The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, May 15, 1867, Image 1

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    . . • - .... •
elite .gxaga.. a,outig , agitator
i s pnbliphett ovory Vcdrioe,4lliy Iktoil,iliie iii.: $0,0(
v e al. i nsarlobly in Ftrance,:by - . - ' 1 - • --.' , - '
.: ,
• • 1
~. i,.. c 0.. .) • 1. • • •,• [ P ,C. VAN GELDER.
.I_ - 1- -
A. - 1:1
I - i
os psIA
3 Ina. \4ll
i :I'gtutro, $COOl l-- -2,00 4 7- 4,50 .$5,00', $7,001 SI2,V
Squares 2,00 3,00 4,00 _B,OO 1.2,5 Q _ ,18,0
C 01....... 1.0,1101, 15,00 i 17,01.11 30poi 50,0
'ono Col a 18,001 20.001 ao,nor 40,00 t oo.oor
N' 70-1.71 ii•
_„tuslifeta Oar& inserted nt the auto of Ono Do
tar a One per year; but none for leap snm. than $5,00.
frn,, - Spscial noticos,Vlflceu Ccras.per lino; Editori
or Locitt Notices, Twenty Contra per line. -
W.,II . .•TERBELL"ar, co;,
WITOLES,kLE . DRUG,OISTS; and dealers in
Wall PitpOls, Koroselib L'alntis, Window Glass,
Perfumery, Pairits and Qils,
Corning,•N. Y.; Jan. 1, 181 1 6.-1 y. • •
• - -
OfiiFo foi:inOrly occlipiod bP.iatil Lowrox, Esq
Virt.t . ,' A. Nicno:, ; Jont4 I. NI IT Csl4 L.
•Welisboro, Jan. 1, 1866-Ay. • •
Insurance, Bouniciyand4'ension Agency,. Main
' Strifet Wellsbi)ro,‘Pa:, Jan. 1, isoq.
bt — Lt`; - ISt!
`tVini s igOrf 'filtAd . s
ATTORina r t3 i 'k "COUNSELORS; Air . — LAW,
(first door frond Bigoney'tii ion the Avenue)4
Wilt attend to baSiblisS entrusted to their onto
in the counties Of l'itigannd Potter. -
Woltsbbro, 18c4ii -
D. ANGELL & 00, ,
MANUFACTURtIRS of, and WholeFale nod ;Re
tail Dealer in Door Sash, and Blinds. Also
Planing•andTurnivg done to order.
Knoxville, Tina .Co., a., Jan. 111.
LARK, ---- -1
ATTORNEY AT -LAW—MailSflOid, Tioga. co., Pn
May 41, 18611- , ly , •
TAILOR. :Shop first /or north:of sears's
Shoo Shop, 2Citt ing, Fitting, and Repair
ing done proruptlylan well.
Vire(leboro, Pa,, Jape , 186.-1 y;
. .
jOitt S IIAI .SPL.Airup,
DRAPER'AND TAILtR. .Shop over John R.
llowen's Store. , Cutting, rating, end
Repq.iring dono_proitn tly and in Best s tylo.
Wollsboro, Pd.. Jon. 1, 1/311671y.
AGIENT for t.tio'collection'of bounty, lia4 , pily
4nd pensions due soldiers fiourtho Govern
°Chen with Nichols and
• m3O, '66-
Notrry Pnblic and nstiranee 'Agent, 1310e6.
burg, Pa., over , Cala Cell's Store.
Gaines-, Tiogh' County, Pa.,
law hotel located v ithin easy access of the
besfishing. and bunting grou n d s in Noi th
eca ennsylvanin. No' pains will be spared
4 1)
for tto ieco inmodatien of pleasure Peckers and
the ir avViing -publie. , [J7itt.-.1, 18671.]
MIIIS pnilular 1:0t(1)00+,
j. 'knitslied, 0.11,1 ho pail
bospnlitius itcceptable to!
11"r11,100 0, .11,ty 9. 1041,
r•tqr. A new Ifs)lel c
of Vivo nivrict Itee,
th 9 11
his care c ill is
li - noxville, Pa., Nov I
v. AD) I/Eines:, entru,t.—
ceire prompt attention.
14, ISllll,—tf
reneuvillo,• Tivaa C ,
and Insurance Ag,3l,
attentiod to. Offico
(Jae. 12, 18118-1 y
C. Viz
GENT fur the Lye
v l - 1- Cotupany, et Tio ,
.lone 5, i1566.-3nt ', '
t),,(1tl stabling, attliel
tier always in attondan
E. S. FARR, .
tlaloon over Willcox
boo, Pa. Paniculiir
Hair-cutting, Shatnpoi
Puffe, coils, and swicli
GOLD yetleivLod on ,
Gatos will ho issu . .l
•:,, E. W. CL, I
'‘to 35 s
D'n•AcoN, ' l l - .D..11 ,
. nearly four yeard
~perienco in field and it,
ullye for the pin ) tic. of t
it+ branched . . IN rsonh fr I
bo intim; At tie Pimir;3l l
'lilt N kit . .Illy pa •t of tin
i.t.rforra .argtcaljoperatil
-lair... WeliAlano. Pa., .
liaB the piensure to in
county that he, hns cni
NEW 1l1OTO(,
I' , t II 1;,110.1. , 01 ;too Zur , i,
ern•lpc-, Vi.;ix.l t• , . , 1' arks,
:14 kittrelt:t l'ictoic , ; .11-0
!aid to copyicg and enlarg 7 - \
.lions given to the Art on,
ittiriC St., ArnosfiChl, Oct. 1,
anti nn hand to t:t.kl
:ncit 'is A tnbrotypes,
tie Visite. the SorprieN
particular attention p
lug Picture+. Instrito
.re.i+nnable terms.
N 11. D ILI BC ,
Tiogrt County,
npe,l'Agent. anti Attorney
frivxßis. Lile
sequte :u,ll. Collect with uti-
.. ".(Trltil
f„r so
tiers and their
loyttl :-Autes,) will pri
riyalled eihcoess,,
I _ .
all kinds. Also, any nthat Lind t•l' claim
n4ainst the Government berate any of the Do
pl ninon Is or in Oongrers. Ternti tootiertite, All
r..mmitnieatinns sent to the abov_tinildre• will re
col v.r prom pt , :i iron lion. tf"' =Jan. 17, Itillth
C. N I D . rr T,,
WOUI) ;my to the public that he i•g pertn4-
needy boated in 3Vellvilloro, (Office Itt Lis
reaidenee'. near the imnd. ornen and 14p43e0l tl
Church) where ho toil eOntinuo :04.0 all Itinde of
Fork confided to his e•tre,. gmarnnteoing complete
sati4faction where the , kill of the Dentiet
avail in the tuanigimient pinektiistr to the
Calling. Ile will 1' 1 111 ( 1
IA 1, TEcTii,
male:rill de -it e. 1 .- v
~., .„ 8 „,m,,,i, find ckna in tl
it ;IpIi!OVCA ;tt IV
•IsF.3) '''k'iTitou'r PA liZ
Wei oii any
attended F.hertel
best and woo
by the the use of
fo - tlyjutrinlessiand
%viten desired.
Wello , nr.n„l:in. I.
vstlirtie4 whic.
ill be •,(imini.ter.• , l it , (1%
E. SIIII H;'.-21... _D. •
.1 1
S Up G .I;,' O.N . . -
' ; '
„ OPERATES encet , sFfnlly for ea taro..t, ..zira
hisinu., (eines- i eye) Removal of Tumor?.
Hare Lip, Veriee<o Win , , Cie'? Frpt, fcv \
Particular - attenticn paid to ,i ken ,:es i• 1 the Evc
nud General [Surgery.
Consultatiort at oflien free. I w -
Referenens given to operations recently pert
Office hour? from 3 I'. M. •
tiffice at his reniden n ee, Man,field, Tinge Count
I Pa. I areli 27, 1567-1 y.'
DLEY has sumo mere of thoz , il tine A mortenn
-il M
watche,!, at No, 5 Union fillnrLk. ••
ONION SETTS and New Varieties of 'Seed
Potatoes for Palo at Roy's Drug Store.
