The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, April 08, 1868, Image 2

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    In a recent debate in the U. Senate,
the following extraordinary statement
was made by Senator CAMER(N in ans
wer to the declaration made by Senator
Swarm's that Gen. Lnn wasnever ar
rested : •
Aft'. CAMERON. I will tell you
*by he was not' arrested. General Lee
called on a - gentleman who had my en
tire 'confidence, and intimated that he
would like to have the'comrnand of the
Army. He assured that gentleman,
'who was a man its the confidence of the
Administration, of his entire loyalty,
and his devotion to the interests of the
Administiation and of the country. I
consulted with General Scott, and Gen.
Scott approved of placing Wan at tip
head of the Ariny. The place was off
ered to him unofficially, with my ap
probation, and with the approbation of
Pen. Scott. It was accepted by him
verbally, with - the promise that he
-would go into Virginia and settle his
business and then come back to take
command. ' He never gave us an oppor
tunity to arrest him ; he deserted under
false pretenses I should have s arrested
him in - a 'moment if, I had had a chancy
at him, and I have always regretted
• that I never did get that chance. I
thought the Senator referred before to
the case of Joseph E. John4on, who
was, the quartermaster general, and it
was of him I spoke first. In regard to
Glen, Lee's ease, I think he behaved
`worse than any of the men who acted
so treacherously to the government.
The Director of the Bureau of Statis
tics furnishes the following official re=
turn's of the immigration at all the
ports oFthe United States during the
quarter ending December 31, 1867: The
whole number_ of passengers arrived
was 75,218, of whom 12,712 were citi
zens of the United States, and 1,762
foreigners, notinteneng to remain in
the United States, leaving of immi
grants 61,739, of. whom 35,302 were
males, and 26,437 telltales. !Under 15
years of age, 12,302 ; ' 15 to 40 years of
age, 41,737 ; 40 years of age and over,
7, 699. Of the whole number pf
grants, 53,976 arrived at New Norlc, 2,-
018 at Boston, 7,657 at New Orleans, 1,-
724 at Baltimore, 684 at Portland, 1,018
at Galveston, 412 at San Francisco, 102
at Charleston, 14 at Oregon, 67 at Phil
adelphia, and-.the - rest scattering. Of
the whole number of immigraints, 23,-
512 were froth Great Britain and Ire
land, 31,600 from the German States, 1,-
_O6B from France, 1,908 froMOther coun
tries of Europe, 321 from (,Mina and
Japan; 1,084 from the British North
American provinces, and the rest scat
tering. There were 6,245 farmers, 10,-
641 laborers, 5.521 meebaraes, 3,075
merchants, 2,096 miners, 307 Profession
al-callings, 677 tradesmen other than
mechanics, and the rest scattering, or
not stated.
Congress has been ; accused, alike by
. Democrats and Coniervative Republi
cans, of usuping authority in its Re
construction Policy not conferred on it
by the Constitutidu. The Supreme
Court has had this 'question before ii,
and - has decided that Congress has cx
, elusive the premise:A, only
political topics being involved. What
is more ; this decision conforms to tlu'
doctrine held by the, Court on this elas
of matters from th 6 foundation of th"
governmCnt. Congress has anti
is still acting strictly within the
of its prerogatives ; and its.' assailants
wish to make new rule:4, in conflict
with all. past precedents tO suit their
party ends.
This decision is the more .eo
tial. bec-•-
dial because it has been unders mri
months that a majority of the Judges,
in their private opinions, do not con
sent to what Congress has don , and i
doing. I they had the pow power
would not\do as Congress is but
they are constrained to adjac ge that
the discretion is not with them, but
. 'with the Senate and House, I N.fter
it will become the Democrats i ) abate
somewhat;at least, of their wi d
about the usurpations of Congress.
THE NEW OriLEANS Tribune gives the
following capital contrast of the two
Moseses, of whom Andrew is the latest
specimen ;
The true Moses was the meekest of
men; our Moses is the most mulish.
The true Moses was a man of prayer;
our Moses is a man of 'Oaths. The true
Moses was slow of speech, and had his
brother for a mouth-piece ; our Moses
unfortunately speaks for himaelf. Tlie
-'le Mq§es was a great law-giver; our
)ses lb a notorious laW-breaker. The
!e Moses forsook Eqpt, not fearing
wrath of its king , our Moses has
ie down to Egypt for h6lp. The
(e Moses turned his back onthe foe of
country ,• our Moses has turned his
k on his friends and the friends of
country. The true MOses •' en dured'?
be end ; our Moses has,betrayed and
tridoned the cause to which he swore
:glance. Tho true Moses led an op
_Jssed people out of bondage; our Mo
ies\vornised to do it, but left them to
the( \ foes., The true Moses labored to
save b e people from the bite of fiery
serpen s; our Mos . es has sought to have
all the ople bitten by them—Fe, .Cop
perbea s. When the true Moses died,
the elaildr 'n of Israel wept for him 30
days; when our Moses shall leave the
White Rouge for Tennessee, all the peo
ple will say\ e 7en. Tho man who
reeled into °ill e ought to be ruled out.
THE "Derrxoc sate in the Ohio
islature have introuced a bill to dis
franchise students at acadethies and
colleges. They consider educittion de
. trimental to the interests of the "De
mocracy," and are determined to pre
vent "book larnin" from interfering
with their party majorkties. If they
could interdict thepublication pf news
papers'and shut up the schpol houses
they would soon be able to Inimi over
' Ohio to the complete control' of the
1 " DemOcracy."
burg (Ind.) Herald, in 'comment - Im, on
the bill to put reconstruction in be
hands of Gen. Grant, says :-
- When that time does conic (when
passes the Senate,) the sooner the earth
is rid of him the better ; there will be
a job_for another Booth. By' the ' hair
of St. Michael, we would rather see him
in hell than King over a single inch of
Anterican and it is our opinion, if
His Equestrian Mightiness were to ac
cept under the reconstruction /law he
would be seeking a home in the above
hot region before he would ever reach
the capital of his new kingdom.
7t, •
By the explosion of the steamer Mag
nolia, near Cincinnati on the Ith, over
one hundred persons almost instantly
Perished.. It is Said that of ono hun
dred and sixty persons on board, pass
engers and crew, only fifty-four lives
are known to have, been saved. No
plausible explanation of the cause of
this terrible "disaster had yet, appeared,
but we trust there may be a strict in
vestigation made, and that 'any living
parties who may prove to !jp responsi
ble for such wholesale slan t ,hter will be
held to the closest accountability.
