The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, July 03, 1867, Image 2

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    Tiriiiinir libigartatax. With a - *ea of
, Black Snakes. ~ . ..;
-. ;,, '• I ' ~l i =. 'r ~,'": '1 ' ' ,' .'
- tint.' J. Mtenell ! , Ina t eeleb.rated
"South Mountain , Wizard," while' out
gunning last Friday, had a most 'thrill
ing adventure With a detf'• of ,Blaek
Snakes, knownOi3 .Thlcers from ,whie.h
be narrowly , escaped with ' his life. As ,
is his habit, the Professor had , taken hii
favorite carbine aridgoneintotheMoun
tain after • aqiiirrals. Beat part' of the
forenoonhadbeen spent beating through
the brush and over the rocks, without •
meeting with any: adventure,and-hut
ordinary ' meows in procurin game,
&c: Suddenly, however, ho carae to a :
ledge otroolts, about . a mile from. the
South Mountain _ Reuse. Stopping a
moment to take a survey of the surroun,.
dings,. lie saw a -large Black Snake
stretched out on a • roelt, sunning him
self. olle at once took up. a couple of
stones, and threw one at his anakesbip,"
but, unfortunately, niiisethhim. Thin
aroused Snake,, and . in' an instant
he had uncolledlikaself, andstood with
his head er ect, , as if': indignant at this
intrusion,--and at the same time gave
a loud, - shrill hiss, Or, rather, a whistle
,professor delivered his second stone
with such preeisort as to mortally Wound
his enemy. No sooner, however, had
he thrown the stone, when he heard a'
fearful rustling among, the brush to his
left, and another :iihistle, louder and
shriller Man the • first. Turning his
eye in the direction from whence came
the 'seise, ho saw a • monstrous "pack
Snake, (a Racer) coming. directly. to
ward him,fit'ith his head erected about
five feet, froin the ground:, and his
forked tongue, a artin g from his distented
jaws, as if bent on tight. ,The Profes
sor, (Fho is an acknowledged crack
shot,) immediately raised his Carbine •
fired! and had the proud satisfaction Of
seeing the monster Snake • roll, . aver, in
the agotdes of death',- T having split his
head operr with the, ball. , This proved
but the commencement of the battle—
for, ,before the Professor had time •to
- congratulate himself , upon his success
in vanquishing two of his foes, a third
one, measuring about eleven- feet in
-length, - {and thick in proportion) had
approached to within a few feet of him—
his head erect--hissing„ and darting his
tongue out in ; a manner to appal the
stoutest heart. To' retreat was out of
the question; a fight was the only al
• ternative; and quick as thought he lev
eled his carbine at the Sfiake's =head
but, , unfortunatelyc missed it, at the
same time dropping it, (his carbine)
upon the ground. With the rapidity of
lightning, the Black-Snake attacked
the Professor, and commenced winding
his slimy coils around his legs and body
—higher and tighter at every coil of his
loathsome form, until the Professor was
unable to move a 'foot. Ills efforts to
extricate himself from the "boils of
death,"—as they seemed to,him,—were
unavailing, for with every effort the
folds tightened, and the work of respi
ration became difficult.- Death and the
Snake stared him in the face, and made
the cold chills of horror and agony creep
over his body. It was a fearful me
ment,—a moment of the most intense
horror and agony, that made the flesh
• •creep, the blood chill, and the • hair, lit
erally to "stand on end like,quills upon
a fretful porcupine." Nothing but his
great presence -of mind saved hini from
strangulation and a loathsome death f
• Iteceilecting , 'that• his hunting knife
hung by his side, he seized, it and with
his nerves braced by despair, drew it
across the body of the snake, severing
it in two at one stroke. The coils 11.3..
laxed—the Snake dropped dead at • his
feet and the Professor was free again.
By this time he heard a great rustling
in the bushes, and the dry bark crack
ing in every direction, accompanied by
loud, shrill, angry hisses and whistling
as if the whole surrounding woods was
filled with Snakes. Deeming dig retion
the better part of valor, he tastily
grabbed up his carbine, girthed is hun
ting-knife, and beat a precipi to re
treat. The Professor was purr ed by
the Black-Snakes for - some dista ee, but
being in a Awry he had no time to gook
back and count the numbers. He says
that had they come one 'at a time he
would notlave retreated ; but to attack
- him by companies, brigades and divi
sions, was enough to frighten any man.
We have-endeavored to give the facts
s narrated by the Professor himself Mr. Mitchell is well known iu th's corn
.l-Arkilityl„ and we have no reason to he
'l„ievo t h'„...f....... t acts have been exa erated.
Wahave since een informed that this
species of Snake l ' ,, g-Lyry plenty in the
mountains, and haVt—freqUently •been
known to attack persc ak-iyho ,intrude
into their dells. —Boonsboro OtVc-Ffil.P.P.
Important Law 'Relating to Judicial
All act passed at the last session of the
Legislature, relative to judicial sales,
and the preservation of the lieu of men
gage, in exciting considerable alarm
among the purchasers of real estate, sold
by order of the courts since the approval
of this law. The first section of the
act, aproved the 2.311 day of March,
1867, relates to deeds made to convey
'real estate under the act of 18th April,
18.53, and to the security required by
said act, which creates no embarrass-
Tent in the purchase of real estate sold
by judicial order. But the second aind
third seetions of the act in queStion ' lire
irdportant, and 'we the'refore print in
full: .
SECTION 2. That private sales made
by order of court, under the said act of
the 18th day of April, - 1853, shall. dis
charge the premises sold-from the lien
of the decedent, except debts of record,
add debts secured by .mortgage: Pro
vided, That the security 'required by
said act shall have been duly entered.
. SECTION 3. When the lien of a mort
gage upon real estate, is or shall be,
prior to all other liens upon the same
property, except - other mortgages,
ground rents, purchase money due) to
the Commonwealth, taxes, charges,
• assessments, and municipal claims,
'whose lien, though afterwars accruing,
has by law, priority given it, the lien of
such mortgage shall not be destroyed,
or in any way affected, by any judicial
or other sales whatsoever, whether such
judicial sale shall be' made by virtue or
authority of ny order or decree of any
orphans' or her"eourt, or any write of
execution, oi erwise, -howsoever : Pro
vided, That this section shall not apply
to eases of rOortgages upon unseated
lands, or sales sof the same for taxes.
In view of this act, itfbeeomes every
bidder on property ordered to be sold by
judicial decree, first to ascertain what
attionnt of liens or mortgages is onee
ord against it; and to regulate b 149 ah to
include the sums tif such lienserfi mort
gage: A case occurred in Harrisburg
only a day after this lawwent into force,
Where a party bid $.5,000 on 'a certain
property, against which was a, mort
gage gage of ss,ooo—thu by the temps of
this act, the 11 baser becoming re
sponsibi for t payment of $lO,OOO,
for that fo oh he had only - bid $5,-
000. Regarding the equity of he case,
Judge Pearson set the sale aside. It -is
well, howeVer, that - this law be thor
oughly understood, and we therefore
print its ,important sections, so that
bidders oh real estate stild by order of
the courts may inform theinselveS for
the protection of their interests. Every
I newspaper in the State should publish
this law for the . protection of the, peo
ple. We-have no doubt that the Legis
lature, at its next - session, will repeal
'this law, as it involves risks which are
unfair, and - in '.four eases out of five I
cannot fail to be 'ruinous.—Harrisburg
Telegraph. -,
To preserve our 'health, cleanse your
blood when it becomes vitiatedand foul.