_ - , • ---•- ------ -- - ‘-- .--','; -. ; ri. MU •V 4 ;JO 1- ; s.lTTart VY 7 T I — 1
Ell Thi• &lb,/ ~_ bii...7 ':,r11 , ..110. t . ... , -.1 f.l.o'lqi , jo•4(l •• ) i') •,,,. ).r j? 4: 4 ••
1 .„4 ... -,. .1; '.l - • Jll ••°1.101 , ; _^..';;..! i. ; • ' ' N. .1/ .') i Al' ! '' ,':: - ,',1:10•C. .;1 1- . 7; ft / .:41 % T . •.• . ._.
• •-•;••
i ... . ..i..
~, ~.. ,
,_, :f .,, : ,..,,;- -- --- ---...e. .1i, , :-..r . - 3.:,1 I.r, .I', i
~....._,...„, ," -; •'' I !
7( .1L . • `• • .
i ...
052. ,
.;,., 7
I, ~.. , 3 : t , r __, ; 0,-; . • !,!-‘• 7 , 4.-' ' 1.1 . 7 0..- 7 0 , •,,, ..; 0, 7 , , t ~..,1 '011:
1 ..
,::., •1 1 ~T , 0 , t, , t
1, -.7 , ,, , J ., 1 , 1 ,. 5 .1 1 1 : /1 . '
..,.' , 1f44.1 1, - 1 4u:d7 r ,..10: , i
, - • N. , ,:,,,i,... •: ; , ^,,IliJl, 1 i , E,,,i , ,,r ;•1- , i. t• ',, .: - .1:..: --, ' •, `,,,i . ' , - Li 1,1411 :' :-: 1. , :',.:1A7 ..''' '''''' •
... a 1,, o'o
4 , ( / c'el:/:/ ~ . '. : . , ,:il 1 'Sl;:i ''...;;:: ::: ?Ili::: il ,_ . .. ,. . ' 7_; ::: "....77 ,..._ , 1 . i i..:
~..„....• _
t. • i
• ~ • • 3_11,. -373-s, .„.if, . , 43 . . .
~„ , , i • -- -.
_. ..
~ .3•3 ;v. -. .„3..,
- •i - ! .
',....._,._,,,•• ' '
1, - . r 4 kil ' 'S , , , f i; to ii, ,o (
i i . •
\k, -—, . - , , • .11,. ,i I ,'t ;-,,, ,t /- 1
/It 1, ' " 1 " . '" '''k " ' ' ''' ' • ,`,.. e7, ~,, • f•• .(1.( .
. 1
.. t
•,...: .. „. • ~.., ..• • I. -';,•',. ". r 1.4. • , ti - :•—• , i.•: .t ~...:1 Jr.:4, .... -, • ~ s ; c 3117 <
-, , .), • ,, 0,,i : ti, : t i •e4ii , i.'
... _ .
i i
' ' . ' • -'
{ ' i
. I - i -i. i‘ ' ' ' f •• , 1 • i , , - - - i
,90 . • ,
.i . 0 .. ' : . . _
• ' • . Met • . .A2l:lol.telotiC:633. 11=)r. Th oug ht •ILe* the 321ag-izzawiari.g'• off ' ` l oll7lEsclaixt..”`' ' 1-, ; •
...-..., •,t,•-•,. &:rt- i'•l int; a ••;1 : ~ 1 1k.,:, • - 1-‘ . n ' / 1' . .,1" H' tii .. ' ''' ' 1.• •.1 .
' l. .—.6.-- ' • . --- 7 -7- 7 • .••.''- • , . t Z ll e1i,.4 may ''" -,..:1 :• 1 ir• ;, ' k.: I '' . 6• ; ‘ ,
• ,-- 7 .----
•'• ti • 0 -,,.„ • .; 0 ;. 0 •i••!• ,; -• 0 t' i ita_itlLl t ti r ti t - I - 1 , , b•,... .ti..e? g•,l • ° • I ' = • •-.
Lai *Old NIT - - ',. -MAY „ ...i.,, ~ , . 8 . 6 „ .; .: i , .
1 .. ,
SBOE,O': A:' . ‘..
15 1- 1 •-.-. . - . ' ' ..• . . '.' . ' .. • ' . `.
-4., ettit {: " 3
4 ! . ILF-1. ti ' sfi '... ' - , ' ' . i ii . • . a '' .i '• --
1)- i J 1Y
I '' • • ' ,Ii 1 , •: • •
.•„,' • . . .
~ ~I~RE
ONJ cai
MoLIb 141ua.~1 Yci
J. 13•. lITLER
nia House.
,ETT bP 1 F.Tdit
t tli.l - II IV Vit “11111 . e.
M I,jniicll , / I eriller
E(111(.; E c.1.0S E. Prowl
nit the prillriple
Pa- bounty, Yens on,
1. ;Collection, promptly
jd d4or heMw Ford i10(1,90.
ming County Insurance
a, Pa.
lA, and an nitentive he s
I 0:
L'lrker's titer(',
Mention paid- to Mulles
oc. Braids,
on hand and matle‘to
roposire, Uqr eertift-
I ).
uenriny intert.4 in!lad.
RK Cy, Batitien,
,ruth 'Chird :greet, Phiht.
l e of the 241 P.L. C. 0 . -116., +lltey
of :truly service, with n Invetl3
iw.tetii.:•. hits ottniwit or
ottliet»e 11 110 knrgyry, rn all
it tli-tenen find
IB,ip: liota 11C+ilet1.—
:'6lto iu 1 . 011 .4 110:10011. 01 111
Int.% Ni. 4. Union Ithich, ni
Jay 2. 111,0--h•.
RJR civcrit
otnl tlie citizen; of 'ritntt
tplet~~l leis
• -
ItAt'll r,L yz,
- quor • •
. nsc riln, , ;
John liXr c
ATTOttitEY'" ' ' COUNSELO.4 AT .) LA*..
llovir4, returned to this county with a view of
trlkteg,it &his pernAlaer4itesidebeei laolicite
share of public patronage.. All business 4n
,..trusted to his care %TM .be , attended, to with
promptneqs,t!uti 4tlolity,. ;Office 2..11 door , eolith
of E..9,Yarrts ;Witiga, Tioga Co., Pa.
scpt. ri •
,(Corner I ,3lairt s' - fr,cll fe.d I,llc A r vejils.;.l,
Euusisoito, `Ph:: '
B. :p i j gOLIDAY, l'rqprictor
Tlll6 is• one'of the most popular liousCs in
the County. This' Hotel is 'he' principal'
Stagei-house l irl Wellsboro:•" StagOsleavo dolly
as follows : ' •
For Tioki,' • lb m. ; For Troy, tat Ba. 16. i
For Jersey Shorp-t - very Tuesday and Friday 'at
2 p. g`9,tidpreptirt, Igo' pd ay and
Thursday at 2 (Iv. "tie:' • - 01
ST AGES ArtravE—From Tioga, at 121-2 o'clock
p. tn. - : From Troy, at 6 o'clock p. m.: From J4r
soy Shore, Tuesday_and_ Friday 11 a. m.: From
Coudersport, Monday and Thursday II a. m. "
N. IL—Jimmy Cowden, the well-known bop
ler, will he found on : band
WellAborb, .Tan. 1, 18611-Iy4.
DRUGS, i . M I
11 1 '1' ENTntito tt;c',.Pc - uttt":s34, W ll .l 3 lciti
'Jr tiistrUmriries rid 31usicnI Merillntuif4 of 0;
kinds, Fancy (foods of nll kinds, &'.
Phy . 6cian%=.Prescriptions carefully cornpoundqd
October 31, 1866.—fin. •
. - 7=
-9 . E. & H. T. A'NTIIONY & C 0.,•
lifa7Vileturiv 1;1: I;llyogrt3plijc
i . j:
WVOTT's”.r. A - ND _
' t • '
i3Ol ,B11040,WAX;, -
in ailii i I ' Mr;
P,interials wt• al e La Iln,lolloning, viz
Stofettkeopes & Stereoscopic Views
flf Citic.. awl LailikCarMi,
lirLtllll, Stntititl3 . 4 (4c.
