The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, June 07, 1871, Image 2

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P. U. TAN GELDPlOttlitor and Proprietor.
• • t ' r
NiVellsborcsuat, •x-rt.
Wednesday Anne 7, 1871.
tIS ,r 2 )rno
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ti; • "); ntr•Datritw - 1 . , ` • • '
, 811R,VEYOL CIEtNERALt: . •
rrei.4.: . . 'ROBERT 'l3'. BEAtTILI
. or,
t.- • . •
- • „T:ilo74lpcjAcip of, t4e, p,p)3110,! debt for
, the ,nloptia of 2 4‘49y.1ia11 - be4in only itb9ut
:$3,000}410, z- • •
Tlie:Anibilean' Miitalonat# AssOciii-,
licill'h'eld i .siinitiliersitikih"`BOaton (in
the:isk,'ult - . i the autitiq Zeroq ei l lpyi
t, \
•240,-i , aeliors
. tow eMplose '.4 .o,PchtlY ,
kiirt l tip',hl set, qiiiioi.:9;freedYkl, St
ugh()OlnttiltidttoliO,n-ptnlypik,lnver.fif .
SceJti linuilnadi 11.)ri,-litch c ,who..pygpli
i diti,•madti a briehAddreaavittlivliloh, lie
,WO used t t hat,- thel.Preehleilt ..and, Con=
- {Reels Witt 'filitetllltl tt i heit. dutyiln protec=
• - titig jliWcitiifiha siff)the Southo I It nei
'Yeiioii•Y, :Pk.' truhdreil ..thditeatid'iniii)
• efiiililil - lid ? li?iiil 'need '4O , der' it. , ;lit
-e o oi4-via4 , 4 'iliitStile, OnapiracYlin
- fonr,ati " d ; Vits .c r ii:lll4 ll 4lOn ' 'wolillt be'se'O'ri
. , i i : . -; xi, ,
.14 - 4,iP 1 ) 9P 0 ( 4 4 . 9) ( . 141111) ert - 1 8 !, -,
s , 40,foint 'ED.
' ‘. •On tiatiirdayiiMax2 ; the Pennsylva=
hitt LegisliapieadJou ed, without day:.
It ' 'Nvis `at :hit:lie& Le lalattire : not 'al)
;; , ,op4l',.tiu'd far froth heliig'all bid:" .That
smail l mW,Jorityiti the Senate has boat
'the po l OPe of this ebitimohwealth many
—thousands 'of dollars, and' o ugh t to
, " point ti-uturalmnnil..,a4orn a tale."—
On the whole, lt.W.a*.not,fso, bad a
itilature • :and wethink the comparative
-Teo, who " sold-until -got a better price
"than tiAtiall.` As mote or less always d
sell du( we do' not, Particularly comi.
Jain Of this:' and We'titnit 'that' thein=
• bets: who have'trade 'theft.' `iiniall pile
i duting , the' present seesintr, Will: retire
to tlie f ohctirlty for'Whiela ° nature de
signed t,ltlem.-, '
• That the Boston has been • a tedinua
andprOtraCted , o6e; was owing to the
dead=lock ,' tind'the'dead-loelt, as every
ape attribiltable to/the De
inoeratie: Mein hera; who did their level
btst to 1 ..)16C , k the wheels ~ of legislation,
that they ',bight
, theieby force thci Re
pliblicans 'into repealing the registry
Idw. e. thl,law is a gerierai one, we
why 'it ehpuld be 'so.particu
laity ? . bnox.ici to our 1) ni oe r title
i9u,dpi, unless they are ready to admit
that the 5)1A01011 to it lics'iu the fact,
that,the,political liteallty which it' ts
inteilded4oprevent, maittly . lame:3,f°
the benefit of their party.• Ilitat, the
NW is well ealeolated to frustrate the
).;iliainoiis, lioiiiieal seveu•shoOters who
pepper the ballot boxes at every city
election with fraudulent votes, We sup
po:,e uo nur wan will deny. 'So many.
of these as may be found " repeating"
in fay oy .of Republican candidates, we
hope may be dealt with in accordance
with the lawt4. We want no candidate
eleetedx•by such votes: neither. do we
want to be beaten on -count, when we
have . a clear majority of the rightful
voters. '['lie most that the most rigid
law can do, is to exclude all illegal vo
ters—antilt ought to do no less. The
fierce, uncompromising oppo ition with
which all safeguards to the ballot box
are met, by the Democracy, has a fishy
look, that is a little unfortunatefor that
party. . . .
The Democratic Senators and Repre..
•t-zentatives have issued an address to the
Democrai_• - y of this State, which address
nas—for text, key and subject matter—
the registry law-. Why ? Is there any
thing in the law that does not apply to
Republicans. as well as Democrats
is it because Republicans do not desire
to carry elections by fraud, while illegal
voting and ballot bo r x stuffing are the .
right and left bowers of Democracy
If not, w .tell us what is
the reason. - •
/ late Legislature has been guilty
of,passiug ,
acts that will be remembered*
by; taxpayers In aftfr 'But it ini9 ,
• Also Mod up bravel;y, and well, on oeca
sions.when the ten ptatiou must have
been'strong to mix ttp right and wrong
by compromise. •ilihe unfortunate dls
'sensions in thellitt district,{ ,that sent
Col. Dechert to the f enctte,' thereby se
curing a DeMocifitie.majority in that
body,.baire brought the usual result of
all such brainless And ought
to furnish a useful lesson to all who are
willing. to ruin where they cannot rule:
Col: Deehert was in'all probability -un
fairly elected ; some fifty of 'the lead
ing citizens in his district so testified
Under oath ; .but the Democrats refused
to investigate, and we believe Colonel
Dechert had the honor to vote against
,investigation, knowing that his vote
was necessary tosuelt a decision.
In.a_closing speech, Mr. Cummings
said.:: •
" This Legislature; while it may , have done
some unwise things, 4as given the( people mach
timely -and wise legislation, Among the best
acts of the session, are those which submit an
amendment to thuXonstitution of the State, and
the provision for. the holding of a convention to
revise and emend the fundamental law. These
sets Mono will commend this tegislatoro to the
people; and while I rejoice that so much has
. ' litimaccomplished, I regret thaVl was unable to
tteitrie the passage of the joint :resolution Which
..:`l - Pifiented to this Ilouse,•providing for submit—
ting to a vote of -the people at the nextelection,
another amendment to the Constitution, provi
ding for the election of a * Lieutenant' Gdvernor
of this "Etnte, whose specialluty would•be to
preside over the Senate, and to stand as, the le
. gitimate successor, of the Governor. Such an
once, I believe, is needed in this Commonwealth,
anti I trust tbosfiwho''intiY / Succeed Ws in these
-halls will see the propriety at :such:an amend:
. 'meta to the Conititntion, snit will use all endeft
yore to secure its submission to the people nt thed,
earliest practicable day." •
We ratbel'agree with Mr. ennimings,
" unwise things" and all. Perhaps he
Will agree with us, that it was an un
wise thing, for the Legislature to vote
extra pay to clerks and other govern
ment employes, supplementing this
generosity with the people' by
voting themselves ten dollars a day ex
tra pay.
