The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, January 11, 1871, Image 3

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rellretnent 4 .7 frit G I TATo
6iinilloyment JAsAI
(B on. Of
.-(Boo up Wall in Kora D'Entif 871-3 t-
WEDNESDAY,' JAN. 11, 1t371..
"• _New :Alliniriisements• .
Bob Bd.
App. for•Licenen.
"...ChimOtflbarter t ,
Drigs-ticE:• .
Photographs-4, M.
Sheriffs Bales—B. , Flab.
Bank Bupp rt„ , t,„ -
Court Proclamation.. ,
,The Article on the Wellsboro l
Marsh Creek State Road will appear nexi, week.
ACCIDENT.—On Tuesday of last week
M. D. 11. Stratton, foreman - in the oar shop at
Btossburg, had the fingers of . his right band
?Tined off, Irbil° engaged in .turning o. heavy
tr.ek. . ,
_ , ,
;DONATION—The friends of Rev. 7.
A; Felloin Jr. will pity'hito a Joiintioii visit, tit
tbb Hotel in Stony Fork; Tupsciiiy: niening r jaii.
Ira 1871. A cordlaiinvittition il!l3 , 4leiafiC9 to n
OnF Iciay afternoon we
plipxl - 14 Otis cam IK:4 dpf ivied :t$ liriii; }Tut
itfdid se co 'its though the best looki4 girls—and
S ung n4rried ladies, also—made it a point to
lo h., !n n t Fon us about that time. , 1
FARMINGTON.—There was a pleasant
gathering at the house of Oliver Blanchard on
Christmas Eve, for the treble purpeee ofi" warm.,
ing" a new house, and celebrating tchristmas
and the golden wedding of Mr! Charles Blanch-,
and and his wife Lavine, who have kept their
faith and plighted troth since Ohristthas,;,..„ve
140., It is a, - seed deal, in duktOill itittse
marriages andlens4 - dlioreea. lltit3i time solid
ify the golden wedding to a diamond one.
.• 1
" SucoEss.".—Brick - , Pomizikoy:s
tare before the Hermaic Society on Friday eve-;
ning last, was largely attended, well delivered,'
and listened to with ,marked attention gcituo.
years since, theilectiirerand the' writer 'of ticei
article were partners in the printing business; so
et course wo had a curiosity to hear the lecturer,
nho had become somewhat noted on account of
his political recerd, prick has,wenclorfu . lly im
proyed us a spetiloe,rind hoididence
dad sell telianca necessary to achieve success.—
Ills advice to young coon was good, and wolues-
Gm not that the speaber praaticed his teachings.
tic tlse whole, the lecture was well relished, ex,
r, l t 4.:t part which required the use of 'spoons.'
We call attention to the exqpisit©
translation froiritho fain:nth in aridther ddluinn,
by a lady of Welishoto. We esteem it a fatcor to
be enabled to lay frequently before our readers,
choice selections front the classic literature of
the oil world. By so doing, we shall not only
--gratify the refined taste of our readers, but culti
vote a love for, a higher and purer literature
than that which is too popular with the young of
the present day.
llouse.•—On Tuesday afternoon and. evenin&
there was n special sacial'gatbering at the Co'ne
!Luse, ostensibly na Lilo official opening, of by
far the beat public hous.c ever erected in North
ern Pennsylvania.
The supper was a capital affair, inclu4ing good
feed, well cooked, and well served. We do not
recollect any affair of the kind that we ever .at.
tenled, which " went , off" More pleasantly Cr
heartily. The toasts, With their consequent re
sponses, were delivered with an evident hearti
ness that made a lively episode of what' is usu
ally a bore at all " set" feasts and speeches. ,
. After the supper came the dance, in the large
hall of Smith A Raw, &. :Awls, and, wfilie we
Ploy taro seen more skillful dancing, we have
seldom seen it more enjoyable. On the whole it
'was a success; and wo wish mine host of the
Cone House all prosperity.
undeTstand that the Cotie' flgnav, with; its
furniture alid appointmenis, has cost the'Pr4ri
ctor some $50,000. And we have only to add,
that the man who has faith enough in our future
to build and furnish such a house, deserves to
win handsolnely—=not only the' good will of his
fellow citizens, but a generous per centnge on his
club, wtaich was getting to be an institutioß, no
to be sneezai at by short noses, has.dissolved y
thu'u4l discontent and unanimous disairtcrrient.
W e are sorry for this. The club was , so devilled.
ly Young American its inceptionardj'en'eep
tion, so suggestive of native enterprise, and
withal so funny, that we deplore, its premature
itql:l In t ion .
Tho boy is hither ta, the ; man." Also; the
bey is largely imitative. Moreover, he is more
Knee to imitato in the matters of beer;billiiirds
~11,1 tobacco, than in any - codo - of incirat ethics,
hit down in the very good bake that I.os find
„. »materoding ; books in wlich all the boys
~ 9iiving to please their Sunday school teach
,. (-2,c,pt ono bad boy, t)" , savcd out as a
e,....11 ,vaiople—to be avoided, and who is usual
It ;.I.ole to break both legs while stealing apples.
It / k CII or eight billiard tailhs, publio and
In, 're, aro necessary to recreate; tthe children of
, tat,-,A growth, down town, why not one modest
t ,I:, ; in a rinict nook up town, for this :—that
'it:nog attics may follow in alio footsteps of
' the ilut'r;_a ;” and so thoughtdro boys... ,
Thee it Call.: to 1 ReS thattita i hiwasprbanted\
let e led up, cloth pot' oil and - stretched, cuAlon l s
adjusted, ac r d a set of the stiiallest balls 'pun-
Alised UR tick. There were some ditliculticefto
it o% el etslo(`, ito 12 , Ili Wiliff the case with new en
Ctr l ri-r. For iostanco, the club did' not letA
rdrAitotte to the expehre of netted pockets, and
one ..1 1101 younger members was usually detailed
i , , a.-t a.., - t'ocketel" and this led 'to 'hardness
I .r, ~ oo see, trldui a follow lays himself out 'for
a huzird and sings out "Pockets!" you don't
a,ot to run around the table and hold your hat
amb./ the ldthand corner, while ho saws and
tb , iii,bes for a full minute—only to i»iss holing
the ball by-a toot. You would rather hear etillte
thmg atop; inc! in consequencu you are tempted
to wake sneering ic'inarks about his play,. that
I;1%, 1. stinging tact.
