
E3rita, or e eageerato the horrors of the Pesbtigo
caloteity. These who escaped have lost every
, thing, Ar( the le"titntion at this season will ho
great. --__
"Iltindreds are ['tainted and helpless, many of
ithorn . rendered cripples for Ilfi. Whole town
: ships are devastated by the lire- arid, and nearly
one thousand / human beings h ve been hurled
into eternity' hy one of the most o awful visitations
ever nnen in the history of th , world; and-the
wretched survivors left with nothing to 'subsist
on t such supplies as are and nay be eontrib
ut • y tho charities of the poo le. The whole
e nt
t it
ry is a !comet of devastatio andn that
no language can P m
Paint or tongue dei') ."
The fires in Michigan h ve keen only
less destructive than those) in Wiscon•
sin. Thousanas have been l
reduced to
poverty who frere lately in comfortable
circumstances, and it is fearful to know
that very many are actually starving.
Chicago Is being relieved at railroad
speed. A hungry man in ihat city may
telegraph to New York 14id receive a
package of food by express long before
he is in danger of starvation but the
suffering unfortunates about Green Bay,
and the burned towns in Michigan must
suffer long before effectual aid can reach
them,—let alone that Chicago seems
Just now to have rather% ilonopoly of
public sympathy.' Already the wants
of Chicago are substantially relieved,
so far as food and clothing) can do it.—
Fite millions of dollars 1 ere sent to
that city in subscriptionwithin ten
days after the fire; which the Elmira
Advert/ter says wi ll give a out two bu
( trod dothirs to each deittt . to family.
It h to be ho )et that fat reAftk ;
Ignis-0 5 Mitr" 'it reT:it 4!;*t•l'
whoitave been rendered homekess and
destitUto iittke horned inOlieni r 4l
ft ns
cousin and 'Michigan.
e,pifiio . l•re e o:p r i „fp . tt.,,iittX Imola ex
traottc; itoniierhfile- % the J e in those ,
`Statos; mita liAi:o4,ll tl i ttqra 4dver
-itiei.,:"ti.-J.l/4,TlsdaltilV-04n*Aiiat or
his escape at i?e'slitif49. He says
"Tbo roar of tiinnpprnaobingidriindo grew
_When-the Int_letruek the.
town, it seemed to swallow up and literally drown
everything. The tiro came un twlfter,'
race horse ; and within twenty minuteti 61 4 -11ie
time It struck the qotthirtrt or the_ Will! -r e: 1 14
thing in IliiiiiesT'Aintit'foiliviiiirbeatt a ill=
description.„ _water, prostrAeg
elf, pnt illy face in the 'water; akd thrpUt
tar a v y back and head. The lieit'oraiio
tense thatTeauld heep•my:t.Cad out; of rater Imt,
few- Beconda aia.tisna f0r..,1 he ipace of nearly
'an lionr - Sari leiti'ltr:tho i'irer' caught fire sittd
burned. A iSovi game to the arid viibbed hei neat
against me awl - bawlettpitenuely: , :t_Lbeard men,
women and children crying for help, but.ivaa Ate.
telly powerless to help any ono. Tapp. ‘ i .'iTly
eXpertenco exptirienoeltif (Abed." •
'A groat many women and children and - men
were , burned in.tho caret:la y ,antl in places. so fax
from anything Comituitlith, that it roma:kali'
1114680111 n thay'sitattlil hark.' ':They'werti burned
to 'n crisp. \Vitale f famines,
dietida - mtfamillea,
children, motherl,fathpre, hrotheirs lapd : Alaters,
were' burned,-And rcwi
anti thither: Wildir 'dulling and
iag'fhr their relativ.;Avaner thee five? ' .•
The'vtliageteof Rosier 6 arid' MeisSiere
It " 3.
nye - ninth' hurm;(l,: -Tolenty-oon, persona
missing. A' 'fil3ttle s nitit , slit 'Ytt . ix , it!le!it
. ,
was biiriteci - In l.llo - Ipwti of Brtisselis
but 11130eicapetj. , ''Thirty-four
dead bodies werelqumi snd burietto
Theie were all Wisenneirverdsuciitiqs.
The fires in Bilohigamwere fsr , less de.
speak ot z the
mt would "be
of 8o ) many
adds 'to the
Imes& other
&ken with the
114 of the,into
Oiah are con
e' determined
Pus are omy
etructivet.of human (lifer , ftpdtme.hAve
no room fort,ferther, particulars. : But
October,.l67l, 'wilt lonkA3e remembered
as the Era driFirei,t arid - the I preesi , lbr
weeks'to - come; will be fit.%
4ldette of the (4reit'Firee. :-: ' -
" :,t)
lin -Carnet° coutityritte 'Repubttoo
majority on HO StateAlekettiwas Alen
majOrity , tatqltiditio •
koeetoibt6Volititr f ^ :
thiliiiViitio , "* ,
1 •
The Philadelphia riots haVelirOdUced
a profound sensationatthelgorth; rid
the murder OfCTV,lrdin•Patto;toOldredY has
waked k Ourhioad-brinnied 'friends,
Who haVe'hitherto',iakeetlin 'Oinftbing
'and shooting `of colored votaitil*
rit of-.meeknessstrOlOy
• . Two colored meinWhara t e and .:Clittio,
were murdered. on electipn day; andlitt
the present writing, _ cietel;3.x.4oth, the
murderer has notz:beert arrested. But
the city of-Brothetlyl , .T r iove ,is Ideeply
moved on the subject ; , the
. *4 - yor has
offered a. large, reward fo.r the aggrehen!
