The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, February 15, 1871, Image 1

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P. C. Van Gelder.
obee ripti on , (per year)
I 11n. I 31un I 4 Ins 3Mos I 13111oe I 1 Yr
,puree, . _.OO
. 1 3,00 1 4,00 1 B,OV 12,00 1 18,00
.11 . 10,00 1 16,00 117,00 1 22,00 f 30,001 60,00
-? 0.1 116700 - 1 2 - 2,00 130,00 1 46,00100,00 1/00,00
sv. Special Notices 1t cent. per line; Editorial or,
canto per Hue. •
TrAnrietit advestleing . MUST be paid for iu advance.
Inst Ice Blanks, Constable Blanks, Deeds, Judg
..‘otes Marriage Certifkatest 4c., on band.
Orrice in Smith sad Bowen'a Block, across hall
ova Agitator Office up Stairs, [second floor.] '
Vellaboro Pa, Jan. 4,
Jno. I. Mitchell,
tomes , and Counselor at Law, Claim, and In
surance Agent. Office over lirees'a Drug Store,
Welleboro, Pa. Jan. 1, 1871-y
William A. Stone.
tt,rnay and Counselor at Law;lirar door above
Ccncerso 4i- Osgood's store, on Main strent.
WellsLoro, January 1, 1871 y
Seeley, Coates & Co.
NKERS, Knoxville, Tioga, County, Pa.:—
i;.ocoire money on deposit, discount notes,
soli drafts on New York City. Colleet
ns promptly mado.—Jan 1, 1871-y
Moncax SZEr-ET—Osooola.
DAvID COATS, l K noxville. •
Jno. W. Atlairo )
rue y and Counselor at LU*Manefleld, Tioga
acty, Pa. Collection/ promptly attoriaed
, Jan. 1, IS7I-y
liVilson & Niles,
rneys and Counselors at Law.' Will attend
Izatptly to business entrusted to their care in
re counties of Tioga and Potter. Office on
`.venue. Jan. 1, 2591 y
t li"neott.] (
joint W. Oiler/40h
.CLCY ,:❑d Counselor at Law. All businfAs
ctru.stod to him will be promptly attended to.
LE:a door south of nozlett's Hotel, Tioga,
~:o County, Pa.--Jan. 1, 1871.
Win. B. Smith,
Bounty and Insurance Agent. Com
ooNanous sent to the above address will re
prompt attention. Terms moderate,
s.‘ , l l le, Pa.—Jan. 1, 1971.
Seymour & liortou,
at.oys an 3 Ciounaelora at law,. Tioga Pa.
.Ibaßtios entreated to their care will receive
u,mpt attontioio.
if :3 E 016 ca
Jar. I. 1871 y
Armstrong & Linn,
dL I, 1871-)
W. D. Terbal & Co.,
ale Druggiate, and dealera in Wall Paper,
rue Lampe, Window Glass, Perfumery,
So.—Corning, N. Y. Jan.l'7l.
D. Bacin, M. D.,
ao and Surgeon. Will attend promptly
all ..all4. °nice on Crofton Street, in reaA of
L goat Market, Wellsboro,--Jan. 1, 1871.
A. M. Ingham, M. D.,
c6pathiat, Office at his Residence on the
:cu c,—Jan. 1, 1371,
- 7. hop first door uortti of Rob'erts & Bail
, dal dware Store. Cutting, Fitting and Re
riNg...lone promptly and well.—.lan. 1,1871
Hazlett's Hotel,
Ea 1 toga County, Pa. Good stabling attach
.iud an attentwe hostler always in attend
•, ',so. W. Hazlett, Prop'r.—Jan. 1, 1871
Sptitles Hotel,
E. M. : . :.uaith, Proprietor. House in
I cm,ittion to accommodate the traveling
in .1 superior manner.—Tan. 1, IS7I.
Farmers' -Hotel.
I r E, Proprietor. ibis house, formerly
E Fellows, 12 conducted on tem
r-t,co principles. Ecery accommodation
r sin end beast. Charges reasonable.
~ ,nary' 1, 1871
lrititto Hotel.
Vla Horn, Proprjetoy, Wellsboro, Pa.
• I, .1,0 1 , i, , . , 3,14ant1s located,• and has all
• .i - enienecs for man and beast. Charges
irate,—Jan 1, 1871-1 y.
,e and Lot and Nine Ac'
L and for Sale.
NvILLIAMS cifers for vale bi 3
l'rtlßl and let do Main street, Wellsboro,
••v rze of land near the cemetery. En
. ' -, Cpe nt the IVellcboro form-
Jan 1,1E71 tf
eVi Tobacco Store !
iat;.,criber has fitted up the StOre first
Thom llarden's dry goods store,
mpufactura and tiald of
.1 1? (all : 7 ;vies), Fancy and Common
K. 1.70 Tr' CC o,Nichigan Fine Out
1 . 57 2 G, and all kinds of
G FOll ACC 0, PIPES, and the choi
.ll, .Ind of CIGARS.
•:- Esce for younglves.
.t I, 1671—tf.
Kelt, ar..l Cure of the Erriug and Unfortunate,
Prindpie3 of ChrP.lttan Philanthropy.
It S ON THE ERIZORS or YOtTII, and the Fol
Ate, to relatko to :11.1act.toi. and SOCIAL E. rIL,9
aid for the aiticteci., In eoaleS
Box I' Phileddlphia, Pe,
tORD76'N keeps \ constantly on
a 1• Pore Drugs Aledlcirtee,
1C1,;1.,•4, 1111 t:, Oil, OILS, LSIMPF\A
1,, ry Cr
I, :7..71 -1.),
THE undersigned, propracti,r p i f
thie line talies d this method of in,
4thlio that t he al.ove Stage rui,l4
excuided,) Letween the tiv, ptai
b , r., [lt 9 I . t. and
held t 2 30- t.-ti., and arrlvee at
p tu
tt W. B. VAN HORN.
140,000 RR balk
R I, F. the best material, by
opposite the new Cemetery.
ellauTo, ept. 1870-3m*
Farm for Sale
..".: !tbieriber offers hie farm for sale, 2itu
.Pet in Copp Hollow on the road leading
i'' , vir,gto n to Wellsboro. Said farm eon.
~:?', aerel, about 150 improved, with good
l ' 5 F, °reliant, and well watered. The un•
`ref part of the farm i well timbered.-
12 ;arm will be sold ohea , and terms made
:table. Inquire on the psuttees of \
7'A:f..Z.:.::'.. , i1 - 1 - `;.t -, t , '"7- - Z1 ,, :"-:.
, t . ',5 gi
; ; Ci;!sit' , A MI
,ana ror 6,AM...occupied Boll
" --aay;'hni.beeiCthoroughly relttitliVpepair
ed and openedby
who will be happy to accommodate the old
friends of the house, at very reasopable rates.,
, • •
Jan 1,1871 y DAtfIEL 140111t0E.
