The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, August 18, 1869, Image 2

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The De.
Tile Nakki
terms Or
room re
and oil fa
Winter tf
The to._
board is SIU per term!
The State appropriations are as, fol
lows : Pupils
.who design to teach, $7
per term; pupils who were wounded in
the war, or lost their fathers in the
war, receive $l4 per term ; $5O addition
al is given to all who complete the
course of study and agree to teach two
ILIA annual terms; an annual term
must be at least four months. Thus,.
it will be seen that pupils who remain
tiVo years and graduate, receive their
tuition and hook-rent free, and $32,00
The " Normal" building has been put
in good repair during the present. vaca
tion ; new bedding is now being put
into the rooms; a large ittiMber of
rooms have been repapered, and every 7
thing arranged for the comfort of stu
dents. The rooms are being taken
jittite rapidly; a few vacancies now ex
ist, and thoFe who wish to avail them
selves of the opportunities the school
now oilers should appl.,y early, and have
their »times registered for rooms.
'Address all communications to TEE
cause he has been a faithful, efficient
aud,honest Chief Magistrate. • _
Because he is the nominee and repre-,
sentativeof a party that stood by the
country in the hour of danger, and that
stands by the principles of justice and
freedom, uilon which our Government
is based. , .
_Because be bus beet► tried and not
found wanting, neither in bis devotion
ip the principles of true Republicanism,
nor iu integrity in adhering to the
strict lino of principle in all his (Alicia'
Because be is a man whnse private
character is unblemished, and whose
habits are such as to meet the approval
of all goad citizens.
Because Pennsylvania owes it to her.
hottor,aud fair name. not, to iermit
braye and gallant soldier, who ( rew
sword for his safety in the hour of her
deadl,y peril, and who liars Nerved her
faithfully hi the hour of •peace, to he de
feated 'by 0110 who sympathized with
her enemies when the,, dark cloud of
battle,,, lowered, and the tierce eontlict
of national ex iidenec staged around her.
'Because a just regard for the memory
of the martyred dead, for those who fell
in the berate struggle for national ex
istence, forbids the 7tate to Plies in
high ollicial position those who sympa
thize with their enemies.
Dee/lase' the triumph of the Demo
cratic candidates in this State would be
the triumph of the principles of Free
Trade, and a deadly blow at the , policy
Proteetion to American liatistry—
a policy Co which the hardy soil of the
Old Keystone have always been devo
'Because the triumphant re-eletAiou of
Governor. Ochry would rejoiee the
hearts of the true friends of tiiu nation
everywhere, While Ilk defeat wpuld
bring joy into the camp of ila enemies.
.The following. miler Vrinh the
Adjutant, General's Inn en, lvi t l r dis
tributed to the organixed iuititiu thrh'-
~ut •the titute :
Headquarters, Pennsylvania 'Afilitfa,
_Harrisburg, July l lth, /869.--t.totteral
Orders No. °Meets, umi-eom
missioned oflieers, and ,privates, or oth
er enlisted men of the Pennsylvania
militia, who served iu the navy, regu
lar army, volunteer or militia threes of
the United States, during the war with
the rebellion, and have been honorably
discharged from Pahl servico, -,1111 re
main in the same, shall be catiti o l t o
wear on all occasions of parzule, the in
signia of their actual or brevet. rank
which they have held or do a t,. pi e 'sent
hold, and also the distitietoe army
badge ordered -for or adopted by the
army 'Corps and division respectively in
which they served, and badges to be
worn on the left breast. •
fly order of. John W. Geary, Govern
or mid' Commander-in-Chia. I). 11.
Adjutant General of' Pennsylvania.
The oinei l mati ehrcmiele commOtales
an article discussing the political sit
uation in the state of Ohio as follows :
"The leading Democratic later of this
State comes Out squarely for repudia
tion. Other papers of the same politics
claim that honesty requires that if we
pay our debt we should also pay that of
the • Confederacy, amounting to the
modelmt sum of live billions ; and a
membgr of the Legislature of Kentucky,
a Bright and shining light in the house
hold of Democracy, offered a resolution
looking to the payment for ail the slaves
emancipated by, time Oovernment,
small addition of four thousand mil-
Hong more. Upon all dip above we
propose to meet the Demo,eraey, confi
dent in the justice of our cause. We
ask an earnest an united effort of all
good citizens to defeat the machina
tions of the enemy. Let no outside
issues distract us, and victory will be
The Richmond IVhirj, referring to the
claim of The New York 'World and
other over-zealous Democr a ti c papers
that the result in Virginia waa n Dem
ocratic success, - thus rebukes the un
asked and unwelcome interference :
"We beg The World, and at the
over-zealous Democratic journals; to let
us alone. What, we have wione has been
done without their nitl - and in spite of
their opposition. We are more indebt,
ed to President Grant than to all the
Northern Democrats put together for
our deliveraVree. Let ?t$ alone
The Tioga Agitator says: " Those pa
pers which - speak of Grant as having
disappointed the people-who placed him
in poNter, must speak for themselves—
not for the masses."
