The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, September 23, 1868, Image 2

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I was-Jaomewhat astenithed "to learn.. .1.
'front a rellablesource,Wiiiie on this trip'
that wheri;JOhri ,Morgan` made
cape, or, to-use his words, I ,'. was bribed ;
out," he did not-- - cross the river .below
Cirteitmati, Was , reriorted, but.. above
the city', and-passed through
county.-" Murder *Ways tout,"
and, the lesser '; .so. We may • .
reasonably,hope. that time will reveal
'persons": were -
_who were Ihe s ehltit 'instruments' • in ee
feetipg, tWbribery. At. -MurfeeshorO,
Tennessea;-lt is. understood; -and
-not denied, that Aitorgtinis Demeciatle
frieritin , ln,Ohio-and —Kentucky paid .
largg,ll#o, - er money forhis release, and
thatAnrriebndlse-did the digging;
To7gdfaither into the "detaila of' the.
different - . conversations ,Whielt had
with differentpealiie;and which I over-
- weitliionly - be - a rePetitien - of
what's hive already written. •
- The sight of the ,stage upon which I
was;tO return to Oliacitykati was -a wel
corn:On:o4:On Saturday:niorning, and-i
was': stiOn,beirig Whiried.ever the pike ,
toward, ' 1. 0,: - .td!s'etitititry." Seated n ext
to me was an EPiscopal!plergy fnan re
eintly:„.from..Virglitia.'_ As we neared
Newport,X :poititetl out to the
workii'Onthe bill.and Wtid -
' "Ther.e.nre"the-fertilleallons we littilt:
In I.B6:tiOlereind the people of Nessi Sort.
and_CAvingten uion clielrfrlentls." •
':yeti:lo)W you, OW It successfully,"
he 1'43 tied '
; hitt,.itutotn• eleeteil•
we Win - 'try the over-again. sad
perhapt.4 the result will not be sorora
hie yen!' - -
As a shunnary ofwhat I saw and
heti:J(lN .Kentrickyrf can only gay that
if the,peciple..over &lust nears anthing
at alliby,tlteli the mean , ttghtr
and,s,in'the evd.iitt 6: Demoorttqc
e•-it at once. They
seed vi
e'to;"ll- desperate / over the i 0.98 of
slavery:and power in the—na
tiou, :an tt - theycnOW feel bite cloing'w hat
they,;:ditirifot l in 4861; going into - the
tight 'as a;Stitte as ivell'as
- - Et. DiIDD.PERP4ZE - D.
Mi. Editor : --If you cierf_tt wish to be.)
Cottle a gibhering,idiot, tan't, read . - the
World aritl'other N. Y. - • etThocratie pa
. pers. „
PhaVerheen'reading them ; find ail
thought have not become, a gibbering
idiot,ilike their editOrs,'thy have • had
a Very : queetlY effect' upon_ nie; indeed.
ram told they 'arc very ,good paperS
for these persons that like such papers';
but - those that like such papers cannot
ba VerY good, persons.-
This is:a poor rule" - that don't work
The',lVerld 'and s - 'other N. Y. • demo.'
cantle papers haVe become so addicted
to,Calling people-by - their wrong natues - ,-
that, after a week's perusal, I scarcely
knoW whether my own -nom - de guerre
la B. Dadd, 'Or -B. Babb, or B . Pabb—or
And soinetimes I think it is.
- Shies; reading the World et al., I am
sorely puzzled to know With are the
Republican Presidental candidates.—
" One day they are , Hiram Ulysses and,
Geier Chnylfax', andthe net day they
Very poor nonienclators are the World
arid its, ellows. • - •
Now, forrthe life of use, I can't say
whether Marble Manton Moses 'edite
the - World or whether Manton Marble
World editS the Moses; or whether Mo
ses 'World=Manton' ' edits the Marble ;
or 'Warble Worldle Woses edits the
- Wanton!_ or which is
.edited by who,
- And now I shouldn't wonder if it
• was.
;Perhaps he,thinks so himself. _
jrhese , papers do • twist their proper
murfes silent of proper shape so dread
I iid , Ben Pomeroy's paper is just as
• bad as - Brick Wood's. But Moses Man
ton Bennet, he's like the flea's Irish
.man,—you put your-linger on him and
he's not.thur ! •
• - I would like to.say something about
Gen. Frank Seymour and Horatio P.
Blair, but hare doubts about getting
theirlfaines right, so I will refrain.
To avoid this•confuSion o tongues, I
must titcrp trash C.-1 • 7 ra.m—
oeratic paperS.
In •the Wickedest Magazine in New
York, I mean the Wickedest man's
mag—no, the Magazine that contains
the Wickedest-article on—
. I-must positively, stop perusing the
' World, for cannot get things right.
I will have to stick to . Horace Ray- .
mend's Times and Henry J. Greeley's
, Tribune. These editors call, things by
their right -names: If my Democratic:
friends don!t• elieve they call thing:;
by their - right names ,
let them read
what the Tribune and Times say about
Mortitio Heymour and Blank P. Flair.'
These papers.dou't 'call Gideon John'
son-.any such pet names as old Andy
Wells; :and since reading the World I
don't know whether or no I have, got
them right myself.
-But . let these N. Y. Democratic papers
call Grant all the cart-before-the-horse
, names they. have at their pen's point,
•if:it will-do them any good. It will do
,Gkant no harm.
-' In the words of Sir Walter Byron —I
Mean Henry ' Ward Milt—pshaw
Mean in the language of Lord shah,—
. (More ' effects of the World)—in
Words of—of somebody,—
" Grant by any other name would b(-
eleeted just - the same"—or words to
that effect.
Perpl.Atedly Yours, B. DADD.
Commercill. •
• In 'the procession at the immense Re
publican mass meeting in Bangor, was
a battalion pr returned soldiers andsail
vors, who bore" their tattered old battle
ilage,- and thia significant legend : "We
go for Seymour as we went for Lee."
• The leadin# Democrats of Ohio say
that the nomination of Vallandighara
for Congress *ill cost them 10,000 votes
in that Stets. • If he loses the party
10,000 votes in Ohio, he ought to lose
them' 200,000 in the Union. Every
movement made by the Democrats
'since the 4th of July ha ; been a blunder.
George H. Pendleton has telegraphed
to General John k McClernand , chair-
Man of the Illinois Democratic State
Central Committee, at Springfield, as
follOws : "Just got home. The condi
, .tion of the canvass in Ohio is such that
I inust withdraw all my appointments
•In Illinois. "GEORGE If. l'iminLETtix."
Horatio Seympur f April 24, 1863, sent
to the Legislature of New 'York a mes
sage vetoing a bill passed by that 'body,
_entitled "An act to secure the elective
franchise 'to the qualified voters of the
army and navy of New York." Mr,
Seymour, in his message, declared' thig
bill giving the soldiers in the field the
. right to vote to be not only unconstitu
tional but"hikhlyobjectionable," Like
Woodward, he was of opinion that a
man who would fight for his country
ought - not to be allowed to vote 'for it.