Ihe inanediate mire of dirEidution, however,
11, 4 is usual iu companies, a pecuniary ono,
I,,tuiLer, having more money, or heripg of a
wor, ,peettlativo turn than the rest, took to buy
rhare, until ho -had a controlling interest .
in the e”avelo. Whereupon it slruok this juve:"
bile Jim that it blight he judicious' to int
pose t. te.4it/ at fire- cents per game on those own_
ic x hrs stook; and this was -acceded to 14 the'
1 1. ere, who played and payed—fora time,—and
then played without paying. In, %ain Jim, Jr.,
remonstrated and argued; in vain explained
that he had the balls to settle for, and must have
itebey. until at length-.-not having much faith
in legal proceedings—he went in on his muscle,
collect that little mutter, vi el ceramic. The rer
tilt may be imagined. At first it was confined
t. -Item, Jr., and bits antagonist, Then, a third
J' ity, remarking that "it ha4one 'about far
ecuugh," went in to " part 'em,", as ho said, and
pt a lot from a fourth member, who wanted to
"R e it out ;" whereupon, a fifth and sixth meni'
her rtcpFed in to make peace, because "it was a
tiLitne." A seventh and eighth having keine in
to rcseue their particular friends'
." the battle
became general," as the Papers say, and it,be
vator neecssaoy to
_adopt the Donnybrook rule,
e " wherever ye see a head, bit-it." , Not un
til the combatants were exhausted, did the battle
cease, and the belligerentitall mint? or lels
whipped—drop out of tbat, arr.fhin molasias
leaks out of keg.
Later in the evening, the ligonl 'of the ein4r-,
a peculiar nhistle—was beeidi jroiq Alkerent:
pOints, as slowly end ematiounly - tbe totaled estd
bunged members - began - to gather,' club{
room, (in Dartt'a barn);—and Aide' "atinSit'tnti‘
tion may be Imagined, when the table, 'etioe en&
halts were .found YlO4 est—some a cussed med-_
tiler" having fc fetoploµbl y
conveyed'; the, entite
materiel to patio unknown, leaving, the stable-,-
" beg par Jon—the club Towne like ailtilatit
heUdisetted. '
efi k oa hire
,t ' bad
on tick and . thafe tinny lids about
would pretest a situation' , as ",PahOlii"' fßif# l 7
ni m Oit°° o 44tain.hikaielee 7 Atifitfii . ;* 4 ,
severe. 'Thick what'higli:bOoor
by constant rsotiesi;„and stsid,f,nOritrf of all
honest work,. yew itionld attain th average !of
36 points to the 4talosiSan eardui
:'awe!! , - -
I, 00581P.r- 'he. Wettkiloy - i -:
4e`rLli M011016%4 0 ' 'tv in't it: " I a ii7 t ; PY ti: t4 4l4 .ll4 int,
the east; the west az!d. the nertit, we have retort/I
from the thermometer that prove an undeniable
"Cold snap." , The writer, having Just returned
from a tour. to -the. ireples,. •fre4treittly hiarifithe
r- - . ~.., k ,-
remark; "You don't have !melt,vleather ,as thief on - tboViabiteri: Ilitlr 'de !yell stand TO" ',
No,, there if pq,euch liCti4tbet4ii the Amazon;
and wo Stand it, drat rute. - We have seed tle
time on the Area - ion 1 413en k we would have given
money for ten degrees of frost, for an hour only.
ft would be rare fun for a p.orthe t ruer, ju i tliket
.sweltering 'region, * tir Sixi c a 'frosi which - woad
squelch the t Sfaccyclos,lthalgoquiaii,,lthe' itaripti
toe, centipedes, hunter : hortiete,,tarefituitts, soot
pions,4ina fliee, - Mosquites;`anTall other bisetis
whieb.tropioal„ flesh is,heir'to: !But the native'?3
—Brazilians, oabozos, mamoluoos, mestizos, mu
lattos, indlons and negroes—it wouldt-gar to
sq L oolsh them also, For,a;4;thernerbanlislitly
stand a sudden ohatige to a hot climate; but, to
a genuinernativerof theroPieti: a itidtlen transit
Lion to bard l Wiotet - w ea hctr, , ltio t hi t bo fearfull y
trying—often them: '
There is a notratitimiiiiii'itoilheirt people, tha
a cliniato Acre constatti summer prevails mus
be very plessant,lf it be passably healthy. No 4
thing can be nor erreileusiiSsldgeattferAu4
tihg - a polder orate year, is not an evil, but a
blessing. It is tiost Hilaire+ the insect kingi
dote from becoming an unendurable post; tba
recuperates arid invigorates the animal and 2 Veg-t
stable kingdom for 7 the, use i of, tits homankraie,l
while eupprising or_ destroying its - enemieSit
that feitilizesi the soil; a n d last, but not least,#
makes a wane, home-like fireside a thing of ,. dri
light and comfort, unknown in tropical reitens.i
Anotheridea,'prevalentlat 'the cio4, to that;
the land in tropical -countries' id' ofiniariefolas t
fertility and productiveness. This idea - has bhotai
fostered and 'encouraged- by naltwalitts,,iwho, l
front liatutplat tti Agassit,„ that a ;
heavy gyoiveli of trees and vines proved a fertile •
soil. This is ti. serious mistake. Nothing farther •
is required to predifißi — Such growth,than pure
sand, with constant tent And,..tuoisiure. during
the entire theie dentiltionie era found
to exist- throUghout the heavy forests of the
lower Aniason. Them : lB,llde,
W 46 itsurngelcrop of dOrni after-w
they fail Jo produee, - -wittiont- heavy} Inaba rin g ;
and the manure is not to bo had. Where the
land is sukteeMo,apratal3ov,ertil;ltlpurse the
alluvialdiPcisii will keep the land fertile. But,
few men would wish to locate in a tro pical sweep,
The beet lanetho-viriter boa tiMi`ieettaLiind` lho
most abundant loud region—was in Minnesota,
where the climate in winter was of arclipsarstri
ty. ..As a rule,-tropical' "countriet;4ite,J4-A
soil'; -and tho:man who own s
. ri2:g4,4 s g.'ress fariß
in Noribern petinsylvania, need not pine for
perpetual summer.
WELLsDoIi AD - nn
_ Se : 11 0 . ear
,the commencement of the all -., trirtn, at the re.,
!quest of the Principal, I, with two others, visited
those departments ,of , the Welishoro Graded
SeboOl i wbiehnre taught the public school
bantling i , and made a memorandum of the de
gree of advancament of the pupils of those de
partments. By the gawp arrangemept,these de
partments we're'visite4 at the ciose~ of the term,
and a memorandum matte at that time. - For the
information of those ,whe ' are infirested in the
success of this now enterprise, whether by bay
ing ebtlOren inAtteridauca or otht3ivris'b;' w ho
their business engagements are prevented' from
visiting the school, this report is submitted.
