The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, June 22, 1870, Image 3

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Ayriyhi jual Ilep:it It ''• age.
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il i.. 1%" ..--- T tropifferent tootaa horn
. 4,... p ..7,..., ;1 7..i . , , ..A.z.. , -- -- ;,4: Wellaltro, , will depart drat
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111111 7 t''filt;ci, i'. ia.
WlLLbt.t:u es 51.utt,FEL».-1 1 1 . pai t 1, It- 111.041 11l elt 1) In
W ELI-81101W .V. CoIIDEIINPORS Dtp. AI un. & Thu r•lt it. rya
3 rri v. , Afr 11.143 A I'lloreday,ttt 12111.
w iA A 'won() .s. JCIIKEY SlWltlL—Depart hfou. & Than- 0, kg
• _ itcrivol:tvasiltxxec Fri. Ca
Wl'll4llOEO & STONY FOIIK-llip. W01..t: Friday at 2
. ! f rj,
p. tit.. arr. 14tut. & kriday lit 12 ni.,
Local Items.
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, - 1870
Now Advertioeinonte. • '
.Nnar Gooda—Parsons J 4 Co.
Now Goods—John It. Barker.
To Britlgo Builders—Cominissionors.
‘Pool Wanted—T. L. Baldwin.
Sohool and Borough Taxes-11. IL Wel).
Att'y at Law.--19. A. 1304 , ' •
LIVPLE 131 TS.—Time Stops for no man.
—Lively—At Truman & Dowses saw mill.
—Free persoription—Apply faithfully to honest
latter, and walk upright through the world. L.
A pleasant person—Ono who'gets "mad" nt
ing, and stays so,—over the left.
Pleasant—A quiet hour°, happy family, anti
rurrounded by good neighbors.
...—Unpleasant—Go to bed with a sick headache',
hear the barking of dogs, squalling of cats, and
the crowing of some neighbor's. Shanghai roos
ter during the entire night.
—A barking dog seldom bites, and a boasting
man never fights.
—Two Germans in GCrlllatlia had a drunken
fight the other day—ono got badly out with a
knife, and the other got locked up.
—An Ice Cream and Strawberry festival, will
be given by the hidies at the Court House, Friday
evening June 25, 1870.
—The best sewing Machine Thread extant, at
Wilson & Van 'Vaikenburg's.
—Kelley is pleased with his now system of sel
ling goods for cash, as it is profitable {or both
buyer and seller. He is constantly receiving
new goods.
POST OFFICE eHANCIE.—Weleitr t that
Mr. Baldwin Parkhurst, of Mainsburg, has been
appointed Postmaster at that place, in Wee of
Mr. J 111) For, resigned.
A young man eighteen years old and
who was born blind, was operated upon for cat
aract by Dr. UpDearaff, on tSrt.turchty:weok, and
restored to vision.—Ekara Ado;
rat PRINTERS,—A Lawer Job Press
for sale or exchange for newspaper typo. Said
press is in good condition, and will he sold cheap
as we have purchased a larger ono to take its
place, Five inside of,chnse, 13 xlB inches Ad
dress this otrierli.-2m..
btrliOVEM .NT. —Dr. H. Shearer
deserves considerable credit for the tarty hn
prevenient made on his dwelling, by way of
painting and ornamenting. The [Jr. has a tine
residence, rubstalitially and tastefully built, and
Mr. J. C, Jacobs, the painter, is now putting on
the tinialling touch, which really makes it no rsf
the most desirable homes ip this village. .;uc
improvements do muchto b'eantily a tow o. Who'll
Tun ELEPIIANT.—On the day of the
our meat vendor was tinging his hell in
froh l t of tha residence of i Belay Sherwood, Es 9.,
when the (hone along ; slopping :itt
the water-trough noir by to drink, oak feillitig
his dignity somewhat intmlted at the noise of pal
tilled his trunk with water and Llam! the
, ententii all over our friend. We withhold the
mute of this indiyiilual, as Wit under,tand he has
expressed an utter ;Lhholenee to etioh a mado.of
••ept ink ling "
Din 't ICRIAL FOR 6Ar.E.-=lllr. E. B. 13aiL
ger, 11 , - :tog purchased the, itellfotito Mulunutl
Printvfg c.frice, for the purpose et consolidating
with the rlelifiwito lltpittattan,i.f [hut pturc, or
tern fur Pap a complete out-tit for cenotty news
paper Office; including 'one Liberty :fob Prr•Ss,
d.e , do , all of which arc
fiffeied ut leituirkulde tout priect• ton (anti or good
paper. u
Cleo, Iluzlett, will
g.i,e,, public clanco at his lintel. in Tio,iza, Alon
()ay ..‘ ening, July 4, 187.0.
—Ben. Potter advertises a danco at iii hotcl,ii
Middlebury, Nlatolay evening, July 4
-- A Mligsurratle Ind I will he givtti nt the Fay
wer:: h.irt.l, I.iheit3, MI 1116 01 viiing
aftvr (hp 'rand eeiebrati ,, n 1.1 Ow ,Liy that
PrnsoNit 1,,—.5,4r. A. A!: : 1:(11,o k,
the Adv,raie,••
Eart,:tuni on WcahesaDy Jab?. 7h,•' ti.e
alive li.iper If debt! I'VPS IL gclit-1(.0 : ulil,ut t
Charles elute, 1% ho :Aahtlt °VIA ccvctn
feet in his hoots, said to he our. of the las
o,copet itor; in the t3late, gace us a call on
Thyrtday last to route for the Irefil reo/113.
We shall expect to hear next, that Charles ht,s
tamed up a temperance lecturer, after visitillg
0.0 czystAi
—Mr. Henry Smith, No, of theist, D. Smith)
\dui is ingaged in the. rnereantile business in
Kstuns, haq Lien spending a few days kith his
Irl iu Ibis place..
- of Mr. Jatiii..s btu: ant
4..:301.i.rri will 1 , 13 pleased to leurii, LLut !io eon
d. 1 , his Lrnlih improving.
