The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, June 14, 1871, Image 3

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The following-named portions .offer
0 indidat OR fer.the,ollicee pained below--subjec
decision of the Republican County Oonventlen
FOIL AdBoolll2 JUDOE •
OEO. IL BAXTER, Nelson.*
W. 0. RlPLEY,!ltichmend.*
A. I. BOS I ARD,IOecoolat
T. 0. 110LtIS, Ward.
Fes Dierater erorturr,
J. O. Bt RANG weettleld.*;
Juno 14, 1671. ,
Local' Items.
New Advortisenaenta.
Pay Up—Truman h Bowen.
In Bankruptcy—ll. N. Williams,
Railroad—Joel Parkhurst. et al.
Mowing Machines—Wright t Bniloy
" , A. S. Reynolds.
Farm far sale—J. • . Boyce.
- 9-- lllarn Carroll, in another eolu l
;,(fer3 a bongo rind lot for sale, at n great ba
Read the article on the Genrgi
on the first pogo of this paper•
10E CREAM PARTY.—There *ll'
an ice cream party at the Baptiet hall in
village, on Friday evening, June 16. Fr
are cordially Invited to p tieipate.
eiddifteff SOCIABLE. — The
the Atethodist Episcopal Chtireh Will hold
ciable, and furnish ice cream, at the redden;
Air. Isaac Scars, on Wednesday evening ot
Week, Juno 14.
To DEALEus.—Flreerackers, best
1, $1 10 per box oT 40 packs. Torpedoes,
cents per thousand. All other fireworks
l‘m nt whofosale, nt the Pont Office Store,
N. Y" 0. J. RontNa
For the It news by the dailies
?woke, stationdry and wall paper; for the
l i terary prose works, from Joeephus to GI
Baby; and the eboioest poetry, from 'nom.
the Heathen Chine(); go to the bookstore
newsroom of 11. Young R Co., No. 3 of Di
A. Cone's block, Wollsboro.
thy last a goodly number of our citizens, b
oration, assembled at the house of L. C. Be.
to enjoy his• generous hospitality.
ot, ening was fine, tho company genial, affalzl,
pleasant. which rendered the affair ono 01
pleasantast of the season. May our friends
eaurt" livo long to enjoy the good opinio,
their many guests.
t E.—The Health and Home, a very axe°,
health journal, says : " Some time ago, Dr.
I llout, in a paper presented to tho French A
my of Medieino, aosertod that lemon ju
one of the most efficacious medicines which can
bo applied to diptheria, and ho relates that when
a dresser' in the hospital, how his own life was
I•ared by this timely appliance. Bo got three
dozen ymono, and gargled his 'throat withthe
i r
puce, Owallowing a little at the same tim , in
order to act on the more deep seated parts. he
doc,or has noted numerous eases of complete
access obtained by this method of treatme t."
From the Corning Journal we clip the folio
" The Welleboro Agitator bag a local edits
nho does not usually get items of interest to' u
out ,, ide the county, because they are not 1.1 bt
had, but ho 'spreads himself' gracefully and fe
11,4tously on wh t topics ho handles. He vvonld
be invaluable e a daily if ho could stand thi ,
pressure. The l t number gives a Hue repor o
some lecture's d livered by WilliarnParson , 1
member of till rtglish Parliament." ,
ro Local to a his beet bow for the ploasom
complimont, arid would rise to en lain that !tin
dearth of local matter is mainly attributahlt(
the dearth of local incidents ; It is not the o
cal's fault ; be has done his hest. 110 has incite(
dog lights, egged on pugnacious Irishmen, len
couraged misunderstanding at the end garnet o
11 . . B. albs, to no purpose. This is a quiet town
Folks, as a rule, do not kill or wound each ot-101
in Welisboro, without the most unen - Iturablo pro
v-ocation. Wo do not like the style of local t at
Spoils clean, whitb paper in caronicling he
t welve new palings and the coat of paint qh s
noir° A 's fence ; or that exhausts the list of . d
)ectives in describing tho devouring element a,
the burning of a shanty. We note ;
provements that arc worth noting, and do not
tend that any oventsof real importance shalt
l iPt" us
By the latter end of summer, that groat civi i—
lex, the railroad, will bring us into direct (mirk—
munication with the outside world—also withre
,c,vitable concomitants, rows, rowdies, pi k
p,a;kets, and an occasional homicide. Then We
11.111 have local enough—mores the pity. Then
as a community, shall go into training fo a
city charter; and the ipliet, sunny, Rip y n
AN mile days of Welleboro will have passed away
luitxer. Mote's the pity.
vcEtum,-1 I EMI it is
tl.,nor to, and evidences the intelligence of,
peeple of this section, that the full and expensi . o
curs of first class lectures was so well support
ed and so thoroughly apprettiated iu gelksboro
t h e vas t s ea s o n. Peovlti hereabout may not ge 1-
et,tlly know that this lecture business is mainly
ihanaged in a regular, business like manner, by
the agency of bureaus, whose business it Is to
take charge of and send out the lecturers to VI.-
THil, localities, as they are required, in different
arts of the country. The Lecture Bureau u
Poston is an institution of this kind, mating d
by Mr. James itcdpath, the once well known a d
-t,.11 liked Kansas correspondent of the Triton .
