The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, January 09, 1867, Image 1

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N aasseg k wo._, • yr
wrvM,-,a,7A 1 it .,r, 1:11. i
l,bt Eioga (Lomita agitator
Wednevial . Morning, at $...2 W a
. bly to advance, by
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I.n tr. c. yam GEOM. -
DNT.DRT f3T.14.1C3
Uan "111 ‘... 1 t 4 A
Ulf 2111,AuX,'011.F.NS 1111.1“. ONG
---'- 7i1:11710If — T.1.41T. IT: 'O . 41 .2 . 1 "
" 1"'"- - '.'ry, ,061 400 •4, 121.10 1'314
2 , In'n'' .' ' ' '. ' ' ' 1
,vj 3 , 1 3(4 . 41.04
, it1, , , : ` , 6 1
.0_,,j,, , , 4 .
7 21 . , it) Nil pt 141
. 15 ,n =;;.,
nr,ll oo,v 14,1
Ur a l yt
ine per ) ; Lin OW' filr 0111 b 11.11 Sl•
tospbrial workvi era. , pc• llot ; Ealt.l4l
ac Veol/lnitat*, l'espakty OM
. .
wa Paper, Kerosene Lamps, Window' Oiass,
Perfumery, Paiute sod Oils, &e.
c o ming, 'SA" Jen.
ow formerly occupied by James Lowrey, Esy.
We. L 4:-
Well/bore, an.
s3;:t,Ot:. AC LAO.
AACIO:), Moin
L, 186 G.
J. 'NILES. •
111.1.41 Di,
uu the Asorme)..--
trustei to their taro
id Potter.
May 9. 1666—1 y _
TAILOR. Ezli.-p firSt t. 4 1, •rat I" I .1.
si,„„ ,p cutting,
mg. 1 ,no promptly aril
Woltobvro. Pa.. intl 1,1E68 —ky
DR kk•Elt ctILOR iiti - gp One
LutC-.otEce: C 1111111.; Fit.t7ng. nni
Itepaglng d,rtypr,toptly RAJ in best -e” le
IVelleb ire
....T9IIN lIIIITC/1111,16.
.ENT turittecniteciien , t hAvk
atIA peAr.t.lV - dat.. .:.:. .n
mem Oleo • , :114 anl Mitchel, Well.—
inro, P 4. - - mB4, 'bit
ATTORNEY Alai Cf./ITS:4:Om ~ - 4 * LAW,
•riti 11,• RlNeztair,7 . UV. r
• al.lueli't SI ,re
IZAAIi WALTON 111011813,
aatues, Tioga County, Pa.
$. c. VERMILYEA, PeoctEircon This is u
new hotel Wrested o of the
best fishing lad isunting—geontoirtir - Nartir
ern Perinsylvatira..:gle, he spared
for the cipeommodation facesift -eekere end
the travaing public " . isn. 1,1,888.1
rrnnsylv9Ait tiot-ae. -
.1.31.11 2 /A LE ki r 1,7.11,1:17 Cat.
1,111 N IT
0/11r:11,1.1,, .:1 „ 1.27 . V;1;14/1. 1 1 ... ../ u k:•• I• I,
WE-IFieLo, 121,•+:-E
r A 1..e1f II .01 r fh, pstot iple
,t 11,u 41, I•ler the. •• l o t ! • #
1,11111: t -1
,Slll - 4A
luttliEY At . L'Att. Ago g 1....`agg., . gi
tJ his cArtt eAllriteelt .1„no.,1.1
Kr.oxiitte, , Not 14, utt:ti -u
A IENT fur tie Lycoadog Ctluuti ;insurance
mpin 7, et Tioge,
S, 1866,=-3m* -
F e AltieS*4loTEL;
0 . 0 A, TI 0 it/ A C O&; Y I" A
. „,-,....imr,rblius. , att...Lua. as 1 au .a Hem ire I,
I/ MILLI• 111.. c.
c FA hit
UNION JE101790.
fr 11.0rp 11.0 J
I . -I,lt tP t 11,ittu
.• 111. atzto 1 - •• • ••‘../ m
•Li /Li .IEI Irwulu4l els I. 1. wItA
.1,12 jru 11111, ,
I t.l -4ug . 22, 15
llLtd:smith and Ittruer.
TOkf EPII MANI .6. ettisteu
r , alt. 1 s I aalt) he
re IA Mack riaud ‘Vut, otrer. t, r. 1101%
1:4 Mr Piller, 01:r° It
rep..r I I:: .b. i
r. : 0 :Lir-ohm: 1. hte tt,h•
at.d trurt b: rste: 1. r
't I: , I+ }MI&
Ilairdreszing & Shaving.
X; V.ll X r• ; Xii—
r L .114 .
L•7I g •
• , Li > apd 44 - 1 , bee tr..idu
ll Pant 9t, Baltimore.
Rassattleat.—Levin Gale, Attotocy at Law,
Raward .Att'y at Law, Rev. J. Ma.
Riley, D. D., Rev. Hoary Slicer, D D., Coo
led, Bro. k Co.. F. Green le Co., Ludwig &
MoSherry, John F.MaJilton, EN.. Robert Law..
sou, Esq , S. Sutherland, Es 4 twiso is
authorized to transmit any huainees appertain
ing to thin paper in Baltimuro
Jan. 1, 1866-15.
GOLD reeelved on dopojito, fur ..Lich eerida
• cates tent bo issued, bearing infortri ingots'
W. CLARK. et CO, Sinkers.
No 35 south Thtrd *treat, Phi*
ll k o x, if. n.. 14. or [V., 21 02 C....fl h u .kites'
. ne.d.r ulryoora of nrra) bt•r• ,111. i.trirr
I , nenu in AO , l nt•J Lospital
ror Iha pnotke us' 11.441 ine an 1 snrc 13 . to ell
..A, r...ns fr. no a
1..0 o.airn2
n . pkit or to, ,aslll4 4i.14, or to
':.l I tot..: ill .t k. cp
U. Fn • .t 11.1,, 2 1.,.
• • •-
pieaturs fitiforgi the !Wiens of Ting*
outty that he bats completed tut
od u on hind Lo take all kinds of Sun Pictures,
mob as Anobrotypes, Fmrotypes, 3 'i_
_ - neittel,Cetrtes
is Visite, the Surpriae agil Eureka Pictures; also
ninnies attention pail to copying and etilarg—
eg Pictures. Instructions given to the Artoo
reasonable tame. Elmira St., Mans6tld, Oct
• VET' EilllCtioN SOl4O I JERS.
trpf. B. Knoxville, Tinge county,
YV p e ., S. licensed Agent, and Attorney
ht soldiers-and thew friend; throngheat •Il the
oval State.) will prosecute and collect with'un.
rivalled moue,
if all kinds—Also, any other kind of claim
against the Government before any of the De.
pertments or in Congrote. Terms moderate, All
tommenications tent to the above •ddrws will re.