Many the symptoms Which sound
tbo no oxe
te of shim. Fall not to * heed
them. Indigestion, Nausea, lassitude,
Headache, Wandering Pains, Bilious
aud. Eruptive Alrestions are so man y
signals to tell youof diseraeili the blond.
Remove sod they disappear.. Row?
Take ,slyer' Compouud Extractof Sar
saparilla. UM PMkttud rot fts purpose:
purifies the blood, expels diseme and
- restores the deraopd fusetionikof the
body to thkir healthy 0.049n---Vorgdon.
1:f 1
e : gi At ox
i wELL5p0i,t,,i.3,,;_,1?0,4.
, D • -
WUNEADAY. , ITLIt - ;8,4867.
_ t
vxnertrz-A.Tz'arr! -- 3.,1'46. ,
trliim ir p4I, STATE NOMINATION.
i . .
Ii,,NItY - W. lAMS,
..„:,. ,or .414t.P.014RNT.' „ -
The CMton Deiai ne. in
the forniern large '32.ColnMnPaper, d
otherwise - improved. • The , metainor-
Thosiniaso 'complete - that ire had, to
lo Oh : ttv before reeogialiirit the sheet.
' - `l .ll' e paper is now one et the largest in
the State, being detible, its foriuer size,
'and withal twice as able aSit' t tvetl
der its old 'proprietors. in polities it is
extrmely_ .uncanny, hitt • otherwise
vortl4 of high 'pialasz.
The Republican State - Convention
which met on Wednesday last' atWil
liamsport, was , yers large, (400,3 Per Sons,
being present, according ,to ,the Phila
delphia papers,Yand quite enthusiastic.
o representation 'Was fUll.. Hon.
J hn Scott , of Huntingdon, was made
permanent chairman, and presided with
dignity': Hon.
, - Henry W." Willie*,
Of Allegheny i Conrity, was:, - 'o)4l*d
on the flat ballot. \ We place , his name:
et the head of this.eolutan ' With mach
pleasUre. Tioga, Potter, *cßcan, sUs
quehanna and Schuylkill counties,
voted for Judge Williams, of this county
on the first three ;ballots, when his
name was withdrawn..,Judge Lion,
of Center, received the support of North
ern Pennsylvania on the six following
. „ ,
The nominee in the very prime'of
life, of acknoy.le - dged legal ability, and
a vigorouS man. His success l cannot be
considered doubtful.,
he platform will appear nest • week
The editOr_of the Scranton "Republi
can folk;
,into a,cornmon error as ,to the
animus of our strictures u n its course
toward Senator l Cameron.. Though t al= ,
ways,grateful.te Gen. Cameron for his
unvarying kindness and - consideration
in the past, we did not l unde4ake his
defence out of personal ' emisideratiOns !
KnoWing him' to have been true, and as
Inflexible as true, in the dark dayS of
1861; true and firm when men s f greater
Pretensions wavered in their j dgment
as to the policy to be pursued— e learn
ed to know him i better than hi. chronic
defatners, and to recognize I t him 43$
man who, whatever his - ambi ;one, put
the common weal above , pers!nal ag
grandizement. If our defe,nee was
warm that must be our excuse: . •
Beginning at the beginning of the
whole Matter .in controversy, nifr Co-,
tempofrary falls to see, an lin pot taut fact;
,which, adinitted ) us 'it - Must be, strips
the attack upon SenatnrCarneron 'of its
.plansibility, and. reveals personatgriev
ancetas the animus thereof. ' Senator
• , 1 -
,Cameron, happily, has no ereditwith
either President Johnson or his Cabinet,,
save, possibly, it_geqralfrtendship with.
'Mr. Stantnn.•' It is a ntitntioui MO that
'few sterling Republicans received tap
pointments, in any District, f om
drew Johnson, during the firs session
of the 40th Congress. W 9 lure aware of
the fact that Mr. Johnson ga, e ample
notice that no radi9als {von d .be ap
pointed tAi any oft*6", in his gift.. Of -
I -
count ., then, • Senatlr Came on is no
more to blame for ttze, appoir tment of
democrats in the Luzern dist let, tha i --
otir Cotempeary._ It _will n t' do to
charge him with selfish. nulti es in sut:
fering democrats to he confirmed; for
the offices must be filleq, and public
business must go on, whether Republi
cans like it or not. If 'we are cheated
as aparty, let us accept the situation
like, men who etin, see something be
sides office and the etnoluinents of office
in the success of a party. This grum
bling about the loss of patronage is pos- 0
ftively unmanly. Would to goodness
that place were in the nature of penal
ties, • than as -at •present, of rewards.
Parties would be lienester and purer,
and the republic the measurable gainer
thereby. ' '
Admit the allegation of o*r eotempo
rary to bp true,- 2 -that every 'ederal am
pointment in the Luzerne District, save
two, has been given to the , perheads.
The Tioga District, with a Radical
member of Congress, fares o •better, if
not worse. We are not• aare of the
appointment of aliY - Riftpubl can to any
pace of
ace of profit in theDistrie during the
last year, by the Presiden . Nor do
sensi e eopie abuse Mr. ilson for
n oin what IS beyond his power.
Our people understand that r. Wilson
cannot have influence with the ap
pointing,power, and while not pleased
with the cheat, accept the,. situation. It
seems to us that 'our Luze ne friends
might better fffilow their expie.
illtm • But, it appears' that tw - offices or
profit were conceded tote Republi
cans of Luzerne ; 1 and 'lt is , over these
offices that the strife is made. Our co
temporaky charges that one of the offi
ces was given to ,an editor whose pen
'had favored SenatOr Cameron; Is it'
possible that th 4 edlior Iwho favored
Mr. Grow desired the place given . to
the editor who favored Mr. Cameron?
Or, if not for himself. did he desire it,
to be given to his Mend? 'The fact that
the contest between Mehsrs. Cameron
and Grow was Warm, may
_seeount for
the preference shown by gen.' Cameron.
Nor have we such an exalted opinion
of Mr. Grow's disinterestedness as to
believe for a moment that he, had he
succeeded, would! have preferred a Cam
eron editor for place, even though - the
entire ~ R.eppblican party in Luzerne
had demanded it. We are now strip
ping the ease of its tinsel fringes and
patriotic trappings, and serving it up
as a cold, bard, political f ' t. It may
not be agreeable; but it iej st and nec
essary. I .
We tried toread, earefu
putoticanB articles against
We sat no evidence o
partiali in his action. S
eron is given , to 'iemem
friends and enemies, the
fayor, and the latter With
may not be at/labia,.
nature. It may , not pli
- ..
does net, as a piactice---but It Is 'after
rfa l
all, an amiable weakness. favor an
enemy , .at the expenseof a end may
be inagnaninious i , but it , is , .f 44 always
" ' ' ► lie' I " ii . -vi
e 1 ,,,
,wa i e . v c.
