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r$RK$.--XI tAfVA!CE;` ,q,:
Tb. 4 tUdidented Man.
Why need I strive for wealth? •
It is enough for me
Thato 4 lci,tven bath sent me strength and health;
A lath glad and free; .
Grfi ul these blessings to receive,
sing my hymn at morn and, eve.
On some, what floods Of riches flow!
House, herds, arid gold haite; 'they ;
Yet life's best joys they' neveeknow,
But fret their helve away.
The more they halre, they ifeeli ifierease;
Complaints and cravings never iease.
A vale of testa this,wor)d,they call,
To me it seems so, fair;
It countless pleasures bat& for ell,
And none ienied a share,
The little birde,ou 'pew ; fledged wing, . ;
And insects revel it the Spring,
For love of us, bills, vioods end 'plaios
In beauteouS hues are clad;
And birds sing far and near sweet strains,.
Caught up by echoes glad.
"Rise," sings•the lark, "your taiks to piy . ;"
The nightingale 'singe "ittllaby,"`
And when the golden sun goes l forth,
And all like galctlitipeail t ' T
When bloom o'erspreads tb,glowing earth,
And fields have ripeningears,
I think these glories . that see„;
My kind Creator made fcn' me.
Then loud I thank the Lord above,
And say, in joyful, mood,
His love indeed is. Father's inve,
He wills 'to alb men - 'good.
Then let me ever grateful live,
Enjoying all he'deighe td - give.
for the Presbyterian Banner and , adeoesta
OF THE REV. JtRN SMITH; A pfizsiattz:
DEAR BROTHER :—.I.YOu lave ' often.' read
and admired thettrilable
in the liftyfirst• Psalm,' Beheld' I
shape!' in ',iniquity,: =and' in sin. lid fey,
mother Conceive me."= Theodore' Parker
would laughcfritirightuitl,libli confeettion.f
In. Dr. Holmes' Anieridanized , religioni ,
sentiment so unphilosophioal could..stand:no
possible chance of ,a, plane. ,The fair ; vis-,
ages of Mrs Lucy Stone, and of the Hon.,
`Mrs. E. 1`.3 - Would: be radiant, with
smiles of conte mpt l for the "uttarings ,of a
piety,' so little in hainiony with that 64 inner,
light," which renders any reielition from
heaven,. 'entirely ..unnecessary to those
highly 4 ifted ladies. I the Rev Dr. Poster,'
Methodist = ' Belie 1114-rinctt acs 'sorry, to find
' him in such boinpanyvoild minfelitly in
OW Whittler blititookt'for
that Over which he had no . ifentieel, fdr 'Way
ing been coneelvediff eifil'idiPitiaaplin in' in-'
iquity ? From Ohms, however,
is natural. Nothing better could' be ex '
peoted of them. • Ittialot until day dreams
give place to sober realites, and the' light•of
Divine truth throws its' Iptiariating beams
on the horrible darkness, in - which sin en ,
shrouds the 'unditlitiriding," that a human
being finds himself 'to be What the 'Bible
says every human being is, dead 'in tres
passes and sins by nature Then the lan
guage of David's confession boomed liread•
fully clear and intelligible. Then _ cavilling
ceases; sneers and , grins are succeeded. by
groans and tears. Such a man .would -ap
predate an Americanized Bible, as. an T•lis
tronomer would-,be likely to appreciateran
Americanized sun
. •
Thely Scriptures set `fortP ) i i i
striking terms, the doctrine of 'himan de
pravity. This doctrine we both
Were I a Mere p oontrieveraltalist, I might per
beet be tempted to misrepresent y,our, send
tnents. But you too well, brother,
to suppose that .I could deseendl to• a, prat•
tics so little in keeping with the dignity of
a minister of •the Gospel. I 'rejoice that .
'this fundamental truth •is held in common
by tti. Nor is this the only fundamental
truth held by us in common. From the
heresy of SJoinianism, and the heresy, of ,
Universalism, as well as from tbe masked
infidelity of the Atlantic Monthly, and the'
rant of the crazy fanatics, who boast of an'
inner light superior' to ReielatiUti, our
Churches are, and God grant 'they may ever
be, ,as far removed as zenith is from. nadir.
Irepeat, that Calvinists are r;ot the separate,
aiwners•of this ground; it belongs - equally to
Methodist. Arrointans. Biers we matwalk
together and -be agreed' 'Let the world
know this. We are not enemies. We are
brethren, And-let it not•belorgotten that
it is the errors which your system has en•
grafted on this great Scriptural truth, and
not the great Scriptural truths of your sys
tern that we feel it our duty , to combat. If
you Arminians mere only willing to aoknowl
aidge that God might, with perleot justice,
have left mankind to perish in the ruins of
the fall, there would be no .difierence, and
there could be no diffieulty, between us.
But this you will not do. You claim ecin
palmation for the lute sustained. Against
sudh a claim we- feel compelled to enter our
solemn, protest. Were His Excellency the
Governor, to dolled- together all the tipplers.
and topers frottravery part of the - Staterin
the great squire Of your city, to vote,
Whisky," or "'No Whisky,' would not
the vault of heaven . re echo,' " Whisky I"
" Whisky l" from antvertcheliningMajority
of throats reeking with 0143*ra:dais or al
.cohol 7
Were you ands I to go before the entire•
population of the United States with , the
question—Could the human , met justly claim
compensation for the loss they sufferrtUln
their great progenitor; and be permitted to
vote ' , compensation," or. "no compensa.
ti011 ) 7- millions of eager voices would
join 'in, one mighty cry, " Cotnp i onsa.
gee An overwhelming mijority, there
is reasink; to fearoveuld be with. you..
You could outvote us ten to one. Bat when
the principlen4and moral character of the
multitudes that . ,yuuld be vote with
you are scrutinised, this cannot be a matter
of wonder. On the other hand did' we
command the votes, of the wh o le tribe o f
unbelievers, of the-denires of the Divinity
of the Lord Jesus, sn of the denires of the
everlaating punishidat of the wicked,, of
the worshippers of ,tie Americanized reli
gion of Dr. Holmes, and of the dupes of the
sorcery of Judge Edinhiads; were the im
moral,' the intemperati, the licentious, the
profane, all candidates fni t tliis penitentiary,
and the inmates of &Wee penitentiaries
in'the Union j* were' theie' till *on oar side,
we Should I think, feel 'a lid& uneasy about
the company'wukept, and itisimpicion would
,naturally inshittatC itself infd our minds,
that a tenet • which could , keeurift'thef unani
units etiffrages ,- of AIiCA VOtatq q adit stand
-r • , 4:r
self'condemned: On the question, Was Je
boveh under obligation to elimperisate the
bulimia' family fir the'loss they incurred by
the transgreseion of, Adam ? :every ungodly
kiiii`nei in the universe, would no doubt take
year'ilide and vote against, tia;'*h j ile ,kll the
holy 'angels and the spirits afluitatiliade
'pei feet, Would, 'we are Sure, 'be on Out' side
:and vote agaitist you.
'Do the. Divine iniud,' sivsDi 1001in
tock,1 forater editor of 'the . 3fillioclise Q ma.r
-ierlN :Rdvieto, ' our whole thee app'elits - iiian
aggregated uiiity, 8' *ell as a 'oullebtion' of
piirsonal The dorsal that
was pronounced on ;;Aditui,'Wes prolinhneed
alSo'bri his `pdaterity. The .P,Octor 'Seas no
difficulty in this Why, it might be asked,
there no, difficulty.? This is the answer :
"Since whatever was forfeited in the first
tra4'been either reetifred or e4pen: -
silted" for - bY sionnd :Dom ?
penisate for by the second „ A dam is
ever:Atte one leading, idea, i-of Arminianismi
•That•word, compensation, brother,' lyehitte.
We Calvinists belieVe not - iidtiiilliition" . by.-
45"dmlietosatinn; vie 'believe din' 119 3 .lvaiain by
This is a point which your writers and
preachers are 'careful to touch very 'lightly.
