The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, May 27, 1868, Image 2

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ilerels a choice scrap from -the con-.
fession (in the Pendleton , organ—Oin,
cinnati Enczuirer) of a Democratic nig
ger-hater, who was' ?concerned, in :the
Georgia election—a regular howler
against negro equality hndnll that :
" The great -‘ Black ; Beit': of ,Georgia,
that portion Of the State lying in the
south-west :portion ,of 'the ; State, - ,and
not of the Ocinulgee,mhere the intelli
gent planters reside, in -which there
was a , negrnmajority in ahnost: every
county of froth 4000 to 3,000 ;• and 'in
some caste, where.the black yote regis
tered Was, alboVit seven lo one as compar
ed to the white, the unexpected result
is presented.. of
_Democratic ,- majorities
in nearly every . county, thus demon
strating, lieSlOnd,all dOUbt, that-When
ever the SOuthern, - White man • conde
scends' to' make the s - effort, the, otirpet 7
bag Yankee: standS' no chance' in conziz.
peting for thenegro'Vote. 'Take 'as. an
instance the lid - Congressional District.
In that, district r*stered' - 'vete
shows an aggregate' nekro majority of
nearly'B,ooo votes, and yet Nelson Tilt,'
the Demooratie candidate for Congress,
is elected'hy, at 'least 2,500 "majority
and Gen. Gordon, the Democratic, can-,
didato for Governor, received . even a
still larger piajority.• The -- Deniocratie
speakers went among them - and ex
plained the issues to' them in such a
way as caused the Loyal 'Leaguers to
. melt likasnaw beforethe rising
I made several - speeches to them,lAnd
wheneVer F began to' talk to them abbut
_ taxes on cotton'.and•toloieco, and sirup,
and explain that all these things • - came
from their ', , pretended - - friends, 'and - if
they continued to strike ' , them' 'they
would have to be still • further taxed to
pay the 'United States 'bonds;: and 'if
they voted 'for thiC , Constitution they
would vote givirthe white man all
the land, henceforth and forever;' they
would shake their heads, and fall• an
easy prey to the Deinoeratic party."
willcourse- Nelson' Vift, Democrat;
will not presume to come to 'Washing;
'ton as a Congrestriateeleeted by nigger
votes, notn - bit-of it. "Nigger voting 'is
•an -abomination—when' it' is ' , on" the
wrong side ! ' •
The Harrisburg Telegraph winds up
an artiele'on Sergeant . Bates'' late= tour
thro' the Snuthern`States, , vith the fol
lowing suggestive comparisons• a ii•d
comments '
" 'Well, the sergeant - reached -Wash
ington, bearing his flag, none the worse
for wear, and with,a full purse ; for he
had not thought it beneath him to turn
an honest penny by Selling hie * photo
graphs on' the Way. The flag returned
in a less dilapidated 'condition thahma
ny to be , seen in the • arsenal of this
:'ommonwealth, the latter of which
w , re carried by other sergeants who en
ter. 1 upon their Southern trip without
enco ragementfrom the party which
equip ed 'sergeant Bates. The lt.iliet.
holes it. these 4lagS'at the arsenal pre
, sent a st Ing and suggeStive contrast to
the unsca ed flag borne by• i.;er!.!eant
Bates. There is likewise another differ
_ tine& : Thep rty to which Bates helon ,, s
has no stock i the battle 'gags at the
arsenal,'its a pa ty, 'and the boys in blue
have no stock in gm flag borne 'by the
sergeant. This e nstitutes a remora
able difference. \ reliably the - latter
would not have voleered to Carry
that stand of - Colors hough the South
under Sherman ther suggestive
difference between him a id the other
boys in blue." - . - ,
. '
An individual generally mown as
- two-faced, is just as generally lespised.
A political party, simularly ch meter
ized, merits and should receive tai . sante
consideration. It is very easy to :how
that the Democratic party has one ace
for the North and another fiir tie
South. We could if necessary, bring '
volume of testimony to prove it, but
i_oll note content ourselves with quot
ing the following: -= • _
" Resolved, That we are opposed, both
in principle and in policy, to negro
. ,iittrage. Ohio Democratic resolutions,
186 ; 5 4 . .
Resolved, That under the action of
the State of South Carolina, heretofore
taken, we recognize the colored pcipula
. tion of the State as an integral otemcnt
of the body politic.; and as such, in
person and, property, entitled to a full
and equal protection under the State
constitution and laws. And that, as
citizens of South Carolina, we declare
our willingness, when wo have the
power, to grant them with proper qual
ifications us to property •and intelli
gence, the right "of suffrage.—South
Carolina Democratic resolatiOns,lB6B.
The Democrats of the Ohio Legisla
ture nave "photographed" their prinr
ciples by passing a bill to ilisfranchiso
disabled soldiers of the National Asy
lulrri at Dayton ;" and on the seine day
(May Ist,) they defeated the " bill to
remove frotn,office persons guilty of
habi tuzitLin toki cation."
These same Democrats (I) . have also'
passed a " bill to disfranchise students
while attending Institutions of Learn
ing"—and the students of the OHIO
such disfranchisement,
" Resolved, "That this bill is express
ive of
.the acknowledged fact, that Col
lege students, as a body, are not known
to'vote with tho present dominant 'par
ty in the Legislature, and that Institu
tions of Learning are antagonistic to
the teachings anal principles of that
pat ty."
hat a party portraiture I Opposed
to disabled soldiers voting ! ! Opposed
to students voting !! ! And in favor of
keeping in office habitual drunk
ards 1•! ! I
FlRE.—Wednesday night last a
belonging to Mr._ SETH MULLEN, in
this ydlage . was burned. It issupposed
to have been the work of an incendiary.
Our citizens generally came out; for so
bright was the light, that it was sup
posed to be We IJnion 13lOur eiti
szens should,be careful withey leave
their houses to qttendAfirc, to see that
they are securely logliea, for many
, intes incendiaries fire some old out-of
be way building on purpose to call
1 )crsons in haste away from their dwell
tings, so they can rob without danger of
being eaught.—.4ddison. Advertiser.
this town fifteen years of age committ
ed suicide Saturday night last by tak
ing strychnine. Coroner MA y, of
Corning was sent for Sunday morning
but did not reach here until late lAA the
afternbon. It was supposed that he
was away from home so an Inquest was
held by Justice AMES and a post mor
teth• examination was made by Dr. R.
