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hn,'Clid Hymn
Ent the Hfo 0r.,740t. Andrew Fuller, the following hymn
is referred' td 'es beitik' a favorite of that ,enbinent • man
during the Utter perialve = Years of hie - +lifer nod elyieciellf
ea beimeaftenf repeated while patine his.'room in the
agonies of his last illnese
, Lididlitn in a vale of tears,
Alas! how can I sing?
My harp doth on the willows hang,
Manned In every str ng.
lldy music is a eaptivelt obs.l
Harsh sounds my ears do fill;
Bow obeli I sing limit Zien's den&
On'this side tien'slill?
Come, then, my ever dearest Lord,
My svfeetest; Vhtedt Wend;
Come, for losthwtheile Kedar tents,
Thy fiery olusi lot send.
What' have I here'? My thoughts` and joys
Are all .before gone;
My eager soul would fellow them,
To %We' etdrnalihrone.
What have I in this'barren laird?
My XESUS is not hare ;
Mine eyes will ne'er be blest until
My. trettliiS dothuppear.
My-Ideue is gone Up to heaven,
Tovaiti a ptsd& %slim;
For 't is his will that'whefe're is,
There shall his servant be.
Clinton I ski from Plikshistop,
Iti grapearatfelny repast ; 1
My Lord who sends iiiiftknelhere
Will Send for me dt'llist.
rhare a God Unit abingeth not,
Why. should. Ite perplexed ?
My Godlbst nwnsitte in this world
Will Own itutin'the fiat.
Go fearless, then ) my soul, with God
Into anotbei. rodm,
Thee who Met journeyed*with tote,
Go feast with him at home.
View death with a believing eye,
"It Beth att•atigera ; ' ' •
And"thie kind angel iiilt 'Oder
Thee to , an angel'e place .
My...dearest friends—they dwell above;.
.Them will-I go and *Ms
Mdiartar frietida
Will soon ocisseNiftelite.`
Fear` noeftuf
"'rend not the 'day of doom ;
For he that in to he'tbr Jndge
Thy'Saviour Ims bbooino.
Tor the Presbyterian Banner and Advocate
Lettere'for the New Years to ;My Coa
40 Ptalk Wisdom toward them that are without,
' red4(itittig thttAime."—Col. iv 5.
In all your Ecclesiastical relations, let
Oft' New Year be 'the beginning of a new'
life. What aegood' thing it is we have this
eiOriting point 'bilking - "binik,2 l 4 . e
May see the reeks on which we have made
shipwreck, andlavoid themiin the foam, as
we sail over much thesame sea. One year
does•not differ -mu'eti rim eriothen Sider
elemtpittilinis, &idea, and hills, will beieuch
Ole Came'this year as last., Hence the ex.
13,erienee of the past is thafuture's
This , retrospection is just building light.
housed by the rooks on which we iheve , split,
en that whenvie "ordeal the litormy' - onean'.of
another year, we may steer Wide or danger. •
Iktiow not the rooks, if any, on which-you
havaetruck during , the year '59. •I will
set= my light on a few, at random, so that
if you have not struck-then] you may net
Inaction.' Sot been active
ettoudh as Christians and church mein:
bets. You know how quick a Man
freezes in these cold Northern Winters,
Who is not active: Adieu inessential to life.
The Pheart that doesn't beat, • doesn't live.
For every grace of the - Spirit in you; there
muettbe a inarlifeetatien. the"clikraie-
Militia' of all life to manifeit itself—eo out
ftom itself and become diffusive. This
seems to be a law. So much soi that when=
you reverse it and make life 'turn =back on
Welt, it becomes death, life no longer. It
is' not necessary that you go to the heart—
the root or centre of life—and aim your
deathblow there. Yon can kill itjust as well
by keeping =it where it is, ,, cutting off the=
°IMAM& by Whieh it wouldAlow 'out frail,
itself. Benevolence which does not go Pit
into retitled Beneficence, ceases, 'by 'tied
by, to be even Benevolence `To wish. well
tcea man, and refuse , to do well by him when- ,
you ought, destroys, brand by, the
of ' , even wishing well. The ad' n
Bllilli4bo said to his starving and naked
brother, go'in;peace, be clothed and filled,
really wishing. he 'might be, feeling kindly,
to him, no doubtibrrepeatifig that prettifies'
aifew times, ^would not even- say, " Got in
peace," but would Send him from his door
with 'a ourse, nor wiiit hiin to be other than
starved and naked
.I Gpod qiialities in' the
heart, when neglected, avenge .themselves
by turning to the very = opposite. Love
Wasted on itself, (maims to be love. Matey
01011 amuses itself with itself, which 'weeps
writer own tears, and feels complacent at its
din - tenderness, ceases to be even mercy=
becomes an unfeeling, hardheaded coun
terfeit. = So •novel readers, who weep over
fictitious woes, which give them no Pipykir-t
titnity 'Of' doing anything, become Milken :
insynipattifeing, and hard hearted before a
case of actual suffering. So it is with , the
religions feeling which does not pass 'at
ence i -whenever the opportunity offers, into
action; it ceases to be even feeling. It dies
for =want , of something to feedlupon ; be
comes 'feeble from want of eternise. So we
find 'after " Reilvals," as we call them,
comes dectension, death, deader than =be
fore the life; darkness deeper than 'before
the light. We marvel at this. We stand
lrefore it as a great mystery. We talk of
the Spirit's sovereignty who comes, and
044 and goes, according tq his own
sovereign will. But we forget this plain
pritteifile: Man can't live on excitement.
He cien'tgrow on rhapsody. He demands
More substantial food than that. He must
have 'theistrength of principle which comes
of hard work inqlischarge of duty. Duty
done is ' 'What Istrengthens faith, whispers
peace to conscience, and clothes principle in
mail of steel. "We — forget, too, that man
can't always be iiived,eitement. It is trans
ient in its very' iiattite. The waves of
feeling lashed into jloountains by tite
Spirit's breath„,must settle by and by. The'
stream driven on =by 'the= breath behitid,
must run slower by and' by unlade you open
an Mkt for it. Take dOwn the barrier,
and the wave dashes on; ,the shore and
spends its force; but in the very act it did
a good work, watered the 'thirsty ground,
and that wave gone, leaves-room for another
to do its work, without =falling, beak uselers
on the wave 'behind. So letleiligious ox
ditement 'Ties ,alwqie into 'action;. 'and its
power continues;= not, indeediita t exeitement,'
but as work; ,n 4i so noisy ) , is•but,
stronger and far snore useful. ' , Weintist ,
e 1
active. There 1
aire two Ways in villich death
power' One` la - when thefre . 4io`
citioti; and then it roars,' Sed hisseii, and
chafes vitt fearful friction, yet does
nothing. , The other is 'Amu' in motion '
'then it works, noiseless,. powerful, useful.
So let a Christian, under, intense,, religious
'feeling, apply this power to driving some great
and good .work ,before him, end his, feeling
lives, and never dies. But let feeling waste-
itself on itielf, and the man becomes, inevita
bly, deader than he was before. God gives
feeling for ',ark, and when man makes it a
'plaything to#lnuse himself with, for a day,
and please his self.righteousness with, God
has so arranged it thatthefieling avenges
itself, and.ceases to t Here the
secret of Declension after 'Revival, "Faith
without",eorks ie desid=—beingialone " Feel
ing without action must die as a heirt
without berating. Leto ovrevived church drr
nothing Wore thin they did before, and it
longberevived: Faithr must have
' wake ; life mustihave' inotitin ; feeling-must
have action, as its correlate. Be 'active
Christians, '`iU your would : ho Christians at
But r have strayed very far, pinning this
thought. In my .next, I will speak of some
things in 'Nelda we shah:rho
"'Yenta, Wily, H.