Thertieem to OD 'the pininifiltrthat 'the
laSic there ie edict about . it the better The
doctrine of pompeusation is in fact kept
merely shOw. Gilded and varnished, to
the unpractised eye, nothing .could appear
more beautiful.. put, like other, articles kept
only for i show, it is not meant to: bpi taken
down and bandied;, certainly not. by ,rough •t•
Calvinistic* gin. Among finest illus
trations of dodging 'the question as it is
called, are, the' answers your' biethren give
'*hen • piled` j viith the interiegkfory= l What
Would bo' the conditidn' Miinkind if 'the
Saviour bad not dierf "Ohl biehe
die, and POW all men can he saved ”' Tea, f,
Ino - dbubtVlor'did'die for einiiere,'and`ail`'ttiat
'tiotna 'Whim
'bad 'nor odied;'what then? " 1 13131' he 'did
die." Ydicarctotr'lliAttring`thiNitetitihn.
Suppose he had not died ?, "Not . ititinpeos
Able.oase,•for•he ciad die for 'all tuankrnd "
Was God then under obligation ;to provide
salvation ,for si nne rs • "No,- he • was, not
under obligation,but he did,,prOlzide salva,
tion for all men." ..Jon sz Sams
*Methodist Quarterly Review, April, 1864.
For tie Prestlytiniaii
os , 'l»
" ii'Colo*atiOn, theViiniei Pratt for Set
' fib* tip' the . ' Welt ?"
itboOh‘tinestibn .You pro-
Illiselti" view of the ischemeho'w fifotin
PerasylVallia, of faith* a'''ocilany +rue
h - thilifed I . Christian ItiMilletk /mine.
Where in - Kinsas, Nebrielitt,Lor
you wish' an. :answer. For.: our Menem,
States and territories, I , answer:deoiOedly
and conscientiously in ,the negative It is -,
: in no. respect, in. my, judgmentither proper
plan. In t ,Ate hearings on, your temporal
comforts, and worldly interests . I have little,
to say If You wish , to encounter the peen
liar difficulties and trials ,connexinn ,with
elndh s' siiheihe" you are it liberty to do so;
hilt' with to experietice of frontier life Since,
tinthati4Dittd7 . 4o 4
such arrie rShiiiii i iliiefer set- 1
tle in - ntiordnineity `relipsetabl
iii centiexioewith ane 'or tio6ollrietteri fath.
Hies, if I could secure shah, iither 'than to
'join a httudredt fanatics of via , reernit's from
'the E'ait, Like a CoinPany ofi t iiiWqthit in.
elpiirienhed'acittlierein regular fight, it "tizotild
prove a sorry go and the - Mae' thB'lotffe.,
The •scheme,,looks ;beautiful. on ,paper ; as
beautiful as the learned L mk's constitution
for.onm of the Souther,. States, but wholy
unsuited to the practical realities,of,
But it is in its bearings upon the progress
of religion and the edvancementof Christ's
kingdom, tkat I have ,my most serious ob
jeatiOne. ' a What!"' 'Pau eicelaim; nut
th at 'the' very 'War to "propagate religion in
th e 'Weal ?" I iiiisiVer"eMplitifically, No.
Obrist.iays; Ye are tUit'lt- of the earth"
What' 6 the .for - ce otthiktig i iire ?
this-660 herieriihe freitii;ethelicarid'
, from cerrilptiOn as siltrpediliries meat Nal
putrifactiod. • Now, 'in laying yhur
attire of. Meatier the coming yeir, -- will` ou'
stack it away in one Amer' of your ceddr,
and pile y our salt up,in another? Certainly
not. Well, here its is proposed that one
hundred Obriscian families , shall stow them
selves away , on fifty thoustnd acres of lard ,
or iiole,townebips ; and .what becothhe
:then of the outside surrounding niasses?
"Why, go out," you say, " and operate
upon them." Nut advantageously nor ef•
ficiently can do
you do this You not ,com e into proper coittact with 'their'. You do
not mix yourielf up, eitiotig theta hi the
way to - do them good ' Yoh *Ai, beet,
at arm's l leialgth, and 'so accomplish'' little.
Yon will be destitute of 'sympathy
them in their feelings, abbe, and trials, not
being mixed up with them ;`and liast i
dently they will have no With
you thWoorifrary, they hieveitirej udibes
againgt snob oommunitten •TheyLanvidli to
them 'the idea of sectarianism, and , are aPt
,to stigmatise,the settlement by some oppro
,brious epithet I could name such , places to
you, not a hundrecrmiles distant, if it were
proper to do 30.
Th notion that this is a scheme , happy
and powerful for good upon surrounding
populations, is one the realization of which
I have yet to witness. They, fact is, they
, ,
accomplish hut little good , beyond their own
But here you ask : " Will it mit, at east,
be greatly advantageous, to - otinselvei, and
soncluoive Co' our spiritilil'inteitiati?" Yes ,
perhspi it may be so, and yet it may not be
so. There is considerable in this scheme
that strikes me as Utopian and visionary;
and your bright visions of (rospeiitY may
vinish like an airy Castle We're 'the Stein
realities of life. •
But why should you •adopt this plan fas'
-pmiervative of your religion 7, Is that the'
best 'method of keeping piety Ethic ?
tainly salt sh6uld not, under any, &mum
stances, lose its savor. Its, peculiar proper.,
ties it should retain in small quantities, as
well as in large masses. The professing
Christian, whemeeds to be in conitaut con
tact with °that. Christians ,to preOrie his
religion, is, not,. what he ought to, be: He
should be as , much a Christian in the midst
of one 'hiindred , families of heathen, as
among the same number of beliitVers.
" But have not individual Christian fami
lies been deprived of the means of grace,
and`so have knit all - their interest in reli
gion ?"' Tea " they Went out from us, but
weria riot of for if 'they had been of us,
they wield no doubt have'continued with
us. landaittri&richne Wire' their primary
objects in coming to the West; religion
was a secondary nonsideratiim. Well, they
have got, many of them, what they came
for: :They have gained the world, but have
jeopardized their, souls. -and have' :trailed
their, families •ap to worldliness andirreligion
" What,plan would you theurecounnend ,
you. ask. Simply, the following: If you
are satisfied that it is your duty to :,come
West, and seek a borne in ..its NM Bettie- ,
get one Or two ",more drlike
iepr~E?Mb itf(itighl—ad
- ; - Li • ; i" ' T. - ^ 1 4 "'" 3 ; ~;L:A 941 WAVI Utit .Ot4,A
• - . ~• , d' F.,
I : ti..tytti
) II
" P IMA Y 414 56C1"F#4114591 ligtl/4
"ache . r our`S'airinizr Y eebt die 'hie diticiples
two- and'two, not by tile' trunqred`; and`;he
is -a. great deal wiser Cathie subject:than we
are. • Bring your,Bibles your hytnn books ,
youiSabbath School' library,
,your religious
.4 g •
newspaper aDQ 000a8, aria one pr two
volarnes ) :of sermons' When •Ydn'find .a
home.and pitch your tenyerect put fa - cnily'
; ellitrA fio, out and:: Pee your.,.neighbors,
epeak hindly to them., be friendly, with ,
, If. theY no ~m eeting on
'the Sabbdth, Pro Pose that one' he held ,
in the log °stair:Wl 'liaise; or Under' some '
shady oak, or wherever Tike,
your.. library--take' your ~ book of, sermons.
_Your neighbors will,all be'there to-see and:
heai; and now, if, youare.prepared to, do.
yoiii''siolierigh . t; you
"may r est assuredthat
yii& will' have Infinifith 'td- for dui' Mader
as :yon caw all doI and , i 'you. do yon &lay.
fully, it will s not, be long;before =the „mission
asry will find yontiout,,.„,tl l .. 3 .
