The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, February 21, 1871, Image 1

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P. C. G-elder..o
;—.:l.scrlptie,n, (per year)
TEN Lists ov MINI4III OS LESS, SUEZ ONE 'fikt-111As1
1 In. I 3 Ins I 4 Ins
... 1 SA,OO 142,00 1 $2,50.1 $5,00 1..57,0 1 :115i 2,00
:•, 1 11.11e.e.,._._ 1_3,001_4,,00 1 8,00 1 12,001 18,00 \
.11 col__ 1 . 10,00 ii,o 17,00 I_22X - 1 . 30,001 60,00
C I ...:—ITTITifiT,6S) ati,uo 145,0 U 160,00 l .t:lci,oo
pccialliptices 15 cents vex Itne; IMitoi,ial or
20 cauts.peralue.
Tian9ient advestisitig 1188 T paid for in advatse.
Blanks, Constullo Blanks, udg
g t oteg, Marx fog eel tifictttes, &e., ou band. 1
11 - 1%.7 IEfNS CATCI3t4
13 - ITS
".0. 4t, MERRICIi,
(Aloe in Smith and Bowen'a Block, across ball
fr.-11u A.gitc.tot Office up stai J
r, i.econd iloor.l
WIlst;oro Pa, • AM 4, IS7l.—ly,
' .Jno.T. Mitchell,
rnoy an&Coutiselor at Law, Claim, and In
surance Age \ nt. (Alice over Kreeeo Drug Store,
WeHaber°, Pa. Jan.ll, 1871-y
Attorney and Connsolor at Law, first door above
C.,avorto 08good'.1 gore, on nen atreet:
IV allsboro, January 1, 1871 y
Sveley, Coates St Co.
BANKER. S, Knoxville, Tioga, County, Pa.—
Re.;en • o money on deposit, discount notes,
and a ell drafts on New York City. Collect
-I.,ns promptly made.—Jan 1, IS7I-y _
Alehoen SEELEY—Osceola.
ItAvin'COATS, 1 Knoxville, '
Jno. W. -Adults)
awl Counselor at Law; Mansfield, Tioga
, inty, Pa. Collections promptly attended
t ,,, ;lon. I, 1971.7 y
Ilson & Niles, •
unselors at Law. Will attend
siness entrusted to their Caro In
f Tioga and Potter. Office on
lan I, 1871 y
I [J. D. Wass.
Rai W. Gnerimey,
1.0 .racjE afJ C
yr.)coptly to b
Lb,l4 oduotios
- I Wasom.f
oey ltnd Counselor at Law. All business
N:,vte,l to him will be promptly attended to.
.0 2 , 1 door south of llazlett's Jlotel, Tioga,
to County, Pa.—Tan. 1, 1871.
Win. B.' Smith,
..,„n, E,,unty and Insurance Agent. Com
, int hitiuns sent to the above adarese will re
prompt attention. Terms moderate - ,
l'a.--Jan. 1, IS7I.
Soymour xO2 toll,
and Counselors at .law, Tioga Pa.
bvice:m entrusted to their care will receive
,riaipt attention
' If
(AI. 1. 1571 y
ilrmstrong & Linn, '
I, H7l -y
sir. D. Terbell & Co.,
Druggists, and dealers in Wall Paper,
er .q2rre Lamps, Window Glees, Perfumery,
ire, 0,12, ie., ,ke.—Corning, 13. Y. Jun, I'7l.
D. Bacon, 31. D.,
• • •„L nad Surgeon. Will attend proinptly
„i ea de. Office on Craton Street, in rear of
Mc4t Market, Wellabcro.—Jan. 1, 1371.
.t. M. Ligham, N. D.,
Office at Ilia Reaidonca on the
1, 1871.
up, er,
Shop first door north of Roberts & Bail
da are Store. Cutting, Fitting and Re
r;ng 3A - 1c promptly and w011.—Jan.1,1.871.
liazletrs Hotel,
County, Pa. Good stablingattaeh
c I, ea attentive hostler always In attend
“1.. e. Wee. W. Hazlett, Prop"r.—Jan. 1, 1871
SinMOS Hotel,
E. M. Smith, Proprietor. House in
I c,,rhiition to accommodate the traveling
, 6L in a, snperior manner.—Jan. 1, 1871.
ronnwrs' Hotel.
'ION h 'E, Proprietor. Thia house, formerly
upicd by E. Follows, is conducted on tem.
cr.nco principles. Every accommodation
r man and beast.' Charges reasonable..
I,lnnary 1, 18;1
Union Hotel.
iz Van flora, Propriotor, Wellsboro, Pa.
ri.uso is pleasantly located, and has all
o • aiveniances for men and boast. Charges
, 1,1871-Iy.,
i.„, and Lot and Nine Acres o
Land for Sale.
hI. F= WI'LLIAMS offers for sale hie
!, a=e ata lot on Main street, Wellebore,
1 Ix .1, It. , of lona near the cemetery. En
t,h iViDiauhQ, at the lyelleboro bun.
Jan 1,1871 tf
New Tobacco Stbre I
• ah , oriber has fitted up tha Storb first
r t Ilarden's dry goods store,
i(lo.lmu and solo of
(it ',.14,1c5 . ), Fancy and Common
COO,Michigan Kne Cut
t'fff; Wl', 4, and all kindB of
i'f 'RAI; 0, PIPES, and the choi-
B fund of CIGARS.
for yourtolvez.
I, 1371—tf.
- 1 . .1,.t tht, VLfortivollte,
Print titltti of chi-Ago -It Plifiarohropy.
• 0 N4ift 1: it i; oit FOF YoUTTI, Anil the rof
re: Itit.ti Itt virt (GT find SOCIAL Erns
to t. aid 1,1 tho afthitt•tl. Stint tree, in er. a t e a
Addr.k.. Holt - A A i , :t•:...telA7.
I!‘ • P. PLiivielybia, Pa.
- - - F 9. ' t34 . 3RDLINI heti s ,:crlf.tantly on
i n ( 1 0
i t , r7d t i a c ra i o r e: :
'1 ;2 ) t 'i r: ,4 1 1: 1 , 7 ;l i n ' r t i ; 4 n a
1 , . , n rr) . 'IMP 1: 0.0 is'ot i oaa ctc.
H. 11, BORDer:
\ Cl.Lsiiorlo AND MANSFELD
II F. orideraiglierl. propmtlr,of
takes this mothed in
,t,ef p tblic thst tho ohnvo Stage rypa
excel•to't.) between tho tee
r, •
1: S a. rtt , clad a,rrivei at
0 ,11,1 31 Ip n rt tn.
hi at 2 :In to , and airrivis at
z - A - 4" . Fare i:1,00.
W. D. VAN 11411 N.
1 1.7"1 -Lt
( 40i,4)00
R Z3AT.I, of the beet
K lin opposite the now Cemetery
,elleboro,S_dpt. 241870-3m°
Farm for Sale.
. 1 1 aF. ;uhfcriber offers his farm for sale, +dia
1, if ei i!opp Ilollow on the road leading
. '“:cingt,,ll to WellAoro. Said farm con-
acres, shout IA improved, with good ,
I ;'' 4 4, orchard, and well watered. Tbo un
;trel part of the farm is well timbered.--
Carus will be sold cheap, and terms made
1: "ble• Inquire on the premises of
e • 1 4) /87 SAMUEL KENDRICKS.
. . , .
I _ ,
I .
.. . ,
. _ . . .
-., . • , - 1 ! • „i! - , !..,`". 74 - f,- , l‘" , 4.-----":,145r.:44-1.24:,,'at.,W,•'P'..?ki11.4:!-44A11.Wit).!:;401.44,1,! ,--"'". .!", -.7' "-',.) ,-.! ...... ; $ 1,- ,, ,,c, ' , '`A'7!; " St i '. *X....' ...1,..-- ~....,.....,,,,,,,.,.„.. .„... ..... „,„,,..,......
