The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, April 19, 1871, Image 2

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P. V , VAN Willins'Elitorsula Prbprietor.
- VVellsborough,
Wediiesaay i lpril 16, 1871.
CA 1 1 "4" 1 411 4 **,, , y
The Republicans claim a plurality of
seven votes in the State fer,4Oweli,,and :
the Democrats a plurality of seventeen
for English. - ,Either way,' the election
of Governor, will' devolve on the Legis
lature, whi'Ch is largely Republican.—
Republican majority in the 'State on
other candidates, about 300.
Sunday night, the 9th indtant; a : eolOred
man was attacked 'and beaten 'with' a
heavy club b 4 , 14te 'rowdies. The
man dial ,the ,fo4wing afternoon from
his injuries". .Caused by a row in a.SUn
day, whisky shup.;
• o
Seems to have lost its interest f o r
those who wetWdisiposed to= see in it a
very large bone 'of contention that bid
fa4r to split 'the Republican party. The
lair, Manly course purified bY''the,Ex
ecutive, in qvietlklealiir i i% that ues'-
tir o in tlie ',li?fithd l PC B P/Ql, l ind
recommending Congress not to act on
it with haste, has rather taken the
wind' out of some ,widespread sails we
could mention.; It , is of small copse-,
quence whether San Domingo be' r an,,
flexed or not ; but it l's worth more te•
us than Alaska, at any rate—and nei
ther is worth quarreling about.
Mr. Scott, l iienator of Pennsylvania,
made a speech lulhe Unitedi
resolution, Se
nate on kleuaterShermnn's 4solution,
Which we wisp every voter,,,lrrospect
iyu of party, would relud and ponder.—
We wish vio might 7/hat speech be-
Wre our readers, but ace forbids. It
is au exhaustive resume of the question
that is NOW - ve4ing Congress, and en
gaging the attention of our best men.
The scathing, damaging charges made
iu the speeelh will of bii answered, be
ctualithere is no answer but' punish
ment to ciikme adequatelY'proVed; and
the Kuklux seem to be 'bey on d the
reach of timid-L(oi the present, at least.
But the country will hardly forget those
representatives of the.popular will who
stand up to their, work, honestly and
fearlessly. Read the speech.
Mr. Butler was understood to have
an amnesty bill which he was intend
ing to introduce on Monday, the 10th,
at ono o'clock% Bu j t. when the time
came, Mr. Butler was in a committee
rooM, givink the ilnishing, touches to
his hill ; and while he was thus enga
ged, Mr. Hale, of Maine, slipped in his
bill, and it was passed, under a suspen
sion Of the rules, by a heavy nlority
—to Mr. Butler's astonishment, not to
say dlagust.
Mr. Halo's bill (which passed by a
vote of 144 to 96) removes the
4( disabili
ities of all disqualified persons; " ex
cepting only officers of the army'and
navy who, teitig above twenty-one
years of age, left their, posts ; members
of Congress wh,cesigned to join the
rebellion ; and 'members of secession
SW° Conventions, who voted for seces
sion ordinances."
IVie suppose it is all right : but if the
WI is ever to become a law, we would
like to see the exceptions extended to
every memberpf a Kuklux Klan. If
there areto. kithlux , it could'ut hurt
anybody ; and If there are, it would be
only just. k
An through the country we notice a
- general dik)osition to agitate the (Dea
ne!) of th.nextPresidency. We think
t early to! begin ; but, as our contempo
--'. raries on both sides are disposed to start
the game, we don't mind taking a hand
in. •
First and foremost in this game, we
wish our readers to remember that,
whatever shape politics may take, the
Agile or will advoellte the same princi
pies that were advocated by the framers
of the Declaration of Independence;
that were upheld by Jefferson, by Pat
rick Henry and Franklin; by the best
and wisest of our land, who pledged
their " live , fortunes mid sacred, lion-,
Or" to uitho d the same. Their corner
stone alashe - declaration that " all
men are bor and created free and equal,
with eertai Inalienable rights, among
whieb are l fe, liberty and the pursuit
of happine ' It is very old—for such
a . young nation : but it is democratic.—
We wiph one Democrat (modern) in all
the land could be brought to see and act
au it. If the Democratic party is dem
ocratic, then men me pot born free and
equal—men have pot a right to " lib
erty and the pursuit of happiness."
We are on the eve of the most bitter
Presidential campaign this country has
ever Witnessed; one that sill try weak
knees and shaky spines to some extent,
and teat pretty bhoroughly the real de
mocracy of the republic.
And now, to begin with, who are
Democrats ? And.what is Democracy ?
Let us gobi the card. If language
means anything, let us take the accep
ted moaning of , the English terms
"Democrat" and "Democracy." We
believe Mr. Webster (Noah) is accepted
authority for the language, Ml' spoken
by all who will have anything to do
with the hex Preddential election—in
a voting capacity, at least. 'We 4tiote
from him as follows:
" DEMOCRACY. Ciovern mont by the people;
a form of government in which the 'supremo
power is lodged In the bands -of the. people col
lectively, or in which the - people ozonise the
powers of legislation, &Awes theigoVentinent
of Athens." ' .
" DEMOCRAT. One who adheres to govern
ment by the people, or favors,the extension of the
• i
ri g ht of suffrage to all dom. cf mern l ." :
Our definition would be a trifle shor
ter. We should say that " Democracy
was self ,kovernment, by majority bal.
Tot. A Democrat, one who ' believed in
and uphold that form of government."
It is all the same: and we areu Dem
ocrat, in the true meaning of the word.
We believe An a government of majori
ties, as against a government composed
of slave oligarchiste, arispocrats, or any
imperial or monarchiesll mixture of
thrones and parliaments. We, at least,
believe in Democracy as prppounded in'
the Declat•athiticf independence; and,
of course, believing' thus, are opposed'
to all Democracy which, denies to any
man the right of avvieighlP 'to his own
ts 4
filesii and WOO ii Dimiiaritey that 14-
held to the last the selling of handsome
Ootoroon: girls to the highest bidder,
ibiti ;the , auction block; that.'N,alo43 7 ,
felt the : bosoms of shrinkiiioiirWitt , '
even in our natio*
tai—that; whisky-soaked'dl4ol.o4f- ;
ed lechers might form aZkirriit" edit:not - 6
of their value in the market.