• Boys in Blue,lemeraberyour man—the
. enemy who struck you from behind.
_ HORATIO SEYMOUR.—Iet us judge
him by bis record—at Milwaukee, Sep
tember_ 1, 1864, addressing a public
meeting, spoke as follows : " I would
not denounce this [Lincoln's] adminis
tration for casual acts of weong—l
would not condemn it because it mem
bersit have erred in judgment, bu I de
nounce it because I believe it h s en
tered on Ili settled courseof polio *dang
erous to the 'welfare of the con itry.—
DELLION two powers, the power of
policy an the power of the army."
The Washington correspondent o f
The - Philadelphia; Press telegraphs :
' " The defection of the Johnsonites to
the Democratic party since the New-
York Convention has been marked‘in
deed, biltiff reaching its flood tide now. ,
Among the latest of the many promi
nent men - of this class Who have given
in their adherence to Grant and Colfax
Is the Ron. Martin F. Conway, former
ly a Wernher of the House from Kan=
sas, and now United States consul ut
Marseilles. He will probably take the
stump for the Republican xicktt."
"•._ . '''''
- _
Ilit:-.) i itit , '-',4.1:0 - 1.-
• Epg , , .
Gera. 'ULYSSES S. • GRANIt-.
• vle)-1 pia:synENT,
sclip)lo_9lfax,. of :1nd1404
• - •
Rep ~uII an Rate, N'timitiations.
A.1:131TO It ;'
OEN; JOitg F.
sviecrroic F:SYNIAL..
CI cria =mtg. !Vic:far-
• For congress.—W. 11. AR3lsfliONO,' of Lycoming,
, FOr Seitator.-4. OLIISTEA% of ['otter. '
For 9saembly,-13. B. STRANG, J. IL
Far Dist, Jittfy,—JOßSL AIITOIIELI, of Wollabore
For ComMiaalmer,..fil. , VVETIItfiIIES. of Delmar
B. SEELEY, of Brookfield, •
For COT01101"-+31. U. 1101113 EN, of toga,
REPUBLICANS; let 'theratio a grand
rally at Tioga to-day, and another to
hear Judge Culvq,f;' 'Mr_ Briggs,' and
Mr. Armstrong; to-morrow, (Thursday)
jp Charleston; and Del-
turn out en masse
~' We publish.this week a list of lueet
tng!i. for t`week. The friends must
-lee 'to it that neeessarypreparatious are
made to get;the people out. Let there
be no neglect. Let every 1131U1
duty. 4
Report. from all parts of the • count*
inform us that the theettugs being, held
Under the auspices of the RepablicanS
are unprecedently large and enthusias-;
tic everywhere. The people are thor
oughly aroused to the vital importance
of the struggle.
The advocates of Mr. L: A.- .;) , lackey
Democratic candidate for. COngress in
this, pistnict are, waging a bitter person; %
at warlare upon Mr. Armstl'ong, the .
Republican candidate. We el . pected it.
When n m
tot mendacious and abusive the
Demooritcy , are nothing worth
We ahtt~l Dot: attack Mr. Mackey :on
personal grounds, 'because he call be,
and will he; defeated by an overwhelm
ing majority . ,geounds.--:
is personally 'well' enough • coy
aught we kngiv'; and vanity
,lation are not high misdemeanors„ : This
we must say - , and this said will not be
disproved: tn. IL Arms, rthig stands
as the eotuntunity, Where he livek
and everywhere in the district, as does
Mr. Mackey. His business integrity is
unquestioned by men of business integ
rity—at lease we have seen no question
of his uprightness by any Upright man.;
In ability he has no superior in :the
District; and without wrong to Mr:
_Mackey we may say that Mr. Arm
-strong does not Lind his equal in ability.
in Mr, Maekey. .
kloWever—we see by the papers over
the mountain that Mr. Armstrong wetus
kid gloves ; therefore Mr. Armstrong
is an aristocrat. Are we to sup Pose
that air. Mackey dot's not wear,'itid
gloves? Mr. Armstrong habitually ap
pears in a clean shirt; therefore he is
an aristocrat. Ale welt) suppose that
Mr. Mackey w &us his shirts until they
rot of? Somehow, this cry about "ar
istocracy" seeros . to come always from
aset of dirty dogs, who cannot! recog
nize Democracy unless it makeii a pig
sty of its best room, and a hen-roost of
its spare, bed-ioom. Ilenlly , gentlemen,
dirt and real
.Democracy are not one,
nor arc they complements of each oth
er..' 'Nor arc you DemaeratS in any
.tither respect than , - narne., Aye Athow
you of old. You, are dirty demagogues,
who, in view of your own depredation,
would, if, possible, level ail mankind
down to your own miserable plane of
"But," say these fellows, " Mr.
Armstrong is in favor of paying—the.
bonds in gold." Very godd.' Mr. Arni
strong is in favor of redeeming the debt
in gold because that is the stipulation
in the contract. an honest man,
and honorable us well, who .not only
pays' his own debts, but believes in
Making all people do the stUne, We
hope Mr. Armstrong will novel; fall so
low tf4 to apologize for insisting on the
redemption of the Public debt :f.ioitur for
dollar. Leave that to the repudiatfors.
" But," again say these fellows, "Mr.
Armstrong does not go in for 'taxing all
property alike." Does \Mr. 'Mackey
Let trs see: Oia the 18th of ;lune 1808,.
the following advertisement appeared
in the Clinton Democrat. Read it :
O men COUNTY 44 5,4018,,
The cointniselonern of the County of Clinton are now
offering to the citizens of the county their bonds to the
nitwit of fifty thousand They,' bond s ace
rued m • pursuance of authority panted by 1111 net Of
AHiemy approved Feb. Id , lf,tiS, bearing! Interest at
the ra ta of 8 per cent. per annum, itt% al+) senit-at.nn.
ally ttl. the Lock Hot - en Notional Dant: upon pr.A tn i n .
tion of the coupons ntlatclad, and afT. t i titterfree
at, lord and tnttnitipai fo,rolien. They ate payable in
iltAtftti money ten years from May 1, but are re,
citeruable at the option of the continife-kiern at Jiffy
lime:liter fire
.yearts Tlta bonds have been flepoAted
with this ba - nh, and whin hued are regikeied in the
Ifni - no of the partici, to minim i9 , 411Q.1, thtef fortitihniq
additional tecnrity against less by the ft nr lire. They
are now offered nt par. with 'acme() inlet c.f. rind are
re:unintended as the tufted pod most tellable tecnrities
ever elferrd to the citizens of the county,
AfACtif: V.,
Mr. lifackey is the agent of the Com
missioners of Clinton county. The
Commissioners are Demoerats, and Mr.
