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Zitt Agitator.
CULATION 1,900.,
VAN' IiELDEIi, Editor and liroprietor.
• WoilF3borontryh.*
'Wednesday, July 12, 1871
r „
oP onAvnTl
'ln France the electio i ns have resulted
in n triumph for the Phiers , Republi
ea n. 9 ver ! heal otiapart ,ftstl
IStti. It . l 3 reportetr,by telegraph that
,from 80 to 90 out of4be . llilpeptitifs,are
Republican. flambetta is the only Ra
dical fleeted. The Tribmw of july 4
says : " There is raw no doubt that,
with the former large working ma t iority
in the Arsclobly, the Republic in cer
tain of :t decided triumph in that body.
The hopes of the, Rotations, in both
branclie:., have been disappointed, and
the I mpeßialistq have scarcely !made . ,
any ;Amu whatever. The result is all,
the more gratifying on account of filet
loud assertions of the probability of a
different bsue."
We do not hitow,tliat Rome is the of
tieial capital of Italy ; but t4t it is so
to all praetienl intents and purposes, is
pretty evident.. Ministers of 1-ltate, for-
oign plenipotentiaries, and the Italian
King; himself, Ilave iietaken themselves
.t., the A !wield - Pity; and that in spite
the threats toid . cajoleries of his Ho
liness, the Pope : . :It was time. Rome
has heen hanging at the heelsrof eivill-
I f%
40 „,s7ation for centuries— • - lsroleen lumber
oar, elrrigging in the t ain of 'Progress;
Mating e‘,•ery thing rim. on bare suspi
cion of innovation ; oils - mil/1g any and
everything free, on principle; teaching
only ignorance and sufierstition to the
masses,—for an odneated people was in
oomplaible with the Flpirltual Throne,
not to Mention the Temporal Power, of
the (lonian rennin Through many
v. en ry contisticse, Rome has mouldered
and gathered' (list; always In an un
wholesome , NIN ) morn:fly and physi
cally. At iss I late in the nineteenth
century--a loivllter day seents dawning
for her ; and it loopy fIH though Italy,
quickened and rejuvenated, were to ai.3-
Hulot, it I...,rplalseili 1106100 n ninOng the
nations of the earth—with . Rome ,for
her capital.
11;1!' Y'ribitpr, hat; the following in tit
f I litorial twit
" , .A Wat bimoon dispatelt notes the eignilleant
I tot that rnlilieitti6no of the Treaty of liln4dting
too %ti , l,(ol,:thiyed on the 17th of Juno—the
ann'vereary tho battle of Bunker
(bat tho treaty t. 14
,be formally proclaimed by
the PrelAdent to the anniversary of the
faratien of A IneiliNan Independence." '
The treaty met with some sharp op
position in the British
to make it breezy
teresting ; and the eonsequent.tiii3cus
sion hail the effect of placing before the
British piddle all that could he advan
ced for and against its ratification. The
tOO to It comes from Um
British Provinces, and is based On the
ipiestion of the fisheries. The histrtic
tiOna to .fr je9ty'm niival officers on
tit ia point are roost liberal. The ground
liken is, that though " they continue
to hold the opinion that under the trea
ty of 1815 thud:United States. fishermen
aro prohibited from frequenting pole
nial ports and harbors for any other
pit rpc,,o than for shelter, repairing da
mages, purelitiMng wood and obtaining
water, such prohibition will not be en-,
tore ed during the; present season ; and
`hat they will 1 , 6 - allowed to enter Ca
n't...dart ports for the purposes of trade
o-.d of trio:dapping fish and procuring
opplir,o; that they will not ho proven
-1,•,1 from iishing (*aside of tho• three
toile limit within bays, , the mouths of
which are; more than six 'Miles wide."
We look upon the ratification of the
Washington Treaty as n Most fortunate
adjuqment of an ugly misunderstand
- Tlie Apaello ii(11801.1, which commenced
in-May, has been a lively one, thus far.
The " Quaker Policy," which was -
alignrated under the pressure of East
ern:philanthropists—Whose ideas of In
dian aftitirs do more credi( to their
hearts than heads—has been siurprising
ly favorable to such enterprising Rod
Men as " Kicking Bird," "Lone Wolf"
and " Satanta," who luiVe .managed to
pick up a comfortable living under, Lb is
policy—by murder, rapine • and' child
stealing, It was , these chiefs at the
bend of 100 warriors who attacked the
, train of Warren, killingseven mon and
stealing forty mules. More than two'
years since a kind hearted Quaker was
put in charge of the post which under
took the civilization of these Indians,
by tettchin them to read, work, and,
in a general way, get an honest and
much more comfortable living,' after
the liianner of those 'who earn the broad
the eat. ' The Quaker gentleman was'
i ntel?igent, phi lan thropic, and sanguine
that the Indians ,could be induced to
leave ph/tide/jog for agriculture, by a
consistent course of kindness. Ho has
heenjwo his post, and here is
his testimony, as given in-the official
report of Gen.l Sherman and Inspector
Ueneral Maio).- : . . .
" The !went the Comanches and Metres at
this poet, Tatem a most benevolent and consci
entious Quaker entlernan, brie hie'ageney near
the fori. Ile call'ed on the General soon after
our arrival, and the first remark be made was
that ho had been able to accomplish nothing in
civilizing the Indians. They paid no attention
to his injunctions, and continued going to Texas,
"where they committed murders and lawless dep
redations upon the whites of that section, while
at the Fame time they were being fed from week
to week by the United States. A school had
been established for these Indians, but ho had
been unable to persuade them - to, send *a, single
child to it. Ono Comanche had beCn in theischeol
for a Ibis days, but his - entire •fainily'encaniped
near the reboot house nilthe,l.lmo,. and, .they.voen
took him sway, for fear, prphably,Abat he would
bo contaminated by contact with our people. The '
agent does. nofpreatime to go to-'the of nip of
those savages without a strong guard, and ho be
gins to realize the rmeessity l ot a morn rigorous
policy tow rd them.
