The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, April 06, 1870, Image 1

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po r i i r• ti F•• 4 :3417,4 I ftti 84,31 k • r` • •'•
• • ' n• •
7 1 , I': ` 1 1 . a te. - •
• 4- • \ • •
.4 4 i e, 45 f> •••
0.5—; •• ' l6l
-ft .5, t :1"51 raw,
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irt' - ,4,• 1
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4;4 th .
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voLvmE xvn.
--,,-_ . - ›, • .
VAN GELDER &-Mil'OßtifL,
I Jno. Manche%
P. C. Tan fielder.
liubicrlption, (per year}...,
TEN Ltses OP AnNiat 0D.:14.5.9,AKE ONE SQUArE.
No. I lin; I Sins 4 Ins I Shins I 6 Mos I 1 Yr
flare, $1,00 , 15 2 . 00 I $ 2 1 50 I PAO I $7, 00 $12.00
2 Bqualea,.. 1_2,00 1. • 3,00 I .4,00 I B,O O 1 12,00 I 18,00
113. - If Col 110,001 15,00 I 17,00 122,Q0 130,00 I aopo
dii-a-61-110r31 25,00
---- . ,
eir. Special Notices 15 ceiatti 'pier' Hue; Editorial or
Local. 2) cents per 1100. , .
Transient advertising MUST be paid for irfludranco,
trr Justice Blanks, Constable ..111a0lis, - Deeds,J:udg:
rue ut Notes, Marrjago Cartltleates, &c., on band. ,:
Oran Gelder &Mitch 11 / •
Book, Plin and Fancy Job Printers. All work
proinptly and neatly executed.: 2 -Jan.l, 1870.
Sniltit & Mdrrick,
yttorneya & Counselora at Law. Insurance,
Bounty and Pension Agency, Mee on Main
Street, lyellsboro Pa, opposite Union Block.
Jan. 1. 1870. W. H. SMITH,
GAO. IV. MErentcx.
Seeley, Coates &
BANKERS, K,lilawille, Tioga, " County, Pa.—
Receive montsr on deposit,, discount notes,
and sell drafts On New. York City. Otilltint
ions promptly made.—Dec.. Ib, 1869-IYO
W. Adams,
Attorney and Counselor at Law, Manetleld,.Tioga
county, Pa. Collections promptly attended
to. Jan. 1, 1870.
Jno. I. Mellen
Attorney and Counttelot. tit! Law, Clatq, and in
turanco Agenti Cape Ogr Xress' Mug Store,
adjointbg Agitatei Mob, rellaboro, Pa, ,
Jan.l, 1870: '• . .)
Wilson & lilies,
Attorneys and Counselors at Law. - Will attend
promptlyto business entruged to their °are in
the counties'. of Tioga arid P,otter. 2 Qtlice on
the Avenue. Jan. 1, 1870.
• 8. 1' .Wasir.t.3 [J. B. Num
. John W.-Glpernsey . ,
, .
Attorney and Coansaloritt Law:' All business
entrusted to him will be:promptly attended to.
Office 2d door south of Tiazlett's Hotel, Tioga,
Tioga County, Pa.—Jan, 1, 1870.
Win. B. Smith,
Pension,. and Insurance Agent. Com
munkations sent to the abovePdress will re•
ceive prompt attention. Terms moderate,
Knoxville, Pa.—Jan. 1, 1870. !
Sohn C. Hortmil
Attorney ands oounselor at Law, Tiogeo
0 thee with C.H. Soymour,*q. Business at
tended to with promptneee.:= 2 Jan. 1. 187.0.
W. D. Terbell & Co.,
Wholesale Druggists,
and dealers in Wall Paper,
Kerosene Lamps, Window Glass, Perfumery,
Paints, s c.—Corning, N. Y. Jan. 1 '7O.
D. Baeon, lit. D.,
Physician and Surgeon.. Will attend promptly
to all calls. Offsee ori Orafton Street, in rear of
the Meat Market, Wellsbero.—Jan. 1, 1870. •
E. .S. Perkins, .11, 1).,
Respectfully announces to the citizens of East
Charleston and vicinity, that he would be grate.
cal for their patronage. Jan. 1, I'B7o.
A. M. InFhani, M. D.,
Homoeopathist, Moe. at. his Residence I m the
Avenuo.—Jan. 1, 100.
George Wagner,
Tailor. Shop first door north of RolierL.S; Bail
ey's Hardware Storo. Cutting, Fitting and Ito
pairing done promptly and well.—Jan. I; 1870.
John Etner,
Tailor and Cutter. Shop opposite Dartt'a Car
riage Shop, Main .St., whore he is prepared to
do work promptly and noat.Jan. 1, 1870: •
Thomas B. Bilden,
Surveyor and Draftsman. Orders left at
room, Townsend House, Wellsboro, will moot
with prompt attention.—Jan. I, 1870.
_ • __
R. E. (Web ,
Dealer in Clocks and Jew'elry, Silver and Plated
Ware', Spectacles, Violin Strings, &c. Watch
' es and Jewelry neatly repaired. Engraving
done in plain English and German.—Mandeld,
Pa., Jan. 1, 1870.. •
Petroleum House,
Westfield, Pa., GEO. CLOSE, Proprietor._ A new
llotel,ftonducted on the principle of live and
let lire, for the aceommodation of the public.
Jan. 1870.- '
Ifadettto Hotel,
Tioga, Tloga County, Pa. Good stabling attach
od, and an attentive hostler always in attend
ance. Geo. W. Hazlett, Prop'r.—Jan. 1, 1870.
Hill's liotel,
Westfield Borough, Tioga .00., Pa. E. G. Hill,
Proprietor. A new and commodious building
with all the modern improvements. Within
easy drive of the best hunting and fishing
Grounds in Northern Penn'a. Conveyances
furnished. Terms moderatc.—San. 1, 1870.. I
Smith's Hotel,
Tioga, Pa., E. M. Smith, Proprietot. House in
good condition to accommodate tho traveling
public in a superior manner.--Jan. 1, 1870.
Keystone Hotel,
Sabinsvillu,Tioga Co , Pa., J. B. Bonn, Prop'r.
Good ontelainment for man and boast. Con
' vqient to ho best fishing grounds.' Parties
accommodated with conveyanops.—Jan. 1, '7O.
John Mclntosh, !.
Dealtir in Vermont and Italian Bitrble, manu
facturer of Monuments, Tomb• Stones, so., oor
ner Market and Cedar Ste.. Dorning, N. Y. All
orders promptly, and neatly executed. An
drew Van Dusen, Agent. Jan. 1, 1870.
Farmers' Hotel.
F. MONROE, Proprietor. This house, formerly
occupied by E. Fellows, is conducted on tem
perance principles. Every accommodation
for man and beset. Charges re4sonahle. • ••
March 30, 1870.—tf. •
THE -, ..r3MMLIC ! " -
M. M. SEARS, PnoPnion.
IVIIERE delicious Ice Creatn,,Freneh Con
rectionary, all kinds of fluits in their
lesson, a nice dish of Tea, Coffee, or Chocolate,
and Opt+ in their season—can be had at all
hours, sorted in the best style. Next dour Ve
lea 11 , 4 - ;heit9 Bailey's Hardware Store, Main
Street. - r f
r 13., Jan. 1,1870.
orer ivirson a , Van Val!century's. Store, siV : he
roonilutety odcupied Ly Pcnj. &des,. •
BOOTS AND SHOES of all kinds made to
order and in the best manner.
