The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, May 09, 1866, Image 2

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Wesent- - ~P rayer by Rev. Shaw.—
Musit 'hY - Webb', a beautiful little
song, entitled' "'The World Would be
Better for It."
The Institute then critieiSed the crit
ics of- the evening pre•Vious.
The - President appointed Miss Simp
son and Mr. Green critics for the day.
- Professor Van Allen then explained
the theories of the tides, and the cause
of the changes of the moon, in which
he reflected much credit on himselfand
Mr.-Allen lectured on modes of teach
• Aug gswovaph.y and inciting interest in
-school. ,gave many valuable hints,
that it - is to be hoped the teachers will
profit, by_
,:Repolutions were presented by the
operm:titt, and were to be taken up and
acjeA Olt in the afternoon session. Ad
Friday_ afternoon. President in the
chair. Roll called. Song by Dr. Webb.
On motion, proceeded to the election
of counselors and officers for the next
session of the county Institute.
The following members were appoin
ted a committee on alp nopiination of
officers:: Misses Davis, Skelton, Dartt,
and Messrs. Briggs and Hiram). The
counselors were then nominated, and
instructed to report in the evening.
Committee on nominations reported :
For - President, Professor Vau Allen •,
-Vice Presidents, Misses Simpson and
Hattie Dartt; Secretary, Miss Mary E.
Baldwin ; Treasurer, Amy A. Davis ;
-,Corresponding- Secretary, County Su
perintendent. ,
Report unanimously accepted.
Mr. Van-Allen offered a prize of Long
fellow's works to the best reader, and a
copy of J. G. Saxe's poems to the sec
ond best, to be decided by judees. J.
F. Call ins H. W. Williams, Mrs. C.
Robinson, ' Miss Van Allen and Mrs. El
liott were appointed judges.
The resolutions as reported in the
morning were then taken up. The res
olutions as amended and finally adopted
read as follows :
Resolved, That vocal tousle be taught
in district schools, and lie made a- part
,eaohliayos c.4ercise, as tar as practica
ble. -
Resolved that the wages of teachers
be graded by qualifications and amount
of labor required, without regard to sex.
- Resolved, That the Teachers' Insti
tute is an important auxiliary in train
ing teachers for their profesSion, and
should be fostered by the State. There
fore, we ask the Legislature to appro
priate $lOO to the Tioga County Insti
tute, to assist in making it profitable.
Resolved, That we fully and emphat
ically approve of the office of County
Superintendent, and are opposed to its
Resolved, That the salary of the Co.
Superintendent be in proportion to the
number of schools in the county, accor
ding to a bill passed by one branch of
the Legislature at the late session.
Resolved, That the thanks of the tea
chers of Tioga county are due to Major
Elliott - for the gentlemanly and efficient
manner in which he has discharged the
duties of the office of County Superin- -
tendent during the term drawing to a
close. "I
Resolved, That of the three hundred
teachers in the county, it is not unrea
sonable to expect a liberal attendance at
every session of the County Institute;
and we urge upon them promptness in
discharging their duty.
Resolved, That we present our thanks
to the ladies and gentlemen who have,
by essays and lectures, contributed tki
the interest of this session of the Insti
Resolved, That the thanks of the In
stitute are tendered to the President stud
Secretary, for the efficient manner in
which they have discharged the duties
of their positions.
On motion of Mr. Elliott, the Treasu
rer was instructed to appropriate five
dollars to the Secretary, as a remunera
tion for her services.
On motion; the Treasurer was also in
structed to defray the expenses of the
gentlemen from _ abroad, who have so
kindly come to our assistance. -
A vote of thanks was extended to Dr.
Webb, Captain Shaw, and Miss Jennie
Shaw, for music.
After a short recess, proceeded to the
reading for the prizes, in which fourteen
members participated; The judges
awarded the first prize to Miss 011ie
Gibson the second to Miss Alice Lan
dis. Mies Holland, McCarter and
Sturrock were pronounced by the judges
Mr. Stone conducted an exercise in
reading, after which adjourned till eve
n ing. •
Evening session. The Court House
was crowded to overflowing. President
Hart called the house to order. Roll re
sponded to by sentiments—pert and wit-
Miss Sarah Van Allen, of the Wells=
borough Academy, read an excellent es
say on the " Duties and Responsibilities
of the Teacher; and was followed by . ,,
Miss, F. J. Holland, of the sn Tie scho o l,
with " Rounds in the Ladder Upward." 4
Both excellent productions.
Bev. Calkins spoke on graded schools.
Professor Allen took up the same sub
ject, and strongly advocated the system.
Report of critics, and - adjourned to
meet at the call of the County Superin
tendent, in Tioga.
The. Institute considered itself fortu
nate indeed in having secured the servi
ces of Capt. M. llart, who presided with
dignity and eaie, winning for himself
laurels. CLARA CLARK, Seey..
XXXIXth Congress•--Ist Session.
-April ZS. • We • omit matters of less
note to give room for the following re
port from-the joint Committee on Re
construction, in the form of a bill to
provide tar the restoration of the States
lately in rebellion to their full political
Tights: " -
Whereas, It -is expedient that the
States lately in insurrection should, at
the earliest day consistent with the fu
ture peace and safety of the Union, be
reetored to full participation in all po
litical rights ; and
Whereas, The Congress did, by joint
resolution, propose for ratification to the
Legislatures of the several States, as an
amendment to the Constitution of the
United States, an article in the follow
ing words, to wit :
Bait resolved by the Senate and House
of Ilepresentatives of the United States
of America in Congress assembled, two
thirds of both Souses concurring, Th a t
the following article be proposed to the
Legislatures of the several States as an
amendment to the Constitution, which,
when ratified by three-fourths of the
said Legislatures, shall be valid as a
- part of thaConstitution, namely :
AarrrcLE. —. SECTION' 1. No State
shall make or enforce any law which
shall abridge the - privileges or immuni
ties of citizens of the United States ;
nor shall any State deprive any person
of life, liberty, or property without due
proem of law, nor deny to any person
Within its jurisdiction the equal protec
tion of the laws.
- BEc. 2. Representatives shall be ap
portioned among the several States
which may be included within this
Union, according to their respective
numbers, counting the whole number
of persons in each State, excluding In
dians not taxed. But whenever, in any
State, the elective franchise shall be
denied to any portion of its male, citi
zens, not less than twenty-one years of
age, or in any wny abridged, except for
participation I ultbellion or other critne, -
the basis of representation in such Slate
shall be reduced in The proportidu
which the 1111 JD ber of suat male citizens
shall bear to the whble numberrof male
citizens not less than twenty-one years
of age.
.SEC. 3. Until the 4th day of •July,
1870, all ,persons who voluntarily ad
hered to the late insurrection, giving
it aid and comfort, shall be excluded
from the right to vote for members of
Congress and for electors - for President
and Vice President of the United States.
, Suc. 4. Neither the United-States nor
any State shall assume or pay any debt
obligation already incurred in aid of
the insurrection or war against the
United States, or any claim for compen
sation for loss of involuntary service or
SEc. 5. The Congress shall have pow
er to enforce by appropriate legislation
the provisions of this article.
