The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, May 11, 1870, Image 2

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one ton 4merioan pig iron ri•ntlxrdizby..;.,tao go' ,
'tiedint avekage cost of conigiiroW, . - it
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'' .7. Itt ifi tbin Oath' that :Abe' • Aiiietiv4ri,
Atirgeeeiti . Wit' go o u r iiithatit Oristee
ticin;: Wtlitt ' wagea of 'ear' inei3' come,
Aoirtiltfeb iiz preliortfori - O8 Ilii) `tliities
are redp&d .. sip requires . I'ditjet`s6 83,
iliekilent to - tolao Op ill ti ti oi,i ioevet - witii
:tp t iles; mid
,4'l*4 - 4, - Yciee ,tti6ki iii[di.viiie
Aeilife'margirt'ilif iii4stit'taqiniii iiilidlYeere'.
ii i ii.irtirlie capital - iherkhibii l biVfnlbiii
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would:rerattip a prodeonio iy $3 67. p 'er
' ton ; ' ea" airier lel 1 the` niiost ithint Vtid ,_all ,
' the-Hake of a besinee§ tuldertaiO O,6'ihe
,•, • ,
Vttid'i&k4S - Subject` to the ,nneer-,
tetnties of•legistatlon; ktie
' - fottnieitble assaults of 'tho• t(iiittrade
and "tnubh
-tempt the eaPttarinveitti
*Oat lts mioicti'Mare
_~.~... .
;"A Oene a, of South Cu olina, just Olin- .
pieted;'sbews that . ' 41ai3 . hat? 21314,
moie l peoOle 'thin 'in ' isop ; then' there
" - take •fewer white males §,OQ,. and
''kei*er,bleeic Metes by ii,Bo;:biit that
9,806' min's` 'White and 6,466
. iiimiihiack women thin in 1860; ';The
i l ip-countiy - distriete bave'all'Aiininished
'ild'petittittiiitt, and the - c harleiton' and
".•adjit4etitikseacciast' diatt:icik'haVes ,
to the tendency of the.
negroes'to concentrate rot= :mufnal I pro
:tectien in the counties An which utCpy
are el /*tidy 'most numerous. •
-4DA.=—ln Florida: there are many lakes
whiclihaveholes in the-bottom and un,
derground eornmunicatinn, \ lm that they
*ill sometimes shrink 13, *AST to a mere,
6apftil, leav - Ing Many.' sybare Miles!of
surface Uncovered,' and then' again fill
up froni below and 'spread out . over
'their former area. Some of them have
outlets 3 in' the ocean far from shore,
burstng up a perpetual spring of freSh
water ;in the - Very mid3t of 'the briny
saltness - of: the sea. In' tikhes of low
water,, during a long,:eximilstive dry
- season,.men have gone underground iu
one' of these 'subterranean rivers' from
lake to lake a distahee of eight to ilcs. .
. The following important \laW was
-passed at the last session of the Legis
. lature, for the protection of trout in this
and four. neighboring Counties. it. is
Very Stringent, anti shoUld 'be earefully
read..—Gazetfe & Bulletin." • '
' fixer. 1. enacted, &c,- That hereafter it
1-,shall not be lawful for . erson or persons to
catch, or fish for trout in any of tho Fireannt in
the counties of Potter Lyeotning, 'neg.,. Ciii.ion
' And &LI Hyatt,. before the firtt day of April, tai'nf
, ter thellrat day of August, of each year, nor at
any time after the passago of_this act, to catch or
fish' for trout in any manner whatever; .ezeept by
angling. - • •
411 ' UEC. 2. That no person or persons shall curry,
send, or in any manner whatever tratispe'rt tricot
taken in, said streams, to any plaeu, Ann or per
sons, outside of. this Commonwealth, for ~a It. or
• upon any agreement or contract to torekt, tni a
same la ail) , quantity whatever.' .
SEO. 8; That any person or 'persons offerlin,, ,,
against the provisions of the second section of
this not, shall be subject to a fine Ilf,( exvecreing
fifty dollars, to be sued for• by any porsun having
knOwledge:of such l'iOiatitin, iti
before any Justice of the Peace of said county :
one-half of said fine, When collected, to lie },aid 1
by the Justice to the Treasur, er of the school dis.
' triot in which snob offence was committed, and
', eine-half to the informer. l'
SEC. /34,-/t shall be lawful for the Justice before
whom complaint, for: violation of. the foregoing
provisions may be made, upon affidavit by the
plaintiff or any ono in his behalf, that the defen-,
dant is a non-resident of said county, to ismit a
warrant for the arrest of any such defend wt,
'Aid upon the'return thereof to - require
from the defendant for his appearanee to lini•wer
said complaint. No appeal from the judgment
of a Justice under the provisions of this net rholl
be allowed, unless bail be given for the pilytoimt
of the fine and coats, should judgment be en
dered against the appellant. Provided, Thai. on
failure of any defendant or defendants to play
any Ana orlfines, penalty or penalties, imposed by
this act, such defendant or defendants shall un
dergo an imprisonment at the diserelion of the
court inflicting such penalty, for a period not
less than ten nor more thari twenty days.
Ste. 5. It shall not bo lawful for any person or
persons to fish for trout, lb either of the aforesaid
etruntiee, upon the first day of the
s _cek,' com—
monly called Sanday.
Elms. O. Any porsorLoffending against -the 'pro
visions of the first and fifth sections of this act,
shall, on conviction, forfeit and pay a fun
exceeding Orenty five dollars, nor less t are
dollars, or be Imprisoned in the county jail where
the offence was committed, not less than ten rive,
nor more than twenty-Bre days, for each offence.
Sao. 7. It shall be the duty of any constdhlo
baring lutoWledge of the violation of any of the
provisions of this net, to make report thereof to
any Justice of the Peace of the proper county ;
and any other person having such
may make complaint before such Jusciee ; and
'the said Justice shallissue his warrant for the
. arrest,otthe offender,. and proceed to hear rind
determine the matter in issue in the'samO mon oar
as pro;rided in other crises; and any officer found
guilty of making a wilfully false return, or n fg
leeting to make a report. of tho offence when I.tri't
to his notice, shall be considered a party to the
misdemeanor, and be liable, to', the payment, of
,the fines herein imposed, and ho (lectured i»e.on
patent to fulfil the duties of his office, unit his
office shall be'deemed va.efint,
Sac. 8. It shall not be lawful fvr any proprie
tor of any hotel, restaurant, eating house, o• so
loon,ln any of sal counties, to opntract wick or
to employ Any person or persons to catch or ilsh
for trout rhim ; and no person Or personAskall
4ell or divine of Any trout to the proprietor of
any hotel, restaurant, eating house, pr oaloon. in
any of said counties. • Any person Wending
against any of tho .provisions of- this section,
shall be liabl4 to the penalties prescribed in sec
tion sixth oft this act.
Approved, the IGth day of April, lkO.
We have received the twenty-first WI..
nual announcement of the Woman's
- Medical College of Pennsylvania, 'as
also the valedictory address of Ann
Preston, M. D., delivered to the gradu
ating class, at the 1811 i. animal coin
mencement,- March •12, ;1870. She is
Professor of Physiology and Hygiene.