Or,,Nd i l'Ore #flalgi'l39, 4 lii,ro o l4,i l4o3 , 'un
aIIY,PIOYSI.)4e lisl*i.,'*Oliiive,,•ga! see
'400114.1120e iiiiiiiiOnsible, in din sa
lon of'Oet. Ca*r(M.':': _ •-,,,. .. •
Our reference to, the choosing of a
Democratic i'resident of the Senate un
der certain cirennistarinei, was purely
byphilietical, as our friend .may, see .by
reading the article in question. It was
iniendedito " point - a moral and adorn a
tale" With 'Which; to our surriiise, he IS
not faMiliar. It is Unneeessary ro ,ex-
PIMP it in, .Let 'it poi.. It
will beunderstooci in the riroperquarter.
Awl' its id "-week Spoti" in our , coieni
perary's arinOr; that May: haye, been
unmerited comment, as it relates to Me
1 same story. We, may • be`,, mistaken
.about itir eo4.uiptiiikry' s s backeig, bat
we guess • not. , The - hint that Senator
Cameron backs - the Agitator is unneces
sary., SPIA I ,4°K. CiPPer ( tii'„bo 4
not' :,§
1 our, fence ; at least be does not take
the' Agitator, never 'did, and we doubt
if he .over 'sit, acoliy. of, It: save .in the
publicationcoinee. • He is Under no 0611-,
gations to' the - editor,• nor , is the editor
under obligations to him, other than
those which obtain, between i.ersenal
friends. - :, • I - • , '
Last Monday the consolidation of the
'British Provinces took place, and there
is no More a Canada „East or, a, Canada
West. Lord Monck is the new Ruler,
and hid Kingdom' is to be known as
" The Dondpion of Canda." This, "vie
suppose, is the new empire , whichr was
to be established on our northern bor-.
der, and against which' Mr., Seward
protested. We see nothing in it at an
alarMing, and heartily congratulatethe
Canadians upon having taken' the first
et* toward independence of the old
country. They will .be‘ as, happy and
Prosperous under. the rule of Lord
Monck as the , United States are under
Andrew Johnson.
ly, the - .ILe-
Cameron.-- ,
fraud or
' I. on Cam
tering both
inner with
nalties. It
,- 'Um=
teed it
We disagreewith our friend touching
" - politicians t i , in one ,particular, .4011i1
heartily agree with :hint in •another.—
With • him 4 we regard °"politicians,"
large l er " ailitetions:"
Mist, we regard the larger ones as pref
erable to the small. 'The: large ones
always have brain ; the little ones set=
d,bm enjoy a large possession ,of, that
article. • .
In yonclusion, we exhort our cotem 7
Porary to thank" . his stars that any Re
publicans received appointments, if ap
poitments are to be considered bless
14uzerne had to take such Re
publicans as Mr. •Johnson pleased to
nominate, 'arid, had the Senate refused
to confirm them worse men might have
been nominated.
Col: Tate, of the Lycoming, Mond
ard, ought ts)' be Old' enough not :to
ask tocp many questions. • Not long ago
he sent, papers to five men at Roaring
B4aneh, which papers were returned
with the request that -they should not
be tent any longer, adding that there
were enough of brass and copper in that
region without importing more. Toth%
request the Colonel replied .in his in
imitable" style, calling,, the Roaring
Branchers ' 1 midnight sneaks and as
sassins," and elosingnp with this ques
tion :
" Did any of Yon pay your monoy,,send your
tom, or carry your muskets to ttil3 field of battle,
during the late war 2"
To thisthe Roaring Brand:kers replied
as follows : „
" lae answer you most emphatioally we did,
L. L. Washburn bad two sons, aged respectively
nineteen, and seventeen. Both enlisted in ‘lBBl.
The youngest, was one of the few of the far-famed
Bucktails, who was left to be discharged in• 1862
for wounds received 'on the field of ' battle. B.
Howland unlisted in 1881,.was wounded at Fred
ericksburg in 1862, abd . dlieherged from the eery
ice.• He recovered from his wounds, and was
able to enlist again in 1864. 'Ho remained in
the army until the close of the war, and •has two"
honorable disebarges. •C. .Wheeler enlisted
In 1881, served his times and stgalnyenliated In'
1864, and was wounded in - one,ef the last battles,
Re is a Pensioner, and. also has two honorable
discharges, D. W. Parker's son anlidted in 1861,
was taken prisoner, Bent to AnderecininnoiAtid
die In that loathsome prison. His father then
sho ldered hie musket and tilled tho vacant
place of his son ; ho re pained in the army 'un
til - filo close of 'the war, when the rebels laid
doWn their arms: J. W. Howard paid his money
aril sent a man in his place."
• A l tex
waiting vainly some , weeks for
the Cabuel to publish their. reply,
Messrs. WashbUrn, Wheeler, Parker,
Howland and Howard, sent a ,Copy to
Bulletin, in which it appegmd lasi
week, The reader will gee that Colo
nel Tate Aid not make much by
tioning, these witnesses., .
President Johnson is again Coll the
rampage. ,This time he went to Bos
ton to witness the 'ceremony or laying
the corner-stone of the' Masonic Tem,
pie to be erected in that city. When
he visited North Carolina a few weeks
ago he gave promise of growing wisdom
in his golden silence. We, in common
with all who take no pleasure in human
folly, rejoiced at his silence. 'But for
some reason, this trip to Boston 'has un
sealed his indiscreet lips once more.—
True, he does not speak of his relations
with.political affairs, but just as offen
sively speaks as none but drunken men
can speak. .
However, the President finds a good
background in his P. M. General, Ran
dall, whOse speeches savor too much of
that detestable, laekeyism which one
hears frOm.his bootblack, to be reported.
Wheu-a-Cabinet officer speaks of him
ielf as but the shadow of the President,
it is high time that the people demand
the dismissal of the shadow. The' sub
stance is enough for one nation in all
con - science. Let us hope that a day
may coup when the President of the
United States can travel from one end
of the republic tothe otherlikeanyother
citizen untoasted and untoadied.
The promulgation oft the nullifying
opinion of Mr. Stanbery has , caused the
resignation of Gen. Sickles, military
commander of the Carolina Departinerit.
Gen, S c heridan does,not,take kindly to
the Attorney General's construction of
,the law of reconstruction, and smite 'of
the municipal officers in Texas, taking
heart'of the loose poilcy, and looser log
ic Ofthe President and his advisers, have
already raised the standard of revolt,
.The signs are not auspicious. There is
danger of a relval of the half-smoth
ered mob-spirits of the South, and an
outbreak would not surprise anybody.
We hope" that our forebodings may
prove Incorrect.
if it be true - that Jiidge Shartnvood,
tlio nominee of, the
Supreme Judge pi thie t Stitte; is as is re
ported, in faypi-ihf nOr. o.:tutt*e, the
policat,ilOtf:„hi - - 14 1 00 e ied:
during ,t,140 , 10#1:410 4;".
