The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, September 07, 1870, Image 3

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TlLit o 0 s running *tier
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e tat routes from
_......;:..,:.:_,. Welleboror.will depart and
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isoirose a TlROL—Depart 6 *lO, a. m., arrive 1)4
, and.l orock paw.; ,-,.. - : L, -
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f otiose k lifatarishennit 8 swin4 'arm° p:An
e nt iaoso k Cotrosassone.—Dep. Mon. k Thur. 2 p.m
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day itThursdayatl2m. • - ;
illastozo kissslTBnonn , —Depart lion.knur. Pa in
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P. M., in% turs, - &7ll4sy"kt 12 re: - :- ,-.,-
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L9eal items.
WEDNESDAY. rEi I tPT . : 7, :1670.,
New Advertisements.
Agent Wanted—Pe 01;A ,Craiignter.
Notice- Edgoom A litt,riburt.,
stoles—A. B. A. Briggs.
Pailtion...-4. )3. Potter..
l iklisboro Onideg Soh?ols,, ti
not Warted—Dlmotial&ifintt.
THANKS. — Mr. Chas. Cloie, of. - the -
Rend Top Chaos F . actory has our thanks for a
~,g , piece cfexcellent cheese, ;from the above
Oetory. , -.. ._.., ___
-31 r. Chauncey 11,411,,0f
_Oharleston c will also
, g ept our thanks, tor a oludir of blue Pluitia,
~ , dining 75 plume on
: a verrltruall 1411'114 7 -
mug.) in sire, and Of eiaelleinnility: - '
LITTLE BrTs.- I Chiaoh' , gaing,was frt
bled in by eome , on Sunday last, land lying
114 by many more.
-Harvest is ended and the summer passed;
al still Wilson & Van Valkenbtirg contlntf to
Sal opt goods to the satisfaction of their cuato-.
. ,
-.Emith & Bowen's brink bloCk, isknow going
cp it a rapid tate, and will no dotal' bar complet
0, ere winter nets in. . _
• ,
. job s
Wellaboro Foundry is doing a nice job
i: casting the iron fronts for Smith dc Bowen's
—Wellaboio i; putting oily • Wt s of letetrif
to judge fro* the street broils itt4tllgad
r" 4l- g
„ are igs from the street L..
t both by males and cranks.
—The illelleboro,_lligh School opens. on She
thing. The tints was postponed it, week nii:AF,..
tact of the County Fair and Terehers' Inititubzi,
vtich occur the week. before.
BEAT IT.—Mr. I. Co Thompson ; writes
lif u follows : "The wife of,ll l :E. , litulford of
lintfield, has a eon , who, hit, a! parentage of 13
',mons now Hying, namely,: 2iptienkit; - 4 gran4i
:irents, and 7 great grand parents. . _ • i
BADLY HURT.—Fellx, a !Kann SOLI
;f Wm. Reiley was badly hurt on the let inst l 6
nig thrown from a bone while racing oa the
Daring Park. The young lad was insensible for
Ame Limo afterwArd,andle learn,,ie now slowly
7eosering. Boys should not allowed to , ride;
fat horses.
J. R. Barker is in New. York, after a
all stock of goods. They will be open and roa
for inspection Abe first of next week. Give
am s cell, as you alwaye find in hie stools a good
Ironton t of dosirsd?lo goods. .
TEei. CITED& - bIEITicTUTE.—Ttie
vs' Institute' fot this County will hold ,itis Apnsa
118 onion frittieTOurt THonsts,,Weibilioreoosii
tensing Monday, 'Sept. 19th, 1870, at 2. P. M.,
Lid closing Friday noon of the same week.—
Prominen t Lecturers and Instructori will be pres
mt. and every arrangement has been made to no.
;;mmodato all who,attend, Let there be a large
...tend:ince of 'l'6.orira, Sohool Directors, and
that tho coming session. may be ,one, of
i'dt and pleasure aIL Much crodit is due Prf.
E porton, the Co.:`,, Supt, for his energy and
arnestnesa in the work of education.
PERSONAL.—Rev. 0. L. Gibson goes
•.to thin place to Towanda. Few men put forth
Zre onorgy-in the cause of religion than Mr.
;ran. Ile faithfully ministers to the spiritual
was of hie flop ; and what more any man
:? We regret the, departure of A. Gibson;
nla,i, an*) his rtninir'.r,;---r.-44-RA:A:!nr
tw Nan,.
Re is% D. D. Buck, Doctor of Divinity, was
I.ll2gesa to tills place by the late Confatence : — :
ip understand he is a man of high standing' in
e ministry
•—Professor:-A. C. Winters, the gentleman em
4:rel as Prinoipal of the Union Graded Sao°
• 'hi! arrived - hi town with hie wife his
-Prufelqur Horton, S, County Superintendent,
4! In town last week, Making arrangements for
.z. Teachers' Institute, whieh is tp "be held at
s place the week of the Fair. IV* }Joie 'our
ple will do all they can to make the Institute
—Rev. P. Reynolds, of Allegan, Mich., xnado
reef visit toiluie county last . wetk, calling on
a:oe of his many friends in this vicinity. Sun.
the 27th ult., ho preached a very able and
Ittreffing discontso in the Bap list gall, Wells-
, ard, Esq , was admitted to the Bar of Tioga
'inty last week. Ile read with'Al. F. RlHeti,
El, of this place, and we, are inforina . that' he
o Con tinue with him predeptor in the .practice.
Bogard is a =young man of good parts,
reputation as a student and a scholar is
vbtablished in this county. Re makes a
11.+0 Of his time ; he,is g young man of good
highly re.pected by all ;laud 'we Bope to
Loa pros* in
_Xhe honorable. profession be
di"Setl. Wllqllll the profession honors, honor
i•toteesion : we hope to' see Mr. Bogard rank
THE WEATIIER.—Froth-afloat of the
• t duds of the county, we have reports which
that a serious drouth was upon them down
'4 st week. Pastures were dried up so that
Atilt could scarcelrget enough to hie on off of
to belt. Iu this section, what rains we have
were of small account. In a day, the roads
riald again be dusty. On the rivers the drouth
to not been to severe; though we understand
zi t the corn his not filled out as well as it
Early Saturday morning, a steady, general
o tet in, which we think will be a great benefit
%lb, whole county. It ie just En time 'to bring
.1 wheat along.
Im..Elliott, mother of Julia Elliott,. of Law ,
'awfillo, died a f'ew days ago, aged 93 years.—
lived a great many years on the old Elliott
t tettead, on the west side of the' Tkoga river.
C'heat's flats, in alarge bend of [the ricer, wore
;:e Rene of many A ramble andl i dai's lort,• in
t;r early boyhood. The wild cherry the choke
`Fr!, butternut, ,biekfienut, •tbornpluni, the
'tired plum, all flourished there: conveniently
tar the strimit;ink place; and it is raid that
itet,flooes and watermelons were sometimes
nd deep out in• the corn fields, Pumpkin
'tit, slim testify, supplied mob boy a "squaw
k* for lerfkde along tliel green hank - Of the
Seri eras a lung life. Aimeet a century !-
141 eorlaeata tinee'abe wats.a ebild ! .
1. E. CONFERENCE.—At the 'recent
E. Conference, held at. Elmira, N. Y., tho fol
141 / 4 appointments were made for the Troy lis.
t 'lt: W. Cochran Presiding Elder:
troy—w. S. Wentz. - r
winda-0. L. Gibson.
!An Smithfield—W. Slather&
4. ringeld—B, J. Tracy.
Bo rlington—C. V. Lowell.
