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" Remember Lot's Wife."
44 iletnimbni tat's wife," was the Saviour's nom
i na gall 1. f ,
. ,
Tis thiiiitwho were seeking the heenly land ;
.„ av .
Itilidediblir that monument 'standing', there still,
I t titl-iiiiiiit of his wrath, who obeyed not his
l ' ) 'will.
Nfbile dwelling in Sodom, that, land full ,of
lifor nature depraved, and her heart all Unclean
She worship'd her treasures of silver and gall,
Nor thought of destruntiw,widah God had fore
Bat God in his moray looked down from above,'
Au angel was sone with a Message of love ;
She fled at the , warning, Biospe for thy life,"
But ah I 'She looked book I 'Colt' "'Reniimber Let's
0 ye, who have storied for Cahean's fair :land,
I .PpY,yeu give heed to the *irefi,e9m,ffißTll
Forget all the One and, thefollige.,Of
Let not your hearts wander, "14 , n2grober. Lot's,
Thpugh ioutlea hopes have vanished, its gny.vis
ions fled,
Though.friende you have loved are now low with
• the dead;
Though eile be upon thee, 3'o ~flee kife,
And look not behind , thee, "Remeinber Lot's
wife! •
Young Christian awake and , examine :thy heart,
Does Jesus possess thy affections in part.?
And dost, thou still long for 'the pleasures -of
life? t
InAids !there is danger, .oslteinereber Lot's wife."
Bikt 9, 1 , 1 k 49flit 0011 nover,attemptid to flee
FTOm dititrtMthin ?'I tremble for thee •
Merl ie danger behinfl thee, "Leap° f?F thy
The prise is before thee, 4, Reme*er Lot's
Remember, 0 sinner, the hour is at hand,
When yen ihellobe called In the judginent to
Tour eine will debar you forever from life,
And then, if not now, you 'll " Remember:LoVe
Sugar Mil, October, 1859.
Ravin; di iiieratnre 'Saienbe
al* Art.
1f1711122 it
LONDON; 6th, 1860.
In the department of ART the leading
ineideut of the last year, has been the sale
of Lord Nortkvick's famous. collection at
Oheltenham. The numismatic department
was the most recent; as to sale, and was pe
culiarly rich. Day after day there ispPeared
in . the Times a regular caialogne "; of coins
diapeeed of, of rarest value, and in many
ease% the Greek legend on each wswgiveu
01 course, a goodly:number of lice paint ,
Inge and coins of Lord Northwiok, will find
their'Way to those private collections which
every year are becoming more premier's, and
which, as.l have repeatedly indieated,form
the true, National,Gallery, of England. But
in addition to this, valuable additions , hive
been recently made to the National. Gallery
properly so called it Trailer Square;
These are two R cturess of W'atertalls,by staiob
Ruysdaei; and a Holy Family and pilafs:,
and Virgin and Angels, by.the early, ItOirs
artiste. The large.picture of ;the, " Battle ,
of. Trafalgar," has been, lately repaired. It
is the largest canvass ever painted by that
remarkable *Alit, Turner. It is worthy of
notice, that not thig picture only , bat others
by the same hand, have t been fond to need
earefut restoration. This, it appeaTe f ,pan
done " safely and well."
A competent critic says, "a careful relit
ning will preserve a Turner, even' if the sub.
jeet is not restored ; end though the pictures
of Reynolds, and fifty other artists fade and
crumble into ghosts of pictures, our great
landscape pairkter may
,preserve, big. glory
for the thousand years which Napo,
an artist, was, not long enough for real;
Maßifio,,eet frescoes are about to be planed
in the barristers' Hall at Lieopin'e. 14„.,
The Hall itself is a modern erection in the
Gothic style. The design of the fro:0 is,
to present a group of all the great legiets
and legislators , of, -the-world. Here are
Mena, Zoroaster, -Corsfuoins,,Moses, Minos,
Lyourgus, Draisoilioloni , Nurna Pompilius,
Tarquin, and Justinian ;' here also, Alfred, ,
Qharlemagne,liohammed-- 7 in word, ,every'
celebrated person whose name =hawbeen, pro.
served by history, as a founder :er,iMprOver
ofthe laws. The grouping of the figures is,
deprilked as very graceful.
Lectures are being delivered in the South ,
lieneligtott Museum, by Mr. Robinson, Fel
low of -the Society of Autiquatiee, on the,
Fine Airs, 'and art collections. Mr. It. is
the official keeper of these collections in the,
Museum, and is admirably fitted for his
poet. I trust, that every American. lover of
art, will not fail to visit South Kensington
Museum, when he comes to L0u40,12. In
connexion with ci Schools of Design" all
over the country, and liberal rewards 'to ex
cellence, from an annual grant of. ParliamnAtt
A:rt, as applied to drawing, to manufactures,
making rapid progress. The misitors
ti:r the Kensington Museum, during
the i period.Which has elapsed since its open
leg, !lava-been one million, one hundred ,and
ninety.nine , thoOsand nine hundred andlfor
The illpstrated" works of the Christmas
season are marked.hyextraordinery genius
in the conception, •ansLby,unparaliele.d
lance in the engraving Woild engraving is
indeed a great snow lin 'England, and pre
sents ipt astonishing onntoet with the mis,
erable attempts of even fifteen Years ago,
The artists receive exoellent remuneration, •
and the printed page is thus I , illuminated"
by the artistic commentary, of many a true
poet•painter, who otherwise might have
pined in neglect and obscurity. •
One of the Christmas booksof the Tract
Society, is a collection, of . the ,fitteet of
these wood engravings, mostly illt,trative of
sacred soenes,,into z a quarto,volnind: Hera
ste drawings from the best of the obVitiso
!ere, and,,some .of the •very,beat woodmut
proofs-from the tracery of Nicholls and other
en:duel:lt men. -
The Scotsman mentions that the Chan-
Geller, of the, _Exchequer, Mr. Gladstone,
and Sir Danbar,ißar't r one-of the Lolls
of:the Treaaury, recently visited thet a Ns.
tional Gallery. ,of Scotland, , whicoh,•aa , many
of your readers lrnow, , fieds; a fitting 'shrine
in the beautifully classic, and graceful
building at the foot of the Mound and near
to -Prinnes . Stre4o. Gmat .satisfaction was
expressed by the visitors at the condition of!
the gallery, and 'its progressive wealtb in ,
art treasures.
4 remarkahle ,man---Tainter, engraver, •
poet, and muaidan,in one—has recently died
at„Varis, aged one,hundted years... He was
totally,unknown to the. public, because he
never wouldisonsentto'fiblish prodtio
gone. In hikboyhoeslAtemame .to-London;
and , tdbk lessons from.the 'celebrated' seulp-•
tors, Flax:man And PAWL •He was...wont to
pass.the greater part•of his copying
the painticis of our great mestere especially
those of Raphael. Ile caused ji house, to be
hrtild,on one at the. Boulevards, and an
nexed,,to it -a vast painting and two
pieture galleries. There he ' labored inces
santly, year after'yeer, in painting and en
graving, in composing poetryand setting it
to.musio: Here, was „enthusiasm indeed.