° They must, he thinks, be
strong Anna° to feel the Edng arm of the ficiternMent,.
and be punish° whenever they perpetrate atm:
cities. It is u safe to olive miles ,from gm fort,
without an tee it. • Les rummer the mer'oileii
miscreants Murdered:o r men in bile dap *Rhin
three miles of; the fort(. I Tabun - has btal Awn
years' experiende at thie mt.- . 1:
't The . benevolent; 61 lilting peace. policy, so
urgently - ailvocated.bY a class in the VantOrn
States, has received al i tong and file experimental
trial with the Indiaae i • They have been regular
- . ..
ly fed, anti the hin4pt treat
them for two yesirchy our anthi
not had'this'sllgliteit
conception of gratitude than
and they have continually he
anti mules, murdering men,
and enslaVing children. Bash
only openly aeknowledged,,boi
these atrocities. There WO hti
our trip through the frontier tt
as, that we did not' hear t;if
bad salTered from Indbin - ritidt
to be no prospect of their cat?
has resolved itself into this, th
tiers of Texas must nil ann
(lions c . hastised Ftn4, ipBnrtk
havetho - befurudennata7:
to use theira, well, which has
dence in their.abiQty to cope
tattle. Ikey kW the buffalo j
arrow, andiliO3 - ..a4ut. tho
hunt. They reserve all thei
war purposes, and it is a wel
they wilt sacrifice almost-any'
. . ,
• It is generally. believed in Texas that
the hand of Satanbv in ended ,to, cap
ture Gen. Sherman, viliom they j surc
posed to be in command of. the trein--,
They had knowledge lof his coralng-„,
and when the attack.wit a made, oho of
th,o chiefs was heard to ondiy ord/ir his
braves to .4 .,`-tako-Capt.- fill Lerman alive.' 0 :
Three lit the.. ehiefEil :``:Big : Tree,". f .' ,4- 8a , 4
tarrie•P• an d .-•kSittsinta,"- lave been taken
aud - sont‘tof the aiitho ities ih'Teiiiti;
and , concerning the disPosal '4sf .thest.; .
the Quaker ageiit, •TateM, 'adviiiiiee 'as
follows iil a:letter to El c)i.. Sherinan, un
der date of Atay'f2A:
Prinit'me to urgo, lade
selentioue views ngninst mph
matter of policy it would be
tants of Texas , ,tbat they
some' tithe' o 'ntedprobabey net
that if they aro kept as p
will hope to have them retell
restraining influence oa
they are executed, the MOW
to'seek revenge in a whoW
white people,' Please eon,
wiihes,.as above expressed, f
in 'Texas in whose charge ti
are placed :
The lletter'ol: agent 'V
141 Oen: Sherman in tl
cinl nit
" Port Will; 11:fay`2W : Littl
to 'Gen. firiersnii, post coma,
liver thb Within learned. pri g
who may -t I P. Feat lrotn Tex
,:ti copy of
410 rerket may be paid to ,
diem Agent'till the •orders
We give- this • spa
question, because it
one, and because roan.
j net , people think th,
been chested; abused
by the whites, until, d
tion, they have made
of their homes and col
ter of this article kr
speaks, when he soya
titan will take it as
speak to him of his lu',
that he has no home:
home is on the prairie
corn—that is " squaw
bravek. The number
belt decides his title to
can relish herses,—ond
them from the pale fa
lug eheated, T he' is
ional cheat, aild rinay
his pride, and the g
And We only wish tl
icy, at - the head of on
ern philanthropists, 't%
under the gentle in
raids for a few years,
know something of
—without knowledg •
speak so dogmatical! .
We' could say iinie . hmore on this
bend, but have`rint tt i e firi'ace. "But this
,we can say,,and do k low : give an
jndian his ohoice,betWeen honest labor
and starvation, and ho- will draw his
blanket:about, him4nd aktivc, with a
stoicism worthy of a i)etter cause.
. 1 N
As to his title to nbover which ne
ranges in common with the wolf—for
prey—there might be two opinkins on
that. A nil we conclude by suggesting
that the whole India question might
he advantageously le. t to the frontiers
men, w 11.4 better and rstarid the-entire
matter, aikd how to ti al with it, than
ail the Hendo phila thropists east of
the Mississippi, wit) the Indian Bu
ren throoi in. -
We copy the follcA
Army Ipurnal, and
evidently true :
" It is reported that th
to the extent.ef $10,00t) f
tho Popo . ; all the, '4 , NA 1
hone taken off tho
public: finhnols:"
Now,'why were all
'which the Harpers' 1
lists of the New Yei
The answer is a ml
that city than all th
crimp that goei3 . un
therein. lt was the
tholicism ; the!decn
met of that ancient'
perstition,, the 'h fa
leader of the Tenni;
" boss" to the sixth
cares a nail-pairin
mish Church; yet.
