The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, October 02, 1867, Image 2

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Forney the, pituationi
1 . The editor of the Philadelphia Press
writes the following letter to that paper :
In all this thick and aviffil gloom
there is but one star to light' the Way---
Gen. Grant is In the War Office! Our
poor courstry;Moie than once 'depend
.cut upon his sword, s now hanging up
on his word._ IWhateterfnay have been
at, first though • of his accepting the port
folio of the War OM* no patriot now
questions thel' vital ithportanee* of his
presonceinthatDepartment, The Reb
el enemy respects and . fears him. The
men who hi filed ~millions of corrupt
claimS With Stanton, 1)./ hid) that just
and hOnest man refused to • consider,
found Grant inflexible as the Minis
ter whose g,reatAdents and victories, he
, solrequentli i .an t - So „recently and sjg
niileahtlY,i'etlignized. His favorite offi
cers displace'd, against ffis WiSheS, if
- not- his-Aciltitest, the attitMle' 'of 'Gen.
GrantwaSinever more iMpatatit to his
countrymen, ormore unpleasant to alai
self. I have not seen him. I wi'ite rath
er front the Views of, othiqs ' tit» from''
#ly own`' knowledge. Bit I have not
met a Radical who doesnotspealt what
have here set dciwn, and' 'I have met
our tho:4t,thoughtful' and 'conscientious
' friend.S. The Aestlny of the country
\ has never been more completely in the_
hands or - C4 mi. Grant that at the present
If there is any remedy for the 'new
peril, it, is'in the hands of the peol4.
'They, and they Menne:tit apply it. The
. surest way to precipitate' hostilities, to
encourage Andrew Allinson to sere the
Government, force the Rebels into Cott
gress, and declarcethe acts hlemancina
tion and fecon i stroetion iuncOnstftn
tionak IS to vote Rio Copperhead tieket
in the corning election. You trill
';'"• - told that this is a mere partizan appeul
awaken-Y9ur fbars and control your
votes. Itinneutber, Ihave never before
deceiv4 - Sion' in. a grave public emer
gency.' - My Countrymen, every honest
heart -is -convulaed with ; ' a terrible
anxiety,'and I only echo your own
SOlicitude 'by these frank words of
J. W
iag,'Ewiat the . Copperheads, terror
strieltetfia" this' had man's conduct, Iry
to.,shaiie lam off, as if to try to. 'get. rid
or a seem - 14 frightful :responsibility
should their efforts ' in 'supporting his
policy ripen into' another bloody har
. vest. The steps of revolitTion are never
so rapid as when a great, 'free people re
fuse to be' admonished. - •
The La Crosse Democrat, one of the
most wildly-circulated and popular
. the Copperhead journals of the West,
comes out fairly in favor of ilmidi
ating the National debt. tll OliS i t is
only a few steps in ,Wyatt &t of IN'tt land
. ighanv Sharswood, and most o' the
other D,etnocratic leaders in Perinsylva&-
nia.and Ohio.. The Dcmocr«t;itates the
ease iu these words:
• " - IN'e demand, in behalf ' the toiling
millions, of America,
,11. e intik - atom of
- the National debt, and will have . not h
ing shbrt of it.
There will be no pagnieu't of the
lit, Confederate debt, for the
,work reds no/
donefor which pay wappronds:d.
• " " And, mark. our words—hie less than
two years the deed will be done—your
fancied moneyed securities will be hut
chaff—find the land will be free front all
such - swindles forever! ,
- 'MIN. is true Democratic doetilinc—
tho doctrine of right, and justice—the
doctrine which' suits the neople —and
you who do hot endorse it will be ground
to powder under the , t - lieels of Itr:Pu-
DA.1 4 . ,10N P,'
. P'"‘.......,_
he Idea of Resistance.
At al3 publican meeting in Cincin
nati on Saturday, afterskeehes by Sen
ators Sherman and Wade i of Ohio, sen
ator Thayer of Nebraska. said :
- "I. have recently been in Mdrylaud
and the District of Columbia,--having
left 'Washington only night before lic,t..
While the - re I took special pain„' to in
form „thyself in- regard to the. present
purposes of Mr. Johnson, and obtained
what I am-about to state from reli3hic
authority. ,2 declare-upon illy te.SpollSi
bility as a SC,izator of the United States
that to-day :Andrew Johlumit muditate.t;
and designs forcible kwiNetaca to the au
thority of Congre§s. 1 truthe this state
ment deliberately, haying received it
from unquestioned and unquestionable
authority. I cannot point out the occas
ion- on which he may attempt to use
military force. It may be to prevent
the assembling of Congress, or when as
sembled, if the House of Representa
tives passed articles of impeachment,,
or it may be for the purpose of forcing
the Southern Senators and Representa
tivea-to seats in Congress. The ques
tion May be asked. "How can he do
such a thing ?" You recollect that six
mouths ago Gov. Swann of Maryland
was elected a United States •Senator,
find that a few weeks afterward • he de
clined, giving grave reasons of Mate as
the cause. It was that Lient.-_Z. Cox
pf that State could . not be trusted for
JohiAon's purposes. There is to-day a
standing army in Maryland, an organiz
ed militia force, such as no other State
in the Union has, officered mainly by
returned Rebels. When the time comes
which he looks for, under some pretense
Johnson may declare Maryland and the
District of Columbia under martial law,
-and cad: upon' Gov. Swann to tiring
forth his militia. There is nothing that
• will deter Johnson from his purpose, ex
cept when the issue comes that his co (r
-age may fail. make this statement
that the American people may know
the danger that threatens theiN peace
and safety. If Pennsylvania and New
York give Democratic majorities in the
coming elections it will embolden him
-to carry out his purpose; and 1 hope
that you, the
.people of Ohio, will be
warned in time, and so east your votes
as to rebulip and prevent the mad de
signs of this bad man who is now act
ing President of the United States.-
---- lint, gentlemen, let me say to you that
- ''whenever Johnson atteMpts force, and
orders any soldiers he may have under
his command to resist the authority of
Congress, his doom is sealed. - Thelfate
from which he has preserved the traitor
Jefferson Davis will then be meted out
to him ; aye, when that time comes, 500,
000 men from Pennsylvania, New-York,
and Ohio will fly to arms and tramp the
soil of Maryland to reach the beleaguer
ed 'capital and rescue it from the \hands
of rebels and traitors. In conclusion,
let me say to you, who have borne the
flag before the enemy, do your duty" in
the coming elections—vote for those
men who by their record have shown
themselves to be - yonr friends, and the
friends of the_Governnient. Rally as
one man to standard of justice and
liberty, and that flag will yet float over
u united and happy land.'
' THE Cincinnati Advertiser
lug Article, smelling very strongly 7of
copper, said, 'l',very prediction made
by our party :theta the war thas been
verified." To which the Scioto Ou.zeitc,
responds as fbollOws :
"You predicted-that the South could
secede without a it couldn't!,
You said the North could not fight
- but it did !