Now, therefore, be it enacted, etc.,
That whenever the a bovereeito amend
ment shall have become a part of the
Constitution, and any State lately in
insurrection shall have ratified,the same,
and shall have modified its constitution
and laws in conformity therewith, the
Senators and Representatives from such
State, if found duly elected and quali
fied,'may, after having taken the re
quired oaths of office, be Omitted into
Congress as such.
And be it further enacted, That when
apy State lately in insurrection shall.
have ,ratified the foregoing amend
ment to the Constitution, any part of
the direct tax under the act of August
5, 1861, which may remain due and un
paid in such State, may be assumed, and
paid by such State, and the payment
thereof, upon proper assurances from
such State to be given to the Secretary
of the Treasury of the United States,
may be postponed for a period not ex
ceeding ten
~years from and after the,
passage of this act.
it enacted, .eta..., That , no pelason
sh be eligible to any office under the
Government of the United States who
is included in any of the following
classes, namely:
First. The President and Vice Presi
dent of the Confederate States of Amer
ica, so-called, and the heads of depart
ments thereof. ,
Second. Those who in other countries
acted as agents -for the Confederate
States of America, so-called.
Third. Heads of departments of the
United States, officers of the army and
navy of the United States, , and, all per
sons educated at the Military or Naval
Academy of the United States, Judges
of the Courts of the United States, and
members of either House of the Thirty
sixth Congress of the United States who
gave aid or comfort to the' late
• Fourth. Those whoL acted as officers
of the Confederate States of- America,
so-called, above the head of colonel in the
the army or naaster in the navy; and any
one who as Governor of either of the
so-called Confederate States gave aid or
Comfort to the late rebellion.
Fifth. Those who have treated officcrs
or soldiers or soilors of the army or na
vy of the United States, captured dur
ing the late war, otherwise than as pris
oners of war.
thr agitator.
With mance toward HOllO,l with CHAR= ftir ALL, with
firmness in the RIGHT, let ns strive to finish the work
we are tn. to bind up the nation's wounds, to care
for him - who shall have borne the battle, and for his
,widow and orphans, and to do all whichmay achieve
and cherish a just and lasting peace among onrselyes
and with all nations:—A. Lincoist—liaacu 4,1865.
I R., CI "UZ I A. "1" 0:1 4 •7 1 , 6 0
VICTORY inheres inits fruits. A man
may plow, sow, and cultiVate, but if, lie
stops there his labor goes for nothing.
He must harvest thevrops: •
That is the victory. Labor is not vic
tory; but the legitimate fruits of labor
constitute victory.
Apply this .homely truth to the polit
ical situation. For four years the Gov
ernment waged a gigantic•'\var for exis
tence against organized • and.armed trea
son. It involved the sacrifice of untold
treasure and invaluable life. No gov
ernment can afford to make such sacri
fices for less than existence and such
a sacrifice must be vain if it do not pur
chase at least a century of profound
How shall the Union be reconstruct
ed? When, and on what conditions,
shall the seceded States resume their
ancient function; and enjoy the right
of representation in Congress?
These are the living-questions of the
day. They must beconsidered and dis
posed of.
Some appear to forget that these Cul
prit States, in seceding, formally de
clared themselves absolved from allegi
ance to the organic ItCw of the xepublic.
In denying its authority and binding
force, they fully waived all rights and
privileges conferred by the Constitution.
Thus, outlawed by their voluntary act,
they must be treated as culprits until
purged of their high offence by due
course of law. -
For, look you : The murderer tram
ples upon the highest law ; and . in so do
ing forfeits all his rights under the law
save that of fair trial.
He is not permitted to resume his po
sition in society until his case has been
formally adjudicated; and the accused
discharged. He cannot demand the
right to liberty under the law; he has
repudiated the law, and so forfeited his
ordinary rights under the law.•
We think this the case stated—not in
detail, but in principle.
If treason be a high crime the cases
run parallel. If it be but a difference
of political opinion, as the traitors them
selves declare, and as the so-called Dem
ocratic parts - declared during the war,
and still essentially declare, then the
cases are not parallel.
With ail proper deference to the judg
ment of the rebel chiefs and their ad
mirers, we shall continue to regard the
plotting of a nation's destruction as a
higher crime than larceny. Indeed, is
not Jefferson Davis more guilty than
Anton Probst, the slayer of the Deer
ings? Yet Probst only sought to de-
stay. a family • DaylasitugliCto destroy
a great 'tattoo.
Regard the insoienee - idf these men in
dematid!ng• innnediate achuissioo to the
i halls of- Ontigtess Whaets'it but the
acknowledged perpetrator of High crime
demanding "frown his phie s e, the pribon
' er's dock the privilege of sitting as ju
ror in his own case!
Can you make anything el aiy of it?
These rebels cannot, plead cpustitu-_
tioual rights in bar of their exclusion
frotirlbe national councils. Viayivaiy
ed those rights when they repudiated the
Constitution and waged war to destroy
it. When Congress refuses to admit
the, representatives of rebel : States it
acts in self-defence, auci ,
But it is contrary to the spirit of our
Institutions to tax, yet
J reftpe represent
ation, says President olInson: ' "V 11,
Mr. President, which more outrages the
spirit of our institutions, treason, or
taxation 'without representation? If
treason, tell us which outrage first
comes, before the august tribunal of the
people for adjudication ?
A candid, straitforward answer to this
question will oblige the American peo
~i L et us, have no shuftling,'no rein
iniscerices of the, shopboard, no, ramb
ling dissertation upon Ego. Forget,
for a brief space, if you can, :Nl.r. Presi
dent, Andrew , ' Johnson and -his'ambi
tions, and remember the American
people; and in that brief self-abnega
tion you will see why unrighteousness
applauds your policy,' as you term it.
Idt.' Johnson" deludes himself \yith
false hopes. The loyal masses will not
consent to the immediate admission of
the representatives of rebel 'States into
- -Congress. - They will not consent - to it.
, We risk the opinion thatthe Plan of
reconstruction reported by; the. Joint
Committee.on. Reconstruction is as lib
eral as the people will "sanction. - The
fact is notorious that the controlling
class in the South is as disloyal to-day
as it was at any time during the rebel
lion. The men elected to local office
"there were generally defiant traitorsdu
ring the WarTand at 6, public meeting
held in Mobile lately,' the Mayor toast
ed Jett: Davis and Andrew Johnson in
the same breath. These demonstrations
are common everywhere in_ the South.
Look at Georgia:Alexander H. Ste
phens, late Vice President of Rebeldom
—elected. to the - United States Senate
against Joshua Hill; a bold, outspoken
Union man during the war. Is any
man so blind as not to see what state of
feeling underlies this official action ?
We reiterate it—you cannot trust the
Southern people yet. They are perfid
ious by education and habit. •You • en.-
trusted them with the reins of govern
ment for a quarter of a century; and
they betrayed you. Will you trust them
again ? Do it, and yoU wilt invite inev
itable"betrayal. Do it, and you touch
the threshhold of convulsions which
Shall shake every roof-tree like a' tem
This nation cannot afford to put on
again the shackles it cost so much to
strike Ca. • ' -
ANTOINE PROBST, the brutal butcher
of the Deering family, Philadelphia,
has been duly tried, convicted, and sen
tenced to be, hung. Though not a great
admirer of the system of capital pun
ishment, we conclude that such brides
are not ilt to live, and therefore he, may
be well disposed of if hung. without de
lay. •
A Spanish fleet bombarded Valparai
so, Chili, March 31, last. The city was
entirely defenceless; so "the feat reflects
no great credit upon the gallantry of the
Spaniards. The city was badly dam
aged. But few lives were lost. Com
modore Rogers, of our navy, proposed
to the commander of the , British squa
dron to blow. the Spaniards out of water.