• Fourteen ladies received the degree of
Doctor ofiMedicine. They are scattered
in different parts of the Unioriiitatid we
• hope they may so adorn 'their profess'
ion, as to drive away the last vestige' 6f
prejudice against its adoption by thOir
sex. Why shOuld not woman enter
any-profession in.which she may 1-,tic
ceed?, We see no reason. Whether she
, shall like it,. is matter of taste, which
she'should decide, for herself: her abil
ity and adaptability will create and
measure the demand -for her ser ors,
vt ,
_end determine her failure or succe S.—
'There are many ands reculiar reasons
why the profession sho ld not be left to
maleti,nione, if it can be filled by %fe
males. On the other hand, the struc
ture of domestic society is such, that the
practice Of Medicine must bo very disa
greeable to women, particularly mar-_
- *led ladles: And then the poor hus
bands!, Vert. the world is upside
The Pennsylvania Hospital (Pliila.)
decided to admit women to the clinics,
on the 2nd inst. The election created
- '"no' li* excitement. It would have
been a great humiliation to have deter
mined it otlierwleie. Open the high
_ ways to all, and let merit decide."- - -
It Is said the names of the writers in
the "Mantic Monthly' will hereafter be
attached to their articles.
.~~ •S_y,
• gi - •1' -- .4. - :, :- '' ,..; YO , ti, ' '. ‘l‘ 'l i;.4- '',
~...,•3 --, -, -it A ~,,, ~ , ,4h , 4t'',i.,- . rite - -tip - ',.
, ,14 . • ,S7-,Z L ,-.- . ' % ' z .. Z
. .
MAY 1870. -
..:E.,r.,Westim I to_Make an attempt
ttse Piro c,N. Ir., on dip 26
, . I
.1 4
. 41 /Og O 4 l l lBO P .40 (1 , 0 -
phis oontes(eil eleolau cese,Vne. Atty.).
giving It tc,tAke Pepiecro* candidate;;`
by 18 majority.. aet4e,d,git
. , •. ,
The 'American . _ l!piedical AOcciatipiq
vible . h.met at Washingto . ,/alit yeek,'is
'dfilded pn
colored doctora us delegates.- Same '' , of
these' scrupulous gen tlemen lleed a dose :
ifsi•cninidon'deeehesi put down theme--
„toi 1e(
hirolloctikr, If hti , 'can =get any-taillrite
to'auhitilt i;
The . publio debt wits deoreased in! the
month of April; as shown- by the state-'
nteptioade oh theist: intitant, Eta.Arloi
Atitraotis; six HUN'S itio AND NnitirSt;.:
IMV*I4 TEOUSM, 32111ND1C4;
TY4ZIN.F. CENTS; In the 'two months,
'tinich'nrici" AT> $17,464 142 83
They , t*' avi a ' spirStted contest
over'the' bridge question in •Lycoai-:
ing - cobilty.' • A bill *as : passed subinif,-
iing 'die matter to a vote *of UM' paOpfe,'
and the ',3lection takes place on the lith
Ink It is, proposed that thO county
buy them. Mr. . favors', the
''a c he Winnipeg insurgents are likely
to'have something. to do to maintain
'the 'existence of their, government: 7
The Canadian authorities are il tting out
an expedition to be sent , out over the
lakes .and through the wildernesS, to
the Reefilver country, to oppress the
rebellion, as they call it. This little,
government, ,it seems, is c eenled wor
thy of quasi recOg i nition by the United
States. Some time since we advised the
Fenians to reinforce those people, and
make common cause:. - That is the best
foothold for the Irish heptiblic of which
we hove any lcnoNtledge. .
In the English House of, Commons,
on the 4th instant, • Mr. Jacob Bright
moved the secondfreading of the bill re
moving the disabilities of women •under
the law of franchise, in that country.—
The test vote stood 124 Ayes tool Nays.
The property qualification will still de-.
prive them from voting in most cases;
but that applies alike to both sexes.—
How will the matter stand among the
Lords? Liberalism (?) is on the ►parch.
tl plot was lately made to assaP,sinate
the Emperor of the French. It is suill
cient to'sny that it failed. But the re
currence' of such scenes' in Paris, at
such frequent ' intervals, shoWa that
Frenchmen never go • to sleep without
being in danger of, revolution before
they awaken. The murder of Vidor
.Noir,, and the acquittal of the assassin,
will keep the embers of the eraeute
alive, till it shall gather strength to
award retribution for all the wrongs of
the' Empire. Volcanoes are dangerous
things to build upon:' The Emperor
submits a Constitution to his people,
and threats therm, how to vote: It they
obey, that is well; if thelAiott NQ, os
tracism will follow. What then ?
We publish in this paper ,a
portant law relating to the Caching and
sale of trout in this and other counties.
We , call especial attention to it, par
titularly that section which makes fish
ing on Sunday unlawful. We always
considered it so; for If not prohibited
by statute', it certainly is by the revealed
law. In •the train of such practiceti'fol
low multitudes of evils, worse than the
mere act of fishing.
The law is stringent, and We call the
attention of constables to the duties it
imposes upon them, hoping it may be
stringently enforced. We do; not like
the last section. It is a direct interfef.
reneo with the absolute rights of 'man' •
—particularly hotel boarders.
The Bradford Reporter copies Or re ! ,
,Marks on the veto of the railro4l
and claims that The AgitatorOr more_
than intimates that the veto Aiitie bro't
about by certain consideratioxiOvbich
are very common and very''piitent at
Harrisburk." What the Repo4,o'ineans
by these '" certain considerations,"•:lS
more than we pretend to know ; and "if
the editor of" The , Reporter " is cogni- -
zant-of any facts impeaching the integ
rity of the Governor," or any one 'else
affected by the "'certain considerations
which aro very common and very po
tent at Harrisburg," "'it should, ih the,
interest of public morality, and the
welfare:of the Republican party% make
them known." ' -
Just what we want to know, - is:all
about these " facts," and we have no
doubt the Reporter could set.our minds
at :rest. It is the -"facts" moreithan the ,
reasons, upon which we have animad
verted, all along. How that paper is
led 'to think. this " journal is veil
wroth," and why it pronounces fi very
tame article " the screech of The Agita
tor," must be accounted for by the Prev
alence of some morbid disease, infest
ing the brain of its editor.
We heartily congratulate Mr. C. E
Bishop, of the Jamestown Journal, on
the fact and result of a brutal . assault
upon his person by Lieut. Cushing, of
the United States Navy. It is some-.
thing for an editor to immortalized
by having his name go down in history
associated with •reuowiied heroes of
the Navy and Army. To come off vic
torious in this " combined attack of the
land and water forc,es on the citadel of
the Press, ,, is far more exceeding glory.
The facts as related in the Journal,
transtte one to the scene eft battle, and
awaken the vivid sensations. slumber
ing since the last battle of the late war.
The Lieutenant,- with hi"'Colonel"
Forbes, walked into the clitorial room,
and without a word of notice, began
cow-hiding Mr. Bishop, who, at - the
time, was engaged writing at his table.
VeTy sOon the Lieutenant found him
self against the wall, on the other side
of the room, undergoing a slight presa
ure in the region of the throat, which
interfered with his suction and exhaus
tion of the volatile element, called air.
His breath came hard. He was forced
away by the boys, and .the editor held
the ground, resuming his pen, as if no
thing had happened. " The pen is
mightier than the sword:"
We are glad Ave don't live near auy
navigable waters. We don't like the
breezes. - fittivtiBva - ctr;!r y
iogn.'oun , l
-- ev, •
y 410 Impyt*siaiele; (-91. 1.4 pres•
enti.WeJget._,;olpeace : , *Ulu) Cl'
we.sbull prevent,
ber breaking jiie,liftei if pokdbie.