move at, the Crack
and that whip was
pers. Of course tht
on the track, and,l,
of the I'ope, huntet
books out of the p
Harpers can stand
There is not a nor() able or outspo
ken weekly in the ountry than Har
pers', and'the . understand very
'ell the moral. e Sects of prodding a
painted bladder wi h the spear of ridi
cule ; hence the car catures of Nast, the
indignation of the Romish Church',
and consequent elirUination of the Ha
rper school hooks. The lamentable fea
ture of the ease is the fact that educa
ted, ri t igen t 'eitl l 4'6ld IVeW York,
who are entrusted cith the supervision
and direction of pu die schools, arerea'l
dy to cringe and s oop to any paltry
meanness at the tia of - au ecclesiastical
We are sorry to r•.cord it, but it is a
fact,,that, no power ul nation, so - poorly
protects its citizens in foreign lands as
the United States. Let the commander
of a frigate get into trouble by extend
ing protection to a American citizen;
and the entire pres l • of the Country is
after him; briolteli, )res - etitly, by ari
inquiry frOm Washington ; and he
is forttiOte':ie kfi - . Eiscape disgrace, and
by a court of iygliji4,
land; 06 tot _treatlier, subjects t in this
W .), §1i.044.Y . -441YA , At.49t4. t ) . l .4 r qh
•bitt. Y sbe will nokaliciw,-foreign ,nations
to oppress them. , •
Not many years sines; an English
man,-who was out shooting in the Sul
tan's dominions, - was so unfortunate tts
to pepper one ',(it tile talthif , al,
charge of snipe 5i114,, 1.:‘01' this he 'with
set upon, heaten,• aid compelled to ride? .
through,the main: treat of, a Turkish
towti on a donkey, JrckWard.; The ram
ributiott" was sndd n and lauffielant.—
The Turkish Clove ;mut, which bad
ant extended to
ep - baite 136 tbeie
so manylwolyes,
~n stealing hot . ses
acislaing -
e, they have ittOt
„have boastekoF
rdly*Aay - ,Aurtng
:ttlementsOf Tel.
4 ornet-41eranri 1410
and !her* spomo
at the border set--•
'Misted, or the In-
Many_of them
given them confi
ith' the whites in
With the bow Mid
,r ammunthon for
I known fact that
,hing to gal mum-
, •
.endent of, my con.
tat runishMent, as a
eat for the inhabi,
o not executed for
all, for the reason
the Indiana
and thus have a
air actions; but, if
s will be very likely
• Sale murder of tho
!coy my views and
to the proper officers
o Indian prisoners
, ,
atom Is endotsed
le - folyming
pect(ally forwarded
antler, who will do
loners to any officer
fie to receive there,
d. endorsement, that
ho rivishes of the In
f;the President are
1 1 .
el to the Indian
9 1 , an important
really kind and
e Indians have
ml downtrodden
riven to despera-
stand in defense
nitry. The wri
lows Whereof he
that a prairie In
an insult if you
7/2e His boast is
he la a wolf; his
. ; he does not hoe
work" ;—ho is a
of scalps at -his
nobility. Squaws
• a bravo can steal
co. As to his be
imself a profess
owed thief ;—it is
1 ory of his .life.—
at Horace Gree
e hundred. East
-11 as obliged to .live
luence of Indian
that, they might
matter on Which
- 7 ,th,e , y. write and
frig from the
• •' i
oil add that t is
Harpers have suffered
.r Nast's caricatures of
ooks they issue having
efl in the New York
the school books
issue, tfiken ofrthe
irk public sehools — ?
damning blot on
daily and weekly
whipped of justice
fiat of Roman Ca
:l‘, more or less di
[petrifaction ofsu
kiqc Pope., Not a
ny ring, from the
[ward whipper-in,
for the entire Re
they are' ready to
of the Papal whip,
„racked at the Ear
'Party hounds went
• the [ Harper school
iblic schools. life
his : can the city?
failed . to protect him, was compelled to
Makea bumble I,OgYAIO'IP,r O V*F- 1
pretty', decent fort ne to the abused En
glishinauf tfail he been an 4tuerleab,
th e rdwoUld have been no itt4 . oity, 40
payment l , - And, hadlie complained-io
hlS.own ,Govern Men Ole would proba.-
40,4vii.beettedmOygliefl,Riethe must
',4 - Me*lspet.itto
ing Turks with hUi)tnitti .'s
We ore led to theee remarkO bithe
critical-tone of `the preBs3ri bows qusrr
tens in regard to the light of Coramot.
dere Rodgers with the Coreana. 'We
.lie_Ver,had a doubt-bnlhe had abundant:
qatiße. The eoreans .aro essentially a
nation of lawless PliatO, and they_ are
by no means Ciespicable as to numbers,
comprising as they do' an aggregate of
about ten million's. puring the rebel-
lion, an Ai:nor - Imin, ivree4nd
on -the coast of Corea, , and the . natives
-sated her crew very much as-, ,
tiv the Afarqueswer the Fejee Ist.
ands'inig -- Lkave d'one,--they. plundeti ,
'ed, beat; mattin - atedii and finally niur
dOrKild-part-httAlinrn IS Hi in 1110' etiilet
tom ~n Coma; antritild'high ti ins 'ther ..
were tatiglit a'leason ` tlihE ' thejf Will op ly
learn, froni'euperbirr sk fill , thn Matter'
Of fighting. • i =•''' • •
theipmediate cause of - the fight,
Was a treacheroui attach made on Airie
ricana ou Junp;,lotb; Having
hundreds of cannon ih 'position 'and
thousands of men ready for , poop.
Cereal's scen4d of.apologi
zing or paying for the. insult and daps-.
age, and Commodore Rodgers proceed
ed to exact the respect due his flag
nation, as became his profession; and
in the only manner by which, he was
likely to make his power understood or
respected. Wenre proud to hear of the
very dedided impression he was able to
mole against such an overwhelming
force, and have 0n1Y,4 add that a feW
such commanders in powerful frigates
could do - the nation brave service iq
other than Chinese waters. .
The Massachusetts:Woman.; I3uffrage
'Association.does not have. the emoOthr
est of sailing: On the 4th they , held a
large meeting, at which they. denoun
ced the Judges of the Supreme Court
1 f the State, and exhausted the vocab4'
Olary of severe names—always politely
—for the benefit of Said Judges. • •
The immediate and Moving cause of
this was, that the Judge's had ekplairied
that female Justices of the Peace were
not known to the State Constitution.