John. Bull thought not. John sympa
thizes with everything but republics.—
Wake up, John !
A " little game," and it is a very little
game, is advertised by the Copperhead
State paper as'ahout be'played forth's
defeat of Gen. Geary. It" says that a
Johnson State Convention is to be• held
at Pittsburg some time In July next, to
nominate 'a third candidate for Gover
nor, to help defeat General Geary, of
• Well, that is legitimate warfare, we
suppose. But' 'how many intelligent
Republicans will be caught by the Cly
mer cat in that meal tub ?
A Coppery sheet says
` l ` There are over .half a million white
men and women in the North who can
neither read or- Writer •yet their repre
sen•tatives are
-full of zeal to educate the
Well—at least ninety-six out of every
hundred Ofthenzteh alluded to above,
vote4he Copperhead ticket. Why not
educate- hem 'yourselves? • •
ATTORiET AT law-:-.lkratiefield, Tibga co.,Pa.•
'May V; 1866-1 y
WANTED—To exebange a first clues piano
or melodeon for a buggy' or buggies and
barnese. LANG .b WHITE.
Mansfield, May 2,1826.-2 t
y virtue of sundry writs of Fieri Faciaa,le.
AO earl Focias, and Venditioni -gaponae,
sued ont of the Court of Common Pleas of -Ti
oga-countyi Pa., to me directed, will be exposed
to ,public sale .in the Court House, in lirelleboro,
on )!dt:l.NDAY,,the 28th day fi1ay,1.866, at one
o'clock in the afternoon, the following_ described
property, - to
Wit: -
One lot in Tioga township, beginning 'at - the
northeast corner of lot'No. 47 of Bingham - lands
in Tioga township aforesaid, and conveyed to
Vine De Ptti ;" thence along the west line of lot
No. 2, conveyed to Jacob ,Prutsman, and - lot,No.
3, conveyed to Vine De Pui, north, 1 , / dog east,
126.7 perches; thence along the south line of lot
No, 41, conveyed to Averill d French, west 89.1
perches ; thence along tholine of lot No 56, south
13 deg west, 39.7 perches; thence south 44 , 2 dog
west, 42.1 perches; thence along the south lines,
of lots Nos 56 and 55, west 226.9 perches; thence
along the llnes'of lots No 55 and 70,conveyed to
Edward Ballard; south 54 deg west, 78.7 per
ches; thence along the line of lot No 42, south
443 deg east, 168.3 porches; thence north 40 dog
east, 180.3 perches; thence south 45 dog -east,
21.4 perches; thence east 143.4 perches to the
place of beginning; containing 240 acres end
allowance; being lot No 1 of Bingham lands. in
Tioga township, about 20 acres , improved, four
frame houses, two frame barns, one steam saw
mill with two steam engines, one gang'mule and
one English mill, and an oil well derrick, eugitre
and engine house thereon.
Also, one other lot in the township of Tioga,
htginoing at a cosier-of lot above deceribed, and
the corner of lot No, 70,a9m,-,Etdward-Eal
lard ; theneailetitActka t IMP/ a nd
the ea-I-line:4: Niktsl,4lisvitOed whtt r o.rai_
132 purities ;:.-tbekeealaag G.W.softil, line of lot
No 3 in: .loft.i reroc.e, ailti 72, c- ',.1.-4: 1 11;;o1;, *Once
along thOlinitriot• fe, , 4l'lir'Tiogn.'t.naveyed to
Averill:k=rranch, south dt_perches, nod east 45.2
porches ;--thenee.ataag dm crest line of lot No 56,
south 69.5 perches ; thence along the line of lot
No i aforesaid, west - ITO parches, south 501 deg,
west 10.4 pereLes, to the place ul beginning; 9on
taining 75 `larres. and usdat allowance: beingint
No 55 of Binghadi lands' in Tiogi lowmship
aforesaid s.ttith one log house and Ore Acres Luer&
Or less improved . .
Ate°, One other lot in Tioga . township, begin
ning at the northeast
,coraei of lot N 0.55; thence
along the south lineof lot No 41, east 148.8 per
ches; thence along the, lino of lot No-1, south
deg Weiw, 59:7 perch e s: thOtree-south:442 deg
a est, 42.1 ptrehes, and west lid 9 perches; thence
along the east line.ollot No 55; north 69.5 per
ches, to the place ot begin:ling ;- containing 60.3
acres and allowance, and biingiut No 56 ofßing
bow lauds its Tioga aforesaid.
Ana°, .one other lot, in Lawrence township;
bounded on the north by lands of Tubbs Guile
and Georg., Can Gorder. east by Ti,ga, river,
mina' by lands of Julia Elliott west by . 'lands of
Disbron; containing ticea:i, 'more or
less, with alto a 15 aerei improved, u friinehouse,
(rum& barn and'iruit trees there's.
ALSO, one other lot in the borough of Tioga ;
bounded on the north by land of Q. W. Welling
ton, on the east -by laud of Q. W. Wellington, on
the south by land of Lewis Daggett, and,_oll the
west by Main street; being 25 feet trent op Main
street, and 125 feet deep; with a double two sto
ry frame store building thereon; containing one ,
fifth of an acre of land, more or less.
Also. one other lot in the borough, of Tioga;
bounded on the, north by the last before'desciibed
tot andlends of Q. W. Wellidgton, 'on the east by
-hands of Mrs. S. M. Etzmad G. W. Hathaway, on
the south by laud of A. C. 'Bush, and.on the west
by Main street; containing one-fourth of -an acre,
more or lesi, with a frame house. frame barn,
fruit trees and shrubbery thereon To be sold as
the property of Abiel s Sly, Seth Daggett and Leir
ia Daggett.
ALSO—A lot of land in-the township 'o(-Mid
dlebury, bounded'on the north by the highway,
on the east by lands of M. S. Field. on the - south
by J. Protsmon and - Edwards Briggs; and on lbe
west by John BO I SS ; containing 90 acres, more or
less, nbOut 50 acres improved, anti--one frame
house, one frame harp end. trait trees' thereon.
To _be sold as the property of Thomes_LAllla.n.n. -
ALSO—A _lot. of land in Elk towtthipt; fie
ginning_iit a pest and stones in.the-west line
warrant No 2510, the southwest e•arter Of-let
deeded to Jason E. - Smith : thence east - 148 per
chei to an oak post and stones, the northeast cor
ner of said lot deeded to Jason E. Smith; thence
'south,loo perches to a laurelpost, the northeast
corner of lot No 9 in the subdivision of said War
rant; thence west 178 perches to a- post and . ,
stones, 'the northwest' corner of saki lot, No 9;
thence north by said warrant line 100 perches, to
the place of beginning; containing 111. i. acres,
more or less; being part of warrant No 2510, in
the name of W. Willink and heirs. and No 7' in
the subdivision of said warrant by David Heise,
in May, 1t53; about 30 acres improved, with one
big shanty; one unfinished frame house and fruit
trees thereon.' To be sold as - the property of Gee.