„, „, ~ ,
~,..,,., ..,
.., . ..,,'
~.,.• „.. ~, ,
~ , , .
~ . . .... ...
~- . . , - , 0
vr ;,- ip — T '-•-• '.l , . ' • —•— - tizitlrp AA -1,. cr -
~, .
-1 ,
, i,••• 2.- ~'--"-'l . - • ' u` , -- *- --
at '`', .. t.. . . „
- ‘, '-•, ...
............." . .............................." ......... ......^............ 00 ......
1 ,:.N.lti-;:: .:.; • ..-„,•,:•sciii 1 .00 „it-4 4i z •1 is. r, •a. 1. - : .1. , .•-,., ..
- 7',10'..r.: - ;„;41,z 1 ,Tet3 „I - W . l' q. 7 ! -'", * L - 1 ,-', ' : , i 1 . I- i*•,d t dt .,—.....-
, s z**
~ I t ~".! i " :,, ,, ,,,t, u'i ' L : , - , .
•. . -
....___ . ,
~ 1 f', 4 ,t s>. " 3 ,... C .,-± , , ,, ," ......_. ~....1.:.- *,;.- , , , -
„ ,_. ' ~. ~...'.''''-'',----- 'l ' ':. -1,-. ' -i" '' ' ''?;3 '1 :1 eV'. , '4, *;, , r.1:,4'.,c.r..t. 1, , :. , ,+‘ al: ) -
~ , . .,,,;; . ..: . . 4 ,i, - 1- A'.; (' r .- T_ li : itn : l i ... ; , , 3 l:::i it t 1 1 1 1 r ')'
:: ' . , , .. ,
7"+......... ~ tpt ~. , .
- I --, ,,t ' -,',“ - i . - - '
-- - I •,-.. : .F > - pp-. ;..15 , ,,;. , 3>:l - 51 "., - 5 1 ci ti7,`,.`ti 5 ,t• ;Ir "I , '.- I
. f ., ,:j 1 ~,, .1 .
.• , I
. • 11 L . '',. -• r *-' if
, -'i i - t t i ti 4 :
) • -,... \ \ - ~ .
• • •• - ' ..
• • , . \ . '..;
H ' .
- .
, : ~,,. 1
.„. .. 1 .
•••,, , 3 1 - 1 \ -.'\ .
.. ... .
• . • . • \ ~..,-.
..,..----- . \•:- . • ~- b
- 1
~... •,,, ~ • l i.,
, ,
.... •
(•'-....---L 441 1 11 ' ~..._ ;
, \ ,
i' - 1
, Ito(
,-.---; •.z,•,- .•' :—.
~ 111
, . . . .• • ...,i) , „•:, , ,T .., ol '''t lii. S. i.. ! /7 ...... .„._. '- ,1 - ....aft' *• ,
!l • i !,. -
. i . , t. . . 1 , i'. ' -'' „ !
. 1 • ' I. .......... ,‘
• , , _ . • ''. !. t. ''',” i" t -, i , r '. Y - : L ~ f! •
. , . ~. 1 ,
• .. _ , ,
• • ,_. • . . , . . ,
Zyr. is
• TH va• .QLTJ•
• 7PEI I II\I SYLVA':Niti;i i:HOUSE"
LATELY known as the 'Townsend Uouse,
Alt and for a Unto occupied by D. B. Boll
day, has 'loon thoroughly-refitted, repair
ed A,poiaatt •
whickdit 13 - a\bappy to aecoturstaMe the old `
friends of the house at very reasonable rates.
Jan 1,1871 y ' DANIEL MONBOE.
MUIR undernigeed 9s maw prepared to axe.
cute ail orders for Tomb Stone and Montt.
menu of either
of the latest style and approved workmansbip
and with dispatch. •
Ile keeps constantly on band both kinds of
Marble and will be able te snit all who may fa
vor him with their orders, dn as reatan,abletertns
as car/ be.obtalated in Abe
• ''F,ROI(I 04 1 ibift-.
• _ a •
Fall & Winter Millinery
RS. SOFIELD respectfully announces to
the public that ebo is now readying a
stook of
Fall and Winter-Goods.
Especial attention is invited to her assortment
of .
Corsets-, and Rea / dy Made:White Goods,
.Also, Zephyrs and Gertnayitown
,I,W O oIB in -Fancy shade. ,
Patterns in Zephyr and every,thing pertaining
to the trade. RID GLOVES of the best brand.
Hats, Caps, Bonnets, RlbUolis, mowers,
Laces, &c.
The Wilcox & Gibbs. Soling Machines forsale,
or rent by the week.
Wellsboro Oct .5, 1870. tf
S. C. ilottroN
8 1.1113 EL LIN'S.
DbOTORg, <
MtROHANT:9 ) ,. ;•*'
FROM $36 TO r $lOO •
FROM $36 TO $lOO
Cheap forbaDrtAarK,Bit t
and ca§b at •
. Wa4tflold, Jan 4, 671. Pa.
Weilitioro Oil faift,ektieti
"bid Principal of High School.
IT is the determination of the Directors to
make the course of instruction as thorough
and systematic as can be found 'in the State.—
Commencing with the primary department, the
pupil must master every year's allotted work, be.
- faro being admitted
_to the next higher.
The best of; teachers will be employed in every
.department, the most approved methods of in
struction used, and the best of care exercised
over din pupils in solaeol and out.
The' Hutt; Smoot offers these advantages:
The Principal is a graduate of the Rochester
Univeraliy, New York, amend entannfiafge,ex
perinea:in the best ilonSikd y'schhols ,the
Country, who hoe spent ttif qycrs in' Europe,
and speaks Getman, Itatejiii. lie is
qualified to give superior in'sfractioiOn,
P'itt'a Arts and the ilarie4t,JLongarighs. , :lastritet.4
Lion in Mathematic.); the Sci.aci's, Book=
keeping and Music, will be equal to Glut of the
beat academies.
The Board hope to :eon be able to secure in
struption in Paiaiiaa and &owing, by a lady
who beff had Veveral years' instruction by the
best masters lb Germany, and web has practised
in th? Galleries of Berlin, Dresden Munich and
Florence. • •
The hest school is the cheapest school. The
Board intend 'to obi-Nita all objections to this
class of popular schools, as far as possible. A
sufficient Corps of teachers will be employed,
that full justice may be done tc every pupil.—
Tuition is free to all within the old borough /Un
its. Pupils from - abroad are invited. Board in
private families from $3 to $4 per week.
Tuition, Common English, (per term, Si.
I " .11 igher English'. Mathematics, &c., $B.
By Onnun or Brunt).
September r, lb7o. tf
New. , Millinery !'".
MRS. SMITH, on Alain Street, bee just
Ilk opened a very latrio assortment of
1 5 9 1iNe r ir 00) ( 445ag .
.1 I I_
Which she is Selling at COST,
snob R 5
- -&di, -'
1 am the only elent j&this plaec.
Ladies that havo not noticed theta Muffd — rrill be
astonished at their eheepne?s, heanty and com
all of rchip,ll wil' ? r eld muth'below former pri
ce?. All.zmork done promptly, sit" to please.
Virelizthtr- - ., Nov. 7, 1870-tr. • •
• ( Fird.. Door East of Cone House.) •
subsCriber batrotieneo - a tuarkidlor tho
accoramolntion - Of all in U•alif of
CaAl wilt, i.o paid fir poik, beef, reutton, beef
cattle, bides and sheep pelts,
Fresh 'fish every Saturday.
November 2A 1870 tf
3Ft.a C:0133133T 7
„ -
_TT EE'PS, constantly on hand, ELGIN WALT
Alarm ad Calendar CLOCKS, •
Plated: Spoons and Forks; Tablo, Butter )and ,
Fruit' Anises; Cain; Castors:and Cake Bas ets;
Napkin Rings; Cream Salt Sugar and bins aid>
Spoons; pine Gold and Agate Rings; Gold ens
and Pencil's; Solid Gold - Sets; Pearl Fancy, nd
Plated Buttons; Watch Guards and Chntni,idio , ,
A large stock of SPECTACLES, GLASSES, ind
Colored Glasses, all at reduced prices.