7 ; ,T#4l
Co - n*000,110:h ui#l 4 l.*4 4 j - ',5),4.
rentsr4ahlaexp'ileit ,itiOnteraii6e _,
on this:point, dechitint for its party its
opposition, to any ameadtaerit of the
Constitution enlarging suffrage. - .
'What the 'ltipublican, ..Cotivietitiou;
which assembled: 0'010440 on ;
the S6tN:OPBB do
not yet knedi We had hopeq, howev=
"er';thif it: iiiiiilordeCiao'l'Ut syfttiige ,on
the bails of Ititelligote.::' Tliie, , l esidee
Algor4ipg snpgotivia : for ivlng
boys scommsu Schooi education, averts
the al*ayir •Nvaits.upoo,
gigrakitGi ViSlTiihi.-4 2 SOIX3_persons
fishing in, the ,schuterof the ,dam,, by
)4Awfuwo w the t wAter, last week,
caughtnreptile*hoW enkeown,in this
seCtio.P.:d ,1 4XVi.t.fgat192/PiRVQ4 :,It :to lie
The' zionopome, („ouenveng Allegen
ianabb) found. sc!mi4i,me's ) 'ui , tbe tWAt er3
theObio and AlleghaPY, Ovens, , and
known Eta 01i; Ginn nd Peppyand VeUng
4,lificitt,ar. Itiseleedribeg , ,aB,A)eing , ex
tremelyt4letee andTc, o orabrousi ;sparing
nothing that itonn,loverctime and
bOktved•bk ,the. tsberman
to 'be poisonons and. i ct:lnsequEntiy
*lnch dreaded ,Its; ,appearance ..being
extreinely revolting. . , ,
- :The one caught; here, is ',2tl inches
long ; the head MAMA broadisq inches
long; limbs short and thick, with four
claws on the'four feet and flyos, claws on
the hind feet, .gi inches . Jong; the 1 , 411,
.wrtloh 0 1 4terottlYe4r4Pressed1. 8 01Inches
in length,: 21; Inches, wide ; a fold of
puckered skin runs down , each side of
of, the neck and body.. Itacolorisslaty,
resembling the color of. a !Ibullhead.”
Weightl pound 18; ounces.
This animal is the first of the kind
we have ever kribwu caught in. the
Susquehanna,. It is,rare In the rivers
where it is known Ito exist, and its his
tory is but little - known • to
Itis the Moat, unprepossessing "fish"
we helve ever seen.—Brac/ford Rep,
GOOD Niles -FRebt WELLexiido.—We
congratulate the friends of Temperance
in Wellsborp on the nebie Week , they
have done. For one year, atieatit,there
is to be no 'legalized drunkard - making
in that beautifid village._ We hope the
year's fruit will be such as todetermine
the order -loving ; peopleof the entire
country that no more, drunkards shall
be manufactured in Tioga , by virtue of
authority received from the Court.
There are no Licenses to sell intoxica
ting drinks in Wellsboro. That means
I work—that the frie,nds of Temperance
I have resolved to open the fight in ear-!
nest—for, since the overthrow , lot the!
Slave Power the Liquor Power ,of this
I Nation is the strongest and most thor
; oughly organized, and cannot be abol-
Med anywhere without bringing on a
fight. Like the Slave Power, it is
unscrupulous, unfeeling and insatiable
in its demands. it has rio regard ;for
dee,eney, law er public opinion. It will
cheat the Government of itsrevenue,
and the poor hard - working ' father out
, Of that:Teed for which his children are
crying. much - au interest will not yield
its hold on • ,Wellsboro or any other
I place, withonta bard light. • . We rejoice
that our • friends in , that , place have
aohieved their firstauecesii. We trust
they will pie :vere ,le the final tri
umph.--Potter purncii, ~ . 1,:, , . .
UNITED 5i , ,,e..T • : - .A,To*T.-4.1.:5. Ataii
-1 cline Collector e uernsey,„af t this ilia
, 4'14, on lastyr . riy m,orning, seized, a ,
!email distillery Ithili a • few Miles• of
!Bellefonte; in, : elf Moon „Valley, and
,all the whisiKe, , amonnting to .about .
fifty gallons. •,_ eputy U ,. S. 'Marshal,.
Platt, arrested, ,at the, same time, the
'parties concern :d in the illegal distiller'.
don of Spirits, f. r - Flolating , the eicebie
laws: A' hear' . g was , bad before ; ;the,
'Revenue Coin .. issionee atWiliiinlonort,
on - ruestiay kaxis mumieparrles,' „rem,
'nand and Jesep'Beezer, were bound'
Over to appea at the 'United States
Court at Willis, i sport'an the same day.
The defendants appeared, plead guilty,
and were lined ',25,00 for distilling, and
10,00 for sellini liquor without license,
besides all Co ts , of 'proseentiOn. The
whole case w " disposed of, before bait
past one &elm ,On these,* day. This
lwas a quick 0 eratte*. The • property
seized .will' R'obably be sold within
Thirty days i - Bellefonte, aripublic
•sale.—Bellefon e `
.Press.,' .
BRiJT.A:I; A.. .11.1/P.-4 woman who
gives her name as Jprlap ,LEE, was
found on Satnrday morning last, on the
'doorsteps at t e residence ofE.McDon-,
'Alin,. at . the I wer 'end of this,. place
horribly eut,a d bruised about herhead,
and three of
er ribs broken. .When
discovered sh was insensible ,and al-
Most dead., r. Lana was called,,,whb
dressed her imrids and administered
proper and she is, now
recovering as apidly as could beexpect
ed from the nature of her injuries. On
being restored to consciousness she said
that she was accosted by two men, 'oh
the side walk,? ,on Friday night, when
one of them lid to her, "Is that you
Jane?" She eplied that that was not
her name, when one of the men knock
ed hoedown and' she had no knowledge
of what trans?ired afterwards, the blow
knocking :* he r insensible.--Bradford
E •
STRAY.—T, ken. op out of the road no4r
Julia Elliott'e,on. , the 24th day of June,
1887, a DARK BAY or, BROWN MARE, about
eix or seven years old, two email white epote on
her back. 'Said Mare can be had at Julia Elli
ott% in Lawrence townehip,'ving property
and paying charge& 'WM. STEVENS.
Lawrence, July 3,1887-3 t.
Administrator's Notice.
.1.41 1.
ETTERE of administration having been
granted to' tbo undersigned - upon the estate
of Albert Clark late 'of Chatham, dtmeatied, all
persons indebted to said - estate, and all t baying
olaims. against the *same, are requebted to , call
anti settle with , REVDEN MORSE,
Chatham, July 3, 1/367-6w. , Adm'r.
in tbe eonnty,'looated' atl *el stiorp,•" th e, Oonnly
Seat-tif Tiega County. The v nage has • 1000 in
habitantei and iti surrounded y' a good ' tanning
country. Mil t sell. and .13mo tiro • business to a
man not acquainted wi th it .: .IL ii. IVOOD.
• Wellsbere, Tinge; Do..Pts,, lily SOW.