M. Fleming.
ALSO—A lot of land in the borough of Tioga ;
bounded eh the - north by lands of B. -C. Wick
ham, on the east by Mrs. Kreager, on the south
by highway, and on the .west by B. Baiorderti
containingi of an acre, more or legs, with one
frame house, one frame barn and fruit trees there
on. To be gold as the property of. G. "B.,Mann.
ALSO—A certain , estate in the- borough- of
Lawrenceville; bounded - on the west by - Mitila
street, on the north by James street, on the cast
by the Hurd lot, and 'on the south by C.Z. Kil
burn house lot; containing one-fourth of an sere
of, land, all improved, with one frame house, one
shed, one frame office and some fruit trees thereon.
ALSO, one other lot of land, bounded on- the
north by James street, on, the east by the Repass
property, on the south by lands of O. L.
barn, and on the west tiy, the Hurd lot; contain
ing three-fourths of an acre Of land, all improved,
with one frame barn and gibed thereon.
Auto, one other lot of land; tMunded on the
north by the road lending from Lawrenceville to
the depot, on the cast by lands of T. B. Tomp
kins, on the south by the Tinge river, and on the
west by the lands of C, L. Kilburn; containing
four acres of land, more or less, all improved. To
be sold as the property of Wm. B. Middaugh.
ALSO—A lot of land in :Westfield township;
bounded on the north, east and west by Charlton
Phillips, and ou the south by highway; contain
ing halt an acre, improved, with one frame house
thereon. To be sold as the property of William
Harden, Augustus Streeter and A. L. 5, Leach:
ALSO—A lot of land in Middlebury township;
beginning at the northwest corner of lands of
James Bryant, being the southwest corner here
of; thence north fifty rode to the south line of
lands of Joseph Guile, formerly lands of I. R.
Genson; thence cast 95 rods to a post, the ,center
of the south road; thence southerly along said
road 14 rods to a post; thence west 11 rods and
some links to a post, the corner of James Bry
ant's old lot ; thence southerly along. said Bry
ant's lands 34 rods to a post, the northeast' orner
of said Bryant's new lot;. thence west 84 rods,
more or less, to the place of beginning; contain
ing 25 acres and 143 rods,- more or less, with
20 acres improved, and one frante -house, one
frame barn- and -fruit stecti.thereon.. To be sold
as the property of T. GI Brown.,
ALSO—A lot of land in Jackson township;
bounded north by lands of Lewis Khmer and W.
R. Cowle, east by Sidney White, south by W. H.
Cowls, and west by highway ; containing thirty
acres. more or less, all improved, with ono frame
house, used for twolandlies, and fruit trees there.
Atso; another lot, bounded north by Lewis
Kinner and Joshua Miller, east by highway, south
by Lewis Kinner, and west by W. H. Cowls; con
taining 10 acres, more or less, with about 8 acres
improved, and one barn (log and frame) and other
outbuildings thereon. To bo sold as the property
of Jobe Combs.
ALSO---o,lotof land in Liberty,houndeduorth
by Israel Farrer C. Rathbone, east by - Orson
and William Foust, south by the estate of Peter
Lutz, dee'd and Isaao Reed, and west by Adol
phus Brentano and Richard Mathews—contain
ing 260 acres more lirless, : about 200 acres im
proved, two block braises, sided up, one frame
house,' frame barn; wagon house and two apple
orchards thereon '
Also—another lot of land in Liberty, bounded
north by Jll Woodruff, east by Wm Narber,eouth
and west by highway,- 7 ,containing acre, one
frame building used for store and dwelling. frame
barn and other outbuildings thereon •
Also—a lot of land - in Covington twp. bounded
north by lands of Butler Smith, east by highway,
south by D S Ireland and west by Tioga
-eontaining 15 acres; more orless, all implored,
frame-Water-power gristmilli trio frame .hbrises,
t-w frame -barns, and _other outbuildings and
fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the property of
Abram Foulkrod and Nathan Root.:
ALSO—a lot of land in Mainsburg, bounded
north by Cory creek, east by -R If Doud, south
highway and west by C A Rebinson--containing
of an acre More or less, frame house; frame barn
and fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the prop
erty of J E Robinson.
ALSO—a lot of land in'Clymer,bounded-north
by'lands of Benjamin Madison, east by Charles
Leber, south by Silas Rushmore and west by H.
Steele and B Madison—containing 100 acres more
.or less, about 75 acres improved, frame house and
barn, and two apple orchards thereon. To be
sold as the property of Ira and Willard F. Fetter.
ALSO—a lot of land in Chatham, bounded
north by lands of S W Mager, east by A F . ' Cone
and Clark Spencer, south by David Rose and
-west by A A Nowtoncontaining 50 acres more
or less, abont 30 acres . improved, frame house,
frame bard-and apple orchard thereon. To be
sold as the property of George and S S Lakey,
and N A Taylor.
ALSO—a lot of land in Jackson, bounded N.
by Charles Barber, E. by S Meade, S. by lands
formerly of A C Bush, and "west by H F Wells A
Bates—containing 51. acres snore or leis',
about 25 acres improved. log house, frame barn,
and fruit trees therticin. To be sold as the prop
arty of Edwin Satterlee.
ALSO—A lot' of land - in 'Liberty township;
beginning at the northeast corner of lot No 23 of
the Bingham allotment in Liberty township, Ti.
oga county, Pa.? conveyed to Abraham Plank;
thence south 98.2 perches; thence east 80 perch
es to the southweit corner of lot No 22; thence
north lot 1
02 1 perches
thence to w then
9st 80,3 13r t p h o w y
c o b s t e corner s t o
o co t
n ea t ; d ;
thence south 13.8 perches to the place of begin
ning; containing 53 acres with the usual allow
*nee of six per cent' for roads, &c., be the same
more or less. It being lot No. 59 of theaforesaid
Bingham allotment in Liberty township afore
said, and part Of warrant No 1178; 30 acres im
proved, a hewed log h_ouse and a few fruit trees
thereon. . •
Also, another lot in Liberty teensahini
'ning at the soutliweat corner of lot No 27 of the
Bingham allotment,in Liberty township. in the
south line of warrant No 1178; thence along - the
south line of said warrant, north 88 deg west,
.. „,....ves
165;ijorreT:. ; thence north 113 plarchealo the stmt Jar
south tine of lot No 23 ; thence sontb'.BB deviled - -., .>, - c pus o v f o r: j .
east, 7,2:perenes ; thence north 2 deft east, A 4.5 .
perches; thence south 89 deg east, 180.1 perches; .?„-,. .• Chris. TOrs
thence south 3 deg west, 25.7 perihes; ; thence .',.. - !:;. BlossairM). 'l': ,
north 89-} deg west. 18.3 perches to the northwist
.. t i t, s :_r n :r!: 1 4 1 3
,1; 01
coiner of lot No 27; thence south 18 deg west, lleuyou atl l eas,el, 14 700
123.71 perches to the place of beginning ; contain-, . 4:C. Dvaue. 13 to uo
in. 148.2 acres, mere or less, with the usual' al- Nan .Auerbach, 12 12 50
lowance of s'x per cent for roads, cte.; it being LIE; t : 1 :r gctly•an. 14 - 4 , ' ,. 00 1. ,
lots NOB 26 and 65 of the allotment of the Bing- J. L. Belden &Cu., 14 7 00 1
ham hinds in the township aforesaid, and being Tnch A Peschner, 13 10 to,
part of warrant No 1178; 75 acres improved, two Elias Powell, 14 100
'frame houses, frame barn and other outbuildings, )foray 2.schan. 8 500
8, .11, Caldwell, 14 10 00
apple orchard and other fruit trees thereon.