4,goii! ,
We shOuld like-to-lielieve thie slavery
question a " dead issue,;" but it is not.
Modern Demobra4 kiiiii not let it die.
In every partpf, the,Sputh, are _intelli
gent men, some of th6n,rniips - ,ters of
the gospel;Wia beilei.;e fitinliy:ll44ela - ,
very is to . he reinstated ;Whenever the ,.
e .
Dmocratic putty 'tY 'sball e . 4411tit,0 1 :34 1 , 1 *,
of gevernulent.,,.Thebod of men who
believe this
,iikhy,pe ni ce an anto.-Asis,
Capt. A. 4 E; NW's, a'At - •CikPt- Me; For
,restor any officer who hue been on du
ty ' South since - the Var. We lit' the
North are dispcised• to laugh 'at such' a
notion ; but it-is not so 'iieri'absdrd as
It leeks to- - Vs.' tieverai cif' the r e b'e l'
Stales - passed It' iffstonnt k ier 'the - 'Close
of the rebellion NOlich'it'Bivally re-:en
. .
isigv,edAlt o ,colored, race, as egeetnal4 as',
tthe fiereestsbly,ocrat ceuld,tiesh:e. , 09-
,vernment, as in duty bennd,,madeshort,
work of all such laws, by the .interpo
sition of, aEreedrnau's Bureau-rto,.the
howling wrath , of downtrodden "chiv
airy. • Bti t suppose the government had'
been In Democratic hands; would there
have' been any interference withlte
laws of Missfssippi, of Texas; of Lthliti' 4
Jana; or Sontlitelarolino And - CAM is
Co hinder any , reciMAtructed State from
enacting laws 'in 'aceeidance with its
well ; known platibini 'that " this is a
white nifaass goyeinnient,".ana that the
normal condition of the . i negro is / pervi-,
hide ?.. Knowlug, ,that I they,, v*o_ Aare
from:lnatiOnal interference, such las%
would : certainly , be. enacted; -, and_ no
man:can show why they may not be
enactettr-and carried out—under Dem
ocratic rule. If our Democratic friends
succeed in electing their Presidential
candidate in 1872,-the wise men or the
East, who have' frilked much of dead
issues, will find slavery, 'tinder the form
of peonage; livelY,enoiigh to be interest
ting. Now, we are emingh of , a Demo
to hold,thatpvery man is the sole
and exeluskie owner of his own person,
and of all the Money he can by
his own labor, - . .
Also, we " favor 1r the extensio n of the
right of suffrage to all classes.” Con
sequently we cannot be accepted, as a,
modern Democrat, such doctrine being
rank heresy in that camp, whereof the
" etrisilan gentlein an,'" Set ' Davis,'
was once an idolised leader, and with
which li. E. Lee is in full communion
at this day.
We do not know who is even likely
ty get the Democratic nomination : no
body knows. ,Itis it hard slate to, make
up ; but when it fsroade up, the entire
Democratic force can be relied on to go
it solid ; the Democrats of Maine and
Connecticut, of Vermont and N ew
Hampshire, ,being just as reliable as the
Kuklux of Dixipand the' repeaters of
our large cities North. And just here
we want to'say that in the next Presi
dential election 'the Kuklux Klan is to
be the right bower of the Democratic
party. Without the South, no Demo
cratic candidate can he elected; and
without these bands of rebel despera
does, the South cannot be carried for
that party. ,„
We wish every Republican would
take the trouble carefully to peruse thO
report from the Select Committee of
the Senate to investigate outrages in
the Southern States, wherein .'fiti" cases
of whipping and shooting are proved
against the Kuklux in the counties of
Lincoln, Alamance a n d Catawba.—
Thirty of the victims were white, and
seven were white women. None of the
women were shot—only stripped and
flogged. The committee report- that it
is impossible to get testimony in very
many cases, owing to the danger in,
giving evidence against the Kukiux.
/ After giving a list of ontragee In some
12 counties, the committee add ( : ,
-If-Besides these specific Cans of Outrages, the
testimony refers In general terms to others com
mitted in Moore, Chatham, Person a Buncombe,
lki7 .:en D oir
avio a , n lit o oke t e,
Gaston coun tie s . "
This list of erttnett suggests tho question
whether they were °Omitted by members of the -
Kuklux organization and by its dirootion or with
its countenance. The tostimonY already quoted
and referred -to, showy that in many,instan( :,
the murders and whippings of •men were oxpro
ly voted upon in their meetings, and executed y
the members."
Now, we do not purpose to "r In
lashed" with any suck ,crowd as w
swell the Democratic , vote South sr
President. We do not like them, so
cially or. politically.. We do not want
.their votes, and we do not want them
to vote at all.. They have no right to
the ballot box. Convicted traitors; who
deserved no mercy, and expected none;
whO'would have shown none bad .they'
won in the fearful game that makes ev
ery second Northern home' :a house of
mourning to-day. It was a mistaken
policy that held out the olive branch
before anybodyasked for it; that has
tened to boost traitors into a position
where they could assist (!) in adminis
terig a free government for which
they \ bad imbibed a life-long hatred
with their mothers'-milk. It is a mis
taken policy that to-day favors general
amnesty. It may be" a pity that it is
tree; it is a pity 'that there should be'
so much wrong•doing iti` t ilie`world ;; it
is a double pity that the wrong Should
be so strong, defiant and self-reliant as
it is. Pity that well dressed;'respecta-)
ble citizens should be afraid to go tOthel
polls, where, a emu , of blood-ták ruf
flans are making it 4earful ,for timid
men. Pity, that an election should ever
be carried by .tei-r or isnz in New York,.
Baltimore, or ,Philedelphia. But elec
tions are carried- in all those cities by
just such means; and timid respeeta,
Witty, coming in sight of the polls, and
seeing a furious "muss" going on, gets
white about the lips, and shies, off to a
aide *,street 7 thertee home,--declaring
that no man can , kebp' Upa decent ; feel
ing of self Irriapeet,rand yet attend our,
eleetions—estheY are conducted. ' He
half suspet the trifth : that theinuss,
was gotten 'F., iii4ensety to ; scare,
like himself , and was( a farce. ,'But it
was a fearfully rough joke, thEOO - Pre"
(erred to keep out of the way ,of., :.And.
so he lo*, through sheer cow
ardice. IWe lave seen an election • car-,
ried in this; ay ; and we mention it,
because th4 - next election for President
will be likely to' see this game playect
in the South,.and in many of our large
cities North, to a most deplorable' ex.