The forests at several places in the
Highlands of the Hudson are On fire,
and the flames illuminate the sky at
night. Reports from iiiulliVan County
state that extensive tires in the Woods
are raging in nearly every direction
from Monticello. The Angel mill prop
erty and the Black Lake school-house
have been destroyed.. It is also thought
that many deer and bear have perished.
In the shandaken Mountains, Ulster
Co., Ares in the woods are also raging.
1 4, 11 1 ,
Of the Legisigurn- ,
speech and preseri4iak•
uer apologized toil; O:E.
for " harali ailii\tijfomil
spoken by lain tAlto
session. Mr. Strang y
and p handlome gold win
difklaqaMuill, on behalf
crayon, - or .Tait. - Acii - rtii
1' 1 449i4 i r sYjk l ia'Y#l ,
IY 9 relivit4 l ;-:-, 4I F , A.r , AY- 0
i,s,.andeictibeat'itfy , piie l
1 .Plaq# B ; o°l ll .rtit . .i l H - 'c
• 090 - that 411 1 rPP: 1 ._ `4lll ,t i
1 1
eled,upst - ko Poo,jua,ll,,-
A humorous travolOy)9ni
'was frequently interruy
and •SP/ 31 ,i!sei r_ : ,, ; . :1., ,
. • :Mr. fitrang; Km ,Ibgita
presented •Gen. Bel frldg
Water, pitcher;: andiM .
-hal - lair:a Itiii) - tifili4crib I
sented;tiii.iiatiil6tlit' 'w
'ladieii; 'WA th 'the • saggest
6st; ,Virfa ilieii i i!il.'6l41 1
ibpi,lie, 1 if. ex*lei*,lloll:'
AvpiaudedL.. Xii i o L ti ) lo
a resent fron4l.lehe
;T o 9 ,l l o lroS IS gO l- be4ef)i
~ .B.y.t!kolvtix) 49.w,!;94.
to keep Xt, eloak;romul;
:salary ,a4sehed WOO '
'.We askAike Ades: Dar
o.watiteoknow.i! ••Air
Uttered thelellowing r
h , li ,R,eittiveil; , Tiikti WO - tilt)
JPII4.OmI4iIIMIRA B OO, O4 :ttat p
ilgli4ltta . Fe,ho priye4l
, for , t
flora of t he 'Howie,
• '" iTho reebtution' was 1%6d.
agreed to:t ,', 1.1.:i.. ~ ti. ',.• '
, When we obtato , a cc
-we will give the gist of
larly affect this portim
;~:. s
: 12 if.
Just - here let us say,
bilairMle Verdict
to the ilicita; of the
the treaty matter. Of
this br,oad land, Horac
the last Ayht?, Would -d
thing ; evetwto beat,'
news. .;The" press, e•
quite ready 'with , its
moral anithus of the a
of all the editors who
'ions so readily, know •
itifeans the Trlbitne' s
the treaty in advanee
porarie . 'The well k
promising Integrity
editor, ,goes for math
,the Elenate,failed to t
on the Integrity, of th 4
Is hardly noticed, , 1;4
-the Tribune ealldtser
stolen goods,. while si
its eourse ; through till
' It has' appeared to
Was ill-advised in ki
text - from 'the' peoph
business it was ; buti
Might be . good ,reas
reading the treaty, ;
why it should have la
the people ; and, at 9
ol„ no good cause ter
dishonesty against ti
haps if •we were Mai
lad failed lo be first
reaty, we rnigiit se,
light. But we
of our coteroperarie
they got it. • •
With • eta, ttte la •
where the New Y 2
Herald affe e et to lest I
morality. • • •
Is still nteantleriu through the Sou
thern States, aPeaki g in public occa - -
atonally, and is everywhere received
with enthusiasm.
bansd play, the "
children grbw wil
hands and calls for
—the bitterest rebe
—are half frantic
►wherever Jeff. puts
They teach their
old, to lutte.aud iOct
a Tribune correspo
" Even now, when al
the end, of the war; them
their children t0 . p14
therm people, and a So
tares to associate with I
nortneed - and ostracised
it is ri,peat Way
shows iilai4o,l6•
hatchet. Perhaps'
ern friends who h
may, like tiih,.-stat
~ We have
Greeley will have,
work. in the . Son -
find it , convenien
Beal l a. When el
of a, ything, -or a
mot i , x' thitk, it i
gial ; and intreli
the-South held for
result Of inother-ti
mine fools do no'
they aro doing th
course; and ifh
discord and sect'
poisoning the •in
opposing free 'set
which the avera
may be trusted.
The honeSt triiti is—and we are soiry
to say it—the dorninant class South .lo
not want conciliation ;—m uch
friendly intercourse with Yankees.
It looks 'juat n a w as tihough the Phi.:
losopher of the ribui,ie were a very
possible candidate for the Presidency in
1872. We are a ittle idclined to laugh
—not irrevereu tl —at the notion of that
"white hat" In t e•White House. We
should be more i ()lined to laughter l at
the 'ecpisternatio ; that 'would! ensile,
should ff. la. in the 'position: - 1 'We
fancy; some very Well put Up 'and stall
fully manipulat d Jobs 'will Crumble
F lo dust about the 4th of March, 1873; in
that event.
And why not Horace . Greeley for
President? Is t iere a man living bet
ter Informed on every point of our po
litical history, p st and Present? or one
more capable of
ion on the requl ements of a republican
i f
government, and the best and wisest
modes[ 3 ormeetig them ? Lastly, are
we lik ly to elet a more honest or pat
riotioinan ,
for "chief magistrate? -Mr.
Greeley is rio f t . ettr- first choice:l but of
half nAtitzen•po ible iandideites, he Is
1 1 ' ' • a ' last ; an d —l '
far f m being o r, , n the
event Of his no ' ination, wet could silk.
port him most "rdla ll Y and conselfmta.
ilously. If we are not to have our first
choice, let us have the Farmer 'of the
21rittune. •
r 'tt 14
k'''J kVit r i
, r -
AV., 0*
-0 4iide,',
reiilng of the
seated th e
ih an ac ain.
of the Legla7
,EOSPIAJ,E 4r :Rez
licehlr,,7otrba- -
- all : a/Yip&
- _•,- g ee r r,la. ,
`li•,, calk no
4 : ~ up
Pliti i ihi , 1 14. ? Are
q ri) t , , c f(4.