Nfackey is the Democratic candidate tor
Congress in this District. Now we
: want to know ,whether Mr. Mae,key is
lmn' of taxing the Clinton county
5-10 s; and we want to know whether
the Democracy of Clinton County arc
favdr-of taxation of all props,
eity*ecoidi iftt - t°; - its tLetual va hio, in
401(1,11ig40VayniUnt..houds :atig,;4o/zer
cittteS leans for' Clint - oh bounty clar
of all. local and Inuniatiiat tal3ation;" -
will do haat' on itiiktaicers:of the litmAii
and 4etnand the taxation - of ' ;: the same:;
gcti tlemen have 'a fine
chance to Iprove; your devotion to the
principles enunciated in 'yourplatforrn.
Let ushear- - frol#,Alri.:llackey.:o4_the
subject of taxatioa, of. ,bonds„ Let ;us
s s.
ZN.1 4 1 ;
heae.'frOnt,. ( ))lro O*, the:subjea-;of:•kitt
gloveS.', • ',Let ear.
,froin .t)*,
thing: about the exhanstlng
. yolvFli in discouting notes for borrow: -
ers, and hOW hard. nd horny his paw I
ocratic grown in the,
'nem ,'there may - be some tat otor
-1106116.y - :aont.this Mr.
:knows 2 • 35* be ever, pay;hl debts?.'
, doubt of it. - Thertore attAtristrol'
lgiil 4 2;ltt4;•gloiTeS?
tainiSr. -Therefore a i tlecltleg : aristocrat:
1;:*13 he , : spirt: a ‘ clean.; pittotud gor
I hones eobet: six, nights Ire the week?
,13Ddontitedl, .Therefore - We p‘
hina - blootik aristocrat, for whonis no
modern deniiicret can 'vote; ,
'What is. to- be Here ate • two
mew asking the shffrages.of the.peOple;
and .both:" bloody 'aristocrats,' Mr.
Armstreng wilt not get drunf, or go
dirty about the Streets; or - advocatelre,
pudiation as a . eheap• and nasty : - way of
paying one's debti,
take on they conditions, and, so' purge
himself 'of th'e : tOnt of arlistoeraeY?!:,-,
REf.rn.u.e/t.Ns.-=-We vote twice . for
Grant this fall: once on thel 13th slay
of October, and again on the 3d Slak of
A vote for Hartran ft and Camphelf,lB
a vote for . economy,;-peace, and prosperi 7
,ty ;.bn't:A :Vete for, Boyle and l Ent, their
.opponents on 1,4 e Mute ticket,-is a„32 , otp
for Seymour &•Blair, and tranelafruin.
A fearhil eartbquake,:destroying
ward of twenty 'anti towns In
Peru, .chill, ..Ficuador,•and ,Bolivia, and
more than pa i notYPebple, took - place on'
the 13th of Angusf.: The : loSaletlifop
erts is not. less titan $'800;000;000; and
300,000 peoplettre said to be .botneless.
Some toWnaw — ere' swallowed - ,'OP'; - ,and'
„a r 0; now in, their places.. ,fiu*ti.\
8.4 war ve:igel,s; :were , destroyed, one of
theM behi - g carried-hall-'a mile
bY":1 tidal wave, .the other 'watt ground'
to .p?wder with loss of all on hourti,
Our Democratic fellow-citizens had
meeting at the ourt House last Friday
evening, with, as usual, a Republican
audience. /'The speakerS were
Breckway of Columbia, county, arid
P. Furey, of Lock rfaven.•lllr.*ooka 7 ,
way kept near the ground and did eon.'
siderable damage to his own party. "His
speech l was,a reproduction of the Niery .
foolish hes- and *misrepresentations
;which haVe been refuted time and
. „
again iu these columns: Furey
left the earth in hislesordium, and, Ile
matned above the clouds at late4t re
perts. Our reporter says that afttir', he :
had passedheyond human
,eomPrehen 7 .
sion his serearof, were. terrifie4.and, so
conCiAtied hour. Figni:the,
v.vmase.n, t Nr"-'''' —
iona I • market reports, in which the
price 'of i sugar, calico, leather, etc., etc.,
figured largely' ; but _We i de nut 'cern
that he reported 'from hi 4 high perch
the market Price of speller: A friend
who spent four years in field Opi:rittions
against the rebel democracy, informs
us that Mr.',Furey'ssereams foreihly re
minded him of the fatuous rebel
always. ,heard during the war IWhen
there 'was a charge upon• the ilag of the
Union' and the e f onstitution. - \\ 7 te, Old
not hear Illese gentlemen, having, en
gagements elsewhere. But a sight of
the Democ;acy next morning; si Mailed
us that the meeting was the' Van 'Alien
blunder repe'ated with variations., 'We
don't see how our Seymour frier
'do us OiOie good than by keepin
speakers in theliehl. But they
to devise :some means • to asst
Fuery down from the ujiper regi
ter the tweeting. _Teach - him j
the valve rope and let malt MO/
of the'gas.
When: the campaign shall be ended
we'trust..some steps may be taken by
the :friends 'of education to establish
free schools where the leadersi of the
Dein)eratie party may be tang!' t some
thing of the four ground rules of Arith
meth. :-I:'friend has handed us a pam
phlet; upon the last page:4;f_ which
Pendikyivatila's ( share- - of the - -public
debt- is copiouSly stated: , . The Ohne,
debt is stated at $3,000,600,90:- 1 -ivithtiie
gratuitous information that some peo
ple estiMate it higher 'than : that, To:
thq we reply that - the oflleittl:r<Tort'of
the qecretary.ot the Treasury . , the best
autlihri tr, of 'course,' makes the' interest
bearing, dc, , bt of the 6 oVernmen t $2;088,-
000,000- 7 -or about $1,000,000,000 less than
this anonymous - liar does, - .He then
states that Pennsylvania's share of the
debt is 5500,000,000.
Let 'us see: By the census of 1860
Petins.vlvania had abent one-ninth
the population of the, nation. Now if
the whole debt be apportioned and paid
by a direct per capita tax the share of
Pennsylvania would be abotit'sB22,ooo,-
-000, estititating the whole debt at $3,000,-
000,000. But as the whole interest hear
ing debt -is but about : - i;2,000,000,000,
Pennsylvania's share of the debt, per
capita, would be about
223,0U0 000
This shows , -trifling mistake of, this
- anonymous liitr of about $277,000,000.
lint suppose tlaf debt he apportioned
and paid by a tax upon real property.
Pennsylvania, by the census of 1860,
had about one-tenth of the real estate
value of.tiniation. One-tenth of tbe
Interest bearing - debt is-about $208,000,-
But the. public debt has about thirty
twoecars to,ron ; the, increase of prop
erty v:due •in the nation from 1850 to
1560 was pr: per unit/tn.' Allowing It
to double every ten years, Pen titOrt
tint will tie twice as rich in 1,70, and
twiee aq able to pay ; four till)CS as rich
itt IMo,'and- four times as able to pay.