Alva prompt attest of. 43°. I,aB.
O. N. D4R T T.
WOULI4 say to the pohlie tie{ he is perms-
Deady Welted% Welliborb, (Office at hie
ideate, near the Land Office and Episcopal
arch) where he will continue to do all kinds of
irk confided to his care, guaranteeing complete
tion where the skill of the Dentist con
, c_ in the management of cases peculiar to the
E . he will forniti3
eat on any material desired.
tied to on shortest notice, end done in the
Lest and most approved style.
tee tne nee of Anastllsties which are par
* Itstelsat, and *Dna administered In altar;
when dine s &
15.41 ' 10,0 , Jan. 1,1865-Iy.
VOL. ,XIN. ti - ,
Maio rutura44,l t•• 11.1.• 4.• 441411 wnh u .ism 44
mnlood it id, i.rutoovs.t vendenne, .aolicito a
share, f. tuttol4.lite business en
trusted to Die sere eve- la attended to illth
promptness and thlotto office 2d door south --
of E. S. £orr's hotel Ti.,og, Ttoga Co., Pa.
wept. 26. '66 -tf
AConter iiiil/0 2311.".1,01:(1 Ib4 Atsiti4)
LI I: IIL:LIA.:AY: •/'.1114:45.1.
frkIIIS is one of me oust popular Houses is
dm Loamy lido lion.: is the principal
Stage-house in 'Widish. r, stages leave doily
5 1s follows
For Tioga, at 10 a. For Trey, nt S e. m.;
FurJerney Shnrc et:pry Tocsdpa,,urdJst irtrixt
p. For.Stirrein444.lefiVf
Thursday at 2 p. IS.
STAGES ARRIVE—Frit: Tlogll, GI 121-2 o'clock
. p. From Troy, nt d ci, cl. p. tn.: From Jer
sey Shore, Tuesday and FriA.ty 11 A in.: From
-coadersport, Nlonday and Thursday- II a. tn.
p.—n,,,,, le”„the.,l-kn 'we heft
ier, flit i.s. t , un I 11.114
Welle:I/Ont..1A,1 I I:ilia—I).
HU Q S',l 4 . 011 C-4-0
-ft ,
, -
lUJk r ,
P 'C T :1112 •le . 1111b1.••1
311.1•14. ul all
r.,my tr. I All - kill; .to
Pre . C(l.ll. 1/111 . . utitountled
October 18118.—fitu.
r ;-"
New Spring . Goode,
J U zi T 'lt EC'g Ir V •if ;.1.) 2 - AT ., fi- a
- •
• ' t"". air t•c't•-:
WE 1.1,11',E •!•A.-.IIRW
auct...alirr•eirsita tr , glaalryilthich
tr, are ri.rhog • -=rd c
LO . lll FOR CASH (4. 1:1-:,101" PAY.
Good'yurd wide isi:c44/I.Wri,‘rl
Ildavy yarki L 1211: g-
De'Aleut. _ •-• •
I: -
.1 •"" "
Stftudat- Pt:'!: * 7 1
11 - .1a,;.Lt4): a -• ~,cl,
'fir n r it-W.Y4 , --+-N-4 , 4014411-+EiN-: I
- _T..-tt 4. io :Cilia:it
iV•V .e,! • n•t n rir I. 11
'CI r triffilp!ti
Ntl i I t'l-2 itre A.4Alti.W.letl,it 'll tar
t 1 ( . 4 1 :1. I 1 e.r. 1/1.1,..1 in
^barge ri • . ta
?1•1. 1.5 1 ,11. it 111. 1. itoi• •.t erzek lel ng
itty o. lan 1.11,,, 1 .1 •6 . ..) a 4,01 pvt.
ion-. .2 • • the 11.• l.feirr 1ft1,4111,11
of rr,.--e 1m t.
11 t• h
1111% I •f!” -4i..
. •
t •• W AK
. .
gaaaic 3 Lzr.i.. ?Oa
('1 r.. 1 s I • L:C.• L; i.. 1. Lltto.r.t.
t .t_ - I t 1 rrg
Ai.• •r, - k 1.4 4.1 4144 I
444 I 4; .:40t.14-1 - I
t . ft:l
i444t); "E VI fi IT
.1 riIINZO:‘
KING S ~011 CA111,1: I.E; . .111X•i DE 14 the I
only prspar.,t, atz...l made from
the fruit As artieic nl ecat'Ati,V• pgrity, and
delleficutoess • ~, .•,,ed, and is smirk.
mmended by phssim.ins 11,r Ittv,iliat.ind fatally
use. It will hemp ter years In :thy citmato, while
its condense i I ro. rt.t.derz a copccially 000000-
in:it for travelers Ail wit , use lemons are re
quested to give it a tri II I,,itertaiumen to at
home, parties, ani ,hooll Not ho without
it. Per salo lie ill Druggi.,ts erst,elass
Grocers. MeoefintairlisdPoblbt • 1 " I - I
- tatria v_nlkrzaaa,
Jan:1,1366-4y. :: .49 Pearl Pt .N. Y,
ti I s_.: li. :Asks
pelt. nil 11e0ser , ibcr 41,d
Haloes a 1:. pi 14:. NI eats—
lost iirgat.t d U.. utel ale .i.s, n tld
the a r •.1- r
80W11131 . 1 5t.,11 - „ 44; 1150, ,
Great *lls43iiieriti to "fh; „e
11CrVT hat is.g a 1 ig at, al trr.7T - GOODS to
11 shot, •if at .uLtioti, 1 an annbled to take
advantage the (All-Gill i•ile prieug, and
am rea
dy to supply the ruld.e,mkthe oplcu . oll atoek of
Stylee, pusehaeed tt.)ect:vcriciodete tbje part
Flatlet/Mr attention is directed to my de
sirable stack ; of-Ladie s!.p4444,QQoDS,
Alpacaas, Poplins, Prints, D'elaines, Bce.,
. Added to which T am offering a large
and splendid stuck of
and CA85. 414 •44,
at price. 1., 5•iii414,4 1 080,M11, atilerioNc
old stand,, Pa.
I To the Fai fliers of Tioga Coutlty.
AN SW% building at I.IIV uiantirentory. Lawnstice
-1 cells a Rini.
shkL poetesses the 1' , .ii31.111g adia aisles over another
1. It aepurate. 01 and foul 'end., and
diete and rot kis, from wheat.
It CiGAILSII.O ve.seed, and all,
other needs, "per tc ct "
; It ekarts tlinotby seas , l
4. It does 11l nthxr ..parading required of a mill,
• Thls old Lv built of 11.0 bout and 1350 , 11 doraLte
kir. ifcg , t.d 4 44 filtilptiVeivih.W .' o4 .