And those who know James Itedpath, by reput . -
1,..a at least, may like to hear what he says abo t
n, o n Ilie tyomm eptestion.
1( riling In the Corrospon;ling Saari:taty of ti c
14..finaw F•ociety in this place, untltir data of Mat
.' . lle ~..1) 4 • ..: Wellsl;nro has it hotter - reourit n
t:,,, 11;:oain ; l a,: lion than any other i town of i
t ,, e ott the lines of r.iitroad travel, in the Unite d
:Teton, Hi far ag an knew, and we am in corm
p ;.1,11;:;.: v.ltli at !CAM. nine 11,1)018 of tbOcourso
10 .},. . .111,tr j "
\IN. LIVPIDI”I'll alto CllMlAllneritil us highiy' i
the Nvoir.ati'..../0,r;..1. Tho liesten correspond
rut of tli,. N. V. 'Tribune thus tikuniirseB of Lb
I . totor, prrrunt, pas , ing away, and to come :
"Ann,iq in EallSil9,. 5611 1111101
n in ) d "Lila., in here, rkt hhi home
;,/,./ • n-t intcud to talk a great (lea/ 7),"”c
- a'on. 1 .0...'1l be is in great demand Ev
Ery year nee willies suddenly shoot up, and mob .
: thew as ,/ohd iv go ditto Again. Tilo 00111
"WO( i t',ll them taxi,-terns liplorers-, like rail
i ~.1 het ids, they i;rii good for I.n ..1 flip only.
•Iri not care t.. name list vein'; crop : it is en
oogli to .nay that it t.., harvested Bat it fit 1111,Vt
i, me on it liin rants of standard lecturers
among them pre Jam.' Parlon, William Varier.;
Mary A. Ltve'rlio.r., ikti Ihislov ' and W. 11. II
Murray, olio has perfumed our Id Park strum
church with the fragrant Lreltli of tho Ad iron
tack pines. MI Orion talks icithmit notes,
and wins hi' way ht a eeriuin quaint humnr, FO
crisp and sparkling th it GT.e. for4Pl4 to wish he
were more eloquent. William Parsons is en 'ire
parted stock,' ant hat long held a final potion
oe the English platform. Flo is a boin orator
orst cousin to the long line of clever Irishmen,
r•tlitodians of the learn , y stone. The Eureau
..all him their to core itc, because he is sent for sr
often in the saint sce. at the someplace. Mrs
Livermore stands 'next to Anna Dickinson in
popularity. then. Hawley is to talk, next year
al.wit • ltings and Lobbyists.' It is pleasant to
know that literary men arc faking their rightful
plum on the platform. James T. Fields, the po
ol-0/101er, bids fair bh be ono of tho lyceum
.. , iiiiiiions of next year; and among the oompet•
iti•ri for the 13QC11111 honors of next season ar
numbered Col. Iliggiwon, Whipple ' Dr. Lord
Richard Grant White. Moses Colt Tyler, Edward
Everett Hale, Oliver Optic, and your own Colonel
John 'fay. Of course nA every man who writes
well can speak well, and some of these may prove
to be only one term lecturers. A new feature,
next year, will he the discuesion of ' Woman Suf
frage' before lyceums, by Con. Hall, of Maine,
2 C , 1 Mrs. Livermore to some one said, lately,
' bath gentlemen pro hop debaters,' se it will
doubtless be entertaining, H'l•ho him:wrists hold
their own. Nasby and Josh Billings, and 'think
Mark Twairi, wilt run, for ono more year, the
fearful risk of being as fanny As they can. Rate
Reignolds is to toll the story - of Charles Reade,
whom she know well in London, and who offered
her, the materials to form a sketch of his life. I
say nothing of Rate Field, who, is in 'England by
this time, but is not out of mind because out of
tight, or of the °tiler fascinating fair ones who'
are awaiting offers, because, though my notes are
not exhausted, I - have filled my allotted ppftoe i
tud ZIA take ray farewell briefly."
en as
to the
I So
co of
kr to
!a is
now counting by twos, threes and fours, up to a
4 , hundred, backward or , toward with equal facility.'
Children that last summer wore ignorant of the
ie alphabet, reading creditably, and able to write
the reading lesson on the slate afterward, in a
way that might shame some men of substance
)f . who don't want to be taxed for educating other
a people's children.
After watching this school in its progress for
months, we are of the firm opinion that a scholar,
Le under the system pursued in it, may attain as
L o much knowledge in three years as the same
amount of studious effort would afford in five tin
t der the usual academic methods. Better than
the technical knowledge, .the ability ) to answer
questions and repeat lessons,'ls the training in
rapid, self reliant thought and mental analyelsi
which, to our thinking, is the 11..4 basis for ma-
cuss in after life. The habitsof order and disai 7
L t Aline which prevail in a school of several hisn
s drode—many of them normally unruly and full
a• of wild spirit—is a marvel to all who visit the
t• school; and it bas been'brought about in a quiet
.t way, without flogging, wo believe, or any severe
COIIItESPOI4I 3' X4l ' d'
- 9 l7:
w4t " 'Seek' 0114 say 5 %4:- V. ll
wont, publish My rtyttos. ) Perhaps you prefer
I°'n g
• en t rigbt.]; 2 1 )11
seem to }mow ti little of eierything-L-May be you
can tell me the best way to sot geese eggs and
raise geslingsik!
