The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, February 03, 1869, Image 2

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Estimated. LoAs $3.50,000.-
[Elmira AdvCrtiser, Jan. 25.]
The most, terrible and destructive Are
which has visited our neighboring Vil
lage of Troy in .ten years, - broke out
yesterday morning about half past one,
and before it was stayed one half of the
business pallor the village was in ruins,
There being no Fire Department in the
as aeon as it became apparent
that the tiro was to be dangerous and
destrUctive, a telegraph dispatch was
sent. to Elmira calling for help. There
is na-night trator employed on the
-WOrthern - Ce trai Railway Telegraph
'Line at= this place,, but Mr. F. Ellery
Ftf.elt, the Train Master, who resides at
Fourth Street, has a wire running to
,his house and an instrument there to
use in case of emergencies in the night
business of the road, lie was sound
Aisleep when the alarm. was given, but
the for " Ettoira i ' which the
Troy oin was 'wilily giving woke .
hies up, lie immediately sought out
Mr. 0, A. Gerow, the wide awake and
et - kit-at Etigineer • Steamer No. 1 4
who hastened that .Stelliner to the Depot
-ready tor Troy, Besides SteanierNti. 1,
if. W. Mclntyre, Forematt,'Hose Com
pany No. 2, 3. E. Nicks. Foreman,
Our's 4, ()come Robinson," Foreman,
al,o went down. Mr. Fitch, mean
whileina4eiled to the Car ii?hops of the
Nl,rtliern Central in t!..;outliport, and,had
an Engine tired n'p to take clown the
Steamer.atid-Firemen. The train went
.4 - town in forty-three: minutes. The
Firemen were received with open arms,
and racist generously .treated, but the
fury of the fire was spent before their
The following is nearly 'or quite a
complete list of the losses :
V. \T. Long, & Co.-, Troy House.- - -
L0,..' , &15,000.
0. A'. Bloqlc, next to the
:-onit4lnft injured.
De wcy & W im4.on, occupants, moved
out their goods,. ,
Also 'John H. Grant,-Jew,eiler, prop
erty 'removed and a good deal damaged.
Mr. Grant WUR ttbent from home.
Briek 0 0 0 Pied. b y S .M. Leon"
aid, .aufl owned by! Pomeroy Eros. Loss
$15,000. T,he ft re ea,ugh tin this
A wooden building, ah,o owned by
I'onieroy, Lic.:.51510,000.
This builditc4 wo occupied by Aliff - 4)-
(41,1},m,0ns & Co. ',Carieers and Drugg
ists. •
Also ley M. A. bates & Co., clothing,
los- :$.6.000, and' F. J... CI: tikins, clot ing,
loss 50,000. •
James AdattiP, 'Poirot, occupied a room
in the second story.
Poineroy's Bank. Loss $lO,OOO. The
'books and`papers Werf! SIP 1111! in the
vault which 1:4 one of tho best in the
country. This' hank building was en
tirely flew, and had just been fitted-up
in most elegant style, surpassing in ex
pensive ornarnentatten any bank hu lid
ing in, Elmira. -
A. building owned by V. M. & H. F.
Long,' and nectOeil by Davidson & Mc-
Cabe, Grocers and Prodnee Dealers.—
Loss $8,000..
0. D. Long, Dry Goods: Loss $lO,-
000—also $lO,OOO %milli of butter, the
butter having been insured the cloy be
fore for so,oou.
Meat Market of F. H. Perbon. -Build
ing owned by Pomeroy Bros.
Hobert & Porto' Harness shop;
stock mostly saved.
C. T. Merry & Co,, Jewelem Goods
mostly saved.
A. ;3. }Looker eSi Co„ iforrthcrn Tier
Gazette,sdamaged by water and removal.
'Phis is the third great fire by which
the village of Troy has The
first was nbput twenty years tip, and
the second filiont ten yeard ago.
A Formidable Gang of 'Mrs° Thieves
arokop pp
For the past year or two, Carbon,
_LUZerne, Monroe, Xit r t Lain pto n,
Schuylkill, Bucks, Berke and Lehigh
counties have been infested with what
was r-uppo,e4l to be a gang of horse
thii•ve.• Many valuable hores . have
nevo --to;oo, .:1- vi 11a , varr lager., twffitio
r0t ,, ..-, cfn• , au'? ill but few instattees re
covoled a,zain h . ) their owners. Tho:.e
I elm i:ed were brought baelt -by the
offl-r 6/ a lib*-ral reward. which wus
g1 , t1 ,,,,Uy rhwkCed by some interestetl
pa:l . \ 111 the gang. About two moo ts.-
ago tWo tion-t• :. 21.11ti a wagon were :•stolen
at R IL:eh-vine, litilvlu , vount,y. Bills
w, to pi thief} qua selut out all over do
eivonli , ,dl,:Nog a reward tor the re
e,ive::. oi 1 hiri tttot puo,ierty, but- no
tIUI k• 'A It .1..):,8i Ill''.! tilttit ohout, ten da,;,:-
•ii detect) %-e oilieer in Reading, wit,.
had 1.,,•ii;i1 of OW theit, act itientall.)
0.. • , 11. a!ti a r4mail. made two patties
in • - an , ":•:11iOn that "II e Reig,elville
1:.•,:•k • Ns , IC to HEIZICI(In."
I ijt• (Ktel•t:l(• 1.411 i tud ai once lot thi
lin rel p40.. - e, and in a liVely stable ttn•te
found Hit- hots vs. lie cint-stioncd di.
attemiltd a- to how the 0101%•-e$ Cattle
tliCil.. 1110.1 iA 1!- told that the proprietor,
Jl, v ,,t, lit lb. brought theM there. Roth
Is ~1.: :f,i,iiil vhd questioned, but could
' , ix ,' it(. sall.:actory-tMSWer as to how
lII' k aloe iii possession of the anitnah:,
when he was placed under arrest and
taken to`' Doylestown, locked up in jail
and subsequently released on $3,1100 buil.