With all due respeet•to t , the Agitator
\V must say that the papers hi question
do speak for. them asses.—Jersey Shore
RENmaiN , vrEn.•=lClessri B. R. Strang
and J. h. Niles, otl Tioga county, have
been renominated for Assembly by the
_Republicans of tlnit enmity. They
were renominated !by acelama.tion
Last whiter these ,I,Mentlemen ranked
among the ablest members of the Leg
islature, both occupying a leading po
sition.— Videffe.
The receipts of the ticket agent o
the Paeitie Railroad at Omaha have
amerageds4,ooo per day since the open
ing of the road. One day last week the
evening train for Sacramento took sev
en passenger cars full, the majority of
which were through passengers?.
"You might- as well elect Horatio
Seymour Governor of Pennsylvania as
Asa Packer," was the favorite argument
of tile Cass men at the Bolton Rouse on
Tuesday night. This Democratic plea
against their own candidate is entitled
to consideration at least from imierei)d
ent voters. 4
Every enlightened monarchy oil earth
is yielding to the progress of republican
principles, but, the Democrats of Penn
i sylvan ia adhere-to the dogmas of tpo
old Secessionists, even after the ex-Con
federates abandon them in disgust.—
.PresA. •• -
• One of the six' hundred aspirants o f
the, Burns Festival Yrize, Boni; tusked
why ho selected the signature of Crin
oline for his poen; explained- us his
reason, that "it could not fail to Carry
oft " the prize for Burns."
Zke A!.
Repithijcan Ttiominaiions.
notice, with an order to publish:
J. P. DOIALI)I3O'N is a candidate for tho °file°
of Prothonetnct, Subject to the decision of tho
Republican Coiivontion of Tioga county.
Tho Republican Convention nomi
nated LERoY TAnon by acclamation.
We submit the foregoing notice to
discriminating public, asking all hon
orable men to contrast it with Mr. Don!
aldson's card in this week's caper, and
reconcile one with Oe other. it they,be
able to do that.
A man without money is poor indeed;
but a man with nothing but money to
recommend him is poorer than Lazarus
at the gate of Dives::
It is true that the Democracy are
about to advertise for sealed proposals
for a Union General to run as a candi
date for Governor; somewhere? There
does'nt appearto be much competition
at present.
"Peggotty" need not worry about
Democratic corruption money. More
will stick to the pockets of the disburs
ers than will get to' the - palms of the
marketable citizens of Pennsylvania.
Tile Beaver Radical • irreverently
speaks of Packer as the "Golden Calf"
of the Democracy. )Since his boatmen
butted him off the bridge into the ca
nal at Easton, he might appropriately
be cane( " thb Sacred 13E111."
The die is cast. .. , The mystery is
solved. The Wellsboro t correspondent
of 2'lu Advertiser finally shows her (?)
colors. It is Polly Sane AteWiggin, as
we more than half guessed. She says
that she'll not diSCUSS her sex' publicly.
Very well ; no need of a discussion.—
The tongue of 'her settles the question.
"Having earned myThread by the ht
" hdr of my hands during many, and I
`• may add, the happiest !years of my
" life"—says Mr. Packer. j sir, as
happiness is the chief end Of man, : why
not go to work with yourliands again
and earn two dollars a day ? If happi
ness lies that way; turn about and go
for it.
Mr. L. A. Mackey - who was a candi
date for Congress in this District last
fall, has accepted the position of mem
ber of the Democratic State Committee
for this Senatorial District. We pre
sume that he will not, hereafter, as he
did last fall, deny his affiliation with
the Democracy, and beg sturdily for
Republican votes. Mr. Mackey is a
natural crook Democrat.
A cotemporary
, asks if we regard
wealth a bar to eivil preferment..
No, sir. As to riches—we have no
prejudices whatever. To us, a man is
,a man without regard to his acres, his
bank and railway stock, his coal and
iron mines, and his bank account.—
Neither poverty nor riehefi ennobles
men ; no more does either debase men.
If a man be filthy, though he was fat
and rich, he will be filthy still, If a
man be naturally dishonest, the ad I
lion of a few to his worldly
goods will not make him. honest ; nor
does it follow pat the sudden accession
to great•possessions will change an hon
est into a dishonest man.
But against the selection of men for
civil promotion because they are rich,
and can spend plenty of cash in a et,io
paign, we do now, and always, pretest.
If we mean to advertise to the World
as a people that preferment is a ques
tion of cash, then there can be no more
effective manner of doing that, than by
seleeting rich blockheads and nobodies,
with ready millions, fo lead parties in
a eompaign. The poet drew the por
trait of these times when he wrote—
"Woe to' the land, to hasening, ills a proy,
Where wealth accumulates and men decay."
In many instances the, measure of a
man's wealth is a criterion of character.