MlatluA L SOCIETY . te'Ti'ogtiCouii
Medical Society met in this place on Wedncs
,da!, wto, \Neil represented. After sumo
1)ILC - being Spent in discussing the various topics
ptrtaining to the interest of the faculty, the Id
kaing amcntlauetit to their lu3-laws was unani
tpeutly adopted:
"ll,soired—That the members of this society
U-13 attCl.d gratuitously such inint.:ters its have
charges, and tire depelilleilt on their sal
ary Mr support, but in no case shall they ido so
'lore minibttirs have means of living untihde of
thao r poles:dun. ur in hey 'tiny counlemtneo
likAwrit ,NI) ilomE Oak week
Anvil June 23) contains the first of .a tivries of
t.hetchrti entitled '• Jothr r 'iltruoWs
Sight Thoughts," by John Thomas, ivb., is no
4..the t than l't troleum V. Nasby The great hu
morist will tithe an honest country boy to the
c"Y• cooluot him through the usual experience,
and restore hit, to ft is lowa a sadder and ;wiser
-atisticd that the peaceful, lioneat and tem•
prate life of the fainier is the best and safc'A
life that van be lived, This is a lesson greatly
nuil”,l at this time, and Neatly is the man to
(cad' it.
A young man of lOtte, stood gazing at
e• y heavens kith u t in 1 ,;"!.e . . , " and a of
1 , 1'1,11, in the oilier We endeaverl to initruet
hh.ointion by .ins 3 a ,!; in a paper ce held in
ur yrir - relating 2 a !deo. young man in that
;Loma in ii itS of do.
7, . 7 .itt - mcnt. He dropped the t C pistols Irani his
j,Nrs with nn ! ni iol ithom 1 7 mid. I had
chi 7: 4 r of u girl who hail 'relar,erl 2 list() 2
we, upou viutAltvr. hour the
ion:ring a ‘ciii ! 2 rho god of lVe.‘6lll
- rev1)114; 1,2 ??..f tiQ, tin tt,1, 4 ,. S ...Am.: here
it!. j
;1 1;1:1..1, .2 fall
I , llt ufl Al.dleV
, !C.IICIIIIIOI in lol6lli lil),H r.H It 111 W
churn, t ing pre, A , c.l nli Col;
Go I '4 s au 'levant rit , r•ortunnl, A. return , 1! trry
l rre: I ) lLc Air I.tne, a hirer la!ltt toter tYtun
Bullool. (iON
Tilt, 'Fidel A tallril T.etitn; of the 'nog.% troonly
lit it t i't,Nta.l.l3 :oh ol Convention, lilt he held
''' t tit the haptibt eltureh, in It'cil,ho,o, .‘Vetines
.thY, June '29, IS7O. at Itid o'elort. A. M.
of exerei , et. : Clitt-ifidnert in the
Sunday School lie% . W. Remington.
to wake the Sanday Scheele power. Rev.
Shall the doctrine.: of the (bevel in full be
tr.ught in the Sunday School ? Rev, G. P. Wet
thiclif,Thl.leaching in the Sunday School.
`rah dlustratiens. Rev. N. 1, Reynalde.
The he4efits of early religious training, as re
ceived in the Sunday School. Rev. A. 11. Chase
the benefit of tuuoic in the Suuday School. E.
1. Ileptloy.
How to promote a revival of religion in the
itunley School Rev. M. Rockwell.
iAlt the Schools in the Aesoehlion,arn requested
elleud delegates. a. p. w '1"It01.113, Pres't.
• T. Brainrr,
:~.::> o~ . ..
oon'Nnws.--Let the cannon rot Gl..
the good notes to all men, and eheer their hearts
with .. the glad lid into, that l'arBona,&„.'
tirti - eoneittereifthn_hinA:4.oigli pd.
eettnnil brought goods down 'to it -lohiattidard.
:See their double column advertisement io another
'dare iu Oda paper. .
'Ettiton.--In W. A. Stone's statement
of inApritoce last week, the figurtB mitdo the'hge
read 75 3ears, when it sliould lutte road 25. It
is all right this week, and the error ehirged to
the " priutoem
coon 'V CIM;11111ATI9,N AT
TIOOA.--41/0 0004.1 i'iollia, or eelerint
tion, rippointe.l by the hut Quarterly Convention
at Alanhlield, will take place at Tioga, Saturday,
duly - 2, 1870, Every allot, in lining made hj• the
lodge at Tiuga, to ninho it, very pleasant for, all
s persons attending.
1 "t is doaircd that aid :lodges the
county will make a special effort to be largely
represented. •(loud speakers are engaged for thd
'lmounion, flood music and a general good time
is in store for all. Members of. the order aro ei
peeled to appear in regalia, andf urnish their own
eatables.. Let.un have a grand. ; rally !",;,;lly 'ordbr
of Committee. • •
Nii i x VILLE-L-1 notice in y ott r issue
(kr June 1, an article £o ta (3 m p orian co to our
religious Mterests as a I}aptist denomination in
this place. •The correspondent from; this place,
"8.," Ages that," Elder Onions' Poirits mem
bers of his church to hold communication with
all other chrigtiamsects, especially if they ineist
Upon it before joining." 1 was `not, : rityartz; Plat
the privilege of communication was dcil s iotr . Or
that they to insist upon it before join4L--
But then perhaps htr. B. is not 88 _Weil postfili On
Baptist matters as he might be. Ho also• stated
that "Elder Owans says to 01 whom he, desires
to get into his flock, that their - beliefs are non
essential." . e
I have preached within three yours nine bun •
drcd sermons, and if any mall can say lie over
listened to ono of them, that differed from faith
in Christ, actual regeneration or change of heart ;
or that I ever suffered a candrilate to unite with
out such evidence being satisfactorily given to
the church ; also, the belief ill one God, ono
faith, and one baptiSin ; then Mr. ll.'s statement
may he true. But if not, It is before the minds
of your readers as a false_ charge, designing in
jury to the church over which 1 have the honor
to preside; also a personal injury to myself.
W. B. ()MANS.
—Another•[inptist feels somewhat indignant
over the thrust from our rurrespondent " 11 ," and
nays ;
" (filo would think that your correspondent
91' was nut us well posted as he might he, for
he should know more of the Baptist and Chris
tian ehuroh.os generally, and, attend ihoiruseet
logs, before snaking such oroncous state 4 nts.