And so on.
tint the tick Is not to - tre'priiti by di
rect, taxa! Tbe pri po 1 'iJJ be,
paid in a woy that, the peripie will : not
(CO, AAA, the intereBl., raid by thie 3 un
ineinnes ever
$1.0o() FIT most he l,ut•ue by the
men of wealth and such as consume
iuxuriqs. A r o the amount wlitch Penrl
isylvaniu p 0 tf • tife rint;lpti,
depeOd upotpi?r , pr9ducera..
- home, they nittstliny:More
'produce at' h onie " neatly thntthy
'neck of. tile;fietlessari ea of- life and
busitiesa, pay_lesa.
. -
I-, -- - -, '
c i
.7 --- , - - , - -
Maine follows -Vermont I
21,000 Republican Majority
How do yoll llke the ofen,tlney
The State election :In Kafue, 'het&
Monday, 14th lust, resulted in :an 61;er
whelirdrik majoiitY, fcr the Remit:Aloud
ticket. We, bave,.carried • every county
in the State, the: Governor and. :Other
State , offiders, , the entire Congressional
delegatpep', ' 'the • •Senate, 'aid seven
eighths :of the :119uSei'makins a' gain
on the niiijorio of last year of abeet ,
.10,000. , I•The • majority 'last •year.
11,614. • ' - • •..
Republicarist=the 'result in Maine`is
owed to NtoRK I ~The „enemy 'lntiilA
their greatest effort The, canipaign,
was long and unparalleled: in
.its bitter,
teas. ,Our friends there had to contend
against the utmost Of Government pat
ronage, there being more custom houi
es in Maine than any other State. Yet
they, have gained a splendid- victory,
and we have hut to follow tip in Oeto
ber. Forward the , column! • Pennsyl
vania' 'must give Hartranft and Camp
bell net lesi3 than 20,000 niajerlty. Ti
oga - dounty must, give , the State,s-Von„-
gre4Sional, 'and. 'County ticket , not less
,8;000 Majerity 1 A re' • you ready?
blen.Vortiviiitn! • • • . ,• •
,addreaSed the
Wellsboro Qrant & Colfax,ClubT and a
crowded hcihse,' at the . Court 'House,
Saturday evenhig. •He made a close,
vigorous, and Convincing argutrient;
showing the falsity of the vioWS and
statements of_ the Democracy .touching
11nance. and th permanent
peace,',and; . thofoughly exploding the
miereproantations, or 'Brockway and
.Furey. the night • preceding. The Wins :
, The State Posiernmenfeinte Into 80- .
publican hirOds'.inn,:l; . The debt
of the „CtiktkplonWea.lti), necumulated
under Denadrape rule, wei s 'then $97,-;
On the ISeef6t, 1868
• denianitsE,
or $4';'318,215: • - "
This, is not nl!. During the same
period.we ps,hl for War purposes 50:',649,-,
702,741. ; • • '
'Nor'is this all:" Since 1863 the Be
pUblican party lioWer has reduced
State taxation $1,344,492,14, It has
abolihed taxes on real estate, and now
the State 6.4verntiien't is suppprted al
most wholly taxes upon corpora
tions, bankers, capitalists, &c.
',.this is tie work Ol g ,' the, Republican
party.: And had there
.been 11 . 0 revolt
Of the Demobratio party In 1800-61, we
should hive been able to reduce the
debt not less than40,067,912,n i bringing
it down from nearly 38 millions to $28,-
If .yOu want this good NVork., to go on
you .must go to the polls on the 13th
of October
, next and elect our gallant
leaders Hartranft andCainp
ds can
g such
1 •£• Mr,
ous ar
o pull
The official reports of th Treasury
Department Show that' thd national
debt has been reduced 247,000,0005inCe
the first' daynf August,. 1885. While
this reduction of the debt was going, an
the amount of taxes repealed is.estitua
ted as follows :
By act of July 1800 • -. $00,000;000
Jay act of March ,1867 40,060,000
By ifc.t of Ifels. 3„1868 ,'23;76+);000
By act of Mareh'3l', 1868 43.500 000
•TotSl' ' ' ' ,$107;289,0Q0
.A.n . 4yet ihe Copperheads qeelare that
the debt:histinereased - and- ,bat - trtar,es
•are ine - reabitg! Is It necessary to for
rpally denounce the flagrant, lie?
. You can dependoupon these , figures..
_Cut them out apd paste them , in your,
scrap-books, When you catch a Cop
perhead lie apply the caustic of facts to
it. Save up the facts and figures for
TO IT AT ONCE ? • - ,
We - deny that the leaders of the
Demooracy`in County were faith-,
ful to the Government during the N;hir.
We can prove that some,of theseleaders
discouraged•ehlistrnents, Others tried to
destroy the pnblie credit, and feW - i if
any of :them lent a' dollar to' Tioga ,
county for, war purposes: We charge,
and can prove, that some of the Most
active workers for. Seymour Blair;
were notorious for their sympathy with
the rebels during the war, and still
sympathize with them, as their language
on all occasions shows.. They complain
that Republican speakers class them
with rebels: Very well; us call
things and actions by their right names,
The Democratieteaders are everywhere
rebels as folly as Forrest and Hampton.,
The man who tells you that the , debt
of the• nation has inc4ased since . the
disbanding of the amyl in 1865, is eith.'-
er ignorant or a knave. On the Ist Of
August , lB6s the debt touched its highest
poi nt—s 2 ,7s7;ooo,ooo—according to Sec
retary McCullough's official report of
180?. On the Ist day of, *ngust, 1868,,
the debt was $2,400,824,848 ; 4ixe• redue—
tion, is therefore, more than $250,000,000.
No man can refute this statement.
, -
One or tiVi#'pealicrs befOre the Demo
(vatic Convention'
at the Court ..House ,
-.. .. ; ir.--, 7 . , ... , - • ,%
twolw7'eliti tip: toOk. , exceptions tcy, tile
.olagi! , 01' d!Sl,O3inity preferred hy l :lte- ,
.pUbliOns againstilleDemocracollegl-.
hie' that the.- - Denglas pemoorie„r-Waii;
and is as loyal an the Republican party.
.He seems - to, have forgotten that the
Breckinridge,Dernoeincy controlled the
organization. in Tloga County in 1880;
that the delegate ,to the Charleston
C`aoeation; Mr. H.:A.: ' ernseY,trifap
for , 13 re elci n ridge,' and v ry active - all
'thraiiii he Caiiiiiiiiin. ' " .nd' lie ieeins
to have ignored the t fact that the Tam
many Hall ConvOtion, which norni-
Jilited Seymour # . - plair. was.. controlled
bYthe same men - who ' COntiolled . the
; Charleston Convention of 1880: How
ever, history Is nof.the forte of the gen
"tiernen, Who make speeches for Seymour
A l3lair. They, dePreeate ell. allusions
to ' history. They are clamoring for
" living issues," forgetful. that while
issues may change, Or:disappear:in
form, their correlatives 'are 'ever' pres
ent. Put a little =common , seritie phi
losophy into a Democratic speech and
you ruin the speech for party purposes.