. , . _
. kt(gri" - - STEIL ,
BATWA4D.f.' r o c
'- , ..-74;=
Sometimesince, we had occasion to
latittoti , le'terideney9ta:!theVertabtrintiO )
.riri3ii'4 o : , kilAgifeilPhili•,f*Ao, new,
,46 , 14 - li*V: , loVe 4141;i4aire - , c taii eltreet,
tretka`,,eoeedtitt ythieti'llte.tieineerittio
party Wastirgedi t l3r ode , of its , lindlngi
niecnb6;ioaccept; tllfi Pi ffeeith Ain'O;'
meat as an aecomPliiiiedjectii ind
'March to, vietery i under the Republic in
. iliett d tii i of 'equai
r i i y gh : ti' ii
. ill - t[ned.4
14 0t iik-i i ini 4:k v3 :4 i 4 , * 7 i ' g ei
"4'14 :
tarp defeat,
4‘6iiard t „ , 4?•fitoo cf;ihe ..: -
gu:ve xi,e e*UPPle:.e(*i roe,- At; B.*,Ves t ,
que,nll4.l9inige,ll,,Ke-Plloavell , w44'4 , -.
recourse e,to , Weedy, -Srife.., ~: t .inWever,
much might, be sabi, against. tbikinannix
An whieh,thetunendMent ;'was ,made 'a
pd-rt'of the- , Constitution, - the ;fact 'Was
beyond-questioni and it was idleto ani
madirert upon tirii'mainer Id •which it
vaiineeeinfilished. Andcafterall;there,
Was notoOd reado'n'ihy a' poen; should,
be; dePrlireil'Of hitt 'rights beceinie he , was,
black. SuCh' 'Was' the' 'burden of 'this'
4Peeoh. ..
Verily; it',wenld be a new departorel
A Nirp coming u •
p,sqUarely,te ttuigreiniti
all along occupied by , thg
, . ~ .
party ?
~ 'We had quoted the • Declara tion;
of Independence, in favor ; of thie,same
*doctrine of _ equality.; and they had re
-plied that such enunciations were mere
-" glitter - hag generalities." AB :men
were not "" created'equal, and endovied
with cprtairi unalienable rights;" they
said'; but they were - created' unequal.
Labored, learned, long and ingenious
argoments were made by_the Bishops .
and Divines of the, DeMocratic party,
to .prove that sambo was not a. man, as
'othet men, but an anomalons creature,
centuries behind the Caucasian in the
cycles of progression. They were made
to be " hewers of .weed and drawers.of
witer," " born with saddles upon their
backs, while others were horn, booted
and spurred to ride them." Such were
the teachings of the Sham-Democracy
of our own time; and now, to see that
same party which had made this long,
-ardent, determitied, and almost irr sist
ibleiiitruggle,• to prove their sa ings
true, turn its pack , upon • the past and
pitch its tents'in the van of the army
of progreis, was a new, and: would be,
for them, a sublime departure, indeed!
Such a course would indicate a most'
miraculous Conversion, akin to that, of
the damned redeemed from the bottom
less pit, and made mete disciples of, and
heirs joint w i ith, the`Saviour of men.—
Few revolutlbns in sentiment, such as
this, had ever been known among men
since the world began: Yet we favored
the step onward. We hailed kits a new
slgn'of hope 'to fallen man. With such
an' example of redemption, there was
hope for all. .' - ' • ' ' '
• tilt could it be done?' Could the De
mocracy succeed to the heirship of Re
publican , principles, and transmit the
inheritance? We then held that it
could not. A-simple canon of descent,
cut it off: It was not of the " blood of
the first purchaser." Nothing short of
conquest and subjugattsin., pout& -A....P.--;
plash such a' 'fact. That was " change
for man too mighty," and the Democ
racy were but men.
*So it has 'proven. The darkness of
evil deeds hadcust too 'deep shadows
over 'the Mir* and consciences of those
men who give law to, the party. Bead
the proof in the, following resolutions
of the Democratic Executive Commit
tee of kihilacielphia, showing now they
dispose of the Fifteenlh amendment:
That dreading the retributive justice whiob,
though slow, is sure, rind which is preparing it
self to overwhelm them,
the enemies of the Con
stitution of the United States have undertaken
to justify their acts of fraud and revolution and
violence, by a pretended amendment to this Con
stitution, by , which they hope to gain exemption
from the effects of the sober second thought of ate
outraged pee l e. • 1
That the Democratic party, relying ion the
power of the people, which,
misdirected by error,
will certainly be le d last by truth, does now
proclaim that those 80-called amendments to the
Constitution are unconstitutional, void, and of no
effect; because they aro not amendments to the
Constitution as that instrument permits, but are
merely Congressional usurpations, Consummated
by fraud, force, revolution and violence, in'open
defiance-bf the letter and spirit of the supreme
law of the land; because they never were sub
mitted to the States, or adopted by the States
which the Constitution recognised as sovertign
- and independent governments ; but wore fir cod
' upon a subjugated people by military despotism,.
and can never be maintained as the nets of 'sepa
rate and sovereign States;
and therefore are not,
And cannot be proclaimed as the supreme law,
which only can be ordained, as the Constitution
- provides it must be ordained, by, States de jure
and de facto, represented in the federal govern—
mint on the basis of separate sovereignty and
equality. • ,
That as the enemies of the Constitution, having.
failed to ‘‘ restore the Union, re-establish the Go
vernment, nd' give the people peace," now de—
plete thatth ey aro unequal to the task, and seek
to bring'to their' aid an aid which the Democratic
party does of court, a race, which is only to be;
in fact, the instrument by Which the enemies of
the Constit tion, can maintain power, at ,the sac
rifice of the'constitutional government established
by the fathers, the Damp - erotic party ask the gov
erning or white race in the United States to save
itself from the debasement of being ruled by the
negro, and thus forced to live under a system of
government which Poland, Greece, Ireland and
Cuba would reject.
The resolutions were adopted unanimously.
Hitherto, most of the acts and propo
sitions of the Republican party have,
in the minds of the 'great concourse of
constitutional lawyers which have made
up the Democratic party, been uncon
stitutional : now, since the eentrat and
single idea upon whiCh the Republican
party WM founded, has been 'ingrafted
into the Constitution itself, " the so;
called amendments to the Constitution
are unconstitutional and void ;" that is,
the Constitution is unconstitutional.. We
suggest this as one plank for the next
Democratic platforra.: The logic of the
Democratid masses will make it plain.
And then their juris-prudential know
ledge, acquired through these long years
of study of constitutional lore, will fit
them for the discussion of this great
I question. The Only difficulty we see in
tile way of their success, is that the sub
jects of this amendnient will have a
voice, for the time at least,' in making
up the judgment.' The saddles `liave
fallen off; ,the spurs have rusted for
want of. use ; and a law aboye all hu
man laws has been uncovered and es
tablished by the ordeal of battle, in the
consciences of men. Truth may lie
hidden long beneath the wreck and rub
bish, theldemolition and waste of time
and error; but once revealed, it never
can be hidden more, but must shine
out, ever and forever, while the sun of
the universe shall bola in place its in
finitude of, satelites,, obedient to the
laws which wer . e before creation was.
No, gentlemen ; the counsel of your
! young men is best; and if: they are
wise, they will no -longer adhere-to a
party which blindly follows after the
dead issues. The. work df one of the
greatest revolutions, of the ages, cannot
.. ~.e444
keOPd(Me.tlik s Ata l pt' t of. • wisdOrn,-
swell as eaciled eticxOnd policy, titi'u&
opt the situation ineft is.; And wind
glad to see that John Orirybe, a lead
ing -Democrat of PhWeIPIIIA and Difel
ny more with hiln, •
are unwilling to be
led btlre tlititlelirt wililiet see i ',ft:"
ifriblislibil Metter in V 4 D a il of £b4 2d
.kriwtant. suelog4 a vaiiiu le irreellotto.
tile, and which nmet.ln the end prevail.