- You said one Fi,!butherner could whip
• five NorthernerN*hut he couldn't
You asserted that we had no power
Co coerce them-7.-but - we had !
Yotr , Faid that *e never could .conquer
them—but we did !
You predicted tllat'a bushel of green
backs would not buy a dinner—but it
You resolVed that the war NVas a fail
ure—but we succeeded !
You asserted that the puiplo of Ohio
oppoSed to the war, that they
would elect the - peaeable Vallandighant
—but.they didii t.
You are now predicting that you will
carry this State—bet you Won't."
The lialisbUry, Md., New. Era says :
—" The effect of the President's recrean 7
ey is being made apparent. Even in
our streets the hurrahs for •Jeff. Davis
again greet our ears, and those who have
for some time smothered their antagon
ism to Republicanism :Ire now gowing
defiant." This is just as general Grant
warned the President.
ijlu a\,gitatox.
tiv -ALLEuitr.xv
B. B. STRANG, Westfield.
a - NO. S. MANN; of. Coudersport
J. 13. POTTER, of Middlebury
FOR TREAsuiir,A,
ill. C. BAILEY, of _Delmar.
JOB REXFQDD, 4 filreqfioll,"
Fait JURY colt, m iss
LEROY TABOR, of Welbiboto.
E.. J. 110SWoireit, of Illwß
ELEcTioN, Orr. 8
tememher that , Prenrium flak, Re
puldicans, intlfeeure it for nom". Conn?
ty. Yon cnn do it. Stich atrophy •of
V.i4tory would prove-al proud memorial
of ;t le Campaign in which it was writ).
.11a10 for the banner ! • ' •
Probably our opponents', will play the
brag game, as usual, just before election
day. 'Phis ought not to alleet anybody,
any more than an otter to bet on the
result of the eleetidn. Bet with nobody,
not, even upon any part of the ticket.—
Every man who bets loses his vote.
Watch the enemy closely and pre
vtmt ilhgal .voting as well as any petty
frauds that may he attempted. Cut out
the Itepublh;an ticket at the head of
this column and keep it to testacy tick
ets that may bo peddled by our ene
tides as Republican tickets.
Voters will renieinbey that two, and
hut two tickets are voted thp4
.i•ear. One
labeled State-"J tuliciary," Awl the other
'labeled "County.." Folders of tickets
should Observe, / care, that there
are :;1s sets of " Judiciary" and ix
sets , of •‘ County" tickets on each sheet.
Isletip your tickets in the hands of re
liable and active men.
lie battle Set apart for next Tuesday
is no ordinary s hattle. In its result are
wrapped.l he peacii'and shrbility of the
republic. The Pre;:iiilent,' if he may he
judged- by the ordinary standards of
motiv,Cand purp6se, isl meditating an
usurpation of powkrs which, If accom
plished, will estal,lis one-Man power
in this republic I'4 the time t being, and
to he' remedied only /by a ftngilinar . ‘,7,
struggle. Inslead of obeying the plain
ly declared will of the people in' Con
gress as , -enabled, he resorts to the eiharp
practice of a pitiful pettifogger to evade
Isis eonstitntionat duty.,
Freemen, without liberiy life wonild
he tt burden. Usurpation, such as men
aces us at Washington, must, result in
one of two things :—Either in die over
throw of civil liberty on thissontinent,
and the establishment of an Autocracy,
beaded by Andrei Johnson, or in civil
commotion more sanguinary, and sharp
and• hitter, than any that. Las shaken
the throties of the old \- rld for a cen
tury. Heaven has blesse the A meri-
can people wall extraordinary oPPoriti
nities for inokl, mental, and nationa
growth, out oi' Which our free institu
tions come. It these ex t raord i nary , ben
elik do not operate to iluteken the pea
ple, and
s tn replier Chen) watchful aattic . .
there teem s to be no prvsen
.4:l.lvatiiin fralll the evils which darkei
the horizon like an inipenetralple 510m1,
say to the loyal men of 'floga, the
responsibility is upon, you and such as
you. j if the coining light lie_yrowned
wilh itriumpli for the ]tight, glory
will accrue to yon and such as ; but
'if Right , be temporarily overthrown,
yours shall he the shame, all4l the recol
lection of eery ileg,lect will prov the
rack- and
,the wheel in' the solem i in
quisition of aWakenell conscienet.
We deal iii plain fact. The over-,
whelnling Republican majorit h‘s * last
October saved the repullie , from the de
signs of its arch enemies, heafied 1 1)5' the
madman Who occupies thc Executive
Mansion, and delegates his prcrogati ye
to .t he political scullions wiho sx l varin up
like the loensts of Egypt. and till the
'lad the people failed to ri
spiitici to the (lang,er-warning last thll,
CongreSS WOliblhaveibeen dispersed I)k i
force, 4 11 ( 1 the (loverame - nt would 'law I
passed into a pure despotism. The stur
dy negative of the' loyal nurses averte
the threatened calamity for the time
Need we say that this danger• eanno
be entirely averted while Andrew John
son occupies the Presidential Chair `i
Corrupt, wicked, wrongly advised, thi.
reekless•ruler will not abandon his in
tention to rule or ruin except the peopl I
hold a constant c,lutch upon his throat
Therefore, forward. Human fore
sight failed to grasp the present e►ue►g
eney c beeause, between - the collapse o
the rebellibit mid this day there stun
two gigantic crimes. Abraham Lincoli
struck down by an assassin, when most
• -
ne6del, and Andrewjohnson, faithless
• t
and besotted, betrayer of public Col - Si- I / .
dente. But the emergency is upOn
ft is for us to avert the danger and ttiri
aside the blow- aimed at the nation':
life. Tbe° ballot is the true retued*
We have but to see that every loyal vnir
ter does bis whole duty nextiruehlay
and,Pe»mtylvania will utter rebuke
to usurpation in tones that' shall 1.4
heard and! heeded by Andrew Johnson
- 77 - •.: -.. n, -- 7 -- - - .7;: - ..7 --,- .7, - ,, - .7. - - _..:: ---- 7 - _, -:
Last 'WI - .tie question w ta,--"'tilt - tili .
'ongresii make the laws, or shall the
l'resident make-them?"' That
ion' was i AllSPesed , of adversely , to Alit,
tlifi T Yresident,on.the second Tuesday of
litst'Oeigoilet't W 1140 lke people nobly ral
lied Wt; the - Polls :ante; 4lii4eil Andrew
.folinSen'as n'e\rer'-,Pre4ident i':lll4',rebult-:
ed before. '
But the battle for right is never fin
ished. The same issues, in modified
torms, present themselves again today.
Though Congress mwle the laws the
fail hless President refus s" .. to enforce
them ; and the question to be decided
next Tuesday is-,m,S'ltati he President
enforec the laws of Contir ss 9 . '
EVe'ry" tit t w hit 's t v
day will vote eith6i for tfi
of the lays or against
men t. Every man votin ,
ihiatt ticket voles for Elie p
the twerogative of the peo
ntahing Power. Every it
Copperhead ticket, and e
can "neglecting to go to.