' Stereoscopic View, of the War, ;-
From 04.4.111t1v...diide kit tlio, -, carious campaitna
forming a rompleto Photographic hlatory of the pt ekt
c'onte-X.i t .
Sfercoocop:ic ,',Gr,itivs on Glass,
Ada ',fed far ei Gr .)Tait: i% terno or the Stereo-cope,
Our Catalogue ttlll he ,el,l to any zahlresa nn tecctpt
or sianip.
IhotO6Tauhic Albums
. _ .
Ni`t , ma tivilart tir.,• lat'gvly'lln ails 61lit:r lions°.
about !2i..l %as it.til.. iil+/// :41 1.4.,1/1» lo S.O VIA. OW'
~% I, DU 11 S ha e, the 3 ktput.itimi, of ',Ong gliputior It,
I,P.llliy . niirl dm ability l , ', all .oliivig ' ' %
Ga,icl Photographs. of Generals, States
' men, .A,ttors. etc., etc. .
(PM' 4 . 1.11.11 , 1.:14 enA.ucc.s "Voi• FIVE THOUSAND
chili-cent k.t.bject,, including' i produCtimis of the ntom
colqllntto.l Eng twrtng., I'4lllo'lp., titat flee., Cat,
10;.11i 4 1.111 un ITC,iIII of t.tailip.
Photographers abil iithin - i.i di t thg iiooib, C.,10. D.,
trill ph, lc. )eititt 2,5 per cent. (.1 I fic ionifilat witli their
iiii,,T. Th e 0 jce,4 .11141 ,111.4111 y of ,l u r gigiii, ciiii 'Lid hill
:to • •iti.,jy,, .I . eti t,. liliiiii" ,r ititti.
r i.o Oil 0 lan's of Tiu'lra County.
C .1;t1 uuv. haiLliag at taynaractuo. in Lawren.(
I viii . n ynprt 101'
1 1 .41
I•ibAessev the hAliAvini, , hilvtining,,,vel it/J.4ller
.1. It I.4arates oats, tat litter. and tool aertle. awl
cla•db alb.) c. It IC, It tint whont.
2. It cleans flax ,m1(1 \ takes oat Nell, a geed. Awl all
othm semlp, pacleelly.
3. It c bang timothy , eo4l.
1. IC doe all °the! 111.1flilAtellg r. qttired of a mill.
This null 14 I,llllt of the beat and. lineal darable ticn•
liar. in good stylß , , and is cold. cheap et pro
will tit a patent : , lece, for tirprtratiiii: Data from
wheat, to nther a )) reaso na to, tinny.
J. If M.VrIAEIt.
La al race% tll.. i h tabor iu. I-El:a-It
AND CA I. 1. ,1 I TEN Al'
Nast & Auerbach 94
ni.nssnuu;~. ,:
Where you Ci.IT lind the hest assorted
:•tock. or ,
Manufactured under their own ,upervkdon
4bzo O'»141' de..
In their triV.rdin 1 tailoring. eqabligliment they defy
competition: having Ihe liequ il olur New York rity,
awl experienced rut tor. Ir.II P. %Fru in. ffel,2lil.lly
Ono door 'thrive the Meat Market;
Tio ECTF LIN annotumis to the' trading
Ili, 'Toddle that he Iniq a dc4iralilo stock of Gin.
comprising, Teat:, Coffees, .Spices.
MolaQrcp, Syrups. and all that constitutes a
ela,,i crock. OyFter. -, in every style at all tea
Welkhoro. Jan. 2:1867 -t i.
.TORN -UIT7t, .
Au - 0m I! announco to the citizens of IVcllsl.o
-yy andtiurroundine: country. that he bn?
open_9ll a shop on the eliTller Of• Writer and Craf
ton Qtreots, for.ttie pitrpo,>e _of ffia»ufaeturing all
I:itt le or •
tv .ti
order. CORFINS of all kinds furntehed on
short, notif-e. All work'di)ile-promptly
ranted. ArFlisboro,.Ttinc 27, .1866.
Novel, Fashionable Rz Beautifhl!
114 It S MITCHELL say to 'bet.' friends
an.l the pahlie generally, that sbp has „last
I entrap.] „New I'mh NN jib a Large Slorlt, , o I
(I'(.'n , -istinLt of
4 ),
.1; 0 VJV I; TS: JOCKB VS. B iBB 6 j\,;',c,'",
FLi 9 lif Ell S, IAVES, if 0.. a.
Ever: Oiii)g.l),:l.,livirig t" On; 'AliHillery Trndo
a I lie
, •.t „ 111, t• ,, 111.1 /I t her lthiillisi .. , n linut.l street, to
wt.i.-h ~,ml,l invite, an early 01111. . .
Mrii. E. D. MITCHELL. ,
, • ,
,•:', D —Pat tioular ottrtition !mid to Monefiing
i an , l.Cti.tom tt'f.rk.
!lingo, Pot , April 10, H07, ..
_____ __-_. -------_---
ltkir U.." 14 ' I M JX" l .le.—Tilt) liilg:1 COrnet Randl . l . ji, i,,u(in- in trood hi in_ order Sipa prepare 1
1 to ittrni-h good ~ l itsie tat all oeva.sietn., fora reit
z:onal,l,.‘ emnp , l , ..,ation. ' i° '
' All c‘.mtittinisatintts should 1.0 addressed to
i the.l.o:Hler null Sueretnry at Tiogn, Pa. .
1 F. H. ADAMS Leafier.
1 I'. A':" WICK HAM, Seey. • ,
1 April '4, ISA7--tim, .
...-• . .
'r PARENTS —Nothing is so oft& I wanted
a> II gnat Medic In 0 for the colds, of .bilarvii,
I New you have it : the Compound Bn Intn•of
1 lioarlmtiml is just the thing for .children, for it
1 cures not merely the cough but the cold also.
I Sold at Roy's Drug Store at 25 coats per,bottle.
s. 11.1
• 1 0 ,- .IBINC`cX;tItOI‹ '`;'•
• ~.CII•klAA1 It',AIPLAR,
. , SODA;' , .
r; !
MEAL. .13U151K
.1. is ,' 41)1,1 fJA:./d)
"Ats'o'" iIARPW . a trll4l-i
_AN„ ei
ra • '. ROCK . ,I'T
. , 11.01;;S;
,''FORICS; -"' ' '=Lf '^ 1
~, .. , , . ~ ..
~ , ,
urociLierfj,. g,,,Tigg' t ''.l.;amps"'ilyn4 ( 4 4imne!),3,
,an erns, 90 en.-. ,a? ,o
... . , , ~.
.t 1 1.7 11 7 'ct' ir . ' f 4-11A:ili.1's..
i ~
J ~
"looms, • likitsgie,,9. c:f.:411
'•. Kinds;; Ping & Fine fut•Tobaeco,;
-" "",..c'pga).'; - 'a7so a iterge•varietlviire'l! . -11
. , Fancy Bntoki,apr . ,,Te ,ace . ,
• reguril to tlie sale hi these goods I, Vai4
rota to sty, .triet confidence, of course. - Those
goods wei}o , i
purediAed for cash and' sold
for cash at prices which will rriUlco' it on .613 X et
for housekeepers to Purchase: I roetin to' lid t a
srpiorlihnd fair trading business. 'CA - hod'Epo
'• :I, A. QA ' II.II'NEIt.:
•,• , . •
IFIAVING, purchased the Store latelY, occu
pied by William , Townsend, are ready to
supply customers with
111 , 2,1 V V OROCOIES,
wilor,tsA.LJ,l, AND RETAIL,
Will find it to their advantage to call and loolc at
our Sloek heron) purrlta;iug•el,owhcre.