For' the Presbyterian Bailiter`itital Advocate
The"sweet Plaliiiist of Thriel, who had
liiineelf'been placed in aim* every `mitivaid
condition, both of prosperity and adversity,
'to which luinan nature is subject, says,
Blettseiliehel thatvotinsiterithrthhipoor, (or
the Weak, or-'sick, as it is• in the .margin,)
which proves that pit was intended term:ma
in/end charity and kindness to/those in dis
•tress generally., ,This grape Appears almost
!exclusively peculiar to Christian morality ;
that is, to the religion of they Holy Scrip
tures, as very little on:the subject, or of the
kind, can be found in all the writings of
Pagan • moralists of antiquity, either Grecian,
Roman, or others.
Ohr - Saviour's golden rule, of itimiler im
port with the words Of the Piebnist, quoted
tbove, being edesidered Imo itotah-liupertor to
any trelithen mrtizinse, thatilie• Roman , Ern
!peror, Alexander Severna, who lived &Mort
A. D. 230, though a Pager,,,,had it written
'upon the wells of his closet. And. who
would not desire help in times, of adversity I
Christ set us the example of denying him
self lor'our sakes, iced liftimises alifeesing
'alto those who folio* his atePs. - Yet
to 'be Christians who area not
eoniiileicite Mies. They lee 'their' neighbbr
in distress, close their eyelf, - -t tiethereSay,
behrold,lV6 knew Whet; tlfe Priest
And , Levite,:-puss by on the other side.
'Whoa° bath this world'ai goods, (says John,
the beloved. disciple,) and seeth his brother
have iieed,lirld ahutteith i lieWela of
ceinpaliaion from ItIM, 'to* Abideth the loie
of God' in hinr? ' What claim cad Stich a
air , have to the ClisistigQz.awe, ditioh lase
to the - Chrilitian'iritilWard ? indeedrctarity
tethepoorsembe 'to' be 'the lowest Choistinn
prac; antl'wheke thereirnone.kif thiltAs
a test of Christian faith and love in persona
ofeability, as and old Divine quaintly ex
presses it, "'there is no true love to God at
all." This sentiment is intimated by:Christ
himself,. on the judgment seat, ,and yet the
reward is the promise' both ,ot'thialife and
thatlihichis to-Addl. '(Sil; Ps. xli : 1-3 )
To try the tip'`lrite of men, God' bath ap
pointediliffeiliide in worldly circumstances;
and while this appointment la a stuhAding
block to the' covet - m*ooonm Jadeite/1 bidder
to the conshinratejtririr)hearted"Ohriltian.
It is , now.ta; apiiiti L trying 'Mason in our
land to the rich aid.frosperntig; The poor,
though continually-with,them -yet are more
dependent sinA more ;necessitous, at :,some
times thenrat others. Let those. who. have
this world'S goods considdr at this • time.
'BonlePtilwFeats' ete; -ow
currelned-wiiikelited-to me iiiii,rsayis my
informant,' sitting with pothers tin the porch '
of • w pnblie, house,. in a email village, situa
ted in a fertile country. • I observed two
gentleinehlidieg the t- hottip,'WHom I
knew asiesPectable add wealthy farmer's of
the neighVorliodd, ' Mr. B radd 'Mr. C.
Without 'dismthinting, they-. commenced a
conversation with some pe r r :ins. near me.
A small-:, , came ,out of A house. on the
opposite.aide of the.-street, accosted
Mr. B, the elder of, the two,- in a
lo* to this ekedfather
has been golf for some time, 'but is,
llitter-; our faloily4ii: .entirely out
of provieibni; 'we ••have - hotitiog le elk,
and my father sent me- , •over to ask you to
let him a`• grim of corn, And he says
so soon as able 'to woricpbeGwill pay you
for it." Mr.. B.'it answerwas, "No I -when
my corn goes, the money must come," (a pet
phrase with him) noticed, said my, in
formant, When this speech was uttered, that
Mr.-C., the other farmer, drOl3pBd his hend.
The boy returned to the.bouse, opposite, and
1 the twoi t gentleman rode off. Abett three
nehrs afterwards, a colored man, whom I
knew asa servant of Mi. C , came up the
village with •a large • sack of meal on his
horse. He stopped opposite the sick man's
house, took off :the seek, and into
the house;.and that, said'he ) is all I know
of the matter. •
I would observe .that. all the, parties
spoken of above were known to the writer
of this communication, and that both of the
gentlemen farmers are now in the eternal
world; and theii reception et the judgment_
setat'iwoiligt; iii•
are known only to the 'Judge of all the
earth; and in,conchieion I wofild lifer 'the,
reader of this to Luke x : 30-37. Q.
Some 'say; gr I' would not -beVe,knowtr he
was a churoli member ' ,but I saix knit at the
communion table." This was a pity : it; so
helps one; to watch- a person's conduct, tol
know bis relations. Bat*bese fault was , it
that pallid not know this profesitor 7 Hevr
do you judge ? Do you expect them to
wear particular fashion of drets? Why,
no Yon would hsvethem rib 'gayer- than,
others, and youPoomplain, itthey are more
grave or solemm—Diyetrthink they should
speak thrthigkrtheir . noses, or tlike in a par
ticular kind of hinter Or should they buy
and tell , at wprice set by the church 7 No,
you don't Wight the 'chinch to meddle 'with
business or `p'atitios. Now, , it seems to ins,'
you would have church to be very
much like other respectable moral .people:
But if, they are , alike,•how willlou distin
tdish,' inlets - you"' see , the 'profeetdor do 'some
thing , that peculiar ?
You know ,the kingdom of God is not
mest,,and , drink. 'You could tell,how men
differ hr these. But it consists in righteous
ness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.
The peace, and joy, and righteousness; sato
their ,tionice you cannot See and you don't
like to ,hear, persons spank of , - inward joys,
and int:dived of whick youvare - ignorant.
YbUyetill tit linderitical. Olitint“saysi-the
kingdour of God Cornett riot 'With tilieertra
tidni for thelingdom of God ie *Mk( you
lipw 3 1;4 8tat1,44. tie
For the Freebiteriaii Bituner and 'Advocate
.Those ,-Professoxs.
heart and affections, and you cannot read.
the heart, is it,strange that you do not know
the Christian ivhen you meet him on the ,
road? It May even happen that some you.,
judge fav,rably,, are not high in the'estuna-,
tio'n of God. The Lard judgeth not. as Man ;
jadgoth. There is, not much doubt, but
there has been a difference of opinion be;
'Mean the Almighty Searcher of 'hearts and'
Most Men' "e6neerninfthe souls of some
human 'kind.