Tir millions of Fisk and Gould, of Van
derbilt and Drew, strictly speaking, did
notit;come honestly. They did not come
thmugh strictly honorable business
tranisactions. Of course there is one
standard of morality in Wall Street and
anothei elsewhere. We do net believe
in Wall Street business morality, while
at the same time we do not hold thatall
Wall Street men are rogues.
But:what we Want to get at is this:'
The accumulation of millions in the
hands of the few is a great evil, Take
a- community of a thousand families,
and 'say that their , aggregate wealth
amounts to si,ooo,oop. Five men are
worth $60,000 each, ' one hundred are
worth $l.OO each, two hundred are
worth ssoq each, and the remaining
$50,000 is scattered among the six hun
dred and forty-five men who make up
the thousand. Do
.you consider that
the best division of a million. among a
thousand - men ? We do not.
Rather, would it not be better if no
one of the thousand could count over
$20,000 as his own ? In the New Eng
land. States,, where millionaires are not
common, and where the number of in
dependent 'preprietors is larger, rela
tkvely, than in any other 'section of the
old States, i there. more stability In
values and yastly less of official corrup
thin, relatively, as well as positively.—
Take the city of New York, where• the
few control the money market, and f be
hold the official rascality which pre
vails. An all the . world there is not
another municipality' where villainy
thrives so openly. The poor - are very
poor, and the rich very rich.
So we hold that these,huist accumu
lations - of property' in the' hands of a
few are dangerous, and not to he en
couraged. Wealth is power. On every
hand the Democratic presses are crying
out against "centralization," which
means that the Federal Government has
too much power. BLit• so far from de
nouncing the centralization of power
in individuals, these Democratic jour
nals hind the selection of a candidate
for State- ExeCtitive who numbers his
dollars by millions. The full inconsis
tency of this course eau be seen when
you note that the Federal Government
wields its powers' by consent of the
whole peopleov bile Asa Packer flourish
es-his millions under absolute control
of one mitu.f To that extent he is an
autocrat, and not In sympathy with
" honest and patient l{ibor•."
Aside from' his immense possessions
there is nothing in the life of Asa Pack
)r beget for him public confidence.—
has, up to this day, proved himself , 1
able4o accumulate money, and nothing
furthe .as a public man. lie was sent
to Cori ess because he was rich, as
every Del oer.atic loader knew and cc=
knowledge then.. ,In that body he
was the mere cipher, having no talent
for 'legislative uSiness, even. And
now; when, weal bk ranks higher than
qualities_ of intellect he is seized up
and placed in non - ation for Gov
ernor'. We repeat it— ad this man
been in, moderate cireu stances, he
never would have been named in a
Democratic Convention. An his fact,
and not his millions, accounts for our
hostility. in so much, The facts Of his
affiliation with .his party during the
war, and his thorough sympathy with:,
its destructive policy to-day, are with
us still greater objections. A man with
so much money might have been a
very pillar of strength to the nation
in the day of its stern trial. ,!He did
not choose to so apply his wealth, as
we learn from competent authority.—
How different from some men of mil
lions. There was WILLIAM E. DODGE,
of New York, who saved the nation
tens of thousands by using his private
fortune to purchase hospital furniture
when the treasury was empty, turning
it over to the War Department at the
exact cost. We mention this instance
because personally cognizant of the
fact; but there are many similar cases
of patriotic devotion, in which the
millionaire, rose superior to his cash and
bloomed a patriot. 'The Dodges, Stew
arts, Vanderbilts, Coopers, and Asters
wore not the ninny after all. We did
not hear of Asa Packer in those days—
At least, Ilia name did not appear among
those just named. - °
Neither poverty nor riches need be
crimes. And neither constitute any
man either lit or safe for the custody
of Executive power at the hands of tho
"Owing whatever I possess (under
the providence of Clod) to honest and
patient toil," says Asa Packer in his
letter of acceptance. Mr. Packer owes
his vast wealth to "the honest and pa
tient toil" of other men, not of his own:
No man eves
est made a tenth of a million.
4 i -4 •:'
by "patient mid hontoll," or by la
bor of any aott. 'He is a railway spec
ulator. Why not own it up, unless he
regards that p a scaly business.
The Democracy of Ohio having nom
inated Gen. Rosencrans for Governor of
that State, the General respectfully de
clines the honor. Prior to the late la
mented Democratic Convention which
nominated Packer and Pershing, a'Dew
ocratic politician addressed' a letter to
Gen. 'Hancock asking him if he would
accept the nomination. The General
respectfully declined the honor. But
then, there was Gen. McCandless who
did not decline. probably because be
saw by the ballot that he was not wan
ted.. We can see why no Union Gen
eral ought to consent to lead a Demo
cratic column for the next half century.
