The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, February 12, 1868, Image 2

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S=ATE, Jan e 30.—A bill was offered
granting aid for a railway and telegraph
from Idaho to Oregon . .
A: hill for protecLuln of witnesses was
introduced. „ • .•:f -
'• The .4.d.aitlinial Tenure-of-Ofnce bill
came up. "The - discussion was very
spirited, and some charges were
against the action of many classes\ of
GoVernmem employes.
-_The-SapplymenAttlßeconstructiott bill
wa4-tliehuiscussed,, until the cid , r,e of
the session. •
llowe secured thelloor, but, gave
way to allow the of the re,
port of thei....;olllllllaCCrof Conferenceun
the Cotton 'fax hill. The Committed.
recommend receding from ,the Senatr
ainendinent, and substitute a provisio
exempti sig. cotton impoi-ted front abroad'
after - November:MS. - ,1
HousE, Jan. tlO.-3.1 . r. Scokeld ()tiered
a resolution to I nvefAlg - ate charges made
in the newspapers that J mltice Field of
the Supreme t.:ourt had publicly and in
rut improper \ray f 7 ,lven opinion up
on questions pending,- and proplicied
what-the decision of the Court would
be. (Time matter.referred to 13 the . Tic--
construction acts.) Time resolution vas
adopted, only one Democrat in favor to
1G Republicans to 43 Democritt r o p
DiiellsrAoll wits then rrumed Upon
the bill to protect citizens ;ibroad. No
vote tray taken.
Tim amendments to.tbeAVll6l;3 . Me
ters 'bill were concurred
Thd f3enato dmendment::: to the bill
!of the sale of thc., iron-viLuk 'NV oro con
curred In.
A bill was - reported extending. the
grant Of _three months extra,pav to all
volunteer ollieers below the grade of
Brigadier-General who were Mustered
into the service of the United i..:tate.s be
fore A - pril 20, and honorably taus
teredr t.
SE *ATE, .Tau: 31.—The Joint renin
tion of the me of Ohio, re.4cind
ing the agreement of that State to the
Constitutional Amendment, NVIli Pre
sel: ILA, and, after a long debate, it was
referred to the Judiciary Committee,
with'ilistruction.l to repoLt upon its, le
T 1: e Tenure-of-Office amenqhnents
went' di: , ,e,uo:,ed, during lite ink:ming
11.ecowits uction bill swat:, taken up,
and Mr. Bowe of 'Winer:l:sin made an
elalairate speech. Adjourned -Mon
day. .
Jan. 31.—A joint\ resolution
'wtv3oll'ered for otlici 1 informa
tion fit regard to the recent action of the
Ohio Legislattive in attempting to
re.ieind that States rutilicalaml bt the
CynAivational (X.l.Vtii) Amendment.—
lt was ni9aitit , ii so :t7l to insuuct the
Judiciary Committee to I epoi iN nether
a State has a riOit to wiiiidraw such
assent, and in tirit forilaiiopted.
1 hill to Mite Freedmen's.
Bureau V:113 re; Or ed.
'Cho report o. .110 (.343111CretIvo Coln
rnlttee on the It:peal of the Cotton Tax
agreed to:Lit to . .16. The )10W
goes to the Pee,:ident.
Tile Naval Apbropriation Mil :w:nunt,
'.,513,093,04N Wrni repoi•ted, and mii , le the
:,,pecial order for Feb:
2E:TATE, Feb. was
presented from Pciiii, , y)k dcinand
ing the removal of C11:I/ ICJ Fi'/1'1i•;i..1... 5 1.(1-
tllll3 /19 Minit:ter to 1. l 11t Lijtitill, ill
COllGUqUellt.e. 01 . iIIJ LileSed iUlll'io 111
tCfC•rt..lte.C. to the i;eninn I.h izoneul.
..bill providing for the tai;tition. of
National Bank slit - Ire: waJ adopted.
bill for the gradual reduction of th - e,
army vt.lo retericti.
Wili-on introduced a bill'-for the
g radual reduction of the tniii;ary force:
ii0L7217. Feb. Ilubilwoll pro
po,Fed a bill equivalent to theabolishing
or all State Saturalization lAws, and
placing-the the General
Government. Ile propoi-ed that any
alien way become a eitizen Go applica
tion to any evi, of r.euud in the Union.
"N\'illiaruii offered a bill to author
ize an is st e of :Sl.10,000,01)9 of Legal
Tender notch to sUpplv the chlicioney
in the eurretn , y catiatit by 11w eanecht
lion of I,egal Tendei: and Compound
Another b:11 wa9 offered • to regulate
the payment of the debt and interest
A bill was offered to (NA:11)HO' a Du
partment ofJustice. It provides for
ti1i..4.„- . l egretary to tie the head of the Law
Department ; for an Attorney-General,
n "Solicitor-General, and itn assistant for
each.; abolishes the olllces on Solicitors
to the Departments ; and fdrbids the
employment of special counsel by heads
of Departments, except when the whole
force of the Law Deportment is inefil
cientl The iiolieitor ot: the . Court of
Claims is also placed within the Depart
ment. •
Discussion on the Fen inns in Ireland,
and the protection of naturalized citi
zens, occupied tin} remainder of the
SENATE, Feb. 4.—After petitions and
resolu f lions, the 10 for the protection of
witne§ses was pa w&
The remainder- of the e.ession was
spent in a desultory debate upon the
Tenure-of-Orrice bill.
Housn, Feb. \ 4.—There was some de
bate upon the matter of the protection
of citizens abroild, but no vote.
There was also &bac upon the bill
to return to the Govefinnent the lands
granted before the war to aid in the
construction of railways in the Southern
Btt - ttes.
- The most interesting business of the
se•,..sion was the reading . of the corres
pondence between the President" and
Gen. Grant in reference to the surren
derim: of the War Office to Mr. Stan
The Southern Land bill was again
taken up, and discussed until the hour
for adjournment.
SENATE. Feb. s.—Mr. Morton' intro
) di:cad a bill-to remove the disabilities
of Thomas J.
Mr. Howard introduced a bill author
izing the Eearetary of War to employ
counsel in,certain !bases to defend Gene.
Meade and Ruger, or any other officer
proceeded against because of the Re
construction nets. After some discuss
ion the resolution was adopted.
Mr. Patterson reported a substitute
for the proposed amended Tenure of-
Office bill,
Hot ' T•Feb. u:—The now member
from theT; L i ttit District of Ohio was
sworn '`•
A bill was reported autlibrizing a rail
road from Washington, td unite with
the Northern Central near the line be
tween Pennsylvania and Maryland.
The bill forfeiting to the United States
certain public lands in the Southern
States heretofore granted for railroad
construction was adopted, BE3 to 73.
itrmixacaNcr—ltp.. CAM:MON.-
One of the incidents at the :-zherman
preientatiou h; noteworthy, a:trecalling
what many are prone to forget. After
the ceremony of presentation was over,
the company called out for 31.. r. S. S.
