The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, May 16, 1866, Image 1

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raw., tuna - Ably to aaratice.
V2Y Gr./XL!.
.A.roltlarCria... 7- 1... - To. :R .5 ,. .... - i - vl.
two. 3 'ma. 1 6 6.c. i 0 m.o. 1 Iyr
1 e q ueets_.....—V-.63 5.331 7.;e3 i .3.-.',,Le3 i 12 0,1
Y Synced ;75 , 5j"..3 1 12113 1 15.03 ,1 IS va
1-4 Cultunn.--- 170) . 1 10;o0 1 If .t.i.3 1 "33:03 f4 C 43
1-2 Comma..-.-. 1200 w 1.0.1 6,!,. 7 ,3 1 6‘,5,03 .65.C*
1 C.latan .—....24.14 7...5..a.) 1 1- - a..01) I 63,05 £ll.OO
1 Square 1 Lumen ;1.03.—Z,..)ctf.,,,1. w.,l7.thereallt.r.
Administrators lind faccr.tors Noti-,, , , t 5,05 each.
Bears: , oil-aa or eve li - a ,,, $.7.A;3 p a r Tear.
NSWlas DIREcirORY. —
w. D. IrEQUELL tic CO.,
Wail Paper, Kern eue Lamp, Windda - Glass,
erfeanery, Paints and iiis, Sc_,
Cereing, IS. Y., Jan. I, la6a.--ly.
Vffice formerly occupied by James Lowrey, Esq
Well/Awry, Jan. 1, 186,&--1y„
Insaranne, Bounty +awl. Pension Agency, Main
is:trzat WaWawa, Pa., JAM- 1. /BdB.
5. F. Wn.sos. ' J. 13. limts
,Fi r ,t doer from Signalers, on the Acenue)—
Will attend to business entrusted to their care
in the counties of Tiogs and Potter-
Wellebrxe, Jun. 1, 17.366.
Arroms - eT dr Lew—Mansfield, Tioga co, Pa.
May 9, 115611—ty •
TAILOR. Shop fret door north of I. A. Sears's
Shoe Shop. Cussing, Pitting, and Itepir
ing done promptly Sl.LklitelL
Wellsboro, Pa., Jam- 1,1866.—1 y.
DRAPER AND TAILOR. Shop orer - Sonen's
Store, second foot. inr - entring, Fitting, and
Repairing done promptly and in best style.
Welk-loro, Pa-. Jan. 1, 1865-ly
the-shop lately , -, entipind by Mr. P. C.Eioig, and
ant prepared to shoe horses and oxen, and to
do all kinds of work pertaining' to the bust
nets in a superior wanner. . -
Wellabor°, Pa-, Jan. 1, 18415.—iy.
Gaines, Tioga Geentsr,-Fa.
IL C. VERMILTEA, Paoreasrotz. This is a
new hotel locale-1 within easy axes of the
Lest taking aud hunting greonds in "North
ern Penneylvania, Yams will be spared
1;:r the aceolamodallt , u of pleasure seekers and
the traveling public. ' [Jan. 1, 1866.)
No. 11 Law Building,--Sr. , Badassets.
RE —Levin Gale. Alloroey . at Lair,
E l aar , l Israel, A tt'y at Law. Rev. .7.
RNe s, D. D.. Rev. Henry Slicer, 7.0 114 Con
fiel3,l3n. & Co_, F. sr re&Ludiirig A
McSherrv, Julia F. Mr...ll:tun. Esq.. Robert Law
avrl, Esq., S. SatLerlan:l. Esq. Int. Ricrac is
authorizel tv tianass: any bailtetf. appertain
ing t :114 pager in Ealtitti,re.]
Jan. 1. y.
- r t BACON, 1i \sis- the `,cl Pe Car, 'a.iry,
La folfr Yeare. of army ststYr, Ns -Kis a large
experitiaosi its bell and brsispiitilfrayaist, has opened ass
saftcv for tbt practice .1 tialisi ue ax..l astret-ry. 111
traccites. Pera44 Lama Ciaista,cis.
at Usti Punzialliszqa
any part of the Sttoiss , is c3. - - t_alrevois_
perks= optratiirtss. No 4. CLicsis Slott, up
sutra Ktlisbctu. Pa_. May 2_ _
has the Lv Inform the citizens ,cd Tioga
:tau Lima - Lace the beet ope•rtabity ever
vferei Mere, to pr•ecare Arahrot3pes.. Ferrotypes,
Gems, Cwri4Bl4* Vi,:watler, as./ all kir.“.ia
et Lamy sad papoular card, and. „colored Tictxtrez,
on Elmira .s.laeet.-
Nor. 15, !65-4f. F. M. SEENCEr...
suzglll=l smut Efleetanical Dentist,
WCILIIII Ir,lvrtri the eitizer_s oT Werlit.,rt and. Al
tkiLt he Lit* Lttel gas a aesiret,:e' Of
3Ver . ohzt 8.. Bowen's UV
where Ile l prm.parel tr, es....ite all
prLfeerica, with la pr,try,twe-s a. 1.4
=aide Bina vi offer itlytriGr ieduce-
LL.4.e rtgairing ettal ‘,peratitA3F. Aft
, rorc ""z1:72 End S t reacDtable =es. Please
ezrznine rpeeirEene.
March 21, IFt36.—H
C. N. D A R'T T,
1 - Trr_Till i t. the public that he le pt rays
Leti:y iviiated Weilthiro, (CrlT:ifee at Wu
Lear the "Land Cece 6334 Epiaeorad
Cl , ttez- where be will continue to do leitolead
ziLfdei - to hie care, glattranteeick, complete
where the ehill , f the Dentist caw ,
ihe tr.2-tagexect of csees peer-liar to the
fei vz arq matena . ae,Elivl.
clended to cm abothzi Ltnirt. aid dvrte iP the
best and blest approved ,tyie. _„
Ls - .lt the ewe of ArneweficF which ate Ft:-
:wt:y twirtii: and wdrilLiiiered in every
tzle when ?Haired.