So they all decline the honor
&liter, Conservative Republican, beats
Stokes, for governor of Tennessee, by
not less than 40,000, probably. The elec
tion seems to have been as badly mixed
up there as it was in Virginia. The
points at issue appear to have been :
The Stokes party were in favor of dis
franchising rebels, and the Seater par
ty were opposed to that policy. Parson
Brownlow was for Sen ter, and says that
a Republican U. S. Senator will be elec
ted. At all events, an unrepentant
rebel is now as good in rl'ennesee as a
true-blue . Union man. Let the De
mocracy get out their guns and burn
some powder. The main, central idea
of the creed of that party is, that a trai
tor is_better than a loyal man.
".Down with the monopoly and mo
nopolists !" was one of the old war-cries
of the Democratic party. But now,
A. D. 1869, comes the Democratic party
before the people of Pennsylvania with
Asa 'Packer, as its candidate for Gov
ernor; Asa Packer, whose wealth was
the growth of monopoly ; Asa Packer,
who is one of the chiefs of monopoly I
(take away the monopoly enjoyed by
Mr. Packer and his millions would
mostly vanish away.
And they declare that the Denmerat
ic party never changes ; that Democrat
leprinciplea are immutable !
A. F. Yosv, Esq, has commenced the
publication of the Tunkhannock, _Repub
lican, the first No. or which we have
received. Air. ! Yost has the talent to
furnish a, first-rate paper, and his first
number is all of that. Now, the :Re
publicans of Wyoming county must not
assume `that the paper will "go on well
enough'* without their aid; - It. will re
quire active co-operation. on their part
to make Mr. Yost'a enterprise a success.
Let us see if they can do anything to
build up that paper.
Walker, elected Governor of Vir
ginia, is a Republican, and was pledged
fully to impartial suffrage. The new
constltution adopted by au over Whe
lming majority, provides that no man
shall be deprived of the ballot on ac
count of race, color or condition. The
Democrats voted for Walker anti negro
Senter, just elected• Governor of
Tennessee, has been . acting Governor of
that State ainee Brownlow resigned.- -
Ho is a Republican, fully pledged to
impartial suffrage, and has always pro
fessed to be a. firm suppOrter of Gets,.
- .
In the Alabama election four Radical
Republicans and two democrats were
elected to Congress.
Kentucky has chosen a Democratic
State Treasurer and Democratic Legis
lature, the former by 40,000 majority.
TFIRM of De Lano &0., is this day die.
1. solved.
The partnership business will be Bettina by
L. Beebe. ' M. M. De LAND,
IVellshoro, Aug. 16, 1869.
Always on band or furnished to order, at
Store, We!Moro,' ,
August 18,1869. ,
Cholera Drops
This medicine is quite dif-
ferent from all other
Lions called
\ •
It is an unfailing remedy for
disorders of the bowels.
Wellabor°, July 18, 1889-Iy.
Patent Roofing.
llTAVEbought the right to use the Patent
Elastio Roofing in. Tioga County, atd. am
now preparad to put on roofs cheap and h good
workmanlike manner, This roofing is file and
water proof. I refer to Messrs. Wright k Bai
ley, Toles .4. Barker, and C. L. Willooi, 'where
samples can be seen and roofs in use.
Wellsboro, Aug, 11, 1.880-tf.
•n_ 4
1 notice, that Joshua Ingalls, your hushana,
has applied to the Court of Common Pleas of
Tioga County for a diroroo from the bonds of
matrimony, and that said Court has appointed
Monday, Aug. 30, 1869, at the Court House,
Wellaboro, for a hearing in the said matter, at
which time and place you can attend if you think
proper. • J. B. POTTER,
July 11, 1869. Sheriff.
Notice to Bridge Builderf.
ACOUNTY Bridge across Rik Run, icor the
. Rod School Rouse in Sullivan township,
will bo lot by the Commissioners of Tina Co.,
for the building of the same, to the lowest and
boat bidder, as by plan, to be exhibited oil the
premises, Thursday the 26th day of August,
at one o'clock P. M.
ALSO—The County Bridge across Pine Creek,
near Blackweirs, by the Commissionsas of Ti
oga County, for the rebuilding a part of the
same, to the loirest and best bidder, onlho prem
ises, as by plan to bo exhibited, on Tresday the
24 day of August neat, at one o'olook,{P. M.
Aug. 11., 18604 f.
House and Lot for &le,
OUTII of Mansfield, Tioga Co.,Pa., within
easy walking distance of th e Churches,
State Normal School, 'House in good order,
good size and convenient. }Ezoollcot well and
cistern water close to the 'door. :,ot contains
about 11 acre, and has a number gif choice fruit
trees, grape.vines ti-o. A pleasanthnd desirable
home. Will be sold at a low figuri. Address or
inquire of . BIXBY.
Mansfield, June 9, 1869—if.
WM. 6. 1.61113140114. LfaitiNL LINN
Armstrong Sr. tun ;
Aug. 4,1869-Iy.
Notice to Collector>
nOLLECTOII,I3 of the taxes f0r1869 are so
k/ quested to be prompt in oollieting up their
duplicates and paying over the save by the let
of September. By so doing not i)as than $lOOO
Can bo saved to the emu/Iy.
