The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, November 17, 1869, Image 2

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'.i.LXTItAoRDirTARY CASE.-1n Kant
(4. 1, ,4 1 - ty; -,thdictmeut has been
tigalitst Rev. liitae 13. Smith, for
inon tang of laic:wife, in the earl)
part of June-teat. hefacts are thus re
la ivtl : At the titue stated, Mr, Smith,
w it it bit wife, Aro*e hi his buggy to at•
tend a ministers' meeting, and. in the
et t rang itat Ceti far'- the . Ibintee of his
b:oiber-iti-law, about_ tAto miles frotc,
E :gin. 'Abut/ t o'clO6k lie reached the
I.) , Aise in considerable excitement, est-.
14-4 if his wife was ,there, and sit.) in t
his • linggy had been t.iverturttedin
ci I,slug a sandl stiVain, he and hiswn ,
bt nag thlown out, 'and as he had lit ,
/)( rat tt
,t , le to 41S,w1fe, atter gettla,
of t supp Used sheinigbt hat'
:.e uu to the house's:od left bun.
us b. mailer, that hi; hurtle was, ver;
h: - ath,t,tig, and when lie-saw • Wat,e;•
tt , uni•go - into it, Lie metier hew 'halt
you ttjissitt to, Lb tutu linu--:,11r. wits
ti .1-,fteepttuttlig fur the overturning
He gave detailed aecuunt,
ot • utvident to thrTereht, perspit:.
al iljeti tubetubecuutrattieturyiii in/portal , .
pi • aiculurn, anti this, .with the fact I/
Li • name having been found atandini.
mu the . watt r, with 'buggy testirj.
‘ . l.e ride on two Wheels, and the bud,
°I ;he ',woman billy tell fret distant, /e , l
tt InVestigutiim. It, ,also leaked out,
at er..irs. 6mith had been Laded, tin,
was s3,tßillinsurance on her lilt.
w lain Mr. Smith had 'conceal'
fr to ber friends. Ile .alro denied there
w tin s ) u4el'e insurance on her life, bu.
el sec iatve ligutiuii showing a . furthe
4/I ititirance of $6.000, he ad
n;tited its trutliiiilnei.s, b 413 itig he he.,l
e( .'ruled the suet through tlie advice
s father, in order to avoid "talk."
A or considerable time, the whispering;
• timed such a form , that the matter
N% thoroughly canvassed, and the rev •
el -and g,entleariti was believed to hay:
lu d some agency in bringing aboat
,to 'ident. Public opinion iii 'Kati!
iiity is, however, very much divide:,
• - 1
4 minister's, friends being very ea! •
to st in their advocacy of his inuoeenci-
D . J. Shugart; of the Northwestero
L Insurance Company , of •Mi •
w i.tkes, who paid the life policy, Elk: •
Li , has known Mr. Btnith slime hi
et .-iy boyhood:at Princeton, gives bh.:
k-xeellent, character for morality, an‘i
k•' he was a profele of Owen Lovejoy.
:41 (1 enjoyed the friendship of Abrabax .
L neon'. It retnains for the trial to si
e facts in, this remarkable and ciii
ix ' , sing case.
The Stathiticti of Iturnigration.-08th •
io returns of passengerti arriving in tht
I.,t,itvd Suites during the quartet
w h June 30..1809, ahowb an estraord •
rhe whole tin m berarriwed WAS 177,58,,
o ‘{ - itoui 111.674 were males and 65,9( l
is- miles. Of th-se 7,982 were citizens (
t; e united States. 5,451 being - males 2 -
5 1 females; also 3,613 foreigners not It
h ...hug . to remain In the'United Stater;
o ,-wiunn 2,560 were males, I,os3fernalv.ti
II okill:t. kW aggregate of 11,595 passq I
g,•;;.4 not immigrants. The total numb. t
O immigrants was 165,987. of whci.
t ere were under fitteett years of atit
1 :333 ndes. 17.512 females; betweq
ii tee() and forty, 74,492 males 37,901 f.-
i: v .;eF; of forty > ears ut,age and upward-,
1 - .3•3 males. 6,911 females; making •
t. cd of 103.663 mule. 4 and 02,324 fenriale- ,
T:, o oc.•upation of immigrants wei-.
a tollows: Clergymen, 60; physician
-6_ •,' artists, 58; iliet.nanics, (of trades as
s. vvilleti,) 6.559; bakers, 333; biitcher,
-P., : '.3: scum-tresses, 74; shoemakers, 73:.
h•imrs, whi; ni:' so_n iv, 2,058; of miscelao I .
O s tra - 1,5 . 8; lks, 560; farmers, 16
5 ~;; laborers, t. 5 25'; traders, 1,943; mu;
e ! -136; servants, 5,699 . ; of other specitl. c
o u,q.tiolis. 763; 56 w one oecupatio. •
n te‘i specified. and 80,132 ts ithout ( •
e . - i.0.,.1. ,i.c women roof children.
~•--. li. 9' , 71.1.i1ii1.; rail b..:lrri vet! :rf :
~ •1") , - ..q.. 0-I.3lattle 4 :
I p it,: ~, 13 57.1; fte:and, 23,1;,
•,',, .1' .. , 40.: l'i ussia, 30 11,..
, • ' . d I) ..-.. , fi:,..- 1 .0 1'
1 •i" 9' ... 1 - -3. •-p
",- . S 1-;."); ~ .. -, ---,,
• . . ~, t
it ,
dtiw 14:401 oi . 6LHE.N, l'ai
! 1 , 4 ~... -1 , ;, Ai 1,1);(1, tlu
-• lII U. , m.itt!. li, Hat , how.-r. 1-t-
I, 0 thvg—a):!.t- to ttei :tit, tllteatutiit,
i: , •(-«;: r,•:07.-al to lhort• for [,teak!.:
, ! :I.e gall(-i3; to which. Art.uld u,
:-. ,:c-ii that fit- was ititrodueeli by
1:. 0i1.,t-r; to 11.1 i, Lot ti 61.1 try re'plird tit,
IA 1114011, untie' . that Coniiititm, :Any,
I.< ..i wild [,t u tus neer to voter it tigaL
•,, .i, %% !mil Aino1)1 complied. This .
; . ...t l'uoil io-ooice of public disrespt c
1 i- has met with; tl e klutz having bep
I 1,, ett to his royal Surd hot to etitplt
I t . ii-itit(ltitti; It jut t reward for treaut
t c.., whieti is t.‘ E. , 0 tiou4.
Tun last English ordnance survey
11 smut jr„t runtid of Egypt has dispel
k (; rl.r t xnuvapant nonsense which in,
n w, it ten 2/ Lout the divine oni
ightpc and measures. The aver -
1 tlt of the four sides of the pyramid'
!tithe was 9.120 incited which is ea:
1t• equal to 500 - 4. 3 ptian cubits.-
Tilis round number Cheops bit upol
N.. 1: limit knowing or Caring about
ea. tlt's dimensions.
Mus. MEANS, Of Macon COUDiy, Mo.
1:zo1 her character defamed by a wretel
e 'tied W hite. W hereupon she 4roug
Ogaillr-t him, and the other day ob
t.i•jed a verdict for live •thou Sand doll
Li-- damages. But, having
• vititlicatti ,
r reputation, MN, AfcaliS WWI ti.litl•
2.t 11 and remitted fitur thousand nin
I bodied and ninety-nine dollars of tin
t.mount. A remarkable woman, Mrs
One of the latent novelties in the rn usi
prelortning upon the piano
N,•,th the fret instead of the hands. f:,
i- the hi veittiou of a (.'incinuatian, and
4 , 0.-i4-ts 6f what is called a ''
L' athutent." which, Laing attached to
i enable., the pertortuer, by usin;...
let-I, Iu piny the accompaniment t.
of, and use either o
11, tor a vioiiti or .other instrument a
t., name time.
