The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, March 30, 1870, Image 1

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:11 . 11E - 110AautiTi r e
i9rtEtLiiill7..9tFly c Tfr.o79)A! )tify.rT? UT '
P. C: Van Geder:!. 14tchell.
7 - 7
ÜBE .4# it3Ml PAO' I tiVARJABPY fi;AD ~ ANC 6.
subnriptpu,(per T 41
TEN LINES or Ittrxtole oit - tes,:arets o,
14 - o. eq'ra.... I 1 If). ql,nd I 4161 Milos 16M08-1 IYr
1 Square, ....L.51,0q152.00..1 $2 3 50 I 0,00 87,00 Iso
2 s qu , res ,.. , , a,oa j ;4,0,1 $,OO l i ppo j 18,u0
1i0,64 - 115 - ,j56,11i,00 L 22,00 .;D, OO I _&° ,4 X l —
4C6 - 0 60310-1106,0°
113- Speetal Notices 15Oonts per line; .Editorial or
Local 20 canta par lino. ,
Transient advestising most bfrpaid for In advance: •
Blanks, Constable Blanks, Doedsdudg
meat Noteti, ktarriage Certificates, &c., OR hand.
•1111SiNE88 CARDS
, • Van Gelder ft
Book, Plain and Fancy Job Printers. All work:
promptly and, s peatly exec9.ted.-7--Jan. 1,187 g.
. .
, ,
Sinith & Itterriick ,
Vtiorneys &as Couratelors at Law., Insurance,
)3ounty and Pension Agency, Km nn Main
Btreet,.Wellsboro..Pa, opposite Union Block.
Jau: 1. 1870. W. 11. Surrn.
' ' Gno. W. MERRICK.-
Seeley, Coates & Co. - '
BANKERS - L :IKiloiville, -Xingu, County, Pa.—
Bocolie , *nay on .. deposit, dtsOount notes,
and soli dralts.oul.New • York. City. „aolloot
ions promptly mode.--, D00..16, 18694y*
s :.
Jne: Adams,
Attorney and Couneeloi at Law, Min aflold, Tioga
county, Pa. Colleotlone piorriptly tattonded
to., Jon.-1; 1870.
L Mitchell, rr
Attorney and Counselor at Law, Claim, and, In
surauce Agent. ()Mee over Kress' Drug Store,
adjOialrig Agitator Office, Vellsb9ro,, Pa.
Jan. 1,1570.
Wilson & Niles 1
Attorneys' and Counselors at, .Lary. . Will attend
promptly to businois entrusted to their care in
the counties' of Tioga- and' Potter. 'Office on
the Avenue. Jan. I, MU, ' • . ,
S.F.Witstm.] . (J. D. Nitro.
. •
John W. Guernsey, -r .
. ,
.n-Atiorney and Connseloi at 'Law. All busineps
13ntrustod to him will be promptly attended to.
Office 2d 'door south of ,Ltazlett's Hotel, Tioga,
Tioga County, Pa.—Jan. 1, 1870 : , •
Wm. B. Smith/
Pension, Bounty and Insurance Agent. Com
muniaitions sent to'the above address will re
ceive prompt L a*ntion. Terms moderate,
Jan.,l, 'lB7O.
Johp. C. 'll9rtop, -
Attorney and Counselor ,at Law; r Tioga, Pa.-
0 face with C. H. Seymour, ER. Busineaa at•
tended to with promptnesp:—Jani 1:1870.
W. D. Teybell ,&
Wholesale Druggists ' and dealers irt Wall Paper,
Kerosene Lampe, Window" (Masi, Perfumery,
Paints, Oils, Jr,u., ,49.—Corning, N.Y. Jan, 1 '7U.
Dr. C. K. Thompson,
Wollshoro, Pa., vrill'atted to Professional calls
in the village of W,ell.sboto, and elsewhere.—
Wilco and Residence on State St., 2d, door to
right going east.—Jan. 1,1810.
D. - Bacon s Hi D. f • -
Physician and Surgeon: Will attend." promptly
to all calls.. OflicoonCraiton Strdet, in rear of
the Meatlgarket,Yellsbere.—Jan. 1, IS7O,
E. S.. Perkins, M. D.,
Respectfully announces to the citizens of East
Charlostou and vicinity, that ho would be grate
ful fur their patronage. Jan. 1 ; 1870.
Ingham, M. D.,
Homoeopathist, Office at his Residence (~n the
Aventto.—Jarl. 1,1870.
Geprge Wagner,
Tailor. Shp first door north of Roberts & 13ail
, ey's Haidsvaro Store. Cutting, 'Fitting and Re
pairing diitio proaqaty and,ivell.-7J‘n;l,l§7o;
John Etner,
Tailor and Cutter. Shop opposite Dartt's Car
riago Shop, Main St., where he is prepared to
do work promptly and neat.—Jan. 1, 1870.
Thomas B. Bryden,
Survoyor and Draftsman. Orders left at his
room, Townsend limns, Wellsboro, will meet
with prompt attention.--Jan. 1, 1870.
I . R. E. Onley,
Dealer in Clocks and Jewelry, Silver and Plated
Ward, Spectacles, Violin Strings, dm; Watch
es and Jewelry neatly repaired. 'Engraving
donein plaln.English and Gorman.--Mansfield,
Pa., Jan. 1, 1870.
• , Petroleum House )
Weettlelci;Pa., GRo. CLOSE, Proprietor. A , new
Hotel oontinoted on the principle of live and'
let 'live, for the neeotn y nwiation of the public.
Jan. 1,187 Q. •
Hazlett's otel,
Tioga, Vega County, t'a. Good stablthg attach
ed, and an attentive Hostler always i n attend
ance. 0 00. W. Hazlett, Prop'r.—Jart. 1, 11370.
Hill's Hotel, `.; 2
Westfield - Borough, Tioga Co., Pa..
Proprietor, A now And commodious building
with all the modern improvements, Vithiu
easy. drive of the best hunting add fishing
Grounds in Northorn Puun'a. Conveyances
furnished., Terms moderate.—Jan. I. ? 1870.
Smith's Hotel)
Tioga,,lla., E. M. Smith, Propriotor. l House in
good condition to acootuutudato the 'traveling
publics in a superior mauuor.—Jan. 1;1870.
Keystone Hotel,
Sabinsville, Tioga Cu., Pa., J. B. Bunn, - Prop'r.
Good entertainment for man and .beatit. Con-
YAnient to tho boot fishing grounds. Parties
accommodated with convoyanees.—Tan. 1, '7O.
John Neintosh,
Dealor in Vermont and 'ltalian Barbie, maiin
faetarer of NiOnuments.Tumb-Steumi, .Lc,,cor
ner Market and Cedar Sts.. Corning, N. Y.:All
orders promptly And neatly executdd. An
drew Van Dttson, Agent.—Jau. I, 070.
thiion ilotel,
Miner Watkins, Proprietor. Tito tray ling rob
will find this a comfortable and ilpnve i tilent
house to stop at. Goad stabling, :Vid an at,
tentive hostler. Jan. 1, IS7II.
E .1 - 3E3M OC7r3IEIII,IIEY.
WHERE delicious Ice Cream . , ricnch Con
fectionary, all..kinda truits.'io their
season, a nice MA of Tea, Coffee, or Cloo•olate,
and - Oysters in 'their season—bon be bad at all
hours, siSrved iu the hest style. Next.4oor be
low Roberts .4 Bailey's hardware StOro. Main
Wellsboro, Jan. 1, 1870. •
Over Wilson & Van Vnlkenbn)9's Stun r , irl tht
rtionitately occupied by Benj. Seeley.