REPAIRING of all kinds clone procifptly and
good. Give us a call'.
Wellsborit, Jan. 1,1870.—1 y.
House \ and Lot for Sale.
,}7,1 1 THE subscriber offers for sale his house
ZIA. and lot on Main Street, oppesite Dartt'B
Wagon, Shop. Enquire on the premises of s
March 30. '7o—fini. JOHN ETN
Ono door above the Moat Market,
ES PECTFULLY - antiounces to the trading
It) public that he has ti desirable stock of 'Gro
ceries, co mprising,Teas,_Coffees, Spices, Sugars,
114 a 4 ses, Syrups, and all that Constitutes a first-
OAPs stook. - Oysters in ave 4 Atyle it all 'sea
sonable hours, •
Wi nilKlo,Jsn. 1, 1870-0.
• Y_Y , i
~ ~ ...... ~'." . '-ii.~~ ?% - r:: r v;, ~; -5."
..._''3i~ Li .' ~}W~?`w~. '- ~~:;1 `as~V+ ° . ~+£-? ~t`ki';~9 ' i~~%:>
, -`~3'h--..i~p'.uß~"i:i~~ ~i ,s~ ~.Y
4 2 , 00
30,00 45,00 I 00,00 I 1
ELASTIC' Srri'ilC3ll
Points of Excellence.
Beauty, and Elaitloliy
P ,;"
Perfection and Shop VI Alaebibery. '
Using both threado'directly from the opoolo..•
' No fastenibg of setttne'by hated and 'flô waste
of thread. • •• " 4 • —• 7 .
ido range of appiieriobp lithOtit change of
The seam retains its beauty an'cl`firmness
ter ;washing and'troning. ' ":
Busbies doing all 'kiwis of Work done - by °their
sewing Zfachines . those"MaChinea esecute•`tbe
most beautiful and permanent Etabroiderry/iiid
ornamental work.
rTho highest Premiums at all
,the fairs -
exhibitions' exhibition of the United Staten! and
klaropo, have been awarded the Grover & Baker
Sewing hittehines,And the work done by them,
wherever exhibited iiihernpotition• • •
Xir•Tho very highest prize, THE CROSS
OF THE LEGION OF HONOR, was' conferred
oii the representative' of the Grover 435 Baker
Sewing Machines, at the Exposition 'Universelie,
Paris; 1867, thus attesting their great superior-,
ity over all other Sewing Maehines•. '
Jan. 1, 1137o—tf. •
New Tobacco Store !
PRE subscriber has fitted up theY •Store first
door enAt Thomas Harden's dry goods inure,
for the manufacture and 'sale of
CIGARS, (all grades), Fancy and Commln
CHEWING, and a4e kinds of .
PLUG TOBACCO, PlPE:S,,an i 'cl the clisOir
cest Brand of CIGARS.
Call and see for yourselves.
,IVollsboro, Jan. 1, 1870—tf.
New Tannery.: ,
THE undersigned has fitted up the old Fouu
dry building, 'near the Brewery, Wellsboro,
and is now prepared to turn' out fine calf', kip,
cowhide, and harness leather in. the best man
wer. Hides tanned on shares. Cash paid for
hides. M. A. DUMF.
Wellsboro, Jan. 1,1870. .
y J. BURGIN would say to the citizens of
Wottstroro and vicinity that he is pre.
pared to supply them with
of the hest quality. NV 0 also servo meals to
those who wish. OYSTERS always on hand,
for sale, and served if desired. Call at the old
Stevens' stand. ,
1 9, 1 B'7o-17:.
- .
• •
• , ,
AVE twenty-five busliels of thei konttine
Ramsdell Norway oats. being / part of fifty
bushels raised from one, bushel sowing. The
seed from 'which the ahoy() ' oats were rai:;ell,
was bought in NeW Yor City from the 1, , 01e
agents of the genuine Its sdell Norway •Chtis
Prie . o. $5 per bushel. Address,
Pol).lll.'7o—tf. 1 Nellsbore; Pa. .
TIOGA :11:111116, -.. ST6 RE I
BORDEN - keeps constantly on
NV hand: Puro Drugs and Medicines,
- Chemicals, Paints and ,oils, Lamps,
4 E: Stationery, Yankee. Notions ,
Tioga, Jam) 1,1870.—1 y
1870 1870
• ,BY
T. B. STONE, •
(formerly B. C. Wickham's Nursery) .
. ,
•Co moo Apple Trees,
10,000 Pear Trees: -
A gcod supply of PLUM, PEACH, CHERRY
The 'Fruit trees are composed of the choicest
varieties, good, healthy, some of them large and
in ,bearing. Any one wishing to get a supply
will do well to call and see my stock before pur
chasing elsewhere. flar- Delivered at the depot,
, Wellsboro, Mansfield, Lawrenceville and Bless
burg, free of charge. All orders promptly filled.
Address, ' T.ll, STONE,
Tioga, Pa,
Tioga,.Dee. 8, 1869- 1 1y* '
Get the nest!
Mrs. A. J. SOFIELD, is agera for that su
perior SEWING MACHINE, the
which everybodydikes who tries it. It is a beau-1
Wel Machine, never gets ont of order with rain
usage, sews rapidly and strong stitch, and is
perfectly noiseless.
' n .,130 - Iliacbines rented by 'the week.
Nov. 17, 1889-tf. Mrs. A J. SOFIELD.
House and Let fbr Sale.
SOUTH of Mansfield, Tioga county, Pa , with
in easy walking , distance of the churches,
State N , ,rmal School, Ac. House in good order,
good size, and convenient. Excellent, well and
Cistern waiter Close to the door. Lot contains
about 1/. acre, and has a number of choice fruit
trees, grape vines, &e. A pleasant and desirable
home, and will he sold 'at a low figure. Address
Or inquire of J. N. 'BIXBY.
Mansfield, March 23, 1870. tf
House f p Lot for. Sale.
A GOOD Donee' and .barn, on a lot of two,
acres, within ten minutes wnlk of the
Court House, WeHaltom, is offtred for sale. In
quiro of John I. Mitchell, Esq., IVellsboro.
Jan. 26, 1870-tf.
House and Lot Yoe Saki.
IN Dutch Settlement. Enquire of
Wel!shore, March 23, 1870. tf.
For's3lo by
March 16, 1870-tf.
flpir Enext Term (14 •weeks) 4 4l.ll c . 69imence
Monday, March 21st, 1870.
$6O pays fo&Board, - Room, , i'Vood, Off, Wash
ing; Use of Text Books. ThOso` &signing to
teach, receive State aid amounting, to- $7,00 or
sl4per Tsrm.—Send for Circular. - • •;.?
Feb 2,1670. tf Principal.
W. c Kftc'ss.
,:!;7-47,11i d i`:;;I
il 4 ejt,
;so R
Y• 4 • I. Lir*
*/I. * n ' 481 " 1:1R ",-.
. 6 Armstrong . & Lanny ; •
.••• ••
- Aug. 4,1889-Iy.
- _ AnnnEw roLusr,
."‘ \ l,llllisl:ied in tile Jelve!ry,lku!3l
- ' NV 1) b P - 410 ni
, , C flees e s n
% e , ways, on, ? sale., :v,rlipa r ,
L • kinds it'tia p' - rieclS` -"••
AlitigRICNN '''"WiArftif Et:
i 'RY, GO' CHAINS, KEYS, itilil ,S,.
sppoNp;_. ~,,,,tAz1 Q ,8,5,';'.,,p1,4- . ... z ::1
&c„ &c
r: :•,
With most other articles usually kept in such
establishment, which is sold low for
Repairlug done neatly, and premptly,ftror :on
'abort NOTICE.' A., FOLEY.