Let us give duiDeMocratio opponents
credit for some good qualities that our
own party lacks. They. (the Demo-
crats) have good discipline, and t h e
strength that comes .of malty. TheY
have 'the - physical coilinge that; say
what you wilf;kalwtys ePilunands t i* 1
Infiation, and 4ton Wins against 4,,44,41*,
Thekdo'kkot'aplit upon, individual aton,..,
cn ii!p4kotili4alxvlfiii;tilerewyk\
b i
ftfog4o4., e e '* ° ol l .M e t-44:P c k it-4 ,
et , tt* : 4 i - e b: ' 0,4441x4) 114" ,c,,1g4. ,
Sumner afidogh. Giiii*/ Iteilettip
trifling the whole affair 39,41ipresence_
at -the weighty questions. that -affect, a
nation numbering 37 millions of peo
ple ; and then calmly ask yourself what
lka ll Anlcounts tn.. Mr-SuWner,W.9l4to
the White House one day to li - amiii, talk
iifth the iiiiierit; = 'h'C i PrOah e
, ... dd t
ffiuvr_. .::_,
in conterenopi,withaome army , 9 1 1 4 r
On irappriant . matters, antißkti:AnnMer`
wja kept NvaiiiPg for r liaq,..fir„.liquF_.-.7-
ThiP, to the classical P4te
tier' tor of Webstees mant le, WWI 1112047
durable. , The ig Ifted Charles suaght hia
boarding house with ~bitternaskin .his
heart ; --and his offended, , dignitr Alias'
missed "'lnopportunity of 'Makitig'itself
felt tram that tithe to the'present.' 'HU'
apposition , t4 tile' Sin Domingo 'matter'
'may be . honest :''it: hi certainly tiitto.--
ilk what 4ii . lici'liky, now "tit the Pres
qen!',:YilB ' 4 : 1 494r- Iv),Palt;thit the whole.
.11frit.ift° the countr y , Teeett*/eil4Pg.
Congress not to, poi - .in the nlinttey,nntil
text session, ,when thq , people f ShaJi.
have had time to think uVer and: decide
on the merits•and • dernernalOgithe our
nexatton scheme ?„. Whotailr.lStunner
had his dignity hurt by,, , being kept fn
: icing forthirtY minutes .helleolared
t: at the White• House had % become "a
is ilitary'cainP." - There: are worst.; piti- ,
:s than Military caM; Warin3 men
t 1 an those Niho'rod'e in t it front; 'hen
ti e rain drops were ininnitPliallii ad
e flash and crash of the storm were
Vomited f ilitt4. the ttr,?iitii:eif
, ti s *' OM.
no*: ilt 40'444 - Fic4.,,"*llio ran
0:4 Canada to sicUlk_thfidra ft
bodied male relations, 4 ! who 1-wego,Afid
delay afflicted with' ntmeiess,#bronio
diseases,' that nobody Tad; ever pciacd of
before the draft ; noisy politLQWlfh who
hated the smell of, powder isaneEtt hatea
hot soap ;--these are :.all: right , ziowl—
They can explainttne-rnattpl- chiarly;t:
and then "explain , the explahation.”,
But the people willte apt to remember:
and mien who have stood up to theraek;
will not be likely to endorse , the Sena
'tor from Maseachusetts againstthe ma
wh "played out" liee's army. An
do not let any personal feeling Obseur
the fast, that 'only 'by lipit,ed,' agiyli
a Republidan President, be sleeted in
DM., There are free trnde . Xtepuhlicans,
and there are Democrats ,who are pro
tectionists.. Do not let, this question di
vide our ranks. Every Democrat will
vote for his nominee—free trade 'or pro
tectionist. •
It isa wise man •who shall Make this
question plain. The best political econ
omists in England' and America have
exhausted their 'skill upon it rand it
'still retrains an open qnestion.l . At a
future time we may give a brief 'resume
of our '
views on , that question. But dila
article is already too long, andwe have
not said half - of what we had to
Let us conclude, by entreating , our
friends not to divide their• available
strength for any man or clique, and de-
daring our personal preference for the
next Presidency to be Ulysses'l3:Grant
—subject to the regular nomination. -'•
This road is being pushedivith an en
ergy that promises its early completion.
Cars are Feported to be' rutin - leg 130
miles west of Duluth, and the' grading
is completed .fivr laa _in i -Cm 9
which, we believe, will be in running
condition by the first of September,
connecting Red river with lake; Supe
rior by direct rail. Therels no' better
land in the world than may be found
along the lino s of this road ; 'for the easy
production of large Crops, no land in
the South or Southwest can compare
with 'it; and the
• facilities for emigra-,
tion afforded . 4 direct frall and steam
boat lines, will, with the
and . pre-eruption laws in force, fill cen
tral Minnesota with _rapidity hardly
paralleled by the history of any ,older
Western State. The winters are very
severe, but the summers are long and
ot, and the climate unexcelled for
From th© Elmira Advertiser, Tele
P 1 rla , April la. '
A loud and uninterrupted cabnonade
has been kept up since last , evening;
between Chatilion and' the southern
forts. The infantry also engaged, and
the noise of the mitrailleUses abd mus
ketry has , been incessant , since five
o'clock this morning. • • •
Cannonading around . ..Nelittly . f ' 'Peke
Maillot and Porte des Parnell 'has been:
resumed, and is as' vioient as, that on
the south. 'Fightitig ls going ,on`
in the Bois de I3!oulegne and Airkieres.
A dispatch from l'arliOn ikednenday
says that the' cannonade ',Which was
sustained'all last night, was pentinued
vigorously' ',this morning,. and I that a
simultanenus attack, was made on the
west and south, the yersailles troops
opening with, thirty new And heavy
guns. The principal effort ; was directed
against Vanvres., It was supposed that
they intended to,mask a serious move
ment against i'Orte, Maillot.