P. BROWN, assisted 1 his son Rust" P.
BROWN. The coronersiUry found a ver
dict in accordance With the above facts.
She left no statement giving any reason
for the rash act and therefore it is un
accounted for.—Addison Advertiser.
The annual Convention of the Pro
testant Episcopal Church, for the Dio
cese of Pennsylvania, commenced its
sessions on Tuesday last iu St, Andrew's
phurch, Philadelphia, and. adjourned
61110 die, on Friday afternoon. We no
tice by the proceedings of Friday, that
in regard to the division of the diocese
a resolution in favor of the measure
was adopted ; subject to certain condi
tions, which we presume will be com
plied with at once.
The vote on its passage . was : Cleri
cal, yeas 70, nays 67 ; lay vote, yeas 60,
nays 42.
The district hereafter to be known as
the Diocese of Pennsylvania consists of
Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware,
Bucks, Lehigh, Northampton, Chester,
Monroe, Carbon, Pike, Wayne, Luz
erne,Wyoming, a d Susquehanna
The now Diocese will embrace" thirty
counties. Bishop Stevens having i,re
covered from the injuries received. in
the railroad 'accident near Scranton,
some time ago, presided over the delib
erations of the Convention. A resolu
tion increasing the salary of the bish
op, to 6,500 was agreed to.
, pituqi DENT,
Ron. Schuller Colfax, of Indiana.
Republican State Nominations.
OP. ItON - 7(4o*Elli, COUNTY
riv,pron ; pENEpAp. ,
We are , obliged
,to I. B. tiara, gsq.,
Dept.. See. of the Commonwealth; for
a eopi of the General Laws of the es
sion of DM. ''•
.The flrst4ruite , cif the Cohneetieqt.
electi4n have been gatheied by the Re
publicans in the election' of • Et-Gov.
Bile4,lngharn to the IT.43.43entite,in the,
plade of "pion, poPperhead. Bucking
ham le a Radical. , • • • n
Andrew , Johnion 'has pardori ed 125
fOrgers and eouhterfeiters'dhrhig : ' his
term. Why not? A, matt who is priv
ileged! to break • the laws , eught to •be
favorable to fellaw-lawbreakers.: There
is a sort of liohoramehg;thieves. ,
or.itz.rx and . Cor ? FAx`l 'Sach .
men; the itepalliean. party is invinel
ble.n: Once before, 'within .thelasthalf
century,' and eitly (Mee have' ;the pee-.
pie beenprivileged to- vote two .'as
honest; ahle,lapd upright , men as these.
Fol. the second time within fifty year 4
a national tic4e,t' upon NV hich;,neither
CandidateAS a' politician, is presented
to We choke of t,llS' i peOple. ,
Gen., Grant has never: , been , in. , politi- .
cal life, has'no ; ainhitions incompatible
with the public interest. Though, • ac
knowledged, both at home acid abroad,
to be the ablest , military ,chieftain of
the times; •we shall not solicit suport
for him-on, that ground.. Rut for,. the
vigilant, energetic,'' and : faithful patri
ot leader, the modest,
,reiicent, and in
corruptible man-•!-for these distinguish
ing traits of the man we honer and
vere him, shall work for his p eferinent
to the Utmost.of enrstrength, mid shall'
endeavor to win votes for him. His
public history is stainleSs. lie is the
t chief or servant of no, cjique.. In pri
vate life he is without reproach. He is
abstemiouS , frUgal, ~ and , unostenta
tious. No man; since Washington, has
been soidolizeilfor Valor ntid success in
the field without being puffed up and
spoiled. 'Phis, lone, marks him as a
uTn of superior nature, and is a : milli
cith t guarantY that . he' will not ablise
the t ust about to be confided to his
keepin * by the American people: : • - * :
Senu 7.iEft, CoLril,x, who occupies
the second\place on the ttpicet,b.os been
1 . 11 Oongrezeror -rnan-y-ycars. , - Ilis char
acter as a pulil'c man and as a citizen is
without blemis 1.
. He is one of the
very few public en who have passed
through the temptOtio»s of metropeli
tan life unscathed. i:s\ he mass of float
ing scandal which con. Mutes the su
perfices of 'life in Washin ton, we nev
er heard aught which affechid Schuyler
Colfax. He has borne for may years,
among men of all parties, the e 'viable
repute of a pure and fair-minded, igh
toned ChriStian gentleman. It iTs
never been necessary for bitn to stoop
to employ the questionable arts of the
politician to maintain his position in
public life, since he has from the first
been the choice of the Republicans of his
District. Our faith in him is so great that
we do not believe it . pbssible to corrupt
him. As the presiding officer of the
House for six years he enjoys the envia
ble reputation of having discharged the
dfficult and delicate duties of the posi
tion with such impartialitias to elicit
the unqualified praise gall parties.—
Like Gen. Grant he is abstemious, fru-
gal and unostentatious. A man whom
often preferment has not spoiled. '
- The Chicago Convention has done,
wisely and well in presenting these
k en for the suffrage of the people.
And we predict that the people will
show their appreciation of the wisdom
of the. Convention by endorsing the
nomination by an overwhelming ma
jority next November.
—This through and by virtue of vigi
lance, and unceasing labor. For the
victory cannot be won by the prestige
of our candidates. Republicans, or
ganization is our first duty; and we
shall soon know who are and who are
not in earnest, by the alacrity with
which active Republicans take up and
carry on the work.
We i by no means give up the coni c- tion of Andrew Johnson, though he is
acquitted on the 11th Article. The
charges in that Article are, that An
drew Johnson did, on a' certain occas
ion, declare Qougress to be a fragmen
tary body, thereby intending to deny
the validity of its laws; that ho at
tempted to prevent Secretary Stanton
from discharging the duties of the War
Office, in contempt of the Senate which
had reinstated him ; that Mr. Johnson
attempted to defeat the execution of
the apOropriation bill of 1867, and the
act for the more efficient government
of the rebel States. And upon these
charges the Senate, by a majority of
one, acquitted the President.