. .
H FA,RM E:11
• JIL, 11ORBEi FORK ahead of all "othaia in;
market; when tooted with other Rorke it never
lotto to;give ti!deolded preference. Be sure end
examine betokbaying others.
All ordera ahonld be addressed .to either 3. R.
1 ' Netoon, Tioga Bounty; Pa.
July, 8,1867-3m.* `
l armers of Tioga County.
To the
VrANI7II4 I CTURED aelloosic Palls, N. Y.;
Di for sale to all *ho inity:wAnt a good. relia
ble machine. •
These machines are well knovin throughout the
county, as being the beat in nee, - and has taken
the prentinm.,over, all other competitory. • We
shall keep salltssortmeut of 1. ,
wimp have Jelly been put into:, nee. •
_Also :of
the atiff bar. ,good assortment or We guards
and other fixtures cons tantly on luind r Price of
jointed bar - machines, s'llo. .Cheaper thati they
have ever before beet offered to thepublic.
• PURPLE . t' KIMBAL L, Agonts.
' Welisboro, Jfily 3,1867=4.; . • •
of those substantial Shootings '+and Shirting., .ot
April 1, 1867. C. B. KELLY'S.
~...v. ,_v .-
'v'!‘l' - ' 1 13 0,-, & -- -B •
% -
irs. Ikavfljt,tet received curium anti Tel
y V Itttge
. 11took of .
~- L ':iDRY,'.- 0 .0,005,
; I :fueth as
, •
also a largo and wall selected stook or
•We ate able to otter ,00r enatompre . the bandit
of tho
in the New York Market, our Steak lhaving been
purahneeci eines: the treat deolina
Welll:49ro, Jniq lfj 1,8457. .4.,-
E N• TI ST.' ,
IS permanently located at Wellsbore; Outca
over 3. R. Bowen's. Store, where he is pre
pared to execute all work pe rtaining to his pro
fusion with promptness and in a imparter man=
Teeth extracted' without pain ,by the use of
lately iraproved Spray Prodneer.- Morph=
and Ether administered when desired.. All work
warranted. Sattitaation guaranteed - or no char
ges. ' July 8,1867.
Over Wilson it Van Valkenbures Store the
room lately occapfed by peq. Seele;.
OOTS AND SHOES of all kinds mad° to
oideir and in the best manner.
V.I?PAIEINO of all kinds done promptly and
good. Give us a call.
. • WM, RILEY.
Wsillaboro,'Jan. 2, 18q7--ly.
g NUT NATIONAL ,TIANK of Wellsbore, Pa.,
' diming iti cotidltion on the morning of the first
Monday of My, 1867 :
' . ' IlititouncEi. '
B.S. Bonds deposited to secure circulation, 8109,000 00
U. 8, Bonds on hand , 51,250 00
Notes or Bills Alsceanted i5.0.../' 88,140 27
Doe from Nationi4lanks ' • 20,016 61
United. States E ...,... —..— ...... ~7 .. -..-.. '' . 940'40
Expense Account ' • ' r 1,76 . 99
Bayonne Stamps 4........ 847 00
- ' 'Of this 'Sank ' Notes
i 1,957 00
Cub on band, Votes of other Banks 963 00
Legal Tenders 2:3,146 01
Cash Item} 1,124 69
' LIA.BZ!,111518..
Capital Stock.— " 2100,000 00
Circulating .1104e . y 90,000 00
3tiryikis Fund • ' 15,374 04
Dns , Depositors,,.'.4 - , .. i — 71,8715 46
TARCOunt, Interest an Exchange, B,BBl 80
,Due National Ilautui -. 308 27
!Due State Banke . 85 19
$286,074 76
. ,
- J. L. ItOBINSON, Cashier.
Swo n and subscribed before me this let day of July,
1807: - R. C. 131/4P9ON, Notary Pablo.
lali.tNG fitted hp a new hotel - 1501414 on th e site
of the old Union Hotel, lately destroyed by tire,
1, tun now ready to receive and entertain guest.. The
Union Hotel was, intended for n Temperance House,
'and tho Proprietor believes it can be sustained without
grog. An attentive hoatlor in attendance. '
Wellaboro, June 20,1867. _ '
,TlrAVlNCideased for a term Of years the pOpular and
KJ - well known Hotel:stand lately
Hazlett, I atit prepafed to furnish the traveling and
local publiciwlth the ' , .best accommodations to be pro
cured In the conntrii good *ldler, always • in at
tenilauCe. Tonne futriished to fishing parties.,
•Wellsboro, Jiinti,2B; 38M: .• "
W 0 - CY-1.4!
leVeDaboro, Juno 26,'67, - D. P. ROBERTS.
13u:sr , thep 138 $.
It is die ehetipest in the end.
The best and aheapost ever Invented upw offered
OY the, undersigned, to ,the farmers of. Pann'a.
Pork can be leen at the office of Williams ik Mat-
Acid,. Main Street, Welleboro. All forks ;TAT
ranted t, civa'perfeofsetisfaotion or no 8019 1 —
All order. , y mall promptly attended to. Far
mers, in ordortto senora a fork thiS season, send
'your order immodiatolY.
• " rttARS .1c TIATFIBity -
Julio 26, 1587. 2ul: Wellaboro;
, I.` , #=ik 4:
Fos Suzann,.
WALLACE:. MOORE, of, 'Charleston, Will be a . oandl
date for Eiherith subject to the decision of the Beiabli.
can Mircention.* _
• f
L. H. MAYLOIt, of More,
wl.ll bo a candidate for tip
office of Sheriff; subject to, the decision af the Reim*:
can County Courantton.* „ .
R, T. DATA, of Farmington, offers himself a condi
&dolor the office of Sheriff, subject. to the decision of
the Republican County Convention.
MROUFI B. FOTTRR,, of fi t ‘ldlebnry, will be a cam
*didate iOr the Wilco of tiberi subject to the decision
of the lrepublicin County Con: ention.
J. b. BBIEIdAN, of Lawrenceville, will be a candidate
for the office of eherlff, anbjecf to the decision of the
Republican County Convention. , .
'Ron TREAtirtnian.
. ~.. , ...
B. 11. /10WRN, oC Deerfield; ITN be a candidate for
Treasurer r subjact .to- the' declefork of the Republican
County guava:Alan. • . 4 • .
,/lAitttiliON C. BAILEY, of Delmar, will be a condi
'date for, County rfreseurer, subject to' the • decision of
't h e Republican Convention. • :
; Pon Cohltiasiontin. ' •
REUBEN BIOII.BE, of Chatham; will be a * Candidate
for ,Cennty Commissloneri sohjectlo stile decision of the
Itepub'ven conuty oonventionftc.• . I •
..t. • . , ,
; *
. THE, ail t keIECIEF ;
i t
iOWEH. - RHO'S' , is undoubtedly the
best Mao. ilia "in the world, about TWION
TYONE TRO 1 BAND of these Machines being
ninr in Use. •• I inays takes The first premium,
at Fairs and E .ibitions.
