The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, April 15, 1868, Image 2

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    Thaddeus Stevens 'for Grant and Wade.
Lancaster, March 29.-The following
letter from the Hon. Thaddeus Stevens
has been received by one.of his person
al friends in this city. It speaks for
itself. . 9
WASHINGTON iIiA43&L 26,4868. '
Mr PEAH aim: I received yea letter
of the 24th hist Morning, and aid very
glad you intend to be at Chicago - per
sonally. If your constituents aid mine.
have indicated a preference for Vice
President, as I rather.think: the have
from their vote, I should deem t your
duty as-a matter of personal fidelity to
begin by voting for that person,lwheth
erlie be a friend of mine or not o as no
mau,seems to me Stratified in 'violating
the wishes of his constituents to please
any other person. • But, if the' person
thus irfdiented as their !Intl choice
should fail of [a probability of cilectiO,
or gradually :,deeline,-then t if I INtre
tile re,,. or My :Wishes were to be consult
ed;l Should use all of my efforts. in . fa
vor of B. F. Wade. Heys a true man
in whom you -and 1;W/id every 1 radical
Ilion can confide • and you 'will find
that the country, kw well asour'particu
lac friend will profit by his success. I
wish you would show this letter to your
colleagues, as I sillily be kept froth- the
Convention, and desire to see an honest
man placed in that position - jof great
contingent responsibility. , As' to the
candidate - for the Presidency I Presume
you all agree that none other than C4eu.
Grant is to' be thought of. Honest,
firm, Ad well indoctrinated in princi
ple, without - ostentation, and without
pride, I do.riot see how a better selec
tion can be made. His judgment of
men is so sound 'that I have ftdi faith
that.ho will call around him te ablest
and purest men of the nation. With
Grant and Wade to guide an«lefend
us, this nation in four years , will have
at:piked a prosperity which will lre the
wonder of the world. Univer4al Free
dom maintained by Universal I . Suffrage
nn this continent cannot fail to have
that effect. Very rfspeetfu'lly,
- -. Tli ADD EUS STEv ENS.
'To R. J.- Housras esq., Lancaster,
Penn. .
Tim' Pokirdsir PRESS 0 isi :P.1“::SID ENT
JoiLNSON . The London Morning Slat:
says, editorially : _ President Johnson
seems determined to bring the contest
between himself and the Legislature to
an issue. Malting failed to entrap Gen.
Grarit into an attitude of hostility to
Congress, lie bas at length issued an or
der, remqving Mr. Stanton from the
Ministryo . of War, and appointing Ad
4utant. General Thomas in his—
,; Mr, Stanton; has referred the matter to
' Congress, and, mean time, refuses to
give . up 'PosSession.'• The Senate has
ptesed a resolutiontdeciaring the order
of Mr. Jolmtfon illegal, and l'rth the
Senate and House of Itepresntatives
have requested the Reconstruction Com
mittee-to consider what forth* action
should be taken. One telegram even
states that the House ot - Ilepres,entatives
• has passed by a majoritY, a resolution to
impeach the President for this net of
illegality:, It is hard to see how they
'ean avoidoith a course ' and were it not
that the deyious ways,of American pol
iticians on :the •eve of a Presidential
fi,ectiOn arelinserutable, we cannot di-.
;ine what Presidentifohnson expects ft !
/ain bY'his‘wilful and defiant course,
xcept to plunge the country into ex
t itement and e t entention. In a mon
,•: chial State „a contention of this na-
I p!e.would aThaostinecessarily lead to
cavil war. - There' is no fear of such i a
result in Amekica, simply because Mr.
.loptis,on cannot, command a man, mus , ,
k et, or $1,000.-' 7 'iThere may be excile - nulnt, there may be a great impeach
in'ent case, there-may be a State* trial
before the Stipreific.Court, but the ar,
peal will, be to law, not to \ violence.--
Johnson evidently expects that it
he can drive his adversaries iAI6 the ex
treme positioirof impeaching ii In, the
more moderate people throughout the
Union will come cver to! his tide. In
his we believe lid will he mi.i l taken.—
tn the American community, ) . hen the
question fairly comes to th'e front,
wliether the view of the jaw aken by
the Houses of Legislature, or 'that - talc—
en by Mr Andrew Johnson is .0' be up
held, the people will side wi r h tloar
repreent'ttives, and send Mr. John- in
back to Tennessee. It is a pity for the
great Republic that in place of the
firmness, combined wi t h wisdom,
'which dystinguished Mr. Lincoln, she
should now have in a Chief Magistrate. .
au obstinacy which keeps the whole
nation in turmoil. The contrast at
once sho,Ws the strength and treaikness
of a republiCan form of governaen t.---
The people may be mistaken in their
choice, but they can alsoget rid of their
President if he sets himself itb;ove the
law. If Mr. Johnson had bee . ii\ a king
in a limited monarohy, he wound have
run a great chance of losing hi head in
a le,s metaphorical fashion han lie
seems already to have (lotto.
IIooFLAND's GEumAis: Birrftus.—ln
calling the attention of our readers to
this valuable preparation, we do so
with a full conviction that it is a high
ly scientific remedy for I)yspepsia, and
all diseases arising from a disordered
stateof the Liver or Stomach. In mak
ing this assertion, we are, sustained 'by
the testimony of many of the eminent
professional men 9f the country. Law
yers, physicians, and • clergymen, all
bear wittres§ to its great usefulness. It
contains no
c alcoholic . stimulant., hut is
purely .medicinal, being (tom tounded
from the prescription of on of the
most celebrated`physicians of iis day,
and is well known and used by , the fac
ulty of the present time. It huts been
before the public in its present shape
ler over twenty years, and during that
time has become "]mown all ver the
world."' To thesdin need of a remedy
•‘f this character, we would say procure
it at once, and do not waste your time
and money on the many worthless coin
pounds.thal now flood the market ; and
those who are not in immediate' want
,)1 it, we would advise to he prepared to
lathe with disease by • keeping it al
ways in the house..—Mreland, Leadcr.
'Me Troy Gazettc says: The hills
around Austinville, contain iron which
has been tested and found' to he of ex
cellent ittutlity„ It is believed to be in
large muan ti ties, and yet., strange to say,
the men of means have made but little
or no effort to developc)t, 'rite iron of
A fistipvil le ' Should . not remain 'dor
"The largest tree of Western Brad
ford, is going to decay on O. P. Dillard's
fu•ui between Troy and Albt. The
tree is a chestnut, and twenty,oi e feet
in circumference at the base.."
I tt Congress, Gen. Butler mad
hit in answering Chattier, o
York, who called him the "
New Orleans." Butler sharply
with the remark, "4 , lslbi not N
( - cans, for to Admiral Farragut
that high honor ; but Ido elm
York, n•heie, in 1804, I secured
people the only fair election eve
there before or since.'.' rhe whole
liotise, regardless of party, brok out in
at. roar of laughter at the co tplete
demolition.of the Five Points - m mber.