.• 4 • I l e t 3IF -4 4•P i , 0.. e
On the OM PalolWegiVe the reniarla
of Mon. Writ:ll.4kritnithing, 'OO able
ItepreSentattve Ito coriktets, on the
tfaeition of duty' On keit. *ogre Con
fident that the Peopl4 of the 18th die
tifet,Mll Had ihe,lc hitekeete lieenre in
// 4 1i 4 / 0 0 1 .: iP f / I ")l i at t tilat clea r, 416-
c"3 l ' l l n g: aPater bu tat's, ,nitud, that
inAa*tkio rvv,ige"4 va.4 l ?attilts,tkm e '
Financial 4 0) 1 i/0.4 144 qtritiong.r Uie
the ; taut.' • g 43 W•tO preserYeF the credit,
anclpay ttte tle4t , Of the eeeritnr, with
out impeding its indutitriaLprogreas, is
of:, far snore impOrtange• than hatungu
ing, Worn° Congress Men do, upon the
latent pessionS, umoulderlng &nee the
close a the ^War: In other words, boat
ness is of more moment, just new, than
the " , glitterkag gea9rall•Pal'" a ambi
tious demagogues, who giveuvery echo
of the past which comes Along, a toss,
for politicideffeet. Let the echoes re
verberatew the laws of 4aCoustiCS will
regulate= them• in due time; the more
plane surfaces you interpose,• the more
complicated will be theenigrha of these
echoes. When the last one faintly dies
tokay In the distance; too feeble to, re
'peat itself, the social question in the
South will be settled. Eve* , rampant
raider rushing in"be wean 1 - . mt breeds
Confusion and delay. 1 •
Mr. Armstrong stands hihin Con
gress, as an able, upright, in orruptible
g! i.
MRS. E. E. Kimball will hi; found hereafter
in her new quarters, over .Young and oo.'s
bookstore. r She boa Just received lots of '
to which she invites the 'attention of the ladies
of Wellsboro and<vieinity.
April 13; 18TO. ly
RS. SOF,IELD has returned from the City
131,with an assortment of New CCoods,to Which
she . invites the attention of the ledies'of
hero and vicinity._ Her stookeempriseira;oboice,
selection of . • -
EMBROIDERIES,, and a vari
' ,ety of wurrg GOODS.
Thankful for the generous patronage of the
past, - -she hopes to merit a continuance , of the
same. itionnets A Hats repaired to Order,
pa. I am also agent for the Willeox 14 Gibbs'-
Sewing Machine. , Mrs. A. J. SOPIELD.
Welliboro.Apili 20, 1810. tf ' • •
M'ew Qc•c•iatect
_MR-LXLllr t .L‘rie.
E HINE just received, lots of new Goode
which we propose to sell to our customers
at l ving prises. Drop in and look . =
and we will try and convince you, that we not
only hero
but that we are selling them olear down to the
bottom of the market. Wo have a completo,ae.
sortment of
• ETC., EOC.
,10- No charge for allowing Goods. Call and
800 vs. ,
. • •
SPECIAL NOTICE.—On and after Monday
May 9, I will sell Goods down at tho very loWeat
Cash Prioes and for roady pay.
May 11, 1870.
Sprin Millinery,: 1870!
MRS. SMITH, ou in Street, has Just
*mad a very large assortment of
such as
&C., &C.,
all of which will be sold much below former pi.
ces. All work done promptly, and to pleas?.
Welleboro, May 11, 1870—tf.
Applications for, Charters:
ATOTIOE Is hereby given that the following
applications for charters of incorporation
have been filed in my office, and will be present.
'ed to the Court of Common Pleas of Tioga coun
ty, Monday, May 30,1870 : -
Application of Hiram Freeborn, John Good
speed, E. Horton, et. al., !ruder the name of the
First Angelicd I Congregational church of Knox
ville. .
Application of Frederick Keyler, David Ord
ly,• Bhnjamin Brion,
,et. al., ander the name of
the Evangelical Lutheran Church of - Liberty.
Application of Marsh, 0. A. Smith; 0 .
M. Robbins, et. al.,under filename of-the Gaines
Free Will Baptist Church.
,Wellsboro; May 11, -1870. i • Proth'y•
TRE subsoriberlas for sale :
_1 pure blooded Alderney Bull, 3 years old.
1 grade Alderney Ball, 1 year.old.
1 pure blooded Beion Bull, 3 : years olei
Also Clhister white pigs; rices Yeaspolerle.
.11.."0. BENNET:
. - Wellsboro, May 11, 1870. 3t.
enbseriber would inforin the pub* that
he hoe tho agency of o . quantity of
which be will sell for,eaeh, or exchange for reel
or personal property, on reasonable terms.
lie would say that he has examined - the prop:
erty and titles for himself, and believes he can
make It for the interest of persons going, Went,
to give him a call before purchaiing elsewhere.
For partial:dare, inquire of S. D. GOODELL;
May 11,'701y Sablneville, Tiogs Co.,
•• =' • yr, t n. •
thin' VS. M. _
vi. DI: •• Stowell et ,
g Laval.S. eayera Raman's.
John Patezi — vi, 2.13.. Webb. .." .
P. 8,8. McNeil' - fa. 0. it. Minnie at al. _
, • R. Kamen . vo.. N f Malloroi t •
Fr ]f., y. • ;• ; ,
rfln A . path:won . ieldbausak. .4!
-1111ftatton TN.* Vir orsylati,,
' D. Daman eig.
w vi. Halsted et al. ,
- ',Cornelia* land vsd 3 1 Vioa ranc,e Co.
Peter Duval vs. 2.2natkett - • •- ' .
A.Joatilk ,z„•1 ' '
• - Mayan' Ira; Wat242*?; • ' 4 - • •-• •
George IL Nye va. 11: I[otdandn.
- U.Post - B. 8.80 7.''
APPZIOA 4 I I IOWitit tiCENS :=.ollOrtioo
is hereby given Chet _ the-' follow!. s' named
persons have meAl,e'nPpltiltto4ll 'for ' rain • Li
minims anCeatlnihonse'lLictensen, 'and •tbak' the
same will ho firexented to.eho, - Court , .of gasrter
Seablons the SO4 day. tn.? o'olosh
P. rit, - when in t e r ested pay , they,
thinclproOr: ' 4 '
Charles B.',Gloodrieb, Nelsen. •
- SanitYllitteott,'llkland; • -
J. 0. Pine, Covingten.• •
Patel' Rcepi - Lnwronoe. • -41.
Thomas Glreve_s, 0ovIngtoli..1 0 ; ,
JaM ti.K oll yi . . l o B 4 l2 -lit
Willitim Y ,: ThOtons, - ."`
-Elijah Plumet,`llloliebtzrv*
' James Horgan,- fi.‘ -
• B. M. Smith, Vogl,. - •
Goo. W. Hazlett," 6
M. Ballard,.-Wellsboro.• , +9 •
0. 0. Phillips, Knoiwille. 4 •
Milton 0; Bewmani.Wectttel4L„'
J. W. oqen, Deorflell,
• .Stephen Bowen,; Blosebnii,
Robert Esker; " ,
'William Sage ' • it' • -,
J.'S. -, - '*
glakirrgo , -
T EXPECT to bay.' for sale, at the proper tifie
for planting, a choice lot of meltable plants,
consisting of cabbages,
,caullflow e rs, n:tatotts,
peppers, ae. , ' •", - •
Also some of dbillatot animals : climbers,, 0-
sego verbena, lautatitut, act. ' " • "
I can also furnish all hinds of bedding and
house plants, from one of the beat preen Houses
in the United Stites. All the above at reasona
ble prices. Resideuse on State street. •
• • , M. B. PRINCE.