CoS:, who 'remarked, that at the begin
ning of the war its magnitude was nip :
derrated by the great body of :;tatellmea,
politieiaos, and peop!e. But there were
three men who teemed to appreciate its
immensity, said qtr. Cox. ,J udge Doug
las had (old him, utt hi:; w:.y to Illinois,
bet Ore his decceee, that the ‘• war %you'd
be trelllendoue-, and the preparations
should be Stupendous;" that C2l. :-Ater
man had been accounted crazy .beeause
he had said that 200,000 men were re
quired in the West ; that Senator Cam
eron (who wimnever accounted crazy,
however, but who i:,.not a mei - 103er of
the Committee on Foreign Relations)
had thought 1,000,000 would be requir
ed ! He proposed to toic-t, the " War
'Minister, whose prescience Wai,..ecittal
to the groat eincitency," The toast
was receiv(lo with applauFv, and the
General cametforward to acknowledge
the compliment, amid applause hod
There is an old 'Raying that' " t Osttw
will break a camel's bitek," lint w kee
nothing, wonderful in Linti at; c-it, r o omy
knows "a little ierth. will at: to harg6
-I,Se 13 '0 10 1 '
wiaLLssono, rEmn 'A
WED.NESDAY, FEB. 12, 3.8613
Bradford lins imtructed n,r l Grow 'or
Vice-President, and teeni; , i to ti
110 dOtlb,t , Or CnlTY:iii!; . the httc..---=
With Grant and .1,;„0„rd.
bearers of the :411y w-,,111,1
be Invincible. The r - %.",;11: Hat.- TZ e
publican Cornmiit Leld :2yrar:t:•::_.
last week untintmowdy in:,tineted , for
Grant and Fenton. We thi al:, howev
er, that if the Vice-Pa•.-hlt-ncy ,c,oe) to
the Mid(ille States it helotiy, to Peliwyl
- And or all the 11,1<qi mulled in
connection with the 1,1:,ce from I'emt
sylvrati4o:llr. Grow i, iho 1);o4 worthy
11E; he Is the most. reliahle. cour:42
the old, Distr;(2t will rueopiini?nti (.;
The semi-Eli:W.:jai roptirt that G•eneral
Grant had violatad his prianie to An
drew Johnson in the matter of deliver
ing up the - War Office . to :- - ! ;eereti"
Stanton-without eon:-ulting the Presi\
dent,•has given t4§ a eorrei:pondenee
between the pantie.,, in which General
Grant denies, plumply, the alicc..ation
that he gifve such a prom ke. The Pres
ident deqares flint that Was his under
standing of the matter.
However, it mattets litile what An
drew Johnson may alle•;;c.' There can
-be no open gilestion cat verity between
Gen.'Grant a)1 1 11 the Pr..3idenT, !Ince the
latter stands' impeached as an un ern On
ions liar and betray( ro r con CO. An
drew Joh nson'a word ta not, worth a rush
1.18 against the lvorti tit Fuelt - a man as
Grant, whose fidelity anti honor are as
well established as ViaF.,hingto'F. , . Mr.
Johnson has net hi': superior again.
The question at i ne «ill 110 W go to the
people, and their verdiet is not dillieult
to predict. •
The work to I , e done by the masses
NV 110 COlntitutt; the 1t. , ..pub1ic...n rtrty is
plainly defined. it i:i to !u , :l? the Wins
of power,in the Imtn.s ot'inen Who haw
bul true to the m:tionh
tlt , :uLth thick
auSl th'n, thron : .o4 : to in , or war an d
sunslih mO oof cetrat:vc pc-ftee. ii ii.,
negatii, ely, 4 1 3 ply'vellt , a f :i I. at a ealion
ity as the hip.Ue on t (,:oti el into the
hands of the party e.!i11in , ..: itst•lf Demo
cratic, but which Ishpl f ,l to emlialas
the nation in in; eon i. , . t: v..:th. the rao. , jt
ahEolute ariatoeratty of modern times.
The .object and 32:1 1 .11: eof the Copper
head party I; NVC:II tit:II:IC(1'i'; the prop:
o.sition—"lVe? ilu;e, ci rt.L:n:"
vosi :
Is it neceszal%yit:o r.etKtkee our htep.
through the evil - Xi - ill lii:-,tory of the le
public . for the last twenty-Ike or
years, and chow by him logic of Inch
and events that that pfirty, which now
bids for the anfiTaLes of tl,c people, hat
always measured its patriotism by it:-
freedom with the ? af
ter nearly thirty unqueztioned
control of pubiie vacated the
chief places of p ~,,,, , the na
tion in a condit;onof 1111:.11,•;n1 ond
bankruptcy hy..e ;:re
of history, open to ~ , , •1 111(.,Ition I.y I
11'110 . (.nll .ro:til • 'he 1:.)11.!1i, , 11
gunge. Wlicu Janie: 1;110h:1111ln IE
the Executive Chair withc• ~nut
ern Stateeliatl form:Wy piuctici
repudiated the Crin;l;tutirm
in their adherenee t , } the . ...`,lont.oiner3 -
Instrunient. rcitc i. nu Davi.; `rani vice
ted and inau[ioratedi l'reOlent of the
Southern Confederacy; andt he rupture
was its Wide, and as P,o
chanaloceupied,the E;:er•litive
as it was during the \k - ffi . . if the Union
was ever brolzeu up it v, - ;..; lyrokutt up
Wfore the ltepulliicatt party ast , umed
the control of National aiiitii,. ifithe
ever restored to 11`i Itt, (:.d:lte we Mlb-
mit that the party which fought to de
stroy it is not the hest tit;ent for res
Since we must ret race our btcps and
produce history to vindicate the claim
of the kepubncan party to continued
rule, we shall aim to fortify the posi
tion beyond the power of opposition to
overthrow. We have history as a wit
ness that the first :zun of the war
was fired upon an Milled States Steam
er in Charleston harlot in January,
11861, two months before Mr.' Lincoln
took his seat. The Government under
took to carry supplies to its own troops
in its own fort in Chirleston harbor.
The unarmed vessel was attacked by a
detatehment of the Southern wing of
the Democratic party, and forced to re
tire. The meanest war vessel in the
Navy could have passed and silenced
any battery then erected by the rebel
democracy in any harbor of the South.
But a Democratic Administration, hav
ing the military, naval, and financial
power of the nation in its hands, failed
to batter down a mud battery of two
guns in Charleston harbor. Woikse than
-this—when the people demanded the
prompt' suppression of the rebellion, a
emocratic President u•eakly replied
that ho could find " iic> constitutional
authority to coerce a I:tate." And a::
if this was pot a :41"C - t eiiot:gh display
of weakness, .3.1 r. ,Llochanon handed
the popular appeal o-fr to his clever and
adroit Attorney Cenei:ll, Jeremiah
Black, who responded that the Consti
tution nowhere gave t ao Pre,ident pow
er to;coerce a borerefgn State that
the State was unfinestionably wrong in
kicking up a mu: 2, but there was no
remedy for it tinder the, otganiC
Go buck of that fv_teful hour twenty
eight years, to the tilLm whi:nti Andrew
Jaekson read and conbtinen _the dele
gated powers of the Constitution so
differently, and in re:,:i-cet to like action
by the Efune.pcoplc ; tell us, if you
have enough of ln,rdihooil, that the
Democracy of Ifi6o--,2. could Claim' any
elpse relationship with the Democracy
0f'1832 I Then, the p.trty- had brains
and hers; but twcnty-live years of
abject servitude under cat tlie u mas
ters had eliminated every 61ement of
honor, manhood and pa triotibty from its
Composition. It:; leaders hail, 'with oue
or two7exceptions, ticlenerated into
camp-fafows, intent ettly upon plun
der. TI e Southern wint; of the party
was officered by men of ability and
vast ambitions—awn wilo h a d t w i s t e d
their Northern coadjutors around their
fingers for ye:it's, givng them the erumbs
ag reward for tilieir endurance of the
raelc. Thew t_ourliern lead-
Ora Werfli in dead eartiat, midi' their
*es w eve not. That cons
. i 1 ~ . .