Elder Omans is hot very particular; for w 6 nli
have rho great privilege to communicate with all
other Christian sects, at oar pleasure; and we do
uef hate to insist or even ask for it, either; and
any others wishing to join, can have the Aunts
privilege. But ' beliefs' are essential, 111 r: 13. to
the cond'ary notwithstanding. '• I believe .it is
generally understood that Baptists are very par
ticular in regard to their ' belief;' and they deem
it so casential, that they are very often called
close-1;1,1;6, and tight Bop'; and' they even be
peso in one Lord, one faifh, and one baptism ;--
and if we hate got a member whmis not willing
to sabscsibe to the as tieles of faith of tho Bap
tint t`busch, 111 r. 11 can have 11116,, l ye. want no
thing but t; lode ~ o ttled, out-14-01a Baptist'.
t. 0 of (1. T. hi
st:aka 6111COls for !Ito tioarter end
ing July :11, 1470 WC T, Jame , B. Tubbs;
. (+1 Lottie King; W T, Jrdin Kiier; W PS,
0 W Edgownh ; W T, Mrs. Eihbra; 1V c, 1. K.
timbre ; W M, 11, E. Leak; W 1) M, 'Mitt King ;
W 1 11 Mtnnin I.74gennilt; W 0 (1, Emonds Ab
bey: w E S, Eleanor Tubbs: W Emma
Kruven ; 1, I), Fsank Buck
Temperance affairs; Ih urish hart We are to
report no licensed house in Wentlial.,
110 on POIPLAR.
, •
• L 1 13 EIiTY. I find by look ing river the
c;filions ,If die .I,p - toter, tbrt my old ri i.Auf J.
i*.i'fity tor, Pa,tmastcy,at itio. , slititg, howl , '‘ an; lit
If) i"cpty i.e my eoto iii owe., i fee t opp,:oi tog ill Ate,
.rojtoi. , e, May :!.:,,,'in relation to the tato changes
liiii;lo in the mail servioeat Liberty. 1 ilis severe
critisi-t„ 41..1 . .. To:, Ming is ith lot shot is admi
rably well done, and lltt,litled to 11111,1(0 a deep itn
pres,ion on the twitoli , of the riders of the Aot'-.
toter' As ; a eoicespondent „ t the Aoihrroe, it
does not itipire my b (dings in Ilie least ; for it is
loy a gr., citiont with t he!editm a -of t lin paper, to
send them, weekly. it pos!ohle, all the Meat news
I t:•11, gather in oilt,toati4tilp. Ido not profess
intallibility, and nioy pillow-I ~ e tne.tiine, , at ga
t het big items 01 none from persons in our emtn
hiiin 0 ~, 014 nm a \%.1111) , l Int-i/11 61 111(' &tailed
c.- ,
et1.4111,t.11,t , ti C.OllllOl, .1 51 . 1111 010 5113.1'. 1 Will
net, l'iltkilV , ti to review the main points ofgrity-
aoco it, no bread ., article ot 1110 ;Mitt ultimo.,—
Rill of clinrc,os I.gaitivt the old Serilot is as rl•
lows:, Filst, he says I have 11111,10 111111 It , per
sonate the principal character ill the conspiracy.
11'..11, tlt• A ill AA:. I : tatted in my communica
tion 01. a the , iiseontionanee ot the mail route
front Liberty to Trout Run, line done at the in
stance of a Certain PoTninasterr not living a thou
sand miles from Blossburg. What' of that P
Why shouldsthe Postmaster at. Blossburg think
ho was the persok . i
_meant, any more than the P.
M. at Ogdensburg, - and. at Roaring Branch ?
Friend Taylor should not, it not guilty, become
so sensitive about an indefinite assertion? Sea
ond, Be finds fault with my stating that the first
intimation we had of the fact that the mail route
front Liberty to Trout Run was discontinued, VMS
by the news our Postmaster received direct from
the Post Office Department at Washington.—
, Well, as far as that part of it. is concerned, I as
sert the same thing again, on the authority of the
Postmaster at our place. I can certify, If neces
sary, that he told me he knew nothing about the
cutting off of the snail route from Liberty to
Trout Run, until he was apprised of the fact by
the Post Office Department. Third, Ile takes
otieeption to my statement in regard to the get
ting up and sending-to our place a petition for' a
daily, mail service tretiyeen Blossburg and Liber
ty. If my friend J. P. T. wishes any explana
tion on that point, I will freely give it to him, in
the following language : I can certify upon oath,
it Necessary, that Mr. Samuel Richter, of Bless
burg, brought said petition to our place, request
ing me and others to sign it; that it was a re•
quest for the Post Office Department to grant a
daily mail service between Bid - ssbuig and Liber
ty ; and he further stated to me, - that Jim Taylor
had sent it by him,, and desired we should sign
it, and return it as•soon as possible, so it could
be forwardiA to the Post Office Department. Mr.
Richter also toltlhne that after the petition Was
signed 'at Liberty, ho carried it to Blossburg,
but too I . te to be of any consequence, for the
news had (ready arrived there from the Depart
ment that the daily mail service had been estab
lished between Blossburg and Liberty. Fourth,
M. J. P. Taylor states in his able defence that
be has learned from a gentlethan of Liberty, that
Mr. Good Authority has reported that the names
on the petition that was sent to Blossburg, were
attached to a petition for a discontinuance of the
route from Liberty to Trout.ltun. ' All I have to
-,ay about the information that friend Taylor re
ceived from the gentleman from Liberty, is as
follows: The st'atements are a tniirepresentation
01 the facts in the case, and it, is a malicious at
tempt to impeach the YeiliLd& of itiy friend Good
Authority. Friend Taylor also states that Mll'.
Scribe and all of his relations were well nivare
that said route was discontinued before said peti
tion was signed. Scribe and his relations aro
able to Bute that the foregoing allegation i's
false; for the petition was signed.and sent to
BP/sr-burg, before we knew anyiliing of the dis
continuance of the route from Liberty to Trout
Run. 1
no X
In conclusion, Mr. J. P. Taylor si4s : " I do
not feel disposed to say much about Scribe's vo
racity." I think ho a very wise conolti
sion, for should he have attempt4:d it, it would
not have injured too very roach in.tln eqiniation
of the raadori of the Agitabw. liut it it should
be deemed necessary, in the future, willing
to cdturare notes of our past history. and hare
a; nommunity at large decide which of us excels
in veracity. morality and good behavior. I would
fdrlher elute to friend Taylor, that if the forego
ing explanations that have given 'are not soils
-I.ipivryt and 1, 1 will please oall,-nrowid, I will,
with the greatest pleasure, show him some letteris
that I received from Hon. W. H. Armstrong and
J. L. French, 2ntA Assistant : Postmaster General,
which will perhaps satisfy him in full.
l; e
PtlotoLAo4- 7 11% 110411reY.,
of this place, assisted by Dr. Woy, of Elmira,
successfully removed a largo uterine tumor, of
fibrous character, from, tho piker (W. E. Nor
thrup' i;,f Woodhull; N. Y. At last accounts, the
paticntiwas rapidly recovering.