%I, l .liinklk'Yr
1 1 _9414*4p441
":-, 1 !. 1 ,001:4.;1,41i ,
r ed 1 1 3 7 IStniltfr
- of the pages,
with a silvq.
i ng clerks, pret
ii - three sliVer
on that thOlari.:
id the sniallar
irOU's r O,
eht - t ho
era of: ihe'or
%-.419,0./ it i.k#4
E1 . 1 1 1,344.4 .- .) 13 Pe
1 1:10X9UOLPOPIttlii?
IStorkelotiAa )
es ippodpiei:iltthe
I• - •
.5010;1101 1011 PtAt
o 11.1,
soictind 'tide;
py of these laws
suoh as partiour
of , the State.
cla IT..
that We 'dealine
on the public,* Eio
IVibu?ze editors in
' alt the eclitOrs in
Greeley is about
a dishpArable
cotemporary, on
t.' and ,west, Is .
erdict as to the
air; and not one
write , their opin,
how or by what
enabled to give
of all Its 'cOtera
own and uncom
f 'its responsible
ng ,tbEtt
row s , any stigma
Le .correspondents,
t the enemies .of
!ditors receivers of
its friends 'Justify ,
lek and thin.
that the Senate
,eepitig the treatyl
whose especial
we supposed there
Ons therefor. On
;we pee 'no reason
Ceti withheld from
his time, we know
making charges of
21 , -ibune. Per
nton Marble, and
in publishing the
it , in- a different
know, and none
I does know, how
sh conacz.
I rk World end the
re the Tiibune on
ten applaud him,
Lonnie Blue Flag,"
with clapping of
Ixie, -- and women
s, ever and always
aver the lost cause,
in an appearanee.
bildren now, as Of
;he the and
dent ,Baya : ,
years have elapsed aides
to fanatics Will not' allow
th the children of Nor
thern woman who von
-1 e hated Yankees, is de
lla fief - friends as a me-.
to. coricittatign,'luid
desire to bury the
E 3 c9p e :of our North
i v'e, migrated, Eleuth
•... of
,society. I l iti3tes
a,,uction that ,Mr.
ilenty of missionary
h as long as he may
Itot sojourn in that
ildren suck in hatred
nybody, 1 With their
apt to . become lia
l e f the hatred which
the North, 'was. the
1, aching. These fera
know the' mischief
; ir children by such a
ything, can prolopg
nal hatred,, it is• this
nits of. children and
ools-4-two things for
.e Sonthern• woman
ATROCITIES OF THE ! ., ,,i .:; , q:: 130 -
-t ,
~,‘ A
_flt YeiF - : , i . 4 , -.; --. 1 -- • ke. 4 i
) Ay•Anqp;i*elf i etil fea siOA,eaders will
liiirt#'4##49,l9l4o PiAtilinmeasnred
4brioott:iiiiitA,WMo l § - 4)*aune.
'We 'have Saliy,that Whlitiiv'er-citiefe was
in -France 4 tAArepubi leanism, had
its -representati on.4ativitPrzi tk; t...tke•COPk•
mune than in the 'T h I era govern-.
merit, or its , supporters., Bad enough;.;
4 0, - l eo-WerP_:-.NY ( P r-PPY , Ag.SP-140 14. 1 ._#. 1
But we contendedthat=:Wltk the fig*
i e. "443.04_ Safed 'tilio - 4einitnrlielit , witildi
e s go
lof it riOn=tbey 'Wile n'ettitithin their
p -_.s_ , ,_;•' _i• - il t.15A.. 7 19 5 ‘;'` ; - 5
I --(!ripre . rs, . To- dni l . we te r yßitilffi RP 3r,
-itln io`rriiiv- 2 414;y iir4l hetier men, iraer
NtieAlifftPd4,r -AP,1i9b!i,c. 1 4.4,
.1i40:0) 3 e,
, yersaillists,- wholnom con qusmi theffu s ;
leis oruei, and less ; given: 4). SVaPten ile:-
straction of ,butuaa I i t0...1 '... i ; ,!d i , -.7, ,r, 1,
i - , We are aidk at' heart with reading the
:bloody; aeconnt;ot theVetneilliatt doings.
in Paris. ' But It is ineet that theicieerd*
shOidd -'b'e iiej - )V . 'iW We rSeleet, '.11 .1 feW"
short i?aragraPlia -`66iiip6. diniei that
they eitrile tia'ffainfille ' s i of terSailliit`,l*•
reel ty,' '' 'Tli r e" "nn - MbWr. Of_itotninnniOti
.k4,10.u t , it ri, So , 4iff I,ls q . ,,yncrieii E ‘. li t :__alii i _l l tita'
.trials_ are of Abe. iniftt • su inantry,Rature
',..--.-*l3 (I illg:AiAl fi. Ari!-f #40ftt49 21 1. 1 r.A,..Y., 1 *
• ley; of ; magiiia t try l i J . iilifo , - 1 0#.Vg 1 10Y., PR; jt
letrfulty largesoalg.sff,Npre.i,t4l),9 , .c out
inunists- who were - them trYragart4 Bl l l l o ",
-Ong - their tellovveim ri tryinen, the .0 talk;
ized world would . i,burefintelsne tidbit
Wells hang of '4l4r:willow. '°l:7l`) lii!:, I
- - -, J
iti ..,4711ABli[ONIOUSTPARTY. - ;:i:
f rktlpiilßlThqUrning !ti tbP. voßP,° 4 tia
41. 4 11 _, . 0 4ii„ral 40 4 1 01 4, ~1 ; /,,
the, camps of buck • eyed youn g poraso;%
racy. .Tammany pauscafortfregli pews,
,and, Dem ocratio corainittemap.covere L.