He had. warm domesMo.;affectinns, and ; left , :
forty-nine portraits of his wife, taken on
successive birth days. He executed one of
these the day before he 'died; with marvel
ous fidelity.
this MINT is not
but M. Lambert, of ;the Courier de Paris
fully vouches that he was a real per=
soilage. His son, aged seventy-five, and
a:grandson, aged fifty, propose to exhibit
his • paintings and engravings, and to
Pl'o4o l his Pet r y '14 1 4- Tusk , . Great an ;
Amity will doubtless be excited, thereby
Theatres are regarded by many as de
veloping artistic power, but the evils imo
elated with them=including the license to
fell strong liquors, and the presence of bad
characters—still make them tainted scenes.
increasing power, of religion and
meralp,,, has - thVitreP) 44mi •
great improvement' has taken pbtee in many,
respects. Macready,lowever,Aried in , vain
to root out the toleration Of the. social evil,
d 'he has (found successor Who '
an,„ as
Manager, could grapple with it ; auccessfully..
7 r
Many .thentren, also, are of low character, .
and art is degradedmien,spoken of in Anti
.connexicut. The- l old adage.that."vide.his
so hide ns j a,vielage, that it needi l i on)y tdpe
seen,'? is found - aid , tte. , be quite
sound; S li t 3 TVS on `l s .l l kqk 11uting
: vitforlim youthiand beauti, it!. km:Leh more
likely the fancy: smitten, and the
appetites sho t s the moral mise struck ; with
the result of extravagance Andilleentiontme4
The experience that...w& gait in , a-theatre
is but a transitory glimmer, and - Lhas very
little effect' n the soul. • It is nothing more
than a reflection, "whibh 7 'sensible objects
Iliterate • .M4ll whilet
soono our anim al. .
mpirits are etunnlated by the brilliancy,,
gaiety, and abandonment of such moenes.
those keYeaPn4ed4o, t ve ; ry,little..thouglA
is_empioyed.en the finkliNseenefil of distress,
andi imprisonment that,ithe , :citaracters may
endure. Indeed the Morakdoes , not fit, be.
esinielthe answer of the 'sensualist' will be,
not tVit'entih a courts- must bring such a
result, but,, tient a little Ange l and .tact, in not
goingtoo.far t or having .pJenty: of money,
will avoid the punishment.
So writesa thewtrioaL Oda and man of
the• worldi =mho pleads , that ig the''grand-
drams may 'and does affect •the mind," brit'
!ho doSs not inAioate any poeaible Srawhen,
thee. shall be , :separated froin adjunote and ,
PlPPapiems—hip tin of ev 11 7 ,..if,,n0t to„every,
one r y4to very nIPY•
BooleidasticalArehitecture is stiß , ocoupy
ing, considerable attention'from .Traotarian
Ghuichmen, and arehmoiogists, properly so
0 4 1 4 4arcT o6l6 9 1 1 1) 1 31 4b.11. 3 t).,.5.,90P1is
little prkpote hat, lat4ly , 1)(1M pu l i hketl. in 1
plreanh. • It-indlcaties,tl.4, a .doeument has ; .
redentlyigomeAd light' from` arnongthe ° arch
ives of Bruges, whieh establishes 'beyond a
denht • that the decoratiourto Weod'engrav:
rug, W,hlch once adorned Melrose Abbey
were, in great part, the work , of Flemish
artists.: ; This document . is - the sward of
arbitratoreinu disputer whioh arose between ,
&Scotch monk and•nierchant, acting as the
agent of the Abbot of Melrose; and a Mein
ish Maiter.carver who had contracted to
execute a large, pertlon,of work for Melrose.-
Abbey. That, German and Flemish arohi t ,
teats had , muoltio !du with. most , of our
anoient - ecolisiastioal buildings; - is 'not
doubted by those who havemoet investigat--
ed the `Subject:
The various' Scientific Souieties
regularly in the metropolis. Among theme. ,
Societies p the Geographicatisone,of the most,
interesting, in eonnexion with the appearance.
before it of the discoverer of the Franklin
relies as well as the communications' ee.
euMionally received from Dr. Living:Rona.
LITERATURP, generally, is in a flourishing.
condition, in almost every department;
Among .the most esteemed, book. , of -the
season, is Sir-Emerson Tecnent's Ceyloii."
This gentleroan,lormerly M. P. for Belfast,
and a native of that town, wes,for some time.
Colonial Secretary -At Csylon, and gathered..
stores Of
,informatien f which, coupled with
beautiful illostrations,- as. .:well as an elegant
'style of writing, furnifili , ithe ' "upper' n ,
thousand'" and' the oiroUlating libraries
with a maguificient volume. The first . edi
tion was exhausted in 'a.few days., A story
its„ told ,of ; one, greut i publisher—Murray--
being offered the book, and declining the
MS., and that Longman & Co. thereafter
accepted it At all events, both inithor and
publishers will reap a haudsome profit.
The,,Widow of the late James Ilitiettglson,
the .A.fricati traveler r hauedited and published
a volume fromler husband's pen,rig.Travels
in Morocco." In consequence of - the Span
ishvoriMade 'against ,the Moors, everything
peffitidirirto'theni Wry st
- • " 't . . 'f rrmw, IZ
."4NE., , TEING,HAV . E' LORD:" -"TEUEVONEfth-HiNfia Da."
oig THE
..WSW EN.,
-. S,ATUR"D *z VEM
..;V:•116 AR . Y . I`B#4
this moment. Riohirdson had not a high
opinion of the MoOre„ . although they like the
English 'better than any other' people. A
Cave, in his prefaoe to this book,, Plitt
the sweeping query, "Why should we
respect the national existence of any
°° m ".
niuptty of Mohammedans?" lie even goes
so far as to - advocate: a ornEtidl;
MohammedanThe *
races Critic, without
endorsing th,is opinion, depreoires English
jealousy of the Spanish expedition,. and,
seys' . ," it 'is undeniably line that thel4o
harnmedan race sten& in a position Of Cow
er. g [ entre toward Christians of all creeds.
Englishmen will be long before titeY forget
the treachery and cruelty of thefr am
media fellow subjects- ,
j India, and Y , the
worthleisness of - their allies in T k "
No doubt this is true, as is also the elate
ment that "it would be for the bine ‘ fit of
the human race were the religion J . Islam
to disappear." But no tittly,Christitinn*
will_ take, up the sword for this purpose.
True, we had' to use it in India but it, was
to suppress and punish a cruel and treacher-,,
ons uprising. God 'in his providence, is .
,both r‘ Popery and Blohammedanism
to waste away„simultantionsly. It is very
evidiut that in . this' Spanish business,;
Itomieh and:Moorish , fanaticism are helping ,
on their: respectiVe systems to' the criers Of, ,
their doom.
The Publishers' Oircular states that the I
year closes with some books of firs rate
importance.` Among these, in The r ology,,,
are enumerated, "Tke . Church Hist ory of
Scotlerid time the 'Commencement a, the
Christian Era to the `riesent:Oenteri," by e
the key. T. Cunningham. The author of
die work avoids the controversies` of Non.
Intrusion and Eisruption tithes, by stopping '
helf'a 'century back. Next 'hi mentieilea .
" The Divine Life in
~Mt,e," by the ReY. J.
Baldwin Browne, ow ef l .l,he London Con
gregational ministers, ?h° inz Nl4°AcrrP
jects s.,he " forensic "Ake ; of justificetiow
altogether,andmho is taken , to task4by the ,
and Baptist Magazines, for bill
eulogy, of Professor Miurioe. It would
unjasp, I ,ejievp, to .