B oo* AND SHOES of all-kind‘t mark !t, order and in the bast manner.
ii.EPAIRINGof all kinds done promNly end
good. (Jive ne naafi. • '
WS[. RE! LEY - . -
Wellaboro, Jan. 1,.1870.--ty.
Ono door above tho Moat Markel, .
ItESP OTPULLY announces to the trading
publ c,that he hie 'a..disirable' 13 took of tiro
caries, co prising; Toae, Collbes, Spices, Sugars,
Molasses, yrnps, and all that Constltules a Ant
olass Adak; Oysters in every styli at all sea
sonable lid . to.
. . -
Weliabo ' 'Jan. t, ta l ib- i i, •' •-
, •
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.., A ," ..?'„Akiat 4' •'''='e. , %... , ' f 5 , 'V.. , . 4,7, . 9-,, Ve' ., znt..rg:P , . fV , V:'i;'lrai,e , .:3' , ,,V.W',V , :ia:t'2::A.'l.,.V.;l.4),; r ,t -.. , , ,, ,1 , ,;-',, ,- :2':::,.: , :..t , z , ...4:.i!...*-: - ., 4.. - ...:,:„.,-;:, ~.,;., ~, . .,,, ,. .;!-r ,.,_1..".......:, ..,,,.;, - •••,,,,' ,-,,- . ,-, %. , ~ -- -„ -, ,1. --- . .• - . ' • - -, -
. ,
4 - -'
gill r 1: * 1 :,..111 4,firy: ,
. 6 s .ir i v , • Ilf 1. 3 . 110 ! . ! ,',.,14. rtirs'—.,u,:::“:3'.;,. I , :t .4.1. '. 'I :, ; 1,01 "ifo“-•.. - 0,••• , - , i-, , - J ,..,,! •„. " ,-.;„•,;:„,, ,1„ ; t 2 .,, i .
~, , i , _ ~.,,„„,4 ,
.: f.
1 • :::"., i t• 3
; .0 iei .P..1,1,...-,- : , ../..l'a.l - 01 !VAIL ', , ,J1 - . 1,1 , f ill!.` ' ,'(, t tp) . ' ',-, ~, , il,! z , t , '- •
. ia , .
i5„..,... ' t
.1. ;; .: ‘.
*,, I' ., ' 7 .:!...,: , ,..:: 1 1 : 1:r !,_f ::., :: ._:,1,4,..:,.... T .:131:.. ,
i ' .
.. );..t.
41 1
1.. :1 1
‘f, -
. 411
4 :::
.., 1 .
1,... : - . t.l) nI, ,-,,. alt,- ~ 1 0 ,; . ::1 . 1 ,... ..:: . :
. :::::: : :.:1 ;. : 1 •1 . .
.1 . . '7 .. ,,.
..: •:., ~ , -''
, !.. W. 1 f .-7, . '.,;1 ~:: . f.-tri:' . .... '%; ".-; i 'n • r: , ~ !:.
,;., e 1 n ',:i •
~ .7 ,1-• .f'll• :o. .
, . .
- an10 , 14 , :. , i .;•,-.!,.. ~,} ' , ..:-.!. e - I ' ''' .. - 3 -' %."rt 1.
. .
A i 1 ...
10;1 -
) it
-.., I'. .. ' 1,.:•,.'A
. , -..
. •
, t.:t - ', I
' .• . - ..
. , .
14,ii I'o ,- 1,4 ,Q,.,A f, .I 4 ~:, 4-I+:l" , ,C`'. 1 , 1 , 4`) ...., ei.f ' "711 . ''' ' ' •a... 1 : : , 1 :: ".; :.:1 - -; 1 : : 0:: i .: 1‘ :: 1 ,s .. 'f ' .:: , _•',. r. • 17
::: :- I I .:3 : : , 1 : --: -- 1 2:1- • I ' 7 ,).': ' i - - „. i
T -.
` '' - •,, t , IT ~..':e ~!,' ,t t 'LA .ite , *
• ' •., .2,,: i :i;',4 V: ''',! , fittl '..) - ',.1 7,..., " ;'t %)''. .-. •;, : , •1..•° . LI : • •',l I• , .•, ' : i'• ' i .;' f 1 i
4 ~,, , ~,,-, -,
. ~,
, 1
. . -
, • .... ~. if I.' +; , r . ,, f ,I . ;
~ , ,1 ~,L, , ~, :•-., • „, 1. A •:, A , ',.. ' 4 f • ...:' '
.... • ~II,3911;./I)0 4 0.r4.4,1,; - ...1•.0 Ifi,i .r: I': ;?11:I.f4I,AI il , :. 01 . ' I
ICI f - '4l•', '' i• • I I-- i , '" . .
' • '•'. '-‘ ' '''.-
' ' ..h
~. ' 4 l I , , 1-' x ,I .:ri ( .... . .....,. 'rt• 6 , ' - `'`','.. ' :._. t• ,' -i , .....4,' , ..• •`. I N ''''' 'L.'
-" .Icfr: -s.f , •• •
^r , •1 A r.!^ , -'l, • 4 , 11, 9rii. ,,
t . ,
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ft :If sf
0.1:f t ' Alj
tk,tp..Aig SLI
•„,", , ;
•-; ' 7 .1 t 1,3 31 • r
- Ptitlit,':'t gigiatt3Cl."
. ELASTIC ` I S~:'~-~C~ `,=~-,
7 a,., ;?5.., f
„• • :
• EAMILY . ”
11• Q,
594 B Iti1):1' DWAY,..NEW'
Pointe of Excellence: )
rienitty and Innstib l ity of Stitch.
Perfection and Slinplicity of Machinery.;
17siug G oth threads directiy from the spotild."
No faS,tnning of' sothini by hand lied 'no
' waste:
Wide rtinge otapplicatibir, without changcof
adjustpant. • .
P:che,satita.Aetiins, its hefilttystq - fi rAn so af
ter washing
dofhg 4.ll,tlinycorii , titli,il64o',l4 other
Sewinglachiuea, them) lfti‘chines efteonte ( the'
most beatilifolaaid,perinittion pinbrcildery aiid
01"• The highest Premiums at' all;the , fairs
and exhibitions of :the Unites}Statesantl
EurOnp,live been tiwarcied the' droliet4,
sewing MUchliteis ' and ihe'woriedc . yrie - , by; thorn,,
rhOreveroxhibited in competition
.; • „fair The very highest 4rize, THE CROSS
'OF 7'IIE LEOIOII.OV HONOR, was conferred
ori the: representative of the Grover 4k, l!akei-
Seifing Machines, at the Exposition tlniverselle,"
Paris, 18137, thus attesting their great superior.
ity over alt other Gewing.Macbines
Jan. 1, 1870-tr. • •
New Toba.cco'stpfels •
El subscriber h‘s fitted pp the store first
door east Thomas Burden's dry goods -store, -
for Elio uMualaotu t re and sttlpof
CIGARS, (a:11,0446;4), Fancy and Common
SMOKING TOBAGO o,Nichiyan Fine Cut
-.CHEWING, and aid kinds,of,
• theehoi
~\test Brand of CIGARS.
AET• Call and see for yoniservor.
Wollsboro, Jan. 1, 1870—tr.
Neiv Ta?tnery.
it iid‘rsign ed has fl - te'd the old F 0117.1••
dry huiltling, near the 13reiviery, Wellsboro,
and 1..; now prepared to turn - out 4.110 calf, kip,
and' harness leather lit the best Latin.
ncr. Hides tanned on pares. Cash paid for
hides., M. A. DURIF.
, Wolltiboro, Jan. 1, 1870., r . ,
Welisboro Bakery.
