The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, November 20, 1867, Image 2

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    Aeciaorit attho yannol.
`, A correspondent of the Boston Jour
nal gives-the subjoined account of an
accident which occurred at the. Hoosac
Turi 110 it,'f.s - w weeks ago, the sailor in en
t,ioned,aB-sustaining his three compan
ions being Thomas Mallory, who, after
the serious accident caused by the ex.-
9losion on the nth ult.J.went down a..
I ;ii l igie rope to ascertain the fat; of the
!nen who had been' at - work Indic shaft.
The writer Says : • .
; ‘f.: . vos the slitif, Proceeds down, at about
every 20feet hcles are dug in ti , shaft
to receive the B o nds of the tim wrs on
Which - to lay nth - tor r ent' as lay ug this
_ii,0,..:.• always considered, dangerous
.and requiring all the hoisting apparatus
.of the shaft, it is usually dond when no
other Work 19 going on in the n shaft:—
Oh thlif day a stick of timber had been
sent down with Your men on if:• The
. 'utmost skill-is reqpired to shoot one
•,,rid of the timber into the hole dug in.
the side of the shaft, and woilt,the oth,
- etepd into the bole in the oppositesidv.
' --- The_4lilliculty will .be seen when you re
mehaber that—the stick cif Wilber [is
about venty _feet ,long, twelvlf ineltss
, - square, suspended by a single rope, n
' . this c e 437 feet long and =tun feet from'
the rocky bottom of the ;daft, and the
luiles outside the centre of the shaft,
with nothing to hold on, by but the sin-e
. gle rope and the' timber on which the
. Men 'are, in dein i-dark n ess. The timber,
had been landed in its place, and as one
()lthe men was standing lie eaught, the
heels of. his boot and, losing - his baliNee.
he went over the side of the:limber.—
In his fall he caught the man next, and
he also followed, catching the last man,
who watl the 'sailor, who vas siting on
the timbbr with his feet crossed under
the timber. Ina morneut he was wheel
ed.round • the timber, with the other
three men hanging,Ao him, he with_ his
head dawn, they Upright. ;There they
were, suspended to the timber only by,
the, feet of the saor clasped op the up=
pealside of the timber, out of reach of
the signal rope, rhundred feet from the
rocky floor. After a short time of sus
pense the upper ; three felt ; themselves
relieved of a weight, and in a few mo
ments heard a hcavyhud on the rocks
, below, by which they knewi.that mie 01'
their comrades had gone! He . was
quickly followed by a second, but from
him groans proceeded, so that they
kttew he was still - olive. The•third now
said to thosailor, , '"
. 1 - suppose - it will . be
it i,
lily turn soon, as I cannot 110141-Brach
longer," btrethe sailor e d. l
heeret - ii_. ti
and told him that he would save h m.—
He told him to swing himself, and %O l eo
he could feel the timber with his feet to
- clasp it with them. After :mile tit i
swinging he was enabled to
. do so, ant
ilfter some further time to !,et up oil the
top of the timber. Relieved 6f - the
weight, the sailor, al tut. tegtirts; hituf,ell
as well as he could in hi 9 posi l tiou, was
also able to get up. There they lay for
otilte a time. Finally the Sailor got up
wand went to the signal rope and signal
: ized.:-• "Serious ae6ident.. ,-tettd help."
And how was help to rea1,..11 them ?
Tit - -.onlv rommuniektion was by the
tape stilinttached to the thol,or, and tle'
men - were too nmeh exhate4ted to on
famten it. Another sailoy ;-eon ~o lved
the problem 110, daspi ii e; a, , ,vi re rope anti
s:liding(Wil7.7tife ltri" feet. Ai rivmg• at
the titnhinr he asked for Ille (41404 1,1011.
Ail -they cctihl ?-41y:cc'w.i. that tit,, w t .re
gone. " 011 , Wellf-eg
'''l , UP 0 gto I heart
we will be soon down - dohelp 3 t ti,7 he
, aid, anti 11104 , 1;1y inn fasten od t' e tope,
and attaching it to his body lie - was
,trio's lip. Lie quieltly got a vage,om;*
more men debeended, allll sueeeede;li in
•!-totting the two I7PII 11110 the page, mid
tit ey were all drawn to the surf/tee. As
-ooh as tho sailor f6und 'dowel!' safe, he
C•ays, "now, that ; is all over, let us - g0
down mid-, :,j atiolll , the 61. her,-, " an ,
nothing v...uld . Prevail to pfevent Ili.
:1)ill1:4' down, only to Lind the 110 A one
Lhat fel! a ,roten mass, tit.. :te,2-6nd still
(live, but, lid only lived it eight
tours tlfyi• being drawn up.
__;:tturday night, :2ii inst., a buggy,
,e•:-s, bu dal() robe and whip,lthe.prorier
; Of Dr. ELY, of Albany 'township,
;as stolen. The Doctor followed tiic
;he: - to Tivoli, Lycoa)ing Co., where
.ii-properly. i was found in the possession
4 i,,
i ; tnan - naihed Chas Clink, who was
;re fed and lodged in-the jail of this
o . ii iy for Irial.
Vic man with whom Dr. ELY°;i; prop
,rry iv:is found had in his pl.,ession
- , property which is suiposed to
...tAe been stolen, to wit: One very dark
oriel mare. small legs - with strip in het
- irehead, left hind foot white, about ii‘ C
:sari old ; also a large light bay horse,
with strip in foichead, and blind in left
eye ; an iron axeltree open buggy, with
heavy tyre, with end ol'-hubs closed up
with brass bands ; one single harness,
black mounted, half worn T—Bradford
: — ln 1862, when the country , was de
pressed4hroughTailure of millitary suc
cess; the Democrats wrested several.
States from the Republicans L),y the fol
lowing majority : • -i,
New York, . 10,752
P ennsylvania, ) 2,.i°-1
0 hio, 4 I 5,527
Illimils, J 1 . 10,546
Indiana, 1 L . 9,543
Upon the following year, - however,
the Republicans, ignoring side • issues,
and turning out in their strength, re
covered these States by the following
ntjorities s
N w York.,
PcnnsylVania, '
~ 4
4 •
0 h io, . ..