PARIEIi April 13, 7 7The,0ri du . Peupte
says that the y s g sai49 troops,,
been driven from iq'eulllY and are flying
toward Pourberoie. , •
Thoatilek Made *Y'es teida'Y :by the
Versailles fOroes was a failure.
The Orleans rallwaY ha&been cat by
the Versailles troops._
These 'wits heavy buts: intermittent
cannonade during. :whole,"theit, i cf last
n . ght,which his grown inOre,ytcdent
this morning t The rnenkbere
Comthune are personnlly,on the field to
encourage their Ivearied troops:
The British Consul 'at Paiis has
Warned all Englishmen to, leave the
PARIS 'Saw evening, April 'l6,
via I , ,
London; April, 11th,, Z6O A.
General Clusereict report
to the Commune, says` ihatT t ort Vaii-
Nrres wait attacked dye tfprEt iiaCeetis
ion on 184furdit:y. 4he. cannon and
musketry 11riUg,has COritiMitzd: all daY
today: • ' '
An' ohstinate struggle. Is, going on at
Nenllo, where,the grouo Is oilepoied,
Inch by inch- • „.
The Versailles army, ' ; h4,,heeß
dentiitilhg,,fo; the lof.,,lpprdnyfs.„A
fenetiannd, fornalchiblPattar MG
metitaßly •
0,414431,1,bnVe ,been,
rehifOreptliwlth /MOO men ) and, pxe
'llEirinoa intervene. •. 1 • , -
ThebOunnune ie resolved to contha..
ue the defence to the last.
The sale of horse , flesh has again
commenced, and there're other` signs
of scarcity of food in the 'citY• - •' Elntira
(Adv.' I -1; ; 01' :•.•
• _
)ALVEIIWON, Texas, A r tirill2—.4. ape.
Oa dispatch from Austiti:qe*as thq
'Galveston Newii 1 **9, 4 .3
"Heard s loVed
;,.with bacon, froOlfthibert44 . 4%' font 4 4 0,,
.13kon, was atkeitid, OarNgtsfol3 . *
day by a band„c_lfAndians. Keard, his
wife and five ether' , Americans, were
- kilted: -Tire Chihnahua-frontier troops
pursip ‘ 4,the in?rdeiroojkband acme! the
boundkry-inie , the ctlniteli States laud
killed extdcaiduredreightyliadlana.
- 11)ffitici States trail* at Fort
wait'to,3t i otia"tlie tridiatii;
colninandini oilieei id 'kat
fOrtY 'AinOrlcatt' SRldleink:Were
Tpe - :istexidan eoltilers ininibered
hundred t' ' '
The yfff rdViees. relative i pepaxtpient has , n,4 ye 1 , 5114
eelvedanz.a6" th'ere
ported, tiglytteiVireen the tinned ptiittia
troeo•and'iitakieWie'linttie Te*froit
As often ae once a month.theirrfbune
is appealed: to for infeirmation as to the .
residenOof thowidow ofjohn-Browta
To satisfy such-Inquiries, piaci:via given .
'to the following Statement frein an ei•
hange'e "The:widow - 41! John- !Brown
H umboldt -County, ; gal., 'with '
her " sort ISalmon,- and . !kir 'daughters'
Sarah and Ellen. Anne, who wits ivith
her father at Harper's Perry,'' mar
ried iki California, The two sons; John
'and Jason, live in Ohio, Owen hi Penn
eylviinia, 'and Ruth remains at the , ald
place' in 'North Elba."
- r • WaShington,Aprll S,
13.4.144uET -14) EARL DE Oniv.-!--The
Hastens Ofthis district to-Morrow
-evening, givela grand banquetin'hondr;
of Earl delieriY, orthololnt'higli
itd*don and-grand waiter
eaninorder Ehgland,' All the 00 . 4
Mina* of the "United States have been
invited, and about thirty of theft haid
already arriVed here. The grand: mas
ter presiding- at the banquet; will,: on
thisoceindon, wear the apron , and sash
and use the gaVei whiehlortued part of
the masonic insignia of- George Wash.
ington.l -
FLORlDA.:Washirigton,li. C., Apill
B.—News - hai3jvist i been received of the
&triplet° aiiceess of 'the • F e rititiblican`
ticket in the' municipal eleetien _held
atlai3irseaville, , Fla:, On Wednesday
last. ' The:vote for Mayor tones was
588, a majority of '398. over - his Demo
cratic competitor. -
,The Republican
candidates for` Marshal," Clerk;, Trearil
urer ' Assessor, and colleatoi received
nearly'the same majorities.
A despatch from Halifax announces
the arrival of theschooner Hero,
Captain Kent; from Hong Kong, from
Which . vessel George ' H. Osborne, the
first mate, supposed to have, been Earl
of "Aberdeen, was washed overboard
and drowned . The evidence, ,of Cap
tain Kent will' betaken at Halifax,And
will. robably make Osborne and , the
kali of Aberdeen, one and „the same
At the Metaire races; on, liaturday,
Foster won .the Bigaman stake for
three-year olds, two miles, 8:86,
within t of a second of the fastest time
on retord,, The race of 11 mile, was
won by W. H. Johnson, in 2:401.. The
3 mile race .was Won by'. W. H. John
son, who sold for s7' in $3OO p 0015... •
Coireepondende'of the Agitator.] •
• • PlTT4TOiti,.Aprii I'6; Y871):'
Editor have meditated
tle design upon you for soicial daye;
and will hew Proceed to execute • •
I write; as yon will see by Abe infig
frorirtbe mid inf
the northeast, northwest and south He
the Lackawanna, Lehigh and V7yo=
ming valleys ; the' richest' deposits of
anthracite coal, perhaps, in the State
or • nation. Hither, attracted by the
high price of labor,' thousands upon
thousands have gathered &dm foreign
shores—chiefly Ireland, Scotland and
Wales—and haVe clustered about the
coal works, up and -down the valleys;*
until it is difficult -to discover where,
one city leaves off and another begins.