About the same time, asuspiciours char
aetor was arrested at Hitzletbn, who, he
mming alai toed, divulged the whole
secret of the existence of. a most brin
idable gang of horse thieves. Ile gave
the tounes of thirteen who were k town
to operate, nearly all of whom have
been arrested. 4.,
lie al,o gave a description of the
modus operandi A horse stolen in
thishection of country was at once taken
south from here and transferred to some
member of the band, who would trans
, feelt to another, and he still to another,
when the animal would be sold to some
unsophisticated individual, who, if ever
culled upon for the horse by the owner,
of course could not give -the name of
the may of whom he bought it. Car
tinges were taken to an isolated point
near Hazleton, where all the appliances
were ready, and they received a 'com
plete overhauling in
,painting mkt] trim
ming, making so complete a fichange
that the owner himself eould not rec
ognize his property. Robes and whips
were also manipulated to avoid recog
nition, and thus their nefarious work
was carried on. A Jarge amot of
" property has .thus been stolen an dis
posed of, hud no doubt the profits of the
gang were quite large.
Roth is a young man, formerly from
Saucon township, Northampton county,
where his- family is well known 'and
highly respected, hfs father being a
wealthy farmer and one of the most re,
spectable -citizens of the'township. A
few years since, young Roth went into
the livery and horse jocket business at
liazleton, and was continually,reeeiving
fresh hordes from " down country," as
he expressed it, which were disposed of
as soon as opportunity °tiered. These
were evidently . the fruits of his col
leagues' labors in the lower counties.
The breaking up of this gang of Al;
laths will be gratifying news to all hon
est people, and we hope no efforts, will
be spared to ferret out and bring' every
one of them to justiee.-21fauch Chunk
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is what the perlinne,
, s !molt rii; MAYO." are cluing with their
atrin•ion!, ennitinkliltk. The F eolu Cont
tttl--st,ttt,holl look to it, IL is
aitut€4 tht ,
by all drUgtSibib.
We were in. error last week in stating
that Mr. Cumback was elected U. S.
Senator from Indiana. Mr. D. D. Pratt,
unknown to political life almost, isi the
lucky man.
Hon. Wester Clymer declines to ac
cept the nomination asDemoerntic can
didate for Governor. This may be bail
ed ids a sign of returni ng reason. Eith
er Ma Parker or G. W. Cass, will stand
a good chance to succeed in the Con
The Democracy voted solid for Mr.
Wm. A. Wallace for U. 8; Senator—
although it was expected that the vote
would be tendered Senator 13uckalew a s
a compliment. The cow pil meat to Wal
lace has a decidedly strong odor of
" Old Government Java." However,
riot all the democratic votes in Penn
sylvania can whitewash Mr. Wallace.
It wag proper, it was fitting for theleg
iilators of that party to vote for him as
an endorsement of systematic swan
drelism. •
:We are requested to announce that ,a
date Temperance Conveintion will be
held at Harrisburg, Tuesday,• February
23, 18(4, commencing at 10 o'clock, - fore.:
noon. Churches, Synday Schools, and
all Temperance organizations, are re
qutisted to send their• 'best men' and
women as delegates,
Arrangements have been made tdfur
nish half-fare ticifets to all accredited
delegates. Or free, return tickets will be
given uch delegates as pay their fare in
Cull on the way to the Convention. The
;fiends of temperance reform will lake
When we said that the )endorsement
of Gov. Fenton's election by the Elmi
ra Advertiser, ought to estop that pa
perfrom criticising • the action of the
Legislature of this State, it was in
view of the fact that the Aqvertfaer bad
spoken of the election of Mr. Scott
rather sneeringly. John Scott is not a
politician. Gov. Fenton is a politician.
We have never' known Mr. Scott'S-rep
utation for strict integrity to be ques
tioned. It is impossible to say as much
of politicians by trade. But the Adver
tiser's article is so candid, and general
ly just, that we propose to publish- it
next week, so as to give Gov. Fenton
the benefit of the judgment of one who
certainly admires the man, and-admir
ing,knows how to praise without de
generating into mere man-worship.
The selection of professional, politi
cians as incumbents of high offices hr
the government, may be said to have
had its beginning in the nomination of
Martin. Van Buren in 1836. Prior to
that time few men had been named for
the,Presidency whose names were not.
historic, and trh se . lives were not in
tolerable accordance with the laws of
moral and spiritual growth. From that
time forward to tins, either one, or both
of the great parties of the country has
presented, invariably, a political dem
agogue lac ery four years„ as a
for the ot.mages or the people.
Very Eieldorn, for more than thirty
years, has any Party sought a Man for
the Presidential ()ince. Still m'ch.e sel
dom has any party sought men for any
office of considerable profit or honor.
lint all parties have been ; more or less
fiber with professional
,rs from the highest to the least (»
daces in the gift of the electors. Van
liven, Clay, Scott, Polk, Cr, Pierce,
Buchanan. Douglas. Seymour—all then
had the Presidency on the brain, atni
sought that, or other places, as an
241 Lieutenant seeks a Captain
try. Office, proininenee in public life,
was at mule the bane of each and all of
them. On the other hand wo have
Harrison, Taylor, Fremont, Lincoln,
and G rant- men whom the office sought,
or whom a party sought for—whose
presence in the van as leaders of a great
party was.almost as unexpected to them
as tbeir popularity was brilliant.
The nomination of each of these men
was a significant happening; but by
far the most significant happening in
the political world, which pertains to
modern history, was the nomination of
Gen. Grant. The war had aroused am
bition in thousands of hearts, in which,
otherwise, it had remained dormant.