Ilf a
yon are Rot i pr i ep p erefi i tor titts,Wqr.l4,
Iftay '113;74 fidm' new 'eettreMen'te, and' 'Seek
-1138elidifiewheYe thiefiv6rehiti iieen
-begun. tWethave had-Bach .workmen' herpi
since, thefirst forming 'settlements of : 'the
West; we have_' . still, _brilliant= exatri•
Tires of ChAptianEdelity and Christian effort.
Such labors G'od`haeblerised, arid
h uMble 'beginning's ' have'WO 'biliny
our flourishing congregations . -lodeed, in
good memirs. in, this..,way Christ's '
kingdom .been up in the West ; -while
I have Yet to'leitra Of any great mount of
''good' being accOmplislied by this` eolOriizittion t
0614111E1r* Its .results may Satisfy thhseirho
haVe 'adopted it, •but it fails signallr'to
reach_ the accumulating , masses, pouring into
',the eist, and, bring them Under ‘ the „ .,,iri- , .
-flhenee itf 'the Ind e ed imprac-
Areability intt4 strike, most' 'foreibl, the
Mina of. every obrierlant'inan. 'Where *VIII'
You‘getvonethandred . .ehristien fdmilies :for,
every one'ltanAred,t of ( the, new and forming
communities of this great lkieet ? Bat'
should thii "Christian families"
scatter theunsiriest44eiliffi r y such communi
ties.-with -half the , spirit , andldell'otidnesK
, an E astburn or d Harlem Page; mh at , wonders'
I .ofpivinegrad'e wouldlielrevealed._ Oh how
those Solitary places would be glad , for . them,:
and those spiritual deserts bad and , bloosom
as tba rose ll4 riinch t „beeter;
'Mete' filellsed:tote einpjoied in; this
way, than to seek year ease and personal
- corn - fort' iri the width of it'etanY - Tolithe -
templated Charibter,4 your t Will } find
'Hide' dr, nothilig:to do'in the direct: aitiance
ment of , your Redeemers kingdom.
Yours, "iffeCitaillt`el JuF
For the Posbyttrian Ammer a4d,44voeete.
Presbytery orLatayette. )
: ..(I ) 9A . ExylEtp,,Slo.,:Sept , 26, : 1859.
`The Piesbytery of Lafayette held meet
: ing, commencing on Friday the 16th instant, at
!Pat"P'Fater cisnrch
1„ 1 The-Rev., Peorge ,W Harlan watt reeeived;After
;the usual examination, frOm the New,School
'Pr'Osb3itery e'Oiake: Also', from the
churohea of Little Osage, Idarniiten;'and 'Odeola.
These chuoches, TrAtt, anotberione or i two thatthae
been' received, et . 'Yet . 'c'ome 16 us, :contain
the 'remains Of - the iiitalOAold
Utilorcand theimOny IdiesiOnst, eitialilfiheirahout
1821,1amebg ,the Oiage fridianti,bY "therA., 5.
00 34 CATIEN
tiati bands, i are full of intetest„os „related b.*
those who yet survive, ,TbelocatiOn Raimany
is .in "Bites 'CO.,' of 'Union , Was in
ISOntherti Kantias. Thetigli little iiitc*clisti attend.
ed these Missions, ,among ..the Ostiget tritie ' yet
with the children
. of, the Delawsroc, they ha l ve
44111 'Wilileises of ilicdiffVflifal Ohrigtiatt
labors. Near twenty :of pupils at one time
professed Christ, and are still °miscue - tits . in the
Church. These live in Kansas, and are connected
".wittnthelliethcidist Episcopal
~Wo, s tlll.!expeet to re r eeive toil: ministers' and
thilie or four elihreheis.frpta
,tke•h;vahytery of
Osage We are thus gaining , strength Our
Presbytery has <.a •territdry of mkt handred. by
hundredjailes. . It has now seventeen tainis
ters; and shout twenty seven phurehes Ten
Years tsgo en the same terrltory, were four . pin
isfers and about' usix churehei. tetcl-&1 have the
glory. • 1 ‘ ' 3'141F.
.=, $1
ror the Pr' asoytertan winner and' Advocate.
The Presbytery of lowa,
At its late session in the city of Mt. Pleasant;
"having received ;letters s> froni, several Tof "crur
Boards,• and other benevolent institutions, passed
the following
Resolved. That- Presbytery - would - again urge
upop‘theSessiins of all 9pr:churches, to give all
odenfeinsers 4 att opplirtniotty t ,ltiniuilly; dontri
brae something } to aid, each.of the Boards of our
I Resolved, Ti dt the 'unusual increase Of (Hindi
dates received by the Board:'of-Eduhation, ,de
mends,* gratitude of the. Churcti„aad will re
!vire largeequiribati,one ~ m
sustain the.,
,_ -
itkoived, 'That as oarchurVties'llavo l hitliesito
- done little, Or nothing, for diastitadcleitfinett;'it
is certainly time that an annual•colleotion should
be taken in all Clir churches for this object..
kiioltted: That the present emba,7assment of, the
Board Of Domestic MissiOns,reqUires great can•
Lion in recononiiiiiding applicatiaris for our
churchesptuld makes it very importaftt -that lib
, eral collections should be taken up,for this Board
in all our, churches , as soon as convenient.
T St t earits resigned the office of Stated Clerk
of Preisbytery; and 'A'.." l q. MaClelfand was 4-
pointed in his place.
, Rev. 0. El. Miller was. received , from the Pres
bytery Of ditqi, and a eall'was putinto hitt hands
froth the 'Chitral(' of Oliklantl, ho retsina
for the present
„Jaynes El Clark, a licentiate from the Presby..
.tery of Passaio, was received under our care---
passed the usual trialS, 'and was oidained with a
via* to his tieing /mai; Instil - Bad piatior of the
church of Burlington, from which he has re
. olli_ved m2°0 6(111 z
Bor. Ilue7,Natrell was dismissed to
„the ri rev
'bYtery Erie; and M. M. White, a licentiate, to
the Preibytery of Route; '`This
on account' of feeble health, returns to =hie na
, tive land. A. C. MOCLILLAND,
Stated Clerk.
for tom Prespyipnan OximerAna Advocate:.
Presbytery of Highlteudi , T.
• The Presbytery of Highland,, Kansas 'Terri.
tory, met at Atchison, K. T.; on Thee :ay, Sept.
Bth, at 7 o'clock, - P. M. ,• `
In the abiende of the Mdirerittor,. the S.
M. Irvin preached the opening sermon.
Rev;; A. W PitZer, WEIS mlecited., Moderator,
, and Rev. then. Bittelaiey, Temporary Clerk,,
The Rev. Afexander T. Rinkin, of the Presby
k,tery Riifitici; arid Rimr. John ' of the
Presbytery of Sioux City, 'being present; were
invited to sit as corresponding, members.: ,These
brethren both bear commiesione•from the Board of
Domestic Missions, thelormer to labor as a mis
sionary in Kansas, in connexion with thie,Pres
,bytery • and the latter to:labor, for the. present,
in Richardson Co., Nebraska.
Theßev. Wm Bishop, from the Presbytery. of
Hanover, and the Rev.. G, Readier, from. the
Presbytery of Trarisylvania,were received into this
Presbytery. Also, the Rev. fingh. Reed, former
ly fromthePreabytery of Hoching, was received.
W JufineSpeneer, a licentiate front. the Pres
bytery of St. Louis, and nos preaching at AtOh
. bon; wasleoeivetrunder dare of Preithytery:
Kr.' S: Rice, a licentiate from the Presby
tery of Hew Lisbon, who has been' eaching over
two years at the lowa andanil"Bac Mieeiori, . and
ineaching acceptably` to the people "in that vicin
ity, was ordained> as an Evangelist.' The . Rev.
Wm. Bishop preached the. sermon, - .. Rey...A, W.
,(,dttoderator,) presided and proposed, the
ocinstitntional qntiltions atidlead:in prayer, and
Rev.' .7 Iteager gaie the charge.