Such has' been the influx of miners,
and the consequent increase of produc
tion, that the deniatid could no longer
keep pace with the supply. - The inev
itable consequence Was a' gradual' rt-
duction in the price of this great sta
ple, and • a corresponding decrease in
wages. Fiat (lathe a fall in wages of
about $l5 per'Month ; and before the
miners had time to become adjusted to
the new situati; i i, the various coal com
panies- combin to turn down the
screw to the.same tune, a'second time,
'This was regarded as the .pbint beyond
which patience ceased to' be a virtue ;
and hence the strike on the Ist of De
cember, lasting on, now, into the fifth
As a panacea for these ills,the.iiiirork.
lumen's Benevolent Asiocbitten; not
cOntented . withmonOpplizing the work,
undertake tb limit the delly, production
andlVegeabf each laberei. 'They ' 1 ,1 8 4 )
undertike fix thelPWeSt price - of
at certain points of 'delliery , ,, and then
f•rcieeed - take / thenP4iar , into pert=
pership with the coal, c ompanies, by
Oaring a cetbin per cent. of the profits
secretly; fromeveiY advance on, the
specilied basis'," white ,they assume
none of the risks and share none of the,
leases., To these deSpotio and 44:431Aid
conditions,' the comPanies , steadily re:
fuse to yield. They haie off e 4 to
suhmit,te arbitration, but hitherto ithe
Head,Centeri have refOsedpll ceraimi 7 :
wise. 'Meantime ' 'the b outerini
the sepia of the i l kior. 'dbinded Witten,
More and More deePlY. 10143,Oi:O cop-.
tracting , debts, frem
not soon reedvei t others ' suffering
the: pange''Cit . hii ti , ger, w hile pained;
with a p dissiFating eff4ta, is 'rapidly
denioralizlng thehple, community
_prostrating "Oil* department of
. •
It is the old. war betißeon capital and
labor; and, as' nsual,..! Aabcr , must go
down in the„eAmplet.,,; Caidtali sooner
or /ater, can „compel,. labor„ , but labor
cannotuo readily compel capital. How
long will it be before the employer and
employe . Irilliearn that their- interests
are identical? , th a t,, < like , the differing
members of the body, if one snarl, or
rejoices, thapthers mustneedesuffer
rejoice'with it ?: <, <
Th'eciMly Bolutioani.ttie • present dif-•
thie ten 6a'obtainednnii bric ton:milt=
tee o rbittetibri The ri4eitt for the
future wiser reoog‘
`nitibn of and . obedienCefo &eat
itrii`if demand and. supply, tot taps- tarinidiaber bath take' the oielk I:UMW
kit; 'ii:011 free con2petitionian -
d oppres
Mori AiipOssible- , The OPprektioN
this;:o!lit every Other case; Ilea in cam=
bination• • • -. W. V. Ettesoir =
A W 118 14 0 0 4. 4 1 sPai0 1 el,lYeAkint the
President has iOO 4 A Wn# l ve,ek
atom that ,he,, will, pall, the /Oen* te7
gether in executiye eesaton op nr,about
itne iirSt or*sy, to oonobler Abe : tt•Aies .
agreed upon by lam. Joint Efigl4: Cow l -
Wed 91te*aliiiiiThlraiiltht: ; ;•.!
Editor Aloltotor ~ -D ear - Sir :—ln your
isatte of the 29thAt
,March, you baits
.il . ..*l . l4ll!*ftlele Atil rnrence to a bill,
*-1114(. latello:,;-pitted the House of
AtePor tkvosi - ---." iibriminating In)
'or : a Owners' unseated lands ."l
IN ~-Ai' ,
7 ,
true ruitiv diona• - oNtie bill were fairly
criticised, and I have no fault to find ,
with the, goncluslone drawn ,frepa U. : T:4
ivfterlpeaking of the legal effect of the!
blll;'4octi)n Inininull in •wOOKAli . `,dii3l l
ClikiiiiatCß in ' favor of tee Yielders of
unseated-landa, - ••• yoU N Say, '_.'"Rhia';-bill - ,
11Y9 understand, Nns g9t.tnn.l uP' at tiA O
instance of a firm of unseated land ow
ners not: residing in this county, proba
bly , i i• ~, *
In, onnection w e ith another g reat
,44Tter'and /andlcorporation, (After hav
ing .in vain endeavored , to induce the
Coip:iiy,Commissioners to reduce the vat
tuition of their lands' to 'lessj than one- -
jlfth,of their true value."
prom the aboie, and what you said
in pie beginning of the article referred
to, thegenerAl reader
,would conclude
that 'you- had reference, -hi the words
'quoted and italicized, to Messrs. Dodge,
Jaines t dc Stokes, 'who' compose ''t he'
4 $ Penill3ylvatila'Toint L u'ut li'e'f` and
Land Company."'' - • • • • -
' - In your issue of April 6th, you state
thfit yint are authorized to say that
Mesars: Dodge, James &atokee had no
thing to, do with the bill Ito question.-4--
liutthere are some other things in your
article which I conceive to be error;
and knowingthat,'*ou would' not wil
fully do any onuan injury , and bellev-,
ingthat you have , been, whollimisin-.
formed. in relation to several things
vvhiElh are stated asfacti;reiatingta the
**land and luMber coMpany," ',I 'ask
your permisslon to 'make - ti
,brief state-,
meat. - '
In: the, fitlit place, neither Messrs.,
Diidge;J'am es - eic or Stokes,n theiragentit, '
boxi aw ing ifo. with: tie o~tiglni' or'l
passage o the bill that was the subject
of your article, and their agents in thisi,
section, Messrs. Campbell, and Leib,
first heard of it through the Columns oir
the Agitator. They . were as ignorant
of the movement as was the editor of
the Agitator: higuself:, not having the
remotest idea that finch A thing was con-,
templated. ' • •
Again, it is a mistike thtt the Com
pany, has " vainly tried t induce the
Commissioners to ranee their taxes;' ) ,
and the person who gave this informa
tion, must . ' hive hid but little know-,
tedge,of ttiesubject. The ComMisskon
era' piprk has 'occupied his prOEseikt
sition fer about ten Years, and he
cheerfully bear witness that the :Cord=
pany, through theiragents,`Mesers. E.