Like all historic exigencies, the exigen
cy of the Rebellion only developed a
tew - great men. Among them, and the
superior of all, stood' a man so modest
that his promotion was rather crowded
upon him than desired by him, and so
reticent that he won the cognomen of
"The Sphinx." This man was taken
up, in name by the Democratic party,
early in the first year of peace; and free
ly offered the candidacy of that - Pirty,
" if— ;" but " the sphinx - ," refused
to answer questions put in the subjuner
tive fettm. Meantime, the people,
without whom even professional poll-
Velma would starve, awaited in silence
the effort of Democratic courtship up
on "The Sphinx." The effect was not
appreciable; . but when- the occasion
arose for "action," and the. General of
our Armies heard the command of the
Senate, and gracefully handed the port
folio of the War Office "to Secretary
Stanton, the Dernociacy fell back in
confusion, and the piople - , more pa_tient
and exacting, adopted him as their
chief and leader from that moment.
From that moment the nomination and
election of General Grant was assured ;
and the subsequent assembling of the
delegates of the Republican party in
Convention at Chicago was a mere for
mal bseA'auce of a custom. ,The
managers of the Republican parts , no
more -thought Of selecting any Other
man as a pandidate than they 'thought
of proclaiming a monarchy.;
1 In striking contrast to this obedience
to popular will was the TlUMlllaty Bah
Convention of unrepentant rebels and
Copperheads. The Democratic masses
expected the nomination of a num
w h ose milit a ry service, if not equal to,
'caat least Ur. tthequiY ,, Its that , it
Ukawral tirant. The oLjeul of that
I eon reutiou was not to record a ialjAl'
Jar verdict, hut' rather to defeat buy))
Nreidle,t. al i as peculiarly a COntien- ' • '
following na t mod parsons formerly of
tiOU of political hacks who Of
before IN 11 ,1 1 .
had divested themselves ;Of •the, t-votanir l e t
c m g a i n nl tY :n i t a s e (
rth e e r f l r in
nearest Pea f t:Cly n e:
fashioned prejudice again'St one-man; or legal rePreseutathel) will learn
power, and'assembled -there and then something . to (heir 'Advalitage
.1 - 3'5; calling si o a a 6 a dil i r s e t s t :
t ng s J i $ p i to attorney
to devise a grand scheme for the distri:-
bution of plunder., The character Of l'hose w writ e ing will please th a e n ir i al ti ldres — s,
the _managers of party organizations and send stamp fox reply. , ,
was thoroughly developed in those Chaney- 0. Ackley, Livingston Bogart, James
J. Carle; nmes W. Childs, Jamey Carle, Geronld
Conventions. Dennison, Victor A. Elliot, Thomas D. Elliott,
The-deepersigniticance of the election -Samuel Ilayes,-W; - T. Itamphrey,liergin 'Hart,
of General Grant. lies in the teaching. G N e en o! I t i. l fSt e i Y el{ " l n orge rlilia'rnein4Jcltn Mattison,
it bears in history.-- The people sought George D. Smith, Alfred 3. Softeld,ltansferd W.
Webb, John A. Wass, W. B.' Wiseman, Robert
out the man, and in a manner eocupell-, yonnz. , - Feb. S. 1865— t 3w
ed his nomination. Twice before they
had selected and elected a man un-,
`known in political finesse, a very child
of their own, whose' love of justice,
high integrity, and - strong cowmen
.ease have impressed themselves upon
the greatest minds of the age in -all
countries. This, whether so received
or not, was a signal victory of the peo
ple over the politicians. The election
of Grant was the first-fruit of the vic
tory'. In the future of this nation
these popular movements will be seen
to control its destinies and multiply its
prosperity. Forward from such a
grand beginning—a _ beginning which
is no less than the-perfe . ct enfranchise
ment of the peoploif they please to
make it such, and their declaration of
independenee of tricky leaders—..for
ward from such a gMnd beginning we
take it there is but one path ; and that
the path of assured rule by the people.
We are among thOse who regard these
popular uprisings as pledges, that the
way to preferment lies, not through of
fice-seeking and the arts of the dema
gogue, but through such reputation
for honor, honesty, fidelity, and com
mon sense as shall lift the candidate a
head and ..:shoulders above _themoisy
crowd of ciamorers for place.
It is ;in pursuance of this new and
noble determination of the people that
within the last month Hannibal Ham
lin, of Maine, John Scott, of Pennsyl
vania, Carl Schurz, of Missouri, M. H.
Carpenter; of Wisconsin, and D. D.
Pratt, of Indiana—all, save one un
known to public life, or nearly so, have
been elected to the U. S. Senate. We
•do not suppose that the people indica*
ed these men in so many words ; but
the manifest determination of the peo
ple to fling political hacks, overboard
and substitute fresh men, meri of hon
esty, in their stead, has modified the
action of managing men with the m
ina we chronicle. These,) ienatora have
been elected by virtue of popular will
made known in the selection of such
men as Grant for high position..
The reins are in the hands of the
people ; the latter having made a show
of resuming them after years of misrule
by politicians,, It is for: them -to- say
whether office shall seek -the man, or
the man the office. It.,:ls,for them to
take up sterling integrfty, and plain
common sense, and place them in the
positions so long maladininistrated by
place-hunters. If they do this the fu
ture is luminous with hope; and if
they succumb to the blandishments of
demagoguery, they can blame only
their own supineness. Which shall it
It is our misfortune not to agree with
the geutletnen who consumed' two
hours in speecheg, upon -
to authorize the ti•pecker of the House
at Harrisburg, to appoint a sufficient
number of offices to conduct the busi
ness of the House, " not to exceed 27."
The trial) who would insist that the
House should be scrimped in official
-ervtee, ita i mot our sort or man, by any.
means. ilut why limit the number
not to exceed 27?" If twenty would
,1 0 , why authorize the appointment of
seven more? If ten would do, why per
mit the appointment *of seventeen
wore? 13Ut if the House has already
oil - leers enough why such a resotution at
aft ?
The resolution appears to us a "Job."
The " outs " ask for places. The ins"
create more. That is the way it looks.