Though I have had considerable dealing,
with' 'prOfessere,'and have a fair experience,
of their character, would not 'pretend to
eiyiiho are Chrtitiadand - Wito are not. Bee
some I count of the church arnricittrheMen,
and the "contrary. You teinehitersaielliel
preaching to . 'the dry bones. They oaihe'te
their place, anst theyfwere coiered whirsill
ews, and flesh; and skin, a perfect form of`
life, before .the breath, entered into them and
made, them living• souls. And eo, theTro
phesying among dead sools,:brings- their dis
jointed, scattered affections, and ptesions,
and principles, to` much of the ‘syiitein and,
harmony of Pare morality , Witte there is no
spark of"religiOn - nnii3ker u ng'thetiOnl Or
'these,' seine may fie 'thegitturbh, Some imt,'
but iso. like liv big' Men, 'that these who_ can
not see' the'throbbing-'heirt, 'feel' the,
'warm breithr can noG lietinguieli'the'livin'g
'from the dead: 'NOW; the Lord's' table' Id'
the plebe wheretthis lifei and love are pre..
leased. It may-be sintere,it may not. 'We'
do T notir nnw. God dries. >'Eutk friend, here
is , an important'point i except yonfrepent,'
you , can noble saved. Yon may - knoir this
truth of your repentance - itniTfaith,thoirgh,
no one else , can. Nor can you tell the-state
of any other. * ln:keeping ; your man, learti,
eterna,l. life .may be secured. To know the
'state of every ether eottl, would avail you
nething. Every one has enough to do ,in
keeping his own heart. A.
For the Prebyterlan Banner and Advocate.
Dedication and itevivid.
The new and .neat' house of worship
crested by the recently organi z ed
tion of .Emlenton, Venango Veurity, Pa.,
was solemnly )-dedicated to the fworshipiof
the Triune 9ed,,on Priday,,lth inat.
.l a n
this . sBleroniti F theßeir. John R Agnew,
offered the invocation, and read the Word
of God . ; Rev. tOyar YoUng; D , offered'
the dbdioatory, proYer f the 'Rev. b. X
J ni ti o ri n li ; i!! , op i t .D hp '.,. R i)r e e v aci m lie } e d asr t a h . e og d u et e e r a!!O f n
Eatbn, of and Ittihad:.
orAlleglieriyitodk „plir't in the de'vOtionaf
bervioes. Tura Wigledfsei'`Wire'
and FOrWin i
Otteto thelddinatiOn; tign
inklia the cOngregitilin, 'the 'Rev. Mi.'
Maser and Mr. 'Agnew,l.ihiellY 'by the'li.d.4
ter, andlthis gbocPsrdOd'sffiNn :began in" tit
hibitagrowthrduring the 'meetings connected
with the dedication; services. _The Lovills
Supper „wee administered ,on ( Sahbath,the
15th, - . by pxs. c yorg. and ~ J unking and Mr..
Agnew, and eixteen, pcf„itnnis -were ad m itted _
on, profession of faith and repentance, and
others were anxiously asking 3‘crat n2nst
Nie_ao to he saved." This JittlPt
tibk - deseivei encouragement., he
a p have }
elr*ady, under God z , done fa ‘ivOr'k
in their *feebleiiess,"and,ciiightTo be assisted . ;
in paying ttce balance of debt on their
church ($500) as they have nobly lilfted
theniaehrae. vlAirn'•
Oelbert -11/Itt - Jkniesoilf. Attlew, firlird Or
dained.on qtriaday. • The Sedabin 'now cow,
aistslof Judge Junkin, Mr. AleirandeV; Craw
ford, and the two , alrelidy , nam4.
For the Pregiyteilan Ennrier int] !Advocate.
New EiglealtdfUtrreVondefide.
I4Moftenatiked what, upon the whole,,,
Seelig now to be the tendency New:Eng
land ithorelee it tiiiward or dOwiWird
Thiels not f)ertialis an easy question
'Verb are Se Many cross eitrreitts`
rithaf setting thringh the' dbilrehes,
such 14tinatitableeernhimithins and' aittagen%
isidi,' - that it requires a"Very Wee 'observer
to &termini Whieh'way the reltienelaith
is driffing 'Tllefelre Sadie things' ertecitir
agibg, afiff'sdniefify ' •
"If 'We loolvitt"thi"Thearogical 'Senkinariell
we °Shall' find''a %ate ofctliings
like this. -First, 'brew“Halien ‘a.llliears . tot he'
itudeldr 'pitritlyisitv The' - Setrahtirr
want' cf'fauds ; it lickswendosOmente.-
Dr. Taylor is dead, and it is not easy to alit
his. rplace. His-,k ~Noah
Porter,.Jr., :has been ,electe4.but",hesitates ;
to :accept. He would, perhaps, be -the
ablest man ,to, perpetuate the. New Haven
Theology.; % but there is veryflittle enthusiasm
about perpetuating it in its peculiar form.,'
Andover, in, our judgment, is just now
the most dangerous enemy 'of the truth in
the NeW England churches. .It has, more
students, we believe, than the other Con- ,
gregatitinal Seminaries combined ; it has
its hititory and old reputation ; it has, to
great extent the 'con fide nee of tbe e'hurclieS:
Ike Aief 'Prtifeasor, (Dr Patk,) is a Man'
of ability, thdtiglf tank% India' of rhetori
cian than . a logiehin or theelegian:
Wbrkeearnditil -and, is''Open-htinileit' &eh:
7ottldljildgiq"*ith . Pocirisninthate "ITS'
professes 'did CalVitrestio thetildgy ; ald-then
laying' bold! of that grand deviimof errbriste,
".the ;Imperfection -,of- language/ 7 le, evis
cerates-that theologyief-,all..its real , atrength..
You ; remember his:- " two theologies/. of
the,lntelleet - and the Feelings.. ; Much
`the ; Scripture is to be , interpreted, not as
intellectually and strictly true, but as the
expression of the strong and excited 'feel•
lugs of the writerk qtrelihtsrtook to apply
this theory to the doctiines of depravity,
IStc. Ise anyrinan., now - ittrprised
to -learn that' no-less , than • five ,of' his, stu
dents; the -last year, rejected thepdootrine of.
'future punishment I ,
,Bangor has been eupposed .to represent -a
better theology, but it it ddes, it is so feebly
that we hear little of it. If we may judge
from an examination of one of the studints
of that institution, to which ` we recently he
toned, it offers very little hope as a refuge
from Andover.
'The instruction from the theologicalthair
of. East Vindior, we think, is now sound.
Five years ago it was not:so. Dr. Vermilye ,
has succeeded Dr. Tyler. 'The difficulty'
here is, that Pastoral 'Union who con
trol the Seminary do not, we siippose, hold
the theology now taught there. Whether
they will. allow , it-to ire perpetuated, is yet
to bo seen. A little incident transpirtd at
the last'anniversary of the'Seminary,'whioh
iserglidglift, It ,appeait' alit . an Old
Sehool•kre4teiian "minister in the neigh-
. ,
borhood, , hod (without Ads, consent, how
etter,) been nominated for membership.
When the “eledtitirr came; althoniti - tighly
eulogized by the Meiners, he WWI rejeetoid
on the ground that he was a Presbyterian,
and• that-they had better , keep clear. of- union
with such. -;Tho ,crearn - i , ofr.the' thing, 'howl
ever, was, that they iintitedietAly , eleetCaza
.New : Presbyterian, showing ithet , the
rentipathy,of !the; body .•was not so. much
'Presbyterianism as to sound Galv,inistio tdoov
'trine.. .hare, heard poTberAf, the
is the orti
New Englei
wl'en ! Prpsz
";Lett Paul
aniwer fde
“I g t o od, id'd
Ilinetrationt. agt
definitely. On. the whole, our.own
ie,, that ; the tendenoy is still.
4 .