.Aug, 4, 1869. H. 0. 3AILBIr,
Co. Treasurer.
411111.1 g GEirhittE -
M. M. SEARS, .Pnormaron.
WEERE delicious Ice Cream French Con
' fectionary, ail- kinds of fruits in their
season; a nice dish of Teo, Coffee; or Chocolate,
and Oysters in their a eason—canbe bad at all
hours, served in the beat style. nest door be
low Roberts dc liardwori Store, Main
Street. I
Welishoro, Aug. 4, 1169.
0.0. Wiam, Principal.
Mrs. ADk W. HORTON, Proceotress.
'HORTON, Assistant.
Miss Esau BAIDIL6II, TDACtiOr of Ilume.
The Fall Term will (kntnance Amplat Vt. ThO Winter
Term Notihrabor 30. The Spring Term March 3. Each
Term to continue 12 weeks.
Tuition, including rent and wood,Pall Perm...... 511,60
Wirit,r Term.. 13,60
.‘ It
" Spring Term... 12,60.
Day Students ' , 700
Instrumental6losio, ( Piano , Organ or 1 4 1 (xleon).. 10,00
Vocal ?dual° 2-00
Use of Instruments ' 4 200.
Drawing and , Penciling 1 3,00
Board per week
July 21, 1869—t1.
Register's Notice..
NoTtoß is hereby given that thf Adminie
baton named below have tiled theism:l
- in the Register's Office for Toga County
Pa., and that the said accounts will a presented
to the Orphans' Court, for said t v /unty, at a
session of said Court, to be held in ellsboro' on
Monday the 30th " day of Aug. 1869, at 2 o'clock'
A. M., for confirmation and allowan4e.
Final Account . of Eliza M. Pearsall and tlguire
Southwoith, Administrators of the Estate of
John, A. Pearsall late of Chatham, deceased.
Final' Account' James S. Watson:4 surviving
Administrator of the Rotate of James A. Smith
late of Gaines, deceased.
Final Account of Charles Ebemns, Executor
of the last Will and Testament of Margaret , E.
Guernsey late of Wellaboroi deceased.
Final Account of A'; W. ftaynes Adudnsistra
tor of the Estate of Ezra Davis,, Jr. , late of
Etchmond, deceased.
DARIUS L. DAAVB, Beglater,
Points of Excellence.
Beauty and Elasticity of Stitch.
- Perfection and Simplicity of Machinery.
Using both threads directly from the spools,
No fastening of seams by band and no waste
of thread.
Wide range of application without change of
ailing went,
The seam retains its beauty and &mesa af
ter washing and ironing.
Besides doing all kinds of work done by other
Sewing Machines, these Machines executes the
most beautiful and permanent Embroidemand
ornamental work.
Agr`The highest Premiums at all the fairs
and e3thibitione of the United States and
Europe) have been awarded the Orover it Baker
Sewing Machines, and the work done by them,
wherever exhibited in competition.
'The very highest - prize, TILE OROSS
OP THE LEGION OP HONOR, wag conferred
on the representative of the Grover dr, Baker
Sewing Maohinee, at the Exposition Universelle,
Paris, 1887•, thus
,attesting their great superior
ity over all other Sewing Machines•
July 28, 1889-tf. .1
_ (N ! Si; 'pr.rov: R .Lop.r.)
,s• . , •
WOULD say to,tbair friends and the public
generally, that they are now irecelving a
splendid assortment of summer
We are able to offer our ouetomere the benefl
of 'the
In the New York Market, our Stook having been
eurehkeet eines the street decline inOootte.
Welleboro, June 16, 1869.
1•1"c" , i;mr sillse•xi t
Them Things is Arriv
VVERIC thing is lovely, and the anger biped
'I depends from a sublime attitude.
You will Please Observe,
that the beet natured man in Town having no
ticed the wants of the publio, and having bona-
Wally supplied himself with almost everything
which this world 03.11 afford to appease them;
now benevolently proposes to open the whole be
fore the people, and say to all, old and young,
black and white, rich and poor, ,i
You pay your Money and you take your
Don't stand out in tho' - eold exposed to the el
ements and to tho Sting of the neighbors bees,
but pull tho latob string, it is always out in bus
iness hours, &o.
The large hearted proprietor, or Me urbane
good natured clerk will conduct you, ao it wore
through a
filled with ravishing delights.
let. A GARDEN OP SPIOES, in, which
every thing Sploy,froin a nutmeg to cayenne pep
per mar be seen and procured.
2d, A GARDEN OP SWEETS, in which ev
ery variety of Saccharine delights, bqth solid and
liquid may be had by the stink, pound or gallon,
and of such flavor and complexion as will make
every Robing sweet tooth in your head fairly
jump with delight. Should you be pomologi.