A col:pi. l y of guy youths, forced t
t « kit% 1111U1'. iu u country town nee
tht.ppeti Li church wilts
• , • , .etai , -ervtve Vvas in progreed,
' :le 1.0 k% ere going to pinitt.
wero n u
, areiting aluk with th
to-t pa , t the 0, eti coffin, vhei one t
IL u, hilt: (limit it anti wool
J.: retoovett giiing way to the into
e.lialst ww. hid father_
• qiuros TAYLOR, formerly a reAtieni
N.O Ky ,Lind who dlr.' reve ll ,
.t cilietotoot, lett a will to v.
p.e4tio. $1. 1 ;00 Per P'Lk!' t all tlh
Iu it imute 211111 their moth :9 •
c4l voulity, Ky., the futi.hs tirut
?,; ~(1 ti. I tJe I,lth(lz, of the you uty wig*. t
;:o Lints ibutimt.
,)L'I2ING the high %tater at Painin;
2.1 .N.loliday, a bttikiti t z it ! ,titi f r
4•1 i fitt tro-tihvt ul r•ell I , Ce , ervatt.itt al .
• it.e tatvitipt 1, 1
1,, raVe ,e1.11,,t; t/
at•IN.4 . It Jitle:t• .4.1,t, find (H 1,,..
.t Li', Oh U.r l—f. 1) a 1 t-,1,1!)
(-4 a:. a-t•
e Am.
na- v.
- • • I"..rLt.i' 411 !.() c.t.l Itgr /1. -
. 1 %
n, the !•• I C! I ca.
.nr 74'1 t
I t-Uritb,llt.l4 the tit
.1. /ad V in, b, Italie
'.nt to t
')••e--elo11)1(-,,tto•ni t‘otriennwewlail'
conipiJOllth ale tool how to cure
• .1. 1t ttie ari•
1:, i„oe nitli t llf tht emi ttigration of
or tlit t comho,tion or vur or
t- If, (I-4. ti I Illtal/el/1, with toll its at
ate. dant planets. •
The Harrisburg and Williamsport'
Denaocratio papers approve the exclu
sion of the Bible from public schools.—
Don't blame than: Thety Conipreliend
that without a lock on the Book and
'me - whisky there Is 'ler hope for Denaoc
r Strike down the attics /
In - the hurr of business we last week
neglected to s y, that Mr. Richard Jen
kins has res me d publication of the
Democrat since the decease of Mr. VIII-
Lums. We weld wisp Mr. Jenkins In
letter business; but slues that is not to
I.e we.vish him all the success that his
known industry and fair dealing merit.
BISHOP, of the - Jamestopm Journal.
roust look out. If be don's let the Jes
uits alone, and subscribe to the doctrine
that. the . end sanctifles . the means, be
will be chained hand and foot, a mill
* tone hanged about his neck, and hurled
Into a Paradise where shams are un •
I,:novin, - and common sense at a premi •
U.m. Shut up, Bishop I • •
GEOR9E PEABODY is dead. His name
13 the synonym of munificence in both
I teutisphere,. He amassed great wealth,
nd in the! evening of life dispensed
»iliione for: benevolent and, ed ucationai I
purposes as some men might dispense
dollars. 80 , Mr. Peabody earned the
Cnviable repute his' name will bear
while memory endures. Richman, go
thou and do likewise! •
Tap, 111 • , Alexander cummings's
iieW daily is one of the neatest of tlie
Philadelphia papers, both In typogra
, trld arrangement. It is superior
in tone, deeldedly able, and show
, nasterly enterprise. Mr. Cummings Is
one of the best Journalists in America,
And his • views of what a good news
caper should be like are olear and prac
.ical. The Day is a penny paper 24x34
.nches, and contains all the news of the
Jianket she • ts.
; We' notice that the name of Mr.
Strang is prominently mentioned in
.:onnection with the Speakership of the
House next winter. There is probably
not another membeebetter qualified t..)
liseharge the duties of that position
:han Mr. Strang. If Northern Penn
,iylvania will stand firmly by him, an.l
we ha l ve reason to suppose it will, he
will be the next Speaker of the Houst.
Probably our Bradford friends wiil
stlikk this-time. How is it ?
I k .
T r gtrrtt•rt 91.41 COSOlest shams
: 1 of
I Ice; es ; , alted awl a mat,
i,s tier ipl,let 13ws
eltilit, has a literary, five si xtit.4 of whle_:
1-• worth Just its weight for paper rag,
Yet these pain ph ieClaws I , ave cost Li:
tople \ of Pennsylvania several mi ,
one, and no end of expenses fur tip
1 tig4lloll which such villainous Jo ,
%•ork as this invariably gives rise to.
But our purpose is not so' much wit•
the work of Legislatures as it is wit.
the customs which the world has out
grown, and which are now of as mac
use to it as the buttons on the back o
a coat though much more costly; am
dangerous. The Legislature of las
winter has the credit of disposing
one costly humbug—the Spring 'elec
t one. Though we see that several do•
fated candidates for Constable , dowt ,
below, are clamoring for the good olc.
plan, of three elections a year. IVIno
is well begun ought to proceed; an i :l IL
view bf the good work of last , winter
we thus early direct the attention o:
our wise
to some work remainink
undone ought to be done.
I, t ,
For example : There is the judicial
sham, the Grand Inquest—costing Ti
oga county from $7OO to $lOOO a year rot
per diem and mileage, and the deal
knows not bow many thousands incl.
dentally besides. We never yet heard
an intelligent judge or lawyer speak fat
vorably of that Grand Sham called, it,
irony we presume, a Grand Jury. It is
a) relic of the clumsy appliances. of
half-civilized time in many respects,
and as much au anachronism in this
age, as that other -barbarity'which de•
nied counsel to one accused of crime.—
A grand jurylcannot, legally, listen to
any but ex-parte testimony. It can
only examine witnesses for the prose
(-talon. Now, were it permitted to ex
amine witnesses ou both sides, and di•
rected to make up its judgment upon
such evidence, there would be a shadow
of a s4cle of reason in the system ; but
only a shadow of reason after all. For
it, would cost no, more toi impanel a
traverse jury, in every case, than I
now costs to sustain the unmitigatet
sham called a grand jury. And afte
the jury had heard th.f evidence it couh
discharge - or convict, as moved by th•
facts disclosed, just as well as a grant
jury can dispose of an indictment. Bu
since we have a fair :system of primer:
Gloms already, why not base the it;
dietmetit upon the evidence befoie OU
0: two justices? Why ignore the Pro
c:ettingb to a ju•:lice's Court, when
r re irtt•e equal i)1
1. t 4, i s Ai LP, alit/ It
I: I to ex pat te pv'eeeillob e •: ltd
'W e flint it../seither rousoil u hi t
r lit, or cm:it-aide The r %)''' Lt.l / 1 V "
elided It) supply tvatit wlueb,
t country, Is suppljid I,c mho; tri
bJi.als. It tt ss in ten drd us re tegatk
C it - taiu of the people powcrt, one • held
ald enjoyed by the king. If the, ,
jt et is to secure the ends of justice the
defence is entitled to a Itiesring us well
trt the Commonwealth. W/ht.t. Is the
o . l e-Sidefi ufrair, knowitp u gland in •
q test, hut a roorlineatioii'of the outrage-
WEDNESDAY; NOV. 17, 1889..