JJJ. BURGIN would sayto tho Atizens of
Wellsboro and vicinity that he as pre.
pared to supply them with
of tho host quality. We iilsO serve meitli to
thoso who wish. OYSTERS always on hand,
for sale, and, served if desired. Call at the old
Stevens' stand. •
=FO4 - ;:o . j--P'q? -1 )•• • 7:7 , 1 •
IHAVE twenty-five bushels of the genuine
Ramsdell Norway oats, being part of fifty
bushels raised from one bushel sowing. The
seed from which the above oats were raitctli
was bought in New Yerk City from the solo
agents of„.th9 genuine Ramsdell .Norway OA tn. - •
PriCe. S 5 per,beishet. Address;
• ' i HIR4111".BROOKS, -
Feb.l6, lo—tf: j : elleb or o, pa.
' '
ceps constantly on
Aik -- band: Pure Drugs and Medicines,
Chemicals, Paints and Oils, Lamps,
1-.:.45= Stationery, Yankee Notions aci
Tioga, Jan. - 1, 1870.-1 p
FOR: BALE. 1870•
-T. STONE, •
(formerly B. C. Wiekham's Nursery)
60,004 Apple .Trees,
10,000,Pe4r Trees.
A gcod supply of PLUM; PEACH, CHERRY
The Fruit trees' are composed of the choicest
vnrietieaj mod, 4ealtliy; theta' large and
fii-bbaring. "Any one 'wtshtng to get"a supply
will do welt to call and see my Stock before pur
chndng elsewhere. Older." Delivered at the depot,
Wallsboro, Mansfield, Lawrenceville and
burg, free of charge; All orders promptly fated.
Tioga, Pa,
'flog% Deo. 8,1869-1 y•
Get the Beet!
Mrs. A. J. SOFIELD, is, agont for that su
perior SEWING MACHINE, the'
- W-J4LCOX &
which evttyroily-likes who tries it. it Is:a beau
tiful Mat:bine, uover'gets out of urderAtith fair
usage,' goys ,rapidl,y,. and strong-stitch,; arid is,
ar:Machines routed by the week.
goy. : A 3 ~50T.1.P41.D.
house Ithcl , Lot for . Sale.
UTH of Alanstiold, "i;ioga county, 4 , 4 with
k) in easy walking distance of th 4 'churches,
State Nartniil in,sorid order."
good it'liu,'flad curaoaie,spt"! ,
it and
cistern water .cluse to-the dour. Let - ecntains
about I} awe. aud,,ltus dumber of tillOice fruit
y ,k
tre e s, grape hies, a. A pleasant. lira , lesirablii
home, and will be sold iitsit ickr figure. tAildrei.s
or inquire. of —J. N.
Mansfield, Mareif 2:3, I:slo — tf :
TNISSOLUTION.---Thi!; They Viirtigr Ltui r ,
I jinni hilve direolv;d
their ciinto all owl tcltl6 ivith 11 £ t'aiorr,
mid varo cuets.„. • -
; ,11'ellsboro, March 14, 1870. ,n1a2314
House f t: Lot for Sole(
A GOOD lior,iso stifi bl - tru; on a: lot of two
11_,ncieo, within, Jen, "piinntes: Walk of the
Court House, Wellshore, is otftsiA I T 3
quiro of John I. Alitebell,
Jan. 25, '• • ; c
„ -
J - touse / ni.l . Lot For Sale '
Dtt!dt t-elqement Eurplito 'of
ileliatoru„Ataruh 24,..1: 4 ,711: If.
ale. ~1; ichaqlson
W E t
ht e at the l i t •s l i , g e r• e t il ri t . l , o d li t e ,
t r i o) . to
ne, landl—
tiiiiik it far ritio.til,r to; any we ever saw. It
washes eotaplete. and works with perfect ease—
, wily requiring about one tenth the labor of coin
en lwre. IVe think it cheap, simple and
~.i3 O urablui , nut. wear clothes, but,nitn
, vleaps,es lroui, all, dirt. And ,;tve cheerfully
, II it to 1; it heir MAI% 0411V/1;' , :0 , 1 for
• ,`•• initil'grtitAklaC&S4. ':. Mdreh 2. - 1870 - . St
AirY son, ,Adalharp, having lett. yytnetswitlicut Mfrs, Alltryuk. Dewey, gooriin .Parker. r , s. Jernme Smith, Mrs. Willintn idathers,
In any just cause, all persons are fierpby for--1
. ,
bid trusting him cite, My' aceauur s tai I will poy , i3o Christina
debts,.:it hie coritrnottng.• - ' ; ;;; P.; 9. Van, Gelder.
'AVFRED J. p9I7#LASS r :: Mr. M.,O.Spticirt is„tho'onlyttntitniized
Covington, Maroti'll3;lB7o. 4 l' 'li - • ' • is thin • ' • mai;'2-0t;
iioNlvo:*!' ? :
Pm , sale by
Mardi - 16, IS7O-tf
• T. f`
t • ";
14. 0 li: li ESS,
~ . •
•L'ig, I '' ~'- ' , 41 4" -, %1 ..;1.; 1 1:111.1 ', 0 ;;;- . :-' • c'' rT , - .1 •1 , „:,' V f, -I. ~ T , :i: ,`{,. ; .1 , :,... ~,,, i k
1 1:1 ff:iffi '; • 'f , i
litliS140116:I%'; 1 1 ) I A 1 4% 11 I MD . X ( ESTYA.Y ' . moRNI N -0 ; ~Iv A,ll 1870 ,':.;
„,„$„„ ,I,itc,, ~,,,,,, t.....,L.M.Y. ::...,- i h.. "I''4l fli "X:1171, ' c Ul.' 1 r .114:71' , 4.'? I ,l l' ” t:;., ~ F - -.i , i'' .... -,- ~ ...!.,H . ,
,': 4 f,i,t,,CY ..7 , as ),) tv7..r., fr.if.3 itnl a5 , iir.. , :1.rp, , .... , i . f .,..,
~,, ~,,, I T.,.ri ~ ; ' '' -- I ~,.; l'ari i!' '.;- 'a ir , ~'! 1, : —' -
1 1 1.1",K114. 1 1:WroDW.IriNit,ati_f 1 74r.:4
. • t'
‘`-' 7
• 3,aq "',;.0•
7 it! ,;:hri i .11pnr. A.
'r r q•7% —•st
i --
i:: , i'l . ;"iii.:,', 7. 'VI i' , . i:.', fliOV, ')':--„`,.„; :1 ' •,:,.....;
i • ANDREW F014E14 1
i. --, 1-',::' , 1:5.., - . , /stho fins long been °stab
/cc, ' ' ~..., ', , lished in the Jewelry hulk ,
F, )
, nose in , ),V?ilsbera, bee, al:,
~,,p lliwaY's'` On' lore / various.
r ' 2_sli '
k ,_ .
_„„yrst ' kinds and prices of Ia:
'• . J , Tl. • L. i • . . 1 I ' '
AIititIC,A,N..J , ,WATCUtS, ,
J,. ; , 3 ` ' , ..? r• . . 1 1
' 0014 i.) di 1 I • ...5j b r Y*(dtP° 4. 8 1 1 1
3 2:kil - WEL'
s ' tr `
, L..
: #Ti ,-09 ,h D-" Y I YAVOORY,§;:iggSbs ,
With most other articles usually kept in "such
eitteblislitnent, whielt ill sold. foni.f.or
; •• C ,- SL .
Repairing doqo neatly, ana promptly,.and on
short ,) I i ' • A. :F9I,EY.-
Januarji &, 1870-Iy.
IN pnwEs,
AT •
witaiiAiti- ' ki liiiit's,
.: it a. :!.
