The Wellsborough advertiser. (Wellsborough, Tioga County, Pa.) 1849-1854, June 05, 1851, Image 3

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    flotation of the Earth Rendered
• • Visible. - ,
For some time we have had reports 'Of a
machine or fixture having been made in
::, by
Paris, and exhibited to feW qavan
the rotations - ofthe earth was tendered , ,visi %
th'e. The rumor was yote4 , only as a: tat=
eVen, declaring i their
mor--“the scientifies
unbelief in it, though it - had been presented
upon better duthontrthtm that which ac
comparßed it.
.It seems, hoWever, that the
• r was tale--theethe thing has been done
and the exhibition which is ;now going on
in Paris, is visited by thousands.
The following from the London G/ebe, will
,veta.l the principle :
The experiment now being exhibited in
Paris, by which the diurnal rotation of the
e arth is rendered palpable 'to the senses, is
c ertainly-one of the most remarkable mo
dern verifications attic theory. Although
the demonstration by which 'the rotation of
the earth has been established, be such as to
carry a conviction to the minds of all who
are capable of comprehending it, to which
nothing can be imagined to add either force
or clearness, nevertheless the natural philo
sopher himself cannot regard the present
experiment without feelings of profound in
terest and, satisfaction, and to the great
mass, to whom the -complicated physical
phenomena by which the rotation of the
earth has been established are incomprehen
sible, this experiment is invaluable. At the
centre of the dome of the Pantheon a fine
wire is attached, from which a sphere of
metal, four or five inches 'in diameter, is
s.spendech so as to hang pear the floor of the
building. This apparatus is put in vibra
tion after the manner of a pendulum. Un
der, and concentrical with it, is placed a
circular table, some twenty feet in diameter,-
the circumference of which is divided into
degrees, minutes, &c., and the divisions
numbered. Now it can be shown by the
most elementary principles of mechanics
that, supposing the earth to have the diur
nal .motion upon its axis which is implied
to it,-rind_which explains tho phenomena of
day and night, ;Sze., the'plane 'in which this
pendulum vibrates will not be affected by
this diurnal motion, but wili maintain strictly •
the same direction during 24 hours. In
this interval, however, the table over which
the pendulum - is suspended will continually
change its position in virtue of the diurnal
motion, so as to make a,oomplete revolution
round its centre. Since, then, the table
thus revolves, and the pendulum which vi
brates over it does not revolve, the' conse
quence is, that a line traced upon the table
by a point projecting from the bottom of
the ball will change its direction relatively
to the table from minute to minute, and from
hour to hour, so that if such point were a•
pencil and that paper were spread upon the
table, the course formed by this pencil du
ring hours would form a system of lines
radiating from the centre of the table, and
the two lines formed after the interval of
One hour would always form nn artglb with
each other of 15 degrees, being the 24th
part of the circumference. ' Now, this is
rendered actually Visible to the crowds
which daily flock td 'the Pantheon to wit
ness this remarkable experiment. The
practised eye of a correct observer, espe
cially if aided by a proper optical instru
ment, may actually see the motion -which
the table has in common with the earth un
der the pendulum between two successive.
vibrations. It is, in fact, apparent that the
ball does not return to preciSely the same
mint of the circumference of the table,.-af
ter two successive vibrations. Thus is ren
dered visible the motion which the table
has in common with the earth. It is true'
that, correctly speaking, the table does not
turn round its own centre, but turnfound
the axis of the earth; nevertheless; the ef
fect of the motion relatively to the pendu•
turn suspended over the centre of the table,
is precisely the same .as it would be if the
table moved once in 24 hours round its oAm
centre, for although the 1 . 016 be turned in
common with the surface of the earth
round the earth's axis, the point of suspen
sion of the pendulum is turned also -in the
same time round the same axis, being con
tinually maintained vertical above the cen
tre of the table. The plane in which the
pendulum vibrates 'does not.,,however,-par
take,of this motion, and consequently has
the appearance of revolving once in' 24
hours over the table, while in reality, it is
the table which revolves-once in 24 hours
under it. •
Mr. W: C. Bond, of the Cambridge Ob
servatory, addresses the following to the
Boston Traveler :
I have succeeded satisfactorily in repeat
ing Fousalt's experiment respecting the rota-,
lion of the earth. The new limier of the
western•wing cif the Observatory, I found
to be perfectly adapted to the purpose. i My
arrangements are in this way : cross the
top of the central pier, which is a hollow
cone, thirty feet high, firmly fixed
tt, wooden bean, having the centre perfo
rated to admit the passage of a wire and the
fixing of a Torsion circle, such as, is used
with the Strauss Magnetometers
To the centre of this circle s attached
one end of
.a silver wire, thirty -et long, O
the size commonly known as - ne ,No.
and to the other end of this wire is fastened
a metallic cylinder, weighing
pounds, and terminating below
point; on' a platform directly
weight and aboutibirt3i feet belo
of suspension, is inscribed a c
and a,half,feet diameter, with,t
subdiviiions - thid radii.