.121; LlBl4'll'
B. EMITS, Knoxville, 'logs -C,,,c0.17.
PA-. I, liceaseti Agent, and AA:Lome:I
tar kiln:vs esti their friends througtent fil Oat ,
k I III Etaies,i will proseastesest collect with nn 7
athy other ki,td of claim
soim: the Gosertmett before limy apt Lig K Ut
itnmett* (T it Cot rem Terse_ re-Aerate, All
ev r , tutiutiour ht to tbe abovesddrees grill se
eme ttteeties- Jec: 17, 11.46..
litia Strew, Wellsbort, Pa.
RITTER, Pit.irZirroa.
v..pular bectl property,
:ettZy w_ctaltd by Mr. Neter.e - Auttie) S tbs.!'
t" , -I'Arar LI; tcat it trJy the -trio the: btsscu—
}'-4-ttl arttaticz. 'nil be girec tc the 12.14 e,
Lta tat -veil..': eel gaciae tril. bt 8 .pritVe
the Ltzt.te Tat under '6.t care ut an eaperi
Jam. I, 1€44-17•.
Maio &reel and at A sztair-)
Wii-LsocaLo, PA,
E. HOLIDAY, Propriezcz.
EIS it ens etf the meat yt,l4th ta
er Iletett in T n;..cLr.ty. This lintel it tie krinnipti
et 4 /Lee-hones in Weathers- Stases leave deil:
F"t 6411;e s :
Tinra. at 9a_ tn.: Fes. Trey, E
' r Jel - ECY _Endre ere:7 leteedelr_tend frida7 at
F- For Cundcreport, were histany a zi
st: 2
Th.SES, Mgt,. et. 32 7 -2 ,t'e.l-ek
Truns. Troy, at 6 Vesta y. na_: Freya Jer-
Inuday and Frida7 H a. (41. i
C ., nderti.nrt, latestsiey Haiti Tiati:eday II a- ar
2.7 . b.—Jimmy Cowden, the steli-katnitst Lett
./err t/e Luund 011 hand.
Wellainro Jim. 1, 1155-Iy.
. ;.
Of MANSFIELD. Pa., hare Just -reeeire.l aid
offer to the inhabitants of Tioga cutinty, at the
lowest cash prices, a large and well assorted stuck
of the following fast class good.:
Paints, Oil, Putty and Glass, 'Bowe .1 Stevens'
rausilyDyes, Patent Medicines. Perfumery,
Toilet Soaps, flair Oils and Pomades,
School and Miscellaneous Books,
Books. and Blank Deeds of -
all kinds. Diaries for
Photograph and Antogriph Albunis, Gold Pfai
.and Pocket Cutlery,-, All kinds of Toys,
Tobacco, Snuff' 4 Cigars of best
brands. -
Pianos, melodeons, & Cabinet Organs
,„ ~
su3 l d Al kinds of Mnainal Instruments. and musical
merchandise. All the most popular Sheet Music
always on hand.
By siterial.erreagersauti with the largest man
nfactortug hoeie in" New York, we can furnish all
styles of
regtib-nti in
Parties wishing instruments will save tan per
cent by eommunicating with as before purchas
ing elsewhere. ' Ail Instruments delivered
Pianos and Melodeons to rent on reasonable
terms. Agents for the celebrated Florence hlew
ing Machines. - 3 iING i& WHITE.
Mansfield,-Heed. 1885 -4 re• • - - •
Dir. W.W.WEBB & BP"
Have opened a Drug and Chemical Store, on
Main Street, let door below liastinpr:whitre 114
intend to k ee p a full aseortment of
A good arficle of Liquors and u Tines.
Presec-4tious carefully prepared.
iycn free a charge;.
Nov- 13-17.
H0111) - EN - trietW, - ; "`"
Would Itetwtfally announce to " whom it
may toncernP that they toep constantly on hand
a large and wall aulected assortment of
DRUGS .411111-_
- - • -,a
Tea, Coffee, spice, Pepper, film
- Ser,Sateratu., Starch,
- mad as 41:d = satiety' of
Tiojp . 4 Pa.4oct. 4, /8155-13455._
13oot, Bth =dal .resether_:SOri
PRE LifIiRWIOXED Fiatiia g ftaraed
2-a ea-partskenhip lustier Lb j; 1104 jibe of
i. -LOGOUT & CO.,
can be-f and of th on eon= of Main
anA - Miii Steeds, where they mill - keep Coratantly
of briui a grnerarit of •
of a:4.4st quality, whira , ibey will Fell sv adip
for Crs...b.. as to make_ it an object for dealers ,to
La/ 4e4.
that Stock titiattiats pail of
t .
• -
- tier ern lostufattare. - 411 w,
. ,
! A 4 1 ,ENT4 WANT.V..D.T-Ti. CA tii,V Area Agpezican
• .
LADIES' GAITERS. RALVIORAL. lUD, , -21 - l''z"e•Atw'eGe•g-Petrrlae-4 , k-w-L2"- 4 P-tfUl PO ~Z 4 O"
, _ a Alt Rip, ' 44 . 1.14 X: 4.411 -4 , 11r4.4y =eke frl.ool Vito A..=l
, a c&LE., & )IJSSES SRQES. et 40 , i- I wal *ow Am/ 4leA; $.l-W lf 104- 11l sell
. .pv„,101.. feud l:Mebte , fir' eat Q 1" puzzles. A vrdete
' ' • 'I , *eat tri wail Ave: PHILIP UM, ivassrorter 9f re4M7
Preset -a5..4 4 3als Stock 42:4181•ButlF es iuttai far I 44.46. =a - Ararat es.sees, , 11.:1,1adelptig, Pi.. I.4,diee'
sale- (loch pdill at ail times lor• IIIDUS„ PEL/S, Natee 21 , 44‘,11911* W cd tio Ptif , S 4/40.1ac. tta c
4 FURS- , , •
_., itylVaii WO rowyt or 14. t cruts. • a1,,P...-2=
M r ANTED:-.4-tik....—"T9 C4i.014{4 i'.4 . it , 9 *jfitt.e4
/SA 164 Uhi ,lielaw4 , l. - ' Gxa. , ttr - 10,4r40.1.t.ate or.
irred St= b) pax, 90.4 r puldllrlars, /gents 1.419 att
L jAiGail y . - jrav ; z7iiit, p a, I entire. savr,9pr.ii In - the territory seutgced fbete,, HO
OM* has laeeu sxyzimaz aCo Inlzi<l et..l.of,setzee , ,J
). ,APCHAREI!SC I NO S 11114", H. T'' i Alroae fritit Lancezze3 4,, , -. 1495e1, vt.Davz , r , T4ali alai Ak.