with , cenfusiont.• Vailandingham has
departed , l—not.thisilfe-i-butlfrom.the
Golden 'Circleand-the'doetrines a +the
seven wise men '(more or less) who de
elated the-war a failure; eneobraged de
sertion, declared for'PetiCe at any Oriel,-
always,edegized t§ , Onthern and diseetin
led Northern i victeries s 'olw,aye backed
the South w agaipst the fh,—tretteon
against, loyalty,; rejoiced, es openly ap
they dared at the murder pt Linetaln,
and rolled metaphorionl
sackcloth and: gapes ,at :the' sad fate , of,
Jeff. ' From this atid,theite,
him' 'ha's departed.: 'The- deep 'dam
nation of his taking Off" 10hoitlhehas
takenthe wind' Our Of, I f oilisg' Demon
racy stills in 'OhlO.' I:
That enterprisiogbrganization had a
liberal, compromising, Democrat.o7
attachment-piaiform,..allireadyfor pro
mulgation, s' hen ' cornea - , Vallan
digham with :his adherents, gets up a
really formidable meeting, and adopts
ti platform that vie' must say is a-great
improvethent on' any political plank
yet "trodden - by 'Vallandigham - or any
knight of the Golden Circle; tram the
Breaking Otit: of
,the war to thie
The platform Is, strong on', retrench-
PconO,n)Y., red4ii°n!'lf 4xePirt. S P l l
and the, stereotype,d blarney 09,0
erty, centralizattoo E corruption ; in high
places, .tc., is unusually well worded.
But the beauty of the thing is in the
-placid contentment with which those
three bitter pills; the 13th, 14th and 15th
amendments are swallowed' at a
as a permanency,- an'integral portion of
the Constitution. In view of the facts,
that' the Democracy South base their
unity and action 'on' the rejection of
aMendrn en fe, and, that the parti
can never honor
StStith, this looks quite harinonious.—
Perhaps, after,all, the, l":3outh will cone
elude to accept the ,C9nstitution at Is is.
Or it may be that Mr. V. and thellOung
Democracy of Ohio., have ..only been
speaking in a Pickwieklan•sense. -
Seriously, we , hail tnis move of,Val
landigham, with the:new departlire of
PennsyDiania Detneeraby, as indicative
of progress in the right direction. And
if theSi wish to' succeed' by lihiestly
adopting Republican, principles, we
don't object.
At last Paris is quiet. The fearful
scenes that have been enacting for
months, and or] which : the half will
never be told, have ended with the final:
defeat of the insurgents. *: What the re
sult would have been, had the Comitiu
nista triumphed in 'the
end; it
' la nsei*
.to inquire, They ceii/d n ot 4ii. It.
was not on the pregratigne.,' - gowever
they might have suece*di i np to a cer
tain point, they_ Were,, . fated to.go Under ,
in the•end::: Ruppop they 11 slimed,'
ed-in _ beating :the. Ntersailli t ;troche;
supposing they -had ;succeeded in, pia=
oing themselves at thelead.of French
affairs, so far as ;French opposition was
Concerned ; and then what? _'The Iu
passable "phalanges.-of BfiSrearek ; the '
calm; calculating leaders 'of Prussia,
who would have ew,eiit them' into non
entity, With' ii - stoidy,• firegietible ad
vance;-and the wild, reckless, but ' not
ail-wrong Commune, would hive suc
cumbed all the same. But it better met
the views of Bismarck. that Frenchmen
should destroy each other, while ,Prus
slans looked on; scatheless. _
And' who that remembers Prussia in
t e.time of 'iTaholeori l l'', Catthlame Idol?
- hol)endink of this fearfuriWitre'nieuti'
r whatever you please, is .fearfui. On
the evening of May 28 reidetahee tied
peased,and people 6egan to IOOk around.
The fires, that had destroyed a third' of
the city, were quenched. .Citizens ga
thered courage to appear on the streets,
and a few leading particulars began to
assume form and shape., • .
We make a few qui?tations from au
thentic telegratiae, to `give idea-4MA
a faint one—of the 'fearful doings that
have keen enacted in ParisdUring the
last few, weeks: „ , .
",Since the street tightingbegan, the, govern
mout forces have lost 2,200 men in killed, , with a
proportionate, 'riumber of, Wciundeil: The 'Jones
of the insurgent/I'ln killed' and wounded 'sine*
last Sunday held/ beim% immense. It Is Atopokol*
ble at present to. form any. estimate of Oak
ber, as the dead bcidies and the wounded` Strew
the . streets' in' etety 'direction: Tha i 'spedtahle
presented in . the' various 'thoroughfares is 'the
most sickening and horrible imaginable. '
" There are rumors of awful cruelties perpe- •
trated by the Versaillista, who are reported to
have shot men, women and children fouild with
arms in their hands. .
"It is calculated that there are upward of 50,-
000 dead bodies in the houses and cellars of Pa
ris, many of them of women and children. The
women, it is said, have been perfectly furious du
ring the recent .fighting in the French capital.—
The destruction of property is terrible. One
fourth of Parisi is estimated to have been de
" Since Sunday 30,000 prisoners have been ta
ken, including numbers of debauched and foul-
Mouthed women. 'M. Conibet- poisoned himself
'after he was captured. 'MM.Rochefort and Any
are to be tried byeivil courts,as criminals."
What M. Thiers and his government
will do to bring order out of chaos and
wise, government , out of anarchy, re
mains to be seen. ) The solution is not
an easy matteryl;And here 'we cannot
ferhear IMMO-moralizing! -'We Wish to'
rewind thoughtful men of the geueritl
tone of the 113*ss,especlally: the high,
moral pre!s-44 ten or twenty 'years
gild;_' •
1. 1 -• . ,:. ..-. , 1 • ~,•••=.
SUM"' ultvitue - ,44 -:_, r. 1 ,,"
'-•I b . y A li 1., , ~....
der wOrgi, pa i,, -.•-... , - goo _, w
groviii,tsoo,..i4eo i1:5.,,-:,•,%,t014.2ii
yeans,:or.44s no longer ptirisiiile. The
old, tarharbus, cut throat laW, that the
lstrongest - shnutd - rnlei• - bad:yielded -to
,the teactilpga
.pf. a highezand.*Nrp: O r .
vaithipi Lombilitiorit tiFdr yeiret. f p t f
om - inwprevalentthinughout obristen-
Agni i ; r.T4417R-F44 13 :!1-0 144,, ,c: 1 ,vA Yir in
Ainerit* ! l,- 4A,1018 1 4,t.,P,40:01,03,4k1e;
t.ii.t. , 4i caw , .to, ,iii ,f Of. i.,P,( 1 OcaraellY
;hada2einlekNyPfp 0etg,4 13 0# 11 4. AO
Austrians_ -beOatost Aocked. in g • deadly
contest./ This -was ,Shafpi bloody= Anil
decisive; .ending to:the tonftnitori of
sivi eiCaloulatori,,-.3-andiliren'-ihel las ,
'and •btoodiest 'of Laili = tife , •:war het.Ween•
France and PitifiStig - : i. 7 Viirll:s6oitteiler
:-6 4 ' r s :i. 10 1 , el,4l)lzofOli i kithr Oilathinity
inciipavodOne . , ifiOesris 6i little Allvail
'in preventinifor,setifin# wars
, i I,o, w epn
nat ons., -1 * •,• ,1,-
" 'We'rectaittls , giVe an tiocionht of th'e
woundiu +' add 'taking:: 6f a KuklOc.