B. Campbell and G. D. Leib, have wit
lingly and ptomptii paid every assess
went that has been' made upon their,
lands.. During all this tinie, covering
the ten years during which unprodue;
tive hinds were burdened With the im
Meuse bounty and local taxation, there
has never been a time when there was
any sort of trouble between them and
the County Commissioners ; and they
have 'never asked an abatement that
wad not-coriceded to be just. They
:have never asked anything for them,
selves, by way of exemption from the
burdens of ta*atiol4 'that 'was not an
corded,to their neighbors.; • •
~ i ,
'ln speaking 'of non-resident land
owners, you say, " And the largest land
company refuse to sell at alt." If this
paragraph refers to Messrs. D'o d el,
lazoei - & Stoke's, it is error: Since they
becathe ' the owners of their present
lands, they have 'sold a large number of
Iota; 'Many more are now Under eon
tract, Upon which payments have been
'Made,' and many lots have been paid
Ai,' for which no deeds have yet been
:even, for the reason that since the
'delith of Mr. Anson G. Phelps, Jr., up
s• traii.......-mi - verrrtrw-montnr past, - tine
title 'hail not 'been in proper shape to
•Mitke ':Coriveyances. The proper con
veyances have been made, and deeds
will soon be given to ail persons who
hold paid up contracts. They do in.
tend to sell their lands not covered with
ping timber, in lots suitable for farming
purposes, and that at an early day.
Again, you say, "And even ask the
Bounty to build an expensive road fOr
their use." I suppose you have refer
once to the " Marsh creek road," about
which so much has been said of !Meet
The Company were not' the authors of
this " road" project. They never ask
ed for the legislation., by petition or oth
erwise, either by themselves - or their
agents. It is true they . have. rib. objeC
tiet, (011ie roads Its' donstruetion•wo'ii
open an undeveloped portion of coun
. try, and enable them to place the very
lands in market, and within reach of
the settler, that they are accused of "re
fusing to sell." 'During' the last 26
years, they have paid. thousands of doi
hire of road taxes; and during a great
portion of that time there has not been
a decent road from the county seat to
their Place of business at the Big Mea
dOws. The money that they pay 'is
used to build roads in the settled poi ,
'Koos of the different townships, or to
pay the debts, of the, .same; and the
amount used to build.or improveroads
across their lands, has been. next to no
thing 'as witness the condition, for the
last' ten years, of; the road from the
Pimlico) farm, by way of. 'Marsh creek,'
to Pine creek.,
Besides,''' this Marsh creek , bill does
not proposeto have the road, built at
the•expense of , the county. ¶tle coun
ty pays the View, as in other cases, and
then the Avad taxes of the Company are
appropriated for the bare, term' of sib
-years, tO open Mid', Catania -the road
.11;simplY,OloVia, 'their
.OWn roadtales
tokaexnetided Air six yeare;lO do that
Airlibalittro l Uilicera 'of DelmXr tOwnShip
have qsfused,.to,dO'for_merOluin 'twen
ty -years; fOr'.'ilniing nii n titiii titne,4%
road: has. been 'regularly laid mit,:ond
directed tii l k e Opened 'bY ,
,ouy beurt of
Quartet. BesSiOns, 'Over praOticiii . y 414'
'same route, with the same beginning
and ending; which roadthey have re
' fused, and'' Still iefiiselo' open. And
now when' the public, not the Cemtisi ,
ny, pi epoge to; talid their road taxes for
six Ytirs, te j oien thieSeine ' road, - they
'aro: It'i
id up tO public onnileinnation by
Mel) Per thit from the' beginning hie
kakii u ealneSt 'and elinnent'adVoeate
_Of Ili' conteniplated improvement.' "If
apt! ate 10(11171081 iiiinEoy asked tor
biti"oWiflaxes 'for s i i yegii, to' build
hienself a 'read to his wilderness luinM;
the request' would be chisnfullY eonce:-
ded; -- eSpeclagy if he' bad contributed
largely, forthi 'years:todeveliq; oth
er ablations.' • % - ' • 1 , •
' 'Nit the Company: have ' 'and do
not; urge this thing. - While they
'delve that 'in equity enough tof their
taxes 'should be expended to build'a de
dentistilid from Ude borough _M:their
phtee tif buhiness, they •are entirely wil-
Hug that stich action:may be -taken is
the different townships think best; ,and,
do not piolvse to interfere inc one way
or the other,' I' have made this state
ment that the public may be disabused,
knowing' that you - Nould do no !titan-
tienal.. , vying, anti, lieVing .that-you
hive - been raisinformed.. - I am yours,
truly.' .1 . ,f i• , J. B. Masa,' Attry
iii .;4 -;: for Dodge, James da Stokes.i ,
i)e!PoPf!, t,baPtlW
an ion Baptist churolb increased
[For the Agitator.]
f)! ,
Appan464 li4xCtioltori tita
et4 l n
,0, 1 0 1 4
f 1;4 • 4
its; o:44l.6;oRookiiY'
My atop* of
Laces, Embroideries and White
. Goods, &C
are iintuntally, whiolt 1 propose - t )4well at
the VW, lowest prime for -cash: I 1 triod
long and short time oredit,iand find it does 'not
pay- Me ler my-- customers. Hereafter, POHL
ICHET, ap do not ask for credit. ' •
. .
I 1
asi always glad to show Goode and..not of.
fondedif you do not buy., .104, do not be afraid
to oome and look. AU goods marked .in plain
A gums: One man's money It aegood as anoth.
ere. do °Orono price. • Please I remember; you
pay only ; for what you buy—no bad vdebte to
Pay for.
Airll_l9, 1871.
, Chat ler- •
wg lovvini applioatiobs for ohartara of ineor.
potation have bees riled in my oflice, and will
be presented to the •ookirt of Common Pleas of
Tioga county, Monday May 29, 1871:
'Application of Gustavus A. - vop, William
Poulkrodj R. C. Sebring, John Linch, fit. al., un
der the asme,of the "Liberty Mutual Home b
rume. Oorepsay.'
Apidleation of C.U. 'Verrill, J. 0. Howe, et.
el., under the name of the "Presbyterian Church
and Congregation of Mansfield."
'April 19. 1871-8 k J. F. DONALDSON.
. ,
• Proth'y.
• • •
- 'Firm for .Sale. .