Tuesday, itlit!ourages An 4
to Bends of iolence anti u.
betnlys (lie liberties of t
Republicans, our friend. •t 1 mteti coun
ties:wilerks, Lehigh, Tor:, ittulgehuyl
kill send greeting to us t 14 they .will
red nee the Clytner major4.Y• ofe last year
very considerably. ,t,leaWs:majority in
the State was 17,178. Ofithis majority
,Tioga furl] isfted 3,163. n'ero every Re
publican to giito the poll : next Tuesday
in Tioga Co. our majpriiy (or Willitinis
would reach 8,200 at least. Let no Re
publican' Onderrate the' importance of'
getting out the yot . e. Itt.ttitember,,the
Courts are the last, " last ditch ".. of the
rebellion. •
Every Republican is indii+idually re
spOnsible for the result in the State. If,
after the election, a single neglect to
per form'all that the emergeney veto ties
shall appear, the blame must rest in' n
individuals, late whwshilcrs his duty
in the present must•he charged with the
disasters of the future,
Every man who would prevent an
.act,of usinpation by Andrew Johnson
will go to the lajlis nes.t. Tuesday and
- take his neighbor with hint.
' Every Republican who believes what.
The preaches Will gi, k to the polls on that
day, and record his vote against Andrew
Johnson by voting tbr Henry W.
Hams. Every Republican who stays
'at, home on that, day,. will, whether he
intends it or not, say to..A.ndrew John-,
;son Go-ahead; make yourself dictator,
land restore rebels to place and power if
that snitsyou. .
Every 'Republican whose patriotism
is just ardent,enough to carry hitn to
the polls when it is pleasant weather
and keep hiin -at. home when it rains,
will' assist in, putting rebels in high,
man can vote this fall who will'
not vote to endorse or, condemn' the
nets of Andrew Johnson. If a limn
votes the Copperhead ticket he endorses
Andrew Johnson. If he votoi the Re
publican tP:ltet he will coildenin that
;-46, let a4::11 rally to the polls and
swell the majority AM. - Williams and
the whole ticket.
" :oinetioily'rl been alitl tr Atoio
the old mare !"
" Wen, boy," go right otY mid lock the
stable door."
A ii old story, says the reader.
Yes ; an old Story, with a new appli
cation. The Union men of the North
k)nce saved the republic front the de
struction meditated by the Southern
chiefs of Democracy. ' The danger is
as great, to-day as it was in Mu. The I
Republican party must avert. these dan
gers( and, save the republic ao- in this
year if it is to be saved at all. But no,
loeking of the Stable-dOoe O'er he horse
is dole?). The door must be locked
flex I Tuesday to prevent Ihe meditated
treason of Andrew Johnson.
'That flag—promised the hanne„reoun
ty—is heingeontended for sharply. We
are of the opinion that Tioo - will win
it. In case we should, IL must go to the
township which, giving Williams at
least 100 niajurits, shall give the ticket
the largest percentage niajority as coin
pared with the vote for Geary. Charles
ton is after IL with a very sharp stick
indeed. What say. filnion,
Westfield, Oceola, Chatham, and a
dozen others? Which. election district
shall have the flag?
The amended returns 6'6111 California
show that Itaight, (Dem.) has a Major
llTY crl 'only 5,11 . 55, and that, the . Repub
helms have a majority of Iwo on joint
ballot in the AStAellibly, This ensures
another Republican United 'States Sen
ator, and practically gives us the, vic
tory. We have one Congressmen cer
tainly and bly two; out ot three.
Did you notice the mantled returns
from California in any Copperhead pa
per ? reekim not. They don't
publish the correct return until after
the deceit shall have had its circa upon
tie Pennsylvania election.
The 1 'dent removed Gen. Sickles
because I e issued an order staying the
proceedings for debt in the local courts
of South Carolina last spring. G6v.
Orr, of SOuthCarolina, wkiles the Gen
eral a letter, in which be says that 'the
()Filer complained of by Andrew John
son saved the people of South Carolina
from ruin ; and further, that, had not
the Courts been enjoined not to proceed
in enforcing payment,of,debts contrac
ted to carry on-the rebellion, it would
have required a much larger military
force to preserve the records of the
counties than the Government kept
there. These proceedings in debt re
lated to debts contracted in aid of the
rebellion. To have permitted thi3 col
lection last spring would have ruined
Ithousands. For this net, of clemency,
endorsed by the Governor of South
Carolina, General Sickles was rethoved
by the President. f Freemen, that bad
matt must be sebtiked.
Last year Dalin& bout Chat)e.4on on
majority for Geary. It will ' require
considerable work on the part of our
Delmar friends to hold' good the' udvan
rage. Charleston has some of the best
workers that ever went into the field,
and they have been resolving to take
the banner, away froth Delmar ever
since the vote's were counted last Octo=
ber. Go in, boys, and win. They win
who work hardest.
Yf it'be tine, as nppears by 'the- siate-:
Inca of Senator Thayer in a late speech'
made in Cincinnati, that Andrew
Johnson will fait to etnPloy force against
Congress only' ,threingh• ,thuldity; ;we
may consider the : usurpation
sequent distOrbance things:talerahli
certain. However:: tirnid
maybe eche+, johnson drunk is as bold'
as the boldest., and as brazen as the co
lossus. Mr. Johnson is waiting for the
verdict. If the faithful A11,1137'4). all the
States holding elections on the Bth inst:
next Tuesday, the. President ; will" 14e
taught, 'and 'his hand stayed'. Other
wise the worst may be expected. The.
warning is sounded and the people
hear. Egery lover "of free
must strike to avert the possibh.) worst.
to nest Toes
- enforcement
heir enforce-
The President's organ in Washington
advises hiin'to lint bithscif hi . hostility .
to the Supreme Court. The,people will
take care of the President and his worth
ies stipendiaries of the press. ,
•Short, sharp, quick effective work,
Mr. President, when the people .thor
oughly understand what, you intend to
do. And when that day centesi, as • we
trust it may not, thousand if o rnee
Gieeleys and Gerrit Smiths cannot
bail -you.
the 'Repot):
vaervation of
I le •
as (he law- .
v - 6 . ling the
- t• BATOR
, polls next
. - tohngon
urpation, and
The defeat of Gorham, in California,
wltsr a punishment imposed by the Re
publicanS upen , a corrupt i faction. The
Copperheads do pot understand it. Of
course not; there.are no much preced
ents in their party history. The bigger
the thief the more demeeratie votes he
is likely to get,.
Republicans, the patronage
. of the
General GoVernment is against n , ,4, and
in the hands of men who have, ►evor
scrupled at the Ilse of •money for the
basest purposes. Tioga comity is not
dependent upon the patronage of the
General Government for her political
standing. ' Welnuist rally and assist our
friends in the. benighted counties. For
ward !.