If the House lacked officers, . the prop
er mode of action was to appoint a com-
Z22188/022 to examine, determine the ,
number wanted, and' then report to
the House. We assure the Legislature .
that such reckless ways of doing busi
nese will not fail of severe reprehen
sion from that portion of the people
who do not look upon the public treas
ury-as their' oyster. We regret that Mr.
Strang offered such a resolution; bound,
as we are, to admit that ho offered it in
good faith and without designs upon
the treasury. It was a mistake, in our
4. 1 dg m e.n t , to preps it so vigorously as it
was pressed; and its adoption by a ma
jority of 27 surprises us. The only rem
edy for such a mistake lies in the dis
cretion of Speaker Clark. Let him see
that no sinecures are dispensed In the
carrying out of the resoldtion. The
BradfOrd members voted against .the
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Of .Receipta mid Expenditures of the
Treatrary, for the year MO;
From Collectors—
County MX 1862, .. - 1114 89
-• " 1863, . . - 15 . 44
Relief, - - , 17-17
1 • Militia, ," • - - -!. 10 36
State, ... - - • -, . -28 93
County, 1885 - - - - - 49 02
' . Bounty, " - • - 48 79
State, . n - - . , - • ,43 25
Relief, ,e - - '47 68
• Bounty, • 1860 - - - 1119.
County, " - - 368 . 54
Bounty 1867 - - --.- •4846.08
County " - - - - 2158 78
State " - - • . 711 41
Poor II "
" 4295 28
Bounty 1868 - - - 28986 69
County " - ' G' /8534 27
State .g . - - 1289 85.
Poor if , • • 4822 65
Unseated land tax for 1866-7, 8058 84
Unseated land bounty tax same y'ra, 16100 46
g‘ poor tax II 2107 40
Unseated land sold to individuals. 2128 07
Seated lands sold individuals, - 07 31
Seated tax paid Treasurer, 1249 63
Seated land redeemed, • 1t57 27
Judg't paid Treasurer. 1.145 95
Commonwealth eons paid by Sheriti, • 187 76
1 ' Loans to Commissioners, . 32133 72
Paid by Liberty twp to Treasurer, 313 23
Paid loy P. V. Vanliess • 'lO 00
Rent from A. S. Brewster, . 40 00
Deeds, Commissioners' sale, * 48 44
From 0. F. Miller, late Treasurer, 2882 59
Total receipts into the Treasury, $121216 97
Commissioners" Wages.
Ephraim Hart, $296 64 ' •
P. V. VanNess, . .1400 32
Job Rexford, 408 00
M. W. Wothcrboo, 61 44 $1166-40
.I Commissioners' Counsel.
W. If. Smith, et al 180 00
J. B. Niles, et al 44 00
Henry Sherwood; 40 00 204 00
- Commissioners' Clerk
Thomas Allen, et al .. 739 00
Cott htv Auditor,.
00 00
119 34 185 34
J. Emery,
Israel Stone, et al
Traverse Jurors
William Campbell, of al
Grand Jurors.
J. P. Tayll!•et al
T: P. Wingate, 182 . 50
Constables—J. H. 13alley of al 758 02
Juetioee—R. Moore et al 84 74
ABBOSBOTB—David Cameron et al - 102 28
Printing—C. (1, Williams et al 801 45
Eleotione—Hugb Young of al 1883 85
Com'wtli Qusta—S. Ooorr et al 2490 20
District Attorney—J. B. Niles et al 6u2 00
Bounty on Wild Cats..--J. P;Walker. al 18 50
Yew Bridges. ,
- .
W Bentley' of al at Vega, 98 75 •
" at Rutland, 150-0
W J Mann et al Richmond 614 22 1322 94 1
Damages to imp. Kemp, , UV o
Road views—D Heise et al, Brrl
Stationery—Andrus, McChain & Co. al 389 0
clerk Qr. Sessions,lo3 54
Prothonotary fees, 32 79
Coroner Fees—L B Smith et al. * 70 68
Distributing Duficates, 173 91
Jail Repaire—Shff Potter of al 377 94
Court House...l Grounds, 145 20
Pci.torers—J B. Bowen et al 1636 7Q
,Eastern State Penitentiary, 481 93
Pennsylvania Hospital for Insane, 466 55
Sheriff's Fees, 413 8
Refunds-;—George Maynard etal 347 4
Postage, 9 1
Inciderital Expenses.
- Express charges B J Ross, ' 445
W II Smith et al expenses, 80 20 -----
Judge Williams expenses
to Harrisburg for Co.- 36 40
Geo Bergner, Telegraph, 400
Old Relief bill, R Kruse's, 525 ' •
B Hart expenses to Elmira, 12 00 ..-: .
Gusts to Deerfield trip, 32 60 -'
Servo, notice on C L Ward, 60 00 • ;
Express, D•L Deatte,. 90 '•
1 '-
' 1
Law Books for County, 8 00
Merchandise of J flannel, 325
ITanNess,•oi to Elmira, 7 32 .
Lamps for Prot. Office, 14 00 '
A A Griswold ex to Ward, 200
Express charges, • 246 •
Repairing Chairs, 10 38
Desk for Recorder Office, 12 00
H C Bailey, lifting Miller's -
note at the Bank, 1000 00 1215 27
Wood & Coal—Griffin et al es .44 69'
Township Lines—Nearing et al . 650
Volunteer expenses—S E Wilcox,
• boarding soldiers, 1861.
Redemption Money, •
Revenue Stamps,
Land 'sold to county,
Jury Commissionerp,
Insurance, W H Smith,
County .Treasurer.
H C Bailey. Commissiona—
l:tow:ay Donde, Ipr cent. 789 36
Stater Tax, 1 per cent. 116 53
County Orders, 8 per cent, 691 58
Poor Orders, 4, 153 47
State Treasurer.