THE Subscriber offers for sale hle farm, situ
ated& iin the town of Delmar, some eight
miles from Welliboro. Said farm contains 76
,souse 89 of which is improved; good
barn 80a42, and a good log house, and
some fruit trees thereon. Said farm is unarm
pained foil fertility of soil iu this section. For
particulars inquire of the subsosiber at the oinee
of it W. Merrick, Esq., Welleboro Pa. -
- April /9, 1871—tf. . A. REDFIELD.
1.-executor's Notice.
WHIARI4AB letters testamentary on the es
tate-plitenjamln Goodwin, late of Mid
dlebury, deceased, have been granted to the sub
scriber, all persons indebted to the 'said estate
are requested to make immediate payment, and
those having claims or demands against the
estate of the said decedent, win make known
the samef'withont delay to
April 19, 1871-Bw.
Administrator's . Notice.
XTOTICE is hereby given that the 'Adminis
trators of the ostate of Chas. H. ;Phelps,
deoealed, will sell at public vendne, at the late
residence of 'decedent. in the Borough of Mans
field, on Thursday, April 27,071, the following
personal property, telonging to said estate, to
wit: 1 obw, ',heifer; I pig, about 28 cords af
stove wood, about 28 yards of carpet, a quantity
of Oil Cloth, 2 stoves: 8 tables, 2 mirrors, 1
clock, several trunks, 2 bedsteads, 1 000lletove,
pipe and furniture, a lot of miacellanedUs - Booksi
1 writing ‘thisk and book case, and soverbtother
domestic utensils too numerous to mention.
April 16, 1871-2 w:
/if iliogis4jo . unty jo'r,
Iladrech. Ely k Co, 14 $7
Jacob Miller, 1 . 1 16
W Madan, 14 7
Huller k Merton, 14
L Belden, drugs 14 7
/I Huey, 14 7
JR Taylor] 14 7
Drake It James 8 80
J Van Ordu, toothier
Wm Sage, eating E 8 8
Jarnee'Kelley 14 7
It A Illurray,E II 8 6
BEWtdwall,EH 8 6
Morris Tuok 14 7
J A Morley, E R 8 6
Joseph. , Maxwell, _• 14 7
B Smith 14 7
hales TrObey
14 7
Jacob Roillok /4 7
Mayes* Marley 14 7
Merril Bnn 000 6 co
L Bacon, dings 14 7
Bowen '6 Co r 14 7
A W Hooted" 11 8 6
Robert Apgar, AIF 8 5
lurgen k Calking 14 7
Riess 0, M kit Oo 8 80
Rathbun &Yawn 14 7
J $ Mitchell 14 7
W Bookenhergo,B'y 24 '
9 W Pkelpo,lllllard- .
stables - 40
Whoa Danbury, EII 8 5
Irmo Smith 14 7
11 W Thesaas,B 8 6
Jams Pontoon, EH 8 6
Janes Donelly i /4 7
Lft Moore 14 ' 7
Patrick ()Mello 14 7
Wm Sinunons 14 7
psi/burp* Wood 14 ; 7
21H Stebbins a bro'r 14 7
D A Tooker 24 7
Rushmore k Beach 14 1
5111 Goodell 14 , 7
• ; GIIA'XHAU. •
John 11 klowroy 14 7
14 7
W 0 Shall 14 7
John Short -14 ,7
ocortaarox TOWNSHIP.:
11104 peon a Howell 14 7
0 Bennett 18 10
11 Packard 14 7
A Dyer 14 7
J Ilairhaan, kll 8 6
P L Clark
th 14 • 14 7
;A V Smi7
II BarbeF 14 7
11 Brawn 14 7
Sae Williaies,Brow'y 8 6
1111 Rummy
/11/ Smith
B Tiople
/1 Marvin
Ck R Osrd
Purple& Daaux 14 7
J tapir) 14 7
' • • aststaa,
J W Martina • , 14 71
11r YMe *IQ. 14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
J,G Parkhurst aCo 14 7 warrants) nouotron.
Derriloe & Dunbar 14 7JD • 8 D Murdock 14 7
Ag Pillman 14 • 711 Hunter 14 7
ppaszte r, hilliarde 80 800011 a Phlllips,dr'sl4 7.
' rthianbron. - -A4 7
Warrens Preston, 14: -7 Martin Ar ( Bosworth . l4 7
A J,Elsk, 14' '7 Th omsen a Phillips 14
• PALL BROOK. Bander. a Colegrove 14
Pall Brook Coal Co 6 00 W 0 Brietoll - 18 •/0
OLINSI. Win & Plank 14' 4 7
Jesselaok 14 7 Did M'Naughton,d'a 14 7
BE. Marsh 14 7 Osborn & Potter ,_ 14 7,
- X Billings 'I3IOA M 1' Close ' 14 7
sansoa. T Pannier, billiard
PR Bryant 14 7 2 tables 40
Ratan &Millar - /4 7 J Bcbwarzenbab, B'r 8 5
K K Rota* 74 7 wrinnan tsunami..
Meth Corwin 14 7 R 'l9 7
11 Blanc, f _ 14 7 -WELLSIIOIIO.
,T H !thieve 14 7 Geo /hotline 4 ,18 10
trtoxvins.' - • HastlaBeaColo,dru'slB 10
111 1 1111; Roberts &Oo 14 7E H Beatings 14 7
(Oasts & Crandall •14 , 7 ht. Waning, 14 7
NI Martial •14 7 winces & -Wheeler 14 ~7;.
4 4).acum% 14 7 Thos Harden 11 15
J 0 0 04 0 0 0 4
,14 7 ,Wm Roberts . 14 7
•131).1Teptins, XII 8 •6M If Bears 14 7
L B Reynolds • 14 7E R Kimbell " 14 7-
T Gilbert; drugs 14 7 Bush & Randolph 14 ,• 7
.J iltOdder4 • ,14 7 0 Blfelley • 11. 1234 '
A Dearman l4 7 0,0 Mathers 11 ; 15
Cons k Buis ley 'l4 7W 0 Riese, drugs 18 10
o,s Wood,& Son •13 10 A yoley • ' 14 7
14 7VA Gardner ' 14 '
LARMINornus. H.l Elliott, billiards , •
0 p I,eonard 14 .7 a tables - - • . . 50
'Mills •14 •7 HughTmang &Co 14 7
Ms & Weet-• Wm T.Mathers 12 1214
, land 14 7J R Barker 13
Wm Polloth 7 J W Perced .14 --7
Rilppe &t Jr 14 ; ergen, Ell 8 5
11 .7 Murdock, EH 6 0 Bch . 'rawer 8 '
R, Thoiaton, Ii H ..8 p Williams , n 4.