Indialla,• • ••- i
FORGOT HIS NAME.—The Democratic
'style of voting is well illustrated in the
following : "On Tuesday of last week
an Irishman presented himself in a
central election of NC* York, and de
sired leave to deposit his vote. "TlVhat
name'?" aM:ed.the, inspector. "Mich
ael Murray,'sir," responded the would
be voter. "Michael Murray XiAtich
name on the list!" called the inspectoi:,
adding', " There's a Michael ! '
" tlould on, gintlewen,"houid on,
tlemen,".exclaimed the excitedlrish
in "Hould on,", con ti rmed he, ns
he pulled a piece of paper frcilli his pock -
etl, and proceeded tis real, and it
Michael Murphy, nst id 'of Mi c hael
Murray !" Of course, this man who
had forgotten his instructions, did not
HORSE DROWNED.—Oh Monday ee,-
Ding of last week, as Mr. SW. Phill
ips, was proceeding frOm this Borough
lathe 1-..sidence of his father-in-law,
Mr. John Fribley, who - resides on the
hank of the-river allow the mouth ,of
3funcy Creek, hisehon-e broke through
the towing-path, aliove the acqueduet,
iatea,hole made byhousk-rats, it is sup
posed, and haling - over into the ('atial;
was dziowifed. Mr. Phillips had his
mother-in-laW and little ,on with him
in the buggy, but they supe.ceded •in
1.)mi:111 , r out withput being' injUred.—
cy Luminary. -
.AUout ii re yearn ago a man from thc;
.- iuntry drove into Cleveland and pur
t lutsed a r - ant ity of . goods at a :;tore.
• a - part paN went lie lave live dollius ill
:a a I 'v.'. As
7 , • r•---th,- being
..11g dis
: 0 Lace of it eauld he
()!, .C:terneon rho same
lia;-e in front of the
. si.
.ind'afeer tritnaet
' ." , .isiness, hi, i4yriirise niay
• (2(1, (//1 1 L . 1(1.1 . 111144% (0 1111(1 - flit.'
/ bag contaitimi; rise pennies
• in his buggy. The repilTf•tiit
gitve no sign, and the, author of
wili - prbbahly remain
ctsburg has had a case of witchcraft.
• , unan s wimse child had tie. croup
a black eat and took tiaree drops
'.14,}0d from it to administer to the
WhergulaM a tumult arose. The
iawy.w_of the woman now brings twen
ty witness 4 to prove that recovery int
mediately ollowetrthe dose of blobd.
.... 29,404
..... 21,100
• 101,099
• -.29,398
• • • .15,000
:Sta agitator.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26 . , 1867,
The Pittsburg Gcizetto, ,pne.* the
ablest pipers in thelSTerth, has enlargiri
its borders, being - now ' print b ed On the
same sized sheet as the Pliii4delphia
PITBB. We 'rejoice-in Its prospeirity and
hope the time may not be farl distant
when it will rivl thel.Tribune in every
thing but its abuse of Gra ht.
What does the literary editor bf the
Pittsburg Gazette mean by ereclitindge
widow Bedott papers to John i , Neal?
We thought that . aiTzurd .
lead. The author the Widow .pe
dott papers was a- 4 , oninn, • atl . ..' - 'could
not have. s"leftbehindhim"thelhanu
snript of another - bnolt," soon to be pub
lished under the tide of Widow Sprig
gins. -
In our report of the - ,loyeirtber elee 7
tiOns last week,we omitted the result in
sdveral States. The results are as; fol
lows :
Massachuietts, Wisconsin, - MitnieSota,
•Katisai r illinois, Michigan, and „i\teva.-,
da, httve'gone Republican ; New York,
New Jersey, and Maryland baysegone
for the Copperheads. Minnesota gains
1500 on • the Republican majority. of
1865, when a Governor Was elected, and
is said to have adopted invartial,Suf
frage. The Democracy have managed
to:tarry three Northern States this fall,
but to hear the noise theyl make, one
would suppose that. they had swept the
TEI7iI CALL L i iie LABOR. -
Nal being a tbeelegian, we -can not
determine as to , whether rations, like
individuals, are t'saved by: grace," of
by some other and nof.less — effective
Means. In our judgment' they are not
4aved by grace, but rather by faith, as
strong and as deep as the aggregate vir
tue of the people. Faith, which em
bodies itself in works, is the only in
strumentality by which, the free insti
tutionsuf _this country can be preserved
and perpetuated. To live and grow, a
nation must take root in the hearts of
the masses composing it. Nations do
not live by passive assent, but by active
and untiring strug7,le.
We are not of those Who believe that,
a single swallow makesk it summer. N 6
more do we accept the reverse in New
York and Pennsylvania as a condom
aation of the principles . of. the Repub-
Heim party. On the ontrary, we, re
gard 'these reverses- as a part of the
varying fortunes of We war Waged by
Right against Wrongi In no struggle
is victory constant. ,t'he omnipotence
of Right is not exhibited locally, or in
any particular -period of history. Its
power is only known by weighing the ,
'aggregate results of all lime. ,Thus
dewing it, it is seen that 12,1frht has
lwaten 'Wrong back, slowly hut surely,
.a the gi • - , 1 average. of Time.
For th..- o and other. reasons, •ve have
never bt -edismayed'by temporary de
:eat. .1_,11:o most people we prefer, per
:.onally, victory before reverse, and re
Irard the dominance of Rebellion, as
shown iu the results of the elections in
this States and inNew York, with re
gret., As to bitter, recriminations we
shall-not indulge in them. 'The well- i
informed know that had the parties
:oined issue upon the imillers at, vari
ance between the Pia.. 1. i. ~ n d Con-
L;rcss the Congres.:n ... : %, ~/!f!