Ecitaivilic, Jaz. i s , ,ilkii4-11., . , 3 ,t ,, 5 . ..1 . 0 , .. , S .1.14. 14 liktne: sbu Lott: el,,'IN el lunar r , ,u.t.,
try'e avfer,v,-„ asvi vf4eceee' el ee1:110'4. For
eircuitur, 4x, eo4dr_r*,'‘nv3uwl4 stamp,` 13. f,l, DAILEY,
C01utu10t5 : 4.,1,44, Fax 23. ' epli,l,-1,11/
Fares ter fate
TVEIk teorr,ll4,, iltega Conicity Ps ~, ,outa.ipitt 1 - r " •
124 ikret, 40 - serer frapr.ivt,ci. inrca fel weigist.gritsz.7 ratfar.-D7:42. fir3l4tom,
.wiLtarv4, rurpereme eprisize. A emell etre-sea - of ' - • -"- •
rEVOn i a , fr . ; tZita . ,TeleAtl3 , o cazt, , exne,g
pv,444, 44. ,end rk,e,t 1 - I,ey MDT.
Tut. , Jr.Ai - 4 - 1 at taro, sear I.l(aldir re. It fs 14414 out II :,
. 6 , lc fa, aj j,Li a , bor..
(wen e'le.eta-Vora deiry - ferra. A ,crriort el 1 aD ,3 -b a y ttl a a u p a r ,.. aa a 4 „,„1
grz - ,ir, laud. Tisa twat r et, frs!,ne 13, - ,letaawe r9 ,- ..= 'W);l4.•ox't3 stole, %sten tilty
buiTialtg , d lera ..„ . A t h r if ty ! e, , ,,e5 , 54 14 ari Laud to waft am. -their austawrai
ys.traf tel) apple, ~rer et'
. A=2. 1 . 1 4 . y, 4 ,/-.7 . 7 1 .°4 14. 19 ,g1, 4 ','e 44 7-Y b °, "
trrt* ZwAl ee1 , 90 boure un - the 2 4;r 4 E/U
1:117.17.1. r.rat farTa wa, 4 o,t 1.4 dirided tits) :
4 p9viaw,, drdag - .&c. - Ladies , tgaid pas: swidtts, was
lore , e15,,e31 fame or 42 aeries Price 3512 per 4 uLd'4 , 3 on tend, orrcedo to ' 44 ' 3 ' , •
atm. Terme easy. - A liber43 des/an-rim cmsde " Al * 9742"'“ - • • 'J. ictutiwy
. 4447 `4,11:40.e1y
fur sada ,d Luggire e,f
B. BMW', liVisßoro,
'FMS. UM:A se tbs presaim.
Jaz-17, /MAL
WeUsboro Marble Works;
l ar sTowELL ; .IR.; lii.rittgriaurebaxed the
1 - 11 - inteiestof P.'e. liolg, the busiuus gilt,
note 17e conducted under the name or Al t 'Otowell,
-Jr. &Co.-
All deacriptions of marble - . work- executed to
the euure satiefactlon of eustqmora ------ ,
the talcs and moat apptoted, styles. 'IrW, will
a 1) flaniis4 '
and all kds.of babliess
- 'We intend to do our work int manneYtbat wig
defy competition.
' - - n. sispwnL;r4:Jß.,, Alpo ;
t:Pril 18: 8 6 -
r - WHOLESALE, 1111114 STORE,
,1 (311,411,m?"
AND Aims, • •• - • •
• ; ; BRANDI; WHITE- .
.- - 50SgailE44 1 017
,- ):14 .131 1 1 X4• 1 41 41rJA:t I
:4,:." - ii , "1,.:, ir•:1-', , . 1
7 '
Sold at Wholesale Prices. Bump are request 4
44444 geilsiiefiatisfasisheide
"-lerLuV liAikklitiFt, A co
IW.R,laiirefixdsieeil thp price cg:Ftur $1 per I
barrel, Feed and 50 cent per cw,t,l
and s hall tell, FOIL CASH ONLY, f
m 1 7 ,1"
:BRAN, die., &C. t.
t r iSl $l . . 1 -197 c& W 4 L a iWOF
- • t...Wia091 3 47.4-*4.44 1- :'
We115Lur0,14434,18 , 154te:-
of 125 acres or
the - reibuiltis 'oe‘lt - — for - sale, situate two
miles from Wellsboro, the county seat of this
county, and oti, the-direct road to the Jamberin
dia.-triers of Pine Creek. There is about sixty
acres improved, with a, good hotter and barn, and
asiobttrid fiesg,slifibtg-,' of ,lir**l; ;The timber
lands eovered'with valuable timber, and the Lo.
=lion for one that wishes a good farm near.,
thriving andArdreeptiOnglvillage - eannsit fbe sur
passed. For, furthisr particular', as. 1 0 1; price,
terms, ke., apply to C. E. Brewster, Wellsbore, or
to the subseriber at Corning, Stenben Co.,
March 7, 1865-tL J. W. UIIERNSEY„. •
rrillt'SSES.--,, " Seeley's Hard Hu bber Trues'
f`l.curlia3ltll4 l M rrift 4 0 td,fr9e94/ 11 Pre" -
nre: win never rust, break, limber, chafe, or & j .