I will At a patent *le.. for separating nets Vont
"tenant, tonotherjoil le, on xensonablateern a. ,
• . -
Lawre L neeville,October 10, 1016--tfJ. II MATHAIIto
John W Cluorusey,
Pk. •4+lt'S-;_
7, , ,
-I. pi
4 :1 1 11.0 - . - at aol-scrught e 3
Ftl ,Xl.l.E'
A r git:CP*TS. l COAri. s
SU4-143,--DRESS ai Fr S - OF 'A LL
Is fully necked ‘‘ith the -4Krieest scut newest
stylei c>443-writenty,ctrrni trifuteroralttattiabbip
a a matstiathui -tke- 14,4 custom work. both for
• , • - i • • • 4 4 4
BEAU tY trj'„ atIALitY 8c ECON.-
sball be unruljr*o.,l
-1031V_ STILES C UNT 1 - b: I; ALL Y
All 00014' ullt 11cl/A 1,,t the
Low ES&'._C%Sfi PRIOF:S.''
under ILtpAiti4ter. PriuDni t doo.
Roy's' Drug St•kre.
WysilAnireyr, titrpi 20 " - . 7 . 71 . 7 ,
11% .4 - pO t •
Patfnteci .411".ity 1860. • .:;
1 , 1114 is an "sittlorie to struilitig ruffling x
reps intie jl.e . hnhttllll, uenl.ll
slight rub, and unlike atlior prep gradient att. red fat
like purpose tint tar tai ear et int.,. hot scull lrat
titre, WllCilr 411111 , 11-011111-Ir,illrlryMenillYlitnlPllT I
It neva,. 11'14Ziff
the dirt lir tositlii,, is. ;kat ' rinsing' trill in
cares eantrky.,reutka tL. -
paletlitr pr laird lo iteciailatire A:lth theta:ant
tale:lce, 140 , 1 titattLit •.• I,AL 10 it.uif,
seem etL 111. lean in like for mate.
than a year. :.11.1'his jadt....l it .-11 no Aitiver•al lie
ritatr,or 1.1. eta..c ' • -.?• I
Among t • liv•
It tares U ii.‘ •nh,i.tswartAn Illy itself' oil car
tan anti k^sidgs -. , • -
. . --
' St nemmt of ZIA 14.1.61 An.l I
I.•Aastb ;rot rlencarig *in bor. It ie n-lis I
tlttemitot• ter
,4,111,1111 b 1 , 61.11.C-UMMIt ! ..0 ,, r5 , 11
OPRO4P bek4tltnrar6 , , , ." it I non 1• • ••upt for To
udy otl•rt mole I.•• o toe/ reatOkety • :t.cepts to me:heti l• •
the pottier.
- _
bit triton,. to Inge •• - -
Anil •on be re••••• 11 tp,.r.,attel Lpn •I The •
0,41 of ho It 1111[111, • .r
ll.rl ~et<st 1,1 , 11.3
The ueistufe • tir.rll7 I • 1•••••,.. te.4. es ate ! te Al I
whiny 11., • $ 7 •
1- • 1111' nu • •,
11.$ 1••••41 let • oiluft4 to this
poLtie w 1 , 44 s Inar#. .45.414111; 1`1,41” or Cahn! , InTA,inv'
nkr-' tbs7•lttiztintt - "kiiertoir shobint• itede tArtetlenteebt
tbiottuteleb rel./14,14,k, pn•cloto Ai it,,leillg4lUslilti
PlyrFl d. - n• 5111 , itt 1.1 ha. esette.l met .0 ityt•,7,
1.1M.1111,1 •.141 , 11g , / , '"o. M•1 7 •ttL1.17 ,-, 1 LY,
-' '" $ , -•• 7 • AVE ; Y:
t $ 4 ttn.tur
of $O3/•ifis for *lite 1
$ • - .••• I r.s •••• r,•••11••••• I 1 117
WitOtr - S - Atti - 31V14'VUlii - '
VALIELIZk 'OSP. •,:! . v.:I.A
nßuos AND AIEDNE , r w.,!AKi.t,
k 40' X, 11, MX: MI iCAN
" ,
z- doeUF4t:lt "`
.. ..... ' 1:.)
p4ek.RAINDOW GLASSi- .1.• •
.Fold at WI a 41.1)0re aye requested
to clan app{ get quoted: pa bet rc gotryi fiir!hey.
• fr 4 "l- 'J •
Corning, N. Y., Jan, 1,1960-1 y
SAVE Y9Utt Vffilir**6+
Nast It Auerbach's
2-.leS t reP t- " Aff
Where yon can always nod the best assorted
stock of
cLorlkbriclfs, :READY-,
Manufactured under their awn superv,ision.
Also Gents' Idinia. - 1,1 girod•,. Av„ -
4gftllta4= l = l :f - Itleit f l,
and an sosperierlyVtrr. Erwin [ fell2ll3Gly
wE hare recitletaiit4 Pijee $l per
barrel, Feed'aird tneat 59 - cents per cwt,
an d & ball soli, Fol. CASH 1:014 - , -
'kl - •
Millsboro, Jan. 24, 1866.
Ica llintrg.
preacling he -was • converted, drove a
horse i , llO never torgot the dignity of
her sit ion, so. far as to exceed a fast
walk, csi any occasion, and he could not
help feeling scandalized at such an in
novationon the old custom.
So mul was his mind exercised up
on the su ject, he felt it his duty to ex
postulate with hiS pastor. Mr. Hale
heard hi wither smile, and endeavor
ed to softe hisanimosity to poor Psyche,'
by telling in 3 of her docility genes'
t t4
[liners, b tlto no purpose. - Helen him
not in ang r hut "4th a lengthened vis
'age, and a orrowful shake of-the head
The goo deactutlived just below the
parsonage, n an old farm-house, whose
prOjectingrof, where the BWediONN a
, colonized, ith stone floored porch and
a,lasge yar shaded by- Lombardy pop-
Aors, gavet ZYN:elirable, patriarchall-appearauce. , • _ '.. ,
The yard. ithfits :carpet of emerald'
-- twf. was the playgro'dnd of the dea-;
Con's grarAon, alittle• hlackeyed fel
low, whose lather- had gone to the
land-of gold, had • laced - his v•ife . and
year-old boy in h' father's house for
- protection. The c 'ild was the idol of 1
his grand-parents and - the pet of the 1
',Whole -. - illage. - Ai I',little - often walked
donln to the gate to caress hirn,aud
i!stfinetinies lifted 11 a over, and set him
I,upon Psyche's La
,-, who seemed to
tkriow, that •••J , ith s -it a delicate, pre
;,elotis burden, she n
i st be very gentle,
Tend paced slow ab tit, now and then
poifkin,, , ( back, as if o see that he was
i s.eburely seated. -,.. ,
1 few rods - ahoy ;the parsonage- a
, noisy,_brawling Moll,: makes its way
1 4:rvera huge lace, thavem.'ers nearly an
niueof ground ; in tiff: summer it (twin ,
dies Id an insignilieldif stream and a
4011111 pool at intidd:, water; but ill the
.4pring - , -.‘ hen .7N% idle!' by the welting
. . tail - s, it tuns with a swift current, and
OUR MINISTER'S FUROR, SE. 1 'come place.; the lake is quite deep:—
-, , L . ..