Donn Platt, in a letter to the V Y.
Tribune, says of the'Deznocratic party—
"lt is the organized ignorance and
blind prejudice of the land, and is there
fore immortal. At the great day, when
the Almighty calls the people to judg
ment, the Democratic party will come
up shouting for a "white man's Gov
ernment," mid a'•owing its solemn de
termination to " vote the ticket, the
whole ticket, and nothing but the tick
An old lady, 77 years of, age, the
mother of the wife of Jaws DorrAmun,
who resides near the Catholic I Church.,
on' Market 'street, Elmira, was found
dead in her bed Wednesda. , night.
The, claims acknowledged by S. R.
VAN'CASIPEN, late of Elmira, in bank
ruptcy, foot up between four and five
hundred thousand dollars.
gold has declined to $1,371.
17i7E.,L880R0, PENN'A
Republican State Nominations.
Aumr4) . R GNE
Bare obliged to Gen. linrtranft for
a copy of the Auditor General's Report.
on Railroads for 1867. We
a sum
mary of some of its,more fita.:
tistieg elsewhere.
VICTORY !—Rhode Island held its
election for State ()Meer; on the Ist
inst., and the result vas the election of
the entire Republican ticket by nearly
6300 majority'. Gen Burnside was re
elect Governor. The Legislattrie
will stand, Republicans 111, Democrats
13. Of course there was no doubt about
the 'Republicanism of Rhode bland,
but the enemy made'a desperate effort
to reduce our majority, and failed.- 7 ,
The "great reaction " has caught, a
cold. Shall we hear from Rangtown,
and tremendous Democratic gAins?
This is a gain of 200 , 3 on last year's
Majority in Rhode Island. We hope
Connectieut did as well 'on Monday.
The result of the trial of .`Andrew
Johnson cannot br considered doubtful.
It was at one time rumored that seven
or eight Reinblienti; ? : would join with
the democrats in the Senate in the final
vote, but, later developments render it
certain Oat not more than one or two
occupy doubtful positions. The trial
cannot last more than two weeks
ger, if ro lot h , ncrnrtlin r to present ap
The smoke of the battle having clear
ed away'we are able to state that the
usurpations of the l'hiladelphia Con
vention are denoniced and disavowed
by nearly cyery Republic-au paper in
the State. It remains to hie seen wheth
er any paper but the ,SY(de Gourd will
continue to insult the freemen of the
party by insisting that State Conven
tions can annul popular elections in
the (!ongres-ional districts. If this at,
tempt to forge public opinion succeeds,
it will be the irst success or that kind
on record in t is courtly.
The folly and puerility of the attempt
to reverse thp decisions of several con
stituerlies by resolution in a State Con
vention, is apparent, when it is known
that it was done to compliment po v.
Curtin in the first place, and to pa ex
tra powers into the hands of a few pol
iticians who will attend the Chicagy
Convention. That Mr. Curtin will re
ceive the nomination no man, of even
ordinal* perspicacity, believes. Han
nibal • llamlin, Schuyler Colfax, or
Benjamin Wade will stand first in the
list to be selected from, and will possess
the very decided advantage over. Mr.
Curtin of not being clamorers for place.
As an act of atoming justice we are in
favor of Mr. Hamlin—a modest, unas
suming, "troNEsT man. But Mr. Wade
,is be the nominee." is a
man who never belonged to a Mutual
Admiration Society in•all his life. Is
true, firm, upright, anti HONEST. He
is likewise a Sober man. Ile is up to no
tricks, is not' a politician, and is of
stainless wute.
The Free Railroad Bill, which Mr.l
Speaker Davis, ou the occasion of its
passage in the House, declared \ he was'
elected to carry through, has Keen ve
•toed by Gov. - Geary. His -objections
are as-follows:
1. That the'Constitutjon declares that
no bill embracing more subjects than
are clearly expressed in its title shall
be passed, et the bill increases the priv
ileges of coFri - orations already in exis
tence,- without mention ,in the title.
2. That the bill authorizes the rail
road companies to increase their capital
stock without limit, thus conferring
powers which are inimical tta a Repot,-
iea 11 government.
he Governor is entitled to the thanks
Of the people of Pennsylvania for this
prompt arrest of a great outrnae upon
plar right. We have not believed,
fort moment, that a legislature - organ.-
ized under the control of the Pennsyl
vania Central Monopoly, would give
the people a fain• Free Railroad law.—
" Wait and see—said some of our
friends. Well, we hast waited ; and
we see that the bill proposed to give
lthe control of railroads into the hands
of the Black Beast of the Common
wealth. It was never intended to ben
eft the people, but existing corporations
only. The Pennsylvania Central, by
•ncreasing its capital could control the
State as effectively as it does it now,
and without the cost of buying up the
cort4ipt men who somehow will get in
to leglative bodies. The insincerity
of the IlkithorB of the vetoed bill is seen
in the st pression of the substantial ob
ject of the ill in its title. Had the title
declared it be a bill to increase the
privileges of xisting railroad compan
ies, a ma.jority would tilt have dared to
vote for it.
The people ougl t to be proud of Gov.
Geary, without distiction of party. A
thbroughly 'honest man in the IS tate
Department refreshes Us like a shower
aftir a_bot and dusty da -. Thank you
Gov. Geary-.
The Chambersburg I?epo*ory, one of
whose editors was prominent in the late
usurpation of the State Convention, \
says that a factious minority \insists
that " Pennsylvania shall siniplY \ give
doubtful compliments to her public
men for national offices." On the el:in
trary, what the Repository calls " \ a
factious minority," insists that the dis- \
trict elections of 'delegates shr(fl not tie
annulled in State Convention, foy the
purpose of complimpnting any man --ak
Chicago. The "editors of that paper
know that Gov. Curtin cannot be nom
inated at Chicago. As one of that "fac
-I,tious minority," we protest against the
I proposed trade of "a united delegation"
for places of honor and pr fit under
Grant's Administration. ly t ) lepeat,
that Curtin stands no more Gliwice of it
nomination at Chicago than—do we ;
and Benjamin F*Vade is likely to - be,
the man on the first ballet,
- C.l/}1:11M COY.iTY
TRIAL OF AND"? It.W .10111\130N
The I l'1:11 +.: tltiy 1111). I I (by
poPit lob ) ei I f•t• Wrig' FC
sumed at .I(tiiitsis . 2:_'ll
At (lint 1 - n•iii ;Le :he Sen
ate vitcat( , l the taken
by Chief ~::.lit er of
an hour later the eontiFel fol the Presi
dent entered ti, l'han.hil,
the Man'agen- , oil the Hie I. the 'louse.
