The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, October 11, 1871, Image 3

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Local Items.
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11,1871.
New Advertisements.
Milliner airs . C: P. Smith.
Washing Maehine—Luke Stevens.
Guardian Sale—J. G. Argeteinger.
For Sale—lL M. Seeley.
Attention Choppers—Thos. Verses.
, For Sale—C. B. floyt.
headings—Miss S. R. Preston.
NOTICE. — The ladies of the Baptist
s „ l i e ty of Mansfield, will give a festival Friday
„ a ping Oct. nib. Objact-rreptir of the church.
A. good housekeeper wanted ; one who
tailhad experience with children preferred.-
0 ,4 a cages will be paid. Inquire at thie office.
et 11-11 t. - _
(RsApiNo.—Mles S. R. Preston, Elo
,Woni,t, will give Readings in Bowen do Cone's
go o n the evening of the 18th inst. Bliss Pres.
ton tom es well recommended, and We bespeak
for b e good house. Bee adv. in another colinm.
' , ARU N POTATOES.--L. L. Ruses],
E N ., has left a lot of tine potatoes at this office,
ibe t „ l ar gest of which weigh respeotively 2 lbs.
j o4 o r., sod 2 Ib3. 5 oc. Thoy ate a tolled lot,
molt (dam being Chills, and the largest being
what we should call Californias.
SOME POTATOES.- , —Mr. P. H. Boat—
vlck, of Delmar, inform us that he retied this
lesson on a patch of
_ground six rods long and
terse rode wide one hundred budeti of potatoes
of the CIO variety, This Is aethe rate of 8841
buebele per adre. Who beats this?
Mrs. 0. P. Smith has just receined a
lot of new goods in the millinery line. Said lot
comprises all the most desirable -styles r and will
he dlopond of at figures that will gratify the
most exulting. Mrs. Smith keeps up with the
times end with the fashions.
LARGE Clicrioris'—This is the season
of large "notables, and we take pleasure
la re—
cording the achievements of tho earth in food
producing—believing firmly that mankind lives
mainly by eating. The beet on our table is a lot
of Onions reload by Charles Close, very large and
One, of the old red variety. Now, somebody try
us with a bushel of fine apples: or a sack of fine
toot : or a quarter of fat boof—wq will do the
landsomo thing.
PErtsorTAL.—Mr. Archie DeWe', of thi
Einar& Advertiser, visited "bur Cour4 Tair last
seek and wrote up some good letters for that pa-
—Mr. J. E. Warren, Printer, formerly of the
Owego Times, V. Y., is spending a few days with
bib frienos in this place.
—Our old friend, Wm. Garretson, Eeq., of the
Internal Revenue Office, Washington, D. 0., put
:a an appearance in on Friday last,
looking "bale and hearty." Our readers may look
for a letter from his pen ocoasionally in the Ay,
In contrast to our coil nights and
bright bealthgiving days, - comes a private letter
from ()smote, on the river Tooantios. The writer
was a room-mate with /tens one year ago, and
is an engineer of ability, whose last situation be.
fore going out to Brazil was that of first engi•
neer ow the private pleasure yacht of the Khedive
of Egypt. Ills comrade, Oottrlngham, died in
Para of fewer, and Bu r ding the engineer, fled
from the pestilence, bel g one of the very fen
foreigners who escaped. • His letter is graphic,
and so interesting that re vein try and make
room for it next week.
pany of Soldiers was at this place during the
two Est days of the county Fair. They aro de
terring much praico for their gentlemanly as
well as soldierly qualities. They ate fully armed
and equipped, and their appearance added much
to_the intertt of those present at the fair. Their
officers are s follows: Captain, E. B. Decker;
Ist Lieutenant, Tboa. Willoughby; 2 , 1 Lieutenant,
Howland Mnvin.
THE RACES,—The races o❑ the Wells-
Loro driving course, which we aunounced last
week, resulted as follows: Best three in five,
mile heats. First day, first trot, for horses that
have Dover beaten 3:10 in public. For this race
there Here six eutries.
John Peters enters Fanny Kern, I. 2,2, 2.
W. If. Vail enter,. Coiranesque Boy, 0,0, 4, 0.
W D Knox enters Spotted Fawn, 4,0, 0, 0.
A Crop,ey enter, Chestnut Bill, 3 I 1.
B. More enter: Bella Landon, 071; 0.
Y. Leonard enters Linderman Puny, 2,
Secuod tot, lor horses that hare never beaten
25 0 in public, hest three in fire, mile heats i
Jacob Fountain (were David Greer. 2,1, 2, 2
A. Bentley entere Lady Myer, f, 2,1, 1
S. Decker enters Clara, 3,3., o', 0.
F. B. Leonard enters Polly Parkins, 0,0, 0, 0.
The time was not made public, but it was good
for unrecorded horses, and we saw no disposition
to jockey the race.
The scoring was tedious in the first race, but
tte Fond-off was fair;. and wo may remark that
:DO of the horses in the brat race (Chestnut BM)
will be likely to make his mark us a trotter.
THE le no boasting to say
that our c.utity Fair was a success and a credit
to our people. The weather looked unpYomising
on the tint morning, and, when a steady rain
C3 - amenced pouring down, the weather-wise pre
uered a stormy time fur exhibitors, and conse
quent failure, to a degree. The prophets were
zistakett. There was just rain enough to put
th e grounds in solid condition', and then the sun
rime out, to stay. The afternoon of the first,
and every minute of the second anti third days,
the weather could not have been ordered, finer.