O. R Caldwell, 14 700
Atso, another lot in Liberty township ; begin- Rob't I. Plumstedr 141 7 0 0
ning at the northwest corner of lot No 77 of the L. D. Taylor, 13 10 00
allotment of Bingham lands in Liberty township,
' Patrick Bannon, 14 700
convoyed to Phineas B. Iflelds; thence south 101 4 , ?bn ab M e r
c ? 0 , 61 1.1, 7 2
perehes; 'thence - west 113 perches - to a comae. of t.l
- A Putnam. - 14 700
No 44; thence mirth . 101 perches to a Corner; John eletcber, 14 700
thence east 113 perches to the place of beginning; Charles Knight, 14 700
containing 67.3 acres, with the tonal allowance of 8.. H. Thompson, 14 -7 00
six per coot; it being lot No 43 of the allotment 0. F. Taylor, 13 10 00
aforesaid, and
14 700
part of warrant No 1179. To be A.T. Ja- 4 ''s ,
W. W. L o wnsbury, 14 700
sold as the property of William Roots. • Miller A Thomas, .13 10 00
ALSO—A lot of Rind in Liberty township; John Wilson, 14 700
bounded on the north by No 77 of the allotment It. C. Baler. 14 70 0
of Bingham lands in Liberty township, on the James Kelley, .”
- .1 2,
east by the east line of warrant 1888, on the south /2 1 ..t . Zrf i r r 4 4 - 1 .4 ' i OO
by lot No-79, now or , formerly - in possession of Morris R Y an C. Co.; 740 00
Michael Bank, and lot No 58, conveyed to' Chas. Alf re d S aa b, 8 5 00,
A. Hensler and Celestine Jacqueroin, and an the Joues & Taylor 10' 500,
west by unsold leads of the Bingham e state ; con- 9 IUKIEFIELI/.
od & Mcßride 1 14 7 001
Mining '5O acres, with the usual allowance of six
Schoonovir, 14 700
per cent, more or less; it being,lot No 78 of the CHAT/101:
allotment of Binghain lands in Liberty township, .Wm. a Stubbs,- 14 700
and part of warrant No 1848; about 15 acres int- John. Stuart,. . .14 7 00,
proved and fruit tries thereon. To he sAbl no the Alvin H. 'Ape, 14 700
Pro of John M . Vogel. Newbury Close, 14 700!
' , A LSO—Two lots of-land in Liberty-township; L. E. Rockwell, 14 7 00 1
One bounded on the north by unsold - land-of 'the D. P. BLOtie, , 'l4 7.001
Bingham estate, on the east by land conveyed to - Horace - Haring:fob, 14' 7-00
George Horning, on the south by lots Nos 18 and Bennett & Newhal l 4 .4 7_ ro
19 of the allotment of the Bingham lands in Lib- Morgan 11 6 111 01 ::, ,R. 1 0 4 . :,
erty township aforesaid, and pa the west by land 'is. s.r ac k a rd, 14 700 '
conveyed to Xavier Sileguet tiontaiiiiti6l.B notes Bennett & Wilson, 14, 700
with the usual allowance of six per cent, be the N. V. Willcox, • 14 7 00 .
same more or lees; it being lot No 12 of the al- CLTEri.
lottnent of the Bingham lands in Liberty town- ww.o. Bri . tc , i ,
D. A. Tooker, 14 T
ship, and part of warrants 'Nos - 1176 and 1177; J.H. RUSIIMOTS, 14 700
14 700
about 25 acres improved and fruit trees thereon. orticsa.
Also, another lot, bounded on the north by the James S. Wes, • 14 700
lot above described and lot No 13, conveyed to Willcox-&-Milier, 14 700
George Herring, on the east by lot No 12, form- 31. v. p rm int r up , .14 700
erly in possession of Belinda Coon, on the south Alonzo L 1,47 --- 1.4 - 7 00
by lot No 32, conveyed to I and M ' Davis, and on C R lioirlintl; '''' - 'l4 700
the west by lot No 19,- contracted to be sold to Ja ELIEAND BOROUGH.
:Bob Sclictely-; containing 69.34crrea, With the Usual } J 'a C k v i g l il ct er C . ° ' 1r ? 000
allowance of six per cent •r it beinglot.No 18.1`of
_,.., 14 ,,, a „,,,,,,,,, a0u05 .
the allotment of Bingham lands in Liberty town- Fall-IttoolaCcal Co, 140 . 010
ship, and part of warrant No 1176; with about 25 rsILVINGTOX.
acres improved, one old log house-and, fruit trees' Hiram Merin, „. 14 700
thereon: - To'bistdd nettle proprerty blind. Lbng' Ktiling;s 0 " Lc "' ..
ALSO—A lot of land in Liberty township; be- Jamm Lock, u 14 d
ginning at a hemlock'in - the north line of -No 43' W H Ferguson, 14' - '7 00
of the allotment of the Bingham lands in Liberty 31 K Retail, • ... 14 7DO
township, Contractiirfo he sold to William Roots; Nelson swllll, ,14 7P9
thence north 81.3 perches; thence along the south Hectorob m zvnJ ith,
80R0 1 . 7 00
line of lot No 41 east 128.6 pirehol; thence along .7 ci o odipqqa, - : •14'.'7 00
the west line of lot No 40, contracted to be sold .1 II Beach. 14 709
to Parker, Merrill and Kehler, and line of unsold J Dearman, 14 700
land of the Bingham estate, south 81.3 perches ; G iles R oberta, 14 700
thence west 126.6 perches to the place of begin- 114 - 0 74,4, 14 600
rang; containing 62 acres, with the usual allow- V Case 14 700
since of six per cent, more or less; it being• lot
No 42 of the allotment of Bingham lands in Lib
erty township, Wand part of .warrants Nos 1179
and 1178; about two acres imprOved. To be sold
as the property of Beajamart,Flank.
ALSO—A lot), of land in Liberty township;
bounded on the north hi lot No 11 of the allot
ment of the Bingham lands in Liberty township,
conveyed to Xavier Selegne, and lot No 12, con
tracted, to be sold to John Lgog; on the east. by
lot No'lB;ulSooontractod tate sold to Abn Long;
on the south by lot No 30, contracted to be sold to
Francis Sletth, and lot No'29; conveyed to Mathi
as Lovo; and on the west by lot No 81, conveyed
to Thomas F ocht; containing 76.8 Sores, with the
usual allowance of six per cent, more or less ;
about 40 acres improved, log house, log barn,
and fruit trees thereon ; it being lot No. 19 of the
allotment of the Bingham lands in said township,
and part of warrants Nos 1176 and 1177.