Sion of , the murderer, and it really cents
as though something were to . he. done
about it,--That murderer, if punished;
will have.-a • right to considerrhiriiiielf
air ill-used man. PreCe.dent is it 'strong
point: and, according to LA-precedent;
ho had a right to infer that 'delbred vo
ters migh chibbeeor 'Shot oil elec
tion day with impunity. Why should
he, be selected for au examplo, while in
the performance of a political dot.) , that
has become quite the - tegular thing in
the tborth and fifth wards of Philadel
phia? in the investigation which fol
lowed the murders, some riots were eli
cited that• ought to make the ears of
every Philadelphian tinge with Shame.
Respectable citizens testified that the
approach to the' polls was blocked by
Democratic policemen on the ,appear
once of any colored voter; that 'a po
liceman constantly stoodhy the polls
to block the hole through which' votes
werodellvered *4,th. his elbow; when Ix
colored man was , plucky or lucky en
ough to get up to the polls; and that
when all this failed, the colored Voters
were hustled, hit on the bead with.
clubs, and driven away by violetiee and
blows, which often left them nearly
helpless. This was for intimidation,
partly, it appeared.
Every colored.vuter; no .roatter : how,
well known, respectable; . or wealthy;
was challenged; and no-one waieidlow
ed to vote after being challenged.,,,
- . --- Wheri a member of thelloard:oirered
to - voueb.for a colored citizen, a Derno»
cratio . polleeritan.who WEU3 guarding:the
polls, said, savagely, "You
- you vcrtiohj p r : a_;_man
that I challenge, I you outni
that by the hair." -
. The T ribune gets !ate!. the Phfladel
pblaßs ' (57 - : h) • • ediforl~l' groin,
which we hike . redati4 :
• ;,
a Now, for the life of us, we cannot-see . why
the aristoorrtio Philadelphians should•make any
pother about the Matter; hold thaie meetings la
or'sholv thelt-sighteoul Wrath at;
the murderer by unwonted zeal In furteralitervl
ces for a martyr when, life they so. little to
protect. h ci
,The poor wretcf a mtirdeter.bit
ted after the'bribith of his kind.' a"wolf,'
and he hit. The teeth were dais' by. native, 'but:
tho woldsh spirit , oarrie to him from his loiters—
from the very men who 'hold:meetings to denounce
him. PhySloian,'hesi thyself,' would be a sug
gestive text-for the meeting of indignant phtlan
thropista ; it will bp hardly .qortis while to begin
th - e - cure with the Ignorant
~nrurderer, . though a,
close consideration of his' otives May: be profit
able. It Is not *always pleasant to face.the tint.'
mal that we resemble, but the lesson is whole
"The murder of Cott.; io Philadelphia has ap
parently produced a 'strohger reonlaion' of•feel ' ?
lag there than all the other outrages; of the .riot
during the recent election. It has•obwe to be a
matter of course in that city, it appears, for the
Democratic police to guard the P 011.- and boon
tinently knock down or shoot colored-Voters who
claim their right to support the Reptitilican tick
et. In the fourth and fifth wards, at this and
the previous election, nogrdes were shot down
like sheep, and no result followed, either in. the
punishment of law or the indignation of public,
" Catto was the Principal of ,an institute for
colored children ; a man of culture,' arid ei quiet,
inoffensive- gentleman ohnoxiout tti the-roughs
simply because he had devoted hiniself to the
amelioration and elevation of the condition of his
Speaklng,Df the unparalleled tires In
the - West and Northwest, the Press
"Minnesota has been the severest loser in a mo
netary sense. The value of the forests destroyed,
and the immense loss-by retarding develoPment
which must ensue, is incalculable. The fires in
thls.State appear to.heve started from about the
town of Breckenridge, a town in Towns county,
near the line of the iorthern Pacido railroad.—
From here it appears to have spread to the ' Big
Woods,' and thence all through the southern por
tion of the State. Numbers of tillages and cit.
lee were swept from the face of the earth, not
withstanding all that foresight and sagacity could
do to save them. Men by the hundreds were
stationed about their outskirts with the, purpose
of fighting the irresistible . elements, and every
precaution that human ingenuity' could suggest
was used—in some oases with ,some slight suc
cess,. but generally in vain.. Glencoe, Levant,
Mankato, New Ulm, and other towns and 'ham
lets were completely' swept out 'of existence in
toe tremendous war of the 'elements.. At least
350 fame, with all their houses,. fences, .utensils
and live stock; were consumed. More than . 200
people were burned alive, andthe pecuniary loss
is estimated at between two and three millions'of
,dollarg. At-the` present time the tires in this
State are reported-toitave nearly died out, and
the path of the stormls-marked'only by'ruleed
houses and the black remains of what was dace
the noble forest and prairie land of the State of
Is Father—Miller right, a fter. AM—
cbarrlog a few lalstakes tit dates%)
. 2.7 ft 'l'. •
i tiVtt , 9
whose sons, prattlers, husbands, and
fathers were oily ti few days ago men
of wealth, areiiernling to New York for
sale thkjejAnailci , ett; their 1 . 10#:,* 1 0 4 1.!
robes - i, - 4‘o - ip.iiiitiabler3e#eilt raise
more t° nevi the!Wsnta,lir the snip'
erers liamec,„4llol,la,orifteandeed,..
and wiirthinfibb noble Wonted of ilia
striekeii .444 , - Tribune.