On the first day there were some 400 entries,
sod the entries on the second day brought the
tamber up to 534.
Most of the classes were well represented.
Class 1, mares and colts, mo t el class 3, horses,
brought out better equine iatook than we hare
Loretofore seen in the county, collectively. When
tno'cail came for tingle wares, roadsters, there
were tire who responded, and,. as tie trial was
not 0120 of speed—though that was a leading
point—we wore rather interested in watching tho
notion of thu contestants. All were driven at .
will, as one might say. We did nut see a whip
used; but the traveling was very fine, and the
mares behaved in a way to do themselves and
owners credit. They gut right up and got along
without a skip ; went just wyre they should go,
with loose linen: and we saw no reason why the
tae3t spirited of them nitght not•be driven by
woman, or a child.
No man can help noticing speed; and we
Lund ourself watching a sorrel roan, driven by
a wan in a gray Coat, (stranger to us,) beeause.c
the behaved beautifully and showed signs of un'•
stun! !peed. Left to bar own head, with linen
banging loose, she got around that track in
Way that looked very like speed,
In the show tit of matched mares, J. Locke
sad L. Holmes led ; both good, and bard to beat
u roadsters, or as well mute:bed, well trained
The show of einglu horses was fine, and the
Napetition sharp. Wo do not chooso to risk on
Iploton on their respective merits that is for
tht committee of awards; but-we could ermine
Irate several thht no think will ho heard of in
Wilk trots.
Si,., 13ative11 showed a very fine young horse,
lab good promise of speed, and fine action.
The matched teams and draught horses would
Credit to an older and more populous , county
tato this; and we havo seldom seen the equine
ilsate'nt better represented at any Fair than It
here last week.
Hulse and jacks do not attract, to as fall an
utent horses. There seems to be tapreiudice
la this world against long ears. But we want to
Ngest that the'farmers of Tioga county are to
tt.l their acirrintage in draught animal, to rest
a the mulr. Patient, strong, sure-footed, long
lired easily kept, and not very liable to ailments,
tie multi will do more work on the same feed and
It the Huns cost, than any other animal. In a
kagt country like this, he is the animal. The
sr is too slow ; the horse sooa founders, or, in
etc way or inather, wears out. Fie IS more lie
then any domestic animal whatever, to dis
use and death, and ho is a greater loss w on he
MI these disadvantaga disaPpeir in th mule,
- -bat he dot, kick. ,
The show of working oxen and steers was not
it should and might two been.
t here were some fine cattle; .but this chanty
I , o:en that will compare • orably *Jib ally we
Zitver seen—and they slatilla boo on
WU. ions pry slue, well broken OWN
own--for the best of which our readerL
'.rred`tothapreiniuta list. , , , ,
• ere is any one thing in which Tioga *dun
,t to excel, it is dairy stook. It Is a sot.
it, that there it not a better oollnlY In th!
States than this for Mains 'forposes,.
have some very dap trinkets in the eon&
l i t / Stolid live been on the ground, with a
of their products. But they , were not
If t .
ty cog
and w
ty, tli&
o woo some duo stook exhibited, and the
an good; but it •should and might lave
been b,
ennet entered his Alderney bull, and we
lm the best bull In the county, Hie mark
. ning to be prominenton the young !pooh
'a; and a crud of the Alderney on good
succeeds to a charm.
is begi n
bereab i
Mr. B. exhibited his boar, Young Ameilea,
Chester white, and the boat animal of the kind
we ha e seen in this county.
- Llidasise a now and pigs of the same strain ;
all of • bleb took first premiums.
his Doi
of his
oridon c i
to belP
first pi
good citt
. Bunnell showed some tine Devon stook;
ton bull being probably the best animal
kind in this asotion. The cows also wore
ly pure breed. Mr; B. likewise
a, &0., not fora premium, but, as he said,
make the thing interesting.
kt Steele entered a tine calf, whick took a
lornium. Leonard Harrison also had a
le was a sprinkling of Ayrshire stook
-full blooded and grade; a breed of eat
1 ,
tie that is destined to become very popular in
this county as milkers.
Thole was other good stock on the ground, of
Which We did not learn - the owners' names.
By tie way, the team of matched mares enter B.A. Stowell are worthy of especial men
tion. They took the first premium.
On the question of sheep, we feel 'sheepish.—
We ar.4; told there was one on exhibition, but we
did no see it. how is this ? We have a county
second Ito few or none for wool growing, and
there should-have been a fine show of long and
short -drooled varieties, with`the best•of mutton:
sit eep.l If it is dogs, let us get rid of them; and
In any event, let 'ns have more sheep than goats
on exhibition next year—which we did not the
present one. ,
The Show of poultry was good, so :far 6s• it
wont, but it did'uot go far enough.
There was a coop of Sibright Bantams, entered.
by M. Irp. Prince, which was a trio
of Brabmas, and a pair of lloudans ; also a pair
of fine Leese: There should have been a dozen
coops o fowls. But the season is bad for show
ing poltry, because, it is the moulting sewer',
and th os e having fine fowls do not like to put
them obi exhibition in a half naked state. i
On fr u it we were agreeably surprised. The
warm weather last April brought fruit buds for
ward, and the nine siudoessive hard frosts in ay
pretty ffeetually squelched the hopes of fruit
grower. Consequently we were not looking for
such a i as the tables presented.
C. ammond shelved' 35• varieties of large,
choice tipples.