,'"on—Nl. C.' Dean.
r•L‘t Canton--4. J. Turtuo.
l l o croeton—%V. W. Runt. • '
LIb M7 Corners and Asylum—C. L. F. Howe.
boshore—R• Hinman.
:to rluville—E. G. lkl'Connell.
! L imburg—S. G. Rhinevault.
Rolland and Columbia—Pant Smith,
4,tickson—Oharles to .
oga and Lawrenceville—i. S. Rymer.
!! is seSeld—W. D. Taylor.
al:ell:mg—R. Lambkin. •
Cla uleiton—D. S. Transie.
ifiddlebuq—J. B. Chaco.
firelltboro—D. A. Buck.
o tr ehner—T o be supplied.
and Manchester Farms-0. Compton.
W estfield—O. B. Weaver.
tr ookfteld—J. A. Blanchard.
linottiile—lsaac Everitt.
Chatham—E. Maclean.
ritutin iti , a -, -W.l9r. Rummy.
t •
4lggoi)AT - PitCiCEISDINGS:q-Cctill,
4tineli bti the 29th ultimo, his Honor, du
Dams, presiding. ' There was mow) than
nary ettenderaWi:lbe:boteltOutte.*7l.
the 0* toonilaH,fei.iliertirit:444o:::
4aierlo'a 'i`eritineljury - luitOi - - : - Os49`
hero was a fair Uttendande 'Of j ''''en.
lial busineisa'faktilustO ilie -- ,-er k;',.' and
number of oasts were diliosedlO ~,,, ,
Commonwealtkvo ? :lfor • „ojigtas
I n dicted (or cutting timber on it „land'
' -til . ,:e. ' dOlik4i 1 ;:" - P 6 iii 111 ' . 0 ' VlKii4
libel:muse there - was no•plea Mae in the
be heard at;ittilotiiiied cein't:,';' -
CoMmonwealth vit. Jam Morgan.
-Aoauitied. ‘ , :•-• , • Z.! ',` --, ' ', ..1
,Barde vs, James )411 1 '.POrjitty. - . '.,tr
Defendant gave bail to next.. Sessions.... ,
Same vs. .Mary -Ann _Phillips, , . Ass
bettery4 John Payne prosecutor. i g no
-prosecutor tiipliy twits.'
.-- ' •:".-' •
Same vs. DeweDyn,Hortlirnp. Mayli,
'rioted. Motion 'in arrest of judgMent, -
hie to November Sessions. The bill',
in Quarter Sessions, and.notpertitied., '
-Sam, vs.'Wiiliam D.,knox.. Assiull
teSyf f and last term I . ,:Dat'eUdaut'eCin
ientene d to pay a tine of
.tisgaro cost
- 'l3Um vs. John White. , Same as abo
tc12 13 . 7m 4 v s F O s in e T n i h d d p s M s o tt o s s t : n ,H d e c e o fo ali ... T,i w ji b P r l e rri e _e .. , ,
Of the same charge against this 'defeur
Untied to next Sessions.' 1 '• • • ,
Same vs. Nele l p M. Todd. - linrder. ;goosed;
- Thillif the ease njentioned by the pres the mid
dle of last'June,, wherein' the :dere dant: Was
eliarged - tritli hanging pr,atiangling h son, who
was about twelveyears of age. She was alone
with tbo boy ',the, afternoon When he as found
deed:: The Inquest.held.on the body cued -that
the bOy was killed by a rope 'about h a neck; 'in
some. manner, ;It seems so improb, le that` a
sane parent'would peipbtritte snob an act, thut a
, charge of! thiceharacter plhotild not b sustained'
without evidence which , cannot lea i to a false
corialueion. Tbere . stas So • much m tok
Omit - this case, that the publics good . requi l e d an.ex
amination. I
Same vs. Jay C. Johnson. • Rape at
True bills. Continued.' - '
, Same vs. Frank Hall Malicious
True bill. Continua. .._ _ •
•Same Desinon. . Itefus*
road.' • • Ign;ored , . ,
- Same vs. illiti ~ .
m• Bonbon. Pe ,
— l-? ?
bill: Continn a.
~ , „
~Same Vs. A. Kinchello. Assault nd batter y ,
With intent to kill. Foundguilty ii d scOfenoed
to two years in penitentiary. lie IS a Newlrork
band, who came to work on 'Abe r ilroad being
.built to this place. He wounded the complain.
ant severely with a-reeer. „go.** 44(4 the : iti•
fluence of liquor at the time..
Same Va. Gilbert Vincent. Larct
County to pay costs.
Same vs. 11. 11, Shaffer. Tii;pli
Prosecuter to pay costs. • . -:,.
-Smite vs. Henry . Good.
t, Lam
guilty. Seatenced to nine omit
tiary. .
Same vs. J. B. Wakely. • Assahlt
Convicted and fined $5O. ,
Same vs. Prank Reltoy. Two 'et
and battery. Settled by,,leave 100
moat of costs.
Same Vs. Silas Allis. Cattitigi t
Guilty., Fined $5O and colt's.
Samo vs. John Payne Surety
iondan't discharged. ` • " - '''---- -
, The adjourned Court was fixed :
eriday afternoob, all the jury
beeh disposed of';\, the , Court adjo
day. i ---....,_ .
„ •
l' ` - -------:. -
WELLSBORO 801160 LS: It, was an
nounced iiti the AGI I Tlerpll last wee , that the Un
ion Grade Scho l ul_ .O'f
. Wellsbcf would 'op e n
about the ladle of September ., , iiare noty . i4-
formed:that the Directors,,have , mployed Prof.
A. C. Winters; 'of Dundee N. Y. as Principal.-
Professor Winters is a g duate 1 the Univer
sityit of ROcheeter, and ha
_lilt -. experience in
organizineind donduotinirgraded , schools, 1W
has spent some years ig:lsti ( dy azi. travel in tier--
many, France and Italy) acid we i.tivei no doubt
he will discharge ithe t rortanit duties of this
responsiblepositton, t Z,
„ ... e, ontir: Batlifailien of
our people. The _ undertaking, h• ivexer, is great;
and no man can Carry the; enterp lie forward to
completelsuctess, withentithe hea ty co=operation
r...... •--• LI - -Tr-- his ' been . na• V -01=1.11 . 4-441.k4
Vielleboito has had snow facilities for;tlA.-etidint
tion of her youth as she should have, and the
Work of building up the school will be all the
greater. on this account. bade d, the schools
have been so illy calculated t a. ewer tho needs
of our community; 'that On pe.ple' have been
conipelled to send their oh hire, away for in-
strnotion; long before their arri al at such age
.as qualifies the young to underg. ttio hardships
'incident to separation from hoer. and honte in
fluences. A largo number , of • ming peopleiin
our own village have thus been •aken out of our
schools, and so few advanced .p pile remained,
that it was difficult to keep hp general inter
lest. Parents have seemed to car but little abpat
'the character of the school s to hick they have
sent their children , or, it may e, have thought
they were of so trivial conseque ce that it' mat
tered little whether their childre attended regu
larly. Thpro can be,, no good 'school without
punctuality and regularity in at ndence. • Noth
ing so much promotes theati L esse tittle, as the' at
tractiveness which is incident to a school conduc
ted on the modern phin of grade schools. Each
pupil stands and is advanced solely on merit, as
certained, by periodical examina.ione, conducted
under the supervision of the Board of D y....octors.