- 4 11 he SergeatiFtit. At tttr. t ht•tt toady proc-
Initiation tifence. A few
minutes later the Ilioorkeener announc
ed the all the • ..Nit.2ti„t.kl• of the
I - lon. eat the of the
House ck,o.iitt. need - I open
ing. at.n. icw I•eioie,•io: o'cloqs,
and cohtihind witi.ont toter; uptiun un
til al uttt, lldol' a 1/10-
tion of ;-.:enator theSetiate took
avvvi. ; :, for len end of
that time the Pettate reassenilded, and
Mr. Paler pita ecticd with Gls opening
speei!h, closing at a little before fotir
o'clock . The speech, which was very
nitic was listeded to throughout with
profound attetitioto i,l r. Bin-glum - 1, of
10 - managers then announced lint the
Howe was ready to Proeeeit with the
testimony to make good the A itieles of
linpraehnient exhiLiteir again 4 the
President of the United - States, and
that .I\tr. Wilson NVOIIICI rrescr.t the
testimony. .
Mr. NVilson (hen the oath of
office of the Prerident, \vith the certifi
cate or Chief Justice Chase at hitched
thereto. Ile then tifi'eleit in their prop
er order, the nomination of Secretary
Statiton to the post or Scerettiry of War
ley Ahraliant Lincoln; the confirmation
or A n
Bby the Negate; and the Message
rew Johnson to the Senate in
i ber 18g7. assiging his reasons for
( ding thy Secretary of War-
Senate Men adjourned its session
iirt, of Inineatilinient until Tues
-124 o'clock.
k;(“.. , 1)01
as a (.
(lay at
We '
enitot, of course, present the ar
gumeUt of i Mr. lluticr. It. occupied
about three lours in its delivery, and
printqd WO( Id cover Once full pages of
The 41gita( )i* set. i'frsolid minion type.
w e lilt p r e F , e nt some points •of the
speee i : That the crime of the Presi
dent lis nialversalion in Office, and
elearliy au c impeachable otiCtise. That
the trial is rather an itiqueqt of office
than a judicial in vistiga t ion; , and that
the Srunte sits as a Senate and not as a
Court of law. And that the President
is estopped from pleading the uncon
stitutionality of the Tenure-of-Office
law,. by lijs c l unstnnt 'recognition of its
binding fOreC up to the day•on which
he 111 grantlyl violated its provisions, for
i i
Mlle i violation he stands impeached.
TI - proceedengs of Tuesday were
high y interesting. Mr. James E. Cree-
rpointifient 'Clerk of the Treasury
Wien t was called, and testified
triter the passage of the Tenure-of
law, the , fOrms l of the commis
sions issued to appointees were altered
so at , , to correspOul sk ith the provisions
of tli Jew, and that the President sign
ed these wommissions, thus acting on
the * . ‘v as i ' Vidid. Upon his cross-ex
amii atoll Mr. Creecy' testified that the
form • Were altered a few days after the
passage of the TenUre,-(;f. Office. Hon.
Burt Van Horn, M. C., was called and
testified as to the demand made upon
Se , eraary Stanton kvleliver up the
War Oftice s papers aiitP ( cUstorly by Gen.
Thomas, The substance of this testi
monial has been published. Ile was cor
roborated by Messers. Moorhead, Bur
leigl, and others. On the examination
of Mr. Burieigh he was asked to relate
the substance of a conversation be
tweeln Adjt. Gen. Thomas and himself
on the evening of the day when• e
attempt to elect Secretary Stantoi was
made. To this the counsel for the 1.4%-
ident objected and the Chief-Justice
•I ...
sustained the objection. Upon is a
question as to the competency of the
Chief -Justice to decide upon the ad
missibility of evidence artise, and was
ably and teniperately . debated by
Mess s. \Butler, Bingham, and Bout
well, of the House Managers,-and Mr.
Evarts, for the President. A motion
to retire for consultation was tied by a
vote 2.5 to 25, when the Chief-Justice
voter"yea," and daeltired the motion
deeityd affirmatively. : The Senate re-
at three oielnek, and after a ses
of three - hours, returned to the
Senate Chamber, and through the Chief
Justice reported a rule leaving it option
al wiith the presiding officer to rule all
dues ions of evidence, or to submit
them first to the Senate for its decision.
The Mouse Managers then asked leave
to retire, and the Senate, sitting as a
Court, adjourned to Wednesday at 12i
Th . Senate reassembled as a Court on
I • '
Wednesday. Mr. Sumner offered a rA ) -
olutf4n adverse to the suffrage of the
Chief Justice, but it was lost by a vote
of 21 to 27. The question of admitting
the testimony of Mr. Birrleigb was then
considered. His testimony related toa
conversation had with Gen. Thomas
the night of 21st February. The de- fense 6bjected to the testimony as irrel
evant'', and a debate lasting three hours
preceded a final vote, on which the
testimony was admitted by 39 yeas to
11 nays. Mr. Burleigh testified that
Gen. Thomas told him that he intend
ed to use force to get possession of the
War Office, if necessary, that he 'was
required to take possession by the Presi
dent., and would break down the doors
if Mn. Stanton bolted them against
rim. ' Mr. Samuel Wilkeson testified
fbat he had a conversation with Gen.
Thomas the day following his attempt
to take possession%f the War Depart
ment, and was told by Thomas that he
(Thomas) was only carrying , out the
President's orders. That he was actin
in obedience to the orders of his supe
rior. Mr. Wilkeson Sniffier testified
that Thomas told him on the night of
the 21st of February that if Mr., Stan
ton did not give up the possession of
the • Office he would apply to Gen.
Grtft for an armed- force to assist in
disposessing Stanton. A Mr. Kars
ner, from Delaware, testified that Thom
as told him on the night of the 24th of
February' hat, he Shaul(' do his-- duty
and kick Mr. Stanton out. No other
witnesses were examined on Wednes-
. ,
object of, this testimony is to
show that there w,as a conspiracy en
tered into between Johnson and Thom
as; that Thomas considers the Presi
dent's order as requiring resort to
force, if , necesary, to dispossess, Xl l —
and that Thomas's acts as at
agent were binding upon Mr. Johnson
as principal. '
On Thursday the trial proceeded at
the usual hour,'several Witnesses were
called; 'and testified to the interview of
Thomas and Stanton at the War Office
on the 22d of February, in Which the
former made a demand for the surren
der of the custody of the 01Itee. en.