, .
~-, . , • „ , . ~
How fearfully the poor. Man Is'taxed
by the Governirient i If a fellow be so
prior as to have $l2OO income the Gov
ernment pounees Upon him 'and makes
him hand over $lO. , A, fellow who is
rich and happY'enough to have but $BOO
or $lOOO annual income pays • nothing
on it for „the support of ,the Govern
ment. We know a man worth $50,000,
and a most blatant roarer over taxation,
yet he has less income than some men
worth $2OOO. ' That is, if he don't cheat
the Government., We can not say as
to that. . I --1
If elected to the office Of
President of the United
States, it will be my endow
vor to administer ALL rife
taws in good' faith, - with
economy, an II with the
view of giving PEACE • tonvr
ASi D rsetrcrrthii • EVERY
warm ; In times like the
present It is impossible, or
at least eminently Improp
er, to lay down a policy to
be adhered „to t right or
wrong, throup an 'admin.
ististion of our years.—
New political Issutie, not
foreseen,,, ar e constantly
arising , the views of the
public on old ones aro coli
etantly changing, and a
purely administrative' 0111.
cer should always be left
TILE PEOPLE. I always have
respected that will, and til•
tvaye tha22. PEACE aria Utst- I
`eeOliomyy of
the burden of taxation,
while it constantly reduCes
the iihtionSl debt. , LET US,
- "With great respect, your
Oedjout servant,
"U. A. GRANT."
The Republican Canvassing Com-;
Mitten announce the prosecution of
the campaign in Tioga County in
.a pries of meetings as Mimi; ":
lfasers: Alin 1. :Mitehell and deo. W.
Merrick will: address the people as follows :
h 4,25, evening.
Ailen and Wm. GiarrptSon
villadd'resithe people as follons,:
TON _Perry se . Moor housi, Sept
, everreng.
'',Vetage'llumphrey . .aniri David' Cameron
,the people as follows : •':1
FARMINGTON, kettiodist church; Sept.
24; evening.
dMILLERTOWN, Sept. 25, evening. "
M.ll. Cobb aoill address the people at
TIOGA, Saturday evening, Sept. 26.
Ron. S.' F. Triton, and T. B. Niles,
will address the, people at .
NELSON', Septl-28, evening. '
LAWItENCEt'ILLE, Sept.' • 20, evening.
DAGGETT'S,.MILLS, Sept: 30, evening.
gbs.gVlLLE,'Oet..l, evening. ,
CHANDLER BURG, OCT. 2, evening.
Messr'd. John I. Mitchell and Geo. W. Merrick, will address the people as follows :
MORRIS RUN, 'Sept. 28, evening.
ARNOT, Sept: 29, evening:
e 0 VING 7TO N, Sept. 30, ' , evening.
CHERRY 4ATS, Oct. 2; evening.
Hems L. P.' Williston" and A. Hu4hrey
will address the people as follows : L
MORRIS, near' Job Doane's, Sept. 2" eve
NAUVOO, Sept. 29, evening.
BLOCK HOUSE, Sept. 30, eve g.
UNION, Swamp, Oct. 1, eve' g.
CHARLESTON, Burn's School House,
Oct. evening. • •
• 'Messrs. Henry' Allen and Robert em
bed-, will address the iitiope as. :
rrabyterian , chunk
Sept..2Bc , evening ; and, at . , • .
-HOUSE ; SCHOOL-HOUSE, Septr ; : 29,
die Wing.
Messrs. Wm. H. Smith and Robert Cas
beer, will address the people as follows:
MIDDLEIIIJky, Shingle' School House
Oct t , 2.
NILES VALLEY, -Oct. 3, evening. ,
' Messes. S. B. Elliott and P. 4.• Allen,
will address the' people as foi!ows i • .
LAMB'S CREEK, Sept. 28, evening.
GRAY VALLEY, Church, Oct. 1, eve•
Messrs. • Fred. E. Smith, and S. B. Elti
ott, acllress the people '
WELLSORO, Oct. 2, evening.
.llfe.s:sre. A. C. Witter and H. :71 Ames
will address the people as follows':
BAITY, SCI:190t11011SE, Sullivan, Sept.
• 28, evening.
FROST SETTLEMENT, Covington, Sept.
29, evening. . -
COVINGTON, School House near ..tcihn-
son's Illill, Elk Run, &pt. 30; evening.
Hon. B. 13—Strang and H. B. Seeley,
will address the people' at • '
VERMiLYEA' S, f Sept. 28, iVe g.
SABINSYILLE, Sept. 29, evening.
Hon . . A, Humphrey will address the peo•
plc at '•
• OCEOLA, Oct, I, evening.
NELSON, Oct. 2, evening.
Hoik., Wm, T. , Humphrey and W.• H.
Smith,. will speak at
CHATHAM, Short's, Sept. 28, evening;
Messrs.• C. W. Beach and J. C. Strang
will speak at
" 3, evening.
• The Speczkers are expected Willi their
appointments according to the foregoing
,Programnie;iCithout unaW in
any, case to •do 80 , they are expected to,
send •a • substitute. These nieetings'are
intended to be in addition to regular
Club Meetings.
, acaso.r. r -The RepUbl ice nu 4 Jackson, or
sn weeks ago,
Itrith:the ' . . •
'relddeti =}l WillockWell • ' Vice Presi-
A4Vasif,iio l9 o4kt'il Ohits. - ' V oorhees, L. B.
'04,0 4*;•Clitikflelli*.o/4 Seq. lif„ , V: Weis;
fricasurar—S. Wanamaker ;
'liroutive Oommlitee— Clark Stillwell, Benj.
Welb,' Thomas Holton, David Everett, 0. J.
Inecha; •Oenvilseing Oomaiittee—R. J. Stiliwolik
C.. Wells, Chas. .Pernuson. Wm. B. Sturdev
ant innner, OH'e '2s ifton, Geo. H udson,
Eugene Deming. •_ r •
Club meets every Tuesday evening, in the sov
oial of the township..
iturt.esn.—A large and enthusiastic) meeting
for GrantALOolfax wait held, at Roseville, Sept.
15th; erening, — aid' able' 'addressee made by
Messrs, Judge Humphrey, 3. T. Mitchell, and U.
O. Johns, B. P. Van Ness', Esti., presided. Dr.
Humphrey closed the meeting with a most im
pressive appeal to every freeman to do his whole
duty. ,
From Oen. 'Males letter
seeking the nomination:
"There is but oue way To I
restore the Government
and the Constitution: and
that is for the President
elect to declare the recoil•
struct to n se ts null and veld,
compel the array to undo
its usqrpationsat Gael:loath
STAU Govesaustirs, allow
the white people to rear.