°ally inclined, this' humane individual will con.
duct you into a
GARDEN OP FRUITS, in which almost ev
ery variety of luscious things to be found gath
ered from the four quarters of the globe, will be
shown to satisfy your largest longing.. Oranges
from Cuba, Lemons from lildrida, Prunes from
Turkey, Raisins from Malaga, Currants from the
Grecian Archipelago; Peaohos dried and Cum.
ed along with a great variety of Canned Fruits
from the Jitneys; Dates from Syria, and Pigs
from Asia Minor. No end to the supply of every
species of NUTEi from 3 Continents.
THE TEA GARDEN will next command
your attention; the warm decoction of the China
leaf and the Java'bean have become alnioat uni
versal beverages, and if not swallowed too hot or
to strong, the mild stimulants are esteemed as
eminently promotive of comfort'and sociality.—
What company of elderly ladles could ever part
in peace without them ? Now your friend the
GARDNER, will be most happy to show you
all this. He will ask you politely to look at his
Tea. You are welcome to try every chest and
see if GUN ' POWDER, Bouchong GREEN,
'TYSON, dm, which flavor you like, but of all
the other styles whose jaw cracking names'would
be dangerous to pronounce, COPPERS, in. every
style, ditto, ditto, ditto.
Furtherinorl S
The beneficent proprietati of this miatimoth es
tablishment—out of sheer good will, a d if you
will believe' him for no other motive n your
interest and hie, lies at.vast expense es Wished
at the MAO. phut° an immobile depot of Previa-
Sons; consisting of , .
Flour, Pork, Lard, Codfish, White Fish,
Sword Fish, &e.,
Meal, Rams, Butter, Trout, Blue Fish,
.Rallbut,. ate., &o.
.Mt of which be intends to sell at , a profit, on, the
principle of,"/Ivo and lot live." He generally
proposer also to receive in exchange all the pro
ducts of your farm and dairies,and ft is said con
fidentially to the public, that he never refuses
Tho' it irks him wretchedly to keep ft. So
emulous is ha. that the dear people should want
nothing vehatererthat money can buy of.
Welleboro, June 16, 1869.
anoll ae
also &large and well solootod stook of-
The One Price Cheap Store,:
Etc., ttea,
I \
Goods Ree4ved almost Daily.
HAVING made arrangements to keep a still Larger Variety of Goods than
last year, and believing Judicious Advertising to be u good investment, intend to use the columns
of the AGITATOR more extensively then for the last two years. Our Dry Goods Department is
made as attractive by us as possible. Wo keep a large stock of all goods saleable that we feel
warranted in keeping, and allow no one to undersell us at any time. Aiming to keep the best
article for a given price that the Market will afford. We invite all to examine our stock in the
Brown Sheetinge,
We have added to thia stock a tine assortment of LINEN (100.1 consisting of
Brown Table Linens from 56 eta to $l,OO. Bleached Table Linensfran 75 cts to $l,OO
Blch'd . do $l,OO to 150. Tweelinos, Towels, Na tf.; Table Cloths,
at a toduotion of 25 to 30 pet cent from last season ricer.
We have now in stook, (and are receiving additions to it almost daily) an unusually large and
well assorted stock of
Tho above stook can be found the moat complete, and at much lower prices Than any we have
offered before. Comparing favorably Witt( tho largest• Stores in the Southern Tior.
3E3CC:PC:6I= I ISMC...XI=Lrr.
I , .
We have made arrangements with our Skirt Manufacturer BO have an extra discount on our
purchases of him, and we intend to give our customers the benefit of this arra , gement. From
this date our entire Stook of skirts will be sold at an average reduction of about ' 5 per cent, mak
ing them lower than ever before.
75 ct. Skirt for 50 cis.; $l,OO Skirt for 75 ctsr.; $1,25 Skid for $l,OO ; $1,50 Skirt fo
$1,25; $2,00 Skirt for $1,50. &C., &C.
In Ladies sizes. "Misses and Ohildren's equally cheap.
iiiOsiery and White -Goods.
We can do better for our customers in this stook than at any time during the war, and as the
Goode are now very cheap,• so that males will warrant it, we shall keep a much better Stook than
for several years past. Wo shall keep a very handsome Mock of
• aiming to sapply ail calie in as satisfactory Ipann or as possiblo.
We make pretty big claims on this Stock, and we think we can back them up. Our business' in
this Depatiment bas been an increasing one every year, and we intend to keep it so, if soiling the
best qualities of Work at the lowest Market Prices will do it. We shall keep a still larger as
sortment of J. Richardson'ttWork, in following styles:
. I
Men's French. Calf Boots,
do 'A. 11. do
do 'Fine Kip Boots.
do Siva do
do Oaf Shoes,
do Kip Shoes,
We aiao intend to keep a still larger stook of Ladies, Misses and thaildren's Pine Work, in
Berge, Pebble goat, and Kid in alitho desirable styles, in those Goods and in Richardson's work.
we shall keep regular geode, so that we can supply our Customers regularly with such'work as
they have found to suit them in our stock. All our work except snob as we sell for cheap work,
we warrant, and make satisfactory compensation if it proves imperfect in any way.
