The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, August 24, 1870, Image 2

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    PRATIMPRIII3SLik •itAlt, Yaws.
. ,
The Prussians Were reported on the
12th instant to be, pepetratinig France
in three great divisiens---eneV,4o.
by ~,,
bath, or Metz,' one,' , :by• Weiseenbutt; ,
and one by Mulliauseri„. f- They weieevp •
idently strlkinVou l tdoracfaneyi*hich:
place later :accounts y they have ocetw
-pied. They,eatAhe.telegraph.elid „tore: _
pp the railroad between Srasbourg and
, --:-S4verneat once, -_,The former lace is
`reported In a state of siege; held by on
ly soni9 7,000 men r and entirely cut off
frominornintihjeation with the main
F i rench army. It was reported that the
...German forces between •-Ittistadt...aud,
:'• Cologne nuinhered 750,000 men. - - Parie
'_* , isiti aeonditihn tate .easily defended. '
_Arms have,been placerl ; in the , hands of
..the peOPli., The resignation of the old
= "MiniStry creates great eon futilon in pub.
-lie affairs. Gen; Trechhe Was 'offered
the. War< Ministry, -•iiiit refaseinci ac
_-Cepty uniess - by the:Corps
..-Lagndaqfr ,T4e ruvox, th at , -tho,Count
:di:Yetis was in,that el ~ia, dented.--±
lie is i the]Prolitibili heir n,the throne,
--/ in' Co& 'Napoleon ‘ - `l,i 'depesed; - ';' The'
- ...„Avilereabouts' of the young' PrineWltti
-y -;,,
per' wereet uncertain. .. Seroktintes
reported in London, ftee in
:.; 'Peri ; and. atliiiit'at Mce
etz, withoi-ar.
- he 4 l
"riry.' • - Marshal M'Mahcils eflibial,rePort
;of the-late battle saYs: . —' ..
--..-,--: - " The' enethy, in g eatly Superior
_, ;numbers, began the attack at 7 o'dock
1 .•
,on . Saturday merning.„lThe first attack.
::..haVing been repulsed, about , noon the
enemy reepened the,' confeet threwing
-Iforward numerous ..si4Pkalooterg, , Pro'
- ' tected by:six gtinEi'li• • a domManding
' .posi t ion. . Masses of infantry werethen
~i , brought up, and,at 4 o'clock in the as...
ternoon MlMahon was forced to order a.
' retreat, Whielf* geed or
: 'der, the enehlyls.prirsui,theing without'
•'-',Vigor,-and by no nieana troublesdr&i.-=
r The Marshal was able''to send - only - a.
• partial listof the killed:end wounded.t?,
- ~•-, The London , correspondent of - the
Tribuhe,'Abg 14;,says: • -
'" " A.'Speciaidispatc.h from liaguenau,
!Anted' to-day,' eityti ll'MaliOn'e army
s'evacilatedWancy yesterday, on the ap
preach of 'the Crown. :Trince l B army,
~and retreated
ter! the Moselle
1 ,to• the
" ortieseOf Teta., he;Frerch destroyed
- he flno bridge of ,serep,,erehes - Whieh
Spannedthe riVer: - . --_c t"- '
..:... . 4 '• The foicesof the erliWri Prince now`
' occupy-Nahoy and•Frouardi - at - a Juno
lieu Op Upit i Paris and i Strasbourg -rail- 1
road. f I ~, .t, t -I , -
• - • "The Prossians attaeked, Pont-11-•
- .-Mousson, - drawing ova Ole 'French, but
_='•subsequentlyfell back 'to the mainbo
,7,,dy. :,:`,,lthe ,headquarte re ::41 VI he 1 united
. , .armies-of Frederick: Charles; and len.
Steinmetz tire at Herm Within 'twenty
- 'P ires'of - Metz, Large•,qtiantities' of
stor were captured in the ntirons of ,
G". b
M z. enrosSardi,s division lost'all
t jt es.. l
~l suppliers.', : „ . - • ,
'"A special dispat ch from
;to-days says that Strasbourg was boni.-
,bardedwit t h :red hot,lshot , on Friday,
' .r. and that the boinbarchnent was rehmed
' l'on Sathiday." 'Thelesieged asked for a
'parley, arfd Were given. 48".lioahll to de
''- ade , whether they would 'surrender.
_ . "
-There, is increased 'dissatisfaction'
t amopg the Frenot soldiers and dicer--
. ganizatien - hrthe efyice. -, '
-, •• -
" . dispatch from Metz says there
' m ile ' - bci tam to rn a tic) n among• the , people
yesterday. More than a thousand fam
ilies of the neighboring - peasantry en-.
, tered Metz, flying from the . .Vrtissians.
The strpets, are tilled ,with carts, bed
- 'ding furniture and military trains, all
in. inextricable confusion. The Prefect
• publishes a notice that' no stranger is
• ,allowed to remain in Metz without for
ty days!,provisione. •,I ~ , t . :
"A. Prussian advance guard. 40 ,000
stfong, is 'approaching . the,
_city. 'The
enemy's movements are Completely co
, • vered by woods, •whichthe French fail
,- ,ed to destroy,”. , ..,- .-• . •
A.. battle was fought near Metz on the
.1 , th, in which at first both parties laid
• 'el ire to the victory. 'Tice hollowing is
j l i,
• VarioleoteC account of tbe affair i
. "Longueville; August '14.-:-The army
begun •to cross , to the left , bank. ,of the
„Moselle this morning: Our advance
guard had, no 'Knowledge of the pros
•enee of any force of the enemy. When
' 'half of our army had crossed over, the '
-- r F ,..,,,,,,taaa-nuuucuty attacked in great
. force. - After a fight of tour houra, th oy
wee repulsed with great logs to Client."
Abd this is King William's account:
--." -- RittrQueru 'et - r rtit3SlWlo•Etity'receivett
the folipwing dispatch, dated in thei:vi
einity of Afet, Sunday evening: '' '
• " A v,ictorkins combat occurred near
. - Nletz - to. day,. the troops 9.,f the first, and
seventh corps participaVng. I.bastea
to tha . seen confi
e of tini . l t:". „
• . ; '' WiLLIAAt.?, :
Before leaving Metz, the Emnereili
sued the following proclamation to the
soldiers ln.that city : . , :',.- 7 --.,
" On quitting you to light the inva
deis,'l'conflde to your, patriotism the
defense , of this' great city.' You will
never allow the enemy to take posses
sion.of this,hulwark of Franee,land
trust you wlli rival, the amay in, loyalts•
and courage. t shall ever retnember
with gratitude the' .reception I ± hate
found within-; your Walls - , and 4, hope
lhatiin more joyous - times I'may be able
• to return to thank yoh for your, noble
conduct" _
Reinforcements for the Prussian army
are arriving fro Mall parts of Germany.
A later aceiltin t „from King William is
as follows : I- - ;
" HERNY, Aug. .
lia - ve just re
turned from the battle field ueak:;Metz.
The advance 'of the' seventh co/Vs - at-,
tacked the enemy, who instantly rein
' forced from the fortress.' The thirteenth
- division and part of the fourteenth sus
..tained the advance. ' • "
." The,contlict was desperate; involve
, ing the entire line. The enemy was
repulsed at all points, and pursued to
tho glacis of the detached works near
the fortress,which enabled we enemy
• to give shelter to their wounded: Our
-wounded were instantly-eared for. liy
drat , troops• returned to their,
rst bivouacs: All fought witb.itiered
able and I have gone
'among 'Mont 'and congratulated tbeni
.with all my soul. ' • WlLLta*."
Thertiwas'a report train Paris on the
16th' that'theEmpresa had packed- up'
all her jewels and other .valuables find
left Inv England. It, ia, said that the
mperor was on his way
, to this coun
ty. Frieda Napoleon ,has lied to Italy
with his family.
-A series of great battles in the viciiii
•tr of 'Metz has been fought, but theiri-1 ,
telligence concerning Ulm is 80 meager,
) this.writireg that it seems dopbtfu l
Which triumphed. The Trunelsays
• "Our latest dispatches p lNlleate mere
clearly the completeness•of,these
torsi and the nature of ibenoperations
which have caused themi Theyl dissi
pate nearly every hope.of the escape of
the "French army, and reveal theliromi
nent danger to Paris.