11. Griffin, of Charleston, had a stand of ap•
pies, pears and quinces, excellent in quality and
well grown.
Palmer Shumway showed a lot of fine fruit, as
did Chirles Johnson, and one or two other's.
Darwin Thompson exhibited specimens of two
seedling peaches, raised from the stone by him
self, which we think deserving of notion, and
wall worth propagation. The most promising of
the two is a fi ne yellow poach , of handsome sp.
pearanee and good quality; and the fact that it,
has borne well and ripened Its fruit in such a
season tis the past one, goes far to prove it a sue.
cos her 4, and valuable in a. More genial climate"
as well.l The peach is not usually a inpiess here,
and we advise Mr. Thompson to _make the - Most_
of that seedling. It is worth money to this
county. Of the'other seedling we do not think
so bight , though it ,nuy be as valuable:
In ci ss 19, there was some good work—in the
way of ash, blinds, doors, So., by B. Austlin.—.,
I f
This class included agricultural implements, and
was weli filled. The show of . ploughs, inlay's
tors, power maohines,, haying and harvesting
tools, eO., was as good as we ever saw at any
county pair, and some wore new, especially one
called Arnold's bay pitcher and conveyer, well
calculated to save time and musolez A combined
grain drill and sower attracted much notice, and
appears pus of much value. Also a mower and
raker, which seems to us •an improvement on
anything in us. hercabodt, Thera--more Si on-
tries in this class, and space forbids us to partic
ularize farther than to ray that - tlie - entries were
highly •creditable.
Class 1, dairy products. This class was very
full and line, ash should always bo in this coun
ty. ThJr° was not a cheese or a sample of but
ter that imuld not be rated A tin the New York
marls t. Tho premium list will tell just which
gawp es
, were considered be,:, but- where:all - ifera,
so ex ellent, it mustibc a nice question toTselife.
We a a not afraid to, challenge anything that lies
0u . 5 o' dinirs in'the Way of cheese and butter.
Sp cimens of maple syrup and sugar were on
eibi itbin, that would bring faneyi prices ti',4-
faced in quantity while jars of pickles, catsup,
preserves, canned fruit, and snowy loaves of
home made bread, attested that oorgiris and wo
men spend their time on something titorsiitnpor.:
tant than their baok-bair. ,
Ohm 12, grain, was full; and, though we do
not boa 4 of this as a grain county, the wheat,
buckwheat, corn, oats, barley, &0., were just as
good as p.nybody raises.
In class 11, garden vegetables, there wore 54
ind the samples were first rate. Some
flat-Much cabbage, shown by 0. F. El.
pr min
istra large and.tedid:—A.:blakieliiTMEre
toes-z-the beat uu eichtbitlon—vras exhi.
William Harrison;; and orthis_potato,
to Bugged that it 151 to In the potato for
ty:for the next fen% years. The beats,
radishet, and other roote, were of mon
. Some yellow round corn, in the ear
lie, was
less pots
bited by
we wish
this con
r 1
ter size
.od as we over saw ; and, on the whole,
: waS oue of the boat represented:at the
was as g'
this alas
cbanioalfiopartruont, class 15, was not
OM'. Them was an entry of horse
The in'
very ivel
!owing extra skill and trOrkmanshipi
y fine harness, by William 11011ttrida.-
41 if the latter can be beaten in this noun-
shots e,
and a v.
We ilea,.
) au excellent buggy from Lawrnneeville.
of learn the innkVr's name, but it de
8, >household ,axtd--aomettlo,
ty. Ale
Wo dii
rate info
deo than
tries in tl
ery rsnipeot, and deserves * lunger no ,
cea Laic room for. Thire warty 84,
olass; land the quilts;
robes, o,go to abets , tbat I the gratLi x '
( .t
at taken all the usefulattsetlue i;tlieitti- 1 ,
tbecountry at least. We noticed one
bend bits
quilt, whph the maker, Mrs. S. Gillett, told us
was cosnOtted,ei 1200 Oleos, anti no two
Them was a medley pioture, by the t ame hand,
which attracted much attention, and howed
great tasto and iugennity.
lit was entirely the work of a bright
of five years, Ads S. Bodine.
. wish to mention la neat night suit and
Ihes exhibited by !Miss Ida TyJer, of
The girl who has tbellkill Vet make,
l ood sense to exhibit such specimens of
Ono qµ
little girl
And w.
under do
this plee ,l
and the t:
skill and indnatry, is worth looking af.
1 articles in thid °Weaver° too numerous
tar, Tb
fur especial mention ; we can only say that it
was one of the best filled and most creditable.
Class tirwas devoted to flowers, paintings, Ace.
The opines were 34. Among them we noticed
feather flwerr, wax flowers, and ono largo frame
cuotainio flowers made from seeds entirely.—
The way? uwhich quash seeds, beans, corn. sun
flower se6fls, 'etc., were worked into flowers.—
There wake some tine. paintings by our home ar •
tist, C. OiThoutpson, and a Madonna, by Mrs,
winter-, vhich rittr.toted Much notice..
'this o ass It ssu brought out tome good work in,
photogra Thy, by Neramore.
Class 20, house plants, produced a good show
of exotics and rare flowering planta--oPerbioli
we would say more if Tfo know more.
