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preeilbyterfas Isames• Yoh 111111.11041. Strf :(
Pri4ll3rtioriaa Advesstii, Irak XXI, 1111•049
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4 ritinal i 1 1l pet ty
. 03
Prepare for Death.
While iriktpf in' midnight slumbers,
I, all taenselous, lay;
A eilaileif, strange sensatioh,
'Caine o'er my house:of cloy.
A strange, sad voice scatted near me ;
With stiddeit'start I 'woke,
And heard a aglellin 14rning,2,
In clear, ktrong ape:sits 'spoke,
• ,4 •
42 PrelialteVor death" it utter'd ;
Sin was siteritall 43 • '
o tlfy•soul was stirred Withinithe,
At this mysterionsvaltt
ll' • •
Myfiesh was seized with Wild:ding,
And, sleepless; on my bed,
ponder'd o'er the sentence
•TilPnigt aid / 4 " !?" ;
•.• • t , t•t * •••• . fl to 4. 2 '
„ , Still, still thoBo woi•ds:attend me
Where'er I vest or roam ; •
Whether by friends surrounded,
Or silent and alone.
0, may I heed the warning,
,„,,, And flee, without delay,
gimlet the, only. Saviour, 4 • '
asli my tiftY• ,
•-• days are - nehnbeed ? - 1
• PettapS I soon' SIMA T
ithidigemborlieti" spirits,
Ih dread eternity. •
.• titm,
But it the Saviour's near mak
` • 'To itiliaikOgthi.iitig , lire
' • 4 tffy l soul'iltalet4 '..''.','•'' . : l ` 4 l,!:
t t en hi dal i i•Wofi,i l •••••+• 74
4 1 54y4
,i4i'; l •4
i k t
Prepare me, dearestriaro% ;,1,,,
Thy summons to obey, ft,... ~: ;ii ,
Vantioish the King of terr0rp,,,, , ,,: :::, ,
And take his sting "Ivey, 4.44*.1•-•t
Thep, leaning on thr . ,
Soeum Ito '4 . •
Will I resign my breath:; - I
And thus, thy strength Sustaining,
. Shall i triumph pr . , FIATTO : , :'t
Nickdavitte, 1859. .. , - ~ KARL
For the Preehyttnian Benne and'Advoeate.
The Spirit 6f Truth.
When. He, the Spirit trath,le come, he will g ui de you
into all truth.—John 13.
I propose to notice some of the ways by
which the Holy Spirit Odes men into the
truth. lam sure every honest inquirer af•
ter the Wholeakruth connected with the
present - state and future de.velopment of.
Christ's Kingdom, must be'rejoiond to know,
that after his own fruitless reasoning and
vain research, thank is an' infallible Guide
who call 'lead 'him Intliall the truth: Such
a guide is `the Itoly — Sp - lift. He guides men
into the truth :
1. By bringing iheir fheetrti intY hiirnorry
With it This is 'indtipelsible to a iierreot
knowledge of the truth We cannot sep.
*rate the' intellect frod the heart' in any of
Our inVestigatlons,
connected with more/ truth.---ebae'ffeart
will pervert any, man's judgment. Bien
whose hearts are hostile to the truth, will be
almost certain to see, no beauty in it,' 'Paul,
with all his Hebrew . learning, could see
nothing in the mission of Christ tomake him
do- aught else than breathe out slaughter
and revenge. ; .. Bat - when the Spirit of
Christ had ohauged Paul's heart, the truth
as it is in Jeans, developed itself to his
mind with' a clearness and power which have
made Paul's Epistles a storehorme, ,from
which all theologians and writer&ort ,peecti
'oil haveldiawd t6ir arguments and,
illastrations. The' love of ,God's` truth in,
the heart has a wonderfurilifluence in form
ing our opinion& When once the Spirit
has brottghethe heart into meek subjection
to his own teaching, the ""'intellect will be
far less likely to err, in determining, exact
lY, what those teachings are. We always
see the most beautiful agreement in doc
trines and opinion& where there jel l the
deepest and most heartfelt piety.
2. Closely connected with this is the
we of means for arriving at the truth.