tercnce between the* .
s—it islthe same emascu
-whieh ' 1 ,eouhl not, batter
mt.tery- With all the 'min
t. force Of the - coUntry hi
, ,Whih is to be: tnet 'On 1
he cajnpaignsof 1808. That
(1(111101d3i that__ the. _party
the country fromuin by
tumli u isacrlice, shall be
in power, that: it May re
j,ll 11114111 c. Give that par
power to-day, and in less
entontit the ' country will
if bound hand and foot, at
its hitter, sworn ' enemies,
with the 41ternative of
n—W,VIL 'Wisdom judges
e. lt istory Cannot lie coy
hidden out of siGht, in .flit
e into which 'the ,
' the , people
utter ;
,and we greatly miS
perof (he people if they are
..y. hazardous experiments
Northel n SLR
titutAA the di
down n niud
ltkvy and nav
January, ISC,
tj it• Ile-ids
hiCh <:1-Ved
clitzydai?.ccl Trtil
-tlllle i 1
than a tweh
:will find it.o'
tht lotTc• of
that cutuin
by oxpei ion up and
aro ;thout to
(.Ih-i)th:4.4l to t
ill this late t
is ilisti,a6tl awl as We
EAviog (1
hresei►ted the issue upon
. •
which the; pkrties' will join ti) make the
.1 1 1.-bidental cainPaiLif f we may now I
e P.,•
6pefik of .ill false, issues ; certain to be
raised by th l
_!'unscrUptilous • and -emits
culated pal y oPpPsed, to uo. 'Thes'o : will"
he legion, Ltd chief 'among them will
be, that of r :udiation, "In . . fact; of the
national Mri ,
ehtednes. The proposition
will not he'll - ide direct, but in form
similar to that of, Messrs.. Pendleton
and Deitlort, l -40 redeeni - the fueled debt
with groent itelcs.' It is enough to Say
that no party has the hardihood to car
ry out a proposition so fatal to climmer
cial valuers. Men may, 'talk about It
and urge it,ias the demagogue urges his
plea ; but it, is only for political effect.
- i
Whatever the Government May do in
other respects, it mutt pay its debts ac
•ording to promise, Or it can never bor
r w another dollar, at home or abroad.
T eery Air equal. , taxation, , raised by
the Pendletop bernopracy, had its , viv
id illust i ration in that gentleman's, ac
tion poll aw 4 etc ago. Being presented
with a I'4ll o'
taxes on his stool. in a
.I\Zatiomil - Bat khe refused to pay. We
see that the Matter is to be litigated,
and the people will then know just how
mach honesty and.honof there is in the
class of politicians which dethands the
repudiation of a part of the, contract of
the Governthent with its creditors.
. Probably , the issue a Negro Suffrage
will he raised, 'it'4 Usual, and the Preju
dices of the ignorant will be appealed
to very vehemently. ' This question'was
disposed of in Ohio last fall, as well as
in Kansas and one or two other West
ern States. .It cannot arise in Pennsyl
vania this Year, at least. But though ,
it could not prissibly I come before the
people of Pennsylvania for their action
in half a century, the bugbear_ would
lie brought forward - now, and used to
frighten the timid 'and unreasoning.
The raising of these false issues% will
impart a bitterness to the campaign.
Human Passion and prejudice will be
u.,,ed by our opponents without stint.—
But we have only to go' " right ahead "
fillip,; the incitsUre ofiduty as It presents
itself each day, holding unreasoning
pasion in cheek and 1
avoiding 'heated
,(rife. Never before was"the question
wisdom or folly,
of right, or .yang,
moro clearly lint.
We finish this week the relation of a
fugitive Slave case which excited much
attention in this county years ago. The
Who dou l btless have been
r,?eognized by many Headers, writes' of
what ho SaW unit I:nT, being an actor
iu the atlidr. We think our readers
will agree with us that the story reads
like a romance of the' dark ages. This
account is the only connected twcotuit,
cl,Trumblished touching the affair, and
ea» not fail to interest hundreds of our
Mann read in place a bill to enable the
trustees of the State Normal School at
MaM4l'mid to borrow money. ; Also, a
bill to provide for a- Convention to re
vise the Constitution of the State.
The bill repealing t
C-lettysburg, Asylum
the Senate. IL forfei
concern to the use of
The Free Railroad I
House and gone to
shall see how it fares
Jan. 31.—A petition of citizens of
part of Union township, Tioga County
asking to be annexed to Mclntyre
township, Lyconiing County, was pre
sented in the Senate, and a bill to ac
complish this was read in place the
same day. The bill ni l enable the Trus
tees of the Mansfield Normal
School to
borrow money passed the 4ouse.
Derail Cony,ention. , .
. 1
The Susquehanna Dental Association
met in send-annual session at Milton,
Pa., on Wednesday, JtM, 16,j808. The
object of this Association is, fey lectures,
discussions, essays, criticisms and clinic
sessions, to elevate the; standardof den
tal sdience,• promote the 'efficiency of
dental prtictice, and' thus consistently
secure pecuniary interests. • ,
At this session the topic of greatst
intereA was " The Rubber question."
The. di , scussions.upon that subject re
sulted in the adoption by the Associa
tion of 'the. following resolution, to
which wq will - rigidlyl adhere :
Resolved, That the members of this Associa
tion consider the action of the so-called Good
., car Dental Vulcanite Company irregular, un
iittt and an rhsolutc imposition i and that, as a
body, we Itii I discard and discourage the use of
Lard rubber for dental purposes, and' adopt such
Jubzt totes as Ise may severally prefer. 13y corder
. o ,' tl,O Association. M. D. S. DQDSON.
That the public has been educated
highly to approve the use for dental
phiposes, a compound of caoutcbouc
ulphur and mereury,ls well known.
That this compound has excellent qual
ities none can deny. Thatit is deletrie
taus, and sonictinie fatally injurious to
health is_equally certain, That there
are other substances possessing the de
-Arable, without the objectionable coali
tie6 of rubber, is now proved beyond a
It is &so well known that the popular
demand requires artificial • dentures
which can he furnished with great, fa
cili►y, rind at IoW pricey, Vuleaui7ed
Rubber no longer eoLuefy under that
A wealthy monopoly, probably toe
trifle, purchased the chance to obtain a
reissue of the Goodyear rubber patent
and having succeeded, they purpose,
through the Dental profession, arrogant
ly assuming to stipulate our prices as
well as thcir taxes, to draw from • the
‘rockets ()I' "The people" from one to
two tilillions of dollars l anMartilfir ; To
" The peop:::" W OM / P4 13 ‘Y nl 3.91-1 sub,
h►it to such extortioli,- .4 1 111 . 11 , YOll resist
it by adopting such that' •114 " I'ge7
ommend to be fur superior to tkilther,
while no more exptAsive. Let' . hear
from you. , P. NEWELL.
Manstil i d Jnsi. 27th 1868. I
I . .