W W Irwin, bal angle' duo Common
wealth from Tioga County, •
Nora.—Some ten years ago the Board of Bo' ...
onue Commissioners added one lourth to the va -
nation of Tioga county. The Assessors in th
county ignored this Increased valuation,
ands ,
year after year the uncollected tax on this in
creased valuation was carried forward on the
debit account of Tioga county on the State
Treasurer's books, with penal interest at 12 per
cent. The total of this arrearage was $16,000;
but a law of last session authorised the reopen
ing and restating the,account, reduced the suat .
to about $BOOO.
E. HART, Commissioner, in scot with Tio a
• County : •
DR. To county orders " $290 4
CR. • By 98 days service at 83 $294 00
By 44 miles travel; 2 04.-296 04
P. V, VANNES% Commissioner, in toot with'
Tioga , county
DR. To orders $4OO 32
CR. By I22'llays service at $3 368 00
By 572 miles'tiatel 34 32
JOB Er.XPORD, Commissioner, in stoat wit
Tioga county:
DR. To orders $4OB Or
CR. By 121 days service at $3 1168 Off.
- By 750 miles travel . 46 00.-408 CO
W . WETIIERBEE, Commissioner, in scot
with Tioga county:
DR. To. orders 161 sp
01t. :By SO days services ~ 60 00 • I
'By 30 miles travel I'Bo trt
nova County, 48.
We the Commissioners of said county, o
hereby comity that the 'foregoing is CO
statement of the Receipts and Expenditures set
turth therein. , In testimony weeroof we *site
hereunto set our halide and seal of office this
28th day of J . /Landry, 1860.
P V. VArtNEss,
(t,, P 3 Jon Res retro, • }C. t. '
fit. - .t} iticvni-AinEt: j
Arrtsr 11:13.u5, ALLIA, CLE.I:B.
If BAILEY Traisurcr gf,Tio,94 :Co.-
iriacct with said County from Jan.lB, i
1868, to Jan. 20, 1869. • .
—DR.— t.—
Co. tax,'o2, Unto). $165 68 By uncut '62 2 90 29
Belief do 21 20 do Relief 11 74
Militia do- 36 00 do , 1287 .
State do 31 62 do State 13 69 1
County 4 83, uncol. 37 12. County Abatements 28 50
Ileliet do 47 00 do Coutufissiorut r: 48
Mao do 18 09 Relief Abatements 29 02
, State do . 51 10 C,ommistkas , 194
County '64 uncut 58 46 do . • State 481
tats do 102 78 Abatements State 13 08
Belief do 185 83 do County, '63 " 909
*nut, 4 85 uncol 180 88 Comudssiorui Co.. 1968
• tatty ,do • -- - -10101 do State - -• 6 46'
tale do 9189 Abatements State 1984
eller do 128 58 State unto]. • 888
aunty '66 uncut 173 71 Relief unto! 2866
amity do - ' '7.-184 00 - " 'Abated ' BOS
onnty '67 uncol 11435 48 4 4 Commission 620
my do B4OB 87 Militia do 06
11 MO do 924 VS. ss uncollected 707
por, do 6024 10 County "limit 14 68 46
Aasesedbounty4,9474l7 88 Rate do . 10278
t 4 County • 22298 36 Relief do
• -' - . -
- 96 61
c ' Wide 2o34 00 • " Abatements -89 72
•Poor .- • 6680 63 County uncoil '66 39 78
Unseated Co. tax 41 Abated - 190
- / 8664 806884 “ Commissions ' 10 81
Bounty, do . 16100 46 Bounty uncoil 439 65
Poor, do. 1867. 2001 49 " Commissions 12 24
unseated Lands ..
State uncoll . 46 07
1 1
sold individuals :282807 - " Commissions 297
rated, do. told 867 81 Bounty uncoil 1866
do tax paid Treas. 1249 63 County abated 1 16 46
do land redeem'd 1057 27 Bounty uncoil /867 13376
udgmeuts paid 1045 95 44 abated 6051 16
nit. fines, Bbif. 787 78 " Commissions • 863 89
oaned by Conere 82133;2 Ceunty uncoil 214 69
ash of, Liberty tp. 818 28
i ,
1 ' Comutteslons 469 61
Ousb of Vannes" .10.00 st a t e a b a t e ments 167 68
ent of Brew-ter' ". 40 00. w commissions - 45 67
t f
Miller, late Tr. .2882 69 poor. uncollected 23 41
:om'rs Sales 48 44 " abatements 460 57
1 4 commissions 266 84
County uncoil 1868 7439 97
" abatements 497 61
" commiSsiots 801 60
Bounty uncoil 11810 09
" abatoments 0084 65
0 commissions '656 90
state uncollected 625 76
" abatement" 77 04
44 commission' 61 86
Poor uncollected 1229 56
" abatements 128 68
0 commissions 200 74
Poor orders red'd . 10231 78
County• do 7-23052 61
State Tr. receipts' 11658 89
Commissions ) 814 0 69 / 63
do /li 143 47
do 1 789 88
Bounty certificates
Oct. 1 '64 red'd 62500 00
lon on same 641000
ICertificatee of Mar.
1 '64 redeemed 200 DO
In't on same 10 88
Loan cart 'Scales is.
sued Aug.2'62 red 600 00
lln't on same 139 88
8 L cert. Aug. '66 " 4000 00
In't on same 849 86
B L cert. Aug. TO" 2143 92
In't on same 186 97
B L cert Sept. '67 " 4786 75
In't on same 849 HO
In't on b'ds '65-6-7 8301 31
CoM'n on State 1 po 110 63
We the undersigned, Auditors of Tioga county, hay
log audited, settled and adjusted the above accounts of
.1. 0. Bailey, Train:war of said county, do certify that
boy aro correct as above tinted, Witness our bands
hss 22d day of January, 1869. ISRAEL STONE
It. B. SEELY, j• And,
talance due by Om IV on Bounty
Liabilitles per statement of Jan.
1868 t
$189476 94
Loaned in, 1868 . 22133 72
Bounty Certificates of Mar.