This is, also, of the Spirit. When He; has
put our hearts in harmony witiornd 'kin.
tiled in them burning love, of the 'truth,
there will always be commeniurate zeal in
using all helps to a correct knowledge of
the truth. When the conscience of Lu
ther was awakened by the truth, in his cell
at Erfurth, all the authority of the monks
and fear of their terrible punisitments could
not keep him from pouring over those musty
manuscripts which had in them words
whereby be ithould be saved. I hive 'Men
pieturee of that search after the truth, which
has given us, all the blessings of a pure
Protestantism. A tall, spare monk, in a
dreary cell, by the light of a flickering
lamp, with glaring eyes,' and wonder de
picted on every feature; bent over an open
Bible, chained to the desk se that no man
might circulate it.. It was a
of the
zeal which the Holy Spirit tespires in the
search atter truth, when he has once enkin
dled in'the heart, love of the truth. Would to
Clod we had the same zeal, this‘day, in the
use of , weaes j and this same buruing love of the
truth itself. Bibles would'the'rThse'soffed' do'
every page, blistered with tears on every
leaf. Religious books would be companions
of every leisure hour, and relipious pqpers
which tell of the truth's triumph's; and pro
gress, would be fOuntl, not one only, but two
or three in every household. Then . with a
people thoroughly instructed in the truth,
we Would have them, in the same degree,
zealous for the truth. There would not be
a lukewarm man in the Church, nor a man
halting between two opinions. All would
be zealous for the truth.
3. Earnest Prayer. When the Spirit,
in the hearts of all our people, has heembe a
I t spirit of prayer and supplication," then
AS blind man's prayer, " lord that I might
recei4re my sight," will be only the prelude
to a race of seers among us, with visions of
tflie kingdom., and with words of utterance
too, which would make all men's ears to
tingle who hear them. So, ye who are.luke
warm, ye whb are baking between two
opinions, ye Who 'are in doubt as to doctrine,
wnric 'or worship, do not stop at
,the, dim taper light of l'ea.on or human
Opinion, but come' to this Divine Guide Who
will "guide you into all the truth."
is When Re, the Spirit:of truth is come, he
will guide you into all truth." DH.
ci Efungry permons," says a Divine, " who
come to my door for bread, do not descant
on the beauty of waving *beat fields, the
value of gristmills and bakeries; not" do
they preach homilies on thege.ocral good•
rums of God and the excellence of Christian
beneficence. 'Diced, if;you please, do,give
us bread.' 0, when shall we hate' lees of
formalism, and more of the spirit of prayer;
less of preaching, and more of pleading in
prayer; more Scriptural prayer, and. as the
reedit, shortens of spirituarbleado
ONE , - triEtn
x. 4. : '~.;t :z
i 1 1
For the Presbyterian Bali tam. Advocate.
"Do Nen Gather Grapes of Thorns," 86c:4
4 , a
When the APOstle" avvysi , a willingness
to become all things Op alf nien,,that , he,
might assuredly, gain 'Beitely. it. is far. from ;
supposable that in so doing he sievificed any'
important principle: pee west likely,"hosiv
ever, condescelido itoracopild4 himself to,'
th'e eap i teitilS anfl, ulifigis ,of:,,those ' with'
whom ho , hid to do, when he,low fully might,
for he has:elsewhere 'counseled to give, .fro
offenoednianything, that the mittietty:l4llpt
blani644 'Moreover' he was free from every,
obligation ,t§ comply With : other, men's in
(inflations ; yet in sornerinstpoes he yeeided
in things% not essential, -that 140 , iniglit be :
made' the , more useful,in premotiagithilw"l-
fle'dfiliii feliow - M t erk„ , ,A,.,fie limy , til . be
lameil44 1h his`pemptepn,,ils, p artioujar
149 1 / 1 4, be /19 practically, misoonstruid; and
wofully dis t regarded o and that ihterimilise
-with 1 the .vieions and intilmpetateddiotild„ be:
Vellelit'lOr'iriliffertrtt',Ol? 'CU bt thous irithi
t ip
in g n " n t' P " s ' The
every. - day life in doggeries, hovels, byways,,
and - associations with , the vulgar, is not
adapted to exert an elevating or reforming
iniltieneej and, alas,the practice ha become:
top ,coninion
,for: politicians te.frequent imili,
i plimes, in open violation of the, Lord's day,'
to secure the influence andlinakelinerehtufd
ise of those who - fie4nent teem; and; lot
' withiltiddlbg, there rmi , Ys . be,.. #9 8 1,,,t, 11 1Pi
through cYajtineis refrain . ,frotnsnsiting,,them
In person, yet who are, nevertheless gailty,.in
as much as =their money is furnished to
others; and the conclusion aoeats legitimate
that what m4n inii ploy' agent? tp dol°4Si;
tp,o "iie 'moil* Oheigieble' With,' going
themselves. r . ~ 1
Trartsgressorsidrunkards,tandaigplers, are
herein emboldened in th etr . l.l434tileiousritays,
int 000sequenee of tile' ieopgniiiori
l i,iiiiittlf3; of theii , pro cligiqup„ivfluqpze.;
~q,nd if
. th4y are hereafter to. he; r.ogersied as ta .dis-'
tinotive element ofpolitinal Strength, - whose
interests are•to be secretly as well as alibied-
Iy 4 guurded, '"is the be,t,ter o sOoti
tent iimperanee Men icnow it. r , A.