M N ,S 13 L VI olt 0 , P NA" A
Feb. 27, 1567-it
60.8il LE 1 - 1! B,EM 1 1 0 lii UM:
~ :~'
, -; 1
l maker, l.i over is.
r .Toronto
wouldnlo Sm i ti %li t 's , : t ore to
• , i 'a44ll r o th i e Shoeless and Bontle j ss-thai is,
it to
that portion of them 'wilt; have the
(1t4 , 44. to chatter their conditiUn—that he i . F;
now prepartld to manafacture coarse gentle
men's doe Boots, or line gentlemen's coat se Boots
in alba ogling a manner, and at its`dear rates Os
any other ef•tabliz.litne.nt'this: side of IVltitriey'A
Corners Anything in the line of Shoentaliing
or Cobbling will be admirably botched - on the'
shOrtes r t notice:' Don't co:amine my - WOO{; 4
won't bear inspection; "but. "go' it. blind.", Rd
...member' the. plaee, ' nex•l' door to Shaltspeaie's
'fitilin: Shop. •• '. ' B. SCEI.E.
• 'l\l6v`.. 11, 1 ifin.'-t f. ' ' '
Of' nli the trades front Vest to West, -
~. The cobbler part eptitendieg ? :
' lip's like in time to, prove the bel•t. , • ;
-IAND `• POWER --, LOOM. , !
. 11 11, 11 ' : r 1A1 ,. v‘':1. 1 :1 , :lol e i l e s tit ! 1Y: s :.:: i ol.:P ri -nfol( t :il c on'':Ti r t ei:lthl.: B :htl'i t kieilie:l ( ll l 9lll'le i llica n Sr:3l 'li4l6(gi t il'cl:s l ib i re' 'I
e llejilign°dr i :d' ll i 1: t t . °tint l ' .. ' l
i b ts itr of .7unH 2; :nie i
~ • . '..
,IV,ER' LOOM:. ,
. : elril ' i 1 1 P\ :1 4 : 11 il ri.ea.l ty le o 'tt' n :Sli‘ wi ll °I.
i n: l e\ l 723. ( t f! jai h Tl 1 134e l Lt : h r kinds of °T o . t •hand weaving.'
t ; -d3 l Areslllo joins, blankets. plain eioth, so U
nek ir ,11 annel: seamidss'saek, do - Uhler width
blablr' ' 'any kind Of- 'eottoni vol or flax
cloth. •, it ands the, treadles, throvs tho shyttl4,
lets .40 the' webointl" takes up ,the eig i th. , 11 wait OF
the ilpper:shed as tho..batten comes:tot - ward, not
boats up:the tilling =utter. the er.o:(4 is:tuatle, te:i
king: hetter_oleth and better•selvP g 4 'than ettn. .ht'any - ethertwoy..:. - : :, i -:- --. ..-
• Looms, made to order isn't'. warranted.: Apply
at the:Amp! tin ,Natter, Strent,l. sign - "Loom
• - Factory."' , ' -": r . :, !, 1 ktEWIS: WE:11110.11Er 1
• WellsberoiMarele24,•lM-tf..5., . 7 , - ; '.l, : .r -
•.. 'INStiItAOCV Mgt " '
131_ , Tospoetfollyinforin' the tioptilo of this vi
t!itiity; thnt'thep'h k tho n gonc:si -or somo of thO
Life & rite
tin the States:find are' anti pfeparba to' inanro at
• ,•
tleasanable rates. • ' •''
. , .
. „
4[Tellta Navin lieen appointed • •
• •ATOTAR Y ÜBLIC& • * •
" • ,
will.nttend:protopity toany , Lusinese.Tolating
his office; which hiaY' bo•entriisted to hi ill. • • j
They &ill bc•found'at:, fortherly °eau.?
p i tadt byclici.tirroy •andl,iVilson; on Alain Street;
A .eilbbbro, " • •, March 13, 7867iy.:
I , • : • • 4
10100T8 AND STIOES of kinds i onade , M
arderiandia tbeplAcsi,inanner.
10;',PAiRING kituls Jona prmnptly and
gaol.' Afire us a call.
'Wellstoro, Jan. 211867 .;.
. ,
.'• Sill - ITH - (kr, SHANSI- --•
• ,
ink Stock COmpani . es in tile linite4•'Staini , .;
111.0 Agents for lholqeetning County Mutual,
Columbia Mutual, and Fanners' Mutual Insu.
1111101;! . rii1J)pallie , ).'. , 1' , . •
• Lion.llazardous,
..Irla , zordeus, and Nitra,:llav
Retinue Risks talton at reaseon lite, rates. Policies
Issued, and all l i cisses adjusted at our Office.
Wollsboro ° , Pa., Feb. 20, 1867.—tf.
t 1*
'• t,?-i
an l at rClOOliahle priCee.
Remember the pinee,
Grocery and Provision Store;
fIP4 .'ll;Pr,` 4.317-441 C-14
kindsin gf
it.; , T l i t•
; ; JID Ei)
A full and 'complete assortment of tho ahofe
mentioned goods of the host quality always on
'hand. ' 1 -• ‘ - 1 I
Particular ? 4!toution , paid- to ( i ying Orocericis,
Copsumera it to thoir in-
Wrest to examineliis stock lief* buying. ,'
Cornin g , N. Y., March 27, 1807.
To the; Public' of 'Welistiorto
• . .
T ARES this method of notifying the people
that the Stock of
is on hand, and offers it leWer than before.
The St?ro well : , teelied with the meet *lash
also, a largo assortment of
and n gobtl large lot of the most fashientL,We
IL-1. TS A N _73 CAP. S, '4.
ever brought to this market. Also ,
"'fILUNKS, BAGS, Xi D UMBRELI I 4S, ern buy low for cash, at the Cheap
Clothhig . Store of N. ;ISll}ll3, under tho,Agitu
tor office.
WellArirn, April 10, 1807
[Pateti;ed September 20th, 186,1 A
1. The Moat CoMmon worlinran or a farmer
can huil4 it.
2. It is ,rnade of all sizes, and is perfectly
adapted to all Gate purposes, whether for cattle.
yard, fa Int, .door.yard or garden.
3. It requires: no hinges, and cannot, be blown
open nor shut.
4. It does hot swag the post, and the Gate
itself cannot
5. preachy stoelccannot upon it.
ti. It cannot ho driven against when upon.
7'. It is not obstructed by either rain, sleet or
snow. ~ ,
S. B t !Veit t • a "ti , tr.' it
tvii mortise •or tenon, i,
costs but littlo more than a pair of good bars.
9. It is stronger-than any other gate built of
an equal amount of lumber, and its strength is
equal upon both sides. -
10b. It„ig,the cheapest,. neatest; and most conj.'
venieiit and durable Mato in uso.
..Derfn i ethe fall of 1045, UM 'National auto has
received the highest award at SEVEN STATE
and 'some , SEVENTY COUNTY FAIRS, and
in competition with other Mute;, it has taken the
FIRST PI? EMIU.If in eveuy instance.
It challenges the whole list.of. Bates to,e prac
tical fest,:throitghouf nil 'se:diens: ' ' '
The; Natibhal OA; les lilted - 44d dneuali
tiedtied avprolmtion ,alllwho hart:Aged it:
These, Gates, bd:ailing .Poste„ are 'built at a
cost of tilt; $3, licebrditig to workmanship and
material tnied:' • Their 'manufacture insures a
profitable investment of capital, as, they.
mand• atfreltdy 'at frum; 60 to 100'per cent.
protiti; 'and' it. is.perfectly'eafo; to put dal] up at
all limes under a warrant, as Orvilnve in - , no cage
_faired gi tile
.fidGt su tisfaet int?,
• • 1 . D. ANGELL,
" A. ALBA.
0?1"Toiip - sfiirand Farm 'Rights for ..§ale in
Tiogn' and Bradford Counties.
„*' - Applicants for. purchase of, Territory,
send for Circular containing particulars.
clights fer:av,efatto Farms and (pilfer - M . ly sold
for $lO each, including. printed, drafts and speci.
fications fel:building all sizes of both Farm and
Entrance Einte, , ,by , the aid of which any one; can
construct them.
tidow,rer,ais s t, of $lO :in till 'easeTfl avtolnpanied by
deselifikil of the land for which the
right is desired, the appltpriate CohvOyance;
drafts, to., will be promptly forwarded.
Addeeksorith stamp, , , :1- •
March 27, 1867—tf, .