I come sltbs a Obi; nefilteett spricg being eoafe
' with hard rubber); sprang made any power re
quired; used in-bathing, fitted to form; requires
no strapping; cleaned, lighted, Saniest, and batt
Trtietiketrarst,:: Benara4sasphiet......,;,
L B. SEELBY, Me Proprietor,
ap11 . 66 1'347 Chesnut it., Plat's, Pa.
NOTICE —AAmoons , baring uarlitied
tuvnts xitii the' ial:e`rria #. Vea1:41.4
bunt are regale-vied to sail e 4 4tore.of -Viseba,
Limon 44,48M1gripilRie Lame
:Italy, an rare
Vlettigll; DISdO =& RATIDALL.
Atarzh 21;11106.-9mi-,
New Vrug` Store.
an Teti IcGILBEUT baril • si,taed a•Arug. bud
Chessiialtare io ,Strge-t-, '94 door be--
LA. Dr. Matt:mou'&-fittel, izt aft Bur ,, ugh Pf
TrAturvide, libtre theylstep 4 11. J ta- -
g 044 gutigle. gi,alejLe Wigeo VlS4uurs, 1
AlP"PreUriptitms card ally
Klavrinie, Murell 26 0 I VM-Bui.
ftEi93l BUTZ for okio at • ;4 -
- „ . • - Ken D1W13.61i
_•l6, 1866.
silsce anttnts.
alLitlCi! ST II D UEL. ,
.471:Roinance rounded on Facts.
Our ri.inentwas t stationed. at. Mor
on's Ford. • Our Colonel had been shot
by an Indian guerilla, and our Lieut.
Colonel had - gone hique sick, and so the
'conimand devolved on our Major,whose
`name was Farwell. _ He was. a:middle-,
aged, dashing fellow, given to social en
joyytent, and, as a ieuertii thing, keep.-
.bag on Rret ty friendly terms with those
abottt hive. ' lie was naturally free and
e4M-y-t—a fitie . soldier and strict discilili
narian— was' a kind hearted. and
generous man, though troubled . ; with
ten:Ter that led hhipinto error aftimes.
-Major Fai'\i:ell had I.)6en in' command
bit_ a fejt- -st-eekci. When he dent.luded sto
send for his wife to come and stay with
.him. through tbesummer. He had com
fortable and commodious quarters, and
.there was little danger that the:lndians
make another att:lck. -
I was on a foraging expalition when
lths..Farwillhairritzed; but I returned
on,the,followlng day, and was iti . seashn
to attend the party \v hick ilie Major
gait on' the Occasion. The shift and
line office., kiPt away' on duty,
+Rite all present,-aud joy aridlnierri
/Dent nar,.-ia, the, hour.
„Mrs. Farwell was younger tli tti her
!Sot' tiy"woinan, bearin' 'her=
self with peculiar grace-and dignity,
- without any effort or show of allecpa-1
,tioi4i She, as,umed no heedle...zs teperye,,
but treated her nests with kinurtess
and„constderatton, :rec . :mine - 1y only aux . :-
lons_that all slionidieel aftorne and en
;, In that far off' region the laws Of total
, tibstinenee:were not, strictly adhered to,
antlon present occasion wenoteitily .:
em_idtiell many bottles ,:t• , wine, but. sev
eial bottles of old Bourbon, were inclii
ded in the bill .of - fare: Towards mid
night the ladies withdrew-, but the 011 in
et.t. , -were , 'wt quite ready to retire. q'he.
ilitijbr , was , in the highest spirits, and
.song-ausl;.btary, with, - 114),King goblet;;; -
gsff.e 12 4 , KIL:44. ~
/J±E)( 4 - 1 •
By.and by prop6sed a " Mrs..
.M.Etjotrar‘..:elll" and 11 was'dMitk with,
three hearty chain: - "Why in the world
the Major should have tali . .en 0111,nee,
could not comprehend; hut he did bd,
and-intimated that I itud, better not:
makesoo frets with his wife's haute:
'' 4" 'Egb. 01 " I r6plied, without stopping
to *eighmy words, •' if - pit! niust•have7
- y6iur Ildhci:-..oine 'lady ac eaered ti..,,thiit:' -
vou ought not it/ have broutfht -her out
[lierP i '. .' .. , - • - • ' ---
!Zak,;!Willet . ;' he eried';'.ri:Qfnetit hies;.
fee,..,„, ki., yeu I.a . ..tithe theladg's name.
Vail; XI i ..ii.lit'li. you trOin nv_i l tiiirterti."'
:3111/isci': - .41 - arteik:itutii JAY; 5t1.4 1 .20 1 e.1 1 '
ieUti-lie - alkes, !u1.16 wat, sitting by iii .E.
' lid k, Tutted : me-hack. ..,:. . . ...„ 1 „
" kimpd--3 VI he muttered, in , a ,:wiiis-,
per "dc.ii't zal' an ot her-word. Theism
or is mad, twit he iy a bit jealous,' foci.
chniryou r:ec, it '."' •
Ss.ll'alfli:r spoke, it 'lla:4n - A - upon inti
.- , c...--- . E;,•__,.....-.....n.1.a.0.1 .I.lO,AiLr"- ,,, !, - .Ytt.:l-aa-''
44-,,,L , 0 ilit. :_lle had caun_ed with Atty.
1 four ok. Ave time" - , and had pinnienade.d,
H with me upon the piazza.
- - Bat 1 couhi-not bear such language as
Major Farrell had addresseci to me. and
in sptteiof my friend's renionstranees,
I retorted' upon him: My - blood Wait,
heakeil7,-.Tith whiiky; and 1 caretithomore ,
'fox gie'comnia.nding officer at that time . '
than I v, - .3uld have eared fora - d?umther
b0y,..,. ‘ ~
IVillettven l'elr,"- I 'replied, " yeu,
would have aline time kicking use out.
Perhfiip,':-:,:ou had-better try it now.'
The :major Sp - raisz towards me atic!
*tight fne by the collar.
,1 thotigbt at:
4.12".iim03/e meant "to Strike me; Litt, 1.