At the first visitation, there were in .one de
04dg:tient 10 pupils, ,of whom one only' of 10
called_ upon
_could write numbers of 3 thiee Porieds
of figures; 30 only of the wholo number atild
add four numbers of four . ..figureseeehitiOven
only could ropent multiplication table; six
only could add 5.i and 81-, • • i•,l'
At the second visitation, 44 of the above 50
pupils were present, and five difficult numbers o
'three periods ...r.r. e ,...,.. , .... - et -- given ----- txr — eSelr6no
to writs. as wrote the whole number correctly,
four missed one question 'soh, oite missed two
questions, atitiene . missed the whtile number.—
All knew the multiplication table, and nearly all
could solve, by mental process, difficult questions
in common fractions. The progress in arithme—
tic, shown by this comparison, is but an ensam •
plc of tire progress made in tho other branches
taught in. .thie department; and,„the progreSS
made department; bit butan erliamplo,(4 the
progress merle iirkathe others.' TrilY, the 'ehii !
dien otiVeljsbero have an j enviable oppoitertiti
of obi:tieing eduesdron and these 'quathilyt
eletnitiatfinit will show to a certainty which' tilies
re worthy. An important fact to be learned
from this statement ie, that systematized 'Wier
in. tenehilig,tte in any other calling,„ is the Artie
k e'y to. Py1094., • f ' -
' M Ei*Olt f oo`tpk , 1870.--The - fol14:4W17 1 -,
ing facti l t44llg l ttilis*Will allow the getteral. Anti:
of ,the weather for' the past year. Tneeo state—
ments aro taken from reports prepared monthly
for the Smltqttoniati Institntc; at Wdishingtptirrr
Observatitinstakeitii, 7 o'eliick l A.; fiL - and 2 and
olalcek P.
Alt rage eitutrature for t ale year, 48i. !The,
coldest flay itirt ' felar was February 23d ;- mein
tetnparattir6l di. lie warmest days in the year
i . veril July 2.3 and AuguSt 1p; moan temperature ;
84.1 July was \ tile warineet inen9r; averago tetn•
pierature, 73a. February was i L e coldest month •
menu temperature, 231. Moan temperldifteof
the 'spring months, 46 ; mean temperature of the
summer months, -71; mean tempm•atare 'of the
autumn mon the, 50. There was nb frost from
the 13th of April until.theLlOtlrofOotober, be
in (if 189 days. Laing the year there were only
4 : 5 entirely clear days.
Tbere full at this point six feet l•
81 inobe of
snow; and of rain and melted snot, 451 inches.
E. T.:Belmar.
Tioga; Janbary 3, 1311
LIBERTY.—Our Liberty correspou
dentiseetla 114 a pleasant. letter, *NIA, ,for',"yrant
of siMee, we are übliged to condensi3." Ita says :
" The village of 'Liberty has a blight prospect,
for improvement the cetning,apring Within the
past week some twenty building lots have been
eontreeted for,,.the purchasers iiltendinz to
so Soon as ;bid tviiithor.iViitluiii of It. i lliTst'or
the buildings will be put up for business purpo
ses; some fur dwellings ti, Trospect of rail
road communication with the outer world \at no
distant day, has given impetus to improvement,
and induced shrewd business men to invest mo
ney in eligiblebocations at this point. •
"We have the energy, the men and the capi
tal to build up a village US" line; as sinful and
thriving as any in the count, fink or sppiti t - 1 -:-,
And she .sball s sti , l9—on! . lllo , :titia of ftaproVO4
went, unt.ll , slie httilds tip ter le'rself a name for
business tact and energy that will'eompare favor
ably With the most tleuriShingl'illtiges in Nov.
them l'ift,asybrania. • I
OvAittoTomY.—,Dr. 1.4.1),g9nAtv, of
this' city performed . 'ltilettier' operation
for the removal of an ovarian tumor, on
Friday- last,, near Tu k bitntweic . , Pa.
The tumor weighed over thirty poundS,
and was of,thettquitlipemlar!t aortg ,
patient rtilliiid:vVeif from 'We e"fteas of
the operation, and promises to make a
speedy recover.—Adv.
THE LITTLE uonrorter.lilsoksy6 to t :January
is received It is small praise to say that this
magazine trO no superior and few equals in the
world, for children of all ages, and for oldr
people with yosuiliearts. "lhe new serial" bl •
fore in.this •uumher,: opens admirably, and t 0
whole number is as full of good things haS , a
egg is ef IseaW' The illustrations. aro 'exceed.
ingly crettiighle, t ,',4l Oft. a year, and boantiftil
premiums fur clubs. Address Sowell & Mil*
Publishers, qbic. o o,,lll.....Tbn,llovember end
riiieltaiber tinaibertrof 70 aro sent free to all now
-subscribers for 1871, sent betvro4ptpaxpyt,go
~,:- iv , . ri , L, r.. 1 ,• 4= N
. .
of Faveinginly,biels b vellum pub ll afilid-en It OK
?muse, acerb . wee , daring AO7B, arietoitlay
printed in bOok foim and a copy will be son,! ?
ppSt-plaid, to each,sobsotiber who slindislo 'tor.
Tar...W.l'l,Y; sitt for pin Sam-WEI:AL; or $2 for
Tim WEEKLY TRIBUNE, and requests the book
at the time bf tribiaribing. ThiS will'enebibati
subscribers to secure the Essays forprepeiitation-,
on renerting their subicriptiothy,:nact rink inkt - , :: ,
scriber". will, 9f coarse, be glad tb `nbtnintlifirci ,
free of ?est. Bee advirtfiviteidif ::. J..'• o - ,' ~.
difousi fliaczn.iTobarejustrsoseirag •
.thi first OW** OtalOWeit ROKR:Ontenlit: Air
'the new vaar,lsud a -hiuutty
.is. The - aka*
are all 'Leatl7,tinlifOratet written byist.
I) ::4l4ly e li r it W4 l 'lol
won ir _ a ; triw' e Vitas
for smusiom i tind Tl. Plibllsheet
price is only is2_ a- year; although _Non.
piner,o Is a large, and in many oases, likrigori
and wore interesting In every teepee=
any $8- weekly papers published at the
Catguts s year, and $lB for a club of _,ten ' , bo,
sides one vads. One copy of the Boss Muss
and olio copy. of GLIABOIes LIT; BANY ,CoMpAir.
teat, one year 48,50 .- The Romalltscosa is, fsr ,
sale by etl,oo.newldealers In the United'lLUitO,
at oat? #3ol copy. tEamplq °?Sga ; - to
.0.t., o
MORE'S RURAL Naw-YOttsza.We have foul;
been'amivainted with the Ramat, and believe it
bas no equal' in the land as an agrlonitmil
weekly newspaper. We have, noticed that its
summary of news is always complete and prompt
ly up to deis t ., more) myoligio4Qpics
•Is alwaysioutalloicen4nircormt us:
.k Atria ilia
teg*ted* to* qvtdilartr
WIWI 1* did paper. \We advise all,. espaptally
'every, fatmer distrinfik;gond 'famtljrnewspoter,
to <subscribe for Moons 's Raman liniv,Tonalca,t
CAriiititin o •
LUDLOW—HART—On the 24th Deo. 1876,,
by Rev. J. F. Calkins, Mr. John A. Ludlow and
Miss Panlina L. Hart, both of Charleston.