Certainly.`nein!' otiltlYeted 11+,0 goose to
any alarming extent; ifo dislike thq monotoni
of the gander's song, at'four o'clock in the morl
ning; but we htive run pretty largely to potat4
onion sets, wit koh are mud' about the size of eggs.
; 11 should s Atfit
R eits o l v-g.„ ansidgy wea, .p
eggs in rows about 18 inahaslspattand RiXticite¢
apart in the row. When the goslings appear r
water freely, and tie to stakes, if they show a
disposition:to At ` - .007 moved ;lest , on moist
ground. As to varieties, we know nothing of
th o otanese, or }lronton. Drawing on our` cape.
rience in strawherry culture, •we , should recom7
mind piatillate'344qtiw r jtt, , . I#ol -
Jar fertirio'ilen-i,AloktYClV,cfra'st sploy--not to
say' peppery—carrespondent.h-VfettnettS again,
—" Politiolts" writes us a long, misspelled lei
ter, in which ho complains bitterly of-tho•man,
nor in which the people are "gelid" by pond-
Mans. Ile is "sick of the wholo thing,' " don't
taro if ho never votes again," "don't look into a
political paper any more," " would's:it go half a
mile to vote for President," with more of the
same sort.
We are glad to hear frOm " Politicks." We
have been wanting for some time to pitch into
just Such asses, if only to ,see whether they had
life enough left to kick. Why, you consummate
donkey, do you think you mend the'matter by
staying away from the polis—leaving the polio
clans to make up and elect the ticket, in favor of
themselves? `Are you tit to, take a hand in 'a
government which you_hre so fearful of under-.
standing that you won't even read a paper ? Do
you suppose that spending your evenings at the
corner grocery, whining about the way in which
the people are "guild," is going to mend the
matter ? Don't you' .know'tbat the people—the
producing classes—arc largely in the majority,
as yot, and may get up primary meetings ,and
manage 'the entire 'matter of nominations enir
elections to their liking, if they will, and haie
the intelligence to do it? Whose fault is it ll'
they do not? One evening in each week given
to the, reading of. the laws, Constitution, and-po
litical usages of the State, want(' make any man
of ordinary intelligence sufficiently. well inform- -
.ed to conduct the proceedings of a primary meet
ing or convention; but if.yeu And others choose
to - let yourselves Ile led and " guild," when yqa
have the helter,in your own hands,'whose fault
is It? Wake itpend your evenings for 'the
next twelve months iri'-pVing yourself in gov
ernmental affairs and policy,-„Get up primary
meetings of the people; vote "directly for the
bominees, and see that they are tho men you
want. Fit yourself for self government; sot
your part in it, and induce your lazy neighbor
to do the same. Rely on it, your part in the
government will claimed mainly on yourself and
pain ability to-do and understand.
Politics and politicians are bad enough, but
the fault lies, for the most part, with the masses,
who allow it to be so, when they have the power
to run the machinery of government in their own
Thursday last our school was visited by a largo
number of our most intelligent citizens, among
whom were Superintendent Borton,Judges Bent
ley and Veil, Rev. N. L.Roynolds, Dootor Wobb
J. B. •Potter, &c. all of whom took a lively
interest in tho proceedings, and most of them,
we may say, expressed unfeigned surprise at the
rapid advance made in the few well chosen bran
ches which scholars -- e - rfrom_soven to eleven
years of age aro being trained in.
We have frequently had occasion to speak of
this school, and always favorably. No one who
has not seen the sohoolin operation can fairly
appreciate the difference between the present
quick, ihtelligent Mode of imparting knowledge
and the old slow-going method of instruction
which obtained when most-of us wore children.—
We saw children seven and eight years of age
who, to our knowledge, °mild barely count up to
twenty by ones, when first attending this school,
punishment. -
We dl) net purpose to give a synopsis of the
exercises. Any one can visit the school who
i t
takes interest enough in i to do so; and if he
or she feel com-potent to titieise and pass judg
ment on tho mental °ire cises of the highei
grades, Professor Winter,tvill be pleased to Lash
them do so.
4 1 .
What we wish to urge just hero, the impor
tance to the county—to the country—of keeping
up this school. Wo believe there is a movement
on foot that looks to the crushing of this school,
and a return' to the old system—all along of tax
es. Of coarse, taxes being the dead-weight, it
follows that aim who oppose the school arc mon
of property, to some extent—and we are glad
that their number is small. Do these men ever
reflect that " the years of the days of a man's
life are three: score and ten?" that, after a man
has once roachod fifty, the remnant of his life is
much given to rtiumatism, and little worth:the
holding, save for the good ho may do? Twenty
years is a short time to look back on; but in
twenty years more, by far the largest portion of
what we reckon as properly will be in the hands
of children who are now attotilling school ;—and
the present holders will have been stowed away
" where they never see the sun." But, to the na
tion, to the communities in which they live, the
education of the little men and women of to-day,
who aro so soon to hold—not only all tho taxable
property, but tho destinies of this republic—is of
moro real importance than any othor question of
the day. Never having sought' very anxiously
for riches, caring very little about money, except
for present needs, we may be excused for plating
the training of the nation's future rulers far be
yond and above any question of money. Noth—
ing to us looks so sad as a man who, having toil
ed up to old age for property, coolly measures
his life, the lives of others, an:d: his country's best
inter...nits, in his own vest' pocket,—tho measure
is so small forso huge a quantity.