1,'64 red: and can 200'00
Do of Oct. 1,'64 .62500 00
Loan of kg. 2 62'
u ,' 800 00
de 1, 'B5 4000 00
de 'BB 2193 92
do '67 4785 75
Ihterest on the above ' 18758 70... 78238 87
Deduct interest paid as above ............. 13758 70
Total of prinoipal paid in 1868, $64479 67
Duo by county Jan. 20, 1869 157129 99
We the undersigned Auditors of the County of
Tioga, having Audited and adjusted the above
accounts, do certify the samls to be a correct
statement of the indebtedness of the County,.as
witness our hands the 20th day of January 1869.
IL B. - SEELY. Auditors.
2101 47
709 8t
Orphan's Court Salo,
It - pursuit:lee - of an order of the Orphan's
Court I>f County. dated the 28th day of
January 1889.1 he Undersigned Executor 'of the
Estate of -Richard Phillips. late r of Wsitikedy
of Murat Ifitl9, at the Plataises in Westfield
Bore, at 00Q o'clock in the afternoon of,
expose to sale the following described real estate,
late the property of said decedent, All
that lot of land situated in Westfield Boro, Tiega
County; State of Pennsylvania, Bounded rtiVel.
lows: On the North by lands of Erastus Hoon,
on the South by the Cowanesque River, on the
East by lands of Chariton Philips, on the West
by lands of M. G. Bowman, Containing about
one hundredacres of land, more or' less ' fifty
acres improvedlvith largo frame house, frame
barn, wagon house, -together with other out
buildings, an apple orchard pf seventy good
bearing trees thereon. Also, a certain other
piece of land situate in Westfield Township,
County and State aforesaid and 'bounded as
follows: On Abe North by lands of Charlton
Phillips; on the South byllands of Charlton Phil.
lips, on the East by lands of James Dodge and
0. W. Edgcomb, on the West by lands of Char/- -
ton Phillips, containing forty acres more or less,
about ten acres improved, and a,few apple•trees
thereon. Balance good oak timber. For terms
address Francis Strang Westfield Penna. '
Westfield, Feb. 8, 1889-wt.* • Executor.
Lots of ..Fresh Ground.
FOR $7,60, at
Tioga, Feb. 8, 1869.
Button-hole Over-sesuning
and Sewing Machine.
THEgreatest invention and • th e Best sewingl
Machine in the-world. -It has no equal as a
Family Machine. Ala
It le really two machines in one by a simple
and beautiful mechanical arrangement, making
both the Shuttle or Lock-stitch and the Over.
seaming and Buttonhole stitch with equal fa
cility and perfection.
• It executes in the very beet manner every va
riety of sewing, such as
and in addition OVER-SEAMING. Embroiders
on the edge and • makes beautiful Mitten and
Eyelet-holse in all fabrics. Every Machine is
Warranted by the Oompanylor its Agents to give
entire satisfaction.
For further information inquire of F. KINGS
LEY, at IL O. Bailey's in Morris Run, er of Mrs.
S. K. EVERETT, four doors south of the Depot
near R. Earr's Botch Blossburg, whets the ma.
'chine may be tried, and instructions received in
using the Machine, by all those wishing to hay.
Morris Ran, Pa.,Eitg.. 8, 1889-Bm.A.
76 00
17 80 1
8 60,
764 29,
4b oq
213 50
1750 9
$31222 1,
GABlcwo will sell PEED at these pri.
des .
ire but Rye de Oats, Ground
ere, . . $2,50 owt.
B t imported Peed, . 2,25 "
Best.cemmon Reed, . . 2,00 "
- cout Peed,' 1.76 "
The nbove'goods,t at the abcove prioes, aro
strictly oath t •
We don't osix /audits our feed.
We haven't a Plaster Mill connected with mg'
Flouring Milll -
Our Food is pure! WRIGHT & BAILEY.
Wellebure, Jan. 20, 1869,
The Best is the Cheapest!
tho ortrird 4oiriA to itpo,,etir'e Art Oultbry
kt, gut thu bust.
blemideld, Feb. 9, 1669.
068800 E 4
Balance in 1auad, 5164 4270 1195
Total credits, $168606 64
$221609 66
$221609 66
BULLARD - Bi, co:,',
are now offering
Wellaboro, Jan. 20,1869.
In Bankruptcy.
Western Thieriot of Ponneyloania, 1*
To whom it may concern: The undersigned
hereby girei notice of his appointment as
assignee of Blisha J. Purple, of Welisboro, in
the County of Tioga, and State of Pennsylvania,
within - said District who has been adjudged a
Bankrupt upon his own petition by the District
Court of said District.
IVellsboro, Jan. 6, 188946 Assignee.
Agricraltnral and Fireside Journal,
StriTEN handsome roll* pages, printki CAW
into.= sovertino book payer. aka strambioatlillb*
tract by the but entail.
p 1221) 31Ir
DONALD 0..' •
*wasted by a corps of able editors and faletilbalari in
each department.
Isle devoted to the interests of OA •
and the FLORIST.
4• • • Bs Mei l.
Aft ./. 77 = 3
6.104 • :
" X IST -3 013; 47
?Wort emarealy for t ABM AND 1102 a, ecnit•
minces in Ant (Dacsainber 20th) lumber.
inn oosttiboto to etch a
salllnd tic& own page alwaystghted vitt such ftut
plersfes, and inn In stories, at -shall unlit khaki
look sharpty teary week tor the couths of 2124411=
Male 00plitelit, invariably In solasiteal litaplat
110 i d Copt/di Ca. Atti ono Beading as VS far a 'blab
ofls'ooptes Call at otiollmo), will rooatva a 60'h'
frac 1 •
X 0 trivatlina Mats aetyltrye`tS. Address all mar
Zia laleatloas to
TN BANKRUPTCY.—.This is to give notice.=
that on the 19th day of January, 1889, a war
rant In Bankruptcy was issued against the es.
tate of David A. Clarke, of Middlebury, Tioga
county, Pea n'a, adjudged ...bankrupt on his own
petition ; that the payment of any' ebts and de.
livery of any. property to such bankrupt, to him
or for his use, and the transfer of any property
by him are forbidden by law; that a meeting of
the creditors of said bankrupt, to prove their
debts and to choose one or more assignees of his
estate, will be held at the office of F. E. Smith,
in the borough of Tioga, Pa., before F. E. Smith
Bsq., Register, Aa the 20th doff of February,
1809, at 10 o'clock forenoon.
