The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, January 13, 1869, Image 1

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eur, invaria4 yiu advance . 1
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.31.nciai. , a ,
11nIne. \411,T10a.0 Mosil Year
ce - 1;1,091 — $2,00 $12,00
treJ .... 2,0 p ti,oo 4,00 8,00 /2,00 1800
1 4 ,"&i„. 10,001 16,00, 17,00, 22,00, 80,30 13000
18,00 1 20,001 80,001 40,001 00,001 00"
ped i a l Notices 15 cents e. per line; Editorial or
211 ncr ii
01,23.1.L5 DRUGGISTS, and de:alero in
'AA Pap'er, Kerosene , Lamps, 'Window Glass,
er f a ,"ry, Ynints and its, kte., &e.
,rnint:. _l'. Y., Jan. 1, 15(13.-Iy. 11. yi4IIT H,
D , ..!, Bounty and Pen4ion Agency, Main
Ne t ti'..disbaro, Pa. Jan. 1, ISGS.
triLsoN. J. B. .111.t.s
tric io-r from Bigoney'e, on the Avenue)--!.
tli utend to business entrusted to theiTb.nre
clant;e_t of :riolt,na d Potter.
\\ - oA6loro, Jsn. 1,186 S.
el FIELD lor.)ugh, Tioga Co. Po., E. G.
; 31, P r ,prietor. A new anti . CClWatotliouß
othtig Wl4il all the modern inaprovotuenta.
c , di j a c py hlives of the hest hunting awl 11sh
4,,,•routvis in - he, l rn P" - et , 'S
anti:bed. Tai
Feb. 5,136 -
Calo l
11,0 R, op
a 3 .0. Sto. Cutting, Fitting, and Repait
(Mao promptly arid wellt l
Velisboro, Pa., Jan. 1,
APER AND TAILOR. Shop over' John R.
,o;rvn'3 Cutting, Fitting, and
opairing promptly and in best btylo.
'dliboro, Pa.. Jan. 1, Itt)B—ly
IVIVI, d-annwrsorq,
o lm.y Public and Insurance Agent, /3loss
:it:. Pi. over CaldsvelVe Store.
Ilsb9ro, Toga Co., Pa.
Lim Agent, Notiyy Public, ant insurance
st. lie will attend promptly to collection 01
,tious, Back Pay and Bounty. As Notary
Delis takes acknorrlodgetnents of ,deeds ; ad
itets erths, act as Commissioner to
etettimetty. ire.7` Nice over Roy's Drug Store,
oinlng AgitnCor Of cc 0. 1307
Johja W• Guernsov,
aria_ returned to this county with a view of
.d:fog it 6ts permanon t re,idonce, aolicits
nate of public patronage. All nosinewr en•
rated to his care will bo attended to 14;tb
romptiaess and tidally. Office 241 door south
E. 8. Farr'e hotel. Tioga, Tioga Co., Pa.
AZ.A.Alkirk INALIPON 1110113 SE,
Gaines, Tiogu County, Pa.
VER.\ULYEA, Prtororr.. This is
sow hotel located within easy tioeuss of the
eit ashlng and hunting grounds• in North.
tri Pennsylvania. No pains will lye spared
r the accommodation of pleasure seekers and
ne [Jan. .1,1868.)
irri EL D, PA., GEORGE, CLOSE, Proprt
t.r. "A new Hotel conducted on the principle
live and let live, for the necouttuodatiot.
p.thlic.—Nov. 14, ISG6.—Iy. •
aria. w. nvos,
I:l9ga Co., Pit. Bourtty, Per,l4Urt
n I In-ctrane'e Agout. Volleotions promptt%
y . ..311.11i to. 017.,10 . 2f1 dour below E.,•44 11 ,, use
1.2, 1i4:07-1 y
li, a atiriFii,
- WARE, 6vtetnilon, ti iuliu.String:
, 11at_ hes and
ne,11:4 repo.tred. d''lw iu plait
12 , 24114? and Uol man. I leeptF ly.
Thos. 13. 23rvifon
ifiV1:1:011 1,11.41.F-I'S.NlAS.—Chuert , telt a'
to n, Weilz.buTc., v.ll
::.•e! proinp.: titivation.
'!;-11.1. 16.
FA it ini 11 0T E ii,
100A. 7 -71.00. A. COUNTY, PA.,
..1 tLului o , Att hod, and ao attentive hos
r s, e.,1), in ..d.teit ,moo.
Elairdres-4ino• tSz;
wineirs •,s; Barker's 'bture,
;,r,, Pa Particular attenrion paid to Ladie:
I , l.tuPootug, Dyeing, ate. Draide
aud-. , vtchea uu baud and made to or
11. Ir., late of the :2,1 ry, alto ,
, at.uly Liar years of array t.ervice, with a larg
fi and Ini3pital practice, had klieneu ut
tLtlLe uf ntedi Wu and surgery, Iu at
.un., cram a "distance can had got ,
I'euti4) I ian,a ilemited
irt of the :_it ate In con.iiit.itinn, er
"petatiou B. So - 4, I,:al•Aj
11 1/Y 2. ISO.I —ly. •
'PRANK. SEtitiniCloll
a a t:a pleathure to Inform the citizens ut Titigt
Intl that. ho has euviploted his
..: Fi W 'kin 0 ft/OB.ll'll 6ALI:EIIY.
• i ..: ,11 hand to take ;ill kinds of .tau Pictures
..:a . 1,-,
t .uibtaitypes, b'erruCypes, Vi 21101w:0:m1e
y :
1 i•-... •. the burpti. e and Eureka. Pictures; Ills.
'. t!' , .111,t r attentiuh paid to c.)pying and eniarg:•
4 et , : Zure... Instructions 4iveH iii the Alt ul
' , 71,1 We toNlali. 1;::: oira St., MoLitield, Oct. 1
'f.ixoXTELLE, P:L. Yen. on, Bounty, and In
s,:r.l',CC Agent. (!onanunicatioun ieut to th.
4 ab , )%c addr7 will receive prantit nttentlm,
Tennti Linn ts, le6B-1)]
Lb: the CWkction (Ft
tnpy and Navy Claim and Peuslans.
st; , v isou sr V LAW Tasbod Jui;,
t.o ,nd three years' soldiers extra bounty seno
Three month,' extra pay proper to volunteer oilleeit.
too \\ ere In bervic,3 ?larch 3. I.Scli.
041 who have lost a limb and who bavo bet p perm
ently nod totally diKtbleci.
ifi other Govvrnment claims Prosc ( llled
JE:110Mr: B. NILES.
Wrllshoro.'(!ctoher 10, IS&3—tt
I Dr. C. 11. Thompson.
, Ovects;:-.BOuGO 1 , ,t.)
i'l mend , . rrijegsional enilgzu the slll.ige,
'dote vittinity lit %Vt..littinir.,
. Heft :eliCt.l St:lbt Sr, 2 , / dooi
Viimo 2t.
erFiLTZlei retui ttr.:l t.. hi> ,Itt‘p. • ti IV:.rel ;1 tet,
:to , 2v. 110
irze- $ 1 ,..:0 .011 tY ~. I .1.. I
iv itT— \ •zent Itl"
TINE •lii:it 'V
MuYetio.:l)( an(l
I-11. rr:(1
r. , ...t n i , r;
• , tf .
Aug. 7. 1667, ly
Bounty and Pension Avenm.-.
11 ,
4 v/N9 recessed r.atructk.n i regard to
3 the ektr4 l .o.3r.ty .11otved by the npprored
1 ;. °1 ,: 23 : /9'2 ,1, 1 it trio on !run! lat -apply of 01
-- - . •` ,, ty(]lnn e.l nn ntr•parea to vi ()Gunk• nII pen•
arid b OantY •*i sint4 , VlllO/ Inas' be pl iced In my
Etuda Peisonallvinz at n Olitancgenn communieato
fr i"C , l their , :ommtinkritimm , lm
P r omotly . answs le d . "W it. tt, Ik .
tScl4;bo" 9.4..1Pder,
1111 Y , t')01)`; of nil kinds, nardwar..
" ~o ` •tionQ. 'Jur •No , roro , nt is berg
Store in Union Block. Col
tit ‘ , titlesaan....olßy 20 1808..13r.