There are ten remaining Articles of
Impeachment, and the guilt of the
President of the charges therein pre
ferred is, on two or three eounts,-Unde-
Med. Unwilling to believe that the
Senate will stultify itself, and reqlse to
stand between the people and an usurp,
er, we shall light andiall back, if nec
essary, from Article to Article, until the
entire series shall be exhausted. -When
. . . .
rnieed to believe lix_totardepravity,pri#l.
~ , .
ably_ we sbalt.believe, and aiiipleine: in
OW situation i ) "
: z•
•fit.titorsislefitenden; 4 ,Trpgmbpl , l4.;, , F;
full aifikoveitli)Wiiik: ROJO- of
high or low degree; eYeryPupperhead,.
fanged or toothless, • iv - a Shed and un:-
Washed,- , --is patting th4se stern states
men on the Shoulder in a pattotilitng
way. Only the other day, when the
Senate reinstated Stanton, all these fel
lows lumped the Republicans ill that
body as a • pact: -of - conscienceless;
cals. New theylaro shouting hdsannas
to the nanies of
. FeSsetid4, : Truinbull,
Grimes, Uendersnn, 'Fowler; Tioss';,and
'Van Winkle.i What is the Matter? Oh,
nothing; only'cnt of forty-two RePUW,:
llearni seven have betrayed the trust
posed;lii,thein. Seven more De thocrats
born into the political ;If biddy
caokieS ontheadvent 'cif ; one-egg; iv/ 1 Y
should not the airof Reheldorn .resound
with joyful acclaims at -the birth: of
seven` 'full-fledged 'traitors o :the ',pep-,
; ple 'Treaschi . and • Done racy
cone 'to be .compilementar ~; Traitors
make first-class deniobrats ;
make first-class traitors
the"remaining ten( Art "des hf . ,ltn'-'
peaohment shall fail,`". We, .-.•ee n 4 Belli
`for* but for ad ;interim trhemas . to stop
into , ilr.•StantOn's shoes.' the . vote
df the,Senate Meting anYtlibg and set;
ties anything, it . means., t. Andrew
YOhnsen removed , Mr. Stantontt legally
or illegally, and it fie t tles, the queStion
tiEtiveea the PrEsiden t anilithe , Repre
sentatives of the ; people. ••If he be ac
quitted upon all the! tOtiolei;" , the :efrect
must he'practicallY te"; c iegalyie the,
m ovhl :of -Secrettqy Stan ton and Out he
must'go. =lt will:alsci tie practically to
admit that the President it:„l;:itiv,il?,ge4
to Obey
. !,)i::4itspbeir, any law of Congress,
-iii `•his..sovereiga : . •will may . seem
agreeable,. We ere' alivay6gitio tiee'
disputeS 'settled ittlioid6,wo, and shall
be very anxious to. , know. wliether An
drew Johnson be King or President: la
commcff with ."we ass AMertean
. citizens We, badsopposed that no .man
in nation was above the law. It
remains for the Senate to decide wheth
er the people have been educated wrong
,neatly ?eatery. "Let; this • new:
Gospel be preMulgated without ., unnec
'essary delay. • • '
We know, thatthe , Republicans feel
sore over the defection sof seven of their
Senators. Take heart . , 'friends, . *brae
things hitVejtppcned. Por example:
In 1861:the D'emogracy had alargo ma
jority in the Seiiate:ofthe Titi!ted States.
But nineteen DepstiOcrats withdrew,rand
went over to the Confederacy. AboUt
forty members 'Of - the House' all Dem
,oerats,' also went over to the onfedera
'cy ; and about a million of voters, all
went over to the . Confederaoy--:-also
Democrats. Off our side, the ease stands
thus: Seven Republican Senators have
gone over-to the Cenfetieracy ; if each
Can carry seven 'veten t with hhim that
will make 'forty-dine 'more.i We ,sub
mit that a party - numberingliitrer 2;500,-
000 votera' ought itnt:to; worry much
over the defectiOn of seven, ¢r even of
seven thousand, If 'there Ibe seven
tri4iro f raxiiratu.—-aaaa.a.f.a..-- ja:
their proper place is on the o
Let us be Mocked no more
flown laudations of the wove
the people on. .the lips of do
The people ought to rule, 'as
of our govern mon Alceiares
they rule? Do they care to r
other day one man annulled
of millions. TO-morrow ma t
the advent of some- / other in
What is the mtitter?l
fault? No. The people are
They select men,' for their.• it
gifts alone. Lucifer is a thing' ,
but will you' make hin'Dresid
Davis is a man of br ; b
put him in the Be ate of t i l
Slates? You mus select Me l
eiple, men of, character, met
ambi \ ions, men of unselfish
These, with 'common •sense
article it Washington th
not comet , n anywhere- T are
for all pulp es. These comb
statesmen ; liccanSe goodnes
coon sense unite to, constittt
treme of human isdom.
As some of our t
appear to be at loss to `unders
Copperhead papers are \give' ,
such quantitiesnoWadayste
pleasure in affording them \l x
the subject. Copperhead
everybody knows, are not ve,
in any part of the country,
ially in Republican districts.
ers may be aware that the wh
last year, cheated the Govern
of one hundred million doll 11
nal revenue. The vast nu
Coppery sheets being given ai l
adays is paid for out of this pll
It is edifying to' know that
who cheated the' Governmei
this hundred million dollars
loudest roarers about taxatio
is not the less instructive to k
the hundred million dollars
from the public treasury and I
by these scoundreli, must be , Id
ly by the men who Walk Upri
justly, and work for a living.
aume the masses have wit el ,
comprehend the moral of,' this,
Lion. ,If . they have not they.
ped from complaint of a bad
Senator Richard Yates, *of, w'
briety we made mention last N
written a letter to his constit
knowledging his breach ,of g
duct, and pledging himself t
Tile letter is effective heel
frankness and manliness. A ,
believe in forgiveness until tin
bute of God becomes an abuse i
action ; and while we admire,
ble confessor of error. always, 7
do not believe that senator Y
ever reform. He bad better' r
once. As brilliant as McDoug
as , eloquent, the Destroyer.of i
appear to have elected hint to
triumphal cur to' the end. VVI
to say that the public concessio'
a man, while it is noble, is nb4
eion of a weakness which few a
enough to overcome. -
/Me Delegates of theiNntionaptepab
llean •party niet)n . IChi*O:on the 00,
inst., and put' pi: 404.1140:10'
and Efoo,.o3cli*letpoll*
for President an*
Convention consisted of 650 delegates,
representing every State in the Union..