Mt nits Bus, 25, 1668.
pEAII Aerrasoit.- 7 "We Mire 'lila the enemy,
and they ca were words I heard
sequaint,thee 0,40 ill filos , :hlirg this morning,
and on inquirioig . what he meant, he said : We
h a d no - e l e ttli en tor {null i,diecr. here yesterday,
and ch e f ed I atiaight.hairtht Itepuldieune,-gal_
ha ha' ""Wel!. Ito friehill""Saili I. b e li ev e its
a very cenaiiinii - t !dog r.lO mai to fill the offi
ces 11.1 , Alamo kl, Pad foe . thy lice of me ealf,t see
where, talc laugh AI cams "Alt!" relci t he,
that's'lli; NI, which You ate
aware that Wm., A. Wallace. chairman uf_the
Demi:el-16. Star:: Committee I' this State, sent
circalls 0 al Outol to' the local lea ad the miter
rifled to calomel:co at the bottom and get all the'
township irflicers . -and we Iteloadiellne f o ll owe d
his aal v Mr out cs.- ! ha! la! Erin-go
unmil-E-plurilius-bragli I:11' liver." Seeing.that
• , , .
my ceptatateoce in !lie intensity of Iris joy at t h e
result—was getting info a foreign language, as
the latter part ot remarks. /,) jell toil, I loft'
him :afflict ui Ilio : tclory,"thinking to myself that if
other townships fullotttd our example,--in view
of the important, Pr..sidential election this year,
the Republic:in tarty would °We a-atibt‘ of giath:
tad° to Mr. Wallace for his timely suggestion.
which could only be. discharged hr presenting ,
him with a leather medal, or Ow "Inctri an ra h_
sien" or sonic such` little thing, after w.• have:
elected our map, in ISIIB. .
I n env , it should be ijceiQrd that a medal shall
in' given :Am, I suggest the following inscription:
In your orders we, can trace, • I
Hatred rgainst 'a 91yet log race;
Ycit you're the than th 4 signed by fate,
• • • To help the right in Silty, Eight!
If that, don't do, la;t hue know, and I'll write to
Geo. Franchi Train' (whom the parental o c ; era ..
!mind of England has - introiloced to her' L'astilos)
for something bettOr.- • • •
• OA 401 instant, there wits n public meting - of
1 1 Indirs adapted citizens held at the Union School
House, lllosshurg, for this purpose'ot" giving:ex
pression to. their views regarding, the rights'of
eirwens abroad. Henry Ifollend. 'Was ..elected
chairman, and, llyde,,i , cretairy. Speeches
were made on the rights and:ladies of naturalized
citizens, and the necessity that:et:la's for Misgov
ernment in' at once define their Antos anti protect,
them in their rights at American citizen by Mr.
Holland:, Dr, P, Cohn - Inc, .1. Fitv.,gertild, Jr:,
PAW tev. Mr. Kern.- ltesolut ions were then adop
ted express:vo of the feelings of the. meetiog, and
else petitions signed which watt; ordered to be
sent to S.. F. Wilson, 'M. C., and the U.B. Sena--
tors from this State. The large laudieuce present
mhnifested n vety deep interest in the proceed,
ings. 'A largo number 9f letters were received
tenor distinguished. gentiainicu who 'could not be
Ono of the Iron.' Munition Ward's constituents
who resides in Ilornellsville, N. went to Ire
land some months mince to soh 'his' mother who
whowas flying, ,Re was arrested by the British
government four miles from his mother's louse;
thrown into jail because ho was an Irish Ameri
can, (the habeas Corpus act, as yourtro aware,
has been suspended im Ireland since Nov. 1868,
and is now suspended), as :they , had no charge
whatever against him., lfe slMired the British
Magistrate a letter from Congressman Ward to
Mr. Adams. Magistrate treated the'letter with
lofty contempt, and told the
.gentkahan that - ho
could only get ont of jail by agreeing to go under'
arrest to the- 'nearest seaport town—embarking
for AMOViCa, rind pi °raising come beak I I
Tho American citizen was obliged• to agree to it'
though he did under protest. .•Of course he did
not see his flyiug mother. This is stsample of the
numerous indignitiei .enffered by American
!ens in great Britain.
- Square-toed boots and goatees of the American
pattern, aro feared and hated over the waters by
the, powers that be. as intensely as the F. F.'s of
Virginia hated and feared the liberty-loving.Ah
olitionists. No wonder, liberty and slavery eau
no more lie down peaceably together than can the
wolf and the lamb. -
JainesAferon, Esq., of Fall Brook, villa has ably
tilled the position of Cashier of the Full, Brook
Ccal Co. for over ton years, has been appointed to
the responaildo'and difficult position, of manager,
of that Co. in' fall Brook, in plate of the late Mr.
Brewer. Charles L. - Paulson, Esq., formerly of
.Lawrenceville, who has been in the employ of the
company for about 6 years as book-keeper, 'has
also been promoted, and is now Cashier of the Co.
at Fall Brook. "Charlie" is deservedly popular,
and the general opinion entertained by all classes
in this vicinity is, that both arc worthy of their
positions, and that the Hon. John Magee, who is
1-'resident: of the Fall Brook Coal Co., has shown
his. 'usual appreciation of merit and faithfulness
in the matter. • Yours Smoothly, PAT.
is 'a vet y fine number. The 'Publisher offers
. most
beautiful premiums, and unasnul imineetrtents to
rake clubs. Terms,. One Dollar a year. A
sample copy will he sera flee to any ono who ap
plies for it during February. Address Alfred. 1,.
Puldisher, Chieaga, 111., .
Valuable Farm for ,SYak:
Afarm yf three hundred acres, With two hun
dred and twenty.tive acres improved. Sit
uated ten Miles north of 'pogo, Villrige, on the
Tiega ltirt. and Itailroed. Well wfmtered, un
der a good -tato of cultivation, and rood build
ings. • A ko i four houses and lots for sale in Tioga
village. ' T. L. ZiALDWIN.
Tito , a, Fib, 12, 1808-tf.
i Caution. -
N0T10F.,113 hereby given that my-wifo Han-
IN nab, ban left my borne and board without
just cause or provocation and.l hereby forbid all
persons Crow keeping or harboring her on my no.
count for I.will not pay any chargos or debts of
her contracting. ' lIIItAM SWIAILAR.
Feb. 12, 1811S-2w.
THE Millibars of Delmar township, will meet
in Wellyhoro ° on the last Monday of Feb
ruary, inst., fur, the settlement or the accounts of
the Treasurer and Supervisors . of the past year.
Fob. 12, 1868-IW.
lie charter of the
ottery, has passed
s the assets of the
the State!
Alch persons nro hereby cautioned against
purchasing a auto drawn by iiio in favor of
A. S. Charles for $lOO, and dated Aug. 7; IEI7.
Said note was obtained by fraud and rnisropro c
sentation, and [ shall not pay the same unlesel
forced to do so by the Courts.
1161, Feb, 12, 1868-30
,Scales ! Scales ! Scales !
in has passed the
he Senate. - We
MBE Buffalo Platform Scales, all ordinary
sizes, for heavy, and counter ,use, way be
Sound at tho•]lardwaro Store of Wm. Roberts,
Wellebero. These Scales are the Fairbanks pat
ent and have'no snperfor anywhere. They • are
made in the bnet•style and have taken the premi
um at ell the great exhibitions.
I have the sole agency:for these Scales in this
_JIL Co. Pa., and vicinity : You are invited to
meet at the office of the undersigned in Mans.
field, Pa., on Thursday, Feb. 20, 1868, at 10
o'clock P. M., for the purpose of taking into con
sideration the propriety of - adopting a schedttle
of just and uniform prices; together with other
subjects relating to the' interests and efficiency of
the prefetsion. P. NEWELL, Dentist.
Mansfield, Pa . Feb. 5-4 t.