whip, with x i iofiiN :a othert!,
mroP•a , '1 1 4.1*EdOtlek,c9 11 01 - §ciutll
:0,4rP0P.47 was
4 ' 40 gtn•st . h 3. l . °Y t* 10 j ,captors,, It
waa tkioot 14944:414 2 tur,n ; B*4;',3 eyl-
Aeueo ; . / 4cti-th0w00,403 „ /Sabi
corn And .thiwhihowthayilhipcised
of him :
Q. l ;
blkiatifioallyi Abell/at:Ur. tht nun* i
Fituiliteeto the l weunici ty ukMs, Jewet t Wall
Ipell'ohUruid. 'Faul ' &fat thh"lcbtuie' of .
ri rhdiefiel& Goan%
ttotialki orotacsanntf Fame)l.J 440 , 40,
eyening of,tho ?Mth a, strangeri galled, and ' 111 7
'foniied 'that
_Faulkner as in danger,.
*and'ilnif hiibeine tieilet tireliloie to carry
a way;
,lle.,,wenti,to,ffla*upes(room, and , bad
pine tall: ult 4 - tlone, '0.01 1 4 ;Williams an
Mri. Faulkner to retire.' 'Whew he' mime' out' b
wfint't& the gate,' and returned`with another stran
ger; and ther two had some. further private,oon'-
yersatiou with Faulkner., They then asked Wm.
to go to the 'gate and hold theli
and he ieut,tnt saw no '• horses. As he passed
through the gate, four men Wang up, Presented
pistols, and,Warnod him not, to -move. The two
men who had been_ "with Faulkner rushed back
Into bid loom and shot him through the head and
in the thigh.. They.eatna out at once, and the
; whole pasty ran hastily, away, telling Williams
I t o return to the house. When' he got' into 'the
house' he' found I Faulkner was Ilead.l The men
were , knot, distalled,• but '.Wans #ll. Armors to
Tbe,tWO:aeasaslna„made MIL Oil*
nor' laid. the roonirhite:theY murdered her bus
hind, C eiling her thltti Mel 'oratio to take him to a
,placiaptisafety, in..KortkitlagOilafki (44 dial* ,
could . hiM soon. , ; Thepe facts are sworn to
Mrs;Faulksztir.;--:Tribune. '
—4) • -' 7J . • •
•..Which • we .brietly mentioned last
week, was The resultof earelesiness and
culpable negligence ot►•the part of the
etriployes'and also of the Inspector.—
'me Elmira A di)ertlefer has cthololl6w
P;TTEITON, May 31.- 7 •The.,Coroner'e jury in the
ease' of the recent, disaster at' the West Pittston
mine,- rendered a verdict this' mornieg.• After
detailing the facts of the: aloe, the jury declare
that the miners met their death from improper
ventilation; that *hen :the breaker took ,fire,
there was tio means of Supplying the men with
fresh air, and that the means of xentilation mere
not such as are, required by, the act of ,Mamh SO,
1870. - The jury furtheinichn find that there was
negligence on the part of:the'•einployes ' (Attie
company in not keepingpertioneof the maohine-,
ry pr,operly oiled; , and further, tkit the company
bad emPloyed on the day of the actildent a grea
ter number of men than the act , already_ referred
to warrants.
The verdict finds further, that Thorns's W. Wil
liami, Inspector of urines, knew these violations
of law, but did not protest against them, and
that'be failed in his duty in not applying to the
courts for an injunction against the , operators-
Williams has stangely galled tegether'another
jury, to'hold a second -inquest; end, ipu'bud Opin•
ion here regards ,the step al an effort on the part
of, the Xnapeotor to, wbiterash blpself. The Tr
diet Is cordiali t y apProved.
• . The nemr,-of Ninth:no frit • ile4t
. Iv . Zig:FT lat Fi r- vuulso
alive.are dying from 'the effect •of
whom; gases,and, all together,. w!ll
intibithly" exed HO. The, number of
'Men in the mine at the time of the 44 7
cadent, was abblit '; "I' I ,
A dispatch dated London, May , 25,
says persons denounced, as soon 'as
they are discovered' in their hiding pla-,
ces, are arrested and shot. Numerous
arrests of men,and-womeneputinue to
be 'made. There have been f renewed
tempta'at assassination Uind arsOn.—
Many of ,those . oxecuted seem
fectly crazy. A horrible eilluyia from
the bodies of the dead fills certalU'quai;
ters of the city, There ,areithundant
signs of a speedy,coup dletaiin the As depOile Theirs and sump on
°omit - de Chamber& to the Omni; of
Franca." - • •
Another , Reign! of `error.
Lott oN MAY 28,,1871 - ,—Tho sPieLtil
Corieipondent i cif the', Iliibune at Paris
teleg#phsOn Suaday - evening ::Paris
lOoke'dortiplet.elY'erOWded, The iiht 4 ,,ps
..are all close d , and even tho s e' of
necessity, 'inch :as chetnists, remain
shut. t The, restaurants, bakerils, l ' and
grocery , stores , hays also suspended
business; .i walked acrosslParis 'last
night, and never war anything so' des
olate. ,1, saw no human beings, but,
sentinela every. 100 yards, and one shab
by civilian. , rghere wasad, sound . but
the footfalls of, the .sentine s and 1 the
thud. , made when , they -a ruck their
muskets on the ilag-steues., , .
The old revolutionary. !system of de
nunciations is going on i with :terrible
ferocity: '• . Nadar, - *l‘the!)Aitronatiti - has
been atr.ested:. for - ;euppostul , eynisiathy-
even in the Piesence of 'their Med 'in
tinitite. frien de: `l l .A.t rash word or ith_
rthi ,
i dentgesture by a -man or womtn !in
sures instant death . ,; Men, wome , and
even children, are seized,by thebrutal
soldiery and shbt, .;Theisaddest feature
.is thackinduel of-the women, , the fetnale
insurgents haVingi in . many -instances
been detected• firing-the*ouseg of inno
cent people with:petroleum. , .
