The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, April 20, 1870, Image 3

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    Doparpre of Stages.
Arriial and
T HE Btama'-running over
if • . the ilitrereht Wales Item
••- WellArure. will depart and
- 4
1/44 . arrive as fellow - a from the
\Venation, VVoTt Mee:
crI.L.BI)ORO & TtooA =llepert 19, a, m., Maio 114 p.m
IVELLHEIORO t MANB7l.l.l).—Depot t Ba. la., arrive 6 p.
SS gLL9OOIIO d Counniarnat.— Dep. non. & noir. 2 p. m.
arrive Monday &Thurpday at 12m.
Visttatiotio &JERSEY 8110R.--4.)epart, Mo m n.& Tit nr. 9 a.nt
\ a rri ve Tueaday Fri. sp.
Local Items.
• Pew Advertisements.
Millinor3 l —Mrs. Soflaid.
Now Godds—Staith k Naito.
paints 11.Dils—W. C. Kress.
Notice totollektors—R. O. Cox.
/Such is Life—R,D. Bunnel
2 Divorce Notices.—J. B. Pptter.
Election Notice—S. B. Elliott.
Mercantile Appraisomont—J. W. Bynum&
Notice to Teaohers—R. Campbell.
REJECTED.--An lutreating ipiece of
gossip from Fall Brook. Better keop Buell things
out of print:- It is bad enough to havo them io
a neighborhood.
W. C. KRESS has just receivedva new
of drugs, medicines and fancy goods, and
also any quantity of paints, varnishes and brush
es. Bed advertisement.
WAlni.—On the 16th mercury rose to
80 degrees in the shado in this village. In a
cool place in Mr. Foley's store it stood above 70
through the middle of the day.
The Eipod Templare give ag.enter
tainment, at Bailey's Hall, Mansfield, Friday
mining, 22d instant. The exercises consist of
orations, music, tableaux, pantomimes, dramas,
.to:1 Such entertainments should be liberally
A poetical writer, who has just seen
Niagara relieves himself of his feelings as follows:
The roar of the waters! sublime is the sound
Which ever is heard from tno oataraot's stoop
How grand and majestic ! how vast and profound I
Like the snore of ct pig wheti he's buried in sleep !
EVERY SATURDAY.—The chief fea
ture of this exoellt weekly at. the present time;
it Mr. Dickens's a ory, "The Mystery of Edwin
Drood." It opens ell, frtim the start exhibiting
his wonderful art of setting words to nature.—
Ne one oanlyead his stories without being educa
ted to a big ter type r pf life. •
PIVING GOODS.—Messrs. Smith &
Waite, of Corning, N. Y., aim offering great,,
dnceme{tts in another column to people purchas
ing goods at their house. We cheerfully endorse
this firm as fair dealers and perfectly relible in
all their business relations.
IMPROVING.—Our people seem
to be enthusiastic on the subject of building and
unproring our village generally: old linildin l gs
mimed on hack streets, new once taking - their
places, dwellings going up in different localities,
and the general fit of " cleaning up," EtEllth to be
indulged in by all. Let the good work go on.
York, ratities the. Fifteenth Aendine It, by the
elution of a. colored man for Justice of the Peace.
If the Hew Justice aucoceds in keeping " peace
and order" in that place among the colored pop
ulation: he should be amply sustained, es was
" 01,1 Bitunn," years ago, who administered the
kw admit:ably to the. unruly ones, with a black
whip. Success to the new Justice.
SunclicAin—Dr. Thad. S. Up De (4 rail
~1 this city, April 12th, amputated in a very
cessful and satisfactory manner, a leg of Mr*
John G. ll , Spfer, of Trout Ituu. The cause of the
amputatAn was a disease. of the bpio, of thirty
years strinding.—El. Adv.
X stranger stopping at Welisboro the
other day, inquired who the inimitable Runnel
woe, the proprietor of the. Wellsboro h Tioga Air
Line. - Why, says ho :—"The exeiteun nt is so
groat along the Erie Railway, over this route,
that Fielt i 'd: Gould are about prolirosing a con
mlidetien between the two lines." Let the
arntog6tnent ho consummated before Geary ex
ereions the veto power.
• CORRECTION.—We stated two weeks
since that our young friend, W. P. Bigony had
gone to peddling. lie writes us, that we were
mistaken, as he has no desire to "carry a pack
on his back," and is otherwise employed, acting
as agent for D. L. Holden, wholesale grocer, El
mira, N. Y.
John Mitchell, one of the oldest citizens and first
tatlerd i f Jacksrin, Tioga county, Pa., died at
hit reeidettee' in that town on the It3th of March.
Since 1535, Mr. Mithhell had been a resident of
the vicinity whore : Ur died. He was one of the
punters of that locality, and had encountered all
the hardships and privations incident to settlers
it wilderness. By honesty, industry and tru-
Noy, he had acquired a competency, and at all
Maca enjoyed the confidence, respect and esteem
all who knew him. For many years lie with a
consistent, zealoim christian, end died in the
Faith.'—El. Adv.
Much time is being consumed in the
troll of McFarland in N. Y., in proving • him
taut , . 4,is not probable that McFarland
..a.%ieted of murder for the killing of Richard
:,u, m that any other man ever will be for killing
nhuther person under similar eireumsbince!..—
&lel' eases quite freqPently come heftire our
- mutts, lung, tedious and expensive trials arc had,
to' they int - 1U iaLly result as they begin. W 1,3
tot make murder punishable or jn,tifinble in ei.oh
and thus avoid future repetition? Tliere is
:... , it , ecrtainly a great *ur,A4- elfin ed, the por
pwator of which, is aecoulitable under the law.
We have only to say, such cases have he
...ilea. ; , a frequent, that t principle should be es
, iablisl\ed in relation to theta.
°"... LITTLE BITS.—M. H. Cobb, of
b! / , Philadelphia, has Lad Lis pecn° inei eased
:Lvi•ral is lately. 'Twas a buy.
—The man who promised, "if he lived," to
pay u. borrowed- money foui weeks ago last Sat
tariac, failed tiri r it. lie must he dead, of eeurse
—A et/hied ie suggested fur the Wellshoto do
bating'olub, as Worts: " Whether a "Tooster's
knowledge cf daybreak is the result of,olserva
u,i, or instinct."