Mr .f _ -11 l sill Is lald out aroundit; and a flight
tittAre these .411 you have -sale ?" Oi ide steps, lip to the side of the rock,
, aid. Mr. Hale, as he %stood in the yard lea to a - -,harly walk above., much fre•-,
before Debray'sstable, while the sales- 1 sae ed by villagers on sufamer even
man Walked mound a low, heavy-built, I toga ~
.. .
, ,
_ .
..,.,- h 0. , ,, and a my, 1, y, largv-tioned : n bright May morli t ing,Pot long tif
ruche): deacon Urged 3 r., Hale to .s.ell 1
.Yes, sir, these are all we have, to Psych yldary Saunders sat inditing a !
(lay except a young mare, that-1 den't letter her absent husband, and she
think you'd like. Jim, bring out/the I told hi of the home bolted provided
black filly," and the clumsy hostlerpro- her al his aht(ence,' Mid descanting
'Cecil( d to 1.1.111 nut, with jerkg and upon Wily's goodness and beauty ;she
V.vitulie- , a sinall rough-coated aainard, forbore i tell him the rogue had al-
NV hose ',Weeding ; Mouth 'and iscarred ready Inn Ern inkstand Upon his snowy
-ilaulfsAitikleti that shelled liceitinmer- 1 wrapper, d now hung about distract
-Wilily Treated. - , : ing hermi d b,y his childish questions.
She resented the hostler'S rfkgli hand- i Unable to tweed while thus annoyed, ,
nual; Ith - ,pirit ; still she_ die not look ; she tied on 1 s little stray; hat and:A:Mt, 1
'Melons. Them - was no very. Ugly gleaM 1 and sent ilia in into ' the yard, where
2 . 0 f th e eyes, h u t on thee/many a plead- f the grass- 'WM just swinging, and the 1
iihr expostulation with till coarse erea- I lilac trei9 bin mg into' blobni.
1 ture, Iv h c ; ga y, h er . 1 !bolt cud a kick, i COngratulati - , 'herself that lie would ,
to niche her show ()Mani brought her I be safely amus i f o r an h our , she re _
lup with a jerk of the linker that almost i turned to her le er and forgot all things 1
"broke her slender neek/i _ - - -i ilse•
" We've btild her tf ce, but had tier! 'Willie was ve6,happy for a while in i
l;returoed," said the . le=man. "she '4 1 vi,eti,l:laniginityl:e
- ho
' gentle as a lamb m cbs_ She get's her 1115th to limb of rt.s: old poplars, and i
I a t V i r r i r s, e , r , a u j i l' - s t ;u h e e,i : :( I ) ) ..J e i u 'l ai a l, ' s e h g e t ' l 4 a ti r S" ,d trO ' l i i i i 1 or their .11(4s, benith the' caves, but
iei soon got tired of these, - .Mil leaping,
!and tierce as a hole /viten she's roused.
1, " I _one's BM s u4 ith'll have ',errand. ~ , ,gaimt the-gate, looked wishfully out
1ie 5 .11 bleak her tetaper (Sr her neck." .. I;ini;tomtliiie
espied street.
!alai: — it :.a- a.
1; ~- Going - rip - trrhe/31r: Hale Sifblfe hilid:f
ly; patting. ilk:neck, which, was sti.A7 pi-riect mystery to him hoer, it era, to'
'quivering with part) from the mressnie
i h i e pii ti l n it f t i l ts e te n t n ie g ri e , rs buLl i a p ti r d e,4x4 lngt i ' i t i i i p s - 4 b ta le . , ,
rot , the lialter. , pas.sed his hand 'eareit-.
lingttover het nose, midffifirg - ,frack:l4 tient-force_unnu the thutrib-we'' e r e to lint
4tertxs_in t inoshat trVatigted.a.ao4lo, i-,, , it, - nna .-tive-usie,s, L„,..............._4(e-5.. , - - , r. , ..• 1
6 - 3 ithove her eye,. : ' ' -,,, , , 11, „Peeping tall; tir=l, on one Side and then ,
The poor creature seemed to IZlldw at: on the other to Le surelm Cows were I
j ottMthat he was ‘,l a different Mame j near, and casting a furtive glance to
from hei old iounentets, and, 1% Ail a ward the house, as If he suspected he
gen tlew hinny, laid her headeonfidlngly was not doing quite right, lie ventured i
114 1 011 his f.liouldee, s, de"her large hazel `oat upon the griu(sy sidewalk. The j
evp i rtilled v.lll. ..:lut-thing very ..iaell "Aloss - dandelions and the bright king
like4ear.. ups beelconed him on, AS theyee.ped
• Site was - etichut horse as tie want- - it. (tom under the fence, and filled his
iia. 7 Her spirit seemed broken, except at with their gray blossoms, as he
,i , ilien epr - aged, and she had been abused andered on toward thepondand brook
:am/ neglected thistle was anything but filch was still swollen b - the spring ,
a-beauty ' ' still'hei• head was well form- 1 ins attracted hint-by the noise as it
e4anct her eyes almost human in their 1 r the rocks.
ritiiression. If her coat could be made e - end of an hour- Mary' Semi- .
smooth, she, might itipplitly pass with- ra ad finished her letter, anti plea
out excitlngfenituk• r. Hale liked to Illg her writing materials in a rose
drive a good lookim=unimal as well at viall,,desk, her husband's +hit gift, e
anyone, and he liesrtuted for sometime, *tined with a bright smile to t
- ill 'he could , nut! resist her pleading ytudow, to see what pretty inischi f
lo6le bet brutal own- i o cunning roguery Willie might a
ere _ I diing. But no 1 ,1;illie was In sight. - i
Softly the son's last rev, are - -
Over the hillside, over the lea,
Flushing the •ficeey clouds and tinting
wrth gold n crimson the purple Kit. ,
While hand in head, they wander together—
Youth of twenty and : child of ten— '
%Across the sea beach, nier the heathors -
- By sloping hOlock end ehely glen: „
k breeze is stirring each tippling - curl
a On the sunny bend :of tie huh: girl,
And. her eyes, from the shading iircad
' brim; ' '
inineent lure look up L, biro. ,
''KenTeng'Years—one - thetaelleis gleaming,-
- CAMPS, glamour cute glen and lea, -
..' _And gilds thesande where u mold - Is roaming
With eyes that wander beyondthu
~ ,_T en long. - long years , —and that daily glory
, , line dented and darkened t-rt WOOti
_ grove, ,
Lighting the page of a In sting story—,
The old, old story of inaldeit's
— Oat duty - severed than clasping -
As the pitiless ocean sever* tin isna* - - ,
And the kart grew sad and the eyes grew sit 3
Wearily waiting end wantilin Inc him
Ten years mon—rsl.llo the retches Ltlker
Fret and roam •n the patient vlibril
And the led benter, 112 dto ping
Anti wrap atrange Word, i.ll the ereOPPIIIII3
6 1 , 10 r : -
Pia from ioute an I glee and Leah();
Fr )m the 1-urple hills of their mutt, land,
rio,e iwo, it. ot y ore, to;ether--
Hu t it 448 , 0 1 r, i r,g heart and cla,pirrp, iar,de.