Comiectic, is in proportion to its
. population, the
.richest State in the
Cnion,; the average property, of. every
inhalkknt is over nine hundked dollars
which is about Ole hundred dollars
higher than tilt , average in the) State
,-next highest-131We island. T ay_
efage iii Massachusetts is consi erably
ic , s. •
Louisville Joternal don't think
\Vade a man ofsntileient polish to
fill !he Presidential chair. It. aYs of
him that he is "the coarsest d of the
many' coarseanen whom the vicissitudes
of the times have thrown intoCortress."
It is therefore strongly in favoil of re
taining; the remarkably sober, ipolite,
poi occupant.
The fare froni New York to Buffalo
has been reduced to $7 and in propor
tion at other competing points 'on the
New York Central.
Eke ' ragitßitra.
WEDNESDAY, AP,ItIL 15, 18e18.
Republican State NOninatlons.
sunvmron <:t:NEUAL.
We are obliged to Hon. Simon Cam
eron for copy of proceedings in the trial
. •
of the President. •
.Also to Sernitor Cowles for the Audit
or General's Report on Railroads
_ are unable to . ,see' the liottom of
the muddle into which the Lycoming
Standard appears to have waded. Un
doubtedly It is unable to comprehend
any system of political ethics which re
quires integrity and cleatt hands in the
high plaees t of the nation.
The New York Sun is in favor• of
Hon. Hannibal Hamlin for Vice-Presi
dent. Were the choice, with us we
.would ratify it at once: - Originally a
•Deinocrat,'he is the only man'of that
party who e'ver, to our recollection, re
signed a place of honor and profit be
cause he disagreed with his patron or
party. He resigned his seat in the U.
S. Senate when 'his party tried ,to force
Slavery upon Kansas ; but -the people
of Maitie. elected Willi Governor• by
30,000 majority. He resigned the col
lectorship of the port of Boston in 1860,
because he could not-support Andrew
Johnson's policy. We know him for
an honest man, able ; a man who be
lieves in the Almighty rather• than, in
politicians, and who has not an ambi
tion lower than the highest. common
good. We are afraid that there is
scarcely 'yid ue enough in the_A ineriean
people to apreciate Hain lin.
We have noticed a paragraph going
the romnis of the Copperhead papers
phrporting to he an extract from a
speech' delivered by Daniel Webster in
the Senate March 7, 1850.1 The extract,
to which our attention has been called,
is as follows :
"If the infernal canati4 and abolitionists ever
get power in‘their harlg,lhey will itvcrride the
Constitution, set the Surremo Court at defiance,
change and make laws to itleilThell es, lay vi
olefiCha6ds on these s io differ witb them in
their opinions or dare gOestion their
and finally bankrupt tlic:zemintry, and deluge it
with blood." •
Thr Congressional Globe of the session
o'lBso has a verbatim' report of Mr.
Webster's speeches through the session.
Nowhere does the'above paragraph ap
pear, either in the speecli of Mardi 7, or
elsewhere. We do not make this cor
yection- with the expectation of any re
traction from the Opperbead press.
That institution still holds to the grand,
central prineiplc-W modern democra
" A lie well stuck to is as good aS
the tri l 3th." (to-it, ye mendacious!
The Seinite assembled at the hour of
noon on Friday, and the trial proceed
ed. The entire examination of witness
es during Friday related to the reports
made of the Presidents speeches on his
famous swing " around the circle," and
at Washington. The testimony runs
through manyeolumns. and is not par
tieularly interesting. It was offered to
show that the often disgusting and gen
erally disgraceful speeches of the presi
dent since the 22d of February, 1866,
were correctly reported. This fact was
established beyond idispute..
The testimony for Impeachment was
-more important during the sesSihnof
Saturday. ~T he testimony of Robert S.
Chew, 'Chief Clerk of the State'Depart
ment, was important as cumulative ev
idence of the fact, previously establish
ed, eirebange being made in the farms
of commissions issued to officers, alter
the passage of the Tenure-of-Office laW.
Formerly the Commissions ran " dur
ing the pleasure of the President for the
time being;" hut after the passage of the
Tenure-of-Office law, th t ey were
to read, "subject to the cmrditions
}prescribed by law." Mr. Chew testified
that the old form of Commissions. had
not been used since the passage of the
law referred to ; that ti President had
signed Commissio i 1 the new form.
The object of As testimony was to
show that the PreArkent had recognized
the.binding force of the law in all his
official acts up to the removal of Secre
tary Stanton-in February last. The de
fence attempted to prove that the re
moval of Stanton during •the session of
the Senate was not unprecedented.—
The precedent cited was that of the re
moval ofpiekering by the Elder Adams
in 1800. The prosecution produced the
journal of the Senate for that year,
showing that President 'Adams sent
in the nomination of Piekerings suc
cessor on the, day of his removal of the
Mr. Crecey, appointment Clerk in
the Treasury Department was recalled
and shown a letter. He testified that
the handwriting of the letter was An
drew Johnson's. It, was a letter to Sec
retary MeCtillcip it, and reads :
, SIR: In cooppliaftele with the rcquireinents of
the act of Congress of , -MaTelt 21, 1557, entitled
"An net to regulate the tenure of certain civil
offices," you are hereby notified that on the 28th
inst., the lion. Edwin M. Stanton was st?l , pended
front his Mle!) as Seeretary (4" War, and Gen.
Ulysses S. Grant authorized Undo empowered to
act as Secretary of War wi interim. I :on, sir very
respect fully yours, ANI\IMW JOHNSON.
The letter is dated "August 14, 18G7.
The point made is in comparing it with
the President'slanswer to the House ar=
titles of Impeachment, in which he
says that he "suspended Mr. Stanton
under the Constitution, indefinitely,
and a his pleasure." The reader will
see 11 at in his letter to Secretary Mc-
Cullo tit the President says that he no-.
titres the Senate of the suspension of
Mr. Stanton, in compliance with the, re
quirements of the Sth section of the Ten
ure-of-o,km law. This conflict of state
menlt) damages the ease of the President
seriously. Consideritble documentary
"evidence wr.submitted by the House
Managers 'to show that. the President
had recognized the validity of the law
up to the,time of the attempted remov
al of Stanton in February, and here the
prosecution rested the case:. The Presi
dent's counsel asked for three days to
arrange their testimony,. which was
given, and the Court of Impeachment
adjourned to Thursday April 9.
a good
- ler° of
ew Or
ii ew
to the
The 111,1 1.: I .( 4 :1:4•1! ic t - 01)Wened
at P 4 burt , tiay, :Ali inst., and
the Jlou c :,)i:llll4;t`DS itt tttidt eel 71' new
witness, Mr. W. 11. 4,1 c 'Alabama,
who testified that he called Upoll the
President. in quest a.t.riocci-ninent ern
ploy men t. The Presiiient it.ti tined
Mr. W.)(41 (hat be could rlt. nothing for
him, as lie, W4od, cast his iiiltientelor,
Congress; and his apptiintecs side
Mr. _Foster Bind t 2 Ult. testified
that he N4 . `tl:3, appointial ;postmaster of
Augusta,iGeorgia, in 1861, and received
a new coninlission iii_i6(lo. I .January
1868, he Was suvpended .hy the Presi
dent, and did not know win they the
Senate wits notified or the iaet or not.