Aftergiving the pendulum a
are of vibration, a few minut
tion will suffice to show With , c.
motion of .the earth on -its axis,
minating point of the weight wi
each successive vibtation to a
northern boundary of the eir
more easterly than it did At th,
Anottier, correspondent say
beautiful expeiiraent is so uimpleohat it
may be readily repeated in most of our
Improxing the Habits of Rees.
The egol audacity of °Yankees, in their
interpretation of the Divine injunction to
subdue the earth, must be appalling to the
mind of a mere routineer. The joke of
making an offer to Government to conquer
Mexico and put an end to the late war by
contract, was one that none but a Yankee
could ever have conceived.: John Bull
opened his eyes very wide, and was too
much astonished to laugh at such a, tremen
dnous pieee. of pleasantry.. If war, there-.
fore, shotild ever break out' between - the
United States and an European government,
we bare ho doubt that some'enterprising
downeaster Nvill propose to makes job of it,
and take all the trouble of winding' it up
on contract. Tliere is something highly
poetical in the audacious practical view
which Yankees take of every subject, The
national peculiarity was never more strong
ly exhibited than 'in a little pamphlet which
fell into our hands the other day on
proved method of manufacturing honey.
The bee, from the times of Solomon .nnd
Virgil down to our own . era, bas been re
garded es a type of .intelligence, thrift, and
industry. If naturd has created any thing
incaprifile.Of improvements it is certainly the
honey bee who has,lfront time immemorial,
been famOus for giithering honey every
hour from; every opening flower, and making
the most of time. An enterprising citizen
of Maine, however,'thinks that the habits
of the bee may be' improved, and more
honey be got, out or its labors than by the
old process of colleCting that luscious gift
of all•bountiful nature. The name of this
enterprising gentleman, who proposes to
take all the poetry, if not the sting, out of
the busy bee, is Arza Gilmore; and
says " his object is the better and more
Successful employment of the industrious
habits" of that animal: "This is effected,"
says Mr. Gilmore, " as in all other indus
trious, bodies, by multiplying the hands,
giving them a supply of, raw materials,
and arranging the fixtures in such a man
ner that the 'whole force of the operatives
may be directed and applied-in the most
economical manner, as it regards time and
labor. It is evident to many that a saving
of time is as important to the bee as to
man." The " time spent on the road,"
' suggests Mr. Gilmore; should be emploped
in productive labor; instead of flying ofT
in pursuit of flowers, how much better it
would be to remain at 'home and 'make
honey. The pleasure of the travel is one.,
of the most sweets of honey-making that
Mr. Gilmore does not take into account.
We do not imagine that he intended to con- L
vey a great lesson in political economy by
'his remarks on bee-labor; but put one of
the strongest arguments in favor of home
production: in its clearest fight, in illustra
ting -the benefit to the bee in saviu the cost
of travel and transportation in the manu
facture of his great staples of teas and
honey. What is the use, in other words,
of sending cotton three thousand miles
• across the Atlantic to be manufactured into
cloth for our own use, when it can be done
equally as well at home? The time lost on
the road is as clear a loss in cloth-making
as in honey-making. But; as we said be
fore, the pleasure of the travel is left out
of the calculation by Mr. Gilmore, and the
,among- flowers, and the air, we ima
gine are indispensable to the bee; while the
navigation Of the stormy Atlantic, especially
in the winter season is neither profitable nor
pleasant to the carrier of cotton and cali
coes. To save labor to the bee, and make
the most of his time, Mr. Gilmore collects
together an immense number of hives, the
contents of which may at any time be ex
tracted without the least disturbance or an
noyance to the manufacturers of the honey,
puts them in a covered room, and sets out
ranges of troughs filled with " - raw mate-
rials," where the bees feed like swine or
sheep ; they arc obliged to fly or in search
of flowers, now and t hen,' to procure pollon,
or bee-food, for the little ones at home. But,
excep the necessary " time spent on the
road for this purpose; there is no need, for
travel ; and the process of filling up the
wax in cells goes - on as regularly as the
operations in a cotton factory.