Finite their own govern.
meats and elect i3pnators
and Representatives. The
House of Representatives
will contain a majority of
democrats from the Worth,
and they will admit the.
Representatives elected by
the white people of the
South; and, with the co.
operation of the President,
it will 'not' bo difficult. to
00110.1 Th TUB 81114111 TO SOS.
nT once more to the obit
gationS of the Cosstituttin.
e •:* Womnathave a
Presidentwho will execute
the will of "tho:peoplo, by
trampling into dust the
usurpations of - Congresi
known,as the reconstruct.
soil nets.
",Pastr. P. Bunt."
COnztylit* Weirs,
Linattrlt.=Mr. R. Custard Benda us a report of
attenthuslastio meeting held at Nauvoo,•evening
of the 12th Inst. We print it entire as follows :
4 ,A large number of both political parties were
present.' ;The . mietlrit 'was addressed by :Oer..
R. C. Ccii and Judge Both of those gen.'•
demon acquitted themselves well, and their
speeehes.were .listened to with profound amen
tion, whitei ibey piacatidedto 'show the abserdity
and wickedness of placin g* in power the Cory
men who compose the party that brought on dil
our troubles, and whom the boys in blue had to
fight for four long years, • and which cost, us so
many precious lives and so much, treornrt'• .It
would be virtually relinquishing 'nil we • had
fought for, and acknoWlenging that we were
wrong and,theyvight., What.;they failed to get
by thetmonet they ; expect to get by the La lot.
The speedes:lefo - eireettgre and went home to
the hearts Of ,the people oven the Democrats ap
peared to realise the truth a the arguments ad
duced as the Infamous record of their party.—
You may expect - a good , report from this, town.
'ship in October. • - '
There is a hundred thousand hard
118ted bondholders in this country' _to
- one bloated bondholder. There are
'tens of thousands of Industrious people
in the most -moderate circumstances,
who have their entire worldly possess:.
lons invented in Government securities'
perhaps a $5OO bond or. a $l,OOO bond; or
a bond of - sonic other small denomina
tion. The number of rich men who
have invested largely in Government
securities is c furCeedingly small, They
can get larger returns for their LI money
by investing it in real estate, or in gen,
eral stocks, or in other
It is these hard4lsted bondholdera %Oho
are principally interested in sustaining
the credit and honor of the' Govern
ment. is they, ho are most in
terested in crushing out the Democratic
repudiatleni.sts.:-.:OT. Y. Times.
Agent, for
Lloyd's Doub e Revolving Map -of
the Unite Stites and Europe;
SHOWING all lYdlines of Railway* In both
bikolepheres, t e political am/ Geograpbioal
Dlvlslons;Rivers,llletantains, Lakes, Seas ana
Oceans. - All orders addressed to John o..tacoinr,
TWO,: Pa., will be promptly attended to.
Sept; 28, 1881). 7 -0..
, . „
Strayed or Stolen.
premises of the subscriber, in Delmer, If
the party who tirove the km away will return
it he may save costs and trouble.
Sept. 24,1888. GEO. SKELTON.
Machinery for Sale. ,
,PORTABLE ENGINE, 16-Ilona Power,
ll_ft gnod ordor,, and a Johnson Shingle Ma
chine, also in good order, will be sold oa roason
able terms by BENJAMIN AUSTIN.'
Charleston, Sept. 10, 1808-4w°
- Muni for Sale.
• , •
SITUATED on Eli Run, _
Run Gaines„township,
containing 126 acres, 50 acres improved.—
Bald farm,* well:watered, has a frame house and
barn an a: choice , apple orchard, - and is well
adapted. to dairying purposes. Title 'good and
terms easy. Inquire of Wm. H. Smith, Wells
boro, or ' L. , L. RUSSELL, Delmar..
Sept, 23, 1868.
Notice to Collectors.
irsULIBUTOAS —oa.tawal. MAO - Hera are
reqiiested to be ay prompt as possible, and
pay. into the Treasury on October Ist, all funds
that can be collected by that time.
• Sept. 28, 1868. ii. C. BAILEY, Treas.
4MIO 4e
Aro now opening tire Laraost, Bost Cheap
est Stock of
Pall and Winter Clothing
Ever brought into
Sept: 23 0 1868
J. A. Parsons & Co.,
Are now receiving n large stook of • •
New - oarcpc•aiss,
, and are offering
See new advertiabinont next week.
Sept. 23, 1868.
tett State* for the Western District of Penneyl
vanin. -
Phillip Nast & Lot& M. Auerbach bankrupts,
under the not of Congress ofMarch 2,1867, having
applied for a discharge from all their debts, A other
Claims provable under said act, by order of the
Cont,t itotioals hereby given to all creditors•who
have proved their debts, and other persons inter
ested, to appear on the 2d day of Nov., 1888, at 10
o'clock, A. N,, before F. E. Smith, Beg., Regis
ter, at his office in Tina, Pa., to show cause, if
any they have,. why a 'discharge should not be
granted to the 'said bankrupts. And further, no
tice is hereby given, that the third meeting of
creditors of the said bankrupts, required by the
28th section of said act, will be bad before said
Register, at the same time' and place.
S. C. .31'CANDLESS, Clerk
of U. S. District Court for said District.
Sept. 23, 1868-2 t.
In Bankruptcy.
fir HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That on the
A 12th day pf Soptctaber, A. D. 1868, a War
rant in Bankruptcy was.issued against the estate
of Ira Baker, of Tioga i Tinge county, and State
of Pennsylvania who bas been adjudged a Brink
rupt on his own petition; that the paymen of
any debts and delivery of any property belo g.
lug to such Bankrupt to him or for his use nd
the transfer of any property by him are forbidden
by law. That a meeting of the creditors of the
said Bankrupt to prove their debts and to choose
ono or more Assignees of his estate .will be held
at a court of Bankruptcy to be holden at the of
leo of V: E. Smith in Tiogn, Pa:, before F. E.
Smith, Register, on the 2d day of November, A.
b. 1868 at 10 o'clOck A. M.
.- . . ! ' • -- THOMAS A. ROWLEY, , .,
U. S. S. Marshal West'n Diet. Pa.
Sept. 23, 68. Per DAVID. Caxanott, Dopy.
insurance' - Agency.
• ,
it, C. Efuiris f &.:•',•yr. • W. S , /70:•.y.
W. T. 4.160, °clef Ap't, L, Sou it gEft,
T"l'. lg , the eonapeny Titeedore
• • was lately notee'find
era who w i ls tR rene,w thole lntligance aro ‘
q ue btya to tO subscr)ti4..:
Giraid Fie.lusance~ Co:';
' • "
4 fliom ASi AkY.E fl (lent.
A._&. V. "
J. p. Atront),
; , Secretary
CaPitalS2oo,ooo . ,
Alf-Tmid up in ieni+ll.
: - ..-Surplus Over ,t 160,000.