- The Bepublicans l of New York have
indeed proved wino in their day and
generation. Their recent State Con
ventiml ' liaS put 'in nomination the
strongest ticket it) t State has put afield
In years. It ought to be elected• by a
majority of 20,000 1 and We gueSs it will.
We are glad to see that Mr. Thurlow
Weed is left out in the Quid. No man
and no party can trust that political,
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beautiful table of contents; always original, and
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\\ The Republican County and Canvassing Com
mittees met on the 1:tli and appointed meetings
to be held in SEPEMDER, at the .following
mimed times and pla .es, to wit:
BAITY SCHOOL OUSE, (Sullivan), Eh - day
evening, Oct. 4, piles 4: Mitchell.
CHERRY FLATTS, Saturday evening, Oct. j k,
Niles-& Mitchell ii
COVINGTON, Thuri , day evening, Oest`..73!Nies
& Mitchell.
ELKLAND, Thursday evening, Oct. 3, Striy i- h
' • & Nichols.
rAILDITIPUTON 111i..3%, IV...llAUffthvy even 1,,,,, -out.
2, Smith Sr. Nicliiils.
HOLIDAYTOWN, Friday evening, Oct. 4, Smith
' & Nichols.
LAIWRENCEVILLE, Thursday evening, Oct. 3,
Niles 6; Mitchell .
NELSON, Friday veiling, October 4, Strang
& Wood.
OCEOLA, Satuilluy levelling, October 1., Strang
& Wood.
WELSH SCHOOL HOUSE, Charleston ' Satur
day evening, Odt. h, Smith k Nichols.
WELLSBOItO. Cont House, Monday ccning,
Octoher 7. if
Tho friends in thu se;icral districts aro:request
ed to make all necessary arrangements for get
ting out a full attendance.
Jty order o? the Cominittem
District Court of th
for the Western Dis
In the matter of
It. Taylor, Beattie
Thiel 18 to give
of Sept., A. D. tffi
VMS issued against'
Taylor of Blossburi.
State of Parnell, w
Bankrupts on the
the payment of an,
property belonging
or to their use, and
by them, are forbit
the creditors of sa
debt" and choose on
estate, will be bold
ho holden at Tioga
24th day of Octot
P. M., at the office
Registers in Bankr
oct2 67-Iw. II
District Court of tl
for tho `Nesters Di
iulie muter of
Western District o
- This -is to give
of September, A.
ruptey NMI issued
Campbell of Dolma
Staeo of Ponnsylvai
Bankrupt on his of
of any debts, and
longing to such
and the transfer o
bidden by law; tl
of said Bankrupt
ono or moro assig
at a court of Ban
office of F. E. Smil
E. -Sirdth, Rogistet
A. 11. 1867, at 10
Oct. 2,1867-43 v
IN BANKRUPTCY.—This is lo give notice
That on the OH) day of September, A.D. 1867,
a warrant in Bankruptcy was issued against the
estate of William B. Middaugh of Lawrenceville,
in the county of ioga, and State of Pennsylva
nia, with has bee adjudged a Bankrupt on his
own petition; tha the payment of any debts and
delivery oQ any property belonging to such Bank
rupt to hia or for his use and the transfer of any
property by hiu are. forbidden by law; that a
meeting of tho creditors of said Bankrupt , to prove
their debts, end t choose one or more Assignees
will belield at a ourt of Bankruptcy,t,o be hol
den at 'Om office .E. Smith, in Tioga, county
of Tioga, and Sire of Pennsylvania, before P. E.
Smith, Register, on (ho 241.1 day of Oct. A. D.'
1867, at 10 o'cloc , A. M.
' ' U.S. Afarshal iVostcrt Dist. Pa.
Pr. D. CAMERON, Deputy.
Oct. 2,1867-4 r.
TN BANKRU TCY.,-This is to give` notice :
That on the day of Sept. A, D. 1867. a
warrant in Bank uptcy was issued against the
estate of Do Pa' & Nichols, of Tioga, in the
county of Tioga and,State of Pen n'a, who havo
been adjudged 13 ultrupts on their own Petition;
that the paymen of any debts and delivery of
any property belt ngin. , to such Bankrupts to them
or for their use nd the" transfer of nay property
by them aro for idden bylaw ; that a pleating of
the creditors of said Bankrupt to prove their
debts, and to eh( ose one or more Assignees will
bo hold ut u Cou t of Bankruptcy, to be holdall at
the office of P. . Smith, in Tioga, oounty of Ti
oga, and State of Pennsylvania, before F. E.
Smith, Regime , on the 23d day of October,
A. D. 1867, at I I o'clock A. M.
riet of
~ D, and John
PCllllttlliVilillil, Cli
tieo : • That on thoOth day
7, a warrant in Bankruptoy
the estate of L. D. t John It.
, in the county of Tioga and
to have been adjudged to ho
betition of their creditors, and
, debts and delivery of any
to said Bankrupts, to thorn,
the transfer of any property
den by law. A meeting of
id Bankrupts ea prove that
o or inure Assignees of therm
at a Court of Bankruptcy - to
Pa., in said District on the
l or A. D. 18(37. at 2 o'clock
r of F. E. Smith, ono of the
/Noy of said District.
iritomits A. ROW LEY,
Marshal for said District.
United Statea.
strict ,f Ponti'n,
mi. Campbell,
Peinaulvania . , as : ,
notice: That on the 24th day
. 1867, a warrant in Bank
against the estate of James
r, in the county of Tioga, and
kola, who has been 'adjudged a
,wn petition; that the payment
'oliver,y' of any property, be'-'
ankrupt, to him or for his use,
any property by him, arelor
at a meeting of tbo creditors
o prove their debts and choose
oes of his estate, will be hold
ruptey, to he holden ,at the
beat Tioga, Penn'a, before F.
, on the 25th day of October
A.M. - _
U.S. Marshal for said Dist.
S. lifaishal Wesi'n Dist. Pa.
tho 11 AVE stunk Clsi‘°rot
VE °Pe 4 - 4 - % new
1( V - AgArlffiw 501
G- ..yo S
nre . pinchased for 6, and our customers trill
havo the adv4lltage of choosing from
of Goods in Tioga County, and of buying at tbo
best prices goods of, the best quality. %Vo enu
ltierate the following special advantages:, -
, .
Fane3) and black Silks, Empress Cloth, French
Arraures, Poplins, Figured Reps; French Mo.
rikoes, Alpaeons, Wool Delainos, warranted ALL
wool, Tawas° Cloth.
C La CZi 'l' XI Ell i a
Fancy Casslmoros, Booshins, Broadcloths Bea
vers ,Twoods, Jeans, Fanners! and lllol:anics'
Boots &' Ahoes
Mon's and 1i0y.4 Kip and Stoga Boots, Mon's
Calf Boots, Ladies and Children's Shoos, a full
and splendid assortment.