.The school, however, will stand, oven by the
vest pocket test. We do not believe there is an .
owner of 100 nero.9 of land within easy reach of
this st heel, who eatild not ft IToni to give twenty
acres rather than have the school go down, even
'as a matter of profit and loss.
The system purAte.l in this school is the result
of more than 100 years' ovporionce and experl
naent as to the best and readiest methods of im
parting valuable and practical knowledge in the
affairs of life ; knowledge which ma y h o a l ways
at hand for everyday use, which makes the suc
cessful, self-reliant business man, and the intelli
gent, jitdiciults mother
We hare refiaima from speaking personally
of the Principal of the school; but it is only .
justic , t.• •ay that the excellent management and
diseiplin •, good order and rapid progress of
the Pchnat, aro mainly--perhaps entirely—duo to
one directing mind. We have no flattery for any
man ; but we know that Professor Winters has 11,1,1 of our children by the intellect, and
led them, at a quiet: but easy gait, "along the
path of knowOlge, without running Omni Afoul
of the thorns thnt are usually found so plenty in
that path. And if we should lose him, we are
ory doubtful if his !place could be filled for
years with a teacher of equal ability. flis heart
is in his work. But abilities like his are always
in demand, and, though the Pcbool id not likely
to go down, we bare r+lsoni to believe that Ayr.!
Winters willinot remain if there be any consid
erable opposition to, grifceling against the school.
The visit to and Isamination of the school
lasted about three hours. It was closed by short,
well worded speeches by Judges Bentley and
Veil and Superintendent Horton.
A Cl 001) PAPER.—Most men who live
in the country like to read
_of lively doings at
trots, races, &c., where the races are fair, or, if
not fair, where the rascality is exposed. And
most of us like to road of manly sports and rec
reations. And men who own good horses like to
have an intelligent authority at hand for refer
ence, in case of disease witich threatens .tbe loss
of a valuable animal. On all these points we
can refer our readers to tho Turf, Field and Farm,
a$ 87 Perk Bow, Now Twig ? as one-of
itoi - hakptihlisiotil la the - °pantry. It doss not
a!* 411 2
. oiss of hru44tir 1 11 14.4 the name o iiport, bat fa
a 14.!&-400, Atl i be /44 b . 049 fsptily of
botoiliti(l areti,,itithoTie roplatraOli:or - offono4
10 iiiotAuto , this " fast I ha ve noticed,
"1 'is a otta *iron aora m"-
a~ aloe
No IRKO1011:11::
barn4ro brawling or fight
mance ef,ahnest daily „noun* hY
idg te - thie'plabe Slid by inir. own Wizens - .
those wholelhisaa*dred now say they 'prefer Deo '.,llo4l6,;fiendAhle is the expressed feel
'lig 4 1 ,40SOATWA41;
. T08.'46114 to , be a
, ihiokii>f,reruot,rotthe - Net' lens
' 1 ,4 1 / 00 . 4 '.ift*leenin trOpr Pr*hOreil °tee
lqtYttr'ntirellatietp;oelai illikeexdpur .
POW - 410iiiiiiii.30 t • .e• Ant ;deer fitp -
ItY;' and Jafttr ';‘7ll _'•lfti.foreirin hare, it
nee •
,e,::‘ - i4 - 46,. % extend his life,
Tha - Wifir;
~:. .w rit.tilt:4l4l thP:
Ist ink ' , ...„•N!' the
goneeerewthreele • , ...r‘ , tete.ha treated by
- physician of that pleas. Elder Rhinevanit had
gone out therelilth a carriage after her. No one
-at thli pliee'kuesr of her death = untilthe beanie
'brought' her' remains hernciiithe24and of doinie
came very suddenly to :the fatally here; arid' to
all. • ' •
Mr. Otis Robbins, of 'Sullivan, was • hurt stutter
seriously a, few days since, by falling from a
horse. We are having a fine rain this morning,
and farmeriiand climb alike are happy,.
RuPnarma, ,
The icse;ereain party at Mansfield for
the benefit
, ,ftho Presbyterian Chnieh; ioll' . he
held on the'2Bthead . 2f4h,4:l' Jane,
al;te Rnpublioan, ,CQUOty
Blanding Committtee, "Henry',Hol
lands C. S. Iliather, - Angustim - Alha, 1; E. Olive-
Baoker and L. O. Beach; are 'repeated
to meet at the Court House in Wellaboro, oa
Friday, the 23d day of Jane, instant, at 1 Volook
P. M., for the purppseor appointing Committees
of Vigilance in the , several townships and bo
roughs of this oonnty, and for the transaction of
- -other, isepfirtOtlitliUsillias; , .. ri)ofileatilsreauest
Nil attendance. S.
June 14,'16'71 A
office in Wright & Bailey's Blook;where ha ,00n
tinues to make teeth with the . new iniproement
which gives better satiefaotion than any 'thing
else in nee. To be bad at Dartt's only.-=-Aug. 24
WC,CONNELL—WEB.VER--ori the ad inst.,
by Rev. W. Beach, in Mansfield, Mr. Joseph B.