Emory, in Command of the De art
ment of Washington, testified th be
had a conversation with the P , ident
soon after taking command, in which
he suggested an increase of force in the
Department. In th at conversation
mention was made of the organization
of tiforce in Maryland,.and Gen.. E
mory told the President that he saw .no
use for such a force, and did not like it.
He objected to it because the men were
`uniformed in Confederate gray, and
! officered by officer who had served in
the Confederate\artny. ,,
Ile receiveit a
summons to attend upon the PreOent
on the 22d of February. He oheyed.—
The President asked for an informal re
port as to the number of troops in the
District. It was during this interview
that the President denoutikeed the law
requiring all..orders intended for the
government of the army to emanate
from the General of the army, as un
constitutional and invalid. Gen. Em
ory replied that the Cothmanders had
not regarded the law as unconstitution
al, and that the army was a unit upon
that point ; also that several eminent
lawyers had been consulted who declar
ed that the Commanders were bound to
obey the law whether constitutional or
not. Two of these eminent lawyers
were Robert J. Walker and 'Reverdy
Johnson. \ [The section of the law re
ferred to. provides that the headquarters
of the General of the army of the Unit
ed States shall be in Washington ; and
all orders relating to Military opera
tions issued by the Preident or Secre
tary of 'War, shall be issued through
the General of the army.' It further
provides that the General of the army,
shall not be relieved, suspended, or re
moved from his command except at his
own request, with the previotis approv
al of the Senate ; any officer violating
this law or any of its provisions, to: be
punished by not less than two and not
more than twenty years imprisonment,
upon conviction.]
Mr. Stan bery, tor the President, cross
examined Gen. Emory, but only' elici
ted the fart that the army regarded the
order issued under the law given in
substance above, as binding until re
voked, and that the officers, _ being ex. 7
ecutive agents, could not question the
validity of any law, their duty being
to obey. The President's letter to Gen.
Grant was then offered and read in ev
idence. It.was offered to prove further
that the President intended to prevent
the reinstatement of Secretary Stanton
in defiance of the Senate. The Presi
dent's counsel demanded, theP reading of
the entire correspondence between Gen.
Grant, the President, and Members of
the Cabinet. The House Managersi ob
jected and the Chief Justice sustained
the objection, and on submitting the
question to the Senate, it was sustained
by a vote of 20 to 29. The order remov
ing Mr. Stanton was then read, and a
paper endorsed by Gen. Thomas as Sec
retary of War ad interim—showing,that
the latter had attempted to act as Secre
tary of War. Lieut. Cul. Wallace was
then called. He testified that he was
summoned to the Executive Mansion
on the 22d of February, and that when
there he was questioned by the Presi
dent about the disposition of the troops
in the 4 bistridt. This was in evidence
of an intention of the President to use
the army to attain his ends. Wm. E.
Chandlepformerly Assistant Secretary
of the Treasury was called to explain
the routine of getting money frbrn the
Treasury' for the use of the War De
partment. It is alleged in the Bth ar
ticle of 'lmpeachment that the Presi
dent has attempted to get possession of
and to Use the moneys of the War De
pa trnent unlawfully. He had appoint
ed its private Secretary Assistant Seb
re , ry, when there was no vacancy.. This
was in violation of the Tenure-of-Of
fice law. The theory of the House
Managers is, that the appointment was
made preliminary to making requisi
tion upon the Treasury for the use of
the War Department, through Adjt.
Gen. Thomas ( The counsel for the
President obj#etecl to the evidence, and
the matter was discussed at length by
both parties. Gen. Butler proposed to
show that Cooper, private Secretary to
the. President, was illegally appointed
assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and
had been controlling the public moneys
since. The • question of admitting the .
evidence was submitted to the Senate,
and was decided adversely to its admis
sion. The telegraph operator in charge
at the War Department was called and
produced copies of despatches passing
between Hon. Lewis Parsons, of Ala
bama, and the President. This corres
pondence took place in Jan. 1867, and
relates to the action Of., the Alabama
Legislature upon the Constitutional
amendment. The President telegraph;
ed Mr. Parsons in such terms as to dis
courage the Alabamians from hoping
for aid from the Congressional plan of
Reconstruction, . and intimating that
the South should stand firm In Its then
attitude. The defense objected to the
introduction of these deSPatches as irrel
evant. The question.of 4: 'ndmitting the
esp i es was submitted to the Senate,
hich by - a vote of 27 to 'I7 admitted
hem in evidence. Tile 'Senate then
. djourned to Friday n00n...
THE LEC.4ISLATURE.—Mr. Strang read
in place a bill to provide for the elec
tion of a High Constable in the Bon
ough of Mansfield.
The bill for the relief of the Tioga
County Dank has passed both Houses
and goes to the Governor. It was am
ended 'in the House.
The bill, to authorize the' Auditor
General to open and restate the accounts
of Tioga, Potter, Bradford, and Sulli
van counties had passed the House.
A GRAND CHARITY.—Near the city
of Philadelphia there is a,hospital ofreeent °stab
lishment; having been in operation scarcely one
year. It is under the charge of Dr, Joseph
Parrish, and is for the curd of inebriates and
opiii . m.eaters. Twenty-six patients have been
entered at this hospital all of whom have been
successfully treated, and cured, or nearly cured,
by;the Doctor ' s method of treatment. lie sepa
rates his patients from their old associations and
treats them as if entitled to sympathy and con
sideration. The next step is to give them confi
dence in the moans of cure. The result is al
ways good, and generally, complete restoration.
HAvniti removed her shop to the rooms
ovir,J. R. Boeven's Store„fikctow receiving
fresh from Now 'York for tho Sprint trade, Which
she will sell cLeap. Call and 'examine style'
and prices.