8 Baldwin Street;
EtatißA, N. Y.
OT:711 ..b/10'170
G 001? AS rn BEBT, CerAP 4.9 int CHEAPEST.
Of ovorY description, in all styles of Binding,
and us for quality of Stock, us any Bindery
in. the State. Vi!lutuci of every description
Bound in the best manner and in any itylo
dercd. .
Executed in the best wanner. Old Boohe to
bound and undo good as new.
4,40,aaLL1 . 2 EzAzazi)
I ail prg. , pared to furnitli bael: numbers of all
Revioa•s Vl' ;Magazines published• is tbe, Uctited
States or Cheat Britain, at a low price.
Of ail s!zos and qualities, on kind, ruled or Oath.
Of any quality or size, on hand and cut up ready
(or priatidg Also, BILL PAPER, and CARD
BOARD'oI all colors and quality, iu boards or
cut to any size.
Can, Letter, Note: - Paper, Envelopes,
Pens, Pencils, &.c,
S4/0 agent for -
PENS, ur vAntous stzLs, run f.A.i)nls
,4 1D azZiTLESIEN,
Which warrant equal to aola Pens. lbe
best in u.t.e end no mistake.
TL: above stock I will sell at the Lowest Bates
at all tinies, at a small advance) op New York
end in quantities
.to suit purchasers. All
work and stock warranted as represented.
I respectfully solicit' a share of public patron
age. Orders by wail promptly attended
Address, LOUIS •KISS,
Advertiser Building,
Elmira, N. Y.
Sept. 23, 1567.—1 y
ETA V.l.Nie hired tip a [pew hotel building un the site
01 the old Cnlvu hotel , bitchy tleztr: , ) v 4.1 by fire,
au] nun ready tortvtire anal entertain guests. The
Union Hotel wiry intended for fl Teruperit nee blouse,
itnil the Proprietor belleve3 it con be buatalued without
grog. An attentive kg- lu attendance
Well aboro, June -26,1867.
jOIIN 741 1 X4R,
rAitoy. CUTLEP., has opened a zbop
on Cri„ften street, rear of Sears 4.t, Derby's Ace
shop, where he i* ptopntvd to manufacture gar
nieuts w order in the most suhstantiallaanner,
and with di:Tata, .4!,»q)cular attention paid
to Cutting nod Eittiug. .Nltirell 213, IsoB—iy
On etriedy lemperatiee Run,
P 4. R. C. LALLEY, Yroprietvr. nurses and
Carriages to let.-
.7 -11Tare1i S, P.308.-Is.
E. R.
One ilm,r •thoi e the Meet Mat ket,
«.V.'L S 13 0 It
D I::;.:' , PEt2II4 7 I:LLY linnutinc,:s ttir3 trudini
pu'une that he 11. stock of Ore
.ertet., comprising, Teru,, eMrces, 3picos, fl , u.garr, Syrup:4. auti nil irtt ( ~ .n,titot
11 , .eis. oy:ter? in el cry czyln RI) 104
Aor, al l.le Lon!
Well: Jan 2, /Sta-tt,
Jorios.ti: :1.,1 En,
aye', aid thous tt iuntplaint
•:./1:1 to the pimple of held :ttr,l Ono
r , , he uhrl.ut.o.tai lag a f Meta hoot 13 4tch he I.lelieVel
(Ili 1v11... , a,14; e atit.ty,e ONer all ut het .s; ldt
here h noel:wing; 2d. no wrlutaing, save ns they bre.:l,
v the n.,1: :id, no tipping. In ~ 1 :ort, they are Just
he :111,14 fvl on I,abd mind of :let
oh NV,r3tflehl township awl Hutu
roeurod. lie, late also fuel received it splendid set of
.alulta.ll patteins, littera st leS. Coale op!. eurne till:
e ale huund enent: for enshcarlearly pay. Shoi
Soot lLlantitta Celtgrote.
, 14ettia1 , 1 Hato', F.... 13 1, , J. It, I:M.B11 .
11. GOLDS:4I.n, Proprietor.—Thiving leas
ed this popular llotel, -the proprietor respect
fully solicits a fair share of rutrumrae. Ever
attention given to guests. The best hostler it
the e.. 0 oty always in attendance.
Apr i I ISIS.-1 y.
would respectful y it.telan tho eilizens of T
L o g a and vleinity, that 1 hasp bUilt n new
1, the Potroticit o! Tinga, and having a good
Aft hr in lay ctoploy, I ant nov
,tepa,...ti to lurtthlt All binds 01 Pictures linonn
0 ti.e I'iO4.oglitylii,2 Art, Also having in my
•toplt y ttuint:wr, ot first chit:a I'ainter:4, I aut
,repnrott to unewor all call= for hottec, sign, car
tage, urnaatental and scenery painting. Ad-
B. 21EA,DE.
og ,
Al:ty tS, I; GS-dm
A T the Lawrenceville Drug Store, NVllCle , yuu
will tied every thin.; Properly belendrig
nu Drug ltittle
ind of tlp) best gualily for Cait,h. Also, Paints
)its, Lamps, Fancy Notions. Viol
itrings, Ftehiug Tackle, Window Glass, &c
Crtt.ti paid for Flax z...,eed
Lawrenceville, 11.1r.y s, 1567
Latin's Falls insurance Company,
—o •
Capital and Surplus $373,63766.
FAR NI RISKS, only, taken.
No Vrethinin Notes required.
It is LIBERAL.' It pays damages by Light
olletber Fire en,neo or not.
It pO•i for live killed by Lightning, it
earns or in the field.
it , rtt arc lower than other Companies o
cqu;3l re.spor:-.ibility. J. C. PRICE, Agent,
Farmington Centre, Tina Co. Pa.
u E,S, /LA WA RE,
'ALTII%, €lllllll.
i \V i' 1
01.3 r 11 - 11,Wr & rrrn Valkenblirti 9 Store, in the
iota ,/
.14,i. Seelcy.
DOOTS ANDS HOES of dl kinds raad© to
order .tittl in tint 1te.,1 Ittatmitr.
REP A [WINO of Lind, dono promptly and
good. Give u. It cttil.
AT ror,N AND (301 - Nz4;l,Lult AT TAW.
Oiul' with W. ,If. gmith, Esq.. Maio Street,
ppuaite Wellaburo, Pu.. *
Jul) , 15, 1608.
WATER L 1141.:,
Carriage and Ilarrc•;s Trimming a
fiAl N if.t"2 , ES. 5..1:)1)!.L.ii, t,•
N , J.,,,
\V 011 , z:170..1;o .2, 1563 I y
PREPARED :73 DR. iteAto.A; .
The greattel known. remediri for-
Liver Coretplgint,
/75YSPEPSIA, ' ~
Nervous 'Debility, 1 1 .
Diseases of the Kidneys,
KRUPTIONZ of the SKIN; - -
and Et/I;Diseaqos arising froHri eta
ordere(l.l4var, Stanuicl3, or
Road the fol2otaing symptontr, and if iloza find that
your /Item itwetclcd iry any of 114 V, you may rest
assured that disease has commenced its attack on the
moat important organs of your body, and unless soon
checked by the use of powerfut, renecties, , a.miserabta
life, soon terminating IA death, will be the result.
Constiptition, Flatulbnoo,-Inwarel Piles,
Wiliness of Blood to the liead,ll.oidity
of the Stomach, Nausea t Heart
burn, Disgust for Pnod. Pulhesa
or Weight in the Stoznaoh,
Sour Druotstions. %nit
ing or Fluttering at the Pit
of the Stomach, Swimming of
the Read, Hurried or Difficult
Breathing Fluttering at the Heart.