I have the s. • Agency • for this 'mien, and
can fill all orde I -promptly. . I am also agent for'
the sale of I
'S 1)I0 , WEB;
I 56 , 1887
lit and eve)
ing of wags
in one sea'
famed: for its' li
fast and good
itself in the as
an (large farm
r you want
t . M. 11. PRINOE'B 4 Grocery
, first door below Convers, - „
o 6, 1867—tf.
you can got it
Provision Bto
A T L - 0:1;r: - .pi? I CEO!
: t ',
4: 3
Ir i l t4tZ
401004 4044,407 Write the 4.
,0(41112400:41,,' - -
to that Row Eitßok reoOlVed last Goodi
.aittearynholp. "They hart not been ae cheap
*anew fotieleyal years.,, • ';
- •AS AttitPLESi . iVIS SELL •
Comutou 'lO cents.
Handsome fast colored Pinta, "
yd, wide Shootings,,".„ _ •
_121., 4 f, .
Common.Bleachaildindins 12k 1"
Good,yd., wide . .. ..181; "
Ektra qualititus; " ' " 26 "
Ticking, Stripes, &0.., aro
mutiny. cheap.
Sttmomfilantlittles 26 to 50 "
Fist colored Lawns, (now) , 26 "
English Prints 30 inches - wide, 25 41
Handsome new Iforambiques, 311 "
Einar Goods are very-otteari•'
Now - Parasols & Gan tiothrel's from $1 60t0t,5 60
-• •
dirozor GOODS:
Bhawki, Saagnings, Trimmings, am:. kest stiles
In market at the reduced rates.
In Department Goods, snob as White Goods,
Hosiery, Gloves Handkerchiefs, Linens, Drs.
porys, &0., oar s toop is all new • and averaging
fall 89 per oeht, lower Shan spripcprjetis .•
W l ' 5 0 1 4 43' 90 01#. 8 00et) „ ; 1`.;)
Ladies' Gaiters, fair qualitieept $1 25
4 4 • " 'Good Tip'd or lain, 200
tr. Double Bole ,o tra -
TiletOrPleinillouble.atitehed ••, .0 00
LOW? Morocco 'Brdinerils, TiVd, ' 150
2 25
‘. Polish Boots, " 260
All now work and warranted to be a good sub
stantial article. All our- ,old oustonavvsavo•us
cured thetiie tntedd to'do al 1041' by 'literal:lo
ever, and to 'deeerito their trade. , - • - •
i"; 3:A. OARSCNB & CO.
Corning, N. Y., Juno 19, 1881.
(ILL) saying that a penny eared fa a pettily
4_7 earned, justifies GARDNER in naming his
establishment, a . Savings Bank.. Econom is
Wealth, said some old chap whose ZIELICCO I have
forgotten; and it is economy to trade where the
of bigh prices is being prosecuted with vigor and
without reprieve. , I can sell Sugars, Teas, Mo.
lassie, Fish, Pork, Flour ' Corn Meal, Coffees,
Canned Fruits, Spices, and everything intended
for family use, giving the buyer fbe innedt
fall of the markets, an advantage duly appro.
elated by everybody,excepting only those verdant
who proferr PROMISING TO PAY. ,Olio hun
dred per cent. profits to the seller, to PAYING
twenty-five per cent. cash on delivery of tho
goods. I shall offer my stock of goods at fair
prices _
$280,074 70
and All up no fast nu I stall -out.
14 A. (IAIgoNER
WeOsborn, Juno 12, 1867.
JOSEPH INOHAM at BONS, two miles oast
or-irnoxvile, Pre
.2...tvtlf, to , zawourecture . woo-by -sue yam 'yr on
shares, as may be desired. • They make
. „
and can promise to satisfy °customers. They ,pay
- particular attention to
Twenty years experience in the business wars
rants them in expecting a generous atronage.
No shoddy cloths made.
Deerfield, June 12, 1887-tf.
"[TORN() HARRY CLAY is 5 years old in
July, blood bay,l6 hands high, and weighs
1050 pounds. Par bottom, speed, and notion, ha
has no superior in this region:
Ho will stand at the stable of tbo subscriber at
Blossburg, Monday and Tuesday of each week,
and in Weßebore, at Holidars,,from :Wednesday
noon to Saturday night. •
• Taaue—Single Mare $10; Span $l6. Service
money duo March 1, 1868. Owners parting with.
Mares before 'foaling will be held for the service
money. ' L. B. SMITH, Proprlotoi.
• 10june67. , ORAL VENTON, Manager.
Millsboro Wool Carding Machine.
lar AWN° covered our Machine with entire
new. Cards, we are now ready /to Card all
Wool without delay, and,in the best possible
manner. All Wool sent from a distance by stage
will be returned by the same if required.
8. A. 11ILISOLD7
, Wellabore, June 12,1887.
You will•find •
the latest arrival of New Gooa BELLYIk
April 1, 1887.
'East Charleston, Tioga Co., Pa.
1 , HAVE engaged Mr. Goo. Wescott, of Okton
N. Y..,0 man, of forty years experience, to
.superintend my roll - carding business this season.
The Machina is in first-rate order, and I can
safely promise to suit as many .fixstomers as any
other man. A. 11. AVERY.
East Charleston, Juno 12, 1882—tf.
Executor's , Notice.
TEiTER'S Testamentary having been. gran&
j ed to the undersigned upon:the last Will and
testament of A. Itebar4,` late of Illehmprid,:de:
(mimed, all persons indebted to said testator, and
all persons having claims against him, will call
and settle with • A. M. SPBNCEIt s .'
Riehmond, June 26, 1867, 6wS . ger.
admimistraticin having been granted to the
undersigned tipott the •estate of Willittrif Babb,
late of Morris tovrnthiP; deeetised;bOtice - is hereby
given to thoseindebtol, to; and 'those having
olahris tigininst said estate to sell and settle with
. Morrisdnne 2,8, - 1807-6vq!
' ' • „
TVEIBOLUTION.-110 Co-partaorohip hereto
fore existing bet*eit Wood do Mcßride is
this day (Jane 18,)`dIsSolVid by aintnal consent.
All adamants and claims will be settled by Woad
Stiaborroagiv at the'old stand. "
1 . • ' W. 'A. WOOD, • '
H. wr.-.IIIoBRID.E.
..Brookfiaid; Acne 28,1887-3 t. .
Gilbert Phelps nowt In the poort of. Com
for use of Geo. W.mon Pleas .of Tinge: Conn-
Phelps vs. ty, of Fehr . ) , Term,- 1809,
• - W. M. Stilwell. j No; 220.
?FHB Undersigned having been appointed'
j. Auditor to distribute the proceeds of sale of
defendente property in the above case; will at
tend to the Itutioe of his appointmenrat the
aloe of Niche - dells 'knobsll in Wellsboro,;Tiogs
Co. Taesday,llie - 23d daY,Of .bily . D.
1807, at 2 o'clock in' the afternoon •of said day,,
at which timed - place all persons are rocetired
to present the h"olaims before him; or be' do:
barred from coming in for a Aare of such fend.
:SO. Z. mrronELti, Auditor.