1,p.v0 triumphed in : - “..y "..coi:hern
. - J tate. It may be eta,ted az, an im oLt:o
-'vertible fact that hostility to the Ex
cise law gave the Coppe:theads many
thousands of their majority in the
•Stitte of Nevi' York. The proof of thi,
will be found in an early attempt to
repeal the law when the Legislature of
....that State shall sit. Certainly negro
PSuffrage did not defeat anybody in that
State, for there, now, and for many
years, the negro has voted. Not only
this, but the ballot was put in his hands
by a Democratic legislature, , approved
by a Democratic Governor. Nor do we
suppose that, if they had the power,
the leaders of that party in New York
would 'disfranchise the blacks inat
State. Farther than this,. we have of
the slightest idea that the leader •of
that party iu the North care a fig about
the question of suffrage , asst relatEp to
the negro, except in so far as it doeS not
accord with their plarA to suffer the
rebel States to . be reconstructed by the
loyalists. The Democratic leaders,
everywhere, sympathize with the "lost'
cause," as it is called ; sympathize with
the South and its rebellion, as against
the North and equal 'rights ; and' it is
`against this threatening danger of re
lapse into anarchy that the American
people must arise:and do battle.
Now, as' ever, undoubtedly some
men, impatient of cheeks and resting
too much upon the present, will sit
down dismayed. Truly we have seen
no such men as yet; but it would be
little less than miraculous if such , men,
should not be found in the Republican
party as in every other organization.—
tieh men lean too much upon the pres
ent and dwell too much within them
;,:elVes.. 'conscirs of their own weak
ness and'short vision they misjudge the
.3 u prone Ruler of nations . and universes,
and l i orget that the growth of nations
is slow and painful. The mushroom
springs up in a night and withers
in haste. The oak registers the 'CC.II
- of time. The hurricane some
times twists a huge limb from the tree
and tosses it about as a plaything, but
the oak is Lot ort.lhed thervbx. So, II:l
-oons. flre .:riven hy ten,l,o,tuotic, war,
Ind tossed about, t , seemiogly the sport
of eircut • ocesl •
But a..•, his turbniont period there`
')Hies, reason of cal
nip ron i o nho looks for 11'0 nlisiiilenCe
'll the t. , ..trile whfeh no(v tlie" no-
L. 1621, thi-s year, or nev.t ect f. - .• even
the next, has read hk t small
profit. Demagogues and idiots
have told the people tl t!,•• nation
erystajrzed under the an,piees of the
Democratic party. C. ystaliz ! It wilt
not crystalize and take nv7manen!,
;hake in a A' 'c•
you think this ly,tion is to be Isn . (•s
-ceptian to the rule or gc-t ri•l of
that fay. A century ire :struggle,
of one sort or of another, .will not more
than shape, permanently,
of the Continent. mihs,
gods grind slowly;". remember, and na
tions must pass throup,li the Mills of the
gods. jf wiPp and faithful reap
pear purged of error and c if
foolish and , falthleso t4uiy cannot escape
being greimdtoop4wder.
, • •• •
Tne•MirlY9e reforin 'canna take a
step backw*l.ll.-iVe., go to
stork, keeping well and aiwayb in view
the grand object of pofitlcal straggle—
the full 'enfranchisruent of the citizen
• „
and the emancipation of alll - peoples by
the-force of example,
The Gnvorn meals being outrageous
ly cheated by the distillers throughout
the country. Probably ; Nit one gallon
in fifty, of whisky; pays 'the ,isgal tax
to the Government. 'Why shifiuld!
{tillers be honest? , It is not tip honest
vocation, why should men exPect ,'hon
' esty of its followers? -We hear a !great
deal of talk about arrests here, Id con
fiscations there, but will- somebody be
good enough to inform us how, many
gallons'have 'beeWconflecated in this
Congresional district ?, What we want
to know is, who gets the money fur this
confiseated whisky. Let us hare the
facts. Why is it that distilleries are
'stopped,.and then permitted to go' 'on
again? There must be afi' intergVng
FACT somewhere.. Who can serve ictip
, for the credulouS public?
The campaign of 1868 is likely to be
gin early. Indeed, it may truly be said
to have opened. The Republicans are
busily canvassing the merits of .peveral
prominent men as 'Pregidp6tial candy;
dates, Gen. Grant:being thp most proni
inent and having most advocates. Thu'
Tribuoiefrivor -J gO:Chitse, ati in gists
that nobody linOkvs'qeke' Gen. ';t.4rant
stands. The Prea3-favors Gen. 'Grant,
and vouch& for his'iliorough soundness
on the question of itecunstruction, We I
have no wish to takeludge Chase from
his place on the Bench of the Supreme
Court—really the highest. position , in
the Government, If Gen. Grant is not
sound, we not vouch for the sound-,
ness of any man. Call him the Sphinx:
if you plein;e; we .think the solution
of the riddle of that Sphinx lies in his
wise reticence. •
It gratifies us to say that the ruiner
about Mrs. Senator Sumner's tebanlon
ment of her husband, hi" rumor only.
The scandal saw the light in the" New
York F.,..rire6s, which paper, being the
fungus grewth of a dung-kill, edited by
a dirty man, and trusting to the cheap
and nasty efforts of 'Washington corres
pondents, who have been kicked out of
the reporter's galleries; delights in 'loth:-
Mg so much as in . blacking that in oth
ers which it lacks in
. itself---character.
The contradiction of the slander is con
tained in a Washington dispatch an
no mcing that Senator and Mrs: Sum
ne will occupy the same rooms, and
ri ; ',eive their friends, asusual.
owanda boasts of thirty places where
lief ors axe - sold. According to the logic
of whisky Towanda must be a thriving
town. - A village that supports thirty
ruin shops must have a nice lot of liber
al young men. Money is, of cotirso,
plenty, and misery cheap. Crime
must be popular and disorder the order
A' the day. 'Whoa businea." moni visit,
a tawn for the purpose of location, un
doubtedly they inquire how many liquor
shopl use sustained ; and if a goodly
number, undoubtedly they say ?o themr,
helves, "Here is the place to sell books,
newspapers, and dry goods for cash.—
Undoubtedly. . . •
The Tribune reports a good thing
touching the efforts of the "Democra
cy" to get a Union General for a Presi
dential candidate. It is toThe effect that
some of the magnates of the party pro
p9,sed the candidacy to _Gen. Meade.—
/The General rephecloPthat there were
three reagons_why he could not accept.