Under this systeln, there is something or each
' pupil to strive for; and the emulation which it
arouses, is a sufficient stimulus to induce all ii
put forth their beak efforti. When a pupil is
trade to understand that his or er 'advancement
depends upon proficiency in the studies pursued,
there ia.likely to bo no ]sic of arnest, persistent
effort. The young mind ?cache out for expedi
ents which shall promote the reatest progreas,
and thee the pupil begins to tbi k for him or her
self. There is never any . sub tatitial advance
ment, without that systematic discipline which
makes the pupil a thinker. I is idle to thik
~i ,
only through tho minds of oth ra. Memmrizi g
,the th`oughts lif others, 'makes u. mere copyis .
Independent thinking inspires originality. o
most make ourselves mediums en 'rapport wvi h
the one source of all inspirati.n. Pupils mitt
do this to become scholars. . holarship is the
effect—it is the full fruition of tupilage.
The labor of organizing thi. school will be
very great, for a year or Iwo. lat of chaos must
come order, system, graduated a ending of mem
bers in the different classes - of t , e course adopt-,
ed. All must conform to - one avr... There will
be complaintsLnd disappointm • nes. It is like
making an agny of rew reap to. The evolu
tions will expose those who o oat train in the
awkward squad. But drilling Arai - ping,: will
wear off, the awkwardnearr;Yand n a year Cr: two,
we shall see them ready for parat e andrevlew:
This school will b 5 free to an i;
Those residingju the adtlition.ol
to the borough last winter, must
by Delmar the present _school
year we shall have the tai pis this
mutt provide rot all - within its li
add alaciutak i 0 the number in ,
the mean time, all outsideithu Ii
borough ) desiring to attend '.sch
charud - tuition: The rates' will
'We bay already heard of quite :
ore cooling into the 100 l frorn2
country!. 'We shall ha e as man
its we shall be able to provide for
crease' chore. This is
pupils fr. the start, heeause
make the school what )it thptdd b
Our people take, a pleat interest
prise. It will greatly add to - th
of . .our village. draw fru
the _education of, children. the
equiialent trr.tbat ofthe best acca
child within thiliorongh can aeqt
ucation free. The amount Of •tax
compared to tho tuition which' wo
abroad. If tie school succeed, no
plain of taxes. It must succeed
HANDS ORP - . - - - 7.-E4itora
saw something in your papeT,of
ago, which pleased me so much, tbi
to respond to it, an'd give you some
same kirid of thing, whiCh is need(
knows. It was on thist subject; whic
discussed. yet'whiosh is of such vital
—girls, and their b belusvior in impiety ,
heading says, taken from some paper
now escaped my mind, " Girls alts
selves to be handled." I have so ofb
what a great thing it would , be for
bless their hearts—if the press of.
ereuld *if n ?ilof'like* is . tbfr. iir4 olB 4 ;114 NIA'
to say So 'numb zif ';‘shisp,i Vileli :ClO'''. taaiiiipirgma
do.- Now; the girls, I'll lay a wager, do not want
to ba had, and would do nothing which savors of
ti‘ bad * it they weiaiold'ottene*.hlitf fit islirld..
i i b Rn i
Y s py , ow to act rightly toward the bearded
ones. Now, if girls.-and I mean young ladies,
t0,.? , --ntill!knew bow sough more young men re
spect them, if they never give theuran opportu
nity Le he familiar, I am sure all the girls in the
iand`wonid never allow any man to take their
i forAlentleacanly.,leave-bagiag•—.
,They :need koitei rndish; 'Or' tiny thing Of :tip?
sort; to man of Sense wants them to be c tlicit;
fiat be'does want them to be thorough ladies, at
all times and under all circumstances; never al
lowing anYttliPSlDLe;familbrxitY ftPlat !IV oPir
at any time.
W,lay,,,,,ipan nali.tellftel-by.len,
minutes'. talk withiegirl=-Vzhather 'be 'deist
auui ' to ` put his arm stoma Ihtz.. iNaiSt;i4. kiss
hand her cheek, at the gate. Not ono, min in
Bt6; fa going to offer to do' it, unless"he feels
pretty sure beforehand that ho will not be repuls
ed. Do not , think ! either • girls, beeapse A,
man . asks to`" gels You, that be is in los%e'
with you; --;fen ~ -to I One; - if." l :.he iron; his
would not have the courage tonslk T tnr ! anything
that would be hal ` f as s'weet`'to Min. . Ile weal.]
kiss any girl with a rdais'oria"bliiiretty faae, 4 andi
nice mouth, made up already for ono. After
war,.4l be would say to the fellows: "I like to go
home with Miss 86 and so, .1, telljrou,f.iishe lett.
you kiss her whenever you want toi,p,nd,A is,
kind o' tempting to the racist lidshful or us; titan;--'
'ding at OM gate on a moonlight night„; ipo l 1.
'never would marry any'it,irl that 1 thou ght had
:allorted.balf a dozen fellowe io 'slobber eVerliir:"
Now, ; Mr. Editor, don't scratch out' that word
" slobber," for it is the only word that expresses
'exactly what I mean. Erri,to bp engaged, itym ,
excuse for acting'the fool; and 'girls 'should nev
,er allow a man too much r eedomj Just, because
old saying, " There
'ismany a slip 'Wilt th cup and the lip," in
therday's of, short engage ants, is ever proving
hey arc engaged." Tb
true; and Yorang ladles • • lonia alvialys 'dep.
,theinselies a kerndaelitly, th t in 'ease 'of a dip; em
they need never blush to think of those bygone
days. Oh, girls, all that we men say, we say be.
cause we rimito . you so,inuchoind want you per
fect in every way, because , we are imperfect in
ao many ways; so don't get mad at what one of
the'iiiiper'feat ones has Said, airier your good:
I a Wit-.
a ordt-.
tOp aid
14' 44
0, 'end
ii !srlge
! &Ana.
of Iwo
,a bill.—
ult said
and bat,
oted and
e. , See—
har easel;
ant, oon-
a adultery.
g to open
Fit*); P4I.4•FOCIgki : * Charles - .ll. — Vertill," ) .A.
PrOfeisor ;of •Scientel and Arl,• of' Teilehine, 7
and - Mentil - andlforar Philosophy; 12ev "Ti,
Wation,.4. Profess o r of Anelent kingudgea•
and English Grammer ; • Ilimry jonei,-• IS.
Professor of Mathematics- and 'Natural
Thy ; Frances A. Cochran, Preceptress, In
structor p( French, German and' BOtany Miss
Spisatt:lt'. Preston, M. E., Instructor -of-Reading
'and Elocution ; Isaac G. Jloyt s Professor og I ,
: strumental and Vocal llPtihin;• Chlrl4lof - Theirtp,: •
son, Professor of Drawing and Paintipg;
Mary E. (Bradley, Instructor of Pentattnehip;'
Miss 'Anne It Kelsey Assistant in , Etiglish'brari- ,
clies ; 'Vint) 'Pratt, reft'.l3., Trine ipal of .Model,
SchoolT; •Miss Myra llortinv, Preeeptribei ,
Miss Liizie W: llainee, B. 8., Assistant.
The szbool -year,' consisting •of throe terms
eaoh, commences to-day, (Sept. I.) The e*pense
per terra, (14 woeks,) for tuition add ;
boarding, including room rent, fuel, oil and wash
ingeis s62;dr sup pef,year. ' deduction of $7,
per torm, or s2l'itlin.4rear, is made to' those de-1
signing to teach; $l4 per term, or $42 per year/
to any who were wounded in St'ato or U. States
service, or vihose fathers lost their—lives in said
service. A deduction of, $5O additional to the
above, to all who graduate and design-to - teach.;
All young men and Women whh are'prepared to
join the senior class, receive, it will thus be aeon,
a deduction of-471,, or $92, from
.the regular;
charge for the All vtso.ternitin trio years,
and , graduate, provided they intend:co- teack
'ecive a deduction Of 492, or sl3.l;rfeni the 'reset.'
lar Otago: for two years.