N. /3.—Watches and Jewelry neatly Repaired.
DIM 21, 187.0. j
Tioga Marble Works.
JE l N r *ifo ll 9
`S I I , YER !SI)°°NS;
•-•64 and after,,MONDAY.,...Dee..A. • ..1.87,0, Trains
vet)oralng, at the followiug houre,vis ; -,
ri-e • Goma, WAIT. k • 01.371 • .
WAS A U. NIGHT EXURBIA (Bitalffas*' ,o , ,o4l )
for Buffalo, Dunkirk and (ho gust , • •
(5,05 A. NIGHT EXPREBB (0,10 A. M. for
Rochester, Sundays excepted) fcr Buffalo, Dun•
mid the West.
6.00 A: M., WAY FREIGHT for Roch'ester, 'Ban;
• (lays excepted.
2111,b5:A AL-, MAIL TRAIN, Sp sclaye excepted, for,
I /Raab and' Dutiklrk. '
12,95-P.AL, WAY FREIGHT, Sundays excepted,for
Hurpullavil to.
2,00 A.AI.BALTIMORE Alp., Bnoilsrp t uxupplet
'Mon. ' ,
5,30 P. Al., EMIGRANT TRAlN,dally;*for‘thol_WOV,
7,35 F: DAY EXPRESC T Rundiya ex - depieilla7;4ls'
P. IVI4 fox Rochester;) for Butillio and the west:
12,13-A: Al„ EXPRESS 11 L, Siindaya excepted,
for Buffalo, Dunkirk and. the west.
• Goma .E.AST. ; .
12,13• A, as., Ni#3,llTXPltEjas, s, 4 wlays excepted,
;connecting at New Yoik with afternoon trulne
• and steel:nen' for Mellen Enstead.Citios.
4,40 A. AL, pINOINNAT/-.EXPiIiSS, Mondays
cepted connecting, at. Now Joraey wlth, trait! e,
for Philaila.lialtimore and iVaeltington.
• Sunday!' excepted.
1146 t E. IL, DAY EXPRESS, BundaYs ixcepted,
• .1 iconnetting at Jersey City with midnight Ex•
. press train for Philadelphia. - '
12,15 P ill4 - SIISQUEITANPA V7AY, daily,
11,40 A. M., WAY SREIGLIT I Oniadips excepted:
4.30 2d DIVISION Oki; finridaya incepted:
tag at Jersey City wirb, morning reprise train
• :,for Baltimore arid Weabtagtori.- • • =- 1 • t
revised and complete''PecltotTluie Table'iof.
Paseenter Trains on the Erie hallway and connecting
Lineeibite recently been publiebed,and Can be prOcnT•
ed on application to the Ticket Agent oft he Cowpony
Oen'l Pim:Agent:. " tidn'2s4ls.,
Oloesburg& Cornititi,&7 1 1ogi Et:://
Mains will run' as follows until further notice
• - •
No. 2, 2,35. No. 4„ 9,28: No: 8,34.. No. 8, ,8,22.,
No. 10; 11,5. No. 12, 12,12: No. 14, 5,68. No. "1(
0,20. ,No.lB, 11,12. •
130INP - SOIIIII 1'11.031 TIOCIA; :
No. 1, 0 28., No. 3, 4.55, 'No. 5, 0,01.
No. 0)7,20. No. 11, 10,18. No. 13,1,42:
i .11.311ATTlICK, E!upft:
•Nortliorn Central R .B.
TraitieforCanandagniti leave Elmira ad follows :
Accombdation at 7 1rgm
Express Unsteat train on rond.] ~, , , ..... ........ ...; 11 ben in_
Stall I 10 30 pto
. '
, 6),:i m
Qna,pd after f
Dec. 6, 1876, trainer will aril Band
doliarl filo inVroy ,a! innnwni . - . _
925 E 4 (oxoept Sundays) for Elmira and
•Iltiffalo;sla Erio Railway from Elmira.. ,
10 14 a. m.--Daily(ozcopt Sundays) for Elmira ,Euffit
lo,Canandaigua, Rochester, Susp.,llridgeand the
, Cunadata, •
5i 5 13 3. -- -PciPi(tmcolit Buptlaye), fcif Baltimore*
Strasbington,Philudelpht,,to. , _ , -
707 (eicinit Stinilayo) for lialti4toto,
Washlngt'on and Philadeli)bia.e
.tiLFRED It,. FISKE:, ED.S.iIMIO, , ,
' GenVals:Alet •
Arrival and Departure Uf:Stugps;
L- flinE Stages rtixiOni:ov . er,
• ' tho di ff erent routes lion)
Wellaboro, will depart
arrive. as follows, from the
` /11 • •-- ' ; : • gellsboro Post Office:
Wctosilose Troa.t.—D4part 5 .1 , Ib, 131 ,
• , ; 7,o'clock ion; i
W.tLeo o i o it o n
,tikfiseii_sti.—Depits t , 8 t!.
,v50440 , 16 . &:teti546pAW.. 4 41ii;":140g. - Itrio di,W3:9,'
e2in'.' • •
" =till :11111. ac,!,!:.
Watter.ono & BTaNY Fiida"3 let 8'
. _ p.,zo,:arr,. Tues. t' Fridast ;...,..: f.
svtio bad 16nebeep: eeiab
I POked.
•iid3far. 'Ol2 tinie,";:• - "y0630:-
pri4ei ,
- 7;44
' 41 7
tf .
, .
: ; 1
iMpKRICAN . wAT.o-ss
CASES,. Otstri;
STEEL _ PENS, TIII31131;43; '.;
'T;PP,v,44t,' •:;, '
&c., &c„ &c4.,--1/4'
Wit :most ether articles usually kept in snob
establishment, phickis aold)nt far
C S ,ti•
Repniring don© neatly, and promptly, and on
Vrt Nntie'n. A. -FOLEY.
January I r 1871-y -
To the Citiz
1 - 01 - lifTY; "_
•., •• . ~;
i; : • ,• • •,,
1i . ~ .g ,
TA rs,E plo;isure in annooncin to tho public
I that i bayo on honril a liiiige ilea splendid as-'
Sort wen! of
s rill- oy r s
both :,: - .411,1 hhd ori!e • axielltal; 'o,ffe;tllg‘
to the puhlie cheipei.thciii: over 40f41 berive.•.)l.
will et** good..l4o.`.BloookStove rich-Paeolture
Pot s 2ll ' Lke . eP in:'Siddit. P. P:Paelehenit'a poll-
ttls r Corsi:: :This le said to - ; • et. Stove,
made the 'United' fitittes. ' Iciliereep the
Ligktijiitg:. ; . ; X,,- ,:: :;,cift:, : Sa.iv;
tho fastett cutting Saw id - thiliworld,:, ! the man
tifactiireig of this Satv",oha)l6o: the world under
a forfejt of $5OO that that this is the: faitest
tiog saw:made. , , •
Than tt . jt;ii !ley, • for iheii-iatro),
the past,;andavolang still to merit their favor, I
am as cree r gratoftit,
Xll of the it3t6,
P. S I -I
one an,d a.
doalota in this county to sell as cheap sts'l do
J . W. Jnquisb, not eltereptetr." G. B. K.
Mansfield, Nov. 2, 100;:-2m. • • - - • ;
Administratoi's ,Notice:
~ . . _............... .