Mr. nutter asked leaveto it in a
transcript of the Senate'record to show
'that the President had not notified the
senate ort' Mr. Blodgett's suspension,
The Chief Justice said that could be
done at any. time. This closed the tes
timony for' the prosecution. -
Mr. Cuill.4 /gaoled for the defense in a
speech occupying bona,: boursla the de.-
livery. 14 - e: den led Ilitit there was any,
violation of the 'c law in
the reinool of tlecretary Stanton, and
held that the Congress did not intend
to take fr an the President the power to.
remove Cahinet Officers at pleasure.--!-
The argument wa , ; close and exhaust
ive, and like Mr. Butler's is too long for
our coltinins. None of the evidence for
the defe'llSe bias reached us up to this
9JCUT, WC are sorry to Ba
did not d so well as Rhode Island in
he i r election heir! on the sixth. The
Copptrh ad State ticket, was elected by
a majority of 1500, a gaiti of 500 over
last . year.l But the victory is barren of
festilts tol the winner, as, ftecordiag to
latest returns, the Legislature is strong
ly Republican, thus insuring a Radical
U. S. Setl l atOr in place of Dixon, ;John
son mn. 'This was the priie for which
the parties fought, ant t h e Republicans
won it. 1 Priketically, therefore, the
State went Republican. The case is
the sanie as last; year, when the Cop-
Rerliead earriad the (Aovernor and the
Pepublicians the legislature. It is also
worthy of note that while English,
(Dem.) gains 500 on a poll' of 100,000,
hit; gaina are all in the cities and man
ufacturitltg towns; while-Jewell, (Rep.)
gains on Hawley, Republican cabdi
dititelastiyear, in the rural. districts,.
'l 4 wo reasons for this exist: 1. pod
made the country and man made the
town. !!. The foreign vote is chiefly, in
the citie:i. '
ar, the Republicans had 10 ma
the }Muse and 1 in the Senate.
we hale' 22 majority in the
l id 3 in the Senate—again of
House and 2 in the Sena e.
, is practically Republic n
Last y
jority in
This yea'
12 i❑ the
The I Sta.
qs hag gone Republican by
f 3,500.;
• Arkans
al aj o I,y
n held an election on the 6th
qi the new.COnstitution. The
to decide
points sti
rage and
section w
and, but
that prof
the same najority as last year
Wiscorin held an eleefion for Judge
of the Suiveme (curt on the 7th, and
the Republican tiel.:et was elected by
belated were impa , Etial suff
prohibition. The suffrage
is defeated by several. thous
the ; temperance men claim
iibition is carried. The Re
!Judicial ticket *as elected by
several thousand majority.
Munieipal eleetions held since, our
last issue hilts rnsati 1 Loa uu f.
RepubliCan : Cincinnati, Lawrence,
Kansas, Indianapolis; Cleveland, Cal
ais, Me., Madison, Wis., St. Paul, with
gains in Cleveland of 1000, in Madison
or:300, and in St. Paul a Repul 4 , , >lican
Mayor for thers
t time in seven years.
DemneratiO : Leavenworth,
kee, Rome, N: Y., Evansville, .Ind.,
Sandusky, mid Columbus with gains in
Evam , ville, and Milwaukee;And a loss
in Columbus.
We notice that the authorship of the
- Wilmot proviso is becoming a subject
df Comment in :the papers since the
death of Judge Wilmot:, History has
given the honor of its presentation in
. toDAvtD WI mum', and right
ly-. We have heard Judge Tot say
that the authorship of Fla Pritviso
-euld be rightly,claimed by no man• of
the period, it being taken - froin the Or
dinanee of 'B7. By the same authority
We can s t tate that its renewal in thedaya
of annexation wits the result of a
conference. among free-soil demorats,
cof whom Judge Wilmot was prom
inent, and that
. ite took . the respon
sibility of pronosing..what was felt to
bean unpalatable measure to tU. South
ern wing of the democratic part 47. The
idea of restricting the "Spread' of Sla
very originated with the Fathers. It
experienced a revival itt 1819-14), and
owed its second revival to the lAldness
of David Wilmot in 1846. It catrieci in
the l louse by a vote! of 94 to 78, only
two northern 111011. voting against it.—
Bei n(r near the close of the session the
Senate did not, aet upon it. Judo Wil
mot presented it again in 1847, the
House still tood firm-and passetfit, but
tlie;'Benate did not . t act upon it. It bears
the nanie6l " Tlke' Wilmot Proviso,"
and will carry thatnarne while history
is written. •
The Ku-KlaX Klan is a sect:et organ
ization in the rebel States, having for
its object, judging from its work; the
intimidation of the loyal portion of
SoutherW citizens, and the murder of
all who df l »iot obey.its orders. It is
said that the name is significant of the
noise ii tmle. by the cocking of a rifle.
This organization is probably. the same
as the Knights .of the Golden Circle,
which order in the interest of treason
came to gilief during the war. The Ku-
Klax Klan is composed of the most vir
ulent and -abandoned rebels. Its real
object is apparently the driving out of
the•Southeyn States hit Who retain re 7
spect for the old flag. The government
should outlaw its members at once,
and set abut exterminating the order
Wherever it exists. And there should.
be no delaY. The time to destroy this
band of murderers is now ; and the way
to do it islby drumhead court-martial,
shoy_t-shrifF, and hemp. Let all action
p6taining to the law's delay be avoid
ed. If thee South will not be at peace,
inaugurate the sort of peace that reign
ed in Warsaw.
Since (36neral Grant is denounced by
our oppon l ents as a common drunkard,
it may be yell to take some testimony
upon that ipoiut. E3on. Wm. E. Dodger
welliand i la voreldr known as an' . o
compromising temperance advocate it
this region, in the colts's° of a speech'it
New' York some days ago, said that 11
had : l _a long, ibteryOw , with .Cienerti
. . _ - -
Grant in Washington, and furthersaidt
" I left him with the conviction that
neither we, nor the, friends of temper;
mice have any cause for anxiety 40,110
respect."- , Col. Halpine; :who is "Opp»,4
ed to Grant, says in hilt paper, 2'4p C,4
izen, that the charge is wholly ,Ni , ittlitt-11
foundation. Did we not know - that
Gen. Grant is a sober man no power O * ,
earth and no inducement could per
suede .us to advocate his nomination.;-,IWe, desire to keep it before the people,
that we Shall never support for aity',Of
flee bf trust and respopsibility'auY maxi
enslaved by an appetite for in toxigat/
i tin; liquors. This is the resolVe of r,
single man, and no mere, But we.elairri
to &Intro) o»exote,and shall control it,
always. , We do not suppose that burl
party in this respect will be very lar i ge;
to begin with. But it will grow, .and;
in time will include the millions.