• : DAVIBONv+BENEDICipt- s ruilittlaff, on th
6th 8 43 1 1 4 tn. tit A
3Davisonlit'Difiancel hie, t fs ia
4Wolktgr e 00 4014 '
biida reeefvo4 soma vailaabliNreterts.
the Ist
inst., by Rev. A. Rawson, Mr. M. B. Seeley,
and Miss Susan Losy, both of Nelson. " 15
Also, at the flame time and place, and by dui
same, Mr. R. S. Pratt, and Miss Martha. Parks,.
both ofNelsoni •
the 17th of November, 1870 by Chas. Houghton, -
ESq:, Mr.3Angnetrull Hreislor Mho- Martha
ofDelmar. ,
_ 3 , 3 .
At Stony FOAlfril A1?0,3,0th. ek Doc., 1870;,.h.r
the iittoe, Mr. jesep b lol. s yikliard sifpelTur i P , i
Ani• s E r riesa".Taylov'of Shippenr '
V.TlitiltßPD4R-L - MAYNARD:=4ceßfklJah,4th l -,
by,'Api r W. Beach John.) c,":Trohridge,lof
CO - mar : to fdlea corrin s
In CiiiinUejj'alli) s iik;gY- the 5 .4 1 / 2 .Pt: c ike'l 44 -
o.:;'BfayriaitPof Ellci to 'Wits Ibmtbla` A. Ifern3ll-.
4 c ypii4.7414001. - 3141ctrittatacloitcour z
id'inee'of H. gatiwfsitt.,.op 9,4411411ge,0.:14
Rev. A. 8. thorteMttliiiitlf,
Pa, to Miss Martha Davis, of Oharleston Pa.
the 21st ult., by'.E.lder I. R. Spencer, Mr. Roland
Sanders to M4s Ida A. Tuttle, all of Canoe
In Mansfield on tho 28 alt, by the same, Mr.
Asa Willcox' of Covington, to Miss Doll Holden
q.M a PPi t ?.. l 4' A
In Canoe pimp, on , the let inst„ by ittiviant,
Mr. John Philil of MainsbniA,to Miss Rvatao
Raw .5f Snittitini ' '•
Sinaidasoand by'l the same, Hard='
san.einvelnod of Itiahtnand,•,ancl, Mitts tiaillet,
,Yotininniof CoVington ;.1
BRIGGS—CONLEY—In East Charleston,
Jan. 1, by Rev. C. A. Stone, Mr. Ira Briggs and
Vas. Eminia Conley, both of Middlebury.
BUNNEL—In Weßebore, Jan 7, at 2 A.. it.
Mrs Alice Buono!, daughter of Leroy Tabor,
agod 21 years.
SECRESE-401aineu Jan. 5, .10;,Peter Be-*1
ortitti; avid 72. , '
FANNiird have Ail";
ritille of J . 11. Matkeetic make , for Bale.: These
Mille a''the farmbra generally to be
the beet 'in 'uso. Call at Ole offloa.—Sept 28; 11310;
DENTISTRY. —C. N. Dartt, , dentist
office in Wright & Bailey's Btook, where he con
tinues to make teeth with tho new improvement
which gives better satiefaetion than any thing
else in use. To bo bad at Dartt's only.—Aug. 42
811FTER)tfiiI froth coal 104 ., 3olt11Lrvel•I•
Wars .ii,cr rj- fld Chem., ritini*A*4l aul,wot,
In Imo for itlearliP If century, and still maintains
its long ostabilehtd repntatton as the, gredereinady for
an dlithasos of qui tbroat, lungs and amen,
tailid'ltl 1,79,u,'s g.athairpti Made
, ~
my ha soft ; Luxuriant 'thick; andliTagin'ef Magnolia
Balm changed that sallow compleAeri.lnto,thil marble
beauty you now see. This 'ls emphatically the Jaw
gauge of ail who use these articles. A fine head' Of
hi& and a refined complexion are the greatest attrae
tio,ue a woman can possess. ...The Katbairon and Meg.
nolla Balm arejnst what will give them to you—ind
nothing else will. The Balm is the bloom of youth.
It Xnakes a lady of thirty appear but twenty. Both
arVeles are entirely harmless, and very pleasant
They should be in every lady's possession.
ofeseora Docuaren la Down of tie Arttertean'
▪ University,. are snaking -wontierNit cures
'of- Cancan, Warman oncl'lllearslay . thou
new discovery. A,patnletis trottnent, no
;•' .lostize, no caustic, burning,
it non*- remark.
0 able effect . 04NCEAS,, o,f thin,
taaiaient • 1.1, 1 1 t apt
rates the, c e.. elements of carnations
troartint r oo thit theyribrhilidie-and
appear asullvilknot 'return.-.1411 11010 a - '
eted•cati Oat on tfulPfOresitioralinchnnan,4l.`Down,
nivaritity; Wtt.. Not fiplyinoZtafe.tatlifinatt.'
• , •
This Medal:lola adaet — ed to all kind, of work,
and will be.sold "cheap. Alima - olines wariented.'
call and see one in operation at the - resident* of
Mr... Tames Locke,- M*RY• E. LOOIIE.
Jan. 11, : , ' • -
. .
i .! . . - -: 4 .
LOOK .HERE ; l , '.
. , .
S comet Min New 1..
1 t
:.; 7
, I
Cast Iron 808 SLEDS!
„. '„-- .•
'- % .1
..' % 4 `, 1
Tioga gardwar6'Stor6'',
4nit,aeil,tlretatbeforp littyitii`ehrOivbere.' :' ;
' WA Hie1.'141413 ! WARRANTED! „
' .':', ~ , •-\ , : ..' ,:=, ' ',” •-"-- c• " - '''
.-• 11 ; 1 4 1 1, P73,11t . .
,-;•.12:, SCHIERitELIN, Jr:
P 4,
\ s % \ ."
Janes Pp4s*a firstAass Cothpaiiies atge
/ •W. •'t " •
C 64 lrlV . " a.eirte
' as any
mill giant Insurance.
Jan.,4, huicnitt.
4.pplieation for Charter.
is o.rrea is hereby given that the . following
111 applications for charter of incorporation
,has been,filad in my office, and will be presented
,tgrilla quart of Common PlOllll of Tina county,
"M'otiatiir,iJan. 80, 1871
/Vdtiodtig )
Ada, kiley, Florence H., Boaard. , trader the it iitna of, the. of AO State -
School at, gad244lV
4lppliontibit* or Stone, J. 8.1 3 44ter,
Jerome B. Nil ft, iirido tb
ginermaio. Rocify:V j gSf s ,tA)rk . .
Jany, Ism 3. P. Diostvosm „,
51= ;Prbiby.
77 - fi4 ter tk 1111 1 '
• . „ st, 102 s hook=, -
Over - pa died: - whO ioil our now -
ammo • :
T i r t tlrbito
pnbltsb A bar_
boay wen n Vint IWO flow: bit
*am $6OO 'to 1550 per mouth - won.