All 'tbGFO l l 9 AFL 1118
- --' :'' . .-'-' '' - ' - ' -- "i' - " - '• -
can save a geed percentage, as we must make
room for other
. ,
G 0 0. 0 ' . ..
. ,
Jan.. 6,1861}-tf.
A XECUTORS' NOTICE.---Leeters estimen-
• titry hating been'iraitiledr!Orr - th ' estate oof,
Ir.. Mary Meek, deceared, , late* of beltiaar o all
these indebted are requested to ,runko 'payment,
and those having elaipas to present teem to
WA[. It.. SMITH,.
011S. - COPE'STICK.,•
March 23',' 1810. thy .' '- - Executors.
THE Firm Packard& Kinney this day; dissolv
ed, by mutual - ,'tinstiat, ,all indebted to the
firm by Note or Book account , are reirested to
h6ttlii the same and says costs.
Covington Match 19 18704 - • 3t.
EXECIP.I:OILS' 'iostStncti
tary u r piin:tho last will,
'nod testa vatintl•bc'John dOceased,
late of Liberty; all persinio ifidebtoillo or claim
:tug a•gains.t.said.eState“arst,requeated to Eettlo
with • • LEVIII4(4.OOD,
• • WhiIILINE, •' •
I lLibetty; , ltiareb•23,,lB74. - 61• • •• :Exee're.
' .
. , .-W4941 44 4 9 7E 11 301 - 30 0
ISIMBIES..rEf..).',-?-A , fi9q;I T :Jotut , TAAL9It, s ki
~vprk 4yiVe pieao or-month.. - -,; . •
r .- • i • ~.,.- ; ; ( - 4,49R(it. 11? . /16,111ili.
. _ll'44lA9r,q,.ll4aret; 23,;1870, 24 , , ,
;;- Farun -for Sale.
A.R,r4 FOR SALE. A good, stoe farm, situ-
I` riled in" Delmar tuwmthip, - 2miles•trom
;intro•tionraining I,lP.mirmt+ 7 ootit, .40 improved,
good buildings, welL fe,nced,nmd vvniored, and
ehoico'hit of Irtiit tines thuilittlri. 'Applir‘tolL, I',
}loath , on' the pientitieg, `Shertytitid,-
lyellsboroi• 1! ;
( - 14PIIANS'.cOUlt'y SALk.;,. 7 -,-By virtue of
order issued out of : the , Orphans' Court
of Tip g a county, the undersigned ; Guardian,
.of,Lovinn. win l exposq to public ttale, on
the promises ' in .Union .towntship i .,o'n the 30th
day of illarch, A. D, 1370, .at 2, o'clock, P. M.,
tin undivided onb-fourt+ part. of
. 01... that certain
lot,M tract,4f,land,slittate in,,sold.'Dniiin town
ship, hounded on the
north by lanthi•of fra . ,Soper,"eitst by lands of Jul;
sepleCollins and L.'S. GriSwold; south by lands
of Chauncey Dacom•and west by land's of Gen:
G. ,Collins„ ; containing
,about (lore's;
- oft}; acres of 11101. are elearpd,) together with
bous.,e, frame barn, and so y •all orchard
.2 •
Ineioeo, , ,
'1 4 (1 m one- - thilil.lM,"one year
the' and one—third in two
March I s7O, Guardian.
...< 1.
,X9jt i lirtlG '' llg, Vi k t jAr STORE 'l,lr.
.;•,,,:ii ii,:i 1` ti,. i, o ' 4
4:1 - 1 4 ',;;;.t ~;:i C. .: t ,' ,iii.„ - • 1 ,
I:I i ,", Ji ,4.7,`,VA .OD4 akUD,IiSY, ;: ..: , ~ .::: 1 ." '."
' • (54Wii,tohmalieciau4,11eNveler. 1
A Ittige iiP'sdirmthe di' ''' •
i itXT:dl l o, sk\ft,i t ilii , ,," sfr,4P,Tt "'i , I;ATIID
" lirAtt,P,, 'OtOOItS .'AN D'Plt NOY ' GOODS.
.. 1" ,
r .. 1 ,
;4 . ln g a i V Yjg:l l P PR : i !!‘ A LP !! (,) : le' '' .
, igoruing,,Dto. 115i.18110., . A.P...I:OIIDLEY,
Iy. No. 10, IgErrket. St i :
--,---. ' .1- l'. .....,..- ev ' `,. • i ' --'
-- - -GENUINF - 10ftW
;P„I :137014,0
P. R,OI3ERTR. qed got of Ramsdell,
:-1.0• 017 ' York.
16; isfio•-:w I • ' .
irrv'E pbp 0;200 - bnel le ln of grinine &i
its/ tiliPese otaiittrt , of them at a
reasonable price.-- Thoao wishing the pare
0 . 9310 li!ltAlmt , sinn--.., t,c.'7l,s ; p 41,01,0E1n
- Woll'stpsrdlannary`gtl;lB7o-4t. •
To • CridliOrs.
übferliaecie stild basil:108B
.1_ at Niles Valley, hereby notifies all persons
leldetttett to,itispilv Ante:. pr;boolt ; Account,' that
the same must be closed by the 15th march 1976.
r-f7caixt ocouninAnk ifot settled bx,that44o,:they
inglie hinds crf Atteirkly'for oOP
!fiction. , 4ny i perpon brillng claims against Me
will 'present the sumo for payiAimt.
'Union Academy • •
THE Spring Term :Of UNION ACADEMY: yin
commence on Tuesday, 74s,reh Ist,: TO..
Tpitio:ll! '' • 1. 4 .14 1 1 ' l ' ;$5, tc . s7•
ItoOM Rent and . $5,60.
Board per reek, $3,00.
As-,TegctiefttV3loBBo,lll brorgardrod at the
Coinineneatient of the Mice For the" instruction'
of thole wishing to teach during the Summer.—
For further information, address
Deerfield, Feb i l 9, '7O-3t. E. lIORTOZt.
- .:P.v41145.v...vy.A1414
Marell - 21st; 1870: -'
$6O pays for Board; Room, Wood, Oil, Waal.
ing, Use of Text, kooks. Those designing ito
teach', metro Biatciaid• . timotinting 'to s7,oo'or
sl4per ToiniS'endltori Ciro ular.
Feb 2,1870. •tf ; : -; Principal.
1 , , A. B. EASTI,IAII9
;‘• A.
11. EASTNIAN hint the largest stock of
. teeth "o'ver kept in'Tiegit county. Alton
tiny smettovy.Nr.:4T, never before offered to the
Public,' with 'which he eart,giyo more perfect seta
of teethlhan . can poseibly ho made on any other
plan Yet Itilciwn. [See testimonial at the office.]
• Nitrous oxide gas administered with remarka
ble effect; rendering the extraction of teeth pain
leea, and•twen Plangent. awe now and complete
gitsoinefere opnration,Aninfalting a fall slip/.
ply of fresh gas at all times.
Special attention paid to filling a nd r . preservi-
Alon of Mc "pattlifil teeth. Ptices lo suit all.
I ret, 2 "ill rf •
11 1 3,t41 - 40. - jt. - e0.4-iiii6:7
with rapidity and exactness, with our now :Ma
chinos. Try it and see. ,1.1.. T•. W.ANHORN.'
A' Store An Ittivair 'Goods..
(One,door bolow SVabh & Ilasting'A Drug Store
CO ° r TISt t e e r
o w t h u o r ;l c
( i i t T r a n y m con-
othe Dity—beuslik - carefully and clotie . ,ll full assort
ment of
AND FRED,' 4C„„&O: • •
Come and price my
„• .
• t ßefora you Pu'rchnee . . ' W. P. BIGONY.
•,Welleberc, Jan. 4, 1870-tf.