,5,7 ttis : Atr. Brown,;
rejeotedi, the. idea, of Christ's'; substitution,:
but he is very obscure in his teachings onl
tbo,subjecti and somewhat-perilmisly; &fear,
approaching the • verge of the Negative
Theology: Tho:book--is highly .;praised, for.
its=r originality. = Artibt, of Glasgow, zihu
given us , and, Traits of; the, ()Kris,
tian Life," in hie: ,own-;sententious -.way.
The. u, SP.TiIIoPP 4y.9ll9rBe,RAPTtgANM.the
irp,ductioNof rifins ;member .
Methodists, who at .present in meat inf
laritYr to 1 4e- Gliretaar .140
enumerates, among the *arks Of ii , firstirateil
importance," . Rev. R. Steel's (Presbyterian-
Minister st Chelleoliatn,) it the
Prophet;" also, Wilkinson's. Revival," ,
and "::Weir's Irish Revivals:" . ,The,former.
views.,thaillster Awakening in. its physical: ,
aspects, in a frientlly and philossphie
spirit, while the latter `treats 'of the 'ante
cedenti of . the Aliakeettig, gives infoitnatien
as to the great . Revival among the Scot ch`
Colonists in trlster;ivri hundred 'yeare : ago,
and traces the wallet in the Marvelous'
workeef '1859; gives full inferMation of its .
origin and early
„Progress ; (wahine, heeides,'
thirteen chapters of Tour of I.Personal
Observation aed,lnqui4; and in its. r third,
and ineoluding . prt, presents, authentic god ;
auntie*" proofs`, 'in socials and sp iritual
•- 4 •
sults, thatthe Awakening is indeed o f" God.
There are two chapters `devoted to the'
" Physiological .4goiesiits:',' of the, Revival.
The first of the Works 'sells for o.oo' the
second it $1 00. Of the second, the; Hon.
and Rev. 4aptist. Nos], (yip 'Writes ths.,
preface,) says that_he_ cannot pretend to
aaanythin g ,to.its4stortl4l an :that it rfl is
wanted, beoinfle not connected. narrative -ofi ,
these,triinsiotionslas yeteappeaged. ;'Buccal:*l
geliera Christendom, for January, says ;
is by far the most - complete on
the, subject," and - W'rititiO 2 ' 4, with a sound
and discrirriinating judginint, and-with
ientk - 'BYTPatitY'llitk the. Of
these-.two.lbcieks onttheaßevival,Chaprnan &
Hall publishes the Orst, , i , iind•Hall; "VirtrirOSt
Co., the second. Probabljr,' the former
house has r an igspoy. the United 44t.fs.
Scribner,-of New York; is, the agent „for 'lle
second named , publishers,
Oliphant's work on China and Japan, is
written by a Christian and 'an iniconiplisherr
gentleman!. He . was with Lord Elgijit r for
some time. Captain M'Clit,lpak: 'S Di t ary,of
the Fox," is sure of a Feat : sale. yrinity,
` has ,peen , giviog him a
literary, degree,: as one: of ,distin
guished sons, while Trish. eclat is. thrown' on
the of ono oft her'Aifigliniio..;
tweak , LL.D., famourr'Crimean , nor
reiPondent of the .rtintee,)' by the inibliCa
,of his " Diary in India." hid an•
. • -'. 'XI`
, optspOnniy, this week of looking over this
Work, at the great publishingions, of Messrs.
Atontledgc & Co. It has a number of val.,
uable pictorist illustre t tions;•but. its, main`
charm is, the vivida vis of the letteppress
narrative. •
Muir& Routledge have,publishedia'bean
tifully illustrated catalogue, and:the ' variety
and vastnisianr their 'atocklii Soinethiai truly
iarielotui.' Mr; nentley, 7 3rtea:Litit *hides
Livekpf. A.robbishops Oacterbury,by
Dr. Hook, (formerly Vicar of Leeds,):no
doubt; sufficiently High:Oburah,andf, , Laudf
can in -its '.sympathies: The , indefatigable
veteran', Lord Broughain, is about to publish
" 'biota PliYsietal and 'Mathematic:ll.9;
Dr. Olasgow 7 gives us an,
siastical Cycloptedia or. Church . Lexicon, to
getlierwith-a , Commentary on the:Ephrisians.
The p. Matinee has written s man:
nal of Morel and Metaphysical Philosophy.
Messrs Itiibetes announcements com A e
somerbeautifully illustrated books, and also
Sermons by Daniel Rees, famous: Welsh
minister; Through the Tyrol, by lAA. New
man Hall (wife of the ministel, of: Surrey
Chapel ;)and the Romance of :Nattral,ais
tory, by. Mr. dome.
Captain tlaynt , 'Reid, formerly-it an
American Rifle Regiment in the laet ° lMeii•
can war, 4T I +1 ,Rth , th or '..`. heJtsfle 'Wager'', '
hike produAed „s i new Christmas book for ?oys,,,
and Also the ' Wo°d,, angers."„eaPillq
Al ? Reid- is the . eon of 1: e 'Senior, Uler i k of
the Iriehßeneral liese,m jy, and, yo a utast
Ig!fil*i o .l 7 4ritPr• Ine,r°,,, fl.PeeltiV4 Saxon.
ring in his words. Hie,: Oturisa ,and .perilti
are perhaps somewhat too melodramatic..
..,.- -,• ,1..4 ••
But he ()Couples a high lace An the literary,
Thacherays 4i Cern ' 'll kagazine ”r is
a is ( great suocese. First o ill,' ii large
penny worth," very Oil and well printed,
with tw0.... illuctrationa,,.kg e s, map, of the
Arctiegogiow tr theik gixen i alsiagwith
a`,•.PaPgl47fqo l3 4 , 4o l Pi !‘ 0 1 in!'4•Pri9Pl WI :
tied; ; ," The. Search; •for 'S - , ', •
from the4privitejeurnaVartio , offieiriltifet, ::.
iFi7i:''' ThWoliegayliiiiWer Fhegini t a, litelY;
1 • / "a,.v.„ 7 , 44 , 1 ,, - , %. ..: -, 'l ,_ A, ,, lri "
," Lovel the Widdwei." and Fattier, Front •
1 I , t , ••,•41'4-4' ,F 1 c' , l* (.k. V! la lt tl.
( f i k1311,948 24' #l?CkTrAii iteTtiPaCßA4,3o'
arritesenlinauguritiVe o' ,+t .4± '4. - ~.; ~, Fp,
I had foiscaetionlo Ica' it rciretialey'athe'
great, London book , b , ding house—tins
v t .
•.4-4. - •• ~,0 4!, 4 -, it , •• 4:;; .1.....1140 ',T ;•• - 4 1 it:
week. b .one of the Ins, I .eaw„ anim a ,,
42 engen Pul'OPPOf. Ate. ern. gi ll, Allgtziner
in sheets; beluga put *idly into ',"oovere.