When Mr. McClure soya that the op
position to Gov. - Geary cordially, sup
ported the nomination, perhaps lie
oblige some of the less pretentious Re-;
publicans in the rural ,districts, by ex-1
plaining how it happened that Gov.
Curtin was able to hold his tongue up
to a few days before, the day of election.
Where was he from March to Septem
ber? Was the field so well filled that
he had t 6 go into the State 'of New
York to Make q3peeches ? 4itti
When •Gen. Cameron was nominateil
for United States Senator, was it in ort
pesition to a atraitforward dealing Mt;
rfority, or was it in spite,of the tricks
which pass for smartness with a certain
school of politiciansin thislititte? Gen.
Cameron was among the first to declare
for Congress as against the President,
but we wet of a man who was afterthe
Russian Mission, and had no tongue:
Were the people right, or wrong, in
choosing a pronounced man 'to repre
sent the State in the Senate of the .
United State?
One of the most doubtful compliments
yet paid to the . Southern people is that
implied in , the • alleged wager of one
Bates, of Wisconsin, that he could car
ry' the United States flag through the
Sonthein States. Let us us take_the
"Democracy " at their offer and see
how it looks: •
. The " Democracy " claim that the
South is ready to resume its idlegiance
and live peaceably under the \ old flag.
They bet that Bates can carry the
United States flag thrOugh the South
ern States.
To bet is to admit a risk ; otherwise i
is no bet.
,Can there be any risk in marching
with the national flag among a p`eople
fit to be again represented in the na-,
tional councils? , ,i
We think not. However, it' is well
enough to prick this Bates-bladder of
_mephitic gas. Bates is betting against
" Democratic " molicy, if at all, and is'
filling his pockets from the sale of his
Photograph's to the- ra , ones in the
South. "Sergeant Bat ," as he is
called, belonged to an a tillery reg':
ment which fought, bled and playei
poke in the forts •around Washington
during the war. He never smelt pow
The retirement of Judge Black as one
of the original counsel employed by the
President,, is accounted for. Judge
Black has an interest, direct or ;',,reet,
in a new Guano Thland knowic4 Alta
Vela. A citizen of the United States
sets up a claim to the island which is
resisted by the localuthorities nearest.
Judge Black wanted Mr. &Johnson to
send a war vessel to take and hold the
island. Mr. Johnson, not BO fond of dO7
ing foolish things of that sort as he has
'been, refused. So Judge Black ,refuses
to defend Mr. Johnson. The Judge
demands a too large retainer.
has signed the supplernental act to in
corporate the Welisboro and Lawrence
ville Railroad . Co:{ '
The Bloss tax bill has passed the Sen
ate with arnendmOnts.
Gov. Geary ha+g vetoed the fivst
Free, Railroad bill, the House sustained
the veto and Prepared a new bill avoid
ing the defects of the first, which pass
ed both Houses and bas been signed, .by
the Governor. •
The . :Itegistry Law has been approved
by the Governor. We shall publish a
digest of it next week.
`The Legislature adjourned yesterday,
April, 14.
IST of unclaimed lettere remaining in the
L I'. 0. at Wellsborn, April 15, 1858.
Will Beeman, Mary E Clark, W C Cognell,
Mrs. Susan Converse, William C Cork, M L
Fitz, John Green, T J Henderson, Helen, E
Jones, Kate Johnson, Nelson Knapp, James
Mathcrs, C A Afore, E M 0 Conner, Ada Mitchell,
Belle MeCarttir, Win H Nichols, J M Peterson,
Philancler.lleynolds, Lewis Itappell, 'Henry II
Smith, Betsey Smith, Hubert Smith, Mrs. A E
Smith, Jacob F Townsend, James S Tailor, Mrs.
Hager Caise.
A fine 18t just received nt
April 8, 'BB-2w. WRIGkIT dr. BAILEY'S
NEW GOODS just , received. Please call
and examine for yourselves before purchas
ing elsewhere. TOLES 'its /BARRER.
Wellsboro, April 15, 1868-2 w.
Notice to Teachers, &c.
riiriE School Directors of Charleiton will meet
at the young School ilollBo, Saturday fore
noon, April 15th, for the purpose of contracting
for wood for trio Schools. In the afternoon they
will attend at the same phico for the purposo of
hiring teachers fur the summer schools. By or
der of the Board.
April 15, l 8118.-2 w.
Executor's Notice.
ETZERS Testamentary baring been grent-
. 11 ed upon the last will and testament of Chas.
Whitcomb; late of Union deceased, all persons
owing said testator, or having claims against the
said estate, will adjust all matters with
Union, April 15,1866-$ nz
In' .Bankruptcy
IsixHlS 1S TO GIVE NOTICE, that on the
13th day of April, A. D. 1868, a warrant in
kruptcy wee/mod against the estate of Ha
thaa y Lucy, of Middlebury, county of Tioga,
and State of Pennsylvania, whO has. been ad..
judged e t bankrupt on his own petition; that the
tittymetit of any debts and delivery of any prop.
erty belonging to such bankrupt, to him or for ,
his use, and the transfer of any property by him
are forbidden by law; that a meeting of the
creditors of said bnukrupt, io prove their debts
and to choose one or more assignees of his est
ate, will be held at a Court of Bankruptcy to be
holden al tho office of P. E. Smith, in 'flogs bor
ough, Pa., before F. E. Smith, Register, on the
20th day of May, A. D, 1868, at 1 o'elock P. M. .
U. B. Marshal West'n Dist. Pa.
Apr. 15, 68. Per DAVID CAMBRON, Deputy. i
' • '
prefer articles of '
•, . •
against all_ other :Grain - Prins in-market, and
herebY summons .a jury of the Farmers - of,Tioga
County to decide upon the merits of the, case.—
The articles proposed, are as follows:: '' •
ilot, - It will sow .any kind ,of Grain in. Drilla
from wheat to beans or peas. •
2d, It will do it on moro uneven and orty'
3d, It is less likely to get out of repair.
411, It has a grass l and clover seed sower at
tached. - - . . .•
One of these Drills can on seen on the farm of
the subseribbr two miles below COvington. Ail
aro invited to call and seo it. All letters of in
quiry to be addreised o , .A.III,3VILLSON,
April lti,lBBB-3t.