L IVE Men to sell h) five Count
Sewing Machines,
Wagons foinii.hed ; and the most liberal terms
to Agents and Purchasers.
Address, or call on
First National Bank, ,
Williamsport, Pa.
IN the eststo of Frederick Welty, doc'd. In
tho Orphan's Court oi` Tioga County, Penna.
, r pil,4; November Terua, - A S tilt,:, T , : ; '
' ' I'6 Mary'Arin Welty, 4idow ul said decedent,
Philip Welty, Mary Jano Foulkrod, LateyAtin
Wilkins.- IlannaW Hart, Sarah M. Shepherd,
Catharine Sheffer, Alfred Welty, _William Wel
ty,' and and Allah G- 'Wilk:itis o ,puttrillair of
,Amanda Welty; Amanda Kopp . and Ciiiistiom
Kopp, heirs at }taw of tho raid Frederiok Welty
doo'd., •
'You'and eaeli of you are hereby „notified that
'by virtue of a Writ qf Partition ) issupd Out of the
Orpluuk's Court fur the said County oflioga, and
to, mar directed I shall on Wednesday tae 4th
day of May 1870. at 10 o'clock a. m, on'tho prom
ises late the Estate of the said Frederick Wol-,
ty deed., Situate in Liberty Township Tioga
County Ponna„. ,proceed to the execution of the
said Writ of Partition at 'which Limo• and place
you can attend' If yea son proper.—Sherill's'Of
6doWellbosre Pa. March 16. 1870. '
J. B. POTT.MI, Sheriff.
B. PRINCE, breeder of Light Bermiiii,
111. • Whitt. faced,l3lnelt Spanish, Seahriklit
Bantam and Black Breasted Red Game Fowls.
Cat hairiiiie ' Intik/and . •• Nur-
Champion llrill aide Seed
Souei,. „
1114 best in,usey , . M. 11, - 1'11.117()B,
Stote St. Well.Thoro Pa '
March 1(, LB7o,—tf.
; _ '
Ella Run Plaster.
P,LASTlOt. a llayling besu thoroughly
teAod by . ,,the
.farfoert, and ,pronounced by
all, to be a superior !atiiele, we take plensuro
saying. that we eunitoppty Oa* ; mosses, ns
ive, have ally. quantity on hapd,Prieo per ton,
5 dollars aIIAMPIsIEY.
• Jon 5, 1570-51a.4.1
baying ted .to the
iintlersfgnett the 'estate or.Ti>seph Ingham.
of Taerti tawnt+liip, deceased, all
,-persons io
.sajd lOCeriont or,claiming against the
itatao u npoit settle with, , t ii: I,lWilAr4,
?IfariA 1115:18zo.-6t.--
Tioljo,,gA IN S'I'REF:T;
e in Penn
~- .., ..',V,i'5 t ,01.i!)t0.,0'.1- : ',c111.1:1,,(1,ihv :i:
- Jinn nail . thougiit , she knew ;tho:'State
of Aleck Freethan's 'heart.' She had
'trifled With lairna little,' laid her oWn
'mind was not.mado up. -
F "" She was sitting itow ehamber,
sweet clean‘fith!',"ll - tlxitewash and
heW:huni hew er,:yWith green
I:friin the pear-tree,bengitS* ifyeghl§,,Starelied.,intiStin
cqjlph - .1.. Hannah was n,,ntee-looking
~ trl 4 l , 449.ll,lliitteti;,Orefisp4 in a, tidy _ehoe 7
olate,priAit,4lth,a:blzto bew. nestling in
herl tit WI; way ; hair.... She had :been
, :wrting a note ,b3r.' - .311e. stand;: , an d was
Sealhig i t:wl th 'OUthe• triotbe ':then In.
fashion:' "Th one 'said ;" and
it - was'ea's't6' see that' CindorSeil a note
':-§he • stairs ',I to 08 fresh
morninb 'Ny : lier4 4 . 0 faiiic:i•; . Defiant
7as just heady , io, .Bead{ old
Ciilieiey toward , the village ; : fox moth-.
er i 'a.buiom
headed beside . the, democrat wagon;
-hadding tlie,,kig, fend char
ging ,ithe , Deacon. , not to. ,forget that
pound of .pastito soap ;mad the lamp
"-wicks.. 'Hannah :tucked‘ , -up 'her trim
'skirts, and ran out tlirough..". the 'dewy
See hete,•father," she•called ,' in her'
Pleasant - voice, "you mnst stop at the
school-honse and give this note to Andy
Freeman., It's for jarie,
,you' know;
asking lier and Mies Lang to como to
the quilting."
"Ain't there ono for Aleck, too ?".in
quired the good-niatured,,old Peacon,
with a wink. , . • .
:" / told Jane , he could come, in the
evening, if he chose,',
,returned Han
nah, with, flightly heightened color.
"bector Bingham will be here," she
added„ 'and gi:Mle'other young men."
" Meek' Freeman. is worth the whole
kit," respOnded' the Deacon ; `.`and that
young pill-box; aedording t'o my way, of
thinking, runs too much tnhaivile and
watch chains ; 'but Alebk has got good
hard' sense and first rate leaOing. He
eau appear with any - of 'ern; If you
don't look out, Han, he'll he shining
round that pretty girefrom
"It makes no difference to me, who
he shines round.;". returned Hannah,
with a slight shade of offense ; btit, nev
ertheless, there was alittle pang at her
heart as 7 she
„turned back,toward the
house., Hannah's mind was not quite
easy about Jane " .. reeman's visitor, the
pretty girl from Hillsdale, but she
thought if she could sco Aleck and
Mary Lang together,' She would know
in just what qu'hrter the wind was
The DeaCon tucked the note into his
breast -pocket, took the Molasses jug be
tween his feet, and' gaveold Charley 'a
, cht With the 'lna prepaiatoty to mak
ing h lin begin to move, an operation of
:smile length, as' Charley belieVed the
Deacon to be under his orders. ;At last,
however,Allie two were trotting and
big barns, and, the tall,elms_l4at, cast
BPI- I , l e vr.Y c9O l, - Plia(lo7Wa : ,,acrosa the
brow dust of . the,,read, until _with a
kina of mutual understandingandsym
pathy'they came out, against" a stretch
pfpost and rider fence; hiclosing a field
Utile biggest kind 'of clover.. Jr, looked
good'farrohig lo' the beacon's eyes.
Tre'could Calculate pretty cloSely the
number of tons of sweet juicy feed there
would he to, the , acre; <and yet this
morning the fragrance and the rosy
bloom and the hum of insects among
the thick heads - brought him adifferent
kind of-pleasure. ,
With.the long sight, of age he could
see the cows; grazing in the hack pas
ture, 'and he thonght 'of the "cattle on - a
thousand hills," and whose they are.
His gaze wandered back• lovingly even
to the , old stone
. Niralle with mulleins
growing beside them, and the shadows
of birds flitting over them, and every
thing seemed good, even the Mayweed
and daisies 'and. Canada , thistles that
farmers 'hate by: , instinct. He felt a
gush of childlike thankfulness, because
"the earth is the Lord's, and the fillness
thereof." •
Presently the - IJ,eadon and Charley
came across a group' of , ,school childr'en—
brown, freckle-faced little urchins, 'in•
calico shirts, tow trowsers, and shilling
hats much the. worse 'for wear. I. 4 hen
there \Vas a tall red-headed.- girl who
had olitgrowli all-the tucks in her dresr,
and had torn her apron in following the
boys over the - wall • - after a chipmunk,
and one or WO little t6ts, with very
'happy sun-honnetS, , whose short legs
would net thcin:tu,keep Up. They
all carried dinper,Pails aud, tiOW-s-eared
spelling bociks, and , at the very end of
the'stritig . there 'Was Itio . w . -spirited yel
lOW dog. ."