Tammany tactics did not work well
in Connecticut at Abe last election; as
we have taken great delight in show
ing. It now appears, not less, Io our
gratification, that. Tammany rogues
fare badly in her , courts of justice. , One
of the fraudulentDemooratio voters, in
New-Haven has' been Idetedted, tried,
'condemn:loo, - _and eentemfed to State
Prison; ariel ,- ; the IDemporatic regleter,
- who conniVed at: the fraud; Is' likely' to
share the same - fate. ' 'ltthings go on at
this rate, Democratic candidates will
appeal for Tammany aid as vainly as
Gov. Fnglish did at, the . last election,
and Connecticut, in that event, wilt be
lost to the Democracy• without hope of
recovery.— Tribune.
A special dispatch from Scranton
says : "The .whirr Of machinery is
beard this morning for the first time'
for many months in all the breakers at
the shafts'of the great coal companies
In this valley._Everything is bnstllng,.
'active and cherful throughout thecOn
infinity, and the general tlispositima is
balietto that ifehaVeat least live yaws
of oonstantworkbefore us Without , itt.•
terniption fro'm and , thattal dis-;
Sendai and sufferings lotto', be Anarled,
in peace and piouty."-ddv.
, May ad, 1871.—The apeotal
co • 1 , . nt of THE TRIBUNE at Paris
,telet!T.Z.7 Is evening: "14SLikirtt...
t y source that
:- . +,ndeinned to deattit : Vii t t
ouitAiii4l held in Vere01104:4451
ina;ii:gatiiibly, been exeenteeidrea' si,yy
The following from a dispatch dated
‘ iiilliiiiiiiiiviiiiiirtlie t Versallilitsdolt:
!1 " Themnsprevqittegeightkevq, be
'heldt,--oceurred thisinOining intittie Pla
za.llo.9,ukpfAfilotel ds Villnr-Tbißt
fir-three COrritrinniets - ;4lxiiiiig w ii - o - in
were seraniiWinnen.'Wernehot In a body
by a company of soldiers. Around
three _sides oc,a_square, ;troops to the
numbet Of lifteeri ifttadrett were drawn
.4 t,.
up under command of
eight o'clock the prisoners,
Guizot. I
soners, who h
_heel% conflnedAn - doal,cellars in the H
tel, de - Ville",, were ' brought out, their'
hands 'tied behind their backs,' a n d
then march - W . 6UL by'the main gateway
threugh a dimble'tlie 'Or:Soldiers; and
liavlbg•reached the tenter ot the wide
area in front of the Hotel de Ville .were
' arranged in a row and; made to 'kneel'
down close together. There was noth- -
ing on the whole Plaza but threeempty
scavenger carts, which stood in line at
the , rear of the _prisoners. When the
company was in line and relidY to fir
stepped forw,a_rd,ond•tolti
;the prisoners, in a few-werds, that they •!
were to suffer death for,Thaving 'nen I
delight in theact - Of setting are to buil
dings and dwellings. At' this mometo
- women uttered a piercing shrlel4,
and began tO'sway themselves back an
forth. Au officer advanced - and matte
theta keep Still, trlthAhe 'flat of-his
sword. A few moments afterward a
volley was fired;•andlWhen 'the.smoke
cleared away most horrible eight was
preaented,o, Wftreenf,the- memo% vaki)
were in the middle oftharow,between
the men, were still hying, and writhing
In awful agony:. A!.eecond, valOY-f was
tired, and a third ~find notnntil the
sixth ,did all, tne,pfleenere, epees to live.
Thi b odies were'thert ftung Into three
,spavenger carts and,cariled away , to , be
rbutteit."' ; i.; i - il. -1 ,r , ‘.. , ~, ,
I .
SPAULDING.—In Vitizolionden, Mass, April
18, 1871, Chastina, *lie of froth 8., Spaulding
• .
aged about AK years.
—Mrs Spaulding Wris i‘ittay of excellent qual
ities, having suffered long and patiently with a
cancer which finally took her life. She was the
daughterinlaw of Mrs Polley Spaulding of Chat
SMITH—Mr. Jesse Smith of Rutland, died on
Rriclay..the 20 ult. aged 87,years. ,
—The deoease.ti was At: valuable :citizen, said
calways highly.esteeraed by. his neighbors... He
has resided in Rutland, upwards of 60 years.
Ann Mo`rgaiii; wife pf
Morgan, died in Charleston, May 20, aged 68.
DENTISTRY.— C. N. Dartt, denti#
, 9 f)loe in Wright kpailey'4 Pools, where he con.
drams to make teeth with the new -improvemeht
which gives better,,satiefaotion than. any thiag
else in use. To be had at Dartrsonly.—Aug. 24
latr Wall Paper, Window Paper,
Decoration Paper, Borders, Cords, Tassels, Cloth
Shade'', Cloth Curtains, (gilt) Window Fixtures,l
Pictures, Picture .Prames, Picture Glass, and
every other article necessary to beautify Houz.:
The largest assortment of this line of goods ever
brought into Tioga county. Call at our NEW
STORE No. 3 Smith it Bowen's Briob Block.
May 1, 1871.-trit HUGH TOTING £ CO.
The Oonfossionetof an Invalid.
110IIBLISIIED as a warning and for the benefit of
young men and others, who suffer . from Notions
nees,General debility, do., supplying tn■ 11111.Nieol.
Written by one who cured hiume), and sent free on
receiving s poet-paid directed envelope.
Address, NATHANIEL MATEAIN, Brooklyn, N. Y.
May 17,1871=0m.
Persons attending court will find it
pleasing and profitable to call and .read the list
Of testimonials registered at 4. 8.. Eastman's
dental office, 'which prove beyond question that
old - diseased teeth can be removed without pain.
stinted on the estate of Samuel A. Buok,
deceased, late of Weattlehi township, those In—
debted to or havbsg.ohamewipdnit said estate
will settle with gbrElii/RAT)K
Westfield, June it, vin et* - if • • Exeo're.
. ,
Adminietia,trix's No ti ce.e
been granted to the undersigned on the
estate of Simeon Austin, deoeased,late of Union
township, those lnierestei will settle with z
• AMY AUSTIN, Adm'i.
Union, Jane 7,1871 ews
Planing and ,Matching
D ONE with noatness and dispatch. Also,
made from inoh lumber. Can piano 24 inches
wide. AtAlliatilionse stelin kW; on Hammond
creek, in Jackson township, TPIog aHAMI county.
Jackson; Jona . LTON.
Shoe, Leather and
,; Finding Sfo,re.,
• •
• . • ,
Taga .. • .
TE subscribers would notify their friends
BRA customers dial they are &AD& a level
boot and, shoe business on Welleboro street, ,op
pbsite late Smith hotel: They keep boots of
all kinds, and shads; to;sult everybody, both: for
ladies and gents; also any : kind of obildren's
wear. Drop in and see. ,
• • • H. SMITH SOW.