—Pat ra)e to the Yankee, " Wye the willows
In, due, anal where would xou he ?" "Why," rays
the Yankee, " I'd be here all alone."
rasiiloN.—FaOlion traiiBgreenes tale
ikn. 6 of nature, and injures the physieditinil ruku
tal constitution, more than the hardships of ituil„
poverty and neglect. - Tliki woman of toil will'
live and grow old. and see two or three genera
tions or the " women of fashion" pass away.—
The kitchen girl is hearty, and strong, while ber
rantresii hati to he nursed liken sick baby. Fash
'.ll.pampered women ha''re but little force of cha
racter, moral will or physical energy., They
bloc nobody, set no rich examples, and the world
1 $ no better for their having lived. All our good
tind great men sprung, from strong minded wo=
men, who knew as little about fashion its the gos
lip in the town where they lived.
lean extract of a letter from Mr. Jas. Steele, who
recently moved to the above place frein Delmar:
"We live a half mile from tho village of Port
Alleghany, a thriving little place with three 'dry
roods stores, hardware store and tin shop, drag
more, tavern, tannery, woolti &l i eu, wagon
and thee shops, two blaeltsmilt %ID gun chops,
eat shingle, lath and grist mills.
At present our people are having a great time
eatelthig pigeons. On Alonday tho 11th, about
lee hundred dozen were brought into town and
"Kid readily at 50 cents per dozen. • •
Our people need 'a cheese factory here very
irmeh, as live hundred cows ontild easily he pro_
cured to run one.
A Baptist minister is much needed here lo organ.,
110 a eliurch, as there are a umaiber of Baptists in
this Vicinity, beside those of other denominations.
511 desiring a place of worship. The people are
hot gospel-hardened, and' therefore a little tills
lionary work would bo acceptable. We are al
most starved for the Tenth. Send Immo , minister
this way,
Alice Archer
will teach a Select School, the coming season,
eouaiutfiteitig on Mendel thei6th of May. This
leaves a vacation r of two weeks allot: the - close of
the public schools.
Wo are informed, also, that Mrs. Morgan Hart,
and Miss Jennie Dunks, commence select schools
in our,village beforo long. We hope to seo thee:,
all well patronised.
RAILUOAIL—The contract to t i nd
the section of 12 miles of the Wollsboro and taw
roncov illu railroad, from the lattel. place. to Hol
laday's, was let to_James Ward, of Towanda, on
the 15th instant, N. Y. Thegrading
and mason work ouly were let. • Mi. Ward is said
to be a. thoroughgoing man, and an experienced
contractor. Work will be commenced soon, un
donbtedly, as by the terms it must bo completed
before cold weather sets in. We understand that
the bridges are to be iron. It s is not likely that
the rails will lie - put down this year, unless the
Trustees conclude to complete the road Co Oita
place the present season.
Quito a large number of bids were put in.—
Several of our citizens went down to the opening
of proposals.
PERSONAL.—CoI. T. M. Bayne, late of
tke 136th. Pa: Volunteers, who is well known to
many of our readers, is practising law at Pitts
burg. We had the pleasure of meeting him there
not long since. Ile is a rising young lawyer,
and , well known as a prominent politician in the
western part of the, State. Ilia father was for
merly Sheriff of Allegheny county, and repeat
edly a member of the Assembly. He was also
member of the Coriatitutional Conventhin of 1837.
—Dr. J. 11. Shearerr, of this place, has an ori
ginal copy of the first photograph ever taken of
Mr. Lincoln. The Doctor, as Mr• Lincoln ex
pressed it on a characteristic card, intended for
a pass across the Potomac, was "next door neigh
bor' of the late President, in Illinois. ; The card
is dated in September, 1801, and does not assume
the authority to pass the bearer; but only says,
"If any ono is allowed to go over,, the Doctor
should he." Of coarse it parsed him; and was
as authoritative as if it had been a peremptory
—Without Kane note of this thing inclispitse ,
hie, no current is complete . A local'Paq
per should be a complete history of its locality :
therefore of the IrMither.
Two weeks ago And a little more, a steady
drizzling rain dislodged the snow, whisk was
very deep in the woods, and within a very low
hours all the streams were full to the brim, and
the people along the larger all cams began to liar
a freshet which should he higher and do more da
mage than any previously known. Lontherinen
watched the weather signs with intense interellt.
The fog went " up the hill a-hopping," 11111-us
the good natured stage boy said tha.t. 4t Saturday
morning would be the ease, the rain "came down
the bill a-dropping." Crooked creek ran crazy ;
the Tiogu was a little' more complacent ; hot to
put them all together ut Corning, early in the
day, it was said it wanted only live feet the
highest pitch of the great flood of Inthi. Vet
five feet on a stream so broad as that ho.ooes
when it spreads over the bunks, is a deal of wa
ter. And so it happened that the bellows liegde
to blow from the north, while ne were at Mon it is
that, day, and toward night men buttoned nit their
coats under their chins, and flurries of snow ,;use
down, that one might have said,oll tal l
is picking her geese to-d. - Y:" -- -Aten gathered near
the chew ful stove at the saloon, and tafki.d of er
the prospects of water in, the city glycols, et le
counted speculations involving thousands, as
placidly as a Dutch farmer in Charleston, toe n
ship would contemplate the profits of the next
litter of pigs. We sat thinking, bearing the
echoes'of the rambling billiard balls in the adja
cent room, troubled about no thousands in par
ticular, but intent upon the various kinds of
iveather, and freshets, and storms., which come
upon us human kind when they uhance, or Lot
ter, perhaps, ohm lie lists! -Viten that day, II
thunder-shad fell upon one;:in" - Ilint city, whoth
we had known when An waS bright, and plot ty,
and, let ng hope, good. That new Ate was !Mill
.faiit, by the I:Lll4—for SOLIIO rash act they ,aid As
hod -and we supp - oxo if wo hail gone to see
'her, the jailor would have turned us eft, ttiil i oot
a word of advice or hope to her. The -let ins
which inundate the soul, go not down as !Ito wa
ters to the sea, but they rage or lower, till the
heart, like a hydraulic rata under the flood, cot.
ses to beat
On the crooked road to Troy, we found the wa
ter two or thteo feet deep in two or three places
on the railroad. At Murrisburg, .that Sabbath
morning, the sun shone out warm and bright ;
and on walking away out over the road we had
so often gone the year of war, in company with
a friend, we found the roads dried off, and the
grass, washed by the recent rains, looking quite
Over the Alleghanies, Tuesday morniiig,
we found a slight flurry of snow, knot P., deep
however that we could not pass through it in
slippers, fur a cup of 'coffee, served by
, a bright
eyed girl;yrith black hair, combed sensibly back
from the forehead. It was the coffee we went
after, for sre did not then know who wait in at
tendance. We mention It to show bow little
snow they had there, at the time that the deni
zeus of this latitude were wading through a su
gar rtiotr "of a foot in depth.