Smith, Eider St Co., the Publishers, haie
theii`lionie id'Obri'llift,inLike l ea r " 'they
iilßOtAilPitA l 4il.‘ Mgr l 4,l'9,fia Pui 3 iikkfrL.i
They are..., the,,patroneqef, ,-the'" celebrated ,
Oharlotterbronti. . 4The3 arei 'Mho publishing
two - new'tdoks; 'by Sii"4ol4P'Bifinilig,.'oeh
on' Ofilia, and ine"Ottigi"A 'Argil V the
Philippine ' . ~,,, =;1 1 1. ' .f.,ALLN
1 'Nfst?, .13.548=-59- ,These two
c ,
• , t
1 the, - media , ' - . , 0f 4 , llo4kenefialaernentst off Fen
ipectiVe , ea - Heithen , andlfolrliande ';or'
sunny dayi in the SaliehieNde and
• • ' - • ' Jordan,
by Captain Briggs, of # ' l 2 ' yn g i # l -F r h l A4
Of Eiiesitkte. of St, Parl'n, Epistle to i the I
Corinthians;: by the hite.lßee. ii;:t.W. i Rob 4
Orttioni' of 'Brighton. The fecundity ofi Vie
mind of this remarkable idin„if tent:esti:
mated by hie short oareeton n eatth, 4 and tike;
~ • .-.4 - ...•., ...•., 4 , 4,4 -
PufneSqu.o , P.C.OkuP, 3 49Picif94 l W , l o 4 ll l;an
- b
appeared. ,The•beauty of, the stylepandAbio
originality 4 - of tbe vvieWn"of ( the "4 anther ate'
alike tranirent, But his theology ishidil'
'Sally unsound , is to the. doctrines of. Juittfl,
cation, ; and • titquAlltat...P 14;•-ini 4.40.).. most.
ceductive•of 'all , the:"..writerst of the "Negai4
five": . r. School: - Wheiii'lheAtielit's frOr the'
" sdbjentiOn "'iiiiii;lleial4ilt Of'ilikiiinii,
• • 4 , • 1a...4! 4 • "P' ',: '' , ,l:
life, nothingean belmorerupsiesaitm- • ,
Messrs, Trii). ne.rp.ot Rattallter4• . Pivi,
and Sampson; Low, 0f.... 'udgatel4llall, ,, ltill
f ' if ' * Alt ''
import largely the - best , meri an w s.
, l .4. , •- , .4,- ; , i 4 .o',
- Death has ( Wein - btri riiiiiongst - ' literary
~ „-,m, ~...'••. '7,ralf., ° ~ , I°., °
i nen J " Tin g t3io PAYtao ' 44 3 44:Mf4t4e1P•
. .
are, Leigh - Hunt,beautiful > '
writer, litereai•dlituabo nd ithOiliatt4)
. .., ~
trions Macaulay: With - regard to'tlie lat',
••• .il ts .4 4 p' .'t ^:fril -‘ 1 , :,;t:),
ter—in addition' to notices in 'any, ordiriaii
, -- IN ,rytr, ti•3'l'l" "` , I "11 , 3, V
weekly letteHot. me': eiy . . that ;,•there. is
sufficient Trident and Inlay , for ltieLpreek,
to brilg the'llistorysteltbelclose , of ihedife
of King WllliainV - iniii, "'" ilia?' viewed in thee,
light, of the Revolution, end its hero, it nay !
*.e- e. e' - - 1 ,
assume, something. likely' eharaeter,-4of corn-
pleteuess." . . - - • . . ,
'Biaosulay!s annestors, , :from; they grand(l
father upward were n die's o f' - 8
00 an .
His 'lrie` ' Bl-3 4 T
erne Awn -alarm r. hookas
Babington,p„wetlthy.pmehaßt--,hnee hie
Christian" distinguished
student at Cambridge In Aninst 1825
appeared the article op . Milton
bur9fi Revieu:— : thk first of
ensaya.' Yu' 7 $3Q ` he y entered 2 ? arliaweoti,`
and made grcaty speeches, on Reform and` ,
other topics., In 2.834 he Went to'ldia, as ',
a member of the - Supreme 'Coucil o f dar;
1 / 4 T •-• i`f )
ontta. He 'returned within three yea&
His Laysof Rome
'Ancient' appeared in
1842. The first tti'VolUtni
o History
were published 111'1849; the lad two 'in
1855 . . '
. • .
1 " ojihii,.lo l ' ).-0 - 1 .e - • 1 , ....
.. Ttitaie 'gave 'Weil l '''''tteil t '
thi - oilia'" hairy fivrq.c .., w ritten 0.
• n„-., ,-,17..,.. I. 0 - ev t ietatiti ItiViiii
Pf_?...,. tkep!ifiiiiiirilikli Ifigni 1 , 7 , f' ) - IS
p.-' :; ()dia.-Al:4i lar , ,, -. 7 1 .! . : r e , lilidcl.
~Ys. St fg Optgin' o ei
So is it with Wij_
... iiiatiVreso'oitgal ii Ding .
iaLlryiag e --t 4l; ha f 1iet .. ..... 1 s nim'ellliar tr ie i lilla .
1:1"'" 4n*Vis,4fra t Y ' x• •- - re g I'd
lei,. . , ~; rli : ai,ii In fo :bine tiiem
i irly oa; Ack;*
. Vl. ll omillai9 ' ; ', o. l tie " gtoP" r lg. ' ififo u' 4l '
and heritage., ..
. 4 .4 1 W8 -.
f4,-.. • •
; tar..fherjr„mltriro.lria..F.ll,R,l ttit.
44 1 tew ittr t °- C r'
, .f a. • Lt. P•3l (if
). • ~
Ll' i l l i
" Walk wisdom towar4 them t h at li r et ! ,
; M
redeeteig ttie!tihiel"=ool. 17'
"thellrlnfif ctoti'" "y
,ChUroh lies nearer the heart of the Chriik
;tian than Ofotikgod/soinustiet4itinlaetir
quielror r akd ipp, i re c offeetn t ally
,ThiP APIAIiP,t-l*Waint I hPres 49M0
find the tittiAket . it ,, :tetPllo39l4 .
lw,boae. heart, in tY4lleflitPtigetitaiulsowit.9lo;
labors the P#llroftte,r efT ttiesrPOlVW
tOkete , ,, our fetketek, wt ) rel ll Ped i APb:_9ll,l`
mothers wept, eßft 31 1 7thYrieTe ?: ". ;birtio.llgeßfi;3
bitm e more Pt ol .nig94:lttiMiltke 'l 4 trA l .
;hAti5e.. 11 .4. 1 f 3 4 4 16 . 09 31. Ul k4P t iPS4P. 9°. i t M 40 4 1 1 /
OrkikkalliZe4M ;r,...TA9R 9 n alttltueN4-Jugiej
9 0 :4 1 900;‘,0 111
- ( 1 )r- 1 1PA114%, aPtoti , v.!rthßP, jP.-.9 1 4 4 ).0T 2 Fe.
:lupen a-01 chffrchlY:Fßeeiki
I,iPge for ttie• 1Y9r 81 4P., 4 4 ( ill!‘ 1 Let, Po efmti
thing trlti ,ak , 4Pri4, Makh g64#91f0 or
etorng,gl Inf#,49F of-5 1 9 01 9,ien0e, 1440
question as you must ans wer
not like, thi frembcrot skis
W ri,g ) .liagr
ihe one may the'other
ie in'the house
of God'f;thliV l ll, an Sibligiiiow . you , oireqo
God,,nranto:theopreaoher or, theughurobt
And remora*, „G,pd' i s,,,
works marvelnuslyjditi, unproMis•
ing'instruinenti ‘ ''Tire . dill; the dry
the weak, have - beirakin mighty ' by''ttid
Spirit'S'power:onkth'em; • -And rx-you
please; how much empty , pews,: and; liatiamt
hearers,-have, to do with dalk.iteirtipmuld
prosy prachers. Thinit hew it.
wing' of ` fancy , breaksthe HOU:
and ' 146' At - the fires - of.enthudalkir is
the zpreichiierflandfr-kihere ;Vie iterthba•
are made)—the .thought that , .afteF ~a 11)
his' hutch his 100,01 his enthusimalitif
they, go witUhimiete the pulpit 4 . 41, rill
be wasted on empty'VeUre and sleitir Veil.= I
ere. sirs, am mire, :were our benies
only fllledi,t froiri sideito side, every -Sabbath;
with ( ~ wide awake,' thinkipir,,,,hearem, we
4v9,uld-haTO verb du. ll .,trlikellers
.prosy_ eerPTB: Fi t s , e in the eaier'e
heart' kit:idles die
(2) Be active before going to the harisi),
of worship::. A l etiverforewhat aniater,
?2.nSFti.„'_".YNT<•e.Eß'Yk.+~'7atAq`c!{'firt".*f,. , . , f*-'SkkMly{k4o'xi . ,q
, have, an hour's time for prepa,rs
, tto . n before entering 'the house, of; God,.,
Bei muchiliergle in' preparation 1 Wheti
some' one abed Daniel' Webiter the 'best
rule far successful
keeei4Jithe,reugArrepraCielt t air- S uppose
the. 'preaeher..entore the pulpit without.