No mere wtztch‘ng thtongb heavy rear?,
r i s :l , more we ring ifirough we nt S Siarc,
-hat e7 3 -,5.... I ra, lose taint
up.d -Wa lung, erotic». to lok, up to Ltm !
; •
Ilixstitianciuts. - - -- -- •
" I think I - will take her," he said, at
letigth. •• t will send for her this alter.:
itoon,'? - -ankt padtkg the price asked,
Whichotkas - imt large, he left the, yard,
) folioweiftifthe implofing, gtOc' of the
poor hetist;whitselifslinct retality" req-
Aignizeti 4147 - kificiness and humanity,
but not to cc lupiehend that litt•.was to
her!future twirler.
) It was not until quite dark :that MA%
Hale disi,ateiked his 111311 1.)0;,'
iiiew;put;chase, and "fur sevemt-u - oeka
she was allowed tu t remain quietiS , r-in
the ,table::, , -
During this Dena; worked ardt,
•uttily under Mrs Halt!' , : directiorlilt
cleaning the knot- from her luxuria'nt
mane, and biiu,hing it , full c,ra-;•'6s tan
shining glo,zi. Hi.; lough coat y.ieltield
leadily to his heepimi and car,e,
in its jetty blackness and silky .s.oftue- -- ,s,
sure p-oof of uoilti Montt, _
It is eyidenl Quit she liad al why's, beeil
ruled throligli'reari hut Elie was Jiallicu",
larly susceptible to kludne,s,,auti,Mr.
Hale thought what time he could 'sparer
from wells,pecitinteeteit--
ing'her to lore and obey him.- Ite-call
,ektier Psyche' f and the names erred
- , ppropriate; for her sierit(er="-Yorm
Anti jetty blat-knes, united with.
pricious gracefulness, made het touch
more heaittittil- than her inastr....bild
anticipufetl,•. ,- ‘
Dennisl4 I , #e it .ery 9hilrgnailt
when shr'firal cattle house.
I - boasted ..I,a the heighboling boys, of
" the iiibeif(ild era... -• • was
:about to in:lr, , of
" the little led
her, under-hi
hint. But-Iv
In her, audits
der his bane
•Rigqie knel.t= no 'bounds.
'He would follow li:er with his etes,
as M. 11(: roveaway, and fairly ca
per witililelight, es after a little playful
caradoling, she would spiingofr,hiuw
ing_tte Miles behind her in fine style:
He SaughtLher._ many- .trieks.,--iihe,
rofild carry and fetch his coat, whem
ordered.''llkii day the provender had"
ncitheetigiveu her as usual, to his great
delight lie found her tugging:at the
string of the out-bag. He was never
weary.of recounting her exploits to her
master, who, for hl4 part found` the ex
eicioe and excitement of driving • her
ladyship very agreeable and beneficial,
after the confinement of the study; and
for some time the pleasure both experi
enced wa. unalloyed.
But trouble Vs,y che,
who, to repay Ih/‘: . kitt/1/4 ,7 /s of her mas
ker, put oya;cimus. 4 intl grgcetuluirsfanit
- msninoil a dainty ilea i not at r,ll.rilinia
kerial. • _ - _ _
Marl itinali:.-11w1 aralloil =not ;,
though ueriootty kind, site pemisteti in
arc:lung: her neck, tos-ing her mane, t
and prancing:4n' a very undignified „
manner., to take special ` I
delight,- When prising Deacon S.aun- 1 ' ;
ders's Itituse, in pi oi:intim! lit see. tat
sorts of ya - rd, and
ilashinir, eye mid i
timid humid" wile y, pidtty u see, I
or ilase• Ire '1T...14 tt minis- 0
titildl/orper The poor deacon wes sadly, e'
tried siboutlt.; Intd'fiiseii one of Air. el
wannest ITleinisr. - hut how 'Cotild ;a
It' wits a 1 , 1? - 1Y pillit?'
experience. 'OldiprilThei , , utidei whose it
t•. r.
2343Nri1ax1.3.33. 6 oP ictri.max,232..”
_JA IJARY 9, 1867.
lie gate stood ominousli - open, at
telling her, sun bonnet,..she dart
to the street. " Willie, Willie," s
fled, bust no answer.
°eking down she espied his ti
t ek in the soft earth, outside t ,
g ss, and with a beating - heart, s. t
s. v they led toward the pond.
Vith tears she almost flew on, lit t
I t prints still tending toward t
a ter. - The flow ers he had picked e
MAIM scattered by the margin of c
i p
, v a l ,
f a e V ,3 o f i i i ts t h g e rt s tl t d er
tr h e iLh u a r t e s s t . V a l 1 1 :
..1 e m n i gt: a w s ns he h r arc b ll , : v sli:l ,
t e o ien t t et) to w m ,.
I ':
c ascent, and on ;baehing the p,
a 'Whig in the .miLtile of .the etre 1,
of a huge flat rook, that just showe it
eli above the stianu for more t an
MU it; width. Thi water below it ills
dsep, and ran withis swift current, nto
whieli he was throling the last a his
flowers, and watching with glee lair
rapid progress ,to rd the Mil Poor
M4ry was no herot c. With one p ree
int shriek she fell , neeless to the rth.
Willie, hearing to cry, and eing
"hi mother, inste of going back the
ba ik, took one p towaro lie and
1 i
• - pl nged benentl the swift ru ning
stream. Mary's ry had reach 1 the
caps at Denis, w ) was at wor t in a
field near by, an Willie's sere s as
the cold water osed over hint con
vinced him ft( 1 which director) it
came. With al ossible speed, je was'
at the water's de, where he (found
Maly lying as ne dead and taught
'sight of Willie the rushing twaters
bore him over he smooth surfaee'of
..the _ rock iinto 1E4:0 beneath; It is
-impossibb log c ally idea of Ilse ter
rhlcl_crfeiMlli JIM.) Dr Wed Ulf
~ic, . .criez.,..
air, as li4riaza.,
Men att
unusual T e l
and spad
Irom - itlie
_and bare
~t.incl chili.