The greatest' enthusiasm prevailed.—:
'Gen. Hawley, ofMenneetient, presided
over the Convention.
' Gen. Grant was nominateliby accla
rcCeiving 6o0( -votes on the first
ballot.. The announcement was reseiv-
ed with ine. cheers, theon tire audi
ence rising to their feet. •
lEfon. Schuyler' Coifix was HOD:OUR
tod fpr,Vice President on the'6th
receiving 622-votes to 128 • for all others.
The following platforrn of 'principles
. 3
was unnninninsly idepted .
The National Republican Party. of
the,United States, assembled in Nation
al Convention in the City of ChiCago ' on,
the 20th day. f May, 1868,, do make the
following declaration of • principles: ,
,l. We congratulate the country on
the assured sticeess,of the RecOnstruc-
Ition policy . of Congress, as evinced- by
the Eidoption,: in •the majority of . the
States lately in„rebellion, of ~Constitiit
ions securing 6:N41;0101 and •political
• rights to all,;and ills the duty of the
government to.sustairr those ',institu
tions and to prevent the, people of such
States from being remitted , to a state of
anarchy. J[Choole , ] • - , •
T,heguarantee by Congress of equal
suffrage to ail loyal nimat the ; •South
was ,dernanded by every, , consideration
ofpublic . safety, of gratitude, end of
justice, and must be maintained ; . while
the question of suffrage in , all, the loyal
Stateslproperlyhelongs to thp people of
,those States.. , [Cheers.]
3., We denounce all forms of repUdia
tion„as a national crime [prolonged
cheers; ] and the national honor requires
the payment of the public indebtedness
in the uttermost good faith to all credi
,itors at home , and abroad, not • only , ac
cording to , the letter but the spirit' of
the laws under which it was contracted.
, 4. It is due to the, labor of ;the nation
that taxation should be equalized, and
reduced as rapidly as the natione:faith
; will permit. • • • '. •
5. The Natiqual debt contrasted, as it
has been, for I the preservation of the
Union 'for all time to come, .should be
extended over a fair period for redemp
tion;, and it is the duty of Congress to
reduce the rate -of interest thereon,
whenever it can be, honestly done.
6. That thp best policy td diminish
our burden of debt is to so improve our
credit that capitalists will seek to loan
us money at lower rates of interest than
we now pay, and must continue to pay,
so long as repudiation, partial or ~total,
'open or covert, is threatened or suspect
ed. .
7. The government ,of the United
•States should be administered with the'
strictest economy, and-the corruptions
which have been so shamefully .nursed
andlostered by Andrew Johnson Call
loudly for radical reform.
8. 'We profoundly deplore the un
tiniely and tragic death of Abraham
Lincoln., and regret the accession, of.
Andrew Johnson to the Presidency,
who has acted treacherously to the peo
ple who, elected nim, and the •cause he
was pledged to support ; who has warp
ed high legislative anil .judicial func
tions ; who has used his high office to
induce other officers to ignore and .vio r !
late the laws ; who hal' employed big
executive powers to render insecure the
propeity, the peace, liberty and life• of
the citizen ; who. has abused the pard
oning power • who has denounced the
National Ledisleture,as unconstitution
al ; who has persistently and corruptly
resisted, by every measure in his pow
er, every proper attempt at- the ,recon
struction or the States lately in rebell
ion'; who has perverted the public pat
ronage into an engine of Wholesale:eor
ineanors, and properly pronounced gull
tY-thereof by the vote of 35 Senators.
f) The doctrine of Great Britain and
other Etlropean powers, that because a
man is once a subject he is always so,
'must be resisted at every hazard by the
United States r as a relic of the feudal
times; not authorized by the law of na
tions„ and at war with our national
honor and independence. Naturalized
citizens are entitled to be protected in
all their rights of citizenship as though
they were native born, and -no citizen
of the United States, native or natural
ized, must be liable to arrest and im
prisonment by any foreign power for
acts done or words spoken In this coun
try ; and if so arrested and imprisoned,
it is the duty of the Government to lin=
terfere in his behalf. .
eignty of
he theory
le? Th;
he tleore
ystein at
I wrong.—
of brains;
ent Jetr.
t will you
e tnitpd
of prim
of noble
10. Of all who were. faithful in the
trials of the late war, there were none
entitled to more especial honor than
the brave soldiers and seamen who en
dured the hardships of campaign and
cruise and imperiled their lives in; the
service of the country ; the bouhtlo
and pensions provided by the. lOwscfdr
these brave defenders of the nation• ara
obligations never to be forgotten ; the
widows and orphans of the gallant
dead are the wards of the people, az;r , sa
cred legacy bequieathed to the nation's
protecting care. /
a scarce
way, and .
ned make
and coin
,11. Foreign emigration—which in the
past has added so much to the wealth,
development and resources and increase
of power to this nation, the asylum of
the oppressed of all nations—should be
fostered and encouraged by a liberal
and just policy. •
12. This Convention declares itself in
sympathy with all the oppressed people
which are, struggling for their rights
One hundred and thirty thousand
liquor-shops, according , to U.;!. Ccim
mis,sioner Wells, are license in the
United States. The value ofqtail
uor sales ending June 30, 67„'vas
41,483,491365—0rf0rty-three dollari for
every man woman,' and child, in the
country i, • •
What of it ? Well, this : Every penny
of this billion and a half was an extrav
agance, And entirely unnecessary. And
a large majority of those WhO advocate
the traffic are the loudest • grumtlers
about taxation.
y et the sum spent for
liquor at the burs of the shops would,
in just two years, cancel the entireidebt
of the natal,. You who grumble libout
taxation, and believe in whisky-8416g,
can do something to convince people
of your honesty by, recommOuding very
drinker to pay the sum he utkally
wastqs in liquor Into the Treasury: and
so reduce the debt, to carry will& we
are all taxed. Remember, too, tlkt of
every dollar of local tax paid, ilftYcents
is required to support the paupet and
criminal victims of whisky.