IN the District Court of U. S. Western Dist of
.Pcuna, in the • Twitter of Lucius Truman,
Bankrupt. To whom it may Concern :
The undersigned assignee, of Lucius Truman
who hes been declared a 13ankrupt upon his own
petition, hereby gives notice that a general meet..
ing of the creditors of said Bankrupt will -be
hold n t the office of F. E. Smith, Esq., Register
iu Bankruptcy, at Tiogd, Pa., on' Tuesday, sth
day of Fob. I$OS, at 10 o'clock A. M„ for the r
poses mentioned in the 27th section of the a of
Bankruptcy passed March, 2, 1367, and also bat
the assignee will thou and there file his acco nt,
and npply for a settlement of the same, and a
discharge from all liability as assignee.
Feb. 12, 1363-2t.0
Orphans' Cowl &tr.
BVIRTUr of ro ordor of the Orphans'
Court of 'fioga County, lsOttml Febrile(ll 3 ,
1668, end to us dit-teted, Ite will OXI•OtiO to ppb
lic sale at Parr's hotel, 'flogs, Thursday, March
26, 1668, at 2 P. tJ. the following real estute, late
of Royal Rose, of - Nitutland, dee'd, to n it :
A lot of land In Rutland, lioing lot 1-16 of the
allotment of Bingham- lands in said township,
bounded north by l;t 143, contracted' to Royal
and pin F•tus itosp, eort by for )29 in the name of
Rose le Dile, routh by lot 109 in tho nano of R.
Smith, find west by Hingham lailds--containing
65.7 acres more or less, contracted to Win. Rose, C r ,O4III99IOXERS ACCOUNT,
Also— anoth‘r lot of lend in s aid tow raid p Seeley county ordprS Dr
nship and do , y services and traver ~„. Pr
tiro lIIIIIG cabroyua by the trustees of the Bing-
`-.ta cel6lo by 41 - 44 ;MO "A'ov- 7, 1849, doserib. do B hart, county orders Dr
... ,
,; _„ ,
.13,) , ii,nirev at the spwitlyesteorner 4 0 by services and travel ..... ... Cr.
(l as 10110). • r.,.• • r•• • , •
ou the herd' line y• :"' A IDetWP 61 0 Pg /Pt for,. flo P V Vappess, county ordikrs Dr
, . ,
of , - s%to4ut'P j rTrth 024 iig bI eBTfriaPs gl i ci tr4 v°
loony in posz:es.ien I..eura,, v C r ,
perches, thence north 25° o ert 39.5 perehti.7, -4 "t do JO )I . I PxIPF4 PoI!WrIV4PfP? Pr.
162.5 percher, %Ilene(' tfalill US porches, thenee 4 -• itall'iM FRPI travel, - Pt
west 55.8 perches to place of beginning---contei- do (1.
- , 1
(lining 51.8 acres wore or less, with usual allow- TLOOA COUNTY, tis.
.'4 .1 ce,for roads.*-
• [L. B.] Wo the Commissioners of 'sd.. - - colon ".I
• C. H. SEY3IOIJR t do hereby certify, that the foreoin i a corret...
.1 - Adat'rs. statement of the receipts and expenditures
e there- I
Fa, /2, 18-0 ct.i. . in sot forth. In testimony whereof welhave here.
WOW - Fero, Feb. 12, 1968.
In Bankruptcy.
Treeettry of Tlogo.,oounty for the year 180. •
• ItEOEII6..
Reed froin ColleCtortic.onctty tax,1644
. $118,48
do ' do - ' ' State - 69,43
do ' do - • Bad 54,68
do . do Bounty 1885 141,46
do ''' do County 117,09 .
do do 1 State 105,70
do , do Relief 120,26
do do . Bounty. 1860 6579,73
do do County • 1946,02
do do Bounty • - 1807 46,698,83
do - ' do ' .' County 18,418,48"
do diy • State , 536,05
do &I Poor , 6896,06
do on seated lands returned by collectors , 187,09
do Cominopwcalth coats - by, Sheriff Tabor . 2;116.81
do redemption of seated and animated laude 1,169,81
do back taxes,' unseated lands 308,67
do overpaid by collectors, Tloga &Corington ' 89,00
' do by county loans; 1867 42,936,19
do of Liberty town Ship.. ..... . 133,81
do seated and untleated lands, Corer's Sale - 893,00
do payment on note, A. Lugg 20,50
do Commonwealth costs by E. S. Seeley... 25,00
do do, do District Att'y... 4 3 0,00
do cash, P. T. P'.'lVingoto ' . ' 50
do do J. Riberolle, sale hides 0,10
do Jan. 1857, bidet duo Upon settlement. 148,74
Total ain't $128,734,40
Paid E. 8. Seeley, com'r, • ' $342,36
do E. Bart, do 441,90
do P. V. Vastness do 414,00
do Job Rexford do 03,00
Paid W. IL Smith, comers counsel $50,00
do .1. 11, Niles do do 50,00
do Thos, Allen do clerk 700,00
do J. -Emery county Auditor 72,00
do D. L. Atkin do do et al 164,02
do L. Smith et al Travers Jurors 2,080,40
do_ R. 8. Lugg et al, Grand Jurors 764,01
do T. P. Wiugtito, crier 162,00
• do E. Klock of al, constables and
tip-staves 673,73
do C. Phillips et al, Justices ' 37,30
do C. Williams et al, assessors 1,070,25.
do Cobb .4.,lt'an Gelder et al, Peg 274,75-
do 11. Young et al, Blectiolle..- 1 .4 1 7 8 - 0 7t'
Paid M. D. Willielni et al,com. costs 3.018,29
do 'L. Tabor of al, do do 38,22
do J. B. Niles, District Attorney 455,00
_tin M. Kelley et al, bounty ou
Wild Cats
' , O Henry Allen of al, viewing
bridges and bridge views ... 214,08
do A. K. Bogard et al, Bridge
Repairs.-- • 2,083,07
do 'W. W. Bentley, Tioga Eoro,
New Bridge, 709.25
do Alonzo Otillo et al, damage
Improvements 316,06
do henry Allen et al, road views 000,40
do 11. Young et al, stationary... 308,46
do J. F. Donaldson,' cl'k Q. S. 1,223,43
do do Protb'y fees 24,60
Paid J. E. White et al. Inquest on
do E. S. &cloy of al, distribut
ing assessments, &c
do Chas. Williams et al, repair.
tug Jail
- do T. I'. Wingseo cb al 7 Court
blouse cud grounds 38,13
do L. Tabor et al, prisoners 1.022,77
do C. F. Miller, eastern State
- Penitentiary
Paid O. P. Miller, Lunatic llosp'l...
do Tabor, Summoning Ju- -
ries. Sheriffs fees
do 0. W. Gilbert et al, money re
do C. P. Miller, postagir
'Paid I) II Smith 1 ton coal
do T P Wingate cleaning 0 House
do Audio Foly for lamps
do C F Miller, stamps. discount
money, National Bank 11,00
do C F Miller, stamps, discount
note in Bank 11,83
L Dean for - seals Reg. office 26,32
do R J Ross on freight &c • 6,56
do M Bullard on express chts 2,28
do D L Dean do do 2,40
do Converse & Osgood, boll rope 1-87
Jo D L Dean repaireprothbitata.
ry °Mee- • - 9.13
do Cl' 31111er, d iscount, stamp, 20,88
do Frank tViugate for coal 9,20
do' R.l Bose, empress charges..... 1,00
do Wll Smithpr ct coll'ctg Jdg't 30,00
do C FAtiller, stamps, discount,
notes ht Bank 01,83
•do 0. Bullard for tape • 60
Paid Hastings & Co. merchandise,
Paid 0. P. Miller, Treas. Commis
- Cons, viz
Soldiers' Bounty bonds paid,... $87217 60 Ipo 872 18
State tax phid, 1252 44 do 12 52
County Orders paid 23377 26 Bpc 701 82
Poor Orders paid • 12023 88 1M 180 85
Paid 0. F. Miller, Redemption,.._
do Revenue Stamps,
Paid W. T. Emery, copy Record,
Bounty loan Certificates :
Paid principal, oi:i issue Aug. '02..