Covington, Pa.
B' *67 '
or leading patriots'of the Day. An elegant ea
tavo volume, richly illustrated with 18 beautiful
Steol Engravings, and a portrait of the author,
Agents say it is the best, and sells the quickest
of any book thoy over sold: Some are taking 200
orders per week. It will outsell "Uncle Toad's
Cabin. Womnrploy no general agents, but pay
extra commission. Old agents will appreciate
this item. Send for circular giving full particu
lars. Address linnisonn PUBLISHING, Co.,
April 15, 1868-41. . Hartford, Ct.
County House Notice.
several townships and boroughs of ?lido
County : In compliance with the 6th secCien of
an act entitled " An Act to anthorizeLM'erect
ion of a Poor House in the county of ,Tiogn,"
the Commissioners hereby giv,e notice that they
are now ready to receive the' floor, hying corn
pleted.tho building and provided all :.necessary
accommodations, as required by said 'Act. • The
6th section referred to provides : "That as soon
as said building shall be erected, and all neces
sary accommodationa provided for the
of the poor, the Commissioners shall give notice
to that effect in all the papers published in the
county; and the overseers of the poor inibe sev
.eral townships and boroughs arc' hereby required
}to bring the poor of their Aspective districts
forthwitit, unless when sichnTis may prevent; in*
',which cola the Commissioners may allow the
poor person to bo supported elsewhereuntil they
,can bo safely brought to the pooAhouse." • •
• By this section it will be seen that there is no
,'option in the matter, as many supposed. A
prompt compliance with this provision will very
'pitch facilitate matters. By 'order of the Com
:nissioners., • THOMAS - ALLEN,
Wellsboto, April, 15, 1858.-4 w , Clerk.
Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned appointed an auditor to d q
tribute the money in the hands of the Sheriff
arising from a sale of the personal property of
N. 0. Wells andG. W. Barker at the snit of S. 0.
%Daggett, hereby gives notice that ho ut,tll attend
to the dulled of his appointment at his office in
IWellsboro, on Friday, May 8, 1808, at 2 o'clock
tr; u., at which time and place all persoris
lelaiming any part of said moneys milst attend,
for be debarkird from coming in for-els are of the
13111119. JNO. I. MITCHELL,
Apr. 15, 1868.-4 w Auditor.
- AVING removed her shop to the rooms
11. over J. R. BoWen's Store, is now receiving
fresh from New York for the ppring trade, which
shp•will sell cheap. 'Call And examine styles
Main street, Welleboro, Pa.
April 8, 1868
MTO. 11. TRUMAN t havit f g purchased the
shop lately ownedby Mrs. Goldsmith, op
positßoy's Block, Main Street, Wellsboro,4nn
noun sto the public that she is now reboiving
latex pring styles of - •
LAD ____
which she will dispose of at reasonable prices.—
She will also carry on
in all Ite branches. The ladies of Wollsboro and
vicinity, are invited to call and examine her
• Wellsboro, April, 8, 1868-tf
,_ _ 1
tett Statea, for the 'Valera District of Perin
WILLIIiIII B. BAKER, a bankrupt under the not
of Congress of March . 2, 1867 , , having applied for,
a discharge from all his debts, and other claims
provable under.sald act, by order of the 'Court,
', otioo is hereby gfven to all creditors who have
proved their debts and other persons interested,
to appear on the 22d day of April,lB6B, at four
o,clock, P. M., bef ro P. E. Smith, Esq., Register,
at his office in Tioga, Pa., to show cause, if any
they have, why a discharge should not be granted
to the slid bankrupt. And further, notice is here
by given that the second and third meetings of
ereclitore of the said bankrupt, required by the
27th and 28th sections of said net, will be bad
befoul said Register, at the same time and place.
of 11. S. District Court for said District.
apa 8-2 t
-1 ted States for the Western District of Penney/.
a bankrupt under the act
of Congress of March 2,1867, having applied for
a discharge from all his debts, and ) ther claims
provable under said not, by order of the Court,
notice is hereby given to all eredito s who have
proved their debts, abd other perso s interested,
to appear on the 22d day of April, 1868, at four
o'clock, P. M., before F. E. Smith, Esq., Regis
ter, at ' office in Tioga, Pa., to show cause, if
toy they have, why a discharge should not bo
granted to e said bankrupt. And further, no
tice is hereby given, that the second and third
meetings of creditors of the said bankrupt, re
quired by the 27th and 28th socking of said act,
will be had before said Register, tit-ttmsame time
;and place.
, -S. C. M'CANDNSS, Clerk
of U. S. District Co rt for said District.
April 8,1868-2 t.
In Ban
TN the District Court of 17. ;a. Western Diet of
Penns, in the matter of SILAS ALLIS,
'Bankrupt. To whom it may Concern :
The undersigned hereby gives notice of his'
appointment as Assignee of Silas Allis, of IVA
mond, Tioga county, Pte., within attid District,
who has been adjudged a bankruptupon his own
petition by the District Court of said District.
Tinge, April, 8. 1868-3 t. Assignee.
Administrator's Notice
I been gran ed to the undersign ton the es
tate of Willirm French, jr., late of iddlebary,
deed, all persona owing or having claims against
said estate, are required to call and settle with
Middlebury, April 8, 1868.-6w* Adm'a.
Executors' Notice.
LETTERS Testameritary having been grant
ed to the iandersigned upon the last will and
testament of Jacob Kissinger, late of Liberty,
deceased, all persons owing sqld estate, and ail
having demands against - the same, are required
to settle With JOSEPH Il&ORRIS,1 E '
• Liberty, April 5,c1868-6we
- NoticE.
PROPOSALS will be received by the trustees
of the M. E. Church of Wellaboro, for the
building of their new Brick Church edifice—aize
iiinehlding lecture room, about 120 a 60 until
April 20th inst., or for the doing of the mason
and, joiner work aeparately. The plans' and
eel:Mentions may be aeon by calling on the
TRUSTEES, at Wollsboro.
April 8,1868-3 w
NOTICE is hereby given that the copartner
ship heretofore existing between the sub
scribers under the name of Goodell A; Pierce, is
this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Clymer Ap., 1, '6B-4t.
ea VlCTiacia.teia.
new HOOK
New Spring
W E have received a very LA
on the moat favorable lunar, and
very small advance from yak!.
hazard nothing in suyiug abut we
and the BEST QUALITY of e
kapt in the place. Hove a btere
see what you aro buying, and pie(
quAity considered,jm'at any otli
We continue to make our .
one of our specialties, and
uo short notico 'and II the I,
have added to our 'dock a. gout
cow!' Al ng of
and M
We are the agents fo
and soil TEA at New York pri
pound. All visiting Corning, a
and examine stock and prices.
Corning, April 8, 1868.