5,00 I V." i $12.00
ftiLLE undersigned le now preinged f,tl exc.
ante all orders for Toihblitonee .and Mown
mente of either
of thelatest style and approved workmanship
and with dispatch.
Be keeps constantly on hand-both kinds at
Marble and will be able to snit all who may fa.
vor him with their orders, on as reasonable terms
as can be obtained in the country.
Fall W int er Milimery
MRS. SOPIELD rest) nodally. announces to
the public that she is now . receiving a
complete stook of
Fall and - Winter Goods:
Especial attention is invited to' her assortment
Cordeta, and Ready Made White Goods,
A l iso, Zephyrs and Germantown
k Wools In Fancy shade.
Patterns in Zephyr and everything pertaining
to the trade. KID GLOVES of the boat brand.
Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Ribbons, Flowers,
Laces, &a. ,
The Wilcox &Gibbs Sewing lifir.chine for sale,
or rent by the week.
Wellaboro Oot. 5, 1870. tf
Orlin! CHUMS!
Cheap for barter, and cheap for easy at
Westfield, Jan 4, 1871.
Wellsboro Uuion Graded
And Pr inciparof High School.
TT is the' determination or the Directors to
make the course of instruction es thorough
and systematic as can be found - in- the - State -/- 1 ,•
Commencing with the primary department, the
pupil must master every year's allotted svoik, -- beli
fore being admitted to the next high'er.
The best of teachers will bo employed 11N:ivory
department, the most approved methods of in
struction used, and the best of care exercised
over th ,, pupils in school and out.
The Han Senoot offers these advantagei:
The Principal is a graduate of the Rochester
Universiiy, New York'; a gentleman of large ex
perience in the best conducted schools of tho
country, who has spent two years in Europe,
and speaks German. French and Italian. Ho is
cosigned to give superior instruction in History,
Fine Arts and the Adorn' Lonj , ,agiB Instruc
lion in Higher ~thi t hematica, the Set sac es, Book
kseping and diludfc
• will be equal to that of the
best academies.
The Board hope to Soon be ot,lc secure in
struction in Painting: and aNing, by . 19. lady
who has bad several Years' • instrueticrn by, the
best masters In Germany. and who has practised
in the Gallerios of Berlin, Dresden NI - ankh - and
The best school 's the the , .tpc-/ school. The
Board intend to obviate all objections to thit
clan of popular schools, as far es possible. A
sufficient corps o' teachers teill be employed,
that full justice spay be done te every pupiL—
Tuition is free to hll within the old borough lim
its. Pupils from
arc invited. Board in
private families s3 to $1 per week.
Tuition„Commcin English, (per term, $5.
" I.ifigher English. blethemattcs
• By ORDER Or 130.1.11. D.
, September 7,1670. ti '
es o
New Miltinery
SMITH Maiu btrLet ' has jai
at opened very assortment of
TskINCV 'ooo2)get
such us
Ladies thdt have not natice..l there Muffs
astonished at their oheapnes.s, Lettly And ccan
all of which will he sold much beti , ri former pth
ce,=. All pc.mptl), Phkt t 9,9 0.
jo'.. CAltol.ll.%E
. :;1 V 7, 1570-11".
ir:st Dour Eaq of Cone House.)
11111 F: ,:,pened .1 swarret t".r the
c4' tal in %slit.t
Cab will lib paid fur pork, brut, (nation, beef
cattle, hides and sheep pelts.,
Fresh fish every Saturday., ' ' •
I November 2, 1870 if
E 3th
L. . Caaricw ,
KEEPS eonstuntly on hand, ELGINW ALT
Alarm and Calendar CLOCKS,
•• • ,
Plated Spoons and "Forks; Table, Butter and
Fruit- Knives; Caps, Castors and Cake Baskets;
Napkin Rings; Cream Salt Sugar and Mustard
Spoons; Fins Gold and Agate Rings; Gold Pens
and - Pencils; Solid Gold Sets; Pearl Fancy and
Plated Suitors; Watch Gnrltrde and Malts, Ao.,
A largestook ofBPE Q TACLES, GLASSES, and
Colored Glassy, all at reduced prices.
andjewelry neatly RePaired-
, .....7-‘,.........,... 4. v....-0.f.44 4 .,; . :. 4.4 , 4 , .. , ... : -
? 1 1 ' 1;i\ A \
x. rt - '
1: - I)i'k 4
• .
Tioga Marble Works.
1 - gEROHA.NTS,, - ,
- „
FROM $36 •TO $lOO
Which - *he is Selling at COST,
lam the ci, I agent in ail; pini.t.
' ----
Oand atter,,SIOPFDISX, ,Dea. fy 1870, .TrOsio
illloaseCornlng,at tha f011,01iving419 . 4”,,y12:,,
; , ~. :' ~,.,PoniqMzert. • ~.1 ..., ~. r '-:
5,45 A. M., NIGHT EXPRESS (Mondays excepted)
for Buffalo, Dunkirk and the west.
6e6 A. hf,, NIGHT EXPRESS daily, (6,16 A.M.for
; Ritchester, Sundays excepted) to Buffalo,
kirk, and ;
6.00 A. M., WAY "REFIGHT for Rochester, Sun
. days excepted. \ • . . , - •
10,25 A.M., MAIL TRAIN, Buedays excepted for
Buffalo and Dunkirk. -
'apt p.M.,WAY FREIGHT, Sundays excepted,for
zop A. M., BALTIMORE ESP., Sundays ,eXeePl44,,
or Rocheeterand Buffalo,via'Avon"• '
6,30 P. M „EMIGRANT TRAIN, daily, for the Weat.
7,35 . 8. AL, DAY EXPRESS, Sundays excepted, (7,0"
Rochester,) for Buffalo and the west.
12,13 A. M„ EXPRESS MAIL, Sundays excepted,
tur Buffalo, Dunkirk and the west.
EAST. ,•.
18,13 A. M., MOUT EXPRESS, Sundays excepted,"
• connecting at New Bork with afternoon trnins
• and steameta ter the Now EnglantiClties.
4,45 - A. M., CINCINNATI EXPRESS, AtendaYs
• cepted,•connecting at New Jorsoy with trains
for Philada. Baltimore and Washington.
2,07 P. M., ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, ter.Ximipt,
' Sundaya excepted. - ; , . )
11,28 DAT EXPRESS, Sundays elcepted,
concocting at Jersey. City: with's:Mt:Light Ex
press train for - , - . „, .
12,15,P 4.,-StiIiQUE.IIANEA, ~‘ .„
11,40 A. 4., WAY .PAB/91/T,Butulayll 'excepted. .