Interest on the same
Paid C. F. 31111er, standard Wrte
and Measures,
Paid Chas. Black of al weed fuel...
Pald D. Hello of 'al twp. Bowl,
do 3 W Bailey, et al Jury Cotters,
County house Farm:
Paid Beni, Austin, int. on mort'ge, $420 00
Peter Green, horses, ' 890 77
Ira Johnston. lumberwagou, 102 60
NV C Sherman, oxen, 210 00
0 W Haile, sett harness, 38 90
D. P. Catlin, for cow, . 55 00
„_lyilliams SL sear apayr t e .. lt tk,
T i:Tilitctell, 75 sheep, 150 00
8 Frost,4 cows 200 00
. Williams A; Sears, repairing,— 13 25
Francis, for abotes, 5 00
111 Sutton, 1 shote,,, 8 00
P C Ve.nOolder, pdtatoes, 0 00
E Fellows, Buck Bhoop, 4 00
0 0 Guernsey, blacksmithing, 52 3.3
J 0 Dart! tor hay, • • 3 03
J Wortondylco, repairing tools 7 00
E J Purple, barrel, 1 60
D 0 Holden, merchendizo 7 50
h U Gillette, provisions, 0 12
IC B Kelley, morchandizo, 26 89
J II Bunnel, provisions 228
Vanvalken burg & Bro. prov'ue 2 25
A Russel, chop feed, do 120 57
P R Williams, merchandlze.... 708
W T Mothers do , 1 88
E F Jennings for hay 3 75
B Hart, bay, feed and seed ... 64 41
P V Vannes, seed & provisions 11 33
Wright & Bailey, do, 137 77
P Dockstaddr, do 12 00
Mart King,eed
. 1 11 26 60
C B Holley, ercbandizo 189 47
IV Roberts, dr 130 26
v , Inowen '
itoberte,l Jo
a R. 13owen 4 Co, indze 085
11 Borden. provisions 7 70
D L Dean. reCorder'e fees 2 46
Chas Champ, 47 cords w00d... 06 00
11 Wells 4 Co, lumber ' 7200 ,
,IColilu st Patridgo do 110 00 ,
Chester Patridgo,do 60 00
Moses Wingate, Wing, 10 00
Daniel Holliday, lumber 84 00
A L Bodino do 15 63
0 D Denison do 151 88
0 D Keeney do 295 83
Thaler & 00, , do 248 00
0 W Potter, "dO 607 90 ..‘
. li T Vanhorn' ' do 9 26
Samuel Morgan, do 300
Robert Steele, do 13 64 •
E J Putplo, do 2 25
Wm Markham, dr , wg lumber 13 60 -
E Hart, work and plank, 16 00 - I
Joseph Riberole, for hair 0 60
P. 8 Seeley, trip to Elmira &c 12 00
John Hurt for labor, 1.... 625
E Smith do 165 63
William Hart do 88 12
John Ludlow do 10 00
P V VanNesa, trip to Elmira &c. 17 90
Hiram Bacon, labor , 62 90
Daniel Cole do ...............• 600•
W B Boynolde do 840 00, i
Susan McConnell labor 26 00
11. Young, blacksmithing... 226 '
Peter Smith, labor 8? 83
Jos Torpy • do ' BOO
Hiram Hart do 12 00
John Powell, making brick, 207 60
0 51 Hart, hauling sand &c. 28 00 .
A Sprague for labor, 5 00
A Thompaon. blackirmitteg 8 40
E Swope, for labor 40 60
0 Ballenger do " .18 60
' N Bellegger do 84 Q 0
' D Margret!: do • 64 00
• Robert Richardson labor, 21 00 •
• Benjamin Smith d 0,.... 1 60
" Cleo 11 Burns, do 67b I
e Morris Smith do :-, .19 00
.Y.obn Hart, do - • ~' * 75
E•M Hart . * do' - 350
A M Cloakey do 4 50
-* 0 Austin. boarding, - 50 40
Wm M Hirt for labor, 7 50
Wm Christonat do 675
• John Ballenger do 21 00
• Daniel Bellenger do 18 00
A Smith, do. • 900
TI B May, 0 grain 98 iii.
Lewis Culver do 6 00
Tt` B Smith, do ' `, 4 00
E T Bentley, Com. hp travel 54 60
'C F Veil, .dcl & dfts, 49 S
JH Gulick, 11 days serv's 22 00
di M Brookman, builder, 4550 00
For Furniture:
D Ritter, chairs, bedst'ds, 18 88
D P Roberts, stove 10 00
Wood. Marsh & Co, Phil. 119 70
W Hyde & Co. Phil. 221 00 ,
C B Williams &Co Phil.-. 173 00
Lewis & Bro. bedst'ds &o 223 00
• F J-Berriek, knives & forks
.9 00
Vance & Landis, spoons etc , 3 28
MUrphi & co. ?hit. books, 31 Op
Howard Exp. freight, 75 pa
P V VanNass, drayage • l 6 32
" expenses to Phi. 45 00
Beni Austin, furniture, lii 25
Wfi Smith, insurance, 21 4 73'
N Austin 'el 110
Total Exponditures for 18G7 887,554 70
unto sot our
. handsnil seal of office , this 3lat day
of January, A. D. 868. ` • •
, • .P. V. VANNESS, Com?'
Aitirt,`? 308 REXFORD.
Att l Es,"Clerk. -
• ,`-1. 4 ____.—
M. F. MILLIRR, Treasurer ofTioga County , in
Am:incl. with said County, from Jan. 22, 1867 to
January 18,1887.
Outstanding county tax. .1862 8300 08
tib ' Relief tax - do 21 20
do Militia tax do - 35.00
do State tax . do • -31 61
do County tax 1863 110 24
do Relief tax du 52 00
do Militia tar do
' , ,
5 18 1 0 1 9 0
doss "'State tax ' - ,_. do
do . ' Bounty tax. 1804 287 2D
10 '' County tax . ' da. . 230 19
do Relief tax do 214 74
do State tax ,do . , 122 31
do . Bounty tax ' 1805 , - 470 61
do , County - tax - do , • 284 35
do • State tax do 207 99
do Relief tax du 269 33
do Bounty tax ,1866 11,855 29
do - County tax do 2,621 27
Reed on seated lands returned by col
lectors to Jan Bth, 1868 , . ' 187 09
Ree'd Coma'th costs from Sheriff Tabor 2,116,06
do on redemption, seated and un
seated tangle:, ...". .. ',.... .. .... :. ' 1,159 81
do On book loxes, seated and un-
$ 1 ) 29 ' 2 , 88
seated lands ,
398 67
Ain't Bounty tax amen7o'
d ; 186'
853 75
do County tax do , do 23,962 60
do State tax do do 1,660 65
do Pour tax, do do • 11,489 29
do Overpaid collectors Covington ,
ond i Tlogn - 89 OD
wdo loaned by Cotters to Jtio. '6B 42;035 19,
do rccelvedi I.4orty twp, aec't of
, M Farrar - ' " ' " ' 133 51
do seated and unseated land ' ..