January 5, 11374L1y.
,Irjoga, Pa.,
~ < „
AU those wishing
can save a good percentage, as we must make
room forlother
G 0 Oi'M S.
Jan. 5,186A-tf
li4-. t A. D. DUDLEY, ‘ ,;. ,i ~ ‘
Watchmaker ` e6l - 10631i . .
. . . . ~. ~ _. . ... . .. _ .
A largo as4ortment of i
a' Engraving don' o to any kyle. -
Cotning„ Dec. 15, 15661• A. D. DUDLEY,
ly. 1 No. 10, Market SL
FEC,IJTORS' NOTICE. - -Lotters Teshitnen
tary,having been granted on the estate of
Mrs. Mary Meek, deceased, late of Delmar, all
those indebted are requested to make payment;
and those having claims to present them to
' IV:1G
March 23; 1870. ,6w • Executors;
F Firm Packard de Kinney this day diEsolv.
ed by mutual conserit,..oll indebted to the
firm by Note or Book account ere requested to
settle the same and save costs.
CoviVon March 19 MO. 3t.
E .
XECUTORNOTICE.-LettersoE.Lettere ,Testamen
tau haiingbeen , granted upon The last will
and testament of John LOvergood,, deceased,
late of Lilierty, all persons indebted to or claim
ing against said estate, are requested to settle
Liberty, ,I • Erkers.
, -
SALE.--By 'virtue :of
JI an order issuedlt ut of the Orpbate• thinit
of Tioga county, the undersigned, Guardian, &C.,
of Lovina Collins, dill expose to public Sale, en'
the premises, in Union township, on 'the3o.l4
day of March; A. D. Intl, nt 2 'O'clocle,t,.lll.;.
'an undivided ono fourth . part'of thfit, yer . Lain,
lot or tract . of land I situate - in said tii4ti 7
ihip,,Tioga county, Pa., and bounded on the
north by lands of Ira Soper, east by lands ofJo-
. seri!' Collins and L. N. Griswold, South, by lands
of Chatincey'Raebn, and West
- by Janda 'ofGeO.
G. Collins_; 4ontainiug about -fitty,"-five ,
(fifty deres'et ivhielf aro cleared,) • together with
one frame frame barn, and 'E‘noll ' otelvtt . d
To ins, —0 ne-tliira cash, ontr-thiid In' ono)rimi:
I. from the confirmation, in, two
March 2, IS?O, 4t - " Guardittif;''
The „Riphardsou ~Washer.
WE the undersigned do hereby slip to v3l-=.
that have
think - it r,r suieritrr to, , any, weever saw. It
waAtes complete, and Works - with 'perfect ease—
only requiring about one tenth the laboi of corn—
anon Washers:: I tbibk-qt ehettp, - Simple and ,
durable. It does not wear the clothes, but sim—
ply cleanses from all .dirt." And ; we cheerfully,
recotuni.ndit,ro alli ; it, being now canvassed for
with great sticeess,,.,.. Marck; 1,479. 14.
Mrs. JerclP o Mathcrs,, ;
" Mary A,De.vrey, !‘. ,‘ -George Parker,
"-) ChristinglYntkins, ,", „Nettie Watkins, t .
Lewis Holmes, -" 0.
Mr: M. 0. Sutton is the only authorised Agent
is this locality. Mar. 2-Bt.
AIL IV 13011 4 §Irikr:' ,, ':IttiltNING • ORM'
"t role" late ` l( liy " '
,•- - •
P. ROB ERTS. Seed gctt of Ramsdell,
X' • 4. - TPe•
Rebruaryi ,;;r".
irIIAVE about 200 bushel - 5 of genuine Norway
jLi Oats, and will dispose of a part Of thorn at a
res i sousblapriee4 owtutogad
please,eall and OEOn7lllO. 1.1. - OrBENNETT'
Wellsboro Jannary 3d, 1870-tf.
TFIUE Spring Term of:7l:rmoN •Aoaniimr will
JL commence on Tug, l , day, March Ist, 1870.
• _tuition ......$5, to $7.
'Room Rent and1VR0dj...44......4.14..4. , , , - ss,bo.
Board per welle,- '53,00.
A Teacher's Class will be organized at, the
cotemoncemeht Of'tha term fot:ttio; - instruction
of those wishing to teach during the Summer.—
Por i ;lather infprnititjon x a ddreiisi t 11;
Deerfield, Feb. 9; ' E FIORTOIC
0,.7 14STXIEVI19.
TI, T.l
res t erriaLlVottoe.. - 4 ; t. ';
1 B. BAriTMAN has the largest stock of
AL • teeth ever kept in Tioga county. Also a
never before o ff ered to the
puhlic, with which he can givo adore perfect Sets
of teeth than can possibly bo made on any other
plan yet known. [See testimonial at the office.]
Nitrous oxide gas administered with ronmlrka i •
blo offect;''rendering the extraiition leetkpain-,
less, and even pleasant. Two new and complete "
gasbmeters in operation, furnishing a dull sup
ply of fresh gas at all times.
:opecial attention paid to filling and' preserva
tion of the natural teeth. Prices to suit all.
Fob 2 '7O tf
. Planing 31atching.
with rapidity and exactness, with sour new Ma
chines. Try it and see. B. T. VANTIORN.
Wellsboro, Jan. 1,1870.
. , AGENTS . W.ANT.L .
,_::::::''::"...:';';,:,,;.. -- - - . .- St -
T lIITE 'Men to BO in five Coontio in Penn]
1 - 4 I 83 , 1vailizl "i . 5
: -. 1 '' :? ' :7' -', ' -:
Wa',ons furnished; and the most libeial teems
to Agents and Purohasors.
I Address, or call on
First National Bank,
Ma • 9, 70-4 t. . Williamsport, Pa.
i ` - IN ''PA
IN the estste of Frederick Welty, cicc'd. In
the Orphan's Court of Tioga County, Penna.
N0..14, November Term, IfiGil :
To Mary Ann Welty, widow of said decedent,
Philip Welty, Mary Jane Foulkrod; Lucy Ann ,
Wilkins. Hannah Hart, Sarah M. Shepherd,
Catharine Sheffer, Alfred Welty, William Wel
ty, and and Alvah G Wilkins, Guardian of
Amanda Welty, Amanda,Ropp and Christiana
Kopp, heirs at law of the said Frederick Welty
You and 'cal:ill-or. 'Yon' tug) beieby •notifieit thiit
by Cirtue of n Writof Partition issued out of tho
to too directed I sball on Wednesday t c ho 4th
day,of Mnyl67o. at
,10 o'clock a. m. on the prom
isesltte the litttate'of tho'snidj'redeilek Wel
ty 'deed., Situate in • _Liberty- Torin*bip Volga ,
Couilty Penna., proceed to the execution of the
said Writ of Partition at which time and place
youi can attend if you see proper.—Shorin Of
fice Wellbosro Pa. March 16. 1870. 1
• • 7 ; 4" : „l3.'Potripti Sheriff.
B. PRINCE, breeder of Light Berumb,
• White faced Black Sganish, Senbright
Bantam and Black Breasted Rod flame Fonda.
Catharine Highland Nur-
and the
Champion Grain Drill and Seed
the best in use. M. B. PRINCV,
Residence. State St. Wellsboro Pa.