_Mather & Rad t ke; - 11
l a RC Bailey , -1
iswiinearciestantr. o w ne rs° Oegopd 1,214,
Joseph Guile 14 7 Harluiess & Riley 14
tinsarr.' Converstoegobd,ll 14' 1 - 7'
‘l3 Hartinan , 14 - 7 Truman Brothere 14 ,
4101 1 WerUne , • •14 r 7Wm Wilson. 18. 10
.1 W Obilds 14 -7 0 L Willcox , 1810
- Davidlifesimai 14 7B T Vint Horn
./4. 7
Rubor & Moore 12 1234*Welch,
,G It Sta ff er ' 14" - 7 8 table. gp
li•E'Werithe 14 7
the Notice la hereby e'en that ati appeal will be holdst,
e CoMmlaidoners' office in WoUalsore; on the 7th day
of Janei 187,1 bet Ween the bents of ten A, M.and ten
P. 61., at , whith Malaita place all potions aggrieved
by the foregOingipPrabientent will be heard,and inch'
ahatennato or saoneratkate will be made as seem pro
var. and Just. • And all persOns , failing to appear 00 ,
said tline • tind,plan, must expect to pay the amount
'charged In , th e said apprateement. G. H. BAXTIIft,
ii 7 ,
W,011.0 0 011,1 April /0 1 /81;SW '" ' Bier. APP1..,..
: -
am. -,now
4 Year 1871. as follow.
Sebring A Miller 12 1234
Luta .1 Brother 14 7
B Selman 14 7 .
P Thomas 14 7
Henry Wolhaf 14 7
Job Doane
Win Blackwell
B Parkhurst
R H Bowl '
J 111 Clark
Q D Main, drugs
Aaron Dodge
Pitts Brothers
W Snyder
Do billiards, S table'
R 0 Olney
I W Jaquish
N Kingsley.
0 V Elliott, drugs
Wesley Plul •
Wm Adams
U N lloldenj
H Ripley •
J D Webster
Brown A Koblor
Elliott & Hunt
V B Holiday, N Et
II & M 0 White
J F Purvis
L 0 Bennett
A W Potter
S Staples A Son
ki 0 Potter •
R.ll Keeney
Seely A Crandall
B Oftiopbell
Parks Brothers
Clark Kimball
N Strait •
Martin & Bosivorth
Seely, Crandall a Co
R Hammond & Oo
L -
Myron Mills
R Backer
0 L Strait 1-
Harkness 14 7
J H Mitchell 14 7
Bailey& Kohler 14 • 7
TIOSA volume
A larp,Brower
Wickham & Parr
0 W Sweetland
H Borden, drugs
Philp Teller, drugs
J Pleb
H B Smith a Son
I T L Bald Win & Co
W T Drell •
Humphrey & Co
P S Tuttle
J Sithelgelin
BB At /1 Irwin
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
13 10
14 7
14 7
14. 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
13 10
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
8 ft
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
la io.
13 10
14 sr
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
13 10
13 10
8 8
11 13
14 7
14 7
14 7
13 10
14 7
11 16
14 7
14 7
13 10
14 7
Sl~ , j , r
~Y ;
z t r vo ,
t 3
• ' , l)
43 Is
js ,
°c. E •
.0 c
- r
iGeorge Pranci s Train
The Cheapest Place in Town to Bny your
Truman Broth ,e
9Vernixt.set• EarAptl3r,Cla,
April 5, 1870
J. A. Parsons &
The subsoriber invites all in need of Early Sinitic Goode, to call and exam)
, •We intend. to keep a still larger assortment of DRY GOODS and Ito 4
thitn last season, and also some finer grades than we have kept for sever
i .1
• --- .
- • ,
. These goods are so much cheeps; than for sexeral y ears pas t , that we havi l e felt warrants
patting in a full line of prices, and think we On suit any one. We have them in Taffeta
,Gros-Grain at $l, $1,25, $1.37, $1,50, $1,02, $1;75, $2, $2,25,52.50, $2,75, $3.
. . .
Is ,
r 1
, . „
These goods are also muck lower in price; and yr° shall keep a good astiortment of low
medium priced Silks mid Poplins, and a fair asporttaeat of the better qualities:
• I
Marseilles Quilts.
We have a, flret-olass assortment, in regular and extra'si :es, white and colored, at very
Reece. German Quilte very heap.
1 .
Wo have a very fine stock, from the lowest prices upwards, as fine as need
$3, $49 $6, $6, Vila. $lO, $l2 and $l6 per pair. These prices kept In 8:0't
fold on order.
. .
DRAPERY 111USLINS, in all YradeS. 1
TABLE LINENS, in all.Yrades, very eheaie.•
NAPKINS, white and colored borders, from $1 to $5;60 pr. doz.
lluckabuck, Dice 6: Damask' bordered;froml2: to $9 pr. do
new styas for early sjwinpirade.
PRINTS;'GING.ItAMS fpc.,:ehOicest patterns of 1' le season
i•,,,. .
, X-P of GLOVES. A full stock Black, White 4144 colored Glov
in our regular make (the Josephene seamless) warraWed equal
to any in the market.
~ _ • I ,
WeVir t u e , 'on to our new stock of striped and plain Japanese Sit,
striped and p , l a ' ch Silks, Black Taffeta and Gros-Grain
Silks, Black 'Alpacas„ :lack Pure. MohairS in alll.Nos.,
Black and WhitikPlaids, Black and White
Stripes, Fancy Plaids, Suit, Goods .; -
as well as an entire new stock of
Domestics, at the - lenvest
ciish , prices of . .
the season; •
lAtilth 15. 18711
- tit
is at
1 + '
Lace Curtains*
• ,
.2 t.) .. ,
03 63%) CI b.
0 0.. Z 53
G.) a .0 .4
' \ 43)
*0 ~.. -.. t... ..
. ^ ce CX3
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