- males by Colu'rs sales 1667...
'do Noto paid by A. Lugg
do by E S Sealoy
do by District, Attorpoy •
do T P IVingato'
do by easb oa hides
do Wane° duo sottieuet,lB67.,..
Outstanding county tax, 1862 , $303 08
do Relief tax di ~ 21 20
do Militia tux d • . 35 00
do State tax dc 31 51
do County tax 1863 • 110 24
do Relief tax lo 52 00
do Militia tax do . i, 18 09
do State tax do ' 51 10
Bounty, comm'an and abatement 1864 287 29
County do do 1804 93 49
Commission, do - 18 24
Outstanding, county do , 57 46
Abatement of State do . l7 13
,do do 8 26
Outstanding 'do do 99 92
Abatements, Relief, ......... ...... do 128 37
Commission ' 6 do 482
Outstanding do do , 1 82 05
Abate'ts, & oommis'ns bounty, 1865. ! 202 72
Outstanding . do do ' 126 34
Abatements, County do i 28 51
Commissions do do , 87 74
Outstanding do do 101 01
Abatements, State , do 854
Commissions do do -12 46
Outstanding do do 91 29
Abatements, Relief. • do 7 22
Commission de do . 974
Outstanding do do 132 11
•Aba,tement, Bounty, 1866 4703 92
Commission do • do 898 93
Outstanding do do 172 71
Abatement, county
Oommiseion do
Outstanding do do 184 00
Overcharge on duplicatelB 00
- .
Pd bounty certificates of Mar. '64 and int. 3309 00
Certificates of Oot, '64 red. and cano'ld, 66970 75
Interest on do - 11421 02
Certificates of Aug. '62 red and cano'd 1376 10
Interest on same . 281 94
Certificates of Aug. '65 • ' do • 6307 00
Interest on same", 489 48
Certificates of Aug. '66 . do - 4907 00
Interest on same 888 65
Certificates of Aug. '66 do 3767 74
Refunded on seated and unseated lands, IpB 36
Abatement, on bounty tax of 1887, 111149 08
Conanisslons do do ql7O 86
Outstanding do do 11435 48
Abatement on county tax do 584 02
Commissions -do do 651 73
Outstanding , do do 3408 37
Abatement, State do 56 36
Commission do do 43 68
Outstandirig do 'do - 924 56
Abatement, Poor do 285 47
Commission do do . 283 86
Outstanding 'do do • 5024 10
Printers, C. & V. & Keeler, '66 & '67 '72 30
Bal. State Treas. receipt Sept 9, 1867 925 07
do do Draft Nov 15, do . 250 00
............. =taw, -Twoungs. • 5 00
Poor orders red'mod &. cancelled 12023 36
County do do 23377 26
Commission on $87317 66' 1 pr cent 872 18
do 1252 44,1 pr cent, pd state 12 52
do 23377 26, County 3pr et 701 32
do 12023 36, Poor 1a do 180 35
Paid IL C. Bailey, from accountant 2882 59
$l7BB 37
$B5 88
45 85
198 60
284 94
$1660 04,
260 76
98 25
20 00
We, tho undersigned Auditors of the County - of
Tiogataving audited, settled and adjusted the
above accounts of C. F. Miller, Treasurer of said
county, do certify that they aro correct as above
stated. Witness our hands this 18th day of Tan.
STATEMENT of County Bounty, Liabilities ;
lialanee duo by .county on Bounty
Liabilities as per statement pub
lished Jan. 18117,
Amount loaned by Com'ra in 1867
Amount of Bounty Certificates of March 1, 1864.
Redeemed and cancelled $1,300 00
bounty certificates of Oct. 1; '64' red'md 50 4 970 75
do do Aug. 1, '62 do 1,375 10
do do do 1, '65 do 6,307 00
do do - do 1,130 do
and installments paid
Interest paid on above
Deduct interest paid as alukve
Total am% paid on prinaipal 1807 70,869
Bal. due by County January 18,
. -1868, of indobtnesB,- 189 , 476 9.4
4- 8260,335 79
. ,
We, the undersigaed Auditors of the'County of
Tioga, having audited and adjusted the above
i l ,
accounts, do certify . the ameto be a correct state
ment of the indebtedness f the county. Witness
our hands the 18th day o &math A. D. 1868.
D. L. AI EN,
ISRAEL TONE, } Auditors.'
NOTICE i hereby given thnt a certain note
dated at Deerfield, Tioga Co. Pa., Aug. 7,
1867, - due in six months for one hundred dollars,
and payable to B. S. Chalets or order was ob
tained by false representations, and without con
aid tion, and that! hold said Charles' contract
axone me from all obligation to pay said
note tint has fulfilled all his part which he
has failed to do. I give this notice that I shall
not pay said note unless compelled by law.
Deerfield, Feb. 5, 186578vr..
WESTFIELD liorotigh, Tioga Co. Pa., E. G.
Hill, Proprietor. A new and sommodions
building with all the modern 'improvements.
Within easy drives of thebest bunting and fish.
ing pounds In Northern Penn's. Conveyances
furnished. Terme moderato.
Feb. 5,1868-Iy.
DEEDS, SEEDS !—Clover gepd, Timothy geed,
Early Goodrich Potatoes for geed, at
Wellsboro, Feb. 1, 18138 7 tf. PRINCE'S.
$11,234 92
Afimbistratoff3 -Notice.
LETTERS of Admlstration hiying been
granted to the ututersigaed on , the estate of
John T. Ocorr, Into of Gaines, deo'd, all persons
having claims against said estate, and all persons
indebted to the same trill settle witb
, SHELDON 00 0 RR.
Ocoola, Feb. b, IW—et. Admr.
$342 80
4 . 42 36
44t 98
414 96
93 66
P 3 PP
. -
(`SASH V4I1) FOR ASH LOGS, at Ilodines
I,elPh 14. IaIIII4LL.
P) )1 V , Pg-tr
CI AOg IN(3. rqr flops;i3ro ogq!ity EgUid
fin 4P PE , F
at Pr*.
ISRAEL STONE, }. Auditors
. 1.21
LL persons indebted to us ei th er by
' note or bo o k. account; must call
• an ettle witbonfdolay or costs will be
lsboro, nec. 2b1130Y.,tf
' or. 'Sale. •
111111 t ORIST-4 Fl.OllllOll • known
L: as,the POrd 141111, In Lawcepocville, this Co.
Tbe , proporty is witsurpassed in' 'point, of lueutiot,
for oustorn.',and Las ample, capacity far e torinF
and manufacturing for home and foreign demand
—3 pair silLthe modern improvd
meats for uierobant work.. Rebuilt 111 1 1901, anti
now in complete order. Possession given at any
time after sixty days from date of sale.
„ • •. . CHAS. L. FORD.
Lawrenceville, Jon. 29, 1813,3-11 w.
.lix Bankruptcy.
Western District of Peratioylconio, es:
rflo w,hour it may CulleCill Thu undersigned
hereby gives notice of his appointment as
assigneeofJacoli ',arisen of Jackson lathe Coun
ty of 'ring% and State - of Pennsylvania, who .has
bees adjudged 'd binkruptlifion his own petition
by the District Court of said District.