'Maellfthon his Probably ;escaped -to
i ;Chaionas With the remnants of his once
-powerful corps. . Theuiands of' 'his
, troops.were left dead. and 'wounded in
the Vosges, Many othe' thousands,
. scattered for-'days in'the mount4ins,
• finally escaped to the neighboring for=
tresses, and are there 'besieged. ?I'lie
'rest, retreating in haste by - gaimiy, ar id-
Comniercy, have been swallowed up
. the mob-at -Chalons, and, beaten And
: these ' veterans serve but to
spread ifernoralization 'among the raw
• 'recluite of the Garde -Mob*. Plusuin
H 1 this remnant, of Maollahon's corps, the g
, army". of the- Proislarr CroWW,Prinee,
again itbandortipi4 all connection ; with
the,right and center', has pushed stealth ,
ily and rapidrY..forwArd. The move
- relents of his infantry, have.been.mask
- fed by a strong column of horse, wbieh
oti - .Sunday August , 14,; destroyed the
railway, at BlesmeUwenty-eight miles
; . ,south-eaSt of ' Chalons. , 'The exact po-.
sitien 6t the infiintry the Crown
Prlriee is not' known- but it is 'evident
that'it much• neater' Parii than, the
filiny,,ofLtßar.aine, and on a shorter Hoe,-
* virtually unobStructed.
Bazidne's struggle tog ,AWay irein
2e.teti has been that, of • a giant, but he
had giant to wl4stle
vas retained •itt 'tetioginde'
- Mont While still'•erosslrig 'the 'Moselle
which- runs. through tewi,
on Sunday, Aug.l4, byGen.Von Stein
' ruetz's determined attack ; , Movingout
• d ring the ritgbt, the 'Freeehinciati `found
lilmgelf obotruobltd - on-Mot- I AP at day
light at Loogueville, Air the -trtioot,
the miter : corning. twirl Pe satittk an u d
'l4o4l9`°"emili °"tieler4
. -
~~: - ~x ; .. tX
i":.. _
.II c g4 t 4 to,
• .
1 .
Tiiiiiintielltitt oktheTiiitta &may TlepnbECM)" Corn
inittee,heitt at Pfellsbero. May 31,1870, lt-W - 0. 8 : -. I,.''
Resolved' That an election he held by the EsPutman' ,
elet•otra of Vega teoPtf, - at the several places at bald
ing elections, la their respective election .distrieta,'on
Satuda7ißept.lo, lB l o , between the hotire of one and ,
.ala.o'clock. la the afternoon , of said ..47,. fan the- put-,
Pete of aleatiiig ttio ' persons from each felectieti di i‘.
.triet, to,represent 'aid districts in a Republica:omi nty•
'Convention, t o'hti,beld at Mansfield, on Ertday,the lath,
.day,of,Serpteniberil l 3 7o , for' the.purpoto a nominating
.:,:andidiate to be aupportad at the emoting' election. - -
r, -The-following named-gentlemen! were l i t k peri t reet
flematitteee of Vigilance for their respective , townships
and bortiughS4 ' Their duty is to see that noticisitigivett
of the thud of delegate meetin gs, end to opoin and, con
-duct the elehtiens for tielegates de the Ilnie,nainedp -;,.' -,
• .'Moss, 'A T Jairies.L B Smith .." • . .', • - -,
.13reektle14, IN D Seeley, Nl3 Bench. .:,.. ~--: - • ',. - i 'l,
,- Chatham, 1? ;IV,. Smith, I. 0 fteacli. , ,- ,; _ ‘'.; i••• ; i
4 . , auirlesteitilltrhert Trull, Evati,Lersii.' , " ; '- - 7 •
•-,• eltim9. ,C 0 Ackley, $ RO Wla
A d.
--4;i; ~ .C. , .: ,i '
'-atin9fon:l'lt Walker, Edward Klock/.-; ~_ --, ~
Caring= Bortiugh; Thothas &Idea, D V Price. -4- ' ''
- „Definer, John Eickhgeon,, John Harr., ; „ --- :- -.•:. -,-,.:
'• I .llc.cylikt;lf if Partite; Elias iforton _ •,
,•,, lilic.LorinVtetmore,Johnlleynardi• : ' - -.-•-',. - . ..i. -• ~
)jkland n ieel fl Parkhurst, Oliver Babcock .:., ... ; , . „.•
' ' ~ .Thrtaington;,te'rtirde Bottom, It ft Mese:* . -.' -
- -b } : 4 - 2 . 1 rool•cr:A• P caltick 011 , Stratton, • .. • ' .. ,-. it 'lf
t7Oinei,.oo9ro W, Barker, Li It Mardi.' : : .- , i_....-; . -
- • - •J'aricson:Joieph &tenger, J P Stardtka at. - ' ' ' '-'• '
;.,. Liberty, Wm:L. liesgle, W Nether. ,:-';' •: .- , .• :• ' -
. Knoitale;A Alba, Linden Case. -- ' '
, - ZaLuirencem7Ze.,•Wm.Polloch, 11. P Redeker. ...
.:: „Earerence, Joseph Guile, Nathan Orinticil. ' •
'AVafatburp; 0 D Main; Baldalti Parklitita. .'
-.: Mansjield,Wm B Adam', Wm tiollanchi. • "
- .3fiddteintry, Calvin liammond, Morrill : Staples. .'
Jferritilob•Doittie Win Rabb. , - . • • - -
. : .h'elsort, Joseph -Campbell, Cr 11 Baxter.: • .
Oteota, Norman Streit; W T IlumPhrey.
•flitchmosid; Morrison Dose, A M Spencer '•,- '.• :li :
, Rutland, Elmer.,Etacker, Seely Frosty .. • , '
'., _
', :• '
' Shippen`, 0 D Leib,Sainnol Scranton. , "
•••,j Su/heart, Basset Ai Rale' Lafe,ybilci 0 ray:
"Logo, D L Aiken, C.-W Loveless._
• 1 Tioga .ftirough;D Caineren, 0 V Farr., i ..• - ' - •
, U'n (on,11.1? Irvine; .7 g.Cleavel44o. ; : , .. •
';Yard; W Chaie, llenrillollis
Niasbero,Josepli Williams, Andrew fl Sturrock.
-IT field,lV ZI liariburt, Job Rexford..
'l, itileM Iforo','N -W 31'Nensthion,Charifon Phillips.
• ~ • -.- A.-L., EMMA:MTH Cltalitnau. • •
..„„ 151, Bmixerr, Secretary. ' • • -
:The diffluities
,between the miners
4114 eoal:olieristers oft theantbrael . te re
go4, ll'ave been, ndj usted nn, 4 ,Issislfto.-
;14 - etoiry to, the, pnrtien,: and‘,7alork has
again begun. These wars between cap
ital and labor coat • largeiy, Weate• of
tine, , and we bepe'strikee - and disagree
mentellnayfbe less .common in; future.
Death hai . again •come and.tattett tine
of the great heroks : :of the litte war.—
David G. Farragt# died at Por i temputh, ,
New Hampshire, on the X4ll:lnst.
He was-. 70 yearitpf age. •AV h,en the
war broke out he W i tte residing in Vir
ginia ; but finlike most of the regular ,
armyand navy •oftioers, •he remained :
true to tbe. country. lie camit.Northi
just before the Notlelk Navy-Yard was
bullied, and at once set about the Datil
otlc work which. was , to place , him at
the bead: of American IslaVy. He
wits 'trained to the' sea front' i:loilitiod;
having served iti the war of 1812; On'
board the Essex. He took iiiart in an
engagement in the harbor of yalparai
which- made las Damp mentioned.
with honor, at the early age of, thirteen..
All his log life, he served his country
80, in the late war,'• was.,tu
acciomplisb those great achievements
whleh were to make his name revered
in his native land throughout all, time.
-His exploits are too fresh in the•bilods
'of all to need mention. . •
And thns,-One.liYone, they haVe fall
en ! The great, boliore4:,herpes, of:the:
war for the Union ! Very soon `none
be kittowil . save in the .annals of
hiSto o ry; 64 . , they N' ' trho know them now,
iji linger yet a hitle While,.follow the
lust hero:to the grave, and themselves
all into: the• great eternity, which is
vast enough for all that ck, Eiheeir, and
all that ever shall be! ' _ • '
„ . , „ . • ~
In the present' 'attention of affairs in
France / the Succession . to the throne he
comes a , matter of interest. A •general,
opinion preyails that the end of the N:\lY
polsonie dynasty . is hear. , .
In 1849, Louis Napoleon 'declared' his'
adhesion to,the doctrine of Republicat
in 'the' following proclamation to
the French people : - . .