-, sor the tresbytkian Banner and Advocate. '
, The Presbytery Ofpitehl r and • ;
Met at Lexingtpn, on the lath of Sept., Rev. M.'
A. Sackett was chosen Moderator, and Rev. It. it.;
Moore„ Clerk. ,
. i . i i . 1
The loth:ming items of buApess, which may be
of public interest, were transapted : ~
,„r. D. W: Cooper a licentiate , under _ the care.
of the I!respitery, haying recei,ved, and accepted
calls'from the churches, of illoomingrove and!
Oliyishurgh, was ordained to of the
Gospel ministry. Rev. H. Hervey, presided, pro
posed_ the, Constitutional Questions,-and offered
.nidaining prayer; , and. Rev. M. A. Sackett,
preaohed the sermon Mr. Cooper is to be in
stalled shortly, by a Com,mittee .of,.,Preeby tory.
Mr. Dright Hervey was ,taken under„the care
of Prehbytery, as a candidate for Hoensure.
'The, following Overture was adonted, viz.:
'(Have ! lay members of the Presbyterian Church
a rfght in the Lord, from Scripture, to-persuade,
caution, advise„ eneourage, molts, stir up, or-:
counsel their brethren by way of exhortation 77 • •
The Scripture direction is, ~, Exhort ,one an
other dailY. A n d' Sat:mach thei more as y‘seeAhe
day approaching." It, is the duty, and the.priv-
ilegn of each member of thelehurct,-,to,feel, the I
obligation of, this duty more ,than is accustomed
to he ,felt ; and it, is A part of. the duties, of .the
eldir'koffice,-to do this in social meetings, Wher
ever they can do, so acceptably. . 1 , ,
.---Thadnl lo m l2l s44n. * O -W 11414 04, '.- ' --*
to the decease of the Rev., John Darns, viz.:
During the Sessions of this Presbytery, at its last
regular meeting in the month of. April Jest, it
-pleased the great Head, of the ,Church to remove
from the Church militant , to the church ,trittm
phant,one ,of 4 ils biihn, .Itiev, John gun"lr
died in MilinieW pr a ca, ()hie, in-,tilehbosoin
0 f .hiP„f" l 4 l .b -,4 1 ..1 C/ 8 ni,hia .4 0 1 1 -1 0 1 304' 1 1,1W
was about, Amy years of, am o at the ,time ,p; ids
decease. Ife was licensed tcrprench t .thebticeppl
by this:, Presbytery, in A. Dr,11349,, and Lordained
to the Sall work of 'the ministry, as an,evangelist,
in A. D. 1853 ., 1,.- , i• , . .... • ,
Ells public' mission waslerformed in teaebing
an Acadlin3r,t, 11l
aartinstirgoind . afieywards at
Millwood, at the.same time laboring as,ani evan
gelist, , ,
. .