Alain Strata, We%bora, Pa
April 8, 1868. -
- - -
TRUMAN, having purebased the
obop lately owned by Mrs. Goldsmith, op
posite Roy's Block, Main Street, Wellaboro, ati
nottnees to the public that she is nu'w receiving
latest Spring styles of .
which she will dispose of at rcabonablo prioeo.—
She will po carry on
in all its branches. Tho ladles of Wollsboro and
vicinity aro invited to call and (moraine her
Wollsboro, April, 8, 1868-tf
I. led States, for the Western District , of Penn
WILLIAM B. BAKE% a bankrupt under t tbe net
of Congress of March 2, 18(17, having appPed for
a discharge from all his debts, and other l claims
provable under saieact, by order of the Court,
notice is hereby given to all creditors .wbo have
proved their debts, and other persons interested,
to appear on the 22d day of April, 1808, at four
o,oloek, P. M., before F. E. Smith, Esq., Register,
at his office in Tioga, Pa., to show cause, if any
they have, why a. discharge should not ho granted
to the said bankrupt. And further.notice Is here
by given that the second and third meetings of
creditors of tbo said bankrupt, required by the
27th and 28th sections of said not, will be had
before said Register, at the same time and place.
of U. S. District Court for said District.
apa 8-2 t
ted States for 0/4 Weafcril Maria of Penosyl
Wu. B. MIDAUGII, a bankrupt under the aat
of Congress of March 2, 1867, baring applied for
a discharge from all his debts, and other claims
provable under said act, by order of the Court,
notice is hereby given to all creditors who have
proted their debts, and other persons interested,
to appear on the 22d day of April, 1868, at four
o'clock, •P. M., before F: E. Smith, Esq., Regis
ter, at his office in Tioga, Pa., to show cause, if
any they have, why a discharge should not be
granted to the said bankrupt. And further, no
tice is hereby given, that the second and third
meetings of creditors of the said bankrupt, re
quired by the 27th and 28th sections of said act,
will bo had before said Register, at the same time
and place.
of 11. S. District Court for said District.
April 8,1868-2 t.
Cabinet Shop
ROWLAND would announce to the WU
0. tens, of Clymer and surrounding country
that ho has opened a Cabinet Shop at Sabina
vine, where ho will keep a good assortment of
as will be found in any country shop, Ho will
also keep a Rears° 'and ready-made coffins en
hand. S. ROWLAND.
Clymer, April 8, 1868-Sw. °
In Bankruptcy.
N the District Court of U. S. Western Diet of
Penns,' in the matter of SILAS ALLIS,
Bankrupt. To whom it may Concern :
The undersigned hereby gives notice of his
appointment as Assignee of Silas Allis, of Rich
mond, Tioga county, Pa., within said District,
who has been adjudged a bankrupt'upon hie own
petition by the . Distriet Court of said District.
Tioga, April, 8. 1888-3 t. Assignee.
Administrator's Notice.
_Li been grunted to the undersigned on lie es
tate of William French, jr., late of Middlebury,
deo'd, all persons owing or having claims against
said estate, aro required to call and settle with
Middlebury, April 8, 1868.-6w* Adintx.
EFccutors' Notice.
TT j ETTERS Testamentary having been grant
ed to the, undersigned upon the last will and
testament of Jacob 'Kissinger, late of Liberty,
deceased, all korsons owing said estate, and all
having demands against the same, are required
to settle with JOSEPH MORRIS,I . p er ,
Liberty, April 8,1868-Bw,
PROPOSALS will be received by the trustees
of the M. E. Church of Wellsboro, for the
building of their new Brick Church edifice—silo
imcluding lecture room, about 120 s5O until
April 20th bast., or for the doing of the mason
and joiner work separately. Tho 'plans and
specifications may bo seen by calling on the
TRUSTEES, at Wollsboro.
April 8, 1868-Sw
F i FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Welleboro, Pa.
ehowing its condition on the morning of the fire
Monday of April, 1888:
U. 8. Bonds deposited assure circulation, $lOO,OOO 00
U. 8. Bonds on hand.., 60,300 00
Notes & Bills dismal) .d 111,647 87
Duo from National Banks 15,010 65
United 8 tates Taxes 2,088 58
Rosenuo Stamps ,
• ,735 00
F. xpense
(Notes of this Bank
Cash on hand, Cash Items_ ....... ...
Legal Tenders
Capil i Stock
Citcul tang Notes, '
Surpl e Fund
Due Depoeltors, '
Discount, Interest and Exchange,
Due Banks & Bankers
"$300,658 30
J. L. ROBINSON, Cashier.
Sworn and subscribed before me this 6th day of Apr.
1868, R. O. SIMPSON, Notary Public.
FREDERICK E. SMITH, Troosuror of said Borough
- •
!To cash received on loan WO 00
To mob from all other amirces to Feb.
1801 / 13 75
1861, Feb.—To bal brought down
do Reed from taxes, &e.
To balance carried down,
1882, Feb.—Aral recd from taxes &c. 388 47 388 47
1803, Feb.—No bat brought down 110 14
To amt. rec'd from taxes to Feb. 'OO, 1113 10
1223 84
1800, Feb.—To bat brought down • 120 42
To amt. reed from taxes, .&c 844 22 - ,
To bal carried dawn 320
967 84
1807-68,--i ; TAtirtt.rec'd from taxes &o. 799 60
0799 60
42 32
1.868. Fob.—To bal. brought down
By payments on proper vouchers 155 19
Bal. carried down 8 66
163 75
By payments 011 proper retiehers 458 70
458 70
1852, }b —By bal. brought down 1 10
By payments on proper vouchers 275 23
Bal. carried 'down 110 14
386 47
1863-66.—Itv payle on proper vou're,llo3 92
lly bal. carried down 120 42
1223 84
1866-67.—8 y pay'te on proper voters, 067 84
0137 84
1367.—8 y bal. brought down 3 20
By payments on proper vouchers 764 08
Balance carried do#n 42 92
F. E. SMITH; in acct. with Tioga Borough Bounty
Tax:, DIV
To cash eccelvadi to Feb. 1866,
To bal. brought down
To anat. rec'd to Feb. 1808
To baL brought down.
By payments on proper vouchers 2080 60
Balance carried down 194 93
-- Z2Bl 63
By payments on propor vouchers 613 05
Balance carried down 101 02
714 07
Tho underaigned, Auditor of Tioga Borough, hOreby
eortillas that ho has carefully , examined the accounts
of F. E. Smith, Treasurer, and compared them with tho
Touchers in his hands, and find his accounts to stand
aa above stated, the balances being made as of tho
close of the year, towit. January 28,1888.
Tioga, April 8,1868-31 Auditor Tioga Boro.
New Spring
E have )eceived a very
on the meat favorable ternu , ,
very small advance fret u cot.
liothing in onying Ilat
and tho EST QUALITY of
kept in tto place. Have n atut
soo what you are byytng, and pi
tuulity oonniderod, an at cr, , r(
Vu continue to make eau•
one ur uur 74w:1:Wile:a, u
un eliort notice and in the
have added to our clock a g
MATTINO, an ' il ca
and soil TEA nt New York pri
pound. All visiting Corning,
and examine stock and prices.]