Ist—That his present position suited
him exactly. 2d—That he had no desire
_to take upon himself PreSidential, du
ties ; , and 3d—That he proposed to vote
for the Republican candidate. The
Copperheads will find a willing candi
date among the ' Generals who fought
on the other side. Try General Leo,
Thomas K. Beecher, the eccentric
clergyman of Elmira, holds forth in a
column of the Elmira Advertiser, every
week, saying many things sharp and
, quaint. Two weeks ago he got off the
following: •
"The less a man knows, and "more
liquor he drinks, the more determined
he is to make this "a white man's gov
.That strikes us as being 'one of the
_home truths of the age in which we
live. It will bear repeating and lose
phone of its piquancy thereby.
As in these days it is getting fashion
able in certain traduce and
belie New England, we shall neF.t week
publish a table of statistics touching
the services rendered by the several
StatesAn the Revolutionary war, care
fully prepared and furnished to us by a
gentleman who deals in facts and fig
ures, and may be relied upon for cor
Pot. :Ito Agitator.)
A Waif from tho Dark AgGa
I believe no fugitive was ever carried back into
slavery from the county of Tinge, Pa. I have
heard of only two attempts. The first took place
in Clio month of March, 1829, when t.w4 fugitives
were arrested and rescued. In this and the liti
zation which followed as a consequence. I was
)nsicicrablyAnixecl up. I mean terwrito a histo
c! of it soon which komebody may pii,blish if he
t •
The other case happened a few years later, at
. IC'eiliai7c of Cotington. Az'tho story is not a
ng one, I will give it npw at , I teceleed it: In
nu:liner of 1831', froth 13. Gorenld,
coomonly called Major (Aronld,) long
nee gone to :he gocal place.
I.s- ,, r the ittforplaiirm of people Who were not ae
lnaiutcd with Major GeTeuld, T rill state that h,,
.eta an intelligent and good : - tan; which racat.:.,
luring other things, that he had a high re; p Akt
ibr "law and order," hut l.!rher regard fur
i:terty, right and juttic:.
There were at leosr, ..ea in the em
ploy of Major Gendlid., L Ono v. t ::-•ler'a r alive,
Jl* So long va dweller [3 - 1.1..0'n:1.,:,"••••••..5ed. that
his right to himsei: wa 1„ •
)t s Thy,
Alter was a lath corner and to ho a fa
e from Slav 1-.7..
0 evenim:, c itq. at 'las" . .. a. mmsiable and a
itr: gort.c. •1 ,1 , 0. a '. k h o; Gerould at his re2l
- cc a4,..i et:lc - pile:l :•a to ;Le whereabouts . 4 ff
Ine ro ca d.vtril.c-1, an') wh om maj or
Ge onld iecogitireci as the otte in his employ last tion2•d. IL cei•::c'l, truly, that he did not
- w. Something 12.t4 .‘.. l.d. c.b-ut searching the
mouse, when n dull ful •outcry came front up Alin!
—"for God's sake, mazz , a Gould, cion't Ict 'em
nave me!" fbe officer nal the s'ranger hurried
up sttlire (ma crpPurc3 a harnsn being, but no:
without much chi:lenity. There rras a somewhat
protracted contest—the negro defending hitaself
with zeal, cud giv;zig the atranger..soverul nminds
with a hi the ltranny 'pertiuto.of
his • araieilalloulaers ' and +nit:" "'The: `66iiiiiala
"fntghtshy." At last the ,negro was knaels.od
down and gave up the contest, .When it light
NVAA brought, the :granger discovered and ac
knowledged. that this loon was not the "boy" that
they were after. In Islet it was the negro, liret
mon in uun i e thoie Fulton was,nuquestinned.,
placed bitootlia:; a ,liaqv ire thoitalh of tha4eitio&r
1101111.1 to lend hint elf tte trio 40. Yon) fligitiVO'
and zira hew tiultl to c*apyi:- And lie ditl,etiespe;
than): God, , ,
The Stranger and- the constrtble were aviested
Cur iu attit and soon after there
came a espias,in tr—lyss—driesge 7 ever-t.e-snithy
hundred dollar-. The detendatits were "let elf,"
in consideration or about gala, pid.kby' the unfor
tunate etratigox,
Thu suer , 1.1 .? th i rd th, -scrape
the fugitive toilet - A tbe-10 , of the pltiu
tiß• find it lawn 11.1431, it i.. liltoly qint 7 :F.0
3 large rrtin in hit. ritirtition.
As mole h:r 2 L , claps. d si ne°
I beard this .najar deraalq 2,4aself, - may
[ be inaccurate in details; butt f thioli the re
. Ititij)n is gabstavtltsfly eJt
' . irigbur,ceph .• of thit
later il. will the 1.4: , •18 dings nu the
t the nsgro, outrageously unaluititittinnal,
t,.ii,d 7 il rights ; totaling to rnit cegeoa-
Hon :;n(1 :A thirtt :sears ago, people Fin
this.patt of iho cuotty, had hardly berms to an•
dart,:o.l that a fiithfal e-crcution of . tha fogitivo
••`ave t wri. to , 11) - atien of the
Not ye-. malty had Inlibcchtily tu'rayed
thems , Jl...,:s against the just tendentlie of human
nature. riinserratiarn, there must haso been;
but it. had expressly selectvd •avd orgaßized
its vetn,riei:. ritual and arced Ter.. Let set
tled, uur ite "lidera:ll conscitnriausuat , s" develop-
A ;CEW .Pterson & Bro
thero, Philadelphia, is.e.rted. Oil: Forney': Letters
from Eu;'ipe in one volume til 4dl pages last
Saturday. Thee letters. %sere written aming•tt
four months' tour of Europe, and attracted ranch.
as they or:gtrilly tit.ixtmeil in the Preu.