In, the long and patnfol illness,preceding his
decease, he enjoyed, the comforting and sustaining
,of his Redeemer.:.,He, said ,to ,a, friend
shortly before he died, 4 11 fear not to, stand be
fore my Judge, upon t4e.Gospel4lAaye preached;
I helieveJ have an,inheritance in heaven."
Resolved, in view of the death 9f this. beloved
Ist. That we recognize, be Brother. Burns, an
humble, earnest, self denying,Aad , laborious min
ister, wlia was much endeared to -us by his fra
ternal courtesy and kindness'..
2d. That we he the !aloe, of, the Master in
this dispensation speaking to is, “Work'While it
is called to-day, for the night oonttith wherein no
man out work." . '1
3d. That we sympathize with the family,of the
deceased, in their sore and irreparable bereave-
4th. That a copy of this Minute hetrattitnitted
to the family.of the declassed:
, The following preamble and resolution were
'adopted, : ,
WHEREAS, ' A resolution was offered in the' last
General AisemblY rennin:lending the ColOnizatiOn
Society, and-againet the slave, trade, which; by a
complication of motions and by being finally, die.
posed of at the last hour of the Assembly, when
there Was no opportunity for discussion, and in
such away as neither to give an affirmative or
negative answer ; and, whereas, arguments were
offered„ against Buell recommendation
seemed influential, add' which it followed, would
materially change the policy' of the Church, and
nullify its past testimonies On these and kindred
subjects; and, whereas, the Aestimony of .the
General Assembly, in favor of Colonization and
against the slave trade, and slavery, stand on the
record of the Church; therefore,
Resolved, That we ask the next Genersd Assem
bly, to recommend to: all ` tape ministers and
churches, to 'abet. for the' 'formation of a public
sentiment against the foreign slave .trade, as a
new forna..of-tt growintevihitt-om country, and.a
dishonor among civilized nations.
J. P. Cannirm., Stated Clerk..
Divine Providence in l'artienlars.
The bitterneis of our griefs arises from
our denying or forgetting that whatsoever
lies heavy in our lot is laid there by the
'hind'of Him who is ordering all things far
our good. However Vexing may be the
annoyances of our pilgrim state, the ldving
soul can bear much - fro — m the hand of a
compassionate Creator and 'Redeemer.' 119
who plans in wisdom and executes in pow
'er, is your - Keeper, your Shield, and your
eiceeding great Reward. Nothing is too
"hard for his might, nothing too little for his
You may use a childlike confidence in
coming to your Father in heaven, you may
unbosom before` him your smallest disquiet.
tudes. The strongest Christians are those
who, from holy habit, hasten with everythina
to God Summon this doctrine ' o your aid,'
not merely when the weightier class of ca
lamities oppresses you,' - hot amidst the per
turbations of ordinal) , life, the collisions of
business, the perplexities of the household,
the 'notations of health and spirits. The
very moods which make our wheels drag
slowly through the daily task, the tempera
of those around us, the, petty disappoint
ment and chagrin, the slight, the cross, the
look of unkindness, and the silence of re
buke—all are dispensed in season and in
love. Rapti), is the soul which, haiing se
cured an interest in Providence, by securing
acceptance in Christ, can roll its burden on
the Lord, and lie down secure amidst the
tempest, because its. Father is at the helm.
--Rev. Dr, TV. Alma:ruler.
GOD DOVcir •promißed to save by miracles
those that *mild not *save thirtieelves by
E 4
4-, r'''). , f) -. - t'l 'r 1 :!.-'`.: g 1 . ,...
7, .4 , .. r •;,-..0il ' l -1
. - •
i . ,. , .
„. 1
-nil , ..-, .:0, 4 'it'r . i.i.,•••
... • . ,„. -. .
~,,, si. 1 --4
frknu.x,' Si 0"
;•1 ••PUIMICATION Gkagrall
Devotional Readings..