The genie' discretionary clam brought out, 58
entries, aid the discreticinary 38. This
class coati:raised, as it always does, an otict pro.
ciricia of evarything not otherwise classified.. A
book came composed of brokekdowa hoopskirta
and ems spools, came, we judge, tnder-this
head.. it was ingenious, and may be unfelt.
keine . f fine surgical instruments, and ano
ther of dentist's ditto, were shown, under this
bead, we t hink; but, for the life of us, could not
If "
find , outrj ' et what was discretionary.
B. T. V n Horn showed some excellent cabinet
work s and Audio Foley had on exhibition a neat
.. .
case of plated ware, jewelry, etc. . -
There were some very fine specimens of pen
~ome neat fancy work, and ma n y in
congruous eddities that were interesting to look
at:, but not perhaps, o' greit practical value.
There w s about usual umber of patent
wasting , , 144 Oletbes VA" Oeog Forgot
sta., with Oa, offeetiveloOcHaying • tine.
PA. Oarl," "ntai sKittinigtin on,. ' On that
deserves to,be better known; and that is the Pa'
tent mortar mixer of our fellow townerruus, Beth
Wetmore. We have had Minl.eppoittualties i ef
Paint thiOnadOiClirfth, ,th,"*!. punk': on; list
we think it no exaggeration to evil' t tinniest
and a horse, with this machine, will o the work
of twelve ordinary men in Iniaing, ariar.,„and.
,do the work Uttar thin it can batitin ,h'iluusil. -
We could say much mike in the , W y of per
titularisation, , but space lorbide; l * ,d •we Will,
only advert briefly to the' trial 'c. awing ma.
chines, which is a standing feature of every Fair.
The machines in competition were ibe Ameri
can, the Weed, .tho A;11. Rowe,-and the Bliss
how., Jr. . ~ :-.‘. ;1 :..`
IThi trial was, thorough and Lair; and the . eem-
Mittee were inclintuilto - award 'the , primitinic'
Ant, Mai IleivoOr.r imt,Ahrough' . .some Winn.
derstandhl," It was, finally decided to give each
of the four machines a first premium, with this
addenda in : favor of_the Elias Howe, Jr., by the
committee : ' • - - -
'.ltesolved, That,while we consider, the Weed
and American machines excellent. yet, in con
struction and material. we. consider, the Elias
Howe in some respects superior to either. '
I , N. Iwitaxxotne,
- • ,
• " Pair. CONI STICK,
• , "C. K. Tnoureou."
Our Fair has been a 'gratifying success in near
ly every respect, and 13 failure in nothing—(un
less you reckon eheep . .)' The occasion hue been
souree'of pleasure to nearly all concerned, aid .
these annual meetinge are too valuable to'be
continued' for slight causes. There were many
pleasant features which we cannot do full jus
tice to in this issue, but we will make amends in
the future, possibly.
There was the procession of children from' the
a l raded School,.numbering nearly 400; with a
band of , musio, and a company of soldiers for
*sport, with old lightened military MUsio."There
wore teams that crowded our streets, artecrOirdc
of r people that made our Main 'trait a miniature,
Bioadwsy. There were etrangers front' abroad,'
whil were astonished Wi the turnout in a county'
supposed to be docideffly of a backioods stamp.
A repreeentative of the press from Owego says
he ,has seen notkilig better of -tiiie kind. • -A gent
ieman who was clerk pf the Tompkins pointy
Pair. says our Pair was no ways that
of Tompkins county. nere they, a fair
house that coat $2400. Here, we have . a shed of
rough boards: -
A reporter on the Elmira Nay Advertiser was
present, and gee Mr, s, - very favorable report,
though he got a little mixed on the second day.
F. D. Bunnell owns and exhibits no Ayrshire
stock. Audis Toley does not run to eatkittet
work, but Le the beet jewstsrin the countayi..
But our fri6nd, who Is a good fellow, and com
petent to report under any ordinary state of af.
fairs, was a tat! flastere/nas any young man
might harivbeen,rby: tbe Inanty. dimensions of
our fair house.
'' We saw
. him on the second day, with, tiro re-'
solve of, duty on his face and in hand
—.hard jammed on a „wawa of solid femininity,
borne up the western !aisle or passes of the fair
house • but he blenched mil. He m crushed,
lifted off his feet; but still he viol) 4 the note
- book—still tho penhp waggled ; At I** the snr;
ging tide
of old and young womanhood born Mi.
tevrard the southern entrance, and inifroniuf the
wall whereon hung the embroldereff night salt
'and *now) , under' clothes, aforementinied: Still
be wantrm, sustained by a sense of reportorial
duty. • Calmly be viewed the spolleino night third
in its milk white purity—the pencil %still wig,:
gling. • With a sang froid worthy !of an' older
man, he looked on the snowy °herniae, as the enr
ging wave of crinoline and bends 'bore him on
ward.. Bat there was a halt; and his eye fell on
Ake frilled, puckered - , nnd bifurcated mass of
snowy orimpiness that stood for drawers ! It
was too mu*. • With a Wild yell,.he developed
on top of the surging meae,Atbre madly for the
door, and disappeared wildly in a northerly di
Hie hat—somewhat jamnied and disofdered—
bac boon left at our aanotum for recognition and
reclamation. • •
signed having been requestid by Mr. J. C. John
son to give Zen Encyclopedia an extended and
critical examination, make the following state-,
meat, as the result of their investigation. In
amount of matter, it is equal to twelve volumes
of Am:deten t e Encyclopedia. Its artleles are
written ;run great care, ann so condensed as to
soutaila the matter f
the subject treated. It is brought down to the
present day : giving au account of Sadowa, Se
dan, and the fate of Napoleon 111 and the sec
ond Empire.