Tublfi 3; Broadhead have recently opened a
groce4 store in Kimball's concrete block. They
are howbver erecting a now building, near Om
river, tJ be occupied fur store and office as soon,
as completed. • „
Since Got'. Geary Ihitideerocd • that' !`i'itroisola
tion from railroads shall ho longer 'eontinued,''tho
citizens of this - place and adjoining neighbor-'
hoods are taking steps to facilitato our communi-'
cations with our nearest depot, at Addison, N.Y.
Whim they propose to do•brtho emistrnotiorl ' , of a
now highway.frinn t his .place direct. to Addison,'
over brrouto'ilmiter fn'ilistatice anil 'buts' steep in
grailmthan the pno-now trayolod. ! The now route
rubs up Camp brook, attainining' the summit
near Lunger's, and / front Ahenco down Elk run to
the Tuscarora. It thus occupies parts of roads
already in use; in this way very much diminish
ing the distance to be newly constructed. If we
Must of necessity.romain .tributary.; to/the aslniv
,towns ale kg the Erie road, every effort to
niakii o'neshacklbs Cuero cbmfortabliii moots with
general approbation.
Atiethei now road 'from' this Placo, along the
course of Wiritlfalltbrook,, ,throtigh the towns of
beerfiold and Chatham, to Crooked crook, is now
nearly completed. It is claimed that this new
highway will render our communications with
the .
eounty. , teat' trioto•tady;ilucuren ciwinalio it
convenient for. tho ennununities through which it
passes to triinsocit thoir bilaittess affairs in our
town. ITEM.
MAI correspondent from
this pinto saYs : " Mr. roilhas retirad from the
dry goods business, and Mr. Clark, his partner,
runs the machine alone.- Mr. Fox has been
citizen of this place thirty-eight years, and has
beetvengaged in,themorcantile business' during
that time. lie retires with a nice proPerty, and
a rePutaition of an honest man.
" The crops of all kinds are looking promising
hereabout. REPEATER."
EquITA73LI ,V S. NATIONAL.^The fol
lowing calculations of dividends made froin the
EriUttable, are less than its polloy holders
residing in this vicinity haire received for the
past five years, as any of them are ready to . veri
fy. I have compared it with the National, be
couso I regard the National' as ono of the hest
stock companies in the United States. my ob
ject is to show the difference between tho'ruutual
and stock systems.
Endounneut.pltfm. „Tqn annual payments on $lOOO,
payable to assured. in ten years, or to hiN rtpre
eentatirce, in ease previous Agel 25
$lO3 4/1 .$B7 no'
, J 1 56. 87 3) ,
86 25 87 30
SO 02 87 30
71 82 87 30
67 55 87 30
63 39 87 30 .
55 08 . 87.30
~ ?t 00: k 7 30
47 81 87 30'
$726 39 $873 40
int't 10 years, $62 31 $52 33
2d I " .II " 51 06 47 07
" 8 -" 41 40 41 84
4th 7 33 001 36 61
sth 2 , fi " 26 93 31 38
6th -4" ~ 5 ,4 20 26 26 15
7th I ,• 15,21 21) 92
Bth ."' " ; " =I tvpu 15 GU
9th " 6 36 10 46
10th " 44 286 523 :
Ist premium,
2d • " 9 per cent. oil;
3d •' 17 "
4th '' 23 "
" 28 "
11th '•
7th '• "
tith "47 "
9th " 149 4 "
Premiums ,
In the National, the policy holler pays $l6O 70
more than Ito gets, and then only gets six per
cent. for the use of his money—simple interest.
The companies compound it at train eight td ton
per cent., and realize mitelt ,mere. The Equita
ble compounds its interest at ten per cent., semi
annually, and realizes more irf, this way. then the
one thousand dollars; but not, so much as the
National, A's you will see by the above talk; for
all money revolved as premiums, over and above
the actual expenses of the Equipthle,,,is 'declared
dividend to the policy holder.;•
firii.‘t - Alititfike. , in lost week's slatement correct,
eel this neck. W. A'. STONE it; CO., '
(Mien ht lit ofAr (that'll 1 Ag'ts. Equitable:
eon VerSo 4,0.4g00d'5, J
Woll.boro, Jnne'lli,"3l%,
.1.. t INFtutt.A..orcrt:---304/1. 1 / 1 *.A.13/.11
NATIONAL —Eiliii»ir Lf the Ayitntor : With some
11111CIIIIII:e; I wi,ll to call attention to do state
ment in your last issue under the oho vo heading.
do• &too to the National rompany, 1. 1 .10-
~ : ent here, Qe..lllS to require it. The figures of
that Lth uuait, en far as the Equitable eoini.any
is ittk!ined, aro'se absurdly intorrqt, that they
would deceivo no onnfamitiar With' life insuranco;;
hut persons who are not acquilinted with the eye
tl.lll, Wight Ito misled by them. Tho
or the uh6tibi«l (Vividende, should he, in earth east),
Iron' the amount of he prvailttn," the
only way in which the company wakes any de
. • ,•
To test the value of Mr. Stone's figures, ksqe
gebt that you; Messrs. Editors, or one of youy
friends, or "any other man," shall . ,nek him, on
beton of the Equitable company, to write a pol
icy, on a good life, nut iJ years old, as his 81.10 -
I111 ut line It, hut. say 21 years, on the precise
termi of. that. btatemel4 the annual pre
inlaid, on ad " einteelMent" policy for $01:000, to
h. just the matter of dollars which he has set
I ICI I tie the rate of the Equitable, owl no more.
'lids is a simple and fair test, to which no objec
tion can reasonably be made. If the proposition
lie accepted, and made general with the company,
I o ill readily-o,lunit that in this instance "figures
do not lie." Butt, it the proposition he declined,
evadial,,we may fairly, in (hie ease, apply the
otherll../VIA) " hall, it,!/, ie ;10, e 141 C than Jig,-
tiree." It e on't do to talk of probable dividends,
which may or may not be realized. These divi
dends are entirely in the control of the company;
if they aro so certain, and We amount of them
so well determined, why should not. the compa4
lake the risk of them ) in .ho nrigival ttnittrut,
and nutlput rialceu'ih r e hlked? .!`
its large paid up capital, and its unprece
dented niteeess.k in, business, the stability of thb
National company is fully assured. It desires to
inalm na attach on 'other good companies, by pa:-
railing inYwenrate or, imperfect comparisons of
rates, or otherwise. But it offers a simple con
tract, easily understood—a cortairi•aniount of in
surance for a fixed sum of money, tqlkillei , to no
con tingelicies ha t vqr.