We are now keeping all good an assortment of Trunks as we formerly did, and shall keep a fu
We will also order From the Factory any description of Trunks wanted, that wo do not fee
warranted in keeping on hand, if desired, at 10/38 than the usual profit charged on fair Goode.
Parasols, all Rinds.
We would respectfully invite the attention, of easterners to our assortment of Parasols wh oh Ivo
think Cannot be surpassed either as to style or price by any one in the trade. We have a full as.
-misbrnd, of colors in each of the styles named below, and also assorted colors in Linings :; •
Plain Bilk Parasols, lined and unlined cheap; Beaded Parasols, lined and
unlined; Changeable Parasols, lined or ruffled ; alsopiain, lined ruffled
and fringed; Square and Pannier Parasols, lined and fringed ;
Lace covered Parasols; Childrens Parasols.
SUN UMBRELLAS, cotton and gingham; also sukile and full boiled Silk
and in all the desirable sizes.
Handsome Prints, warranted fast colors at 10 cents pay yard.
Clool,l wide bleached ISltudine at 11 cents per yard.
New styles Percales at 25 ots per yard, sold all tho epring at 44 oti. to 55 oonfe.
Ifandsomo stook Dress Goods 23 as, Handsome stook of Shawls at $3,00, amp at $4,00,
The beat Barietine is Black Mantilla Bilks to be found in this vicinity.
Black 4 Alpactie, po, 56, 621 and 75 cents. Black Alpaca Poplins, 62/, 76, 87/ ate, and $l,OO,
' the beat goods for the money we have ever offered.
La ns, Figured Swiss and Organdies at very low prices.
Thanking the people of Tioga Clotuaty for their very generous patronage in the past, we trust
br s tria attention to .basiness,,and selling Giiode at -a low figure, to merit a coattottanee of the
.same. • : ~ , : .
• . .
. .
Corning, June 9 1 1868.• sT. A. PARSONS sk CO.
Bleached Sheetings,
Checked Shireings,
Denims, blue & brown.
Stook of
& CO.,
i J
Brows Blartinus,
"Striped Shireings,
i ~,~
Boys' Kip Boots,
do Stoga do
Youths Kip Boots,
do Shwa do
do Shoes,
Youths do ,
THE UNDERSIGNED still continues tire
Carriage buriness at his old stand en Alain
street, near the Academy, where Inanufacturib s
and repairing will be promptly done end satis
faction guarranteod, The
Will be conducted by Air. P. G. LYON, wile has
hail many years experience in the babinea, and
will give perfect satiBfaction to all in •
Carriage Ironing, Horse Shooing,
Repairing, &c.
Particular atlentieli given to porse•shoeing.
work warranted. H. W. DAIITT.
Welleboro, July 14, Mg.;
TILE GOVERNOR desires that an orgaoira;
tion of the Militia of this County should
be effected an soap as convenient. All persons"
therefore desirous of organizing companies will
proceed to enroll the names of all such as wj
join thiI'SIIIIIC, and report to meat }Wand, Ps,
A company to consist of the-following officers
and men : l capt., 111nt HULA.; 1 2nd lieut. 5
sergeants, B corporals, 2 musicians, and 32 pri.
vates--50. As soon ns n sufficient number of
names aro enrolled, an election of officer 4 rip bo
ordered and cominissions issued- at once, at
which time the GoVernor will issue sans and
equipments to each company. It i 3 d es i re d
that the old officers and soldiers sh o uld take hold
of the twitter and we can - soon hare our let
- companies organized and equipped. .
fly authority of J. W. GEARY,
Commander-in' Chief of Pa,
Aug. 4, 'RU-4w. Per. R. T. WOOO
Blcled Shirtint"
Pillow Case Cottons,
Attention Militia
; Farm. for Sale 1
TN Deerfield township, Tioga County, Pa., s
miles from Knoxville and 2. miles from Dee.
Ma, on 'the road leading from Kizer settlement te
the river. Said farm contains, 160 acres, RO
acres improved; is table land, and lies hand.
seemly; bus 40 acres of meadow which ran be
mowed with'a machine; is welt %Notated, and
wets adaptod to dairying purposes; has-many
fine springs; timber hemlock, beech. and maple,
Coinfortahle dwelling 24 feet squaw, a 30x40
feet barn; nowsbed* 60 feet long, granary, and a
young apple orchard* thereon. Tcinas easy. Ap.
ply on the premises, or address, at Ocecda,
July 7; IB69—tf. MORRIS M,k2V.
Great Improvement in Densistry,
~•,.- . . ., . -- . .t. 1 . RAVING purchased the stela.
IS ii• 11111
rigbt of /JT. Polsam's Ita.