I Rev. Wm. 11. Honnell was, at his own request,
i dismissed to the Presbytery of Transylvania. '
A reeelutt4 was past to telt theB3llo of Up,
per Mitteottri; at ltlit nett meeting, - to ditide 'this
Presbytery by a line running West from the Mis'.
seirri er, ototii the line between Atoheson and
• Profeaser J: P. - 16E1380n, and Elder G B. Spin.
ing, were eleetiik Trneteas of Highland Univer
TreebtterY':ajoitrned 'at`
April 6th;` , 1860. &vitt? Stlited'Olei'Es
regretted that b~j eomo air
• ',‘• 4
take in the mails or otherw:tse, the report of ,our,
Trilisb'yteii, prepared 'for ' ' .st ''tkiiinttee of 'the
General : , .Assembly, and sk,:to. the..Btated
Clerk. does not spErat: in t Isemply:p mintltes
liti - this Year. Chi. Presoyt coltnstis'of rtielve '
members, and about aieman; milted ehitrehee..`
: r i T: 44 f rse° l' 4 41. 1 T Z ta
nceae:l'eCtlre churches 7Ea,et
irorth ale7the ltirgest,o liVil iartiinioeishi )
about sixty each. Besides uruberiel, te,j3tia..
tern mentioned, the Board pestle 1413sions:
Mad , ohnitiliesitinini ricrahl Wen-to' labor as'
tniisibnaritla ii thisXerritt thia: Pritibitery
should be ,thankful to the h „etid. , to. - Alle;ir
, obi e, an: efft ei ant . Board, liberal things.
't.:ii'eY"a u re` Acitpit'fiir ksitis'ae,
`Fforit'ottf TL.E;lfthin
Niw ifar'sfii4h ClAida
Allies—Troopsfor China
Times, a,,,,n4,,its
," , T hassle e
,%siss ea S, astems
;,oeteiski / ot; 'and Irri`certi
.b• s
'Bnicencepatton tn. Austrfi
.3 kWhk Given '—
trim and Italy--,rhe Pop
liras Probable-The Qa,
an "emperor-Sl,l.
jiet:Soilety—;42iCA . gen' to;
inciting ISpirit —The Bew
7—Revivala sa Wadea—r
Liverpool-- The Ulster
. .
";r4Ptit.6ii Wilt ivitil.4. . 0.;%•••:wa1 s 'am .1....4 1 •
the last , things that wr• nrie?: been line-
IT . ~ •
lected a 'Yew daysL ago . ; merit"is a - mat.
ter' resolved "Tidings i: 11 , : f
-d 'London on'
'Ntibdiiiii„Viining, by ~t ' fo - jthe effect:.
t4lt: the ',Vi'glish '4.i ..‘,.9lfr. lirintiiii7
Ibhe6r Ilitii'd Elgin. h'elacl,Plol2l-, , ,
'potentierY, itid'a ntitrat i hiiirieg British
'trail iiiii iib d' . Royal - Eiti on2boart, NO .
Beiii'reinified4iiii. ,-ji&, P ., " ei:l^-.'"
HY in: littemPt.'
iiig;iiiiiitM , .t!iy.., the ,Pei'vet. to; 'Pekin,".
a :, • hno 1 /
'tbit." l tapititl . ,, ' Since the le . Intelligence?
in's' liehn: reeeiied l -hf.,' caster, ielpiPng s
ifi'ithe' 'Ailing. or wound
!•^! ',
~ o
h : 6'' :
5 , 1
i'iciilfffoii inen,'et,' fiit'tlgie,are .
r t epeceed'qtro , g , , Cho -' '. Or I51!!,' I
' jii .: i '' d 'V Siveikt 'AiikerOtsij i4d; ai.,lie.;
hiidied,aid . thiityhne
~ e qviieti .
It iipesis that ffn g i)ti feitsiilret
were destroyed l!st yeir,alieet.iclphie- ,
ly restored, and !Belli' Efirthie, l thoilibitili"
armed, with heavy gtiiiirlfietie f ' last were Y
' m iiked Ito the Taisi,`moi'lle* !litilii'itihniopptned
e . - ffie'in t dertilietiire' that , !
,:fie. Verii:'s..
Liefiiitorili . fo explain 'f, .•ciiiii,rOiefritith,
,past' fee blei a titii Id' -V, ;andwirlAr i n"
-'kill of the tbi l rielie, litit oVeVn t iinlii. "'lnc-'
deed I Have reason to let '
thitati the In- - .
''air llliisti the helfet is' eglhat .. 'iCtiS744-
ii, ioitiilottiiiii. of this A fnese).- simt le is
' eifin :Slid ih ii 'Rniainif ' •'lni . 04, - Ytiere l ieen:
through;'` 'the ?inilit4iiirre:.,',.!after!'the'' fight,
Vegan.- ' Hi:Wig,. it iili .'': 7iciii)ii.N4iiiiiii*
dent with _Chiba - for 'tie'; .• 'Va.' iliteiStie,.iiilid
iireidY9sliTal 'fildred'A ~1 li to 'her., a large.
slice of of 4iiliilblesieMlCtiAter Siaridibi'
`ht the?: iilital is Sali're'a , ' , aC'it IS'afTraVed
thit*lbe'Rtisisian;Aliibitils i ifhis'iiiiiiiiitd '
iitifteAioini" of et t rlat,f.. :''' b'ttle'atitheilittes f
and ' the siirdelii 'aria, - to It . i i.. i el priiii . Sitier,
jean i 4.`iiii t assail64' - ali6! 4 1 f neither ' five
.. - any:ieftliiii ty,'' 04: e : 1 3 4 7 'fir: ii.otil iF
imsigiti3giiiitiiriii4o4lfili, e' c:ri :,, , ,T. ..., : i
Iron Mr . illeed;istillimaitiViiei" iiii.Oiniiiiiiii'
with` reg7aril'' to. his': allege fi' . jiifiiirithy'l With
the Chinese list
' year, and his throwing '
Vii l ifaeibleiitif ita l itie l- wif - orthij'Alties'' One
thing is certain ; and it, is Tory pleasing, that -
a writer_ "off the .1;,.p11,4,:.: pp,akYkgof an
American - 66Minifidei- ! near,,i4e, scene of
action, uses the. following imignage.:;-??
' c The , iinericins.assisted'is-neniiillerably;
by means of small ',iireifife d re,' . 'With which
they towed hp` Weiiiid Oi our' hOag'into se;
ti on from i thadarge , Shi pa, Attul.,iiteo,,efter.the
action,hytaliing,outtoi , their , ships 'a rum;
ber of our th'err, toischom they ahowedrevery,
kindness:' '' Tli 4 ty.tirel'etohiiiiiihe - praises of
the daringof a l it:, Olt; "aigi. iia4e_lemt large
presents of of
meat and vegetables for,
the benefit:of--.,olarwOurided4',ll s-;J:Tr.:I
The satnelvriter'also!says% "Tithe i I am
oonfideet t iiitlikefe } that .Eit,r*edits were
our eaciiiiit opiibiea t that "to have;
succeeded, itt or, attempts ; we shoold haye
had a form five or ten times as large as we
h a4 l Va,f 1 • .=
No doubirthitialVtailrgt - bi known, as
to whether R u ssian;' hii , e'h : SeW help
ing the - Chi'nese. Gov.
ern'tneht - of St% 'Petersburgh,. , oani quietly
and calmly ,turn up its eyes, and disavow
such- hale' The ''griirid r prike
Constantine, I4l,Yii'hii,e',,keeeiNilektLAs, after
a so.Ourn at the Ole, of < Wight, and ; having
his 'General Acitnira/iaeSpithead (the larg
est ship in the=lforld,7elieVe• tile Greta East;
ern) this true Tartar is quite, capable of
being prtiyA7,Sheh .. ekiiAdUet,,Mir canread,
without.pity, of the slaught'er iiir:eoun•
trytnen. • - t• t
France, anikEh - glitrid . 'arirsifoit at qnce to
renew the 'War witti bfitiat'' tiiito ward
affair eeernaws
,if qyerruted f for, bringing our
two nonlife : kr; okately , .,togaer :once more.