'dada book. *4 pogo Desoidp i r r,orok
free on oppliintlon,, %twat nd gam;
mon,who ono fully atiossoiote' o merits of
Erb, and the
Agents' who d
attt0.,,4112 BtoOonffittgetinktVw
o -
P i i. ~., . , morsmr, ' tipA r
, kv " . • tell4wing named Ise pa
- •:. '•-•" •2_2•• • r Tnt Licenses sod* '
H • • "'"` • • • wo wilt gar
'to 'sae 1 7 7 . t.' k •'+' , alone the n dayOLI
fast, a il •''e ock P. •• ~ when all interested, may at
told if they'think proper.
.•ii--..t•1 J+o •LP9V.o.l.l.o:itt- .‘itil 14.4. 1 01 ••••: 4 4'
' ' 801 flannel, WelLettoro.*
,A. H. Gray • 4 4
1 2 ! 1 tal i D +I, 04 Mom . ...?1,./ Vi.a 1.1
• o Moss.* rritfloilA. ifs * 4, , , A
t l : 2 '"! l '? .. l i P i layi r l L t rt i .* -.l.'t ti 114 a .;,,, of)
A. leldhouse,* "
0. B. 'Whited Nelson.* ' '
A l Wok. Poet', elmar.* •
----- l ' - '
U. O. Ve ea Hafries.*
AleTstiour G d. Wit W
Price Tiham.*
il'i'+'46l l 4 l lll74 i b lo efitiha , -.
t. W .,. nton.*
alter 0 94PP0E 1 40.4",: •••4.4 TA :•.` r... 1 ,:.••Nia.
- ' Lewis Haggett, Lawrenceville,* 4 f 1' g '
, ,
W. B.- Van Horn,Wellsbaro. '
, Thos. Howes, Covington.*
Nonni /tom, ...._ ... ..- -. •
. Minor Watkins, Welleforo.*
A J. Bergin, Wellsboro.* . .
ytooA co. cowls
TION. Wherein, the lion. Robert G. " to
resident Jul?; for the -4th Judicial WWl*
egjttFotalt ,F4W Alaroxitiiitl39thir&kr
ell, - gag $ motet. JudgeftlnAiogo4o4m4 '
have leaned their-precept, bearing date the 10th
day of Deo, 1870, and to me directed,
bolding of Orph'an'a • CoultiOntirt of COMM W
Pleas, General- Quarter Elusions and Oyer and
Terminer, at Wellabore, for the County of Tioga,
ontativ4tkillimbly of .binnatiii' (being the 30th
dif,llB7l, and to continue two weeks.
Notice is thereforohercby giterk,,t4,,lha co o ry
PirdiVilitbfee'irtlitiliacccatfd'Coilitiblee in and
f o r the county of Tioga, to' ant* ikthelyo4
proper percona, with their:hobble} blquisition4 -
examinations and remembrances,
~to do those
things which of their o i;29VI . .in their behalf,
appertain `
er pane 4 , 1- the uoo m
wealthkag t any perion "Or persons, are re
quired to be then and there attending, and not
to:depart at their peril: Jurors are requeatcd to:
be punctual in their Attendance at the appointed
time, agreeably to notice.
Given, under ; gyd anekinstaW4Akfriffis
office, ltrWmarow
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundeed and seventv.ose.. ,r 2 • t
BANK of Wellebordugh, Pa., at the OJOS" otPusk
10 4 5 A 04 . Z 4 ,3 6 1 042
; I • 1 - 2 • •••• RESOURCES,.
.Loans and Discounts i46,198i0U. B. Bonds to secure circulatiort, 100,00 0 00
iI 3 V/7)701 14 :and Bectuitles.:obChand 80200 00
;at tßcks,Bondsi.an4 --- .... .al—s 4 1 % 1 ° 0 '
Due from Reserve Agents 18,01 88
Rue from other National Bapks 2,028 08
Due from Banks BankerlB4o, , 41%;
OurienVexpethies'' ' " " ' 518 82
TRU& - 7 r, • • 't s togg
Oah Items, (Including Stamps,) t 4,26848
1311 ls of other National Banks 11,742
L ona d Varrenoje (010184114 WV. 15...ka
liyi4s }ooB
T 9
3 tqe.11.4A..
Capital Stock peild In 100,000 00
Surplus Fudd . -t;,•• •5 8 6 87
Disboratt, IntOrivit it dd • Eichangn . .... . ' ~„ 80,
Undivided Profits 2,288 42
Nat. Bank Circulation (outattindlug) 88,662 00
Individual Deposittr4•4l 144•41 4
i . "
Due to National • - , ; 1 ; ~ 8 00 82
I, J. L. 'Whit. eon, Cashier of The Find National Bank
of Welletorough, Pa., VI? solqinhlylawear
dne statement is trot IdTA*** mMii s ellaakk
and ballet .Itortniso , lder.
Subscribed and sworn bolero - matt& 7th day of Jan.
1871. A. 8. BBBINSTRIt t .7. P.
Directors. -1;01
It•EGl e glg t /gq. NICE • 4-0 Ly- 4 , 4
wrolUE 18' hereby given that the Adiiiin
.o4 4tratcl apd 4aprdlsoa, liametl :beloWAutver.
Mid' their actroutitsinthe, itegisterat,Oillanlfor.
;logs County that thnnia.accounts
will by presented to the Orphan's Court for said
'County at a Sinikuvilf said Conit to 1 1 -- niuint.
;11- r l ib°r°
; Account of George D, KeenoyirAdinintstrator ,
of the Estate of Ira Bulipoir, late oCliffdfidbury,:
'deceased. 6, •"‘ 1'
;Account of,LOrain Butte, Onardianl of Mary
Butts, minor child of Eraetus Butts, Tate• of
'Lawrenceville deceased.
'Account of John Gray, Guardian of Julia Ann
Onornsokliail Charles Gnarrisky, tilde/ slhiliffai
of Sally Ann 'Guernsey late.orDelinarAeOliasedi
Register's Office Wellsboro Pa. January 4. 187).
- D. D. DEANE •
. • s r er A p.garEITER.
‘, -4
1 ,
.r.,, 5„
'. Farm foe Side. ', -
• - •
X,LIE anbactiber offera.his, farm, for sale,sitn
-7 ated:in CopPliollow on- the-raid
from Covington to , Wellsboiti:: Vald'fittik "cOn
tains 228 acres, about 160-improved, with good
building, orchard, and well watered. The
improved part fvthqtfattn is weilliphitired,
This farm wi t billidd'olleaP; and terms made
reasonable. I quire on the premises of
e ,, -. j ,-- f3,A2PML:EnNiturtyrts..:
Doti. i4;1870 . .-3ni. I- - —I:, -0".