People who are interested: in , thl4 Inititutiat;
ivilfsee, how much the- State
in it.' "'Students can bo admitted at any time, up
on application to the Principal. -
_. •
, -Students tAlliinglo remain'oe term onlY,•oarr
Caine at any time and remain , -.14 weeks from date
of entering, charged for ono term only. Cata
logues are always furnished, on applioatioretothe.
y. , Ignored
g. Agnoied
i ny. Plaided
'a ln paniten—
rand -I:iatorY•
!see of assault'
plart,, °Limy-
f peace. _ ye\
.r Ootobbr 21.
awes ',haying
iciod till Mon.
NOTICE TO SOLDlkats:—./: are ptepareu
to make applications fob artificial limbs or ap
paratcs, (or' moucy":y'alne .of the sidni4 for'aall
officers, soldiers, seamen enifinarinee, disUblettin
the military or naval service of the United States,"
during.thc late war, that to officeriiMt ntaie
'the rank of Captain in the army, And Lieutenant_
in the navy-,ne poi alit of iCiirtirioiti, 7 iappiceved
June 30thi 1870. lifkurpicK.
4 A4to--14.134.111—t...
MUSICAL.—L. B. Powell, 116 Peon
avenue, Scranten, Pa , .
the - ,general, tigiiney
'for the Chicherlng keneiit.OAfesea' ! att Mira
lin organs, in a largo portion of iii:e. 4 slatse 01 ! N.
York iind Pennsylvania. Theit; celebrated in
struments! are ,thti ,onlipihnoit and
factured, that are selling at low rates, strictly on
the, '; one price system," Senate Mr. Powell for
the now circulars and price' lists/ ; Aug
_3 •
DENTISTRY.' —C, delltret•
office iri Wright i3iiiCk,whoro'hci
tinder to make teeth with the neto Improvement
which gives bytter satigliflikn: than any Ihilig•
elso in use. To 1;,o hnd nt Dni:tt's only.—Ang.,42
1870.—tf. ' ' ,*.1••-- •
The course of musical instruction at this institu
tion, is identical withlliat of 'the most successful
music selMois of the country. It opens the silos
test.possible road to a SOLID musical education,
saving-a 'Vast amount ortioni and _
Instruction is giyen on tho piano, organ, vio
lin, and other orchestra.' instrmmMits On harmo
ny and composition, cultivation of, thosoice,,
'tation, and smging•at'sight.'
The . Fegufor groxluating course., is divided into
five grades; each - grade being - subdivided into
three divisions. The, music comprised in
course, iy classified according to the divisions of
the grade's, beginning at tho simplest and exten
ditig,to, the tnost difficult, and includes the piano
forte works of the ancient and modern -chibsie .
The ,preliminary - technical Studies afe"artanged
in aectirdanee with the divisions and grades, mti:
king a progressive series of studies from the be
ginning to the end of the third :grade. , After
that point has been reaohod,--the course is contin
ued with the studies comprised in the course.
_ RATES OF. Thirrox.—Per -term. of fourteen
weekl payable - strictly in advance:
Piano, two lessona per • week "$l4 00.
Organ ' 14.00
Violin 12 00
Other orchestral instuments, each 12 00
Harmony and composition, two lessons 'a.
week 14 00
Notation, elementary instructiortand singe
lug at sight, 2 lessons a-week, (in classes) 5 00
The above rates correspond with the old rates
at $l2 per term of twelve - weeks---use of piano
and organ twoliours a day included,' - ' '
-Those wlio pursue the re - gular cantle, and can'
sustain a britical examination in the same, are
awarded u diploma,
No deckled , * will be inado for temporttryab-'
settee from lessons, nor for lessons discontinued.
The fall term begins Sept.. 7, 1871,
.[lteo Over-.
tisement in this paper.] - ,
jtifir*Teaehers of music and public" gene
rally can be supplied with music, and instruction
books of the most approyed methods. Persons
about to rinrchase pianos or!,eriti;ti, 'find. I,t;
greatly to, their interest to correspond
Orders,will receive prompt attention, and should
bo directed to' 7 - 1. - Qr FioYT, ' • •
August 31, 1370. 2w •- • • illatitifieldrft.
'the borough,
territory made
be provided fof
year. Another
ext - anoloin; and
KIRKENDALL--1141GINS--TAD.corfield, by
N. STRAIT, Esv., Mr. H enry P. Kirkendall and
Miss Evalino A. Riggin* bop!. pi' Lawrence, Pa. ,
- , . •
PERTir—DAVEY—In s D aniiield, Atii. 31;
1E370, by liev. - (4. P. Watrons, Mr. Almeron' M.
-Perry-and-Misv Jennie Davey, both of Richmond.
ite.. This will
ur sottoole.••• In
tilts of the old
ol here, will be
.e reasoriablti.—
lie surrounding
r, nndonbtedly,
without an in-
It. We. solicit
need them to
-- DEATHS. ' ''-
jAnucrupcemente bf deaths priblisbad fraa, l aturall
obituary notices scill bo charged at the rate of 10 ceitl;e
`for ten Word] ..:
DECOMSEY—In Union, Aug. 23, 1870, Mrs.t
dnora, wife of Thos.: Deeomsey; agedl2 year..'
RAIIBD4LL—In Arnot, Aug, 0th,.1870,
zio, wife of J.-E. ItrAIf3DELL, agdd 88 ,years, 1
month, and 15 days.
in the enter
'Hies hero for
ours° will be
raies. l very
ire a good ad
11'0II be email,
Id be charged
l ono 4, •
will com—
"And she.;afiwpp fts.passsd." .r, • A
Aui.- 26, '1.870,
Mr. John Maddison' t, aged7o_years.
GILKt clie 14th of, t Xnpi l ,
1870;"Mr. John . Gilkey, aged 42years.
, . .
In Partition. -
, ,
TN the mutter of the estate . f Divid Hplelitit
• ?
der deceased. ' Ludy A. - Hulilitiller;:jolin
13.11u1slander, Susan' E. Freeman; Worthington
Freeman, E. K. Hulnlander, Harriet M. Vanval
calnear, Jobn Vanvalcalnesr, - Davicr.r.•
der, Jtilia A. Lamont, Archibald Lamont, and
Eunice Edgoton,'guardian of 'Luey
del, Clara S.' Halsiender aria !MAW Itulsien;
der, heirs at law of said decedent, you and each
of you aro hereby notified that by virtue of a
wilt of inquest issued out of the Orphans Court
of Tioga County, inquisition for making parti
tion Will be taken upon the leads of said dece
dent at his late residence in Charleston town
ship, in the County of Tioga, and State of Penn
sylvania, on Tuesday the 25th day of October A.
D.; 1870, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Sept. 7,1870.-6 t. J. B. POTTER, 'Sheriff.
week or two
t am going
(more of that
sadly, God
;11 le se little
• or, dB your
which has
wing them-
n thought
r girlit—
Wittisboro Union Graded:
A. d;'t"Ato.!EA...gaßrps
E or GRADED SozcooLs„
And Principal of Rig){ School.