4.30 2- 11f., DIVISION. MAIL;
7.44 H. M. LIGEVINING STRUM daily,connett.
lug at Jersey City wirb morning Express train
for Baltimoreand Washington. , ,
AMY! A revised and completet‘PO ck t Time Tablead
Paesenger Trains on the Erie Itailway and connecting
Linea - Attie recently beenpubliehed'Aiidcan be proent•
ad on appliaation to the Ticket Agent alba Company
.it . ARR,` - • T) RIIONER ; •
Gen'lPass.Agent. Gonlll34't
aloosbarg & Corning, &Tiogtr
litalabArill run as follows -until further notir
No. 2, 2 85. No. 4, 9,28. No. U, 6,84. No. 8; 8,21.
No.lo, 11,25. No. 12,-12,12.- No? 14, 8,60.• No, 16
5,20. , No. 18, 11,12.
4,615, - NO. 6,'8,01. - NQ i, 1,16
No. 9, 4,20. lio.ll, 10,18. No. 13,1,42. •• • - • • •
• ' Northern Central R. . -
Trains for Canandagnia leava Elmira mit aria
Accomodation at . 7 12 m
Expreas(faateet train on road] ........ 1168 1 La
Mail • • .10 30 p m
Accommodation • .616 p m
1:1 and 'after Dec. 6, 1870, trains will •firrir e and
departfrom Troy; as follows; , . :
92J p. m.—Daily (except 8a odaye) for 'Elmira and
Buffalo,via krieltallwaY , from Elmira. "
10 14 a. m.—Dally(except Sundays) for Elmira;Buffi
lo, Canandaigua, Rochester, Snap Airidge and the
900 in.-r-Dnily(except Sundays) for Baltimoiii,
707 P. m.—Daily (except finnplays) for salttmora,
Washington and Philadelphia":
• IiLPRED R.FT3RR,' Etll.B'. y,otiv4l -
fiell'iSuptiferrisburg; • Oenslyiles. Art
Arrival and Departure .ef .Stages. -
• THR Staiierunning over
' • the different routes from
••••—!-L,a- 4- Welleboro; Neill depart and
arrive as &Haws from the
- Wellelwo Poet °face;
WELLSBORO & Tloas,—Dopart 6 & 10,a. za., arrive 13,6
and T o'clock p. ml
WELLSDORS MANCIFELTA—Depart Ba. ml, arrive .3
Wri.r.snenc. S eournisaroBr,—Dop6 Mon, (t - Theit.2 -
arriVe Monday &Thursday at 12 sts.:. • -
WELteiano SaEstRIP,I - Stioaz.—Depart Aloii.& Thur. 9a M
Wrctsuoa, 4 Swots r osz.,-Dep. ;Tata. & Frldayt at
_ v. tn., Arr. Tuve,. Eic - Friday at - 12 oa.
- . --s j _.--- . ANDREW roLoov,
~ who has long been estab.'
01: '''\''' 116 !fished in the Towelry b a 8/.
I 'o3 4 i '' 4 t nese in Wellsboro, has Jii : .
ft, ' lid , ways on • sale, • various
AUN..h. x /... kinds and prices of " '
With roost other articles usually kept in such
establishment, which is sold low for
Repairing done neatly, an4,promptly, and on
bort NOTICa. I A. FOLEY.
January I, 187 I—y.
To the 'Citizens of Mansfied
ITAKE pleasure in announcing to the public
that'l have on hand a large and splendid as
sortment of
both useful and Ornamental, whieh I am offering
to 6,, rut;ll,3 cheaper than over, sold before; I
w ill good No. $ Cook Stove with Furniture
fors42o. I keep in steckP. P. Peckham's .pop
obit. Cook. This is said to be the best Stove
male in the United Stites.' I also keep the
Lightning :X .- .Cut Saw,
the fastest Cutting Saw in the world. The man
ufacturers of this Saw challenge the world under
a forfeit,of $5OO that that this is the fastest, cut- .
ting saw made. • .
Thanking my friends for their patronage in
the past, and hopitgetill to ,merit_their favor, I
am as ever, grateful,
0.13. RUP-
P, S.—l challenge one and . all of the Stair
dealers in this county to sell as cheap. as I do
J.W. Jaquieb, not excepted. 0. 5; IC..
Mansfield, Nov. 2,1870..-3 m.
T ETTERS of Admit/tetragon pei4ente
j having Leeu granted to the undersigned on
the estate of Waterman 111cintyre, late 'of Jii6lc- ,
sou township, Tioge CO:", - Pa , deaeased, all per-
Itonf hating claims aiairiet • saki,: estate,:-and
thoseindehtsd to theLsame aro notified to call
for settlement on L. B. BBIVIS,
• • • C.A.ROLINEIIittiTYB.B, -
-", Admen. :;
3en. 4 1871.-6 t... : Pau' dente Vita
*VaI , LSBORO,:.P4,
&c.,. &43„ &c.
C A S R.
AdministratoeB Notice.
!; - -
‘ ! " l7E . tainOßO.
• • '
Beneath i e Mil yen ntay ace ` i e m
Of waiting wood and oittiabltpg atone.;
The , wheel le dripping and clattering'still,;:. , t
Jerry, the miller, le dead and gotta.' - '—
Year\ after year, early and late;
in summer and winter weather, '
litespoCked the stonea and calked the gate;
'And: ill and miller grew old together.,,
,f`Little,Jarry"—liras all the samo—,
;They loved him well who called hum so,: -
And whether he'd ever anOtheiliatae;
1' obody ever seemed to know:':: 1
4 :•
swap ! Little Jerry, come grind, My rye
:AndALittle Jerry, come
ipd PLittled Jerry" wee atillthnery, ,„
;From matron bold and maiden sweet ••.t
. I
4 1 i "Little .-
'was Attie Jerry" on ever,' tbagtio,l -
%And thus the simple truth WO told; i'''.
For jecry was little when ho was yoking, ,2' - ,,
;And he was little when ho wap.old. -.4,-; '.• 4 1 .2
Bat what in Ize ho chanced to Itelc,- , -', ; z,.i, , ;i ,
erry made up in being strongp °,,, :‘; 41e,' , 4 il
i l
, I e'ieok a seek upon hie baci, ,, ...' ,, :' 4 . 414 i i':'-,
' ' t
;,.#4,thiplt as the miller'and‘ge4eiiiio4;.," : r i ;
I r • . .._,
Alwayi busy and always merry, • ~,.,, I,z._ ;
• liklways doing his very best, • 1 •,t ,;t,, i,.
, l.
' • Alibtable wag' as /ittle 'Tory, „ , ,,i ~ .:ii ,
3 . ,•
, :Who:itttared well his standing jest. '"
' 1 ' 4l . t
, : ~•,.