The necessities and the convenience
)f a community, or ofa people; may h
satiqied and amply provided for, at
moderate expeoce— It im the slm.
,+•bleb impoverb , h, ate;; keep a family
community. or a nation, on the ver„.„
tig(• t.clain to tl.tA eXevotii o, ti
. ..f ;; •'kW r Iht• :211Id. PEtitit
• ~'.
L. t . i.i I hii&t th
vas rule , hat dikian elnirged with high
crime should have, iio counsel dowry-
ing of- the name? A: • petit- jury is re• ;
quired to make up its verdict according
to the evidence submitted by boil/ par /
ties, being direeted'by_the Bench as re
gards, poluts ',law:: 4 grand jury ie•
racitilred to ileeide,•as le the probable
guilt orAnnocenee of an alleged offen
der upon-evidence 011th-cannot be re-
Anitted*.by the - defen - dant.-• -How: many
tones, think you t wou)0 the grand jury
Ignore bills could the defence-be let in
t 4 testify?
/We insist, then, that the grand jury
system is a cumbrous and costly sham.
It assists to defeat the ends it Was "Os
tansibly established to secure. Who
simplest mod 6 is t ever best, as it it+
cheapest.' The more you complicate
the machinery of courts the higher bid
you put in for bribery and shameless
corruption. Does any intelligent ob
server deny that, the manipulation - of
grand ,dries is the rule, all over the
land ? We hear the allegation on every
hand, and from men qualified to judge.
Whisky, banquets, credit, cash,—all
these are used to control grand juries,
and with marked elect. Every panel,
humanly speaking, contains purchasa
ble glen; and vacillating men, enough
in all to control i a action. When Oils
mode of control fails, or cannot be en
.tirely depended upon, men acting in
the interest of cantle visit drawn jurors
IJ.efore Court, and prevail upon them to
stay at borne. This reduces the con
science of a grand jury to a minimum,
and counteracts the influence of the
faithful and fairminded who remain.
Article sof the ,amendments of the
Uonstitution of the United States seems
to be the warrant for the sham. As the
evil Sets 19 there, at that point it must
be attacked if at any. The article could
be amended by inserting after the
words " grand jury,"—" or by present
ment of a board of two justices of the
peace, after a fair and impartial heal
ing." The Bench and Bar of the coun
try are convinced-of the uselessness of
the system. They can cure the evil at.
any time when they will summon up
, nterest enough in a reformed judiciary
3t act together.
Last week the consolidation of the
Old and New School Presbyterian
4 :3laulehes was effected at Pittsburg.—
This happening will rank among the
~ e rnarkable and significant events of
she century, rendering, as it does,•the
Presbyterian the most powerful denoni
.nation in America.
Go- on a few years longer with your drilled
nartieseaving the nation and accepting ecound•
rels or idiots in minor and local offices, and your
'coasted- nation shall be as Herod of old, robed,
, rorined, seeptred, worshipped and eaten of
.corme.—Y. K. Beecher.
Did we, or did we not see, in the Advertiser
ust before the election, an article from Mr
teechor, advocating Mr. Patrick as against Mr.
Decker? And did not Patrick vote for the
iurchase of the Junction Canal—admitted on all
muds to have been about as corrupt a. "job" at•
lay which has disgraced the Legislature of New
Turk for twenty years? We agree with Mr
leecher that to prefer scoundrels, idiots, etcetera,
, Ifice le hsviting vationtil damnation But
for snob if we know it.
• I ,
n two ladies and killing one Out
t—Mrs. Anthony. The other wm
y injured. The octor was indict
-I tor voluntary anslaughter, and
, vitted. a The ease has been arbitrated
:rid the arbitrators award Mr. Anthony
:450 damages. If .that is the price o
women in Lock Haven the world ough
know it. The Doctor can afford ti
kill three or four every year at thai
ho Republicans of Steuben county
ref sed fOr "Dr. Graves, candi-
Jaw for As.sem by, in sufficient numbers
t•) elect him. The Doctor once had a
had habit of drinking too, much, but
bas not, itlis alleged, practiced that sort
of tieing Or'three years. We entirely
d Isagree with Dr. Pratt a4out the cause
of Graves's defeat. It Was not that
~ :raves used to drink ; it, was that
Graves had stopped drinking. Pause a
ru , ment, friend Pratt. You don't un
derstand it. To quit drinking argues
instability. But if Graves still drinks,
and hasheen cut by 'God and morality'
Republicans, then your case is desper
ate indeed. You need missionaries
down there. You are traveling the
broad road to infidelity. 'Better lunch
cant and a godly countenance, than an
orderly life and a pile for everybody.
We are afraid that the friend who
3ubmits•the foqowing, plan for selecting
candidates for office will find too few
partisans for his en.ouragement. The .
plan is certainly as, good as any •we
know of, but, as it makes a sort of fair
raffle for the places it is impracticable.
More as evidnce that the people arc
thiriking of political reform, than from
conviction of its practical utility, wt.
publish it:
FRIEND AGITATOn: May you continuo to ag
itato the people,_ until they realize how firm)}
they are bound hand and foot by tho politica!
wire-pullers and .officaseekers, now controlling
political movements. In fact,'our boasted rigly,
or auffrago amounts only to a choice betweet'
them: May the time nut bo far distant when tbo
slice shall seek the man, and not the man the
office; when it shall bo a disgrace to beg for
office, yea, more honorablathe street bigger.
will suggest 'the following as a new plan for se
lecting men for office :—Tosanship officers as foi.
She Town Clerk to take the names of twenty
sitizene and draw from theta six names after
the manner of drawing jurymen. The first thret
trawn are to meet at a place selected by tht
c;erk on.tbo last Saturday before election, and
there, alone, make a full ticket for all offices tc
.)11 titled, without using any of their own names
1 , ..)d at the tame time, and in like manner, bC,.
a a in the same pl.oe, the last three names draws
Ise to moat and make another ticket. Theo or.
the day of election we should have two men s.-•
ti cted for each office to choose between.
To Peleet a Republican i'eurity Committee an
tiekt-t; Let t e ot the count
se.• too th, to.ine.: of ten Ita
Boro in thr
t Th. th. ::re: 'persons drawx. fro)
ch lown•hti. and .t,in, meet Os e.a,n us pre(
u hi.. after h the drawn. ho that they may nt
J a , rest to demi, ffice•iteekt re, at a turd:
place kn . % the Searetary, end then,
oiun c, theor, al , t.e, and natio= tieicg an.
r owl. Ll:tine, Zuti c•aility ticket ;
1 ~re •: , 1:111/,itt'oe f... the neat.
tr, t, at the ie,gidiir Vtitieui: anti
• 6 "r but ec.nnecti,n With thew.
the,'herb rnk.'ae lull ticket ft
r i
Way ofnuere nod comity Cominittife. Let the tponca at :1 4'clock,
P 411., to remain
•, 14 toil are. Voting to be done,'und the re
itros W o-mude out, the came 114 at a regular
i•etion, aud sent to the tit oratory of tba County
J tamale,. no to publish the full returns frpm
each Tounrhip sad Dora in the county paper;
, 1 , 3 d the pernoun receiving the highest, number of
I votes to be the regulamowinee of the party.' —B.