The - ctOnariotion forces itself sadly
that New Etigland is under
iiititition, not of mercy, but 'cif j
When:the olond is to be lifted; n.
any. For ourselves, we do note an et
. has been a l yst, l moreq...,'l
irel6lsingsit -- of ' •ei"roc. We fi'eri ;, • ;
Moist 'be before the , 'an be
'Of th e suggsstions. • 4. rt, made
in the Butner more thinriottr.yea',;) go; We'.
do not repall, ouei that time, has ". ; ".t eon
finned. And now, ;without .eta-:ng the
kift'et'Oiliplitoy, We vesture the .; edicticM
'&160 tpirif. he
. ii.;•.ed out
inightilrfrOin on' high; the day ig ~ : te!okoh
log whieh wIH :witness at more : Arid
ind r apallimg apo‘staoy from #te .f
New EnAland has ever ... yet
.trei. 7 . -;44liat
iptistioy wl l the so 9 stiett oj'
versalistn. Truly, yours, i i ;
".4 •
_ • %-i• • I." , 7: :0
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,Col .with. the
Civil COOti—,Spiiitual IndeP'etiareitee 'of Non-.
Establiihed ChtfrMete 'in Perlil-LAISsisPIPPos4
Succeeded by -. a Greeh Chriftflab-" ''Lord
Elgin's Addross, to-,Glasgow Stude44.Riniival-in
Scotland -Profess o,: Biackie and, tie Memory of,
tfi'doi4inti-TAa• Literary
,;, witort, Dec.
,24th, 1859.
fi4upt„RoPs" ',AND' THE CcutHE,EBs,!': Vs(
th ‘ e,tiths,,qt a : pamphlet whiedi-teppeneddsse..
iveok,irt,Paria, • and •which ,hanieprodueed to . A
iiifilind sensation tbroashoulfarope, ~. Lie
is regarded by most as expresebrg. the !Epp s
pertir's , own efsotiments. ~, go, ' 2 Wilk 11410 i
is cull to hiye ;leitietf., this
,tO 4 eAffrighted,
PilErir Nitneio ; bits; a rilih - , a 41, will, nut.
""ii h with iii - ' I lir
*era muo wt e genera att Le. .
This parophlet , begun! ntli t s . ipsessinne
'of :iiesit reverence. foi , 'Oil ,p,RaoY, . and ` .
Jiff' in eloliiiiii "a"okiiiiiil4gykent (oregli
jtedlieiti!) Of' Ate fo'filfibit Uitf . llie ' (1b air .
:of `St. Peter. 'Bat: thee Irofitas,lthe iiitiiiing
.00 1 g4aitlintit'edhW'ilifilitbiliry 'On mitiii
•of 'faith, tied - the' iinfiliyali`lit-ihrti "the
• Pope' is''placeiriii'atltikhe r ininetrue'intkii'd g
revolted retbferefer Thil'tdrnizirt'l b ieian
mt' tifirs"?esphheis'hitn" ill' Alit' V11%1111811;
inthiottitielir hiMltovtlikreleieiVateliiiiPeifila
'a Sovereign, Which,' as nlieldlird; Illilit! 6f
Rook Child . ; he' cotilfhfcit otiliFfirlife'hlehei: '
(i im. , f... (e f., 'a 1 '
Of costae ill thin is Old atelYililtithdi"
4 03
sited, rather thaw fermall t , ari" ed), and iir
' ill ,raeant :to sprepare the - - or 'the) proo
'posalito-he made:: -What , -.44.4hia',Twtin•-ntripi
eltanoe it iwplies the deattuatiort of the' tirr
poral sovereignty of the Pope, although-eV
'ears the contrary : TheTope„beAng ',tent
P n i t .:. l . lii YeMiPtfi" 1 :‘0s 0, 4 44.404.143,4gRi
°f v ilie . i°:oile cif Illi• RTRagTi - 3 L 0 8 19442.
tfleictOM, he la 4iiiitlvir - to
. pik dOixt heir.
relihilibla, " getidaii st .. tbert9 t i?river(tinpli •
ilk 'Philigia'ifilialuatifirPreved ttet - Alitookni6
, be" riot" lidilptilt,'llie old" tiogin iOl Orvi t
spfitde er e • vide s " ittiVeti4 4 "piitOrereigs
.tifiriffatit iibi"VeriVid; in liee'it; that &It
ITlfii"'dittilfdit,''ltsfetYriity, 'elfilisl46' of liii?'
'Miff& i'refitt&C,lrtli •giVef it 'a :Irish ter:"
rittSifsirdulid'ilielEtliftihrtity', l atid'in u tihark
itself le lie't - lip ItfliisPetlit-leiVn9liidihkeit'
'Curt, . whit/Lei. [Eat - 60 '•dief '-i - 10.iii.''"Aid i
whose costly grandeur is eatil•bb'littlitiiielli'
nokby . ltswation• of:the iltotramallik bdtrby , OW
' *Quote!) , oontributiona of ~.the ~Ratho t hi,
Powered., I . ~ ~ .. • ~.- ~ ?., , .-.- i
An-for the ,. Roplan i peoplei there mould be,
Municipal Inet, M, ittitiege secorded them, tend'
'they, , migh t, O flt ,pftiega„. politics. . But ,
lliey, would madly oiseogptheir time,smoog
'their, apteidid ".ruins" ie r artistie pursuits
and above all, in becothinic rich as the par.
~ t, ft4,0,..r..., ~, 1, .., t, „ r. ~ ~
vey ra . . so anu urthl in tastes t tapir tons long-
Tingi, - tida l 'ilidtigil expe'ne - es l of 'the c rowds
'irhO'whulit'reiiir'tcl i taitie trord'all lands.
Like a bombshell, has this pamphlet'
fallen into"th - littitistarijimiiltilrefifittf:
,Tlre• - debial that lit-1i publitiliEd infdirlnit
perial+Matolioneorlinepiiifticeriilk iiir , otilitnel
,beemade the meet .of,--and oreantim'e i 'llt% '
,igitatiore is' being continued; :while .. - E agli i tiv
'iluddrishr•Romani Catholida4iyMen , are OAF
'under high pressure by-the , priesthoodi, add
'ire more demonstrative than -was , expected.„-.
'But lotwithetamiing , ell,. ls tbia,„trepidation
lille the bearts'of Rome's;priesthood every-.
The. Times sceepte, this Re i gidiletras. we
inatiation . gist the Vol , N!'„, k pfettelp tr
Edglieft Alibnioe
s ici 'dial f, Auetina., .
M6iniii9 , 7iiii'tt'oilipg . A4.."4:;,pri f ) , IA: .
Dates kiiiataitiiiiiieti. to the ray of ti;ir-ftil.
fillment of such a iiiiir:amilie, even if
Ft' kted • were" to. Wain' AftiNt,•4lB ifilvtiiiiit
iouldronly kW one( out tof iiinimbeebtvicitiL ,
olio .PoVert,dreltesiiiitent - the , El otittibilhf. 114 ,
I ~presumel thitt' , our Cibinik trill' -if*
directly 1 - interfere !in lthe rquestioniq eerie' to
insist- that the f•peoplel of Italy, including
those, of the , Legations .and the ißomagnsi
shall be free 'to 'adopt their own -form -isf,
Government. But his smatter. of thank!,
fulness that • we? have : note Tory. Government
in:power, whp..lkak-no real sympathy ' with
Italian liberty. ~.Patiraeli,-heartless always,.
and who is capable of no. real enthusiasm,.
han always spoken on this theme in aMsnner.
morally very unworthy,
_and contemptible.; .
and the Tories have it. In, their , Very, binfid,
to be afraid of
,tihiege,.eyeti when Freed*
le'ads' the ' Vin,` Mid - lieiilyils on .inslaed
nations to thellind Of promise. •
The Olitilh'itotkilltlig . divsliWili liebbiligniiii
very' Otinigtobilf ire eddritflPto Lordtatfff
Riifsell, ifalliiiiding him ler hiiraiielatidbil
some months ago, at Aberdeen, that •the'.