In the department of science, it gives the re
sult of tho latest research, which adds very great
ly to its value in comparison with any other cy
clopedia; while iti,its copious illustrations it is
entirely without a rival. „ ,
....Etich or us having examlnek:thn-* ark with;
respect to our several departments of study, do
cheerfully and warmly recommend it as a most
yak - 61131e and - reliable work, whose general use
cannot fail to exercise a most important and ben..
efloial influence. It is a successful attempt-to
give the American , people'ti -library for a Ask
which places it within the reach of all.
- • •
Wi W.
Hon. J.' B.
Welletioro, Aug. 24,181'1.
Dear consider "Zells Encyclopedia,"
the beet now in use, for the amount of money in
vested. The work ought to be in the bands of
every teacher, end found on every teacher's desk.
Yours truly, F. A. Aux&
Tho above Lamed geritlemenarotoe.wallkaoWn.
throughout:Ml t itbtrto
fr i om us; and .wo.need not' remark that an ex- j
haustire encyclopedia is a library of knowledge
in itself. It is a silent schoolmaster In the house,
always at hand for reference; costing nothing
after ti'e purchase money first paid, but always
remaining a bank,of,knowlode on which drafty , '
are paiable at, plei ;itaAbet MIS
Work is being universally endorsed" end adopted'
throughout the country, by eekolare, savans and
soientists. Address 3. A.J.obuen r covingtnn,
To TUX, orrwanta.—Bov. B. NOrtop,
-while reakilag In Brazil as - a miestoniary, diadot4
ered in that land el:medial:let a remedy for:coo:-
Gumption, &angels, sore ,tbo,a;,,aatbma l .cOirgba l .
col•is • and nervous weakness - . '' This 'remedy
cured himself after all other medicines had
failed. wishing to haaafilt the safferlpsl
'ailed :the receipt for pritparing andl,Fairfir
ainnedy totall•who dealt:eat:free a/awry*. 't
?Wasik 'Outran envelope with your, Uarne t abi
addr6so obi it; Address Aay. I3SNaittot4
Sept 27, '7l 676 Broadway, New York.
was first,
el victim olquirly P 11 4 211 54 1 0 , - ,
vow, premainie ho., having
tried in vain every advertised remedy, haB die
oovered nosimple means o leg-cure, which ho
will send free to hie 011ow-sulTorers. J. IL
R.BEVBB, 78 Nassau et., New York.
Aug.", 1871-Iy. •
uniVepuil vans a_ cool
.Elookeeliert and &alit:men, ,
AT No. 8, Bonne &Cone% blOole, tare jind
'received and are now opening .tholviall
stook of
They keep coastantly on band, in all vatic.
ties, ovary article usually sold in a „first glass
bookstore. Stationery, slates, sobool books, &0.,
sold to country dealers at jobbers' rates.
Sept 20, 1871 tf
111r1 'AVING been burned out aid lost the fed-.
ri der on whichl relied for wintering - a
stook of cattle, I am make..the fol.
lowing proposition :.. nave 30. cows; 14- Year
lings and 28 calves, all of which , I will let out
to winter at the halves. I hays 8 now 'miloh
cows for sale, on time t'or for,eash. ..,
Oct 4, 1871 8t ' ' D. A. BTOWBLL.
the next thirty dam at .
Sept O. 1871 •it WILLCOX • CO.'S
HERS. C. E. CARE - • ..
WOULD lei to 'the" eitheni of Wellsbore
and vteinity, that abe it, prepared to dp :
all kinds of
Fluting Stamping, pinkin g
Fucking,- CordWg..
• •
Patent Gathering for mil calm alert notice. Call
at her rooms over Mre. eoftelde Billttaer, vtortt.
Weliaboro s Sept. 30, 18714;er- • (
Mawlleld, July 31, 1871.
Stir* e 0 TO 4Nsig
Drugs a d Medicines,
(Patent or tthervelee)—Also for
and all styles or BRUSHES, '&0. ,
, fie- GQ TO 11BAD QUARTBIII3 VOLhalie
ChQice Liquors, Cigars,
arid' TOBACCO.✓ AllO'for
3i3 - * -
lie Mikes, MatoOcol, Medici'', LOVA , MA O 41_
Oettool..—N. B. A. fulLiosoitcie3it crchijAcc:.
Also, an excellent n sl l o2 :th"!ht 0 1" • •
I : 3l • l. o 43 erleaS•
On Teas. Sugars, :Coffew.tbiap i . bfolasses,"'
Spieee, Bodo atoitWet will not be beatsa be price
or quality: Wo wiii sell 'holes Teslbythe Aid
or sugar by the bbl. star low figures as the lams
can be bought at this Aldo of Naw York.,
P. O. TUT 01:111, 811ILLItte '-
LAMP," 0261241DELlERSIcte..1j c.
of the newest IltAilp and laUlp oliiammq 4 tbst
will not break.
Fancy Toilet Articles.
MAMBA' BRUME% 404 • 7
LiViiitie;OVi4Vileksho nTiLair;
winps AN» LABIIIii.
We hold twenty desirable villas' lota for sale
I. the eentral part of the town; and ' will -"alto
loan money at reasonable rates.
•N. W. W.*tbb ' °MO in our
store, white be may be consulted for advt.. or
• .
Sept i0:1871-tf.
For :Sale:
gALP,*ii'apiti of laid for ' that 'part
ofthe.batOrigh known a's gerinantown.