Auso—Another lot in Liberty; bounded on the
northeast and southwest by land of Bingham es
tate ; and on the west by lot No 51 of the allot
ment of Bingham lands in said township, con,
tracted to Philip I. Kohler; containing 6.6 acres,
with thenilowanco of six per cent, more or less;
it-being the west part of lot No 52 of the- Bing--
ham lands, and part of warrant No 1182. To be
sold as the property of Jacob Schooley.
ALSO—A lot of land in Deerfield townshir
'bounded on the east by Troops cr4k, on e
north by Wood, on the west by, widow Tem
ple and Julius Seely, and on the south by the
Cowanesque river; containing 100 acres, more or
less, about 75 acres improved, frame barn, two
frame dwelling houses, and a few fruit trees
Atso, another lot, bounded on the north and
east by.Tubbs, Barowayand Wyncoop, west by
John W Fitch, John Owens and Benj George,
and on the south by Bingham lands; containing
about 112 acres, about 40 acres Reproved, a frame
house, frame barn, and - a small apple orchard
ALSO, another lot, bounded. on the east by A
P Cone do Henry Burlingame and George Smith
Peter McNeil, on the north by Peter McNeil
and Bingham lands, on the west by Bingham
landi, and on the south by the Crouse tract and
land surveyed to James S. Bryden .and Bingham
lands; containing 400 acres, about eight acres
improved, with a frame shanty and a log shingle
shanty thereon. To be sold as the property of
Hiratit Inscho hnd Charlotte Litwin), term tenant.
ALSO—A lot of land in Osceola township;
bettnded on the north by lands of Morgan Seely,
east by El C Bosworth, south by highway, and
west by highway ; containing 1 acres, more or
less, all improved. with two story frame tavern
home, two frame barns, outbuildings and fruit
trees thereon. To be sold as the property 'or Jno
S Seeley and Meritt Cart.
ALSO—A lot of land in Osceola township;
- bounded on the north by highway, east by Wm
Barker. - south by Luman Crandall, and pest by
highway; containing about four acres, more or
lees,With frame, corn house and some fruit
Ames thereon. To be sold as the.preperty of I.Ze
ander S Culver.
ALSO.--A lot of land in Tioga township; be
ginning at a large elm tree on the west bank - of
Tioga river ; thence north, 78 deg west, 131.2 per
.ches, to the northeast corner of R E Smith'i land ;
thence south, 214 dog west, along the east line of
land-of II Er Smith and land of L H Smith, 235
perches, to -the Farmington read; thence, along
said road- south, 584 deg east, 37.28 perches;
thence south, 88 deg east, 20 perches to Crooked
creek; thence down said creek north, 153 degrees
east, 59.84 perches to a sugar maple on the west
bank of said creek; thence • north, 16 deg east,
98.6 perches to a large buttonwood tree on the
west'bank of said creek; thence north, 41 deg
east, 37.7 perches: thence. south, 49 deg east,
38.64-perches; thence south,:sBl , deg-east, 3,16
perches thence north, 81,+ deg east, ,7 perches;
thence;nerth„:6l deg easVsl9.2; perches to:Tioga
river; thence north, 25; deg east, 39.16 perches
to the southwest corner of the bridge over Tioga
river; thence , rowth, 11 deg :east, 28.48 to Oft
-place of beginning ;. containing 123.6 acres, Mai_
'three frame dwelling houSes, 'a frame barb and
other outbuildings, and an apple orchard and
other fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the prop
erty of B.C. Wickham and Joseph Aiken, Exec--
niers of 'Thorne J. Berry, deceased. '
ALSO—A lot of land in Delmar and Chatham
townships; beginning et a hemlock in the south
line of warrant No. 4072, Robert Morris warran
tee, the southeast corner of a lot conveyed to
Knapp and Henry Wood • thence by said lot
north, 1/ deg east, 99.2 perches to a post; thenie
'sonth, 89 deg east, 86 perches to a hemlock;
thence south, 14 deg. west, 98.1. perches to a post
in said Warrant line; thence by said line north,
80.1 deg west, 85.6 perches to the place of begin:
ning; containing 52 acres ,and 130 perches, with
about 15 acres improVed, frame house, log house;
frame barn and fruit trees thereon', obe sold as
the 'property of 'Benj S and Wm HFisk.
ALSO—A lot, of land in the borough of Wells
borough ; begintiins at a post near the bridge on
the new road, it being the north corner of A. Fo
ley lot; thence along said Foley laud south, 54
deg west, 170 feet and 9 inches to a post, the west
corner of A Foley lot; thence aline of lands
of Renzi Sherwood north, 42 de west, 2254
feet. to the south corner of -----Bro T 1 lot ; thence
along said Brown lot north, 48 deg east, 170 feet
to the corner of the said-Brown lot; thence along
said new road south, 42 deg east, 243 feet and - 3
inohel to the place of beginning; containing one
acre, more or lees; with one frame building, used
for wool carding and cloth dressing, do., with
machinery complete, (steam and water power,)
shed, barn and fruit trees thereon. To be sold as
the property of Charles Leo: '
ALSO:—A lot of land in Rutland township;
bounded north by Bradford Adjitant and Lewis
Robellicr ; east, by Lewis Robellier, south by S. T.
Lewis, and west 'by highway and- C. P. Bartlet ;
containing 73 acres, more or less, with about 40
acres improved, frame hone©, frame barn,, — coin
home and other outbuildings 'and trait trees
thereon. To be sold as the property of John
Managan, Wm W Welola and Selnh Frost.
Sheriff's Office, Wellaboro, May 9;1806. •
Class, Tax.
1 -
V It Aloliday. 14 V GO
Bab) bone, 14 70"
Ire kluildoy. 14 : 00
XI C Patter, 14 7 40
Card, Staplds 6c 50n,14 700
J W WillLelm, 14 700
GU& e A Cirlswoki,l4 700
Lang & White, 14 700
Vertil & Knce,irlton.l3 10 00
, " . 14 700
C N Holden, 14 700
linriliangh. Efts k
- Brother, 12 12 50
L Clark, 14 790
Tl 4 Raley, 14 700
Marc King, 13 10 00 .
G P Riff . 14 700
Hoiden, • 13 10 00
J A Role Jt Co, 14 700
D Parkhurst, . I 3 111.90
H B Dowd, 14 100
Pox & Witter, 1310 00
G D Malue " 14 700
Beoj Parks, 14 700
II II Baxter A Co, 14 700
John It Mack, 14 700
Parkhurst& Phelps,l3 10 00
Henry Seeley, 13 10 00
4.P Marlin & Bro'r,l4 7 00
G W Newman, Jr, 14 700
Clark Kimball, 14 700
Seeley, Crand4ilACol3 10 00
111 0 Bosworth, 13.10 00
Austin A Watkins 13 10 00
Elmer Backer, 13 10 00
A. B'Do Witt. 13 10 00
Thomas Wood, 14 700
El NI Reynolds. 14 TOO
Trona no/loran.