$5O REW . !
re.. in Ting°. Onunty; wn
bettor Plow. thane
. .
Or a butter Grain Drill
-1 , All of the impFet
At the Agricultural Depot
I will say to. ttio Farmers of Tio!
1 am the ,stile agent for this coon
most irnpriivod
1 .
And they will find it to their int
my assortment before
large asiortment of .
i• -'"''
Conetantly. on ha
Tioga, April 8, 'B4
Consisting ehiqly o
10,000 Sets New and Sec
Harness, Bridles and
All styles,
2,000 WAGON COVERS, all size
Also a large lot of Reins, Lead Line , Buggy Ambit.
lance and Cart Harness. Double Trees cad Bars, Port.
able Forges, /cc., !to. Wheel Team Harness, little
worn, all oak tanned leather, services le, cleaned and
oiled, $5 per horse s inclUding riddle L ad, do s4' Am
bulance or Stage Harness with enperl r leather Traces,
perfectly suited for farm or general to m work. double
sets complete $25 to 80, Bridles $l, to $3, extra hair
'lined Artillery case, do $2,50 and $3, D üble Itelb $1,75 '
to 2,25, Halters $5 to $l2 per dozen, N w Officers, Mc.
Olellan Saddles, $l6 do, with plated Bit Bridle $l9,
Brass Mounted Saddles. good as new $9, with Bridle 1
sll,l3oys Saddles $O, Wagon Corers, perior, 10 and ,
12 oz., Cotton Duck $6 tO $l2, 1000 ()spite' Tents,
new and good as new, 12 oz, Dnek;l4fe t square $25 to
$5O, with poles and pins complete, wall Tents $l5 to
$2O. Wedge to $B, Shelter Tents - for Hay Caps.
$3O to $5O per 100.
Grain Bags, 12 oz. Duck, 2 to 3 Bush°
dozen, alai) full assortment of Seamless
Small order by - Exprese, 0. 0. D.
(Formerly on Front St., n
71 Nonnt SECOND Sr., JUST SEL:'
Also, b PARK PLACE, N. Y.
Descriptive prico list sent on . rip
April 8, 1868-am. '
• Auditor's Noticed
THE undersigned having been
auditor to distribute the bola . 1
in tho hands of Robert Cosboar, ad
the eetate of Erastus Butts, into o
doo'd, hereby giyes notice that he
the duties of said appointment 'at!
Wellsboro, Pa., on Friday the first'
1888, at 2 o'clock, p. m., when and
eons aro required to present their.
forever debarred from' coming in 1.,
said fund. • JNO. I. MI I
Welleboro, April 8,1868-4w*
oods )
DS '
will be fold nt
We think we
keep the
°oils that aro
ght enough to
go ourselves to
!r t etablifibtnent
bon desired
let monitor. Wo
soortmeot oY
nd eacl
sell them
es by tho_single
e invited' to call
aid to any per
will Drachma a
Ithun the
k. I toga
!ra . Oa - anth that
y, for , altof the
.rest to examine
i!nd Hand
Oars, 3,000
, now 8; worn
01 - 1.9 E S,
1 8, Ac.
$6 to $lO per
47, CO,
w Alien ST.,
P 4.
I ppointed an
ice of money
;linistrator of
ill attond to
hie Ace in
day of May,
th'oro all por-
I lainis, or be
a 'share of
File lut of geiiiiine eliesicrii:thiiii Pigs. Al
so,marly liamlriuh, florrNii l'o
totem Also onc-pair - nr Mules, ill exchange
the oilariator, other
I "AM A gent ' tiii` W. b. - .'clebrated
Utica %Vriwons—will soon hove 6 Dow diroA
from the umuufacturetwhich will ho soot
able. v - ".zl. G. 131011413"17.
Middlebury Center, April 1.
e l oggh t he ii, ! we ') I reetisal band
1 open bOggy. 1. veotaolfrliitiid itAa
I oqlkey., I twobottio lunber w.igun. •
100 B 41L"ELS
‘ N t le o f i .; T r alle l ; I
A t
200 ELL 4leis Timothy Sued. 160 ho t stitls
Clover ti.l, eltotireitlind=
113 iAdministrAtOr's Notice.
4 4 1"rEltS . ..1 aduifii,tiation !laving 111,011
■.ranted utifiii•the ettotti or Sarah A.
1,110 111 Varalingteil, perw,iir
urtnte or having (dolma agnifist the rain.:, will
suttle with - JOILN I hit ycliE
w.Akboro, April I,
1 0 :ro!lit..l!,..s.k.,wh'ell
April; 1, :1868-qt
Administrator's Notice
I - r 4 YrYKIIS of administration having been
granted to the, subscriber nvon the e...tate
I.7tephen R. Parties. Wu of Gaines', riCeNl. all, per•
Sans owing said estati.•, or baying claims upon
the same; will settle with
.Wellsboro, April 1. 1888,tit0"
ACKING for hops. best quality 25 ctJ perynrd
oat , - LA NO k CO'S. -
ogit Comity for the A. D. 181;8.
Class. nix.
M A Dorow • 13 SJO
J S Mitchell 14 7
.1 C Evens 12 121
P Moue ll 14 7
J111110:I Trahey 14 7
L 11 Smith 14 7
J L Belden 1:s 10
Jacob Miller 12 12/
M L Bacon 14 7-
IVL . 14 7
TN Thomas 11 7
F 1 Caldwell 14 7
A J Shichh3 14 7
J 11811 ' 14 7
J . Capra, billiards 40
P• Barnett • 14 7
%V Jr, Stanbr'gh 14 7
A J Simmons 14 7
W 0 Bristol 14 7
Stebbins k Bro 14 . 7
A J Smith 14 7
S W Love 14 7
S S ,Packnrd 14 7
J C Bennett , 14 7
G S Knox 14 7
L E Rockwell 14- '7
H Morgan 14 7
D F Stone 14 7
V Purple 14 7IJ Pane
I R 'Howland 'l4 IA Leo
M Colo tt Co 13 10 !Wzo Cale
Job Wilcox 13 10
7 -14 , ELKLAIM Bono'.
A JTillinan 14 7IJ M Reed
Parkhurst dr, Co - 12 12i 1 E II Ruckbee
Fall B Coal Co 7 40 i
Hiram Merril 14 7IA J Deano
S X Billings 14 '7 ID K Marsh
• I
C Lefler
D B Lane
A Douglaps
\ .. i. IC 'Retail
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
J Goodspeed 14 7
J Dearman 14 7
W Knox 14 7
M Marlon 1.1 7 j
(ilea Roberta 14 7
Adatns tt Brown 14 7
It Thornton 14 7
C S Mather &Coll 1 . 5
C P Leonard • 14
L A Comstock 14 1
S B Card 14 7
B Seelemann 14 7
Sebring Jr, Millerl2 12 , 1
fl Woolbuf 14 7
Narbei",t, Moor 12 121.