Choking or Suffocating Sensations when
in a Lyi ng Posture, Dimness of Vision,
Dots or , Webs before the
Dull Pain in- tho' Road, Defi
ciency of Perspiration. Yel.-
-lowness of the Skin and
Eyes, Pain • in ' the Side,
Back, Chest, Limbs, oto.cSud
den Flushes of Heat Burning in
the Flesh, Conitant Imaginings of
Evil, and Clireati Depression of Spirits.
An these indicate diizate of the Liver or Digestive
Organs, comO9ned with impure blood.
'cratlattb'.o Esantait Diners
Is etitireey vegetable, and contains no
liquor. It is a compound - of liquid - EN.
tracts. The Boots, Herbs, and Barks
from which these extracts l ire' made
tire gathered in Germany. 411 the
Medicinal virtues are extracted from
titern•by a scientific cheinist. These
extracts are then forwarded to tilts
country to be used. expresnly.for the
manufacture of these hitters. There
Is no alcoholic substance of any hind
used in compoundin the Bitter 10,
hence it is the only Bi g
tters that can
be used in cases where alcoholic etim.
'ulants are not advionb/e.
is a ochnbinatien of all the ingredients qf the Bitters,
with Plllt3 Santa bras 2?um Orange, de. It is used for
the same diseases at the 2itters, in cases tears some
pure ataahatto stimulus is revived. Tote will bear in
nand that these remedies are entirely different from
any others advertised for the care of the diseases
named, these being seientUle preparations of o)tillelnal
extracts, white the - others are mire decocairns of rum
in some form. The TONIC is decidedly one of the most
pleasant end agreeable remedies ever qff'fral to the
public. lis taste is exquisite- it ii n pleairtre to take
it, lows its tife-giring, exhilarating, and medicinal.
qualities have caused it 17 be known as the greatest of
all tonics.
Thousands of ettes t _when the pO
tient supposed he wasea with
this terrible disease, have been scared
by the use of these reniedle3. Extreme
emaciation, debility, , and r ough e re
the usual attendants upon severe
cases of dyspepsia or disease of the
digestive organs. EVen in vases of
genuine Conh,o rupt I on, tin vac remedied
Will be found of the greatest belie:at,
streorstikeztlog, (Liitt Invl6,oPrttliv.
• Dr1Z.114,....i. .
1 7 0:re is 716 Ineditnne ono/ // 0 017,7??4 , ., G., ! m la n
Billed or to rase , rf Drbaily. Th,y ipkn,lrl a
tone and Vif . ,ror in the whole splent, itTr2lgth, - n the pp.
petite, cooee an rrjovrtrnt onobl' the
stomas!, to digest it, loo.ify the hhx4; u good.
ro tool ' th c , .rlp.cre , m, er , l<:o:4lto yttoto tinge
fr ,, ritnc ryr,l7 , r,nlrt a tro,:n cArek., and chonoe
the vaht-ot from a thnr f-broalltcd, tVCCik,
(r 7 1 ,? r t ,, , ( . 1 . trln
.ftr!l-rßeed, tfvttt, sew , t-ificr•
4216,41,teztta4, 'i:er • ax - 92.1Frizaht • Ili • .013.0 8(3%-.1- oY 1217'163;c11.4=5m:r2..”
Fic - 0111 G'ERM.4Nr, irr 15 35•
ijooflanb's Oilman Tonic
Weak and Delicate Children
are condo strong• by using the Bittern
or Tonic. In tact, they tire Family
Medicine.. They can be administered
with perfect safety ton child' tbreo
months old, the most delicate female,
or a man of ninety.
771cr0 Nemedir3 ore !).e Lent
33100 d. 'Purifiers
ever knonm, and will cure all disease: rcrulUng from
Dag brood.
Ks op your blood purr; keep your ,T.irer in order;
be. your digutice organs in a sound, healthy condi
:l%i,, by the se, e of there reroeciter, and ,ho disease will
crrr assail you.
r 9 rov. rk r*s
4.] s. w d.Y* tballo do N. •fil •
Lotlien uho Wish a fair skin anti
good complexion, free from a yelloNi , -
I sh tinge and all oilier disfigure - intent,
should use these remedies occasion.
ally. The Liver In perfect order, and
the blood pure, will result In eparlin
ling eyes and blooming Oheelte.
C I,f, V ^,C X 0 rii .
li'mzfiami's German Remedies are moiler/cited.
Tilt genuine hare the.sionature.qf C. 111. Jackson
on the front o f the outside wrapper of. each Wile, and
the, na:ne artf4e'Gttun in each bottle. nother's
are counterfeit.
Thouccande of lettere have been re+
eel's - ed testifying to the virtne 4 of thee. 4
ClifefJuetfoe of the Supromo Conn of, Folmaylvania.
PAILADELPRIA, Mown Nth, 1867.
!find "Itonfinn , r 8 Gerinan Bitters" is not an (Was*
j a wi ng b et , ercg s, hat is a good tonic . , as fat in diZOr•
eters qj the eli,ges!ive or and of great ben fit in
cases of detnlity and want of 7IP11:011,8 action in the
system. roars trtdy,
Gl4'. Gl4' . W. IVOODWARD.
Judge of ale Sop eine Co trt of Penneylvaida.
PHIL/an:T. 4A, APRIL 28t11.13G6
I consider "IlooViand's German Site
terse a valuable medicine in case Of at
tacks of Indigestion or Dyspepsia. I
can certify this from my experience
of it. Yours, with respect,
Pastor of the Tenth Baptist Chula', Philadelphia,
DmiACKSON—Dzsm Stn :—/ have Leen fr,,quAntlyre
quested to stoned my mime with recommendations of
different kinds of ntedieines, but regarding the praCtICS
as out of my appropriate; sphere, I have in all cases de-,
clined ; but mith a c/carju,of in various instances, and
particularly in ray own fismityof the reeVatness of Dr.
Hoolland's German Bitters, I dcpart for once from my
usual coups, to express tap full conviction That for
general debility of the system and especially for Liver
Complaint, it is a safe and valuable preparation. In
some cases it may fail ; but usually, I doubt not, it wilt
be very benvicial to those who tuffer front the above
causes. Yours, very respect fully,
.1. H. KI:N.iTA,RD,
Eiyldh, below COalet
Price of the Bitters, 91.00 per bottle;
Or, a half dozen for 85.00.
Price of the Tonic, 81.50 per bottle;
.Or, a half dozen for $7.50.
The Tonto Is put up in quart bottles.
Recollect that it ic 1)r. Hoollard's German Remedies
that are PO 1272 trereally wed end 4 , 0 highly recommend
ed; and do not allow the Druggist to induce you to
take any thing the that he may say is just as 000d,be
rause he makc: a larg•i• profit on it. These Remedies
Will he scut by express to any /acetify upon apptinatisas I
So. ifMl ARCIr STREET. Phifrhlphia.
'CHAS. M. EVANS, Proprietor,
Pormorly o,llt, JAMON & CO,
These Remedies are for gale by
Druggists, Storekeepers, and Medi.
eine Dealers everywheu.
Do not furgd in examine writ l'iarticle you buy, in
ordrr to get the genic:rut,
• The above RemedieF are for sale by Draggistp,
Storetieoper:•, and 31tdivioe kre, (We, ps hen: (le United Status, Oat - 0(111F, Swath
Ameriaa, and tho Indias,-I!dar. 11, '0571y.
iNV" i .ti4j..4.}5191;,0,; • YA,..- 9 _ , , 44tUARTY 13, 1869.
got,tti' Corner.
Cease your iskuing;oettse your fretting.,
Cease your-.railing at.your - lot.; - --
There's no time for useless.ilreanairie,
- These eempl4iiits earl prol4 pot . ;
What if life is not all pleasure ;--- 1 , -
Vretting -won't relieve the Ilain; •
];table souls have never leisure
fit misfortune to complain.