As we I yeended the mountains tot ards Pitts
burg, we raw the farmers plowing, and mar that
place found the gardens made, (April 51h.)
In that city, they have no weather ll U, all
smoke and cinders. You may look a the sun on
the brightctt (ley, without any ineonlenience to
the e) CA. Tit hat is good place to be non a day
of eclipse: one has no need of smoked glass.—
On the 7th instant, in the morning, when, if wo
could have seen it, the sky would hare appeared
as clow es on any of the delightful days el the
past week in this latitude, '(for it was a amid
beautiful morning), one could not see it iniiii in
that eity,looking straight down Fifth Menus,
more than fatten rods! The smoke Was near
the grout* and even that brilliant I kea ()unlit
barely s truggle through it, no n low canttlot 41.1 -
He> in a lantern with a smoke of many year ,
upon it. But they don't care for siiiiil.i• in Pills
.l,usg. They are 'baking it all the while, and
they don't notice it. alley aro too 'coy to lock
about.. No (Inc is ,iiile there; and 110 OHO ( - all
live without work ; 1 ' for coil nine: iremli ' still
they do not pay'inneh attention to welshing, ei
ther ; and as for getting clean, that is not possi
ble, for the water itsell is smoky, and in its pu
rest oate would make good root tea. It id a g ~, )(I
place to tiring tip children, on account of the
plenitude of this antidote for worms and all that,
but tends to contusion of descents, fur ;sum can't
tell one child from another. Indeedi - as scion as
a then gets together enough property to, t0 . .t•0l eu
heir, certainly, Lc moves over 10 All( Aliany,
where, ne arc told, a parent, niith the aid sif Alio
best appluinces of aft, is tilde to reelig,nivii hi ,
own child, ill Tito of and dual Patton
said well, when ho contpat eel a sight of Pittsburg
from an toljaecnt hill to a lieis of " bell. te lib the
lid ,dl'." For all this, we tile !garbing, and we
like the people them
Coming kick after an tebsence of a week we
retina l the freshet bad dime hut little (I,iniii(..e, cud
that the scow, CO lately tallen, eves all gene;
while the roads woe better than they bail Lien
the presfint spring. A week of belay weather
l,no lonoweil, and our eliects are dusty in the
middle of April. Mtn with garden? to make,
.niiiking them; carpenters aro making the
streets all about the town relm . with the strokes
of their bar) banmii:is n ; dm fainter once again
&Iles Lis Item afield, and evokes ready fur the
seed time ; young leer; and maidens enjoy moon
light (or starlight) strolls; the romping bays
goon Will " kill the finst snake, and break the
first brake ;" the children make glad tile almost days, with their tender, happy voi
ors ; and all who can, enjoy the lovely Spring,
jtisi now more beautiful and revivifying than is
tier accustomed habit.
CANTON, BRADFORD Co.—Otiee, in a
moment of rashness, you aphid mu to write to
your paper from this point of tbo moral vine
-3 ard, atpl although months have intervent It sinee
then, I date been waiting until my nun lel pond
mifiimently lull to um runt 11,e hoisting
of the into gate, that 31,nr tafght
get the hem lit 01 a "flow of sotil."-
ilia t '1,14 shaZtild be a polished communication,
und.t.tand up under the heaviest It hot ot el tit
have Ii it devoting tome of illy lektuqt
bouts to light literature, (i.e. reading nt wspa
per: t, and 1 tied that all the eurrespondenk of I ti 4 '
IL oiesuia- journals eommenee their brilliant pro- 1
dilations by giving a description of their piirsie-
War headquarters. First, I live - jive:into*. And
now let me say, right here, that there ere two
Cantons; one is located here, and thB other is
not ; this is the first mentionediduce; but in or
der that they may not be confounded I will dis
tinguish further, by paying that one "Canton is
on the upper, and the other on the under side of
the earth—this one is on top.
This village is situated on the Northern Cen
tral railroad, abont forty miles from Elmira, and
an equal distance from Williamsport. It was
located. so on purposeao as not to interfere with
the prosperity and givtli of those thriving little
places. Canton, as near as I can find out, was
discovered by a man by the name of John Smith,
who, a great many years ago, or more, floated up
the Lycoming oreek on a saw log. Arriving op.
posito the site of this place, the log struck_ a rif
fle, and rolling threw him off: into the jnlce and
he immediately named the,lplace Cant:on—the
meaning of which, I suppose, was thathe eould'pt
keep on the log. I don't, bet anything on do
above statement; but r gave a little boy with a
bolo in the elbow of his breeches whore ho sits
flown, a quarter r for the above little tale; and if
it does'nreost your readers any more than that,
they don't need to blow, whether they believe it
or not. '
Tbo country about Canton is very picturesque;
and to one-born and brought up on a dead level,
would ho highly interesting and immensely 'en
tertaining. The chief agricultural productions
are butter, cheese, garden sauce, pine and hom- ;
look lumber, coal and iron ore. Liko alUlarga
places, we have our points of general interest.—
Boston has its Bunker Hill; Philadelphia has its
Cradle of Liberty, or Independence Hall, I have
which; " Romp had its Canute; and
Canton hae its Alinnequa. Minnequa is an Indi
an name, signifying a plaeo to get a drink.—
(Most places have their minnequas.)
Minnequa is quite a place, but is'nt 13alf as
big as its name. , It is compesed - of a big hotel,
"The Minncqua House," a big barn, "The Min
nequa house Barn," and a big spring, "The Min
nequa Spring." The population of Minneque
comprises . the, proprietor of the, hotel, his wife,
two horses, a couple of new-milk cows, and a
flock of sheep;—the last named individualsq
however, are only staying temporarily at the
springs, and I understand that they intend to
sell out to a Canton butcher this spring and go,
to Muttonvillo. . .
The big thing at Minnequa Is the 'Spring. It
is composed of some forty ingredients, the name
of any, one of which would give a man the blind
staggers to look at for three consecutive minutes,
and an attempt to pronounce it would bring on a
compound fraoturo of the jaw. It is warranted
to cure all diseases, and mere toe, which we faith
fully believe; and if-a person will makoian ex
clusive and a steady diet of it, ho will be a con
founded foul if he dies in a hurry. The contents
of this spring aro called "Mineral Water," and
yield about forty per cent. of pure gold to the
gallon ; gallon Is four quartz).