All,Boots andl Shoes sold at this es
tablishment warranted to be as
represented, or money re
funded. . •
DILL , 2O 4alD l 0.4141
Mon's and Boy's FeiCifats, 'Franklin Mats,
and a full assortment of Cloth Caps.
Groceries :
.Sugitra, Teas, 9otreei, Rine, qoap, Spices, etc
We buy our Goods of First Class
Houses in New York, and have arrange
ments there by which we are to be ccn
stantly. in receipt of the latest styles bf
goods, bought during the easy stages of
the market. We call attention to the
fact that we can, and will, furnish car
pets of all styles and. qualities at New
York prices. We offer that portion of
eke trading public which goes to Elmira,
and elsewhere, to purchase fine qualities
of goods, bargains
, which they cannot
better, at any point beyond New York.
Wellsboro, Oot. 2,1867.—1 y
ADIES' Vesta and Drawers, at
• De LANG to CO'S
CARPETS'at . New York Prices, at
A LARGE Stock of Boots ankt a Shoes, at
•Do LANO do CO'S.
Do LANO 6c CO'S.
D .
o LANO & CO., Agents for the Susquelittri
na Woolen Mills. 0 I
[laic of Coudersport,'
HAVING purchased the Store and business
lately conducted by Miss Pauline Smith,
Main Street,Wellshore,is prepared to carry on the
in all its branches, and her goods are of the latest
styles. She will keep constantly on hand all the
latest novelties of
French Flowers, Ribbons, Laces, ho. Also,
being an experienced seamstress and fitter.,
Promising to give satisfaction, she respootfully
solicits a fair share of patronage.
Wellsboro, Sept. 25,'67. Mrs. M. MANNING..
AMB into the f enelesure of the subscriber on
Orablitut the )sth of Sept.,lB67,thirteinisheep
and five lambs., One of the lambs is a buck, the
sheep are marked as follows: hole through one
ear and the other oar split and ,half cut off on
some of - them. The owner is requested to prove
property, pay charges, and damages, and take
thorn away, or I shall proceed to dispose of them
according to law. NEWTON BULKLEY.
Deerfield, Sept. 18th, 1867. "
Mrs. A..J. Salleld,
I S now receiving the Fall styles of
direct from the city, and will be pleased to see
her old friends-and euatomers, with as many new
ones as may choose to favor her with their pat
ronage. " I have engaged a first-class Dressma
ker; and'am prepared to carry , on
in all its branches. in a's . atisfactory manner.
'Orders taken for Bair 'Jewelry. Good prices
paid for human hair. Store' over VanValken
burg's Grocery, Main-at.
Wellsboro, Sept. 260867—tf
N BANKRUPTCY.—This is to give notice:
- That on the flth day of Sept. A. D. 1867, a
warrant in Bankruptcy was issued against the
estate of North do Knowlton of Mansfield ' in the
county of Tioga, and State of Penn'a, who have
been adjudged Bankrupts on their own Petition ;
that the payment of any debts and delivery of
any property belonging to snehLßankrupts, to
them or for their use and the transfer of any pro
perty by them are , forbidden by law ; that a meet-,
ing of the creditors 'of the said Bankrupts to
prove their debts and to choose ono or more As
signees of their estate, will bo held at a Court of
Bankruptcy, to be holden at the office of ' F. E.
Smith, in Tioga, county- of Tioga and State of
Penn'a, before F. E. Sinith, Register, on the 22d
day of October, A. D: 1867, at 10 o'clock A. M.
U. S. Marshal West'n Diet. Pa.
FARM FOR SALE.—One of the best in Tie
ga county, situated l miles from from Law
renceville, Pa. This farm contains about 65
tiered. 45 acres of Flit land under good cultiva
tion. it is a good grass and grain farm, well wa
tered, has a good frame house, two frame barns,
and out.buildidgs. Terms easy. Stock and
crops to be sold. 'For further particulars apply
to C. S. MATHER, Lawrenceville, or to the un
dersigned on the premises.
Oct, 2,1867-3 t.
Coal for Sale.
Cheap, by
Sept. 28, 1867.
I, f
," -
Liberty. Block Rouse, Monday Sept 30, 1 p m -
'Union, Ogdensburg, Tuesdar.Oct 1, 9 a 111 _
Suill ran, Dray Valley,AledneadayOot 2, 10 a in
Rutland, Roseville, Thursday Oct, 8, : 9 m
.Jackeon, Maple Ridge, Friday Oct 4, 0 41 / 1
Charleston, Young's, Bch ~ llousejMonday Oct 7. 9 ain
Doluist,'Deanßeltool -ROW, Tuesday' Pet al 9 m
Covington, Wednesday clot 9;1 p
Mansfield, Thursday Ocelo, 11 ain •
Wellshoto, Friday-Oct I'l 0 a la
'Atitidletttry4tolliday'S, Monday Oct ,4, 9 n m
Ferinlngton,Tiutt'S School 'House, Tuesday Oet lb, 9 a in
liega,llrednesday Oct 16, 9 a in
'Lawrenceville. Thursday Oct 17, 9 a in
Nation, Beecher laland, Friday Oct 18, 9 a in
obatham,Olosegichool Haase., Monday Oct 21,1 p m,
Knoxville, Tuesday Oct 22, a m
Brookfield, Begley Sch amiss, Wetintaday Oct 23, 9 a us
Westfield, Thursday Oct 24, 0 a m
elyrner; Sabinaville, Friday_ Oct 26, 9 a m
airiee,,Vermilveaa, Saturday Oct 26, 9 a ni
And-at Welleboro the three Fridays to/lowing.
Tea hers will come with a sheet of foolscap paper,
pen and ink, or a good pencil. School Directors am
earnestly attend, ,
Walishoro, Sept. 28,1867.' - J. P. OALRIIO/B,'•
' - ' •. • , . Co. Supt.
Orphaus' Court Stile.
Dy virtue of an order, of Orphans' Const made
on the 30th day of July 1867. The following
described piece of real etnte will be sold at pub
lic sale on Saturday the 20th day of Oct. next
at 2 o'clock P. M. at the Court If ousdoin Wells h oro
Pa., us the property of- Jan* E. Johnson late .
of the township of Delmar deo'd . 'Said property
being bounded and described as follows via : Be
ginning at a post the north west corner hereof ad
joining filo lands of Phelps & Dodge thence south
80 dogs. east 128 perches .to a small beech,
thence south 2 dogs. west 162 perches to a post
is the Round island road, thence along said
road south 86 dogs. west five porches north 62
doge. west 38 perches north 69 degrees west 34
perches ,wa 4 , Jperehesoi south 0..,eK1
perch est sonthi 87 r.d a blest • 28 :PPFqbnP,_
north ono dog. cast 121 perches to the place of
beginning—containing 118 and 0.10 acres more
or lees, with one frame house frame barn, 20 acres
impreved and a few fruit trees thereon, all situ
ated in'thalnwnshiii of4Delataraiega Co. ,P,a;
Wellsboro Sept. 25 1867 - 4Vr ' ' Admr.