U. S. Marshal western Dist. of Pa.
Jan. 27,'09. Per Dam) CAMBUON, Dept.
Executor's Notice.
issued upon the estate of S. R. Price, late of
Deerfield, deceased, all debtors to and claimants
against said estate are requested to settle with
• Deerfield, Jan. '27, 186841.*, Executrix.
Wood Makes Pictures•
Cheaper than any other • Gallery In Ttoga Co.,
All Styles of work• Call and see for yoarselr.
Auditor's Notice.
THE undersigned, appointed by the
Orphan's Court of Tioga County, an Auditor
to adjust and settle the .account of Sybil Pries
and Ira M., Edgcomb administrators of the es.
tateisf Phincas Price, late of said county, clued,
will attend to the duties of his appointment on
Thursday, Jan. 21st, 1802, at 12 o'clock, noon,
at his office in Znozville, Pa., When and whore
all petting can attend if they think proper.
Jan. 6,1869.5 w• O. W. 4 I3EACH, Auditor.
Notice. •
ALL persona indebted to as, will please * call
awl settle at oneo--oi we shall be obliged
to wake coats.
Wellsboro, Jaw a, 18*-lit
Do you want to save money
Go to Wood's Galle'ry for your Eioturos,
Frames; and Cases, it will oost you
' nothing to enquire hie price's::
WWsbortr,lan. 18, 1861b—tf.
gained over the Tooth•aebe and the pain of
Extraoting, by the use of
et pr•-•red by se”reo of teititrn,nislo al the T)en
Tai Office a
A. IL, r.A.z.):MAN.
AI" Call and bo convinood, 15".
, . 1
trt ream Uovr 9 ICIPP TOIL
1 - 7 Goods - Ileceived Weekly.
Dry Goods
Fresh Groceries
2001r0 ASTE)Ealego
and Caps.
Be it rememborod, that
Converse &_ Osgood
keep constantly on band a large stock of general
Jan. 8,1888.-2 y. CO'N'VERSE tt- OSGOOD
January 1869 hasArrlved,
also a good fresh stock of
Flollr .
all shades grad colors, "from thebest it= tett' ,
chsapest," [37,60 per barrel,]
all of which I am now offering at the lowest- liv
ing prices for Cash, br in exchange for most
kinds of country produce; besides I offer cosh
for the last named.
Cash Buyers will 'find it to their advantage to
giveme a call.
N. 8.--My Books are full—can't Henanoz
any more." Remember, Mozart Block.
Wellsboro, Jan. B, 1889. M. B. PRINCE.
Furs ! Furs 1 Furs 1 Furs !
' net received at
Delman° Co 7 s,
bought since the Holidays. Now is the time to
buy FURS cheap; also,
and all kinds of
Jan. 6, 1869. '
liCr AVE on hal and are oonstantly receiving
at their
Hatd are Store
every article needed in this region of country,
in the
Cooking, Self-Regulators and Coal
Home Companion,
and the justly celebrated
' No pains will be spared to meet the wants of
our customers.
WWlsboro, Jan. o', 1869, ly.
Executor's Notice.
T ETTERS TESTMENARY having been is
L sued to the undersigned upon the last will
and testament of Levil. Nichols, hill of Wells
boro, den'd, all persons indebted to, or claiming
against said estate, aro required to settle with
W'elishoro. Dec. 23, 1.808-7t* Ex'r.
Pay Up
ALL persons indebted to tho subscriber are
requested to call and settle at onee, or oosts
will be made. Take notice
'Jan. 6,1868.41.
Paris Exposition Universelie,
American 'Pianos - Tri mphant
- Mtn 11. W. TODD,.Aont,
Doe. 28, 1868. Weltaboro, Pa
Atlantic and 6reat,Western
And to all Points in the WEOT and Noarn-IVEsr..
Dayton, -Cincinnati, Louis-
And all points in the South 4 Southwest, with
No Change of Coaches
From any point on the Eric Rhilway. An nd.
vantage and bonvenieneo not offered by any
other route.
Baggaga,Chetked Through; and No OnexoE
from ono oar to another, preventing loss or dam.
Tickets via this popular route can be procured
at all offices on the line of the Erie Railway, and
IsllBBirec ABBOTT,
When purobaving nek tho Agent for Tickets
Gen. %%Ile% and Paee. Ag't, Cleveland, 0
Jan. B,'G9. Gan. Bunt., Meadville, Pa.
O. a. IZEltlarir
f)EALEW IN DRY GOODS, Groceries, Hard
ware, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, &Q., be. Opt•
ner of Market and Craton stroets , Vrell:boro,
Pa. Jan. 0, 1808.
~ARMtR, bait; and.bere you'll find CAYUGA.
jr PLASTER _ground as tine as any flour, for
'people 84 tbntcoarto ground Platter bad its play
On band you'll find a plenty hero,
Come one and nll both far and near,
To C. It OWENS' Mill, Mansfield, Pa.
Pride $S per ton. . Jan. 6, 1964,
, • by .11. A. y Una'.
Nireflebop l pep. 16, i888:-ef
at tho
GUS` mans
. .
, :.:.<,_.
31.E14013.A.NDIZE' , ' •I.' ..,
• .
J. A. Parzons & Co.,
eas4 Store,
Fine grench Merinos, yard wide, all;colbsib as.
Fine Empress Cloths, double told,; 3
2,000 yardstandsome Dress GoodeStilitiiiii of
Serges, Alpacas & Brllllantes, at 26 to 311 , ett,
worth 8 and As.