March 16, 1870.—tf.
lksitun 3 TlasterTHlS ,„
PLASTER haying been thoroughly
tested by the farmers, end pronounced 'by
all, to, be a superior 'article,' we take pleasure
saying that 'wo can supply the Yaasses;as
we have any quantity on hand, Price per ton,
s,dollars• I. CHAMPNEY.
' Jan. 5,1870-sm.*
for Sale or exchange fora house and lot in
Weilsboro. Sale property is situate abont lh
miles east of,,,llamongspor;, and,,Con
tains abourtsio sores b 1 Grapes-in full bathing,
and nn orchard of choice fruit. The property is
a desirable one, and plesantly located. Address
this 'offiCe; • S•AS.. C. VAN 'GELDER' ,
Mnr. 2,11570. ila mmond sport,' N. Y:
EUREKA"' Smoking
ti an excellent article of granulated Virginia; Wher
ever Introduced it is nniversally admired. It_ is put
np,lti bandsome muslin bags t .in which orders fir
Xicercchaum Pipes are`dailT, packed. -'
L0R162- .
; Classed by alllrho conaumbianstheannest ofall;" ft
lsmade of tho qholeest , tiler grovta t .18 anti-nervous
in Its sffeets, as the Nicotine, has been extracted; it
leaves no disagreeable taste after el:Oohing; it, to very
mild, light in color Mid tic - eight; 'hence ono Pound will
last as long as Bof ordinary tobaccb: In this brarid wt 9
ale° pack orders every.flay ter first quality Meerschaum
Pipes. Try it and , convince.yourselvos it is till it claim
to be, "TITS FINEST OP A 14. 7, ,
Tlii4 brand of Cut, Cheating TobacCOhas no equal or
Stiperior anywhere. , iloubtSbobtfet OlOyt
Ing tO•nrco 10 the'coutitry.
ilUar4[l's Snitirs
• • • •• - • ,
, Have now Lieu In general use In tlio United- Stoics
over 110 years,' and still nekttondedged "tho'bost"
wjterever used. ' •
y.sur storekeeper does not have these artfeles for
sale, risk, hitn to get them ; . ,they aro sold by reipeetablo
JobberA almost everywhere. — _
- tlireniar and prices (urwar'led, - • ,
• I'.-,I,OII,ILLARD d: CO., Neli,York.
.. March 10,1M-2M -•• • • •• •
•• IS P 4 s / ) 1 1 : :
ilC;it '2CA thti
Our, Prices 'To4Day,
Best White Whet,Blour SI Pr
- lied 'Witnier 50.50
'XX Spring Wheat, 6,01) " LOP a '
Buckwheat Flour - 3,00 per 100 111.4.
Best Pep.] ' 00 4 , ,
Won anti Shorts 1,50% " 4 ,
Meal ..... ... . . '2,25 it
Those FOR t'AE3I7.; • '
WI-410.14T PAILEY:.*
- ••.; 0. •
All porsons itot , bwring softladWithAis,,can
uot,blume•LlS now if th+y find their accounts and
notes loft with,un:' Ottoiney , for , CollectiOn; , We
g~v~ finis tiCtfce.• •"•I •'• •sv;&. -- , 33; '
• ' ' •" "
_BALOB.-- 1 -We want lan torton having-nny with bag ou,r rhark'Ori citurnt tke 'same - at,
Mice, as viViifiaii takb Melia" 'tp.:,ei,apaTe'
WO have 500 bawl scattered among the.people.
T. ' ;'
o .4 3, MAIN STREET,
2 - • :
-.lM.W.T!, l lpoctoo,,TMOtAittiN . ,:'
' - fis4-- - 1. 4 "1--• :.*-..-t,t•-•-•-•:„.•,..,.._,-,..;4.4 ,,, -;-:"..:, , •:. A..„- - •-•,: 4.--;...1
-,:•-.. 1:s ! , 1:1-:. - !i 1? e BEA F: aritT:' , , ~, :::,,,:,; , • 1 ,4 ,,,!•
' r , r ,40 -i .A l ;_, S . 4 :lqi) 0, 14 \00 1 14;01 " "94 : Y. , ;
Ifq_Ma ' 4 0 1-1 4311i50, .4 , 0-14-OritMtli.or.. - , TX A'
. , - - 1
OF fi rkr-rrirTEEXT-it '.oll.4sTiATt.tiT : 'liY
i ' ll P:!*, l4 iiicf*M.4" ''''
''.": '::-:
o„ i i , t *; s ;it_, r ,., d I c:riw,r-},
~,.,,_,, ~,„ _,..x.,a .--•. : .- .., ,•-•
, _ u ary ,/8 0 ' •
Til"..l)fisAige uy, the -.10.t1t- Amendment •
by,,the Ohio Legislaeherlereated aliro-.
found iiienStuitutti in Ahii - qiiiiriejlt .- 'OS-,
lit. ' : ,7:l li ni,§ POhcrel,Lbhe'4,oontliiii of
ter . noon; :..-0 t,s4t„. - 4y . 6iciiig,firlargeineetM
wnz;l:feld..-in:•the,:•tback. room ; uv , ; any,
gresery , T -to -,express , •Our , views -10w - the
topic; the eleot:nvi thetiethoOlsy Div the;
ward :beip' - ijye‘g E * . ; - : , 1• ;•*,•iii - , n y - , ;•0 31 4,4 :
c a l lerd ,l b tßilV*Ar;f i a . ii,4; ~o)93 l Y,',Weik,
.Parikk4; zWho,-..wuz-, iwunst ;a reporte4,
till an Amterpowerin ,•fondniB ler >fikker
,preveniid hinf;froliii Aid obargiiilits diio.;-,
'tied, ati4 r *liig,' = linit„,l : n. : olte; be . 2Sit?l,3P .
.1 11 44.4.0 , ,Mr4b r i 40 , 4 1 ,;'' k''.'491 1 704i....,PY)
Dlyneliiiatk Meetins Au 't tilaie wardi , ywu4
Inade'fsekrettirv'i '-z" , .0 3 ''.." --,,,'' ''''
Terimee'O'Gratii; :'Wlih` - is 11 . n : ; - iiiiderj;
wat ter,' Itt i tlit,c,',Astbi - . ,PfBtvie',4 l erna . iked
thislliP, sciliii*i? - ft., 1 4-*-44 'SvPq••:.:T..IiP
PasHifie - i.PY the- -Araendment ,- ,by2/the:
Oltin3Legisltieher settled)•the . • question
uv; nigger • suffrake. °.'',-FroM -- ,thlif,tirtin
forwaril'ainen* 'race ; ' duly fitted by
nacher to de metilal,• r orices ~14 others ;
would be placed on a ekality with him.
-It wuz degradiit to the radOw freemen
to wbeh • be , belonged, and:for one he
wood ; • 'never,
,-no- ; never ; submit: :Mr. -. -
O'Grath wood hey;
,continyood his re-,
marks, he wuz-cut short by the entrance
uv the head waiter, who cussed,-,h im viggerusly for bein a ay from hisplace,
and ordered .him ,* sfantly to leave.
"Who's brushin the 'entlemen's coats,
and .. .Pullin' off - the boots; and sich,
while yoorhere.blatherin?" indignantly
ejackilated the head man, ez Mr. 0'
Grath meekly ; l6f(the.rooku.,'
Timmy Brannon, a drayman, remarkt
he was entirely discouraged. , Only last
week he lied bin arrestid and , fined for,
1- beatin-his•hos.s • over the head with a
dray pin, and now kin nOthing be dun
to check these outrages ? . .....