Thosplqw, R e rsomply,accittain
With kitiinAli6ioas Nobng,
beAdeased,to.hear.that he
is one of_thaelect„ , frn, g lti otton
Ohio, in Ilia cibiety &: v itiated' election
which resultedVi t iretniilng One Ftegib:
Bean Senator anktivo Deteocratic, with
five - Republiaaw 'DemQdratie
Representativ,el4. The Republican Sen
ator is Gen. Young, who ..has, a happy
faculty of always alighti ng on his feet,
that - we 'rover cianhl get the. hang of.
• •
14 .
The Republicans at Isfew State,
In their late,Corint:lon„`iilaCed in no
mination the 'following gentlemen: For
Secretary of State, 6. Hilton Scribner;
Controller, Nebnipt;
, iroplpnit ;' Tres,.
surer, ThomasTßafries ;_ : Attrey Oen
era), Franols,,„;P:; - . *41.0v, tatjiligrtgla"
neer and Surveyor,',Williatuß. Taylor ;
Canal Commissioner, Alexander Bark
ley; State Prison- . lnspecter,- Thomati
Kirkpatrick. • Vie: election Is held . on
Tuesday', tilivenher, 7, • a - j • •
From Englandiechnee 'the; -following
telegram. . .7) • r
Lorrnorf, 103:=-4frigrad1iangh at
an immense' meetingtere , to4idght de
clared the Queer -ryas Insane; and de
manded a regency, to be. entrusted to
the judges of-flats•-•-ind-lignlty•
rfpublic warcestabllshedw , .. , . _
- We are •inclinedl to think there is
samithlng, in Aheta 2 repeated
alsealoili °tithe gileini ifiliancty
OARD.r* e a
jsl4llsllD ?"•-••
To the Editor of 44 . ..igitathr::-.4 . 5 many Imp]•
rise haVa ! beim toad iattve to
the effect of thibchicageritiredispunc4l4 - : several
companies representt4irzatk itieliettrlit'ffroper
to make the follotilitgistatementf -, ,t
The !,tun, of lie, rtfordihad_Baseta _amounting
to $0,041,378 (13:90'4:41,riat , f She-loss at Chi•
cage, wbieh. ip•belnikgremptly.peld,,..nraourita to
less than two . m'illlciat k leaßiug I 4 eoapitittof three
millions intact,. athnrre.l l 44l4- Os' Pltke:, Lmb
still in its treasury
less than two millions, and its Peard of Airco
tors, on the 16th Of 'O'citober; - reiolirad to ell up
the asPitallo-iviii Mid i& bat millions, which will
make its atiltigslitir,t4llll:§lo.olWpayittg all its
losses, at Chicago andisleewhere. . ,
The Instiratido - ,CdfriplifioodVicorth.• America
(sometimis confounded — with the North Awed
can, which his foiled) bad,' the - let &Ciao
bii,catifieta sBa it.,§Oros. l After
paying:ill its loesta at tltilaagb, tit 'had $,700,-
000 left:: Thiaitemplany:(thazoldest • , 10) the Erni.
tediltates)t asAmins. doinglusinesen years, and
has paid i nJtliat time Ilk millions, ;of dollars' in
losses. -
The IrrankAu, , of Otibtdell44 bad asset.
amonntinito s3,pgb,ooo,Aila lOst less than $500 0:
o{lo, thus cominLytct?rotudy egt Of, the fire With
$3,,600 ! 000 to fay fatige 1f:1603,0h.
The Phenix, of,l4ey 'and Brooklyn, h.a
$1,858,'i55 45 'on the grst. of ttoto!lcr. Its loss
was abbot $3Ol2OAOO' only, 11304 tt a Million and
'llal f to do busineis 4fi`conipani gets
credit from the ChiCagy :Tour:Jill of the 15th of
October, of being the atiti Company to Pay a toes
at Cbicato,.being $4,000 to Hirt, Aston 4000.
• The Enterprise, of Philadelphia; pays its losses
promptly. 4 ;• "
The Putnam, of Hartford,-is the •only one. of
our companies which, has staggered under :this
auespectect and unprecedented _fire. Of .smell
Capital (only balf,a ralillon,) and a surplus of
only a quarter of million, its loss takes all its
eurptus and a part of the capital.` It refuses it;
write any more petioles - et papal, but. win Wigs-,
those it has; and, will eltbei—pern3anenttf
Pend or continue business in a fowl/make. ' This
company, although seta% was exceedingly Care
ful, conservative, and wall manakedi and we very
much regret its misfostUne.• ; •
The 'looming Fite. .Insuranos - Oompany lost
heavily; the exactsumithough not yet known,
is ', apposed , to be
,nearly e dollars.
Tills is now admitted to be 4 thbiesuilag mutual
company of the Opited
,States; ,and by the ex
cellent management' of As °goers, it has for 31
YO:iti" - ifferded mutest security to its member°, at
very low rates. Of course a reasonable assess.'
ment will nowle made upon its prosaltun notes,
and the' sooner this le paid; the' Sooner. the Cora.
puny will be able-to emend prompt eld',.*Abe
suffereis atAhteagd• and giewhete. • • 1 ". .
invonclustot — f:-- 4 •We will alsisys be glad to ad.
sweri...from ofaciiksoarceernell_ipteationtrelts-_
tire to the standing of every company; .
puede. effected by malt, itr i any of theinberecom
peeles4),at;standard rotes.