An enterprising gentleman has con
structed 'an immense apiary in Brooklyn,
opposite New York, on Mr. Gilmore's plan,
and has now some millions of
"Singing Masons building roofs of Gold,"
all hard at work for him. As the apiary,'
which covers nearly one hundred feet- of
ground, is situated in the Neighborhood of a
good many gardens which are just now
filled with peach blossoms, honey-suckles,.
and roses, the temptations to the bees to go,
abroad must be very great; but the indus
trious little creatures appear to be strongly
taken with the idea of -saving the time spent!
on the road, that the contentedly feed out
or the wooden troughs which are ,filled
with-the raw materials and let the flowers
bloom and blush unseen.
New Counterfeits.
The Lancaster Bank. 2's relief, re.
issue. The general' appearance of These
counterfeits is good, and well calculated to
deceive the unwary. The medallions on
the ends, which in most other connterfeits
are poorly executed, are in these excellent
imitations of the genuine. A close eiami•
nation will, however, certainty detect the
spurious :bills.' On the true' note, tirottnd
the lower margin, the word " two" is re.
peated twenty limes, and between each is
small block of white. On the- counterfeit,
" two", appears twenty-one times. On the
upper Margin of the genuine, on either side
of the " two," is a: number of blocks of
white, resembling those - , in the lower. On
the counterfeit, the blocks on the upper
right end and the lower left end are want.
ing,.differing in this respect from the good
notes. The words on demand," in, the
genuine, begin Within "a sixteenth of-an inch:
'bout four
a .conical
below the
the poin
etc of six
e requisite
!s* obieiv4-
-rtainty the.
as the ter,-
be seen at
rive at ',the .
I le a-fiat's
, preceding
that:, this
the:marginal:ltna on tlK,left part . of
the bill, while in the counterfeit the space
is •more than double.,,-Bickncl.
Aiwropilate, Prayer.
• •
Thii:Soutlf. Carolina Con'vention, which
adjcitiii4 - 11,- few dayS ngo, was opened
each day - Ofits session with prayer, by cler
gymen who volunteered their services. On
the Stii of Mity,.the Rev. Dr. Gilman offi
ciated, .and his prayer embraced the fol
lowing appropriate petitions and exhorta
" And yet, oh God! with fond and lin
gering hopes we presume to implore thy
blessing on the great Confederacy of which
we still form a. part. ! May the letter and
the spirit of that renowned Constitution
which we have received from our fathers,
and which wascemented and sealed by their
blood and toils be faithfully reverenced and
fulfilled by every party concerned in it.
May the kind advances and concessions
which are made by one portion of our fel
low-citizens, be generciusly interpreted and
accepted by the, others: Dispel, by thine
Almighty and benigaant• providence, the
cloud which now seems to impend over our
destinies. May a spirit of mutual harmony
And justice pervade every section of our
country. May we all be enabled to sea as
with one eye, to feel with one heart, and to
be impelled in one direction towards tlie
common good: While maintaining and de
fendiOg what each party may believe to be
the right, grant that all parties may be pre
served from rash counsels, from precipitate
action, from magnifying imaginations, -from
exaggerated fears, and from self-destructive
tic man of the woods has been discovera
in Green county, Arkansas; and a party has
been organised to endeavor to catch him.
When last seen he was pursuing a herd of
cattle, who were living in a state of great
alarm, as if pursued by a dreaded enemy.
On seeing the party who discovered him he
looked at them deliberately for a short time,.
turned, and run away with great speed,
leaping from twelve to fourteen feet at a
time. His footprints measured thirteen
inches each. lle was of gigantic structure,
the body being covered with hair, and the
head with long locks that fairly enveloped
his neck and shoulders.
tificial Digestive Fluid,-or Gastric Juice A great
Dyspepsia Curer, prepared from Rennet, or the
fourth' Stomach of the Ox, after directions of
Baron Leibcg, the great Physiological Chemist,
by J. S. Houghton, At. D., No. 11, North Eighth
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. This is a truly wonder
ful remedy for Ilidigestion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Liver Complaint, Constipation and Debility, curing
after Nature's own method, by Nature's own agent,
the Gastric Juice. See advertisement in another
At Derow's Hotel, in - this borough, an the Ist
instant, by A. J. Sofield, Esq., Mr. SELDEN
Nom and Miss AcirsA B. Bonnns, all of Delmar.
In Covington, on the 24th ult., by Rev. J. W
Stone, Mr. STYMIE. RICKY, of Horseheads, N. y.
and MISS- ELLEK L. ITTLIE, of Tioga.