Tonirnas Patterson, Eaq., a gentleman
knowci it pugilistic circles ez "Patty
,the Lifter," wantid
,'to, know whether
}le , wuz to be compelled to go to the
polls twenty , times st" day beside- Dig
gers? "Blarst my byes," remarkt Mr.
Patterson, vehemently, "I'll go. back tO
hold Flingland first !'t ', , ' '
• Mr. Plieli'm Malloy remarkt : that so
far' ez .1%74/ York wuz . conserned .he
didn't knor) ez' tweed make any dif
. _.
ference. He' wuz entirely 'shOor that
no nigger wood ever vote in the Sixth
Ward, anyhow, ez we . don't allow only
,sich wite men:to vote ez we want to
- vote. • 1-34—",: --
. • • •• - '
"I3ut apozu they'll all vote the Dimo
erathie, - tiltket ?" 'gurg Out an Alder-
"That woodent dons any g00d,".. re
torild Mr.'Mailoy. So Icnig as we' kin
repatdei often cz needs be, and - tuff
waiit,'wat OCCWO wantuv more , voters?
\bit he :, \VUZ about, to say w,nz' that,
.in N . QCO Vsirk,
his sole , run out in pity towards the'
Dimoerisy 'in the Ablishen distriekse
who woo 1
,be compelled to vote, with,
niggers, cifot,pelled 'stan by helplis
and see t e LQallot box thus degradid:
At this pibt there wuz a gineral e*-
prefshun iv joy, okkashund by the en
trance uv Mr; 'John Sykes, who lied
just arrived froth Sing Sing, , where he
hed bin encarcerated two years for bur
glaiy, which wuz compiatid With shoot
in •the individjeoel . whose
. house he
wuz burglin. His bein convicted and
sentenced wuz owin to the fact that he
lied opposed the nominashen uv the
Judge : afOre whoM he was tried. Sykes
wuz uv couese indignant at the unfair
treatment he hed' experienced, • but he
wuz more profoundly atrectid at the
politikle-aitooashen than he wuz at his
firivit wrongs., "Thunderl To think,"
sed sich a mass uv ignorence,
vishusriess and crime bein elewated up
to us. t :Ef ztwant for some
,little mat
ters connectid with dozen. house breakinsin - Lunnun I'd go back on
the, next Steamer ez sails.". • ' •
And Mr. Sykes actilly wept:
Atthis pint an • unfortinit v difference
occurred. Alderman 0 1 .14'allon wuz
offerin a reslooshen protestlit agin the
_assOshatin uv , free men with the lower
and more vishu,s classes ez tendin to.
corrupt the sanctity,uv the ballot, when
Mr: Patsey Carney entered. "Pay me
the money ye promised me for the ten
votes I brote ye off the emigrant ship
last fall, ye spalpeen !" ejacelated Car
ney, "I've, paid it twiet, ye , blaggaid,
and begorra there wuz , only nine uv
em and one uv them wuz ft legal voter
for which ye had no rite to ask pay for!"
reportid O'Fallon.
"To . the divil wid yez !" rgmarkt
Cariryi.goin for . him. Uv course the
entire meetin jined in the scrimage.—
It'lastid twenty minits, resultin in the
breakin uv every chair in the . room, a
two-gallon jug.and„ twelve or fourteen
'heads. relic of Abolishun mistb6l,
.the Metropolitan poleece; hum in and
stopt the row„ takin away ten men,
nine uv which I knoNvd bed money in
their pockets, which, lied they stayed
an hour, I shood hey got. It wuz exas- :
- Two 'uy my stiddy customers who
lied biu civercome early in the afternoon;
and who lied jist got Up out uv the straw
wick I 'keep in a room for the accommo
,dashen uv Rich insistid that they'd
• .11
never consent to givin up politikle
power to thedegraded wretches. They
felt that the very proposishen was an
outrage„ "Wat effect,
_will the makin
- uv sick an ary uv new voters hey on
the„price uv votes ? g ‘ f ,they ' vote at
all in this city they'll hey to vote with
Us: Will they immejitly demand their
Share OV the afilceS? lmaginemy bein
arrestid for vagrancy by nigger poleece
And,the bare thought HO shoat him
that he rusht out into the bar-room and
took a whisky strate, fergettin, in his
excitement, to pay
Iteso'tonsil us were introdoosed .'and
passed, den unsin the ackshen uv Ohio,
and exhorti isNoo York to stand firm
in her reseisin yy,the - ratige,aslieti,;..M;
dishnel resolocsthens' wuz pdssed, de
mandin uv the the Legislacher uv Noo
York astriklyDemokyaticgoVernment.
'We inststid upon fiinimMej it ropeei 'uv
the Excise law, , the Metropolitan
,Po 7
leeee 10vs,_the laWS,preyepthi , dreoelty
" - t4idninialsy , the healthlaws; the dividin
nv the skool OW among'. ttie - Catholic
',ehurches;and•allthelaws.wich tend to
. kOp i Ablishnists in offis to tliejnjoory
'uv the s'loon keepers uv Noo York.—
This last menahund clause wuz added
atnii i insfande: • EithePiiieeeeinen pia
thia belit'wtliitil taken froth ''PLs''' isfif!'
ions, ez they, will be when the change'
finally qemes,_wat. 0. , good thing I ,wpod
hey nv - 1 t ! t ' l roa 'Reno'. tivotify - or ` til I itst
men, _all -on . good salaries, and - with!
power, to, arrest and go through, jest sioh
ez they pleeze, and all uv 'em spendid
lialFor three.qbait'er, , uy. theft. time in
my "bar=ioem ! , Majestic . pr4b4peelr.,r
Governor 'ftoll'emni" wood insi upon
htirrYini-tip"thiS thin of he r alined
how tfluOr NVOi"cvlio ' electid 11 in are
lei:min '4 bisnon-ackehen. • “ 1 • • .•
'My bizitis is' tollahle only. My cus•l
terriers are gettin into a habit uv'''rb- .
- Markin tome `list mark it down," after
iiikin a' kink, wich, sence I ,stand on,
• .
,cite Ins! tk uy,A bar, I find to be Al most
.disgustl thing.. , And then my .enstom
le b. , ein divfded. Sluice the goimoeratic
i: , letrs7,,in November makes a, change In
•'the. control tiv the eitycertiti, five stores
lathe iniinediate visinity tiVitnY place
.hove bin'eltinged into s'loona, and each
one diaivs off Suthitt from Me. But yet
I make'no doubt I 'AEA git along. 'My
landlord will be a candidate for Alder
man next spring andlie - cant afford - to
bother me very much for rent, and I
am busy establfsbirk a credit at a .half !
dozen,wholesale likker stores. I shel
worry along. . • , •
• Speech of &niter Revels.
Mr. Presitent :rise at this partic-'
ular juncture in the discussion of the
Georgia bill, with feelings which, per
haps, never. beforeentered into the ex
perience - of any member of this body.
I rise too with misgivings as to the pro
priety of lifting my voice at this early
period after my admission into the Sen
ate. Perhaps it were wiser for me, so
inexperienced in the'details of Senato
rial duty, to remain a passive listener
in the progress of this debate ; but when
I remember that my term is short, and
that the issues with which this bill is
fraught are momentous in their present
and future influence upon the well-be
ing of my race, I would seem -Ili-differ
exit to the importance of the hour t i and
recreant to the high trust imposed upon
me, if I hesitated, to lend my voice in
behalf of the loyal peopleof the South.