T is the determination of the Direstors to
make Alio OpF •In ie of 410 1 ,940 .tho/91,1141,
and. syaternattii afroari tie' it i n Hui
`anima ohm H
with the priMary department, as
papinn fit master every year's allotted work, be
fore being'adMitted to the next higher. •
' The best of 'teat:lke:a wiltbe 01:N451;40d in every ,
department, the Most.'44s43oethttdef,9l
,qtruc . tinpused ri andi;-,ther IlaVcuip.• , ,e,!rexthep
over timprip4lP*Vol IVRIr
Man' Botroiir. offers theta aavaritages:
,The Principal is a graduate 'of the Rochester
;University, New York, a gentlenian of large ex
perience in the beat conducted 16611°01a lof the
country, who has spent two yesirs in' Burope,
and speaks German. French and Pafian. „He is
qualified to give superior instruction in .ilistory,
Fine 4sta and the Aneien't Lang ogee. Instruct !
lion in BlOir .14114fenaiice,
kevfpg aud'AfgerC, hiLeyial49 that of the
ti ed med e d deelp „
'; The Board.imPfe`to.;soon jiivAblii)ti scour° 14.!L
etruction in Painting and Dra(oing, by a 144 .
who has had several years' insfruction by the
beat masters In Germany, and who has practised
in the Galleries of Berlin, Dresdeb. Munich and
i ltforeuce. ,
Tire &ad school is the cheaper/4400]. Tho
.Board intend to obviate all objeotions .to this
class of po pular schools, as far as possible. A
suffietent corps of teachers will be employed,
that full justice may, be .tione t te,every„ pug „I--
Tuition is i feeito riltwithlnilreeld borough lhn.;
its. Pupils,kcm, abroad, are ( 4l4,trd,_BortriLin
Private faMillef froM $ 313 84 per,.*eek.-,
Tuition, Cionimikitßl4ll4;(plYtiinatr.:'
- if Higher Englis4lB - iyhmtatica; 4 . 53 44.
cv, ORDEn Or 'BOARD.
Septep4er 7,1870. tf
At tit ; Niles • alley Steam Flour.
, y r ' , leg It'll,
1. 0, OOP ‘ , B - 14 1- l i tt n et, C e of
which We vii 1 pay the.hi heat market price..
.E. 41 K 0 4t, 4 BEMT.
ppt. 7,;1M0 aw
__. .
.. _
• ' .:. , -, Stolen.., %- .. ~. -
ROM- the anbscribetorOthe night9fdit -8411;
1 1
X /MM. 99e pld{..cusbfpns t o•n„A dome" t,7;t l .
)goef.r. /laid L einiblorietras-neVnred -Orltli' - ' town
'cassimer'e, bedtichlbg titittotis,' and 'Winn with
silver cord..,,,As.neyeraMbinga : loi been. kilo
atvationti Ulnas from 'my ' premises; t to ' .thla .
'method - 9f giving snob iblifiit4libitreefalr aide;
Atuit if such depredations do not cease they must
stand tho consequences hereafter. ss' will be
paid forth° apprehension of the thief 'who stole
the alov.e items. : A. B. A. BRIGGS.
. Middlebury. Sept. 7,1870-3 t.. .
All ; Agent Wanted.
' 'NG IbIAOWItMI3 Vioga
'Wagons :foriii AO, attd:fhe'llett"Tii*)pt , ei? to'
Sept. 5, igzol.y. :13Ox
C. B. KELLY4 - ‘'• '‘,
New Goods
1 1 1 - ‘
-4 ra.
. brnr in - 44 1 1 nook
v''s• i . :;slZ*!., 's , ~ : s::• . ''':,
11111,011611 .1 1' lillteli '''-
• 9
..,,, • ,
~ •
..'are4iii try and convi I
en you, ttint we not
only - Vtivei : 1; ,
. .A.
, ~\ • t
biat tbat ? mio , otctdoAlltyfribtsbq c L Rr aovj
bottom mil t3,Z1A1ia.6.0; '''Woatai 3 O. VOM)pteto sit 4.
: 4 V, i;•^_,
.Clik - Dttg"!!DltEoB . '
0F1.9 4 ) a1 14 ,1-PrkeP4 •
-li-ivA= *.f
'•• 34 ; ' ETC., ETC.
" r• r
do not propose to mention all the items in
attire, as vie muoliprefer showing goods.
NpAence-forab i Gooda.-c dal and
lee ua . I 1, ; ,
Sept. 7, 413 - 70, 2 `•
12jSTItAt—Ciano to tiler eloatire Alle sub
scriber nbont ittetlest Of Anglia Spotted
(red and w hite) steer, abrit4fOiar "yeargold. ' The
owner is reques6eto prove. property,- pay elm,
gas and take hith away. ' DANIEL FIELD.
F. Delmar; Aug 31, 1t371V,357 •
• •:,• ••Straye(l - • •
• •"
:Elitomitfk§ enolOsuro,O,f_tho aubsciiher, the
II th a reCyearlihk =heifer,: ihort neon
and horns tarnodlptirAny InformatiOn of :.the
, abhvb heifer will ho . diberally rewarded&
,* • • =- • -- DAVID E. - BOWEN:
. ' %,; EAemßlAlki & , VAN , ,HOTtIig,
....- - -7 , - : PICR4iTINEAR# 1p301141 1 / I C4F•
! I 1 I':
il a a ' elllt:a OS
l a
A nen -, and eup rior :bale for, artifioial teeth—,
having three titn a the strength of the ouloorate.
Iwoff_tred with th assurance that ft romnos 0 , -
64 objection Ina e by the patlent.• Teeth filled;
cleaned and extr oted in the most asproved man
ner. All work r gistored and warranted., Office
No 13 Main et,, ellsboro.
Aug. 31, 1870. - ,
TX, - 013i-Ai;M.A.,, Dealer In'
- - -
• - •
.-ot att iFiudeVt '
1 •
Aiding Material, Iron Nails; Cutlery,
Stoves, Tin-Ware, &c.
lifirYiSTOCK' OF STOVES embrace!, Forty
'ln different kinde,_ :14j Jim prepared to
uarantee • O.JA2
Bottoli Prices to Oat& %Iry
I have also on hand a large atookof
Electric X Cut ,Saws,
and , Moor's Donble.Braoed Arch Frame Wood
Saws. These are the best saws in the world, and
are fully warranted. • •-• ' • '!' '
The best stook of Oil • and Kerosene' LAN
TERNS la the county. • • 's •
• I have many articles not kept bioth/r deal.
era which 1 would be . sled to, show, and give
prices that will defy compotitithi.
Anal, 1870 : ; 4 1 , J. BOHIMPPILIN' Jr.
^~~ .. ~4~
' l. ,'~.5~~'.i ~d':~.~ ~
• GOOD YOOD , AND PLENTY - 0, IT. , Produces th e
same end ;Om It Person Who has been starred that
the Peruvian f 4 I 7 V, _ 11 ,14-lion. T e l doer •frpon the
,Wialtrand RebilSteeMt Ainakail strong end ,' v4 l .
ono, atoning weeltlfmt and an g intd, irtrea&L
And health. 1
• ••• -: —' :- ~ .
er- ..--;., .
How, te tool- ining—!§ixteexi. ,
Dows.panti 4 . ,•;*ritol - wiiiti - •44o*o; . blie, 8 004
e m r usgmea MagnOila 'Satin ' Upon' "Your • Aie, neck
and bang% mei U l 5O /iyon's 4atharion upon your hair.