Welleboro, May 4,1870., tf
BY 'VIRTUE OF sundry writs of •Fieri Fa
cies. Lever! Fades, and Vonditioni Exponas, is
sued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Tl
oga county, and to me directed, I will expose to
publio sale, to the' highest and best bidder,-at
the Court House in Welisboro, on Monday, tho
30th day of May, 1870, at 1 o'elook, P. M., tho
following desorlbed property, vie -
A lot of land in Chatham township; bounded
north by highway, east by George Wheeler,
south by highway, and west by highway; con
taining 83, acres, more orlon; all improved,
with a log house, barn and apple orchard there
on. To be sold as the property of John W. Lew
is, suit of Joseph P. Whitney for use of Thomas
ALSO=A lot of land in 'Middlebury town
ship; bounded on the north by Horace Loaey
and George Hall, east by Wilson Dickinson, south
1:13 , Jacob Briggs, and west by Amon Cass; con
taining 108 acres, more or less; about 100 acres
improved, with two frame housee,,one log house,
frame barn; log stable, and other outbuildings,
and an apple orchard and other fruit trees there.
on. • TO be sold as the property of Hathaway
Loney, suit of B. S. l'arr. 1• .
ALSO-4 lot of land in Osceola township;
beginning at the southeast 'corner -of Robert
Tubbs; thence in a northwesterly direction about
10 rods, to a stake;
. themie north 266 k Perches
to ,a post, being the southwest coiner of Benson
Tabba,'deoeased; thenoe.east 31 , rods to a post;
'thence north 160 perches to a peat, in the. New
York State line;
,thenco,east along the State line
661 perches; thence south 144 perches, along
lands of J. Parktittrati to a 'post; thence west
84* perches to a post :• thence eolith:l6 rods to a
poet; thence ;west 12 rods to a Oat; thence
South along land of ".T.' Parkhurst, about 260 per
'Chia, to the' Vortinesque river ; ( thetee slims the
several courses 91 the same, in's westerly direc
tion, about 48 perches, to the place of beginning;
containing about 142 acres, be the same snore or
less; about 120 acres improved, with two frame
doielling borses;'one frame barn "and other out.
buildings, two : apple orchards and tither fruit
trees, thereon... TO be sold as the 'property of E.
A. Corey, suit Of 'James Tubbs. • .
' ALSO-4 . lot of land in Delmar township;
"%.....'" 6 ""•'.. 15.:........1. 44 . - frorte. a. - apugasink, wane,
Bela Borden, gouth by Delos Miller's estate, and
William Foote, and west by 'William B. Coles;
containing f of an acre, more or 'less': all im
proved, with frame house,, frame barn, black
smith shop, other outbuilings, and a few fruit
trees, thereon. TO be meld as the property of
Elijah Dimmloki suit of Converse & fjagOod.
ALSO—A lot of land in Charleston township;
bounded on the north by Alfred Sahetffelin, east
by Ebner Lngerriok, south by:Johit• Neal, and
West by' Charles Goodwiu; containing about 40
acres, 26 acres improved; with one flume house.
log barn and apple orchard thereon. To be sold
as the property of Francis Kelley, suit of Thos.
Harding.' ,
• 'ALSO=-A lot of land in Charleston toWnsid I
bounded on the north by , Asa Moore, east y
cemetery lot, and south and west by highwa ;
containing half an' acre, more or leas; witN a
frame wagon house and a few fruit trees thereon.
• ALsor-another lot, situated as aforesaid; boun
ded on the north, by highway, east by li'llas Tip
.plo, south by . -=- Card, and west by Denton
.Terow ; containing 6.4 acres, all improved; with.
a frame house, frame bon and toy apple orchard
thereon. To be sold as the property of M. O.
Sutton, snit of Nelson Whitney for the use of
Alonzo Whitney, and suit' of Ross & Williams.
ALSO—A lot of land in Chatham; beginning
at the southwest corner of lands late the estate
of B. F. Spencer, deceased; thence north along
highway, 25 rode, to a' poet; thence south, 25
rods, to the south line of said B.F. Spencer's es
tate; thence west along said line, 98 rods, to the
place of beginning; 'containing 15 acres, all im
proved; with a frame housti, frame barn and ap
ple orchard thereon. To. be sold as the Property
of B. F. Spencer and P. Spencer, snit of llenry
Sherwood for use of John Benson.
ALSO—.A pieee or parcel of land •in Rdkiand,
borough ; bounded on the South by'John . a Ham.
morid, on the west by Oeorge. Durum north
by the New York State line, and east by the old
plank' oad; containing about 16 acres, all im—
proved ; with'frame dwelling house; milk house,
frame barn and apple orohard•thisreon. To be
sold as the property of Cornelius Beagle, snit of
J. & 3. Parkhurst for use of John Park hurst.
ALSO—A la Of land' in Deerfield township;
bounded on the north by Billings estate, east by
John. Knox, South by bighwayknd Ira Wagner,
and west by Hiram Gilbert;
_containing sixty
.more 'or less; with Shute house; frxmo
barn, a few fruit trees, and trotting park, there
on; To be told as the property of Oda) Short
and M. D. Cass, suit of J. B. Wakoly. for use of
3. k J. Parkhurst.
ALSO—A lot of land in Middlebury township;
bounded on the north by highway, east by Wel
lington Newcomb, south by.W. 7G.Jaokeott, and
west by Merrill Staples; containing about one
acre, more or less. all improved.' To be sold as
the property of Samuel B. - Hall, suit of Elias
Keeney. • '
ALSO—A lot of %land in Sullivan townebip;
bounded north and'west by Abram Westbrook,
etistky, Cyrus Davenport, and smith by high—
way; containing one.fourthlof ankore, more or
less; with a frame house, frame shop and fruit
trees thereon. To be sold as the property" of 0. 11
N. Davenport, suit of George A. Wood for, us
Of W. S. Pitt.
ALSO—A lot of land in • Sullivan township
bounded on the north by Aaron Clesiveland and,
James Cleaveland, east by Nathan 'Whiting and
Gilbert Welsh, eolith by H.:H. Dent and 0. S.
Watkins, and on the west by . S. Watkins; con
taining 69 j acres, morel or less, thirty, stores im
proved; with frame house, log barn, cooper shop
and some fruit treed Giereon • being . the same
piece of land contracted by 8. . H. Dent to Of
well N. Moffit, by contract bearing date the first
day of February, 1860. ' To be sold as the prop
erty ofWrwell N. Moffit, snit of H, 11; Dent.
7 ALSO—A lot of land in Liberty township;
bounded north by A Sheffer,- east by highway,
south by Ira Hart, :and west by John Sheffer;
containing two stores' 'all improved ;• ono frame
house, frame wagon house, frame- barn, other
entbuildings, and a few fruit trees thereon. To
be sold 'as the property of Jacob Martel, sTit of
Frederick Boger.