Carelni and intelligent comparison is invited
and fait information will he promptly furnisher
on appiication; by agent's and solicitors--
R. C. litni.sus, Agent
.• National Insnranrn
Wellsloro, Jana lti , 1870. 2w
A friend, who is quite familiar with to 'ingu
ranee, has overhauled these "figures thnt canna
lie," With the following result:
Annual prtnniuin tat year, $163 .01 $B7 30
" 211 year, h percent. off, 98 . 71 ' 87 31)
3d " 10 9 . 3 '52• B'7 30
" 4th " 11 "'" ' Sit 30 ' 87 4
blb " 10 87 ?es s 7 30
" 6th " IS 85 21 87 30
",7th " , 20 53 13 S7 30
' " Bth " 2t' “• • '?7 'o3' ' 87 30
" tub ..28 71 82 in 30 ,
" 10th " 33 // 09 02 - 87 30
TOO amount of pretiiiiiine3M 4 . 14 011
On Ist premium 19 years, i $62, 35 $52 38 •
21‘• - 9 " .53 31 47 07
s 11 531
.41 81 •
:„r37 fib ';3O fl
31 42 31 38
5 " • 25-56' ; '26 . 15
4 " .19 95 • 29 92
14 02 15 69
8- 91 10 40
4 17 5 23
4th 11 1
I , ,th
' 11111 61'
10th 4/
Total iAtereet,
A difference of $4 88 in favor of. ttio 'National
company. This statement gives the' Xtitdthble
company the benefit of imiintuil dividends, at th'e
average rate of 17 per cent. per annum;
about 50 per cent. greater than their actual cash
dividends or two years past: And - the chancefo‘i
a reduction of the rate of dividend, is much grou
ter than, for an increase. So the "figures'are
in Aiii,or of the National : the "facts !' for ton
yearswould undoubtedly be still more favorable.
IiENNEDY-14AVIIINE11 2 In Shippen, on
tho 1;:th ititt.lnt, by kW.. A. Dodge, lily. Ethan
Eennedy and Miss Su annit E:lVarriner:
HAVEN—ISAIINIIART—In Jauhson, 6n tho
1211, ingtant, by Hey. pbarles Wachs, Mr. Nahaan
Haven, of Columbia, dud Mu.'s Laura Barnhart.
iIEIMER—PURPLE—In East Charloston, on
this 2d ultimo, by Roe. C. A. Stone, Mr. Augustus
Ileitner, of Troy, and Mrs: E. Purple, of East
• 4 , it ,r
LENT 2 -1413131---In Charleston, on the 11th
Instant, I).y Ito tlumo r . Mr. Edwin J.ortt, of Chasles
toll, nod Miss Iltallhla. BAP, of riorris.
, DROWN—RlLBOURN 7 —biposeburg,.on thp
lst,instont ; L. Roy,n`olds IVlr., SOL
lirowu, of.,llrociford oounty,-aptiolgies Antoinotto
ICitbourn, of thoseborg. „.
BOGER—SMITH—In Blossliurg, on the 31st
ultimo, by the same, Mr. Henry Boger and Miss
Jennie Smith, both'of-BlossbUrg. • •
SCOTT—DITCHE—In Bloselmi, on tb,o Bth
instant, by the earn°, Mr. Wingfield Scott and Mhto
Carrie Ditobe, both qt Nostiburg.
"v<::.~Scl~r"~..o` , r: _ ?a:.~t,r.~:~::iy.iu „"'v.~ ,
..~:_~_~:+~.~s' ..,'-,'-= `.. ,:r =~';:ii
$'26(.1 93 $287 73
$721; 39 :i873 00
.20 9:1 2.57
5096 22 Sll6O 73-51,64 41
4 - 44
f , 44
gl it
$302 12 $287 73
863'49 -873'00
$1;105 61 $1,160 73,
r ‘, .4 '
•1 ft 14
s - PEsoiAr: 40TICE .
TO 0 NStItI,PThrEO.,.
TIU4 AdYnrtisor,ktaling been rnstoted teilmaith In a
few woeket, by a wiry pimple remedy, after having sof
forad sevoral years with a some lung affoction, and
that dread gliseaso,Conenmption—le anxious to mato
;known tolls fellowreufforore tho means atom% •
To all who detiro it, ho will send a copy of the pro
scriptiou need Moo of chargo,) with the directions foe
preparing and using the name, which they will find a
B unn cans you Gorroustprms, Amnia/ BliftNem7lo./ etc.
'rho obloct of the advertiser ip trending the Prescrip
tion to to, benefit tho afflicted, and 'spretd information
'which lie coticeilrely to be invaluables:' and ho halloo
every sufferer will try, hie reniody, ne' it will coat thom
;nothing, and may to oVe A blessing. ; ; ;,` ; .' •
Parties wishing the proetcription, will pleasoaddress
A111(4111 ftlnirga Kings Comity, N . Y
'''May 20;1809 7 1*. ' '
"AtimorA. OrA9IS WO are Infoinital that the Most' mr
/I IMAM t rind.tinyieldingi of the private eitizone who have
elatutecas.- the Bridals', Government are Dr. 3. 0. Ayer
(3, p „ of, Lowell. Mass., the Anantifucturers of recall
cine. They, VII coneent, to nothing- lose then that
thbtOloatitiol for tneiticincs tleAfroyed by the British
pliatoe MIMI ho paid in Old end'in *dollar's to the last
cent. They are embodened by'the fact that the des.
traction of 1 heir' goo f tft hi, the English In China and
ilsowlii , r6t wlivKal Are not OW .thenblesomo nation
trampling upon tonneboch phew:) hitherto n tieen paid In
fall, and they now saffiihat they shall be. They how
ever propose this compainil9e:4llvo 119 Canada and we
will call it oven, hecansa we can then send our reme•
disk thore 'ditty: gttpii News,
May 18, 1870.
Pr 1l AN EnTAIII.I6IIZII yAcr, thlPerionmption CAN be
cured; but Wio far 'batter to pie ent the cruel disease
from fastening itself on theAyoteni, by the timely me
of a remedy like Dr. WitiTAloB BALSAM OP WILD CIII:111LT•
This standard preparattun will speedily cure a cough or
cold, and even Consaliption °nen yields to its great
r an, Requires imniedlato attention, as nog
loct °fun' results in an incurabla Ling
e kONG H IA L "a".