Planing Machin©.
y lIAN'E put inn firet•elusa PLANER, anti int
prepared to piano flooring, 'siding, ote. 'to
order. KEENEY.
Sept. 13,1867-1 y
• Auditor's Notice.
/PRE undersigned having been appointed an
auditor to distribute tho proceeds arising
from the silo of the estate of I;yucan Hart, late
If Charleston, doe'd wiltattond to the duties of
'his appointment at the office of Nichols &Mitch
ell, Wellaboro, Friday, Oct, 18, 1867, at 2 4'clock
P. M. All persona interested aro requested to
take notice. JOIIN I. MITCHEWA,
Sept. 18, 1807, 4w. •
The American Cooking Stove. —
A FTER twenty So,ars experience in the mon
ufacture of stoves, we became Convinced;
sumo six years since, that a vast amount of
money was being expended by the people of this
country, in buying cheap and worthless stoves, a
large portion of which was wasted; and that
true economy consisted in buying the best stoves
that could be made, notwithstanding the price
was higher. With this view we proceeded to
construct. the American Cooking Stove, and
spared no pains or expense to make it the best
and most perfect stove that could be made. And
we have experimented with it, and carefully
watched its operation for the last six years, and
when an improvement suggested itself, we have
at 'once adopted it, anti we have several of those
improvements secured by letters patent. In
this manner we do not hesitate to say, we have
',brought it to a higher state of perfection than
has heretofore been attained in cooking stoves.
The recent improvements in this stove has
added largely to its convenience and effective
ness. In all the varieties of stoves we manu
facture, wo study usofulnoss, durability, conve
nience and economy in operation, rather than
cheapness in price, and in so doing wo aro satis
fied we study the interest of those purcha s i ng
our stoves. SHEAR, PACKARD, dr.
Albany,. N. Y.
For sale by CONVERSE' ,tc. OSGOOD, Wells •
boro, Pa. ISsetl7-3m.
Whereas, by an act of the General' Assembly of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled, " AO Act to
regulate the General Elections of this Commonwealth,"
enacted on the 2d day of July, 183 I:,. it is epjoined on
me to give public notice what officers are to be elected
—therefore I, LEROY TABOR, "Ugh Sheriff of Tioga
County, do hereby make knOwn and give this public
notice to the Electors of Tioga county, that a General
Election will be hold throughout the comity on the 2d
Tuesday of Octobor next, being tho Eighth day thereof,
at the several districts within said conuty,namely :
Blass, Union school house.
Brookfield, Soutlfßoad school house. '
Charleston, Dartt Settlement school hook.
Clymer, Sabinville school house.
Chatham. at the Chatham Center school house.
Covington, hotel of Samuel Ala'.
Covington Borough, hotel of Samuel liiff.
Delmar, at the Court House.
Deerfield, Cowanesque House, Ira Wagner.
Elkland Borough, Westlake Hotel.
Elk, at the Smith School house.
Fall Brook-Borough, Fallow school house. 5
Farmington, 'Muse of Peter Mowry, deceased. I
Gaines, A. R. Vermilyea's. •
Jackson, house of 0. Hamilton- -
Knoxville BorougheEttgle House. .
Lawrence. Slosson'sdlotol.
Lawrence Borough, Slosson's Hotel.
Liberty, Joel 11. Woodruff's Hotel. - .
Mansfield Borough, Model school house.
Mainsburg Borough, R. K. Brundage's Hotel.
, Middlebury, Holidaytown school house.
Morris, house of Geo. Crist.
Nelson, house of 'Charles Goodrich.
Oceola, Hotel.
Richmond, Methodist Church. •
Rutland, house.of Elmer Backer. .
Sullivan, R...K. Brnndago's Hotel.
Shippen, Big Meadow school hog
Tfoga, E. S. Farr ' s Hotel. • -
Tioga Borough, E. S. Farr's Hotel, •
WellShoro, at the Court House.
Wcistilold,M. G. Bowman's Hotel. -
Westfield Borough, M. G. Bowman's Hotel.
Ward, house Of William L. Thomas. i
Union, house of John Irvine.
At which time and places the following named State
and County officers are to bo elected :
One person for Judge of the Sopron . ° Court of Penn•
Two persons to represent Tioga and Potter counties
in the General Assembly.
One person for Sheriff of Tioga county.
Ono person for Treasurer of Tioga county.
One person for Commissioner of Tioga county. '
One portion for Auditor of Tioga county.
Two persons for Jury Commissioners of Tioga Co.
One person for Coroner of Tioga county.
It is further directed that the meeting of the. Return
Judges at the Court House, Welleboro, to make out the
general returns, shall be on the first Friday succeeding
the said election, that being the 11th day of oober.
lam by said act further directed to give notice that
every person, except Justices of the Peace, who shall
hold office or appointment of trust or profit under the
government of the United States, or of this State, or of
any city or incorporated district, whether a commis
sioned officer or othorwise, a subordinate officer or
agent, who is or who shall be employed under the legisla
tive, executivo or Judiciary departments of this State,
or of any incorporated dietrict; and itlser that every
member of Congress, and of the select or common coun
cil of any city, commissioners of any incorporated dis
trict, is by law incapable of holding or exercising nt the
same time the offico or appointment of judge, inspector.,
or clerk of any election of this Commonwealth, and
that no inspector, judge, or any, other officer of any
such election shall be eligible to any office then to ho
voted for. ..
In accordance with tho.prputisions or the Bth section
of an act entitled " A further supplement to the elec
tion laws of thisCommonwealth,' I publlsh the follow
WI . '
TERWI, By the Act of Congress of the United
States, entitled "An Act to amend the several acts
heretpfore passed to provide for the enrolling and call
ing out the national forces, and forHier purposes,"
approved March 8, 18135, ail persons wk . o
have deserted
the military or naval service of the II Red States, and
who have not boon, discharged or relieved from the pen
alty or disability therein provided, are deemed and ta
ken to have voluntarily relinquished and forfeited the
rlghth of citizenship and their rights to become citizens
and are deprived of exercising any rights of citizens
thereof: AND WHEELEAB, Persons not citizens of the
United States are not, under the laws of Pennsylvania,
qualified electors of this Commonwealth : •
• 01. That in all elections hereafter to bo hold in this
Commonwealth, it shall be unlawful for tho judge or
inspectors of any such election to receive any ballot or
ballots from any person or persons embraced in the pro
visions and subject to the disability imposed by said act
of Complus, approved March 3,1805, and it shall bo un
lawful for any such person to offer to vote any ballot or
p. That if any such judo and inspectors of election
or any ono of them, shall receive or consent to receive
tiny such unlawful ballot or ballots from any such dis
qualified person, ho or they so offending shall be guilty
of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof in any
court of Quarter Sessions of this Commonwealth, shall
for each offence, ho sentenced to pay a fine of not less
than $lOO and to undergo an imprisonment in the Jail
of the proper county for not less than sixty days.