111'_..the cat of Anthony vs. Lich
'halcr, Lock Haven, has been arbi ,
I—Wl /371 Cll3 eltled..—..SllatsAtinue.--- 14 “ . 1
114fiy,_ drove furiously down u
riled F l iivet in Lock Haven, runniut
tIY VIRTUE OP sundry_ writs of Fieri Fa
einy. Levari kocins:a n d Venditidni:Expolaas, is
:toed out of the Court of Common Pleas, of
county, and to me direeted,l will expose to
public sale; to the, highest atud,.host biddei, at
rhe Court.llouse in,Wellsboro, on Monday, 40
:9th day of Nor. 1889, it 1 o!olook, . P., M.
the following described property,
A lot of 'land Charleston. bounded north by
land of John Mathors, east ty land of Elijah
intith-by_land of Silas -3loreman, west by
land .of.-john-liiii4.4oOtitilining,-80 aareeb 6 0 cores
improved, log house, Mime brirn 4 apple orchard,
and Other fruit trees thereon:' !Po bd sold us.the
pro_petty of Abraham Wallterk mitte>of Bingham
Trustees. ;
AbfiCl 7 -6•loi'ofl7 i d in \Vett - bold, bounded
north by lamb of tho , Dingbeta estate, east by
Richard Odell, south by Richitrd*Ddell and the
David Webber lot, and' west • by:the D Webber
jot--containing 73 acres, more or less, about 2b
acme improved, lug hot/Selma fruit trees there
on. To be sold as tbo property of Abiathar,lt
[frown, suit of Blngbam Trustees
ALSO—a lot 'of land in Deerfield, bounded
north by lots 47 it. 28 of the -allotment of the
13ingbarn lands in.maid twp. conveyed to New
berry Moos, east by No. 67, south by lot 44, con
tracted to Joseph Yarnell, and. lot 340 contract
e'd to L Fyeoland, west by lot 340 aforesaid; and
lot 28 contracted to Bremer Bowen—it being lot
43 of the allotment of Bingham hods in Deer
field twp. Tioga county, Pa. and port of warrant
10135—containing 118.9 acres bbd usual allow
, once 'of 0 per cent. for roads, &c., about 86 acres
improved. To be sold as the property of Benja
min Bowen, suit of Bingham Trustees.
ALSO—a lot of land bounded north by lot 240
of the allotment of Bingham lands in Westfield,
contracted to Henry M. Broughton, east by lot
54 contradted tollyivattus Baker, and lot 84Aobs?
tracted to Orlando G Griffin, south by lot 51 con
veyed to Was D Kelley and lot . 33, contracted to
Jacob Nverett, west by lot 50 conveyed to Win.
D Weeks, lot 83 aforesaid, and port of lot 214
conveyed to It L Davis—being part of lot 214 of
the allotment of Bingham balls in Westfield,
Tioga county, Pa. and part of warrant 1322
containing 97.2 acres and .listird.allowance for
roads, dco. about 30 acres insprovid, frame house
fame barn and fruit trees thereon: To be sold
as tho property of Lyman Pritchard, suit of
Bingham Trustees. • _ • •
ALSO—a lot of land in Broitkfield, bounded
corth by .7 B Metcalf and S A./311674, east by
Joseph Griffin, south by J B Metcalf Ind Morris
Kizer, and west by W Griffin—contalning-7.5
acres more or less, 30 acres improved and, n log
bonne thereon. To be sold as 'the, property of
Asa M Riohardison'
suit of Bingham trustees.
ALSO—a lot of land in - Brookfield, bounded
north by Alpheus Converse,
out by John M
Wilcox and Wm Clark, moth bye Hdgoomb and
west by Levi Skinner—containing, 94 acres more
or loss, about 25 acres improved, frame house
and apple orchard therecid. To be sold as the
property of Herman S Seeley, neat asabove.
ALSO—a lot of land bounded north by lot 24't
'of the allotment of the Sine:tam lands in ay
micr;dontracted to John M Hitter, lot 248 con
kraoted to Wm Sykes, and lot 129*Conveyed to
Dixon Souttworth, east by lot 110. contracted to
Abner D Humphrey, south b3'l4 - 132 conveyed
to Isaac -Burnside, and lot • AA', contracted to
Charles Burnside, and west by.stid lot 252, and
lots 225 and 91„' conveyed to Into Sears—it bu
lag lot In of the allotment of Oingham lands
in Clymer, and part of warrant 1826—eontain
lag 98.3 acres and usual allowance for roads Arc.
about 90 acres improved, - fraineilonse, log home
frame barn and apple QM:lard thireon. To -be
sold as the property.of Wm 1.1. - Ribmolds, suit of
above puffs.
ALSO- , -11 lot of land it' Broofield, bounded
north' by S S BegellYeailly John M Wilcox.
solid) by A B Seele,fand:Beifri;i*ttriwooda.Ad.
%vest by Levi Skinner and said Begell—contaln-
Og 65 acres more or leshabont 25 acres improv
ed, log house, log barn and apple orchard there
on. ti To be sold as the property of Augustus
Okyfor, suit of above.
ALSO—a lot of land In -Brookfield, bounded
north by Wm Osorge, east by - Bingham lands,
south by Noble Pride and west highway and
0 Hamlin--containing 76 a — crali more or less,
about 15 acres improved and a frame house
thereon; To be sold as the property of Isaao
Warn, suit of above.
ALSO—a lot of land in Farmington, bounded
north by J R Weeks and James Warren, east by
John 11 Campbell and Oel Magoon, south by said
Magoon and Jehiel Brimmer, and west by Rob•
art Stewart—containing 126 acres more or leer.
Ab..ut 75 acres improved, fro me house, frame barn
and fruit trees thereon To be sold as the prop
arty of Oscar Gleason, suit of. above.
ALSO—a lot of land in Riohmot,d. being part
of James Wilson's warrant No. 4480—contain
ing 439 notes—
Also—the whole of James Wilson warrant No.
9956 7 i-containing 999 acres-more or less, in Tio
ga and Richmond—
Also—.laum e Wilson warrant 4485, aontainint.
912 floral more or less (excepting and roservin,
toad to John Johnson). nimut 20 none improved
frame housa frame barn and fruit meet thereon
in Wet) roohd—
Also—a lot of land in Jaeloon,bounded norti.
by estaiu of Charles and Thomas Holton, east b;
land of the emu, ~f John Shelve and lti m Lane
'oath b) land of David Crumb and Hiram Cook,
wept by David Crumb and Thomas Holton—eon
Wiling 50 acres more or lees-
Also—a 10 , of land in Tinge, beginning at the ,
first green 'umbra tree on west side of Crookeo
Creek, about 30 rods belosv where the old uppe ,
sawmill stood on said premises, thence up alone
said creek by its several courses including talc
mill and its privileges, to the place whero pair
creek bends its course toward the site of the 1,1,
Mansfield farm house, thence across said creel.
to a small elm on the opposite bank, thence S
78° west 7 rods to a large elm on the south haat ,
of the cove, thence across said cove south 80c
west 83 rude to a stake in line of lanrVbelopgink
to estate of George Daggett, deed, thence nor
therly along 'said line to the place 8t intersectr.
said Crooked Creek, thence down said creek 1,3
its course to a large buttonwood, oppiisite the is'
rrilltray above said Mansfield farm hrktise, thence
north 874 deg east to place of beginning—con
taining 8 0, acres more or less, about 70 acres im
proved, one water-power gang sawmill and shin
gle machine, 4 frame houses, 3 frarp barns, soy
eral outbuildings, cornhouse, blacismith shop,
and young apple orchard thereon. Tobe sold as
the property of Wm B Ryes, suits of A. Sly and
R do 11 Covell.
ALSO—a tot of land In Delmer, beginning at
a post the east side of Niclaole et. thence along
land of Emmet Pond east 8 rods to a poet. thence
along land of John Dickinson south 10 rods to s
post, thence along lands of Charles Williams W
8 rode to a poet on said street, thence along. said
street north 10 rode to place of beginning—con
tainingi acrd more or less, frame house thereon.