'- 1 - 1 r-" Orpbane Pcipit'Sale. :..c.::, 2.. i)
'lDly ti. 14.1-L4lorao:laioi)Toot, of the
4.,9 Wns' Court of Tioga county, the undersigned,
Administrators of the estate! of-Yrideldok Wel-';
0 4 :deceased, will sell at public sale, on Tues—
day, January 31, 1871, at 12 o'clook, noon, At,
the'Court House, in Wellsboro to the highest
quit best bidder, the following !described . lands;.•
Situate in Liberty leirelkhili:re -, 'e , .:'V ~.-, tl . - :e. 4F-
.Ist. Beginning it a post, the northeast corner
~of warrant survey No. 1981; thence . west 63 ,
perches to a post; thence south 83.8 perches to
a'post in line of Jonah Brewster lot; theruiii
along the land of - said Brewster, east, 63 perch
ed, to a post in the warrant line ; thence north
88.8 perches to;the_platm. of begintdrrg; .. being
part of said wiiraid4"cofitiiialig 21.7...b0rtui;? ..---
.211. Being north' part of warrant No. 1981;
hiturded on the north by lands of Daniel Bard
lyand Jonah . Taylor, : west+, ibiy,,,lkawd6 ,0/161stf"
Heyler,iteuttf foi,fiands'Of:lereratellißleArlr,aint:
*alit by lande — cirrieBSitili. Welty estate; con
taining 82} acres , more or lees.
~ ~.v .
Bd, iteginnlnilit aliiist .10.ii;Vriesleini 11nry
of i a lia49 oP - /4 1 9.9. 0 PA:r.;08 4 eityrIthenee
north a lo n g said line 83 perches' to a beech;
thence west 17 perches to a post; thence sont4,
by lands of Israeilfreeitlief 83 lieriohittrinitbrit;-'
thence east 17 perches to the plop., of beg!tv
ping- containing 8 acrea:edBlBl`-perehe.s
4th. Beginning at alest r ii line of lands of
Henry Hardly;: thence siittol9:o- perches to a
beech; thence by unsegledjands,,,,weet,4o,o.
perobeaßaltaniecli÷tbenci byunsettledliiidi,
- s weat 144 perches, to a beech ; ,thence b o y_ lends
Of Jonah Taylor, north 49.9,pefehes, ta t anart;
'litchi. by lands of Jolutltlyttg4d;-east , l44 Or-
Ohm to place of beginitinfe; - eoritaliilng 42 acres
and 80 perches.
-5: Beginning at a stake in the eastern line•ot'
lands of Jacob Moyer • thence east by lands -of
Christina &risk, fl Moyer;
a post; tliendC
'tittrilOyklandykiii rie . t . eVegoode,ll3 - ,. ksrpr' ,
egf; Agent* we ib - de ' Benjami n Biten,:72l
perches, to a ii, st i 4e 4 nirtik bylande - 7 04i.
cobilloyer, 113 re ties, !tithe plas4l::t,OT biigiti'v ,
fling; ',containing 471 acres.
. . Tetts: One-third on confirmation of sale,
one-third one.year therefrom; atur,firce-Thfrd at .
tVidefith of Mary fAatilVelfy; vridoarlot -dad
!reds** Welty, deceased, with interest on the
same from confirmation of osier payable anqq-41
ally, and to be seeured bY'beird - 10 ad" mortgage
upon tile property. MARY ANN WELTY,
Jan 4,1871 9w
L a s cu._
ID rvlrtne of an order issued out of the Or.
Allit e tins Court of Tioga county, the , under
sign ?Administrators of the pslAttplf BAttV
Lingo deceuteS,lol.4itiop
Thiulday, 01014901112111 -o'clack - P. - M., a
016416 a of Lewis Daggett. in Lawrenceville,
toltietighost and beat bidder, the following de
pgrjhad property, situate in Lii¢e,lonll4,lDi
Beginning - at ii - hdnilaiik; the iikkithit et corner
of land belonging to heirs of Obadiah Insoho
deceased; thence north ) , IS degretkemASTlott,
oboe ton poet on .thio - 'wept' huh ibex
river; thence south, 2filegreeli itistirclApinleyea
to a white oak : thence southii6lP deg ~i
61 perches to a birch;, gangue , umr_k dligVeke.
east, sr nerchee to the pliiCel6lleitnialtrometitri
tatting 11 acres and Isr-petbite
s Terms:: One-fourth•cash at time of sale, and
'thibibincte in two er panientfiVir ,
twelve ntontponithi, tirestAltem* z-ti
mation. vi , e/ 614411 " 4 iffett.l 0110,_
Dee 41870 4w
, ,t
e Ready Pay = , 7 . is -,
Ir „ h
ta rt lVOdii, -- i;
the th in , , , ens
I ' . 40,that, a 6 alit if:Tannary, - 1871,
'itivoisollgoodi ibr ready pay only. All un
kattred.:ateounla4. aft4,lrAlio t„26.lkccif4Jaatiai%
10,11 batileft ?di 6°110416r. ' r, 71 - ;-•
a Partaaa tatimp,lll,l4i prsortmeni of
go,da, and solicit Ittronska as liartio44o. >
• v,; l 4__." t - aI-‘c In WfAtiLlaa-130N. -
' l ' : Annortille, Jaa t, 1813, awe
3EL3E1X 16 0.1:1.T
LiesiniltW f°l 11V13"qi
- : - . TEE Wa
`A ',1,. .1.11 'fina
- '_Tjuk,Vittuam..
r • ' PePertigi
, 4 i 'ts i , arepmsnt,
sO sirly advised
wtr..ya pti
obierv g e r , .'
states; a, p
to us' e by Tele
itTlllv ic
tin our.t I
o , nos p pg - io
WO in, the liiit
- which nu no superior in the gummy, iariefy,
end fiteahnette of itehou s tiaftWkiptur shell
be inch a Journal=
pave, devoted, and 'elmilleribiteititly devofe,
ore means and spice than any of our
Wallin& to make The Weekly Tribune snake
Feu' as no farmer can O ff Old to do withont,
however widely hb politica may differ front
out.. Our reports of the ORM% r Tort).
2100,r2rel.Meatettilean Int ac..
e ye is al Ulm of the farmer's
nsHing,P4 opt teguletreperti of the Partmer!a
eleVaudltindritigiiherMge are sointerestin
'thikittipooreet farmer will ;bid therein a, e
of suggestion and (*ousel, of which he cane
temift iporant without positive and aerie
The Tribune has been, is end must be a s
ens edveoaritoVolection to Home Indus
liegerdiettliiiiiteerldleness as the greatest f
to Wuhan program, the bane of human bap*
nem, we seek to win our , poun
AqualAtt tryu in meats
tap *ei 6itUttbil, ef
Tjfkifijeteud efalways overcrowds P rofession #,
'to tho tranquil paths of Productive Industrt
We woeld gladly deplete our overcrowded el '
g where tilinttakda vainly jostle and crowd in
misguided quest of "Something to do," to closer
pules and plains with colonise (*sorbed it)
Agriculture; Mechanics and Mantftottifes, and
constantly projecting into the blank, void
rin re I Mit e rn es eskljuovarktotvielliz
in 'ltoldifte sbe protection of Home In.
is t ustry, , :diseriminating duties on imported
arceand:Pabileks essential to the rapid, ben;
efloent diffusion et Production in all tie p hase]
tutßepartini . to and so teAthe kniknotion of
titphi in we
gescoun to adifireicf-ied uphold
at policy in un tabling faith that the true ins
tarot, not of a clue or a section, but of each
section and every useful class is thereby sub.;
served and promoted.