The g4ut Malt"? yourl komPjeziOn soarlii , :eigt Std.
natural, and Yee can!ktell
It itet -4 1 4.;ik : Iie rePleT._ : ee.
f rec kles, tail, sallowiiiii; "rlng=n4rjkliz jiie00.4440,.
e- Peet
etc.; and ie.Plece Of a red, 'ratio' Mob yon' hav the
marble p . n rlAy of an,ex Waite betto r , At Ow „to .told-,,
dlo . age ,i,be , 1 1 .4 19111 '.4. ..pOtpStnal, south
.. Add '`• alit* .
g t
,sheets total "s p lendid h '4 'or heir irpifiiio 4:i 40.,
• ... jki3O, two a lady hae done ~ her _ be etln, way of
gulOrilment.• trottists:Arilt• - k hsvp : -nq spiaster ilisterSi
ills n‘ these ankles ire ni (mud.
-- - - „
filet n's Viairaisia Ranzirmi how ataxia'
among thd first, and at the bead of all artklea fora
similar purpose, The testimony of our physitituut is _
coneinsive fe valaki and we, Me' , personally( ao- '
quaint ed with Deana DLCapea Wlterp. t has beSii-Used
with the belt , of teenifb• - • It will refiner • grays 'hair' W.
, Ito original color, and leavei it gitrabY; and In a healthy%
. co twk - or, ; while. for beads troubled with dandru ff , or
ati dicgope of the scalp, It ante like a chitin . lh Means.
;t o liem. Try It, and you will not be disappointed.
, -141. Churls,
Al aasi+~ PLAPill.. , Waare.laTorinad that llitimOst per.'
Ablaut end nylehliag of, the p,rivate, citizens vibe 2110: 1
olaime VO. OevernmeeS are,W.J.O.Ayei
& co., of Lowell: Mass., the manufacturers of medi-'
a r m, They will Consent to nothing imp than that
their demand for medicines deployed "by, tlke - - Britfah
pirates shall be patdrin gold and in dollars to last
r ear. They are embeldeaod- by.the fact that& Asir
traction of Abell- &wept. the anoint , lna
° withers (for where are not the thoublesome nation
trampling upon somebodY f)1 1 1 , 0 'hitherto brou'lildd
you,. and they now eay that they shall be, They how
ever propose this compromise :-Jkllve,ae caeadaand Ne
Will Call 'it even, because we curftheuleto our rem-
Meg hero without duty. [Washington News.
• it
Win4lr g!tper.&ClotliShadea.
Srarrio Orem lORlB7o.—llugh Young. At Co.
have just received their first installment of Wall
Paper, Wi t `adow - Papery and "Cloth • Shades, for
Spring trade, whlcli4,lll,be- gold cheaper • tban
ever. Borden, Window, Fixtures, .'Cords,-' Tau
els, Gilt Cornice,, Pioture natie, and :everything
else that belongs 'to the, tEade. -Oomo and: pries
,our goods, and examine them before purchasing
,eisewbere. Specimens and prices-sent- by mall
•to anY Veit of the'county, s• •
• ,-N; B. O ur
, stook is the largest ever .brought
,ipto the county, endive don't intend to be under
sold. ' ' 11.17GH YOUNG k Co.
,:, Walther°, Mardi 6;
."7.10. 2 .a1e 21 225350meM27."..2.7thr
Buesaaam-&. -Basra pf A1.1t7.C:17.1
U::ivc city, nro mating wonderful clan
17 of . Cancers, Tumours oral 'Ulcers' by their . •
11019 , dispary. A painleas ireatroentow'
• linifo,' no plcoiters,rdo canstio burning..
Tbnmost • remark:
• ableplroct CAN ♦ or this
• ,tratitment is, it sopa
▪ fetes the chemical elements of i'sneerons
••71' growths; so that theY shrige4 WO" and
- • appear and will not' return. L'44.11 :those' nh
flitted can,ealion thaProfessont Buchanan & nj
University; or address, No. 614 PinoStreet,-Philada.
Mr. Allen Deggett Liiirenceiillo, announ ced
f a' cen did& e for the billed' of Sheriff - the
ennons: election.
Mr: 4. L. Baldwin. 'of Tioga, announces himself a
gnadmabiror divotBo of Shertti; - subject - to ibk,dept:
•eion of-thelleplitlilioatsiponvehtlob.'l ; " , •
Mr. 4. - A: Fish, of Ague buot, ;announces hhiself a
catididatblor the ottictiotlitborlf4;eubJect to the -decf
lipAto!,,the Republican, Convention.
Mr. Joe. iiiried,in.34 Deerfield, offers himself as
a candidate for the oßlccrof Sheriff, aubJect to ttio . deet.
Dion of theitcpublicanConvantion. "'I
Mr. AL oillitokville.; offers himself ae
a candidate for Sheriff, rubjeot to the decision of the
Republican:- Party.* -
Mr. J. M. Phelpio o f gomsll,4l, announce!, himself a
candidate tbr itice of Sheriff, subject to the decis
ion of the Ifroptik , Convention. -
• Geo. P. Gard of OlterltisAa, (Hill's Greek) offeti Urn;
palf a candidate for the office of sheriff,'Stiblect to, pie
dectaloll'of the Republic - lin Contention.; " ~;
bioisell n'caddidate ter the office or Sheriff; enbject to
the dois s ion of theppoil .c A t i ! ,,,,.., . -,•••• • - •
• •1
_. 04,110.—Having,beetv Iblitiited—by ll many of
My Mends; in different townships, to offer mypelf see,
canitkilite . • for Representative, / take - this lauthed of
•InfOrtning them that I accede to their request. Wish
iitglt tribe distinctly understood that adhere to my.
previously expressed opiniod,)',ageinsttersonally catr
'sassing for ' delegateesotii, td_ secure a nomination, I
shall therefore refralufronithe'usual practice. Should.
theßepublioans of this county do me the honor of
choosing sae to represent and servelhem in the State
Legislature. I will endeavor. by acfaithful discharge of
my duty, to repaythem for the trust confided In me.
Moss, tiny 91,1870. lERNW4 lIOLLANDS.
Mr. L. D. Seely of Brookfield, announces tGinself a
candidate for the office of Gotemissloner, Anbjpet to the
decision of the Republican Genfention.--
A fr,, E. 11:Stebbina, of ffebttilville, , offers himself a
eaudida.o for the'oflice of Ootitity Auditor:lnbijSiot,
the decided of the Republican Qmiuty Clohvfiqtlon:
r. 41,U Baster,' of 41;eliel(o ,
cAthlidit,"o for the offleetitOotiotr 3 CkilMilisliTher"
"'9ib 1)4=1 , 2101: - •17 . 1.1 1 P 45 "`5t 4 9 ;4,
AletOttiljel Deiv4y,'gf i ii4sirci., Offers hilia . Selt
:Oitate'for the Wilco of Commissioner, ahhloet the de
leibifotthe Republican county Convention
, ,
ih , CF. Lovolikod, of Slkland, Otfora himself a can.
didato for the Miles of Commissioner, subject to the de.
Ofeien Of the Republican County Constritidii.
ti; Mli itfoses Lee, of Chatham. PaWannonnces himself a
csudidate for tho Office,of Commiseloner, aubjeCtsto the
decileithtbf ti 4 Rppnbytatt County Convention. ,
- 1
Guardian's Sale.
NOTICE is beret& given, that the'didersigtl-'
od, guardian of En A. Millard a minor
child of William Millard, sate of- Jack'son town
ship decesse4 will In pursuance of an order of
the 0 Tamps Court of Tioga county, on the Bth
day o: October, 1870, at 2 o'clock P. M. on the
Ries, expose to publio nab:tall of ther interest
minor in the_ following described • tract of
landt' Jackson -Tioga_ ootinty, - Pa.,
bowl ed lands ;_of W. J. Hazen' and
lienry . P. Wells, east by lands of James Friends,
ithith by 'lands Of, Jas. W. Tubbs and Henry F.,
Walla, and west by lands Of "George Wnstrake
s and .Parins Insehty containing eighty-ieven• and
• one.balf acres ofdand, be 'the same more or less,
and being lot Ico. 12.0 f lands deeded by H. H.