EONARD GlLLETT;having roeohtly—pur
-I_4 •Ottfitc,(l4Afr.. : AndroWT. TiprilVeintetest in the
•would say to tlno, citizens of Wollslioro and "ii-
Cyilly,that he will ,continue tho . buflinosa at the
of ei ving -bin en tiro, gttephon in
.stiiiii,lying,themants of all who may favor' him
Constantly on hand. ,
Shop ono Door Sptitit of Derby's Shoo Shop.
"• l iPoilsburo, Aprill 0, ASQ7, -tf., .„
Agent.for the. - • H •-.: '
Q . IsT .A,RIG
Insure vi n• Life at n Homo Agency.
tpellsLoro i'April J 7, 1807—tf.
M. B. VAN HORN hastnoved his Shoe Shop
.. to the building on the corner of We'Wand
Pearl streets, rear of Roy's Block, where he is
prepared to till. all orders in the line of
Roots & Shoes,
on aligrt notice, and in. a . manner surpassed ,by
none. Repairing done pteniptly and cheap,
Apr. 24, 1.867. W. B. VAN BORN.
• , ;
ennt , i l sfing or
Knoxville, Pa.
stitri -vetrg.
001)1E8, A TIME.
, There comes a.timewhen :we grow old,
And,like a sfinset . olOwn the sea, • ' '
' t Slopes ghtdaltliand ails 'night wind Cold
- counq,whiepering,,sact and chillingly ,
And locks aro grey '
At'winter's day;' • '
" /in& eked or saddest blue behold "
„The:feayes , ulhdreary drift away,
,And lips• of faded coral say, •;, • ;
• , ;There conies a time when we grow old.
~1 "!There comes a time when Joyous hear's:
' ‘' Which leap as leas the laughing main,' '
' Are,tlad'fo all save' notitori , ,. . , . ; •
:------, ' - ',4ript:ls:oner in hi dungeon Chub?, • '
c ,
. .
• • :And dawn of ay. •
'lath passed &Way.; •
Theanoon bath into darkness rolled, -
And by th'e "cmbers'weirttinci grey, ,
1 befit' 'a
VoieC,liiwhl'ipU , r slit'';' ' • ' ''• ;,.
There comes a time when wo grow olds; ;
, ,g.i• . • i• • 3,,. ;
There comes a tinn.whekt, tuannood's,pi inui
Is shrouded it:kale midst of yenta;,
And beauty fading like a-dream,
_.• : '
•-- • • Ilath passed away in silent fear::,; '
And then how - dark ! k i
1 '/' 7 ' 'llolltOli 'the spark' -' ; , 4 ,
• 'il ~' Tlifitlandie3l4 o titlf to linCs of gold .
•'," 1 ':'Otill. bUr'tl ivil q Chiarnnkatel.nly t• 11,7, „
Ault ihnd'UffeetionkAiiiker i tug say, '.
'' •
'Chore contss a. time whpii ive grey/ old, , , i
'; There 'Comes it•thite niheh )atighltik;spritq‘ .,
•k, Alid golden' 1-31ntirdca'se Y6 l lle . i' ''. '
, "''A'n'd iie 'pa ('lri PO / 1444nM';obe' ' . ' '', i
I . i• • i i i ~ :!}: . • ' ' 7 . ! • i :',..
1 , .Tp tread s ; elnst deenv4y, I :, ,
1 i
~ , Bat 119,19:ti1p. fIiPPN •,. :, . 1 •;I
;1:1, !: . , ~W ith rtf,k. hope, ~! '• ri I ' ' I ~.:‘
i , -;
• ' Beyond•thd sunset we behold— . '. .: . ,
desintVilth fiti`rylight; •
' whim ''siiitateY9 l'OhiTer thro' the niirilf
i'llere'eolde's a time
iIP I -
Tr - . 7" r^
i •
Once upon a time, as the primer books
say,. while trading on the western eoirst
Ur - Africa, in the. equatorial region, 1
ran my vessel about twenty • miles- up
meta the rilrerg lin that vicinity, and
remained thereseveral weeks, having a
very profitablei intercourse. with some
of tholnlandtribes natives. A -Por
tion of my -leisure time I'spent n hunt
ing•throrigh the 'thick woods and
jungles. for which. that- coast' region is
-famous,• and itAvasonsone of .these ex
cursions that Lfixsti met allying gorilla.
•My guide was ailiative of .the,7canni
bal species—black; low-btowed, thick
skulled, and but little removed from the
brute animal himself. He could make
himself understood, however, , knew the
country well, and steed'in such salutary,
awe of the.wonderful white man, that I
r i
felt perfe tly Safe in .trusting myself
Withhim so Mari beyond the :reach of
friends,. a din apiece .where ,I.• would
not have •N entured with any single' one
of my.countrymen. .... :, .•-.
One day we had Thus ventured off in
to one of tie deepestreeesses:.of one •of
the darkest and most tangled of jun
gles, where the Spreading branches and
leay...s- Trraz c. or?- Viz ii oink a...a . d i m s °, that
scarcely a ray of the vertical Sun'. could
find its way down, through them to 'the
damp, rnalariqus earth beneath, when
suddenly we were both startled' by a
succession of the wildest and most dis
cordant . shrieks I had ever heard—
though4With sornething.human in the
sound—accompanied by a rustling of,
and plunging through ' the buShes ahead
of us, as 'if the creature, Whatever' it
Nyas; was hurriedly making.l its escape.
At the first sound we both stdpped—
the black trembling, frightened, and As
white as the nature of his skin would
permit i and cocking my double-barrel
ed rifle, I stooll on the defensive, and at
the same time anxiously inquired what
it was. , .
My guide replied in broken English
that he had picked up in his intercourse
with white traders, that it was a terri
ble gorilla, and that unless we turned
hack at once, and madegoodour retreat,
we should probably never have the
pleasure of seeing,our friends again. , '
I had heard before of some rather
marvelous accounts of. an animal so
called, - and said tH bear 'a close resem
blance to Man, and' T-naturally 'felt a
hunter's desire - to seep one with 'my own
eyes, and if possible c add the skin of it
to my collection of curiosities. There-
fore, I was rather in favor of going for-
ward than back, believing that my
steadiness of nerve, quickness of sight
and the reliability of my : two loaded
barrels, would be sullicie,nt to protect
me from actuidharm, to, say nothing of
the assistance,,,ln'a strait, of my cum
panion4 wile Was ' armed' with a spear
that he could throW with the force and
precision of an old harpooner.
"Can't think of turning
mere gorilla, that has beense frightened ,
at our approach as 'to have lied away
shrieking," said I, in a cool tone ofcon
tempt, intended, to reassure msr guide,
'aid induce him ta,go forwai t d. "What,'
two brave hunters, armed as weare, to
run away from any beast thatroafifs the
forest!—we' whO had killed the big
snake, the leopard and the crocodile!
Pshaw, Mochipt, that will never (107-
n - ever, lid!"' ' •'
'De snake him higr replied Mocha,
with his teeth chattering, and eyes
gliiiring upon the thickets all around
hint ; "De leopard-him sabage ; de
crbe'dile him bigger • but de. gorilla—
oo-00-oof ! him awal I"
"But we haVe, seed no,
Said I ; "and if that animal that rWi
away is one, we are not likely to, Cif
WOman f i ritnAiim. Man stop
tight— debit, >iiaiitertV
"'Weil, man, woman, or anything
else, Rocha, I must see something be
fore I n go back frightened."
• -"MhSterhim 'flee,: no: go back-him
goril kill triaster,"..- •
I had this time Made up . , my mind
to go forwar'dthreugh' the thicket, even
if 1 went alone': and Ordering Mocha,
in a tone that admitted of no question,
- tolteep at my heels, as he Valued his
lifej - resolutelyadvaticed a few paces,,
though, it' truth_must be told, not half
so courageoul Oppied
action. .7. A ^. p
But at the end of those few
came to another-sudden stand, for I saw
a denser thicket somellfteen or twenty
yards ahead, agitated by the moving of
some heavy body, within it, while.
niost 'immediately there appeared, ;in
plain view, of such jildeous appearance,
that I felt the blood - freeze through my
veins and gather about my heart, .as it'
appalled by sonic horrible visitant from
the other world.