' preparation, ow will,,e earer
86 pose thefarm` s a r tti, hisseed wi t ho ut
p 0 TS
1 preparation;,what p would;' -yau say of his
chance .for wrap Z ;Suppose- a ship.master,
PeteitG,elm,Witite9t. preparation., what Mould_
you esy of his ehappe,for the farther eitore r
enters the bailee of
GliniithOnt" preParlitioki,, what would '`you`
say of ;his chances: to have; his -'tiffentione
lifted, ,heavenwartb? Prepare, then, for
1 poi:ship. before you,go to, the house of, wor-,
th, O .i Let thP hour b 4 iste worehip be ePetlik
in_meditettnn and 'prayer for ,thie
Ea. - chow'
heartiofigetivoishiper'.z -, Thisfolbttd ;Old.
pollee from familyadtars, over a our: mon.
gregations, would eleintr3p,-,as4 usienternidl t
liFeavAr . ligory God fr end v retcro , f rain
on ire thirsty, hill of gion.
ys rz,
t H ave lm tiaMeriti
forxpreparationqtfairratt 'welt air before lee
°tune. f."1:31-et r.yourA east c into; the spirit of
If9 r s ll APlfilte V l ` beglettbe teerMbiP. ; For;
you-most ,be,,in time. Afeey,thitige on,
I 'balk) ;Oiled the :frame
• ihiehl6ileirril, Wit 'Eine
no*,- inthe etillitisscOf3tlie ;eabottiarY,
I ay.ltil.,P4o. ehinitecoyaringthittfraniev- When ,
or Or wentitiOsrlWateilleete44ll#o43l-feit five;
minutes before ; Ivgrrehly begins,. land; fit' the gtiffne'ss, isrgaiim Whim
many hearts for a blessing o title presorts?,
I sinkon the/ 'Nord (preached; .11 cannot '4ll
1 1 19. f, teeotir the awed of aPe/Literfelid!
berebjefd , w4n9sitbeEe E'Peth - 4 know it'
does. - But, if, the hush of the, hour be,
1, broken by• a storm of in-rushingteet, or the
I slamming of shuttingdoorsi-with the rustle
ol f ormdiggaregiesk tbeh w4l - 9401ot! feet
!like worshipers, agd, goysequently, are only
in name.. l , This may seem fo r yon a little
thing I 1%11 you' t evil.' I
thfi r effeeic , ofsa'4earishing ser::
Too ) *jolt wee .begingii,gi tot tpubon,Ao
0 9 1 r1e1 0 ! . . 1 ! 901101trii,Prp,,141 40 1 41 A in.
inorent,, a, foot ' or. the
a oil Oa a stove B
ove.e always in time, 'pen,
Weitinti ee'warslup riot che'were-ip'
Wafting forlyouv,i
j_..„,(44 #l!„iwt,i_ye.,., aut . J.9,-mA , , worship.
Praying the oongre ition and
1e,1117-ng singing,2- whilt the oongre f4
klitio `sings ; thickip , judging, Viicrtm •
; What a disgrace it is on ouydogiosiMiro,logyf
tha t At' rittrAvgg into. the .4N39? at'
massve doe rinep, beg usethe neoßle *can't,
t i • falfdw yar fviir
Div y' ott :am& 7011i: 71 Othnikqc". l
the determinatiori.that:lyouwillnfollow the
prey chtls,,e.yeu ,ttlyugh„lte go - down, to ',the
f v :1 1 4 11 . ;I;bullittel.oB.l Look him straight in the:
aN4oinitehOliffiVe first sinteilW; then de'
theafirst last, 'sad ithealinig,lkiToriel„
ih*P i T.l 1151 2 ,tatieektbeirt 1 / 4 4! 14. your
he a d on the aelkheoic, before o fl n; elope
yar eyr onte f eto ; oen, them to
i# l , • . ft yens,
gra yolk Deign ors .dr 'or:
ndighblirfaftide,laud thirkeactietratlibtir will
iyi.vaip t , t4 -Irowwill be oCthe,nutit.
haring, -,heat~?, not," neitlier do
pey understand.", In short, remember that
so soo~i skthili" eroline'the u thielhald - of the
ski/6444'; joie areloininittelf iforil4
qt.:tiedvi Anikniomin Shduldi dare worship
4ink,Plit With illative{ mindwand,theart with
soul OlekelkAgbY,llo,'Ailvfei 'PfeeePee-,
CL c; _
r , '" r;i•.4"j±.V7 -, :' , C; , / . 9 - . ~.1 ~: -
NW this Pigabkteisiin Banner antAdiotsaie.
Professor., usu. ,
1,, „: ". 1 A f. , -; rif ...-i nu -1. .
. W
„en , thm o k a„ man R,,,a profm,r, 4 ,1
iiiiiiirs stliWatt'hiln."' Viiiii'm illeititnlv'to
tier yeryfiniutionislil bitf*, thonghtlt 'Ave' bad
1 Boum iprebidifs experiendii withipirofessorit, I
, 4P(11/45, 8 41PfidA DV% belWlSek le „Illikkeek a
T f t i "4 - 7...:;f1 , Y° str A t t! ,ll ".lllY , Mrs . *
ll'y, apd religion are i '
m'ore esteemed in the
'ofiscl'ilia theit°l3oitrinee t BCtilie Pill' m •
1 prifaiiiiions:(withent.ha r vitie-tlid imility: A
' eeriiiiptemen niade•_aisoieran profession that
i kßnPiiinfe g0.,04f9E-xpu9,4;ipightlia4.ooem l
, !pawn k wilt a,miiiiiiter. Fop !
c he , { chaygitif
me f retier Zi`entt - 0 . 4r regnlii ides. '' Ili is
not alone. I know friffrdiiizeitiliefelineLimit
memberl of thervhureh uitheir r who de -the
nmperthing4:-.Wholptotesslall itindslofibe
' i nCNRICAPe , !! !i1 1 ,49g0t0l liclllPrPles, beAeni
: Pat B , o ejOieli.:)!Vdi Ti'li f fiM b . u ts- r OtT
1 eli,rgeliii muol4, often mm.o; than tin eel
! lingnid. "others. " I -tiink= the' one= 'alf s Wllli
hiiectoltlims of their benevolentinteiliiong
• hiyvelebeated me., < Britil . do 'mot suspeotlial
IrAloraAr° mf°lkiAr4 3 .(. 36 o ifiPeil!)* only .;wheys
tigireare,.nisp l ipllius eirotimstanoes ; Beam
theicaiS'iliany'who d l e b reai kindness to reli
gious enterpillia lis 'this way.' We laill
miniii 'who! haiieldoid. veryAilibbral,. thfuge,
4134ellArvP1 kisd':3r.l4lloll/IktiMoo-:. , Wkilo
1 eltiej PrA9igT2;7974.44ig5n 1 0 11, 2 e Si**
I e t it is only ` ; w ell soniethiug indicates s
! iiiiklilillii i iihiticiieethailii ibiaia l sii i iplia
"" Wiiltl 2 l 'lwo latoffeiaiilictiireaeoiE o
/Now il 4 hopin the.oonseidieticin t may Anii4mor- ,
I ft , PM(Vmsrf : , ,Xelie'llY-mfAmr , you PM.