1 . •
14 7
14 7
Job Doane
Geo Bosto
B Parkhurst 14 7
Doud (Cc Boyeo 14 7
Murdaugh Pl 2 124
EW Phelps 14 .
E VV Phelps,billiards :111
W Adams 14 7
Mart King 13 10
C Elliott:' 14
14 71
8, 5
14 7
Dr Whitd.
V B holiday
Benj Doanc
J A Westbrook
M C Potter
8 5
]d, 7
• Net.goi4.
14 7 ILegg & Whited 14
14 7 iParkes & lire IA
II A Rowell
A LoFoy
Afartia k IC"fke.q,
It Hammond
H Boole) ,
N Strait
14 7IP Crandall Co 111 7
14 7 S•Crandall kt - Co 111 7
14 7 11 C llosy;orth 14 7
14 7
13 10 1 G M Vedd©r 11
13 10
Watkins ..E, Cu
E it Backer
14 7
J L Pittb
13 10
0 D Lie')
11 15 J Van Ot4in 14 7,
14 7 11 11 Borden &Col-1 7
14 7 b Daggett 14 7
13 10 E 111 Smith 14 7
13 10 1.1 VnnOstin,hilliards3o
14 7 Cll lhittliitt 14 7
13 10 A Craffortl 14 7
14 7 J Schioffelin 14 7
I lb Johnson A; I. 14 7
Wielainue b F
W T Broil
B B Borden
P S Tuldh ,
- Fish Sr, Cady '
P Tunar
-4 Fish
it E Fish (ID Son
T T, Baldwin
4 7 James Holley 14 7
J II Blitchell
J Irwin
4 7 1
7 1
Etigcomb & II I
J Burtis &Co 14 7'3 Swatzenhauell 10 5
A& N P 4 Closo 14 7 W Q Wakely 14 7
3-B &S 0 Mut'k 14 . 7 3 0 Thotupson 14 7
S Willcox 14 7 lSantlors & Coll:. 11 7
R Rrusen 12 12/ID Alcilhughton 14 7
N Gardner 14 if ISamuel Pierce 14 7
S F Scofield 14 7 I ,
Goo Hastings 14 7 Bullard & Gol'h 14 - 7-
'Webb.& Ilast 6 go4 7 " Billiard 10
C VanVal'lebg 13 10 °L A Gardiner 14 7
N Asher 1 7 Bodine &Co 14 7
C Willcox 13 0 W'T Mothers 13 10
Thoallarding 12 2/ Toles 4 Barker 13 10
EIR Kimball. . 10 C L Wilcox 13 10
Sears & Derby 14 7' P R Williams ' 13 10
Wm Roberta 'l4 7 Wilson d; VnnV 13 10
Hugh Young 14 7 j R Bowen &Co 12 12/
Wright & Baily 11 15 C B Kelley 13 10
D P Roberts 14 7 Converse & 0 14 7
Delano &Co 13 10 ' 6 " 12 12/
J A Roy 14 7 A Foley 14 7
C Sheffer (Br) 10 5 ,Warriner &Co 14 7
M 11 Prince 14 7 6
Totlee is hereby given that an appeal will be
held nt the Commissioners' Office in Wellsbore,
on.the twenty-siith day of Alay, A. D. 1808, be
tween the hours of 10 A. and 1 P. M., nt
which time and place.all persons aggrieved by
the foregoing appraisement • will be heard, and
such abatements made as are deemed proper and
just, and all persons failing to appear said time
and place will ho barred from making any do
fence before me. B. W. SKINNER,
Mercantile Appraiser.,
Wellsboro, April 1,'68-4w. Westfield, Pa.
einS3. Tax
II %V Holden 14 7
Sll Theunpeon 14 7
J A Marlin 14 • 7
Bloim, Mining Ac
it 11• Pc, 7 40
1) Ikle‘ruy 14 7
Cn:•tle 14 • 7
M Kelley 14 7
Plummer 14
3amea Morgan 14
John ‘Villson 14 7
:fumes Keller 1. 10
INlorriß 'Munut Min-
ink; Rlt Cc. 7 40
J Vrinonter, recCfier 25
'Bailey kCo .14 7
Win Siannom. 14 7
B A Seeley 14 7
(1 oodell R Tk'r 14 7
pcbgn Short 'l4 7
IW 0 Stubbs 14 7
N Bono.
L Barber 14 7
IP L Clark 14 7
E Dyer 13 10
Geo P Card 14 7
Albert Tipple 14 7
14 7
J J Wilcox 14 7
Palmer Biyan I 1 7
Oliver Hamiltom 14 7
LLB Bono.
L-B Reynolds 14 7
Wood & Chrktie 11 7
L Case 14 7
A Dearmen 14 7
IW no:, billiards 311
vibt.n . Rono. -
Joseph Phippen 14 7
IW J Horton 14 7
C Porkhui•st 14 7
Worlipo 12 121
ISI Nownutn " 14
G It Sheffer 14 7
Cox dk Wb:ouinii 12 . 12/
IsrElder 14 7'
Irwin 'l3ro & V 14 7
Blackwell t Co 14 7
RG Bort°,
ICudxforilt C 14 7
.G D Mairie 14 7
li.t) Bono.
DWohster 14 7
C holden 'l3 10
It N Bolden 14 7
C\V Brown 14 7
J W Willbelto 13 10
G B Riff & Bro 14 7
Silas Staples 14 7
It Keeney ? 1.1 7
Vishay. Ac. 14 7
T.Parris , 14 7
l'Chas StelTer 14 7
Insurance Agenew.
%V IL K iiB-BiliAß, PA.
•-• . ,
It C. >'.it i ti, g c ' II. ' I W. ti. It4Bs, Pro.
li T. It F;Ali,zo , l/7 :Wt. L. I). SIIOI:4AKItft, VII,
eokriptiny for Th ev d,, r ,
' H wait I , itoly agent, and policy h o w.
1111:1 Will, 'W it.ll in renew their Itieurnrico arc re
queeteci re 1, 1 ,0 y 6, the entmoriher.
Girard - The Insurance Co,`,
.1. D. A s.viinn: VA 9 CITA vRn: PrtAide“ (
\'pri etftry. A: 8. (1 11.1.111 T. V. ••
Capital $it200,000)
All pniti up in CaFh.
Suri)lus Over 460,000.
Continental Ins. Company,
Cash Capital, .5•:500,000,00
Gross Surplus, Jan. 1, 1868, 1,314,5:K1;31
Cash Assets,' do ' 1;814,590M
writtenAt this,offiCe.,
ROROE'T. 1101'1, PreiLlent.
11.! LAM P Vico President.