Corning, April 8, 1868.
aon in Tioka County, w
a better Plow than the 1
At the Agricultural Dop
I Will say to the Farmers on
1 am the solo agent for this co
most improve
And they will find it to their i
my assortment before purahae
A large assortment of i
395 50
936 00
1,464 86
18,634 00
$300,068 30
$lOO,OOO 00
... 90,000 00
....81,010 92
73,906 23
.. 4,650 31
.... 1.190 60
I ,Tioia, April 8, '6,1
Consisting Ale*
10,000 Bets New .and Se
Harness, Bridles 'and C
- 183 75
449 04
110 458 70
An styles,
2,000 WAGON COVERS, all si
Also a large lot of Itelns, Lead L
lance and Cart Harness. Doable Tr
able Folgoe, A 6., &c. Wheel Ton
worn all oak tanned leather, eery(
oiled, $5 per horse including Dalt
balance or Stage H arness with sup
perfectly autfed for farm or general
sets complete $25 to 30, Bridles $1
lined Artillery case, do $2,60 and $
to 2,26, Halters $5 to $l2 per doze
Clellan Saddles, $lO do, with plat
Brass mounted:Saddles, good as n
$ll, Boys Saddles $O, Wagon Cove
12 oz., Cotton Duck $0 to $l2, 10
now and good as now, 12 oz, Duck,
$6O, with poles and pins complete
$2O. Wedge do $5 to $B, Shelter Te
$3O to $5l) por 100.
Grain Flags, 12 oz. Duck, 2 to 3 Di
dozen, also full assortment of Seam
: Small order by Express, C. 0. D.
(Formerly on Front St
Also, 5 PARR PLACE, N. I
Descriptive price list sent o
April 8,1868-3 m
99 60
-.M51 63
•------ 2281 63
194 93
620 04
---- 714 97
101 92
Auditor's No
TliWundersigned having b ,
auditor to distribute the
in the band 4 of Robert Casino
the estatfkof.Erastus Butts, In
deo'd, hereby gives notice aut •
the duties of said appointmen.
Welleboro, Pa., on Friday the
1868, at 2 o'clock, p. in., when
eons are required to present t
forever debarred from coming
said fund. JNO. 1.
Wellsboro, April 8,1883-4 w
d will be iota at
IPo• Shin!: wo
e keep Ike
Guui chat am
light onbugh lo
etigu ourbeives to
d when desirt.d
be,t inntimer. Vo
d agrortmout of
I 110 W VERY
We are the agents• fel
lpaid to any per.
o will produeec
Or a bettor Orain Dri
,11111 TOR!
All of tho
ioga County, that
nty, for all ore
• E,
Constantly on b
J. 80111
nes, Buggy Ambn..
n Lead Bars, Port,
1 Harness, little
;eabl e,
cleaned and
Lead, do s4' Ani-
Hoc leather Traces,
team work. double
to $3, extra hair
Double Rein $1,75
„ New Officers, Mc.
I Bit Bridle $lll,
w $O, with Oridlo
, superlor.lo and
0 hospital Tents,
4 feet mime $2.5 to
[Wall Tents $lO to
is for Hay Caps
1 N & CO,
I now)
(ce. -
on appointed an
. ulaneo of money
', administrator of
e of Farm iugton,
ho will attend to
at his ()taco in
first day of May,
livid where all per.
it cla ims,share
or be
line ~.i LL,
t ": udltor.
line lot of genuine ellot.ter wbtiu 1•y;>.
cro..e*ftY tloydriub, Durriaun mot Coio.:! PO-,
totoi)4. Also uno pair of ;11ttles,Acr wilt ay rho ago
tbo-itatno for COIVB or other 4Jotilo.
I Ittcl figliftt. hit' IV. D. llutalit,'A .:cletprateri
Utica Wiigotik^-=wiltB43Un Iwvu i/ .0 otAdi , .I,i eri
frtan the umuditetuter whip', h., ,0 .1 t0..y,,i,-
ablo. t,-. BfiIiNPAY.
Sittlacbary Cantor, April i, IS6B-31.
elegant hew open lioggy. I reeol.d hum'
open Lug g) . 1 Seel. Ild 11:11111 reap tos Lfgc
1 sulker. 1 two hut eu sr ago o.
Wlt It; lIT k lAA I
1. 00 It It ELS w lltr u
5.1 . 1,3 1 ; A t L y
2ori lOU loishelß
ll Clove' :(Hod, rhuicet~kit •I-
IVRIMIT k I:111.4;Y.
I 0 Tom. P.
April I, 'Num
lErcutts ,•1 in ; ; 1,, en
;: ranted iipi.i• OR) eM:itt, Sarah ti. Ntat-,
1.0.• tar Pormittirto., (1.:c 4 .1 all pertquit , -:tivitig. ,111.1
estate or plaiths - agaii,l Ih, , anti,
„tittle with .101 IN I . Ml
Wellt.hurt., April I. liliti-tlwt? Ad to'r.
LE -nuns of tolministrar haviii . i.! burn
gritilft•il In thb subscriber upon the efrAntoii of
Stephen R. !babes. Into doe'j, alt per.
kion.4 owing f;lia Urilite. or harito: claims oral
the seine, will nettle with
Well:41mo, April 1, 1868-tiw"
Q ACKINO for hops, Lost quality 25 ets poryord
at Ji LA N 0 c 00'8.
uga County Ga. Ow A I) ISIS
C 110.4. Tax
M A.Beruw• 13 $lO
.1 S Mitchell 14 7
.1 C Everiv 12 121
3 1' Meuell 14 7
James Trehey 14 7
L B Smith 14 '7
J L Belden 13 10
Jacob Miller 12 12}
M L Bacon 14 7
M Tech 14 7
T W Thymus 14 7
S B Caldwell 14 7
A J Shields 14 7
T 14 7
C .1 Caple, hillier& 40
P Barnett 14 7'
W &Stanbegh 14 7 llirm Simmons
A J Simmons 14 7 B A Seeley,
W 0 Bristol 14 7 10oodell t Tier
Stebbins & Bru 14 7
A 3 Smith 14 7 ;John Short
13 W Love tk. Co 11 71W C Stubbs
Lp Ba
S S Packard 14 7 1 5 r Barber
J C Bennett 14 7IP L Clerk
0 S Knox 14 7 Dyer
Fe 11 them
L E Rockwell 14 7 1 1 3-00 P Card
II Morgan 14 7 !Albert. Tipplo
D Ii" Stone 14 7 1
M V Purple 14 71J Pane ---'
C R Howlan3 14 7 IA Leo
M Colo &Co 13 10 Win Colo
Job Wilcox 13 10 1
A J 14 7 1.1 !kneed
Parkhurst 24 Co 12 1210E11 Buckbco
PAta„Bnoon Bono.
les by tho single
t•f!, invited to col!