And they—the ladies=had just inaug4-.
rated an era of feminine magistratesh
only to see their judicial heads knocked
off by supreme and tyrannous' ermi e.
I )
Of course they were wroth, and, bei g
wriith, - vituperative.• -. •' • ' . • •
V(orse than this, a lading Fourth of
July orator, at the very llub, held forth
after the following disrespectful 'man
ner ,
" There would seem to be no safety to sooiety
in impotent suffrage, and no profit in arraying
the women of one seotioa against the women of
another;—except to the 'milliners. That politi
cian is unwotthy who can be made, by a gentle
white-gloved pressure, or a smile, to surrender
from the gauntleted hand of strength the iron
scepter of a and arm-bearing
nation, until those sweet millennial days ; when
ovary woman is a shepherdess, and every man—
a sheep."
Do our readers'ever refieet,on thefiaet,
that just about one humiul being, each'
day, dies ahorrible ,deatb. - through be
ing burned by keroseue
Tilted through carelessness? Such is
the fact. Some oil is dangerous under
any circumstances, when the lamp is
lighted ; but more than two-thirds of
all the accidents 'm ight be prevented
by obeying a few si mple rides. Never
fill a lamp (pine ; • takeoff the bur
ner daily and clean the entire Upper
works of the lamp ; cut the wick in a
slightly, rounding form, apd cut it every
day ; —and never, never fill a lamp when
it'is lighted, or when there is lire near
it. Always set your lamp on a 'solid
foundation, and where it will be least
liable to be knocked over by chihiren
playing about. We might mention .the
oil test; but nobody ever: tests all: at
least we never knew any one to do it.
.And 'here we are reminded of a re
mark we once heard 'a lady make in re
gard to the use of kero - sene : " She thott
it agood thing for' humanity, bedauso
it would salfe . so . pany poor sailors 'Vont
a watery grave." She 'had a notion
that whale-catching was fearfully dan;-
gerous: She . was a littl; incredulous
we informed her th tat the time
our whaling fleet was moisp 'numerous,
the yearly less of life by accidents and
ocean vloissitudes ; was iino rhething i like
one-tenth as great as at"pxesent by,bur
ning to death through fillip use ;of kero
sene—let alone that btrning, is more,
painful than drowning. • ' • '„-
Of all diseases to - whieh humanity is
liable, perhaps cancer 'may `be consid
ered the most hOrrible. To feefan in-,
sidious enemy eating silently at Your
life, day and night, sleeping or 'waking,
under all phases and circumstances,
never letting up for an instant, and ut
terly incurable, must be worse than a
score of deaths. And there is no mar
vel that the new pure for cancer has at
tracted universal attention and excited
intense interest. We are not sure that
a certain cure for consumption would
be bailed with more grateful feelings
by suffering humanity. This cure is
foundln a plant which groWs - on moun
tainous ground in the tropics. In Ec
uador it has' been found an infallible
cure c:ases'orcancer, and no one
fears tha i t,disease . ,Who can obtainaSup
ply of cundura4o, r )3ven in the tropics,
where cancerous,sokes quiclfly assume
a malignant form. ! •
The history of its . introduction into
this 'ountry is thus given by the New
York Tribune:
"About three months ago the State Depart
ment at Washington received a few pounds of
the cundurango from the. Government of Ecua
dor, through its Minister to this country, 'with a
communication describing it. But little impor
tance was attached to the matter at first, and It
might have been neglected •altegether, bad not
Dr. Bliss been given a , small qoantlty of the
plant by the Ecuadorian Minister, who happened
to bo under his care.", Thotigh skeptical as, to its
virtues; lei began to use it-in prietioe;•and
obtained snob surprising results,lhat fhb limited'
supply ,ktva,r,eknetly ja,;WOo ll kintlYnciro g 1.441
t_divided'aniong eager. liiii)leanti., , ,,?kbout fifteen
epee havirlieen - l - riaM'vritli it In' Wl'
"country, and in all-rte nee figs been: attended by
a - wonderful improvement of the. patient..though
the neoessarilysmall doses given, have been in
stifiieient to produce its full dictate. Mrs:"Mat
,the mother-of Tioe'President Colfax„, has
bean nearly cured of a cancer which it Wes feared
would end her life within the year, although 'she
haditakon less than!iive onneee - Of the,etuiddran
go when-the suppiy, gape. out., (fbliwifoipf, Goo.
0. Gorham, Secretory of lho Senate,. and a lady”
Sa Iftleifi id *horn 'sonikrisf the retedi ,wad 'sent
by Sebretaryßishotre the 'othei r safilirers
Wheln nfew minces tim' adarly:ourat. Thaltnede,
of iidnilniatering the plant is very simple, It be
ing inertly steeped in boiling water, and the in
futon taken internally, •
" As the news of the discovery gained:el/cuts-
AlanFAArelks•Alcsiblrrrttit - ettplloskieua,for the.:rsta.7.^
toilligten — frofti:4ll , 4lWrts O F
the country, twenty or thirty letters a day being
received by Dr. Bliss; and an equal number by
the State Department 4; Many venous, refusing
to believe that. the sittply was exhausted, went
themselves „tt Nlitishirigton trutu' , Alitu4t_ volute ' ,
in the fruitless of toslobtaitt tkalireilaits thug:.