"*liWirill you grind my corn, I saY," ! `' t , --:•,' :
t'lTail' qoxith Jerry, "you needn't scot k. , i ,
Jlet leaveyour grist for half a day, .. ~ „
; rind hover fear - tut you'll bo tolled.l-
.' , l ...:'-'.
' ,•;, 1` .1.
' #otv Jerry lived is known to fanie,. '.
~ ..; :,,,,,.
, But bow he died there ' s none may-knowi s ' '
, OUO:Antumn day the rumor came= '! ' ' i T . ',..
f"Nbc; brook and Jerry, aro very 10w,".,„ r ,; ; ,
And, than 'twits wbispored mountfaliy, I '
AiThe leech bad come, and be was dead )
d uII the neighbors cooked to tee :
iitlle Jerry," was all ate,y
Ells aid him in his eartblzbod÷ . ",
miller's coat hts only siiiond4, • , f
"Oast to dust," the parson said,
And ell the people *ept aloud.
Fok he had shunned the deadly sin,
0d not a grain of over-toll ••'• ' 1
• , :•• e r.b:
lindiver dropped into his bin, tif
• To weigh upon his parting 50u1,:.,
Beneath the hill there stands tbp toill
Of wasting wood and orumbling - sOne: •' if
;l The wheel is dripping and clatter ing ,
, But'sTerry, the miller, is dead andlene;.;
Wendell Phillips on Divers
• -.The following extracts are speCinienn
"of -.the way Wendell Phillips p
things up. We rather like die styP3
4.4uding to the drarnshops, Wendell .
Phillips said that there were in-Boston:
6;"l9o l pitfalls of hell."
43p;eetting of the elections ilkl4 . Xork
city,{ he said :
A leader says to one of his creatiu*
"I` want, you to go down to such it. poll-.
'lug booth, and produce such waceli p :
there as shall drive away deceney
,The ):Oftn says, " That will send - mii:ltio
tlietate prison." But. the leader An
'ciolv*tr,-..- .411.0-111 vub' nana / ut.l ! /:i-u:
Sadge, and in the other the proseCaing•
attorney. Do as I direct, and you shall
be eafe. Refuse, and I'll have yot. Jiang,
tO4nOtrow for what you did yesterday."
As,te,Prohibitio , he said :
' 1 - '"Bhe Yankees have tried license two
cmitaries,,and nos they have devised
prohibition. They have resolved that
ti'eltY shall:not beiruled• by-:'grog that
eriwe shall
,not' x tild ; that tatelligarte4
shall? , .'., ' i ' '
311), roaditlhe following hit at thegli:
;1301sIrtfiiviv trieteri.bitt,tbli;e4/ 1 1;01'. i' ,
_"-it 74 6 : P ll 4filkettßiPiktti49 b‘Wtt*
tepee' ', thaiLthera :were', tliistpikivett
Statea in this llnion,; thet'e 'were' thir
tY.,_sl.lF States'and a'raiiroad-the; Cain=
den and Amboy. ' And to-ilaithe'leg
isleture of New York does not meet. at
,Albany. • Vanderbilt carrl4,if pi tyli
waist:coat . pocket.", - ‘ 1 ~ :-, • . .
Concerning the conflict bet Ween la•
bor,and capital, he said :
":liubor is justified in;using any wea-,
pon When capital - fighta' With it. The
.coming struggle is to ; , be betwig4,men ,
andruoney." • • I. • ,
Th 4 following is his analysis of our
social condition : .
, '4' tere are one hundred babies in
_Ojneinnati to-night lying In =West
teventryears hence this'Will I:•,o,l3leir',
MAN*: twenty of
drunkards' graves; ten of them will
turn Innt - half-baked - Men, amounting
Ito nothing; leaning on somebody; ten,
more will' be Men w - holeadildeal,liVeti, ,
who will make patents and poemsiinot.
caring for bread, their feet nevertouch..i
ing the earth; ten will be rich men,
I worth from one-quarter million to forty
millions; of the other fifty,, thelarger,
propOrtion will rise every, day Without.
knowing where they, are going =to get
their 'daily bread.. Borne of theft .wilt
, be 'Worth $l,OOO or $2,000; hut the Mott.
of them will supplicate, the riett.:Well'
for, the opportunity . to earn their.daily
breadi..Somewhere in the chain , that' '
connects - these men, is a link that nei
ther christianity nor justice acknowl-i
edges. 'You may not be able
,to toueh.
it to=day, but the sagacity;.,of,,the next
- generation will fludlt.!) T • 11
grigland receives a slap in the fol-'
lowing :
",Thecivilization of the nineteenth
century Is eclipsed. France avid Utak—
ltind-, are to be turned into camps to
curb nur - ambitious neighbor, and 150 1
millions of years of human toil are to l
• • ,
be wasted in the nest •
- thirty yearkto
make V.urope one.great soldiers' camp.
Anil that besotted England, thatstupid,
tninddled statestnanshipof England:that
let France Uncrushed in her versight;
stands alone the only obstacle to the`
consummation of that _Russian ari
Prussian _soldiership Which is t h e
Of the civilization of the centu
ry." ; ~!
In treating of wornan ) is right'- to thi
ballot box; be said":'
" Now, woman holds half the brains
and half the moral tense of the coin munity. We cannot excuse .her: frern
civil responsibility. In that atrUggle
we need everything, and tkiic
half. And don't rely' on womati'S
help because I think her au angel. I
don't think her any better than man,
not a bit. Different temptations, weak
mai on a different side, , but; on'an eVe
rage, just the,sarne., my-relialide
conies from this rz ,- RurillitnOlitifeighltli .
'human hist4Y is 4 3,Ete,;0.W.1.q #l7ol;**ii:
and livciff 2 Of, the wholt; alma)." of the
race; there iliOne thread, and it is this,
to my Judgment utounit au,y hptnan.
interest to one sex, and the sexdeterio
iSiqll.l4o,4l the interest i/t.a(4lk
• +1" ,
• ' - vc •
PA,, •yk; •
, BRUARY-6 :..~~
not Matter •whe . er yen cortlmilt ' lea
'plan or to woma . i .. ,..•Thdtiall'it'ot matter.
thetai it
ftythinl to On i tiP l it' li M 'i` f
hurt df.
andisaerifide c the thing.,"., ~
' T?elieiv!how republican gOVertinie 6 t
has "
,played outi , inNeV$"P Xiiiil; he g 44,
off:the followin,g: ; : .iv ..