M'c,Connell of Sullivan, to Miss Elizabeth Weav
er of Bloasbnrg. ,
RA.WSON—WRIGHT—On the first End., in
the Presbpterian Church at Nelson, by the Rev.
S. A. Rawson, Mr. Andrew/L. : Rawson of Pruden
111. to Miss Celestia Wright of Nelson.
SAYLES—PACKARD—In 4 this village, at
W. B. Varthorne's Hotel; June 10, 1871, by •ROr.
D. D. Bubk,- Mr. Cornelius' N. Bayles to Miss
Lucy S. Packard, both of Troy Pa. -
WELCH—At the Cone lionise in this place, on
Thursday the 12th inst. after a short illness, Col.
M. Welch aged 150.
MARCUS LOVETT—(colored)* of Welleboro,
at the County House, June 2d, aged 80.
ii6r Wall Paper, Window Paper,
Decoration Paper, Borders, Cords, Tassels, Cloth
Shades, Cloth Curtains, (gilt) WindOw Fixtures,
Pictures, Picture • Frames, Picture Glass, and
ovary other article necessary to beatify Hons.
The largest assortment of this lino of goods ever
brought into Tioga county. Call at our NEW
STORE No. 3 Smith & Bowen's Brick Block.
May 1, 1871- tf. HUGH YOUNG A CO.
The Confessionenf an Invalid.
101111:IBLIS1IBD as a warning and for - the henellt of
young men. an& others,-who suffer from Nervous
debility, &c, supplying mu =ARS OP esti CURL
Written by one who cured bimsel, and sent' free on
receiving a post-paid directed envelope.
Address, NATUANIEL MAYFAIR; Brooklyn, N. Y.
May 11,1871-6 m.
All persons who aspire to beauty of personal
appearance should not neglect that natural ac
cessory, the hair. By many it has been neglect
ed until the hair has become thin; gray, or en
tirely fallen off. Messrs. Hall .ft Co., Nashua, N.
H., have produced an effectual remedy, called
Sicilian Hair Renewer, which cures all diseases
of the scalp. This wonderful Preparation acts
upon the glands; which support and nourish the
hair, restores gray hair to its original color,
makes the scalp white and clean, removes and
prevents the formation of dandruff and all cu
taneous. eruptions ; and, by its tonic .and nutri
tive properties, restores the scalp 'to -a hedlthq
anew gr9ivl4. rsag dressing,
it is unsurpassed, giving the hair that brilliancy
so much admired by all.—Boston Commercial.
Avs,n's AIfERICAIT AtMiNdt; for thew* year,
has arrived for delivery giatis by W. C. KREBS,
to all who call for it. This little annual has the
largest circulation of any book in the world, made
by the fact that it furnishes the best medical ad
vice which is available • to the people—enables
them to determine what their complaints ate and
how to cure them. It contains the startling an—
nouncement of the conflagration of a world, or
the combustion of one of the stars in the firma
ment with all its attendant planets.
FOR BALE. —A bonne and lot, situated in
WeHaber°. Inquire at IL C. Bailey's bard-
ware Btoro.
June 14, 11371 4w
Of Vocal and Instrumental Melo.
At the State Normal Schaol, Xantfi . el d ; June 27.
T" programme for the occasion, c)onslats of
classic and miscellaneous musk), 'overtures,
sinironias, reveries, fantasias and operas; by
&Mach, Mozart, Rossini, Beethoven,V erd 1,
Lists, and other eminent composers. The music
is arranged for the following combinations of, in
struments :
Two pianbs—eight bands; two pianos and or
gan—six hands. •
Piano, orean and violin.
Piano and organ—four hands.
One piano—fonr hands.
Piano solos, vocal music solos and duets.
We offer in our programme the finest selection
of music ever offered in this vieinity. Bee pro
Single tiokets, 50 cents; family tickets, in
packages of not lees than four, each, 35 cents.—
Tiokets can be obtained at the halls of the
State Normal building. Doors open at 7, con
cert to commence at 8 o'clock, P. 31.
June 14, 1871 2w I. G. HOYT.
Is widely known
as one of the most
effectual remedies
ever discovered for.
cleansing the sys
tem and purifying
the blood. ..1t has
stood the test of
years, with a ;ton
s tan tly growing rep
utation, based on its
intrinsic virtues, and sustained by its re=,
markable cures, So mild as to be safe and
beneficial to children, and yet so searching
as to effectually purge out the great cor
ruptions of the blood, such as the scrofulous
and syphilitic contamination. Impurities,
or diseases that have lurked in the system
for years, soon yield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear. Hence its wonderful
cures, many of which are publicly known,
of Scrofula, and all scrofulous diseases,
'Ulcers, Eruptions, and • eruptive dis—
orders of the skin, T um ors , Blotches,: l
Boils, Pimples, Pustules, Sores, St.