C. H. gi.:YMOUR,
Tiuga, Jan. 20,' A
s ,
should send fur the
Real Estate Recoid,
. •
A largo stxteon page Journal, issued monthly
devoted to, nit matters, laws, facts, mid Stouts ul
Interest !Veining to real estate; containing Dill
descriptions, with prices, &c., so vorat thou
sand properties, including I
For sale in Pennsylvania, Now dorscy, Dela
ware, Maryland, Virginia, North Caralina,Teor
gin, Florida, Texue, and other §tates,
• •
237, South • Sixth'Street , Philadelphia.
Tan. 29, 1868-2 w.
F '394.00
"20 20
25 00
940 00
6 16
148 174
$171701 10
Orphan's Court Sale.
Y virtue of an order of the Orphons Court of
Tioga County dated Sept. 107, the un
dersigned, Administratrix of the estate'of Samuel
T. Wood, deceased, will expose to sale at public
vonduo at the Court lloi\se iu Wellsboru, on the
21st day of February, 1858, at 1 o'clock, P. M.,
the following described real estate, lat 4 the prop•
arty of said decedent, situate in the township pf
Covington, Tiogrt county, Pa.. bounded on the
north by lands of Reuben Patterson and lands of
William Cletunons, on the east by lands of Reu
ben Patterson and land of Roxana.liumes, on
the south by lands of 'James Clemmohs and on
the west by lands of Floridan S. Covert, contain
ing one hundred acres of land, with a frame house
frame barn, and other out buildings thereon.
TERus—s4oo at the day of sale, and the bal
ance in 5, years. MARY E. WOOD,
t 307 01
206 24
Wilson VanValkenburg's
In viow of the contemplated Rnilro
to be built to IVollsboro, the propri
ooncludod to givo the peoplo bereabo.
entertainments through the year, comm
the 14th of January. The fast piece,
Let Live,
This great drama has drawn erowde,
both in this and the old Countries, '
mittod by all to be ono of the most profi
tereating, and bet pieces extant
Tickets to the Dress Cirele—F,
171701 10,
We wish it distinotly understood,
classes lof politicians, and oven those
.a little Wolfish—and in fact none aro
from the
Whore wo can furnish any style,
quality of Gentlemen's wearing apparel
notice, and at prices astonishing low.
$217,400 80
42,935 19
$260,335 79
Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Ladies'
Cloths, and a large variet) . of
Ladies' Dross Goods. '
4,907 00
16,367 83
Beet kinds, and as chimp ai 1116 °he.
Ackete to the,Parguette--4i'it
$87217 68
16,367 89
PART 14111 RD.
In the great Tragedy for the tuned
path°, we would not out saying to th,
that we also keep averyth ng to repleni:
Come one and all and witness the oh
tertainment. We do not claim to be 01 ,
but shall endeavor to do our best to give
worth of their money; •
l' •
N. B.—We shall give our patrons tho
eft of the !decline in prices,
and e
thew our th i nks for the very liberal v ,
heretofore e tended, we solicit a con
of the samo.
Wellsboro, - Jarr.-15,
Flour and Feed.
ALL kinds of Flour and Food, - and
quantity to suit customers, at my
filainsbut. N. E. CAL
Mainsburg, Jan. 22, Inti-3m
To Inn Keepers.
NOTICE h hereby given, that no
will bp leaned to iun.keepera untit
are paid into the treasury of the County
ace with the law providing that •
not o' lawful for the clerk of the Wirt
any I dense until the applicant ahalf ha
the c rtificate - of tine a
e County Treaser
fee as been paid. IL C. BAIL
W llabero, Sqn. 2 2, Isfis. Tree
ESTRAY.—CattIe into the enclosure
stibseriber, in Charleston, Juno 15,
YEARLING STEER, spotted, star iu fu
The owner ;,I,,sequestell -- to pny charges a I
him away. Pan. 8,1868-3tl S. FRI
ESTRAY.—Canie ipto the enclosure
subscriber in Deluittr, about tho iqt
a' light red STEER, star in foreheit'd. 'Vh
is requested to pay charges and 'reelaint.
Jan. 29, 186S-3t. LIRA 1,0
-FT:or gq/P ;
A NE IV, SFoli-bogy Quttor, of Into
Poet PAs! Tog s f!,
Reserved Seats for (he Ladie
Remember the plaoe,
Old sixty-seven---new sixty-eight—
The old sleeps with its fathers;
The new _stands knocking. at the tr,ate
Of every inortal ; And • ' MATHERS
. ,
(.__;) nL, ICE the . be'es a,htl the heap:,
rirld:i his Mit rebewell Ily-thu elia4r, e4n.,1. brEteir . :.
litmovheie Li Pinter, and hi: tliAteturtigAth,r. tt
RN. the WRY hove y+ a hoard anyttghg of tho
chop who STEAI.i 111- 010,CE.IIIFItI .- !II Fla`
And olio gives ns n rennin', (and a good reason it
.I,,ii - roo) that if n fellow gets caught at fttouling a
• tip top ankle ot• -
Sugar, Coffee,-Molaßses, Syrup,
antlAu ((salt, hu can't Ln uceu►ul ut Itt'CMG ,TU
C1114,1T t.iit it at fellow naught at.
stealing in purr uriieler and is cvsvic - reo Atm
sENT 1)11 ruint.rse must hu
I suppose that whin the Lid maids maids Con
sole thetnselves;svith the saying
§'There's as good fish in Ape- sea as
u re ever caught out of it,"
they don't allude to my MACKEREL.. And when
people complain of a bad cough, they don't al
lude to my CocanY. But when they P. peilk of
the I
I suppose they do mean my stock of Teas; NvLick
are, as the Elder Weller eaid of advice "WEARY.
lam further able to say that people will eat
much or little, in proportion to- their appetite,
and pay for much or littN, according to
their money. I sell Tea by the quarter pound,
of course, but prefer to wholesale it in packages
of not less than
and, !by persuasion, eau be inVueed to sell a
eheat,of a dnzon pounds to vlie eustomer:
Id soon to
tors have
ts,, daily
lencing on
At such rates As shall en3lle buNer and seller t 9
- :Sleep sound o'
having. consciences void of offence
4 -
Well.iboro, Jan. 8. 'OB. W. T, MATHERS
d is ad
able, in-
that all
•ho feel
Itind and
On short
De LANG 84 Co.,
HAVE added to their steel,. a Cr(lixiklet, Vie.
sortment of '
I ,, Lcamiael.w"—Maidr.vicle)
of the
h thoir
Which they offer at 25 per cent leis then sues
Goods were ever gold for in
‘e en-
nil the
Ci-ood suit,' for.
t. 'l l >," &c.,
1 ,
run ben
linuune 9
Wellsboro, 20, ISIF.-1y
L ADIES' Vests and Drawers. at
• De LAN() & CO'S
CARPETS at Now York Prices, at
In nny
?dill in
A tARGE . Stock of Boots and Shoes, at
the fees
F RENCTI coßsgTs, at •
Do LANO & CO':
• in :le
it ttholl
to ieF•uc
cc filed
hot the
FANCY CLP.i'k4NCS, at.
LkNO do CQ'S
De LANG & CO. Agents for the Susquebon
nn Woolen Mills.
of the
' d take
MRS. E. .D..-MIT-61.*11,
of the
CORDIAL invitation to alt; Cote and
see. You will 3et tied a file assort inent of
all art ivies pertaining to the Millinery.
147. l';• p•
Jan. 22, Streat, 'Ni 10, a.
Still, like
R ill buy ' and sell
fort selling