That if any person deprived of citizenship, and
disqualified as aforesaid, shall at any election hereafter
to be held In this Commonwealth vote, or tender to the
officers thereof and offer to vote, a ballot or ballots,
any person so offending shall be deemed guilty- of a
misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof in any court
of Quarter Sessions in this Commonwealth, shall for
each offence be punished in like manner as provided In
the preceding section of this act in the case of officers
of election receiving Ruch unlawful ballot or ballots.
0. That If any person shall hereafter persuade or
advise any person or persons, deprived of citizenship
and disqualified as aforesaid, to offer any ballot or bal
lots to the officers of any election hereafter to be hew
in this Commonwealth, such person so offending chall
be guilty of a misdemeanor, and Amen conviction there.
of in any court of Quarter Sessions of, this Common.
wealth shall be punished in like manner as Is provided
In the second section of this net in the case of officers
of Such election receiving such unlawful ballot or bal
In accordance with the act of Assembly of March
1860, regulating the manlier of voting at all elections I
further state •for the information of voters that all
county officers will be voted for on a single slip Of pal
per, labeled "County," and the candidate for Judge of
the Supreme Court will ho voted for on a separate bal
lot, labeled " fitate--.lndiciary," each class, to be depos
ited In separate Ballot-bocce...
For instructions in regard to the organization of
boards of election, etc., see Act of,Asserably of 2d Ju
ly, 1839, pamphleelaws, page 219 ; likewise contained
in a practical digest of tho election laws of this Com
monwealth, furnished at every place of holding general
elections, pago 86, etc.
/Given under my band a Wellebororough, this sth
day of September, 1867.
,'ROY TABOR, ffheriff.
PLATED WARE—Cake baskets, card bask—
eta, castorti, sugar bowls, oto., at
y ATtof the firm ~of Mather 16 Horton, toy.
LI log ust returned freiwthaeity of Now :1 ork,
is now prepared io:offer to the citizens of Law.
reneevitle, and_ vicinity, a toricral assortment of
September, 17th, \1867-ti.
, Wellsboro:„Cloth-pressing Works.
. .
. ,
I[AVlNG,,trtgaged Mr. JAMES SMITH to
superintend our Clothing Works we tiro
now ready to do all kind of coloring end dross
ing in good style and on ebort notice,
Sept. 18, 1867—tf. , 0. BLAIRJ
A l ydr
a •
AS on hand a large and elloien 'assortment
lain. of Stores. among whiehlue:
Cook -Stoves,
; -
Monitor, 0iT9071, 1
Uncle Sam,' Dictator, (coal)
Moo4o, (coal) , Gene,sseC„ ,
Niallam 4 , , Grecian Cottage.,
Parlor. ,
Salorkupt, &oak-Smoke Co4riner,
Il Right, A
Champion,, Superior, coal, '
and Air-Tight Stoves of all sizes. I
Agent; Also,; for Elthira Saw Factory. 1 far
tifsh Saws of allikinds at Factory prices. 1 sell
for cooking feed for stock, heating water, etc
The only place where you can buy
A full assortment. of •
• always on hand.
P. S. Podlees- Tinvaro not,n)ade at any price.
My ware is made' of standard' tin, nod I defy
competition. .:• iJ. SCHIEFFSLIN,
Tioga, Sept. 18; 1867-tf.
I - 9XCIIANGE for Farm produce and Cush, on
the principle that "even exchange is no
' o have no ambition to get rich faster than
our neighbors who aro equally industrious ; nor
are we desirous of running all creation that we
may have more to eat, drink, wear, and
To Lay By for - a Rainy Day.
As an evidence that we deal fairly and square
ly with our customers, we point to the fact that
our run of custom has steadily increased from
the first, and promises to grow considerably lar
Wo pay CAStI for PRODUCE, arttl keep up
with the market prices.
Remember the place,
Sept. 11, 1567-1 f
To the Pub'
-• S IILE ,'"
TAKES this• method of notifying the Poop],
that the Stock of
is on band, and otters it lowed than before
Tho Store is wail stocked with the most rash
also, a largo assortment of
consisting of
and a.good large lot of the most fashionable
over brought to this market. Also
which you can buy low for cash, nt the Cheap
Clothing Store 'of N. ASHER, Ist door oast of
Vau Valkenpurg's Plour Store;
Wollebord, Sept. 11, 1867. °
TN addition to their old business in Dry Goods
Groceries, Ize., have established a
two doors below the old stand; whore they man
ON 111 E
that is, in the most substantial manner. In the
matter of
we havo enough to do all the cooltiog and warm•
ing in Tioga County. In fact, we have Stoves
enough to MAKE A EumMEE in
We are tho only nge,nt3 for the sale of the
in NVellsboro; and this Stove is tho
" I
Wo keep all kinds of Hardware, Iran, Nails
Steel, Horse Shoos, and a complete variety of
If you don't believe it DROP IN.
Wellaboro, Sept. 4,1867, ly.
c of Wellsboro
IS a. ittMthing expectorant:
prepared to meet the i n•
gent need of
_a safe and retie
hte verse fer diseases of the
A trial of many years has et_
that it is more of in
pulmonary affections, than ,any ether remedy,
Eta efficacy has now become so generally known,
that ft is justly regarded ill/ ninny countries a $ a
medicine of Indispensable ticcesAlty. In Greet
Britain, France, anal- Germany, where incdicTil
scionea h as., reached its highest perfection, it
preseribed in doineetic -practice, and cot ztaully'
used in the armies, in hospitals and other pub.
tic institutions, where it Fs "regarded by th e
attending physicians' as the most speedy t it ,d
agreeable retnedy'that ettn be employed. ' , Scarce.
,13r. any . neighborhood I Will be found where %sell
known cases of diseased lutigs, which had babied
the efforts of the wet • skillful and exierieneed(
doctors, have been completely cured by it.. Tb ele
results aro the most convincing proofs oct the Pt:-
perior curative 'propertitti -of this - preTratiett ;
and t o them the authors point with peta liar sat.
isfaction. While it is ninst . powerful•rigainpt e r n.
firmed diseasete, it is e.xtreinely gent/0 as l a. medi
cine in infancy and y(Attlii being quite liartales
to even the youngo4, wtnhi administered
health•rektorer - aceitilishes even 1 110113
by prevention than cure. IC taken in season, i t
h ea l s a ll irr i tations of the throat anal long.:,
whether ari=ling from Colds or Coughs, or from
ot l her causes, oath thus prevent that long train f
painful and incurable tlb , easet., ich would nrie
from Gin neglect - of them.‘ liet co no fall
shouldbe without-it. Influenza, soup, Boss,
no-s, Whooping Cough,, Pleurisy, ncipient Coo°
ailliptiTa, and other affections of the breathing
org an s , givi3 way before this pre-eminent
nation of medic , il virtues.