. 1 ,
Contuiental Ins. Compaily,
toe'Hß CITY 'JP W Yonft.
Cash " --$500,000,00
Gross Surplus, Jau. 1, 1868, 1,314,690,31
Cash Assets, , do ..1,814,690,31
ParPoliciei written office.
CfRORGE T. 110PR,-.Presidn,t r -
.11. if. JAM PORT. Vfie'Preiftlepe.
, --, CYRUS PECit, So,erciari
The subscriber takes this method of informing
the public that ho has the agency of the above
Companies; and will be found at his office over
Ray's Drug Store, a_djoining Agitator'oloce.
Wel!shore, Ps., Feb. 20, 1868—tf.
Pt Pt Pri )-4 bm p .
esl„:4-. ~ 11,.;.:;15..10...1,
• 2 -
i . o • 5. . ~' - .4 Z
Is , -,
' - - :?-' 1
M 2 -
i ll Pt - - P 5--`
I. 2 ,
0) * .?'
& t•C 0
0 .-•• •.. ,- 0 Iv -., ..,
yii ,P • ,:.. • - - '
# t v E 0 C r
CI • A 120.4 z
cz 0
, - , : -. . ,- re V' ' a' 0 VI
Ail is- fi e. , 0 P 44 01
• • r.. ~. .A ~ .-3
o • D.' IV ..,
F g-si
% e..g 4'..:, •
. I -
W la*
' I
P. St
fe 4 Po ,
94 r. I
vt ..,-
co _,.. .
. . .
I f
. °
0 .?:°' I L I
P' 0
4 i
lid , i.,
, ti LEI
s ,
VI OH ' -IS . . .
Zt 8c) : I ' N
0 6;=6 F.
. t-. 11
1 •
; .5. •
` 2 '
la 2' I".k }'L h 3 Sk
, 1 . 1: , .
6.. CA 1.,.Ci1b C) 00
, rj i g 71 88vRt .m., 14
. c) . c,,. <x) cn Nl '
0 0 or 0 0 ....1 CSJ CD 4=...
_. • Er' , ,5:),F;5:; , ,.p tzsz
a' 0 0 c.. , 4 --I '.
• .NI! 9 P e=••• t*c,o
. .
J. R. Bowen Si Co.
RE now receiving a large and complete as
sortmata of
bought since tho late decline in prices in New
York, consisting of
~ I
Groceries, Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes,
&c., &c.
Particular attention le invited to our Stock of
ridAtEl t gl i n MI 1 , -1 OA (5 1 005 g
Gaiters and Hoop Skirts ; also a nice
line or TEAS, New. Crop, very
fine at reduced prices,
all•of which will be acid at the very lowest mar
ket prices. We respectfully invite all to call and
examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Empire Store, No. 1 Union Block
Wellaboro, Juno 3, 1868.
Valuable Farm for Sale.
farm of three hundred acres, with two huni
dred and twenty-flvo stares improved. Sit
tatted two miles north of Tioga V'qago, on the
Tioga River and ReWood. Well watttered, un
der a good state of cultivation, and good build
ings. Also four houses and lots for sale in Tioga
village. T. L. BALDWIN.
'Lora, Feb. 12, 1868-tf,
EASTMAN is now giving lo
~rl sons In
Hair Flowers or Wax Work.
Persons wishing to join a class aro recinestod to
call soon. Terms reasonnblo,
,Sept. 9, 1868—tf.
Somr,thing ?Cot
A LOT of ho latest styles of now ifinvolry
IX. just mei ed at -
Aug. 2, '6B. - I. M.. 4 WARRINER.
AGOODJOB of work done on Clocks, Watch
es or Jewelry, go to
Sept. 2, 2808, I. M. b. S. B. WARRINER.
TTAvrso invested just Thirteen hundred and
eleven and 69-100 Dollars on account of
toy health and business, I withdraw my interest
in the Banking louse of J. 3. Parkhurst, but
still hold myself as security for present and fu
ture deposits. The business willobe carried on
by John Parkhurst. JOEL PARKEUEST,
Elklend, Sept. 2, 1868.
Brick for Sale.
125 4 000 GOOD Brutal( for Sale nt
the ynril opposite the Como.
tory, Weßebore, by FRED. MARGRAFF,
Sept. 16, 1808-:lte. ,
F LAX-SEED—Casb paid Tor Flaxseed by
- new 14
Drug Store in -111 p, Inkve totrokinet,tl ail
the modern icuproset/11:14i
are prepurod-to vedette all eporations Alien the'
teeth in the most approvedttudecieutiOnutkinrier.
When desired we extreet teeth viltbeut - pain -by
the nee of Narcotic ISplaf, Ether, Cblurtilorm and
the Nitreus,Oxide gun. ICo beers a ler'ge .assort
-went of tirtilleial'tectir and put- them
superior ma inter either upup tuatelte
-bane. We wariant tlI aur ' work 'and xititar'ilitte
perfect satisfactiorettionzsonable
. partles or we
w, ilr not pay for our •lervtoes: Wil pay
nrtieular attention to filling and preserving the
natural teeth, and to treating ail e6,ularities of
4hildren'e teeth. ,Oue • prices shall .correspend
with the hind Ott ,rork done. in all doing
the eatne.kind tot work at cheap as our noighbora. •
Wo will visit "Jawirea s oevilie the 3tl, Bloas tho-17th,
anti Roseville the 23d, of evt:ry month positively,
at whieh" times wtyl.hall be prep i tind to perform
all Operations hinat Lie taunt and CoralllCt
with perties desiring tatitiCial once. • '
Our office at trillnot b3clnaothlur/ns out
visits to the hbut , u named ptuuur.
. ' O. 111651 AS
' MARIAN Al. /I.
Ju tie 47, ..1808.
Okolera ::Drnops.
is . the must impubly anti sueCthatul. Bowel Cor
rector that can be foun,i.. Physicians, proscribe
it, and the &tittle still the it'for tho ciireef l Diar
rhea, lysorite'ry, Colic, CholOra Marina' and all
tlitiortlcrs of tho bowels, This inadie , tue •gictes
relict" immediately, and travelers always carry
a bottle of It with them on a journey, and fami
lia, heap , it constantly In' the house. -
‘ 3 l. 9 uttsuotio, Pit., May ID, 186 R.
1 halts) used Ro - y's Cholera Drop; in my fain-
ily for many years and know - it. to be an effect
ual retnely for dm complaints for whioh'it is
reemainehtlod. 'lt is' litealiant to the Jaste6 •is
liked 'by little chlid*lt and for this reason it is
,doriratile as a familY medicine. 'I would mot be
without a Luta° in AO house for ton times its
cost. , , III:10H YOUNG.
rE subscriber offers for sale his fart°, lying
ab o ut 2?, miles mist af Wencher°, in Charles
ton. Said farm eenti.ins 52 stores, about 40
acres cleared, well fenced,-well watered, a cam.
fortable houre,:first-eltiss' barn, other outbuild.
ings audit peel young boating orchard thereon.