I was stih,e-quently convinced that he did
not. But I .-tru , :i; hun upon the ehee4
"rterttrefrittio- my tand:-----
Witit,a,hisioilig oath, he drew_a-kiirol
. fronilils'poetet, but before he dad - ,d - 1 hsti.
it the 21 , 1jutanreabent his arm, atift two
- 4 . :)r - tlrree , of niy friends hurried me to my
.;"On 111,.- cullowing" rooraitig I awol- - -e
with aii:iihilig, but .a pleasant feeling,
' Lind When I remembered what hail tit u
spired duping the precious night. Ii felt
wreiChed enough. I cursed the -A.10(1
cup - alid' whisky bottle from the bottom
of my ii alt. and inwardly resolved to
touch the stuff no more. Still, I was'
forced:total :C. a stiff' hot toddy to steady
my nerv.., and atty.': I had diesSed my:-
self, sat down to i,„tlip..9l' . _coiree. I svakl . ,
thii,,eullagiAi, when (..,yr A; Ifi.
13ostoleak'''entered :my • quarte.i.%-;1. -bade
him glocktuorning, and toiked h 1 . 111 if he
would ii of 'take some T;iel.fl: rust w ith we.
".liot i rciw,',. ,-
.;aicibc,itakinghl:, (.tad,
~i f i'lgtvo,44illeti : On Lu:Aneed. Ail oak
'ta*, Ibis; it, a ~--ad 41.iair. lii, 4- . ., Li re='
MeED tiLtit yva.btruch ate ...slapr last
: 12 Ortni `, ! • ; 14
rreniember it \'o';," •fiell-44t 1
idethler It too well."
.)",4 e.xpet..tF. :f . uu itt alie apOlCllli : 44
pursued tht: Adjutant,
" 11/tau4ou tuttet tigLt hitn."
" You were Lat..ut, during
the eLtLi twiie ?"
" Yew '
wi,,.-71,1y0u - w tell me the truth,
for T ino fiee to' "that my Main
wab on a bit ota whirl lad nik:ht. "Firsts
did A, .itijoy fps:A to ,k;arwi t til t
him thi:l , 4 , 4,tosation tor 111-lo.efilit'ep
(. ., ou tey uone ; Captain ; but you:
mule:ober you had been drinking." „
-" Exaelly—and in that we were even.
-And tinwAid he not, prenenee of
the whofe-totnpany, threaten to kick
Me from 4nurtes 4 ?"
" AMI did lie not Lay I.lls hand
.. upoir
me before :I :truck 11i1u ?"
' 4 'l el:nnot be politive, but 1 tithk he
"Iln;.u"1*Id I, drinking !be . last of
Loy " I vh;11.1 wake ih) a pcogy,fi ,
•j via will Cuptaih . ,"
kluv4er, - that the . `„ltijor Is a
fiend 404, and that in the handling or
sword fiti Mee bo
earirtmthing about that," t knew
th e or t i ll; 41 - lieeiL-, and I knew
I I;elield in lii!kt edtgeni ir t al
/owed, th ti ; di.rVill.—
Ouce asl:ed me it I would
apo.l(;ziz , e..
. Zit 1 him " :~i,
j,,, 14 .{1doi, " 1. Isuvt; Inftrac ,
:which I. igaitd w be a el - sulk-lige, and by
it I villa inforhAed that itiljutatit B o w.-
ker wtr.9 empowered to Lualte aii
trh.,,ad In • the p r o is i e nt
was - a - Fir.A Lieuteinibt Walker, and I
pir J i iul at 1)); .., dia.Aritig. tE) act
bitzt iii tried t 9 dhp•
lagude ii e ri4fll tiOitihg; Ililt w i wi , l ie
ieul would Hot mtruct, he coo*litwi
to serve sne, tiwugh I could 0 , 4 e very
, -4 4 'ztt..4....1.-4.-i,- 2- : --, n`=....2 5- -- , ,-„-.L.....t10,a, aCie4S24","4"
t A i •
1 , !•t r . , , i)
11 . 1 1 16, 1 ci1l
\„, )
c i... , , ,
J •
plainly that he, liked not. ,the business.
However, he asked we if I had' any -in
structions td glVe
" Oulr - two item*, ' 1 I replied ;
I wilt light with pistols;. and second; a
my nerves are somewhat unstrung, I
would like the affair to be put oil till
to-morrow morning."
' Walker went off Nrith the Adjutant,
and when he returned he infor - med me
that the arrangements were all made.
- We were to meet at,seven o'clock the
following morning—weapons, "pistols—
distance, twelve paces—onr secobdS to
toss for choice of position—totre at the
word of command. •
After dinner I sat down to arrange
my affairs. wrote several letters,
which' I seSied'and enclosed 'in 'a single
envelope, 'to be sent off by My clerk in
case I should fall. My property I gave
into Walker's charge, with instructions
how to dispose of it. When afters
had been thus arranged, it was Well . on
to evening, and taking a light cane in
my hand I walked out for a breath of
fresh air- .
, Not far from the pimp were .Morgan's
Palls, a wild, romantic spot, *here the
water of the river tdmbled over a• huge
bed of broken rocks ; and towards this
spot I bent my steps. Just above the,
tails was a bridge of logs, from which
could be obtahied one of the grandest
scenes that ever blessed the eye. From
au eminence'near the falls, I - sawn wo
man and child - standing upon the bridge;
'but 1 , lest them' for a time, ,as I descen
ded -into the shrubbery. I was just
,emerging from the thicket, when a sharp
piercing cry, of agony broke upon my
ear. I sprang to the bridge, and there
eat the woman—alone. -
-She was- wringing her _hands and
shrieking like a. crazy creature.. I was
notniany moments in comprehending
the truth: Below the bridge, Heating
on the troubled waters, I saw thechild,
its spreading garments buoying it up;
and I could hear the tiny voice calling,
_`• Marmati!,marinna!'! : .
,There i'va,a not a moment to be lost. --L
The cl ild was going nearer and nearei.
'to the: alls=neater and nearer to death!