I therefore waive all thoughts 'as to the
propriety of entering into this discus
sion, breaking through a generally un
-derstood etiquette of this body. , When
questions arise :which bear upon the
safety and protection of the loyal white
and colored population of those States
lately in rebellion, I cannot allow any
thought as to the mere propriety to en
ter,into my consideration of duty. The
responsibilities, of being the exponent
of such a constituency as I have the
honor to 'represent, are fully appreciated
by me. . I bear about me daily the keen
est sense of their weight, and that feel
ing prompts me now to lift my voice
- for the first time in this council cham
ber of the nation. And, Sir, I stand
to-day, on this floor to appeal for protec
tion from the strong arm of the Gov
ernment for her loyal children, irre
spectlyeof eolok and race, who ,are citi
zens of the Southern States, and partic
nlarly of the great State of Georgia..
ItLek. Racc 0 1 q
icetiett ion
. lam well aware,- Sir, that the ideals
abroad that an antagonism' exists be
tween the whitey and blacks;"tharthat
- race which the nation raised, from the
degradation Of slavery, and endowed
with full and' unqualified rights and
privileges Of citizenship, are intent up
op power ,at whatever price it can be
gained. It has been .the well-considered
aim and purpose of a class, not confined
to the South, to spread this charge ove
the land ; and their efforts are as vigor
ous-to-day to educate the people of thiS
nation into that belief, as they were at
the close of the war. It was not un
„eommon to find this same class, even
during the rebellion, prognosticating a
servile wpr. It may have been that the
wish was father to the thought; and,
Sir; as th recognized representative of
My downtrodden people, I deny the
charge, a d hurl it back into the teeth
of those who make it, and who I be
lieve have not a true and conscientious
desire to further the interests of the
whole South. Certainly, any one pos
sessing a knowledge of °the colored pop
ulation of my own or any other . State,
need net be reminded of the noble con
duct of that people, under the mosttry-
ing circumstances m the history of I the
late war, when they were beyond 'the
protection of the Federal forces. While
the Confederate arty pressed into its
ranks every white , male eapable of bear
ing arms, the mothers, wives, daugh
ters and sisters of the Southern soldiers
were left defenceless and in the power
of the blacks, upon whom the chains of
slavery were still riveted;—and to bind
those chains the closer was the real is-
Sue for which so much life and property
were sacrificed. And now,Sir, I ask,
How did that race act? -id they, in
those days of Confederate weakness and
impotence, evince the malignity 'of
which we hear so much? Granting,
for the sake of argument, that they
were ignorant and besotted, which I do
not believe, yet, with all their supposed
ignorance and credulity, they, in their
way, understood as fully as you or I, the
'awful import of the contest. They
knew if the gallant corps of national
soldiers were beaten back, and their
flag trailed in the dust, that it was the
presage of still heavier bondage. They
longed; tno, ns their fathers 'did before
them, for the aklvent of that epoch
over which was flied the hallowed light
of inspiration itself. !They desired, too,
with their fathers,
to freleotrie the feet
of the strangers, slio 'with the Peaceful.
preparation of good n vs. i Weary years
of bondage had told t leis tale of sor
row to the Court of coven. In the
councils of the Great Father of All,
they knew, the adjudication :of their
case, albeit delayed for years,
.in which
patient suffering had nearly exhausted
itself, would, in the end, bring 'them'
the boon for wltich they sighed--God's
most blessed gift to his creatures—the
inestimable boon of liberty They wail
ted, and they waited patiently. In the
absence of . their masters, they protected
the virtue and chastity, of defenceless
women. , Think, Sir, for a moment,
what the'condition of this land would
be to-day, if the slave population had
"'sell - in servile insurrection against
those who, month bymon th, were figh t
big to perpetuate that institutien which
brought them all the evils of which
they complained. Where would have'
been the security for property, female
chastity; and childhood's innocence i-r-
The bloody counterpart of ,sueh a story
of cruelty and wrong Would have, been
paralleled only in those' ,Chapters of
Jewish history as recorded hy Josephus,
or in the stilt later atrocities of that
1 , reign of terror which Stint . thei'n n fortu
n ate Louis XVI' and. Mary Antoinette
to the scaffeld. - say, the deeds in that
I drama of cold-blrioded butchery. would
have out-Ileroded the most diabolical
acts of Herod himself. .
Me Interests of the Races Icientiical.
; . , ..
Mr. President; I - fri intain that the
past record of my race ha trUelndex of
the feelings which to-d animatetheta4
They bear' toward'.theit tj m
i l l?,
,REQ revengeful thoughts, nri - hiitied;'ll6
animosities. They aim 'not to elevate
themselveS by eacrificing i one single iti
-terest of their white fellow eitizensl 7 --
they ask but the rights Which are theirs
by God's,uniVersat la*; and which are
tbe natural outgrowth; the” lagidal se
quence, of the condition in which the
legislative - enactments of this nation
wuz Postmaster.)
' ~'
litave placedthem._ They appeal t o yo u
'and to me, to see that they receilze that
roteCtionWhichalonb'Oirefiable,th ra
to pursno•their daily avocations 'with
success, and enjoy.the At4erties of cltiT
zenship'on the same footing with their,
wiliti3 - neittlibors acid Wends. Ido not
desire simply' to defend -my 'own race'
from ,unjust and itumeiited charges, but
ruts° desire to place upon record an ex
p6ssien of my full s and entire pont - 1-
(101 p in the intekrity of purpose, - With
which, I believe,i • the' - President, Con
gress and the Republican- part l y' will
meet these questions, so prolific of.yeal
tn.! woe=notl only to my own people, but
to' the whole South. ''They 'have been,
SO far as I can read the history , of the,
tlineS, influenced by no spirit of petty'
tyranny. - The poet has well said :
"0, it io extelfont.
• To have a giant's strength; but it is tyrannous
-• u'o it liko a giant.". -•
• • I
And hciW. have they used that:power,
lodged in' thern by the'people? In acts
of cruelty'and oppression - toward those
who sought to rend ha twain, this good
ly' fabric of our fathers : -,the, priceless
heritage of so much hardship and en
durance in Revolutionary times? Let
the reconstruction- enactments answer
the interrogation. No -poor words of
mine are,needed to defouitthowiseand
beneficent legislation which has been
extended alike to white and colored cit
izens. The Republieari party is hot in=
flamed, as ; some would _fain have the
country believe, against the white pop
ulation of the 'South South; its
_borders are
wide:enough for all truly loyal men to
find within them peace and repose from
the din and discord of angry faction.—
And be that loyal man white or black,
that great party of our republic will, if
consistenOvith the record it has alrea
dy made - for posterity, throw around
him the same impartial security in his
pursuit of liberty and happiness. if a
certtdn class of the South, had accepted
in good faith the benevolent overtures
'which Were offered - to them with no
,niggard hand, to-day would net find
,our land still harrasSed with feuds and
• Congressional Protection Demanded.
I remarked, 11 r. President, that I
.1 1
rose to plead for Oteetion. for the de
fenceless race wh now send their dele
gation to the seat of \ government to sue
for that which this Vongress alone can
secure to them. And here let me say
ftirtber that the people of the North
owe to the colored race a deep obliga
tion, whieh it is rio• easy matter to ful
fil. When the Federal armies' were
thinned by death and disaster, and som
clouds overhung the length and
breadth of the republic, and the very
'air Vas pregnant with the rumors of for
eign !interference-7-in those dark days
of defeat, whose !memories even yet
haunt us as an ugly'dream—from what
source did our nation, in its seeming .
death-throes, gain additional and new
found power? It was the sable sons of
the South that valiantly ruAhed to the
rescue, and but for th O r intrepidity and
ardent daring, many i.,:t Northern fire
sidC would miss to-rya Y paternal conn
se!l;,or a brother's love. Sir, I repeat
i,lle fact, that the cOlor3d race saved to
the noble women of New England and
the Middle States tire men on whom
they lean to-day for security and safety.