The founder-of this celebrated place is a man
traveling under the classical name of PETnu.—
Now there have been several distinguished men
by flint name, nut I don't want your readois to
get them mixed. There was.,the set iptural Peter,
who seems to have been celebrated for his nowt-
Wu qualities, and - Petitthe (treat, and Peter the
!lentil, and Petm• TUer, lute ph in Eater ;—but
this 0110 is llllolV t ii itS•agtee the llordie.
This toter isieitipliatioally agi eat man. .I will
stale, for tho,inlorittation ul Ilio.r who have not
haul an opportunity or ',ti e in g hin t , id in t, Le Is
about eleN'tqt" feet high, and weighs about the
e•tele LIS the Cerdit lii,wt. Ito it supposed to he
wiiith t hough to pay till tint national dell, and
his tnianoint operations are on hitch it, gigantic
scale, that they throw dint Fisk, Jr., so tar into
(lit, that it would take a t Ire:lk of• greitsed
lightning arnolith to find 111113, traveling direct.
The glory iil Mihneritin is associated with the
glory of Peter, just es the glory of ancient 'tome
is associated with the name of its founder, ltotn
ulus. I don't know of any one who pretends to
know ohms ar where Peter was born, ar whether
lie was laolidt up by a will wolf, or by hand;
hut i the ages to come, when 1114)11(4 - oth shall lie
tliu i.ripttal ui Milinerplaitoority ; when its glory
shall have oivi.hadowed the int . . Lib hamlets in its
salittrbs; when the rails- of commerce shall whi
ten the elan to,',llllillg t 111.111 the elightY Ships
pphell elan() Ole W jeUp the Tel - Miele. et eek; when
She met., the holt, and tho Wind, shall come from
all pails of the earth to be heal( J at this modern
lletheidit,—tlaiii Shall Milinerfu.t parents take
their children on 111c11 Laces, and tell them of
hat xi Wilk' rill '111';111, Putt l' the llordte, who flour
ished r.rnt iii liiifore, to 111.01/1 they are
(wielded t o r alltho dwindles which their eyes
behold, and for all the tilessi'ligs 'whieli they en
(The giviog birth to these lest l'ua hues, Mr.
13diu r, has completely exhausted 'me, anti it is
thought. Ikel , t for um to ttike to my bed IL ! r a few
days; but you 01111 :qty. to your read q s, that
mother and child arc dying well 3" end when 1
get recuperated, you may bear from me again.—
to the mean time, I remain just as
OSCIOLA.—The rains have descended,
and the spring floods have come down the•Cow
ane•rioe. No lit/oboe! damage hoe Woo alistakti
ed. A " i% e" lee,. of 15'118 ;41fir
ir.1 la•i Friday from Troup's ereek; on the tray
to Tiihtis mill. The rise hat hcdn
so lam oilildo, that ninny of the logs hays+ already
arrive/1 wtl hie the Loom.
ltee. J. CA out um VISA;
Thursday evening bud, at the lligb School cha
pel. Ilia-friends ahusved a just appreciation of
lii seiviees, by their liberal gifts. yet Lain eonvereations heard 111,011 the
streets, it is quite likely that. tiorernor tieary is
net quite as popular In this region as he was six
mouths ago. 'rho text. the !' few remarks were
fiiurideit uperi," was the veto' of 'the Pinci Creek
ram-mut bill.
It is a 14eneral practice to extend congratula
tion:, It, the newly - married. This is variously
managed—aparty and a reception, or sortie such
occasion, is devised to give the much coveted op•
pot tunity. But a townsman of onrs• (who may
Mr called A. 8., in lieu of a more definite desig
nation) neglected to summon dlis friends to his
wedding feast, So they presented their congrat
ulations at night, with music—not exactly a con
cord of sweet sounds, but such as would delight
an audience at a Chinese theater. Barnum tells
its iu hislentobiographY, that his business mana
ger in Belgium, Professor Pirate, accounted for
every questionable practice there, by using the
set phrase, It's the custom of the couutry."—
ThAt is perhaps the most plutisiblu excuse that
could be offered fur this ehurivari. ITEM.
BROOK FI ELD .—.l. remember of read
ing a-composition, a short time since, which in
all probability - was pi:educed by the pen of a
young writer. The title. was 'lSpring," and it
ended with " beautiful Winter is with us again."
Sitting tit my window and trying , to .analre the
true state of the weather, the nearest I oonio to
it is to compare it to that composition. Yester
day beautiful Spring was with us ! She came
with her usual quietness ever Om brow of the
hill, and standing. (hero in all her grace and
6 ' 3 .' 1 0', wiled upon Ile.' Oh that smile 1 All
the coldness and gloom was dispelled, and moun
tain-and vale were bathed in the warm, glad sun
shine. lint presently there came along the King
of Vroet, (kings hare great power, you know),
and following immediately in his train—Winter.
We were disappointed at this now arrival ; for
way down deep in our hearts was this sincere and
Marty wish thot we hurl got rid of 'these cold
hearted, bard..visagell visitors for the present.--.
Spring was . ittartled, and , suddenly burst into
te,irs—such gentle tears, falling a , :: softly as April
showers. For a moment the group aoml upon
the mountain, ntrining a beunlifkal inhlean. We
were in great hopes that. Spring's tear.; would
melt the liar.' heart- of her ovals, but they, were
, i, ,
nor( ,I. They watched m
her triuphantly,,as
shs t.ani.lll`,l, find (her
rtspi pgly at the MU rolllcliflik It il IF., V, hiell itt a
• 11 4 ,, '( time eauglkt the frozen senile of their king.
I his s the tine slate of the weather at piesent,
ltl t 7 : :now (hilts six feet :tell in some places,
and in oilier' (elates NO :•110W at till; lint instead,
the ground I rortin Ea hard that the hobs are pret
ty 11111 r half a tout high. And how the wind is
blowing I One can almost, imagine himself at
the north pole ; and indeed we might as well be, as
in a phiee where I her a ire only two or three spring
and summer months; Alas( where tire the April
/dolly( rs, and all those tiny bright spring (lowers?
Bet thank turbine, Hope is still left tie. We can
look beyond this dreariness et snow and ice, and
sec the time alien, bursting into new beauty, the
bills shall clad themselves in green; when the
rills, breaking the icy band that binds thorn,
Shall dance merrily along, tier( iu the - now 4 .dtiik
woods the little llowerS shall lilt up their lowly
tares to he kiF,cd by the warm sunlight that
than:, through . the budding 114VH. ith„Sprj lig I
We 1111%1) jilt& eel for thee long ; but when thou dolt
crier:, we will cry thrice welcome ! R. C.