'Pknhaps no European tourist has contributed so
touch towards inforininy, the American public of
the $o inl, po)itical, and industrial condition of
Europe as Col. Forney. Ilumade the tour n tour
of observation, and gave the results to the public
with little of That flourish of trumpets thioh
• charCittclizyr, el/ much the iliroy of the ordinary
traveler his lettets are remarkable for fresh
ness of thought, candor, and a keen insight into
men and things as they oast in the Old World.
Ins descriptions of Paris and London are graphic,
and evidently just. Of the places' and tistoried,
monuments allich he visited we have all, or nearly
nil reed liefore ;l et there immething iii,out fuse
letteti nhirh cloth.; these Old, World wonders t'rith
the splcudors of a new hit;th. Thu book ought to
find ill way into every house. and must as wo
tliink, have a vary large sale. Sartain bar en
graved-1i fine steel portrait of the oath ~ as a
frontispiece, , and the volume is - - got up in fine
s tyl e ., cntionirately we do not learn the price,
but it 1,$:11 be within the reach of all. ' •
ti.oNE TO THE erry.---Bush Do Lumo,
of the. firm of Delouo 3 Co., has gone to Now
Yoe 4 to•r.eoure a new stock of winter Goods. The
firm has purchased a fine 'stock of Ready-made
,clothing to be sold, as may be seen by their ad.
vertieerrient, at before war prices.
Godey sends to his fair patrons a
SplLmlid December number. The engraving—
"The,Broken Window"—is one of the most spiri
ted pictures welturc seen for many a day. .-Large
folding sheets of fashions will be given frequent
ly in IdG3, commemeg with the linnuary num
ber. Merlon 11nrland will contribute a novelette
of greet interest. Single copy Two copies
$5,50. Poor copies slu. Five espies nod one to
the getter-up of the club,
BRADFORD COVNTY.—Hooker; of W. 3
Troy GO Zf fte, ac knowledges the teceipt of a head
of cabbage weighing 2d poon(6.
The (;"eats ph runicha a light in the Troy
barber shop between two colored 11 . 11:11. One
drew a pistol, and the ether it razor, and the
razor man succeeded iu cutting the lace.and nose
of his nntagonist badly.
The Pouleiny 12.rqtltvry Gro preptiring to Itt a
now Btinking H0w...3 next epring.,
The Deutibta of Bradford comity have been
made to pay heavily for uzip'g valeauite rubber
for teeth. The Dentiui.i of thisieounty have been
The Temperance Vindicatoritithenamo
of a now paper publtshccl at Williamsburg, Blair
County, tho first notaljer4f which hoe reached
. us. Its object le declared to bo the union of all
temperance men for prohibition in the State,
could a word from . fus give it ruecers wo would
speak it; but thene is no present prospect' of a
general prohibitory law in Pennsylvania. Thu
preient law is practically 'prohibitory, fur the
reason that no man can sail liquors under it and
make his raft. It is locally prohibitory if tho
:Jaajortty of the people chooso to tnalte Rio. Like
all laws to restrain the bad it will fail sometimes.
The northe t rn counties would vote prohibition on
a Omit vote, but the southern and central coun
ties will not rote for prohibition.
The Coarat Press; Bellefonte, an
noutices.the enlargement of that paper in a. rott .
months, together With new arrangements for its
conduct. The Prdia& has an up-h-II business' in
Center County, In 4 'it seems plucky enough to .
succeed. Success oit and its proprietors.
; COMING IN. .Tolln IL Bowen St Co.
with another fine stock of Winter Goods, boUght
during the late fall in prices. - Call and see for
yourselves. . ,
day last Porter M. Skinner and David
Cowan were out on the mountain,afeW
miles from Fannettsburg, this co u nty,
looking after cattle, when they discov
ered three bears mono tree. the beam
attempted to escape • and as the party
had neither guns or dogs were preven
ted from doing so by the free use of
clubs and stones. One of the party
then stood sentinel, while the other
went some two miles for a gun. The
first one shot at was wounded and fell
to the ground, but not so badly htirt;
but that_he was able to show fight.—
After a severe.encoUnter, however, they
succeeded in dispatching him with
their clubs. The second one they shot
dead, while the third ono made his es
cape. The, gentlemen were uninjured.
This is altogether the tallest bear hunt
of the Season. Bears appear to be un
usually plenty on the North Mountain
this season, Several have been cap
tured in the neighborhood of McCort
nellsburg.—Chumberebut Repository.
GOLD QUOTATIONS. —The 'quotation
of gold, as given in the money articles
of the newspapers, convey no fixedidea
to the generality of people, and though
any one can tell the price of thatehange
'at article by relerenee ‘ to the financial
co umn, comparatively . few can tell
what a paper doller is worth, a knowl
edge that is of far greater service inthese
days of greenbacks than the former,—
We append the following table, for ref
When gold is quoted at $l.lO, a paper
dollar is worth 91 cents nearly.
•When gold is quoted at $1.15, a paper
dollar is worth 87 cents nearly.
When gold is quoted at 81:20, a paper
dollar - is worth 83 cents.
When gold is quoted at SI.2Z, a paper
dollar is worth 80 cents.
When gold is quoted at $1.30, a paper
dollaris worth 77 cents nearly.
When gold is quoted at $1.35, a paper
dollar is worth 74 cents nearly.
When gold is quoted at $1.4 a paper
dollar is worth GD cents nearly. N
When gold is quoted at $1.50, a paper
dollar is worth (Al 2.-3 cents.
The Hartford (Conn.) PreB,s places the
Democracy in this dileninut: If the
3tates come back into the
• Union under . tip Congressional plan;
half of them will he as likely to east
their electoral vete for the Repoblictm
nominee for President 1)9 for the Denio•
n . atie candidate, and he:Ades, the De
mocracy will have no issue. But if
Deniocraey advise the.southern states
:o stay out, then they will have no
chance of help from them in the PDesi
dentin' election', and in that event they
Maui have no hope of carrying the Niiral
against Grant. •
~~ ='
De LAN® & Co.,
ITAVE witted to Unit- E took a !oomph:to aa
aDrittleti t of
EILPIA4'V t ImME,tc!ka
. ,
• ,
Whirl tboy afar at 25 per rent leas tbau sob_
Goode were ever told' for In
' • .'.`
Good suits for
, T .....