" I re-appear among you tis a warm and: trio'
democrat and republican. - I take the shadow of
the man of the century as the symbot.of.the,p F e.:
ndsa which now' iolettinly make. 'l' will be) ns
always was, a child of France: In'every FieneW.'
mop will (me see a brother., The..democratio
"republio is :the .objeek.of my admiration, and. I
will be her minister. Never will I try to olothe
myself in imperial robes. My heart 'ceases'-to
boat on the day, when I forget what T owe to you•
-what I owe to France. May my lips ever be
cloaca, if I say a Word against the republican
sovereignty -of the French people. May I' be
cursed, if. I suffer doctrines to bo taught in my.
name contrary to demooratie principles and, the
'goveinment of the republic. May Ibe condeihn
ed, I lay a treasonable hand upon ttni rights
of the people, either with their consent or against
their will, btforce. And' now trust me, as I trust
you, and may this call be liko a prayer to Hea
ven. Vivb la Ilepublkee !" • ,
In four years he'beetune] Emperor' of
the' French, 'and hail' totally forgotten
the pledges, and abandoned the theory,
he madennittleelared in 1849. - 71 1 10 b;
'solute tiOvere' ignky centered •in
son: - :Libeity Nina 'Clend . and buried in
France, or, if it struggled to assert,it 7 ,
self,' immediately it was siriot„herekhY
Imperial depre'e. Absolutism , grew, to
such an extent, .that for a man
,to shout
rive fa Repubtique,'! l ,• the Tery,wprds
Napoleon had first inserlbed upon hiti
banner, wits &signal for his arrest and
punishment': There was no liberty of
speech Or of, the Press k in France.` All
her great Liberals werellriveri • into`*-
Ile. -•-
But'the spirit of liberty did not fully
die out. It burned'brightly, though in
secret; in the hearth of many:' It,fonnd
expressiop. lately in,the
pladed a large portion of the army and,
a majority of: the city of Paris. in, hes.,
tility to ,the pcdlcy-of the Emperor.—
That election taught him a lesson. It
told him thaksomething must be done
to nriite the French people, or his house
must fall. A successful , war with the
greatest military poWer in Europe wolld'
accomplish this object, by giving
•dancy to the 'Empire on the,
`'That war is breught on; regardless of
the'inikery it will entail, and withont
any:reasonableexeuse, The Ant great
battles make the nephew of the, First
Con i Sul tremble on his throne. Should
he fall, who will succeed, him ?_ The
Prospect foreshadows the restoration of
the House of Orleans. , • •
,The present' head of the Orleans'
branch of the Bourbons, is the Count of
Paris, eldest son of the Duke Of.Or
leana, who was a son of• Louis vrhilllp 7 ',
pe, late King of Frei:ice; `The Duke let
Orleans was popular with the FrenC,h,
but he Was killed' by being thrown frebo
is carriage duthig the :Of his ia
then • The 'Count of - Paris is flow 38.
years'Old, highly accompsbed by Study
ant(trayel, and has of,late resided hi.
England. .Ete -married his, .copsin; a
daughter of the, bake of Moutpepeleiv
'ho. was a .SCRI of the late 'Ring-Phil
and,who bas long been tnentiori-'
ed as a 'candidate for the Spanish thtone'...
The, Count has a younger brother, the
Duke of Chartme, with whom he servea
hz the campaign On: the Pentium - 1k on
:): .
7 :'‘.li•=-(-,.:i•
li'llE - 1401ISE OF ORiEANS.
- 1 ,
M,'Clellan'a atatl;',ln our late_ war. =The y*
both tendered-their tiervloeti blapolO7
on lathe pmaeoi war, but iveztorehred;
tin! obvious reasObs;
ate aurvi`vijig:
But tba c ilght orilise sons is Cut off:by
CanOiCcif ileateut, - : :which= casts
. 0 0 in-ultak 0e.0011t.g04 and,. his Ae
ieen'atinta;lii_tirifereaCe to ail othe'rs.'
P*etit;,'-40 1 4e-'.#
therefore,'ltla'rnbritbanjikeiiiiiiit the'
Bourboba will Itfitorrq , Bu 7
POO() poweritc - loraue' , unless, We t
'genera - la:trite,' the:'#kelibh
'l)4 adopt .-a=
gotrerumeite, '2114
fokneli l 44 l o l2-1 . 8 0.
not submit the , batabliabnceut
of any i gclyuriunenk:in Ftanee.'whlah
*.°oo,,OORY:tbelifootrine of the ,divine
right of kings,
sloptEß,, ,
In thepreie'nti situation oetheeennty
!Winces, Chia Otefliis the One Which' Is'
of :Mere immediatn l an&
quence 'to. the' - people than• Any Other
cohnty Office; 1t must ,continue to , be
'so henceforth:; - -,Large sums,
are raisediby ta3ies each year, . and ; tha.
Commissioners : largely control - the ap
plication ,andiSis of it. They Are the
stovereigiitY. of thecounty, in all
ness Matter-5i,, and the ,hushiess *fit
county 2111100/1440*Q1011abittint8 ie
of great moment., • • •-;
We need, lthls !Aoe some Of4the
-best men- the bounty .affords.'lei
,shamethat the people think so little of
the importance of county, affairstia"te
tie the office down to the• trivial
thrice of $3 a day; For any inhn to*ke
this office who is fit for 'seerlftee
In dollars -'andrcisttts ; 'for
'man' who 'la competent' to 4t,, A s. it
should _be _filled, wild', l 4intidt z mi - ke.
more than will pay , over and above
expenses:', We • Wafit, ''gbod men; we,
must pay a price ample eneu,gh to re -
muneyate thern,,,te.r• their •time.
foolish to say there are plenty of good;
irtenmho will be 'glad to take thenillte
at the present wages: There are enough =
men ;' but loOlt , ',over , fthe'erouhty' - iddi
out three of thebeSt business men in it,
and then Say whether , 'Oneh' pay will,
Make theni a fait remuneration for their
time. Go to any 'of them,• and,,See if
• youpan hire
-them for $3 n'day., •
' ' Ah,d iyhy, d'uw Nqit'SUch
thehusiness of one man -Is
of eiinseqUence eriough'te absorb 'all the
ability of the beat !mildness man iii ; our
Midst; of hovi much greater importance
Is that of_ 40,000 citizens I,= We want
Men.of character,--men who will , never
swerve from :the right 7 -men who can
got be influenc r ed by -rich land owners
or their attorneys. • I We say • nothing
against attorneys : 4 they•represent their
elients, .and• it ',U4 their. duty •to do = so
• faithfully. •
Bat here are large quantities of val.
.uable timber lends in the county ,ixiiiny
of them owned •by, rich non-residents.
Many of -these lands are worth $lOO pet
acre—some • of,- them greatly amiire:-=
Farming lands are•aeseesed now at hato i
their value : timber lands are not put in
for more than one-tenth their vains,in
many - Cases: This we hold to be wrong.
Our present - hoard of, Comniissionere
hive 'done all they could do Coasistent,
ly; to equalize the valuation ;.,but much
more remains to be dend. ,They deserve
credit for all this, and they will receive
it. 1 1 0 us have more,of the sarde kind ,
of 11 "mmtalonsini'._ office.
reovoniy-,is it needed ; to.estualise - ttree'
Value of timber and farming landi; but ,
it -is needed to enforce the asiessrent pf
property.atiteractual value: :litte.4` hap,
been done in • this -direction 'alscii but
much' mbre rern Skis td iieboiiiof4 ll: o(l.
'Wto Vent' Men' Of toed judgment' and
experience; 'but thore'than WI; inaddi.-
tion'thereto, we want Men Vilho Cannot
be influence 4 In
•7:l9tatke'r. . Put in
Oen of Charaiiter;' 'Snifthei cannot-be
InfineWeed. No one will dare approach
Such men.' ' ' ,
fainee \ i the • French, defeat at Worth;
great. battles, have • •fiAlowed• In snCh
quick succession that it would
many times - the space we are• able fa'
give the . subjaet t,o make -any account'
intelligible, even were we in polfsession
of sufficient -'knowledge- to 'stets 'the
facts with • any considerable precision.—
There seems to have 'been 'no delay In
'the onset of the Prnsilaiis, and no pres r,
pelt of the Fireh being tibia to stay
' great battles\follow • I th
frequently *aa the days aue*fed i eaffia
other, and the merning, witnesses yet
another advance into the heart of
France. Theltaciics of. the war ef 1886
are, repeated ;;and, the igrench seem to
helpiessqn the hands of,the
ed cle - rmans as were -the Austriani
that war.; The =shock of battle Is terrl
rible, and the less of human life: fear
ful, beyond ali precedent in, histori, - Yet
the Prussians falter not aflay, and there
would seem' to beino serious breaking
up of their forces tO delay their progre . sa
for repairs. They•'mar& isst great
fortified city 'and subsist :their armies
upon the enuntry, orthe eneniy ; leirying
) tontribatione as they_go:* I?attle at
Metz, another al, Longuevilie, atilt an.
Othefat Graislotte, and then at Mars la
Toni, where thearmy of Bazaine is der.
leitted, two, and a la*, portion
of, it drive back into Metz lot security,
behind its fortified walls. Asindled
f,ront in a series , of conflicts from which
they .84m-to have gained nothing; and
lost,. in each, still 'they. are preiscitVon
'toward - the Frenoh . , And, ',the
Crown Prince 'of, Prussia making - life
way to their rear; end (again eninef3lhe
intelligence of a great Prussian? '0004;
at Chalons—the latest' news
Even wittiOut par - mutat:a, secni to
hazard nothing,in 444% 4 that - I,6re htua,
yet been no enktlifki)leAt
*hich the French have been the g a in
era Whatever may be the . Prussian _
loss, „still they , press onward never ,
yielding a point r and never seeming• to
impair their, comparative strength.