I often.; ktt ,tp..n pint majority 9e PasCai
itifeili"l,llerellltothipg inismeloniin the
I biroit c nistanto&i, ton dki:tiot: abSiiiiiit, - -hutJ this
'.. boutrary:- Suppose- you 7meeibizu wpublio i
:C ,f ei man grave, sorimAsi maim, atmi t kinti,
I NA?, d9Plt,n9,tirptar,,Slrb o . l 4kk selm) pipits up,
the Bible atidoietly, r attentivel • y ieads. Ten '
! UV , line: Yin Ihink Itii =a prniesisor; and 'ails
1 tliipoibdilihniiive , 'emibdenoi ifilliiih. lam
ititOtelliNikentfor a minister, whene.trairel-,1
' P,Milileligx4l/aing t o lo,tll‘Pd• ffilelVbl
ti all izi l gqq l ifin fe frAlq li CTP - . .illii. oiticto.At ,
/ei,lie ont, J frOli r ii a Hebrew' Bible I chiliad?
-triba l iiiirYiii `..- Well therelviii an old mad,;
toraioWed :infidel, in the stige;•whOnwairgii•f
1 -seg•outioibuytsbeep, mull W 44 fewrbuodredt
dollar ~ with *M.W, 11 0n..,Ak 1 4 0 ,P 5 4.- 1 4iP1
• eitunipy,uni,„ for
.ing4h., a libte:n i tl ten#ll4
man touched me 'on thrinn;loa me aide,
lindr giving :line ' their/ limier cit'filiHnloWied
Aeneas, proposetietbrat4etwolelneuldetaken'
• !MoMrki.elmrellvtatf 4 beliemmaurialidele )
PAA7irleligim's PeffßOFtinids do , IIIPTIARto
thing- '
:.'' ii . iielt,'lalWalli 'aitseitltiVi' it - iiiii.'''l4
taeiejiAilaiiiiiik Ws inifbniattitil-j;i'agi.l
Aciamotitisiige thitlou decide - againstlao
r)igiose .people: • !rho .(oreilit of , your own '
-4 1 ,rl!hed,ppi,tioni.depepds, on finding them
. I;iiity. Would each Atalon be permitted
'to bear evideti4e;',ine
s ?tide, in any nouit
rt " jaethie. Bittlilijid 'you sileYeet 7J Do
Aprofeedore',futiiielvt;-larger :prOPOttiou , lol
~111Winals, t han nomrprofitsseria ,' 1 .
• I •Till , R l 9, 4 l ,l ll.uggp i ,stim to you thP-PRO
...m„li, inv. that Icq AniPaqt,,knaPife 3',9'q bete!
- gar' l e ii it ,en i nity '"gti , piet-Glici; and '
'you iiii . d 4 lilseVcohreilif inJeounieninifs”, BY
Aiding .fatattliitir hie people- 1- Jist ill
~.iTolopFs brobtwagepooted j , ;Land could nob
isPe4 ( P1aw417.7• 4 _, 6 90°,4491°A 9 4 0 441, 1 ;
oaine i thpy hatei mm., ' ', ' A: •
al • r- .11Z7 V ,..:1..;
- Turilly'of f ilie An' ail 'Cb iletiiitni
q is, that it lifts liiiiii iip ttilthelidniiiiitV
0 the universe i overall, fiii thigliiry. v! ! Pf.i-E) i
Olt • 50' per Year,
By Nall,, , or . nespzery
Delivered in theVity, 2.00 " ,"
For the Prestryttriett Banner and Advocais.
"The Week of Pieper."
KEt2:88118. .EDlTolts.:—l herewith send
you a notice 'of the obserVanee of " The
VirdiliVe Prayer Meeting" in this place.
The;publication of it may go' to'show that
though, comparatively, we' may . bet" little
among, the thousands .of Judah," the Chris
tian people here are not without some good
iregree Of' intereetin the enining:of Chriat'S
kingdOin-; also, -that- they indulge` some
humble -hope tthat , thaltiquestlhey make-in
relation .to -the Second Week in January,
1861, shall bo acceded to; and, that by the
opening' of another year, we shall thus be
nerditted'agitia'in unite in prayer 'with all
the goad of earth for the still killer coming
°Elbe,: kingdom; of our Lora and ef
9 4118 t" -
6 -e' i 1;
e 41 a trayer e ' o
another at:elk in' the strening:;
one At silt o'clock .each.. evening during the
.These, : .were all . well attended..
:At our 'Ooieunieetings, during the week
ibere wernliimblibly from two hundred and
Afti:tn . fecir - five hundred per.
eons present-4aryingi with the Weather,
and with the size ; of the house:in Which 'we,
were tAllenelnble.xlanlign:Ant. five Altnroo
ehurelre, , On
howevery the
''Convocation for 'and Piaise,"
fare ekeei'Nd the' other roeeetings;
bothvin numbers :interest: = It was
behrilinliontlnhuroh,. which will seat, it is
Ttifflfktrti B PrlPlbuPArld persons q o ll2fosta:
ley 4 but on that there were probably.
eigliN4itindiedoOitne biindred people witk.
ini walle;:whileie is said=over' two
died) were odunted , retiring Tor wantof ioom,
kisl.,Ne,.. ; knoitn
.this : in !canon, ,a second
tnesting,:might,have been organized in t4e,
"IR itti4ncieetings,frorii day to day much'
missionliFf,'"lbfolinittiiin'' gifin: 'The
spirit ) of t Phrilltiap - union ; was : evidently
etiengtherd,,;,and we trust that the spirit of
,phiAnifirepy received*
nevi iuipulbe among ' kingdOM
come." o :A: 0 . . me .
. • Mi. Bien/ant i lora, Jan. 21, 1860.
P r y AB.„ . AN tqw4,,J . ,
The di erent churches yleaaaiit_,
• Liiiiii,;dtderlEint!ii'`OSTiiiiig dtir
iogithegidodtP: week 'of 'Jen., 1860. After
shedding Monday .as each .ehureh preferred,i,
si Won ,graya.Fletipg was, held, daily.-
Thssokrtstiege,werdwell t attended and
of'. introit.
At The close of the last meeting, on Bali.
bath the 15th,Nrhenathd large ehiireh in
which it ; wae held *as so orowdedtthati . han•
drede i who esnie were, unable to enter, it
.Msaiimcf, That tae request siV'bhrietianS
throighOut the woiid;io obseivdthe
Week' in 1861—beginning with'
Rent:lay, ,Tan:-7tk—'4ln like' manner 'an' the
Mifennarien : *Nerttiern44aproposeil, the
East week shonid be °tont:Ted,: ,
of ;meeting..