Overcoats, .
&c., 1 &c.
llie'labor°, Nov. 20, 1867.—1 y
T, ADIES' Vests and Drawers, at
De LANO .1t CO'S.
CAR,Phi3 nt New York Prieee, at
A LARGE itoek of 1:1 oats and Shoes, at
De LANO do CO'S.
Do LANO .t CO'S.
De LANG k C 0., Agorae for the Butiquehan
na Woolen Mille.
3& Tin Ware
%-.f..T..-•-•-t.-----;- - --.: - . 1. .
~..,4.:',,r,Ag,,-4; ~ . •
~.t-.,p.t. - ?:yJ 4 .. .! r tp 1 ?, ,r.r , ,r , -
~• 1- ! t-:•
- . °
Rnl *--.4 •-`,...,^
771 4. i' P
kik .
. •
Good pooplit all, both great and anaall,—if yon ,
want to keep
you must have enough to eat, dry wood, a good
yolk, well•beh/mod children, and to crown all, a
/his last and crowning good, I havo,at,my Tlu
avid Stove establishment, opposite;floylrglitock,
Wellsboro, and its name b tho •
oa7idllhatude admitted to be equal to any is the
promptly, and warranted Co give aatistaotion.
executed in the beet manner and with' dispatch
Wolleborough, Nov. 21, 18A7.
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTIOE is hereby given that the oopartner
ship heretofore existing at (kilo's, Tioga
Co. Pa. under the name of Skinner Pitsgerald,
esoived. And I heieby forbid any and all
purchasing any notes or accounts against
said firm, from this -date, troth's said firm,
nor mus t one look to me as &former artlier
for their pay. . LEVI
Oceola, Nor. 1, 1887—pd.
lection of Officers
of the Tioga County Agricultural floolety,
will bo hold at the Court Roue, Wednecday ova•
ning, the first week of Court. All portions inter.
ested in the Agriculture of Tioga County, are re
spectfully invited, to attend. By order of the
Executive committee.
Nov. 13, 1867. JOHN DICKINSON, Seley.
NOTICE.—The owners of the. Patent Right
111 of Beauett's Self-acting broke, for Charles
ton township, are requested to meet at the
Young's School House on 'Saturday, Nov. 16,
1867, at 1 o'olock, P. M. for tho transaction df
Nov. 6, 1867-p. HIRAM KIMBALL.
All persons indebted to E. A.
SNEAD are requested to noiice,
this last can to SETTLE UP.
Tio g a, Nov. El, 1897.
To engage in a light and honorable business' for
the winter months, in the vicinity where-they re
vide, whieh will net them from $5O to $l5O per
month. For particulars apply to or address PAR
MELEE BROS., 722 Sansoin St., Philadelphia,
Pa.—nov, 20, 1867-4 w.
Found on the Commons, in this borough, Sun
'lay, 17th inst., a red calf. The owner can have
he :aale by applying to High Cunetable Water.
nan and pnytrg charger.
BOY WAIN.ITEI)—To do chorea for hiv board
abti solioulil,g. Apply to
W,lllsboro, Nov. 20, 1867:*
TT ORSE BALE,—Young, kind, trite,
and a goog roadster. Apply to
it utla4oro, Nov. 18,'. 567. 13. W. 31SIMICK.
7 i
1 1
' t 4so
DE L ; NO & CO,
,e -pt
,at 011017,, 'au
„, • •;, r•-•
'• l';? : 1' '3 !".0 ;
fl AB Just returued ! from New, Y i ork where he
carefully ,4
. seleote4 41 -esFortment of
everything lu' hip line of basins s.
B (10 - K S.
The latest publications of tha bust shalom;
Gift !looks for young and old; The poems till
the stiiiiditrd authors; Novels without, txi:ober:
Biography and Travela; Utiles (pocket aid fam
ily) in all styles of binding; Prayer Books, Bap
tist, Methodist, and Presbyterian Hymn Books,
In all styles and at variutie prices. '
N.. 8. All books sold at publishers' prkea l r--
Law, Medical, and Music Books furnlehed to
SCHOOiT 11001 S.
..Every variety of Spellers, 'Readers, ItrlttactO•
'tics, Algebras, Geotnetrics,eogrephioa , illsto•
rtes, Ac., Am, sold or used in 'any school ocud.
attay in the county at the lo est pricuF.
BLANI( . • All OK 8*
Ledgers, Day Books,Journels, hiemorindums,
Pass Books, Time Books Diaries for 1808, and
ell sites and styles of Binding. fur either bier.
chants, Farmers, Moohanics_,,or Lumbermen.--
The largest stock ' ever brought into the county.
Inks el fill kinds,- kluoiksigit Pees et the best
Waken; Quills, flair Pencils, Lead Panc/Is of all
coloriq Ink Stands, several varistios;.Bletting Pa
per, Conamoreial, Ladies, anlFrench Note,Bill
Paper, Billet, Letter, Foolscap, Legal a nd Flat
Cap led or tin; and every article ever sold
by tt statione
- Wrfg-44
I have now, as always, the Very best assert-
Meat, and tbo largest etaeleof Wall Papers-in
the County. Gilt, Stamped, Satin, White and
Bret? with Borders to match. Also Side - Light,
Fire earda, Cloth and Paper Window Shades,
Pate t Window :Fixtures. (tUree aeration) and
cord's!, Tassels, &v., and everything ill this line.
• .
• Pictures and Picture Frames.
' Wo keep the latter in all usual sizes and shapes,
stinare, oval; and rustle, and all special sires will
be made to order at short notice. rtorunEs of
all varieties (except oil paintings) constantly on
hand; aard;.lmperial, Cabinet, Medium' and 4 4
Photographs, Engravings,Litbographe, Chicanos,
and Prints from 10 cents to thirty dollars each.
Parlor i Ortistuents, such as Marble Busts of
the Poets; ornamental Ink Stands, Writing Desks,
Match Safes, Vases, Zugs, Dolls, and other Toys
for children old and young. • •
Yankee Notions.