Cao.—Onward; upward, mounting higher,
On'Oacli •yity:4-top,ns it rolls)
Fill your hearts with Imply
Labor la for noble, souls. , • (I
Meet misfoi•tuno's drooping willows,
As the sailor meets the storm;. • _
Just to fitte,upOti. the- billow 6, ,
Till theyAear him to'his bourne: ,
Catch the, breeze, or:yon'll succeed not;
• Life's for labor, not for sport,
Quiet seas thy wny will speed not,
Calm won't bring thee into pen..
Cuoava—Onward, upward, Ira
If you would yourself bo happy,
Feu must bappinets impart;
Bless your neighbors all around you,
'Twill return to your own heart•
Let your sympathies,4low outward,
With tho sorrowful condole;
Let your smiles be like the sunshine,
Cheering every Weary soul.
cuowes—thlward, upward, &v. •
Lot your aim bo high and holy, .
-And your 'courage strong and true;
Life has pleasures for tho lowly,
Life has something still to do,
Idle bands are always weary,
\ SeUhl nature knoive"soy;
Loving souls are ever eh ery,
Toiling spirits nevet a oy.;
CIIVRIIS-.- Onward, uproar &e:
' • VtisCCltniteng giading. .. .- ..- .... AL.-... .......
Some years ago there lived at Lee
mouth,. England, one Edgar Walton.
His father held a situation in the Lee-
mouth Dockyariii and Edgar was in
hopes of obtaining a similar appoint
ment. • He.was engaged to the daughter
of one of his father's, friends ; and it
was 'agreed that the 'marriage should
take place as soon as lie could obtain a
permanent.situatlim, with a salary ade
quate to the support of a- family:: The
prospects of the young people seemed
,many were -the day dreamt
iu which they reveled as they
derod through the meadows in the !Ong
summer evenings, and talked of their
future happiness. Some months had
thus passed by, when, on his return
frOm a short distance, Edgar found his
hopes were, fulfilled. He was appoint
ed to the charge of a body of convicts
proceeding to New South W,nles, and
n his arrival there he was to fill a post
similar to that of his' father's at Lee•
nion th. -
Away he ran immediately in high
spirits, to tell his Alice of his good for•
tune, and to warn tier to make her
preparations for departure. Short time
indeed was given for this purpose; tlu•
ship sailed within 48 hours ; they would
be married on the' morrow, and the
tvt , 1,1,1 11,1s=
ad t.,1.1 to their anuses anti 7ulortn
seek their fortunes in a new land. lit
rim,! lull of glee, into the well know',
house, called for Alice, and was tofu
she !had gone to spend a week with
some relations in the country. All
joy !vanished at once. It would take
stun° time to coin lthlitiCatt3 with her—
for her to owne down •to Leemouth ; ii
slieklid not arrive in time, and he were
forced to go alone, how sad a termina
Lion would this be to all his bright
hopes. However, all was done that
could be suggested. Eetters were writ
ten go by the morning's post to tilt
fan flies she was to visit •, and one o;
her d relations was sent off to find her, it
possible, that no chance be. lost
Tlin Edgar returned to make his-prep
arations for the voyage.
In the meantime, lice, little know•
iuz. bow much her presence was re
quired at Lt mouth, was talking °vet
her, future inns, and taking counsel
with, her relatiYes us to h'er outfit. Slie
had beard that Edgar was in hopes of
soon obtaining an appointment, and
she felt in unusual spirits, and was
merrily laughing with her cousins,
her uncle arrived, and:brought
tilt. news of Edgar's summons one.
Every thing was iu confusion'
ately. Boxes were corded, a hurried
adieu was taken, and she was away.
Alt speed was made, but several delays
could, not be avoided. At length, how
eVer, they reached Leemouth but only
toi hear that Edgar's ship had sailed
some hours.
the was too late—he was gone, and
perhaps they might never meet again
on, earth. The disappointment was
very bitter, but she burn it. -She wiped
away a few tears, and then returned to
her father's house; but- her" cheek was
very pale and her voice trembled as she.
spoke. Thus for a week did sadness
hang over the family. Then, as they
were sitting hi silence one evening, in
burst a [fiend, his face radiant with ex
citement tic snowed them a newspaper
paragraph—Edgar's ship - had been
obliged to put into Pitchton Roads
through stress of weather. There was
still a chance. This news was almost
More difficult to bear calmly than the
previous disappointment; but Alict
rose, quietly packed her trunk, through
several times the throbbing of het
heart forced her to stop. Again another
journey had to be performed under the
same excitement as before—leverishl.)
watching the course of the smoke, the
bending of the trees, to see if the wine
still blow from the west; every - lost mo•
went becoming an agony—every delay
seeming to occupy whole hours—and
even before her eyes, the ship with Lei
sails just opening to the, breeze. At
length they reached the end of their
She heard, as if - in a dream, hei
father's voiets asking. " L the Vixen
still in the bay ?" ,
She heard the answer, "Yes, yonder
she lies in the roads." The words rang
in her ears, and she fainted away.
Edgar had- endured a mental trial of
no light nature ' • he had experienced all
the sickness of hope deferred; hP had
passed through the bitter
tween and duty ; lie had seen the
dreams of his youth fade away, he had,
spent a week in brooding over.his loss,
and now his hopes were unexpectedly
re-awakened. The heart might well
long for peace aftertiell excitement.
But now visions of quiet happiness
stole over his mincl as lie sat in the.
vestry u; Pitcliton Church, waiting ni,-
tii he could see the clergnian. It seem
ed all so strange to him, he couie
scarcely believe it was true. Alice had
not arrived. above an hour before, but
sometimes it :-eenied as if they had nev
er been parted, and sometimes he would
start from his reverie, fancying that he
Might have been dreaming all that had
,occurred, and she alight still be far
away. But as time passed, and the
sound.of the organ reverberated around,
and the 'voices of the singers, as they
rose and fell, bore words of promise to
,Ills heart, his doub ts quail fears seemed
tOftvanish, and his heart swelled with
thankfulness and hope. ,
BD .A.-3/4N.
• Viengthlte service ended; and Ed
garfold his story in a few words to the
clergyman, and begged that the mar
riage service might be performed in
stantly; but as them was no license,
this was impossible. The clergyman
explained this to him, but feeling much
Interested iu his 131/CUSS, he tool: him
to the ourrogate's, to try if a license
could be obtained there; but on the
question'being asked, the surrogate de
clared he could not grant it, suggesting - ,
however, that the registry nqght be
able to assist him. To him, however,
it was too latu to go until the next day,
as he .lived at some distance 26 Ldgar
returned, to,lals ship.
In the course of the evening he went
board of a frigate at anchor . there,
saw tho chaplain, who promised to
/),erform the marriage service the
Morning without requiring a license
it,net being .necessary on .board ship.
Wt length he thought all his troubles
were ever, and he .allowed his hopes
free scope for•actiOn.' • •
The next morning the bridal party
appeased, aud every one was of opinion
that a handsome sollpie never been
Seen at .Vitchton. Proud of the brld6,
and exulting in his success, Edgar as the deck of the frigate, when
again.' he was doomed to disappoint
mect. The chaplain found that the
Act dispensing with a license on board
ship did pot apply to the case of &ves
sel lying in a roadstead. This was an
insuperable difficulty, and the only re
maining resource was. for Edgar - to
make an application for a license to the
registray. kfo ho borrowed a gig and
set off instantly.
Meanwhilo Alice was asked to stay
at the rectory, where nri means were
left untried to alleviate her anxiety.
But nothing could 'induce her to leave
the litrge drawing room window that
overlooks the sea.