4,;:00 proved patent Atmospheric Dental
Plates for Tioga County. I now take pioneers
in offering it to the publi es the gri)titest Dl5.
ooviney yet made in
Mechanical entistrv.
1 - .
By the use of which; we ee n overcome any ay
a d all difficulties which have heretofore hafted
the skill of the most ;practical Dentist in fiat
world. Plates constructed upon this plan it.
main perfectly firm tinder all circumstances of
condition of the mouth, as no air, or particles et
food can possiblygetunder them. Those having
old styles, Gold or Rubber Plates, can, at Gail
the cost, have the Improvement applied to then
answering in every respoot the same purpose a t
as a now set. Perfect satisfaction guarantee"
in every case. C. N. DARTT, Dentist,
NV °Usher°, Juno 9, 1800.
Thin in to certify flint wn are now nslng the Imp,
od Dental Platen with perfect e
used the old style of platen for yearsuilth ail the toailk;
and inconvenioncen known In the use of mull Oslo?,
we cheerfully ireernmend the Improved 110, 8
superior to anything yet known. 11. It. KIMBALL
CHAS. IV I LL11111:1
Summer is long a-Coniing!
' .
AND eotno pooploi beg i n to lon faith in the
,Prouliso of 50tailitac andborve.,l, fn liew
of this fact i i
Muillakd it Cog,
have concluded to hurry up th66OllBOTl by etool•
ing their shelves and counters with a tritely ifs
lectedand EOpetiOr i lot of
comprising a varicL : or °
Silks,;, Linens, Hosiery, loves, Em
broideries, Poplins, Lawns, Percales,'
Piquas, &c., &e.,
togetilar with a firto lot of
Domestics,' Sheetings, Shirtings,
mer Clothing, Ladies Shoes, Ike.
)1 )
We 01111 sell as low as anybody, and give pa
good gpods.
Juno 10, 1800-O)Th & CO
Sale of Real E,;&zie,
TN BANKRUPTCY.—In pursuanco of an order
1, of the District Court of the United Statestet
the Western District of Pennsylvania, dated it
Erie, in said District on the 22d of July A.D.
1869, the undersigned Assigner: of the estatr et
Frederick D. Bunnell a Bankrupt will, on Sakm
di+ the 28th day of August, A. D. 1869,51
o'clock P. AI., at tho Court house in Wellthoto,
sell at public, sale, itubjeet to all valid liens, tba
following described property, to wit; all the
certain lot of land situated in the Bore ollVelia•
hero and township of Dtilmar, Tioga CO. Pit
hounded on the north by village lots formerly be
longing to the Morris Fatpte, and lands of the
heirs of James S. Bryden deceased, on lil6 east
by said lands of the heirs of "James S. Beldee
and lands of Stephen F. Wilson, on the Foutb by
lands of It. it. Austin antlN. It. Kimball, op t 4
west by hinds of N. It. Kimball, by the ltiglataY
leading front Wellsboro -to Shumway 11111 and
by lands of G. AV, Coolidge, Win, P. Shutout' ,
Ira Jpinston, Wm. Townsend, Win. T. Mathim
A. Al. Ingham and C. J. Wheeler, :mil on the
nortblsvest by village•lots, formerly belonging to
the Morris estate—containing typo hundred sod
tiny acres. Torras cash.
JNO. 1.. MlTfilllild , ,
Aug. 4,1869-3 w
TR" School no i sy becomes 11 porman nt
atitation, under Stato authority, having by
Npoeinl net received some peculiar privileges, nei
it can now afford all advantages counrnon to Ara.
dernio Institutions. To those defigning to rer 6-
pare for teaching uto off' very decided adratt.
Lagos by combining the Theory with the Prude?.
Fall Term erarimoncee Aug. 30, 1369, and cou
tinues 11 weeks.-
emmnon English, Elementary Algalat Fri'
mary Philosophy and Primary Nip!)logy free to
all pupila of-school ago residing in Tioga
Common English ....
Higher " 7,6
Commercial eourse, lime unlimited... ...... .. 5 OD
,German—extra .......
English Dranehes and Gorman B ' 9
" Commercial' courso... 8- s ' )
For information with regard to rooms or boat/
calf taa, tir atitirmos
Ti. M. DEELES„ Principni• •
Aug. 4, 18119-tf. Tioga, Pa.
A FEET 11 1 06 D, do PARA! PHODUC,E
" - 11 ved in payment for Tuition.
Dr. H. R. Phillips,
trim undersigned respootfully arinounces to tba
1 citizens of Westfield and surrounding of
try that permanently located at this place.
He is fully prepared to do all kinds of
in the highest style of the art Srtisfsetios
guarranteed. Office over &twill's Drug Stine.
Pine Photographs can be had over the Drug
Store. ' • 11. R. PHILLIPS.
Westfield, Pa., June 80, 18 8 9- 1 9-
L__ _ -
C A " and 8 " th°,!S ring.Stylea of Shawls fit
April 14, 1869.