Juno 7,,.1811 tf . • 2.
AHOUSE AND LOT in Wonsboro ? Or a
desirable lot ?, Or a_ farm within twenty
minutes walk of 'Wellsboro ? hold for sale,
on reasonable terms, the following property :
A well finished, new two story dwelling house,
containing”, ten good .rooms ; with, a half acre
lot, good barn, good well or water; and every
_desirable as a:residence. Loostioni.coiner
of .Walnut. and Meade .etreete,. adjoining !the
Clymer grounds. • ,
AISO, a large v illage hit, containing abontone
acre, and in good shapelor'ditiding into three
building lota. ..Location; corner of Meade and
Grant streets. .
And al desirable farm in Delmar, containing
105 acres (known as the Whelan lot.) Said
farm coMprises a twenty' acre meadow newly
seeded, a fine fleld,.of winter wheat, and about
60 acres of excellenl timber, consisting of ash,
hickory, oak, basswood, whitewood and hem
lock. The farm is well watered, and abuts on
two.roads--the now Stony Eork road t end the
road leading from Samuel Dickinson's to Wm,
Eberenz'a place.
Likevilse, ten fine yearlings. All on . lamina
ble terms. Inquire of.• v , •
Weßebore, June 7, IS ti • '
• :Agents .Wanted
von •
The Library Of ,
Poetry and gong,
Being 'Choice Seleotionsfron the Best Poetr o
English,liootob. iriah and Arnerioan,
With an Introduotion
Under whole criticctisispervittion it was compiled.
'The handsomest and cheapest' subscription
book extant." Over 1300'pages, beautittally prin.
ted, ohoicely illustratok,handsomely bound. A
library of over 500 volumes in one book, whose
contents, of no ephemeral nature or interest,
will never groW old or stale. It can be, 'and
"will be, lead and re-read with. pleasure b;rl old
and your*, as lo 'pas its leaves hold together.
"A perfect rise. Scarcely anything 10, all
a favcrrite, or at worthy of place here, is hese
loeted..•lt is 'a b for every honiehold."—lf. Y.
"We know of o similar collection in the Re.
glish /angeage w ick, in eoicibiritsiii • and felicity
of relation end nponest, c4f, compare 7
tritik.t/r-.--21. Y. 2knes.
pints Metal fietlifig 'very mt. Bad for
°Wale/Ind Yawn{ tot d:' B; 004 27
Park Placa, N.Y. 44 8114,44.
Crr , !•lotiaieol
•- -,,,,,.,t- .
To Nehreeke r :falleteCgd Karol, and
the El,Vic. Aands.
4! '-'.440 ''''' loTttl4pcia, lic n right:
ge / l ~„,,,,
it kit t , 44 TA
roy t i It rune almoett
* .
eon , 0 f4t 1 :41, ,a,4,,bf
si n
n ilX . l lo lg o r g ett i t ni tv n eltw a a u r i l
lowa, It" itrlkeit'• th e 'l4faito -- tirl river at , three
iriat threozgate aro the . gatowale Into three
i - Zoitia - a Mari aiaii:
The Northern gate Is Omaha, where the great
Paola° road will take you to the land of gold and
grapez i eunny monutairis, and perpetual summer.
finewifddidiale laßbittsatinttbilabielll - Openti
upon,timAtilb o half,44.4labraelca t south of the
l'ubsurfinsied on the conti
nent for agriculture and grazing. Just bero are
the B. &M. - Railroad ecnoerning which
Geo. S. Handl,' thel".lan _-. Ober.. at ,
lowa, can glye you all Information, and in the
heart of, them is Isinooln, the' State Capital and
.presentlertnintfeef the read'. •
The Sentiferagete leads to*Kanias, by gonaeo
- Aiel3t;,Joe Read 'Bemburg, run
ninpilreotla #111.4q6
The trains of the Burlington run smoothly aad
safely, and make all Connections. It runs the best
of coach* Pullman - Palace-and Pullman • dining
oars, and - should-4cm - talcs, tho, journey for the
journey's lake elute, you willhe repaid or
to find,atomo'or o farm, and you cannot find
, either. he!ter:th* among. the B. ,t M . l an d s ,
where :yoll,renhity. On ten years' oredif,ind: eta
low price.. . March.lsth 1871.-Iy. - •
NOTP= is hereby; given, that the Annual '
Liaccif Taxes for 1871 are now due. ,
portions *owlitg titer:United ' States for Taxes la
TOigh ean A ty, are's'eque,tittid to call at,nv 'office
over. Win. Mansfield, ea fir be
fore the 'l6th day. of June next, and ,pay their
Indebtedness; orcostrwill be made. - F
qwint to' the radtiotion of the Taxes, .
not be at dlltirentphites in the County to receive
" Tazes, hettilofereoke thildunt to collect JR
- liapereorniitottling.uiertey by, mail, must on..
olose a three cent pckstuo stamp for return re- .
Capt.) .P. Wei k
- Eras now in stook, and will 'keep constantly
XI. on Nana, at the lowest market.quotatione.
Wool Twine, 2 Jo 4 ply cotton it jutetwine.
kirlin 2, Bit 4 strand. ' 1
Knowle pat. Step Ladder, from 8 to 8 ft.
mat 0140T$ a WIRE GOODS
kfall assortmentof Lake Baron & Berea
House Builders and
Household Hard
constantly on band.
Bottom prices on
Come In and take a look, get the figures and
see how it is yourself ? and oblige
Yours Truly
Ma y 24, 1871.—tf.
Singer ;at the. Jfie,34,,
TT is thifbeii abuied Machine, • and the hist
machine abused in the wide world, Try it
and you will like it, It never disappointe. The
above facts speak louder than words of praise
by us. s•_-
Gon'l Agent fer Tioga county.
N. B.—Machines delivered to purohasere free
of charge.
Mansfield, May 24, 1871 y
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that. I ton now
receiving direct from New York, a full and
complete aasortmenk of
aratintisnally full, whioß I Propose to sell 'at
the very lowest price. for cash. I have tried
long and short time oredit,.and find it does not
pay. me or ,my customers. Hereafter, POSI
KEPT, so do not ask for credit. ,
11 1 11
lniernat Revenue
Fatt ll l, W,LIEEIS
for gumming uiwa.
Canal Wheel Barrows
yin any quantity.
ffonf 1 lid' down.
No 1 & no 1 extra engine oil. . aksoyturiat of
. )4
Whe .flinger
127,8311 sold in MIL
86,781 eold in 1889
Woman's best Friend.