My powers of description are litnited ;
but had I the language of a Milton or a
Dante, I could only hope to ConVey to
your Mind's 'a faint idea of the hideous
ness of the living creature that now
stood before me; and as to its ypiee.-its
tone of Wiirningii ntigth‘,Aind detitinee—l
know not to what they can be likened,
unless you can imagine the bark of a
dog, the growl of a, tiger, the suarlingof
trwolf, the trumpeting of tin elephant,
all united and„combined with sulphu
rous vomitings front the regions of2an
. •
In shape be was like'a man 7 :-but like
a man defotmed-Lwith a monstrous big
chcst• and body-- , small head, , -planted
down between his shouldersr-large, long
arms and huge. hands—and short, thick
how-legs, terminating in hand's instead
of feet. He stood erect like a man, was
:nearly six , feet in 'height, and was cov
ered all oyer,, face and all, with abort
black hair. his head was small in 1,>;o
-portion to ins bOdy,* and had a human
conformation. Fierce, glittering gray
'eyes, set deep in the hollow,-. cavernous
sockets, rolled andslared demonically.
The tb . rehetid was low, aml retreated
"sharply. ' 'There' rvas • but little nose,
with ; high „prominent cheek belles,—
The mouthiwtis „immense _with .huge,
,massive jaws, and short thin, lips, that,
'parted' angrily,. only' to displaY 'a ' fornii
dable and ferocious set of • teeth, the ca=
nine being long And sharp, ointed. , •
He stood before us—erect, defiant, and .
awful—uttering' horrible roar I liaye
•attempted to describe, and beating hiS
J.)reasts with his,huge fists, producing a
hollow, drumlike sound, that, combined
With all the:reSt Was Italy terrific; and
amide me ,- imish 1V11.3 .safe - b6yonkt his
reach, Then Ihe advanced afew steps,
• with a sari of rolling, waddling motion,
stopped again, with his gleanung eyes
fixed intently uPoud is heat his breast
as before ; And uttered that, prOlonged
and dreadful, roar.,
- - - -
stood on'the defensive, wisely deter
mined to reserve My fire for•. the ap
proaching crisis of my fate, hoping and
praying I might be successful in putting
an end to tlie monster. I had been in
many perilotts SituationS before, Gut
none that , ever aflbcted me with so m uclie
terror.: One moment an icy chill would
make Inc shiver, and the next perhaps,
would feel a burning flush sending out
the perspiration in streams. I glanced
at the African, and saw • him firmly
planted, with his spear poised for the
onset, his eyes dilated, hi 4 nostrils ex
panded, and his.breaSt heaving. •
'INo run now,: master !" he said, in
low thick, almost inartieulatp tones;.
'"nO"'scape him by run. Him swift as
tiger—strong as eleplatit. Must kill !"
"Shall I fire now; Mocha ?"
"No fire' hini come nigh—den lire
through .heart."
lle was corning nearer and nearer, riv
slow degrees, a few paces at a time, With
'11: short, awful roaring and breast-heat
ing interval between,. and I thus had
time to think over many of my•
and shy prayers that had been, too long
"Mocha, be ready,!" I said, when the
monster had once, more stopped to roar
and beat his breast within. ten paces.—
"Earn about to end this suspense- 1 T am
about to tire." , •
I took deliberate aim—liut in spite of
all I could do, my :man& shook so that 1
was afraid to pull the trigger, and twice
I lowered the weapon to get mor&Stead
iness of nerve.. It was as if some fear
fui,spell vcre'Oil me; and at the third
trial it seem et,i-as if the fingers" of _my
right hand Were
.paralyzed and Would
not obey myl*ill—a fact for which 1
have never beeli - aible to account.
The monster rehires advanced, and 110 W
not more thau,tilveor six paces ft 0111 us,
and he appearetlyaS if about to make his
final desperate rash. Delay now would
be death—and 'siiitnnoning all my will,
I pulled both triggers ,in, suecession., i-
Only one barrel was discharges by
the act, the other missing tire; but one
ball went straight to its mark and
i.c..aidott li, it-.... byp its t <>Cu.,. isoriliq 11
did not bring..him to the earth, however,
but made him wildly furious ; and
gnashing his, teeth, anduttering most
unearthly shrieks and yel s, he bounded
forward for' his revenge. Quick as
lightning the gallant Mocha threw
himself before me and struck with its
.spear—but it might as well have been a
reed. One below of the ponderous ain
of the brute turned It aside all shivered,
while the hand of the other stretched
the poor fellow bleeding and senseless
on the earth. In his l fall he came b4 . e1l
against me with sucli force that I went
down also. At that moment I had not
a single hope of life,.und knowing my
self utterly defenceless, despair took
coinplete possession of me, and I made
no efforts to rise. .
This, and I believe this abine, was
my salvation—for seeing us both still,
and probably thinking us both dead,
the furious ,brute seized my gun, anti
first fairly denting the barrels with his
teeth, he struck it against a tree with a
force that shivered the stock and bent
the iron nearly 'double: then throwing
it down, putting his hathls, over his
breast, and ',uttering Abe most terrible
howlings and shriekings of rage and
pain, he hastily dissappeared in the
dense jungle, leaving me to thank hea
ven that 1 bad so miraculously escaped
unharmed. , .
Mocha had been stunned, and hii
breast badly lacerated ; but he was nei
theritilled nor mortally wounded ; and
dressing his
. woundsns ‘ well as Leonid,
I got the poor fellow upon his feet, and
assisted him back to the vessel, where
our surgeons attended to his ease and
soon restored him to health. ; I did not
forget he laursavOd my life, and I a -
slim you I made hith proud and, happy
of the heroism lie had displayed, in my
behalf. ,
Whether the . gorilladiedpfhiswounds
or . not, I never, d
an, I never ; ,felt
tile least curiosity ; to go and see. b
tain ho took his, s'kin., away with
'Jilin and I Was only too, glad to ,set,' the
last of him. He was the, first of his
. .
kind I ever saw : alive, and, . with heav
en's permissiou,,he ,wi l l be the last I
shall*ever 100 k upon it - his hati - ve jun
gle. •
. .
.. 1
: To FOLK'S WHO , Qu'Xnnkr,. " The 1
,lics t of draWers will Stand,. beautiful
,tifi 4et tII - t - • indow;,_" :said Toni,,Lavery:
` 1 Vitder, the ' whatow !" rep6to4 .)1N
'ivik)-=as i?retty a:little; w,nititi aS . y o it' d I
See-in a day'S Walk, :pu t , ',with a, cruel 1
'tengue'thrit would gi''e nineteen to, the,
`ilozen any'daY„and not thlrlk t 4,try_tii)-
-le i=9 Linder the windoW," 'she 'Said!
'again, with a e'oi'nful curl on her lip,'
1 it shall never go under the window
while I havehreath in my body . ; .no, it I
shall' stand fornent ' the' wind*, where
Hi will be seen 'and admired ; under the
ludow indeed! I wonder you don't I
say the chimney l" ",It shall go under !
the. window, Aloyna Lavery ;I it's to say ;
going I have been with you entirely.—
Yon arc 'never satisfied, lull ' or - fastin,.
and think all the world must' curtesy to.
you • it shall go,under the window, and
. you. 'better rda're' hinder it." "It I
:never shall," 4Lid •Moyna, 'f I'll
d itchp 1
'the window into the' street lira,' And '
--- j - d -- Diteh you 4fto it rof,',6on - immy,' said
Toni. "0 - 11 ---\ tey il 4 raise i a " Wiris
thple " that youri ix fiern this to
Bantry, and Tem's•-tud v 'be had ruore
noise than sense in it,—and Torn took
the stick to his wife,—and she scretimed
I murder, the lucky minute' the
door opened, and there, sure enough,'
stood Father- Barry, and as .became it
holy and good - ma 1, he asked . thew
wkat they were-at nci -What they were
after, and as May to had The nimhlest.