T../ tI7ERs of
• Adtubaistratton, pent:lead life,
boviog 'been ,gfftV.ed to thO 'undipittgned on
iho eetato 0 pira,tgrookoirolo,tyro,late of J A itoler
eon towneltift, , Thiga 4 i l 4 Pcjileasasott; ati per.
einiff. hay ing . clAima - agtitne.' iniid-::eiltate, , Anil.
ttineo indobteUto`ttle.eting)!Atiii,)36ittiod to cum
for eettleptont on 1441:11/11VBS,
Pendent, Lite:
Jan. 4, 1811.-6t.*
FEBRUARY - 21i 1871.
j'll. t
1 ; ;;*.c
ns of liansfied
- , ,
Bpkyv,etri the berried holly.bnah,
The lEtlev.kbird whistled to the 'l'hruah ,
"W.Meh:way did bright•eyed Bella go?
'leo% lipeokle•breast, actors thel ancivr-L
Are these hor dainty tracks I see,'
That Wind toward the shiebtaiwyr ,
Tiff, ihrople peeked the heritil
"fie 'bred or looking, Yellow-tilt;
Young Frank was there an .hour ago;-
linif , :fri;tzen, waiting in the - int:Ng _
Htelliallow beard was whits, with kintiL'
Toltuktitis a merry pairingAine 1 2 1 , 7
4'6f - would you 1" twittere‘in tho - ,WreuX,-;
ilhescare tho reckless ways of men. 4
I watched them bill and Soo atilSloti‘o"
TheYthOughf the sign of
Ifnientkut timed their loves as eptiitig'tfaq`g
4 T,w,pold'save this intonsiatenoy?!.'
'Ni,/y gossip," chirped the. Robin; "nay;
I 11134 their unrefleotive way;
'besides I heard enough to show
,Theif Joys is plroof against the snow
ho said, Ooh toait for Nal,r l
Inca toys can warm a winter's tiny f"?..
—Good WoOdel
: to c• .
MISCIELLANE 0 : rAir`" i.
„, •
• -
[For the Agitiitet4 l `:i
21r.. , Van, Odder - T-1 want ,te 'i? i ceatli,
a small apace in your paper Mks *ell
to say a few things to the pubileorptem-.
peranee, or rather intemperance;' in
general; and about licenses 404
emperance, in our borough; ,in pallid,
tier. I do not know that I .l ,, Waht'to
" reason •on temperance ;" I: 10010
earne`to the conclusion that thegenerel
public sentiment was nearly righted
th 4 subject. I cannot say thael, 0,4
foutid,more than one man wee , Th ep
talked with temperately, as Llnurcto
man, did not candidly ackn?W:ledge
that the Use of intoxicatirigdi a
beverage was t i tr! evil ; not only an , evil
to the great p blie, but an evii"lo:eaeh
individual using it. That one' tiollltaiy
exception, who thought the use of in
toxleating drinks a great 'biesSing to .
mankind ' lies now in a drinikard's
grave not far from Wellsboro.- C,f, ~f.,
Col.. Kimball, whom most 431 lyon
knew when he lived, spent aliiici4 bia
1 -
,whaielire in selling intwcicatingdrinks,,
and Was an habitual drinkerlliimselfl I
Yet have often heard hlrri sar,tliiftile
was;" A horrid business," wittiout, One
redeeming quality; that it seamark te
hihusometimes that the curie of • • God,
, rested on all who sold it ; and thatAhire
I , was not one sound reason for its nee. i.l •
have •heard many others who „st r :4;if,
and used it say the same thing: ', ' ,;.:,
The public mind, however, : geia. etc.,
elk/ sometimes, and men talk. Wry
Astia gely on the • subject of
.in and pse of ardent spirits. Whewthe•
Mind Is Inflamed, it cannot reafionfrrl:
lz;'rid when excited by oplipliyitipi
. i and sieCially by inCempq,4o„ : )mogta t `
,6, , i+, 4.1' At •the expense of an aygis4:e"
Phq Eitil if its honest convictione.. ' o4o '
•thense of intoxicating beverages is de
*feitll4d by-men when under their influ
en* When they are not supposed to
reasonv4e,l4,4s, when, iildeedoit ,iti ,Llpt ,
A-7 1, _
woe speak, hut theepitit that is
Nv i t 4 n th en i,k,. , ;1,1..1.,1.:. . i .:' ,.i
; 4na k .tt l ,o l ,taieitity. ige,' 137 " 4 .4 0 .t-Wii4l).
posed tonepertectly-noni3st.'ln: Abe- ex..,
2:(7.4 2 5:0n of •they , oPlettra,',!brAlift,nitc of
Ene . Vo 4B lo' ; r° 'l 2 l o lni s g l6 4tirtfe;t4too4llCilt.,
ainieit it:, :rolalt37:3iiteni whainakebAste
4•ii4alw, rieh'i2 *ill :Wu:Wilda - - . 411 1 hbtffi c f,.
vrinchilaiittgi Wrniatilgtoeiuif . ,# . 4lo,
0 4 111 0 , wealth ; 1 94,-.o ll Wr,*; 010/ 4 M, :
,t,heluce, and ey,eaxclaverfeurictiorpel
edge the V th ey EtIV: lielhAr illAhn)lAtrYT.
They Who che4lliii fm,4orid4lo.„ s;vo'Pld'
hot h6aitate to Condemn, in the most
ernpl4totterms, all dishonesty. Men
'know} better then-they aoe; ' I hAieliii
payind'a9ye, a luau ;who is,azettle4a
tempiliac e,nliku ,- and, if t iatatake ylot,
i n
()eke God by pretending to be a
Chris len . ;.'--and yet he does not hesi
tate bp use the niost•'foul dishopesW to "
~ . .
acqui e riphes.
~ , ~ „ 0
~. , .„
-''.P&l tlidans, too, sometinieiiekito.ibet.
(Cr ,th n , they do. XpitY - IkligitiP/40
i t
410, . ih r heat' haei3 ',,dititgteni- `
who, Itcp ,• ip 4tultia,„
*AiWtteer the Ede and use of ardent
spitibts,:notbecause he believes it right,
butbillcanse,ha.thinksba inniy-Aheleby ,
impraivehlfrpoliticitypoiPeWa Va t
votes. IChandlei'itigalYl4lYoli:
bailotb ettnuti an.; election] h ys.•
should he-Jeopardize his chance of pro-
Melln, o -' running a muck against
liquor, it is wrong, he kaiin ' 'td het
cOntt to hike
but,J , hen, whim' tki . gi4.l ariki
t•itiiii2, Aims at, beawilbpay, backininck-'
ratiqquenee, voot ItLegnostopagnintiL:
n t t Ylhasi lost by - his dereliction front the
finth j icif: hOnestyr 4 , Vint
a poll tiCian to grow better?'
',"Athen, , there are men who are,
froMi ei_r,peculiax.xnake,-upialiwaysv*
boilieldes of certain great Moral Aueti , l
Veils ? ? They know ruit
f9rsP. l2 :lP Ja46 from-the
pettpfe, they time their position by the
position Of the times. To the man who
fftitei.e Purity, -they pronely-a Apure ltfa;
to:teMperance men they tal4,lOirlhgtv;-
otqlre ternPerance In all
tbitige the man who deals in liquor,
'they t -scathingly of)the i folly.i•of hal
Etatick reform efs ,• . ,if theit fit , clghbef
roOttlo'theni thitt'letig en° dityrthei
Yet,. ''fine.4 4 ** l ; 4' !: f: 5-0 4 11 ".. 4 ,
May'-his •'raining nOlstOfie,El)44 KR,
in ea, ti t terik 'en
'thei, :echo - the sentiment, though the
day znitYbe the sweetest
. And. ` there- is another class—politi
cians,, , they are., cailed 7 Rho_ i lleh
slyly, 818
1166'6 414,,,Thelkoilf, , ,thro,wixig
nut, their , he gently into this Wile rind
and,drawittgln , tereh:rttotei
• and , thereatrput,quicitly hagglktheini
to be Catelu'OneleetiondaY. 'hey, - trelid
softly, and walk iittierly, and lally, :p9 7c .
litely, and .try, as much at inthonvlics,,
at llve~ Pettbeably w,l ;041 1 3W - bet,
with the., many ballot-casting liquor
,man: & I "
• :1 04
. z * ::;A t ica 9 cry= see, Me; ,t,dikoe,tillat.tliot
the bonest sentiment„of,th 4i]
e..pepple i
I with die tenPeraneCnoe:a,- tiny: have , l
inneh to contend with, becautre meal°
not act • up to their 'horieit' c ciitiviettens: '
fU dear sir, say all these
things 1.0,.th0W that, the liquor
laiternkeePer is nat llte Very Weitie Mari
fli.:tPrOrtunity. The re. are ot. b ere about
'wharf. • 'They , ar4 l net respolighlii'llfir
, all the eVitre:Sulting from the sale and
use of Intoxicating drinks. They wolld
not ask fora license, if all that part of
commanlty—arid that part may be as.