ALSO—A lot of land in Nelson townshi p'; be.
ginning at tho northeast corner of Elwood Ste
vena's lot, contracted by Jamie Ward to Sieley
tk Lngg; thence south, along the road leading
to Farmington, 16 the', south corner of tavern
house on said lot ;• thence, a westerly direction, - to Elkland. to a 'corner; thence north,
;within 8i feet of the southeastcornerni the shoe
shop owned by Seeley & Lugg; along the fence
22 feet east of the north end of the store. house
now• occupied by Lugg a Whited, to a fence
post or. corner; thence a westerly. direction,
along the line of said lot and staiikhouse lot, to
Joseph Paul's lot; thence north, along the line
of said lot and Joseph Paul's, to Elwood Ste-
Vens's lot, formerly owned by James Ward;
thence east, along the line of said lot Mid E.
stevena's lot, to the plate of• beginning; con
taining one.fotuth aote, - ,more or less; ,with a
frame Wan house, frame barn
, few fr uit trees,
and other outbuildings thereon. To be sold. as'
the property of W. If., Itiolirdson, suit of E.
C. Phelps. '
' ALSO—A lot of land in Rutland township;
bounded on the north by Johns Brothers. east by
Johns Brothers,, south by Renyan, and
west by Johns Brothers containing • eft acres,
more or less, about 80 acres improved; with a
frame house. frame barn; and a few fruit - trees
thereon. To be sold se the property of Jacob H.
Allen, suit of John Benson.
Wellaboro,lffay 11,1810. 6
Sheriff's Sales.
—'" ' ' - '4,: ,,, '" 4 . 1 ".: ,',-• -,,,:.,.. ' 4 4.,-,' ' - '. 4-- -;%".:'• t'c '- . ;
Aileialittiiiitorr, .
t4 . 3lOite;Goi/elii f ,*4 187(e . 4* , j Owes
/- \ ''.! ' • . 4 4 , ' Ir . ..:.,.. ..
~.,.'4 . . '''- , 5kwr9044..#1 'out ?oz.,
41mma Bero - a - Greell'h .`, ,'... 14
. .,. , t.,4 : , ii,
'3 fildGeliell; gating liouleilte '. - -r ,
- , ' 14 700
1 Ja n e tTraly;Grocerh' . .: 14 700
Meßillerr - , do „
111 4 11..Senlib.-)10ols andThoce, ', , 14 34
Bergin A lho, Grocery, - - 12 , 1,00,
itace_h111 1 ,74,Prt i 9PE 0 2 4 , „ ..4,... , , , ..- ...-.- 11 .,..',..„ 6 , 00 ..
i liPtisit 1 - ~, 14, :• 7,00
plitle4 l oooßentrit• . ' -:' '' 's'lo 00
Meretallne Clot idt 'IO
74 4. 700
A 1111amm-jowellet,. t . ci".la;,;o' ~.',, 7 00
$ P Taylor, OVOlt Store,
18 10410
10t11 cialdwelj, !PQM, '.'. `y ,- , ;I tr '.,' t I
' ,26 00
Van pile, ileintecir, - ,
- 40 00
W Pbo l ll4' 2 l 6l l l *B.Wil.lnk,: ''' : ' ''- 3 10 00
J Redlich, Clotbieg, • . 3 .
John Van Order, Rectiller,,,,, . -'-,ii ,z ...... 2 _ 5 00
RW...Rolden,_olo7, _.. ._._ _ 14 _1.).?
is 11 Thompson , llardwari,
.. , , s l4
.'!. t!
IAWd.7. , 0 0 0 XBIOThik 1 4 4 '' , i'l '`ll44".Pi fib'
'l6WMatile t ER0)441611 ,' x `...,, ; 8 06
Elijah Plummer, do 8 500
Jae Morgan, Grocery, -14 700
James Belle;, dg -, , ... ; ; ,;, t 4 700
Bloei Mining andltailread Co- '8 80 0 0
Blase, Mining & Railroad Co., Arnot, 8 80 00
Morrie Run Coal Co., ' , 5 00 Q 0
Bowen & Criopeoy, Grocery, 10 20 00
llockenberger, Brewer, . 8,00
Clymer Township.
0 0 stomps Brother . • 14 700
Tooker 14 700
W:0 ,c -:- . 700
Buslat?tp, it, Beaolt„,, 7 go
Okilthais rofoilship '
14 • fit 00 •
: 14 17 00
14. 00
'V . 6 atubbs,
John Short,
J S Mourroy,
Covington Borough. • 1
Packer & Bing • 14 700
,T,lls,r)spzusnollstAng Howle r , ,; , ~, ~ 8. pOO
,T:11/1,40,tett,s , ,O ; •;.P. , i 'A ‘•-•
' :14+' ; 7l OO
II Dyei, ' • l 4— 700
P L Clark, 'Groom*,l4 700
~ .
~ dharieston Township.
a istliarsoni, kiting ffpiiiii, t i '
Tlpeo, , ,
Hoban reforgeri,
Cooper & Kohler,
A Tipple, '1
• - Dielteld .7buttuhip.
W Wagner
J B Payne ,
.Ptirple Demeans, - ,
Delmar ii)tanfhfp.
Job Wilcox & Co,
M Woo t Co..
VI Rilorton & Co.,
Elklutid Borough:
J Parkhurst A Co.,
Dorrenee'dt Dunbar,
A J Lyman, Billiards,
J M Weed, Flour .t Feed,
Farmington Tosonthip.
W Preston; •
Fall Brook Borough.
Fall Brook Coal Company,
Gaines Tosonship.
Es X Elillinti,
D X Marsh,
Jackeon Town hip.
F H Shiver, Grocery,
D 13 Line,
P R Bryant,'
Bovine, Groo y,
Ratan & Miller,
0 Hamilton, Ora ery,
W Vanderhoff. rooery, -
. Knoxville Borough.
Case & Bulkley, Grocery,
A Dearman,
Stoddard, ti
T Gilbert, Druggist,
Goodspeed & Pride, •
W B Smith, Clothing,
P 1 Marlatt, r•
Coats & Crandall,
L B Reynolds,
0 U Wood & Son,
Roberta at Co.,
S Hurlbut, Billiards,
Zawrenarvihe Borough.
J ' - •
Phippen, Grocery,
P Leonard, Druggist,
Merchant * Sweetland,
D J Murdock, Eating House,
Mather .& Radiker, •
B Thornton, Eating House, •
Wm Pollock, hardware,
Liberty Township,
B Seelemann
Wellholf, Boots and Shoes,
D R Mane, dd
410 , rawer, ' •
Narber Moore,
X M. Wollner, Jeweler,
Lavergodd, fhooery,
%Alts & 31artman.
R Shaffer, Druggist,
Morris Township
Denryetto Beet,
Job Doan, •
Wcn Blaokwell,
' Mainsbar r Dorf:4(o.
B Parkhurst
R,H Bond, . I ,
Fq* & Olark,
0 D Mane, Druggist,;
Pitts & Brother, '
B Riff, Hardware,
B B Oluey, Jeweler, -
A J Maxwell, Grocery,
do do Billiards, 3 tabloa,
Wesley Pitts, Grocery,
0 VElliotti Druggist,
D Webster, Grocery."
D 0 Holden,
B N Holden,
N Kingsley, & Shoes,
Wra Adams,
Hall kOomptiny, -
w i trilhelm,
Middlebury Township.
D & M 0 White,
V B Holiday, B ating House,
A J Smith,
A W Potter, _ ,
S Staples & Son,
.31 0 Potter,
M Rueney,
"%Tischer & Randall,
J T Purvis,
Nelson' Borough.
Seeley,' Whited tt Co.,
Parker & Brother,
B B & J D . Campbell.
• Osceola Bors.ugh.
M Strait * Co, Grocery, -
Martin t Bosworth, Hardware
R IC Skinner
H 0 Bosworth,
Seeley, Crandall & Co.