7 1E:eniiii,';Phstor of Bandit church.
E Pa Innana,Pastor of Aititirylit:T. &well
J. Q ?ammonp, Untter4ty , Charge, atz.p.
• J.J Da , of 'o4ngiegationst :church.
1 W. AYSAinniii, of , OhrisiiiinOhurai.
j..ft:BO-00, of kt , ,P. chap*
Pia° Bonn, of Prot. 808. ohnron.
Hags* S.!..vion, or U. P.- church.
pra. shun*: .
Timp n ri- Sraa.ano, Chairman.
Pi*Lte lorayer
Oar Episcopal friends sometimes ask why
we Stand in prayer, ra tg er an k n ee l. Oar
an c iWer is that 4 stitiding.ietlie spontaneous
pontfurti of xeveretioci Wisp' rine and the presence of , a superior. It , is.*
R o .47lRiV't Pw4 l lfor.l l 4l l Ao FtgemblY,
wherever, or ho we v er it Tsy ‘ be brought,to
glSthee. It is' iiEloriptural posture: The
people of IsraeFetcrOli *Tee tlieyworilliPped
tlt qgtr.gineri , ,o6.the . Shekinah:in.ttahe
~talvrnaple, . 10... %hey
stood ddringprayer of lhet
teliple,'" (1 Kiiii' P vii ) f
StoodAutitii`a-pliftviif -it, it -144`it. They
also stoo.d: lwliers-Jeloshaphat,
nest prayer, for thpm , in a tirne•of lianger e g
Chron. xi: 5,18 God seems to reeogpise
it in Jet' : wteen'he says , "though
Moen and Samuel 'stood befoie me, yetiify
mind oould;not tie toward tliispeople:
,have s used it .when
'tend up and thou regardeiot not b.
six : 20. Oar Lord , distrpctly Teecsigtiiied
it Wherilhe isaid;. Mirk 25,'
- ye :stand praying, forgive:U i.Bolrh the Pub
lioan ; and P,barisoe stood.wheittAbep.prayeid
in the temple,' ll k : this; !kaki 4 1 .9.10. 0 P11 3 ( 1 19' 2
ouetom of, the Jewo;oo rt),,mixqm 1,411tk
5, "they levet to prviiiindiog in the
sydigliele; and two eorn'ere m ef the : atrial!'
to be 'seen. of e.metia.' 'Trelichp Ilan:lett it
-EpimooPalian, ssys,Pio -his :erposition , ,of the
parable, of,:4he , ElmOsoe. and- Poblicop, to
pray Abiding waV i tat moo nor, of ,!.#e 4e e lro."
It was also the manner 'by the
ttiVe Chin:61.24166C ofithi by!
Bingham; . the. atighes t inthoritymooog our;
IFIP:PrP4 Awed:4l l ,n/in 9 1 01/fif.0(1)4511,9-
eisati~il.4uktigoiky,7—.Pergrod •Posbitmirt.
,1 . ., . :. , . ! '/lte libidos Tide. .. . ..
•:;Whel:!,...t. ,l3 er.lilde.lhliOnt,i , :yett,.lkave, notioe,d,
'. l
,49Hy9tire&oble mneg, the rooks, little pooh s
1 vilth‘litile,ikshes in them. To the shrimp in
I 'ililb : itle . i.eil; hialtiet depth" of salt' Water ie
,Vitiheionettillfda:this . time-lierinW..' He his!
1 AO dealiegismititiiis.. - neighbor,sbrimpin the
AdOecamkt pool s th ough it . may,.ho: only..* ley,
11. inefiee, ,r0c,,.. Ind ; that . divide them. Ba j a,
.iiitetrtbe ruing &leen bikini do 'lap, oi;eri
Ithe'clilarkin of iiiii h iniking - plaee; 'one' pull jogs ealtoihewlftliair. Varilme tenants Meek;
•attd : by; stud by.itin .pliee , of :that little- pat6b
b l of.,.etspoli,ng T watav x , they: have tha r aogateal
oundless fieldf to 'milli ,10.. , When .the dial
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AcM..migitbstrii of.. tho.adjoining:, mls, 041. 1
tog : them . Sa maritans, and fancying , f, gyip
their' iiihrliitle - O fl ointnianity inolit'dee illibiti
viirerpie6iOnein - GOd'e eight.` Thikr:fiiitiit,l
lifer sitime that there , is I Vast' sedreapititivel
etkesn -rising r -,every , ripple tbribge , it :nearer
-, a mishty oommunioe--.-eyen,thisommna.l
ion of sainte--vibieli je to
.sagOr all, minierl
1 6onsiileritions end" to 'enable the; &heti of ait
Ipeole4-tli e , Chris tiaintlie Cliinet•lnvirs'ilf 1
101". -denominations—to' 'some 'together:
. 4 Nhen, likefa. flood . , :the . Spiria r klarayin-ahei .
lkisietTl.-ShlMh•Ti l \, : 11 0' .
paini`will ' j o in to saint , end all trillvoine 4o 1
-iiid; that iv theiilitle pOOli ilia peristea,
.7.itielnot bithedebOrehing" Stibithhr'idiettift;
' InOt kbealletidirliii of faithlyirribblifri butdiy,
ti the-influx of. i that boundless; ses,i whostgisd
waters tone% eternity, and? in whop! ? elpyi
depths the ssints of heaven is welt ; bi r ths
c , lini . iii6Cerealt heie - room iiioiigli Id . itiagei
.Are 4 renv'sbitithes frail:Ml stifiding ticikile
coloog4helbeinh,v,aiitirrjnetienougb - soff thiii
s m o r imptA,..t9.4l..tegAketev-inoteloi
,iy i ni g ,. anl g , l the, , ebb i tide a period o f,. the
L thiireh's'''his6gl. - Bit( t4y form a very
AlittliYelelloiellif-Litie' liiiMt V littlittle;
eta itithitivititayilichttag , sileA itidiewof
Philadelphia l Sauk ,:West'Corherof - leventh and Che,§tritirrei
WHOL3I NO. 884
universal light and love, which, as it leap
in over the margin of the little pool, will stn
its inhabitants with an unwonted vivacity,
and then let them loose in the large
range of the Spirit's own ' " communion:
Happy Church 1 fartheit down upon the
strandl nearer the rising ocean's edge I
Happy Churck whose, sectarianism shall
first be swept away is this inundation of
love and joy; whose communion'firs,
break forth in that purest and holiest, and
yet most compreheneive of all cominuoioni
—the communion of the Holy Ghost.]
Wtoild to ' a ' CliiireVirer
Rev. , James Hamilton, ' ;!