• <t c , .. Brown's Bronchial Troches
' 1 ?0ON\ will most invariably give instant roller.
TnackAA plBE j t,FEB,,thaylnlVO a SOOthing,eta t t.. ) , r •
l i t aljt/ 0 P, k 73 4 B. M1,1',!;1:119;a/ to
thiir '
Owing to the good reputation and popularity of the
Trochea, ninny worthless and cheap imitations are of
fared, which are good for nothing. Bo sure to obtain
the true
BrotOred' Bronchial 'Tracheo:
HoLDAivvvywailiio. [deo.
The Confessions of an Invalid,
111IIISLISITED for tho benefit of young men and Others
who auffered*Oni Nervous Debility,ect.,'supplying
tho means of self cure. Written by ono who cured
himself; and Bent flee on receiving a poet-paid directed
envelope. tiddr6se, N/ 1 / 4 1 . 11.6141E1. MAYFEI.I.It,
Itrooklyn, N. Y.—fim.
A (AINTLEMAN who suffered for years from N.A . -
voila Debility, Prainaturo Decay, and all tho effects of
youthful ludlecretion, Will, fdrtho hake of suffering hu
manity, mend freo to all who need it, tho receipt anil
directions for mob lug the pimple remedy by which he
was cured. Sufferers wishing to profit by the adver
tfser'e experience, can do so,h r y addressing in perfect
cdnflibmco • JOAN D. 00ONN.
!day 20,4:9-Iy. No. 49 Cedar Street, Now York.;
The Rice Divorce Suit for fraud
in ago, la causing great exeltement in Boston, It
should warn yoUng•Men not to marry In haste ' Bleb
is but 22; his bride 37. Ile swears that she made him
believe sho tray but , his own } ago, by usipg•Magnolla
halm upon her taco, neck andhands. Poor youth. lie
probably roand her PIIKAt a weren't quite , ea soft and
pretty. Ought Hagan to be indicted? Wo know of
many similar caeca. Tl,aflaim gives a most woutlerl
hi/ 'pearly and natural complexion, to which we 4nn't
object.. We like pro Y votecu f To fintiih the .picture,
they should 11$0 Lon i:athailoll upon Mohair. With
peal lychin,.resy che . and - soft, luxurious • tressea,
they become irresisble.
Wall Pap(kr, 1V i tiOW Paper& Cloth Shades.
i l,
Smite aroini it 1870.-i--Hugh"Veting iii: Co.
have just received their first installment of Wall
Paper, Window Paper, and Cloth Shades, for
Spring trade, which will he sold cheaper than
ever.. Waders, Window Fixtures, Cords,' Tass
els, (lilt Cornices, Picture nails, and everything
also that belongs to.tho trade. • Come and price
our goods, and examine them before purchasing
ehiewhtire. SPocitnen.§ 'and prices sent by wail
to any part of the county.-
N. 11. Our stock is the 'largest ever brought
into the county, and we don't intend to be under
.' 1111011 YOUNG & Co. ,
Wellshero; March 0,1870.—tf.
A STAU'rtINU . Tltll3ll I Thousands dlo annually
from noglerled coughs and cohls, which soon dilen
vonfiwontion o ctlior equally fatal .ilificasee of lbb
longs; Oulu by tho thnolYll.4o Of h elngla tiottlauf Pr.
lklsant m, 11161 (lam/ (lack 11%1'8 - Cnithl have
helm piAervoil to R nrePil Old tigA.
't~7t~ Nif uiilti : ~: iil7EaYi+'i-a
Mr. Allen Daggett of tawronCeilllO announces
himself a candidate for; the, °Erica of blibriff, tho
Mr. T. L. Itolths in. of Tiogn, aunonnee.3 hitneolf
eetolhlute for the ellese of Bhefilf, tlllatieCt to the deci
.liM nl Iho iteptiblkatt Ouuveittion.
Mr. E. A. Fitt, of Mainehurg, Minounce4 hinvielf
candidate For tho Mlle° of Sherif, tielkloet to the :41.•41_
Mee of the Republican Convention.
- Mr. Job B.Llnr,hinn, of Deerfield, offers
weandidato tor tho 0111 co of Shorn'', subject in the der".
Blun of the iltfpl"blisari Convention.
hfc ill . D. Wlllheltn. of Knoxville.' (Mere himself 418
a randitlato for jlterif, cubject to the decision of the
Republican party.*
Mr. J. M. Phelps of Mansfield, announces himself ti
candidate for (he Wilco of ihcrilt, subject to the decis
ion 01 011) convolition. . :
Tali'', of Middlebury, announces hint,
candidate tot the °thee of :Merin', subject to the
decision Of the ,lteptibliean Convention.*
A'CAnn.—LThiving been snlieitea by many or
my 6 holds, in different township: , 1,4 oirel myself as a
111 v4844.1148[11'0 , township:,
this method fit
intorminn [l ea s I cat I acre& to their request. Wish
ing it to sly understood that 1, &Milan to my
Movloubly klaMon fietin'et Pei sotially Cala
vitsming for tielegatiA' v otes, to serous a nomination, 1
shell theteloro eofiatti from the usual practice, filiould
the Roptililleans of this comity du mo the 'honor of
t h ons i ng in.. to iepresent and servo them in the Mate
Legcsiatore, I will ertilettver.:bycx fiiitlddt discharna of
my duty, tot spay Wein tot the trust confided in me.
Blobs, May 31,1870. nutiity ttoLGANDs.
Mn t % SOFIIILD • has returnod'lrom Cily
with' an hssoilmont of Now floods tb which
she invite.; the attention of tho ladies of Wells
bore and vicinity. Iler stock comprises n choice
selection 'tif; • ' •
EMBROIDERIES, and a vani
Thankful far the genoroits patronage of 010
pest, she hopes to merit a ; oontinuanee of V3O
Fame: Bonnets & 'fiats rePairtht to order,
pil" . I auralso agont for.tho Willcox R Gibbs
Sewing Machine. Mrs. A. J. 50P11,1,11.
Wel'shore April 20, 1870. G . , •
Office, No, 112.5. 4th t'lllloelphiri
Chap Oil Capital 'iLiioo,ooo.