Engem 4.(Lietuda Black, at the first bents
Pilo* fiarniueDiekinson's. Terms Reasonable.
ellsborn,:ilopt. 20, 1871-3 t. • ''"
S now receiving rout New t* ork..• a fine as.
sornnent of
- 114C.111,132.03C1r
which sbe - offers to the public at low rates.,
Everythink usually found In a •
liiiron hand andlid for nitykelof
The Wilcox and Gibbs attwi . g mkolittkii foi* sale
and to rent.
Wellaboro, Sept. 20, 187 Ty.
... L "
'AtIRNTS' i'OR MARVIN & 0013, RE,
'inn 94,
Bold a t Wholeagle
vviesnand bat quotitio'ne before eig2 . .. 4raill.
• '
No l l : :
0011 ling, N. Y.; Joia.linkflurT-' 1,-, 1: 7 f!" s.
!.. - Yiliniture j ..
B. T. VAA.;
If i,irit, eompletakirtiolai Cabinet +Wara..l
Mine* on Maim etveet, liireilebpro, ltetrtesk;l I
id t with a late and attplisicir allotted atonic al
, • t
Ohember gilts
from $l6O down, s
and obOap
se tins-•_anne- goods can bo bo
In the oiflid. freight sulded.
Parlor Buits,, VirAnu___Cherry, - and
Mahogany, Rept,' or Hair Cloth!
from $125 down. Alio,
‘ - :with Upholstery to-suit..
Center 'Tables, Walnuteriliferble,'Pkkar
Looking Glasses; Bratikets;, Pa- ' 1
per Racks, Booking °Liaise. ..
all kinds,
- ,
Wholesale and 'Retell.
I am.manufaeturing as usual, and, intend to
keeps full stock aware, home and City mai.
*Candi:mei. My War, Rooms are spacious and
neat, and now contain the lawsuit, sostliest and
best stoOk or Furniture era? brought into the.
county.. . •
Planing and Bl4 . och;ing,
SCROLL &mitre a:MoCuitil'ii.-
done toerder at the Paototif
isn-tf 'X.-Y&N• ROBiN.
• -.
, Z; • a,
: , ._t
- -L, I 1.
Aga . siteltistpOse.
.4 P
• -?
Intrenehed behind a PERPEST BARIVADE Or GOODS, r ady to meit'w CHARON vaom
ALL OUlt OLD CUSTOMERS, a fi many new ones, as may iboosa to favor us with a oall,
In addition to a tall stook of
Fancy and Staple Dry 'oods,
. . : - . ' iri puke the foilowlig briiidss U' l StnhtiSiners s: , SPROILLTI&B.
DRUB fOODO, of whlsh we have s lugs varlety.
i - ''' ' .
ib y the ll3
yard, or 41N TO ORDER by
mod expralsztos workman on short notion:
for Laces, Mases', ChfUrea, Gentleman ; (44 Boys.
•. —Otte itiapltts the LARORST, GOODS THE BESTp_PRIONS THII . I.OWRST, ot any at
le , and prebabbo IV SOIITHRAN NEW YORE. • • . .
Coning Oat ism- -- r _ SMITH 4 WAIT :
. . .
. _
W.' a, Horton 'a sitothew,
"'140 111 411101 1 1 0
'Naom i iiimair__,B uPialek'llVindi ditd'friih Pqiiii - Jiipaiwie Bilks,
. . Panag (Word and .131aak Davila Iffiks; • ,
_ .
~..,„:041st plus mat% leis than bate bug sold fer botsio:f We lutp a fall, lino a
.1 11 024 Goods, ,Yardnu Milan; .13acris and ' Shoos,' data arid Oafs.
.tr u la &OW 10 to SO ots. Ohildraus' 0h0i5'fr0te.......243 VA. t 4 $1,16.
$2,60 to 156,611. , Hato from -;...-..4 . ..,::::...71 ots. to PAC
Mons' Oboes from Olin to CIAO. Oafs tram —.... ... . . ....110 Ott. to 81,22.
Sop' Oboes front r - $4Oll . 06 81:58-- ' 1 • •
I. '1 1" All Agflifaigiittile titoolpi', l lo'.lll3ProOodeatted Low Priso€L,
Ready-Made.. Clot hing .in , abunda7ce.
Yard will° llitorerYlOr •. ' ....IQ eta . I Raub Gioilsour ~.......... .... 26 cts.
Prints for .. . ... ..... .......10 eV. QMOUIIe 01111 4lassimigesdaukr at to ?80.
Delalnea for ..........4* SAL
. ‘
• ' • ' Choice - Groceiries, Etc. • -
_ .
Tees from • 60 ots. to 111,60. Ooffooa from ...: ....24$ to SO cis.
A Sows ..., 12 es. Spleen, all kinds. 1
Porteres Sager at • 13 ote: Soaps, all kinds. .
Our motto te, - "fibir dealing, low prices, end stria attention to loteluess," whioh ta, always
the key tp /10410411.!
We Invite every one in want of anything in our line, twdrop In and take a look through oar
sleek, as we are always pleased to show our Goods.
WeUsbovo, Oat. 4,1.8,1.
i. , ,
. .: - • .
. , . ..
, .
- ,
.. r.4 : 7.
NE w FALL 0-0:0D S
1.... _.,
_•. t,
..., : : 1 . • - ,_ ~,__ t . .
. .... ,
. . i
, . • ..
. .
, .
0. Bs KEZZITY.Psx -
.. -.• .....r.•. •.: i,t ~. : i, •
- elov - 20;4471- , .: • ~ - .