Wellsboro, June 19, 1807-44. w.
draft, and for doing
lachine 'will pay fof
s paid to mowers by
- - .
QTRAYED or stolen from the premises of the
/a subscriber Sunday night, 23d inst.; a-Brown
Mare, about 7 years old and 14 bands high.—
Any one returning her, or giving information
where she i can be found, wilrbe liberally rewar
ded. - 1 - S. B. MERRICK.
Charleston, June 26, 1367.
Auditor's NotiOe.
P,.,.'ii:;:i.',ttii:l„4:o"Agg''s,i' - '''ti.
.1 '.., A,
~T 4 ;PUTTY,
Have come down to Old Prices at last.
WE' dO'not beeitaio to say that tie havo the
•Largeet litook of 1,
, .
We s lave also the Largest Stook of
Such a '
Pare White.,Lead, Pure White Zino, Linseed
Oil, Coach Varnish, Furniture Varnish, Yel
low Ochre; Venetian; Red, Chrome Yel- -
low, Mr6me Green, Prussian Blue;
Patent Dryer, Lacker, Japan,
Spanish Whiting, Paris White, Kalsomine, Resin,
Tar, Log Wood, Rustle, Brazil Wood, Cam
Redwood, Potash, Putty, Alco-
colsol, Beard's. Spirits Turpentine,
and Kerosene Oil, Paint and
Varnish Brushes,
. .
' . .
% blob we will sell 25 per cent. cheaper than any
o' her establishment in the. county. In short, cre
live every thing ever kept in a first class _
and all we ask le fOr you to call and examine ur
stock and prices before buying- elsewhere, e
member we can't bo undersold.
All goods warranted or no sale.
J. L. WILLI4IIIB. j No. 3 Union Mcit.
Weßebore, June 26, 1867.
New 'Flint and New, Go
HAVING rebuilt their . Store recently des.
troyed lifire at Keeneyville, would say to
their friends and the community generally, that
they have opined a new and desirable stook of
Dry G-oods,
whph was bought for cash, and will be , sold a
the very loirest figures.
In this department w l a shalljteep a general as
sortment to suit: all, and all as °heap as the
Boots o,nd Shoes,
All styles, kinds, and qualitim from tie Lox
manufacturers, which. will bo sold at a small ad
Vance from cost.' -
Hardware, Y .
itkee Notions, &c.,
In fact, we Shall endeavor to keey everything
needed in'a country'store,
of all kinds, taken in exchange for Goods
Koonorrille, Juno b. 1867.
Real Estate sale.
T " Subscriber will sell or rent the following
valuable property, to wit :
One tavern stand in Lawrenceville.
4 1
One farm, on wbiok he now resides, one-half
mile from three chehes, two School Houses,
two grog shops, and ono railroad, and about the
sane distance from the line of the Welleboro and
Lawrenceville Railroad. Tlio farm' contains 100
acres of.good land, 60 acres timbered, well In
tend, and very productive. - It requires that the
seed should be sowed and planted, however, to
ensure a harvest.
Ono farm in Jackson township, 175 acres; a
ilrst-rate place for a cheese factory,
Also—for sale—• 4 mules, 75 •abeop, and other
stock, cheap on reasonable terms.
Lawrence, Apr. 17, 1867—tf. .
Sliver Frog '
, —Tbis justly celebrated Stallion
will stand the present season at the stable of
the proprietor in
,Chatbaia, every forenoon.
Terms immutable. -. DANIEL BILL.
Chatham, May 1,5, 1.887-2 m. •
_a. 8.. rammucts,
OPBnaELvithltiotoru, Ether, and the
celebrated Spray
July 19, 1867—Gm.
At Young's 1:look Store.
• At Young's Book Store.
At Young's Book Store.
At Young's Book Store.
At. Youngl Book Store.
Welhboro, April 10, 1801—tf.
JOEL - d: 'JOHN PA/RKIIURST.-- Capital
Stook Tyro Hundred Thousand °Dors. 00.
vernment Secnritietatought and _Sal .. Deposits
Received and Drafts on the principal Cities sold
and Collections wade on usual terms
JOEL PARKHURST, 'reaidont.
Elkiand, April 10, 1867-3 m.
New Spring Goods
just received at 0, 13, JOLLEY'S.
April 1, 1807,
'orpliaiag i- 'oourt 59,14.
11[111111i8VAll i tioordoilt of 'the Orphans' Court
Ji — of Tioga Coital, Elizabeth Robertson,
hlaardlatt - of Robert Ifeuderson Robertson, a mi
nor child of AtiNthibtild Robeitson, - Itite- of the
City - of Philadelphia,- deed, and Rebecca' M.
Robertson; Adininittiratriz of Archibald Meru.
tyro Robertson - ,•lato of salt) City of Phlladelphis,
dated; will expose -to Me by „Public Vendee, ma
'W.RDNESDAV 10th day of 'July,' 867, at I
o'clock,' P, 514,; ' 13t: Parett•• Rotel. in 13 ossburgh,•
Tioga County,!. .. -,'- •.- • • • - I .
'rho taidivld4d,tsto-fourths of one-belf part of
the 5 following described wets of land, situate
in Biotin and trniori Tawnehipp, in said County'et '
Tioga, - The lutoresC of the minor being cino,un
divided fourth of ono•lielf 'part, and the interest
of A. Mclntyre Robertson, doc'd, •beiog another
undivided onelodrth of ono-half part of the said.
.traetilzhottsuf .sald'intoreste tieing sitbject to the
dower, of,tbc wldoir or, : the - lata-Archilteld Rob.
erteon,deeeesed. '• .
Vito •following L tracts t b ind, advertised for
sale, are part•of.l larger t nets, 'auett in the wor_
rantco natuo of William-Wilsoux..lho whole N.
Bother Contained 7,100 acres-,d was divided liy
partition among' tho :different 4ners about ten
years ago.
• The lands aro heavily covered with wood and
timber, consisting principally of hemlock, mqvle,
boob!), poplar, birch, with some cherry and ash.
The soil itegood for farming purposes.
. The quantity of hemlock on these 5 tracts i t s
very large, and of very superior quality. It is
valuable for timber and 'for lumber, and the bark
is valuable for the uie of Tanners.
Persons wiabng to purchase these
,lanils for
the wood and timber, or for farming purpooos, or
on account of the coal or iron ores, or for Winer
ies, are invited to examine the lands Wore the
- Igo. 1. Loelio. - 12 of DiAdon''No. I.—This
tract is in Bloats township. It contains 132 Cores,
152 perches, and, as laid 'down ou the 'division
map of the lands, is bounded on the 'east- by a
tract allotted in the.division to R.' Elliott.