MeitSIOK. ';516.1X ..‘
10. ,3 1 1301.v.441,1i:8.1043*;
Oct 213, a 4,
IN Ur ifalJP_TOlt.tiwahhtis im.4tice notice
that ort.the 14411 day of.potober"lB7l, a war
rant in bankrupt - 0y Was iisned . against the' es
tatecif Justus 11.11111ey, Mandel - 43n the
county of Vogt , andmfitate_- of Penisylvallta,
who ,bee been .adjudged, s !ppbrapt, on - Ittrawn
petition.; 'thatthe pa m eet of any .414144:idad
&IWO P4o bet:Wets i ltii-%sisott
bankrupt,ito bins: or or Ids",atte, 'mid the transfer
of any property by klm t artforbidden by law;
that 'a meeting of tbsioreditors of the saldbank
rnt, to prove tint!: dablp f and _to choose one or
more 'assignees of his isitate; wilt be- held rat ti
court of bankruptcy ' , to., , be, holden at tbei office
of F . E. smith; Esq., in.ttio
,borough of Vasa,
beforeP: IV Smith, Registek, on' he "2d `day 'of
Deceinbcir, 1871 . ? at o'olOck •
!dental, as Meeeentkr,i
004)25, 1871 4[
, . , • i
melts Nudd t 1. ola are hereby notified that
David Nudd has applied to. the Court' of - Conf.:-
Men Pleas of Tipga opuuty ; tot ik. 4Wpaa,,k_om
IVO bolidil fin strldiciny, and thritaa COW hie
appolatedlatindaY; the . 27tVIdaY of Noirember
.next for a , hearing .in the remises; when and
where you pan attend lE. you think proper.
Oct 25;11 4i , E. lA.PISH, Sheriff..
t ,
• PREN t bt LIST. • •
Tioga Cqttrity ; Lgriotilt*l Fail,
Hoil eg ,—E A Fisb,ce; stallion, B R Burley,
2d bent stallion„. Brutus Rico, best 3 year old
stallien, L LTtnesell best;do; P Baker best
1 year old stallion, Henry Hillbolt 2d best do,
0 B Lowell beat pair Matched mares, Job Locke
2d do, MA Bunnol beat single gelding, D A Stow
ell 2d best do, D 0 Bristol test single mare,
Jamul:lowan:Bdr do, B litiJohns'ott 'best - pair
matched geldings,'S N. Fish, 21 do, Sinn %Iran.
ton best pair matched iltallioni s Oliver Ilacon.jr.
2d do, Delos 'Fields best pair nettled 8 year old
geldings, 8 Reynolds 3d do; 'B'A Fish belt 3
year old gelding,- P D Bunnel 2d do, litraca
Brooks best 8 year old mare. G H Hubbard but
brood Mare and colt, George P Card best pair 2
year old colts, A A. Bettor best t year'- (4 mare
and colt, N A Elliott best; : 1; year old gelding,
L Ohumway best sucking colt.
' .Tacks and Maim—Wm 13 Smith bent jaik,'W
B Smith 2d do, John Butler beat pair males,
Thos Kelly 2d do. • • •
Cattle.—Wm Francis :best native bull, F D
Bunnel beat Devon bull, ck Bacon jr, best 'Ayr
shire bull, L C Bennet bestAlderney bull,.Taoeb
Borapangh beat Durham bull, F D Bunnel best
Peron cow It Moore native tow,. Wm
il Francis
best Ayrsh i re cow, John Diellition best arhem ,
cow. Joshua Atherton boot 2 year old' Durham'
heifer, ,F D Bunnel but Devoe helfermilf,'. best
Devon lull, best Devon 1 year old helfer,and best
Devon cow and calf, Wm Francis 2d beat Dur
ham cow, R 8 Marvin 2d beat 2 year old Dur
ham bull, Samuel Ludlam 2d ' It Moore
best pear old steer, Hiram Kimball 3d best 2
year old Devon bull . Cal in Butler 2d bent 2 year
old native heifer, 0 L Miller Id best Ayresitire
bull 1 year old, Jacob Rorapaugh lent Deinn
heifer calf and 2cl but Ayreabire cow, Jaren - Ilab,
Dookstader 2d best native. heifer and beet Al
derney bull calf, Henry Origin bbst yearling
Durham bull, George English 2d be Milani`
cow, 2d best Alderney ball and sa , best, native
pow, T V Wingate boot yearling steer and 2d
best native bull; Mrs R Jenkins beat yearling
heifer, N Wbitney 2tt best Durham bull and 2d
best Devon cow, Wm Harrison best native bull
calf, B Dumans 3d do, II 0 Plebes beat 3 yinir
old Devon heifer, Jothtta Atherton best .yoke
working oxen, F TO Bonnet best ',aid catt le,
David Hart 2d best pair year old steers, Ala
Balfour best Fair 2 sear old steers, L II fkillett
best pair 3 year old, steers, Teroialo Dooksiader
ben yard native calm, T P Winigate bat - pair
91 4 AingajeOrP4410/11-PAckirifgßA4 l 7s,
~, ettAbliiif-Ilittraulfettlatteae... , _ , .
unerp.—Norruan Aebton best coarse wool buck,
S Etorapaugh• best do ewe.
ireit.,-.-Vectrge English best sow, •L 0 Bennet
beat sale &Sid-pigs and best boar, Jeremiah Klock
2d beet beer.";' . • .- • i -1, --
'Poultry—P Itteddard 2 Biamah Chicken; 0
If Card /Patriots' se. beat. , e - ' 1.., ' ,
' Pa q Frage., etc,—C F Johnson best sin.