To be sold aa.the property ,of Wm 1' and Anne
Willard, suktuf H Sherwood.
ALSO—ti lot of land in Wellsboro, bounded
northeast by Pearl. at. and R Campbell, southetst
by R Campbell and Walnut-st., southwest by
Walnut and Lincoln - sts., and northwest by
Lincoln and oPearl-ate.—containing 70 feat front
and 260 feet deep, a larg 2-story frame house,
a email story and a half house and stable ' and a
few fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the prop
erty of Simon -R Landis, suit of Entohinson
ALSO—a lot of land iu Knoxville, bounded
north by highway, east by Thou Mattlion, south
'and west by A Alba—oontaining 91 rods more or
less, game horde. framo, slaughter house, other
outbuildings and orchard thereon. To be sold
as property.of Samuel May and Geo W Spring,
suit of Parkhurst. '
ALSO—a lot of land in Middlebury, bounded
north by M B Fields and David Van derhoof, east
by Reuben Close and the ißulmer tract, - south by
Wm Jones and David flee, west by Edw'd Briggs
—containing 150 acres nre or less, frame house
2 frame barns, frame cor i r house, other outbuild.
lags and apple orchard thereon, 100 acres im.
proved— . •
Also another lot of land in . Middlebury,
bounded north by Jack Moßinney,sed Jack Ca
grovi, east by Wickham Colo; south by the
Bumpier tract, west by Ran Pratsmen and Daniel
Vanderhoof—containing 179 acres more or less,
80 improved, frame house, log house, frame barn
frame cornhouse, and other outbuildings and ap
ple orchard thereon. To'be sold as the property
of John A and John Pratamau, suit of Mists
ALSO—a lot of land in Delmar, bounded
north and east by highway, south by C &
Houghton, west by Stony Fork Creek and Wm
ole—containing.} acre, frame house and frame
barn thereon;
ALSO-a lot of land in Delmar, bounded north
by E Dimmick s inist by highway, south by Wm F
Horton and west by Stony Fork Cresk—coutaio
ing a c re more or less, a 2-story frame •asiern
souse, frame barn and a few-fruit trees thereon.
To be hold as the property of C. H. Crow', suit
ut Coles & Co.
ALSO—A lot of 'nod In Westfield, bonededliortii by
- 114 Btinzham E.titte rust I)) lil N Aldrich south tydWu,
'4lr,t /tip , Aae Marko. treat by die Hat! of Vown fruit
rt. r c• rut illg 103 lICI irni re,,r
act i , 1air111 , 441 3 frao,. imu.o 8 /raw.
rri, , duo hppl, Olch.trds ib,reLat To it ['Old 112. Iht•
)11e1 ricplo - b Ll.tirr..riit • I A l'
A lot of huid to CI3 tiler and bud
d north 1.3 B runt In AUtla I , ll.ler,BL.Uth by
'eh Putter rind ,if.l) S.lihei 8, eud wa,t by A A A rne b r y
opd 1 II :Liu% oo 1. vohtnitillig, 40 Rile. tio ore or less
lt :Ut a ~ cicb improved. Irtio.e flame barn. anti
v o mph• oiclutrch the' con Ti be gold t ,e the proper.
3of 1,3 man F(4ty re. suit of $$ 0 Vinkety fur the of
A 1",(1—a lot of lonrl lii Gaines. humm e d nor th by
z•ttl la I) Ititi,VoVk 113•1 S X SI/, r. , 4l(lifitifi west
.y r. X Billings eon:airing lba LUTVeI mcra or 1C.01., au
irres abproreft. with frowe house, frame born, with 2
Irple orolouds and other fruit trees thereon To be
-o Id it the property of Levi Funnan, stilt of Gaines
A L,3o A. lot of land jo Chatham, bounded north by
, iighany. east by It Toles. eouth, by Emilie lee, and
west by the lucre Mete, contautiog two su m .11 fro.
!nulled, two frame house, tratuo beep, and a few fruit
•rees thereon. To be gold as the property of Newberry
,se, suit of VI 0 Bailey for nee of Tlop county.
41,80-4. iot or /and In Charleston, bounded notth
by Lowell a, Jolinsott,:eteittii - Jerionljtierinisortisontk
by 'J L Reese; and west by the estate of Albeitthxxiwin,
(I ecemed , containing 60 acres, about 40 acres Unproved,
home house, frame barn, and an apple orchard there
on: To be sold as the property of James Dockets, suit
of Louts Dumes§l,_ .
ALSO- , -A. lot of l au d In Charleston, bounded north
by Alfred Schieffelin, cast by Rimer Ingriek. south by
John Neal, and west by Charles Goodwin,
ahem 40 acres, 25 acres improved, frtune house, log
.barn, and apple orchard thereon. To be sold as the
.property of Francis It Kelley - and 01) FUMY, suit of
C L 'Wilcox. I .
ALSO—A lot of land in Knoxville; botinded north b
Cummings Mattison, east by John Goodspeed, A A J
Reunion, add Frederlak Woodbury, squth- by 'Main
Street, and west by Lucius Mattison, 'containing 18
acres more nr_less,all improved, with two frame hqua.
es, frame barn en 4 an apple orchard thereon:
Atoo—Anether lot In I)eerneld,- boluided
the Billings estate, east nnd welt by. Cummings M atti ;
ton,ond south -by- Doom- A Freeborn§ cents ping- 25
acres. To be sold as the property of Jefferson Matti
son, suit of Ralph Rockwell.
'ALSO—A 10l 61 land in Delmar, bounded north by
'dwin ' CaMPbeit - and - Dantal Ficide, east by Robert
Steele and Isaac
_Fields., south by Isaac Fields and
hlgha-ay,lnd wost-by Newell Campbell, containing 100
acres snore or lent; about 100 acres improved, with a
frame house, frame_ borkand sheds, frame horse barn,
cheese house and other outbuildings and two apple
orchards thereon. To Ito sold ait the prpperty of lb D
Yield, suit of C A 3 L Robinson.
ALSO—A lot of laud in Middlebury, now in possess
ion of 0 W Foster, beginning at a beech in the Rub of
warrant 4468, and being the tenth west corner of the
herein desoribed lot„tbsace north 88 rods' to a post.
eastl2o rods to a post, thence south 88 rods to a post,
thence west 120 rods to the place Of beginning, contain
lug 62 Urea dud 14" perches, with usual allowance 4t0,,
about 40 acres ( improved more or less. To be sold as
the property of Henry M. Leith) et al, stilt of AP Cone.
1 ALISO—A lot of land in ,Charleston, bounded
Morth and ea ft by Cyrus Catlin, south by James
eese and pest by highway--containing I acre
tore or less, frame house, frame barn, and toms
uft. trees thereon. To be saki as the property
f Reuben Bart. salt of .Balley, use of Donald
son. . ,
ALSO—a lot of land in Middlebury, boon.
dad north by Amos Rowley, east by Lucy Brown
and Bliss Brady, south by Eleaser Deckles and
west by highway—containing 60 acres, about 25
acres improved, log house, frame house log barn
and some fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the
property of II Looey and Abraham Palmer, with
notice to Zelotes linen and Nancy Palmer, Ad.
ministrators of -Abraham Palmer, decid, suit of
Mosher for Niles. .
ALSO—a lot or land in Brookfield,,beginnbag,
at the northeast corner 'of lot 60 of Bingham
Linde, thence north 186 perches, thence ea t 2_ 4 7-
i t arches, thence north 157 perches , thence nort h!