Many of my race, the representatives
of these men on the field of battle, sleep
in the Countless graves of the South.—
If those quiet resting places of our hon
ored dead could speak to-day, what, a
mighty voice—like to " the rushing
s of
a mighty wiud"--:would come up - filim
those sepulchral home's. Could we re
sist the eloquent pleadings of their ap
ed? Ah, Sir, I think that this clues- '
--IA:, r. ;...e. ta........ - .eliatn, • ams drt , ..., en 1 03 es, -
ti io u for the loyal people of Georgia
would close its legal technicalities, and
,would cease to hesitate in our provi
sions for their instant relief. Again ' I
regret this delay on other grounds. The
tanht is frequently flung at its that a
Nemesis more terrible than the Greek
personation of the anger of the gods
awaits her hour of direful retribution.
'We are told that at no distant day a
great uprising of the American people
will (demand that these reconstruction
acts ilf Congre:ss be undonft and blotted
fore‘ler from the annals ,!of legislative
enactment. I inquire, Sir, if this de
lay in afibrcling protection to the loyal
ists of the Sate of, Georgia, does not
lend an unconifortable significancy to
this boasting'sneer With which we so
often meet? Delay is perilous , , at best ;
for it is as true in legislation as iu phy
sic, that the longer We procrastinate to
apply the proper r i emedies, the more
chronic becomes the malady we seek to
heal. The land wants such
' As dire with rigor execute the laws.
11cr festered members must be ]aided and tented.
He's a had surgeon that fin4ity taares
The part corrupted till the!gang2ene spread.
And all the body perish. lie that's merciful
Unto the bad is cruel to the' good. " .
Treachery of the ex-Rebels li. Georgia.
Mr. Revels then reviewed the history
of athiirs in Georgia, stating that at the
election in November, 1867, for mem
bers to the State Convention, 30,000
white and 80,000 eolored votes were
polled, and a number of colored dele
gates elected. A Constitution r ives fra
med and ratified, 'and a Legislature
elected under it was convened. After
all this, supposing they had passed be
yond Congressional control, the Rebel
element in the Legislature asserted it
self, and many of those whose, disabili
ties had been removed by the State
Convention, which comprised a number
i i
colored members, joined in the dee
la ation which was made liy that Leg
isl Lure, that a man having more than
one-eighth of African blood in his veins
was ineligible ,to office. These very
men to whomthe Republican party ex
tended all the rights and privileges of
ciqzenship,'of which they had deprived
themselves, denied political equality to
a large.majority of their fellow citizens.
Twenty-eight members were excailled
On December 22, 1869. Au aet of Con
gress was passed requiring the re-as
sembling of the persons declared elect
ed by the military commander, the res
toration of the expelled members, and
the rejection of others who were dis
qualified. All the conditions ha now
been complied with, andhavingr tined
the Fourteenth and FiTteenthiCo stitu
tional Amendments, Georgia pre ented
herself for recognition.) The Bingham.
amendment proposed to legalize the or
ganization of 1868, and would legalize
the actor the Legislature in appointing
the Judge who had decided in favor of
class , distinction in the State. As a
means of future protection for loyal
Georgians, he desired these terms should
commence from the date of the present
legislation. He asked this in the name
of 100,000 white and colored citizens of
the State, and reminded the Senate that
"he who permitted oppression shared
the crime." ,
Upon the conclusion of his remarks,
Mr. Revels received thecougratulations
of many Republican Senators and oth
.A_Ar ACT to facilitate and secure the!
' construction of an additional railway
cptinection brtiocen . the watcrs of the
- Suktittehanna anctthe great lakes, Can:
.ada and the nfn - thwestern' States, bY
extending the cy d a»d credit of certain
corporations to the Jersey Shore, Pine
. Greek and Buffalo Railway Companyj
( 1 ( TIKHEAs, It is a matter:of much public
iMpa aneo to, the State at large, that a railway
should he ,entapleted at an earfy flay< to form an
additional connection between the ofilbracite and
bitutninottf, coal fields of.Penngylvania and the
great chain of lakes and States west, and thereby
dorelop a valuablp portion of thoCoonnonwealth,,
'now tv ahem such a highway, and adl greatly to
'the taxable values fur tato and all ber putpo.
nes; - t 1
Aud whereas, It is believed that these desira
ble objects may bo accomplished by the provi
sions of, the annexed bill,.and in order to grant
sufficient authority for effective aid as aforesaid
to atleure the elm° ;, therefore, ,
Sac. 1. Be it enacted, die., That the Jersey
Shore,Pine Creek and Buffalo railway company
be, and they are hereby authorised, to execute a
r a t
sl . . ;;••
' :
. s•:ir ,
.first mortgage to the . atnetint of six millions - d
dhllare, in lien and substitution-of the loan Zealot' '
company havo• heretofore' been authorized- - tol
Make. which shall cover all their Hue of-railway •
to ho censtrneted frotraJersey Shore to oontoon •
with . tlati Buffalo - and ~Washington ratin - iy, as set-
I forth ititheir charter,,with its extonsionsixightli •
equipment, *. angina houses. machine,,
eve r,ia p p ro ur an ten n a g n e
ta t t e e tk a t
a n n tl a re o q p n a ti t t leo lo o r f tiie shops, tools, and - pioperty of every kind whiUsa.
33 r! k ol li di s
together with the corporate right, and fratrehi-'•
sea acquired and to- be acquired, to secure ih•
payment of bonds as hereinafter provided ;• each
bond bearing interest at five per centaurper*n•
num, payable semi•annually, from and-afterps
'first day of April, Anno Domini ono thousand ---
eight hundred and seventy ;,,which bonds shall
bo payable to the Commonwealth' of Perourylva-
Xtia, to bo deposited in the sinking fend of the
Conamonweelth, with the interest thereon; for
! applickation only to the payment •of the public'
debt; these bonds to be ' received by the Com.
monwealth in lieu and substitution of . the Guist.
ing dtibt of that amount of Ave per cent:bonds;
that is contracted to be paid by the Tennsylva
nia railroad (company,, and all lions and claims:
arising in 'connection theieWitli; and the -said •
six millions of dollars of bonds shall bereceived
in fall satisfaction - f the said bonds of the Penn.
eylvanitt railroad company, and of all liens And ,
elaimenrisingthereunder or therefOr.
Ono hundred thousand dollars' of said bonds
of the Jersey Shore, ' Pine 'Creek and Buffalo
railway-company, shall bo payable each antra's.'
cry year, beginning with tholiret day of April;
Ono thousand eight hundred and aeventy-fivei
and so continue annually ;thereafter until the
first day of April, ono thousand eight hundred: .
and ninety. „
Ou gio' first day of April, one thousand- eight
hundred and ninety-one,' one million a dollars.
On the first day of April, ono thousand eight
hundred and ninety.two, one million of dollars.
Oa the Aril day of April, ono thousand eight
himired and ninety-three, one million of dollars.