Dont to H. C. Spalding. Terms, one half cash
on - confirmation of the shed, and the-balance in
one' year with interest) scoured by judgment on
the, property P. VAN GELDER,
•" Sot. 7,1870.-4 t • Guardian, Ac.
, ---- • Notie6.
, . •
.JAL PERSOI 4 IB' having acecinnt - inisiftled
- with the undersigned at Cownnenque Val
lon are Tequestod to come forward it (Mee and
settle the Ammo, and save casts.
Comenesque Valley, Sept:s, 15 - 70-4 V . - •
Town lots for Sale.
HIRTY;good building lots, situated on both
X. sides of statelstreet, in Welleboro. These lots
beiSold on reasonable terms. Apply to W.
Sherwood, at Henry Sherwood's law office in
Wellsboro Pa o •
Welleboro,'Ang. 29th, .1.8.70-4 t;
" EUREKA '' ' . Sniding
lards Tobacco.
Ie an excellent article" oilgrataidated Virginia; whip.
over introduced lt le nbirOraally admit'ed. It It put
up in bandeome muelin bags, in *bleb orders for .
Mearechaum Pikes arcitlaily packed.
Gassed by all who contmmels as the t uflnest of all op it
frond° of the choicest leaf grown ;It id anti.
In Its effeots.• as the Nicotine bas been oxtraogedi I.
leates•no disagreeable to to aftqr eno'klitg; it Is Veity
ut t ild,illibt in color and efght,', hence one pirtind will
last aslong as 3of ordin y tobacco. ;In this buil! we
aleo,..paqk orders every da for tint qtralitylle4rec nm
I s lpini. Try it and convi ago youraelvell it t ft °lianas
to lA, fctirs 71111:011 . Ple exa,.r. .
. -'...' • k- \- . It—
..•„, ..
•,• Mill and oitlttt Chewing Tobacco has no equal or
superior anywhere. It is without doubt the best chew=
inetobticlo in the country.
' '
Have now beirtin genetalnse in the United ates
over 110 yiart;';und still acknowledged 'the
wherever need
If your storelteiper doea not have these articles Bar
tale, ask him titint them; they aro eold by respectable
jobbers almost everywhere,
Oiroular and Prfees forwarded on application.
P. LORI ARP & 00., New York.
March 10, 1870-3 m •-• 1 , , , •
• •
In Bankruptcy.
, .
.piettlct Court of chi United Mateo, for the , Wee
- kin Pfstrict of Pianoyeeania.
Western District of Pennsylvania, es; A wai•-
'rfiukint B,ankftigtoihas been issued by said Court
‘ga,instibe estate of Da3. it H. G. Irelan, of the
eatrty otTiaga; and 'State of Pennsylvania in
saiti.Distriet, who '• have been duly adjudged
Bankrupts upon pititien of their creditors, and
the payment o4any .debts l and the delivery of
any property"` longing to said Bankrupts to
them or to Uri& use, And the transfer of any
property bY Wei:tare forbidden by, law. ,A meet
ing of the creditor of said Bankrupts to prove
4 theifdebts and to choose one or more Assignees
of their estate will beheld at a Court of Bank.
nifty, to be heiden s at - fiigga:Boro in' said die
triet,Km,the ittti day of September, A. D. 1870,
at 10 o'elock ton., - at the office of F. E. Smith,
one of the Registers in Bankruptcy of said die-
I trict. T • e:••,;,' ALEX. 15111RDOOH,
y. S. Marshal West. Dis.i Pa.
By D. CAXEIRoIi, Dept'y. Aug. 31,1870-3 t
Firm for Safe.
IN:one mile of Wellsboro, containing
fifty aorta, about linty Improved; with a
good frame house and barn, an - apple orchard,
containing abont'one hundred bearing treesi and
other trait trees thereon. Ie well watered. For
farther particulars, enquire of - ' •
WM. H. shorn,
Aug 10, '7O tf ' Of Wellaboro, Pa.
...,.• -,•:;-, ~, c . .. 7? I:, '-:.,:' ,:,-.... - , ;—'....1i ', •
i .
.. .. - i . 1 2 .•,;-;••;:. ~-.;-
..,:,., ,• ,_.•,-;•; - .
,• N..- . •
Js : : 4?,;..;..,•1 -: : :-..;,_.•,,••,-.,F , .
• - •.• - ; . : J ..; t. ,:1 - !,..;•• .: .- , ,...,,, f ,••••„)•-•...;,: ,-.;.- - :
~, - . 7 ~-..:::•_ .
.1- = •
:"‘ V
.%;•:..1 . • 37: 5 : :F •
g ,
= :;'•'
~ , ,
...._ ...... ._
rrimer Shawls !--
..t,„,....,., ._..; l
~• , , ,
, S
• "I 4 7.
' 1 -
j^ • . :'"
of our' Summer stock we desire to elose out daring tike next
, r and shall sell cheap in order k td do so.
• ' _
The balance
2 or 3.weell:
,/ i*j.J
ete= P
We are stookilig up rit4. c_.404 fOitho early-Tall traae,,:iu Prints;
Sheeting.; Shirtings ; blue, sea let; grey, and lanqy Flannels; Carpet
Warps ; Cotton Yarns ; Battings ; Cassimeree ; Boots, and Shoop, and in
tend to have on hand a etill more attractive stock than daring
the petit season, both, as to prices and assorkment. Quite a large share
of our,Goods we will be able to - sell :from thie date at even lower prices
i than during the Spring. ' I. -
;: - C9riting, Aug. 3, 1870.
11 A LI-9S
. .
Is the cinlS , perfeeted,hpd
scientifically prepared
preparation of its isind
ever offered to the public,
'and has no competitor
in merit. By its use
GRA't HAIR is" "soon' .
restored to its original
youthful color and
wiAch *,so much
admired by all. Persons
whose hair is thin orfalling
l out will, by the usq of
Icenewer,soon se,its good
[effects, as, by its ionic and
stimulating properties the
hairglauds will be itleited
and the ,Lair grow thick'l,
and strong again. In eases
of Baldness it will create
a neW growth unless the
follicles are destroyed, '
'is cooling, and 'allays 'all_
itching and irritation of
the Scalp : It does not stain
"tlio - skiniii - ilis'464;,bnt
nialteS the scalp white aid
Olean. As a DRESSING
it is the best and' most
economical preparation , ia
the world, 'as its.' effe cts
last se much.longer. Send
for our Treatise' oil 'the'
hair, free to all, by mail.
- IT S
.111 E
Sold byiall Druggists' and Dealers in Medicine.
Pirko one Dollar Per Bottle !
R. P. HALL & CO:, Proprieto
Wogncrutt, STEVDEN CO N. Y.
D. II: Copra; ' Prinoip!
MistM. M. L. Cobb, Preoeptre
Pro A. Brown,
pi. BE k,8p,1 •) • • .Assists
Mies - Mary Simmons, TooOkor. of instruna/
Prof. Lewis Mead, -Teaoher of Plain; and Or
namental Pennmenehip. ' . : • ,_: . '_ ._ .- -.
A competent Teacher will be procured for the
'Pri m ar:v. I
I I .