Prep - red by Dr..). C. AYER & CO.,meg,
Mass„ and Bold by all Druggists and dealers l 4
Inudieinus everynturo
So ‘V 01 I 1101 : o 1
A;bricit ,Order l• for a Neu !11l' baled
Bibic ,Dictionary.
This Diurtor.r.t ICY embodies the retults art the
mint recent study, research, and investigation, of •
about sixty five of the most eminent and ad.
catteed-Iliblical Scholars; new living. Clergy.
men of all Actiontinatienwappriive it, and regard
it as tho best work of i„Likiud in the English
language, and one which ought to be in the
hands of every Bible reader in the land,
In circulating this Work, Agents will, tind a
pleasant and Kofitalile employment. The nu.
merous oljectionit which are usually encountered
in.selling ordinary works will nut exist-with the.
Itut, on the fteuiltrary, • encouragement and
frier ly aid will * attend the Agent, making his
laboeii agreeable, useful, and lucrative. • •
Ladies, retired Clergymen, School Teachers,
Farmers, Students, and all others who possess en
ergy, are wautedi to assist in Canvassing every
Town and Cutintj , in tho country, to whew the
Ituost liberal inducements will be offered.
For particulars, apply to, or address
722 Sanotu Street, Philtulelplia, Pat
Aug. 28, ISO7-6iy.
are the latest improvement a iong the pills.
They are confident y believed to b the Leo pill.
for family um) thut ir liavi , ever been made. Thy•
aro so mild and pl nrsnot in their operation and
yet so effectual, th i et it would be quite hapos,i-
We to supply the Identand fur them were they
more generally knlown. The whole story is told
in the diteetions (which accompany each
Price 25 Vent.. ger sale at Roy's Drug Store,
Mill Property for Sale.
L SubseriLor-Zn account of failinw '' health
i r i r otters fur sale his Ploperty at Crooked
Creek, Tioga county, Pa., formerly known as the
McClure Mill. Said MAI is , now in complete
running order, having I, , f3en lately furnished with
entire new Machinery of the most approved style,
and will he said together with oho ,t 24 acres of
-land, on which them is a thrifty young Apple
Orchard and other fruit trees, Buildiug
favorahlo..terms. C. J.' HUMPHREY,
Crooked Creek, Tioga Co., Pa.
r IIE ItiNDERSIONED hereby gives notice
that ho will be in
LOCK 11AVEN, 2.1 Wed,nosday each month
BE LIeEFONTE, 2tl Thu edgy each month.
COUDERSPORT, 3d Tfilesdays in Feb.. May
September, and December.
--to hold Courts of Bankruutey, beinginerions.
ly notified that there trill he business requiring
his attendance at such times and places. At
other tunes he will attend for such purposes at
his office in Tinge, Pa. Gentlemen .lot the Bar
prosecuting involTtary bankrupt frilges, will
please have warrants returnable et st 1 611
.I. time . sil
possible. Parties - tnakidg voluntary • Wm:mots
will please prepare their petitions and schedules
in duplicate, in conformity with the Bankrupt
Act, General Orders and forms, and Special rates
of the Wejtern - District of Pennsylvania on
Bankruptcy, and submit them to ine - for examin
ation ; and if found correct in form and sufficient
in substance, will be certified and filell, and an
order of reference will be issued. Fifty dollars
required by the Act must at the same time be de
posited with toe, and fifteen dollars for clerk and
Marshal fe - es should be paid - at the same time.
To save answering many letters I will say—
I—That Rice's Manual is the hest work I hare
seen on the sullied, and contait,4 the Act, lice
eral orders, forms, etc. ' -
2—The Special Rulesl can be obtained yf C.
W. Johnston.iS: Cu . :Pittshurg. •
—The besr. 12ia - Qlis I have seen are t,ha I.l‘
W. S. Haven, Pittsburg.
I—Letters coplbrminA to Spemial Itulo
bo promptly utts,,vdred.
V. E. SMITE, Register in
' • Bankruptcy 18th I)i•t. I'.'
,Tlogn, Pa., An 29, 1867.
DYKE is hereby given to Collectors that in
the, Ist day of (Ist. 1867, the second isqle
of Soldiers' Bonds falls due, and we tespeettelly
ask you for the last d o llar on that day.
TAX PAYERS-Tiega COUII ty has sixty tli.,e
stinii' dollars to pay on that day. and unless yea
pay .mur taxes the debt eaunut he paid; Wk'
that that the money has got to come by that
the , or cost will ho made.
13.1 i order of the Commissioners.
Sept. , 11, 1867. C. P. MILLER . , Treas'r.
I,ISTRAY.—Came into the enclosure of the
1 1
subscriber in Guides, on the 13th of Augut.t,
a yoke of Stags. The youngert is about t)x
years old, color red; the oldest about twoho
years old, of a dun color, some white on his hack
and a white spot in his forehead. The owner is
requested to prove property, pay charges and
take them away. JOHN C. MILLER.
Gaines, Sept; 11 ; 1867-4t.'l,
Cleaning Sewing Machines
undersigned hereby notices owner: Cl
sewini ; m:1(411110:3 that: he-i's prepared to
dealt and put such machines in goou ortiri• ~n.
Ilv ilko is agent for t 41,3" patent to, I: •,,
which can be used on any uniehin,e.
tVellAtro, Sept. 4, 1367, tf.
Elmira Saw Manufactory,
Cast 'and Extra Cast. Stccl Patent Topte
i,Chsaular Saws.
M. J. :...'fir LEPFELLZ , Z, Jr.,, is nuthott.e.l t.,
:roll tilt 'Factory Price' in Tiogn. .
0 i dorn for repairing, 4:e., left with Mr •:ellitl
reli).-nv ill be attended as promptly a, if !dun(
I l.inulnetory. ' , - •
Sept. IS. /867.- if.
The firm Inca ti on for a Moro Luta:eon iho
1 ) 1614111 g known a , Roy's Ith,ck, awl litillord'‘
Saloon is note tifferea 1.. r kale oo rvetiliar ..11.3
favorable tertw.; inquire at Itoy's Drug •
. .i-: A. AO'.
Butter and Cheese.
llpairtzsT market Price paid for Hailer and
Cheese, or elfiriped for parties
2ijulya7, TOLES
A ..
DM INTSTIL- 'lll-IX NOTICE —Letters of
tudminkstrati in having been granted to the
undersigned) upon the estate of Samuel TAV. , " ( r.
late of Cott ,-, on. detoased, notleo i' , hereby
given to the o indebted to. nod Mop h'fiving
dahlia againt said canto to call and Fdi tle %Oil
MARY E. WOOD, A4o.'rs.
Covington, Sept. 4, 1867-6w'
. , _
eadD I A (gM . On
Hite hot cakes nt
. April 1, 1867.
THE' largest as . sortinent of 'Watches, Clod°
Jewelry and Plated Ware in Tioga countY
at [1.9d0c661 FOLVY'S.
A.-lioy. • ropt4-21n.
r. B. KELI.)"S