, Tl. Baldwin A. Co. 1212 - 30
1 Van Name A Wick-
ham, 12 12 50
111 lr fish, 12 12 AO
Philo Taller, 14 700
E 011 ah, 8 ' 3 00,
P 8 Tattle, 131000
1 1 W T tirall. 14 700
1 Borden Brothers, 14 700
E A, Emead,
14 700
1431 Smith,
14 700
John Von Ostia, 30 00
John Van Ostin, 14 7 00
B W Clark, 13 10 co
IN 0 Wells, 14 700
IlreS 11 Etz, 14 700'
S 0 Daggett, 13 10 CO ,
0 Eli4ith , k Bob, 14 700
Snell & Tabor, 14 7 00,
Irvin A Gleason, 14 700
Franklin Pride, 14 700
Willr.ox Jk Crandall,lt 700
A B Close, 14 700
Charles Goodspeed, 14 700
J B & 8 - 031cmlock,14 , 7 00
Brinson a Hurlbut, 13 10 DO
Nelson Gardner, 14 7'oo
Tbompsona Philips,l4 7 00
Sanders seolgrove, 14 700
M Itoughtan,, 14 700
IJ A Roy, 13 10 00
°Bullard, ' 13 10 00
At Bullard, 14 700
°ugh Young, 14 700
0-L Willcox, 13 10 00
P R Williams,l3 10 00
CO Van Valknburg
& CO. 14 700
O H Wood & Co, 18 10 00 C B Kelley, 13 lo Oo
Belch & Gilbert, 14 700 J. R- Bowen, 12 12 50
LAl:mores BOIOVCIEL Jet0:11; Smith, 13 10 00
Henry Goff, 12 12.50 51 31 Co nners, 13 10 DO.
G W MiUe k 14 -I (1 Hastings a Co, 14 700'
C B Slat Wil =-- -18 10 W Totrneend,Agly 13 10 00
C S Matber . . 12 12 50 Webb A. Bro'r,l4 300
Clernmon Ostautr, 14 7 00Thomas Hardin, 12'1_2 50
R 1) Welle; 14 • 700441 C Broom, 14 700'
C Parkhurst, . 14: 2 001 - Do Jones, ' . . 14.,70 0
LIBEWIT. Wm T Matbers, 14 700
Irvin 8r0'r5.4"T411,14. 700 ;Wm Roberta; , .; .14 7GO
Hoses Newman&Co,l4 7 00WmRoberts, 14 700
Kerber ft. More, ,! 14 700 Wright a Bailey, 13 10 00
G R Sheffer, 14 700 Roberta & Kelsey, 14 700
Samuel Hartman, 14 700 Joseph Cowden, 30 00
B Seelemann, 14 700 Joseph Cowden, 10 00
Cox & Wessman 14 7GO David hrßirney, 30 00
3108/114. David Illtirney. 4 500
Win ii: E Black well ,14 700 Iffra.o Schwartzen
George Beet. 14' 700 bath,
Viscber, Dimon & C H Logan,
Randall, ; 14 7 00
The fee in each case is 75 cents.
Notice is hereby given, that an appeal will be held at
the Commissioners' offka in•Wellabaro, on the twenty
fourth day of May, instant, between the banns of ten
A. M. and roar P. M., at which time and place all per
sons aggrieved by the foregoing appraisement will 131
heard, and such abatements made as are deemed proper
and just rand all l persone faint* to app4l6- at infra time
and place, will be debarred from making any defence
before me. E. J. PURPLE, Appraiser.
Wellaboro, May 941846.
Register's Notice.
, •
NCIT CE is hereby:given that the kllowing Executors
and Administrators have filed their
the Register's attire of Tioga county, and that the same
wilt be presented:to the Ornbabs' Court of said county.
on Monday the 4th day of June, 1866, for confirmation
and allowance
Final account of Cf. B. Wens, Bxecittor of the estate
of John Co r•zatt. deceased.
A crania or Oilmen& Place; Administratrix of the es
tate of Carpenter H. Place, deceased.
Account of H, E,. rmith, Administrator of the estate
of John G.lentich, deceased.
Account of Peter Dalton, Administrator of the estate
of Frederick 0. Dalton. decesad.
Account of J.Q. Parkhurst, Administrator of the es
tate of Ramon parlOurst, deceased.
Account of William Enmgdaiiii- , Admitilstrator of the
estate of M. D. Bosard, deceased.
Account of, N. E, Smith, Adniit i l l isaidor chapattis non
of the estate of James Ford, deceased
H. S, A.RCRER, Register,
Wellsborg May Slt, WS.
-4 4 001 A ;TBD.---3,000 Wets -Vega tanne
ry, I,000:for theßriaski,ya , ttinitery, et; this year's
peeling. Pour to five dollth per cord will be
,To insure. the best price, it mast las four
feet - loam...well alidfree - trom stains:
Tioga, May 9 1888-2 t
• • •
AIIDITOR'S 'NOTICE.—The undersigned, an" Auditor
to distribute the funds arising from the sale of the
real estate of Edwin Royce, will attend to thednties of
hie appointment at his dike in We'ashore, Monday, 4th
of June, 1866, at 10 &lock, forenoon, where all persons
interested may attend: J. B. NILEE, Auditor.
May 9, 1368,-4t*
• -
iurßs. A. J. SMELT/ has just returned from. New
01 York with a full assortment of ladles' fancy goods
andmillinery in every style. _Toilet articles, of the pit
reet and best quality. Manure Irmeormar's perfumes,
powders, &e., which no lady will do withaat alter once
A nice variety of white goods. consisting of hosiery.
corsets, bandkercbieft.collars,.caft se,
A new style of Garibaldi cloth, which is moat desi
rable. •
Head-dresses and dress caps, infant caps and bats
Bonnets and hats repaired to order
Moo. Sofleld wilt continue to receive goods from N.
York during the season, and hopes to please all her cus
tomers. We'labor°, May 9,1868.
MAKE NOTICE—AII persons indebted to the sub•
scriber on book account,'aro requested to call and
settle within ten days, and save costs.
WeUsboro, May 9, 1866.
TORS.—Dc not send me old certificates to be en
dorsed. I will he at home to examine all teachers wbo
call on the 2d and 2d Satnrdays of May.
:Mansfield, May 4,1868. V. A. ELLIOTT.
subscriber offers, for sale a pair or matched
horses, eight years old, and weighing 2250 lbs.
AL so—Eight pigs, five weeks old, half-bloods,
Ohester - courity' breed. Price, $5 per bead.
_ . _
East Charleston, May 9, 1866.-30
TN DlVORCE:—Lncinda Jones. by' her next
friend, Augustus Andrews, to Wm. E. Jones :
Takornotice,•that Youri wife, Lucinda' Joides,!by
her next friend, Augustus Andrews, h;s applied
to the Coirt Of Common Pleas of Tioga county
for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony; a nd
that the said Court have appointed Monday, the
28th day of May next, at the Court House in
Wellsboro, for a hearing of thei said applicant in
the premises, at which time and Place you can at-
tend if ypu think proper. L. T ABOR,
Wellsboro, April 18, 1868.-4t.-'
Pennsylvania House.
Tthspopular hotel has been lately renovated and re
ferrdithed, and no paitapvrill be spared to render Ite
hospitalities acceptable to patrons.