Rll. M ARRIO:TT having just received a
• large assortment of Goods, consisting of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes, 4.c.,
which he offers to the public at a small advance
from New York prices. Also, a large ,assort
ment of
ConSisting, in part, 9f— •
Black Frock and Dress Coats, from 59.00 to VO
Fancy colored Sacks and Frocks, from 5,00 to 12
All wool Tweed Coats, from 4.50 to 8
All styles of Business Coats, from 2.50 to 10
Also, a large assortment of PANTS, from cot
ton to fine blacks; a good assortment of VESTS
from 130.75 to 9.5.01): a min. Ono lot of SHIRTS:
ALLS, &c., &c., ' ,
The subscriber knowing of a good deal of dis
satisfaction with the city work, has cngag,ed in
the manufacturing business himself, and will
manufacture principally all the clothing he offers
for sale. Having procured a firstrate cutter he is
.now prepared to get up whole or parts of suits of
clothing, and execute all orders in theane of cut
ting or making on the shortest notice, and in' the
J latest and most approved style. Gentlemen_wish
ing to get a free and easy setting garment would
do well to give him a call. He has on band a
good assortment of
Plain and Fancy Cassiiners, Tweeds,
Linens.and Jeans; •
also, a firstrate" assortment of VESTLNGS--af.
fording his customers the greatest choice in the
selection of materials. All garments, when mate.
rials,are furnished, are warranted to fit, or no sale.
Boots , and Shoes. •
The subscriber would say that all of his tloots
and Shoes arc manufactured at home, so that be
will be able to warrant them to be of firstratc
stock and the work. to be well done.,, , All orders
will be promptly executed.' Having on band a
choice stock of LEATHER, and having in his
employ the most experienced and finished work
men, he feels confident that he can suit the public
'in style, workmanship and durability.
N. B. PORK AND FLOUR always on hand.
June 4, 18.51. B. H. hIARRIOTT.
rp HE STOCKHOLDERS of the Wellsborough
J. and Tioga Plarik. Road Company are hereby
notified, that an inlallinent of tops DOLL/4119 i on
each share ,
is requir d to be„-paid on Monday, the
7th day of July next at the 'Treasuier's office,in
Wellsborough. ! GEO. MCLEOD,
June 5, 1851. , Treasurer:
By the act of Assemhly, all insiallments net,
paid within thirty days alter the specified mtist.he
charged with interest nt the rate pi: one peicent.
per month, and wherz the 'interest amounts to the'
sum already paid the stock may be forfeited 16
the company. _
Plank ‘Road,Bridgv.
PROPOSALS will be received until the Ist of
July, for bnilding• a Burr 'Bridge over the
dead waters of Crooked Creek. For inkirrnaticrn
of plan and, specifications enquire of the subscri
ber. 1! B. C. WICKHAM."
Pres't Welts. Tioga Plank Road Co.
The Directors wio be •on the ground • to: 10
o'clock, A. M. .; June 5, lB51:
UCKWHEAT, Corn, Oats, and a few firkins
Li _.of Butter, for Sale at the .
Feb; 20,1550. ' BINGHAILOFFIGE:
ARE now receiving a fresh assortment of Goods,
which will be sold very low for Cash or Bar
te'r. Feeling :thankful! for the liberal patronage
attended to us, the past year, we shall strive to
merit a continuance of the same, by furnishing
superior Goads at reduced prices. • k •
Our stock of, GROCERIES. consists of
Green and Black Teas; !Rosin, Castile, and varies
Coffee Crusli'd„ powdcr'd, gated Soaps ;
and broWn Sugars; 'Soda Salaeratus ; .
Molasses; Common do.
Stewart's Syrup; Pearl Starch ;
Rio and Java Coffee ; Ginger;
Rice ; • Pepper and Spices ;
Mould, Sperni, and Ada- Cinnamon, Licorice;
mantine Candles; (Black and Scotch Snuffs;
Plug and To- Indigo, Cloves,
bacco ; Nutmegs and Mace;
and, in-fact everything in this line, usually found
in a country assortment. A select ot of-
111. R. Raisins—whole, a 2ante Currants;
and a boxes ; I Eve's Apples; ..
Sultana Raishos ; IFig Paste ; t
Naples & Smyrna Figs ; tkied Apples ;
Oranges and Lemons; I Do. Peaches;
Citron; : Do. Cherries;
Tomarinds ; ' • (Cranberries.
Prunes ;
ALSO—Cocos Nuts, Brazil Nuts, Grenobles,
Pecans, Almonds, and Pea Nuts, an assortment—
together with any quantity of Confectionery.