We sell The Weekly,to o_llthh i er ass than.
greleo licahraiio fokwils pa er ; and;
eAllthiditott y very large;
we believe that a half-million more farmers will(
take it whonev4l)ol be commended to;
their s it 4 We ask our friends every -4
where to aid us in so commending it.
Mail subscribers $lO per annum.
e-X0 ltlittlers;wisttlagAa'Prlforvo itr. Ore'Ors,Rifi
Nye; wpnt:nrpoW of Yorrnizig," and who pay the
full PIiC O : , L 0. Pa filtDidlyilificederni-Wookly, or $2
for too Weekly Tribrino,,wo Will pond the book, post
paid, if reunestbirbiado• at th e t ime of 'subscribing.
, • B 0 .fo , OilleiniThe Tribune Office.
~t,:,_ - r%,•9 , 4 1 9— r - -
Icrionne laminae foiliszi.- ' Pride ilifasnle. ,„..,..;-,
,/' Anne Almanac Reprint. 1838 to 1888, 2 vprainds; lidif'tiquild,- slo.' '•'=. " ..-, - '
Rioollsotiens of a liney,Life, by Borpoo cirealey. VrolOnv styles of l iiindiag. 7 2 IHOtl, $2 50;
braryt, - .18 501, ball Moroi:l4lSM; lialfYillf;ss ',morocco antique, $7, .„ ,j
. b .., -, • :.
Ro.44o,loi:geon.ozny. by Horatio 'Greeley; $t 50.
. ,
Hirbink's Hydraulics and Mechanics, eixteentb edition, largo octavo. -ORAN $5.
Pear Culture' for Proit, by Qainra AL,
i -, 21Elerninte ef:Akiletiltttri,;• by ' cit ing, edition,
cloth, $l. •
Draining for Reality/nil - Pro fi t, hiWaring, olotb i sl 60.
. -I. lient free:hi receipt of price. .
a j .. , L n MAlliitS,{f 4 n4,„ taßcii„,_ttgiffitrt.Proc,lttrka,dra - litilrow , INA; er-alPost Office- idoney Order; it
‘vuowviwo r ' waerli'neunerof,l444 o OP.!" proo , send the money, but always in a BEMS BRED
E itillafftinSid'iiii , iii siaiiirde, ; Aa rase
u l i
eA , wr , 'zi
tql ,187/ 4 )\ -
,-,. .4,. , ; ..., . -.., • ' • . ,
• • .
.1121014 44
,• re.
1-1 0,.. ..J., :, le ''' ' ..
, ,
~-: c ,,g vi ... ^. ;;;;; ; ... 7 ... ,;,-T.,.- .; Wit/ES . & BRANDIES,"
! L
:k ,„,47,1, 4 . 4 . -61 .. ;: :" :..., - 4 - ; '...1.4, - < i-: roti xragoINAL Rußeosze.
• ...- " it2V"''. - "'"!' l 3tit• -;' " ~ D YE STUEFEr` • .
! , 1 s isa A t -1`..:'0 , •
":1 4 -1- , PEE,FIIMERY,
.4... AA
-- --..... W., - --'` ..:!' • ''
i'''.' '.....''' - ' ' Larsirmr-,--
tir4cluardity and at low figures. I
than any other firm in the County; forth'
they regelye,goods hytheandengrannd rr
CrPutty. Alecihol
, alsS) , ,) s )
Tn fact L keep-everything-isnally frotthd in a first chess Dug Stoiettnti wattt in
anything in my line to give me a call. No chargefor showing Goods. Call and see.
'..',' .... .--
vep forge assottntent of
e ;
ID esti° Dry Goods,
41 E?'l
which Roa4y Pay
i „,4,04,wj#,, ALL jimpsi
}.1 .- 4 ' 4- 4.
f I
- - -- Welirnpose to sell our Goods very oheaP, and therefore invite all to take a look
_. , _ _ -t - ~- : s, „-ii _ ;,-- ,-.,.
a _ ~i ''_:- 0. ;..0 ' lit ' f-' . j'''
o , :b b la.S
-- ,T),, , ‘ -, -
Our Patrons have our thanks for their very liberal patronage the past year, and we trust by
selling for F.4Uip_ofigl, ali o .dAving4trificatt — ilf tall:mildness, to share a continuance of the
cz,-14.44*Vg .i 4 ** 4 q=' , ::'- A. 1 .4 \ -1 1 ) - illa I
z -i-1 e. v i , . 0. --,,,,,, ~•..,, 1-4,,,,0 , ...„ %.,....::., ....
.; , .
- e suer°, Jan. 4, 1871.—1 y. 1 •-.; ,--' J. R. BARKER.
.nI . •
, i..c
, .. I: ll3Citagiltili.R. Tii?iIERTS) DEALER IN
. To _.:
: I ,
:i. :
, .
e0ri,,i,,,-2, i.
.L:_,,,, 0 v0.1.„,....r._,
vuotax3peatateree i rr'''.cxcrilsts,fl:'D:''':'-v-''
1 .-1-,3.„fi soil-, lit ~ 4 ..._---, 7. f -,,,,-._:: 70 ;••...44i - 1-;:lifii,.. „ l , . 34 Ix • - •
? '
s,. ':i 4 : ,.fl as r is t ii .4i l tftif'!„ ,- ,r i o:l:::.ll o ' . nt w ld ß ere at "' ;,... - M p ' r ni ateri E ; ik' p liiii; E L : (4 a lt t ig in ,
a ß a li tsf T a l t fr ar it e A ra T p o4l . l3l,f, 1 , 1N:E . 1E81;,",i6.;. .'-,
, :i. ? 0, i 12t ,
44333iiINtt PROM 1 '
. • ,
jegr Terms Ceeb, ana °nab a. trat door aboiie Cone Rouse.
Wollaboro, Jail. 4, 1871-Iy.
• - -
and tiKkhoosen4 other thibga not menttotied.
- , '
~: '~~~
f., , ,;,1 11111 PMF1F11
. Terms of the Weekly Tribune.•
• To Mall Subscribers.