Dr. Bliss, when ilonvin4ed titat ;the ednduraugo;
was a specific for,cauu!#i seg.l4; ! ordetifeMfOilk
pounds__ Itio itTPUellOgiboo3B,l4 ,
lie soon leai'ned-Itikweivef thit; asp i t was 'not an'
article of commerce, it was impossible to obtain
it by ordinary_:nommercial -methods. -Lie there-.
fore dispatched his . Partner, Dr, Keene,, as an_
'agent to procure a - supply: ` - tolitailitatetia
fiPit Pr. felne •TrABlll, l Y.a an °41 „:1 1 / 4 1 aberao.,kerr
niakappoiutment i ur cif .wsp,sitoherao,t4e
Government of Reuador, and^ wee supplied with
JettArs of,rweemtnendation: by, Dnuhltnt. l Gralitts
Mr. Colfax', Ur. Fish, and other prilniiient per
sons." !i ; d "i%
Wa give considerable, space
new cure; because We'haVe faith in it,
and know something I;ast
Leer, while 'on the A . frOczon t iiielleard of
it from. several intelligent and educated
people, some: of whem,,had resided in
the tropics for more than twenty years.
One of these, a Prussian doctor,, occu
pying a prominent pOsitioain the pus
hous4i,iit Para, tola US ;that cancer
,oduldlie as' certainly cared ifs'the'agtie,
grid idag hombre deadly under proper
treatment. ' 'Arid 'tile- leathielly was
'univerhal tliat' , .with-rthe'Priiper use of
Plant, fibro'ld tumar,itecarieer, was
not: even dangerous ' ,
The mode of using it, .frOM Para to
Iquitos; is by using a strong iniUsion of
the plant:, as a and a still
stronger awe wash. tvilo daY. , It is
claimed there, also, to'beacertala cure,
When used in this way, for fever, sores.
The Augusta (Arkansas) Ifstlletfn
" There are some things' au people do aid de
rare,to learn—and among them ; Yankee T ask'.
, c azi s m. Wo send no office huntino,to the North;
have no wish tOlAterTero with 'theli aoh6ols or
reboot booko—:th'eir ohnrohos or their preachers.
Just bit tie alone."
Exactly. And there are about flve
hundred thieves and pickpockets in N.
York city who are 'l . ll the wane lix.—
TheY'could get along rigl4 'comfortably
. were only . 410ne,”, We
have atiint recollection of' hearing that
Same cry about ten,yeam,ago.
,We .bad
an open chance to .leaVe - rebels alone
while they disrupted tit" ; ; "11ninn and
founded a separate governinent,,,lased
on , 4 ,‘ the sum of all , villanies)! We
atuok to them until that little plan was
a thing of the past, and .beyond hope.
Now we are going to wipe out the ig
norance and barbarism born and nur
lured of the slave system : and we shall
,' l not let alone any portion of this land,
until free schools are' established for all,
and school teachers are - not only safe
bUt respected in every State of the Un
ion. The perpetuity of republican in
stitutions demands this much at our
hands ;—"awzi suipose, ilhe,nsim time,
you in Arkansas " letalone".the teaoh
ers and tbe schools, uhtgyou have time
to fairly judge of their , influence on
your—slightly irregular population.
Committee in Waehingten iseliciting
in amount of damning evidence-reven
from the Klan itself—that must forever
close the mouths of those who have
coolly and impudently denied the very
existence of the Kuklux Klan.
Our readers have probably read the
exatnitiatforinf N. B: Forest, the Fort
Pillow murderer,. and , befi,4 l ilifig*ed
:With bk . ; (W01 . 610'0;1 Wi a lt";*itapt per-
The ,Cniv 14 't,s,+t , l ll lo.l3Y,
'Worth noting - was; Ihrit''.iifter" he had
sworn positively thafthere,iverepO Ku
ktux, the Committee drew the truth out
of him against his will, to the effect
that,the organization did exist, and he
(Forest) had been a member of it, wor
king under the name of " The Order of
Pale Faces."
The Mowing testimony before the
Committee lisufficiently explicit:
"J. S. Justice, of Rutherford county, North
Carolina,,a prominent native Reptiblimn mem
ber of the'Legislature of•that State,' was exam.
hied' at great length, and give very direct testi
mony in relation to the affairs in his . secUon. He
testified that some, five weeks ago a party of forty
or fifty 'armed and difignised men came to his
house, took him out of. Nadi and in' the presence
of his family,beat-himlearfelly , with (dabs , and
pistols. " They then carried , him into the woods,
midi :threatening his life, Made ibirn ',Premise not
to come to Washington tb testify before the com
mittee concerning the various outrages wnich
had bean previously committed in that vicinity:
They then left him, and he managed to get home;
where ho was confined, to his bed for three weeks
from the effects of. the severe, internal inipries
Caused by his beating . /Sir. Yoitioe tiwore - that
he believed this and similar 'outragia'were apart
of a regular system of political intimidation; and
were not merely nelitthorhoodguarrels. He be
Raved 'in the existence of the KukiuxKlan in N.
Carolina. • •
"Essex Harris, a representative than of the
colored race, from Chatham county, North Caro
lina, bad a lengthy examination -before the In
vestigating Committee. This witness is repre
sented by citizen's of both parties in the• State as
a person of unexceptionable character, a quiet
and nnoffendiug citizen, and his-statements are
entitled to the highest consideration.
" Harris stated that he had received two Visits
from the -Katrina Klan—one Wednesday
night Wore Christmas, whenalody of disguised
men visited his house,. marched ;the premises - ,
and robbed him of his gun; preparatory to a sec-
Owing to - Ws et.otion,•erid. the fact of
his being an earnest ,Republician, be had been leave the county, but would not do so.
SeorUy after Christmas ' the - Huldrix• made ano
ther raid on his, ,neighborhood, near Pittsbore,
and called upon arrlk ; after midnight,
and; custom;ibe dodf 'Of his' log Cabin
was strongly barred,und'the berid, - -tifter )an'un.