Assets, - ;.% $1,000,000 000
Valuation of Policiep, Iss. 893,600 00
Annual tlneotne, -' 67,910 06
Ratio of 'Assets • to Liabilities--$155,00*0f as-
sots to every $lOO,OO of liabilities
7.43 - . This Company, which ranks amongst th'e
moat popular and sticeossfui Lifti Insurance Co
mpanies, grants policio's on all dosirablo plane,
both with anti ,without profits. ALL POLI
A. L. MONROE, Agent, )telloboro
Office with Jae. I. Mitchell.,
Rotel for Sale.
.1(031111, at Osceola, is offered for sale
IL on reasbnablo terms. This stand is a do
suable ono, 'has two barns upon the promises,
three wells of good water, and a lot of fruit trees.
Tho lot contains I acres of land. Address, or
call on JAMES J. MARTIN,
Osceola, June I, 1870-3 m. - The Proprietor.
D.P. RoßEßris.
We 'Moro : J9po, 16_,187(i
WO shore, June, 8,1870-.3m.
~•vm'Fdru' wc4 ~-a axe+. "l -~a
•I .
The Siibseilber
. ~ ,
W k .
reopeo Milli Anil ' the attention of
oboe purohaners to his now and ex teileive
stock of . .
r •
juat rooeivid, aucih ftB
compul, TABLE LINE N,
Window Drapery, and an'endlose varioty of
,'ASOLS OF ' ALL. fiTi, 3 l,E .P.llloEfl.
f , i•
!". ~ _ ,
Dopartinent will Lc) fuup4 full and complete,
including nialiy now sfylbs of 'fino Goods, made
up, and in the pitto.-• MI aro invited ,to call
examine. Also an endless variety of
very cheap at
Wellabor°, Juno 1 , 1870. t
100,000 PUNK
To be sold at the n lowest break down prices, at
Juno, '70 . -tf. PURPLE A DEMEAUX
j„ on Crooked Crook, and on tho Railroad
now building, will bo sold on lavorablo tennO by
Tioga; Pa. ,
Juno 1,18i0:41C -‘
INSURANCE COMPANY wants good men
agents In this County. The Interest Bearing
Plan, exclusively used by this company, onablee
agouti to do a large /Justness and obtain incur.-
aim where no other plan lei//, on account of its
thoroughly cquitablo features; providing as it
does, income during life, and giving oAact jus
tice to all, old or young. Agents can secure
unusually good contracts by addressing,
K INGSBURY f' KELLOGG, Gen'l A gts.,
112:1 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Juno S, 1870-4 t.
The McFarland Trial Ended
and so is tho High Price of Goods at
„ .
AVilson & alkenburg's.
Gold Down s Goods' Datin, and Specie
of almost every quality, style and Trice, and an
endleaa variety. Drop in and take a look throng!)
our now stock andltio convinced.
Ladies' Dress Goods,
beautiful styles, large assortment and cheap
f every description, and clothing made to °Mel'
in the very hest style, and warranted. Also,
C 3 T ri" . DONE
in any styln tiostratl
lwayolonitancl to fit a customer at once
l e --c t
- Tj
Rit 4 4 , A . ,,c, YV a
< -06 4 7 4*.\r s '' % q
1 33 s tit
w.0,..* ~,,• -*.
- -iz twp Rf' awito
vii4, - ?Yloo . orola 1
'6. .,( . l. lll katOltg r cgi ) C, T r uri; . l, rP
vApltirselp §EA ISLAND man ' tl" A""
Nos. 16, 20, and 27, containing 400 yds. 10e.
30, 36, and 40, " 800 yds. .159. •
50; 60, 70, and 90 " 700 yds.
We nro nlso Aietits for the celebrated lIOWE
.t CO'S Improved, Sonr ; ing Machines.
Wolkboro,..Tuneols, 1869
TIPPOSITE the tho Hazlett Homo, TrOGA,
11.3 Pn., keep constantly on hand a largo assort
ment of Family .
Groceries and Provisions,
Prices clown to tho bottom figures.
May 18, 18 . 70.-31 n. A. HUMPHREY & 00..
The Place - to Buy Groceries;
. 4
HAVING taken the formerly ocdnpied
by John It. Bowen for dry goods, and con
vetted it into a
Oerything fresh and good can bo found here,
'mid at prices to please.
LASSES, FISH; &C., &0.,
to snit all
Cull and eeo us, that wo may oonvinoa you
of the fact that'our motto ie, "Cheap, Quick
Sales, nand Small Profits,"
Wellsboro, Feb, 23,1870-61,
Lots of New G-oods
4 001=1. - MT.IVG, IV. -S7".
Dress Goods and Silks.
$1,60, cheap at $2.00
1,16 " 2,25
ISEN"Dress Goods in Great variety. Newest styles at full
30 Per Cent. Less than last Seasons
Buff Linen Shirtings, good yard wide,
" Chinese Grass Cloth " "
New Style Printed Jaeonets,
" " Striped Swiss.
French Prints, Extra Wide,
' Parasols 4' Sun Pmbrellas,
Parasols, fine quality, f 4 .'o Cents • . to $1,50 Less tliau last Season._
" low goods, 2.5 Cents . . to 50 Cts. ,"
Sun Umbrellas, best goods, 50 to 75 Cents
11.n, - vv - ls Sha-vv-ls
New Styles at $2,75
It at 3,00 . ,
Paisley Shawls at au equally great reduction
At a still further - reduction in prices, being now 12k cents on the low goods
and 25 cents ou the tine goods less than last fall.
An entirely now Mal:le at lower 'prices than any in mat:lt-et
SID Gr3r497.7MJES.
The Jesephine Seamless, the best fitting gloves in tbe.lmarket, in all shitieS an , l sizes, at a
White Pique; Nainsooks; Plaid and Striped,
In great variety Cheap. Prints, Ginghatus, Shcetings, Shirtings, and all other Domestic
Goods received almost daily, and sold nt prices that cannot fail to suit.
An extra as.lbrttrient at loss than over before. CORSETS in seven different styles, all. num
Cassimers ! Cassimers ! Cassimers !
The most handsome: stock of all Wool Cassimars for sl,oo anti $1,25 per pard ever before offered
CARIMERETTS; The Trenton Plaids in great variety, very cheap, the best goods for chil
We have added argaly to our former immense stock, and think Ivo .have the most complete as
ortment evor kept here at any time. We have•fall`linos of I'
at $1,50,
$l,OO, $1,50, $1,75, $2,00, 52,25, $3,50, $3,00
Ladies' Pebble Grain, Sewed, nigh Cut, $2,60.