`;.:Whoa !", cried, the 'Deacon, setting
his two; boot-so {ea,- , whici• resembled
weathet-beaten a ows, against the dash
board; aind• pullin in hard-an opera
tibii•Charl+ey did lot at all' reli'sh, al
,though 14_44 last lelded, with i. shake
Of his ilotbely, headoihiely- intimated it
was done . by-: special, favor, , and could
not be repeated 4 . •
"Jump in, children !" cried thegood
natUted old man; ".kill give ye :a, lift as
far as, thosehool house. ' Beats all how
much little shavers think of ketchin' a
ride) Them,: don't • crowd;_' boys. Let
the gikliin fint, hind mind - your man
ners; ' and he lifted In a' littleCrolY-noly
maid, with z pin-cushian , .haUcia and a
very suggestive stain •or ,wild;cherries
around her dimpled mouth ; and'seated
her on th© bUtI4IO ',beside him.' 'The
others allittnxibleq'in
,in alrice; _ -
, "'Years to,ine I . Would'iat eat them
puckery things," said the Detipn, in
his grandfatherly fashion, pointing 'to
some suggestive smears on 'ill& little
maid's high gingham apron. 1 "They'll
give you, tile `cOlie." ,
"Yes, Sir,'.' replied the child, folding
her 'funny little'' hands contentedly in
her lap. : "SiSsY 'had
,ithe ' measles and
didn't, mid my mother said i might
have the colic if I wanted to."--
' ThelDeaCim lean eilbaek :ihq laughed,
and Chtirleyshook hisxars and. turned
upat him an eye pf , mild reproach.
" NV l hat la little gooso'Sou are t"said'a
hrigh -faced boy,. who had been very
intielt :'Orineeiect l in 0 . 04;0, end had
just ac ministered . severalAtrp punches
in the side 4f.the,squreezer,as.he leaned
over the back or,t)*.'ii.)., tefidech the,
little girPs—!ear.
,4 3 1
and I
girls I,
gall t •
~ther,ero, „Andy Freeman;
had like tfi ilft.Vo °forgot the what
n 1-it-my HaninilP: sent' to the'
t tO tit your
beacon" N'Tered ' half inund, and
i ed:Charley; who by-this time be-:
.'enn elder - the w.h9le.thlng. disgtis
especially ati the loW•ipirited dog
~,.: ,
1 1'• !;
,{tt.= . 713,) , 1' r-' :'
had urixed.;ll.9lself bp,witli his, feet.
, , , feet
4,".,140 went, ,P 4 funi
iitlqg 1.9,4,t4r0V ;9 t.„ , "Xorl i f,149 'ye left
My hest eye at- -home - e old pair 'l'
-ca Try
.in-n ,y,' head' don't iariiirini, .te`
iirtich.". .)., , ' .•. '•
• ',., ' .-•
• Andy.- took the folded paper, and
promising - to hr careful'. - of it ;• and by
that tirne,Obarley,rind WS loud had ar
rived at the stone school -house,: which'
!edited 4 . , erY'rauch likenjuvenlle 'pent
tent] ary. . 4Ttur, S e,h ribl-Aris tress was
standing In the door ringing- . the , bell ;
and the children- scrarbbled desivir the
`Si - de.of the Wagon',
,:abil 's'eampered off',
to,savetheir marks foritanictuatitY.
. jane•Preemati had:been bbsy lilt day
with her:Mend MarY,Larig,:the, i'retty
girl frbor HillStlaie...There is :nothing
at first, so engrossing to the:mind• of, , a
'cinibtry, girl' as the' StYliSli clothes of her.
CitY :VfSitO4',.. ,Mary ,had - a , -nuniber of
fashionably-made dresses;f.and, - itts old
'Mrs 'ieei - nrin_ i - c.marked; She had got the
",yerYiateSt qulik". „hailer: pretty hair.
;she was a good-natured Orli-arid had,
let Jane; cut I,he,pattern bf. - tie r r . :visit
.and her , tabbed 'parialfri ,cap, ' and had
'shown,- her just how , to, lo the. captiva
ting. t,7 ist. - Nov' 't fro: we', girls
,beT,Ouz.ii l ii,
,a, djie 4 sit I frglooinlwin
dow , which looked , bpo the orchard,
'with ite'gurrled boughs,:and cool green_
i llghis,'nud.White clo)?x : =bead:S‘ dropped
upon 'the' grass likeicuneh'ung pearls.
Aleck, had Come pp liora the - garden,
abd i :was ienning on e his hoe handle,
talking to them.. He was a muscular,
well-made young fellow ; and the fact
that ha had once passed three years in
a city, and-had rubbed off his rustic
bashfulness, told upon' him well. Now
therewas a haltlquizzical, half-pleased
look peeping from - under his drooped
eyelids; and old Mrs. Freeman, Sitting
on theback porch, with her glasses in
the fold of a magazine, and the toe of
one of her husband's socks covering her
knobby finger-ends, glanced at the
group,. , and thought ',to. 'herself that
Mary Lang, with her finery; wouldn't
be sorry' to catch :Aleck., Their • the
memory of Hannah Ashley camp with
a little twinge of anxiety; for 'Hannah
was her prime favorite; and, after the
manner of substantial matrons, she de
sired her boy, teMarry a practical 'wife,
"who knew how to Cook his dinner and
make him comfortable. The sight of
Mary Laug's white nerveleSs hands,
with their pretty rings, caused the old
lady .to shake her, head, and muster
soMething about dolls and - poppets."
Andy had. Come home from school, and
had let the low-spirited dog out•into the
yard to bark at the hens a little while
by the way of Whblesowe recreation.
He was preparing to go down to' his
squirrel-trap in the woods ; and as be
sat fussing away and whistling .on the
porch step, suddenly he pulled a paper
out of his. jacket pocket, and scampered
with it to' the window. •
• " Here's. something Deacon Ashley
tole: me fo give you, his. He called it,
a billy." -
" You mean a Willian," put in Alary
chucking him under the chin.
e b.e *:-h»+ • - +h ok ri von
tisement of Puffer's Pills the d eacon
promised . father l I thought •Hannah
would' be sure to invite us to her quilt
ing," said. Jane in a disappointed tone.
"Say, Aleck, have you and Han been
wiarreling?" and sbe gave him a pro
voking- little thrust, such as sisters are
wonted to administer..
Aleck turped round, and set his el
bows r.4quarlcy against the window-sill,
and began to whistle low to-himself.
" Let's take that ride over Saddle
back Hill. I promised to give, you to
,afternoon, Mary,"
,said he,
vecring "lack again and chewing an
end of oTris.,
Miss Lang expressed herself delighted
to take the 'ride ; and' everybody ap
pearl] satisfied but .Tanci who would
now have no opportunity' to display the
new twist to the 'girls before Sunday.
Hannah's quilt had been pnt on the
frames the day before, up• in ' the , , same
chamber---a large apartment with a car
petin Venetian stripe, a high-post bed
stead draped in the whitest dimity, a
heavy.mahogany bureau with respec4
able brass knobs and an old-fashioned
glass adorned with . ,festoons of pink 'and.
white paper. „Therc were faded foot
stools, wdrked by Mrs. Ashley
.when a
girl, in chain-stitch embroidery; and
framed sato piers, and silhouetce portraits
uporl the wall of n sappy old lady
. and
spare old gentleman ; and matronly
bunches of life-everlasting and eryStal
izied grasses filling the plethoric vases
upon the mantle-piece. EVerything
was in apple-pie order, frotn kitchen to
parlor. A pleasant moist odor of Han
nah's sponge•cake clung to the walls;
and if you don't know what 'Hannah's
spong-cake was like, It is useless for me
to - describe it.'