AMI all the remaining -balance of the entire
debt, with the interest duo thereon, shall be fully
paid and liquidated on the first day of April,
one thousand eight hundred and ninety.fonr.
Upon the delivery of thTs bonds and mortgages
as horeinbefore provided, the commissioners of
the sinking fund of this Commonwealth are
hereby authorized, empowered and - directed to
deliver to the Jersey Shore, Pine Creek and Buf
falo railway company, -the obligations of the
Pennsylvania -railroad company, now in the
- sinking fund or in any way belonging to the
Commonwealth, to the amount of six millions of
dollars of five per centum bonds, and to cancel
and fully satisfy all mortgages or claims of every
nature and kind whatsoever, exisling therefor by
legislative enactment, contract, or otherwise, in
favor of the Commonwealth against said Tenn
sylvdnia railroad company; and thorny:en the
entire proceeds that may be realized frem the
said bond and claims against the Pennsylvania
railroad company, shall be applied from time to
time by the Jersey Shore, Pine Creek and Buffa
lo railway company, only to the immediate -con- .
etruction and equipment of the said line of rail,
way, between the points specified in the act in
corporating the said company; and the said
main lino of railway shall ,be constricted and
opened for public use within three years from
the passage of this act. , Provided, • however,
that no delivery or exchaego of bonds shall be
made under the provisions or authority of this
act; by the commissioners of the sinking fund,
uutll sr contract for the construction and equip.
ment of the Jersey Shore, Pine Creek and Buf
falo railway, with responsible parties, duly exe
cuted, shall be delivered to ,said commissioners,
and an absolute guaranty' for the - fulfillment
thereof within the time and conditions of this
act, by the Catawissa and Philadelphia and Rea
ding railroad companies, or the Catawissa and
'Lehigh Valley railroad companies, or the Cata
wissa and Lehigh and Susquehanna railroad!
companies, or by the Philadelphia and Erie,
Northern Centvl and Pennsylvania railroad
companies; and also a guaranty in like manner,
of the payment by said Jersey Shore, , Pine
Creek and Buffalo railway company, of three'
hundred thousand dollars interest per annum, as
it accrues to the State on the said bonds-of the
Jersey Shore, Pine Creek and Buffalo railway
company, during the construction 'of said. line of
railway and until it is opened for ti affix, as re
quired by this act.
And said compauicF ' or Eu oh of them as may
join in said guaranty, for the purpose of provi
ding additionalvecurity to.the State as aforesaid,
are hereby fully authorized and empowered tet
agrecailente and obligations under
their corporate Beals, as may be needful to per-
Net their said guaranty, as required by this 'act,
and as further security to the Commonwealth for
the execution of gitaranties as hereinbefore pro
vided, the same shall ; be deemed and taken to be
a lien upon the railways, their property and
franchises that may enter into the same, and so
continue until the conditions thereof are fully
complied with.
`SEC. 2: That the three and a half millions of
five per Centum bonds now in the sinking fund,
given by the Allo,l,any Valley railroad company
to the Commontquith of Pennsylvania, together
with all tlie guar nties connected therewith, be,
and they are here y appropriated rot aiding in
if ,
tho development of certain districts of this Cora
monwealth; as hereinafter provided.
First. To the Pittsburg, Virginia and Charles
ton railway, company, one million six hundred
thousand dollars. -
y Second. To the Clearfield and Buffalo railway
coinpany, one million four hundred thousand dol.
Third. re the Erie and Allegheny railway
company, five hundred thousand dollars. -
Fur ivhioli the Commonwealth of Pennsylva
nia shall receive their bonds respectively, bear
ing the same interest, and maturing at the game
time, as the bonds tho holds
in pro rata proportion from each company; all
of which shall be secured by a second mortgage
upon those lines respectively, their - property,
franchises and equipment; the said companies
imiting their first mortgage to an amount not
acceding sixteen thousand dollars' per mile,
wring interest at seven per centem pertain= ;
e proceeds thereof, and also the 'proceeds of
11 bonds received from the Commonwealth Lin
er this net, to be used only for aiding in the
construction and equipment of their roads; all
of which bonds and mortgages they are hereby
fully authorized and empowered to perfect, in the
usual form; upon this being done, and the five
per contum bonds of said companies delivered to
them, the said commissioners of the sinking
fund are hereby authorized, empowered and di
rected to deliver to the companies named in this
section of this act, their respective portions of
the bonds of the Allegheny Valley railroad com:'
pany now in the sinking fund, or in any way be-'
longing to the Commonwealth, to the amount of
three million five hundred thousand dollars of
five per centom bonds, and to ' cancel and fully
satisfy all mortgages and elairus of every nature
and kind whatsoever existing therefor in favor
of the Commonwealth against. said Alloghany
Valley railroad company and the guarantors
theroofy the consent of said guarantors to sold
transfei first being filed with the commissioners
of the sinking fund; and to relinquish and
transfer all and every claim of. the Common
wealth against the Allegheny Valley railroad
company and the guarantors thereof, to the par
ties receiving the bonds aforesaid.
Arid the said lines_of railway shall be con
structed and open for public use within three
years from the passage of this act, a', l 3 follows:
Tlie Pittsburg, Virginia and Chrlideston rail
way, between such point in South Pittsburg, Al
legheny county, and Greenshorougli, in Greene
county, Pennsylvania, by such routo as the Pitts,
burg, Virginia and Charleston. railway company
may finally adopt. f - ~ ,o,
The Clearfield and B l'uilile ' railway,ffetween
such point on the lino of the Allegheny Valley
railroad extension, in Clearfield county, or other
-point in said county, and a point of connection
with the Buffalo and Washington railway, in the
jcounty of Ili'lionn, by . such route as .May: after
careful survey be finally adopted by the Clearfield
and Buffalo railway company. ,
I .
The Erie and Allegheny railway, 'between
such point on the Atlantic and Great Western
- i n u t lay, ir. the counties Of Erie or Crawford and
the city, of Erie, by such route as the Erie and
Alfeghany railway company may filially adopt.
Provided, however, That : no delivery Creitehange •
,of bonds shall be nlade under the provisions or '
authority of this act, by the
.the sinking fund; until a contract for the con- -
struction and equipment of said lines, of railway
respectively, with responsible partiee, of which
the Pennsylvania railroad : shall be olto, duly ex-.
rented, shall be delivt red to the- said commis
sioners, and an absolute guaranty for, the fulfill
ment thereof, within the time and conditions of
this act, by a responsible' railway company or
companies; and tihu 'a guaranty White manna,
of the payment by th,: - .; said railway company. or
companies, respectively, of all interest as it ac.
crone to the Statiiion said bondi'i 'belonging to the
Commonwealth,_ df said companies respectively,.
during 'the eunstructioti of their lines of railway,
and until they are open for , traffic,
,as required .
by this act. And'said company or companies''
may join in s aid guaranty _for the nurpisseit=
providing security for the said lines, are - hereby
tally authorized and empowered to execute such
agreements and obligations, under their rupee.
tive seals, as may ,be needful• to perfect their
guaranty for the fulQlhnent of their mintreet,sa
required by the provisions of this act; and as - a
farther security to the Commonwealth for the
execution of the guariinties as hereinbefore pro
vided, the same shall bed , eetried.and taken to be
a lien on the railway or rUilways, their property
and franchises that may enter into thesame; and
so continue until the , conditions thereof are fully
complied with; and theguakentles provided for
in this bill shall be taken as an entirety, and no
delivery of bonds made until all of the said
guaranties are executed in due form for delivery
to the Commonwealth.
,j 4..