I Pi , n
''when in I
nis's nice
anti e at
wiii i lie
fast as iii
the 4irect
:it hat
o iiiima
g Heil tip
qi in tilt
Illiiile ii',
tctliear i)
Waled I.
bay , anti ;
- :r.l ng iiQ
wl n slip
.111 her en
El whip
'Jai a
is mini'
a. t nie Ii
e to ti
is tin
-. 11
'as an
ad / feeling that something
be the cause droned hoe
&hastened' Mlle direction
they came.
with uncovered heads,
iis, darted from every house,
ai of all ggis, swefleid the
aunders, who was storing
granary, recognized Den
id with an undefined pres
mt it was something in
ad a deep interest, ran as
ed 4 would allow, in
a ail were taking.
Villie's safety depewies
Mil, he would /level have
Ith glalignilicT.
hn had I•or.11 larnea out 16
anti nod LeT,etit.y
the lo:u61.1e, \vas the hf , t
(Tie , . She wa ,
It 6I 1101,e, 111)111 the
u,nal expected that he was
to partake of some dainty,
e;u11 - hi , voice, so p,i;.king
she inwardB the
Joe Tee - lied just 8 4
111'.:4 time.
w whinny of reroiznition,
sF with fear. the heautifti.;
-ere"' her head. tw,‘
:wan, tilkingeci in
N1: 1 ) 1 . , Y11-r9tr,;lN , stri*e:3 to-
liiiati that directed
the noble beast anti taught her care in
striking out, with her iron-bound hoofs,
as she neared Willie, and the same hand
guarded her, as, plunging her slender
head beneath the waves, she caught the
Surf that was about his neck, in her
teeth, and drew his head above the
water. The scarf wasa thick cashmere,
and held him securely ; so Psyche, turn
ing with her precious burden fast in
her mouth, swam steadily toward the
shore. 'Willie's golden hair and pale
face gave striking contrast beside her
jet black coat, glistening with water,
which ran in streams from both.
A crowd had collected upon thebank,
and foremost of them all stood the dea
con with clasped bands, his hair stream
ing. in the wind, anti nerves stretched
out mo their utmo , :t tension, as he watch
ed the gallant animal.
It was be who received from her
mouth his darling pet. He held him
only to assure himself that his life was
not, extinct, and then consigned him
to his mother ( who had recovered from
her' swoon) and a hundred helping
hands that were readily extended for
the relief of the I the sufferer.
'Vl:tit - streaming cyes the good dea
don i turned to Psyche, who stood with.
lirooPing head and panting sides,
iug tired but still very muchinter
ested in the restoration of her little
friend, whom she followed with her
eye 4 till lie was borne out of sight.—
Tenderly and carefully the. deacon
wiped the water from her shining coat,
and then, without speaking, Which he
had not done since first startled from
labor by Dennis's cries, he led her to
his own stable.
• Mr. Hale bad been absent all this
time, and knew nothing of the accident,
until, on cooling in sight of the old farm
house, what was his surprie see
Psyche standing in the yard, covered
with one of Mrs. 14aunder's otter col
ored bed puffs, making a very ludic
rous.figure with black head and flow
log tail:in bold relief at either end.
God bless you, Mr. Hale," said the
deacon, as he wrung his pastor's hand,
",for not minding the words of a fool
ish Man. lied you sold Psyche, my
boy would have now been a corpse.
lam a police superintendent in a
large iron-making town, and for up
wards of twenty years have had the
care of a populous coilieryllistrict. The
peculiar avocations of the peoplesupply
ample disguise fur criminals in hiding.
WI we•uld Link for a runaway clerk to
the black face and coal-stained garments
of a collier, or in the guise of a laborer
in the icon -died It may be assumed,
therefore, that many a strange incident
has come under my notice in the course
of so long a service, and some of these
I may . occasionally present to the pub
lic. One hi particular I remember well,
as practically' illu-trating leruark
made in the .ruic, on the conviction 01
Mullet: the erinws of a conspicuous
character are genTirall, calknitted by
did darts that is least suspected. ! 1 was
call6d one evening toquelladisitobance
between several colliers and a party of
Irishmen. The colliers, it appearsmad
dened with drink, had assailed the lat
ter; driven chen...-..into a uwenang, and
would speedly.have killed one or more,
. for i she D .ortune arrival oldhe w-
a note t;mia the railway authorities that
ft coal train had been thrown off the
line by some tularreant or other, who
had placed sleepers along the rails.
Knowing that colliers uorking at a
distance invariably returned by these
trains, and remembering the struggle
of the night before, 1 at once concluded
this to be an attempt at Irish revenge,
and pursued my investigation accord
A few nights after,,another coal train
WEIS thrown off the rails, as, in the- for
mer case, however, without harm to the
men ; but this second attempt spurred
me on, so that certain suspected persons
were speedily in custody. But I soon
found that these were not "my men."
It. is useless for me to expatiate on the
Jainerring ifigua by which innocence in
" Variably asserts itself. The Irishmen
were violent men in their cups, but
most certainly incapable of the atro
cious act of which they were accused.
Scarcely had a week passed when the
whole neighborhood was thrilled with
horror. At a distance of twelve miles
from the town where I lived was an
other town, to which our tradesmen re
sorted in numbers every Wednesday to
market. - In the evening, the last train,
as usual, bore its numerous passengers
to their homes. It was ? summer-time,
and merrily they dashed along the rug
ged hank of a mountain-river, winding
in amongst the hills. But soon the pic
ture was changed; turning a curve in
full career, the engine left the rails, and
cutting deeply into the embankment,
rolled on its side, fortunately having
continued just a sufficient time in pro
giess to break the shock of the carriages.
There Sl'a, an aiwtul cry of lamentation,
h wild medley, a hurried scene; men
and women -cocking to clamber through
the opening above the locked doors, too
intent on per-zonal safety to think of
anything else. :lost were bruised, and
all were trightened. While messengers
were dispatched to the nearest station,
others sea#ched along the route for the
cause of the mishap. It was soon found.
The scene of the accident was a curve,
and the rail nearest .to the river had
been forcibly removed. The miscreant
—for it was soon seen that the villains
had been there—had fortunately been
ignorant of mechanics. He had taken
up the rail by the ravine—for .I have
omitted to mention that there was a
steep precipice at this point—and natu
rally through that the train, with its
load of human life, v. - ouldhave tumbled
over. The rail next to the river was
the "safe" one, and so the engine simp
ly_pleughed along towards the scarp of
the mountain.
antic abng the-
When the details of this lucky escape
• lied me, I felt that my reputation
was a . : !e. This was evidently No.
Three.of the diabcdietd- attempts-of- the
same haud., The first inquiry made
I was, Who drove the train? and one or
1 two questions of a similar character put
me in possession of this important fact,
that the driver of the coal-engine trains
1 at the time the trucks were thrown off
was one and the same person. "Now,
I then, for the driver," said I, and march
led to his lodgings. I found him a qui
t et, inoffensive sort of a young fellow,
not a likely man to have a malignant
1 enemy. He was unmarried and some
! what fresh to his duties on the line, not
i having been in the position very long.