-tongue, she said ' her husband .Avii-i
that. Omathawn tl at ' fie ,would have
the chest of drawer, uuder“the window,
which she would never.give into, never!
she'd lay her bones in the green ehurehr
yaxdflrst!'.• 13ut where's the chest of
drawera ?" said Father Barry—and may
be the fool's look didn't come over !Judi
their faces! "'.['he chest of drawers,''
said ono; "Is it the chest of drawers ?','
said the other; "Oh, sorra *chest of
drawers we have at all—yet."
An Arctic Adventure.
' Dr: Hays, in his new' work, " The
open-Polar Seti f " thus relates a danger
ous encounter with au iceberg :
" Giving too little heed to the 'cur
rents, we were eagerly watching the in
dication of the wind which appeared,q
the south, and hoping for a breeze, when
it was discovered that, the tide Aunt
changed and was stealthily setting us
upon a' nest . ' of bergs which lay to lee
ward. One .of them wn of ,that des
cription known among the crew by the
significant 'title of toticll.oe-tio4"
and presented that jugged; honey
combed appearance indicative, of. great
age. They are unpleasant neighbors
The' lea'st disturbance 'of_ their equili
brium may cause the' wholmnass to
crumble to pieces ; and rwoe beanto, the
unlucky vessel
,that IS caught:ln the
' " In such a trap it seemed, ho'wev -, r,
thatwestood'a fair chance of being. 11,
snared. The current ,was carryin its
along at, an uncomfortably rapid rate:
A boat was lowered as quickly as i)oS
bi 1)1 o , to run out a line to a' berg .which
lay grounded about a hundred yards
from us. While this was being. done,
we grazed the side of ti; berg which rose
a hundred feet above our topmasls, then
slipped past another of smaller dimen
sions. By pushing against them with
our ice-piles we changed somewhat the
coarse of• the schooner•, but when we
thought that we were steering clear of
the mass.which we, so Much. dreaded,
an edilyi changed the direction of .our
drift, and carried us 'almost broadside
upon it.! .
" The' schooner struck on the ;tar
hoard quarter, and the shock, slight
though, it, was, disengaged Some frag
ments Of ice that were large enough ()•
have crushed the vessel had they strupl;
her, and alsb Many little lumps hie i
rate w
led 'about us ; but fortunately 1 o - .
person was hit. The quarter=deck w, :;-.
•quickly,eleared, and all hands crowd=
ing ferwapl ati . x iouslywatehed the boat.
The berg tiOw- began to revolve, and
was settling slowly over 'us; th * e little
lumps fell thicker and faster upon the
after-deck, and the forecastle was The
only place Where there was the least
chance of•safety.
" At length the berg itself Saved us
from-destruction. An immense mat-;:,,
broke ofT front that part which was lts--.
neath the surface of,the sea, and this - , a
dozen t t imes larger than the schooner,
Came rushing up within a fe* yards of
us, sending a vast - volume of foam and
water flying from its sides. This rup
ture arrested the revolution, and the
'Berg began to the opposite di
rection. And now came another dan
ger. A long tongue was protruding
immediately underneath the schooner;
alteady the keel was slipping anci
gr 'Wino. upon it, and it seemed proba
bl s that we should be knocked up in
th s dr like a foot ball, or at least cap
sized. The side of our enemy soon
leal,nect from uf,lind we were in no dun
get from the worse than hailstone
sh veers which had driven us forward;
so we sprang to they ice poles and• exert
-ed l our strength in endeavoring to push
ti u -1 vessel off. There were no idle hattlids.
T.),nger respects not the dignity of the
quit tier-deck.
thisAftefwe had fatigued ourselves at:
this hard labor without any useful re
sult the berg came again to oar relict.--
A loud reportAirst startled, us', another
and another followed in quick sueces
sion, 'until the' noise grew deafeniw2
and the whole air seemed ,a reServbir el
frightful sound. 0 The opposite side 01
the berg had split off', piece after piece,'
tumbling - % vast volume of ice into the
sea, and sending the berg revblving
htulk upon us. Tbis time the inovenient
waS quicker;. fragments began again to
fall, and, already sufficiently startled by
the alarming dissolution which had ta
ken place, we were in momenta.ry eK
, peetation of seeing the whole aside near
: est/to us break loose and crash hodily
rii»tt the schooner, in which , event sire
NV i t
oi old inevitably -be carried down be
' 'with it, as hopelessly doodled as , a
shilpherd's hut beneath, an Alpine ava
". Hy this time Dodge, who had charge
I of the boat, had succeeded in planting
an ire -anchor, and attaching his rope,
nut i greeted us with the welcome sig. 11;41,
`• I laul in." We ptilled . for Our livet4,
m low: and steadily. Second:i seemed
iii . i'utes and minutes hom4. At length
:w, began to n,love off. Slowly and
sit :stilly sa
ink the berg behincbus, car
ry ng , away the main birn and gra
g -
zit hard against the qua ter. • glut we
woe vale. • Twenty yards away, and
1 tit; disruption occurred , which we had
Si) much dreaded. The side nearest to
us no' split off, and came plunging
wildly down into the sea, sending,
1pv,... - r us a shower or spray, raising a
su ell which set us rocking to and n.O
a , s.i f in agate of wind, and left us grind-
tire debris of the erurribling ruin
." At, last we succeeded in extricating
onr.-o:es, and were far euough away to
16610 back calmly upon the object of our
terror: It was still rocking and roll
ing like thing of life. At. each 'revo
lu ion masses were disengaged ;
4 as its sides Caine up - inlong sweeps,
gietlgit cascades tuniblefl 'arid leaped
-fretn them hissing into tbe foaming sea.
A ftqr,several hours it settled down into
quietude, a lucre frripuent, of its forrin‘r
great4S§, SVhilq, the pieces that wire
broken' , fr6in -it floated :quietly_ away
with the
131 ans.—Sparrows feed their young
thirty-six limes an hour, which, at the
_rate of ; fourteen hours a day, in the long
day::3 of :-.-minner, gives 5,500 'times per
week ; a number corrobbrated by an
,other writer, who calculated tbd num
ber of caterpillars destroyed in a year
to be about 3,400. ' Redstarts- were ob
served to' - feed' their young with little
green grabs Iran gooseberry trees•twon
ty-three times in an hour; which at the
same calculation, amounts to 2,25-1 times
in a week . but more grubs than one
Iwere usually imparted each time. Chat
lioehes, at the rate of about thirty-Live'
times an hour, for fivo or six times to
gether, When -they would pause i imd"not
return for intervals of eight or ten 'min
-utcs ; .the food was-green caterpillars.
; The Titmouse, :sixteen times in an hour-,
• The comparative weight consumed was
as follows: A GreenfinQh, provided
• with eighty grains, by weight, of whe ,
I n'ftwenty-lour hours consumed sever ty
nine ; but of thick paste, made of ft ur
I. and eggs, &e., it consumed upwardS of
100, genius. A Goldfinch consumed
about ninety grains of' canary seed in
t ' l / 4 Vt•li . i'-follr Briar,. I . i.NICCII canaries
consumed at tio-,avei ige' Fate Of - 100.
.grains eaeh in twenty-four hours. - The
I consumption or hood hy›llie,e bird,z,
I coin pared NV ii II Ilse weight of their hog:-
1 ,
1 ies was 'ibout one , -;-ixth ;
.which suppe-
.. .
iising a num 1.6 cominno Mod in the same
proportion to lii:, Weight, would amount
1 to about. twenty-five pounds f e
or evry
twenty-4.lm' •liont.i.-- Familiar Hi.storu
or . flid•,.l.`i, f 1 ,nu , .K,icilish?pork.
el:, if he die a martyr to
profei.siozi, is doubly ruined. lie
uld h; every other loss, and by
the avi of ienounees earth to for-,
felt heaven. • •
N o ne but the brave deserve the
fair." And u " horrid man" says that
Ilene but the brave eau-live with some
of them.
( , . ~
NO.. 26.
ThoProprtotorsh-Ave hiocked theoltabl,;ln4ontivph
a largo assortment of mucternstyloa
ntyt aro propotcd to ['loci:tie. promptly
- ' TOWNSIIIP ORDERS, &c„ &c,!
• . . 1 ,.. . • ' -
Daoda. Mortgagoa t iortsra,and a fall atisortmant of
Constublese - wvl;juntices' illit:iks, COnStart/7 On hand.