Silk, Pahnleaf and Leghorn Hats, Stone Ware,
Wooden Ware ; Oil Cloths, Fishing Tackle,
Gun Caps, Paint, Varnish, Striping, Whitewash,
Ilair,Clothes and Shoe Brushes, Yankee Notions,
Perfumery, Toys, Ink, Blacking, Fire Works,
Table Salt, Glass, Garden Seeds, &c.
We have, too, a very neat assortment of
Paints, Oils, Drags, Medicines, 4:e.
White Lead ,
Red do.
Black do.
Paris Chrome Green ,
Chrome Yelliaw ;
Rose Pink ;
Spanish Brown;
Venetian Red ;
Prussian Blue;
Putty ; •
Coach Vanish;
Spts. Turpentine ;
Lampblack ;
Glue ;
Campliene ;
ALSO—A lot of superior 5.4 UCES, such as
Walnut Catsup; Sardines;
Tomato do.
Mustard ;
Pepper Sauce, &c.
kept constantly on hand—and " any quantity" of
Fish :
Mackerel, Nos. 1,2 & 3;
Shad ;
; Smoked Salmon ;
Pickled Herring ;
,Smoked do. - •
Drol Beef.
All the above articles NV C are determined to sell
as low as can be afforded in this market.
Wellsborough, April 17, 1851.
Irs-E3@ig t ,
THE subscriber takes this method of informing,
his customers and the public, that he has re
moved to the building formerly occupied by 0.8.
Goodman, deceased, opposite the Post Office; and
that he has made -arrangements to furnish the
citizens of Tioga and adjoining counties, with
Cook, Parlor and Box Stoves,
at much lower rates than can be purchased else.
where in Northern Pennsylvania, or Southern New
Yo' k. Among his assortment of Stoves mby be
found some of the following desirable patterns:
New World, Nos. 3,4, 5, 6.
Bang-Up, large oven, - - - Nos. 2, 3,.4, 5,
Yankee Notion, Nos. 5, 6. •
Western, - - - - Nos. 3,4, 5, 6.'
Fancy North American, - - Nos. 4,3, 2, 1.
Queen City, elevated oven, - Nos. 2,3, 4, 5.
Fulton, improved, - - - Nos. 1,2, 3,4, 5.
Albany City, air-tight, Nos. 2,3, 4.
Non-Condensing, air-tight, - - Nos. 3,4, 5.
Flufesl, air-tight,„ ..... Nos. 4,5, 6.
Fluted, airtight, . . - - Nos. 1,2, 3 , _ 4.
Large Fluted, 34 foot wood, - - No. 11.
Pans, Pails, Bake . Ovens, Coffee Pots, Tea Ket
tles., Boilers, Steamers, and a general assortment
Tin and Japanned Ware, at wholesale or -retail. "
Common and Russia Store Pipe, Elbows, Spades,
Shovels, Hocs,Rakei Pitch Forks, cast-iron Pumps,
Lead Pipe, Augurs, Chisels, -Broad and Narrow
Axes, Steelyard; Sad Irons, Table and Pocket
Cutlery, Slicers, Scissors, Snuffers and Snuffer
Trays, Waiters, Lamps, Iron, Brass, Britannia and
Japanned Candlesticks, and a general assortment
of Hardware which I have neither time nor space
to enumerate.
- _
The above stock will be sold for good merchan
table produce or cash. - G. M. LAMB..
Wellsborough, November 7, 1850.
HP. ERWIN respectfully informs the 66;
• tens of Wellsborough and vicinity, that he
is now carrying on the TAILORING BUS!:
NESS, in all its - branches, of his shop on Main
street, near the Wellsborough, Hotel, where he is
prepared to execute ell work - entrusted to his cnre, l
with neatness and despatch, on the most reasons.
ble terms.
THE LATEST FASHIONS are regularly re.
ceived from New York and Philadelphia; and he
feels confident of rendering satisfaction to all who
deSire their work done in a neat, fashionable and
durable manner.
CUTTING done to order on the shortest "notice,
for " pay down."
All kinds of-country produce (delivered) receiv.
ed in payment for work,at the market prices.
•-Wellsborough, Feb. 13, 1851.
To the Physicians of Tioga
JUST RECEIVED! the largest,
most complete and 'careqly selected
STOCK OF MEDICINES in the coon. • •
ty, will now be found at. - ft BOY'S CV'
Drug Store, in Wellsborougb. Call and sea for
yourselves. _
N. B. Orders for Medicine, by letter, will be as
proMptly and Carefully put up as when the pur•
chaser is present. • - April 17, 1851;
'. .