'hose ine
veek, has
Aleuts LW
od eon
eof its
hilO we
, at attri
ii human
ihe hum
still, we
ates eau
gall and
grace his
'e grieve
It of such
'e strong
i t
The Guernsey Brothem. ~
WILL give 'CONCERTS in , TinalCounty,
nt the following times and places: i • '
Covington, Thursday evening, May 28
Cherry Flats, Friday evening, May 29
East Charleston, Saturday evening, M 30.
Mansfield, Monday evening, Juno 1. I
Middlebury Center, Tuesday evening, !fund 2.
Keeneyvillo ' Wednesday evening, Juill 3. '
Little M arsh, Tuesday evening, June 4
' Sabinsville, Friday evening, June 6.
Westfield, ,Saturday evening, June 6. k
Knoxville; Monday evening, June 8. j
Oceola, Tuesday evening, June Y. :;
Nelson, Wednesday evening, Juno 10,F ,
Lawrenceville, Thursday evening, 4111.
Mitchell's Creek, Friday. evening;JlT 12.
Tioga, Saturday evening, dune 13.
Roseville, Monday evening, Juno 15;
Jules Corners, Tuesday evening, Junel6.• • -
May 27, 1568 —3w. t '
T antes.-=A now kivid of lamp for lik-osene—
AA no breakage of 'ohitnnoys—a t FOIEY'S.
Tll/I ebi4ri'gtiliacoN,
Harper's Nagaske, No. 217, begins Vol. ST, and
contains sixty4l,,engraTings, , with the usual
variety andahnndange orgaod reading matter.
The. eandorand ankimayof anglieh Photographs.
by itaintirloanl (Mk: , T;.l;,+ Flak?)'
too ,bighl3i,noiliniendedoP,' ' •
Ati of l.bef *agar:Jinni _may be bad at Xiiiitig'S
.P6Oludkorn, . '1 •• •
ted States for the Western District of 'Pena
aylvania. -, •-; ' . •
JACOB LA:BISBN. ' a bankrupt under the act
of Congress of March 2, 180; having eppliedfoi
a dliebarge_from all his debts, nd other claims
piovable under- said act;' by or er of the Court,
notice is hereby given; t 9 all op yap; who have
proved their debt** ind , other p ions interested,
to appear on the 13th day of une, 1888, at 3
o'clock,-P. M., beforelVE.Smit ;Req.. Register,
at his office in Tioga, Pa., to show caufwif any
they have. why a discharge should not lie granted
to' the said bankrupt. "And further, notice is
herebY given that the second and *bird meetings
of creditors of the said hinkrupt, required by
the 27th and 28th sections of said act; wil*'he had
before said Register, at the same time an pla ce.
8. C. M'CANDLEBB,I3I 'tic" '
of 11. 8. District court for said Di trict. I
May 27, 1868-2 t • .
For. Sale. •
• -
THE undersigned offers for sale the following
described property, eituated in Mainsburg,
Tioga Co., Pa, one House and Lot—the Meuse is
2* Stet . les well finished off, a good cellar ;, also
a, splendid well of water, on the stoop. The lot
contains 2 acres - of die beat of: gardening land;
plenty, pf apples and other fruit trees thereon- r a
good barn, and everything pertaining to the said
House and Lot in good order. " The above des
ailed House and Lot I will sell at a low figure,
such ac defies competition. Apply to -- -
Mainchtit4 Tlcga,`Co. - 7 Pa. '
May 27,18884 me ' • ' '
Notice to Taxpayers in, We'labor°.
T MILL attend at my store in Wellsboro to ra
j ()Ova Borough" Taxes for 1868 and School
Taxes, on Friday May 29th, and on Thursday
June 4th, and Friday June 9tb, next.
'To all persons who pay, on these dap), an
abatement, of five per cent is allowed. After the
abOve date no abatement can be made.
• Taxpayers are earnestly requested . to make
prompt payments. Wm. ROBERTS,
May 27, 1887. Receiver ef ,
Wells4oro Wool Carding.
T"proprietor having put Lis Machines in
first-rate order is now card to or
der any grade of Wool. Ills Cards are of the
finest quality. All wool, fine or coarse, should
be woll cleansed for Ake benefit of both parties.—
All work done with despatch, and warranted.
May. 27, 1868-2 m. - ./ B. A. MILTBOLD.
100,000 Pounds of 'Woo
. .
THE / subscribers will pay Cash, Fu ll-Cloth,
Cassinieres, Flannels, la., 10., for Wool.—
Thelalso inaaufaotufe as usual—
to suit customers. AU viorli warraut44, e.s
resented. -They invite partiSular attention to
their Water Proof
which are warranted in every respect. Partin
lar attention given to
• Twenty; years experience in the business war
rants them in expecting a generous patronage
No shoddy sloths made.
DeLai4e 4i- Co., at Wi3llBboro, are agents fof
the ealo brour Cloths.
pOortleld,litty 13, 1868-tf.
___ll73issaJLl6- mc- -•-
-- - -
for sale by
W. D. TERBELL do CO., .
corning, N. Y.
We aro prepared to M 1 orders for the Hero
Fruit Jar- ati low as they, can be bought any
anywhere, anti shipped from Corning. We can
give special rates on large quantities, It is the
boat and most salable Jar in the market. Get
quotations from us before ordering elsewhere.
March 18,1888.---Om
nnn BUSHELS of ItIME for sale at
e.,,k.rv1./ Mansfield Station this season. 50
eon to per bushel, or $1,75 per Barrel.
P. V. CLARK, Station Agent.
Mansfield, May 20, 1868.-6 m.
THP copartnership of I. M. Warriner Col
is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Theleiitiness will be continued by I. M. War',
rinerl. I. M. WARRINBR.
Ma) 15, 1868-3 w. B. B. WARRINER.