,It-ti stated that the French army un
,der Xtazaine is'Oornpletely out - off from •
the Prussians holding the raft
road between Metz and.Thionville. All
sorts of rumors' afibacirt - Parle,and the
. - wildest excitenient prevails; ' At erlin
they itingra idlipaeli announcing, the
Idefeatof Eataineyriareceiv4with the
greatest erithniiiasea. ' The'`very 'latest"
nevfs say§' tlin Croivh: Prince has on
anothey ireat victory, near. Cha10n5...7,-
The defeat of ,tl4‘,,B`roneti is complete.
'Af ;ISO .. then indeed ; the French;
4(111 Y Is I A //30011!5qu'g'ntr!rii of beißg.
totally Crushed ,before it can reach the
fortressei Chalons 10 abeut,Bo.
tollea; time French' . Capital. .Thg
'Tate defeateettlie force's' under Biliaine,
are' sever.i: l 'evident 'that" other
tittles speedil y '•
1.1.7) '2,711
' • • ..5
. ,
' L. 0
i pi
iii:Yr e-Mk - tire , ii+as a okowd_ of
people o 'tlie Pali; ground flaturdayi `to' witoaria
the trot between " 4411,10 otai, 4(4 Davie. The
reeeple at : the gate ; Weio °tier ;Itl. FTke r 4ey
t h 4 f l i 4 ; 4td the tr#...Vizi_iiiAa iA4itionithottgk
i Mai *lnit.). fa:o6mm z iitl(wg. 7eff .. took;
llie-friet two beat! i..iilpitei.` , l4;3ditttir49 2 - S!ih
piteiibroke badly on the . 4th, keel; 'Wtifl the kmlo -
declared it net Won ; libel( ijsr tkifid to vowel° .
'time, and the race waif given' to ,rtiplter. Then?
-Wei a good ifiiii'of feeling e`fei- the",efidtest, and
' nniclk grove
~wd.,7l u t &AO.
0, t)lo • fitr oettllll late
16111°-12101- ( n
it '; i. ...; ',i' ~11—$'
s 3 iA/lit/AGEIi.
• COOL.T.baI3-; , GGAISTOOK- I ;,ltilirellaboro, on _
the 10th Inetiet# byzßOr 04: : (11114013, Mr. Geo.
We. Coollagoi;. f.Da. l .oitiri / 1 /Ylif E TOg ene
PoO 3 BPl: l c,'l?.f • L ) ert.t* ' • •
Pitarieeton, on_ the
Mr. I. It.
Chialektori; D. eolith; of
g.00108117;-.',--; . , •
tangetumeraeute of deaths' 11;1)1146d free, and el'
obituary notices wi ll charged at tbe Tate ot 10 cents
for letrattill i. 4 r,
1 ; o.lllso--Ivi 1t04n1y:27; • Binh MargareA
inithi.'iticatili !,T, - re.. •-,, .: 1 ‘`.:',:
~ , . . ,
-: iiii - :4leeitii44l wike ri . )aiiil4 i)k North Ireland;
Ad tail reeliledifFleeli diiiiibie `et 20 y earth—
She' come to ber-d th by tqall. She was a mem
ber of, tie Preaby rlarLdhurek, and wooed away
- Ili the full, bellef . 6f:the,ebriellan faltli. , :_,
Onviogten- s :l4ac Proat., ,phattarn'; ; Eli-chard-.
E-1/0141loseeLap{ Aetmpt !rhos Orr,
OhalHerrfagien. •"? Elk r john Mayaard, A Hien.
VDeerfield:' , Sullivan;
~TtiOIXIMI, Ames, H Knowt. 'Morrie B Black
well:. Westfield : Justus reon„ Barton Hunt.:
Albin Pizinentet;'" Richmond :
liege ,Lohnsburyi FranklinJ4oulibury. Brook-
Jegee - MattiOn!!:Weillibm - , 1 George Navin.
"ManetieldPitts * Abram Simar t . Lawrence
hero r " R'Wheiler. ' Rntizvilla 'Sumner White.
• ,i' m se v ans un ' nons, ire na
':Ciiiiier',: Wti ASisoiatt: - ,Ctiaileidin, : Julius
'M Baily,-.7 Dentilibti. D'elitissei l I' M Bodine
Sas P,Calkins; Jae Cole;Johti Woos, Is A f3tow ell
Coy/peon and Covington boro': .T, 0 Bennett, D
dfeavelifik,li 11 Gillett, -. .X.ittyritmee : H B Col
grov'e,,Peter itileii. - 1- Bdtiand : J' 1V Colby, Aaron
Squid.. Urdion rPhiliplConifilretinklin, L.,8,
Rit.44 2l kigharjaft - Beraditllol , _ - Lynnin / Spencer.'
Mainsburg : Millor'Chirk.-. Sullivan :.John Dew
ey,' Leiria Boblyet. Brooktield'S-4 NV Pito'',
Samuel '. Tubbs:. , Tiogs And ' , Tiro bore : S M
• Geer,M, It MOUS. • Middlebury s --V-B Holiday,
'Wnr,rdtcholl. Mansfield 111 Husit. -Shippen :
17 Liipsoe.' 'lVallabiir6 : BB kimbill:. :Bios : B
Murray, Joinit-J , ,Williams.Jdherty. - i 3oe Morris,
I :Bead ' M iii4,Bheffer.„ - ",garmington : J ' W
MeColluni. :Knox:vitt° : Charlie Phillips, 0 H
Wood:- 'Westfield ' brae i Wm' Potter,, Oharltdri -
Philips:Kolar loset...:,Ohathani r'ißenoni Short,
It Toles. - !Ells :-.Loraln,Weitniore;,7Deerfield • W
Wagner: '
• - - '..
' B.,
io tnmid :AlBilso n. ,
;' '''Siccin k".
( -Rutland': , John Artsingo. ' Jacki o • n
: Thos
Arnotd;Jaildiller, jr;Albert'hittrihell. *Westfield'
born, : MAI Bowman. • Middlebury ..:,B A Briggs,
'Geo Steven& Knoxville: JD Biles. • Covington :
Chester - OlarkP Ciiiirigto u boro 1 :T ~ Putnam.
Delmar. :"Gen 'Green;.ll "W '':rifler. ' ; •;Union : Wm
Ditebbnrn, Whop Stull,:Thinryßtsm."loSis :: Wm
Durismore, Alex Hutchinson , Lawrence . bore , :
.Charleit Potit Richmond.::WM Day, lif , Gillett,
Warren Walla, Wm PRlutobinsore. - Brookfield ;,W.
Griffin, !A keyssr.i r ; Farmington t , 8, , 'W'' Ma'
Elklan : 3 i l„HammOnd", : Liberty: Iris;Vart...
Welleb iii :'47alvin B Kelly ; Prank Sears. -.West
field : ha Little. , Charleston': '`• N'Leeter, Ira
Wheele . Chathairs': - •}3. Merriek...lllainisbing :
B Park drat, Suillysim,.plen,lto,vnolds. Tiagat
B Tab . ' * - ' • z . 'f. ..i-. .
LATELY:din : Oa:ll'as thaffowneend Home,
land for time oeotipied by D. D. Holi r
day, bar been, thoroughly refitted, repair
ed, and opened - . , ~ • •
iitilty Ati accommodate the. old
friends of the hone. at very reasonable - rata. ,
' Aug:244'lBM * =DANIEL MONOB. „
Bushels 01_ _LIME'.
• ;.„-; •
" . • ',W.
' OH: 10/Signiatit i l l
‘. °FDIC'S 81,9. 811001111) rimes y.
,Between 18th antll9th,Streete,' , ' '
,attEWf.. YORK OITY. : ,
Dll. hag ditcovered the mint certain, '
speedy end only effectual remedy , in the world for
weakness in the baCk or limbs, etrictures, affections of
the kidneys or.blidder, involuntary discharges: imp°.
talle7. general -debility, nervousness, dyspepsia,-lan
guor, low midrib, confusion of Weak, palpitation of the
heart, timidity, frombUrig.tlimitemit. of idght, giddiness;
, disease of the head, throatOr shin , . attack ens the
lungs, liver, stomach, or bOwels,those terrible - Milord.
era' arising front aolituy habits ilyouth..—secret and
solitary practices, More fatal to 'victims than the -songs
of 'irons to the mariners- of Viyuesblightning their
moat brilliant tropes and anticipations, Ondering.