The cordiality, of feeling certainly de
clining, the. BeiPtircir was', and is sus
pected of lavirig' &signs 'thin, country.
But this atiit will turititritinigtia of.both
()ablate shit 'N'atiosl9l3liiiiilidieeant`i%nn
tiii Aid atlelotirtiliohl46l,aii'd"tli'ta, - . lvinq be
Aral 44i114-for , tike: • • Tlie“neilis
of ihroljiiiiierieno - 16b,Nlinialtburilfaill;
aim ; for it would have
th'e' 43i001t
aliii'ablibilidoe , f)ifWerful
the country!' Minot:ll4er, hide: r ed, *Mkt
'fer by •the'-db
Oaliattikied Tfiaik"giciwlfilfl 'Butt-her
been la inks
fo'r'd ooblidefalitelyei
rico& aoontifdlatlid
' • The troops for - Chiniiiheare 'ire tiiiiy. to
•oonie from ? Ftioithglind f ; " Ntil''sitiN
Vie: Tithes) "from" liidia Queen IrilitO-'
ri'i 'haN It siihtdiirrealiiiiii 'the Digt; 'Mid ithit
rash:lris imitaellypiitithitiniiiorus iiittithiri‘r.
ritoiten of' AN Ohinitslif' London is rdilitiiiit,
IRO' Csainiiis•• le 'leliiii . at haiid." A ttein
goeif offetk idol' thititlietei Oh tirtthq. - of
trOopir inl Indilidii aft eiritiditiOn; , fOtfir hfin -
Ali& ilidiesaird' ioliiiirebdirielkohib i ll , it die
'command' of ilielndiiii Voieigireiit 1 li-,
'abided in`th'etiii ein riiiiity lbablibil.:.finhis
of the Royal , arbiy; and the* , with.'"h`e.,
ittobginitife armies - ,6f Miediiitr4tudr . BO'xi-:
biiY, 1'1)0 in the .toliini - efidleliti tlickiiiidd:,
•Piihjabees, " eidellihtE'soldietq 7 Wholle , :olityl
wigh lei 'l4:3i employment, and whose only fear
is disbandment," ...would at.onoe be a safety
valve for Indian-,,disconhpt d and agitation,
and would carry all befiii.e Chem in China.
' Lelia! Most'''frOm' IhdU that
the faioell of the new expedition will; lie,
:drawn. Meanwhile a -,oonsidtrable .otinze
• mey, i pw ; th!3 I'kin,Go'vertTiLent .mty l Ait!
avow the, defence . ilf '
i Peultio tor:tp , . Atilt
Opel' the river•to tlii : Allies, and
.accept' 'thp.
Anibigeado'ril . This Is noqhtisiefer; thoAille
very likely. Providence will•Cierrnleilt f(ii
ultimate good e and make ',the ; wrath, andi
treaeietY, 9f man ';',E,ti the A'Aft4 l6 ) AaPA,Aklei
• mere spoulai
,toplioy , 0 1 h may r. le on the:
°diet 'eiie;:e' to Pitie itnp l i t iail to pißillitti
*fez ri ~ ,,,,r ', +.; eau ~ - ,...x .. cr a nef e iv ;
sYhh'_.... vi F .v
ipondeitt. r
yr at Pe ho=
land more,
ii . 4:yikinikor 1 - 13 •
spefutneas: , - , The
/e= Protestant
Pi Ul ,
t 1100'11-7
resuite in v.
tion'ofdheWos 74
4 .6 p'etcy dind 'An. !
a'at Edinbtirgh c
liancheatei and
aO4 Inflis,`,
116th, 1859:
t f 4 r. 3
the s way for!fteiriumpho of the Prince of
- 1) e, 9 9 . -3.. ;)
.7"ixrieir at such' a oriSis, is sure to ringl
out a rifkr, sharp iiiimpei'note, clidering•
and ioapiriog irktioWs-hoi to -deal with,
And, iptensify-tbu , Anglo-Saxow suditity of
.. I ckaracter..„- tm
Or, Windid,,ambly,„duriag;,the,early
Ldisasters„ t of e** wavriaud- Pow it
ehbsts aloud Jo Y ofilly even , amid tempest!
` a t iiiixiiti, r itaittering ” both,' is= it were, by,
its bold breithl ~" 'Englishimen," (it ixiight,,
include, Americans,) ,f!. have a natural lau:
tyi r Fia e f '
a log.
1: 4 -- -
atkes giefeedialiii!dishbarten us, even for
Oftie n 'disaster ie fat
more likplytoctiniulatews to!exertiOb, than,
~.4.oAutO ug fToM;unr (Marne. t
KSI . P i Pg ICPORY,I Ait,* P” n,#.o OVA i
Chinese smist pap thew oneuseto the
riteecnioit' D firitbiCA.,lhere is ' not' much to!,
- 4
, :l'lnhteadtof considering that we .Western
,lslooders are, called onto fit out, an expedir
Plop t,o_..tlie gsst, let Jis r ,cesider, hat theahai
• j :1040 -
pet() China, n atr
Abe , military ureidtries ofY the-fonder" State,
grit , tatifoldf more than tholuttof -thei latter!' ,
t ,:ggynyeeritieigni. too, engorging t ort ; alleged
tnlstnattagg i nlent, it,!the,,Adonirel,in, ) tefer ,
Mice 4:Abe ategek''v.i, the,,
esppoialli as to
ibotenVer'if 'sets be‘
going , imlorta 4hioli , leiete evidently- reogn -
„ dtrt l l494ifn4liP P,F9YPdvAqP9 l32 P#o9l l i,by
tificial oonstinctions in, the WA /shall'
lenow tire l a ttitik!'t4 g:;. 1r".4 Hope'
ifflotP"'veittleireielY"'Wounired: ' '
IP9I 4F* 4 § 7E 7T l §:t9 l,
mehatoiyreeeded the newt etng'
from 'Ohina.
saute r ?of
your 'teaderi will'het& hed information
in printi- `l.WouderitileVas
a ttte o esP,Re
0 5 ,Phe)Hs
Ve P
through ,ihi V t pssed hegreat A
unnel , whops painng exploded exin just gone
ifaVoi fer ii, l to look et '
Ind tespeeially 4i:thetofill of gatitinke. ;A i
'.l . :.fgliaminto 6 l 3 Jugroktlgniltall.:*nuld :have per.,
.thed 3 a The.etremthA l the l ,mpael .and the
.. entire sateiy eaeh eolnpart,reer as,separ- 1
ate from the other, W` 1 leen tested' and
'llw r oielebSrthib
torn to fileees4,lre largest line jot
malities of the , sbi'plin4reading .
it-1 1 .3194 1 i e 5.
turbed in a roughsea,, were. also bran ht out
the dhanrget' 'Seir;ral.
weetiosiire Co the dadage.
ithe,,iiubliei, are. e'rbiddingl the yes
al .14‘,.tillPhiP4delY,k , ..t. 141.1 * (IKOSO/A , a head,
and 3 0 14 470n ein the nw i' t l i s
oop -te re
stored, even to - the ttmid°, But w h en „she
Mr'e `S t o
rirobleakWhiCii4orie Us" been
rsugg,eiated,thatlif.ztroops:are, to ha...sentsfTeire l ,
Englsnd ,to India she —should be ernpioyed.
A great success, I, tp?. - sp - , awaits this lieble
ship. ;
Anstris are 144110 ,
eniranolitsee. ,Sit,cl3. is one of. the results of
the - battle of DI erino. ver since the'
c) . E 4q. ,
RefobitionN:ClB"42,4ltey'hisie beffri Under
cloud. 'Then , began the wickid and'fOol
fig or c i L o pr q sion„ ot 'conees
ex 71 a n hYttsVlChas b'eere ohionic•miseir
and discontent, crowned and intensified
"the' CoiCordat with Remo rmagine the
"Presbyteliiii'dhitteh of Ireiabd; becarise 'a
: mitiority; placed -.under7a qßdiniett .Minister
-.of Public • Worship and. 'President of the
..Gederal„Assembly,,mith ,an i other,JaniesAl.,
`grog of } En land :and' anotherTyrconnel,
I and LieutenantatDavin piefiCli,:a`itd: yon
will Mote , = some the thploigliiion
i:ehown towitd the font millions if!Protist
,Ants in.. Austria, .)oclulling„especially Lthu
venerable finpgaria?