8 3
The British tory ,
fiais lo ns„, point.:
ing to New Yorh e „ I ,,There, le ,the ulti
mate result tne Deelerationoc i Ude
penhence. There is the_floWering out
of your,theory of tiniversal suffrage.—
itoW do you him •itfi , -Well, what is
NeW-York ? New York is a' cltr-goV-`
erned by 1,000 rn n, oilass.i They hold,
it like a' piece f prlyate iciatlittiy.'—'
Soy do they goern V? ' By the means
of 8,000 fools, evry one,of who* Ought
to lie hung. I re l can every one could be
hung If he could be indicted.", ,
.. 1 1fter.saying that our statesmanship ;1
`-for the next thirty years'ininst grapple
with the probletotof-goirning , groat'
cities, he said ''=','',"!''',7,,!,'" . '„,•'' ,:, j-"
, "gpW s what ii(ii greit City ? Why,
- it is half a million of men, erubraelbg)
'inevitably a certain Prolibftl4;tAtoh
lwe egy,b' r iminal, demoralized " 'or,,
... er(Ais glasses. Behind•thera arn.from'
:8,000 to 10,000 drinking' talixone. ) .' : .Bif;
hint three, Ale . , ;t, foree l ,of rnOtlftrn,
'ecefetpy, $2OO - ,000, ~' "There lathe txlW.
gy of the peril oflreati. , oltiai. ''.lFtot:
are S r intrine tO far'lo4 o otr.,r ,i
r a
--• The poWero ra' Way-eorpOrationo.
,wlu4 igouched o " z Wallis 1 gond i,lehe i ::.
" t was no joke whet.i. a . ,nOtrgikkif:
The Pennsylvania ilegiiiitute, , ,a year
agol retnemberintiihat •-ThotinufSetitt
wee:President of thePen*l#Olti - Cen.`7"
tram rose in hiii isettt.ana aid.,' Mr;
Speaker, if Thomas eett- haepo' niche',
business for thistliegtslithre;" Vikeyt t
w e itdiourn. , ~
i . •
• LI
Be it enacted hype Sehitteand Rouse
of RePreeentatii4,4oU,iiite&S.'iates
of America in "C,ongress;assembled,—
Th 4 every private soldier -and officer
whe Sorted in the army .of the United
States during thel recent' rebellion, for
be ditys,end who was honorably dis
charged, and has remained loyal 011ie . ,
government, including the troops mus
trail into service of the U. -States
by virtue Of the third section of-an act
entitled "An act making appropria
tione for completing Abe defenses of
Washington, and for other purposes,"
approved February 13,-1882, and every
searnan, marine and officer, or other
person,who has served in the navy of.
the:United States, or in the marine
corps, during the relellyin, -for ninety
daya, and who ivaabontgably dischar
ged, l end has remain ed eYetto the gov
'ernment, shall, on compliancewith - the
provisions of an act entitled " An eel
to secure homesteads to actual settlers
-on Ole public detrii4tl;l! and a le , so t s
amendatory thericif an hereinafter rciO=
- ffified, be entitled to enter Upon` and re
'oeive patents for e ivqrtantits , ' of Public
:lands (net mineraly - 44-I,`afeeodiag
acreB,,or,enequaiier:seitierri•Jo- be ta
ken in comact fornfaCenriliq'tci legal
subdivisions in ehulitik AliC'ai tern ate
,reserVeil'pectionkofliul4lo,lands along
'the Itne of any raliroadiorether-pphl
• . , - -fur -- ocuer zunuti sUojemitiwi7l.l . o
.underlhe homestead lawain , the Un
ted States; wherever public lands hay •
heen!or may be granted by acts of coji z i
gress; Provided, That said , hernestea,
settler shall be allowed twelve 'months
afterlibcating bornesteteil±,w4thin
whieli.tecemmenee his settleinentaind
improvement. And provided,- else,
Tha', the' time which the homestead
settler'shall have served in the army,
navy,or marine corps shall be as•afore
said; or if discharged on account 'of
Viegride received or disability incurred
Inrthe line of dut y , then ;the term' of
anystr i aent shall e deducted`, frorci ,
tittleeretofore • equired to`perfOot: `O.;
iAild provided further, That , any
homestead settler, as aforesaid, ryffly as
sigii his homestead certificate ; within
twelve months from the date thereof to
ally eitizett of the, United States over
21 years of age, or person who," has de-
Oared his' Intention to becoraei such,
Who has not previeusly availed himself. •
of the benefits of the homestead orpre;l
eruption laws, and said assignee shall
- succeed_ to all the rights of the -said
homestead settler ;1 but no Such assignor
l'ef homestead certificate shall: there—
after have the right to avail' <hirrieelf of
the benefit of rthis actor tt4 - aots hems
tefor4 . passed granting ,heniesteadeto
Waal settlers ; nor shall such aseignee
have 'the right to acquire any other
homastead under said nets. Provided,.
howeVer, That no patent shall iistre ; fo
a horitestead settler or his assigt(ieol6
has- not resided upon, improved and ,
cultivated-his said homestead-for a pe
riod Of at least two years, exoept "as
provided 1n section four.sif this set.
BEd. 2. That any person - entitled
'der the provisiohs of the foregoing see
tioil to enter a ;homestead, who may
have heretofore entered 1.1 ride r: h.' Et
,homestead laws a qttantity land`tess
than IRO acres, shall be permitted to en
ter under the provisions of this- act so:
Much land as, when addedteAe.`94R-.
tity previously entered, shall'Aet ex
ceed 160 acres,
i3Ect f,t, That in case 'o 'tlie de4h
extY Preen: who iwould be entitled to e•
homestead under the provisions of the'
first section of this act, his. widow, rif
unmarried, or in base of her- '
death or .
marriage, then lils,minor orphan
*lien, shell be entitled to all the belie!'
fits enumerated in this act. Provided,.
That if such peson died during. his"
term of enlistmen't, the whole term 'of
Ida cilaibiOrmint shall be deducte,(l:.froni
the tithe heretofore required to perfect
SE& 4, That every private soldier,
and every,searnan, ;marine an& ofticei
who serVed in the army or firtVylpi;thel
said period of 90, days, and,
scribed an, the pension rollalOf the 11-..•
States; or is entitled to be sF;' inscribed
on account of winds reOeiv l edi it dl*-;
bilities incurred lin the line; 4f , :du*
May, in. lieu of, Ithe
itud benefits hereinbefore Cotiferiedt enz.
ter open, by an agent or attorney, -
ieeeive a patent ir one qUarter section
'of 'land, es , provi ded in sectionone of
'this act, and shad be entitled te_ , all the
benefits of said first section, and itable
,to all the' provisions thereof except nS
to . ; the; actual residence;
eels add things required to be. done !by'
said homestead settler, and' - said- ' first
'section;, may be done by 5aii1. 5 ,014
' altariey. -Trevided, Thati : to.eµgb: ate
or !went shalt-Tact liayettChlkt
more than'ana perannif
, 6. .That all &contravene and;
. proofs required under this aqt , audl tha t ,
tirmir autei granting homesta? . ,,ftfi
Y.Yj '
1 I 'J
i tual vle * foo-the
judgeror clerk of any Court of record In
`the United States:Ur - of Any State or
i fieirltory s .and,:when duly authentica
ted'under the ornolalsealof meth court, ,
, f tuil be of the Same foree and- etrect as
If taken before the 'regleto',or"kecelver
of the .