-successful attempt to enter i -rpoure4, ii,tyellay of
fifty grins into the house., Harris was wounded
in nine different Ortega, and thii' Elan thinking
they had killed him fiedj'afirris`fired ttro , thots
and seriously wounded oral of; the 'number, and
put out the eye of another -of the r iClite* , Sines"
then, the witness reportii, , lies' been in constant
dread of his life, •and . 'peace and little
sleep., He reported e. , nuaber of outrages, that
had occurred in his own county, and represented,
that the colored people in a mass were *rifled
and distracted. Ths - had ;vs i n their
homes at nigh Os at labor
by day they
t •i • ,
Goy. Holden, Republican,: wee
p,gachtd, and•beink iron the
gubernatorial chair,. was replaced '.l3y
Todd R.
• 'Caldwall„•Deniocrat; who is
now Governor of North Carolina. This
gentleman finds .it necessary to issue
the following proclamation, which, In
view of the democratic fact that there
are no Kuklux in that state, reads ant
tle strangely. Re,adlhis PrOclatuation,
and Elbow it to your neighboria`:
"Whereas, reiSnatedndinPlain ' • ts have
beets niade to' me; and are , rit* 'z being
made, almost daily, by privati3oltieens,
by judges, by solicitors,- autl.sbiC other
officers whose province It Is to tee the
civil law faithfully executed, that arm
ed bands of disguised ineh,haVe, been and
still are, prowling about' iri inomefof "the
counties of our filtataand 'ln ;the night!
time;•committing outrages the most at..
rociOnkupotweaktanittefenceless t
,4ena 1 ,wh1 1 5 8 . 4 . 4 ‘ 0 3 19 . -0 441 . 5149• 14. "; 4 4 1 4r
inale'and °Malt' and Who,
.90 tbe - biti F
utboritits' have' thds fatten Unable to`•
detectand bring to justice Ilia •coward:'
ly perpetrators of these fiendish and in
human,outragest.the Judges aoknowl.
edging theruselvgs poiyerlesidaiippreee
the evil,. orineesitint i;if, th e Elearec y e ' diit- 2
guises,'''and peijuiw (with tha
guilty,parties'eoveruP their iniquities,
the victims, knowing: their ~qppressorni.
afraid to eopaplain f ,les
9 -theY!ttsepal4
, • . *Kos ar
even Plat 16'. death,. and "Whereas . lide
horrid - state of affairs intuit have au'
end, peace and harmony restored, crime
repressed, life, liberty, and , property
proteotedrAboAnimbitc.;,the - 4 ,p00r-cand,
lhohelplesCes - Well - as' the - rielf and
powerful, made to feel secure if) every
sectioilorps State, the good name of vindicated, and law
and ordeetireiMil In all her borderd. 0 .
" . PT - ow ' therefOre, in view of the 43121:-.
Ise!, 1,1 lit
-Todd-A:Caldwell, Governot'Uf
.tli*State;:"do 'make this my solemiLit,W.
Nal to thal*Ple, more especiPlli,,ip
those virlinbave-heretofore held 'places
of honor and trust, to assist the consti
tuteu authorities of the State in main
tainlng‘the supremacy of the law,-and
invoke the ministers of the
,gospel, of
every denOillination, tO'give!thele l pow,4.
cilia aid,' frora their r respective pulpits
and j!*.
esof ~ , ,worsh.ip, -.,to , .put-downii
- crime and build Up s a feeling, of frater
nal love and forbearance te our - Suffer.,
ing State. And- now In - due -time, I
warn an secret, •unlawfulsocieties -and
.comb naticinW, to dissolve their organiza
tions, to cease from their gruel and ille
gal m i ctragea, and to devote themselves
ii ,
to th peaceful and-useful avocations of •
life;,, lid,l notify all offenders ., that if
.this a peal he not heeded,, and; it , they
perelit in setting "all'law anddeceney at
defiance, and will have no mercy an
their heiples6 victims, that theday may
not be far distant when they themselves
will entreat for„,AReKOY,_ AJ,I4 y.113.-,...4
' ..I:9Dp iIAX,DIT'ELL.
i--7, „ i(
Further partionlarii' Cif the frightful
accident on the Nashville and North-
Eastern = Railroad,. at Sarpeth river,
Tenn., on the night of the - 13d inst., have
reached us. TWO coaches and - a sleep
ing car fell down a distance of twenty
feet into a deph of eight feet of water.
Seventeen persons were- killed and
tsiventy , slx. wounded.—Adv.
SPIitITUALISAI.—There was—and tmr
4apa le—apiper printed in New York called the
Spiritual Hatipgsr,' - or, vido the editor, in a
highfalutin lit of milk'ind Water inipiri►tion, in
dulged in the following 'sublime burst":
" In the twelfth hour of the glory of 09d, the
life of God, the Lord in God, the Holy Proce
dure shall crown the Triune ' Creator with the
disolosive illumination. Then shall the creation,
In its effulgence above the divine seraphim, arise
into the disolosure, in one comprehensive revolv
ing galaxy of supreme created beatitude."
To this the Cayuga Chief learnedly responded:
"Then shall_ blookheadlsm--the. jaokassioal
dome of disolosive prooodure—above the all-Bred
great leather fungus" of Peter Nipniniygo, the
great gooseberry grinder, rise into, the dome
disolosive, until co-equal, 00-extensive and con
glomerated lumuaes, in ono *grand, comprehen
sive max, shall assimilate into , nothing, and re
volve like a bob-tailed pussy-eat after the space
where her tail was."
Meeting of the County Committee.
In pursuance of prior notice, the Republican
County Committee met at the Court House in
Welleboro,and appointed the following Com
mittees oVigilanee for the several townships
and boroughs in the county of Tioga, who shall
compose the boards of pleotion for the several
districts in which they reside :
Blocs—Stephen Bowen, John Evans; Jr., Jan:marlins.