Pooplet's - big at a disfancecandependonhavinptheir
'moil: </ono promptlY)4n (I seat bach tuetntu .
e'iOrPicir.—Roy'l , binch.SecontlEtoor
[ror the Agitator.] .
Sabbath Schools.
Happening in, W.ellsboro, two. Sun-
days ago, a friend induced me to Elecom- -
pithy hirruto the Sabbath
,School at the ,
M.' E. 'Church. I have since' ,been,
many - times glad that_l accepted the,in
vition. I used to attend Sunday School,
in - the, country when it boy,, and ":9f:
course, expected to find during my, visit, - 4
something similar to what in jtiVenile ,
simplicity I • considered a " itrst -rate.
school." I was happily disappointed.
The Superintendent didn't have'7,o3l a
long sanctimonious • face. 'no poiffis
didn't"whist,le, run about r make 'un
,necessary 'noises during shoe! hours,
there were not so many ''a ant seats as
I,haftexpeeted-ielind. I
rder i System, energy a til cheerful
ness,'wereu prolnhent4ea ores of that
gay's session. Prof. Van• Allen, the Su
perintendent,' understands his bushiepis.
No one knoWs how
_to deal with chil
dren bekter than — he. When he talks to
them they are hOund to hear and under
stand hitt). Opening the hearts of his
pupils by pleasant words, fitly spoken
and perhaps a smile, the Professor then
drives home his' impressions with 'Clint
earnestness and success' so peculiarly
his own. And such singing, too ! Sit
ting in one COrne • of tilt house 'and lis
tening to the - swe -t voices of those little , •
boys and girls- 7 , hied and led by a.few
older ones—as
,i.ey sung, in,poncert that
beautiful anti m, the cheering words
of which—" We'll gather at the River"
—still echo pleasantly in— memory's
chamber ;—I ,-ay toe hear such singing
then, there, and in such a manner, ihir
ly animates the Soul, gladdens the heart,
cheers the spirits, and raises the mind .
of the listener from thoughts of earth
to something purer, higher, and better.
Ivory 'eye from that of the mischievous
little fellow who monopolizes the-pulpit,
to that of the grey:haired, good man
who leads a part' of th•e Bible l class, •
beanis with intelligence, splrkies with
. I(Q,-, and kindles with enthu.Siasm.— ''
EverY body is cheerful and ready to do
his, or her cluty. Indeed, a happier,
brighter and better lieht - ted lot of chil
dren could not well be-_.found. The
teachers, too, are of the-beg, material.
The Bible elasseomprising some of the
best intellect of the village and sur
rounding country, and led by sekolarly
and experienced teachers fovni4 anbther
'interesting il , ature of this model school
If every churelOr school district in the
land would follow the example of the
WellsboroMetliodists, the World, would
certainly be Sheila:act. for it: A goody
Sahhath School i..; tid r ? best and surest
index of the moral z-entiment—andsueli
an one as thislor the energy—of any
community. Yon who think I have
exaggerated jto,t, step down next Sun,
day at 3 P. - m., visit the school, and_you
will walk back wiser, more cheerful„
and better. Tr‘,•° it. All Lail the Sab-'
bath School ; and let us especially evi-!
gratulate the managers of this one.—
.They arc doing good, educating the!
hearts of 'the rising generation, Work
ing for the betterment of mankind—i
gat honing souls•to 11 eaven .
Prof. \•'illi . Allen is one of • Tempef
:kneels tini,Lll:ealeus advocates ; and isj
being vt,r2.- rileeZ±.-sful. In impressing 911_
the minds of lii;scholars the evils‘"of,i
drinking intoxicating liquors. Ile will
much gfiod in this way. Let ()then.;
imitate irklexiiinplQ, ;Ind the another Of
drunkard , \rill by k --••.{
• (2tA:::.l in - V Mrron.
CP.rld:7 AthllterPitions. / •
... -.
Our new health e,:ipionage is / .bringing
to light i-olue queer thing:. The coin
unin candies and confoctfoneriesufgoin
nieree are in)! ;11[1)get:Ian. toed } , once nor
v,-non , ,ion o .), if re( , ent invest i!..., ttio)is are
to be believed. I
The adultei'ation 'of ::zugrei• candies and - -
spices is a trade largely anti rogulaily
carried on iti this - city. Instead ,Of
plaster, which lately entered so. largely '
into the manufacture of confectionery, ...
iti place of sti.oi r, a neW artidiebas been
discovered, called Thrra Luba., or white
earth. . It conies timit Ireland, and
exists hy Illt i rlarre lama
. I,') (:eni4 per -
pound, \V Ilill! loa titigiir_po - ms about 17-
cents. The hod" .s (it gandies, the coat
ing of almonds aud to= '
nges are ruale
froni this earthly matirial. It is i.vhiter
than plaster, anti is pinch used in, tle
adulteration of that:sold hi this Ina •-
ket. .1 glue, paint, and' oil nianufa_':
WY rut Nev. - Yorkht.;li sent round' h s
at nal circular, \V ill(;11 I 'have- seen U)
0 14
the prineipal conletioners, callin: , at
ten 11011 (A) a fresh arrival of this NN ilite
earth: I hitve:,e&n all Mince of . lozenges
di-.solved in water, in Which to-thirds
of On onnee was or Ti. , rlit alba, and 1101
a particle of sugar hi the lot.
The common Inethod oftlavoring - cab
die, almonds, sugar plums, ect., is
with deleterious substances. The pine
apple flavor, the banana and the peach
RIO made from fusil oils. Ivirich are very
Hsonous. - Bitter altnonds,, flavor is.
tu . i.‘ from prussic acid unadulterated.
Ville apple tiavor is obtained from rot
tel cheese, very. rotten, and nitric,
g col.'
(7-tuin arable for pure gum limp* is -
costly. Ari..article has been I invented ;
of the Most •beauti hit appearance, ghat
is used Instead of the g•tim. It is very
cheap and very poisonous.
In pure eamly cochineal is Jibed to
color red, and saffron l'itr the IS - ellow.—
But t in the opunnon candies poisonous pht, the'same that is used to
color winest,and liquors. One of the
most (Wintnon is called " earlots," into
which arsenic largely enters. .A few
gi a . i1,r , .. of the substance will color a cask
of vine. Limit! drOps ter thud ". trade"
are made of poor brown sugar, glue and
lamp-black, flavored \vitt' licorice; for.
the. Wtistern trade much of this vile i
stuff is packed in barrels and sent Wes s f•
to he put tip n boxes tosuit the market,.
of which fro] 1 75 to 90 per cent, is Tetia
alba. This 1 mterial enters largely into
the con - 1111mi choccriate and spices.—
Much of thejeream of tartar used for
• bread is mad of Terra alba mid tartaric
acid,—Bodo Journal.
WoNnEns..}- 7 When a young inau is a
clerk iu a stae,and
smokes Noilie cigar," drAtka "-noise
braqly,7attend4. theatrekt,Aances and
th§;likb, I wonder if he doeS'-all op. the,
avails of his clerkship ? When a . yoting,
lady'sits in the parlor during the day,
with lily white lingers covered with
rings, nvonder if her mother doesn't.
wkili -j ttle 'dishes,. and do wdrk in the
IN'hOlt the deacon of the c lurch Sells
strum"; butter,, reeonimending it as
good article, I wondyr what, lie relies
uptin ;er -•:.tivittien
Wiwi) a man goe ;three times a. day
to get a drain,. I \voinler if by-and-by he
went :1,0 rollr tinter , :' . •
a lady laces Her waist a third
less than nature made it, I WoJidur if
her pretty linuo,, will not :-horten; life a
vv.k..s or tn:10,
incsemble while she does live,:
Wifea a youn,:, man is depinideat up
on his - daily toil . fur his ineome and
marries a lady who'does not know how
to make a loaf or bread or I lend a gaf
-lu6nt, I wonder it' lie is riot ~lacking
somewhere, satowards the top fof in
When a man receives a periodical or
newspaper weekly, and takes greitu,' de
light in reading it bur. neglects to pay
for it, I wonderif he has al'soul or a giz