. .I , :rotpstant Pretbre-
It is a faci l that in Austria,
nth h very President 4f : thes dltn-
hisiorY mas'a•Papiati that the Ploteitaits
opuld, not, pie 4 11 - fsingler step, ,leveri_ in th'e
itternal affairs i nf their ,communion. -withont
iirstrul Vr .6 ..I. P.,
t;ll:eeye oµ Government;,
were 'direted, their litutpels ohnt . and
. 1 '00612164i' 14 3 GONieritheilit; triir their
ruihisters,4ere'Groverilrdent 'net:nibb l er f • •
It is aleupoeithat,tbe.itarriage. , l4w:ll.o
accommodated explosiv,elT v in.
>ratraiime, 'J.611'7014'0 ehilOren'OralCmtzed
:tieniland`tiaini6g . .:WTfriabtlie :hard P t
„pooditienpf thrk t Proteatenk,Oomihnnion
Aumitg b;11. beret eotually goyerned
" its own mortal ' t
monist..he .0 - -
" • ' Redress, to a oonard' rubies extent t has
.v.tidie 'Wed eirfiirted'frotii thiTeare'iWUtices
Sitieslot -Anetriii,. , and not 'even the. esnits
„bplAud r the,tltrone have been able to cause
- i t A c t' b liZffi t i#ll4 . - }4. A9 h Pc9t. 4B tPltl " Par
' ill" boa now. a " . Tighl. , ,,fresly to elect, its
''own 'rector ~iosr 'or adk.olni,e9r:" ' the
="t supremeauthority," ileiisfritiVe sifid
ministrative, is.lodgectin the , General Con
,a,nd the Synod., In all matters
of- ilisbipline the Protestant olergy are , to
~be subjeci only to their own egolertiastifial
, i; , lis!giVl'fre'e;iind " the
Protestant , Schools aie for;thoftrinre to be
under 04° dir e ction
owu , ecoßitastioal i ogans. .Anstrjan
'Anti Proteetint 4 Mortinain'Act is brOgated,
and " the right is given to the . differVnt
.Prptestint oorirninnitie,stto acquire property
oto . y.tnd;ovegkegal
do" of; the mir,riagedatt cooneded,. !md
ite ' as 'ate' Procesialit kcVOl6liirietiOal
TARA established, 61'1.60 rial'atithbr
4tithig will ' desite ki . biie•kright of jiirisdietibn
)iirt matrimonial matters'." .
r. 2,4 in,aPeation, ; the case of
schools,on-A ias reservelA., oft i the l eft of the
lvitvitt; )
drown, mat only. Protestants are to ne ap
11pOiEed to the law.rrAvee44:l ifght , of
eurielintendinoe'? atotbe :Conferendes and
.:Sylictle,tis,alstresprvedo-bntr, this tight does
..- nc4i giVOßVKl#lo34 sl l , 99PgfLover
oceedings an set
the pra! of tiese ecolesitus
- Coal conventions. ,
:ig 'flyer: the ITivnia — , 'day of
Irliberty has at:last diwnedinpoirtheAnstrian
P,roteetants, and iforithat,they.,have to thank
the bailie of Sofferino l acting „in conjonc.
non with the internal, weakness ,ot a
,the .
of , Yorhieli , adok bigithei siltithliel ceitient,
and have no rinatural lbond -of ;union . ... •The
e4l l o ll ,r2Ri.ra flat' ,O,WaYi
be at the .mer . oz of :prone events fo r the
i iotples of it
eirtrtifeli4plift" of "flit 11,6iiiiiii ) olitity
by:. the , sabrifice -of all , the Protestant• , inter !
g in L tlan s .Zinpire, and the ;contract:will
last a slertahtligi t e ; J ilt the fret movement,
Oranitustpan, army frojn the !Twitter, is
' the eigicat tbr a Fihe , the
etabila cliniiatideltiatfile; snit IteGo'v r
ernnient wilieh is lo'nly .str'ong alopfear, :must
..yield ; as soon as ever it out ! clenecto:
bunitfilition heti, titati amen - in
tflioled oh
auffetiag.i eit Their- p ol iof opridet , and
tiff.** 01111 1 b,inP d h ,to a 0.994, Lan, kiVraait
'witty ;a any country NT t he
lait link between the Papacy and the Poptk
Idiome of - Italy; and - at - thifdifitrAntoaetti
tl'Ron l 9ltirgßbt pick and
l evy% i thtt i t .he oil et,. Act
away, sa l t/int no 01 1 / 1 4
t 3 ntsrPor eve alr
I'Mff f ffiNIIMI
• .114•PIONIC 111 cerlaa*
.South West C o r ner' of Seventh and Chestnut streets
• Al.: •••••: • , : .•
'7 • '
,11 . 6,‘
, ,4
icths City, 0.
1..Z1 •
accept his place ? the Jesutt now begin to
see that although' " atfong rowers,' the
• iretiseb ati Peter's. , hai shoals ,ahead.
qr . AAftr, l 4. .will 1 .10 repent: of- her, apportation
of EtTlish. nnAeßionaries ? And ~13ibles _from
Tx- %-; 1. ^ -
Hung,try, 1849 ; neither she. one 'whit
bi[coted'itiVer sinrit;' if' she could :but
oarryknit hinvheadinfry Piovi
.ldence:Tclittkestitadininiabes (the . guilty , na.._
tionAn t this lunld c anii she - has gala, dearly
for her abominable eon,duet toward linn
gartan aertY
I fear'' very 'midi' that r I Ratiolalipni has ,
leolisiderabietinflAboott thelEintigari'an
~Protestants:? that 'Moroni, at , all , cvents; too
of .the savor and :
the knowledsk of a genuine, and revived,
Clini4llof Christ' has largely arisen
Ifford frotri * ,
iciohetitti.restlehatieca.;'•ntiderjiethrfoial) bon
lof,(ptchibit!onp .placed.
0;9 Christian di4ciphne, froefpreaohing, and.
on .the piopurJra.,ining .Of the young. Oh i
'that ``the breatk of the. Life Grver. ma •
tengtf oldest; of t.e ktlahetreheis 1 0fk
nud.malce Ilier a, blessing, te Austria?
and praise in. the earth,!.
7 :s3A,CCINC44.BB, SitigrPpeatfi.royfere,4 in
spite, of Austriar opposition, daily. hecomes
moie A pro , - The Ki;ni,of the' Belgians,
kniYAildr die' Yre,ail . , - ti'ie ac - this
moment in conference at Bights, and
something :dabbled:atilt satitifactory, 1 , trues,
may be earPedes l l- liennWhile!.o4egarmese,
Bolognese the,L'egatione„ the Tuscans, have
4-.14 ,i , ) 4,21 „17
all sucepsetvely ,declare in. favor 9f anoexa
belititeelle - does - not ktrowelaetly what
the ; Amlierow ineinsp,er: is iiutthig the
iof -
Punch:'s reiidering, " Pl,,e a ase„, t etri ,
accept Turn", Fed r i he Legilio9 i s Ne'vm
7 'erthele ' ai:' at Tel* thrtV idea prevails
r that.