SEo.-6. l That tha'cdb*ltsilbrib7 of iliO
Ceoeral49l4Ploo:43liiili a*hrir-,
Q.Wake allmeedful rules. and , raga.
lati .ns to carry , into effeot the pt•ovlw
810 i ii'Cot thle act._ -
The Aerie steamer 8 FIAOOeBB.
Tie San Fra taco iialletin says 1 , , , • 1,,
"The flight 'ortbis novel miniature
machine last Saturday was a coniPlete
SucCess.% :The gas holden was. filled
with hydrogen gas, and floated, a dls-'
tanfe offeur bock ', .440qict: floated
raised 'in the miniature boilers; and the
4iir chip sailed abont' back and forth, to
the' StitibfaCtien of tbe ;Inventor and ',
Vl ti ktOrsr• •.:,: -,..,. • i . ,:.. - I.A a:I: , ',.., t: _t`- 1 • °'i :>I Si I
it e esterday'aftrniic4 ;it: Voi'ttlfet'l
,sail figEgli„ .. 4:ViltisAWarit i fOlik,
left ~ 1 Aft at ~ I ts.; first , ascensionrib did
-,not Work to - thesktisfactitin of Mr: t nor=_
ro,. 1'11,P,14:0440.4 it 400 400419.0zgr,
iciYiweilgbt defect,' and in• doing-so tv,
410wrangement -occurred iil one' ,of the
ilm.l'idtlea,o`,the enginO r ; ',,liiiPpre this
l'a)illbad been . eured, flxes:discovered
Almthe gas • holder was'Aeaking, and
tha a large tot
amount of tiAiO ' & 064 . 0 1 :
i t
Ilirktiiture was iiiiiooveri3d :and' men,
.Al c ia and the gas •generating-;apparatUe
Vsfasifiet z :to work to replenish the ex.
henetedVolume. But it did not fill is-,
E pylf t y, and after an hour's striving un
der difficulties,' the' dense crowd press.,
tu'g Close around theworkmen, and dis
-oi:brooding . them, it ..*as discovered
tha some One had ' cut a 'hole with a
trlif,f 3 ill tt4gas holdel, the breadth of
a men's hand, from which the gal was,
escatrig nearly as fast as -generated.—
Thi leak Was stopped, 'and the Willem
was I lied, but net until the thigiiinds.
i t
who, were eager to' Witness the success- I
ful;flight had gone away disappointed.
At out dusk steam 'WAS alialU genera-
ted - , i 131.1 the odd •looking co trivance
rose again in the air, and; 0,1 dby
1 , ,
riapee, sailed around auceessf Ily,, pro- i
pelled by the windmill shape wings. i
"Dir.-Morrow feels highly.' indignant.
that!any one should perpetrate an act
'of vandalism, by wantonly injuring
- hirn i j jiist at a moment when he thought
to have made a proud exhibition of the
result of his years of study and labor.
He has the true i3pirit of the inventor.
No likratt or Fulton was ever imbued
with, more of a steadfast assurance in
their ultimate sum" than is Mr. /ifor
-row.l He is working against great dis
adVtintagei, inhaving. no .Capital:
bomMon with most , inventors, his ge
niust runs so entikely'to'his onaidea,
thatiae has little capacity for business
filling of the gas holder with*
hydr'ogen gas is attended with so great
'4lffidulty, that hereafter, he p6posee to
use own mon coal gas, such as is used for
illurainating. It is heavier ‘than by-
Airogen gas, or he would have need it
before. •
" In the working of hie engines up
tck,i,ilis time; he has ,not ettechedrthe
new pppticatiOn to his motive - power on
which he Claims his success will chiefly
'depehd. He has invented, and will
.Shortiy apply kir a patent, fora manner
by which he can combine the expan
'stye:Force of air and water. He will
_attach the improvement
td his' apparatus. With the motive
'power ash now stands; he can fly, and
has kown, the ship against a strong
wind and with the additional power
wh • the improvement will give, he
expecttatobe able to dispense with the
. gishblder entirely, or, by securing its
rnoFeististactory working, to use coin-
Men boat gas of barely sufficient quan
tity tb overcome the power—of gravita
tion. •In a few days, he expects to have,
this. attachment cornOlete, when it is
IC be !hoped the fullest success will at
tend is endeavors." f.
' , The fabulous " figgers" f Artemus,
d the no lesS apochrypnat statuary of
Mrs. Farley, have in:their time played
many parts, .but it was left for the fan
cy 001 Conservative Kentucky chap
to:lntike figures- lie to a pious purpose.
.Millqsburg is a thriving town of / the
'4o;rir and bloody ground,' not reinote
:OM the historic haunts of, the / hunter
Itoone; and some time since its beauxa
ancl . inaids were (trot:wed to / impatient
expectancy by pictorial posters announ
cing le -forthcoming exhibition of works
of art in the town hall. /The proceeds
were jto be bestowed upon a neighbor
ing Church. Piety,'a n d prodigality
alike A n Icl pated with eager complacen
cY the vision of the ' Original Black
, Crock, as first exhibited in .ITeW York,
the4l.ttage by, the Sea, Monuments of
(11reecb, the Red Sea, Uncle Tom's Cab- I
la, the collection of which cost an im-
memo amount of labor and money, and
all to be exhibited for tne moderate
isnni; of-fifty cents admission. 'The eve
hing :came l , and the disciples swarmed,
'ago:ly to the town hall to gratify their
artistic longings. The hall, unfortu-
Irately; is - of meager proportions, and
the audience had to be admitted by
squad's. As was fit and proper, the po
lite doorkeeper admitted the old people
) greatly to the delight of, the aux
inna`Young people, the curiosity, of, age
"w4,sireadily satisfied, and the venerable
ihronk began to pour out almost as soon
-- riaft,entered. What was seen within,
ho . ,:oholl would breathe as he came out,
bait ;lj seemed stricken With - .impress
-04- tearful solemnity. Within, the
~14sterpieces of art were arranged in
xirder.! The Black Crook' was ingeni-:
iiery represented by a black stick with
a e'rook on the end; that obscure Work
of - art,; the Cottage by the,Seal',broke
upOr the eager gaze of the'Mllieritea
tueshapeiy paper cottage, leaning
idejeotediy on au over-towering C ; and
'Whiles for the Monuments of GreecW .