It wasp fearful risk forme, for the chan
ces were that I should be taken over in
to the,lhissing, ,boiling surge, beneath
the rocks. But what was the risk to
Me, then? 111 died in the river I who'd
riot stand in the way of Major Farwell's
bullet; • I had better a thodsand times
give my life thus, than throw it away in
.a duel. The woman saw me,, and ap
pealed to me for help; but niy yoilt was
of' kefineshe . disrovered me, and in a
num - tent I-was in the water, striking out
with all my power.
•4. The. child. was; half way lkoTiri the
bridge,to : Lbetalls when_ I started; but
Lswani rapidly, and "caught" it'just at
'the point where the water began , to ea,
' ther Pm , the plunge. It was a. girl, not
imore-thari-threeam four, yeanold, „with
hrigbt,goldgri ringlets, la t f,e. blue eyes,
and a race like cherub. 'She clasped
'her' little Utrifs abeut mytteft, and call
, ed me. " papa."
papa—,good papa—don't let Kitt}
'gailitothe wicked place dawn the, e
h. t _ vox ; might ;L. held, up -t i
cup , am s4,rues. crs. - -
'wat not, to he. . I had been drawn with
'in the swift' COI-rent, ' and no mortal
cou • ldhave witheitood It. The prospects
•of the morrow took. away all fears for
the present, and I was /non, calm and
collected than I otherwise might have
been. • A soon as I realized that I apit
go beer the - falls, I turned every thought
-td saving the child, for .even .ut .those
4noluents, the darling.had won up
on my love strangely and de O ly.
Tearer and nearer, swifter and Swift
erl—the roar of the mad waters growl-.
lug Toni:ier and louder at length
the edge was reached.: Close to my bo
som I
,bore the child, shielding it as
well could, arid in a mement my
eye, were 4 , 10 , zed beneath the boiling
'flood. '-DoWn--- , down—down—around
like a top—then -away. over the lied of
.smooth roekt. ; and when I filially open-
ed my eyes, I saw the shore not far ofl','
and quickly discovered that rco'd stand
'upon my feet; with my head out of wa
ter -
I reached the shore just as three or
four soldiers•came down the mule path,
and they helped me to a bed of moss,•
And to.,:* t,i,jv child flom my nuns. ,
" Was the child:safe?
They told me yes: I looked up and
inn - Aileeherubemile, and then my brain
whirled. asit tad whirled in the llood,
and ...I,sunXinto,ilte arms of ou,e of my
Alen, quite dizzy ►uu] faint. ,
"T': hose child wzr:., it?" - '
The' Hume- took. it fl-wity.y replied
my orrifyrly,. "Anti ft li-alive and well."
1.311 Y licithc:r knew. The wow:l.47bn
had it fu cliargil_Waf; Faianger, :sad
an.xiqy on /11;j account had prevented
cluestlong.. •
Al It wasmow C gItG o'clock„ awl I had
beeiLiulnyqUarters uu, hour,, I avow,
il.-:kding quite arse, and ray Jett aria was
lame, flitit I epuld bet lift 'ft. I took
'a' llttre"t / arm vine,' and I ate a light
burlier, lira by ten toleleck I felt quite
In Cite morning I telt quite bole and
atilt; and war; toreed to !wins my left
- Arm Walker, when became.,
tiuggexted that the duel he put oil- but
wc , uktifixteti to no ouch u propototion.
s; A feS: gitiettieti.lo: w Inc made the filet
tatter, and t believed my, right hand
would be steady
.1.. At hilt pu t. we ; atfoig-,014 pit4ol,l
.and started fur the Wake, %yea hi'
It.weladed ain't on tlia alsnit half
ri wile below the fallt.
_I telt ;iontewitat
fatigued When I relit old the place,
and waR loreed Li, call vi iny aemoial for
tease, In u little while the
Major ninl Acljutuut detletheir appear
*JlM' Lind I eUgV,e4l.4ll 1.9 ‘eS that I
would like to llati e the tillair over 1.1-,
quick us poilite. I Witigro;vitig weal:
ataaliaky,. though I did not toil hint
1.1.0 hall op:11,A the phial cl i me , and
was taking out the wettPuliS, when Mr.
flow/ter tipprouginpl.urs.
" Cientlenoen," he " Major Far
well whilet- to tpeak before we proceed
any Wither."
"1 ant I (2.4413 r. t replied, "na
l), 11,:t him he Inlet
Prit.;!flittY the SiAlor ealoe tuwa;de 1110,
"Captain," he quid, " whit pereepti
trell/UkAltinf.l,rsl 11$ hie ''
and tlic' Ill'ntll,lW4/011.4
.are inatte.. where I tan,
and you rimy lire iii,lll#l,"
t' YOU WCI Will e,“:l4allge , ibott , ? "
No, " it.:l,l'eturneAl,
cannot me tlt you,"
" But, what ittealaz tlito?" _1 cried
ill aiiiaz,t;metit.
LP) you mit idiow ?" la:asked. seem
ing equally amaze&
I ..x.thured mat I did wet.
,‘ You 4aveti Il isucaan lilt last night
" Yea; I stiVeLi eberulb"
" i)oyou keiuw whose ellerub it wa 4 ?"
I Loki him I bud hot thu Ipuet Idea, -
With a quick diuvelaeut he advanced.
- ( 1 1
"Captain Willet," he exclaimed, with
strong emotion, " that child was mine.
-You may have-your shot ; hut f would
rather die :thousand deaths, than raise
iity Mind against the preserver of my
`prer-ihns (hullos'."
tried to make some reply, but I
- could notspeak coherently: I had been
growing weaker and weaker, and my
head was whirling, and the sound of
rushing hissing waters rung in my ears.
" Oh, the ordeal of the falls was too
much for him," I heard Walker say, as
he caught Me in his arms.
Captain, Captain, forgive me! par
don me! waa to blame!"
So I heard the Major speak. I pressed
his hand, and tried . to smile.
I was sick for a long time, but I had
the best and tenderest nursing. Mrs.