'Hannah_liad put on her prettiest lawn'
dress—a pule green that become' her
blonde beauty, and touched it up here
and there with a bit of pink ribbon.
Mrs Ashley was pinning on her false
puffs before the glass, and fastening her
collar with a brooch-adorn:o with a
daguerreotype likeness of thiY Deacon,
which looked as If it had beep taken in'
a particularly bad,fitordpoPsia. She
dearly loved young company ; and there
,was a bright twinkle in her eye ; and a
pucker,abouther, month plovocative of
jokes. .
When the girls had assembled, and
the;kissing and taking off of things were
well through with, tile grand business
of the afternoon began. Everybody
praised Hannah's pretty quilt—pink
.stars dropped on white grolind. Miss
'l'readwell was champion qtillter. shd,
understood all the mysteries Of herrin'.',
bone and feather patterns; and, with a
chalk line in her hand, as the Deacon's
wife expressed it, "rooted the roost."—
Miss Treadwell was a thin faced precise
old maid, with a kind of withered
bloom on her cheek-bones, and a lauda
ble desire to make the most of her few
1 skimpy locks.
1 "Beats all how young Salina Tread
well appears," whispered the Deacon's
wife to her next neighbor. "She's as
old as I be, if she's a day, and here she
roe; diddling 'round with the girls."
1 - - "Bannah, you ought to , give this quilt
to the one that gets married firgl,".put
in Susan Drake,' threading her iqeedle.
" I know who that Will be," said.
firs A'shley, winking hard toward Het
.Bprague a pretty, soft-headed little
.with cheeks of the, damask
rase and dewy dark eyes. • : • •- •
." Oh, Miss Ashley!" 'cried. Hettie,'
simpering sweetly, "how can you talk'
Von know never mean' to get
!Muriel my horn days: Men are.
heavedTreadW'elt a deep sigh,
and• Bll 4PPe,d the. chalk-hlue .sentimen
tallSr, as If she too eoul& a tale unfold
~.. ;i~
tflat Itlite)/'•of 'pertidi''.Of the
male sex.
" I thol'i. for niy part
be. giyen f; ,to the, ; Inarrie.d
3011,0," re'turnec ;I.ipirt:t7; light-
Ty on 'the Thinin iVith her Minable, and
feelittli• anneyed ilteatiSe'Jltne
and lier.frietid'had not Yet in:lt - la an
appearance. "When I get to be an old.
stuff everythin with' feathers
and wool-,' anti 'keep iiiteen cat; like
Aunt Biceps." ' t • -
" You an old maid !" cried : merry
little IS - Ailey; Dufry:, "That's a 'likely
story. I guess Aleck will 'have a - word
or two to say about it." •
• " Itlooks as if Aleck had-got. a new
string ,to his bow," remarked' MiSS,
Treadwell, 'w.lio• knew.= how.' to..give a
,Sharp little thrust her, own s : 1" He
11).VPars to .be mighty thick, witi that
girl front Hillslale.",
" Why, theregnes AlecknoWP cried
lletty Sprag,nel, and,the girls run to the
window, t upsetting one end of
just in time to see A.lebles
nut mare trOt . past,'With Aleck' hiCaself
so absorbed in the 4OrnPrinio,n by his
Side, that he'did hot appear to inark the
battery of hfight eyes under 'which he
was passing. -
Hannah colored colored and bit her , lips, taut
she recovered herself with alight laugh.
" Never mind, girls," (said she, "there
are as good fish in the sea as have ever
been caught. :,I'll show you Dr. Binge
ham to-night, and you* all say he ls•
pe i rfcctly splendid." ' - •
Then began a little mild gosllp, over
the Doctor, as to who he was, and what
had brought him to outrof-the-way lit
tle Drastic—for the young man Was only
, a visitor in the neighborhood; and in
the clatter Of tongues, before the second
rolling, Hannah had'slipped out to get
tea. At first she did a' very curious
thing for a sensible 'young woman to
do.; mho , got behind the buttery door
and bid her face in the roller-towel,
and 'something like a very genuine sob
Shook her bosom, • while some 'bitter
tears were absorbed into the crash. The
truth Is, Hannah was . jealous. The
sight of Aleck devoting himself to that
girl from Hillsdale, whom she had be
gun to detest, woke her pp to the state
of 'her own feelings; and perhaps noth
ing'iit that would ever - have 4one the
Nevertheless, there was the sponge
cake to cut, and doyleys to be
got out,,and the ivory . handled knives
to be taken down from the top shelf of
the elo'set. She had to calculate how
much '.l the strawberry preserves it
would take to go round and., not. look
eltrimpy, and who
; should sft 'by the
glass dish, andmany custard cups
would be requird' to till the middle of
•the table. All these Pilings Hannah
performed with as much accuracy as if
her ; heart had not been smarting with
disappointment and vexation.
Mrs. Ashley was never more in her
element than when she presided at a
feminine tea party.
" We won't have any of the men
folks round tobother, girls," said she,.
they settled like flock of doves
at Ct rsli o
temptingly spread: ".It's busy. times
on the farm now, and the De;)eoii likes
a bite of somethinghearty for hiStea,
so Lteld him hit and the boys might
wait. Alien,-Salina, do you take sugar
in your tea.?° as she poured dnt ft Op of
the ,delicatel, 'green - flavored beverage
thaV diffused an appetizing fragrance
through the room.
' Oh, Mrs. Ashley," cried _Nancy Duf
fy, " you'll tell our fortunes,- won't
yon ? There isn't a ton? here to know
about. it, and we'll !keep_ as whist as
" Nov, girls, don't makelf; appear
simple," said Mrs. Ashley, leaning back
and tripine: her' Ted and smiling face
free from the steam' of the teapot.
'Miss Whitcomb-should get hold of it,
she'd say it didn't become a deacon's
wife." r
"Never mind Mis%,Whiteomb," broke
in Shsan Drake. "She thinks she's ar
rived at. perfection, and such folks are
always ilisagreeable. Here, do look at
Salina Treadweli's cup. 'not
mistaken, therets an oiler in it."
" Of course there is,P , said Mrs. Ash
t;.tkin[.,i up the cup with professional
interest. " Don't:you see that ring:al
most closed, v. Ith a - heartinside? And
she's k , Oillfr to accept' it. It's' corning
from a : light , complected man ; toOks
like Sile Winthrop down at the Cor
ners.l' .
" qlr, Miss Ashley, how you do talk !"
oiled Salina, mincing her biscuit, and
blushing up on her cheek bones.
" He ain't a going to live long, who
ever it is," the 'deacon's wife went on,
twirling the cup;'with the girls , hang
ing over her shoulder, and her eyes
dancing with fun. " Yes, Saline, you
will be left a•widdei•." .
" What a sad thing it must be to lose
a companion," put in sentimental Ann
" I should ,bate to be left a
" Never you mind, Salina," the dea
con's wife continued, with a wink. "If
Pm not mistaken, you'll console , your
self Ivith number two. s Look there,
girls, at, the true-lover ' s knot and the
bow and arrers."
Miss Tread well held up her hands in
mock Horror, and affirmed that she
didn't believe a word of it; but it was
notie able, - as' Mrs. Ashley said, that
she N ' i ty " eh ippeter'l all the rest of -the
even i 1 p%
" Come, noW tell IHannah'," cried
Hetty Sprague. So Hannah passed
along her cup.
" Why, child, you're going to shed
tear. ; anti there's a little cloud of trou
hie round you ; but it sill' clear away,
and you'll ;et your wish in spite of ev
erything." .