CIRACKERS !—"Plenty of 'ern` . "Who , said
, VI • we were- ont ? ~
Linseed, Elephant, and
Olive Oils;
Cum Camphor;
Cream Tartu ;
Sup. Carb. Soda ;
Blue Vitriol ;
ICardimon Seeds ;
I Magnetic Ointment;
;Pain Killer;
Brandreth's Pills;
Smith's do.
' Bilious do.
t Bateman's Drops;
Balsam ;
White's Salve, &c.
I Glierkine
Mixed Pickles;
nova' 61, HALL.
A SSESSED•with licenses for the sale of Goods,
/I Wares, Merchandise; Commodities, and Ef
'feets, for the license year commencing May 1,1851;
. . .
Names. ' ltesk4Oner. ,Class. Amount.
w. M. Mallory, Bloss, 1 - 10 $2O 00
Jarvis Hurlburt,* . do: . 14. 10 50
A. H. Gaylord,* du. 14 10 50
0. F. Taylor, . Covington, 13 10 00
Pulliam & Packard, do. 13 10 00,
Edwin Dyer, dg.' - 14 700
D. Caldwell, do, ' ' 14 7 00
J. C. Bennet,* ' . do: 14 10 50
Wm. Spaulding,* Chatham, - ,14 10 50
Oliver Elliott, Charleston, 14 7 00
John Adams,* - do. , . 14 .10 50
H.S. Holcomb, De!mai, 14 7 01
0.5. Gregory & Co., ' do: 14 700
Wm. McNit, do. 14 7 00
Billings .& McNeil, dn. - . 14 700
*Thomas Clark,* do. 14 10 50
Joseph Palmer, Jr.,* do. 14 10 50
o..Warthier,* do. 14 10 50
Wm. A. Faulkner, Deerfield, 14 . 700
J. I'. Sleeper, Brookfield, 14 7 00
A. Harris, do. 14 7 00
d 0..; •
do. '
• do.
• do.
-do. • -
J. & J. Parkhurst,
G. W. Phelps,
Smith & Senly,
G. H. Baxter,
A. Locey,
D. J. Shaw,
J. Stoddard,
Coats & Kimball,
Crandall & Coats,
Culver & Slosson,
C. Horsely,
Levi Miller,*
B. Barse,*
C. Summers,
C. A. Stanton,
H. T. Ryon &
J. W. Tubbs,
C. H. L. Ford;
M. Seely,
C. Slosson,*
Traugh & Hurd,* do. 14•
Newcomb & Allen, do. . 13
C. Bonn! do. 14
Wm. Herrick,* do. 14
Thos. Mitchell, Middlebury, • 14
M. Redding-ton, - do. 14
E. Churchill, do. 14
Wm. C. Babb,* Morris, 14
Wm. W. Babb,* do. 14
James Duffy, , do. 14
Hoard & Beach, Rich:maid, 14
B. M. Bailey, do. 14
H. Stowell & Son, Shippen, 14
John Fox,Sullivan,
__ 13
J:& H. Strong,' do. 14
It. Shears,* do; 14
T. L. Baldwin &Co., Tioga, . 10
J. B. Steele & Co., do. .11
Hunt & Gregory, do. 14
J.,Hallack,* do. 14
A. Jackson & Co., do. 14
P. S. Tuttle, ' do. . 13
Lewis Daggct, do. 13
R. H. Marriott, do. 14
A. Humphrey, do. 14
R. S. Chapman a:. Co., do. 13
Wm. K. Mitchell, - do. l4
L. Bigelow, do. 14
Traverse, - do. ' 14
18. Roberts,* do. . 14
A. J. Daskam,* do. 14
Krnsen & Simmons, Westfield, 14
J.Goodspeed & 8r0.,* do. 14
G. &C. Close. do. - 14
F. Strang. • , do. 14
JamelPritchdrd„ Middletown, 14
Isaac Bead), • d 0.14
C. P. Douglass,* . do. ' ' . l4
Sam'l Swimler,* do. 14
Sam'l Niver,* do.
C. Schoonover,' do. 14
0. B. Wells, ' Jackson, 14
H. Miller, do. .19
D. N. Hunt, do. - 14
J. B. & P. Drake,
R. Rose,*
P. Backer,*
Ulman & Co.,*
Henry Howard,
James Merrill,*
D. Breon,*
C. A. Cmnstock,* -
Henry Keghle„
Wm. t. Lyon,*
Robert Co;'
John Goodspeed,*
A. Beers,
A. & J. Deerman,
L. B. Reynolds,
0. Beach,
Seely & Scott, - do. 14
V. Case, do. 14
F. Halliday, do. 14
U. & .1. L. Robinson, Wellsborough, 10
G. D. Smith, & Co., do.. . 1:1
Bache & Ross, do. - 1.2"
Bean & Ensworth, do. • 12
L. I. Nichols, do. 14
M. Borst, do. 14
Hoyt & Hall,
G.-M. Lamb,
Cook & Bailey,
Robert Roy, •
Morgan Sherwood,
M. M. Converse,
J. B. Babcock,
* Sell Spirituous or Vinous Liquors.