60deg west 90 perohes k south 85deg - lest 81 per- 1
ekes. thence routh Meg west 73.8 perches, S.
91 perches, thence along west line of lot No. 80
t3uth 28 dog. west 170 perches, thence along
Int of lot 58 east 180.4 perches and south 36 ps:
teepee along north -line of ,lot 60 'east 60.5 per
ghee to place of beginning- 7 ‘oontaining 880 area
more or Teti, about 80 Wel improved and one old
frame shanty thereon. To 'be sold as the prop-,
erty of John . Pierce,, suit of • Bryden, for 'Wm.
Cobb. - -
- -
ALSO a lot of land in Liberty, bounded
zorth by Jhbers Bancher, east 'by Matt Peard,
south by Isaao Beed and Lutz, west by Jacob Br.
eeck—containing 150 acres more or less, about 80
acres improved, frame house, frame barn, frame
cornhouse and apple" orobard thereon. To be
sold as the
,of George W and Sidney
Yields,. snit of Tears,. , • •
ALSO—ti lot of land in - Chatham, bounded
north by Ira Baker., east by Moses Patrick, and
Truman Smith, south by, Stephen Martin, west
ly L Blteynolds—Loontaining 88 acres more or
less, about 50 acres-improved; frame house, log•
house and some fruit trees thereon. To be sold
es the property of W E Cooper and D S Boom;
suit of J C Wheeler.
. -
ALSO—a lot of land in Elklaud, bounded north
cast and south - by Mrs E B Coatis end west by
Suffalo'street,.containing about of an acre mote
or less, with a• frame-sash lhottrrY, - *frame boiler
room, steam engine railroad car . and machinery
for manufacturing sash, doors, &0.,- and all the
fixtures- and-appurtenaneett therenrito-belonging.
To he sold as the property of W T Fitzgerald . &
Josiah Monroe, snit of J & J Parkhurst.
ALSO—a lot of land in Richmond, bounded
north by lands of Hixon & McCoy, east by
D Il Cooper, south by James R Wilson, and
-wetrt by Stephen Waters, containing 45 acres
-more or lees, about 20 acres improved, 2 frame
houses, frame barn, frame blacksmith whop and
a few fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the
property of Joseph . Rouse, suit of John Benson.
ALSO a lot of land in Liberty, bounded
northeast by highway, southeast by Benjamin
Maneval, east by same, west by Albert E Com
steck—contalning about 4 acres more or less, a
trams house, framelarn, other outbuildings and
tome fruit trees thereon. To be.sold as the prop
erty of Luzerne L Comstock, suit of Childs use
.of Comstock.
ALSO—it lot of land in Ward, bounded north
by C L Ward, east by Arthur Johnson and Our
tie Cleaveland, south bp Daniel Hager and Sim.
on Elliott, west by Wm Pletcher and Wm It Ly.
~n—containing 174 acres more or less. log house
tame hone°, frame barn and apple orchard there.
.n—about 100 am es improved. To be sold as
the property of Lerdy Ayres, suit of Adamy use
or Braine,
SO-lith- of land in Wellabore._bounded
• . ; c , emu, southwest by lands fort - dem
of Elijah Black, deed, northivest by Thos. Sul ,
Aran, Michael Sullivan and - Margaret Sullivan
—containing acre more or less, a frame house,
!same barn and some fruit trees thereon. Ta be
.rild as the property of Russel .1 Ross, suit of
Carroll.—a lot of land in Richmond, bounded
its follows : beginning at the Williamson road
isc a stake and stones, the SW corner of Chester
Ames, now Joseph Major's lot, thence east by
south line of said lot to a post and stones at the
-E corner of said Major'a lot, thence south by
eastern boundary of the O'Brien tract 21 perches
.ind 2.10 to the NE corner of the Daniel Holden
iot. thence west by the boundary line of said lot
io the BE e 'Thor of Marcus Kelly's lot, thence
around the east and north boundaries of said
N t wy.B lot to the Tioga railroad, thence north
erlealong said railroad and Williamson road to
place of beginning—containing about 25 acres,
41 improved, a brick house, 2 frame houses, 3
frame barna and fruit trees thereon ;
Also—another lot in Richmond, beginning at a
stake and stones on the east side of the road on
Dexter Parkburat'e land, thence south 88 deg.
east, 86 perches to a white ash stump, north 151
deg west 23 and seven-tenths perches, south 70
deg west 21 and seven.tenthe pelvises, thence
south 15i deg east eight perches, thence south
six degrees west six perches and three and one.
half tenths to the place of•begintrlng, containing
five acres and two and one-h If tenths of an
acre be the same more or less, all improved.
ALso—Another piece of land situate as afore
said, beginning at the aforesaid ash stump on
the line of Dexter Parkhurst's land, thence north
15 deg and 80 minutes west by the eastern boon.
day of th,o aforesrlil lot 23 and seven-tenths per-,
ches to a post at the nortli•east corner thereof,
and corner of a lot formerly belonging to James
Whitehead, thence east by the southern bonndary
thereof 81 and fi ve-tenths perches to a post,
thence south by the western boundary lice of
Lydia White's lot two perches - to a post, the
south-west ecirner thereof, thince east by . the
southern boundary line of that lot 21 and Ave
tenths perches to a dead hemlock tree the south
east corner thereof, thence south 20 and eight
tenths ruche," to a pqat.and 13t . iniee the north
east corner of Dexter Parkburat's lot, and thence
west by the northern bounary of said lot, 97 per
ches to the place of beginning, containing 14
sores, be the same more or less, all improved.
To be sold as the property of Joseph S Hoard
And Cordelia Smyth, snit of Major use of Ross
& Williams.
ALSO—a lot of land in Charleston, bounded
on the north by Bingham lands, east by Henry
Smith, south by highway, and west by Horatio
Owerr, containing 50 acres meteor leas, shout 20
acres improved, frame house and a few fruit
trees thereon. To ber sold as the property of B
F Fields, snit'of James H Bollard. -
ALSO- t ea lot of Delmar, bounded north
by Albert Osborn, east by Jno. Brooks, south
by highway, and west by Dart Osborn,--con.
taining one acres more or less, all" improved,
- with a log . hOuse, frame barn and ,fruit trees
thereon. To be sold as the property of Amos C
suit of Cornelia Plumley.
ALSO --a lot of land in Charleston, bounded
north by lands of Samuel F Hall, Lowell & John
son, east by land of Josiah Reese, south by land
of Hugh Moinroy, west by James Reese and eat.
-2f Alert.Goodwin r lontalning 100 sores, 50 im—
prove ;frame barn, log barn, and apble orchard
thereon. To be sold as the property of P P
ALSO—a lot of land in Tioga t'wp, begin.
aing at the corner of the John Magee store lot,
thence by east line of said lot and other land of '
said Magee southerly 0 perches, thence parallel
o Tioga and Wellsboro road 8 perches and north 1
37deg east 2 porde+) to the southwest corner of a
at contracted to Sally Swartwood, thence north
erly along mist Hue of said Swartwood lot 20
zerches to said plank road, thence along site of
.faid road 10 perches to place of beginning, con
:ainiog 1 } frame house, frame barn• and
mme fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the lire
eorty of John Jacobs. snit of Mentor,
ALSO, a lot of land in Covington, bounded N
y Bradley Wilkins,
E by Alonzo Johnson and
filly Marvin, south by L C Levelly, West by
'emu Netrower and Thomas Managin, contain
lig 100 acres and allowance, 70 acres improved,
nine house, frame barn. apple orchard and oth.
or fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the prop.
rty of George \V Ridge, suit 05 Hoagland.