— i l l Torii& vi4ti'coinnince August 24, and Icon.
tin 13 weeks. 'Whiter Term - will commence
vember 30th, and continue 13 weeks. Spring
ri will commence March Bth, 1871. :- .
nigher Mathematics and Languages,... 47,50
Common English, i 600
Primary,. • ' • - " .....41,00
Rent per Scholar, Adderoy $2: Iloardind..Hopse,l..3,oo
Penmanship, plain, - ' 5, 00
Inatramentals, , 0 ,,,ii
Instrumental Music, -- - - 40,00
Use of instrument - i 2,00
Board in Private Families, - 2,50 to 3,00
A boarding club will be formed to, accinimo
date those who join. , Any one wishing
to settle the club bill at. the commenoement of
the term, can do so by paying the Principal $2
per week. . H . •
. ,
All bills muse be satisfnotorily arranged : i ad No bills arranged for letithan ' a lhalf
torn/. No deductions, except in cases_of pro
traoted sickness. Studenti intending _, to..ieuve.
at the middle of the term, must make their in
tentions known at - the commencement, or no nor
(ructions will be made. ~' . ' • • •1.
The , Trustees having purchased -the boarding
house`end secured other buildings close by, feel
confident that all will be' Eiccorumodated l with
rooms. - ; ' ,
A ttiaohere olase *expected for the full term,
giving tuition free to all members , of the 'class.
Those wishing can address the Princi
pal, or,O. B..lllt.T.tar, J. - 11,uohnnan, or H. Afar.
/act, rind obtain a prompt reply. Aug 10,'70, 3t
E. IL Harris'
for rale by
Feb:'*, 1870
B • ~ -• 1
RIM FOR SALE— r At the new worka near
the academy-
_,-' Road to the kiln, opposite
Elisim.Brown's, onllain street.' A few thousand
now on'hand, made: of. die lest material; and
well burned. - • -. BD. WI3IIIdORE
Welfiber°, July 18. 1810. et
'UNION 11,CAliElilY,
-I" -
- R
The Fell Term for 18TO will commence August 30
The Winter . "
The spring 's
Elora for circular.
State Normal I School ,
FALL TERM begina Slit. 7, 1870.
WINTER TERM begluelho.l2,lB7o.
SPRING TERM befOne Maroh 27,1871,
For Catalogue or admilielon app l y to
IS .
CHAS: i vEllarn, A. M.,
Mansfield, July 0, lir . Pldnoipal.
El 1
*ten Umbrellas,
all Goods._ ,
te. '
November 29.
" 'February 28.
July 27,1870.1 y
_ ~..•
• $.4 •,;•: vo' ' 'er:
-• • •
I will Not Surretier
i I
- I
L but I run up the banner 44
Teas, Sugars, Syrups,
• .. , , , i
; and ai I torte of
corms: to : , •
W l . T. lathers'
Aril see what' a SWARM or THINGS In Me
'lino oan bo bought for cilittheiaoney. -
I will not be Undersold!.
Good Brow Sugar ....... i r ....4....10 coats.
Beat P. R. Sugar, 12 ry, ,,-4 :.
A Co ff ee Sugar, 18T / 4=q t
Cruet, Powdered ..t arrant'lured I'6
Good Young Upson Tea,
Best . it
Oolong Tea,
:Tepee Tea,
Rio, good article
!f. boot arttolo
Shorts .1
- Deland's best,
cry Iltrge -Stock
iy on . hand, bouOt Jaw ; and sold ob ,a
For Citsh.
have also a large_stook of
7 /0 it =OUR
will soell ok t ettp enough to .please eu
.mutter if the feet are "As large aela
and the. :family :•itee,nrerona
of .ho BULL
Which I
touters, n
out doors,
; o, July 20, 1870.
L w
• r
and desirable atock of Goods can
be found at
HAS & pARRis
TiOffa v
We do .
and care
Cash,• BR •
t th 4
coast Ae largest, but a stink wok,.
illy selected, and bought stria* Sir
tug all interest and discounts which
will at once perceive they bare* met
)94 articles in the
, .
t •
TZPIR:V P. 181' 4 CO COX)
can co found at.pricaa which always gnaranteel
their dale. \ -
, .. ... \ .
May 4iIBTO-tf.
l ; T.'fi:'!ii:Y. r'f''. - 1 t'j '],';; nip
t • :i
.... 1,60.
$0;76 to 1,00;1
80 to 1,00.1
16 cents
.... 25 rr
.... 30 .
.... 85 -
. so,agl7.
. ; .. ottii
.••-• s rr
:', nr.4o.:Silhiteitiibit.iiiP
,Arqin‘rk rontotfalls,-04 l aw'
'otott puroUttra told** .
ttook of • 04 *Omar.
„ ;: toßeit***loi*
net reoeirod; eacth
.DRY '61)411,5.
'WU DOMESTIOS,:pi sun% • .
~ , OARPETII,I ;OIL - OL0F . H0 ? •
• TON - lIAFTINGS; 'PLAIN . 1 1 4 : 11 ;;;" . r
_ • TAlivig
adow Drapery, and an 'en.dl•ea easielry at
AWLS a Ari, mat AND mow
partmept will be foind fall and eompl e ete,
r oludlngluany new styles of Ilne,Goods, *de
, and in the pieta. An are invited to tall
, eatimine. Aloe as endless varfety of
Welleboic;,June 1, 1870.
100,000 ?OM WOOL
To be sold' at the lowest break_ down pricer, at
Jane, 0, '7O-tf. PURPLE A DEMEMIX.
INSURANCE COMPANY waitslgood men
as agents in this County. The IntereSt Bearing
Plan, exclusively used by this company, enables
agents to do a Large business and
anoe where no otherptaa witbon account of Its
thoroughly equitable features; providing as IS
does, income during life, and, giving lexaetjula.
tice . to all,' old or young. • Agents can Prue
unusually godd contracts by kddressini, -
623 Walnut St., Philagelplaa,Pa.
June 8, 187041. '1
The McFarland Trial
and ao is the High Pritin of Goode
• cl 111
• .- • • .
11Viigai Arc lratai*Frilli:
,• . .
Gold Dawn Goods Down, and SOHO
Payment Resumed
of almost evermuility, style and , prise' and an
audio' variety: Diop in and tab) a idoklbrongta
our now 'nook and be convinced.
• ,
Ladles , Drees Goodsi,
beautiful styles, large assortment and eimap.
, •
of evi-fl &saltation, and clothing wadi to order
in e".very best style, and warranted. Also,
in any Alla desired
always on hand to fit a customer at mat
I •
o SE/chi:Juin IMOD.
Noe. 18, 20, .and 27, containing 400 yds. 100.
'3'o, 38. and 40, . 800 yds. 150.
" 50, 80, 70, and 90 " too yds. 950.
We aro also Agents for the celebrated HOWE
& CO'S Improvo4k Sowing Ma4ines.
Wellaboro, June. 15.
Musical Instruments
THE subscriber informs tho pnblio that be
has conotatitly on band a largo assortment
Instruction l Book*
for oats or rept
furnished to order:
EXOHANGII4 and some of tho same on hand to
be sold cheap.
He will be found table residence n.eexPottere
Hotel in Middlebury, Vega county, Pa. Ad.
dress, , . -A:B. A. BRIGGS;,,
Crooked Creek, Pa. •
July 6,1870.-tf.
Fire and Life Insurance.
lEDEPENDENT Fire insurance company; of
Boston, Mau. Capital, $300,000; meta,
$800,000.' ,
-Equitable Life insurance company 'ore. V.
Bates. ' Assets, $13,000,000; annual tram,.
$52,000,000. s '. W. A. STONI ! , Agent,:
Weßabes% August 1870 tf
I c