:604 d ,to ,t be tl2o•Whole—' *be: honotly ,
bel,i4Y4 that - tbe sale and uSe,, Ot ardent
sp.ititals an evil, Would tieffip to tbeir
belief. - .They wonld not,, sell, if men's
appetitek lwere not so deo:Aped,' and
their pOwei to resist evil so weakened,
as in make the use of stimulants a• ne
cessity of their lives,l yea, the ruling
power of heir very existence. ; =-
The 110631 liquor- sellers} are not the
waist „ dishonest part of community,!—
They gives good measnrs don't thumb
thSyard stick, or have false Measures.
Th4y have the same piicb for the pectr..
ignfirant Man that they
‘ hava the
rich intelliont man. They diiitet cheat
:in pike 6i'quatitity,y,theT:do - in qual
- •
80; on "die wholeyyoattaiy. pitts dowuw
theitavernkeeper, , who;'with a licensb,-,
sello:lfitexicating drinks, asan
- average,
filan 7 7-ahout as,good as his .11 eares
I don't say this of the keep4o l ;e l :
those'dens "pout tow* ,where liquor is
'sold In violation of law, and wheremen
creP slyly in at badk dOorsr, on Sunday
as *9l), as other days, to,. swill; doWn''
'ilio4infaizeous beverages, out ot,whicir
grow', po,!erty, COMO; delirluni; diseape ;
and Oath• .
Having said thus much-;;Iet
ouiislidly the sitnageitA We:tio*
re. ' have. kW analiiiVeklii, Well&
bore,' three drug shope, - .laKhilllard4&::
looris', one bakery', one7o 4 leitqltilitink
`store, e*d, perhaps, ene: or; tw6 other:
'places where intoxicatingr,drinkts are-'
sold in violation. Jaw: ;In
these places, and PrebithiSr, more, gam
carried on, even on the Sah-'
_bath. The one piece speak - of is the'
drunkery, or beitery,` 4,9 . 18 called,
kept ay Ur. Burgen. In one, probably
both the billiard saloons, the law is
grossly violated daily. The same may
be said of the drug stores.
Now, it may be asked, why do you
not latop this violation of law, by pros
ecuting the offenders? I answer, the
experiment has been tried, and h e
grand jury have ignored the' bills sent
np to them by the District" Attorney,
andlput the costs on the prosecut6r, and
that too In the face' of the most ample
testimony. And this course of th
grand jury has been justified by- men
Ve.b6 Were looking forward to the day
wheb they might need the votes of
quor sellers; so that now, no man will
prosecute, with suclx a prospect-before
But the law, you say, reqUires your
,constable ,to return each viola ens of
thellOW, and l that, too, under oath r and
~if such returns are made; the Court di
rects the Diettlet Attf•rney - to send 'up
'indietilient's w'itiiinit'a proSeoutor. bur
consiablels in intelligent man, and re 7
.turnS every court, iiditt,i:,.oatb, thati hiii
knoWs icor no place Itaitabeikouglf Where
Intoxidatint liquors ate sold entittaty
to latv,'and that lio'hasnot.lieSii., Infer:
imed t, by :any one that, there are swill ,
- 131ace i i is: is t,
-- Yo*Ciin , see by 'wnitt 'is; saillabove i 'l
that Mte bad got the liquerentir-faikteit:i.
: (1 u tt ' # W OR. 4 1 !Ili Vlitf4o . 4l444iik
: illd'nt oper e gre . 1 31)0D 5 fill- I thlk.
Was a ehiss who liked ,liqiibr;wlin.,feit
:ahoy? Oleakti*lo4;4o-944,terialiales‘
for a Tram. They ' had to! sendib , this
dreg *ore for a bottlOJ, : ef '''t
. `XeShefels:
hest,'? and get, perhaps;the"iStY,Woirat - ';'
or, gO _Wftbout. They were 'flatlet:W(l i .
' f
.hewever,' that it was best to go without.
'lt;:alidlet thOught on the
.whole that:
4VW'ob4d do no great harm to nave one
oriWo.tespectable drinking. p 1 a ea, a',
Wiletea:Man, who was respeetabia;Ar,
fiebVitY,".eould go in with hia.reSpecta
..htedlleiids and drink in a ilepSOtablii
Ititinile,Y4 *rid so they we,14,:1t,x2441:61*,
9euttiei 44in s t their moraielietawd,bet
- fir'Stidgment. Some, I ~Buppralpilteftl
eStly ,Illitight,it would bOegbed**o-..:
,:rinee 4A c ie,le"haVe 4 t"Wi' thoe
'censetaverns ; and so, they. signed , foil
liven li 43; . The once known' tbibPdiarketi
t t
, -, 0 , 0
ever, who arrayed thetaselvii
'on that- tilde, had either become. intern.'
Verde Men, or directly or indirectly in
terested in the success of
the hOuses. ~1.A... , - c. . i
'Petit l Ons were presented'iONit fok,'
liceßS i etilte our taverns and:. two *ink,
izig houses. Petitions: : weravi*niated
-fir ealill'and all, and ,Secoryll4,:to`. t,,i4S
iiiuntlqr • the Court the nnutherefUgui.
flame on all was, 242; all:said:W. be Pei
siding Vithin the borough._ r. - hiiiiikliot,„
,- itountelY them; and daiiriol;iliarefotei,
:4iii i y t4Eiithat is the
; The/ Iponents of license
.. birkit4l4'll,
telnons4Mices; . and procuteitlie)iernes
,of 90 ;male residents of the ;.berongh:
over 21 Yeats of age, and the 'itaniCe:,4, l
. )e: Pilt. l : l 11 74ep atO ~sillgte'Wereett, l
oys.r 2 „years Of age, Malting linall 270 ; 1
to oirspt , against, 242 for lics4se t :of a nl'S.-'
jority br,2l3'aßinst licenski'pur',„OeUrt; : '
fh 9 ,C q 6 iilance !with lawircontit all the_-
rilytierl for find against-license,: whether ,
thole Or Ornate, The whOlehniiiiilit, Of
remodstrahts was, .827 x ;,,,a1W ef':thetsCV
-427; at least, were 'adults •'according. -tik' ,
'the OW law. On the teetAiki.:o44` ,
w "et
ailre,:t. . mina of 219 meta sere of , the
: G
ileh lt eliod4 hone of. which w . 8113 . 1
conntclithY,thei Court.
:-...,. -,
T h• I o„p
eetitbins and.. tentionstrariped i
werep c * .;into t e hands' of thUlkdOs, ',
un,Wednes,day 1 they held a meeting in,
Judge iWilliatrirs office on Wedneaday i
eveninW,d onThursday,,dudS, I.iVI .
damp aPPPUileed the result of their,ex ,
amine lort , to b 242 for license and p. 2 7 ,,
`agaltie ileqnse, and accordingfkir
tedVa, fOnee to A. B. Gray_es,,, et:thEtl
Cabe' onset and to Sol Bunnell andi
'lliiiiiel 44nroel of the , two' frolliiii:4l
liOnses tijfnliinti a license to IY:l:,i t ',Vari:
Horn,rrthe remonstrance of his wife. , .