ALSO. a lot of land in Westfield Borough,
Jeunded north by highway A L S Leach and
3 a Begell, east by Isaac Plank dr. N Close,
mith by Ambrose Close, west by highway and
:lid Leach, containing 9 acres ail improved,
.t.story frame tavern house,
frame barn and fruit
roes thereon. To be sold as the property of
Jlooree Clef-e,.suit of Parkhurste.
ALSO, a lot of land in Covington Borough,
,t.•unded north by beau Berry, east by high
'ray, south by Henry Kilbourn. west by Tbom
-%s Putnam, containing acre, more or less
•rAme house, frame barn, other outbuildings
.rd some fruit trews thereon. To be sold a,
the property of J '0 Johnson, suit of Cone.
Xpy. 10, '69. J. B. POTTER, Sheriff.
.. -
4 " W
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In great variety, at 30 per' cent less than regu
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In colors. "Tile decline in prices of Cotton Goods enables us to;sell at sill lower'prices than
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Corning, Nov. 10, 1869.
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Nov. 17, 1869-tf. 'Mrs. A J. SOFIELD,
A Bargain
PO THE man who wants a good grazing farm
within two miles of Arnot, in Billets tw'p.,
1. caitolfer a bargain. Afy farm contains 100 acres,
)0 improved, with a plank house, frame barn
iox4o, Saud other outbuildings thereon. Poi
terms and particulars apply on the preinises. or
Address at Cherry Flatts. J. E. HENRY.
Nov. 17, 1889-3 w.
For Sale.
A ''IltOULAlt BAW MILL; 35 florae-power
21. Engine, Shingle Mill. and appu; Nuances.
Routvn tie the Foster Mill, Middlebury. Inquire
of J.B. Potter, or of S. S. Rockwell, Wencher.),
N0v.17, 1869.-tf.
lofOST—A pig, two months old. I will be
' much obliged to any one who may return
animal to me, and pay all reaeonablq charges.
Welloboro, Nov. 10, 1800—tf.
TO TEACHERS . The School Directors of
Charleston will meat at the Young's School
Rouse, Saturday Nov. 20, inst., 'at 10 o'clock
forenoon, to hire teachers for the winter Schools,
Nov s 10, 1869-2 w.
SECOND Term begins Deo. 0, 1869. Third
Term March 21st, 1870. Students admitted
.st any time. Chas. IL, Verrill, 'A. M., Acting
Principal, to whom all communications pertain
ing to the Institution, should be addressed.
• IPTY Crave OR (SORE PER WEEK secured by de
daring intention to teach.
By a recentaot of the Legislature, the follow
ing appropriations are made by the State to Nor
mal Students and Graduates :
1. Easy Studenttver seventeen years of age,
il i.
who shall sign a pap declaring his intention to
teach in the Common Schools of the State,
receive the sum of fly cent. per week to wards
defraying the expenses of tuition and boarding.
2. Bach student over seventeen years of age,
who was disabled in the military and naval service
if the 'United States, or of Pennsylvania, or
'chose father lost hie life in said service, and who
shall sign an agreement as above, shall receive
the sum of own Donnas per week.
3. Bach student, who,
upon graduating shall
sign an agreement to teach in the Common
lohools of this- State two furl yeare shall receive
the sum of FIFTY DOLLARS.
4. Any student to aeons these benefits must
attend the School at least one term of twelve
consecutive weeks. .
All the Diplomas are authorized and furnished
by the State, and exempt those who hold them
from any further examination by authorities
acting under the provisions of our Common
zichoo! laws.
WEEKS: Including Board, Tuition, (in all
branches including Penmanship,) Book Rent,
Room Rent, Fuel. 011, and Washing, $lB4, (less
50 cents or $1 per week as stated above.)
Expenses for Second Term (14 weeks) in.
eluding as above sB4—less 50 ate. or $l,OO per
Expenses for Tbird Term (14 weeks) including
e above $6O-less 50 ots. or $l,OO per week. •
Day Students $lO,OO per term.
Instruction in MUPIO, $l2 Per 24 lesson!,
Drawinc $5,00 per term.
Painting $O,OO to $lO per term.
No extras. P : 1
No. 1018439-2 m.
To Sell I
4 GOOD sized able team horses 1 heavy lum
•-14 her wagon, 1, platform &piing democrat
ragen, and three single eott, t'envy harnesses.—
"!o he sold low, and on time, if desired.
Wellsbore. Nov. 8,'60-3w, R. J. ROSS.
(ITRAYED fromthe.pretnises of the subsorib
ij er in Delmar, two heifer calves, one grey,
he other dark red with star in forehead. The
'uder will be reasonably paid for his expenses
144 trouble by sending word where they may tht
Nov. 8, 1869—U.
All now and stylish anode
500, 750 and . sl,oo..
.73 conte.l
: —..a...:
Orphan.? Court Sale.
ITN pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
IL Court of Tioga County, dated September li,
1869, the undersigned Administrators' of the
Estate of Chester Partridge,lato of sal& county,
deceased, will. on Thursday the 25th day 44-
November 1869, at 1 o'clock, P. 11., at the resi
dence of the late Chester Partridge deo'd in
Charleston tw'p., expose to public sale the fol
lowing described Real Estate, situate in the
township of Charleston, Tioga Co., Pa., to wit :
One lot beginning at the North-west corner
hereof, thence South 89 degrees, Bast 115 8 10
perches to a poet, along lands of Thos. Kelley,
thenee along lands of G. W. Weller and others;
South 3 degrees West 139 7-10 perches to a post,
thence along lands of the Estate of Chester
Partridge, deo'd., North 82 degrees West 116
perches to a post, thence North 3 degrees East
189 7-10, perches to a post, the place of beginn
ing, containing 101 2 10 acres more or less.
Also another lot of land situate in rause tw'p
and bounded as follows; to wit: Beginning at
the North-west corner at a . hemlock, thence
South 87} degrees East, along lands of Estate
of John !Magee, deo'd., 114 5 10 perches to a
hemlock, thence South 2 degrees West, along
lanai: of Richmond Jones, 92 perches to atpOst,
thence North 87i degrees West along lands of
Thomas Kelley. 115 8 4 10 perches' to a post.
thence North 3 degrees East along lands of D.
Webster, 92 perches to the place of beginning;
85 8-10 acres more or less. Terms of sale mad?.
known at time of sale.
NOT/CE is hereby given that the Executors
Administrators and Guardians named be
low, have filed their accounts in the Register's
office, InAnd for Tioga county, Pa., and that the
said aeotffints will be presented to the Orphan's
Court for said county, at a session of said /Court
to be held in Wellsboro. on Monday the 29th day
of November 1869, at 2.o'ciook, P. M., for con
firmation and allowance.
Account of Philotus Crandall, Executor of
the last Will and Testameet,of Albert Fowler,
late of Nelson tw'p., deed.
Account of Sarah Id. Ets , Administratrlx of
the Estate of Chas. Q. Eta, late of Tloga Boro',
Aeoeunt of Hiram Kimball, Administrator of
the Estate of :noel) Duryea, late of Delmar,
tw'p, deceased.
Acoount of Abram S. Keeney, Guardian of
the person and gstate of Rans,.m E. Wilcox.
Account ofhu English 1 . dministrator of
the Estato of Robert Martin late of Delmar
township. D DEANE,
We'labor°, Nov. 3, IS69—tf. Register.
MEE uuderlaigned appointed an auditor to
distrlbutuithe !Loney arising from sale o
peraunal property of defendant in the case o'
G. E. Easttnaut vs. Hor ry C King, hereby give. ,
notice that hd het.riri, fair this purptpre will hr
held a• his 0f6 , .0 iu Welldborn,ou Saturday Nov.