SORIELD has tottirtiod from Cho City
With no toiI:6EIIIMM of Now t7uods to
sow iuriten the attention of tho !attics of Wolfs
born nut vicinity. Iler stook compriece a choice
selection of
141111131:01DERIES, vari
cty of WHITE 00017.
'plumliful for tho generous pair nage of the
past, she 1101)Cti to merit a continuance of (ha
Kn nlO, Bonnets & Ilats repaired t' order,
Wellshoro April 20, 1870; if
X - TOTICE, is hereby given to' School Teach-
IN el., that the directors of Delmer School Dis
trict, w It moot at tho - -sehool house near the Del
mire cideee factory to hire teachers for summer
the 20th of April- at 'TO o'clock
A. M.- Teachers are requested to bring with
them their Pertjticatee. - The directors stilt let
the building of a now, school butrio to the 14West
bidder the day. Said be tit be 20 by 21
feet and a wood bnuro and privy. 12 by 13 feet.
By ol der of ibe Board of direclors.-
April 2i, I ,7I) 2t
N Charles Bruce: Take no
tiee, iln.t. Braise K Bruce, by !kir iioat Wend,
A 1.4-o, hit, ni:plitl to I l ho "Coon of Qtiitution
Neon I. f Tlagoreutaity for a divorce, from tho
bonds t,f matrimony, nudsth t vaiti Court • has ap
pointed Mobility,' May 311 870 , nt the Court
Rouge. in %Vellrboro, au che-qinao and Place of
bearing the said applicant i the premises, on
which occasion you can ratan if you think prd
April 20, 1870. Sheriff.
THE THREE WAYS.,=—Throtigh a
rough region of the Eastern world Adoniram,
the pilgrim, pursued Ids twittery journey. Near
the foot of a mountain he came to a place
where three ways mot, and was at a loss to know
how he ought to proceed. Weary and foot-sore,
be seated himself in the ehado of the rook by the
wayside to rest, and fain would have rested Prig,
but the - lengthening shadows admonished that
the day was far spent. Ile had started in the
morning cheered by. the hope that this would be
the last day of his pilgrimage. For his. eyes had
been gladdened by the distant view of a city,
which Was the object of his hopes. But he found
the journey long and Moult. Often ho had lost his
way, wandering into unfrequented paths: and
again ho was misled by wrong direction's given
by a stranger. lio at last began to fear least the
night should add its gloom to tho darkness with
in. Like as a pure limpid stream exposes to
view ail the stones and pebbles which lie in its
bed, so the honest 'face of the 'pilgrim showed
plainly the deep troublo of the soul within—But
no, cartons , strangers were . there to read his
;thchights., Thestillness of tho i ciesort Wad areund
him. 'Tlitiso barren 'reeks were not 'habitations
for men. While thus forlorn lindidejeeted,,ho was
distiarbed in his musings by theNeititi'ef a hermit
_calling him : " Pilgrim, dolt thou know that I
am a friend to the wanderer ? I dwell in-a secret
(lave 'that I may guide the pilgrim,on his way,
and toll him of thoso who have ' gone before.—
Wouldet thou know of those threemaYs ? Though
each of ,them bath a different course,-you they all
leattOthe smile city. The road that teacloth to
ward the right. is smooth and- pleiti3arit to the
traveler, gentle and easy in its - ascent, 'well befit
ting such, as parry burdens; and that) Who aro
-week. - T,lle one before thee is ehortor , than the
flist,` tint:le-rough and-more difficult to travel.—
That ono on.the left would' lead thee directly up
the mountain, and is the shortest-of thorn all. It
is a - rough and rugged way; nono,may try it ex
cept he ho able to climb with the aotivity of youth
and the courage and power ef: early, manhood.—
Turn thou aside with me; and when then art re
freshed andreetored frogthivteariness, and bast
well considered the instruction I have:given tilde,
surely succeett_milLrowaidihjr_latiors, and thou
:shalt gain the object of thy-b,opes." •
. A•late write gives the following- humorous in
terpretio this.old t legend:- Ile affirms that
the Vviso - of the hermit is the - teaching. or los eons
• , oriance.- , The - Restore
on. ,ti pilgrim le a person titilictedvithlrome
painful malady, who has started-Merin:a journey
to reek , mistakes and
disappointments, from false guidee and false rem
edies; lie at last 'gains the right way, ivhon ho
has procured abottle of &hitt/en - which is nOw the
groat outside remedy for MI painful disorders. The
three branches of tho reid unloading to the same
termination, are three l lillferent methods in which
the remedy is applied. =These tiro explained by
the experience ul those echo have used it as des
cribed in OA directiond accompanying each bottle.
We are mrstired that Saintlier is useful in ev6ry
country home, and ought to he kept for sale by
all druggists, It is a novelty—there is nothing
else like it. Price tilty eents.
801.1 at V1110ic:111111 by .1. T. Beckwith d Co , No.
•152 lin:011W ivii 1-t et.l, New York.--:Y. 1". Ovino.
Paris by Sunlight and Gaslight." A
work deecriptire of lio., .llyeteriee, the Vintners,
('ices, Splendors, um/ Crimes of the Citli of Pude.
By Jame 4 P. McCtilie, Jr. Rational Publiehiny
Co; Ph iimic/ph M.
We know of nu bOok that wo have read with .
inure pleasure and profit to ourselvos than this.
It abounds in sparkling description of the gay
Metropolis by night and (MY, and the pie tures
of celebrities in that wicked but fasoinatinecity
tire porfiet. No wander amidst the time-hal
lowed monuments of the past, are drizzlelN by
the magnificent (.1 the present, (lino in the glit
toing Oates of the Patois Royal, stroll with the
metry crunvds along the Boulevards, and look
on it tho Jardin 'gerbille, 'when rho original
Can-Pau is nightly danced to the most .imltimpt
ous ',)f strains. "Our author seems to have the
Ilia, d ism i uti nation of an aotist, and (taints only
those pietures for his readurs which till bo glad
ly seized 11[11111 and appreciated. Them is, how
ever, no point ot tiny interest that Ito slights,
and ono may read this book and easil imagine
himself lieholding the v e 4 thing ho reads of.