Inoluding Pookot Books, Banker's Cam,
Pookot Knives, Scissors, and a hundred other
traps of that sort.,
Violins, and tbo boat Italian Strings for them
Flutes, Banjos, Guitars, Olarionets, Accordions,
Concertinas, tt9d all sorts of Musical Goods.
If you want to saint a Holiday Present for a
friend, brother, sister, father, mother or lover,
call at,tho Bazaar before going elsewhere.
,Nov. 13, 1897.—tf UUGH YOUNG.
V 6 _
.r. . •
Chper than they ean be
bo ght elsewhere. Also.
is di
Silver Silver Plated Ware
of which he has a lario anortment
of all styles and prices.
JEWEiRii -
all the latest styles
r A
1 r
__ ~';
German Students' Lamp. 1
.s - r
N0r.13.1787. . ANDREW FOLEY.
Z13C0.10101 .
4P, r-
Ilne just returned from New York with- u full us
isortnient of
, .
TOYS, and all other
~ articles found in a
Which he offera at prreeeDEVYRIO COUPETITIGN
Remeteber, In the BRICK BLOCK, Main Street
2 doors below We!labor() Street,
Nor. 13, 1887.--3 m
Wevvv - o..c•c•cles
J. It. Bowen & Co.,
lar AVE just rice vod from tho cijty a largo and
varied asiortment of
WINTER Gi 0 riS,
. -
Bought eince the decline, in prices, and will be
sold accordingly. Wo respootfully invite atten
tion to our stock of
I • '
- . •
- -
APACAS, anti other DRESS. (}ODDS
LADIES' FURS—a nice =or pent, new
BON—TON, , and other kinds "of HOOP
And many other things which/ will be pkaied
to Ade, to all who will call and e'olulitie our
Stock , of Goo&li
Before purposing elsewhere, as we believe it will
psy you foiyour time and trouble.
Empire Store, No. , 1 Union :Th):1-1.,
Wellsboro, Nov. 13, 1867.
I v es 1
', M. D.,
I ;
also, a largo line of
Also, it largo had now lissortmefft of .
at greatly reduced Rices
and cheap
Don't foiget to call at the
i '
- AYErg,tB
• Olierry Pectoral
; 1,
• ' •, : t" iiirote'''' ' T •
11. soothing espeeta rti .4.-.
prepared to meet the u-. ) .
`:7"!!!!..,*tr, - gent tread of a safe nod reik.
hie sure thr riiserises o
tlinatt and trial of tunny ye tito
tahllehi , d the feot,cfliat it i‘r hiore-0ni,,,6„,d 1:1
puliti , nary affeettOtte. than tiny other r t ,,, e ,t t.
eltlency line tkovi become so generally
iii6lly in many eolintrie, ar
medioino of indispensable nteeskity. lu
Britain, Planet.. nod °crummy, %her, tati,ll c ,i
o has reached it• highest perfuetion, it ;A
I.res(4 . ltivii in don't:title practice, awl (..n ! o id , v
site.l Mt. artoits, in bo(Titalg nett ctly>r
;i n iniiittutionN, ,hare it .!•( , gsrd,.,l
atinntllnz physieinnF as- lho inost rpauly
agreoahle reoludy tirnt A7111:1 employer!. sca r ,
ly „ t ry n tl g.libMilfM.l ri ha found whoto
icoowueirees „r dipensed.lohiss, which had I.aZ t
the efforts of the thoct.thillful and erperien,,
riP,eroi t i, %ter.. b(len 4•4tatilotnly rare.! ,
tee eltc urn Ihe most ronvinnbig pi oat's ( 4 , t b,„
periot .01?1,itive• pi ( - Tellies ut this preprint, , ;
and t, ttit w the lathers point with peculiar •
idler tier.;' 1Ciiii11 • 11 11 1 powerful .
l i me d ,fieritscr, It IA fxsicumly - gentle r.s a :.::(c
io inf.iti , y and 3 , 1,t 1.. being quirn har t s,l„,
t o 0 :,:n adrcieitte;ed
dourly, I
'rho. hemo; •nittnes five!) L;t
t t
by rre•rwltirin thnd "curt... 1 11 t:Aten iu scascn, it
heals till irritations of ptla, tiii,at nod lutv,
whether arising oin Colds or Coughs, or fro to
other onuses, end t ins prevent that long train f
painful 14nd jinni dieea'ses, would art u.
trove the nog' .ot t1)0.. - lion e. to (8, 1 ,0 7
,hould be otthout it.' IllfitterlZ:l, Croup,
nesg. 'Whooping Cough, Pleurisy, Incipient C.u
;-uniption, hod other nffectious of the breathing
organs, give wily before this pro•ecuuteut
nation of ree.dicil virtues. •
Prepire i Dr. J. C. AYER. ,f,:- . C(,„
Mass., and quid by all Dragqisti Eit,d dealt!, it
Sol.! fti Weliebur,; VJ. A. Rny. snpt4-2u)
"Arife --- g
Wile Clue for Cellar Windows at 'tlio Ticga
Hardware Stara.
kinila at the Tioga Hard.
Pistol Cartridge),
pure titmre.
AU kinds / Et JapatSel 11.1)(1 wooden xvtire, Ott the
Tiogit ilaidtvaro Store.
Fahey Toilet %% r are, Wire Goods, Bronzed
13rneltets and the best ussurtteent of Cutlory to
the Counts, nt the Tioga Ilardwitru!Store.
LU Ditfinent kindi of Pumps, at the Tina II dr,i
waro Sture. • , 1 •
A large atuelt of Saws all klads tte
fioga Hardwura Store.
All kinds of Hoye Tritnntingit and Meohatlict
Tools, at the Tiuga Hardware ~tore•
60 Tons of Stoves nt the Tioga lis,rdsvato
Store—to be sold cheaper than peer befr;re ,t7L this
A largo stock of liniol Lan4ras.--tle onV
kind that needs repaving, at the Tit
iTardware Store.'