CYRUS PECR,' §eoretary,
littiaztbf'c~ri?ii t; lass this method of informing
the public that Itii - 17es the ageno,of •the nbtne
Colopanieg, and will he found tit t his office over
Roy's I)rtig Stole, adjoining Agiqitor Office.
Wellsboro, Pa., Fob. 26, 1868 7 1,t,: ....-.l.'•' •
I A; --
N I.LIN kItUPTOY.—Tbia ie. to give notice :
That on the 21tt day of Feb.: A. IF: 1865, ;;
warrant in'llankruptcy was flisuelk,againtt the
eidate . of Win, k JIV). A. R se, of 'Rutland, in the
county of Tioga, and Stitt of Nit n'tt, who hart
been toljodged Bankrupts n their own Petition.
that the payment of any: ebte land delivery si
any foroperty belonging to s eh Bankrupts to than
- r
for their WO and the transfer lof any .property
hy theta aro forbidden bylaw; tlkt a meeting of
the creditorit of said Bankrupto to proco their
debts, and to chouee one or more A.taignee: will
he held at a Uourt of Bankruptcy, to be holden at
the office of -P. B. Smith, Jo Tioga. county of li.
og.k, and : 4 tatl> of Pennsylvania, before F. E
Smith, Register, on the 22l day of,April, A. h.
1868, at 10 o'clock A. M.
TJ. 8. Marobal Wedt'n Dint. J'.
Per DAVID CAMERO - N, Deputy
Scales! • Scales ! Scales !
THE Buffalo Platform Scales, all ordinary
sizes, t.or heavy, and counter use, may he
found at the Hardware Store of Wm. Rqberts,
Wellsboro. These Scales are the Fairbanks pat.
not and have nosnperior anywhere. They aro
mall? in the }mat stylopand have taken the renal.
um at all the great exhibitions. ,
I have the st to agency for these Scales in this
region. ' WILLIAM - ROBERTS,
Wollsboro, Feb. 12, 1965. ,
Wellsb ro Meat Market! ,
BEEF ! PORli ! Mjyrros !
m tIE snbseribcr opened a Moat` farket in the
building lately occupied by Dr. Webb, on
Crafton-street, Monday morning, Feb. 17, where
ho will keep a full as.,wrtment of
Hams and Shoulders. If the people will give tee
encouragement I will keep up a good Market.
Feb 10, 1808 2 -3 m. A. J. TIPPLE.
4=l/ a$ Ca" . •
Great Excitement! Johnson impeached, end Eir.
bree's !Moots and :Aloes triumphant! Tho sub:Ara,
would say to the people of Westfield and vicinity th
he is manufacturing a Patent 'Boot which be belime. fa
possess the following advantage over all others:
ditty is no crimping; 2d, no wrinkling, save se they m e ..k
to the feet ; 841, nu ripping, In short, the 3 are pie,
the thing for eNerybony. Samples on hand ;Inn or&rf
solicited. l 4 ole light of Westfield township and•
secured. Ile Ims /1180 just received a splendid t.,1
Iminto`ral pattmns, latest styles. .Como one. come all!
We are bound to sell cheap fur ca.,11 or ready pay.
one doer south of Sanders Colektrove.
-IVesttield Dere', Feb.l3 ~1 . R. );NI
Valetable Farm for Sale.
Afarm of three hundred acres, with two hun
dred and twenty•five acres improved. Sa•
tutted two miles north of Tioga Village, on the
Tioga River and Rallrocd . Well 'untamed, uh
dclu good t4itto of cultivation, and hood build
ings. A 1,0 four houses and lots her sale in Tb•ge
T. Y:111.11%1; IN.
Tio , m,..Veb. 12, 1868-I.f.
Exajnination of Teachers.
tiler schools only, will be held :
Chntba In, CAOSO S..n. Monday. April fi, I p.
Knoxville, s. n. Tuesday , ' " 7, 10 A, ti
Blltland born' H. ii. Weilnesda3, b. 10 •
Farmington, 10
Middlebury, Holiday's, Friil, , 10, 10 •
horn's. 11. Monday, April lA, 11.
'Rutland, Roseville, Thursday, •• 11. , 10 A.l,
Mansfield, S. n, Friday, April, 17. 10
Liberty, 131. House, Monday, Apr 211,
Covington born' Tuesday, April 21,10 A U
Charleston, Tiaras A. 11. WeCilst•tr3 22,
Dolinar, Slimy Fork, l'lmmitly, 23, "' Wellsburo, s. a.
Friday, April 21,
" Fridays, May S. 15, " • •
Price& ol etivvention, e , peeioll‘
rectors, and our old leaeher, %h.) iciready 11..
valid e t ertitieates ore invited to Ottotot ,
antioations ‘l'Len they ore closed the
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ite.d, and oull not I.e found at 1it411 4. 1 (Cr prtrair ,
examinations. Candidates 1,. 1 - 11.11
plea,..e provide a sheet of foolscap papor,
ink, and envelope.
of 'I eaehers in the art of tesel.h.e.
pill emitinettea Monday, April 2711), at I e. u.
at some point (hereafter to he poldi.r-holi
the CiliZOM , trill ittrlth.ll hospitality to learloi
and the t-mpelit:tendent 1011 he haliy Ili re,eot.
nomination). I.) the plac'e for holding said
vention al iv:tellers. The times for Ex.:11.01)..•
(ion:I-and institute havc) been fixed tciIII 1,1.11
once to the general habit of Directors in rl.):
count). to ,pen their rummer sehnols no the 1 • 1
Monday in .11ay •
_J. P. CA IN
Aprll 1, IStIS-3,,c.
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Ort , ll`F:, 13 MAO:
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and will guarantee Entislactien in every case . —
Nitrous Oxide Ca;. which is superior t” 11 , )
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Rohinion ) James Irunne Mary I, Johnson, Mrs
IVAI Staples, Sarrili Francis, 11 C Eoland, Fan
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_C a hristiail, Martha Moore, Will Gre, ~
Mary Dgel,tnewn., Mary Lindsc3, Mrs l're , r
Jennie' Firwh; Coo Orpen, Willi.
Wei•Sboro, April 1,150 S.
In Bankruptcy.
n Iri4rid. of Penneylranict, 80 1
mny The undersigned
he,rl3by gives inotice of his appoiuturent
n,siened of Ilen...jnh Wilcox of the ( - 7 ° ll°l p
of . nod St-tte Ptunsylvanin. tvh I:3S
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Vell:+la.ra, April I. 1868.-:10 . AFsig-ncee:
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inocuu M. I:tillurti & Goldsmith is Gilt day
dio-salved I y intitual'esnsoot.' The Looks and as
cotiots ix ill 1.6 in the ha,,tl. of 0. 11. Goldsmith
- M
Ilia Grocery bu.siness w.ili hu condadol at tio
ul4 stand by C. H. Goldsmith.
Wellsboro March 26, 1989- 3w