Anthony's Fire,' Bose or Eryttipp.
las, Totter, Salt Ithettin, Scald
Bead, Bingwornt, and internal 1:r
er a t ions or the Uterus, Stomath,
and Liver. It also cures other Om
plaints, to which it would not seem.especi
ally adapted, such as Dropsy, Dyspep
sia, Fits, Neuralgia; Heart Disease,
Female Weakness, Debility, and
Leueorrhcea, when they are manifests,
tions of the scrofulous poisons.
It is an excellent restorer of health and
strenoth in the Spring. By renewing the
appetite and vigor of the digestive organs,
it dissipates the depression and listless lan
guor of the season. Even.where no disorder
appears, people feel better, and,live longer,
for cleansing the blood. The system moves ,
on with renewed vigor and a rung 15ot of
life, •
4114• PARED BY - t ;
Dr. L C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and ..'"inalgtical
ihni*l l-4 7 , W I 0. ERRIA;Agt.
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. A ras
Siii:liibil - -•T ' • lfoniti j iMagrinED . • 4 1 . 4 X
~, ~ .4 :444,7X+4,* 6,
ankm!;‘ Npular Du,GoodsEmpoAnni,
:OMB mum; NANSOOKB, , =
• WHITE ClOODS t feinrstock. GRENADINE; ,
atif7440144;,: ,
DRUMM CLOTi/S, SIIA.WL,:,!fitTQNS! 0 . 41 4: 1 1 118 :',4L0VES I
AND HOB 'S; , - . _ _
and many otherltoods well adapted to this season. The public are inv ited , to eel) sad ex a si th p
•this steak: OASPBTEI and 0/TAlLOrail a *fealty: .` • - •
. . „
4 - -t I mail it 'Style Low aiid.-liediiimlrtee -Clo g
Wellaboto, June 14,181'1. " ,; . '141011.6.6:itt-RDWrik
An iffitheifie Stook of the latest Styles of
New Dry GOODS,
C. cal,.
4 " •
• •
f. alio) main Stow, 70110boio•
Reidy - Made
C:31ic:61,40e CA-rOcserleons.
The #igheat Market Price paid for Country Produce.
May, 11, 1871.
.146. JESArtiarbMIEUSEI
Cheap - Cash Store!
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods,'.
Which will he sold very cheap.
• • Gloves, Hosiery, Roil Goode and Notions.
Choice Groceries.
,-Boap, • .-.Tobacso, ; Syrap, Ripe, Saleratas, ,
• '--Cotree, Teat; • - Crackers, Salt. Fish, Flour.
Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes, Rubbers, Crockery, Wooden Ware, &c.
Cub Paid for BUTTER, or shipped on Commission.
Please call and look our Stock over. You Will always And no ready and willing to ebow
Wellsbura, May 10, 1871.-Iy. J. R. BARKER.
Wickham. -45 r,
HAT just opened their New stock of SPRING GOODS and are selling SOO Pieces of the
best Prints at 10 coats per yard. Best yard wido standard Sheeting, at 8, 9,10, and 11
per yard. ' Our - stook of
BMA 5; 8
Binh . Alpaca, Japanese Poplins and Silks, Pare Mohair Granadiers,
Percaler, Organdies,' Lawns, Robe Patterns, Colored Al
and all styles and colors of
Linens aiP;(l-Chinese Grass Cloth
' VORao,, aa. We have an elegant line of
We havo a good assortment of the best 641 es of Spring and Summer SHAWLS at sorrow
Pllloso. We can show the lathes the largest assortment of
White Goods, Hesiery, Gloves, Laces and Ribbons,and a full Stock of
Yankee Notions and Trimmings.
We have a large quantity of BOOTS and SHOES, to snit tho feet and purse of all '
who will favor us with a call. Our stook of
IRE A 1)Y-MADE CLOTHING, .Hats, Caps,. and Straw Goods is
entirely new, very extensive, and very cheap. GROCERIES
and PROV9IONS, we have in abundance.
Don't forgot our Immense Stook of W ITH GRANITE AND CHINA WARE
otr`Just drop in and yon will see how it 's yourself.
Tioga, Bitay's, 1671.
George Francis Train
The Cheapest Place in Town to Buy your
Truinan Brothers.
ii r li errnek EitinictraV Ciallol3.l
AprilN 1870.
The pattenagelif the public: solicited.
irr9GA, PA'.
is complete, including the beat brands of
is at
'L..I ~ ' 4Y-'. I+s j.,hi.
___ _ ~ ~Jii!",t ~.)SA ~'rG9;
tsooat 9 .
higitain & co'
ileiuntt e enuounoing to the eltheie
T 401;Wellaboro and vicinity that they *eve
ppyohesed s the *nth 'nok
°' atretyditand by P. A. Williams, and ate ad-.
4 1 1 41i0 Ms stook a Ant iins of Good., ooiudat•
ins et
Pan Drugs. Patutt Medioinee Yankee
Nations, Paints , Oits,-Varuieieit
Varnish Brushes, - Paint '
Paint Brushes,
Fishing Tackle,
and in tent everything tuniaily kept n Ant.
claps Drug fitore. In the line of
. • i
Wall' Paper, Window Shade's and Izure4
we cannot be andezindd. Cali and
- 4 21eodnand. when before punshaaing elsarrke4e•
4 Pannonian altnutlonpaidtenyidaSenalarip-
ItionsAllail 6 90Pokuutadat Mite aria i ;
The pationageret thepubliolt solhdted.