Inquire nn the premises.
Charleston, Aug. 19, 1808—tf.
1 1
Uhereits, by an act of the General Assembly of the
Commonwealth of Ponnsyliania, entitled, "An Act to
regulate the General Elections of this Commonwealth,"
enacted on the 24 day of July, 1.839, it is enjoined on
me to give public notice what officers are to be elected
—therefore I, JEROME B. POTTER, High Sheriff of
Tina County, do hereby make known and give that
public notice to the Electors of Tioga, County, that a
General Election will ho held throughout the county on
the 2d. Tuesday of October next, being the thirteenth
day thereof, at the several districts within said county.
Blocs, Onion school house. • • -
Brooklll South Road school house.
'Chariest° , - Dartt Settlement schen l house.
ciymer,q Linville school house.
Chathnin, at the Chatham Center school house.
.Covington, hotel of Satnuel.Kiff.
Covington Borough, hotel of Samuel Riff.
Delmar, at the Court House.
Deerfield. Cowanesque Rouse, Ira Wagner
Elkland Borongh,,ldunnel ,Hotel,
Elk, at the Smith school house..
Fall Brook Borough, Fellow sobool house.
Farmington, house of Peter ?dowry, deceased.
Gaines, 11, C. Yormilyea'n.
• Jackson, house of 0. llamllton.
Knoxville Borough, Eagle Rotiie.
Lawrence, Slosson's hotel. .
Lawrence Borough, Sloseen's Rotel, 1
Liberty, Shaffer's hotel. --
Mansfield Borough, Model school house.
Ma insborg Borough, P. bend's Hotel.
Middlebury, Efollidaytown school house.
Morris house of Geo. Crist.
Nelson, house of Charles Goodrich. •
VI a
1-3 04
6 4 NI
ti V/
Oceola, Hotel.
lochmond,lMethodist Church. I
• Rutland, house of Elmer Back e r. •
Sullivan, P. Bond's Hotel.
, Shipiam, Rig Sleastour school hou4s ) .
Tiogn, E. S. Fart's 'lute'.
Tiogo. Borough, E. S. Forr's HOtell
Welisboro, at the', Court Homo. !
Westfield, E. 0. noted.
Westfield E. G. Hill's Hotel.
Word, houso of William L. 'Thomas.
110115 Q of John Irvino.
At which time and places the follovvlug named State,
District, and County officers are to be elected:
One person for Auditor General of the Common•
Ono person for Surveyor General of the Common
One person to represent Vega, Potter, Clinton, Cen-
ter. and fiycceitirig counties in Congress.
One person to represent Tloga, Potter, McKean ./ and
Clinton counties in the State Senate,
Two persons to represent Tioga and Potter counties
In the General Assembly.
One person for District Attorney of Tioga county.
Ono person for Commissioner of Tioga county.
; Une person for Auditor Zoo county.
One person for Surveyor of Tiega.County.
It is thrcher directed that the rueeting . Of the Iletern
Judges at the Court House, Wellsboro, to make out: the
general returns, shall be on the first Friday succeeding
the said eleetion, that being the 16th day of October.
I em by said not further directed to give notice that
every person, except Justices of the Peace, who shall
hold office ot appointment of trust or profit under - the
government f the United States, or of this State, or of
any city or lincorporated district, whether a commis
sioned onicprj or otherwise, a subordinate oWcer or
agent, who i 3 or who shall be employed under the leg
executive or judicjudiciary departments ot-thle state,
or of any incorporated district; anti also that every
Member of Congress, and of the select or coca mo coon
nil of any city, commissioners of any incorporated
trict, is by law Incapable of holding or exercising at
the sante' time the office or appointment of judge, in
verter. or clerk of any election of this Commonwealth,
and that no inspector, judge, or any other officer of
nuV such election shall bo eligible to any office then to
be voted for. •
In accordance with the act of Assembly o f 3larel;
MB, regulating the manner of voting at all elections I
further Mate for the, in formation of voters that all State
officers will be voted for on a single slip of paper label.
ed •• State ;" and all county °Dicers, including member
of Congress, Senator, and mentbers,o Assembly, will
be voted for on a separate ballot,and I holed 'County,"
each class to be deposited in separate aflot-boxes.
Pot Instructions in regard to the organization of
boards of election, etc., see act of Assembly of 2d July,
1839. pamphlet laws, page 219; likewise contained tea
practical digest of the election laws of this Common•
wealth, furnished at every place of holding genets!
elections, page 89; etc. . _
Given under my hand at Wellsborongh, this 2d day
of September, 1888. J. 11. POTTER.. Sheriff.
ltE E - NsQF : , iTts.I.C . LAND -SOA
. R =ao EMV:Of , t r ii 4 CAN D' SOAP ,-- . ' , .- R: 1 -I
(For doing a family washing in the best and
cheapest Manner: Guaranteed equal to any in
th i p world Has all the strength of old rosin
sr with , the mild and lathering qualities of
g rilainesenntilo. Try this splendid soap. Sold
Front Street, Philadelphia. Sept 2, 'l3B-Iy.
THE beat assortmentof
Teeth, and largest rani-
My of different kinds of
• iIIV% Plates as %Tell as the
. 1 . r best operations of Fill
• 4
.1114 1 1 .
TEETS{ may be had
at the now Dental Office. Nitrous Oxide Get
given for extracting, which gives pleasant dreamt
instead of pain. Alpo, Narcotic Spiay., Ether
and Chloroform administered when desired.—
Prices as low as can bo found elsewhere- All
work done promptly and warranted.
Call and seo onomens. Remember the place,
May 6, 1868.
,15 •
DR. E. VAN BORNE, late with Par-
If then Jiro's of Hamilton and Ncto York
'Oily, has opened now Dental Rooms at the Ford
Rouse, Lawrenceville, Pa., whore he is prepared
to do work in all the departments of his profess
ion-in the most scientific manner.
All work warranted and satisfaction guaran"
toed. Call and examine specimens of work.
Lawrenceville, June. 24, WS—,tf.
ek NE pair of 4 year old Stage, both red, ono A
I_7 little lighter color than the other, shot
horns, and small of their age. 'Any one -havi n g
said stags or can give information where they
can found, will be liberally rewarded. Said
Stags have been gone rine° the 13th of August.
Sept 2, ISO 3-30 Knoxville, Pa.
• A LOT OF -
MH E best 8 day Cloaks ever sold in Tiogs
can bu found nt •
Sept. 2, 1888.—tf I.; 111. kB. B. WARRIOR.
FOR Sale, a lowa Ann Printing Preto in
good order, B22itillA r el for Cards, Blanks , P .
'Empire of JOUR A, nor,
May 0, 1848-If. Welleboro,
CiALENDER, preach; Marine • and Church
Cloaks. at 00019) FoLsrs.
No. 13, Main St