To the Lovers of Good Horses
THE subscriber desires to call the attention of
farmers and others who desire to improve
tho breed of Horses, to his thoroughbred Hellions
They are justly celebrated for their speed as well
as their symmetry of form and power of endur
ance. They can be seen at my stables, in Elk
land, where I will be happy to exhibit them to
all admirers of splendid horses. Arrangements
for use of above named horses can be made by
calling at my Hotel In Elkland. Pasture furnish
ed when desired. , F. D. DIINNEL, Agent.
Elkland, May 13,1888-4 m. ,
PAVING sold qv location and good will in
the practice of Dentistry to Dr. C. Thomas,
I would respeatffilly recommend him to my pa
trons as I have made arrangements with him to
perform all operations for which I have contract.
ed. I can • recommend him as a gentleman of
skill and ability in the dental art.
• ' J. R. RANDALL,
Tioga, Pa., May 13, 1868-tf. Surgeon Dentist.
- Lath 1 Shingka I Ltutiber 1
ALWAYS on hand at Foster's Mill, Niles
Valley. Pine and Hemlock, lath, shingles,
and lumber, as well as all kinds of bard wood
plank and boards, LuMbar delivered to order.
41. W. Vosivint.
Niles Valley, May 13. 1868-3m.*
BE Sobool Directors of Delmar will let the
getting of wood for twolohools, and sell the
Butler School house at public auotion on the first
Monday in June next at two o'clock P. M. By
order of the Board.
'May 9th, 1868-2 w.
Administrator's Notice.
ETTERS of administration having been
grantwl to the undersigned upon the estate
of Simeon Butler, late of Delmar Twp., deceased,
all persons owing said estate,or 'having claims
against the same, will settle ith
Delmar, May 13, 1868*' 1
Valuable Farm for Sale.
Afarm of three hundred acres, with two hun
dred and twenty-five acres improved:} 'Sit
uated two miles north of Tioga Village, on' the
Tioga River and Rallrocd. Well watttered, un
der a good state of cultivation, and good build
ings. Also four houses and lots for sale in Tioga
village. T. t. BALDWIN.
Tiers, Feb. 12, 1868-tfi
Farm for Sale.
HE subscriber offers feriae a'farm in Jack
-1 sou township, on Alder Run near Mitchell's
Mill, containing 100 acres-65 Improved, and 35
wood land, Said farm has a new frame house;
good barn, young apple orchard and good water
thereon. Also 80 acres timber land adjoining,
which will be sold with the above if "desired.—
The above property will be sold cheap. -Title
good and terms easy. Inquire at this Office, or
of , (IEO. Mr—HUDSON, -
March 25, 1868.-3 m. on tho premises.
DERS, and general assortment of First ease
Fishing tackle, for sale, by
Welisboro, May 13,18684 t. L. A. SEARS.
js ?
• „
El the prig era aay tiro ¢ ..!ucet;oli fellow. th e
'ad yarded, and' - other.kople aeom
to - bolliv,p.them, so we (that M I ekhatu it Farr)
will take warning, follow tho example, unit to
form'tho public in gonoral that tir have u good
stock of good
to bo, sold nt good,, prices, for gooLdeustoniers—,
'and no lia"conoillei all onion:nets good --tl,cy will
be very npt to bu offered the same goods at one
and the same price. We might ,begin and men•
Lion 801120 of the various nrtiolos owl 8 13,1 08 that
help to make up our stock
Danz etaams,
Domesticß,, :Notions,
and" Caps; 'Bobtii'aritl Shoe's,'
i'ut. as we have ~either time nor spaue to finial
even the beginning, we, will merely invite you
to call, 'ask for'what yen want, no; will tell you
the price, and then weigh out or intrtispre I.ll* at.
, eorcting to order.,
de three groiit decesearies, CLiVillY# 0:11 hark 4.
&member Farmers, that we can supply 'you
and gonuine old Ashton by the sack or pound.—
Wo pay Cash for Bums.
Tioga, May 20, 1868
Strawberry and Tomato Plants;
2 ,000
Tomato plants . of six best.ra.
statics, consisting of , early
=wade' rod,iriptin 'in July] purPle;, poach edit
pod, largo smooth. purplo, :Foe* largo smooth
red and yellow. .„
, ,
Plants rowdy for setting from four to ten.inobes
high. 1000 of these li've boon transplanted and
% are growing single. -
' STRAWBERRIgS.—WiIson's Albany Seedlings.
Burgess Seedling, Triumph Holland, Russell's
Prolifio, Scarlet Runners. Price SI per' hundred,
, _
Garden and Hot Dods,3ioga, Pa.
. May 20, 150.841. , , - ,
1701714 G BEILTRAND.i
I ,'" well known horse wil be Ibundthe pres
ent season as follows, viz: ' • •
Monday afternoon'' and Tuesday morning at
Whitney's Cornerii; Tuesday afternoon and
Wednesday morning at the stable of Gillis Dartt,
Dartt's Settlement;• Wednesday 'afternoon and
Tbnriday , morning at Cherry 'Flatts; Tbursjay
afternoon at 'the stable of Thomas Gray elf ,in
Covington Boro; Friday and Saturday _at ,the
stable of the subscriber in Mainsburg Eturo.f . All
owners parting with mares before foaling will be
held responsible. . To insure $lO,
Mainsburg, May 20, 1808,
Wool Carding.
MBE subscribers have purchased the Carding
I Machine and fixtures at Whitneyville, East
Charleston, and having added an Improvement
which enables them to card fine Wool, now an
nounce to' the public that they commenced busi
ness on Monday, May 18.
Custom work done promptly , and satisfactorily.
We have engaged Mr. George Wescott as Carder.
East Charleston, May 20, 1808-3 w.
Great Anter'n. Teas,
At Wholesale prices.
May 6,1888-tf. Main St., Welleboro.
First Door abooo Roy's Drug Store. Wellsboro.
Will keep constantly on hand everything in the
line of Family Groceries, as well as Provisions,
Fruits, Confootionery, Yankee Notions, Toys, &o.
All of which will he sold at reasonable prices.
May 8, 1888-Iy.