Farwell was like a mother or a loving
'sister to me, and the Major was not-jeal
And when I grew stronger, the bright
eyed cherub was my companion. And
as she wound her tiny arms about 'my
neck, she said that she loved me very
M a.” uch;arid thatlmust be her "other pa
Dlr. plushy, iu the Anguish, of His Soul,
Iltteseth a Wail
' . April 9, 1866.
I am skittle full 01' cusses, _
,Under me is a burnin fire uv rage,
which is being continyooally 'fed with
'the oil itv disappointment.
And I bile over.
The civil rites bill, which our Moses
put his foot into, we thot wuz dead.' '
And we fired great guns, and hung
out onr ° which we laid aside in IS
-60, and made a joyful noise.
For we 'said, one unto another, lo! he
is a true Moses, inasmuch ez he is leadin
119 out uv the wilderneSs.
The civil rites bill wuz the stupent
what bit us, and he histed it, that we
might look and live.
Now let us be joyful! -
- For the Ethiopian is delivered into
our hands, bound hand and foot.
Blessed be Moses! . ,
We will make him grind our corn,
but he shall not eat thweof.
Blessed be Mosesl
We will make him tread outour wheat,
but we will muzzle his mouth.
Blessed be Moses!
He shall pick our cotton: but the hire
he receiveth he shall stick - in his eye
without injuring the sight thereof.
81,--ed be-Moses!
He shall toil in thesugar mill, but the
sugar shalt he not sell. I ,
- Blessed be - Moses !
His sweat Shall nourish our` corn, but
he shall eat nary ear thereof..
Blessed be Moses !
We will burn his school houses and
dest•roy'iiis Uobks, (for, shall
the nigger be our superior?) and who
shall stay our hand ?
The 63k00l teachers we will tar and
feather, and w liar is the blew-coated
relins - tO make afeerd?
isles-red be Moses t
ha the last state uv that chattel is wus
nor the fust; tor before we had his la
bor, while. he NVIIZ -troug and healthy,
- but had to take care on him when he
wuz sick and old, and now we can bit
his labor without the care.
Blessed he .Muses!
The Ablishnists cast ou4 one devil,
and garni:Aied the room ; but there wuz
seven devils, more stronger and hun
grier, whiekrushed in and pre-empted .
the premises.
Blessed be Moses!
Biffeur - song tiv joy NVll2` turned into
a wale tiv
Moses sought to hist the serpent, but
the serpent listed hire. *
He's on a poje, and the bitin North
wind is a blowin onto him.
He can't get up any higher, because
his pole ain't any longer; and he can't
get down, because he ain't no place to
light.on to.
He vetoed the bills, and Congross hez
vetoed4iiin—the civil rights bill they
passed in a uncivil manner.
Now, he'll the nigger hoz rites., he is
our ekal.
,Our ekul is the nigger now, and ouless
the skool house is burned and the spell
in, books destroyed,'he will .mon he our
We wuzwillin to giv him. the right
liv hymn sued, but alas he hen Inc.
. Ile ken be a witness agin u-3, and ho
ken ,et Ids face agin ourn.
our -A-i?e men may snake'-law to keep
him in his normal spear, but uv what
avail I , they ?
' lVe kali 1./13:1 awl sell him no more,
neither, he molds Children.
The men will cleave, unto their wives,
and the wives unto their husbands, and : We have ,nowhere seen a more emu
Our hand It powerlis to separate emit, ' plate and satisfactory answer to the la
.. Their ettildren kan we no more put 1 vorne allegation that the majorities in
up at neetion and bell to the highest the two houses or Congress} are (mein
bidder, we pocketing joyfully the price ! ding eleven sovereign ,states from rep
thereof. , i reseutation in the national. coutiells,
They Lev beeum sassy smut Impudent, I than, is coat:tined In the following oapi
and say, "Go to, are we tioninen?" i tal extract from the speech. of Hon. 1..
I butte one git olf the sidewalk, and 4 Myers, of Peausylvtinia, delivered in
be bade me be damned. I the House a tow weeks ago:
I chucked a nearly white one ender: " Butt several months have pus.sed,
the- elan, and smiled onto her, and she' and tcrrible to relate, the represents.
squawked, and her innuirid heutriii the i Lives trout the .-3outh are not yet tun the
squawk thereof, CUM up und lanitid toy , doors of Cont„;ress! :itill mor e terribl e ,
beast, even ez a white hew- WOlllll have ; theArChalliki have been reterred to a tuna
dun. 1 cou t utitice 1.0 report. 4114/1 ; //1141 per laps
I eliastiPed wun who gave me lip, and I wore terriluht still, getitlemen hero
he filNKl me, a Caticusitun, fur assault' village that they arc denied, repfeitehta
awl buttery, and got a Judginind. taut, lit art, sir, that they have never
Wale I Cut' Nutlet, oil out idti hand to been denied the right of represeiltatioo.
nave I.lli these indignities, but his hand 1 I have said that l'ungress is to judge of
Wits 11.41/ weak. i the condition Of these people; but it. Is
We killed Linkin In vain, 1 for Upon IQ show themselves ready for
Our Moses is playin Saxon, e fail-! reresontatinu here. If there is delay,
clout Ile re:ill:Obit:lb hith, hecoz Ills in- , It s their own fault.
ishals I:; the ,name. "'Three tionith's delay! Why , 41r, I
11e lem.llllJieth Ja.X.oh sunnily 111 that I have been one n there molt urgent ror
Jaxou had a policy which lie could car-' the reports of the reconstruction cute
ry out, , i mittee. I want the country to know
z‘ttd or. lie can't curry out his . policy, ' that full justlec will be- dons. I ant
the people are 4_arryin rt out M n
r un. • 1 anxious that each t4tate shall be round
Willett they do u Main it itt arm's i fitted for representation ; hut when I
lengti and holdin thaiir noses. I remember that thou regular Election
',luau, is 0 0 0 104 hall' baked -- he Is hut' Committee, with no evidence to take,
on One, side awl cold on hither, I has not vet reported upon several of its
He darsn't let go oi- Ablisitnisin, and t cas e s ' j 'believe the country will not ex
it, areerd to come to us. . 1 {part too intuit of a vehatilttee which
its, h" been, t aken"i'?" ll4 01.4 and I bars to eotodiler the most dolieate flues -
ipecac, 111141 One in WUE4II/ Up 111111 the ' 1101 r, titer 1/I'l' l l/ telt to Congress, and
other Pu workin down, • $ which has already report-id aeveral hills
‘Vhcre kali NC t: 14,0 k ten 0. - anfort? :or till importance net to be overestima
Do we turn to the peoplo? Connect-toil.