SCRbe eitiAtional
wheil blayezisaticin i&k¥iiloipe
,Austris either by taxesd z to her for a
„.,taine,by p the PipAies,gqy a a pßavillion wade
The're ate- 'however,
,W#9 pwhe ,suelpeet 'thatithe iEmperou is
itrying oo,tteitt,oNapnisonge-,
rcin,e, as Ott;
' 1 th* lkfft fgitnre
i ir ° .t"
e o It- a ng, r tun:tamp ,
; , •
'wlioAe-poor " Yptgenea - and aughter has'
ri hid no compatiliatiOn';'?', :and who might
try„to plebeedL,With ;a:Queenly state and
-AoF9np, even 00 ,011T9. --Aid
and bound to, one of the , most ;profligate' of
spouses. ,
v:01,1 Jal. taus a•
LoRD- blt...A,Pirettex has been , invited. :
a number of ltahans of inlinenee to beootne
a Millie of
~.thq.,• m ajority,) who .might..-concentrate,:and
ti 9.lpnietAgallFPFPAßi9 l 2 iPFit , iI 3 h , PYMP?• - ,
thy for, Central Italy, Lord 6 in pis
rn-5. • ro
reply, speaks cautiously its'to hie acceptandet
ONES Ohatimirisiiipl•''butt 'better
can elm found Wkoda willing ito' eerie
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trquesOon,-,:,and,,,Treferk, to the impeaches of
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inttmato,frAtind of lioreitaterston,, an,d,ftas
all„ along s rang ene Is hands, an 'thone
of Mid iefererial to Itily .
1) I ands liberty. , Coahnittie receive.
TA99,qibUti94 6 ,owhOlp •:the, people. of, tGentml,
taly„,tp t FpOtAtaiu..,thsit; l rights,.. And-Asfend
titeMselves_s,o,dinst etgerytail. °lvrea.
sign. ' Let .
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Strdliatillai A v aluitts '
•k. pat: ;At`, has hundred i and- /fourteen
Inia494llries; .114.ditiOlkiltOseXSO
11u dr , 7 la ' 4 °C.IY n !? AtSkP 0 as e;
The 13pcie:ty-Nvas incorporated ,by
ati l illl6BlooB io
brelfelylplid". 6f1114 . thib'e,l l ".Bmit'qUi , it fe r
oeived £90,071 for general purpOseigigaibst,
~•1 4 6 1 Pak,h.1 , ,41,8 § A.s aPafAillo ‘I I ,RIFIgIs of
id/&°S),(l,,A°Silf.PiettlfikAA•ri TiPt,Pßksial
,soßas2 4 ?Pittellim,, sko,hep i e=*2.44 .YY
) ,,mour PrAfitti 1 9.91.tit1N ;Oil-J*N t
.411$11;Chur . ohnan.anilytplx to, he u a,tronhAer
Israel, `untoss, tiu t Mblet t ,fifinsetc,. and
alters his temper' and laie.j 1%4'
''rid has Mien iid r otife'd' by tlielittAltlii Miss
Bfirdett , CouttS,l who .the.'Eligh
94311'04,E,113'U1kt has alss.gat iiisfisP9AßP-siPt•
and,for.l3t.;gelep ( a2 brew ) ma /11E,trisbapp,..(Mitr kiug
3 1OVII; i lieloAdut, i '"o r t -tbiiiysfigfetolonial
lilshoPs-'-' hate spoftitit of '4llOO I Nest
tOleiay,. were appoiated,under die tgioiDdrbi
administrations 0f j 1852.and,1858 and - are
not. . 4 Ratgf , l4oal.
J ere,
'''hoirever;blpPir, exnePtions in Victoria an d
elsewhere. Five new missionariei bkve
r oom then otil' Ch Inbois-inl India, at Madras,
Delbi,'and Moulmein,' and, it is intended to
000npyy, other stations,, „There .is t an, 4van
r,ge)!foi!,eemenyp t nme of
lei, missinniries are ill that they 4 ought to be
• in`iiiitteis ^ifo6tiiiiio. 'Birt the 'animiting
?'spirit •Of it Ts :ittiSh "alsvgiviss' an d• loos:keen
Anxiety, and , •'di4rust hr. :those who wish to
800 th,s: truth withonl leaven d4used
,Itev,ery part, of the habitable globe.
.ir +.
liesN E rit.hg t l o/ 1 1 4 •1 4 118 . 1 %1 3 eiliolliospn for
: ~..,011h•Vuiv.ersity, the n room , the
Is t t e mg Lim.' The Estiblislied Chureh
rpiiiefola in the old
litirreeelied a ieblike , in 'the 'almost
t e i tkn an im one ieleotion, by, the Toiwn !of
~Sir David .Brewster R are ism Free. Church;
t,,mtPl,7 pd ~, P RPIe " R°d IY , 9.99 Pf the,; first
o n stronotners t 4. m i en of soienoe of this, or
t any - 6111'er age '0 noanliy.
, The enfproeblint-of,the Annuity Tax,
- (whereby each,Fistablished minister in the
r par,ish oburfthes j „of,„Edlntinrgh., receives
£5OO per i anntim Aas, given, rim? to g reat
agitation. One citizen vgis vio!gptly seized
"by an officer, and'ieinned from his hand's by
the enraged t‘ople. ' The- abolition of the
tax by. Parliament is thus precipitated. ; ,
e'' •Itzmaious'ituirviis in' Wales, as' ap
peared from the Winks' ;q/aronicle; (quoted
c,ll the Ti M es d-. 1 "..9r d1 ig. a powerful
infli4oe":, c ofer be,
equta j ti,y IN Pouth
i-..- N ie 1 ~.•• III(' . n. 1
oit e ce - e . E ;I I ii,l 6 ,Fl - ..
tqn noun's('per.
"honeone t f.!9t l El4 , a ki
eons werq as i elmble.d, g 'aud,a) v NT l 4ne 3 cneted
--1. f . ,) •-r . .. ...I . . . ..
' to, teats,
„under the preaching , of, me
b ''
ief :' - Ai *.to• Y. y, iginia, li '*iory
t ot
• • 3 s 'LI IL ' '' S'tiVio
l ' l ukarked ,j kliqie,'fot ~thes . ..bp. t t. , lff il- y e ar:;ai
• 'l.4nienness an d iluting,flie Apinign ; , the
e ia.tatliti'lliOst:fitisfaoMilt Brpiii.'„',
. / ti l e c les t kohUP4 ( ap i effyypoOl meetingS
' • ' 1 . 057” , id .... It 14 , A ....r L. ~ ...
fieepectud pryer and s ' ldrasins v ex!, keArig
. 4 1 :44, - Jillinpifo,', 3 , . I , t ;i g b tr A ti - g h
back &di AreJ4 , iii li li , „ nweity, at
•1 61Viiiir i ''.l3treetnie - la "al d e;,,,,Raits of
93 gilankiiieroe,',V.4 e lt eni i a.. qier of,the
ismtiat•it ,;(,:. , i ...h: . 1 ~, ~,q
, 14 7 , " ~.07 10 0 V S tIIVOP lui.. etiiilli:4 l', if !
r Atiov l rfritot &lcujety,v i emnut e iiis 9A,
I I ?
f) iintueeThorf, morning list, ,a,„, !Tata o wes
fialiaiiiiiid f4iin t Ile '.G.:` ; 'H,, - ;sluurt, i of hil
ikerlihia; of ':,f25, for " tracts 'for Ireland!!
.),ZlK.itie7l.3adiQT boo k s fuldleligiqUildfilldin*
.lin..the , North; is intense,.viand'i 4600'1111'e'. to
.= d'keliqrlan'dithinta r tif_ttlipc x t
• Wli%h attmi6 ge
- to - P ,13 ..4 -, , i
• rfract Societyl;•intependell ite newtl ruled
ea to .bOOkighliftevie' favor of Ireland' and
Rlviiit'ScrebelCiw Cider to help on the
g to r 10-11 S MIIPAW
Dir tu' art frfeods 3itill)oe glad to
learn Ahatain the, congregation where hit
venerable father twai . so elder, and in the
ohnroh )ct plaigh,he„we jtptized, the power
of th6l3 . 7iit , of aisi.continuee to be mar
-41)1011'1V' among Ja people
veq,eppg4te.4,..fgeitable. _The Rev.
'jamee"odit eta? . labofione and
lent piatoy,,,xt,„ . itfLme,,, a Rost..„grmigo. ao-
I count of progress • midi, einoe the time of
mj''visit; androf'sfatttriroti'whiehle being
l',,effeated.:od, the :habits landitinagners.of the.