Itilianti , skobld:be , lettfainti al ' , free tlisefivole
their : 6*n ruler s. " itniiiii, - by**iltittriief,'
the'•Toixiii4e„ iiiPoliteif the eeiliel,Voliiiy.",:and:
ridicules the ,old-fashioned ideas nf c Austria,
in:proposing, as the basis of- a settlement ,of
the Italian question; the rrestbratiovl'of the'
eilled"pribees. ' ' ' ". . '
We hear from Taiiitit Of great °thee
sion exeiiiiiied-the're 4 fljr Austria; lido thit
the ;people iare aliatiatt' driten' to 'diefiair!
Tlityiitith Of' thb•'dotibtry erekiiiglaiitig to'
()Oats! 4tilyp in large on mbers. Austria
is idolised' ineuribleitinf , lretc. tiolitleal system;
and ' heft I oonduntli totrard ' that , Hungarian '
Proteetastel arid , - to• thosist4f4 oliutherau
Confessior4•ioentiouemtaiexei .indigns.
tion of i the civilized• world.
Nearlyoall• of thethree million of Hun-.
garian Protestants have expressed their
protest ,against "the patent" ,of . September
lat. At ,:Peach, ..where a meeting of ibs ;
Augsbiarg Protestants, wan lOrbiliden b y the
police,, the Seal - dant „iortifitl' , „ftl, Loil
rest . ii,:the . cinti , eia orpiAo ..oh4oh,' lee
ihe'iiilli t trrOeitir aniig &Mile, 'AT 04 1
ititbiiiireitolbi *Mil litillifielastatrifil
till doe - , ~ . ;, e. ., Ai' trt .12 ..t. t ~, ' . yr ; ~ i ,
t w4'4 w..) 'IA 1.31 ab WOl3 vi ..(tt:Lti or r.:74;i3a . Cu
BD, P1 . 11)1 PA.
:RATION Ili/ 4 *# fai Brig •
Fiiinogiarr," is alietiii64
. (litgreii preset obj ails to trail ,
'a stopioioris, and to,prove
iptir,itirtandins appearances,
intentions toward her. The
;Clabe, ita Paris okiffeePeiidaht;' asbriiiea
ekes— ! one.- the glYreikeirman of 'the nge,i
Illapo!tam birnealf, and the : other no
less an " tagliihman " than Riehard.,Coh,
'den! The. latter is still in Parks, reowiering
But it' ioistbde
Ins3i*lniiiblitisite'df the', .13%441tri - phindeit - hithbowifinotr might be door by: ex!
donations to do away with•alarms, in , which
, never
,placled, credit, .and thus. '
1.1 eilfeiiiii , efelation" may. have appeared in
I,ap 'OUT
D vibe
pin ow
oipate it
4'lll do.
• , flAlltilllevetits,' the'‘Pirriealli Milling 6bYtakb~
it for •what it is worthi , and as ieditratingr
peaceful intentions for the present. The,
"4a Eoglishmatr" fi asksvestions on the alleged ‘ ,
F r o rga,Ootinisano L e of Freilali
, .
tow ; the 'flail of titled:Alta n o i c; iko Valid
and •on 'all , thehh p,oiatg explaatiooe.laii
Ig,i,ve,";wiSr !apparent frankness .. It is, showc
/thai,yeare, ago, a revolution and, tratisforwal
tii r d'orihe - Ir'elich ht l ijivair
ailtiLthititliekr are' esiiitititit tAkti" thliteibefir'
sity 'of 'lfribitig nival eta&
of the. olti••sailing ships. 4s aifiraied-a=by`
apperilif.tofigums—that this .transforniatioo
was to fin niranted'in - a, swirl of years', from
, the dais' OnwiA; and it
a li - eitaiiilibilitiPriker `of ueiegilein ; I ' and 'that'
period' ir Opt otrifoltrded *hi& is
covered. by the original, designv:' As to the
huspioiows ftatbott9Rest !ray!, they / are de
ifi'ined for' the conveyance of coal up , .ths
atefili' aide tileignoitian
' dfteasr ffessgisi4JirMimertir
. orilodiahis well as lialCrptilitbbiEl I 7 Egd .iti
'necessity wince' apparent from the,-facit ttint:
, the 60f)ministry hid , it upder cop:i
isederation - to nail coal " Contraband " of.
' i °to" d Atie
Oresebtorposition efewireirff,f mimes inbilyttiS
nn4 the French Cabinet (i.
,e /s 4lr ErLivcr,),.
are 'finiihiallifierMe, and 'the `'alfianee;ie
the Cougvess;:will 'virtually; adopt the;
ivhst 41 , political although, Fran'oe• 'will spa,k•
while England is silent, 8n b matters Cacho-,
la, in - 11 . 6 Pr4oeuint - the
phitbilikeE'ditipr fi scoffs %RA
!Ile Emperor wishes ielfbse , :in - ortlrAhar•
!France may. rev, -Sher commerce; : and
that agriculture maybe developed. He is
willing to wait a year or two ere developing
his final pliAirtg4itrdLitNtfiair thift t.4 . 41as in
: timated his rearneet.rdesire to promote the
enctoeal of a ,ney,i L liniversal - Eat ibition t to o
firie • 411 i. Engiand ; and
_Plage finep.
the - all (Wet' too.
, Yet' ieviiv . not'"..bir: peace ' p'ii~tadBat to :fib''
estimate-of eithentbuttAnirori Or tuafilif
derataoding .of Armsokints will
tUltutinte4) , andAtprisatml, Itnder4e ono;. ;
1710t1On, til#t thti loreini4 is but ;
"The awful Proe piophetii . of the storm." .
Thus, lb) calmly '_ arig cheer i l y,;
iiiiiiraltliinititonif 64'61214 Of t
gotrot iitVid , aBoniiYdlfiti ; tifd! while'
thebodinglitirt stilt anticipates thdt "great
" - hioh ,eiterolv ^:-
tribulation, ,sternly ,pioneny,
Millennial glory, let Obriatiana i7 bleas Clod
'' that mean time ple,aky i q olear;. th 4 spiv
; 'ttiiity'nitiliVilet,d' - relAI °thit
' the good eared' may g_hiffirdeetiindinte
r extended ) Enropean field :than over Wilt*,
and thalilhe Faure ie in'the hands of Him
11 iirhoeerplana,dahnot be fftelistedt,
Lcian , Tel:rdilukleit: lllll V 3 W 6 l ifili k: •
: ptigta l to ~ fitielairoierii'llid . dot lf M.
oien With '' of ßoiniiep"iiiii ii d il . uriink' tO',
Obi 14triii intiktosiiiiieliiiiiiii ''keibil'ityilik e
' Unt. the ik'p6itailcui ,ot Toilire4el ) dw.eifillo'
1 fit' fihti"tidiffisk, :alai:les.' Be Foiaii- ; Ord
, i forAiblx the' • b` of of'' d 6 ' on' the Wiiili:ff
' torthe 14orpli t aaa , gli , Pif Alierittioil a liiii"
! hiSiiiitk l by t c ,ilidenrogiiiiit "a 13hittige t liiift
been tidi itabonapligheiliiillie dile otillrailii
en iindlitiliappy ' 'Mildly iiiidel' iihe,4th e9W:
• Tifere is'ilb doubt' whatefirOint'lliiejoiiiii'
~- S lliftatilify and 'Otiters -tr Of ' the o Fhaalilteal'
• Philintlitepirife . 'of the' cl'aY, leciiinisetifiti
I inittef is of vital impoitinee. tlVerfsenite
ed'ilVellings' and - went of Ohitithliiiiise'Vr•tfili i
, idiiiiiii drik-nelteliatiklegl,ide; 'mid !ibid.