Marriagealol., Impostible.-
especially, Who have hail:Una the vletinninfitolitat7rice,,
that dreadful and de s tructive habit. whloh annually'
sweeps to an untimely grave thousands of young men.
of the moat exalted talents and brilliant intellect, who
might other:rise have entranced listsninglionatesWith
the thrindetingi 'of - eloquence, or waked to ecstasy the,
living lyre, martial! with'fall confidence: •
liarried,Personsi or young , men and ladles content.
plating marriage, being aware of, physical ,weakiess,
organic debility, detormitles;especLiiy cured, t:
lie who places himself tinder -the care' of Dr. Reli.
Matt, may religiously confide in his honor as gentle= -
man, and Confidently rely oa his skill . 043 a p,y09149 1 .
Organic Weakness •
• •
immOlatelY cured: and full eigor teetered. ••t • • •
-' This &straining afilictionorldch'rendere life mile:car ;
ble and marriage imponsible, , is thirsltylioldbrefe
viathe - 6f improper , indulgence. , ailing persons art
too. ark to comtnit- eiceises 'from n t being awareof
the dreadful consequences that may:ensue. No*, whir
that ituderetands' theitnidect will pretend to.deny_that
the polt4tof prooreseoWle bait sooner•by Meat. falling
into impropos halite than by, the prudent t .Beede •
laing deprived - of the pleasure of healthy, offilMitit
the,inost serious and - deetructive symptoms of hot
body & mind arise.. The system becomes deranged, the
physical and mental functions weakened; loss of pra
creative power; nervous irritability, dysdemda, pidpita. -
tion Of the heart, indigestion, constitutional debility,. Mad wasting of the frame; cough, consumption, decay,
and early death.- • - - •
'Dr. Pisliblat t graduated trom one of'the most en&
;neet.Colleges thelJnited I States; hat effected some,
of the moat astonishing mires that were ever known;
Many troubled with ringing in the head endears retie
Asleep, greet nervoupues a; being alarmed at sudden
tiotinds bashfialpiesii:i!ith deraegement
,of mind; were
coed innmediately . = - - „
Fleliblattaddreshesi ail those who have injured
themselvesk by improper indulgences and Poll terilith
its; which ruin both,body 'atid Mind. unfitting them
for, either blastnees;illidy. society orinarriagk •1 • '
Thee. are some of the sad and melancholy, effectifPro'
duced by early hablle Pr youth, via: -Weakness of the
back and limbs, pain in the breast, dimness of
`lore Of itiuscnlix power,__palpitation 9g th e heart. dye.
PCP* nervous irritabliutYslrimPtoms ofeonumption,
derangement of the dlgettive function' arr. • :-. -
IitRNTALLY.,—The eftbote on the mind are mach to
be dreaded.. Loa* of melnefy. Confusion of Ideas, de.
pression'of spirits, evil forebodings, aversion p:r society: .
seltdistrnst; lota df dolitadeAlmidlty,lkili are' dome of
, the evils produced.. ,
• ' 'Mensal:dß of pereins 6(811 ages can ;now judge what
is the yause_uf their declining health, losing their yip,
or,:becomlng weak, pale, nervous andemaclated, hew
lifg 8 eingtlar appearance, about the dyes, cell" and
symptom; ofponingoptlon. - : •
Young: liteti;
. „
- *to bave 'Wined t he m selve se by „ a Certain Otctlea, in
, niged in whinvelope, a habit frequently learned from
11 companions, or at school, the effects of which are
-nightly felt; Oven When adult, and If not cured renders
marriage Impossible, and:deetroys both body and , mind,
should apply immediauli.
What a pity tnat's youniinan, the hope - Of the Conn.
try, the pride of his parents, should be snatched froth
. 1111 prospects and enjoynients of life by, the consequen•
ces of deviating:tom thepath of nature, and indillginit,
ip a certain secret 'habit. glitch persons must , before
contentplating •
• •ItAliatAGE r - •
'reflect that a sem& Mind and body are the most neo•
eaeary reqnlaitee to promOte,connubial happiness.- In- -
deed. without !these the jonr,ney through life becomes'
a weary pilgrimage • - the prospects' hourly'derken to
the view, the mind becomes, shadowed with dispairiand
filled with the metal:Aptly :_retlietica that the liappl—,
nem of another becomeiblighted with Oar own.
.When the Inispdded asulliripindenfvotarr phew•
tiro' finds that he has, imbibed the seeds of this painful
disease,lt toe oftenlappenet that 111-tinitid Immo of
thane ar dread' of discovery,diterehint from'applYieg
to,tbrose who, from- respectabilit, Cap- alone befriemt
'him.' Efe i lklis into' the' hands 'of designing2p fenders,
-who, incapable of nude 111th his nee,'
keep him trifling month after, month, i as
the neediest fie cain ebtaleedikod in `didadrilea
JOH' with rallied iiraltite,Agh over his galling dieeti•i
Pointment; or; by the ' use of that deadly potion, mar?
'Cittl, hasten the cottititutlonal symptoms: of this
Able disease; meh as.affeetione of the heart, head,
thrnatirioto, akin; .to., PrOgressing with a frightful ra
pidity; till deathputa &period to thiadresdftel Offering ,
- by sending him to that Undlecoverefl a:4141 1 7' , 11. 9 0
Whose holm* e no traveler YnartA. , ” „ •--
; • P. 8..41t0we wiiiiretida'a r ticdistatiteind estiinel,
will yftelaopm,mpt,attantlon kr - writing, stating_syrolr:
torn/sift: - • ' WIBIIBLATIVIIV.'D. 4 '
Aug.N.M.f . -13N ' ffilMilLeporittlAya., : fferw_Yerfe:
\ 1 , • 2
4 •
, ,
~,;, r. .
5,•. , • r;
:tit4rl,- ;
•• - •
Bit undersigned, , propraiktor of
• ••A' :thii)ine takes this „inethedA, Of W
orming theqnblie that the aboie - Stage tuns
daily (Sandlot eneepted,) between the tist,pli•
oes as• -
%1 4eives:Wilisheio - Wi. 8 ' a - asajiiriveg
Mani - field at 10.80,a. mu ' " •
~Leayes fdariedekat - 2.39, p. 1324 anitairless at
'Wellsborkat p. /32. Or Fare $l,OO. •- _ .! 1
~Aug 24i 18./0„-T-44 • W-t4.;VAN:#44.11;
Expe'4 0 . 3 -. Noi:iqgp
ETTEIt T.eatimentarybaiTat basil gianted
on,the tistafa of 41frisd da1:4146d;
late 'Of dnokion:tOirifilkip; Voss, Pa., all
those ludebtad aro requested to. make payment/
and those having claims to present s them,to
Aug. 17,413741;6*;e LEWIS SEBLiBYdIa
,4 • 7
Voir...SO.le or - Rpnt.
4"09D :dairy tarmin Tioga totrnship;ll.
.oga coins", Pa., abatit'2* miles west of the
Borcnigh ol'''Xiogge.'sibent 100 'soros. Improved. ,
anoV4o :unimproved. 'Rat on it three,batut,,
three dwelling,bouses t azi apple and peach orch
ard, andotherfmit trees. .Terms eaey. Also Ad
:On Arm - and timber lands,
; from 4_0,t0 ;ao, acres as daelrad, with 80 acres'
11 #ProiTe, *4 Is go od,h,ara, a good - house and
iipPle . orolitird.:' 'Good fora dairying fs
:. j dng, I t,ldro=te: O. It.-1311YMI
,i, l ili t
I be
: 8
( .
1 -
K:'''''''FOR .- ISALE
4111 ~titera,,Dvelit i ns /tense and Premised in
Bloseburg, Tina county,. :
. Pa., fermerly oii;'
copied by - Nast-A ' Atterbitob, 4 in the: mosttual.,
nese part ',cif this towns are offered fol sale much
below their value. For price, terms: &U., Confer
,withlf. , F. Elliott ( Esq., of - WellabOre, 'er the
subscriber, :to -.1,1 %-,-'.''' --.0: H: BEY:WM E i . '
Aug. 17, 18,88-tf. D ', . 'flogs, Pa.
Hciuse an ' for
THE und ersigned offers gar sale a :Nriliega lo
`l. with 'bailie aridlmitit On it, Wasted in Rose
ville, Mop- tloantk, '•Addrese •
, • - L STEVENS, '„ „
• „
Real Estate - ,and , lOtoxe of Goods
T" * .littleiriber offers fpr sole a houseand`let
`itt ESA Olisileeton,, , Pioge,, Op., Ps.. with a
bhors and'Alsolktionle and lot in Cov—
ington Borotigh,l'ingteCiannty. •
The house and jpremisee in East Qharleston
aro- well'ottlonlated,for the. accommodation of
the traveling public. , Distring to live more qui:.