,isle maple Sugar, Win Francis 24 beet 1 1 . 007
:Cheese andt24, beet cheddar cheese, Sethlisteoa :
2d beet &kin' butter and best pail butter. W P,
Shuniway 24 beet pill butter, Joshua Peet 2d
best tub butter, J rapaugh beet, firkin butter,
Mra-Hirani•Br°okeliest.lnimi-ntade ebeeie; Mrs'
J Klock p best, Charles gtofe.hest,luctory and
.*ClCetider em(e) P lictoknib tl i t hini e sytvp, Mrs'
E Brow 'beat bet - honey. - I
_!. :aar4to Vrgslabies,—Mrli•Prince. bpst carrots,'
It B - Marvin onioni, Virtid Make ruts : tigas,
Mra E Drown celery, DaVl47.4oeile t water and
musk melons, Fulton Sucittrpumpkine and win.
ter knish, L Shun/way potatoes', 0 k gum eab
.bage, J Klock' tomatoee, winter, radishes; cauli
flowers, and. turnlps„.4o, Anilact,z • beets. . •
' t Orain.-3iteyDpelis i tader boat. hushoLwinter
wheat, - sprles *heat, buckwbeat and thnetby
said ; .ChannaelHali best bushel barley, Henry
qrlf£l67oo; paylsll%ripoox. oat., (leo Chriateinat
corn ill the ear.
~ it,t-Ditrwin Thompson ba i t posehes, E T
Bentley,graPez, M /I Prince 24,40, C Hammond
best Variety apples, Henry Griffin beat general
dleplay of- Atilt and Variety of pears, C F John.
sea 24, best. dhpley„of,frnit,„ Nelson Whitney
best vayietYPicarei, 6,- ,•,,, f • '' ' •' ` -"`
~Aotealtural. ipfstasaitt.„-tT„li, ArnolL 4 ,beat
kerselay, fork; S N Buiden•hest, mower (Kirby)
r.nd.herse rake, Darwin Thompson best hay ; led
der'.*Lnite Stevens beet waabing machine, Immo
Beare best churn power, 24 best vaediumploneb,
2d bait curtis pkiw i and beet aide hill plough ; ;
• g 11 Evans best , plongb. L H Robbing; second
'best, job,n ' Diekintion. beet 'cultivator and best
roller, .1 0 Argetsinger 2d best mower (Sprague)
and best grain drill, L Otßoach best reaper and
moirei G Sherman hest threshing machine. •
Aretil_n‘ical •1* 0 .,4°,,,n1iit.".. - 1 , W . Howland best
single haulm, a B Katter_ttest platform spring
democrat, Ed Wateasle t beetommpleolsy briok,
li T ;Fan Hop bestmerler,settluntiqre, Henry
Wheeler:bell elitgle buggy, Ghee Heald:at% best
fart 4 #80 31 . , R-Lo#iteb l 4..tßft,sPecitOffla black
initinditgi/A /1, - P6itteibest,M gle „kitggy,• W, A
NeX.eorab bizitlig *double haratlea.• • • '
' .ff' ousefic4l ~.Pilliciffse r -1411 1), 'V • p Marsh best
jar Picklekldbml t Opencer balk single rag
carpel, Idles DidlaiPoneer;:best:bidqulit ; Kril W
P liiitratireiratroltaltlfed?rProL4FaturetrAkr:
.1.., 1 10. 1f t,ba,it l Medie,i,,qttlit; 4) ra n- rs P ' lt t opkus
'soapeample soap, Mrs •N•NPeak beet ample
'soap; Mrs;N:Peak bantam/30e waolenarn, Mrs
.l Untatfk:Bitlitiststiten yards Minitel, fdra L .1
is' bait, blinipoli apple bu(tiar, Mn AV WEritt
all& 414 Peir,,,Oolen steoldrigs,, Itirs -. ..1' alp&
beet two yardinfigi: - , .. • • ,.. •
.64 7 . 01 1 , Ofitsinfitcpi led ' W,L TgrkensS. CI 1
v 44 : 1 0. 110 ..?C5t1ea .011yereitealea.Potv,47,0-
104 4 / 1 1V:trscitf . # 11310.41Eqtaix b a d
wQr , ,te ir
s pers2pir
..r kOll4 fry, 15. , p6 y 1
cAni mfisoitor.4,rlA 'gaol/10,r
g_.%wip, , Inigelife,ry„ • aid d itcppyr tidy, : km
Biltiltexuelfis kelt talfii Plllow,,Blise Wary, at
kg 'b I.:Atpeolsisli„, wax. Remit, Mies,. Addle
!Mei' it tall Underelothlizipendni,ghielothing,
Alf ii it ll 43*.:•:PAid/FMtEare A 4 1 /11,
li p
loysbeit : knit ',emit° tet, ,elan,, ettlystelds - beet
'l3bair tidy, •' Mrs It Van Horirbeet pin atmbion,
Mil g won , 2,51,,, tlity,, ( cotton _Ro l woritAti),
Master SollitiDeritiet-bestAluip Mate-- -- --
,ProingrAfftoh le Loyd heat pelt ItTreets
' datteliidanitldiest draft korses..,—i.. .....,-;„,•-• ...