Crandall Brothers, I Co.,
R Hammond & Co.,
Richmond Toumihtp.
T J JelllfT, Grocery,
J Smith, • • do
L L Flower, do
G 'Thayer, do
B Bicker,
L Strait,
Myron MiW, Boots and Shoos,
Wm Benson, Grocery,.
• Suitioan Township.
Aaron Dodge, Grocery,
H V Herknese, do
' . Shimern Townsiip.
. •, Tioga Township.
J h4bell, • • `f
• Itorongh.
Wickham A Part,
0 W ‘Streatiandi
H H Borden * CO.; Druggists,
Van'Osten & Piece,
P 8 Tattle, '
Philo Toiler, Druggist,
J Pith,
E Smith A Son, •
T T, Baldwin 'A CO. ••
W T 'Drell, Grocery, • •
A Umphery 4t Co.,
13 C Alford, Grocery; •
Beheltrelin, Hardware,
Lang, Brewer,
Van Osten A Plade,
Union .Township.
Weeffield Township.
pdgoomb A Htirlbitrt, . •
13 P D Irwin
Westfield Borough.
SB&SO Marooolc, •
B Krnsen Co.,
Gardner & Renter, . •
F L Scofield, Dsuggist, -
L Plank, Grocery, "
Thompson & Phillips, •
Sanders s ,Colegrove,
Bilis & Plank, - . .
D SioNanghton, Druggist,
A&. P Close,
A. Wake'', Billiards, Si tables,
John Schwanenbah, Brewer,
' Wellsboro Borough.
B T Van • Horn, • *
L Beebe
W C Kress , Dtnggiit,
A Foley, Jeweler, "
Hugh Young. &,Co.,
Bullard & Co., •
L A Gardner, . , •
T blathers, .
Toles 1t Barker,
C L Wilcox,
P R Williams As 'Co., ,
Wilson & Van Falkanburg,
L F Truman,
Converse.A Osgood, ,
do do ,
M M Beese v
Webb m Haatispo
14 ',7 06
I 4! 00,
s 14• . 700
' 14' ' 7 00'
14 700
14 7 00
24 7 00
14 700
13 40 00
14 . 700
14 7 00
14 7 00 .
14 T eo
,00 00
14 7 00
Mangfleld Borough.
.Ruttancr TosomA&v.
. 12
too uLtio g s, ,
P Stony. v. 14 4700 '.
If 11 lleellngr, ) 1.7 00 .
"0, 2 1 Iturglo L F,aritig i laore, Go
Roberti Ji Palley f z • oo
(LP Kelley,l3
Stotts* - Derbl 4 ,l" - . 14 j , 7'oo
Wright* - 13 10 , 00
D P Roberts, -14 700
W Porsel, 14 7 00
J Shaffer, Brower a. 8 5 00
0111,1skidsa PO.
nig HATakito it • iroo
4:1*41)01ft#,:90.; 10 00
10* A 044 14 16 Ve
held at the Conttabisioners . OM*O . is Wellsboro
on tbilitb day•of Jane A. D., 1870, between the
hours of 10 A. M., and 10 P. M., at which time
and place, all portions atgrieved by , the foregoing
appralseedent•will be heard aid each abatements
made as seem proper and Just, and all persons
falling to appear at said time and place, will be
barred from making any d'efence before um.
Mereantile'Appralser or rloga County.
Wellsboro, April 18,1870.•
' •
' . . 4, 1 P' -.0 ',ll ,-; ?At 4 ?F ,' -. P
- '4 Ctiiiitoreid undir4i LiAtiet Neir.Votil. '
Cash Assets, $12,000,000.
AUlltitiVEW3lPesliki i,'• .. .- • - • 4 52 , 000 10 00 .
DIVIDENDS applied to. reduce 2d and all
subsequent, premiums, or to increase the
amount of Cho policy. Eividends are 'from 10 to
211.111146ittAlie 24 year. •stadiiiereaseletich year
therefore. The Equitable did business to the
amount of $12,000,000 more last year (1869) than
any. other. oompany—'-all , cash., 'Purely mutual
andxten.forfeitable. _ No otherboropanyeartahnsv.
a. better record, larger ,dividendsi.or safeviteen
amities. ' All the profits less the aottutl expenses
of• the eatapany are divided 'among the policy
,holders ii dividends each year. Any one desir
ing of having a life Insfired, if be,stil examine
the figuresof the Equitable, will b come convinced
thatit is to his, advantage to insure in this own.
pang In preferene to any,other.. • _ ~ .
, . , s• „ . W. A. STONE, 4gout
Office with Wilson is Niles." for Tioga Co.
. April 18, 1870-6 m
7 00
00 00
LET it be distinctly understood to the inbab
itants:and citizen), of Wellsboro, that we
will sell
12 BO
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 CO
7 00
7 00
_ and any other article in the
M0r12.0 3r_.le.,
obeaper than •oau be sold by any'other firth in
Tine. Comity; further we do affirm that no`roan
can undersell us unless they receive goods by
W0.4v0 just received. from N. Y.,
7 00
7 00
7 00
6 00
15 00
6 00
7 80
bought at the present Gold prices VAT, which
we will sell cheaper than any other firm west of
N. Y." - Call and examine, and we and certain
that we Can please in Price and quality, and if
not suited we will pay you, for your time in
Welllboro, April 6, 1870.
1 00
7 00
V 00
12 50
n 50
7 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
Wl3do not pay specie in making change,
bat we do sell goods froui
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
26 to 60r peir. Cent: Less
than any other , store in this vicinity . ,
.which . is
better. We hay just received a
I.aelasix4s Stc•ctim.;
and havo bon&ht them to soil in order to do this
quiekly,, have - marked 'them at , small profits,
10 00
7 QO
10 00
Dry Goods
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
of 01 kinds aro cheaper than they have been in
tent years especially.
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 06
10 00
r 00
7 00
&lull line in stock, and at each low prices the
every lady can afford a new dregs.
7 00
20 00
we have a complete assortment and caravan
Taws EVER anPonn. Qar Mock of
'7 00
Domestic Goods, Fany.Dress
Goods, WOlen Cloths, ,
Yankee Notions, '
Szc arc •
is all usual veil large and varied, dad WS GUAR:
ANTES PNICES to be as low as earl be fon d any
where within 100 miles. Our
i• •
I 00
in fall or fresh Goode AT SPECIE PRICES, and
every one can now afford to have everything they
eat taade good. •
Otouniir to call and examine our Stock and pri•
Owl—being eatlefiedthat it:will pay them to come
and buy their goods at
• The Regulator.
We always give ouotomera from a dietaime,tbe
Coral% Aprlt 6,1870. •
. .
Planing Matching.
with rapidity and exactr . iess, with our new Ma
Cldnes: Try If and eee . B. T. VANIIORN:
Wethboro, Jan. 1,1870.