The appgeations for licenses:tO thii(flis, , 4
eating hoUASs were withqaWn . ,;. i! . i
~ , ,
• Pn Ifondny following, thoOtt#Userfor:
remotititia4te obtaldie ii,44l§ 4;,stiow_
eause iyirr,the x licenses should.,iiot hi
'caticeild k having been grantedbytriiiiii : ,.
"take. * 'Xike:laot was shown that ilia:*
. giii i t eniOnstrants largely outniiiefierect
01C legatpetitioners; but the'aunt Ted
[ fused to idalie the rule absolutit:
111,-eaneef:tikt licenses—though „44 . :1*,
ting thelnicount, on the ground— , • -
they had insrpower to revokit'ay.lle : 4l#6:'
,!iiiitih 7 enoti - granted, exceif ' 1 ki:.
.. ' 4,iSeli ki
set Yettia:iw -,
the statute. ~t,,,a Li ~.',..1 2,1
-- ; i tzi alt 1 have Said I am n(4,1401141 , ,
any 'Nfzrong.moti l yes to the egii4;,4,pik.,_.
ly'ComPlain of the earlynegleetortheit , ,
education:lid arithrnettel,V . , A`'.' 4 ''''' . ; j ':::',
,well; we _have three licensed ~lietela .
in ,NVellsbero. I have not one. word ,to
al i r agEtiiiiiti,the landlords. '' - I ilitiiifsi,ii:
doubt of4heir ' I ability to ,keeP,a ; ,..4li,
ern ;" and So far .as I have seen;: hdy;
are alfgentlemen. Their licenses are
-the result of accident. Had the present
system of learning to count, now prao•
tired in th el' ‘ rinieyy PePirtre t our:
Graded echoer, been, in vogue twenty'
or thirty Team ago, the accident weukt
not have hapOened; brit 'it ',lls a slice 4
fact fora ak top ye,eive, and Jet 114 make;
the beet' of it. tit 2 p
The frikaids'of and the 'hotel.:l
keepers say they will unite with
putting down these illegal places, where
menare &tide 'drunk and ruined. Per.
hags :: they Will iio:tt. their. inter!
est to get all the trade and inake,all the
'Money 'the.* can'outiof it. • Therels
part of the trade it' le' their interest tko
avold,the selling of liquor on the Sal);
hath, to, roiner‘and ifl,telnperate.peg,
eon' n;1 fq.(11.9,:1a*:4.11`04.0:
-te wpect and the_present grogshops
Which disgrace - our village are put down,
We 'may consider lhatAight „SAW:nett.'
eai inistake Providential, or rath erover.
ruled •by the-Higher Power, - for good.
1 'l!have made this article longer thee
Wtended, butt will avoid such
an error in •my .neat, for must ask
year iri,dUlgencepr 'two tbrep . more
'cair4 l3l4l3 4catiloi l! on.the same inabject.-1
Yours, respectfully,. •• -
(Correspendence otthe Aiitstor4: ,
IXAanisimao,,tei). 6, 1871.
;Lest week's.sessions were mostly co
'o6-p',Jed in the:
,iiiiouositin :of the _ appor
**tient bill and itto jitil; fok Palling a
.eoni7ention,.to, revise :and amend . the
Calstitution,' no `conclus ion being'ir- 1
iiir d at In either case. ' The °Mee of
gtaie.iiinperintendent. of soldiers' or.
.pilaus' schools 4 , 03c:dieted, and the.
pies i rernor has nominated. the Hon. XL
'ol*terstiam ' the present State Super.
intendentof Common Schools, for that
position. Many of the children who
Veip placed In these schools four years
ago] have already arrived at the age of
sixteen, and are consequently dischar=
ged by the`tVrms of the act establish
ing the schools; and it is estimated that
in the course of two or, three years the
sellols can be entirely dispensed , ith ;
yet he record of their geod , dee& will
redound to the honor of our _State: for
all time to conle, 7 -a noble example, ,
worthy to have been imitated by every .
loyal State. .A.ssuraing, the, guardian
ship of these wards of our brave defers.
dem, our State has clothed and
, given
,thern that training and education that
they 'were entitled to. from their pa
rentis, and in, many Instances a better
couoe than they would have received
at t heti' parents' hands." The organiza;
tioniof \ these schools was first proposed
by Ala Excellency,, Qov. A. G., Curtin,
in: his ' Annual message to , theLklalar
urelin 1686, And - hi , the liberal appro
priation of that, body - carried into effect
the Same year., , Col. 111 , F, arland wee
aPplilted Superintendent, and did
Mlle to make the schools effective and
:be i;i ficiaL w, Having served .th honor
1 1
ha.tlie field, and lost a leg in is coup
tryla defense—and Ibeing a. horong - h
scholar. withal—hediavoted his timeand
kiner les with unceasing , ludo try, un
til h - had marked their good t snits in
,a,lt:' , arts :of the iCommonwea the But
tii;-.A* who pledged' himself care - feri
''" fir an a Rgellia6o66liik kluid
1,, , ,„„. , ..:? u -...
ikb,..m num 41,, ,, ,, .....t.i.„-a..
.144 y, ills natu e, and 'deeds eVer live green
irpthe hearts of every widow and or
,44ltin of Pennsylvanial rlustly was be
lerineti the soldier's friend; and worthi
- iy,tlikl le acquire the title.. Long may
J' Ii 7e to enjoy it. , .
. , 4cinday evening session weir incu
-pufq In receiving reports of eemmittees
ttiiifthA reading of bills in place. Tues
kaPs Session was private calendar day,
.bapw;e4 little business was done there
14't;* the.question .carue • up oniconcur
tilt* lif the Senate bill incorporating
Ad" kneric n. Ste •
t ( a atnehip Company
Oft illidellailk'3 ,: 4hich :was finally
.pas by : piVd:mnirlritf. 1 ' There see Med
_ _
deal of intereat
1 1 4Ptc 1 0, its the, eapitaliste
1 , 414,1 irk connection with some of our
-leadiug 'railroad men, have , agreed to
sOnie' first class steamers - and .oe
'taOs`tr a direct line to Europe Instead
or depending upon the city of N. York.
T1 1 4[1644 objectionable feature about it,
- ::W#4` . that it .exernpted ithe .corporation
It taxation for all time to come.
?-"A , b 11 was passed on "Wednesday ex 7
a i. ..=
. s empt, ng all known as
parse age's from taxation, valued ,at
, '
. . ',OQ or less. This was originally a•lo.k.
.I,lilil, only applying to Cumberland
*ll a but upon Us': final passage - One
~4,.. ii ii nA riul 4 e 6icci f
at a yrn 'fy te e tl r ai a t n kie o up t !e li or e av v ia ril l o p v ls, c:l buy t i l i rk infl o o l in u uta d d e :
Jo i idi the con ties in the Common.
"iy:olth. The e tire Session was taken l
l i
tip-in sits disdus ion, 'and nearly every
, Me - Mber parti cipated in it before the
:11r4Vote was taken ; and it waeof such
an exhaustive character, and so exten
tiveatiange, that the lore of the prime
,y,S,l. iges,was exhumed to shedlight up-.
imi L thS subject. To a disinterested ob
.-server; this was a very prbper time to
,oteltbe mental caliber of the dispa
*MA, iand I- might as well-say - that it
sank 'into Insignificance when cent
-iiited 't6 some of our Tioga county ortv
'tn-rY;after a successful election, when
tbeir.4lrits were jolly over the result,
and hav i ing been assisted with a little
`,41,111:e in-sip:nyder, f But let, this pass,
.frii4e,,rnight offend my colleagues in the
MAME) if this should come to, their ob
sir4St(on.- I „ . .