Brookfield—S 11 Murdock, Wesley William
Chatham-0 VIM Daum, Sydney Beach, S w Love.
Charloston—Otis L Atherton , Wm Jones, Gillis
Covington-8 F Richards, Marlin Butler, John
Lewis. , ,
Covington Borough—lra Patches, Isaac Berry, Ja.
'Cob Hartman.
- Clymer-0 0 Ackley, ELi Stebbins. B W Skinner.
• Delmar—Edwin:Campbell, Robert Roland, Simeon
Deerfield-3E Ingham, W W Gilbert, 1,1 V Purple,
Elk—John Maynardaames Barley, Loren Wetmore.
Miami—Benjamin Dor ranee, J a Parkhurst, Wm
B bleed.
• Parmington—James Peters, Oliver Blanchard, 3 R
'Pall Drook—D W Knight, M Strattga, A Pollock, Jr.
Gaines—D K Marsh, Wm Vormilyea, Nathan Strait,
Jackson—M K Ratan; Ed Kinney, James Doty.
- Knoxvillo—V M Crandall. D W- Reynolds, Jerre
- - - •
Lawrence-0 cargo Hu rlbut t, Henry Oolegrov a, I. n
clan Smith.t . ,
Lawrenceville—James Stewart, 0 B Mather, Henry
Liberty-Bonjamin Normal, John E Ault, John
Morris—Job Doane, Wm Babb, Enoch Blackwell.
Middlebury—Daniol G ritoTons, 6/ , D Keeney, John
Mansfield—Wm Boßands, Phil Williams, 4ohn Hol
insburg—Ci D hlAln, Vaughn W Smith, Henry
,Nelson—Philip Tubbs, John M. Bolt, ‘ Tossie Howe.
Osceola-0 A Taylor', 4 lloni•Y Tubbs, Di Haggle.
Earnaa_,Thon Bailey, D P Sba
'Entland—Peter V Von Vets, E BeiliernAWm Law}
Shipp on—.
hack. -
Sullivan—Elliott Rose, R P Baker Chas Pahnor.
T loge- - D L Aiken; E A Niles, Daniel Dewey.
, Tioga tor ough—D B Lowell, T L Baldwin, John Ste
Unlon-0 B Ellie, J,ll Whitcomb, 0 9 Rundell.l
Westflo ld—B B. Buckley, H N Aldrich, G D Walter.
Westfield Borough—N W M'Neughton, SD Phillips,
Albert Weatherby.
Ward—Wallace Obese, Da'l Sparks,' Andrew Hnlillu.
' Welleboro—John Dickinson, OEt Osgood o l B Potter.
i The Committee passed the tettotting
let. That voters belonging to the Republican
party, in each township and borough, shall meet. ,
on the 12th day of August next, at the usual
places of holding elections, at 2 o'clock P. M.,
and proceed to vote, for one person for President
Judge, two persons - for AssoblatelJudges, one
parson for Senator, one person for Representa
tive' ono person for Commissioner, and - one per
.ronfor county Auditor.
2d. That the poncho , opened • at two o'clock
P. M., and olosed-at;7 o'clock. ,The voting shall
be by ballot, written or printed ; and the name
of each person voting shall be written on a list
at the time of voting; and no person shall be
allowed to vote more than once for each office.
After the polislare - 010 - sed, the Board shall pro
ceed to count the votes that each 'candidate hat
received, and make out the returns, accordingly,
to be certified by the Board.
3d. One of the Board of each district, who
shall be selected by a majority of each Board,
shall meet at the Court House in Wellsboro, on
Tuesday, the 15th day of August next, at one
o'clock P. M., having the certified returns and
a list of the voters, together with the votes
oast for each oandidato; and the person who
shall have the highest number of votes for any
office, shall bo declared the regular .nominee of
the Republican 040..
4th. Any two or more persons having an equal
number of votes for the same office, the return
judges stall proceed to ballot for a choice; the
-person having the highest number of votes to be
the nominee.
• fith. The return judges shall be competent to
reject, by a majority vote, the returns of any
idietnet where there is evidence of fraud, either
In the returns or otherwise. And the return
judges shall buve power to appoint coferees—
,l3enatoriacand ardiidal,. Or 'either as 'the ease
;rutty require—whcilhall bB instructed to support
the person who enelthave.recolved the highest
, number of votes cast for - that office in the coun
ty. And tlr - rettident-brity at - their meeting
change the mode o . t 40h:it:Ong. candidatee, -if,they
are satisfied that-a4hinfe -in. 'netiessary. ' And
the return judges shall appoint a Standing Com
=mittee fir the county. fox_the ensuing, year.
Bth. In ease of vairatiCy'iti any board at the
time fixed for opening the , polls. the vacancy
:shall be supplied by any member or members of
• the vignette° committee who - shah be present or
'in attendance. • .
Juno 23, 1871.—" rt. . T I ,
Wonders Will Never Cease.
HAVE you tried the iatest and greatest med
foal .diseov . er,r ) af I,4,e_ago , , .