List of persons, assessed for selling Nostrunis,
Medical Compounds and Paitent Medicines, agree
ably to Act, of 10th April, 1849:
Robert Roy, Wellsborough, 4 $5 00
A.-Humphrey, Tioga, 4. 500
Charles Churchill, Middlebury, 4 500
List of persons assessed as Distillers and Brew
ers, agreeably to Act of 10th April, 1849 :
Hiram Freeborn, Knoxville, 9 68,00
Distills between IQ,OOO and 12,000 gallons whis-,
key annually. _
D. Reese, Charleston, 10 500
Brews about 600 gallons beer annually. ' '
Notice is hereby given, that an appeal will be
held at the office of the subscriber, in Wcllsboro',
on Thursday, the 26th day of June next, when
and where any ono aggrieved by the foregoing
assessment can be heard. lie will also hear ap•
pealslat any time thereafter until"the 15th of July,
when in in his office, if requested.
-.May 19,1551.-4. J. ,EMERY, Appraiser.
BOW has fitted up a new and convenient
Store, next door to the Wellsborong,h Hotel,
on Main street, where he is receiving and will keep
for sale a large stock of
well assorted, and ,c'4' excellent' qualities. Ile will
also keep
Pork, Hanle; and Fislli t •
and a general supply of PROVISIONS and other
articles salvable to the market.
,Hy' always keeping a full 41upply, and lim.Lisa
Low. he hopes to receive a liberal patronage.
Wellsborough, July p 4,1850.
A NDREW'S 'Pain Killing Agent, and Dr.
/I. Midland's celebrated Gelman Bitters, just
received at•thcUcllsboraugh Drug Store.
. May 1,1851. ' • •- R., ROY.
CRN STARCH. AND i'AitTNA—a nice ar.
; tide for Ptiddings, just received and fir sale
by . [April 11;] HOYT &HAW
FLO s y c l i t t . ban! !b , r g le bk:-
BOrt .
ATONE WARE.=A genetil just
►7 receivectby.:_ Van; - 224 NICHOLS:_.
' • - .TAILORINGI' "-;
SPRING' AN D gumVit. }: A sitioNg..4.oit_
MM. CONVERSE would respeetfully inform
. his friends and the public generally,that
lie may be found
his old ,stand, oni
door cast of Nich
ols' Store, where li
is at all times pre
pared to execute m
orders in his line
the shortest notice,
and on the most rer
sonable terms.
Ravine rcceiv,
the Paris, New Yo.
SPRING & SUMMER, lie , feels cOnfident in wi4xl :
nxyrnio a neat and fashionable .fit in.e,very cascu
In connexion with his own manuflie.tue,he'wili
at all times keep . on hand a well selected tat!sartl
ment of • •
.•"" •
Cloths, Vesllmts, wrimmings . am"'
C 4 112,10, LI. a
• t
Ready-Made Clothing..
COA 7"S, made up in ilia latest style. ,
lie is confident that Ite•can render perfect satin:_
faction to those who may patfonizti hint in hz lino,
of business.
tEr eating done at the shortest notice. I
la All kinds of. country protinco received
payment for work, at the market price. I ,
Wellaborough, May 20, 1851.
IN COVING7DN, PA. • • ••• I
SIIAW would to
specttully inform the Ladies
and the public *generally, that she
has opened a Millinery establish
ment in the village of Covington,'
where she has just received' a new
and beautiful assortment of
She will be ready, at all times, to furnish limp°
who may favor her with a call, with •
1101111111 C (3 of every variety ,;
of the best material, and the latest styleion
sonable terms. She alWays keeps on hand a gene,
ral assortment of
Millinery Goods, Bonnets; Silks, Ribbon 4.
and Trimmings of every description, • I, T
Covington, May 8,1851-4 t. r'
Dry Goods,
.Grocetkesi: .-1.;
JUST received, direct from New i —x- :r
York City, and now open at the V
Wo% 11 Z,'
store of the subscriber, •in ellsbor'
where all desirous of purchasing DRY 1.1 • '
at cash prices, will find it to their interest to call;
April 30, 1851. L. T. NICHOLS. ;
.T. , L. BALDWIN & CO.,
A-RE NOW ON HAND with another Irate
2i and well selected assortment of • ,
- 1 EW G-0 S.,
to which they would invite the particularattentioni.
of their old customers and the public
That they will not le undersold by any one,in,
Northern Pennsylvania . !