Welleboro, May 9,1566.
LM OF LETTERS remaining in the
Post Office at Tioga, May 1, 1868 :
Arlsworth George, Burlingame P F, Casey
Thomas, Cady C, Davie, Edward, 2, Pinch ?ba
be, Gayle Curtis, Howland R E, Herrington
D, Hilburn Andy, Kimball Clark, Kimbles A S,
Nye Horace W, Newbury, Peek & Co, Orcutt Ste
phan, Farmer Joseph, Kingold C R, Townsend
William. 2.
To obtain any of these letters, the appli
cant must calf for "advertised letters," give the
date of this list, and pay two cents for advertis
ing. If not called for within one month they
will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.
at for Tioga
ear 1866.
y asve just returned from New
Kock with a,1, 0
1 and %ell selected asiortment of
1 •m •ailing
Good hiaddei Prints st - . 124 o ut ,.
Beet do - - 18 1,
• •
Good yard wide Sbestiag, - . 12i
Best - • • 20.
Bleached.MaLlius: • • 12 t o 25
Delaines, 20
Good liio Skirt*,- • - • ' - - $1 Qp
enetomers in wane o 1 g oods , will dad it to Ow
tereet to call and examine before purcbawng elseabwe
Tioga. May 9.1866.-ly H. R TISK
Li by given this the following named person /
have filed their petitions to the Court of Quart z:
Sessions of Tioga county, to grant to them lien.
sea to keep bones of public •entertainment nal
for eating houses; and thata hearing upon tha
:ame wiTirbe.:l4,roefore 'aid Court, at tho Coor.
House in Welleborough, on Wednesday the lath
ddy of May, inst.; at tiro o'clock, P. M.
TaVertess.—G. W. Herrington, Shippeu . 4 lota
Shields, Joseph Yonkin,* Blossburg ; Jos. Reel,
Joel H. Woodruff, Liberty ; Henry H. Potter,
Jahn Reddington, Westbrook de Coyle, Middlele.
ry ; E. S. Boynton, Jackson ; A. Hunt, ?dans&ll.
Caleb H. Bartlett, Tioga; J. A. Rose, Manedeld,t
Wt. H. Coles,, Stony Fork; A. Hazlett, Wellabo
ro ;* B. B. Holliday,* V7ellsboro ; James Keller,
Bloss;* H. H. Sheffer,* Liberty; Rufus Farr, 31cet
James Kiff,* Covington borough; Ira Tignes
Deerfield;' G. W. Mattison, Knoxville ; R.
Sloason,* Cole dc . Mattison,* Lawrenceville; Oleo.
Jordan,* Lawrence; Nathaniel Smith,* Jacinon
Charles Goodrich,* Nelson ; 31. Phillips, .71t
Brook; J. 11. Griswold ,* Mansfield : C. D. West
take,* Etkland; K. K. Brundridge,i Mninsbarn,
Earteo Houses.—B. C. Buckley,* V. D. Holi
day, Middlebury ; E. C. FiLtb, Tioga; Gee. Has.
rings, Wellsboro; J. Putnam A . Wm. Jerdon..
Thomas Sample,* Elizabeth Connelly,* Alfred
Nash, James Morgan,* J. P Morrell,* Blomberg,
Mamma Bullard,* Wellsboro ; Patrick O'Brian'
Blossburg: Potter dt Hamden,* Lawrenceville.
May do Cady,* Knoxville ; S. E. Caldwell, Blots
burg ; John Wileon,l' Blossburg; I. C. Brown.*
D. Moßirney, Wellaboro.
Wellaboro, May 2, 1888.
TN DIVORCE.—To Aroadny Law: Take no
tics that William Law, your husband. has ap
plied to the Court of Common Pleas of Tioga an.
for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony ; and
that the maid Court have appointed Monday, not
28th day of May, instant, at the Court Boma a
Wellaborn, for hearing the applicant in the pm".
hes, at which time and ptaoe you can attend
you think proper. L. TABOR, Sherd.
Weileboro, May 2, 1866.
10 300
14 700
14 700
TN DIVORCE.—To Henrietta Edgecomh•—
Take noticethat Peter Bdgeeomb, your hus
band, has applied to the Court of Common Pleas
of Tioga county, for a divorce from the bonds of
matrimony ; and that the said Court have ap
pointed Monday, the 28th day of May, instant,
ai the Court 1101150 in Wel!shore, for hearing tbt
applicant in the premises, at which time and place
you can attend if you think proper.
L. TABOR, Sheriff.
Wellaboro, May 2, 1866.
NOTlCE.—Notice is hereby given that John
Alexander, W. C. Kress, C. B. Kimball, azd
others, have applied to the Court of Common
Pleas of Tioga county fora charter of incorpora
tion under the name and style of " The Wellabo.
rough Fire Company ;" and that a hearing npao
the same grill be had before said Court, at the
Court House in Wellsboro '
013 Monday the 4th
. day of June next, at which time and place nil
persons interested can attend.
WelMoto, May 2,1886.
AIIDITOR'S NOTICE.—The undersigned 5*
ring been appointed an Auditor to dittnti
ote the moneys arising from Sheriff's sale of de
person*/ property in the case of A. P. Cone a
al. vs. Charles Lee, will attend to the business .if
his appointment, at his office in Wellsboro, Fri
day, May 25, current, at two o'clock, P. 3i.
May 2, '611.-41 WM. IL SMITH, And'r,
STRAY SHEEP.—Came into the enclosure „I
the subscriber, in Chatham, on or about the
Bth of April iil34 SIX SHEEP, left ears cropped
and 3litted. The owner is requested to coma la•
ward, prove property, pay charges and take this
away. E. R. BURLEY.
Chatham, May 20868.-31,
D. BUNNELL, Licensed Auctioneer, at
s Wellsboro, Tioga county, Pa., will sand
•endues for the WO of every kind of. property,
personal or real.
• He also desirea - to inform farmers and stock.'
growers that he has the choicest thorough-b 74
cattle and hone., which be will take pleasure it
exhibiting to visitors, at the Morris Farm.
hero. May 2, 1368 -3t.
Drug Store.
I have given the subJect of Cholera particular tilt , '
tion, and think toy prescription for this foraddaticdtk
ease founded upon pathological indications, and ::'
and most modern method of treating Cholera.
fly should be without a bottle of these ,Jr4i
house. W. W. WEBB, A.D.
Welleboro, May 2. 1866.
P ARV tileikt6E foittie citizens of Wellstal
XV and surrounding county to see the WO
and best selected stock of '
READY - MikDE -eLoTtiniG
T ll6 subscriber' *fiat teluforre the public the
they are
at Bloseburg. They - have en experienced Cade
Mr. EAWLN, and several of the best Tailor" ve
"pit 4 4t l t . o viark at their Shope. T i lley assurf
the public that their garments are
. .
than any ever kept in a oouDtry
,Store. Tb i l
1)1mi:slit:IA assortment or
which they will sell cheaper than any otbe
store in this county. Olve• theta a call W 9"
purchasing elsewhere.
- .
Neat door to Roy', Drug Store.
Wellaboro, April 1886.
Constaatly on timid a lan* anartment of all kw.
ftf S
Jost 9POM3.