The Xonii4+43oneettiti 4 , «[.., -a
What Christian - heart-does not beat high
atethe'lhought) of tii dita)Vilt pliarliing
infartiYantaigki.4 ,ll 6ooo l ****
i hly.l9o3g : the, hp rdera 3 ,0 f.; heathen t iefia
thick ;
_clouds ...are„,,edgedyv,ith white
sad! felitqlQ to e-
ten 'the' that nfain 116,. aeffutocoalletethefil
selves for rolling ripilairct oildulegub'etvall
leys to the day. It has--been said that
" -beside -every group oil Wildirt3XittveluAthe
Ethoologioali depaytment the,, pryeta l l
Palace the missionary could place con
traetidg group of their' Christian country
isie'n." sin tr rhe Ofel'Boiik l the`Book
'of our . Redeemer's gift - and 'our ? fathers
faith, * * * has. been' gradually
ascending; taking to itself new tongues,
spreading open its
,page in every land,Print
ed in.9„h l inese carom -piandernsLin,t4
y ed
man's Wigiarn,„Sought racy in Behares, a
school Wok 'in Tee*, eagerly 'bought' ifi
'Conirtantilmple, loved in-the kloola of Kafir
land ;(while the ' - voiee of the dead:from
Assyria to Egypt have 'men 'lifted up tp
hear it witness.' ' Among the .
ladictirerv - ii liefening Ind 'a surname;
amid the strange, fascinating roar of
advancing frobi - the 'West, is heard
,eringl-tere and there, _a 'faint, ruddy •flesh,
as of life, seems to announce that the swoon
of superstition, unbroken, for ,a
yearei ere long, pass The'Alt
insportioiePieliminarj , victory thaiihria to be
won over'anti-Ohristian .prejudice l on this
part.Of the:oe s w lords of rindia, , is nollonget
doubtful. Still , farther. East_ than Inds
China lias'heard tidings of. a ,true Celestial
empire, froM the lips of : . apostolic Min, who
have dist • behind theirC all the refinement
and isoilal -pleasure of 'Europe, as I Paul cast
. i bahind,,,,himithe philosophy - or,,Gferice and
the lordliness of Romp.. . p eantifulfisi th)n,
return of the Christian morning from We
West to the Eatit. Christianity does not
now'goifinith iigiinstlielatfiginis?a; 'airVithe
:olds Crusading days, clad - in , visible „neuter,
andn.bearing an earthly, sword. : 7 Itfi otos
gently, like,/the :
. 1 . 1 awn, itry weapons . thrtehet is
of 'light„,. Wearing ,the, breattplatst
and loVe, and foi lielgiet the "litipe of Sa..-
irrithiri. Clothed thuilnllielertior ofkldd,
it :faith; does not waveri and love .contirrien
to burn, it reit/ conquer,.4-rßaknese6.'harvat
teristica of Christion,qivilization. •
. The Apostleship s Temporary Moe.
The •grounds of , ' the - presumption of this
remark:arei (I).that Abe twelve .Apostles see
referrell to,in tbp ItAtxg:ftataeut, as.x
knewp Nit k
of mee, hmit4in numher, and
hot to ' be,incivieCeicept in. the eitrior
diriatty calm whiCh' he himself
•derieribesi as 's, relarkible 'exception—(i)
that some , lbf• the 'powers exercised by We
original Apostles, are no longer in existence
that come, whibh still exist, are, pxsv
oised" by Pieibytire, ih'tsvere
in apostolic times—(4) that those whiTh'iie
thus exercised - by-Pieebyt i ere, - are in them
selves the mostgetkehtill a n the existence of
the' church—(s) tiot l the,office; of Preabyter
has !peen, continued in Ake ()hard! fp! the
vory. purkoose 'a . ..5*64041g 'the Aposties
these' tiihotioris,siri l d' with a
rienf ai3tiob Iciest rbbands7-=- - (6)
.that thilad.vocates dor :the perpetuity,of
AV Amospolio,offLop;ere . us4 'Reed - amoag.thern-
i mi s , he irsot ra rif i vo i ll i ctw:l m O n g,l o
rind 4 this want 'Ofitgrgehenearira l 'frog'
tLesileieh 'Of goriptiii . Fe;siOt the' finpossebil•
444 ' fi xing: in" by'44which a line
'ineY bel drawn; between the powers which
ffe i ,thup,:xootinued, rand those which have
ceased been transferred,p Presbyte,rs.--
.Princeton Review. •
The iateltev. Mr. `James; when air.oici
waniby. •reason of the ; infirmities of imp,
could not dormuoh, work for Christ out of
doors" Brit this fee — lizig liken ies;,licoo:Old
. 1
glorify suffenng pattenay what
gent riled 'Was piorasid - -toilily:fiiieforhim. He
wrote on klhis subjeethi 7 •
.r !,` I .i% 12 Oltillinioirollll4o.lVloll
- g i g
.., eni q^ t 4 ). IrOtt° o° -16
• 14ps , grime we lit
_to 93!
wa de. The
• "iiesseig
hasEbeeti but it has letft - meno
lopkeiP strolfg I avon,theverge
of old age, b andoi subject of not,a few of its
infirmities. The, _evening of life 'is come,
and with it soms..of its
_clouds Should
these olondifillfWe'irilr,"cinli 'furnish a new
theatre . on 'whieh to display the luster of my
setting me-an opportunity Of
glOrifying Cprigt
,by, the - passiveTirtnes
Christian obraoter they ought tr be mop
welcome than oven a' cleaielisky• '
We remember that Dr. 7 A.billiisider,'in his
"Religions Experience,;' 'by no
. menus iin unoommonibingfeeolitOlutistians
Asclin in mirittisliky4 Rilpd, and as
gm7.,,itat,lPF o .. 0 1krist•
J Letlut'!igiid reiditte..thein be i?d
zlertfiecii, if not rnttheiriaiiiiio' -ranch
ofer o,briet,:gladly - sigrert :aica Attie withoht
- itiiiteßex thei , hedreniji Fidler
is pleased to lay upon ns. Tll,oFirt
die. Let MOIL then
_tli . mre and more in
earnest spcideir?:f
A 1 sie.runins out.
.11 .
. . .
1 . , : • • 4,
~..., , .P.lft 6 . 1 frrkiki s-.1.'„) 7; 5t3
I,- 861 "09 , 91,0 0 , /111*P.1 his 4 41 .11111510 1 0 d
iii iiild - Aowo it Iston,iptate. There
-*vie ov min , litayingTiiiligtriall,%f
..Boalpsuledbie 'years,' IMO fdditotti 8 t ' nifit•
tentiod: 'I found ilia he; Was a merohept
,Alio, had stnessed four, hwidred thousend
Afire' worth, of earl ppisseslii
t r,, but
was not yet "ric - bloWard
fi od ''"--,had said
'no'ilo treasured in heiiiii. Saki iiti some
of. my friends; " I-Itnnet ko . and 3 iikeilt , to
:-.him." ".No, no, fol yonr: IT lon
Cfik! only,. 4riverhilll frgin. th??:ohligehi; And
. 1 - ri e rt i lp i f 3 1 ° ‘", et him..-g0f93!.31 4 4 1 i. } Pl.4d ,
1 b 1 ; 4 " 1.' J3 b Ul l i trif i llte scs hril e i' g: . ' ol h i tt
,ibindly, , by- the hind, And •.11idflig Mf.cjii.,
• hAvtiy?tt, made- tbd inatieirfrof youi "soul's
f 2 4.11t551 6 F11itef1.'42..M1.T. 3 1.?:'
_.T.4. , !4_*ns
1 11
1 imuellat , e l Y, littitfC, it t . tatkp old n py , s,a, hat
" had 'rakelY • wdlit• °cats. ~ , , 611;" 'laid e,
;4f6strii l feiiirilidlelitii ( tstifindttitii, i q o 336 re
thiatititi men itiiiitive sidlliTto ting , dii.biily
11ia:4%0345' mittibrindol ithinki iod4di it."
Alk.M a d'of,V 3 4‘lN ?.1 1 P371 1 _ 1 4.3Y, 1 *Ag 11 4•)E!d
Sostll 4 4; oftenTroye, if we r.,, , am,hipifut In
- ibisddiy eipeakiiii ). to our ' unconverted
fellow-travelers to eternity.