It, is a forcible illustration o, the old adage,
truth is stiangor than fiction," for the author has
given us pl.:Ulla:3 which, though Arue to the life,
are no strange and stuningly. full of romance,
that 0110 Call hardly holier() them real. But the
book is far from being an exaggeration! Our
readers will recognize Its fairness at once by the
moderation of its statements, and the abseneo of
superlatives from its pages, and all who peruse
it will agree with us that no more remarkable
and deeply interesting book has ever been
etThred to mil public for many years. Bow Can
it he otlierwiso, when it is a faithful picture ot
tho most Whaling city iii.tho world ? It is very
tihsbrhing, and wo urn sure no one who takes it
tip will put it down unread. ft is illustrated
with 151) lino engravings, by tito best artists of
1. 1 •4• vl Ae. v.-- flora. [ha tier. , l'havehr. el nod mhos...,
and tho letter-press is perfoor. The volume, is
140111 only by subtMriptlou. -
TIltonW . 41):1 RAVI: BEEN CIIANCIED by the use of the
Peruvian Syrup (a ptotoxide et iron) from weuk, Hick
ly, culturing creatures, to ctretig, healthy, and happy
men and women, and invalids cannot rennonably heal.
tutu to give it a trial. Fur I)3spepcia and debility ft Is
a specific.
JOHNSON—GRAVES—In Covington, on the
sth hist, by Elder Harris Greenlaw, Mr( Jacob
Johnson, tq Miss Mukluk Graves,, all of the above
place. i .
-!. • - . . - _ . ..
‘,,,-, Requires immediate alie n n, fr uneg
:ift...OYV/V t r leet often results in an hien able Lug
tIRONGHIN 'Disease. t.
c... ) ' :' Brown's Bronchial 'r uches
.1;t001 will must invariably give Instant relief
TBROAT DIEEAsru, they have a soothing offeot.
gNalgit.S. nid PUISY.:IO fiII'EARNRS use them to
clear rind strengthen the voice.
Owing to the good reputation and popularity of the
Trochea.many worthloao and cheap itaitationa aro of
fored, which aro good for nothing. Ite•cure to obtain
the true
Broivnis Bronchial—Troches,
_pow) wvrirwannr.
The Confessions of an Invalid,
11110.911E6 for the benefit of young ?Mai and others
who suffered from Nervous Debillty,ect.,stimilylng
the means of sellmure, Written by one wLu cured
hi nisei f; and Hen t li et) on receiving a poht•palil directed
envelope. AdollVtlN, NATHANIEL MAYFAIR,
Brook lyn, N, 'Y —Om.
A (1 b:NTLEMAN who suffered for years from Ner
vous Debility. Pioniature ll:•cay, and all no
youthful indlwclutiou, will, for the sake of suffering
inanity, semi free to all wha need it, the receipt and
dii ecoons for making the 'dimple reined) by witkli he
%VIVI 111 , 4. :1111e1 by the adi or
train 'slexpertenca, ran do so by addrecßing in perfect
confidence • JOHN It. 01.11)EN.
Ma N 0.42 Cedar Sti cot, New York.
—••- , .
Tilt, Atlverilse'r,having been restored to health in a
few weeltc,hy a very simple remedy, aster having suf
f,n•od several years %%Mt a coveie lung affection, and
that dread (Ikons°, Consuruption—ic ituxioua to wake
known to hie fellow.sufterers the means ofcure,
To all , who desire it, he will sond'a copy of the pro
acription mud (11v43 of charge,) with the directions ter
preparing and using the Lame, which they will find a
MIME CURE. Pall O,Ciit9rITIPTIoN, AerilDll, 11110NellIT/11, Cite.
told( et of the advertiser in sending the Proscrip
tion Is to benefit the afflicted, and spited information
which Ito conceives to he invaluable; and he hopes
every sufferer will tiy lila remedy, us it will cost them)
nothine„,aud may prove a hissing,
PartieliNi Wittig the prescription, will &once 'Attract,
Williamsburg, It into County, N. Y:
Absolute DiVOIV,CB legally obtained in New
York, Indiana, Illinois and other States, for
persons frnin any State or 'Country, legal every
where; desertion, drunkenness, non-support, etc.,
sufficient cause; uo publicity; no charge until
diverse obtained. Advice free. Business estab
lished fifteen years.-3m.
A titlreoo. M. HOUSE, Attorney,
, Nu. 7ti Niumatt Street, Now• York City.
Wall Paper, Window Paper& Cloth Shades.
SPRINO STOCK ion 1870.—Hugh Young A: Co.
have just, received their first installment of Wall
'Paper, Window Paper, and Cloth Shades, for
Spring trade, which will ho sold cheaper than
ever. llorders, Window Fixtures, Cords, Tarr!
els, Gilt Cornices, Picture nails, and everything
else that belongs to the trado. Come and price
our goods, and examine them before purchasing
elsewhere. Specimens and prices sent 'by mall
to any part of the county.
'N. B. Our stock is the largest ever brought
into the county, and wo 'don't intend to bounder
sold.• YOUNG & Co.
Wellstwiroi March fli 1870.-tf - . -
, s a "Ct *Zr..A. I4
X•rX)"4. 4 .
p e rl -
New Spring Goods
'in all Ito branches, and Prices down to the
standard of Gold . at par. Oar
is very large, and wo make Clothes to order
when desired. Our
is tho largest in this section of the State, and
price_ 10 to 20 per cent lower than last year.
Linen and Wilito Goods
aro as low as before the war. We keep the Buff
alo Brand Black Alpaqa, which Madam Lamer
est, Frank Leslie and Barpers'. Barnar unite in
pronouncing the best Alpaca in market; also
the limier Brand pura , Moltuirs, a splendid ar
ticle, and full atsortindnt. The
send ue with the last invoice
just reatilved, the following TIC/-
ties: "We propose after April
Ist, 1870, to peek a cortiOicate
for an elegant Silver Plated
Tea Service, daily, in ono pound
package. The certificate when found, will be
forwarded to us through our agents, and they
will deliver the service to the fortunate party."
We ao the agants for the Company, and we
can assure our cuatoiners t that their
T E .A. IS
are cheaper than i they_ can ho sold at retail, be
aides the chance !of getting a
„ Tea Sctt.
14n rolicit a,oall from all the citizens of Tinga
oounty - and—vi.iinity, visiting Corning, and we
assure them that they eh all be kindly and fair
ly treated, and we will do them good.
Corning, April 20, 1870. ' • - ..
Wholesale and Retail •
fly W. C. KRESS..
pia subscriber will keep cal nand at all times
a fall stock of
Patent Medicines,
Flavoring Extracts, Perfumery, Kerosene,
Lamps, Wicks, Dye Colas, White Wash
Lime and Brushes, - ' Varnish nd
Sash Brushes, Vindow al
all sizes, V rnish of all
kin • ' lulu Soaps,
Hair Oils,
Ifai r and Tooth Brushes, a
. full stock jof
nnkee also a complete au
' sortment of
lionsiroprithie ]Medicines,
and a full stock of
Pure Wines and Liquors.