. ,
" Don't yOn stye saddle bags and OM
boxes there'V inquired Nancy Duffy:
" Go along , witli your sniff and non
sense, girls!" 6xclaitne'd the* deacon's
wife, waving away. the cup.' "If hus
band should get hold of it, he'd say I
was trifling," •
That evening, llter Dr. 13ingham had
fooled a good deal with Hannah—had
pressed her hand at parting, and whis
pered he should hope to set t her thenext
evening at the: i-inging Blass—she re
membered her imittme, and did letsome
bitter. tears soak into her pillow. Shia
was nolovii 7 e enough in worldly ways
to suspect that the doctor,
,a towh - bred
man, had set Betty t3prague's silly lit
tle heart a-thithring
. while he. walked
home, with he i r under, the warm star
light, althougl, in - very truth, he did
not, card it tip o either or them. Han
nah' Was omit a to play ifith Ofragairist
',Meek, let- the eohsegtienees be what
.they might ;:and,more and -more, tiO she
thought the - matter - over; - -show blamed
that designing girl from Hillsdale:,' 1
- ' af.
The next night. ri` with - ia, mild
drizOo In WO, C.INI:rs•:,. Ashley's
protestations; Hannah) Was !airier the
singing oless,.• • Thidel 4:- 'halieen es.
tablished fo improVellie ehuieh Musio,
"the defieeti iiaid;pcdly 'needed
t , laliering';' and . i
gradn4ily, became ft .
resort f.::•r the young• people of the vii While itsfuncti6r.s were stretched
to in elude a good deal of Mild flirtathill. -
Hannah ,entering, enterin
10 0kOctitnxiotiely
round to discover the
decay; • but,
Strange to say,dma wascithsenf. r Aleok,
who belonged to the choir; "sat-'in his
usual place alone. Neither lane nor
her young lady xiSiterhadiiceetatianied
him. These faCes'i - lannait'aseertained.
before she let her eyes drop on.liei note
book. She watched :the door keenly alt.
through the hour orpraetlee'rbut the
doctor did 'net make , hlki k Opearanae,
and her indignation, gre:xi, apace. She
lipped:to slip awara little - in adiginee
of. the crowd, before tile exercised were
.over and the 'cordon 'of-Young
men had forrned?abone tl 'elatratice.—
But just as she .was stepping oft' into
the I darkness, with the - warm summer
rain falling steadily, a Wind touched her
arm: '
" Let me walk hetne With you, Han
nah.- I have an umbrella, and 'you are
unprovided." It was.- Aleck's voice ;
and Hannah was nettled-to'reniark not
even a touch of penitence In its tone.
"No, I thank, you," she returned
stifflY. " I Prefer. to go alone."
" But you cannot refuse my company
for a few steps, at ledst," said he, push
ing up his umbrella and Shielding her,
whether or no; " for. I have brought an
apology from Bingham. lam going to
tell you, as a great seeret," (Meek went
on, confidentially, while. Hannah kept
still from, sheer astonishment,) "that
the docto4 and that forty-'leventh cous
in of ours' from Hillsdale were once en
gaged. The doctor's a capital fellow,
but there's a ,jealous streak in him. He
wanted to keep a loose foot, and wasn't
willing Mary should do the same. She's
an uncommonly pretty, lively girl"—
(a sharp twinge in garinah'E.left side)
—" and, of course, she wasn't going to
be cooped up, and the result was, they
quarrelled. But they did really care
for each other, and novi the thing is
made up, and I guess they have found
out what a sneaking, unrighteons thing!
jealousy is."
There might be cause for it,"
turned Hannah, faintly, as she felt
spirit oozing: away.
" Como 'IOW; Hannah; 'you mean to
hit me, and I might hit back again, but
I won't ; for T haven't loved 'anybody
but you—just as much as you Would let
nee—;ever,since I was a boY.L 1 - am one
of the constant tind. Don't yotrknow
I am, Hannah?"—very softly spoken,
for such a big' fellow. " Aryl', heart has
learned ono trick of loving, and it can't
unlearn it."
" Why, sir, didn't you and Jane come
to njy qUilting party ?"—spbten, in a
shaky. voice, and showing the white
feather, badly--" and why did you 'go
gallivanting off with that girl?"
*k You did not ask the first
place, and that girl was a visitor, and I
liked her."
" Don't be saucy. I sent a note to
Jane, and told fattier to give it to An
"'Ha, !" laughed Aleck, "it is all
exPlained now. The old g6ntleman
seat ; us an advertisement of/Puffer's
Pills, by mistake, and you wilifind the
note quietly reposing, in his pocket."
- I am afraid Meek Vll5 saucy, for
when Hannah got into the house, there
was something very sweet and delicious
tinglingb upon her lips. - She crept into
the sitting room, where she could bear
the good old 'deacon calmly, snoring,
and slipped the little note out of the
breast pocket of his coat. 'l'
Long afterward, when she had beeu
AI eck's wife nanny, year,•and • the col
ors, of the pretty ?tar quilt had faded
upeu her bqd, Hannah would take-;he
little billet, grown yellow now, from au
inner drawer, where sho kept. It along
with a silky tress 'eat from the head cf
the baby she had ,lost; and kiss it ten
derly, as if new faith and trust could
emanate from its folds.—HarV Bazaar.
Pi:los AyrOs, (N ; .-14 . 1.,),Feb. 21; '7O
Friend Agitator ; 7 -Please ' allow your
light to shine upon the, summit of the
Rocky Mountaigs7-about three dollars'
Worth.. We are sadly in want Cif alittle
more light, being ahnost-entirely shut
out from the world and civilization.
We have pitched our tent in thetouth
western part of 'New Mexico,' near the
sources of the Mimbres and Gila'riv
er§, whos,e clear, rapid waters are swar
ming withlarge fine trout, and whose
bottom lands are fully equal In fertility
td the Cowatiesque flats. The chief in
habitants, however, are • bears,' Wolves,
deer and antelopes. I haVe counted
fifty-seven of the latter hi One held.
The prairies are hundreds of miles in
extent, and capable of suit - M . 614
oL stock, - through 'ihe Winter as
well as summer: The climate is de
lightful—not a single cold orunpleisan.t
day, so far, this, winter. AMOng the
mountains, Pine timber is .. found in
abundance ;, but in minerals' lies the
great wealth of the country. 'Gold, sil
ver, lead and copper are found lit this
immediate vielbity. - The &POr mines
are among the,riehest in the.' world ;
and the gold quartz yields. from , thirty
to eighty dollars per ton. •
A' few more years, and we - expect to
see the iron horse of the Southern Pa
cific cross the Rio Mimbres'; and then
this part of the Union will teem with
wealth and prosperity.
The Apache Indians are presumed to
be quietly pursuing their religious pro
clivities, on a reservation near .Fort
M'Rae, under the guardianship of agent
Drew, of .Quaker persuasion; ~ 13ttt- the
following list will show that they are
guilty of slight irregularities, t
During the year 1869; twenty-two cit
izens were killed hy their hands, in-the
counties of Dona Ana and Grant, in
cluding 'one woMan huh' child ; about
double that number •Waunded; About
fifteen hundred head of cattle' Stolen;
about two huntheil head of horses and
mules stolen ; and :the -. Caine of other
property destroyed or it6reiVIVIIA prob
ably several th.nnSiind - hollars.
More than half 'of tliegrairAn't.Pinoa
Altos are of peisblig'-''Whd felt by the
hands of these bloudthirsticle3;ila;
,We bare reportai l frem'llatllsburg;
which mine us 'that:the tteetinty
-movement Js laid up for theipresbtit ses
sion, at least. Let us lhopb that this
may be an end of the matter.
f , .4 '. f
,‘,.. i
E. S. C.