Dr. .51.—L.Illacon's Magic Pain -
: • • • ,Remed.9. • • '• •
It cities aids; diptherin; oranips Und"pains
the stoinach, indigcstion, 'diarrhea, .dyssentery,
summer , complaints,l eho,lora .morlaus, cholera,
Ise. as magic. As an external application
for frost bites 1)110141ns; ' sPrains, biases, fel
rheuniattrawsick keadaehe, tiothaohe, neu
ralgia, pains in the side 4 book- , and loins, in a
praotioe,of six years, it ims ,been .found to be
second to no preparation' over offered to the
The proprietor - of this, medicine feels warran
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Manufactured arta put
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Bacon, Blossburg. Pa: ' ; ;
Wholesale agents-Hallett,Bearor A. Burbank,
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to I{;eOtiire oti' lfat4f,:treliiiiiiiitiV arid
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gelebilly ; Nervousnfisit gonsinthp
ion ,Rpilepsy, and Vita' Mental and' wartdiv.
tln,g tronkßeilrAimso,l4.- , -By4loßEßril,
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&c: t;•—•
' • The world renowned author, In this admirahle 'Lec
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Plc! 00 Publishers •
WAS. *CO.,
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;ell = - . - • ;
y IST Or LETTERS remaining in the Wells
•-• "
nny7 Austiiirlrate -
L AIWon, Harvey Adams, !drat B Blair, Mary B
Blair, Etta Bum), Wn Berylcdr,Dr. A P Bissell,
Ohs Brooks, Braikaviay;.llaldwln 1
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MelvinaPartel,Altulitah Hugh, : P:0-1Iolg, Ed,
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bn.4l, Aditoyaffka 14044 TitOl Ditto!, Davila!
.111Onstaty;',VW,IfilIzititsh liiPhols„ Betsy
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July 12, la7l.—tr Wellsboro.
, ,
OAIITION.—AII persona are hereby cautioned
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April 11, 1811, as said note was loot by me on or
about the 3d day of June last.
July 12, 1871.-3 w
Lumber Lath and Shingles
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liemlook.flooring to bir bad at the Niles
Vtill(4r Ptesl4 - 00.a , Mills. Ptiois.reastinable.
. • , • L. O:.BENNET ) ,
July 12 Niles Valley.
State Norm -School:
1fA.t8F1111,1), TIOGA CO.
TBE fall :rerra.*ill• commence Wednesday,
'Aug 80, 1871. •. ,
For Catalciitie'r admission apply to Charles
Jelly o, 1871.4itt. •
- Dr as not , in etpolciand j w,ill keep constantly
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li t
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`Ma iL • 1871. - -tr. - "
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Pareales, lilohairs; :Plaids, french and irish..Poplins Japanese Silks,
• Pan% Colored and Black Dress Silks,
all at prlcee talteh lees than have been eold for before. We keep a hill line of
Fan 4 Goods,
Hosiery. from 10 to 50 ots.
Boots from 0 $2,50 to $5,60.,'
Mehs",'ShOes froni - " - $1,25 to $5 - J 5(l ' ,
Boys' Shoes from - $l,OO to $1,50. i
, .
'-All• Seasonable Goods at rinipreeedeated 'Low Prices.
Choice Groceries, Etc.
60 eta. to $1,60. ! Coffo'es from
121 ots. Spioee, all kinds.
12} ate. Soaps, all kinds.
Toas from
A Sugars
Porterea Sugar at
Our motto is, 'lair dealing, low prices, and elicit attention to business,"' which is 'alive
be key to success.
We invite every ono in want of anything in our line, to drop in I.nd tako a look through o
stook, as we are always pleased to allow our Goode.
I We!labor°, May 4, 1871.
Our Stock la now very largo and complete, and Goods very ottani)
Bet Prints 10 cents poi yard,
be largest stock of
' •
in Southern New Yet.
beet Tapestry Brussels
Rugs, Oil Cloth, Plain and Check Canton Matting, Coir Matting, &c.
Cloths and Cassimeres
which will be mado to order by 6chinok or Scott, at very low pricy
We invite a - careful examination of our Stook and prices, and wo ple'dgo ourselves that
toil/ not bo undersold ) and when wo say that wo mean what we say. Come and see us and
will do you good.
Corning, AprlL.l2, 1870.
Now 18 the time to select goods needed for Summer Suits, as our stock is unusually large, an
bought at lower prices than ever before. Believing that the trade in WHITE
very large, we have put in the largeit assortment of such goods we have ever_kept
White, Piques,
.strired and ft' ured at 25e„ worth 28c,
White Piques; str4ed and figured at 3 1c., worth 56e,
White Piques, sh l iped.and,figured at 37c., worth U 2 1-2
White Organdiea'cll 50e., worth 75c
Victoria Lawns, Nainsooks, and Swisses in all the Desirable - styles:, ey
ally ch-eap.
Black Grenadines at 31c.3 worth 60e.
Black Grenadines at. 50e., 2v4th 75c.
Colored Grenadines inpldin and striped goods at-31.e., worth, 40c.
_ , _
Sumn - mr Dress Goods at 25c. milk 31 c.
Summer Dress Goods at 31c., worth 35c.
Summer Dre s s Goo4s at 37 1-2 c., worth 50c.
Parasols very cheap. '
Summer Shawls cheaper than ever.
,'1 1 _
A:11 the best 'makes in Prints 10e. J'i _ . ~ i _
1 •
Yard wide - fine Bleached' l' Muslin at 12 1-2 c., the 45.,5t bargain in the cot
try. H
BOOTS Sr, 8110 ES.
- •
~; •-
C~a.` -~'.~.
J. A. .PARSONS °et).
Wellabor°, June.2l.
Yankee tions, Boots and Shoes, .11at.cincl caps
pring Goods
1006' yde Detainee, from 12/ to 15 cta. per yard. V
including HEMPS from 25 to 40 ct 4; Ingrains from 50 to $1,2
11,25; English Bddy Brussels $2,00 to $2,25; also a full line of
Wo would call ospectal,attontion to our stock of
, ,
Childrene Moos from
gars from •
Citya from
( NV. J , ".. MORTON S•CO
....30 cts. to $426.
."7594.1,..a $3,60.
...80 etc to $t,25.
45 10 go Cl 2
c he