. ..,.:,,
l (
• 1 , ,
•• • --
. •
•, • -
' :.• -
. .
• -,.• •
• , •
ing i r ORIVBD, AT
• , :1
• P. •
7E-r„.:• • •• 4 • ' • •
- ,
**VA 6 . o • 0!" Ilk. A. .0, 4 ,./111.1hr, .41.!1.4 I. 1 0 -
•, . ,
. •
' - •
• •
. • -
•• , •
. . 2
• •
• - •
• -
.. • - •
Man shall not lye by :13road,
11336 D211333711,g6
Not Illhoddy, but good, warm woolen °lathing, and needing this, he may as well dial with his
neighbor trhWmadentandsolothe and clothing. livery man to his trade. When yon want a
now suit for four horse you don't go to the clothier; when yen need a fall or winter harness for
yourself, you do, if your are wise. •
Speciality-is Clothing.
If you waatolotbiag or 'cloth of anY'qiality, I can• somata 2saiiiiikodon as (a Ice and
quality on,
AND aNNTIMAINNI3 PUBNISHINtI \ O,OODII, lam at home. I alw keep , a full stook at
end am oonstantly receiving new invoices in all last, I make ao charge for shoring - goods
Drop fn. - ' •
Erept 20,1871. • WILLIAM WIL2ON.-1
Falb u Campain.
a fall cobra:olPß
04e Iluidimhd
rani4froi4:: 2s * .4 : 0 ' 5O per yard.
♦. .: a> i .
W. J. HORTON & 00
A. Ingham &1 1 Co.,
..urr •
41 • •
former)" owned by P. B. Williams, and are ad
ding to the stook a fine line of Goods, amidst
lag of .
Pave Drugs, Patent McMinn, Yankee
;Notions, Paints. Oita, Varnish '
Vivaldi Braaka,
Paint Braihef,
Fishing Taaltie,
and In feet everything usually kept is a first.
opts" Drag Store. • In the line of
Wall ,Paper, Window Shadei ai d loietaros:
we eannot be undersold. Call and examine
Geode and prises belbre prohulng elsewhere.
Partieular attention paid to Physiolane Preterit , -
ttons,and Compounded at all hours.
The patronage of the public) Is
A Ma .11(sualf
V. liCoos.
Bly 4, ifin.
Sill & Squires,
Foreign it, Donriestic Liqtiors
Mlles, to., to.
Agents for Fine Old Whiskies,
Oval* D. Sum,
G. N. Birosafo, j CORNING, N. V.
11118 y 17,1871.
A rrs
A A A"tn Fr A :
Every ! year increases the popularity
of this, valuablei Hair Preparation;
which is due to merit alone. We can
assure our Old' patrons that it is kept
fully up to its high standard; and .it
is the only reliable and perfected prep..
aration r restoring GRAY on FADED
HAIR to is youthful color, making it
soft, his ous, and silken. The scalp,
by its use, becdraes white and clean.
It remo - Os all eruptions and dandruff
and, by its tonic properties, prevents
the hair from Ming out, as it stimu
lates and nourishe the, hair-glands.
By its use, the hair grows thicker and
stroiger. In baldness, it restores the
,capillary glands to their normal vigor,
and will create a. new growth, except
in extreme old age. It- is Ithe most
economical HAIR DitEssind ever used,
as it requires fewer applications, and
gives the hair a splendid, flossy ap
pearance. A. A. Hayes, Al D., State
Assayer of Massachusetts, says, "The
constituents are pure, and carefully
selected fur excellent quality ;I - and I
consider It the BEST PREPAII'ATION
for its intended purposes."
Bold Oval: Druggisii, and Dealers in Medicines
Buckingham's Dye
4‘ x.
As 4i - Renewer in many cases re
quires t o long a tirae, , and too much
care, to restore grayi or iiided Whisk
ers, we have prepared this dye, in one
imparation; which will quickly and
effectually accomplish this-result. It
is easily a plied, and produces a color
which will neither rub nor wash off.
Bold by all Druggists. Price Fifty
Cents,• • - V' -
Manutsctured by R. P. HALL & CO.,
' ,- 11148RVA • NAL
Aug. 8,187 -
ibl 4: l` =7 ? l 1 114 14)1:
• .kp co ii . , _
- .
.., 7 .,_ of co co ... 1 .4
Z • : :: 41 : 41 8.,
-41 paw
,- 1, 1 .9 :3 ; :
, : :- : 0.1 0 .4, g . ;+ 4
s 10,11;4;70A5RW,
1 wim 01=14 2 Q
r ol o opp. - -: F 4 „ 1
Eit - i la"51Iii:
al im, g 8 11l *4
ra 4 4
a ii l lB I I. F'a I a g
1 4 gFI 41 ; I"
' f 11 141 8 84 m2 44 ‘4 -
•-4 la I:I . a
1 1 ! ".4 § 5 1 74 •-• . 4
a I 0 •
ilge Agsi A.
,t 4 4 4 H ft 4 44il .fix
. To Farmers ant!' Stook Ba ••
rOOl3ll BIM* lima blood,
ed Chutes Whits pigs (stook
Ohio) kw olio at Ootiagtoa kr .
• Attest 2, 'MI kw 6.1 i. Imo.