Buyers are roquasted to call and oxamine pri
ces I.eforo purchasing elsowbore.
Apr. 20, 1870
rip lIP, COLI.VTOItS of the several townships
iii Tiegit county, having duplicates in their
bands which remain unsettled foryear 18119, with
balance of tax duo the county are requested to
settle the game before or during the next term of
court, and for balances duo the county from de
linquent collectors on duplicates for any pre
vious year, if not settled within said time,
will be mode. The county, tld seen by the Auditors
report is paying interest on a large amount of
money, and derlying no benefit from a large
sum which . must be collected.
April 20ih, 1870-4 w. ROBT. C. COX:
Treas. Tioga Co. Pa
'HARPER'S WEEKLY, One Year 400
HARPER'S HAZAR, r One Year 400
HARPER'S BAZAR S to ono address, for one year,
$lO 00; or any two for $7 00.
An ,extra Copy of either' the Magazine,
Weekly, or Bazar, will be sppplied gratis for
every Club,•' of Five Subsoribera at $4 00 each;in
one remittance ; or, Six Copies for $2O 00, with
out- extra copy.
• Ihrtezres MitaAzt Nz contains nearly Double
the Amount of Matter furnished in the Galaxy,
The Atlantic, Putnam, or Lippincot. It exceeds
in about the same ratio any English Magazine
of the same general class.
A Net► Story. splendidly Illustrated, by WI/hia
Collins (Author of "The Woman in White," "No
Name." "Arm:Adele," and "The Moonstone"),
will be,commeneed in Harper's Weekly in No
Pertons desiring to renew their Subscriptions
to Harper's Periodicals will much oblige the
Publishers by sending in their Names as early as
convenient before the Expiration of their present
Sub'svriptions. This will obviate the delay at
tetittint upon re-entering names and mailing
back Numbers.
r New Subscribers will be eupplied with either
of tho above Periodicals from the•present time to
tho end of the pear 1870 for Four DoHare.
Address HARPER do BROTHERS, New York.
Now York, Oot. 15,18811.
s2s — lar TU F S emily LBC)
8 o ld w
i l n id g Pri g j ih ki n D e T . wip h t e y.F e it ie le a del -
met Glass Machine in the Market. Agents tvantetr a itt
every Town. Liberal commiteion allotted. For terra'
and circular, adhere, A. 8. iIkVILTON, Gen. Agent, No.
700 Oheetnnt 81., Philadeldhia. Fa.
THE subscriber is now receiving a full and
complete stock of
bought since the petal decline iti pricee, acid
which he now offere on the moat liberal terms.
Wellabor°, April 13, 1870
it if R. THOMAS HARDEN has a very choice
in article of the Swedish Alsike Clover Seed.
which ho is offering at very low figures. This is
the hoseseed ofercd to the public,
,as our best
farmers will testify. Call and see.
April j 3, 1870. TIIOS. HARDEN.
Sewil Machine Agents Wanted,
Sewhig Machines,
1 - 11 ' EiX counties iu Pennsylvania. Wagons fur
nished, and the mast liberal terms to agents and
purchasers. No capital required. Address or eat!
First National Bank,
• April 13, '7O-tf • Williamsport, Pa.
P;4;4 ; P ; P
TO TUE WORKING CLASS.—Wo nro now prepared
to furnish all classes with constant employment at
home, the wnole of the time or for the spare moments.
Business now, light and profitable. Persons of either
sex easily earn from 60c. to $6 per evening. and a pro.
portional sum by devoting t heir whole time' to the
business. Boys and girls earn nearly as.rnuch as men.
That all who see this notice may send theiraddress, and
test the business, we mako this unparalleled offer :
To such as are not well satisfied, wo will send $1 to pay
for the trouble of writing. Full particulars, a vain
able sample, which will do to commence work on, end
a copy of The People's Literary Cbmpanfon—one.of the
largest and best family newspapers published—all sent
free by mail. Render, if you want permanent, profi
table work, rddress E. C. ALLEN & CO., Augusta
Maine. March 16, 1870.-8 m
A Finns.. and lot on Pearl Street,-2d house
South of district school house. Enquire on
the premises.
The subscribers are now receiving new goods almost daily, suited to
the trade of this senaon of the year, and we can and are willing to make it an object to all per
sons who are prepared to buy auoh - gooda early, to buy'of um: as we think we. can claim safely
to save them an average of - 1
on the prices of any ow ut n go ode, and alto' a saving of contideraide more than interest on
whet the prices will he when business is active..
LINEN . BOSOMS, &C., AC., is marked at fail twenty-rive per cunt. deed time the prices at which
we sold our many goods la dt teason. •
_ k \
Whioh wo aro selling at a Small advance on the present iow rate of prices in wholesale markets
. 1
1 4
. -
Boots a d . - Shoes. ~._.
And shell keep a still larger stock this season than last, and 'also cell theta at a slight reduction
in prices, as we have been enabled to get a
off of several of our leading makes, and in all cases where we do so, we give our customers the
benefit of it. We increased otm sales in this department last year about 20 per cent. over the
year before, and hope to do the same this year.
and help you make your money buy more goods, per dollar, than for a good many years:
' 1 J. A. Parsons & Co.
Clover Seed.
Our Domestic' Stock,
we are new Jibing up with all the desirable makes in
We aro also adding largely to onr stock of Boots and Shoes, putting in as fast as possible,
newest styles in
gar - Come and see us, and we will show you an:attractive stock of
Corning, Feb. 9, 1870.
T" . 'partnership :heretofore existing under
the firm name of Lounabury dr, Kimball, was
dissolved by mutual coneent, April 1,1870. The
hooka are in the bootie of Mr.lounebury, and
all persons owinertaid firm aro rot/pleated to call
and settle immediately, at Dartt's shop on Main
The undersigned has leased the smith shop of
Mr. Dartt, on Main street, and will continue the
blacksmithing backless at that place hereafter.
All the old customers and now ones ore invited
to call. R., LOUNBDDRY.
April 6, 1870. 8t
For Ow Million, ai
Maroh 16,1870-tf. W. 0. KRESS.
• E. H. Harris?
( for sale by
Feb. 2, 1870. P: IL. WILLIAMS & CO,
administration having been granted to the
undersigned upon the estate of Clarissa E. Bry
an, Into ofJaakson township, deo .ased, all per
sons indebted to said docedent or elaimingligninat
the same, mint settle with M. K. RETAN,
March 18, 1870.-81* . Adm'r.
The Place to Buy Groceries,
MANG takoa tho Store formerly occupied
by John R. Bowen fur dry gouds, and con
verted it into a
everything fresh and good alto Lo fonnd hero,
and at prices to'ploase.