Heavy winter Woolen Double Shaves 28,5 U to Ss,
Beaver Clorklngs, black and ool'd, UM to 133,75
Ladies' Furs, collars & muffs, $G & 26,60 per sett
Red twilled Flannels, at 311 cents.
Grey Twilled Flannels at 2.11 cents.
Fancy Shirting Flannels, 25 to 37i cents.
All Wool Casslmeres, SI.
Prints 01 10, and I2i
Shootings 124 cents. Canton Flannels, 1& to
25 cents. • I
Men'e Doubt() sole S
Woinea's Kip Shoo,
IVoinen's calf Bak u°
argo sleek of
Alno a
I • .
'Es cost of getting.them up
ut toitoh 10,12 than t
We have made these extra inducements in or.
der to get our stock largely reduced by Jan. I.t,
1869, and intend to make clean work of it, if low
prices will realm quick sales. Call nod tee for
J. A: PARSONS 4t . : CO.,
Corning, Oct. 14, 1888,
Administrator's Notice;
T _UTTERS of Administration baying teen
granted upon the estate of Thomas Martin,
late of elmar deo'd, all persons owing against
the ester e, or claiming against the same, matt
settle tt,l h , JOHN ENGLISH, •
Delmir, Dec. 9, IS6S--Bsr. Admr.
In Bankruptcy.
TlllB is to give notice: - That on the 24th &vane
ember, A. D. ISOS, a warrant In Bankruptcy was
tanned against-the ,estale o..lletekialt Stowell, Jr., of
We'Moro, in the county of Tioga and State of Mll
yania. who has been adjudged a Bankrupt upon bit
own petition; that the payment of any debts and de.
livery of any property boionglng to such Bankrupt, to
him, or for his use, and the transfer of any:property lit
him are forbidden by law; that a meeting of the credb
tore of the said Bankrupt, to prove their debts, end to
chtfose one or more Assignees of his estate, will he
held at it Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden at the
office •bf F. N. Smith, in Tina* Boro, Ps., before P.R.
Smith, Register, OD the 20th day of February A.D.
ISC9, at 10 o'clock, A. M. THOMAS A. ROWLEY,
U. B. Marshal Western District, Pa.
Per DAVID Quinces, Dep.y.
Jan.lB, 'CA),
In Bankrupt .y.
TlB is to silo notice ; That on-At 28th day of De.
newton, A. D. 1888; a warrant .111 Bankruptcy was
issued against the estate of John B. Benn of Clymer
township, in the county of Tioga aid State of Penn ,
sy Violate; who has been adjudged 'a Bankrupt on tfil
own petition; that-the payment orally debts and dr
livery ofany property belonging to such Bankrupt, to
him, or for his non, and the, transfer of any property
by lm are forbfriden,by taw; that a meeting of the
c Itors of the said Bankrupt, to p rove their dthtl,•
i to
an choose one or more Aesignees °Chia estate, will
be held at a Court Of Bankruptcy, to be holden at Ito
office of P.• B. Smith, in Tioga 13bro, Pa.. before tE.
Smith, Register, on the 20th day of l'ebtiaarr, 4.1)1
1860, at 10 o'clock, A. ar. THOMAS A. HOWIJit
U. B.Mtlrelna 'Western District, l's,
Pat ps.wm Castellon Dep'y.
Jan. 13 , 162
Auditor's Notice.
MBE undersigned having been appointed by
the Court, Auditor to distribute the mid/
ariaiag from the sale raza _cstato of Wm
U. Middaugh and Thurmon Paulson, will attend
to the duties of his appointment on Saturday the
23d day =of January next, - ; at I Q'olock, P. )I.
of said day, at his office In.the Borough of 'flogs,
at-whioh time and place all persons Were:4lo
will please Who notice.
Jun. 6, 1868. SOHN W. GUERNSEY.
20 000
' ' clef
f Good utter warned
i i 'or " W n liio I will pay 4 mite in
trado at my Store. C. L. WiLLCOX.
Wellsbbro, Nov. 23, 188.
Farm far Sale.
ITUATED on Elk Itun, Gaines township,
oontaining 125 aortas 50 mares improved.—
Said farmis woll watered, has it frapio house. and
barn and a choice fipple orchard, and is well
adapted to dairying purposes. Title good and,
tones easy. Inquire of IVni. U. Smith,
barn, or L. L. RUSSELL, Delmar.
Sept, 23,1808.
House and Lot for Salo
T OT large, house commodious and convenient,
1.4wi1l bo sold oheap for ready pas.
Also, a florae, Buggy, Cutter, Harness nnd'
Buffalo—all in good condition—for sale 'obeap.
For particulars, inquire at this office.
, •
. •
Aa GODJOB of wort: done on Clocks, Vintrb
es or lonolr", do , to ~
Sept. 2, isas. i ..r. M. WARRINBR,
Valuable - Fa t rm for 'Yak.
Afarm of three hundred acres, with two hue
dred and aerea improved. Sit
uated two miles north of Tioga Village, on the
Tiogaqiiver and Raliroed. -Well watttered, un•
der a good - state' of cultivation, and good build
ings. Also four houses and lots for sale in Vogl
village., T. L. DALDYIN.
TI.A , a, rob. 12, /8(18-11.
Administrator's Notice,
IV.TTBRS of -Administration having been
A granted to the undersigned upon the es
tate of Robert Martin, late of Delmar deed, all
persons owing said estate, or claiming against
tho,aame / will settle with JIIO.
Palmer, Deo. 9, 1868—Ow. - Admr.
THE beat 8 day dloells ever pola In Tive Co.,
can be foetid et
Sept. 2, 1888 —tf I. M. WAitRtiNER•
Sa LT can F4' ha4l in any qw.lplity
r Lind lamp for Keropeno
no breakage of chimneys—at FOLEY'S.
Boots, tuna= made, gi
best esuktom!inake;s2,2s