Of thorough trial it has become an established
foot that BOY'S CHOLERA DROPS is the beet
Family Medicine that can be found for theoure of
Colic, Cramps,
And all those disorders of the bowels which are
so common in the Summer and Ball..Tkis medi.
clue sever falls when rightly need. It is no
CURS ALL, it is not recommended for'anything
else' it does not contain pepper like the Pain-
Killirs it dies not irritate, but is mild and
leis, Mug - in its operation. It is Inot like any
ether modiciue, therefore ask for .I,IOY'S
ERA DROPS and take . no other kind.
one I
SA LiffiTlF.Apß
This properation has gained...its present rep:t
uition tmeatieo it dies not disappoint the par
chaser. it is no of those Useful things that Is
always kept at hand In every eanntry,honvE
Ana family medleine, ,For Animals &halter .
Stint'for is the applloa- •bas la equal in the
Oen fur— aura of—
almirststs, . ' Poll Evil,
Itheumatisni, 1 Ring-bone
Stiff Jelote, Obilbinlae, Harmon Galls, Swine
Diphtheria, Sore Throat,• Sweeney, Wind Puffs,
Oroup, Quinsy, "I Scratches, Lameness
Sprains, 'Felons, - ralltritanobes,
Aesidental lojuriee , - Pentideted Peet;
Bie Stings, External Poison's dtb:
This ramsdy is loiiuci Useful In, every
. House 40. Baru:.
Bold by Druggists, spa Couutry.rdiroluturs gee.
sialty. Sept. lasn.
INdifaill CO..
Price One ; Dollar.
JNO. I. 11111.TCHlgi,L, Ag't,
Issues raHoles la rst•olais Coniiiantas at as
Z.Aco'vw 14.Eticesio
will grant humanise
Iran. 4,1871.-Iy.`
The Oheapeeti Plaoe in t 1 a State
For Photograpk!
0 CARDS for 60 cents. Large piottrres and
frames for $l. Old plotares copied, in.
lamed and finished in the Anon style. Now
style frames and everything kept in is gallery on
hand, or furnished to order.
Rooms over Gardner', gager" Rote.
Pea 1,1871. ti 1 1 Wellaboro, Pa.
Valuable To • Property
'I I IIE subscriber offers fo sale the following
property, vie 20 villa e lota situated on
State Street, 4 iota situated near iTheridan it., 9
gored of land near the cemetery. This property
will be sold at moderate prices and time given;
also the house and lot of Ohas. Williams, near
the M. E. Church. The subscriber is also agent
for the. North Carolina Land Company.- Par
ties desiring to' visit that section Gan get Rail
road Colton; at reduced juices, and also valuable
information in reference to the Company from
May TO, 1811-44. W. 151/111tWOOD.
Photograph Gallery !
N itAlthl4.
610 GIVE 1.0138
riettl:TCS and realitee.
ola Victuaresny coptea eri-
Vend, to
uip Al3.lthliftt .
May 11, 1
Mannfootrore of
:dl j . Buggies, Sulkies,
Platform Spring, Trunk and
Lumber Wagons,
We are prepared to do- anything in our lie
on short notice and in the beat manner'. Satr
faction guarrariteed.
HASiIbIS & COLES, Agis, Wellsboro.
Stony Fork, April 6, 1873.
enders Will Never oeaser
VS you tried the latest and greatest med.
sal disoovery of the ago?
r. N. L. Bacon's Magic Pain
Remedy. t
urea colds. diptherla, cramps and pains it
omacb, indigestion, diarrhea, dysentery,
1 f or complaints, cholera morbita, cholera,
sby magic. As an external application
lest bites, chilblains, sprains,. bruises, fel-1
ibenmadeto, sick headache, toothache, nett
, pains in the side,: beak and loins, In a
lea of six years, it bee been found to be
. to no preparation ever offered to the
the a
for ' fr I
00911 1
proprietor of this remittable feels 'Arran
: guaranteeing it to be the heat remedy for
•ove diseases in the market.
.ufacturod and put up only by Dr. M. L.
, Blosehurg. Pa.
ted 1.1
X Oa.
oleulo agonte--liallett, Bearer & Burbank,
hamber street, New York ; W. D. Turban
, Corning, N. Y. Jury 18,11 ly
IngLiam's Woolen Mills!
hlo im•
broush I
THE subscribers will pay Cash, Full-tiloth,
Oassimerss, Plaartels, a. 0., U., for Wool.—
bey %lea luanufaabea as usual— _
toaultoustomers. All work warranted aarep
recanted. They Invite particular attention to
their Water Proof
which are warranted In every respect. Partlou
laratiention given to
LNG RAMS large stook of Oassatnorasotc_j_p_
per cant loss than any competitors, mad warraht
ed IS raPrelidnted.
m enufaoture to order, and do all
kinds of Roll-Carding and Cloth Dresaing, and
defy eompetltion.
INGRAM have as good an assortment of
Full Moths, Cassimeres, au.,
and give more for Wool in exchange than any
other establishment. Try tb 011:1 and satlsf7-yottr
INGIi SiS wholetiale and retail at the Cow.
,inesque miles below
Our Cloths are warranted, and !sold by the
following perions
C. B K RUBY, Welleboro, Pa.
T. L BALDWIN it 00., ?foga, Pa.
J. 0. BBNNETT.Covington,Pn.
94ertield . Jam I. I R7l-tf
LL perrona indebted to the late 'firm of R
Et .4 S. D. Campbell & Co, , Nelson. Pa
4re requested to call and settle with the sub
ber Immediately; and rave 'anew
Nelson, Sept 6; 1871 4w -
ii r any