LASSES, FTSTI, &0., &C.,
Call and see us, that we may at i mvirme you
et the fact that our motto id, "Cheap, Quiok
Sales, amid Small Profits."
Mrollsboro, Feb. 23, 1870-t i.
1 j_ ltS. E. E. I(iiiibull kill be found hereafter
in her new goal tors, over Young and Co.'s
bookstore. She has just received lots of
to to,ieh the invites the attention of the ladies
of Wellsboro and vicinity.
April 13, 1870. ly •
s7',4l)*() pea• ton.
!rwars r Oats.
IHAVE for sale forty bushels of the genuine
Ramsdell Norway Oats; being part of 77/I
bushels raised from 23 quarts sown on of an
acre. The seed from which the above oats were
raised, was bought in Now York city, from the
sole.agents far the sale of the genuine Ramsdell
Norway Onts.• It. S. ARCHER.
Washer°, Feb 2;1870.,' 3m
and every article in it, enneb.ting cif
to huit all
•No, 5 - Nassan Streot, New York,
FEBRUARY 15th, 1870.
The• 1-
:remarkable success which attended our,—
negotiation of the loans of the Central Facific
Railroad Company and the Western Pacific Rail,'
road Company,• and the popularity and credit". •
which those loans have, maintained in the maL l .
kots; both in this country and Ezkrope, have
ehown that the First Mortgage Benda of wisely
located and honorably managed railroads are
promptly recognized and readily taken as the
most suitable, safe ancl advantageous form of
investment, iolding a more liberal income than
can hereafter be derived from governmeatboncie;
and available to take their place;
Assured that, in the selection and negotiation
of superior railroad loane, we are meetin g a great
public want, and rendering a valuable service—
both to the holders of capital and to those 'great
national works of internal improvement whoeo
intrinsic merit and substantial character 'entitle
them to the use of capital and the confidence of
investors—we now offer with special confidence
and satisfaction the
Tho Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, connect- •
ing the Atlantic coast and the magnificent lair
bora of the Chesapeake bay with the Ohio river, ;
at a point of reliable navigation, and thus, NV
the entire railroad system and water tranaportae
tion of the great West and Southwest, FORMEI
LINE, so imperatively demanded for the accotn
modation of the immense and rapidly growing
transportation between the Atlantio seaboard
and Europe on the ono hand, and the great pro
ducing regions of tho Ohio and Mississippi val
leys on the other.
one of national consequence, and insnr4 to it an
extensive through traffic from the day of its com
pletion ; while, in the development of the ex
tensive agricultural end mineral resources of
Virginia and West Virginia, , it possesses, along
its.:wholo the olemonts ?f a large and prof
itable local business.
Thus the great interests, both general and lo
cal, which demand the completion of the Chesa
peake and Ohio Railroad to the Ohio river, af—
ford the surest guaranty of its success and value, 6
Its superiority as an East and West route, and
the promise of an immense and profitable trade
awaiting its completion, have drawn to it the at
tention and cooperation of prominent capitalists
and railroad men 9f this. city, of sound judg
ment and known integrity,
_whose connection
with it, together with that of eminent citizens
and business men of Virginia and West Virginia,
The roaci l is completed and in operation from
Richmond -to the celebrated White Sulphur
Springs of West Virginia, two hundred and twen
ty-seven miles, and there remain but two hun
dred miles; now partially constructed) to be corn
plated, to carry it to the propoitel terminus - on
the Ohio river, at or near the of the Big
'dandy river, ono hundred and fifty miles above
Cincinnati, and three hundred and fifty miles be
low Pittsburg.
i Lines are now projected or in progress through
Ohio and Kentucky to- this point, which will
connect the -
Its valuable franchises and superior advanta
ges will place the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad
Company among the richest and most powerful
and trustworthy corporations of the country ;
The details of the loan have been arranged
with special reference to the wants of all classes
of investors, and combine the various features of
convenience, st 7, ant protection against loss
or fraud.
Tho bonds are in denominations of
$lOOO, $5OO and $lOO.
They will be issued ail Coupon Bonds, payable
to bearer, and may be bid in that form; or
The bond may be rekibtered in the name of
tho owner, with the cunt - ons remaining pttable
•to honrer attached, thei4sicipal being then trils
forcible only - en the books of the company, un-
Jose ro•assigned to borer.; or
The coupons may be detached and cancelled,
the bond made a peritittlient registered bond, trans
fernble.only on the hovlts of the company, and
the interest made payable onlj , to the registered
owner or his attorn.,y.
Tho throo olibo be Lninvn reqleetivoly
" Coupon Pond pa,yable to bear-
2d. " .ficwistercd Bands with coupons
" lhgistE rtd Ii inds with coupons
detached." •
And should ho so d_signated by correspond—
ents in specifying the elassof itionds desired.
They have TIII.IITYI YFIAII.,S to run from
January 15, MU. 16..1i - interest:at sil per cent.
pur annum from November 1, 149.
Principal and interest payable in gold
in the eit it of .lVcw York. '
Th 0 interest is payable in MAY and NOVEM
BER, that it may take the pkco of that of the
elrlier issues of Fi,e-Twenties, and suit the con
venience 61 our friends wto already hold Central
and 'Western Pacific bonds, with 'interest paya—
ble in January and July, and who may desire,
in making additiorl investments, to have their
interest receivable. at dsfferent seasons of the
The loan is secured by a mortgage upon the
entiro lino of road'from 10 hmond to the Ohio
river, with the equipment d all other property
and appurtenances connect d therewith.
Tho mortgage is for $15,000,0000, of which
$2,000,000 will be reserved and held in trust for"
the redemption of outstanding bonds of the Vir
ginia Central Railroad Company, now merged in
the Chesapeake and Ohio.
Of the remaining $13,000,000$ a sufficient
amount wilt be sold to complete the road to the y
Ohio river, perfect and improve the portion now
in operation, and thorougly equip the whole for )
a large and active tratlie.
The present price is 90 and accrued interest
A loan so amply secured, so carefully guarded,
and so certain hereafter to command a b promi—
nent place among the favorite secOitios in the
markets, both of this country and Europe, will
be at once appreciated and quickly absorbed.
Very respectfully,
P. S.—We have issued pampble l ts containing
full particulars, statistical details, maps, etc.,
which will-be furnished upon application.
jWe buy and sell goiernment bonds, and
receive the accounts of banks, bankers, corpora
tions, and others, subject to check at sight, and
allow interest on daily balances. mar 2 70