.489 1 828 Bold in 1888.
It never Tires Out. .
48,063 sold in 1870
Spring Goods,
Notions, Boots, Shoes
My stook of
Laces, Embroideries and ,White
Goode, &c.,‘
I MD allays glad to show Goods and not of.
fendeo if you do not buy. So do not be afraid
to come and look. All goods marked. in plain
figure . One man's money is as good
t as anoth
er,. S only one price. Please remember, ykiu
pay o ly for what you buy—no bad debts to
pay fo . . : .
April 19, 1871 C. 13. KELLEY.
Cash Paid for WOOL,
AT a Dar & 1 II3LER I B SHOE
June 7,1871 tt
New:,.. -- , - , „:1- -- --:if,' f,,, ~ 4r l ' i * i,.:
Goodss ' , ' Fir
Storel ' New 1 m.
x.A,,-,-,1,,,, 1
'/V':'/V:0 :r 40 i IV.RX if. CONE'S BLO.CIc, WEL liS'801?0 i , ..1
'0 , .11, , ,r
. .
_...... 0 _,........... 1 ' '
-aa. rather,
„ . 14\1,1
I ,
-:„ • t •
•1 • ,
WOITLD say to the cilltena of Weli sboro and vicinity, "that they have their store ROW in
loft operation. and will at all times keep a general assortment of Merchandise, and sell at
the loweet prietei- •We 101 - --' , • s - - • ' ' - -. .•_ , . •
Yard ildellactgry f0r , .ip.i..., ...... /0 ate.
Prints for ' ' ' 'Opts.
Potatoes for • 20 cis,
Xneticile•gs 9 3Coreeim 1 Gooch's !
. .
Parealeß,_ filo' hairs, Plai4, French and _lrish Poplins Japanese Silk s
14 , 1 .07) g
.Colored and Black J)tess • )
all at prioes murk leas Oita bare boeu multi fur before
Yaw)) Goods,
'Hosiery from ... n .,..
poote from $2
Mena' Shoes from ~$1
13oye'.8booa!from • ' $1
All Seational)lo •
4 I
Choice Grocerie
Teas from
A Sugars •-• •
Porterea Sugar at
60 eta. to $1,50
121 ote.
.12} cf.e.
. .
Our motto ii,. =,--- -
"fair dealing - , low prices, and strict attention to business" l ' wiaieli id itiway s
be key to BUCCUtIe: ' • , .
e, tivlte every o e' l-
wane Of anything in our lino, to drop in and tali , a look through our
anai, as are alwaYs ipleasedlo allow our Goode.
Well66aro, May 4,1871.
N; 4
r , „. 1 7
e - vv
rE A U'r L I E S'
Our Stock Is now very large and complete, and Goods . very elieati.
; .
Boat Prints 10 cents per yard. 1000 yda Dolaines, from 127 to 15 cte. por yard
ho largest stook of
CAR m _IF/To I
. ,
in Southern Now York, / Including tiEMPS froi4 25 to 40 ota.; Ingrains, from 50 to :i1,25
beet Tapestry Brussels $1,25 ; English Body Brusaela $2,00 to $2,25; alsci a full lino of
'Rugs, Oil Cloth, Plain and Check Canton. Matting Ctuir, Matting, &c
Cloths and Cassitneres
which will be wade to order by Schlock or Scott, at very low price:.
We invite a careful examination of our Stoc . and prioes, and we pledge ourselves that we
win' not be undersold, and wh i on we say that we clean what we say. Come and see us and we
will do you good.
Corning, April. 12, 1870.
J. A. Parsons Sr Co's
The aubsorilier invites all in need of Early Spring Goods, to 'tall and examine thoir UVW FtOCi
We intend to keep a still largerassortment of DRY (310013 S and; Boots and Shoes
than last season, and alai) some finer grades than wo have kept for etrze ra i years past.
These goads are so much cheaper than for sexual years past, that Isti have felt warra;ted In
gutting in a full line of prim, and think we' van suit any one. We have them in Taffeta, and
eras-grain at $l , ; $1,25, $1.37,41,50, $1,82; $1,75, $2, $2,25, $2.50, $2,75, $3.
These goods are also much lowei4its price, and wo shall keep a gold assortment of low and
medium priced Bilks and Poplins, tin d a fair assortment of the bettor qnalities.
Wo have a Brat-class assortment, In regular and extra al es,l t rrhite' and colored, at very
prices. German Quilts very che e p.
We have a very fine stook, from the lowest prices upwards, as fine a Ineeded.
te3, $4, $6, $B, VT, $B, $lO, $l2 and $l6 per pair. These prices kept lin stock, and finer i.
sold on order. II
DRAPERY Ilusi,LArs, in all Brides. '
- . TABLE LINENS, in all grades, rerd cheap.
NAPKINS, white and coloreq, borders, from $ll to $5, 5 0 pr. doz.
TOWELS, Buckabuck, Dice Damask,' bordered, f i romV2s to 69 p"• d'-'
DRESS GOODS,- in 716 V styles for early sprit trade.
,GINGHAMS 6.c., choicest patte.aits of the seaslm
KID GLOVES. A full Btock of Black, White and lored Glue ,
in our regular make (the Josephene seamless) wari•an ed equal
- to any in the market.
H . .2
We invite attention to our new stock of striped and
_plain JapaneseS , ll
striped and plain French Silks, Black Tabreo. and Gros-Gra"'
. '
Silks 7 Black [ Alpacas 1 Black Pure Mohairs in all .No.,
Black; and White Plaids, Black and 'White
Stripes, Fancy Plaids, Suit GOods
as well as an entire new stock of
_ ' - . Domestics at the lowest
. • ! • cash prices of
. . , ~. 1 - : .. the season.
)(Arch 15;18E11
Yenkt.Je Notions, Boots (I?U/ Shoes, (Hots and Gps
.10 to 60 cis.
AO to $5,50.
,25 to $6,66.
,00 to $1,50.
Goods at. impreeede
Spring G-oods
We would call especial attention to our stock of
TeTiEW -oois _A_7r
13i..ALCIla SI.I_EKR,,.
Marseilles quilts,
Lace Curtains.
French Gibe:rams 25 et !
Queeno''Own Alapaca, (speciiality) 31 to 75e,
No keep a full lino 61
Chi'drone' Shoos.. 30 et!. to 51,25
Bata from - ,
' cis. to- 7,0
Claps from
itedLow Price;.
, Etc.
Coffees fro
Spices, all , lads
Soaps, all kinds.
{ .BO ctd.
23 to SU cts.l