1 "We at once touched on the sulijeet of
the accident, bat I found he was quite
at sea as to the riti-..e.
in the fields hstett
"Have you au enemy," ii t t, ut
I.lll' one -e ho enteriau . ;,
against you:"
he OAC,..:4lkit not
"Ng, ate unmarried, I believe?„
he war-.
"Courting, pe. haps 'f" 1 suggeqed.
He eon le,-ed to the l / 4 oft ituneAchment.
"Have you any (-Ideetionto tell me
who the holy luquired I, foe we
pollee 0,04.eis are sometimes obliged to
overt delteate scruples: He men
tioned the name of a pakwg Woman re
'Wing at a fartnhansa CIS miles down
the y.tAtp, AO Within half # mile of the
w:iimt , • the accident. I drew a - long
breath, but kept my own counsel,
Oh, so the damsel llyes there, does
NO. 1.
she? Now, has she any other sweet
hearts besides yourself?"
He thought there had been one, a
carpenter? but, quoth the driver com
placently smoothing an incipient
heard, "She has no lover now but me."
"Where does this carpenter live?"
•'About half a mile from the farm,"
he answered ; and with that I left, fully
satisfied now that I was on the trail.
The morning after, and at the scene
of the accident, I had found a large
thick stake, cut evidently from the ad
joining wood. This had been used to
pry up the rail from the sleeper. Ex
amining it minutely, I saw that it had
been cut recently, and that with a
So, with this ideauppermost, I started
ou the mission, and after a pleasant
drive reached the little hamlet where
the carpenter lived. This district vs as
very mountainous and rugged ? and as
I mounted a winding road towards the
house, I could hear the monotone of the
river at which so narrow an escape had
taken place. Yonder was the scene.
Was the the criminal here? The door
was soon opened to my knock, and by
the carpenter himself, a cool, self-pos
ssed young man, Who seemed to read
my errand in a moment, yet asked me
what I wanted; without the change of
a muscle. I entered into his little room,
and told him I had a suspicion he could
enlighten me on the case of therailway
1` , :o, he couldn't; he had heard of it,
like the re2t.
N.Vould be allow me to ~ learch him?
Certainly; and forthwith various ar
ticle were in my hand. On his person
I found two pocket knives, each of
which would have served to cut the
stake. As I paused a moment, and
held them in my hand, he heedlessly
observed: "That knife" (pointing to
one) "I only put into my pocket this
looming, as I generally keep it at home."
I opened the knife'. the blade was
notched ; and looking up from the ar
ticle to the carpenter, caught his eye.
We knew one another's thoughts in an
instant; but he accompanied me tran
quilly enough to the town. At the trial,
the knife figured in evidence; various
corroborating matters satisfied the jury
of his guilt ; he Was found guilty, and
sentenced to seven years' transportation.
It turned out afterwards that he loved
the farm-girl, and was incited by jeal
ousy to the act which so nearly caused
so 1 rightful an accident. Forall I know,
the driver still dwells in single blessed
ness, for themaid is still a maid, as to
sy-cheeked tis ever, and, it is said, is
waiting for the carpenter's return !
SPR.INC: G ( - 1-ill, -
i NE V11(17 , - - aii. ern - , MoNTANA„' -
i November 11, - Nee. 1
Fkiji...N - i. C OBE • The old saying,
" lioffe is where the heart is," is an
over true tale—at, least so friend Jim
and I think, and I assure you we claim
the plealeint village of Wellsboro as our
home—from which we were induced to
i a..a....s- isT ,r,r , t ctecrum erc..-4, ........
t the immense nuggets and fortunes to
I lie made by investing in, or connecting
oneself with a mining company. So,
as you honored us bya notice of our de
parture fur the gold mines, I think we
• are in duty bound to announce our ar
rival-- nd in lbw words as possible, our
experi nee in passing through the In
dian c untry, as well as our first ims
pressio is on reaching the mines.
On t e 22,1 o I Jane we volunteered in,
teamsters in a train consisting of 52
wagons, loaded with machinery for
quartz and saw mills, belonging to a
company gotten up in our honest Qua
ker Slate. Our trip, though tedious, was
not monotonous, owing to the Sioux
and Cheyenne Indians who, having
lately been provided with arms and mu
nitions by Fort Officials, were very an
noying—our train being attacked sev
eral times, though fortunately without
loss of life. Our train was the only one
that accomplished the trip via the Bow
man cut-oil without losing from one to
twenty npen each, killed by the Indians.
Nearly Avery day we passed newly;
made graves, with headboards stating
that the occupants tell victims to Indian
barbarity; and in many instances, the
wolves having exhumed the remains,
the clothing 4.. e. scattered about afforded
a most melancholy spectacle. We ar
rived here on the :'.d of October after a
most tedious and clangorous tiip, and
admit beg greatly disappointed. Vir
ginia City, the capital, is an ordinary
mining camp, or in other words, the
rends vows of about 6.000 heating popn-
lation prospectors, Peter Funks. gam-,
blers, vyi,oh,3 de pare and Chinese—a
more motley crowd can not be imagined
'or expressed.
There is eine gulch, the Alder, from
which a large amount of gold has been
taken, but which at present is aban
doned to new comers, termed ." pil
grim," and to Chinamen, which latter
in California are 'accounted to be simi
lar to jackals, picking up the refuse of
the deserted crimu.
The company in whose employ we
are and ha:•e been since leaving the.
Missouri River, are erecting a quartz
mill, which will be completed in a few
wetks; but where the cibartz is to come
from remains a mystery. The mill will
have the capacity of crushing forty tons
of quartz per day, which the General
Grant and Ora Cache Lodes are expect
ed to yield, Gen. Grant as usual, is
stubborn and won't. yield au inch ; and
Ora Cache in Spankli, tigniifies '• con
cealed gold," which is very appropri
ately named, and like Grant, yields
nothing. We are disappointed, and
consider oil stook far preferable to gold,
and would advise adventurous disposed
persons to avoid Montana.
Friend Jim and I are keeping bache
lor's hall. Think of it! and in the
Rocky Mountains too. I think we are
to be excused if we breathe an occa
sional sigh for home, friends and sweet
hearts—especially the latter.
For the benefit of inexperienced
youths, we recommend the following
linos •
If you have enough to eat and drink
And buy your Sunday clothes,
Don't listen to the gammon
That from Montana blows
Dot stay at home and bleat the ;Aar..
On every hariteerned cent.
And if the tuckers vital to go—
Why ! coolly let 'em went.
1 hope sou will ilia your intioence in
having an occasional letter and paper
forwarded. Merry Christmas and
Happy'_ .I , w Year to all.
Vour friends,
De,, 18645
DEAR KERNEI ' It e; given unto
men and thp qntr of men to vat(ll rats.
I too am a victim of rat catching. My
left hand is poisoned with a vile vine
which is culled "' live fingers" by the
natives. I have several guts on either
hand,and am rut bitten until my thumbs
and fingers feel like a series of unripe
boils. Trapping is not all sunshine—
especially. with the thermometer at 0.