Close buyers all buy their goods at OA Tio4,r
Hardwarki Slurs. •
I ‘v4l: , ~t ilieted for xerr... , v,ith th..umatiz.,to
Intvn tried urphing f , t i; with
avail. But by the tt:..o of n s;ngle bottle of titdu•
fifer I Willi entirely e ared. It has al.o enrol ray
vita el'Neuralgia. There is no remedy in tr.)
knowledge like it f,a. Rimuunitistn or Neer!)lg,,
tie. SOY retkioleell
OL t 9- tf
Applications for C carter;.
.1 1 4 - r oT,IcE IS wi.:ltEtiv'Gly
I cations for ()barters of in 'll ern timi hire
), , 2en made to the Court .4'0)11101.n of ri•
'ogii County, n'%_f(dlows, t,. nit •
"For the Rector 'Church warde,
r-t. Andrews Church, of Tie & a."
"Tor the Virmt Methodimt Episvoilf riture,h
Blose.burg." '
For the First :iethodist•Ep;vempai Chn,-,sh
"Fvr tbo First Motliodiet FpiErt;poi CLuteh
"For the Ceuteneary , Jielhodi<t
Church of Nelson." .
And that raid charter! rill be granted et 1:•15
November Term next euttlieg, 24,grviay. Nor, •
if no valid objections he - rrindo.
Nei. 8, UHL Protivltv,tgr,.
.N.Farrri for Sal©.
rpilE subrel l iber roll tho farm up9n
ho now re'ridoes, known as the Wetmore Fe , l ,
;ocatad iwo m Ic^ of Wollrboro, on the Sta,,,
Road, oontai its trump bourn
MO bailie, Elitode , and other outbuildthgs, a 1a... ,
opplo orchlud of tbrifty.truos, ,tc.
Aleo, seventy.ftvo tiered of Unproved land
ratuo road. being north half of the o'd L. 111,,t
homestead. The routh half is nleo for sale I.'yt n
this fatal nro sufaleiont buildings for ecv ei al
yefirs nee, and two large apple orehurds
..)ther frtiit trace.
For further particulnrc and conditions of snf,
inquire of M. Ilnit. ut Wellt.bono, or of the
t.ubseriber upon the premireg. °A. HART.
• Nov. 13, 1807-4 w.
IN THE VILLAGE OF. 000 A, I's., the
Form formerly owned 'tl7 John Prutzumu,
Esq., 108 acres. Als'o about 84 nerts formerly
owned by Vine DePui, Esq., in the toecnship cf
Tiogn, l'a. on the waters of Mill Creel:.
A Farm Of 110 acres, good goad home; ban ;
and oreha ,cir Also a farm of 140 neres with a
cheap hou - ,(L... -
And a largo qt.mnt:ty of t.u.beted :Ant: with
ono steam - 4 - ktv mill and one water mill. Pet sone!
.property be10n„,”it,,..: with the abot e real cbt.lte
will be sold with it if desired. The entire pi op
orty iebne sale can be bought at a great bat gain,
or it will be sold in lots to suit. ptirehaser4 at low
figures. Inektire of . A. 8, TIIICSER,
Nov. 13, 1577.---lw. I Tiogtt, Pd.
• Executor's Notice. -
agranted upon e eshl to of Joel Calkitis, do
ceased, Into of }Vest this is to notify al! per•
5008 indebted to Ma e immediato payment, and
all hriving ag {net thu said esta:e rlii
,prosent them f“r rent to
Oct. 23, '137-6‘5. 4 - EXt3CUt,r.
y ~
~ ~~ ~ ~~
- Cleaning Sewing Machines,
r IIE undersigned hereby ni,titice of
Sewing el, 'nos that he iq prep., re..l to
clean and put >uch triaeltirt in g. od order on
coll. tic al;,, is ugeut for .the '—patent looker,"
which can be used ou any,ngichige.
IVellebore, :leo. 4, 1867, if.
Administrator's Notice
T ET TE RS of Admiub-tratiou buciug, been
I granted to the mulartogned urtott thy' mint
et Plid Grithe‘ lute of Chatham, tieeM, nil rer
; .„
sous italebtol to raidemam„ 1i11,1.1.1411 per: 4 olls has
atima a g ainst the :mum ale requested to rail
aird settle uitl, JANE GRIFFIN. 1
; Atha •-•
Middlebury, (iv!, a. ISt -Gt
Notice. r
mTH r: STOCK HOLDERS of Ulu ;I'mps
Coomy Bank or claimants of any slt t aro or
shares thereof. Year are her ..y notified and re
g a l re d to pay up the balanc (the on Faid etat4:
on Or herOTO the 11 1 th day o ,D•pcLuber next, 01"
!he ,11110 will } , O resold a public sale at i!.(0 .
Banking IIon:e in Tioga, Tiog.. Cout,tv, l'auh,
on the I itliday of December next. at I - 0 0'....1,.:;‘,
A. M. et' ~ ;i I day. as aollwrizeil by Tow..
11. C. WICK II A M, t'rea't.
' D. L. A IKEN. Cashier.
Tiogn, Sept. :='.o. IS6i. .
Ad, in }con granted to tt , 9
undLr•oL-. , 1,e,1 upon (Le t•-t.rtr!. of •L'VOIXIC ,)
lalr of V:t1;•1.1.11,, pcti'nn, idebtod
r.l •,!' , r:)11!. , /Mt' ing
I_, n!::: c.lll nu.) crirLotlt
Ab!riy.'s e A. S. BREWSTER,
1567-6 w Ad oft,
. I In ; llivol ce. . •
-Rio E LLIA II AIACOM li Eli : In1:0 note;•
~:, that your wifo Cht i-tina 1)3 li , r next fric: - .1
rri,as Elliott. has npplind io the CUllil of C.. 1: •
~a Pleui of Tiogn t.i..utity I, r a divoleo I:(
t. • ;wilds of Matrim , ,or, owl that the I),,norpt.,
sof i•ztill CPritt apps ;hull 11 0 tic 4,
t. 25, 1537, IVro,l,horo. for o heat in:; to t!
I In emiseF, at which tiniv , and pllve rmi e 7.1
hand it you thiuß pv.per. Lt. TAD . Id,
I Nov. 6, 1807. Slug
ricer at the Tioga IlaOirare
For Sale,