'i'lg - b,e 1 Governor holds , another receri
pob-c94 Thursday evening of this week,
ncivilch all his frienda-and their wives•, 4141'0, to take-a drink—of lemim-
Ladsf,; - .:Which being toe strong- for. my
'o?t,:mlciii,riefus to attend. Perhaps
.t.4,Y;:art get ale g without—which I
douht-+;but they , e My sympathy:-
-TheTaihions of t Stinies are so much
in Myance of wi t -they were when .1
...—.4 ,
wini r y,oung, that Oat Mot feel, 'at4lf:lnle
e;srlike.tist,d. to„w en we attcnded o eOrn
• - hbefkin t gs and` ap tycoon!, with good old
,_ , ~: ,_,. t
,Pueaphin pie and cider for deisert,, and
,csitireodressea and white aprons the on-,
fivAtdUrnmeuts of our sweetheurtS:
',3. ,g ;back Ihoie, good old da - y4" . 4nd .
, eporte again, and, my. word for 14 , wa
t ai , l; ( tm the better therefor. , -- • ~'•
1 . ;itt.';4oarnival of Death" is the latest
!:tidiettiliement of the Hudson riverrtol l -, '
a ttidity i eld out to iniiike the traveling'
iPuMfq ~ o nceept paiiage on their road,.
1 wilinti arries with celerity and dieptiteh ,
l 'icihatOSt unknown bourne from whenOit
,nO4iler returns." Pardon me, friend
had rather ride on a rail.
) . i to
iilth . od support at ends and Odell,.
I,`t_ti‘i .Lange my borth'i on your pal*
ateeplig coach for the. dark depths , :of
dm catigry 'Hudson. fl
, ow many,. alas, ,l
- . .
`tiny,'are a I 'shuffled off b
li`Y; d ky; ..t.- 11 )
Medal :ist4e by aeilntki like this! and:
yet thetenger, rushing crowd heed not
the warning,- but follow in successive
rounds to ell the decimated ranks.—
, .
Peath eO/1208 la.all obapea ; but.when I
BasaaWay. let It be Oil a .!' Bowery , bed
of ease'' , and not by railroad.. ,
* "01 - p on ,the still air. of, night comes the
chin 9.0 t belle ;I , lOw sweet, .110 W &s
-molt, how melodious, for it plays 'Rome,
siVec,it ' home,'` and echo answers Wick'
'Weir Platutive swells. At such times,
how , "all - things' seem centered in the
'present; all elie is, forgotten, and we
live in the'ecstacy of the moment, re
gardlesti alike of the past and the' great
future that is hourly breaking upon us
and forcing us into the whirlpool of
corning , trlals,bill and strife.
- I have ever been a lover of the quiet
etiliness of the night ; love to stand be
neath' the erebed canopy of Illimitable
space, and gazOin wonder and admira
tion upon those far of worlds of light,
that twinkle like fire files on a summer
eve, pondering and doubting until the
'sense becomes confused andit am lost
in cent.3%plation of the w o dro no
theme. Could we but know their his
terY, origin t and the.purposes for which
created ; could our circumscribed Intel
lectS but fathom the great myStery that
surrounds them, and in our reaches af
ler knowledge, make plain to eur give
er matures the first great cause of ani
mate and inanimate worlds, how much
of, doUbt, of wonder, dread and fear,
would be romped. It may yet be. The
reaches of sole oe are delving into the
hitherto unk no n mysteries of the utii
verse, and ere I ng this world may be
come familiar with all its surioundingS.
Relying and resting upOn that beacon
of hope, I rest.Me In the lap of Mor
pheus. - , X-27.
-The belt of land around the globe, five bun.
,dredMiles north and five hundred miles south of
the equator, abounds in trees producing the gum
of India rubber. They can be tapped, it is sta
ted, for twenty successive seasons, without inju
ry; and the trees stand so oiose that they can
. gather the eap - from eighty treys in one day,
tech tree yielding, on an average, three table
spoonsful deny., Forty-three thousand of these
trees have been counted in a tract of country
thirty miles long by eight wide. There are in
America and EuroPe more than one hundred and
fifty manufactories of India rubber oracles em
ploying some five hundred operatives each, and
consuming Fiero then ten million pounds' of the
gum per year, and the business Is oonliidered to
be still in its infancy. But to whatever extent it
may increase, there will still be plenty of rubber
'to supply the demand.—Day.
The above is strictly, true, with the
slight exception that there is tiota belt
a thousand miles in width where the
India rubber tree is abundant. They
occur in favorable localities within a
lew degrees of the tropics, but the Am-
Jrzon valley sends more India rubber to
- market than the rest of the world. Her
exportations of Indla.rubber, or borra
cha, will hardly 'amount to less than
15,000,000 pounds for 1870, and much
more for the present' year. And the
quality averages bet* than that of
rubber imported from East Indies.
Few, trees yield se little as(three spoons
ful per day. 4 -gcidti sized tree, say
from one to twoleet:iii . diarupter; usu
ally has from_ six to.i*elve cups attach
ed to l lValindalithill,rduring,the,w4king
13 6XiOr,''each - Cap - be - ing - safe f or one to`
three larg-c epuousful ; old, well worked
trees yielding least, while a large, thrif
ty, new worked tree may be, bled to the
extent of a quart daily, Without percep
tible injury. On the Maderia, in - tho
republic of BOlivia,,they have a villain-
MIS practice 'of n ever
. "going" o'l a
'rubber' tree but once, the Seringero
girdling it and taking all the
.milk it
will yield from a deep " bog," cut en-,
tirely tround the tree, after which It is
left to die. In Ecuador the natives cut
deep b t eXes into the trees, near the roots,
and lead the Milk - Into - 11614 Ili, the
,grotuk where it is left to ferment Until
;the watery portions evaporate, and it
becomes .hard, when it IS 'packed for
market, where it ranks as sernamby,
or niggerhead, bringing about 8-6ths as
much as borracha fina, or A 1. India
rubber. Last . month , the prico of the
latter ; was $1 05 and $l.lO per pound in
New York, and but for the European
war, would
,be still higher. A rubber
walk,' or eatracla, of 100 to 150 trees, is
by no, means uncomnion; and there are
some walks near 'Breves, XfacaPa and
Santarem, of more than 800 trees .1
' - Mark Twain Lillis describes a speci
men "old Mau" 'of Buffalo : .
"John Wagner, the coldest man in
-Buffalo-104 years old—recently walked
a mile and a half in two weeks: He is
as - Ch erftti and as bright as any of thee()
other old men that charge*ound'so in
the n Avspapers, and in every way wire
mark able. Last Noyember,he walked
five blocks in a rain storm, Without any
shatter but an umbrella, and east his
yore - 114r 'drank remarking that he bad
vot d for forty-seven President's, which
wa not strictly correct. ' His second
cro of :rich broWn hair arrived from
lie , irc:rk yesterday; and -be . has •a
he • sot of teeth corning—from Phila
phi . : Lie is to be married next week
to a giii 102-years old, who still takes in
.washiug. They have .been engaged 80
years, but their:Parents persistently re
fused their consent until three day§ ego.
John Wagner is two yeurs older than
the Rhode Island .veteran, and has nel
taer taated. l a drop-LOU liquor in,
i -
unless you count whisky. ' •'' '.
-r- , :.,
, Th .. , - .• 1
' 'e quiet comicality Of asmal/ event ,
sametinies clings feryearsto•the mern".- 1
Oiy. 4ifundernonstratiVe' inekient :of
this : kind .c.raa;related to. us as olltiWs:
"Ate - old - Irish great aunt' f'tnine
once stit,bY the fireplace, strait ing her.
.dudeen .with , a terrific smack' and'an
.occasional - scowl, as a stray rl glut of
the pungent smoke booked 'tee fin her
nose, mihile 1, a boy of fifteen, , at
: op.!