The hguse stands within a stone's
throw of the water, and from it you
can see the whole sweep of the bay,
On the other side the coast stretcheS
away far many a mile, here and there
clotted with white houses, its hills
flushed with rosy color. when the sun
sinks low, •its hazy outline gradually
melting into the distance. Not far
from the house is the anchorage, and
there, within a mile of Alice, lay the
Vixen ,transport, and still nearer 'the
frigate. To this it was that Alice
. looked most earnestly,, for the master
of the transport had promised • not to
sail while the other remained in the
bay. •
Lower sank the sun ; the shadows
grew longer; the clouds became flushed
with rosy light; then their colors be
came fainter, and deadened into a
sombre gray ' • the ships were lees dis
tinctly seen, but the snug of the sailors,
us they got up their anchors;, was heard
on board some of them ; a few put to
,ea anti glided away into the thick
ning night. Alice clenched her hands
still more tightly, and lier teheeks grew
paler; and whenever a step was heard
ut the hail she would turn suddenly to
the door, then quickly look seaward
again. Thus she sat •It hen the shades
of evening had blotted Out the Vixen
froth. view, and the tall rousts of the
frigate could scarcely be seen through
the darkness. •
May we never have to'pass through
such a trial as this :• Like the musical
string overstrained and broken. the
~ vonitd up to too great a pitch oT
.ts rich nie(odies tire gone. tot ever; it it ,
read to nil eXlolnrtl itoplds; to the
trans! that of old called milli its music,
it will iespond no more. We cannot
tell what such excitement Is unless we
nave passed through a t-indlar ordeal ;
but we may form, by comparison, some
iaint idea of it; weare, per haps, await
ing a coin panian with whom we have
, ett.ed to make some excursion ; as the
time for starting approaches, how rest
less We move about—looking' every mo
ment at the clock—asking again and
again how much more time there is—
eagerly Scanning every new comer, and
allifor some trifling cause, w Weft will
be forgotten a month hence. Then
hink what would be the agony of ex-•
citement if all our prospects of happi
ness and success in hlc depended upon
that expected arrival. '
Meantime Edgar had driven as fast
as possible to the town wht4c the reg
istrar resided, full of fears that' lie
might be away from home; but he
found him, obtained the license, and
am all his difficulties seemed .again to
clear .away. He had Come depressed
with anxiety; he returned buoyant,
with hope. f The way road and shad
owy hedges disappeared, and in their
stead the wide meadow lauds of Aus
tralia scented to spread around him,
and in the distance" rose his future home,
bathed in the moonlight. A loud shout
awoke him front his reverie, and he
heard some one call to him, " your ship
is going round the head." .
The Vixen had sailed, though the
frigate still lay at anchor. Edgar, al
most frantic, rushed' to the r story for.
Mice, and then back • to Pitchton.
There the people were all 111 excite
ment; they had not yet learned toap
preclate the polish of selfishness; con.
velitjoltalistn had not yet petrified all
their synivathies; theme- was as much
hustle 104 14 the two etrangers - had been
their oldest- friends. A boat was gut
out of harbor, tails were bent, provi6-
tons enough to stock a Hoeft were vol
unteeled on all sides, sailors enough. to
ilizinage a n /gate of&red their bervicest
anti Edgar having hurried on board
with Al',ie they set sail, and the tears
of the women and the good wishes of
the inen,
For a night and a day they pursued
the hopeless chase, nor did they return
to Pitchton Wail ever) chance two
vanished. Edgar was a ruined Man ;
his appointment was lost, and with it
all his hopes of success in life. The
little property ,which had belonged to
hint he had sold, and invested all his
inone,y in his outfit, or Ott stock which
was now on its way to the other side 01
the world. But, at , all events, he had
not lost his bride. Elo, instead of sit
ting down to lament his misiortunes,
he determined to beat; them as best 11t•
might;fund be married forthwith. So
the next day the Ceremony wits per
thrtned, and half the town attended ;
and toe rector gave a wedding break
fast, and the bankez's wife made Alice
a handsome present, and every body aid
what they could to - dissipate the air of
melancholy which would have attended
the marriage. Edgar then left for Lon
don, carrying away from Pitchton
many good wishes, bat having little
hopes for himself,
But the reetior wrote' to the 'Home
Office,. mentioning the peculiarity 01
the circumstances, and representing
that Edgar had been. ashore on leave,
and that the transport sailed before the
I,rigato, central . ) to the e.Nprtss, prows
01 the master. In ai new dais
at SWeI;WaS receivcd, stating that in eon
,UqUellet!, or.the eireunistnnees, and 01
'Edward's good character, a situation
equivalent in value had been provided
for Mat, with cotnpensation for his
10 sea.
o, in due tittle.• the young couple
were reaping the fruits of their energy
inid perseverance, and realizing in Aus
tralia the picture of .happiness they had
often conjured up at home. To thos,
who dez , ,pond under difficulties, and
are ready to yield to the suggestion of
despair, this true history way verbal):
dpeak wuraii of enuourugoweut.
STPiiY POR 91.75P1C,1tn5 PEOPLE
A lady purchased a home in a.beauti
ful village, about forty miles from a well
Mlown city. t6he long6d for fresh air
and quiet scenes, and doubtles3 she
would I ave found
the happiness
which G ie, sought in this rural retreat,
had not the place been haunted by that
terrible spectre—Scanda/.
`.. Have you seen the new arrival?"
asked 'Airs. Thomas, of her neighbor
Mrs, Lawrence, about a week after the
6tranger took possession of" Maple Cot
tage, as the little place site had pur-
chased wa called
A curl of the lip and shrug of the
shoulders was all the reply ~made by
Mrs. Lawrence; but in •the gestures
Mrs. Thomas saw, or supposed she saW,
a suilleikatt reason for slatMning the
acquaintance of the stranger. i
Had Mrs. Lawrence, ,who.,7,ilas a great
stickler for aristocratic seciety;auswered
the question in Words ' had she expres
sed her read opinion of her new neigh
bor in tangible form, no very 'great •re
snits would have occurred, for she
would have said "Yes, I have seen her;
she bad on a cheap delaine dress, and
I hear she do-es her own washing,"—no
very serious charges, but according to
Mrs. Lawrence's ideas of "good society,"
quite sufficient to deprive her of all
claim to the title of lady"—hence her
curled lip and shrug of disgust. •
'.` Mrs. Thomas, who was very jealous
and suspicious, translated this sign
language,in her own way. Being ex
tremely sensitive as to what Mrs. Grun
dy should say, she was always on thy'
watch, lest, accidentally, she should be
seen speaking to persons of low char
'aster ; therefore she caught at this straw,
and turned it over In her rtilud:nntil
'she made out a very serious ease fop the
st ranger.
" I have no doubt'," 'she said to her
husband at night, "that she had :a .bad
reputation in the city. She bas come
here dressed in deep mourning, hut NV ilf ,
knows whether she ever had a htisbend?
And if she had her- %%rearing black is no
sign he's dead, in my opinion," and
Mrs. Thomas drew her mouth into a
most sanctimonious ex pression—tt - look
which almost always indicates the
pharisaical, "I am better than thou ?"
The next day quite a crowd had gath
ered in the store of Mr. Thomas, wait
ing for the arrival of the daily mail
which was due about this hour. Tbe
stranger came in to make some trifling
lairchases and was stared at by the peo
ple, as strangers always are.
After she left the store, some remarits
wore made concerning her ladylike ap
pearance, Mr. Thomas iminedattel
rejoiced, "Yes, she appears enough like
a lady, but my wife thinks her reputa
tion none le best."
Costowe 's coming in, nothing more
was said a that time, but the fire of
scandal wt s kindled—the story spread
rapidly ea .11 one telling it 11 isown way.
mad there sva. not a family In thephice
but heard and believed the rumor.
Weeks. passed on, and the inmate o
- `.laple Cottas,o felt that for some reason
he ~ra t, ' oo h e d upon With - mitt:lt
and dislike. There was no ho-pt
talky, nothing said or done, for which
she could demand fiti.ox pianalmn. 'thhe
tried to remember somu act or NVOI d
which Could 1111Ve given offeoee; but
in vain(did she call to mind every word
:he it d t-p,:isett to the 4.11htv,(.1:,—t.-Iti.