One popy, 0220 mr,.. 5.2 Paola 00.
tq11 1611 " , . , .. f
t I
iti4iiloppit:iatio,iinii Post 'Ogles
' $ll5O risiolt
Twenty copie s " 2 25 each •
Fifty c0pie5....... 1 00 each
And orpyextru lopy,to eiroh 010.
TilstiatAi kriubsoribirs;all at one ;Pas Ofiloti;
Ten copies • —.Bl 0 each:
Twenty copies 1 35 each'
]fifty copies ' 110 uaolii,
'AzttenteeerlititirOpy:to ,'
Tirriiirneetititlitd ' if
furred, ham either of the following boo post 4,
sign ,prepelst: ; , , P,olitipo.,/leoponryi -br
rear gehapt for Pont; y.4dtrinp
ThllietneritsettAgritiaaltutin - by'" Geo' War-1
Eing.) h.Y11.1.1. 1
xue New Meekly Tribune'
Is published every, '1%0,0y , 'and Friday. The',
Berol-WeohlY T111)105 - glres; in the course of a ,
year, vanes on vows OP the
Best and Latest Popular Novels,
by living authors. Nowhere else can so, much
tiorroatiotelligenee - and ipermaneribliteritr* mat' •
ter be 110 et go ehe9 rate • sus,; iXt...go, Semi-
Weekly Tribune.'" •
One oopy, one year, 104 numbere $4 00
TWO; t? ,••,,,,• • 'A•t, ... • . QO
iffire 4lo P l 4;tir over, fop eiuk00py t .„ .4 .,.,,,, t -, 8 00
AA extra bitY'rfill emit. for „every club of
ten rent fortit ote•tbrie) "or It preferred, a copy
of Recollection', 0,6 03. noYjafeiby Mr. Grocley.
i ~.
.._l-I , ' :;.
- .Gala PS. ACF
• „,
tqunderstood th at T sell 'elleap*-,
4. 'man can undersell me unless,
_ '
, ,
.14.0 0 Al
;fr4ew 0(18..4
;7 ,1, `l,+,
V. QME 1 -':IQ `-
' 'T; i: - .`,liiilliArtisiii.ooig ',,=
. ,
• ‘,
. '
ittkil se* s . GSOO sfpoir;:ti,
FALL ',,A,:,yl..t,!ltpt,ii
Ishitims tang (r, (s) ©ln
all.etyteo, 4iora•ind
.4/"AOAS, BiA.Oll. AND
. OOLORED. SILKS, eco:oko. ' '
BEAUTIFUL iii4tftt 1144141181
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Farmers, if you wanttoole to work with drop In
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Lime, Cayuga Plaster, &o.
Batter tuba, Palle. Pirkina '
and Ashton Balt to
Savor with. All , kinds of Farm Proanoe want
id. Prices can't be beat. • ,••
Tioga, Pa.,Oct. 12, 1870
C> Eikamo • sc,
' 11.111 t, purifies- the blood •nd cures Scrofula.
Syphilis, Skin Diseases, Rhe . attain, Diseases o
Women, and alt Ohrdnia affe none of the blood.
Liver and l'ildneYs. Recommended by the Pied,-
cal Faculty and many thousands of our best citi
Read the testimony of P4sicians and patients
who have need Rosadallif; seed for our Rosadalfee
Guide to Health Book, or Almanac for this year,
which we publish for gratuitous distribution; it
will give you much valable information.
`Di:TLIV:Carr.of Baltimore says ' •
Intim pleasure in recommending your Romer..
is as a very powerful altenttiv'e. I hate seen it
need in two cases with happy results-one in a
case Of secondary syphilis, in which the patient
pronounced himself cured after having taken five
Betties of your medicine. The other is a cite. of
scrofula of longstanding, which is rapidly itu•
proving ender Its use, and the Indications are
that the patient will soon 'recover- I have care.
fully examined the f,rmnia "by which your
your Rosadalis is made, and find Wan excellent
tompound orbiter/dive ingredients.
• Or. Sparks of Nieholasville, Ky., Bays be has
need itosadalis in cases of Verofula and Seconda
ry Syphills with satisfastery
or of the blood I know no be ter remedy;,•"-- , ,':,
' Samuel 0, MoVadden, idurf onshore, Tesin".,stiye
I have need seven bottles f Bosadalls, and am
entirely cured of Ithetunatis ; send me f,our hot
ties, as I wish' it fol. my bre`, eroalCs has scrota
„lens sore eyes.
t Benjamin Bechtel, of•Liin ,01110,*eites, Bette.
sagered,for, twenty years ith an invett,rito
eruption over my whole belly ;it short timesinee
tpuiehafted , a bottle of Bos delis and_ it effected
a perfect ccire:.
Itosodalla is sold by P. R. Williams & Co., and
W. C. Kress, We/isboro; Philo Taller, Tloa;
Bacon; Blossburg,and Druggists generally.
March 0,1870.—1 y.
, 41 ' y,....t A - -Is the only perfected and '
_ I 'oll4 scientifically prepared
, .... did picpara ton of , its kind
ever offered to the public,
- REST I 1 and„1.10.5 110 40 , 11R0tOr
~ . '
' 111 In cr ii. By its use
inn testored- to itp original
. TO youthful color' s and bril- '
IT 8 _ limey, w Weil is so - much '
oadmired by all. Persons
nn whose hair 'stint), or falling 1
COL ull, . 4 qmi Will; by the 'lse' of qu
enewer,soon see its gad
pfs effects, as, by its tonic anti
stimulating proverties, the,
GROWTH! lillir iliiiidg twill`' ° incited
IVID and the hair grow thick
1 A and strong i
again. In cases
of Bel ldnesi . . t will create
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a new g r owth unless the
PRESSING, folli9lea : ve,destroyed. {lt
y isModing, and allays all'
l i y itelting and irritation , ;) ,f
I t. the scalp. It does not stain
1 Enti the skin as do' dyes”; but
AND makes the scalp white and
T ... En yyy clean. As a DRESSING
I iliun.Ll a :
- At is• the best and most
lip economical preparation in
ng the world, ~ns its effects
ipgiNlast so much 10,gqr. send
for _our Treatise on-the
- =VI li di II I ha* f,rete , to v -by Taal'.
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Sold by ; alt Druggists anc!Reatimi k ,voicine,
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a..P. 1 Mkt: "iirf'te•; Piopcilttop.
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:I. Ailg a' 1870-1* i L
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~', : : 1 , SALE.' onto' beifintifeilA'i4, :','!-.
• 1 , , •,,y,'.7.1,, FREDEitIO, iSIARGKAP i t -,::;,.
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Kiln opposite the izewloemetery.'
Wilber), Sept. 25, 1.910-Solgo. i Z
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Try -our
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IPurchasiiig 'Elsewhere,
-- ileitrt Aisk For Credit.
&047, 1870
The Cheap Cash Store.
William fifilson
Msrked , them iDlowil
1 -
Cash Prices.
To inumer to the artioles and give a dhunrip.
Lion or the y riety and quality of goad', won*
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