POsite, listenlng irt} lies queer talk, and
leisurely Smoking - MY Cigar: The. Old,,
lady ested' the' weekftit my mouth fur
tiVely for awhile, - and' tben taking ' the
-Pipe oat '''or her toothless' guniti, • anti,
AnubtfullY'stretching:ont herhand;'She'
'saki, with a vOicelike a, grater,- 4 13Ititiy;
' g,i Ve; us'a blast '4,) -that l'-' 1 oreltietantly
iktiiiv nti awl•m y: raga I la; ;(Nirorthli these
41iiyS eitht cents ) ) 'whiphi withlixi
'ad a t ,' ell adopted:iv Itb very. leaky Whiffs,
end vet; y.little comfort, as Abe - , taste • of.
the tobacco :wils_.,tinusual.., After ,fally
,testing fits. flavor, acid holding the cigar,
iii,s:pinparisen with her own clay favor-
Ateitsbe'liatidedit back tome tritit :the
l!titidvstdiagifet,',' : air a -thing' vt,illo4 t t ,
.li'tOite; arivd tt k .titliril '' ()kirk; hew ,E 4- :,
lay ~4 : 2' birn ••clii job get' fOra - ointr' 1, --'' '
The Lafayette Courier announces
that lie ?fighting editor has gone into
winter quarters." .1
NO. 8.
'X be Agitator
\ -
look & Job Noting House,
Is well supplied with Presses and Typos to eft
cute 'ail- kinds of Job Work with_neatntso luitt
'Large additions of all the lath stylei of type
• have been added to this department. _ _
Loeation—Bmlth & Bowen's Block, 24 Floor
Church Colutim.
[For the Agitator.)
NO, 111. •
• •Let us look at the startling phenom
enon already noticed, a little farther.;
for the tact that, in some sections of a
noininally Christian land, but twenty
live per cent. of the entire population
attend religious worship,4s a plaenom;-
enon which may weir startle all lovers
of their country, to say nothing of ac
tual believers Christianity as a cit.
rectly revealed and 'authoritative reli
gion. - Now, ex, nihiN nihi/fit—whioh,
'freely translated, means, " nott i g ex
ists without a cause,” What, ten, is
the cause of this extraordinary fact?
The cause is manifold ; but whatever
it may bp, it certainly is 'deseriing 'of
our Most earnest attention ; for, if it is
our bounden duty to carry the hope,
both of the life which now is, and of
that which is to come, to.those of other
-races, colors and phases of civilization,
there can be no . quesilon as to the obli
gation resting upon American Chris=
tianB, with respect to these virtual hea
thens, so far as the'' visible Church is
concerned, in our own midst. Surely
it cannot be that all these
goers are what we commonly call , infi
dels. We shall indeed be 'slow to be-
sieve thtt in any American community
three-fourths of the inhabitants have '
consciously and deliberately repudiated
the religion "of Christ. We have said
that few men are infidel!, from choice.
There is nothing lovely, or ennobling;
or soul-satisfying, ilk, unbelief. True,
human nature is badly depraved ; still,
few have got so far in stolidness twit)
longer to - feel " this fond desire, this
longing after immortality;"-=few Oe
actual Atheistsl—few look upon con
science or the sense of moral account&
Witty as wholly the creature of educa
tion. The writer has known such—at
least such was their profession ; but
there is little danger that their number
will ever become very" considerable. '
And there is hope even of such. To .
Barker, an Englishman, once not rio
as an Apostle of the boldest and -'
seat kind of infidelity, in this con try,
has, by the grace of God, of late ears
become a clergyman of the Chur h of
England. Perhaps the lecturer's xPe
deuce was the same as that of some of
his hearers. In bis once celebrated dis- _
mission ,With the Rev. Dr. Berg, in Phi
ladelphia, the friends of both' dispn
tants lcupied seats on the platform.—
The co trdst between their respective
t) t
adhere is, in regard to all that is noble.
and god ike in human character; did
not tail t once to strike some of the
auditor on that occasion', and left an
impression not soon to be effaced.
No,—this class may be rightly called'-
exceptional. Wherever we go, in what
ever age of the world, we find the ideas
of God, of an hereafter, aud of moral
accountability. Even heathen writers,
like 'Cicero, have' recogul4ed hi this
Universal consciousness of Mankind,
the Voice of God. And'no ; iti no In our
OWn ;titnehee,urged the. Ideas we
hive named 1 more earnestly • and elo
qu eti tl y than Thebdorn Parker—to
whom the writer, in patislrig,, would un
hesitatingly acknowledge his great ob
ligatl'on. But how any one of evenav
erage intelligence can hold these ideas,
and fet, upon duedavestigation and re
flectibri, fall to believe in Christianity
as a supernatural and authoritative Re
ligion, seems inexplicable. The Athe-
ist is.far more logical , than the Deist;
for, tb hold the idea of a Supreme Be
ing, nd yet reject'revelation, 'involves
heavier draft upon one's credulity
than Ttoinanism itself. -But, as Manse'
fordihly remarks, while referring to
Theodore Parker and Francis Wi NOw
man,.” Men -will concede much to phi
losophy who will concede nothing to .
Scripture. The sickly and sentimen
tal Morality which talke , of the fent
eldust God of - the. popular theology,
whichis indignant at the faith of Abra
ham, 'which shudders over the destruc
tion; ,
'of the Canaanites, which prides ,
itselfin'discovering'imperfectionsin the
law of Moses, is content to Wiwi° that
the God 'who could not sanction these
things,.could yet create man with tia
morality of a cannibal, tile religion o
a fetialt= worshiper, -and ordain for him
a tau), of development, through the pu- 2
rifying Stages which marked the (*vitt
zatio4 of Egypt and Babylon and Im
perial Rome: Verily, this unbelieving
Reason , makes heavy demands on the -
faith hf its,disciples.'!
That thoughtful mind 4 should meet
with clifficulties . in their quest of truth,
and especially of religious truth, is not
to ' be wondered at. But if there is in
deed a God, if theip Is Indeed a futute I
ife beyond the grave, if we are indeed
responsible to'Clod for the use ti:' , e - make
of our. present ex Istence,—a few hours the further consideration of
the evidences of, revealed-religion, and
the investigation of the character• of
that Church which claims to be none
other than the Church of the Apostles,
as founded by Christ Himself,--surely
this ought not to be deemed too on
an outlay of time and' trouble the
Part of any rational man or woman.--
It is to be remarked, however, that ve
ry 'much depends on the temper in
which such a task is entered upon.—
The opinions of the average classlof un- '
believers are not often to be el+nged
immediately or -directly by argument.
4their,waut of faith; of spiritual die
ternminit, has resulted in most install
ceS'frotn their general state of mind and
heart, .I.t" is only; to he removed' by a
change in their moral and spirltiial,
condition, deeper than mere loglo can
' .. - •
" Ilint, "—perhaps is ready
to protest,—" surety a - mart may be at
least theoretically a Christian, and yet.'
net necessarily be a church-goer. There
are sol many sects, • that really one's
mind becomes 'bewildered to -think of
theta all, toeay nothing of d6cidingbe
tWeen their .rival claims! And on the
whole,A Wet hour at home is as pro
fitable ilk! a dull end stupid h o tfr. 4 t
, Clinrch. l - „Where such is the frame of
Mind* heart, it is simply 'an abuse
.otlang -.' eto talk Of being theoreti&tr
ly 4,,Chri tian, Either Christianity is
whatit 9 AtiAl3,to,_ bge nor it' Is not. If
the : further, . ali. ,Itillingt.vilth it is abso
lutely Shocking tb toy 0 0110 'who fora
moment soaks, at the'real beta% of such
"ii ebbrao44l,‘ tpaatter, ' let • Us byour
=actual 'seak'ch :Air , the truth, jiettlp the
411E:Alm-rand, then look ita goneoclußil
oesktionestly iii •the Aide:: i ffl ',#' ,i
,',-.'• • •-•-
• -Vehave hicia if sneiringly; i'anark
ed that " religion is a dreadfully wa
• manish thing!" Butlet those who pre
tend to disregard, if not actually Oisbe