Fur inatauee, you get up in the morn
ing, weather tine, mild, sunny.. Now
if ever Is the time to put out forty or
The Propr tetore have stocked the es babLettmen t weds
a Large assortment of modern styles
and aro prepared to overate. neatly, and promptly
Deeds, mortgages, Lessee. and a fall assortment of
Conetables' and Justices' Blanks, constantly on bawl.
Peoplelietny, at a distance can depend on bselnet !IVY
work done promptly, and sent bark In return mall
illirOrrics—Roy'tblock,Serond Floor.
fifty traps, so you take a backload of
" No. 1 Newhouse," and start for a
chain of grassy lakes and marshes
where the muskrat houses stand about,
thick as haycocks in a hay field, and
not unlike in appearance. A pleasant
half day's work suffices to cut open as
many houses as you have traps, and
you take to your bunk at night with
pleasant anticipations of fur. Next
morning it happens to be a trifle less
rosy ; thermometer at zero, wind from
the west, and snow sweeping about the
lakes and marshes most freeziugly, but
the traps must be overhauled, so, after
one breakfast and four irresolute smokes,
you get your grit up and start out, artned
with a two bushel bag and a small az ;
the latter to cut into the houses, the
former to carry wet rats in. Arrived
on the ground, you at once proceed to
business, cut into a house, find water
inside frozen over owing to the house
not being properly closed; cut - the trap
out t.that houce spoiled for the winter)
and go on. Open next house, trap gone,
and chain leading down a cavernous
hole ,of unknown depth—rat in the
trap of course: you pull gently on the
chain to test if the critter be alive, and,
as there is no responsive kick or strug
gle, decide that he is dead. Now; to at
tempt lifting the trap by its chain is to
pull a leg off and lose the rat ; so you
bare your arm to the shoulder and com
mence following the icy chain with
your hand, down, down among roots,
grass, tangled rushes and mud, until at
la.t you have hold of the trap, feeling
your way to the animal with some mis
giving, when, presto! you get a sharp
nip on and into your index finger, and
your half frozen hand is withdrawn
suddenly—rather. The critter is lively
as a cricket, and pugnacious as a prize
tighter, and you go to the bank, some
twenty rods off, cut a red willow hook,
and finally succeed in dragging the un
fortunate rodent front his mysterious
hole, entangled with a half bushel or
so of grass, roots, and mud, knock him
°lathe head, bag him, close the house,
and go through a series of insane gym
ua.stics for the next five minutes to keep
from freezing, before going to the next
trap. The programme varies at differ
ent houses, as do the houses also. Some
of the animals refuse utterly to drown
themselves, but stay on the small
shelves and partitions where they sleep
in winter, tearing the houses in pieces,
and fighting the tray with tooth and
nail—these give the least trouble.—
Others drown themselves heroically and
are fished up with some difficul£y, while
a few are found dead and dry in the
trap, resting on the little shelves afore
said, having perished through lack of
constitutional vitality." I think if I
were a rat and had the misfortune to be
caught by the hind leg in my own houSe,"
I should be found dead on my Shelf.—
Many of the varmints leave a that in
the trap and escape on three'legs, while
ii is not unusual to catekone which
has lost a leg or even two. _as for the
mink, he is easily caught and gives but
little trouble ; the only difficulty being
to find him. he having been followed
and trapped on every lake and Aver
from lowa to Hudson's Bay, until he
has:, been nearly exterminated.
- - - -
The above will giVe you some notion
Or me way that i am spending my time,
mixed in with hunting of course; and
I have little more to sky except that
when the weather gets a little harder I
Neill make out a report on Minnesota:
its advantages and disadvantages toand
for the settler." I have been here long
enough to find out some points both for
and against it as a point of emigration,
which I will try to set forth in shape
for publication at no distant day, and
impartially, I didn't intend to fill this
sheet with notes on trapping, but I
got started I% that task and couldn'.l,
intr. You ought to see the lake, on the
shores of which I am living at present.
With its two high wooden islands, its
handsomely timbered, gravelly shores
and deep clear waters, it makes a moat
enchanting picture in warm weather,
and now that it is frozen solid—oh, for
my skates, which I, like a font left at
home. Boating and fishing can be had
in 4 great perfection in Minnesota as
in any place I ever saw., and that is no
small inducement with some in choos
ing- a location. My health has improved
much since I came here. Give my re
garde to all friends. _
78 AND '62
F'2 , JI.DIEFtti GF TIOGA : Those noble
men who, during our late struggle, vol
untarily sacrificed their domestic wel
fare and interest, and went forth to bat
tle aztumt the enemies of our country,
faithfully represent those noble spirits
who unfurled the Star Spangled Ban
ner, crowned it with the American
Eagle, rind bore it triumphantly amid
the smoke of many a.liard fought battle
field in seventy-six, and handed it
down to us as the guardian of the prin
ciples of Union and Liberty which they
so gallantly maintained.
6oldiers of Tioga. Let us gather to
dether in one crand Brotherhood of sol
iers, as many of our brethren have
throughout the State. Lodges of the
" Legion of Honor" are springing up
all over the State; the Legion is per
manently organized, and he who now
addre.-ses you. has been appointed to or
ganize this county. I now call upon
you to " rally around the standard,"
and join the League of Honor. It
would be an honor to ourselves and to
our comrades wherever we may meet
them. It is founded upon the princi
ples of Liberty and Union, charity and
prosperity to all self-sacrificing patriots,
and their helpless dependents if such
there be among us. IT no one etses will
honor us let us honor owrselres, and let
it be said of every soldier of Tioga coun
ty, at least that he is proud to own that
be has been an American soldier.
"Oh patriot hearts wipe out the stain,
ii.diao loin year hearts sad 'teach 01144 More,
And let notommon soldier blush
To own the loyal blue be wore.
Shout long and loud the victory won,
By chief and leader staunch and true,
But don't forget the boys that fought.
Hurrah for the comma» soldier too."
Now brother soldiers, I call upon one
of you at least in every township where
there are soldiers residing, to address
me. I will furnish you with any In
formation desired. Authority will be
given to one man in every township to
organize a Lodge. Come up to the work
like men, and let us have our county
organized by February atleast.
The priu?iples of the League will be
fully explainal to any one who may ad
dress me. It is secret in its organiza
tion, but it iv not poii.eicat. Those ad
dres,-incr, tile «'lll please inclose a stamp,
but if tliey donut feel disposed to do so,
leave it out and t will address them all
the same lam fellow soldiers,
Very respectfully,
You ob't servant,
F. E.oit olt,C of th,, S. L. of T. i:.
33. Liberty, Tioga Cosuay,
DECEYBKR: 12to, Hee,
Law is ,like a sieve; voti - may see
through It, but you must be considera
bly reduced before you can get through
Brutes no. more comprehend tkviPways
of man, than man comprehends the
ways of Providence.