Applications for License.
lowing named persons have petitioned tho
Honorable Court of Quarter Sessions for licenses
to keep and maintain taverns and eating houses
for the current year, and that said Court will hear
the petitioners on Mondai , the 25th day of- May,
1808, at Wellsboro:
*James Kelly, Hotel, Bless.
* Rufus Farr, " "
•C. H. Goldsmith, " Wolleboro. ' •
•D. D. Holiday, "
' F. D. Bunnell, Hotel, Elkland.
• Benj. Irwin " Liberty.
*Joseph L. Childs, " •
• H. If Sheffer, "
a Ira Wagner, " Deerfield.
• Libbeas Philips, " Fall Brook.
•E. L. Boynton, " Jackson. .
*Fetter lc Barrow," Liberty.
•D. W. Hibbard, " Rutland.
* Thos. .1. Sonar, " " •
• R. K.'Brundage," Mainsburg. ,
• Minor Watkins, " Wollsboro.
• Ohs. C. Phillips " Knoxville.
*Joseph Reed, " Liberty.
*H. 1 1 : Graves, " Covington.
*O. B. Goodrich, Nelson.
Gaylord J. Bristol " Clymer.
*A. W. Potter, Middlebury.
*W. It. Coles, Delmar.
E. S. Farr, Tloga.
* Van Buren Holliday, Eating House, Middlebury
* Fisher ft Bunnell
*Elijah Flamer, is illoss.
*James Morgan, Rating House, Blom / I
'Shields & Bogar t Bless.
*P. L. Clerk, Covington Borough.
May 6, 1888,
THE beat assortment of Teeth, and
(s. largest variety of different kinds of
Plates as well as the best opera
tions of Filling and Extracting Teeth may bo,
had at thane* Dental' Office. Nitrous Oxide Gas
given for extracting, which gives pleasant dreams
instead of pain. Also, Narcotics Spray. Ether
and 'Chloroform administered when desired.—
Having the assistance of On able and experienolid
operator, prompt attvalion will be given to all
calls. Produce takeWn exchange -for work.—
Call and see ,specimens and price list.. 'tomcat
-her the place. , • A. B. EASTMAN,
May 6, 1868. No. 13, Main St.
MEN AND WOMEN, for the
Life of Gen. U. S, Grant.
By Hon. HENRY C. DEMING, Milkman of
_the Military Committee in Congress. The only
work of the -kind issued under the sanction and
by the authority of Gen. Grant himself. It is
Official, and is ; the most intensely interesting bi
ography ever published in America. Tho au
thor 113 ono of the most brilliant writers in the
country.' Agents will .tind this THE SELLING
work of the season, Teams, rns MOST LIREIIAL.
To secure choice of territory, apply soon to
Publishers,72,2 Ransom St., Philadelphia, Pa.
'April 22,808-6 w cow.
A AlAt*AjN:
FOR Sale,
.111 . , cheWPelntitig iirens in
o rdpr p i sitßablo;toi
Huquire tit. • , 7-3". -"- - 1C4.414 A. ROY.
bay 6~ (868,..`q. t AYellaboro, Pa.
~, ty -- • 01, Pc, MI t= P-- '
414 a: ;A 41 .e.
,a. 0„ ~ tr: .
-CI t*- p , m ~..4 5, - 0 '
0 p--4
0 :..' LI
0 r.'
= ... 4
„...., ~..
0 _te: ril
a . tl n
..d Aft , , ,i , ' - :."•;-::. 0 , . , a , ...1..., ffi,
-q i n i, ,
.;;• -- -•-• ~•:__ hr -;•..p.% -I ••1 w-1
0 c- r i - ,_.,, • .7.• • 7:i tgl,
r ; ,4 oe, ..., tn.• _i
v 0•, ? ,; _ ,-. $ :4•4' , ;', l Ot
El ici 13 I 4 r.)2 4 r , .;r 1 .‘fri,13'0,
~a , = , : t. . . ..,_ ~.. 4 ....
_ W ' 03
•• H t.,
10 2 P a- rg 6 -1 ° 0
. W 4- z V' - 4 <1 8 rd g , 3
~. B P 4 , ~ ~ri
oq 5-. ,-7 -..• , •
• , -.4 ..; - . ... Lif
•., D 4. : _ . 11 sib
4 r 44 . -, ,
1 , 4 • 37 . g• - 4 . . let
Id A , e l -4 . ;, i ' 1 i
_ i 'V ••-• , 4
rr •-• _'p I i
Ns 1 . ;1 4 , 03
7-1 1 . 4 -oto
o, 0 a
-,. to 4 e. 4 - I• • ,
0 -
€0 11101 .
c 0...,
0 ~,,id
....ti .
~ . .i . • • 0
(. 2
.1,3 Q ,
I ,i ill
, i
Eb is. T 1 ~. I
t 1 5 ° : , . ,-. !? lo
_. c.
1 43 Fr
. e : P:2`, ..
Sl:' 4
r. Biia' . 1 4
a P. 9 C''
0 '.
‘u 00.0 t• b0.C.," `al
tr 0 0 . .4 Cr: CO 4..
at P.PPP.F;g'
a 44 7Z - 0 00 cv ....1 "4 Cg. ,
NI , • • F? P ea- !• 9 9:' .(•=7.
DaLano &
fAVING just recioved a rich .and varied aa
eortment of : , ._
• - 1 - 1-
• ' .e f
I 1 i
for Spring and Summer wear
all of tho latest patterns
Cloths, Cassimeres Vestings; also a
. large stock of
We have also some fine
and as good a stook of
as can bo found in Wu'labor°. Wo have a good
stock of
and a largo stook of
• --,
Call and examine our Goode and Prides
Wolishoro, April 20,1888
In Bankruptcy.
Western District of. Pennsylvania,
To whom it may concern: The undersigned
hereby gives notice of his appointment as
assignee of A. J. Smith of the County of Tioga,
and State of Pennsylvania, who has been ad
judged a Bankrupt upon his own petition by the
District Court of said District.