" 1 74 mil sell this ProPertz-;4t'a bargain,. and
on easy, terms. :Address or on Me at 'Bast
- Charleston, Tiogi 00., P.
• Aug. 17, 167040', • EfillitS -TIPPLE. ,
•, -
7 r : SEARS -& DERBY'S:
Well orp;, ;nue, 8;1870-3m.
I. •
Select` School._
.U.•ll4iliTc mat opals. 4,l3eletet School
for Young T.edicgker tide ,Till e ge, Sept. 6,
70. 'fell:trio
•Taition- , -INit eon:lewd BD gg. Brattohbe,
I Higher,ifing. with Fremih,o, Gernian, 000,
414. 17, 1.870.4w.t ‘r • •
„ . .
BE VIRTUE OP sundry write 'fit rieri
Lend goalie, and Venditioni Espouse, is-
Stied out of the Courtuf Common Pleas of Tl
ogs,county,-, and to, me (1480101; ImiliNorposa to,
publio sale, to the highnst . and best biddei, at
the Odurt , Hotilein WellsboroiOn 'Monday, the
.29th day. of: August, 1870;' at ' o!olciok, M.,
the following deeeribed property; vie'; -
".4 loecif land in Pariningttln
townships, bounded otithee nortyiby Henry Flaw \
yer; east* by , Anson /hide and Ca liViokbam,
, potith .by,Jerome Prat/man; and West by A. J.
Colegt.ove end. Ilenry)Sawyeri,,ponpilning 85
soles, niore ?or leoi, sheaf, ;40, sores improved;
with a' frante honks, frame barn and apple or
chard thereon. _ To ,be sold as the . peoperty of
A. J. MlCinney, nit of A. J. Colegrove. ”.
- ALt3o=--A' lot of land in Osceola township,
teunded on the north 'by Andy 'Maitland, east
and south bY,highway, west. by. the widow
Phelps; 50 foot fro* by. 100 feet :deep, with a
fran"' dwelling bowie and frame., storehouse
4sBO-tanotherlot situated In the tovmship of
Nelson, bounded north, bp , Coiyanesoue river,
east by Elisabeth 'O. Ryon. and seutk and west
by Perry Dailey, oonUtining 50 atirei. 'more or
less, 40 'scree improved, -With n' frame' honk',
frame barn ;frame-corn house, apple orchard and
otrimlnnnttrvoo-snereon.- VO um pro
petty of O.*P.: Culver, suit of John Tubbs. iso. ,
• ALE3O4:-.4: lot • of land in •Clymer lOwnshift,
.beunded,noith by R. Gee,. east by - Di, Rldridge,
south by T. Rowland mid J. T. Labar, mid Avoot
bj Chlrles titbit; containing 66 items Morn'oi
iesitAthout delisted inkiltai4G-With iitiatio house,
frame born and an apple ,orehard, thereon. ,TO
be Sold as theproperty of john B.
.Watrou, Edit
of J. J. Parkhurst. , . 1 • r ' 't - • -
ALSOI-A lot. of land In .Deerfield` -township,
,bOnnded on the north by 3. 8, and , Henry leg-,
ham. emit by' Samitel Price and Bmily Knox;
!south by iliel'Oolianekne rider; and'west by
'dy Howland and, James Knox; 'containing 100'
44,111, Moro or less, ,about .60 ecren.improved;
with <die frau* house, two frame bane, bathe
Corn house= and other outbuildings, end an apple
:Orchard and , other fruit• trade thereon. ; To be
'fold es the property pf /Weber. E. Newland, suit
of Pelee, SterensonA , Co. , „ • „ ,
'ALSO—A lot of land' in Definer towneftlii,
:bounded on the north, east and west by landf of
:William.T. Allen, end, south by. Jesse • Wolcott;
containing one acre, more or less, improved,
with - iihmeahltigle Mill and the apiirtenances
;thereunto belonging. - thereon;.2 To' be-tol as the
proPerty of .AMps Tremble, salt; of J. 4101410:
ALSO--A hat of land * Farmington tewnship,
bounded on the north by' &rem° ItottOw.east,
by J. hf, White, south. by APColliim; and
,west by. Charles Bottom, containing• 40,aires,
[mire or foss, with about It} adios improved.
eitneiteit as aforelaid; boon-`
,)led on the north' by. latide"Of 'ltem:ill; Owens,
east by 3.. M. White, south by. Albert Kemp.,
and west by Charles Bottom; containing thirty
'aerie; more rer lase, with abotit 26 stereo, improied,
altanto hone% log barn and apple orchard
thareon. -,To be sold at.the Trope:4'ol . -Imm., B.
- Owenosuit of T. B. Howe ' use of 11. , `W. Phelps.
ALSO-:-A lot Of laid InClytrter
,twp., -hounded
north and west, by Highway, 'quiet by'S. Goodell
an sonthby, Orrin, tebbins, containingcif an; .ttpre *ore of less, ith a tWoet§ry Ammo tavern"
'house aiid frank) 'bird thereon. ,To be - tiold as
the property Of- D. , A. `Tooker le Wesley Burn
side, suit -of S. Hutchinson ft Co. - '
A.T..BQ—AJot„ Of land in ? SOOT= ,toWnship,
ouhded on'the north by Cyrus Davenpprt, 'east
by highway, 'Braille by R. Piflaker and Hosea
Squires, and west by Thomas Smithi'_oontaining
20, acres, all improved, with two frame hOtises.
thereon: To be sold' as the property of ; Charity
Smith; suit ofllenry B. Card.
ALSO -- A lot of land in Tioga township, banti-'
.ded on the north and west by lands of A: S. If nr
iter, east brllodney_Hiles, and south by Dennis
Kingsley, containing 88 acres, More or less, with
80 acres improved; frame house, 2 log houses and
log barn, and a few fruit trees thereon. Td be
sold`as the prolioerty, df Edward Palk:ter, nit of.
Hunt. ' , '
ALSO-.-A lot of land in JacksOwtownship,
ginning in !the center of the read neat the barn,
thence along. the road'weet 160 84 0th ' perches to
I ,2forittytai thence along bald
lifeintyre's line north 39 perbheti to Wm.
H. Smith's south-west eorneratumoe along ,said
Smith's south tine east 1834101,h,parches to the
road, thenoicalinig the road eorith 80, dagrees east
28 6-10th perches to the lower corner of the John
Stuiford. lot,, thenee. north 64 degrees east 18
54.0 th perehee, thence south 27• perches to the
place of beginning, containing 37 acres and 81
;perchei,he the• same mere or tea, with about 85
acres improved, a two story &anis dvrellinghouse
and other Out buildings and afm : fralt trees
thereon. To be sold as the prop erty , , of Ellen
Searle, et al, suit of LK H. Tattle.
'ALSO- 7 A, tract_ of land in Shippag- township;
bounded on the north by highway, ea# by T
Woodraikand south and west by, , P ate creek;
containing 00 Sores ; more or less, about 40 ' im
provedorith a-frame house, two frame - barns, 'a.
shed. saw mill and a few fruit trees thereon. To
be sold as the propertyof jOhn Noisy enit of L',
W. Eighmey. t - .
AL - 80—bertain tracts of land in-Chatham
township, %undid as follows; beginning at a
chestnut tree, the southwest corner herinii; thence
north,.l* degrees east; 124.8 perches to ,n post;
thence southy 89 degrees pia, 201.1-perches to a
`past thence north, Vi degrees ea5t,,,114.1 per.;
°his to a post; thence 89 degrees east,
894.8 perches 'hemlook; thence,, south, 17i
degrees east,. 251.4 perches a post; thence
- d
north, 881 egrees 'welt, 526.6 perches ; 46 the
plaeo of beginning ; - eontaining629gd 187-160
aeresorith allowance, being known dee Alrram
Orfindell warrant.; , . :
, also —4 tract of land le_ l i lsidleburi town
shiP„ -beginning at a *bite pine,- the northeast
, elonier.or lot NO. lltof 'Bingham landeitisaid)
-,township:, thence - west 158 perches to a: post; e
p ith 10 rods to a post; , thence west. 264-
reds`tira Whitine • :thence south 106 rode'l6 .
*post in the Neuth Ike otOliVei Briggs's lot;
thence soutb,./QH. deg. east, 88.7 rods tors nriph4
etrimp, the nottheast qerrAer of, Mad, lot thence
degrees east, 284.6 tedito a hemlock ;.
.thence south 26.3'indeto'1 'post; thenie'titortb,
.3- degree east, 63.8 rods to the place) othegin-_
ping; containing 189.1', acre*, and., Allowance,
being lots Noe: 116;115' and 117' or Bingham
lands in said township. To - be'ettid ae - the prop
erty. ,of , S,olornou'XiinpOtt et , al, : enit , of)Tracjr
Peadto, guardian, , • -
Ji111.01411'P; P . STWSS
4 i Welleborijaitig -10; 4870.,` Sheriff. •
I , r; .0
. . •
,-,,,., -1 ft , fzia - r -) .:' 41- --' ; '•
_ I ~;~ yet
kit f.." 1
)ga, Pa.