Gents Discretionary.—Stansboro it Wood
churn themometer , A. 8 . . - Eastman best epeol
men•iif mechanical and °partitive dentistry, Ben.
Janata Austin best lot saitt, - doors: dud blinds,
0 D Forest bestapealmen penmanship, T H Ar.
nol4 beet •,10.E.tplelf0 ,un4,.."ponveyor, D II
Naramere best specimen photographic art, B T
Dead 2d best eothigillaty Organ, Wm • Francis
• .24. best , sample -Young American cheeee,• Rd
Wetmore beet simple pressed brisk, M B 'Prince
best 3 apple trees and poop Seabright ,bantams.
D A Stowell bear !kin robe,Ubarles Clans tt eat
sample Young AMOTIOS • cheese, ahem Breoke
specimen dried •corn, 0-Bacon Jr., etrawberry
apples, Jas Mann clover thresher and separator,
Andey Foley beet display of plated ware, family
lamp and chrome pictures, A M Roy best sp.-
*linen of printing, j Uteemail beat patent bee
hive, Luther Shumway beet ' ate Ole seed corn,
B Dewitt King best clothes ringer, • Mrs 1 M
Bodine-best quilt. A Walker bide goon akin
robe; olf Sloe. best, sample- ,0111"0118 Jeremiah
Klock Vest liege cheese, 14,,1.1 011iett i best coon
akin robe, Nelson Whitney beat wood machine
and best sample pumiltbas, Tommy Bunnol heat
pair goats, Beth Wettnore • best mortar machine,
B T Van Horn beet worm wire mattrase and
Timicer spring bed, 1' W Molntoeh beat family(
organ, Davie & Kimball beet Imperial spring
bed, Bayg gap , bpst inlaid lady's work•, box,
Dr Bacon best sett surgical instruments in case,
0 P Ellis beat sample firkins; J Dooketader beat
yard native calves, Isaac G Hoyt beet George A
Georgia - piano- no opposition. The committee
give honorable mention of this instrument in
addition to the premium, and say that they con
sider it equal, If not superior, to any first class
instrument they have ever seen. Andy Foley
beet Riles Howe sewing machine, A X. Bodine 2d
-best Weed sawing zenchine, J W Utley 24 best
American sewing matibine. The follow is the
report, -.rut. out, Dila Stipft.a. by *hit stoutt:atk
tee upon the sewing machine question :
"Resolved, That while we consider the Weed
and American machines excellent, yet in con
struction and material, we consider the Elias
Bowe in some reaps:tut superior to either.
•• "ILL. Rgirttorxis,
- • "0. K. THOUPION."
Ladies' Piscretionary,Mra Prank Smith best
knit hood, Maggio Cowden beet single geranium.
and hanging basket, Mrs D IC Bobber beat
crochet chair tidy, aire Prince beat bracket of
coral, worsted bracket, 2d best- 6 pots house
plants -and beet Sanwa:lda purpania, Mrs '1
Peak best 3 pail woolen blankets,. Mrs Mishit,
Brown belt wreath Sowers, best specimen mus
tard, beet sample encumbers, best sample sweet
corn and beet jar of peaches, Mrs J B Horton
beat magazine date,Mrs L U Gillett beat medley
pletnFe, Mrs D Gerrie heat sweet potatoes SERI
best suer ogrd, ltfrs, clerey best over skirt,
Mrs Polly ' aitlin bear,irreith dowers, Mrs 'lf
Packer beet sample house plants. Mrs J Klook
i beat worsted bedquilt, Mrs -W W English beet
trample tintelllfg,lifra .0 r Catlin best rug, Mrs
It' Van Horn beat atunple'wereted *rk,• Mrs It
F Barhee,bpat worsted ,tidy. , • , , .
, . . , • , Respectfully submitted.
TB sUbserlber offers. for silelis farm of- 58
aeres, pleasantly situated in. Catlin Nollovr.
Obarleston, Ttoga oounty, Pa. within about four
tulles of Wellsboro an4Ltsco miles of Niles Val.
lay dePot.• Bobo°, berme; ohnrob; mills, shops,
Ae.,. within ; a mile. Torras easy.: Inquire on
1:11a - premliee, of C. U. CATLIN.
fday 14, 1811 tf
• 1 For-- A
Fl6OOB of 100 dole() Mario()Sheep gi
SSA Por head: C: B. HOY''.
Osceola, Tioga Co., Pa., Oat. 11,1871.
)k) ,UDITOR'S NOTICE.—The undersigned,
an Auditor appointed by the Court of Com
molt Pleas of Tioga oounty to distribute money!,
arising from the stela of the real. estate of T. B.
Coate!, will - attend to the duties orhie appoint
ment,.at his office in Wellaboroi •on Thursday,
the 9th dux of November next, at ten o'v uch in
theiforettooti. JEROME B.' NIL 13,
Ootoker 18, 18'71 Sw Au itor.
4:004 7 714 WANTED
For a • Book that will Sall.
11346313.4c0r Slit. •
Thle is an original, interesting, and instructiqirworr
full of rare fan and humor, being an account of the
tricks and feats, with laughable incidents and adven•
tares as a Magician, Icecrordancar, and Ventriloquist.
Illustrated with .
16 Full Page Engravings.
besides the Author's Porttnit on keel, and numeroue
smell cute.