,rip'peliked a line of tallow candles, !li'n;
- 4:oTom's Cabin' arose from the stage
ibluncertaiu propertiOns of pasteboard,
t 11
004;0V/18, with asupeina tire yblack
,head - thrust from its 'central chimney,'
iwhieb the iniaginatiOn might confirm
as' '4eyce Beth, or. Uncle ri'ow. The
Red See found Counterfeit
-presentment in a MainificantOof
And afeeble candle-, their-.
04klceo)y above-it.': For many boars'
Itbisianghtsr of theihnecents went,on;•
those who 'saw' first _ declining to ,f 441 I
AbOrKkentside, and hoping for company . ,
:10 trio ?sell.' It is stated that evetyexto
'the eager throng . I littSV, ) an d It *l4
-.1 . - 1 t.
Works of Art
, ri.
niqoantly slidedithat , 116" One condeOtsd
with works of art has since skown face .
iu Nillersburg
141 At s.
•• • • -
' Kiri the jl,lth - ot Jen, there was a fearr,
filisgele '454 'Like ceiiCernin'g
which' the Dulilth Trib4lne fait) the' ‘ik&
loWing ' • ' • '• • '
",During yesterdayafternetin the old:
lake presented' view the:grandeur ;of
,Which no pen can describe. -rThe in
,fienoe3 and unparalleled fury , and .he
great , power- of, the. wind (or,- More,
.properly speaking, of the tornado) from
down the lake roiled up th waves In
enormous billoWs, from 10 . 1 20 feet, in
'height cud sometimes save I hundred, •
yards la length, which, foil wing.eaoh'
etht i On rapid le r oOskori c , ere , tossed
labo t 'on 'the it face as ,t ough. they
possessed no More .ivelght,,th neo mapy
feathers, or . ivere rolled over and\,,t3yer
again,' one after, another,, as ',though
they mete light 'cork' Cylindere , of the
&g,'3 'idititenildria ' abriVe de s cribed.
'These " billows `'striking l 'a * galizat 'and'
iellitigover the brealtWater' gave' that
structure the appearance -of ati - rirditia-`
. ry'MilL-dam..Those abroad,'who have
driring.the past few. molithS Visited Du-:
t r a
loth, can perh s get some Idea of the
'great force of. a waves when we say
that - the spray used by the dashing
of the billows gains the breakwater
ofteptimes readied to the top Of the
Elevator engine-house chimney, -which
' is 104 feet high, and when we say that
the chinane,y is this Morning encased
in Ice on the lake side &mai bottom
top. .
"But, although our breakivater ye,ster
day i demonstrated its abilityj to with
stand the force of all waves that could
be • brought against it,' andi also the
knocks nd pressure of any ordinary or
usual q entity of ice, yet shell a Phe-.
Drawn n as that which occurred last
. ,
evenin was not one which should have
bee ,r sonably expected, or which
Was ftil y,provided against in the con
strricti i of the breakwater; and the
result was that for Want of sufficient
riprapping the . incessant battering of.
huge cakes Of ice- , -some of them weigh
'lug many tons—against th breakwater
succeeded, at about ten o'clock last
night, in tearing away the upper' per-
Una of one of the seclioris which was
not sufficiently fortified, and which
had more strain on it than any of the
rest. The crib or section thus injured
Is the one adjacent to the foundations of
the elevator ; it is some forty or fifty
:feet in fength', i and is the same one that
was : partially- torn away , during the
great storm On the 4th of last May,
when only partially filled with rook,
and which was very hastily rebuilt im
mediately thereafter. , -
'After the tearing away of the upper
portion of the 3rib referred to, the ice
shoved through the opening and piled
up on the rail dock and tracks from one
to five of six feet in height; the small
trestle platform on the outside of the
dock ,',near the car scales, gavd way be
neath the great weight
,of Ice . piled
theren ; one of the great, wide doors of
the f right-housewas crushed , In, And
Tour or live tons of ice shOired in, And,
deposited on the floor; a few feet of the
sliding on the Et:outfit - vest carper' of the
building was torn off. The foundation,
'or that portion of, the injured crib of
the breakwater which is below the aur
face, is believed to, be in place, and nit
much,.if at all, damaged ; and it 2;6111
require but a short time to replace the
injured crib with Anew and mo e sub
stantial one."
A Bit of Romance I From
Here is a bi
which °Coupled
gresa last week
the envy , of all I
writteu. The
prayer of ,on, of Greene
County. ,e enabled to
reclaim h, ie fall of 1881
it was dei the Government to
destroy a. .road bridges in rp:in
essee• between ,- the Virginia line and
Chattanooga, a distance of two -hun
dred And forty miles. Officers were
serthere to enlist men to perform the
w riqrom among the prominent Union
/ men of East Tennessee. Captain Da
vid Fry enlisted, as a portion of this
force, one Jacob Harmon, an honest
and industrious German, aild his two
sons.' It Was arranged that the - bridges
should be all, fired . precisely at mid
night on the 6th of Noieember, 1861, and
Ift. Harmon and his eons teak upon
themselves, es their share of the work',
the destruction' of the bridge across Lick
Creek and the trestle-work, near one
mile in. length; in Greene County, rest
Iren*ssee. Captain Fry administered
the oath to these men ;• and, there be
ing 11 i Bible at band, he caused them
to place their bands on the Union flag
whi t o they solemnly promised to be'
ever 'faithful and true tq the Union.l
The Government pledged itself 'to fol-!
low the burning of the br dges by
, the
immediate occupation of the coup ry,
but failed to do so, and,' as a' conse
quence, the jails all along the line 'of
railroad were soon filled with 'union
men charged with bridge burning.--
Harmon and his two sons were arrested
and placed in arebel prison. One son
died during the confinement. Judah
P. Benjamin, the rebel secretary of - war
issued the following order in regard to
these men :
That alt those implicated 'in burning the
bridges s hould bo tried by tiutallead court
martial, Itud, if feuti&g,uilty, publicly hanged in
the vicinity of the burned bridges; and that their
bodies should be left hanging for several days as
a warning to'the Union, men of East Tennessee. ,
- Under this order the-,father and re
maining • raon were tiled by a rebel
court-martial and bung at Knoxville.
Mr. Harmon executed a mortgage to
oho Jelin Baxter, of a. law firm, upon
his farm and house,, with a View to
his defense before the *court-martial.
The trial before the court was, ()femme,
a mockery, the counsel being refused
all facilities for defending the prisoners.
Since the close of the war the lawyer
has foreclosed the mortgage ,and sold
the' fern] to' pay, for hie . setVtects :as a
lawyer, of no benefit •io lite _clients,
while be secured a Shylock's fee; and
'the result,is' that - Able 'poet', widow,
whose husand and . tWo, sons died for
the Union catise, and whose home has
been fraudulently takPll front• her As a
polisequeuesnr,the,loyitity,o her pro
tketurs? is now, destitute rand suffering.