_ _ L_
A M. 'lmmix,
V. Hum; '
May 4, 1871.
Sill 84 Squires,i
Foreign t Domestic Liquors
wi r , I C. , E tc.
Agents for tine Old Whiskies,
Claws D. BILL,
G. N. - Swings, CORNING, N. Y.
May 17,1871.
. 1
-._ #A T 4 r A ci
\* ~,,, ,-, 1 - 7 . VEGETABLE swim
, 01 .• ~,, , e ... - .. 0
Every year increases the Isopularity
of 'this valuable Hair Preparation ;
which is due to merit alone. We can
assure our old patrons that it is kept
fully up to its high standard; and it
is the only reliable and perfected prep
aration for restoring GRAY on FAS,ED
His, to its youthful color, malting it
soft, lustrous, and silken. The scalp,
by its use, becomes white and clean.
It removes all eruptions and dandruff,
and, by its tonic properties, prevents
the hair from falling out, as it stimu
lates and nourishes the hair-glands.
By its use, the hair grows thicker and
stronger. In baldness, it restores the
capillary glands to their normal vigor,
and will create a new growth, except
in extreme old age. It is the most
economical Run 11)100E11EG ever used,
as it requires fewer applibations, and
gives the hair a splendid,__ glossy ap
pearance. A. A. Hayes, M.D., State
Assayer of Massachusetts, says, "The
constituents are pure, and carefully
selected for excellent finality; and I
consider it the Bssr PREPARATION
for its intended purposes."
Sold by ail .prug..osts.o2l4 Deals:A in JAmliaers.
Pries One Dollar.
Buckingham's Dye
FO# mg iwkmimw.
Axourßenewerin many eases re.
quires too long a' time, and too much
care, to restore gray or faded Whisk
ers, we have prepared this dye, in one
preparation; which will quickly and
effectually accomplish this result. It
is easily applied, and roduces a color
which will neither ru b nor wash off
Sold by all Druggists. Price Fifty
Manufactured by R. P. HALL & CO.,
Aug. 8,1870-Iy.
VI 8 8 53,43 883 0 ta , • '
... .... L. . c. ...Go ...,- 0 4
c ; it t , g . 0, -
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Si = ..p 2 .-- 3 Ft:4 g: r 8 4 .5 rot
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, 0 0
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Cie gl .0 ai ait o Fs s .,
; lat •4;: P 4 1:14 ..A r 24 c) Ell r r
4.1 se
n iti2 ? 4 f 4 i fts 'Cr /4 .° t!• . a A
i g gi t d
al ' 1 ftu ° gimm 44 A' e "
„_., no lgi .4 , s 1 0 A
I-I 1 4 41 nzi' :A4A -a
, ... ... Q 4.5 10.
0 l g 11 l C i t ._ 4l 0 c) cS s 0 2 2
A ti,"4lQ 2Z t; 4) Iv el
A e t
Q .B i Di et .... 4 1 i , i t
.... 21... L.
1? C. ) 9 0 0 g 0 to 4 4 : 3, 0 ,to
. 2)-ii ;10 ",..,9, ACi p i
A A • 2 '4 0 I ..N d e. - i , d•
gi 01 NA 0 fr., 0 ... ,CD
B/D ca 2 44 Pi ont (D CO co ^ al o 2 , s:I.
.93 4 , -4 5 0 v e 67: Na q:i
1-1 • 0 .-. 4)
co 4 d eAI E k •-• ce 1 °
Ca Ili
a ill a 0 0 g s_:,! s 0. 0 ail 0
0 A ri itA c oll p. 2 a 2. 1 5:4 4T II
- 14 p., ai II ; P.. 1 A FZI P E'S El
AifOIISN AND LOT in WeDebora u
desirable lot ? Or a farm within twenty
minutes walk of ti9climbero ? I hold for sale)
on reasonable terms, the following property
A well finished, new two story dwelling hoitio,
containing ten gi.od rooms ; with a half are
lot, good barn, good well of water; and every
way desirable as a rosidot ce. Location, corner
of Walnut and Meade ttreeta, adjoining Abe
Clymer grounds.
Also, a large village lo containing about one
acre, and in good :shape for dividing into three
building lots. Li..cation, corner of Meade and
Grant streets. '
And a deairhble fatm in Delmar, containing
105 stores (known as the Whelan lot ) Stad
farm comprises a twenty acre meadow newly
seeded, a tine field of winter wheat, and about
60 acres of excelleni timber, consisting of ash,
hickory, oak, basswood, whitewood and 'horn-.
lock. The farm is well watered, and taints( on
two roads—the new Stony Fork road and. then
'road leading from Samuel Dicki nson's W.
Ithetons's place.
Likewise, ten flu yearlings. All on seasonal
bin tams. Inquire of
Wellsbaro, Jana 7, 1871 tf .
Boot, Shoe, Leather and
tlittling Store.
2 Y°9 O , Tiors Co., Pa.
Tsalsoribors would notify their blends
1, and anstomen that they ars doing a- level
boot and shoe business on Wellsboro MA" op
posite, theists Smith bob& They keep boots Of
*UAW% and shots, to' snit everybody, both for
ladle', and, dents; also any kind of ohiblan's
Weer. Mop in end. see. •
n,,z. sum front.,',
Oni 7, ten tt'
'illl I. IMMO=II4r4- *g's,
\tames P , ollalos la first.alast Companies alai
XaaVrif Stafteglo
as any j
1 will gnat lauttiaeL
Jan. 4,1871.-17.