- • ---- iiiiiit,:tßO- , liSti*;
~ ~ -;,,-,x-
p..-,fopok,p- , . p ,i c
, ;, imie-:%;;.-
. ,
: -::_t: , ;-•,7:',-,1 ,- ;!:
- ;
.. _ _.
Purchasing Elsewiteire'
-; -.." 4
d i?. 3v
• _
3 'I
- '%'S 111 Y.
~ : (,r:,
AO 78,11yfi::: , , t1p to ''',
PuR go7NP
W keep
Vsuallt Kept
in n First-Class,
GROERY & IRovisioN .
.. , •
s • . A. A. TRUMAN.
July 24 1870.
- anyptour break within six
fThot, Megteili . - -reiairedfile of charge
at thir hopp .440 mapufactory of, A. B.
Heine, - Corning,N;Y. ; ,
' —4Queen Oizabeth :Ruches and Ruffs. in
nice patterns at the fan,* isiore bf A. B.
.-m-The celebrated Velocipede•Skirtifor only
one doUar at A t , . B. Hanes, Corning, Y:
—A nice assortment of new styles of la
diesitoWa and Tiea verylow;at A, B. lleinea
Grood twenty-fins spring skirts for 50
cent* at the: Hoop Skirt; niamsfaciorg. .
, -Rah and Satsne for-tranonsngo In all
colors at.:ll4e fancy, store of A. E. Heine..
klunsnier' Underwear. Gauze, '',Underp.
skirts,. et c., %i ladieO,and :genii at
'B. Heinea,Vorning,
—The,lmit Hose in town for 10, 1Z and
15cents at 4..8. Reines,
.oorningt 7 .
, „
--.Embroideries on Cambric and Blasi
Musiipl, aisci"gflipers "and Otioninns of ex-
Heine ,
largo' thoie faeltibuable green
and blue Kid ewe, cheaper ° than ever, just
opened at A. B. Reines, Corning, N. Y.
r — Pf.:4 9 .A.CfsPeif anfOnasg bthutiful Para
in &ton, at d. B. Heine's, Corning.
;§:-441.1iceiantored ve or .only '75,
cents *1
ai 4. 11 --. ifei!seal Corning, N. r
fiats for ladies and children,
'cheaper' than 'fled 'fairy
'dlfire e
' , •
, --IPopyee Parasols; in nice variety, good
ad sun umbrellas for only $1,25 at A. . B.
Seines Corning N. Y - , ,
~ .-4 fug' asisortn!ent of therekbratid'Ain
cess,Empress, Main and Alexandre Kid
gloves in all shades, color,- and . size, at A.
B. Seine's, Corning, N. Y.
--The largest stock of Kid gloves in ! town
at A. A Hti4es; iTortaing,N. X _.
. - 4 •
. "." 43 17 .4 , COti e fis , Zineth Ivory avid. San s "'
dallwood fani;'Tahn Le*ei, in great
ti ceridy, "at ihe fea .store A. •.B. . Heim.
ttlli g
of ,
—Another new ' pply of those ( nice hair,
Chignons, Braide,' n Switches, for,
.A which
our store 41 MI a,juaireceived at A. B.
ot i
Heines, Corning, 1. . Y.' -•
,- , -- I ~.... 7. wi m ps , -
Buttons, - F ringes , Co tton
Fringes, and Mariteille Trinni,einyein altun, ,
dance, at A. 8.. 'Reines, Corning, N. ;Y.
. .
--The .Hugenieanct Saratoga Basset, neat,
light elastic, durable - and graceful, at Me
favorite fancy /gore etf.A;./i. Heine.,
' —American and French • woven 'corsets,
also Mactico lb,. ;Cored and skirt supporter
at .the corset store iend,hoep 064 maintrao
.ory off. B. Heine Corning, •,.M.
—Our Ireoprfik!rii are ilkiccule by hand
of the best matenal% therefore eicar out one
half dozen of those bought 1 -at other stores,'
Hoop skirt maneff/ctory of A. B. Heine.
Ladiu voter 4.ffentiMs is invited to our
Mired and beal assortment of French
Jewelry of at/ • 'athitopricat, at A. B.
Heine's, :Corning,'N. Y.
-our Batton d partmeitt lathe most corn
- 1 -4! .f4 61' f('*M. Corning.
—Lace do: I f/ars and Handkerchief,/ in
profusion at A. B geines.
--ePor new frames fob the, iitai,iitacture
- ofthe Ade/ style hoop' skirts jwitrruitud.
Lad* Oring your orders to the: hoop Skirl
maamfackwy qf LiffimTortsing- '
Marge. poriment ,res 4 ides —
C'ollar'S; at' At. keine ' _ • •
• Old-' Aids, , alte - 44 and repaired,- latest
etyla tna&to - ordeT, at short - notice_; at th e'
hooP,AkirtMagtittory. J .
\--Linen Irandkerchiffeland natio/Or
onlif,„/O-cf4t*, I A p
Weiht4lii; hie
v I ,
- i
' rFt
The Atlantic Cable
:I, ; rtir
riraisVa tiatialttlag, its] ffeligd
JL-greitripldity, Iddlncticteee• t P o ttide,
tenets; Iforew Poiret: nJ a m, neve r olose
decidedly !;'..
"" c ' •.l
. .
11 1 11 ir --it'
suadlit that n wet; GROCHRIEB are to j e
found, (eooner or later.) The
Ott thernforiiike notice ihlt;
vs. I
i,oikilnues to reat3l)44 grit; tratiani ttoIA • "
. • • ^, ns• s O , • 0. ; ••••,; !-• • •
• ' '
, - '
of every tbliiiiinder - the bentkiiiio;' in the line of
- , •
7.1 ft.: • ,
f 1
11!:tithoi,Taast Ipared,lmpdiettatob..„.ribat4a, ha
isauTad'ilial.,;EVAßYTll:WQolo%evor .1 ) 00t!! . ;t1"
; be hitt in a
ta 1141, lapTe:aid t ror •ftnly ,thirig the
subSoriber promiaes Jo . dp;aa •an , attreotion to
customers besides keeping the beat assortment
of Gotidi ID die tarfrit, le; to try- to give every
man hie inotleyte Worth
"June, 8,1870,
- -
Come ;Edia . .:Befi, the Netit Goode!
, .
AVING taken ilia store rooeutly ocelipiod
~01. by Mr. Laugber Paolo, and fined in with
new and eiNant stook of all gmdeit;of
1 . •
4146ti'eautiot halo please tha itlosest buyers, we
invite all to take a look through the Fame.
We are 'ofterffig' 004 ikargein a to; ihe'• ladies in
Which we give below
Light Alapaeas & Malaita, 22 t 0,25 cts.
Lawns, latest paterns, from 22 to 25 di.
Black Alapacas from 40 to 76 cents: ,
Grocey Department.
'We have : iin;excellent line In this 'department,
and at pricee that mug suit all. Look at the
Sugar _from 10 to 13i cents. 1
Tea, from 76 cts. t 0,51,50. •
D. B. Deans•Saieratus, 10 dents. , .
Syrup, 80 cents. " .
Coffee 14 cents.
Chewing Tobacco from 80 cts. to $l.
We also keep a large aasortthant of ‘oliaoellan
eotts goods, aneli . ag is nanally'fonnd in.dry,geoda
storuii. : Our seeortmpnt of
Hats and Capi
for Men and Boys, are varied And complete. We
. ; • keep in the
Boot & Shoe
trade, the different :styles' to please all, 'and ci
the best manufacture.
{;i 1 ~:' I
In opening our stock to tbO public, wo propose
to sell our goods at the lowest prices, and by
strict attention to business to receive a liberal
stuirirof patronage. Our Ott- is extended to all.
N. B.—The Goode purchased of Mr. Bide,
wilt be,sold at cost until closed C ont.
10, 10ta.
just received at ,
May 4, I 870.".. • THOBI HARDEN.
- ;C. RS & ' 0. Moores
jj Wellsborii„ Pa.' Office and Stables on Water
Street,in seism of, Court Rouse. i • They will fur
nieh horses, single or double, with Buggies, or
arriages, at short notice. Long experience in,
e business enables the proprietors ; to announce
ith ooOdence they can meet any'reasonabll,de
mandsiu their line. , Drivers furnished, if desired
and passengers Carried to any part
Thankfo for past favo*tliey inv I te Continnance
Of custom. Terms rilsonible. i ; ! , '
N0v.24,1889.47.- 1 . l'
, ,
Oiitrio teiusile senainaa;y.
nOMBIENCREI its 46th year *
,on Wednesday,
glepteinber44, , 1870.