' lately ,iiiiief the '4iice iiin of ti t iiii"iellgiiin
I into' the' folif nittiili*Vettihedlu3 4 n. . Fins
' gig tifirthilf 4 cofiriethirida'leidi s iigirgrest
int0 4 64626/ 4 6 ; itll 3 di , Er - tiliit', L eitithe''oFibe
' noitillthi i pftfitieters of'Eligland,itlid that it
I "
will', prove - 'ta - hapiiy' ineithil 'of 'liaplig'imiay'
3 lab4teidi fain the &bib) Ildtsilks,linti - of • sin
vitiiig tillifekeiii and moral eondition.
Loid PalleNiciti; ' whiie' in cordial nutlet
stiiiding•ifithifiiiiine, yet heartily apiiipyes'
of 'tlie voltintetr rifle' mbiTenient,lnd, aptoke ;
thus :
, . 0
• • ,• • iii. e . it n i ty. , 4 ), ..,.
The spat which . 1 eo has reeentiy
shown by the immense eifteist of volunteer Oil.
ganiiatibn, has produced a'greit effect, not only
in this country, bit all over the-varld. : (pond!
cheers.) ItAas tended to
. inspire •tliii t i pepeot•
whioh all nations feel, for a count9isfittehogith•
out 4,13 sip:Naive' iatentithie, 'shows WIC it,„ . 4.
difirminid to hold its ' ow' RA to defe l naltiat
agginitiall - comers. (Cheers.) Again I'iiiiy•thst
I •truet there,is nothingilin the' present state of
things that betokens. they likelihood of any . 5t 0 . ...
casion for that, martial spirit to be displayeti,
Otliltrisiee thin by Blairfig that we sic - it:4040
defend ourselves. But it must be a great; vials
faction to all of us to know that lie army and navy
are id a stateted complete efficiency, acoording to
the numbers to which, in a time of peace; they
can be carried; and that there are means in the
country, by which, If unfortunately unforeseen
events ehould.,resigy it neggerearif,Twe could
increase our armaments. Those armaments
!night be'rapidly inareaseditO whiteviiilitti'eli
geopies of the moo:lent might require: . ,
'ThE Fuzz Caufteu is in loollision with.
the. Ciyil Courts, and in the E . dinb u rgh,
Court of. I:: , ieision a decision' has . been
pounced, wiiibli, artheugh by no mania
igaink . a iiiiied qtliation, is yet ilechiVai
arida - Rai* 1 its ''it 'goes. The case *hid
Wooded lb the present position of) affairsiis
. I thtat of .a minister of the Free Church who
;wet libelled for immorality, convicted and
'depoied. He appealed pendente /di to the'
ivil Courts; and tile . Gel:lend • Assiiiablii r'e';
Sainting:this &WS ' fresh 'offence, pronoutiketi
sentence . of deptilitiom ..:
The Lords of the •Court .oi Session nog,
declare that if the Free Church ,iiitrier,
'with a man's civil rights ' by, any selitebep .
they pronounce, Wins no inherent poirdt is 9
do elbi' It, likealliolliei'Dithteiltl4oobiltiiheral
;has no constitutional and legal
nrecute its decision. Qne Judge said that
It was not,impdsthat At 111 " Fromghurch
!had gone'beyotrfiiilowers i ß , C Ferefore
hel'spiiiEnal , itriViliciiieiititbrreFid
) n i the'. sere se ithatecondemnilaininiater cbuitt
'se leatored to hie <offioe and m.xeponed."
aut, just aa ,n man ~w ho_. P l,,, h ill7g,by,:a
_accident, cannot be "reponed '' 'hi'
l!getifnebilik 'his %AA; lni3i ' yetliave fig '
siiiiiaryleonitiSfulatioiiitio einigliViVbehislSS. i
IThesFree. OnurchlpleirrtheiratsKr4eoticdp
1 1 04 8 ,4, MtliredA9 frAilkeTilleieio , front'
h . f t r ?S` n lo,l n t'S Q ,, n l,3 l 7 , A l ife eills ii ' a,
right to..act et at ant : nas.d ne,, or. at leam - ,to
iltitfilllo iio 116 ittifilig iliik irdnlP it."
'.: l Y. ( 1 . 1"i t"". OW ' 2 - `'="cla:::fl3 tt 19d 4 rn •=ll
. i e
... e .
:• , ......].!
..›.4: 2 ;
. . .•
. 0 . '..
.:.:::. . r.. .. b
. ...' 1 .
:E:.... ..... •
. .
. .
i to I
. .. .
• . . ...
, .... . • •
. ,
• ;
tiTIN G I DO..
KY 2s, 1869,
:Philadelphia, South 'Went,Cornerot Seventh and,Chestnatettreets
~~~ }~ .~
-11 .11. • fip,g ll .
synand, or it the, uns% $1.50 per rear, tell! pßoorzoirurf
Maurer& in tlinllitY 1 2,00 " "
The pcfitititin of very"serioite; and'
alKsion•Established ChurChee toast here make ,
00M01011+ 011 . 1158 it jet , mAlanoholy to thi ok
that ,refpgess front rigliteoits discipline,
sheik' thus:take refatroi in " civil
rights." Vitiftliatiiidltsh : recilitly preached
to great sernionz , 0n the .whole. question; in
which- he . Powedethe,. determination of the
Chnroly.te ; prigs all, onpsegnenees rather,
than surrenderr C her indtpentieses.. long
strafe/1_ is ' likely to 'eninii, and With two
Erdeliiio Eitablitilfed Chinshats; add 'the bit.
probability of any real sympathy 'for 'the
Freeq'Churoh on. the •part' of •Parlismehti a
dark day seeme,to,be threatened.
INTENSE FROST has marked the middle
period of this month. The fall of snow in
S'ootland was greater, than has been known
for 'eve l rar lears tStrings to say, ibis 'wm i
preaCied . liy sAhniidergitlirm. ' Oiie
py pirtyirri train, wiWsboired np
for a time' :in atother,easb a train 'ominpied
seven hours in passing over thirty•eix .
wiitife eleewherei coaching was stopped alto
and Makes iteir,o etriliroYVrio . ogrif
thifTb a iwiT Dim
• The fpast,loweier, , iiai•eaddenly and , en::
tirely,diaappeared, andi,ttius the romance of.
Christmas bas.. been tiestroyed., Both on .
Cirisimas day : proper, Elabbitit the 25th,
oii` the day kept set's hethisy, Monday
tife'26th, gloom,
the streets- mitddy,:the therniometer com
paratively high, and. the :skies murky and
weeping. Every , trace of _lee in the Parka
ia‘giine: - Bet e notiltistatidink this, bright
hiee, iburidlibee 'or geed cheer,' children'
home school at the domestic' leattiC
and ?tale, fulls of hope end gladness-a,strahr t :
'gm to the sorrowful reminieceneekbronglit.
to, their eldem by , the well retnembered,paat—
'hiNe Wainipiied . to give,to the 'nation a merry .