—...4111 1; 111 J.lO LA./IOU:It
10 warrant such neglect, und she could
only suffer in silence.
Every day i.ocincil to increase the
avoidance of her neighbors; and she,
seeing. this, Ceased making ov:.. , rtore,-
toward an acquaintance with them,
sending to the city for hec hoilsehuld
and never came iii contact
with any of them, save at. clinch ; and
even here she most generally found a
whole seat at her disposal.
At last the storm which had No 1021;2:
dar kelled the village horizon, scorned
about to tort over her head. There
were low threats Ail' driving her out
from 1130 place, mid the tool., spirit
eetned to he gativrin-z strength,.
About - ails time. sane three months
after the stranger Caine to ;!;Slaple Cot
tage, a very handsome traveling carriage i
drawl/ ity a noble span of grays, stow'
ped in front of her dwelling, and a tine
looking' Mari, apparently about fifty
years of age, with his wire and two
children, were seen to alight and enter
the house: All that day, and through
the evening, there was heard the Found
of.happy voices, mingled with the rip
pling laughter of joyous hearte.
The next day \; a:; Sunday, . hut - this
time the widow did not sit. uione—
Strange looks and low ratirrhured ti ortls
ran through the congregation, and •ti;e
minister seethed to Ediace the surprise of
his audience, and looked and preached
asthoug,ll under painful embarrassment.
He recognized in the stranger a minis
ter whose reputation was world-wide—.
no other than the rich and the distin
gniflbed President of—College, from
which be was a graduate,
Profel,sor C, remembered his former
pupils, but it must be confessed he was
uoth surprised and disappointiAd. He
had given the ~ o ung'ulan credit for in
dividual 'talent, but this 6ertnon was a
mere of poor plan tudee nod u
utruck ling to public I opinion, which
showed a weals uod little MIMI,
' aster service, the President, Etopped
a loon - lent until the preacher etilllo
waiii, and Wl“.111 the meetings were
over he said kindly: •s:\ly si,t e r wiole
ow that Richard_ Forties was preaching
litre, but 1 did not eonnect the bonne
‘ l ';ith the 111 " 10 "rY my lurmcr PUPIL" I
" Your pi-Acr!" said the embarrassed
y °Ling inall. "1 was nut aware. hat
had ever had the honor of preaching ,
hefort: such a hearer. Yee do not inean .l l
to say that the w nian with whew you
entered is 3 our sister?"
"_Aid why not ?" It is now Prof. C's
turn to look surprised.
Sore enough, why not? What did he
know against the \Nowlin of \Omni all
had been "speaking evil" for the last
three months. kle had tal;en these
cruel surin!ses for granted, and had
been so far influenced by the scandal
that he laid failed to call
,upon the
stranger. A sense oft the itupiopriety
and guilt of his eowfuet rushed across
his mind—suppose the woman was
really the dis;4race ,and guiiity being
that public opinion 7 -the putiliclopiniou
of the village----elnimiLd, was (Jot his
dut.'s to SilVt! LAri.t4 42z1/11 - e,
"not to - call the r4,hleous, htit sinners
to repentance!" Ilow had lie fulfilled
his rnissioh ? And 3 - et he stood in his
pulpit and elaiint.d to a follower of the
Luce!; ft»il Jowly Say
". fo),re is ~oalleilhi
ter that 1 ''.iambi
Prof. C., ;.ca
•countenance of the
"You do not Inca)
ter 11:t, tiUt'll IC:_.11
d listc-ned tut our
niontl., witinout
'Ube dutiet, or :0 prea
ter defined—"
I did not, da
poor wan :-.tanitnere
be coulti not excuse
pu...4ng the gossip 0
Lai not thne to
'the widow oil lieu
I,he tinge of conteoi
look of r , 11) prit:e
%Odell he efthte n i
rtwi erect fallen yt
Alter reaching It
he ghetitionea her
but here he Was bathed. She
could only tell him that since her resi
dence in the place she. had been "let
alorte,'l in the full acceptance of the
term. Determined to understand the
wherefore ofsuch a proceeding. , -
he again
demanded au explanation of the min
ister wbo was finally compelled to
admit that tie had supposed from the
gossip of his church members, that the
woman was a very outcast from society,
and that there had been talk of driving
' -
her from the place.
" ::,ho will not care to remain," said
the Profoisor ; "hut not before she goes,
I shall sift this matter - thoroughly;"
and to he did, gathering up, link by
the whole chain of scandal until
he came - to Mrs. Lawrence. But this
she utterly denied, and :its. Thomas
was at la , :t obliged to confess that Mrs.
LawrenCe had merely shrugged her
..iloulders and curled her lip, when
tiked her opinion of her new neighbor.
" Inds3cd l" was Lawrence's
rejoindcr. "I romember of thinking
she could not be much of a lady, as bhe
wore a faded delaine aud did her own
And theme the matter , rested. Mrs.
Lawrence, with a look and a - slang of
shoulders, and Mrs. Thomas by
jealous surnli, es, had caused sorrow and
Olin To an bloc:KT:lr it'l - 601)—they had
in - fact, Aelen tile goad name of one
who had never injured them ; and but
for the timely appearni?ce of her brother
the cont-equence-_,Juight have been still
' 1110 re S”.11011S.
The ProtOesor preached the following
Sunday, and at the conclusion or the
di,courso he repeated the tale of wrong
adding, "Had this woman really been
poor and frielnile.-id, s s EIippOSCLI, whet
would thei end have been? Deprived 01
her ge:,(l name, in consequence, 0,
all means of earnings a livelihood sin
would doubtless Inive been discouraget.
and responcid, and sunk down to tin
grave a victim of IT scandal of UK*,
calling the nseives Christians J
ure you, in the siglix of - Gad, would no,
only Ini,vn
,L.ern classed among Ilan,
.but murderec.
it is probable every lawyer o
auy note has Lettid of the eeleUratet
Luther i'dartitt, or iiiri•great
come oi-.?.1.11011 Burr, ab el
tt'3 1116 thz , pl;Q':t 1.1 the '6& iia ti or tlit
United 61 a 1 r l,e forgotteli,-
I'l':flts iu the liistului genius are Du ,
pc). taut, hope LtizilLitS' iL tilk , StOry
Mr. 2 , 11kg1111 \\a7 01l 1116 11 ay to A
ihipulis. to ittLeud _tt;,! . 4 6upleme. Court
01 the zilate. A uliiury 11t".•,C118(21.* Sva •
in the .i , tage with him, aud,,, as tla
weather %%as extreme!) , cold, tile pii:-.-
sengt.rb 50011 resui tu cuilverbatiou t ,
tilt err themselves iruimteo son"!
bility . to the iiielentetut reittlier. Tilt.
you 1:110 , X
tt' lie tr , al;.() a I.t\V;,l;/ . , th ti l rad U.
tali, 4(1011 belptil CO spin itself uut u
legal upatet....
till," said the young mail
"I alit jlltAt-tti Let tug ulit/11 11Q, ,
a 10 : tun 161 lUC the scert-,
;.;o.e toe num our expvimce, lire L'c\
tU €lll-111c . ,:1.,:dil :".i ' t --"
ha.„ ' e..s.Liamittt
" WWI it - NV hilt.
: .. f . t.11!() 1u yotit I , D.rt ain now,
atilt ,±,OU Wltti the bieo
,/!. ,iltra.“l"l
Oilk: ill [IQ I
laid dew:
e_:tty to CUita LW. 1! you follOw yoi.
e.ttitatt tail to stlece l ed. IL IS '1116:
be.. , / Of oczus• C. ride iiCe. '
listener ‘vt: very :IttAltive—;ilt.,:—"P.etv 1//
posture, and gave his brait.
to toe attal,Nl,ls, with t. lie lawyer pa
tience, t. 03, La ain't) of yout
it was too cola 0 iii!,111: for anythine
to Li' wade peCuharly Out of the 010
insii's ttild so' . the promising
adept in tozivith le:tit:leg gave - i t i f itseil
to ~, . Hge dretahs, in which lie sea,
1-itockiut; and puEliiinj, his way through
the-world by tile all pe wer; al woi us,
but 0 of your evidence :"
•'t he; cause, and 2iir. 2.lalitin.
with his stout-hi took tounis at the lies.