For inforatation, i address
B. RICHARDS, A. Id', or
' •. • • 'O. - HUFFY, A: N.,
,August 3, jB7O 4w , : ' • - •• Principals,
)16 .
~.., _J: . STIOXLIN,
' • ” Oliiiiinakei ''Tttriiiit and
..!-, • ,
Farnituri Dealer. :
QUM ROM an cl, 140 TOB.Xfoppootio Dariri
, aliritkon Shop bfign'Stieet,'where hi, to pie•
pared.topqn4 ctatijnot . , Ware of any Iciad. to
those In want: '' ` • • , • I
.Ordarapratnptly filled and satiefaottongnarikai:.
Mad. Bantry Tabling done t'oorder:'; • 1 ''''•
Wallaktrovran 1 1870 ' 4 SHOIELIN •
„!, , •
. ' -
Z --- 2,
Baoho'a old stand.
VOLS olll . 4ll P ll,ol TEUTerealpr e f ea , i
. 44 25 —Trun
latianally fhlwinil Machine. The el
1 chimee*sobloo leilt , heo,l4l4rkpt. vam p:
"Libeltd o.mintestoti allowed: For tem
thi d drone*, euldoess i '.4.; 13.11 mi Ofli, Agen t g'
f . " l 4DhOtsis Bs4l',blll4,Chllits. a.
eI4V4V , ' 1 : ) • - •
. . •
fl jr#Dilil3ll:2l,N ‘ ED ._ ivaa!d sap to tbo e i tt
zoncorWellaboro ;tad:vicinity that be N I
~• t .,. •,,,
~,', ,-. , • - I
i ?' . - ::: 1 , ' 4 : Hittielto SS =Shop
,ip 10119pgrA, 044,44 1 ,P0§49 11 trool, liotwoonik.
sairWittaftnio;;"ivberW Wig pteparod to m at ;
04 0 1 1 41 1 1 !ii111 41 ; : q ! i •": -,-, i • ,
, ft, . it; , , •
Double & Sitgl ' Harness
the boats_t7lo,...ano,o the beat tomeritl.
itott notice, apd , gpqd. employ t h
INorkuent,,sinCulo tique but the ben mater
and am Itot'eforo,,propared to pleats ill
.ivant; angthing- r ittludy Hner..l „
.Tuly 20, 1870. ,
;,:pr iA443 . 1e-of
y. •
Ne.4.B4,:_Desitahlo_GOOd s .
Obi .entire flock ,fie ottani at a lower price Ito
known for..,yeara: Plena° call and look It o
over:' - _—
• • .
9 bityAlKitoXiter , NOTIONS, BATS a,
•'CAPS, I 'BOOTS AND 8110 E,
at bottom , fiiirea.. , Produce taken hi esettitte
iValka;orN „Inc) if-
--Cipanse:tne Blood.
corrypc!qi tainted
,are slek all .Over. "It may bout
• fis 76r Sorker in some
" tive disease, or it maymerely
you listless, depressed and good , nothing/ But 3ou cannot hoof
,tmaltis while your blood is
, r LA, LA
.os • • JU P , I
Ayer 6 arsaparslos porges'ont
:impnriUoa.Llt e xpels disease and Atli:outwit s the a
oa We itst,o'vjgeroue lietlenV Renee It' rapidl y
a variety 45; 'co in-plaintb which are caused by 5, 1
of 'the blood, such as'Ettelbla, Ring's )3 vii, fur
Ulcers, Bores,BroptioneirimPless.Bloicb 400
Anthony's; Fire ~Rose or Erysipelas, Tenn
-Rheum, Acedd 'BMW, Ring Wor , Cancer or ou
Tumors, Barb Eyed, Female Die see, ouch as lister
Irregrolarlty,,Burreaelen, Wb tee, Sterility, sh
'Pills or Veneta' iseases; Liv, Complaints, and 1
erVilansaparilla, and see for
self the surprising activity Willa which It cling
blood and cures these disorders
- During hate years tbo public bare bees adds
large bottles pretending - t • o glie a quart of, lino
Sarsaparilla for tine' dollar. ' , Most of these ban
'hinds unim the sick, for they not only coma's I
If, any, thireawill a, , but often no curl tive totre
whatever: Bence, bitter disappointments boa fol
the flee of the various extracts of • Sarsaparilla
flood the morket,, until the name itself Ins be
eynonYnionts vntlt ImpOsltlon and cheat. Snare
„thin compound, !' Sarsaparilla, and Intend tom
suck.alrentody,as /hall rescue; *tic, name , from dr
of obloqity which rests ntion it: We think vs
ground for believing it has virtues which Anita
ble bv,the Class of diseases It. Is Inteded to cure.
can assure the sick, that :ere offer them the Wash
live we know bow to produce, and wo bare mum
belles e.l It la by far the most effectual pnri &for
blood yet discovered. ,
Ayer's' CberryVectoral is Iso 'univbrsally tser
:surpass's - very abets. medicine for too cure of Coot
Colds, indueesa, )lo.vrsenees, Croup. bronchittis,l
cipionOonenmption, .ash for the relief of Conan
tive Patients In advanced stages of the disea,st, the
melees here to recount the evidence of Its limy
The world knows them..
Prepared by Dr. J. 0. &Alm& CO., Lowe
and mild by all Diuggiate 'and dealers la
eterywpiro. • ' • May,18,1870-2m
BR, purities the blood and cures Snot
Syphilis, Skin Diseases,itheumatiem,Diseue
'Women, and all Chronic affections of the Id
pier and Kidneys. Recommended by the)
cal Faculty'and many thodeands of one bat
Read the testimony of Physicians gap
who' have,used Rosadalis; Send for our Rom
'Guide to health Book, or Almanac for Biel
which we plildieh for gratuitous distribullot
tdtlYgive yori..muckvalable information.
• Dr. R. W.:Carr of Baltimore:, says:
/ take pleasure in recommending yenta(
is as a very, powiorenl alterative. I ben .
used in two CABIN) with - , happy ,results-1",
case of secondary sypllriie, lumhtch the pit
pronounced himself cured alter having tabs
tmttlen of your medicine, The other in a at
'strofula of long standing ; which is rapidly
proving under Its rise, and the Indiestiot
hat the patient will soon recoVor.' I Las
'ully examined • the'4orsrliild by sbith
Vour Rosadalis is made, and find•lt an anti
,ompound of al terative. ugred len te.
Or. Sparks, of Nicholanville, Ky., melt
used Rosadalis in cases of Scrofula and BMII
ry Syphilis with satisfactory results. As k cif
or of thniolood I know no better remedy.
, Samuel a; llic#adden, Alnrftersboro, recto
I, have used seven bottles of Rosedalls, and
entirely cured of Rheumatism; send me foitl
ties, as I Wish it for my brother, who has NI
lens eore eyes.
BenjaMln 13echtocof Lima,Ohlo, wri,tte,lb
suffered for . twenty yeara with- an thrum
eruption'oror my Yrhole.body; a shorttimeee
I purchased a bottle. of Itosadatis and It ef.o
a perfect cure.
Roeodalls le sold by P. 1 &
Co ,
W.Q. Gress, Welleboro; Philo Tulkr, Tefi
St. r ß.Bacon, Blesiburg. and Druggists geoad
• March 9,1870,1 y, -;"
The PER.-____.__ __ _ -lakes the We!
and pAete supplying
the fu,.
, 4rtrims'OwN' Vint,tzplo Ann:. —I - ROX ,
o:surf-mi.—Be surerion get. Peru lan gintlC
Pamphlets free.. J. P. DINSMO proprietor,
:.^ , "
Soled36l:ley St, Nsw X, rif, , .
sold py D.ragglats ge tiallY. k.
Apra 6, 187 1 0.-Iy.' '•'- i _ '%• •
„. G' °eery Awl ', Pr visto Store,
, '
_l'; ' - : •,- . , y'-''. r '
• 'il ' ' CORN! (4 1 ' isi: /1*
I. ,
, , a
'l +
' gialriLlll.l9
• I 11:' :"'"
\in ayithi'ds - of .
"1 - `, • s . - . •
nes thinors a
tl gars
.1-7 D FR TS AMY'
\ _
. •
I r
A full and oomplete aesortment of.the sho
uteuttOtked gouda of .tbe best quality 1 1 1 10
hand.l -
Partiottlar: attentlua paid to FitiO drotteo
Dealers and cousuraere will rind. ft to their it.
tetiat to eirizilnit hie Shook before bn3irig.
ilYorningi N. T.', - Aug, 17, 1870.
• i
litoiise in lot ,on
or4ietriot 8'
• P,Fre°3!i,`'.:';,
. I
SALE... -
Pearl Street, 2d hoof
boot bongo. Savings