The'Oheapest Plaoe in the State
For Photographid
1 CARDS for 60 coati. Largepiotares Led
AA" frames for $l. Old pictures copied, -
torpid arid Mashed la the &teat iteo. N t
style frames and ever/thin koi tis a galley a
hand, or turalshod to order.
Booms oyez eardanes poem skim:
Fog : 11871 tf Wellabotop Al*
liffABBOOD: BOW LOST. HOW 11,1113T011-
„ay BD. ' Jot published by DE. LEWIN 216
pages. Third Edition. TEE MBDIOAL COM
radical mare of Bpermatorrhmfy or Eleminid Weak
nen, Invo eatery "Seminal Lout, Loolekey,
Mental a Physical Incapaoity, ImpWeesits to
hterriage,•eto., and the Venereal and Syphilitics
Maladies, lb plain and clear directions for the
speedy me ofilecondary Symptom, Gonenhosa,
Gloom, fitrietfires, and all diseases of the shin,
'as Scurvy, /Scrofula, Moors, Boils, Blokess
an Flmpbas on Dm face and body. Oonstungtlen,
Bp spry; and Pits, is by self-indalgenoe
or nal extravagance.
hi celebrated author, in this admirable Ina.
tbie, dearly demonstrates, from a forty years'
snoesstel prevail:ie, that the alarming coals
quinitte of seltabuse may be radically cured;
pointing a mode of cure st once simple, I:ter
tian, an:} effectual, by., means of which every
sufferer, no matter what his condition may be,
can be effectually cured, cheaply, privately, and
radically+. • ,
. per This BOA should be in the hands of ev
ery youth, and every man in the land.
Dent under seal, Ina plain envelope. Price 60
cents. Address, DB. LEWIS, No. 7 Beach Bt,
New York. • . .
March' 8 1871.-6 m. ,
Spring Wagons.
We do not propose to •sell cheaper- than the
cheapest, but -mako as good as the BEST at
reasonable prices. We also do painting in the
highest and best style of the art, Any one
wanting anything in our line will please CALL.
• H. BAYER it BON.
Westfield, March 22,-0.
;;; ; ;
• TO nix WORKING OLABII.—We KO now, prolate . d
to forateu all classes with constant employment at
home, the whole of the time or for the spars moments.
Batletwa new, light and profitable. Persons of either
sex easily earn from 60c. to $6 per evening, and • t pro
portional, sum by detrotthg their whole time to the
busittoss.l Boys and girls earn nearly as much se meat.
That all who wee this notice may send theft address,
and test the bathe's, we make Oda unparalleled ofits :
To such is are not well satisfied, we will mad $1 to pay
for the trouble (filarial". Tull pardonless, a valusele
sample which will do to continence wort et; tad •
copy of Tfo Feoplet Literary of die
largest add bed family newspapers publlsked..4ll sent
free by mail. Reader, if you want permanent, prollte.
bin work address
II 8.0. ALLEirfic COs Aollairu, Kam
April 10,1171.4 m. • -
$5 Tp $lO Per Day,
e BOYS and
GIRLS who engage • -.-•,r uew tineinal make from $5
to $lO po'r day in t • eir o*n localities. WWI particulars
and instructions re • t free by mail. Than in need of
permanent, profit*. le work, should address at once.
GEOROS STINSON A 00., Portland, Maine:
April 10, 187L-$ • • .
Town Property
THElsubscrib • offers for sale the follpwing
property, vis : 20 village lots situated on
State Street, 4 lota situatedmear Sheridan st., 9
acres of land near the oeteetery. This property
will be sold at moderate prices and time given;
alio the house and lot of Ohas...,Williams, near
the 11. R. Ohnroh. The subscriber is also agent
for the iNorth Carolina Land Company. Par
ties desiring to visit that section eau get Rail
road tiekets at reduced priors, and also valuable
Information in reference to the Oonspany tram
Ilay 10, 1871—tf. W. SHERWOOD.
otograph GallOry
GO ,
AND GO 101311.
riettirOG a Valois.
------ i
\a Viotncee oopiciii OA en
Mannfaoturora of
Buggies, Sulkies,
atform Spring, 'frock and
Lumber Nyagons,
I -
We are prepared to do anything in our line
on ehoil nocleo and in ' the beat l manner. Bath..
(tition kitarr•,7, , teed.
INS ,b,COLBEI, Agt4 Welliboto.
Bork. April 5,1871. I
i rderalgesd, omen of a Portsble
sit , with s Cardlig Moabhie, two Lathes
and a run of Preoeb Darr Stones attaebed, are
prepared to AU order' In th eir badness at Bast
Obatlistbn, Pa. I
?be above property II In good running viler,
and wlllbe sold at a fah pries, and on two*.
able time. •
VOrpardeularir.; inguire (!)t" Ono. W. Herrick,
Millsboro; or ; ALONZO WIIITBBI,
on the promisee.
- Nog 4, 18t141
no.", imonni.