Tor the neeessayhls nt . life. • !
"` Seriator Brownlow asked the • Senate
•tiijoin•tbe House OfltepresentatiVes in
\givingte this tvitlOW 'the; trine - 'Of .010
flipttgage, and; of eQi*p, there wa 8 1 ,16.
_ • ;.
~ -.~ '~ - I~ ~ ._ i
!rss'{K~~i'+~'n',KS~%d~ rn~F,Y~~M~~nh7~`,t3~'Yt.'t'o~l'~~
te(} d
i;„1 . -, •
otle romance
Mon of eon
ty well excite
that ever was
that of 'the
` • - - -, .
.. W4s. ' * " l " .4 9elhaPie s'itiveittipti7.....-,
~.,,, , ~..,,,,,
; • .
a, • .1, , .. f *m." i., .. „ r., ti •,
ItOOkka Illibl EPI RhJ ,
ilo 5e , ,J.3
__ ,
bell rnppppltW with ' td't# # e.
Oll t tf all • Made of Job Worklith usatnets sag
I • .14,.,i1bipliteh: z t,•‘.
L,arge additions of all the Ate ,' styles Of type
have bans added is this -dispartinalit
Lotlation-Smlth &Bowen
objpitiOn. All honor and reward ; tp_tue,
patriot' heroes otthelnenntidis'of gait
Tenneirsee who, trairellertmni than nny
ntheni;'toott their lives in' their halide
id. order -to preserve the- tinion;- Here,
Ma, is a widow for the proposed Clare
Batton- degree, of :the Grand Anxiy,
-whPiae memories would honorany post
do thesountry. ,f'‘.,
The Right Action.. .
11Zr. Lawrenel,' Of Ohio, has 'intro
duced into -the U. S. House of Repre
sentatives; *bill in relation, to the li
quor traffic, 'which sliouf d receive care
ful !aonsideration. It provides that ev
ery !wife, childeparent; gffardltin, hus
band, employer, or •other. person, - who
shall he injured in , person, , means of
support, property, or otherwise, by any
intoxicated person, or" by reason, of the
intOxication,of any person, direetly
shall have right ofi action
saftinst any person or ,, penleoe who
eheil; by selling or giving any intoxlea.
tthg liquor, or otherwise t have, caused
OitOntrlbitteff to such: intoxication, or
Shall have caused, in whole or in
thnintexioation of such person. or ,per-,
sone. 'ln any such . action_, moreover,
the plaintiff shall have a right to , reco 7
tter :past, prospective # tiTa exemplary
du a ges . The owner Or lessee of any
buihling, which is used with his know
ledge for the sale of intoxicating drink,
is also made jointly liable with the sel
ler fat damages resulting from the traf
fic. The money, ecovered by any wife
iu any action under the law, is to be
her sole and separate property. Any
sale'or gift of intoxicating liquors by
the letme of any premises, resulting in
damage, is to work a forfeiture of the '
It will be easy to raiLagainst this bill
as mere fanatielsro, but who will m•Ad
dertillte to show that the principle on
whiCh it rests is unsound ? Why bho'd
not those who fatten upon the profits
of the liquor traffic be ;_compelled to
bear the responsibility of their"own
chosen work ? I
If I heard A serpent, hid in Ahe grass
Who kiting inery traveler certain to pass,
I'd crib his infernal ambition :
An iron heel on his lead I'd bring,
*l'd crush out his life; with its devilish sting—
And this is prohibition.
It I had a fold, where the wolf oropt in,
And ate up my sheep and' lambs, like sin,
I'd hold him in ligh . t, partition ;
I'd choke the been of his tainted breath,
And 8840 my nook, by his Instant deatb,—
, And this is prohibition. °
If an oi, let loose In a orowded lawn,
Were wout to kill, with his angry horn,
AU heedless of mortal petition,
I'd cleave his skull with a swift-swung az,
And bury bis born in his bloody traoks,--
And Mikis pr:ohibition.
If I met a dog ' i that nyas wont to bite,
Who worried my neighbors, day and night,
I'd ilx;hicti, by demolition!
In spite of his waggings, yeipliage and tears
I'd out off hie tail just batik of his Or ;
And this itprobibitipn.
• 4 • —ExcAange.
Exact • opulation
The ssleral counties
show he following to
' Ad: ........
A eghany
Crawford .........
. . .
Franklin ._
, Lawrence
Lyooming '
Northampton ..i... -
Perry •-•
Piko -
Von ango
Wyo k ming,
Xor, •
A correspondent of the Boston Ilrav
der, having visited Jeff. Davis's plan
tation, tells us what he saw: , •
"The buildings all, remain as they
were when Jeff. left, except a few ne
gro quarters that have been torn down.
An old negro, that used to be one of
Jeff.'s slaves, now leases the plantation.
for ten thousand dollars a year, and
hires a hundred and fifty hail& to work
it.. Not a white man iS to be peen about
the place. Strange as lt may seem to
Mr. Davis, his old slaileis making Akio
ney fast, and, ,feele. as, proud. ati„ any
white man, libin in ole Jeff's parlor
dese days.' . The, Whale plantation of
several thouerind acres is planted Woot
ton, Which appears very promielig ;
and from this one plantation cotton
enough will be produced to run a mill
in Lowell for weeks. - 'We jest lets ole
Massa 'Jeff: make political speeches '
we'll Seedat de cotton grows,' said the
darkeY who showed us about, and who
had a queer habit of showing the whites
,of ids ;eyes whenever Jefferson Davis
was mentioned. Golly, who'd sposed
dat dia chile would been free and ilbin
yer plantation, wid'',My' Dol
dor? jab l;,yab I. Yah,l 0111444 ' has
come tolgrief; shuaft.•. He'd
mad; dongn,' to sae dis' ere niggei t here.
) 64 0:ilthl;.Y 8 4 1 `• .70 161 94;)/ 1 0 0 1 410/'
, ing:on'theshere, and moved off zto the
boat, moralizing, the mutability of
hutsuul e4eitti.", ' ,
look, 2d Floor
of our StEte.
P' Pennsylvania
ulation :
. 30,315
.. 262,373
.. 43;382
- /06,i39
' , 38,861
. ..... . 63,204
.... 84,345
, 36,560
... 34,404
... /7,806
... 25,740
.... 23,211
... 28,766
... 63,704
.... 43,042
•••• 60,73%
... 30,403
... 65,972
.... 43,284
... 45,365
.. 9,360
... „ 36,139
...... 121,340
27,296 ,
:..... 47,629
..... 8,825
. OS
...... 14, 62
• St . 12
...... 15;844
25 480
. 35,1 0
. 47,9 5
48 4 3