Chibitined. The obountifirillhad'" and
:"Feyt" hove- 'both been' itioetetroiae; and
money flows >ftli!freelY in the diner of be
nevolonoc , -
kurio,.ELunt bse'been delivering sitievan
gkt l ol l . l .o o unell'ibkrai4eatofrliaaJPllPPY:'
Ifulxcre)ty., gin style is not , iollian!, Lint, hif - niiit4i'itoll;io and indiciado - %Ale
edfiliafe'd aiid Itliiitighiftil a ininlV"Tliiiblii"
also reverence manifested'Ui Tithe
lotion, as for example, when he tells the
students—" W i e,,Aeed opeluppit to pens.
trate all the royiteriee of ( lod's providence
ttibetlaidary irldees,"andtaliganci - ehigiiaincel
,oftarfirsti oraewhen. he says that the best',
'proservation , from. error is " the, sincere sae:
ceramic of the belief that all hranohee ; of
the are derived' from the same
th - alt Di'
vide Sitirifferf% w halt wab'lffe'red for' die"
parpdrte 'of-restoring *aims' go, eierywhere,
AIM ea dl~ dt i faa g d ) in '3O/idh maul
not, only applies this
•to thlrOpinitins of , th ose ite would degrade
`siy inition - of die' ikeeYes,' but be also tells
hialnfitiffut andientk that their Studies
sue . cifin .the,Univereity itewright Writ, willl
;be f it; fit 'themllo pass o , portion,of ; their lives
either in official emple , yment,io tite . pureßits
of `eombiere4
,Or in . musioni4 labors among
barbarous tr& u ekifild'oilittlilestray of Brit
aid; ;Sri We Oboileiket':trith' tie by , interai
'A'Guifurl 'RwvlvdL contifititi to mini
Ifeskitenpower in different:parts of Scotland.
`Ati r l'Aupo, font rhoodred, persons, are &aid, to '
lbe t iruly 4 chans!a. tile awakening has been
;dier and powerful, IVitntrose, long
ithWistiiit" of bolkleekftell'ilVelerilAiiiii, anifat
-daft villige.'adjblding. 'lie Rev. Mr.
!Amon iof Ftunitsta, visiting this ,village,
ihas„salithit he•nsver saw such manifests
;tiona Devine power; that the blessitiie
Ifillitig; like showeis 'of inimis upon' the
lbgAg- milde''increasidgly• precious, by
'tutor daliVered by p 41r. Dadde,tat Edinv
iburghpand -elseirhere. Professor Blackiei.
the,,Chairoaan y atAhe „co a Aludingilecture,, at
Edinburgh', declared:o;4 the series had been
eltiiiiidierlied all the; acotiricy of a Mi•
this feitri)r l ifild Wei* of I- 0 fitilmeilic
foietbrialipcweirof Dr: Guthrie; •
Ete then-aided : 1 • .
Mite heat" of Scotian*. continued: tho",Pro
fespor, is right , and sonitik.tut,the question of the,
Scotiiitit'ovetiabtern but mast unferiniately a
nuMber of your liteiarpiteir who have %tittles
figure, have been defective in that part ofAhpir
work. (Lona cheers.) Stdat unfortunately , moat.
of our leading literary men, 'Olio, in 'the prilienit/
day have often a great deel more, power than the
preaoheCe—the men who write leading articles
'in; the Itlin'esis 'and 'the' Sdoismatis of the 'oia,f
:these men have said nothing rirthe'Covenanteis,
:or have said worse than nothing. . They have all
• kidd - Of fa b sbiOnsibbl, West end notion that the
•Goissmotera are iNlow kind of fellows, unworthy
to Ale spoken of by gentlemen. Yon will ,find
thi n e, If you begin with David Mime, end' name
whOloieries of respectable names, not eicepting
Prinehal Robertson. p.ou our own friend,
Robert ntialifil, Was not altogether free from this
defect. Walter Soott did nothieg, or
on; thin subject. I love Walter
Soott, but with all say love for him, I Says he
trilitelP our goottiliit' Covenanters, our great
`national heroes—theinen - who made the platform
on A wlaiokyre• as Scotsmen and as Brito,ns now
stilid=-(iitiple.use)-rtie'tieated our SiOtoh Cove
nantiits molt shkbhily and sourvily. (Applause.)
Then take other men. • ;Take my excellent friend, ,
JOffri Hilittirtei; nay leilin ,, ed, tasty; and'jo4r4l
friend, Professor Aytoun ; and my mild, betibio
lent, and pbilanthropio.friend, Robert Chambers .
Titke Sheriff Napier. The whole .hppt,of them,
seelne‘Slilt 9 Oll-I•AingArkghllaih tirlsel' f ineikl, l 'a
Cavaliers, who had lualifigito 'do here, and as
Renwioh the Popish priests.= What did he
: say, Mr. Dodds? . (Roars of laughter, in the
midst of which, the lea4ned Professor turned to .
Mr. Dothin, and' was reminded by him of the'
allusion in his lecture, to which he referred.) I
would cap to you all, even my own bosom friends,
" If you wish to spout theie sentiments, begone:
from &sottish, soils,, to the South of the . Tweed,
'and fork companionship with the miserable snobs
wliii wtite 'the lading articles in the Times—
(laughter and oheers)--4tho, belonging to the great
and mighty nations, have nothing more noble to
thaiirto• wilts paltiy sqUibs ant 'leading ir•
tittles sliainst ne, becailie they are twelve(
,and we are only tiro.
I Putting aside the iod,ipstione-of national
,in !the concluding sentepcee,
iidiiiiiiroedoie to tile milioory, of tbe.Oolii•
nadieisl7by.'litiritry fairikitited i ,ift`
thi,fiiregoioßti No'r is i there 'wattingigoad'
.ressordoti dennoliatibh vfleoffing'Scoteh..
Ingo skt.the„,Loudirn : press, who hate Evan !
gojcil . • refigion, and so have no sy e mpoby
with tholmiiis of the Covedittit. J.W. •
Stick to Your Text.
If baptid'io means titiply the act; to WI.
merae ' and nothing mote; aswi. Caniorpatnii
allsialaierstoniannstntihetooltel liftinPup"of
the. subject in the fwaterairin gii* , :otort;
niandedm It iisaimpouttibrisik psit . Ofi the ,
administraticin ofuthel ordinal:RA and often
thimlardzatrpavrniik mote konw of a
a midi , rokam im En eriinglal biWbfkitielrifons
the histiwasn a - veryolstrg*lally,rand , .whea he ,
her,:he ' s'brother etanding 4
bjso‘t You must - helpine, I•osnooti 'raiire 7
tartnnrielier—all that!
hebaraireominangeb 2, =biit'the raising kl"hit. ,
aNcwhiahqforbsti , no So`riptunilvsoihotitrid:
do, was too much fbrliitil •.NOWlifcthW dent
tirinimarsel /la zthay . .nommawd; sited &Sigh
pion d ,• obtrige, An - Madan. '
rani stickillo)
riedi Lrli3 i'-..4. .(
l!or zne Presoyzenan Boomer and Advocate.
Stirpriaa Party.'
Oa, the es-cuing of the 12th inst., the
people of White Clay , Creek congregation„
in laige -numbers, convened at'the church,
and hiving" Made . -the necessary arrange
month, proceeded in a body to the house of
their pastor, the Rev J. L. Vallandigham.