Tioga, May 15,1E351. -J. A.' MATIIEWS.-:.=--
7 00
10 50
10 50
On Main Street, two doo . ra below Nichols' Store.
TORGAN SHERWOOD would respectfully
I fit. inform his friends and the public generally,
that he has just returned, from New :York City:
with a large and elegant assortment of .• •
MISSES' SHOES of every description
and the latest styles. Also, a generii
assortment of SHOE.FINDINGS; all
kinds of LEATHER,
° BLACKING, ikc:,•kept:
constantly on hand.
His stock consisting in part as follows:
Geolleaten's Wear. '„
10 50
7 00
10 50
10 50
10 X3O,
7 00
10 50
10 50
7 00
10 50
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
GENTLtNIVIN'S Fine Calf, Coarse e nd Kip:
Boots and Shoes.
BOYS' and YOUTH'S Fine; Coarse and
7 00
7 00
7 00
20 00
12 00
12 00
12 00
7 00
7 00
Boots 'lnd Shoes.
GENTS Enaipelled and Morocco Pumps.
Ladies' Wear.
... • • e ••
JENNY LIND Exceleiors, Enamelled Buskins,
.Patent Leather, Polkas and Lasting .Galter
and Slippers, of all kinds; - '- •'-
MISSES and ;CHILDREN'S Boots, Leather Dui.'
kins, Enamelled, Buttoned and Colored Cads of
every dearytion.
Thankful for past favors, he hopes by strict at..
tention to, aid careful examination of all - work .
entrusted to bim, to retain his old custoiteiiyand',
by his increased facilities for business, to add now;
ones to his already numerous list. Try him:: -.
LIT Cash, Produce, 'Hides and Veal Skins.atc.,- ;
received in payment for mark, at the Usual rates.
Wellsborotigh, May E 3,1851. • • '
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00.
7 00
Shaving and Hair brOsing. , ,.
GC. CAMPBELL would respectfully inform : ,
his friends and the pnblie, that he liae te=•
moved his Barber Shop to the Basement 'story of
the Wellsboro` Hotel, where he wilt bClhappy to
take his friends and customers. by Abe .noket•as
often as convenient. Having practised •t1i0:5744-
ving business for a long time, he feels Confulent,
his ability to do it up in as Batier.ous slyle..ati'
any of the "shaving shops" in the country'. • •
HAIR DRESSING done up in accordance ,
with ,the "latest styles," and- with ,perfect
faction.. Call and, try the edge liis. razors and;
the cut of' his shears. Nov. 21., 1840; "
_. . . .
TEA at New Yo r k Prices .,
i1.0Y, , agent for the C'uttlon..- 7 -.r f
• Tea Compaity, offers great itt- 14 ' '( ;.,,
ducements to those who wish to get a ,i,
choice article of TEA, at a low: price,4.lll.d ' '
by paying the cash. This`Tai is put uti in tinfoil
wrappers, in pour d, half pound and quarter potind
packages. Always to be returned if it 'does not:
suit the purchaser. Try it! Try it!
Wellsborough, April 17,1851. „ ' ;
have just 'received a• large assortuictt'of
V V 'nil kinds or GOODS, which 'we Bound
to sell: • Conic and see, we will sell you
Dec. 12, 1550. - . • Pine Creek at tloyd's„.
Sole Leather. .
II E subscriber has just received - 16in' 14'61'
T. York, a superior article , of , SOLE LEA
THER, which he will dispose of at...a', reascleable;
advance for eAsit. : JOS., RIBEROI,I?Ei
: Wellsboreugh, March 20, IFSI. r
soil's or. Temperas
A N assortment of Temperance Publidit 1.•
amongst which
• ,Themisfoty of the Bottle; Power of thetiedie;
Temptations; Gertredeßussell; Temperarico t illett
odies; Pictorial Almanac; Organ Songste'rsvßiii
choirs., Essays; Nott's .I.ectures ; • Vindication of
the. Suns' Sewall; Plates of the Stemma; Certifi,
eateit - or Membership,: ike; .. For sale by -
-June - 12; 1850. • '• " IL. ROY, Librirriarti
. . -
• • !-:
‘ , ......M ...',lii• - 1,