Ladies' Pebble Goat, Sewed, High Cut, $2,75.
Ladies' Goat Morocco, sewed, High Cat, $2,75.
In most of the above makes we have Misses and Ohildrene, making a variety of styles equal
to the largest city stores, and we make our prices much lower than regular Shoo Stores can afford
to sell them. We also guarantee our work to bo of the best makes, and nearly all our stook is
bought direct from the Manufacturer.
ELMIRA. This stock we keep in still larger'u i
assortment, and there s no work that can come
in competition with it at the prices we are selling it. There is no better work of the class tole
bad anywhere. Wo warrant it to be equal to tho best, and make our prices very 16W.
Corniug, June 22. 1870.
t I 1
" 2,60
1 ARABS. 's
Hoop StiE..liet,
hors always on hand at tho lowest pricos in market
dren's wear
Ladies' Serge Polish,
Ladies' Surge Congress,
Ladies' Serge Fox Polish,
Ladies' Serge Fox Button.
Ladies' Serge Plain Button.
$2,25 cheap at $2.75
2,60 " " 4,00
' 3,75
31} to 50 Cents
22 to 31 "
25 Cents.
: 31.4 "
18 1 to 25 Cents
ft li
Worth $3,50.
" 4,00.
$3,00, $3,60
ANEWand desirable stock of Goods can
again be found at,'
Tioga, Pa.
We do not boast the lariest, but a stock well
and carefully selected, and bought strictly for
Cash, saving all interest and discounts which
purchasers will at once perceive they have in their
favor. Most articles in the ,
CRY Gratol:l6l
can cc found at prices which always guarantee
their sale.
May 4, 1870-tf.
# rviik
A B. EASTMAN has the largest) stook of
21.,. teeth ever kept in Tioga county Also a
never before offered to the
public, with which he can give more perfect seta
of teeth than can possibly bo made on any other
plan yet known. [See testimonial at the office.]
Nitrous oxide gas administered with remarka
ble effect; rendering tho extraction of tenth pain
less, and even pleasant. Two new and complete
gasometers in operation, furnishing a full sup
ply of fresh gas at all times..
Special attention paid to filling and preserva
tion of the natural teeth. Prices to suit all.
Fob 2 '7O tf
4E.A •n•
T Smo a k
Is an excellent article of gra ulated Virginia; wher.
ever introduced it is universal y admired. /t Is put
up in liandqome muslin bags n which orders for
Meerschaum Pipes are daily pa lied.
LORIL- y ACHT CLUB 4mokioa
Classed by all mho consume as the"llimat of all;" It
is made of the choicest seat grown; it liantlneivous
in Its Wools, as the Nicotine has been ei - tracted; It
leaves no disagreeable tastri-after'emoking; it is very
mild, light in color and weight, hence one pound will
last as long as 3of ordinary tobacco. In thlabrand we
also pack orders every day for first quality 111pertchautu
Pipes. Try it and convince yourselvosit fa all It claims
to he, "THE FINEST OP ALL," „
This brand of CutOliewing Tobacco has no equal or
superior any whero. It to without doubt tho best chew.
fug tobacco in the country.
1 1 +
Lorillard's Si u
Have ugly been in general use in It o tha Fed States
over 11(1 years, and atiii acknowlelged l'tho best"
If-your storekeeper loos not have theseies for
sale, ask him to get them; they are sold by j-espectable
jobbers alrhost everywhere.
Oircular'and prices forward4e. opplicatir.
I'. LORILLARD A - CO., bier York.
March - 1.0, 1876-4tu
Our Prices To-Day,
Best White Wheat Flour pr bbl
" Rod witntor $6.60 "
"XX Spring Wheat, 6,00 __t‘
Buckwheat Flour, 3,00 per
Best Food, 2,00 "
Bran and Shorts 150 "
Meal '
/,25 " I`
These prices only POW CASH.
All porsons not haling settled with us, can
not blame us now if theyafind their accounts and
notes loft with an attornily for colleotion. We
give duo notice: I " W. ft. 13.
BA.O S.—We want all persons having any bags
with our mark on thorn, to return the same at
oneeegs we shall take stops to secure them.—
We have 500 bags scattered among the people.
The AIR LINE Coaches !
1870 1870
A N attempt to confiscate the Air Litio Coach
es, whieh proved to holm) light for heavy
business. The Air Line is a paying business—
it pays the travelers and proprietors. So we all
The Air Lino stages leave Wellsboro at 5 a.m.
and 11 a.m., arriving at Tinge at 1/ n.m. and
p.m. Leaves Tioga nt 11 a.m. and 0 p.m., arri
ving at Wollaboro at 1 p.p. and 8 p.m.
.g.-The Air Lino coaches connect with trains
of the 111lossbnrg and Corning railroad, and the
stages leaving Wellsboro for Cedar Run; Jersey
Shore, Pine Creek, Gaines and Coudersport.
• ,11=.1Y•Orders left at Truman's express office, or
tho hotels, will bo attended to.
May 11, 1870. tf
To Agents to self the celebrated WILSON SEW
ING MACHINES. The best machine in the
world. Stitch alike o n both atictek. - ONISMACETM
WITIIOUT MONEY. Far, further particulars, ad
dress 26 N. 9th St., ,Philad'a, Pa. Apr. f-3m
NOTICE.—We hereby forbid any person trus
ting or harboring our father, Jacob cira
bate, on our account, as we shall pay no debts
of his contracting after this date.
Jackson, May 27, 1870. 3m
and •
than a.
P. R. IN
rruiE subscriber would inform the public that
ho has tho agency of a quantity of
which he will sell for cash, or exchange for real
or personal property, on reasonable terms.
lie would say that ho has examined the prop
erty. and titles for himself, and believes he can
make it for the interest of persons goink West,
to give him a call before purchasing' elsewhere.
For particulars, inquire of S. B. GOODELL,
May 11,'70 ly Sabinsville, Vega :bog Pa.
or oala cheaper
n Tioga count:
MR. M. D, RICE, of Charleston, Pa., has a
fine bloated Alderney Bull, which be
keeps for service at•the aboveplaoe, or will trav
el two miles in any dirootion to aocommodate
farmers. Service, $2 to insure. '
June 8,1870-2w*' D- RICE.
N4-13,0.1.1/I STREET,
Special Notice.
Cash! 1870 !
1,75 pr. sack
1,62 a
1.50 "
100 lbs.
than at any other establishment