The volume is free Imp any objectionable matter
being high•toned and moral In itt Ohersotar, and will
be read wl i r deep interesti both by old and young. It
gires4l* o ft graphic and thrilling accounts of the
effects of h s wonderful feats and magical •tricks, cans.
lug the most uncontrollable merriment and laughter.
°Uvular', Terms, /re., with fall infbrmation sent
free on application to
0ct.18,1871.-m. _ °.an.ont St. Phslada..
. • FOR SALE. .
A BOUT 11 0 acres of land known as the Wm.
IL K. Mitchell farm at MitcheWe Creek, Tio.
ga Co., Pa., with three tiwellinglouses, a steam
Raw Mitt and Barns and other baildings—ino
of the best locations for a lumbering or other
manufacturing establishment on the Tioga Rail
Also, adjoining a lot of about 185.aaree, a
bout 30 adrea in pastarp. Would make' a good
farm—timber enough on it for fuel, lumber,
posts, (to., to pay for it. .
Also about 750 acres of timber lands with
some improvements • about a mile east of the
above , -desoribed laridivaluable for , Hemlock
Bark, timber and farming lands. -
Also two lot' aloud of one tore-each, altos
ted at Holliday towpiln the township of Middle
bury—on which tberp ip u Wirer 4 0 .' •
Those desiring tozpurchase enijurrn of Mrs.
Jane Mitchell on the premises at Mitchell's
Creek.. • C. H, SEYMOUR,
October 18, 1871.--tf. 'Vega, Pa.
... .„
$1 pro med school boucle will be let at the
eohool hope near Ilabb's omit to the low,-;
e 4 and hest bd,ler, al, Dahlia oatgry, op Wednee r
day, ffov. 1, 1871, at 2 o'clock P. M. Speoloa :
done of the house may be Poen op that day.
Oct. 18, 1874-2w* J. It, WIZAISTIIII.
13119 1 7 , _
- •
J:-8. Parr", Igeoreiary.
ltirßS. C. P. SMITH, has just received a Serge
at and fashionable assortment of
Fancy 6.oods,,ParfisOis,fil9velt
which she is footling at very tow pricer. Drop
in and ilea the new" gee&
Oct. 141871-4 f.
'A.. O..WINTERS, A. M., Principal.
Mrs. S. HART, Preceptross.
---.-4.-ILEDWARDS,•I3. E.-- -- - ' r --
J. C. WHEELER, E. E. ..
. litHeelli:l. DARTT, M..E.
- j i
6 AS: 0. 'THOMPSON, Prof . of Drawing.
Mlsii H. W. TODD, List. and Vocal Music.
(Free to &11 re!hte4te of the - Borough.)
'Ocitumetf &Vat - Higher $l,OO
• , •slrltAa. ,
Frenob, Gentian, Latin, Eaolt,• " $l,OO.
Drawing in olarecio; $3,00, Pritate,
011Falnting, - 810,00.
'.Fall term opoa September 11, 101.
' • - - MO. I. mrrenEtts, Sen'y.
Weibibora Aug. 10, 1872. -
IN : 4:Vtlaettis
_ .
tllllll-Rocsiver of 'Taxes for the , Borough of
- - - , Wellittorn will attend — it- the itore - Of Bas
't.& dofifs,ln Wellshof9;Ta:; from' 9 o'clock
A. M to . C0v00kir.,.244 on the 370, Etth and
31th days of October, 1871, for the purpose of
receiving School Takesrforihe year ending the
Pp,.y,their tau on `either 9f esid days vtill•be al.
lowed an abathaent WI five per dent. I'le Be.
eetver will hold the Duplicate - and is authorised
to.reseive said taxes till the. 31 day of Novem
ber 1871„but, no nbatement.can-bo allowed ex•
sept to , those,who pay.on ono of the three days
first abovUtuentionedd -Those- who,fail to pay
the r coolie* Wlll bccharged 6 tierce t. addition
al to the tax. ' ". ' R., B. WEBB, Reeelier.'
Qatober 11; 1871-2 w. . .
pISSOLPTION.—The Partnership hereto
fore' existing, between 'lsaacs , and' Frank
sari is this ifsy ttlegleivell'by mutual cousettt t
The WelleborthFoundry will hereafter. bo con
ducted:by the stabsciriber, on his personal curve.
T4ct baoke,wil.l remain at tbti counting room of
the latupp7 .. fcir - thirty days, and all persons In:
dekted'aresakitSsted to call andlettle - by cask
or imminent note... , ISA4O - BEAM.
. ...
Oo .ber:4 1.871 , 4 t .
- Leettire‘ Course-4871-'72,
THE following leettliera have boon engaged
for the Hermala Lecture Course for the en
sning.sleason :
GEOR(111, wnweat CURTIS Pab.;l2. 1872.
!REDBRICK ... : ..
EDWIN IL • • -
M. P. ELLIOTT, Pres't.
- J. H. BORARD, Seo'y.l
Sopt 27, 1871 t.l Managors,
, .
T WILL expose- to oak, on the premises, in
Bloseburg, on the 30th day of September,
1871, the niii r tlivided ono-fourthlf the following
deporibrd property:
~Lots known and designated u Noe. one and
two in blook another Ave in the said village of
Bloethurg, lying on the' west aide of Williamson
ticing - 12¢ 'Tpee 'in front on said street,
and about 180 feet in doptb, as by the map of
J. H. Eltilickos the village of Moss
burg.; with a frame house, framo barn and fruit
tress thereon'. Terme; one fourth on confirm
ation of 811 N -end thb butane.) in two equal an•
anal paYtherits._
—The above sale is postponed to October 37,
1871, 011,0'01os* A. M.