1;;:tel• In the LlLy. only thing pe
culiar to I lie•Lotel,- iii o;c=4 eye, or tilt
WZIS That the wines and the
ew eGferad of ,etoned to recall
very v; Idly tie ina.:,ltu about the ev-
'rh. :c. - .; - ,r . • . ; r!),,;1 - .I ,ntehed :\lr, 2.lratln.
NV ilel eyt.r . eta w :And drip king were
vo ;:
lleertai Le w:t , iiII - ,;Ceti It mull to be
;‘V;ttel,:: ; ,:.:. - .00(;1,.11y ;I; the Jotter, as 1.2 c
\\o, 111) !3,:ki'j42) at ‘ , 1:.,' ! 01 the mitt
thoLt i', roier ‘,.. , uppvr, 11 i'lf.`f eve/3'0111h:
ikiNliry 1 , 1 1\ il,ll. ..‘, .e\C tik.Vyti Wert
:k.tiii::::::i.... i.... .-ii,,\: ti.“, itic,pient, ic%alisi
that lit.. V. Li 1.111.1 11.1,V0 to pay ckariy lod
iiia itnov,•leci! , v :.0 . ..\:r. ....tartill Pi.temeo
re,ol - s•ed to ril::he the nao,t (:l his part
of tile contraet: ,
, 1,.( - ‘v,vr-,, V Let lieryouiig or old, have
'legal ri.;111:-.., 11110 :::1) tile young wan be
• gan to Ill l t hIL of lOU , titiy of self-protee•
tion. iI. w a..,ecrlaitily a t.utviliii duty.
It rlin th , ow,;ll all Lau:Lion' Common
- to 2,ionla - , :...o.;.1 tnco t t wt,s a oulAt.
'111: tthet lit l t to iwLi -.., , pry.e(1, DarteuLtri)
(1 iwuti t i lel ho! 1 is t IIIL 0: a lawyer, well ,
C lilt:L*11.0 i. q iiti St.tUji:t:t didi) poew yl,
11,1. ;, oi,i,g tintn. 1. Wil."3 ail ttl,:ortoitlt
to [he niiild and pocket. A W '',:t.-:.
elap,td, :NIT. 2.1 aron II (I 1 1 . 011(1.y t()
CIU !I ll) r....rnittitile. tiO N‘ as the y 0!;,,,
It..:11, 11111 Iltq ill Ow :,9.1.t1t..! 1-!:.:51.! 15: • 1.
111; 011.1.•'1',61:-: 0:.1;:itv1 . , '
al)out I I)is mat
lied ellatiging
young prea4.-lier.—
,ay that inN 7
(AU (fl yollr plave
plc:wiling tortlit ee
ircal!!!),;_t upon her?
'her are t-uruiy bet
!"—:Liid here the
1 cud ,topped; for
hiTnsvlf without ex•
the cohgre , ratitm.
on my siSter,
end IYlnch?"—and
1 ihdignatlon wiih
dated the abalik..l
lig preacher.
:Aster's residence
leaard to the suet
d i .
_NIL'. Litt the
Lit 1.1.t1b./1 14,,tzi V{ Lt:
Au LOIN Ill'Ztr Ili In,
" " :-ztt
witl settle tn.\
lii1). egi0..31,1e to the l'111:,114(..111elit.."
The tiuti:! . 111111) Lull r.t tllit,i, Lt„
" \\Ail :t:',e1:11 lA.) it, u
Vl'l2 1.1i1V1211111:/111 11:111 . 11 (1 { .1117111•
St:1111.1111g 011 tilt' 1171)h:11W:1i,
1)1(pi.:LPI11111.., 1,11:14,1:(1, it/ pay
Ile loan it-dly iepentol.
;ivy./ cvichatce P . ' naked
youn A , nun).
" Eviiknee?" :-.neered :llr. Martin
" sli'," stild the :coung man
tiewuroly.--"Adtvo,y,4 to 6UVC: CV . ! JOU/
EVide:ilCC, J 2 r: Mal till. (2uu you -erovt:
Ow bargain?"
I\fr. \lartiij kaw the and polled
pucl:et.boolc, p:tiii ilu bill, .timi
Wit 11 honlor It:SO.l'o[
yuutl:2 t11:11) :
yt," "illdo? - E ir, (37111 get thlo9gli
the ;:•:0:111 %% it!, (37 ) )•1:1'01 . :2",:,1011 W l tt:W.ll
tul~iceLUdu m I
tor that °NJ' "I haVell.l.t
U. • ' :1
':4:0I0- 1. .! ,1 '. yl nt • linpoltnn2nce . -7 turn
lino:•-" . .1[t!'6 ii*.i.t ~ i d,, out alr - eakiv.
sir." ",.'. qn'i t)hhu,:v )o .',l64th, you.'"
"(i. - J,.kl 1 -):c,1:1!: •At . k{):z: "
(.11 e `1tc . ..1.1 . c. r ones entered
sitilliii;-/(Pti 01 Rtlthc l l ll6 ,' "ho
y Vs.ithollt
up ho.:-nid, • rnltt• a Chair and
be ,t , ‘,loci." addrp;,,,ed,
rtt - °rec.:pilot,
letnai -You did not perh hear
I,i 11.41 , W. 1 /111) In(' C(1.)11:---- - . " " ON,
ye . " r(•1 , 110‘1 ti)(! haid;er s " take t‘rso
i • 1
1 A pri-cier v. a= , xlitnitied in court
and contrmilcipil l Ihrn , ol. " Wily do
you liv so," asi:ed 'the Judge ; "Haven't
you a-Itoqer." '1 . .
The proprietors have stocked the establiebtrao
with a new a varied assortaler.t-ef
and are prepared to execute neatly and promptly
,Deeds, IVortgages, LOMB, and a full assortnet
of Constables' and Justices' Blanks on bend.
Peopic livin3 at a /stance can depcudon box..
ing their work done promptly and acnt track_ a
return mail.
NO, 2,
The Paris correspondent of the Loa
don rimer', thus descrlhes a strange and
interesting ho wan phenomenon whoa
be met recently in the Valey of Cho.
" When passing by 4 village sehhol,
acarriage of peculiar construction droVe
up to the 000 r, wh4e an expectant
Crowd had gathcrol. A strong built
woman, fashionably dressed, alighted
and without further parley, lifted out
ber eon/pardon, wbo at first glance had ,"
struck inc as,an able-bodied man in the
prime of life. But i presently observed
that he had neither legs nor arms, and
the skirts of his , frock coat lapped - over?
the arms of the lady who carried
like a baby's man tin over the nurse's.
Happening to the sehoolmaster,\
asked him iv:ie this phenbmenon' .
was. He replied a professor of mathe- •
mattes and anitinncicla - from Orleans, 1-1
who had been authorized by the Coun
all of Public Instruction to give lecture.,
in the primary rchoolsduringthe Sum
mer months. the schoolmaster also
informed me that the lecture was &rat ,
uitous, but that the hearers would be
expected. to buy some arithmetical
works at :arum: each, written by the
once entered the. class-room—a
ow, widd elurmber of irregular form,
vith johited ceiling, whitgwahed walls,
Aueliehed with sulohe and fly stains,
and at the opposite extremities a plas
ter crucifix and a bust of Louis l'sapo
iqou. The front row of benches were
occupied by a score of boys, who were
all that bad come to school, though the
commune includes six villages. l6orne
.ouked tutethgeq, but the majority
.umpisii. There were a couple who
,vete evidently gentleman's children ;
:he rest wore the Woe Bowel; donned
always in 'the country by workmen and
fainters. Behind there were up.
varqs of one hundred and Ilfty Adults,
,I“ a stream or country people presses
.thout the door.