Fall B c 7 i co 7 40
Ilirnm Merrit 14 7:A J Doane
S X Billings 14 7ID R Marsh
C Lefler - _ 14 I
D D Lane 14 7
A Douglass 11 7
M K Belau 14 7
J Goodspeed 14 7
J Dearman 14 7
NV Knox 14 7
M Marian 14 7
Giles Rldierts 14 7
Adams it:Brown 14 7
It Thornton 14 7
C S Mather Br, Co 11 1.5 _
C P Leonard 14 7
than the
L A Comstock 14 7
S Card - 14 7
B Soelomonn 14 7
Sebring do Millorl2 12
Woolhnf • 14 7
Narber tt Moor 12 121
1.101111.1 R.
Job Doane 14 Y 'Blackwell &co 14
Goo Bestik < s. 14 7.1
ii. i toga
B Parkhurst 14 7
Doud 4; Boyco 14 7
Alurtlaugh ttv P 12 1211
E W Phelps 14 7
E W Pbolini,billiards 30
W Adams 14 7
Mart King 13 10
0 V Elliott 14 7
crest to examine
g a kawhora.
Dr White I 14 7
V 13 Holiday B 5
Benj Doane 14' 7
.1 A Westbrook 8 5
hi C Potter /4.. 7
11 A llosvon I 14 7 iLugg A: Whited 14
A Losey ' -14 7 iParkes A; 13ro 14
Martin Ic , If.'ney 14 7IP Crandall dCa 14
R Hammond 14 7 S Crandall &Ca 14
II Sealay 14 7
7 f FI C Somorth
N Strait 14 7
Watkins 4 Co 13 10 iG M Vedde n ri 14
Elt Backer 13 In I
se CO.
3 L Pitts
(1D Liob 13 10
7100 A B
Wickham do F 11 15
T Urell 14 7
B B 13ordon 14 7
P S Tuttle 13 10
Fish k Cady 13 10
P Tuner. • 14 7
.1 FM 13 10
ti B Fish dr, Son 14 7
T L Baldwin 11 15
and Hand
liars, 3,000
ee, new Jr, worn.
JII Mitchell 14' 7
iERS, &c.
Edgeomb 6•. 11 14
J Bartle' &Co 14 7
A & N P Clo'se 14 7
J &S 0 Muek 14 7
S Willcox 14 7
R Kruson 12 12+
N Gardner • 14 7
S F Scofiel;X 14 7
Gen Hastings 14 7
Webb &11 ast'gs 14 7
C Vanyak'bg 13 10
N , Asher 14 7
C 13 10
Thee Harding 12 12+
R Kimball 13 10
Sears & Derby 14 7
Wm Roberts 14 7
Hugh Young 14 7
Wright & Batly 11 15
D P Roberts 14 7
Delano &Co 13 10
J A Roy •14 7
C Sheffer (Br) 10 5
M B Prince 14 7
Totice Is hereby given that an appeal will be
hold at the Commissioners' Office in Wellsboro,
on the twenty-sixth day of May. A. 1). 1808, be
tween the hours of 10 A. M. and 4 .P. M., at
which time and, place all persons aggrieved by
the foregoing appraisement will be beard, and
such abatements tuadosas are deemed proper and
just, and all persons failing to appear nt said time
and place will bo barted from making any de.
fence before me. 11. W. SKINNER,
Mercantile Appraiser.
Wellabaro, April 1,'68-4w. Westfield, Pa.
`Rho] $l3 to $lO per
less Dugs.
itch .Fleur.
%VI( (0 r & nA ILEN
Egninistrator's .Notice
Ininistrator's Notice
Chins. Tax
11 t' 11nld.n I 14 7
Sll Th..initi 7
J A 7
Aliuki,g, LS-
It 11.6,0 7 411
Me.Vvy ' 14 7
P Citetle 14 - .7
M Kelley 14 7
Plum:Jae? 14 • 7
James Mot- trt 14 7
.1 elm WilljA/ 11
James Kcifley . 13 10
ing RR Co 7 40
3 Vanotder, rect'fier 25
Bailey ,1: Co 14 7
J J Wilcox 14 7
Palmer Bryan 14 7
01iver Hamilton 14 .
LC B0(20.
L B ltoyenolds 14 7
Wood AI Christie 14 7
L Cosa i • 14 7
A Dcarinnn • 14 7
'Knox, Witliords 30
Joseph l'hippen 14 7
J lioiton 14 7
C l'arkhtirst ' 14 7
Werlino k t 12 1
M. Newman 14
G K Sholtdi.
Cox &Wiseman 12
IN Elder
'lrwin Bro & V 14
Cudworth & CI 14
U D Maine 34
t.n Bono.
J D Webster 11 7
D C Bolden 13 10
R N Holden 14 7
C \V Brown 14 7
J W Willholm IX 10
C 4 B Riff S Bre 14 7
Silas Staples 19 1. 7
R Rooney 14 7
Visher k Rat4ll4 7
J T Purvis 14
Chad Staler 14 7
LC r.LsoN
14 7
J Vnn Ostia 14 7
1111 Borden CGul4 7
L Daggett 14 7
F. M Smith 14 7
iJ VanCein.billimlB3o
C II 'Bartlett 14
A Crallerd /4 7
J Schieffelin 14 7
Johnson & L 14 7
James Ice Hey 14
J Sivalzenbatieb 10 5
W 0 Wakely , 14 7
0 Thousp-on 14 7 -
Sanders k. Cnig. 14 7
1) MeNnught6 14 7
S:1111 Lief Pierce 11 7
1301114ra & ( ion) 14 7
" billiard 40
LA (lordiner 14 7
[Winn Jc Co 14 7
W T Nation 13 10
Toles Barker 13 10
Wilcox i 3 10
P R Williams' 13 10
Wilson do WO' . 13 10
R Bowen A: Co 12 127}
C B Kelley 13 10
Converse it 0 14 7
" " 12 124
A Foley "" r 7
Warriner Co 131
L( • m H. ti/.•
11' T fr: '4 L.. 1).•;i1.)1.. 4 AK,„,
i. 4 the company t':,; tvha.:}.