001.11, 1871-3 w.
Gen'l Insurance, Agency
Life, Fire, and Accidental . ,
• Assets oder $24,000,000.
Ins. Co. of North America, Pa $3,050,535 60
Et in Piro Ins. Co. of, Phlla, Ps, 3,087,452 35
Nortißritish Meroantile Ins. Co.
l of ondon and Edinburg; 10,000,000
NI Amer. Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. 500,000
Ntag ra Fire Ins. Co.of N.l', 1,000,000
Farmers Mut. Fire Ins. Co., York, Pa. 909,88915
Phoenix Mut. Life Ins. Co. of i Hart
ford, Conn ' 5,081,970 1 50
Penn'a Cattle Ins. Co. of PotOville. 600,000:00
I ' '
Insurance promptly effecte4 by mail or other
-141110, on all kinds of Property. All losses
promptly adjusted and paid. Lire stook insur.
ed against death, fire or Mete. _ _
I am also agent for the Alitis Fire lits. Co.
of Cincinnati: - .Capital, $1,500,000.
All eoinmunioations promptly attended to
Office on Main Street, 2d door above Church et.,
Knoxville, Pa. WM. B. SMITH
Aprll2s, 1871—tf. Argent.
The Stannard
Washing - Naphine,
Is pronounced the bit In'Market,' having taken
qui first 'Premittiii at - 114 Itio'ga Co. 'and ether
Faire, and Is deoidedlk tlie best Washidg Ma=
chine invented. It iinly needs a trial te satiety
the most ekepticiii. persons ' wishing to pur
chase, will address • LUS& EITIMENS,
Oct. 11, 1871. TiOga, Pa,
4.nd/tor's • Notice.
/111 HS vndersigned appointed an auditor to
inakedistributan grthe 11clansse femtiinittg
in the tianids of Johrl. 1,4140he1l adtpliktatraior
de bontrnOn ctintfeitamento inns:To, of the edits
of Jacob Protsman,late of Tioga, derieased. will
attend to the duties-of appointment — at his
office In Tioga, Tioga county Pa:, on Thurediy;
the 9th day of November a:' n. 1871 , ' at 10
o'olook A. 13, when and whore 'all persona alai&
leg asly popion sald.flind tnyst present and
prvve their claims or be forer dobirred - from
ounling.iii for AO Aare f
Oct. 1371-2 w. 0. H. SEYMOUR.
Mrs. C. P. SMITH
0 -2
4.2 w
" 5 C
1 1 1 1
"W" tatit .
ct S ao
1 3 1 1 4
4 4. 13 0
0. 4 CL ,
1::14 Al 42 4
IL, -
C = .0
o 2
Pa`r y
• to. a) N. ,
' b -oz
'SIB . OOO worth'
fold sale eh'pap at HA
1 . 5
,thtsEs ov
Boots' and Shoe
A fall line of
Flannels, - .Blankets- aid- I
.4; • • --- •' • •-
every discriptionjust teceived at TUB I
4 , -
A full line of uew and desirable etylos of
SIiAW i 7 s 7
. The Dress
will h found very attractive, as it comprises many new
si les of Goods at prices that cannot fail to snit.
. .
The public_ are invited to call and examine' my block
Wellaboro, Oct.., 18, 18711
MOW* CIoc)C113 fait X.NoN7V7 .Iz.)
J. A. Pailbsolls
,Dry goods, Boots Sh
Heavy Sheetinge, 10, 11, and ; 1 . . }
New :Prints, si, 10, 12,1.
Bleached Muslins ' fine, 12/, 16, 18; 20.
Flannels, all kinds at less than value.
Cloths and Cassimeres,
1 •
Handsome Dress Goods, 25 andlle.
New Satteens, extra quality, 75c.
Black Alpacas, -1, 374., 44, 50e 7
Hoop 'ltirts an Corsets, - cheaper than ever.
• i i
Waterproofs, all Styles,
Shawls, in Great Van
Men's 2-Sole. and Tap Fin© Kip BO' t 4,
Tap Sole, A. H. Calf Boots,
Tap Sole French Calf Boots,
" 2-Sole and Tap 'French Kip'Boots,
Boys' half Double Sole Kip. Boots, -
" 2-sole and Tap Fine Kip Boots,
Youth's Kip Boots, -
This 'Entire Liu° of Boots is manufactured at - J. Rictiardeon's for us, a
by na in every respect as in former years.
Women's', Calf Vamp. }jai 414:01 Shoes, - 7
Woman's I Calf Veiny) Polish Shoes, -
*Wes and Children's Work equally cheap
04F entire line of LADIES' SEVIrD W 011,1;, at alually
. I-
We carry an immense Bird otour regular makes, anti exert ourselves
growing We do not Intend to take the back trkok at this late itty, but we
do as we advertise in all cues, making no claims that we cannot carry out.
just received, And for eele cheap at 44
just received and for sale clump at HAR DEN'S
Goods Departm
on l#e Prime Lief
91• VAR.SO3I
rtir... = =
Cheat )
rid desire
re pm
'MOS. I-1
2.75 &
:3.25 &
2.25 &
ci IVarranted
1 I
o imp our t
No. 8 Cowart DI