• 11
1:-`"t'i • . ' of the
I.`; Olikiilioao'
f - ••• '
• -• -
Thitolviintege,aint ettenctions 0 1
11 tbit 1„,„
forinvettnnitiilttrpßeiiinte - -many and i t , l4 ;
A.‘11114.•,",,-,''—', ;
V. 4 • , „, `•
I . l 'l ;•'i
I. It is based upon one of the Greet TfittOlipl
LINES . between 'tbe SEABOARb 4
411 ti 4
wgraT., „ .• • :
. _
2. 'l`tie" tiEOUtITY Is ALRtA ort it
tranni the grantee - flirt of the line h t l oh
Aitienifatrniiininsg OPeintleti.• • 6
3 1 The LonalWragle; from the unrivalled A t .
rienOnral •:ragione and Iron and CCJki (hp g h
adji6'ent, mutt be large and, profitable. ,
4: the piteipibe t9ecfge / 113 1 10112 " t p ia
siozia end privileges #43"Rjkl? 134t9 of
*Da, Wont Virginia ,, , ‘.,
S. It la under , the management of Madam ui
well-known , Capitalists, whose name magm,
tees fcir Its 'early: doicipietionteud successful cl
oration. - • - • -
bonds can-be bid Ogler in
Coupon or RegisteTcd
form ;: they have thirty yearn to run. bottlp r i t .
eipal and intetest being payable in told.
7. Theyilio of denomincitions of
$lOOO, $5OO & $lOO,
hes!ring interest at the rate six per cent. is WI ;
payable May let and Nov,etaber let.
From our intimate acquaintsuute with thekt.
fairs and condition of the Company, We }nor
these securities to be peculiarly • desirable a u/
suitable for safe emplopment of surplus. espial
and funding of Governrnentjtonds,byThrestrni
Trustees of Estates, and' others who prefersl,
solute security with reasonable:income,
' •
Lipla i rs of United States Five-Twnties
enable to prOonre these Bonds, bearing th
same rate of interest and having a longer penal
to run, and to realize a large increase of cip4
in addition.
Bonds andßtocks dealt in at the Stock Rt.
change, received in exchange for this Loan, it
the fall market value, and the Bonds retuned
free of express charges..
Price 90 , and accrued interes
in Currency.
Pamphlets, 13apa, and full' ittformationin
niched on application.
5 Nassau Street, New York
May 4,1870-Bw.
L RR, purifies the, blood and cureilsSCroluir
Syphil fa, Skin Diseases, Rheumatism, Disesso d
Women, and all Chronic affections of the blood,
Liver and Kidneys. Recommended by the iced
cal Faculty and many thousands of our best citi
sena. .‘ .
Read tho testimony of Ilaysiclans and patine
who have need Dosadalis; eend forour Rosadsllu
Guide to Health .Book, or Almanac for this yen,
which wo publish for gratuitous distribution:it
will give you much valable information. •
Dr. R. W. Carr of Baltimore, says :
take pleasure in recommendlog your Bosun.
is as a very powerful alterative. I have sees 1
need in two cases with happy results—one iii
case of secondary syphilis, in which the pant
cured after having talon in
bottles of your Tho other lea cote cf
scrofula of long standing, which is rapidly la
proving under its use, and the indications sa
that the patient will soon recover. , I haysene
fully *examined the nruitila by which pa
your Rosadalls is made, and dud it en ascents!
compound bf altstratire ingredients.
, Or;Sparks of Nlcholsaville, Hy., isays he Lu
need liosadalis in casos of scrofnla and Swb.
ry Syphilis with satisfactory results. Asocial.
or of tho blood I know no betterrepody.
Samuel 0, McFadden, Murftersbovo, Tens.,tlP
I have used seven bottles of Rom:lulls, end lx
entirely cared of Rhenmatisin ; send ma fuerkt•
ties, as I what It for my brother, who has !cult•
lens soreeyes.
Benjamin Bechtel, of Lima, 01110 0 wiled, I ben
suffered for twenty years kith an istettate
eruption overmikveholo body; a abort Maestro
I purchased a b le of Reeadalis end it effected
a perfect cure. •
Rosodalis be sold by P. B. SCilliama & Co
W. 0. Kress, Welleboro; Philo Tuller„ ,- Tioica;
M. L. Bacon, Ploseburg,and Druggist., paean) ,
March 9,1870.-Iy.
AdministratiOn having been granted to di
undersigned updn the estate of Joseph logban.
of Deerfield 'township, deceased, all persons la
debted to sai d decedent or claiming' against thi
same, Must settle with H. H. INGRAM,
March 16. 1870.—0 t. oir Adaer.
To act ap Salesmen, and general Superinteindene
of Wes in this County, also one in each of the hales.
fog Counties, for Steel Plate Engravings, issued ty
tho National Art Association, Bold by enbscrption
superior la design and execution that thodeisalet
great during all seasons and times. 'ldewmust doh
isms exclusively for ne, not only receivng and Mu
orders, throughout portions of the County, but elk
ploy and superintend the sales of a number of silo
men. A few who do not wish to asinine the reapond
bility of a Superintendency will also be accepted ts
merely act as salesmen. Sample Engravingsawarti
ed in a Patent Roller Case. Frames are not rural):
need or sold by our Salesmen. To strangers weghl
commissions on ealesfor the first eLtty.or ninety deli,
when, from the badness talent and energy manifested
an equitable salary can be _agreed upon, should ezci ,
be preferred to remuneration by commission. School
Teachers, Farmers, Agents, Mechanics and other bee
news and professional men can engage with great roll.
If by letter, state age, previous and present business,
or proresional pursuits, explicity stating whether•
Superintendency, or merely a sitnatlon as Salestant
desired‘-what territory is preferred—the earliest thy
the engagement could commence, and if finless orlon.
'ger term than one year, its exact or probable duration,
Ac., etc. R. If. CURSANA
Publishers, Main t Water Ste.. Rochester, N•
March 8018704 m
RE tho most perfect ports.
tire wo are able to prove,
aa we think, has ever Set bees
IC, by aby body. Their effects
to the community howmoth
the other . ..medicines iu use. They are Ph
and pleasant to take; but powerful tenure. Their pep
etrating propertiee.fitimulare the vital' action of the
body, remove the obstructions of its organs, purify 11 ''
blood, and expel disease. They purge Out the foulbir
more which breed and grow distemper, stimulate slut
gish or disordered organs into their natural actionsar d
impart tone and strength to the whole system. NO
only do they cum eke every day complaints °f lour
body, but formichthlo and dart•
gerona diaeaso. . While they 'produce powerful effects,
they are at the same time, in diminished doses, lb'
safest and best phyeic that can De employed for childres•
Being eligar-cented; they are pleasant to take; siv 3 P
being purely vegetable, are entirely harmless. Cluo
have boon made that would surpass belief, were tiol
not snbstintiated by men of snch exalted character, or
to forbid the suspicion of untruth. Many vainest
clergymen and physicians certify to the pnbik them
liability of our remedies, while others have sent twits
assurance of their conviction that our Frowstie st
contribute immensely to the relief of our ajHirted
fellow men, '
The Agent below named is pleased to furnish grail /
our American Almanac, containing directions forth
use of these medicines and certificates of •theiren'
the following complaints; .
Costiveness, BillousComplaints,Rhetnstio o /3 .
Heartburn,' Ileadache 'arising from foul, stota
Nausea,lddigestion, Morbid Inactiop of the Bowels st°,
Pain arising therefrom, FilltUktlCY,lllo3llot AppetitoTbe.',
Diseases which require an evacuate - medicine.
Dab by'purifying the bloodand etiauletingtctY
cafe many complaints which it would not be sub ,
they could reach, atlch as Deafness. Partial Blinttee",
Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangemesti_to,
the Liver and ,Kidneys , Gout, and all other kludot:
disorders arising from a low state of the body, " °
struction on its functions. other
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with
__ A
Proparationson which they make more prone. DerA'r,
AYER'S and take no others. The sick want the trot "'
there is for them, and they should have it.
Prepalred by Dr. J. C, AYER
CC.,Lowe% Ne"'
and sold by all Druggists and deilere in tor
overywhite. Jan. 19,111407-31132 •