The pastor absent, spending the even
ing with a friend. They, however, took
possession, and spread a table loaded with
the good ,tbings that, in great variety and
abundance, they had brought along with
In aehorttime, the,pastor appeared, (hav
ing received notice that he was wanted at
home,) and was surprised to find' hts - house
parlors, dining room, kitchen; halls, stairway
and study, filleewith the.g,ood people of hit
charge, old and young, who seemed to be ; ,
enjoying themselves v,astly. After the, most ,
cordial greetings, the pastor and his family
viereiniit`ed to tate their sesta at the table,
and 'to becorim, fortthis -evening} the guisitril
'of their people.
The whole company then partook of an
,ample supper f ,thAt handsome
manner 'day Creek pt,m
plis unaeistati'd, and having spent ,
several hours- in pleasant converse, after tr:
short : address and prayer by itha pastorA
repaired to their, respective homes.
Teey left' behind them, however, substan-,
tial ileu:trials of their visit---artiolet too
nierdus to trierition—arnongthenii purse well
filled with gold, presented on behalf i.of the ,
company ; by an esteemed and beloved Elder : ;l
We believe that this was the first
the - kind ever Made by this people ; and it
was completely
,tutecessfal. All felt that it
'was aldiftlaffilintitirtg, and kiiii,ifilijoal
,culatdd to strengthen - the tia of iffeotion
that ought ever to subsist between pastor and
Peolqe• &DA
Tor the Presbyterian Fanner and Advocate.
Bantalit' oil Speaking.
thoenrly -purchithed and perused
the - Work of Saiitain on, 2 Eit l einporintioits , '
Speaking,, • tpublished: 'Ztir. • Oharlais
Scribner of New 'York. ; , sit, down
late tour, of the ntgbt,, after
laboriOus professional engagementsthe day, to express inyUlighlratikbation
view of -whit fthis, public anon may` stationi
plish in behalf of true:natural elognence itr . '
this country.
One of thPiiiikninne:Jiernes .ofLantiquity
;e3r.pressed a determination,nemer . „ to go.i.nto
the'water tiflhe itrourdiiain to' sivitn. Aid
sunh at'insiAntiOl4'ititli. all' `tliB alisuidity
initivespwoirld seem. to' illiterate *hit is 9
:found to obaraoterize too Many, of our
pi Tanta for- the temple of fame.
would be orators; but they. will not pe t ,
diligent in the use of tlitine
esientiffetcrsulicieis. ion. f&
end, inilependint of thisl leetintate.lineraint'
for its attainment.
VV Nile . habits of reading, thinking, and
writing„ are necessary to constitute, the
piod'aetideziit and fiiiiishet sehOlar, th e" habit"
of Speaking from a probes's of mentkl , corn
position, in addition =to the exercises already tl
specified, must:be assiduotudy cultivated O wl
the part of everyman who alma at eminent
{usefulness any
t ptqlo
art of *tali -neVer 4 dittoPiilkidffie
man;9oioe, nor diminish•its power to cOili
munioate intellivence- to -warm • the,sifFeo;"
rifle, to arouse the passions, arid ;to move.
the'greit iil j asses of "hun3anity - for gni - good
and noble - - object: On the — other hind, "
writing; from, its , tendency 'to , ' altertiady =et'
expression, miay be ,marle,subordinate)tolthen
highest exeellenee of , speech ,wttere, then
delivery is free . and , untrammeled by the
agonies of s defective memory
The >inxnan vniceiethe'illoketisifil,' and'
at-the - same - time, the most` cibmpliested,..of
all instruments. A man. .may • understand
'the. organic 'An/chirp of, this instil:Ll:neat ;
lie may be able to tell„ ) us he! voice is
'formed ) in what it hai r its)rigit„ :arid how,:
itinliyiliOliiridullitedin all' its'
still 'for tiiint 'of tlin 'pt. - act - HA thatefer - tends"
tnperfection,the may never excel lis‘ st. phb-7
lie sper;ker; he May prove t f indeed: a mere
blank in this departmertt
.of literature. A
confirmed dyspeptic msy Nble to furnish
us with a 41ibutioireforEptidnvb# the di.
gestiVet organs.; While niinanl ofttingreatirst
eppatitutioeabvigor, the !very model ofyper 7
feet health, may, he ignorant of the first,
prinorplei of anatomy or physiology iniolved
in the - oonstlititien of man - himself. SO .
is; tionofding .to With •regaitlo •
ptiblienpeakingti The student may - become
master, of all tithe, ; systems of
„elsention i iti
creation ; and - hey may spoil , himself in ,the e
very process: of hip,deisitedaft4ininent Ile
bersome' stiff and affected, extingfiibh
the fire of his nature, and like Satiipac;ii,
shorn of his looks,esacrifiee the great,sedrlt
of his strength for , some, arnaginary„ . ageorc-
PriOnent, et some. inetfeetive invention of
art. DELTA.
yorVierProlbyterian B4riler and Advocate: "
111P1eastmA8guinimv '
On the :mtirnink 'of the '3oth of ebeerki
herilast? the,aftention.,of, the pfstor,of Blade
ohyrch and hiikfainily, wait dr,ayn ,to
long 'train, of
net people,
and eleighe filled with
laniii:loOkihe'peOlile,,Old and YOung, coin
is t'6Witiaz i our hthis , e: "gel Or el we had tune`'
tolask , whatit begilifto'draw'
upate,our gate. ,welodming thest;
the road , in the opposite direction-was filled,
with sleds and Sleighs, also, , as, it imon,,ap :
; peered, makin,g their way to the same point,
until our' ratired'horde was suiroinded by
twenty five or thirty, bringing, perhaps, bat
hundred and fifty persons in all of whom
we, aeßg plealatptipoun
tentinees of our :parishioners - Looting
around us'after they left, it ivas'evident the
sleds' were not filkdlWith persons; in theirs
proper plepes were deposited flour by,tlia .
bas and barrel, meat,,pats, t !or,n, hifokFibertt.,
hay, coal, cindles, groceries,, various "'lest
and servicible articles' of Weariilitlififfer
for each inenibr besidifs hdd= l .
.clothing and other-thinge good and useful .
—mono than
,you,' Messrs, Zditere,
like to allow,us specs, to enumerate—to Ai if
of whibh was added a hands,ime eitue!of
The pecuniary ` worth of- the ( isholvilienei
is neatly. or altogether one huudred , "doilars;
but the value is ioarfased.ftye:fold, Rhea we,
regard it_ as it : was intended, as a token, of
affection: After all bad partaken of an Oz .! ,
o‘liehtAlitiver prOviited• by 'our ati - elsetl igtf"
legd - IPssilaftwastreadpanditthe Mild‘;;Byttiii)
was sung, and prayeriffered... Shortly afteri.;
the .eotapnni began, „to„,.dispsrse, Itaidtntbr :
having spent a happy , day; I s eavingns;to
wish that every pastor and lila finfily
ishisv , “ MAIM' region." *Pere teliithially
!wen provided ,for as we 'Die,' •
that;oulitind .bettefaetogl might be- bl
} a nnda ; ntly G nat only _ 4 n A.
06T, 1 .D, 1 4. 61 "
11Porp, '64,wfth riehes...Kgrase as
hi Chrte~ Jesus
" 4 - 4 VlV. 4 Miatitrit W . I.W 71. :W.)
A BUSY Bout,- r Oat z ji , 4 It
1 1 , , 8 brnaedin, l .34hliPErbk!' A briairssi 10 ;
his Erosions to npg nt f_. iLlv o lfies i ,-
,•=rT , tgt .x... 0 ii_ii. , ar tau ~ w .., .
inner to motto iir
I•,_ / ; e
4i:--~z .;~-.