hunt answers, "',tor for Hawley," and I - Ott ! but it is said the committee is
Nuo Itampshier goes Ablisbun. li joint 41114• ; and revolutionary i._ it ties
Du we turn to the court..l? Lo, Taney I up4bu houses to inaction. Thu Library
hes gone to ~his reward, him who uror'9,-mewl is a John into, yet I new
Watt dealt ofit pittoderatie justice,,and I heard of 'itiu creating a revolutirtu„; , f2 ll
Wirt) understood tin; nuellui-uv the nig-I in lilt :mature I Thu Printing , cr'uratt
ger, and Chase, who th pizon, reigns iu I tee ism joint one, but thus ir has not
his goad, i destroyed tits liberties of 4 . 8 Pre 44 +
ba referred to
Raymond is glowing weak in this; Each subject presenter'-
. s only acted on
knees, and Doolittle is a broken kimi on ' auntie committee, 11 1 1-.
- // LAM A l lPQrkalnt 401'
which to 'elm,
We are too short at both ends, i pet hits coin ,
44u it reports. iLi ou
WM - 1 44t11l a joint
T114~~r0(iD11l 4 [ a ha - vet, stalked thu ottebllsh ro 411 i tsit b
• Ingo Mel tau t. of modern sty trs
-~f _. ~. .
agd am pritystrud ezek.uto. au4.l
Deeds, Iforiga-nl,. Lea4ei, and a full assortment
Constables' and Jatic , ,, e Ittanlca, constantly on hand.
People living at a 4_ll.,tance can tlapontt on having, their
work do no p:Nnuptii, bae,: in return mail
0171Ce-ituy'l bk.clr,..,ocnal
NO. 20 .
Shall we go to Brazil? Lo: thers
they put nigger in office.
Mexico holds out her hands to us, but
to the nigger 19 considered a man.
We have no escape from the. Etlaeu
pian—he is around us, and abouf us, and
on top uv us.
I see no post orfis in the distance; no
hope for the future.
Had I been a Ablisbnist so ez toroake
the thing safe in the next world, I shood
be glad to die and quit this.
For my sole is pregnant with grief,
my hart bags ont with 'woe.
Lait Pastor, etc.
Too many precautions are impossible.
It would be well If our people would
read and heed half of those-printed for
their benefit. We give another chap
ter upon the theme :
1. Avoid all causes of excessive ner
vous exhaustion; avoid intemperance
in eating and drinking, live upon a diet
that is nourishing, and keep the digest
ive functions in a healthy conditicin..
Avoid and discourage panic and
needless anxiety, when the epidemid is
announced; remember that, in its pre
monitory stage, cholera is generally cu
rable, and that all the exciting causes
of the malady can be avoided.
3. Promptly second the efforts of the
public authorities in all enlightened
plans for protecting the public health,
especially in all that relates to civic
cleanliness, the abatement of nuisan
ces, and the proper care and feeding of
the poor.
4. It in business or charged with any
public or philanthropic duty, do not for
sake your post of personal or official la
bor, except when suffering from premo
nitory symptoms of cholera or other
5. Aid and encourage the removal and
prevention of the localizing and excit
ing causes of cholera throughout the
district in which you reside.
6. Give particular attention - to the
drainage, dryness and cleanliness of
your premises and the neighborhood,
and see to it that the water supply is
both pure and sufficient.
7. Inculcate the habits of personal
neatness. -
S. Avoid the employment' of purga
tive drngs, except when prescribed by
your physician.
9. Avoid and prevent effluvia from
excrementitious mat* sevireN, privies
and chamber vessels.' Frequently and
thoroughly disinfect those sourees.of fe
ver poison.
10. Insist upon the utmost e,
and purity of every portion of your
apartments, furniture and domicile.
11. Thoroughly and frequently venti
late every apartment in the dwelling,
even to the cellars, closets and vaults.
This should +,e aided by fires In open
fireplaces, wherever avail'able.
12. Carefully protect the body against
sudden alterations of temperature. --
Wear flannel, and when exposed to
change:Ade teniperaturefi, or sufferim4 .
the hips to the middle of the body.
13. Be prudent in the use ui food and
beverage", being particularly attentive
to quality and digestibility.
14. Bear in mind the fact that a pain
le•s diarrhoea is the almost invariable
precursor of the cholera, and that it
not immediately and properly- treated,
it will more probably terminate fatally
than faVorably.
1. soon as attacked 'by premonitory
diarrhtoa or any syruptpma of cholera,
seek immediate repose in a recumbent
posture, where warmth and a pure at
mosphero will he enjoyed. Immedi
ately proeure eompetent medical atten
Let the excrementitious matters
from thc sick be disinfected in the ves
sel as soon its voided, by means of ear
bonatb of lime, sulphate or proto-chlu
ride of iron, coal tar, Carbonic acid, or
permaganate of potash ; anti let no per
uon directly use the privy into which
such matersal-3 are emptied while chol
era is prevailing. Whenever practica
ble, let the evacuated matter bo deeply
buried hi the- earth, and. hnmedlately
coveredwith 'quick-lime, or coal tar and
gravel. . . .
3. Let all the 1.-el4wls anti clothing that
avy used by the patient 4, be immediate
ly cicant4eLl with boiling water and soap,
or etlkaline chlorides, or permanganates.
4. Pre.9ervi• the utmost degree of er
sonal clean est+ of. the sick and their
The Pestilence.