II: tfieid tv,ittiatuls agod• nn'l I"AkeY duh
era %alio Nish to run.w their itmurenco ;r e r ,
que:ted to apply to the euli.eiittvi,
Girard The Insurance Co,
1. B.
I I .
Capital $200,0001
Continental Ins. Company.
Cash Capital, . *Z00,0c0 .4
irossSurplub, Jan.•l, 1848,
Cash Asiiets, da , 1,81.4,55(6!
gaY'Policies written at'this office.
fEnram 110 PE, Preoiricrit. •
IL 11. LAMPORT, Vice Preoirrout.
CVltUri PECK, Scorch,:
111;:t1T of Ti
' 'rho anbrcrfl i r Lahr? thiii method of
the politic that ho ime the 'agency Of the . al.
ConiptinVeii, end will ho found lit his office
Ro l Drug adjoining Agitator Offiee
Wolldbuill, Vim., Peli, 26, 1868-tr.
N BANKRUPTCY.—This 'to give
. -That lot the 21st day of Feb. A. D. 18f,
w run t. in Bankruptcy wan lasted against
est,,tu of W rn. & Jou. A. Bose, of Rutland,
county at Tiega, and State of Penn'a, who
been adjudged -Boukrnput on their own Pena, :
that t h e payment of any debts and delivery.
any property belonging to sueb 13unkrupts to tiEt.
or for their UFO and the transfer of any p ro p er , ,t,•
by them - are forbidden bylaw; 'tliat a meeting:
the creditors nt said rianli , r,upts to prove
debts, and to Dimon, ono or zunro Apaignees
he held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to he huldett:,
th e office of F. E. Stnith, in Tiogn. county of T:
oga, and state 'of Penuevivania. before F. r.
e. rei ith, Register, on- the 2§d clay of April. A, I'
1888, at 10 o'clock A. M.
14 7
14 '7
14 7
14' 7
11 7
Scales ! Scales Scales
HE Buffalo Platform Smiles, all o r di iazr .
size:, far heavy, and counter use, may I;
found at the hardware' Stale of Wm. Itntu t
\Veileboro. Thetwb'eales o the Fairbanksp.:
at and have no snperior anywhere. Tbey
made n the brit style and have taken the pm
um at all the great exhibitions.
I have the nolo agency fur these Scales to t.
region. WILLIAM 11 OBT:RTP
Wellshoro, Fob. 12, 1968.
14 7
/4 7
13 10
14 7
1 4 7
1 7
14 7
Wellsboro Meat Market!
THE Embscriber opencd n Meat Market in it:
building lately occupied by Dr. Webb. ;
eraftou.s.rreet, 3tonday tuerni,tg, Feb. 17. cd
be will keep a full assortment of
Etema and Shoulders. If the people will glee
encouragement I will keep up a good 'Market.
Feb 19, 186 S-3 m. A. .1. TIPPLE
14 7
14 7
14 7
14 7
14. 7
• Mit coots; sib IE .
Creel Excitement! Johnson impeached, a d I:
brce's lloouts and Shoes triumphant! The en pi..
would Say in the people of Westfield and vieiniti
he i 9 manufacturing a Patent Boot which he beliet••
posse‘, the following advantage over all other': ;
there is no crimping; 2d, nu wrinkling, eave as theylae
to the feet: ad, 110 ripping.. In t, buil. they are I,
the,thltig for e‘eryboOy. tittaapte on nand and Sat
gh li g il i o . sop, tight of Westfield township and
secured. Ile hxs also just received a eplendel
['almond patterns, latest styles. Come one. come
We,are bout d to sell cheap for cash or ready pay.
one dunr sot Jt or :entider4 & (InlegroTei.
Ice,tfiehl Fele. 13 ) ItIETPLT.P
Valuable Farm for Sale.
Afarm Of three hundred iteri, , F, with Ili..
Bred and twenty-five tare improved.
noted two intim+ north of Th>gli Villago, on u
`iiogn liver and ittilroed. Well wattteree, Lo
der a goed stale of cultivation, and
Also tour houses and lore feir sale in Ti
village. T. I,.;IALDIVIN.
Feb, 12, 1£1657-11;
.. Examination, of Teacbus.
_.... -
tiler soliuoL , only, will be bold ,P-1 ,, II0g•
Chatham, Closo s. 0. Alontlal. , Arril 0,1 I.
Knoxville, a. U. Tuesday, " 7,10,..,
Elltland I , OTO' S. ts Weduerday, • 0.10 '
Farrningtdii, Illanchard's Tharzkdp3 0,10 "
MiddleburS., .HVidt4's, Fi Way, 10, 10 •
'flop], born' s. . Monday, April 1:1, 1r t
Rutland, Rosevlle, Thar:Any, t• 10, 10 A.l
Mansfield, .s
Liberty. l/1.1-lo so, Monday, Apr. 20, 11.1
Covington boro' Tuesday. April :1,10 A A
Charle.Amr,, Burns s. R. Wedr,sd'N
Del, ear, Stany Folk, ThorAttY, li% '
Wel,.boro, a. u. Friday, April ,21. •",
• Fridays, 'May 8, lb, & 22, "
Frio ds of education, e-peeitiiir, 5e10. ,, 1
reetor, and our old teacher:, who tilietet). I .t .
valid certificate: are invited to attend Ihk r: 5
ntuinations. 1 Whpullicy are clot-0.1 the 'olllk r
lontleuit will ill)11110dinklY CO{6IIIOIE3 i I, ''''l I, '
itutinua in these parts of the county not tet t.
ited, and will net ho found at being tot pno, , :.
exulnindtionF. CrindiddleP for extimi,linto , f , .
idtilio piornio a 4 , 119 pt of f w)el'
till , / O W , I .`
ink, and (treetop°.
inFtpuetion or Tetteker. in the net ot te:‘,./41.,
will:v."11.111°1.c° Monat,y, !pill lqill, 111 I I l s
at mime point (hereafter to he poldisltedi"l'''
the iliiivons trill illrhish hospitality to'n'iit
~lie Superintendent will he happy le tot '
netnintittone ler ate &rico for holding siiiki ., l
vention of tooehers. The times tor - Ex:l l sf ,,
lions rind Institute hare been fixed midi rOr
ence to the general habit of Directors is ti.•
county to open their summer schools oil 11 , ...• i ,.
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iire'labor° March-2., 1268-61 y
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Surplus Over $20,000
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