'• Thu phetionlenott had bean seated
)1 1 a plattbrin Lehind the
er'sileslL, and 10: - .Lie himself qUite at
mine. lie authorzatively ordered the
our winkluw6 to thrown open, and
whistled at anti scolded the rustics who
'lamed any inclination to stop near
;iira for the purpoze of staring , . Be off
,0 your Beata: be off, go tittiL7lzly; and
ion% lie'vexiug me with your. stupid
.auks. i say, you pLA:plesit the door,
gay' in ,or stay out ; if y ouldo conic in,
you roust hold ytio r toilL4s/.Noav boys
ilo whispering, nail cit,t y uur eyes dowia
.111 the sum Ou saying
Ills to the :Asti:ll:silo.: children, he
-cued a White poeltet ht.:lit:kerchief in
teeth, dropped in on , the back,
it of ills chair, twisted it around -his
lolly and rubbed tt against it vie.
old ly. to wipe o:F the proftrie perspira
dun which followed on Lii:J out reatt of
" lie was dreF,,:CCI in black, with a
,e 1
.t lute !lii.Vat, and 'fifteen gold and sil.-
ern) dais attached to hi) breast. His
iraiti ',iB of t.l!.l.l . i.tortliiittry height, and •
IR at:tp at the ,i. , ..-t., bat the diameter, at
.he top Venial :thrro%.v. The 14ce
-, Weil' 611apell, ion; 1.1, a-, :-..0 ,, i1ed on thiß
occm•.oli by a•TV alb:0; :::::I;)eisjOn. The
A ls.
ik- s; el o t.-
pnill tO, iheeileel. mi jim rri,u•
:let", at iSin , r 6t.t. to the itQcii sity of
l o(*. the mouth .._tip,:i..nlicivi a iiiimiless
-ttimp, tin 101.111 1 ,; aililf`z , r. to thtfortnity.
rin., (-tom p, 1:ot, ii.o.:•i: thiia c0:11' itielies
, 1 ,,,-, g y oo , s , .;,. r . .11 f.,:t_trlk 1 ti:i tt tt ',Lie ()La of
lie it'it. r,.i.101.1,Cif,::, ;.;,Iti i'-. , . a ti vill.tri,ed with
i nap.rral creel: L.:. tile el, z.l lilt° a dwarfed _
" The eye si_eliii..... zo do tho - oliloo of a
()ugue. 1 oe‘ a; ... - tw ei.e lucre e::pree , :
'lye of it ravi,;;:,- ~ .,21. . ..ii.;; brain, espec
ially when tile ic.:As of arithenetial ca•
parity were 19:.,:i4 appiieJ by Lite iaayot
and _.elloolifiaster, a:.6 a mun:•er i of the
Institute wllo tc; to be staying
en vietagiattwc :1, the . hp,mlet. M.
Grantinlaili. -- c—Cr.;itis the phenom e nons ,
natir_ , —sat with Lis Lkei; to the black;
boa ki.on which Eon:e of the befo'..e-men
'rico .(1 persons had :,(ztte,l the test dif
[lei, I .l:.tinls that they vouiti thudk of in
0001tuatt aritlitoothn.: cud ti,lgebrn, and
propounded problemil in triv,onoinetry.
rhettnuwers wk•ro :riven in an an:quit-Ig
ly tnort Uwe, ~ ...Itliout any apparent
Acl. He multit'i,ed by I'6 nod j 33 to
,horten his opei:,t'ons. As 1)6 did the
additions, 11'itiiiili:1 , :atio, (Sze., illouti,
they Were iilpitii , : - tio;cci .:_:,.i..v.:_t cat the
blackboard! • • •
• "This exhibitioit over, a leeturc , was
civen in arithu . f ,, ' -. . Tile manner %vac.
iniatbie and. 1.13 nmtter Excellent;
JUG the delivery k 'eat', forcible and even
vraccrul, NYtl3 111;:i'! ;1'():11 Hie to time,
ty a shrill 111 e that of a E,tcaru
eoaine, intended to imposesilc.nce upon
wft;spering rustic s, alto .oecrisiorudly by
AND PAST pnrsats,.
II Menomonon.
affizry hislnorm•
oly diessed lady re,) pers•iia
ted in bloel:Ing t - . 11 the tir, , ::;r-slci by sit
ting on it. At tne Iv 4. told
that while etiou , ,‘. hialEeir :w1.11). a
pedal eapa.eity ft): ti ute ,tileile.turer
had a nrethoo tneutat
nriel'ations, italii thi3 th,ethof.l was to be
rouiftl in a irhtie vt.. , :ulhe tor one franc.
The villagers who" riniAlit not hare tio
avuoir unottey iu ttoActs weraoff•
rctl u r t dit on tiieseouvity of the sehool
master. Nobody, however, bought On
I;i6 1;a:ICS hi It'atlY motley
pouted in with ecolitahle to
the tiiiibt for lutt)Ny!etige ur Ole audi
E o•Aier . trom On: pr . e:atory me-
I ,
no i r , I h ut , cratiati:anae was
o at I.f.pinti;, legs arms,
tat tiev wtu-' , a poor man,
Ind intended to t..Nh.ihtt. IMO an a -}Ale
liordetion• would ut,t, allow hilu topo
-ent to r,eina . il. ;jut the: child learubd
to lead and NViilt‘
1;41.' ut iOtir.tili:7lllllyett c:.traot•ctinary
v:limeity ;or a trial of
beture the Llnipetor and the
sevvfol fn et iii, Q rs
ot the Univenrity invited to 1..42 Pre , >,
IIIMO.LVti that ti s.;olVeti
eouSt )1/StaMalltOti.-i.‘ plOtdt.WS Nv filch
Ott Iti hare r. :1 COl/1110 Or 'IOM'S..
13e:O1 (.! (11-.110' , 11.1-',. a /I' ladies were
w , t i, :‘[. oriiiatinange's Ituth-o
.4ral)h, written in 1,1101: pie...olive, - In
I,„id flowing qintrautt•ni, Willi hi tutbp,
,ialed by
Du.—Some yea/4
ago, lit Ohe ui tho' Coil iitit:6
a worthy Q,ao. ilati occoyed ioto
ticeoseo ittve:u,b.l:4_l
mall lie Wzi lit 11.. e
vC Urltikeult::::6 lie went. lioihe anti
linlakrea 1.11:s (ht.. bit/liar^
1 a 3 .1.1.0 earl led (0 jail
LU:(11.18,11 1112,t1t.
:tug lu 11,e tuw - ui!:;2, luokiitg
111 open t , •eeibg the
ILJoo the
A ‘k
souk one. '
" Lutt, tun I 4;r21 - L• ?" Was the
izaille.':,.. I.llqt:ll'.y‘.
1 ." Eof utuiot.,,'' wt... 4 tiit , aip,Wer.
{ \Vali bi.. 111 gt , ... , t.L . : :. ti=l , • , :llezt, 110 111,•
{ iititiLti :
iII li ),( o l r zi ? v i !; i -. .::t,:::,:it'' ::aid 301130
, ono. ~v l , ,y, iL ~.„., :•(.. , :d.: - ' - . v.i.:0 you
allied:" _
, On this fitimoi:ik,•,:ilieni 1:o cla:r:pped
„ ,
ucificuy, n, ;: ;I:: 1 :„:. , . L,. ( ,.,..,n ~tr uck at , t ,, j.
I Lei it lie renienthcrcd that, the eens t a ..
I i,ie who ( hill: to jail ;old him
, tliu liquor which el v.te.4.1 iii-3 tl euniten
! lit-zs.,: the jttz-tlct: . s w,ho 0.:...1.iLki his war-
I rant was one of t!1();. , J %VII° igii , , , ,d his
lieen,e; and tie :->lik.r.C.o •,vllO hung him
Moo bOl9 liquor :lad IteptateAllia alloy.