Welloboro, May 13, 1868-3 t Assignee.
will pay oath for any amount of
. 3M (4118" 4::fr
Delivered at my Store, where y l ou car find a
choice stock of
1 SALT, &C.,
For sato at roasonablp . ricea for Cash or Barter
March 18, Ism M. R. PRINCE
To sot as carivareora for a acrios of •
Haw 1111(e;SEALVINCHg'
8 Beautiful Ideal American Fates,
Engraveti in Paris by the most eminent Artists
in the-world,
Bnr-particulars end descriptive ciroulard
46 Main-St., Springfield, NUS
Aprib 22,
lasuraiice Ageincy.
'WVONIM; INNUttikit CO'4
R. C SNrra, Sec'se.. W. S. Rust', Pres.
L. 1). 1 9 11 0SHAKElt, P. P
. ..
till 3 is , the % eon' pa - Hi': ri . 4- ' w Lich' `The der .
ihstritila Wee intett LigQiit.,- cl'Alkt 1,,,,5i,..4, wod , .pro yrtffl irl!h to' I enitiir tbeiii.lit.starene4r.nrc-113.
querlittli iii apply to the etibtailber.
~,-_ .
Girard Fire Inatirance too.;
J. B. ALvou. T(l 4 iNiA6 CRAVEN. Priaddeo
Secretary.' AB.
Capital $g00,000,,
Continental Ins. Company,
Cash Capital, $500,000,00
Gross Surplus, Jab. 1, 1808, 1,814,590,31
Cash Assets, do 1,814,590,31
rPol4 , ies
written at, this office.
oßonrit P. HOPE, President.
11. 11. lA:4IPORT..Vioe President.
CitRUS PECK, Secretary,
- . .
Thu todhscribei takes this method of informing
the p/blic that be boa, the agency of the itbuve
Companies, and: will be found at his ffive - .vver
ROY'R Dtag Store, adjoining Agitator Niko' •
Nov is Your, Time to Buy!
TTAYING more goods than is necessary for
this market, I will Sell my entire stock of
American Watches•in tilver Hunting Cases at
$l9. Piper Movements, in hoarier Cases; 10 cor
respondingly low prices. Plated Ware at Man-1
ufacturere prices.
SINCE Salntifer is now being mod in thous
ands of families the following facts are im•
portant to . be known. '
FißST—though it is the most powerful of all
popular remedies, yet it is so compounded. as to
be safe and harmless. of such a nature that
it may be handled and used by children, and
'persons who are ignorant of Medicines.
SECOND—It is found that &dutifur aiit ielievo
severe pain in anipart of the body sooner than
any other application.
Tien—lt is i ertant that the bottle he well
corked, if left ope,only a few minutes it loses
FOURTIT—This grieful remedy can be obtained
from almost overyidealer in medicines.
MRS. B. E. Krtunlkl.,L,
TTAVING removed her 5h0p.,,,t0 the mum.
Irk over J. R. Bowetes Store,4lo3qw receiving
bfILLINEitt 'G00018 : '
.• • '
freih from New York fOr the Spring trade, which
she will sell cheap. Call and examine styles
and prices. I
Main Street, Welisboro, Pa.
—April 8, 1868. •
, ,
MRS. 11. TRUMAN, having purchased the
shop lately owned by Mrs. Goldsmith, op
posite Roy's Block, Main Street, Wellshoro, an
nounces to the public that she is now receiving,
latest Spring styles of
which she will dispose of q reasonable Wises.—
She will oleo carry on
all its branches. The ladies of Wellaboro and
vicinity nro invited to call ilia oantnine- her
Wollsboro, April, 8, 1868—tf
p now opening a fresh assortment of- Spr nor
Thanking the Wel[shore and neighboring pull.
lie for their generous patronage, I. hope to deserve
a continuance of the satne.
April 29,
DeLANO 4t. -CO
NOTICE is hereby given that Hathaway Lo
sey, guardian of Mary C. Brower, Minor
child of Chas. M. Brewer, late of Middlebury,
deceased, ha filed his account of his guardian
ship of the estate of said minor, in the Register's
Office for Tioga County, and that the same will
ho presented to the Orphan's Court of said coun
ty for confirmation and allowance at a Court to
be hold at Wellsboro, on Monday the Ist day of
Juno 186 S, at two o'clock, P. M. -- -
May 6,18138-4 w, L.IPEANZ,
Notice is beret y given that letters of admials
tration hav boon granted to the subscriber
upon the estate,. of David If. Smith, late of
Wellsboro, deceased. All persons having claims
against said estatb il ale requested to make them
known' without d lay, d; persons owing' said
(Woo will Pliisse`nall and settle. J. EMERY.
Wellsboro May 6, 1868.-tivt , AdWr
have purchased a full-blooded Alder:lei Bon,
j_ bred by I. P. Morris, of Philadelphia, from
Imported Stock. Ho' will be kept forme at WY
place in Aliddlebury, for the prosont.
Ma), 6. 1968.4 w. 1.. C. BPSNFTT.
In Bankruptcy.
Wentern Die rict of Pennsy/vania, es:
fru whom it, may concern : The uodersigned
hereby gives notice of Lie appointment ad
a,signve lII' W'm. B. Keyes, of the township of Ti"
oga, in the county? of Tioga andaStato of Penn-.
,ylvanin within said District, who has been ati
judgod a Bankrupt op his awn petition b 7 the
District Court of said Disirlot. •
0. 11. SEYMOUR, Assignad,
May; 13, 13687L3w.
Public Sale
AT the store of F. Taylor in Blossburg,
on Friday the sth day of Juno nost
will offer far aril°, at unction. the effects of the
late thin of L. D. Taylor ,fr. Co., (leerenicO, Dr
Taylor and John R. Taylor) bankrupts; Goa*,
sistlng of Notes, Judgments, Book Accounts, do.,
and also 'a rmall quantity of StoreMerchandize .
Salo to begin at one o'clock. P. M.I Terms Cash;
. _
Blosaburg, May 18, 1808.-3w.4 Assikee.
„„ _ - -
All paid tip is eat , ll.
Surplus Ovtir $160,000
Wollsboro, Pa., Fob. 26, 1868-tI.
0. , 03. Clocks at
Gothic " "
Cottae " " 1,70. 1
Call and see for yourself
Wellsboro, April 22, '6B
Important Facts.
Custom work promptly attended to
Register's Notice.
istrator's Notice.