7t1,211°91A071104Y. J-+W-
P.p —An Irish Kilian atlrlio.,(being
glai ally; l e an Inquest, to
ascertain' iirliellierlarkilew the obligation of
qift dath;)swas asked; Wito ehelligt` to the
.pla4e of, punier:mm.or • ,The profit answer
w i M!
, De. t. a an um—e m a - not a ittle
e a. d e &f it.
bby had evitientlyiesrot hiB Cateobiem
• wpll l , FlayS, ," Nz)4E - 134,4 be
saved out of klke true ()laurel," of which
it the. Pope is the visible head.". ,
,Wei k hay,enseen a fair child, with ;well=
I brushed,ptie,elid , clean, ruddy countenance,
take his seat it the table. He is, not. more
than duce years old, and 'has loft ne*ing
"Or that•Ofin; 'trusting dispositinCie • Wm
-_tiful eitralt:of childhood; and you obierve
that his eye glances upward, now to
father, i now
,- „ ,and there is
it,very hiPpy expression ,upon his face as
he does so. It. is , as, if ,he said " I love
yon, father; I love you, mother ; I am so
'ad yon are my parents , and I am Very
hippy with you ' - ,
.'• 'hid child, indeed,_does not reason out a
11011, this;; for / early childhood, never goes
thriiqgft with sofformal a process of reziton
.4pg, It , feels And acts intuitively, and is
tot donscione _why. it does ,thus and so.
After the breahfa,et,., ~he goes about his
plans, or as he may
,iviiit„on hie parent's
footsteps, tTeie is occasionally the same
upturning Hof the- eye, the • same' hippy
likk, and the child knows ne joy in which
the,. preiseoce. of: . the ,parerit., le r not .the
crowning happiness. We admirelhi, end
'to - me 'that here is a beautiful
Aiibile 'et 'well:pinportiimed
his illithe?s_house everylday.
Each, gsorning,,he sits at his table. Ever
and anon his eye., glances upward to that
gluripus yarent,Aud s inany tiges l in the
o o
Wien nneitiOne mini &inks so, he is
6Rytdg~ is his heart, "I' love thee,
800 ,my rood c 'I, thank thee that I live in'thy
i ,world,;,,l,love thy law—thy service forever
igta,l7! 3 r V! • r T
'How, m'any . thousand, thousand, things AttiCre ire* malieAlke Christian I;l4'4)y—end
nothing can 'take 'him much sad; beoiuse
,ilke has such. confidence in the love, the
. i .vesdilm,,,the,pitwer of his heavenly Father.
s9n•qw, eteset,,iO, from any,souroe
whatevei, he knows ( just where to go, and
iihat ' limit, ielioyly the parent's
atiseimiegiii clainher 'above; the child
Awaits:4o Nee Ahe , ,door .open.; he-.knows it
be logg .and. then he will fall trust
aNna: - •
Why ; e ma t 3r . . riot ,ere, Ire ,all this sweet
. nib/v(4.4'6i" hotitrabitoik Why should
Go moniningall Aheir &via w
2 ,,i-an g r.e g atiiiial, dam-nal.
y.iftliireitathefigan's garment Otis mule nic'of
pieties and patches, and is worth vttryilitt,le,
from the.Pavier tr if. e gin i gle_ Ind complete.
Io him ill B 7tilligs6 avrelgi.c.He is coeval
twitii ' every ; period ifieDisb absi'dialile to
l egit ry.cedditiqn:l
I.B94l°lo°rwtitsl4to eym 9 , l , l l(AL ,l 49g , torgoMM: a
Ifs.rlV a w father lITPvMe.
s iii?da iori to sustain, a root to en
liven, a fotiaiiiii"tri refresh. He in the .
( liihiftfowliem ihe , heit; the bread of life, the
n:ioraing.etar f Ahe sun of righteorumena; all,
*t4o! $41 1 ,-A:p4oFeature pan be a substitute
fQ his i a;
, bai r he ,csti supply the, place of
'every .ffe ; is all my salvation, and
nfylope, my life, my glory
and joy.
s,Whoirt : hayeA f in,heaven but glee ? and
thvp laßozr ( licopp ,earth that, L
side ttee. .hiNtlesh_and my heart faileth,
but thOeirethe*strengtli of my heart, and
fin t ictiOrtiOn forever: I Pgnnot be exposed,
Iloaanot belriendlees, I cannot be poor, I
Aanjpip,t;.be .fearful, I cannot be eorrowfal
with thee. —Rev: wi g ,. Jay.
, , 4 Patience of (hod,
) , wonderful it ig iThillirleghoA 3
hears.and sees, and yet though immrowlate
' lj holy, So that sin is iefinitelj offensive to
" and infinitely-pewerful, so that he can
punishsit, how he spares I Take the oaths
'i.tikat r areoattered,,. ge , hears, them •all, and
th,si smar , up, I%oloa 01101M 4 to Ihe
Take the
. `ories wpgig and
outrage trdm wiAows, oipfians, and
:the'Polifitelsed. Re= hears them all, and
how, as Abel's slaughtered .corpse:
from the.ground, must they 440st :f hb ears
a ppd.. demand vengeance,! . ; The blO4 ' which
4a unjustly shed„,drawn . frpm the r Atirks of
inuccenoe, : he sees it all,, and. it is, ku s ificipnt
ink , Pake , riYara• What ajouloslteqq49 Mks
,Ap.fpom-oorrupt,ciAieg, dwellings, eqd , hortz
of depraved humanity!, „Apdit,aiLmoupts
him._ „And,let A tic spares . -,--keep, back
the, Btruggling,,ithunders. How limazin g
his patiempe ; ! , He, ja God and not man,
1 , and therefore his nopapasnion fails not.
'%, ,:l . Character is Power.
• ~ itiis_often said that,.knOiledge is power
, I ,—and,this i is,troe „ Skill or faculty, of any
kind carries with it, siiperiority.., So, 4o a
oert , ,pin extent, wealth is mwer, and' rank is
''oirliz:anLiinte,lreOt, is Ower,, artd i genius
i t isii."tvuisailitdairtgif i tif mas tery ov er men.
:sn i t hOent, puFK an ;air'. than a ll, more its . tnilaepolp, o more lasting in
eirly; itiiii*Wer of`iihitrapterti,foower
_wig" emillacs ia" i'aiirti and leftimind.
'"ifike 'inroitimu ; 'Who ill s the man of
clan hp , , , •;.11 - 111.v 1141'r :i • all 'i'lli '__
zn9 3 1D.7,54 11 1r, ;., °,(F.4T4.•11P,41/°° man,
' with "reverenoe - t the " smartest"
itOe' Ile 'eievi t iesi,,Agtiotan ' 'toi aii "most
laiiiiiiit . illee;,. tuto
'lir.? Ihie:ill', l i - Ling
V6Oll - 4'31 years, 'Ga l lo:it e ll eitreinei of
P. rtt W f• . 1 , Nift fin, . ip"V•T ? A `ll ^ h
Arospenti an: T d it4terstpr • I,,,,kliroveAtim
' self tO - We r tindttneiit r ot neighhors "and
' 'Of "aleighlinava'seieniiiiis j ?as worthy to
he iiit l lfeit'wid. aiil466: ,:' '., 41
, ill ; ryr I] rTS C 115.1.7 0; OISIAr t 111
,1" davottb tqfi bob F , 240 , *1 Ova praxora .anu Go4l' ,m train are like
- fsiAlrasts . 1 Willie the' ;WU
' acnat our
prayers.ascend cto 4 Jin..theavens 41ju Mrs
suptb*.ka I sipipjlav dem:lona •to us upon the
In e g r o t ki7#4o`4 l. g!f ' ;!
WHOLE N 0.868
The hlld at the Breakfast Table.
The iPtalitese of Christ. '
after all. il_aLthe_.blesoednees we derive