The following 4 traettrare in Union township :
No. 2. Lot No. 7, of Division No.,2.—This lot
contains 133 noes and 53 porches, as laid down
on the division flap of.. the - hinds. . It adjoins
lands. allottad in the dlilaion to.R. terries on
the north, and J. 11. Galick..on. the -south and
No. 3. Lot No: 6 of DiVisfoia No. 3. contains
152 acres and 138 perches. This tract, ns laid
down on-the division map of the lands, is bound.
ed on the east, north and west by land allotted in
the division to J,ll. Gulick, and bounded on (ho
south by land conveyed to Geortge Stratton: "
NO. 4. • Lot NO. 7 of DlVlsion No. 4, contains
129 acres and 20 perches.- The whole of 64
tract lays in the coal fields, and also contains iron
ore. As laid down on the division snap of the
lands this tract is bounded on themes% by land
allotted to Jl3 Griffins', south by laud allotted to
II McClure, and east toll Ferries.
No. 5. Lot No. of Division No. 5 . --This
tract contains 145 acres and 71 porches. The
north half of this tract lays in the ootil,4eld,
and is also supposed - to contain iron ore: This
tract is bounded on tho west by lansialicitted in
' , the division fo T. S. Gratrins, on-the north to
Elliot, on the east to B. Ferries..
The above lands are owned in equal moieties,
an held in common with Wm. G. Carpenter,
Es ti., of.Williamsport, who, it is understood, 'trill
unite in dhe sale. The widow of Archibald Rob- --
erteon, deceased, and the other heirs of said Rob
erteon, Ig,the foregoing tracts, will also unite in
the sale, so the purchaser of each tract will take
the title to the:wholo%of it.' _
Per further information, apply to . EVA. Brig- -
ham, No. 31ili Walnut street, Philadelphia, or to
Wm. 1:31.: Carpenter, Esq . .; Wipitimeperr, or at
Carpenter's Mills, on '.Lyconablg Creek, at hit
Depot, on the Williamsport and Elmira, Railroad,
about 3 miles above the Roaring Branch,
Payments to be made as follows-425 to be
paid on each tract of land kthe - time- of sale,—
The minor's interest, -ill2l the interest of A.
Mclntyre Robertson, to be alit in cash on the
confirmation of the sale by the Orphans' Court
and delivery of the deed. ayrnents of the other
interests half cash o the delivery idtbf
deed, and the other half in no year, with 4tor.
est, to be secured by mortgage on the prethiset.
Tiy Ortler.of the Orphans' Cou'rt.
Juno 12th, 1867.
• '
Orphans' Court Sale.
N pursuance of an order Of ile,Orpbaus' Court
of Tioga County, Lorena A. Mitchell, Guar-
dian of Ada Mitchell, a minor child Of Lth , til D.
Mitotic% deceased,lwill, sell at, public sale, fez
cash, upon the prernisea in Tioga tou , nsliip,c;
the 6th day of Julf 1867, at 2 o'clock l'. 1t1„.11
of the interest of said minor in the following de.
scribed land:
Beginning at a :post in the west side of the
public road , in the lino between lands of E. T,
Bentley and lands late Richard Mitch°lls at the
south-West - corner of said Bentley's orchard;
thence north 57 degrees east 6.64 perches ton
post; thence north 45 degrees west 12.08 perches
to a stake in the cove; thence south 14 degrees
east 12.6 perches along the first mentioned line
to rho place of beginning—containing one fourth
of an acre more on less with a dwelling home
thereon, - LORENA. A. IIIITeIiELL,
Vogt), June 19, 1867. " guardian.
Orphans' Court Sale.
NOTICE is•horeby given the Harris Hotel.-
kiss, auni-dian of Mathew B. Hotchkiss, a
minor child of iLovisa Hotchkiss, deceased, will,
in pursuance of an order.of tiro Orphans' Court
of Tiog'a County, sell to the highest and best bid
der for cash the following described lot of ground
in Tioga Boro, Tioga bounded north by
Wellsboro street, east by lands of Margaret Goad
rich, south by lands of A. ,C. JJ. S. Bush, and
west by lands of Johnston, Lowell S. Co.; con
taining one-fifth of an acre, on the -7th day of
July 1867, at 1 o'clock P. M.
Tioga, Juno 19, 186 . Guardian, &c.
JIL - administration having been granted to ATM ,
C. 'Stearns, on the estate of Jno. o.Stearns, late of
New Jersey, 'doe'd, all persons indebted to said
estate, and all havin - g claims against the same,
will call and sottle with JNO. W. GUERNSEY,
at his office in Tioga. 4. C. STEARNS,
Tioga, May 29;1867-13t. , Adm'r.
administration haying been granted to the
undersigned upon the estate of 8. M. Butler, late
of Chatham, doted, all parsons inthibted to said
estate, and all having claim's against the :mole,
will call and settle with
Aura re.
Chatham, Juno 5, 1807-110
A DMINISTBATO.R'S NOTNE.-474etters l of
,1 - 1. administration having bon gra'ntod to tho
undersigned upon tho estatof?of Philip Taylor,
lato of Osceola, deed, all, porsOias Indebted to
said estate, and all having claims against the
same, will,ordi and settle' with
Osceola, Juno b, 1887-13t4
administration baying' been granted to the
undoriiigned upon the estate of Danl. R. Seely,
late of . Knoxville, dee'd, persons indebted to
said estate, and. all baying Iblnitos against the
earoe , will call and sottlo,Avil
Lnwronciville, Juno 5, 1867-Bto
administration having been g Meted to the
undersigned upon the estate of Sa .B. Sus*
late of Elmira, N. Y., deed., noti o is berell
given to thoeo indebted to and all ring cll4 l
against said estate to call and settlewith
1 . . F. E. SMITH, Adoi'r.
Tioga, Juno 5,11867-6 to
161.XECUTO,It'S NOTlCE.—Letters tobtato
X 4 tary Laving been granted to the uodertilgiel
upon the last will and testatnent of Jatuts S
cord, late of Westfield township, deceased,'?
persons Indebted' will Make immediate paY 0 ) 11 "
and those baying claims will preient them to
Westfield, May 22,1507-61 G
EXECUTOR'S NOTlCU.—Letters to :nmen•
tary having been granted upon the lint
and testament of the estate"of P. 8. Knitin, lo.
of Sa'liven, deed, notice is hereby git en to tho-:
indebted to said estate, pod those b'avinit Of"'
against the ere°, to call and sottle Ifith
P. P. SAlrrll. t
Sullivan, Juno 12,1867-6wo
A liitIINISTRA,TOR'S NOTlCE,—Letters of
11. administration baying boon granted to lilt
undersigned alum the estate of Joseph Jalids"
late of Covinktou township, deceased, notice it
hereby given to those indebted to said ostati, nvo
q i
having claims, against the same to colt and
s with J. B J-AQUISII, Adua'r•
, ovington, June 12, 1867-610
administration having been granted to 0 , 6
undersigned, on the estate of Ilmekiah tr 004
late of Moss township, deed, pemons indotk
ed to said Tstitto, and all havingogid°l
the sarno,n4Weall and settle with
, • S. H. WOOD, Met.
Bless, Oaf. 29, ISO7-13tto
CgiOCR A 00 1 ZS
like-hot cakes at
April 1,,1867.
Mohawk Chief-.-Willstand at hi stable iv
Tioka borough through the seasbe, r, l/ .
Menoinglifiay 10. Torras—Soosou HAW, 4 ' . "
May 8, 1867-tf - E. A. SMBAD„