27,1869, at 19 o'clock, A Al , whore and when a u
persons claiming any portion of said tuud are
require'd to substantiate their claims or lo‘ Torre.
er debarred from canting in for any ..bare there.
Wellsboro, Nov 3,1689-3 w. Auditor.
'TIRE undersignal baring bean appointed or
Auditor to dixtrihute; the money arteine.
from the Shoritre side of prr..onel plOptqly I.f
Cbarlea Steven*. will atteLd to the of
appointment at the ofne, Pebry i n
oll*hore, on the 27th "lay
at 2 o'clock, P. M., of said da3.
Weibsbi7To, NW/. 86 9 -45 irr if•utii!?F'
Beat Prints
All Wo'ol Catts.imeres, $l,OO
Battu Heavy Union Doeskins, 75c
Heavy Sheeting.,
All Wool Shawls.
Mons' Rip Boots, einem made,
Don't mistake the Store,
3 Concert Block, Market St., Corning:
For Chamberlin,g.
‘\\\\‘ . ,
Every Merchant, Every Meehinic
Every Manufacturer, Every Farmer.
Every Business Man. and Every You , iig Man.
Worth ten times its price. Agents ar having
great success. Fur circulars and full *acme..
don apply to , 0. D. CASE 16 Co. Puhlishert,
Hartford, Conn. (nov 3 1869-3cel
November 8, 1889-Bt.
Register's Notice.
Auditor's Notice.
wiikr' 8 .Noticel
Furniture r . , niTniture
El&VINO uompiatedhis new Cabinet Va le .
11;81E0 oo Main erect, Wellaboro, tits stuck,
edit with a large iliorted stock ct
AO, Maple,
ita q 30., 4d.,
from Btao dosvii,-crsid es Ott?
a* 04 MO* en be tot
is th• aides, tireight addedt
Parlor Suits, Walnut, Cherry, and
Mahogany, Reps or Hair Cloth,
fro dowii.
Center Tables, Walnut or Marble Tops,
Looking Glasses, Brackets, Pa
- per - Eaeks, Rocking Chain',
all kinds,
bfirbelesaie and Retail.
r am Mannfactut l ing -as usual, and intend to
keep it full Stook 'of ware, bolo° and city made
at all times. • My Ware Rooms ate spacious and
neat, and now contain the largesci costliest and
beet stook of run:Mare bt t ottglit into the
• .
Pialtainfli ajd Matehinff
doiteto order at the Pactoty.
Bopi. lb, 18 9—tl.
rivir EXTRACT FACTORY at Cowsnesque
j, Valley; Tloita , Co., Pad: Thle faito7 b 40:80
feet, two stories; ample steam poser, and taped.
ty of 1000 potands - of tanning extract per day.
It is in 'a location , favorable for either its present
- businnes or 1111 a tannery, and may be flied for
the latter at a small- expellee. • Abont 16 or 18
acre s of lut t il go with the property. Will be told
low and on' easy terms. Apply to I. M. EDE/.
coign, - Cotraneeque Tioga Co., ?L i ter
terms, Aa. .
Sept. 8,1889-3 m.
eltgririVtiVO l, tP"
t". ' A •
I 0
g • ..5 - it
I• a ' -I . '
r..:..?.. : z.: to
- =
t4l • - 'Pt
. 0 .
0 1 r; :: • p ' p :: . ::: :ss 4 -
1 1 I •
id r
• • ::N.
0 ( .... I
n 0 ?, t 'd h: , P V t:
a • ( n $
• •?• r 1 4*
r 1 1# - I 1 .0 4 s. 0
ii g r,
r , ~ - .1 , r . i, ,i , - I
I i 11 ( Z
a . .%
5, , ,..
,:•-:: ....2,75,
r. r r 2
0 I ig
c, m c, c: h 5 CD
4 Cn ]cDE.. 41.•
• c.
A C 4 C
.8 • •
CD Cn CD CZ. Z.I.:D hc. OC
!1:11c 4... 1, h. 5 C 4
e 1 C sl.' tsl ' .
C. c.c.c.l
W vrenld sny liF
G. that his liatne"..-I,,Shot, is D 1,15 , r 1
that h° , is prepare:l to turrish h.rvs
113 short 'notice, in a good and substantial ME ,
nor, and at prices that can't l fail to snit.
The host workmen are erpployed, tnd nand:
the best material used. Call and Pee
Dec. 9, 1868-Iy. G. W. NAVLE.
X .11:1 siS ia. icb Et za. 40 o
MR. A. L. MONK E, is the anthoriul
Agent for Tioga and, Potter Comitiel,ti,
effect insurance in the
Wyomine . Insirance Ooinpany.
lie will canvass the county during j ibe week u.
oept Saturdays, when he will be f und at al
office of John T. Mitchell, to atten to all wt 2
may give-biro a call. A. L. ONROE.
• Sept. 22, 1869-3nk.o
riodersigoed, an Auditor,„ appointed to
make distribution of the funds arising from
Sheriff's Sale, of the feel estate - of T. S. Comm.
Fn Oecoola, will attend to the duties of big aF •
pointment at the Mee of R. T. Wood, Erq•. to
Bikini:id, on Monday the - 22d of Nov. 1869,1 a,
10 o'clock, A. M. • -- B. S. STRANG,
Oct. 27, 1860-4t,' Auditor.
lAuditor's Notice.
T IM uud epigned, an Auditor, appointed . to
matzo i
e thettibution of the funds aravo4
from Sherlire Salo. of the personal property ct
W. T. Pitsetterpld 4 Josiah Monroe, will
to the duties of-his appointment at the office of
R. T. Wood, Esq., In Elkland. on Monday, Nov.
22d,•1889, at 2 o'olook, P. M., of said day.
Oct. 2'1,1869-4t. Auditor.
I .
N THE Court of Common Pleas of Tiogs Co.
oT January-Term 1889. No. 149.
fbe undereigneld, "appointed an Auditor 1 0
distribute the money arising from sale of pet.
sone' property ittl the case of Clara King, V. '
Wm. Ilockonbergir," hereby gives notice that
tbo hearing vtit be bald at his office, in W5lll.
borb, Po., on Friday, the 28th day of ,
1869, when, and' where. all persona mu. precast
their claim; or be forever barred fro COON
for a share of the said fund.
Wellsboro, Oat. 27, 't39-4w.. Aiidipi•
• 1
NOTICE is hereby given that the psrtnenhi?
lately eubvisting between w in . Ad i ge, del
eu. W. Vincent of illamfield, under the Brtu
'Adams and Vincent, wue tin the let drty v(
'ember dievelvei by ?mutual voneent - rll r,
ilidehted to the same. are rave:ilea 14. '
and m prempr 'ecifticm, e .igt •
11 be ctit.tinue:t beririfter b' Wm A 4l
W.V. 41) 4 1
,t * ViY
_Notice to Bridge limidtc4.
H E n,,, ffir To g a
mote nn groitn , l t , let .1 j , a - f
t". o ding, ..f a 'County triage r
1; eer L. paha al - wru
r 111.....1;. - •
' • KP " I.:v. , t
~1. •t• '
:s;,.v, t
-t r: ,
' the Avenue. - Well6boro, Aug. 25tt led U-11,
withjipholetery to suit.
For Sale.
1 & 1
I I iN
. 1
1 ;
Auditor's Notice.
A.uditor's Notice.
I'. V. VAN
.11 >DT 11 XT,";11 LJ.