GO' TO prayer and eitert, duty with this
,faith, that then art in' blirlitt; and in him a
!p"av tahei: Of hislTheit
'the' Vather'n invti to thee 'mill be 'manifest,
and thou Quilt have; sweet, fellowship withhim`ip al thine'
to the
Wlntedvef thou undertakest, forgett-mot this
leading truth: — lflhotileise siett'„ef it thou
lineneed;,hy„M r ou yAit r p l t, b ou g ht iht
bortdagei:lltten his ibsolutely
.. peAfeot sal , =
,itatiort thotirOtt;to:liie iipon7eith,
'and than. wilt Flaisi l 484%4 to faiti
by: sense in hetiven",.' ;Tiiistrietti;* the' clams
litttewio Jeans , thoiCart
liatith in eternity, iBteliiing,ll`l3**4Lit
&Hanes: tairTif
twilithaQt *happiest- effeoia upon thy daily..
walk. Whileitholk;trt*idetiviroelotthi
• ate.eitfilteadilhiti=dtity wilt;be4thil - Vfay.4n4
arteliatoftenjoying the love 16 thy -Divine
Eriend—an4itheilirdethon - art .a..bia icora
pilPh,tl4o.Jnore,,,,delightfulmill- , -hes, the way
of his commandments •These t are, the o priaa , .
Age% ate 4 p o s?w;irvu;r"rq,i.rg them;
lit;tl4.7Tatllef Jesus has
~engaged,, o, eye, ,hie:,ohihlrep, „Ilea.. he ni:)
,ptto;ide;grace',ailifieleht for them Ap(B
far; biedienorop met pro fit ,
Atkat tie .12111 ive the tiiji and itl 9- ,
Pg9 )l Y ?t ,P plead
promises hitn with ;14944it1ifi11, ,
uses. Be imilortunkteti s tk...,lfloa, an4,,pro
without oeasi e o; N. r 4eZz l y.
qfPkirwzrt the path of thy
iv? 260) -v , I t
+4+l' ,••
0 ' my Gpdl';xualleiine ofeel he T . stin
of my "4Years, roll%ver mo d
may I Sad my repose, in eternity.; ,and give
me tti be were attached tomys Saviour. and
More leipiicsoiteiivAtip hie w#ll
concerning me : '434lea,venii 1 .;0 7
".rikuaisii 1). D.
No vi iv i" 1
of religion -ut w at a ee s u ttee
irart, ,temper ,1,n4 life is of :any 4..v . rail for
eternity.' The great ficeioetlieTriinty . in
Viiityrtlee lindZiiearibuil dearth
'lit the Soil of 'Got:Ville' promi'se
Ghost .all - these 4emain Acne a'nfl
'though, men tishoula y deny theiti. ethe
-influence theyithave,v therefore, r upon my
heart and life, is,tfleigreatithing Ildiave to
attend to.—Bishori'Qoirrie. o
A DREADFUL' Minima must , bitgiien o'f all
this lost and waited time. When the trudge
3shall - aseendAis.throne in the' - air, and all
the, sons and. daughters I.:oft Adam are
brought before , hiro, the grand
he, What have yok,done.witl,
of life in yonder werldl% You
of forty years'there, or: philiapt
o°u 3 auil oPPßOunitifts
.iind 'salvation, and what havelf
them all 4 Row many Sabbath
}you ? 'Hirtirmany anrmons 4:Nri
How inaWatitisOtift did rgiv e
And ; retgement,:and,norren
your own t aoulek Didc,y.ou
well ? Did you pray? Did= yi
with your own souleand_ With!:
• did i yori time to 0,14 e; a vas
-.2_ a t 22. -
thing necessary:?
A fraitleis and bitteiliourning• for the
. .
waste and' !those nf:ti,ine will, be, linetlipri
consequence of on foil a Whiliioeter
e.C , J ,
satisfaction yßueloy e„..nort isepassing
;away, gine ' i inerniljt y an withqut thinkang,
itinitititgnitt , piss(' awayta foreier `ilf the
jtidgiAVA rou ;db lrOniciences
be. wortipit,,,with 'tpirible reflections On. your;
foolish. Watts.;
o WHERE are souls to be found amongst;
us thaecepresentithhirt cirkn" original ? that
are,p . pssessed with purs . and isiblime, appre
hensions of Gro,di the. FatheF, of spirits 4 and
Are often „raised to the,' astonishing ,contenk
&lotion of A llis eternal t)1e9104 beipe
and his infinite holiness and, gieatnesi m and'
goodness, and r are accortlipg,lxbtirntqa, f. w
ardent love ? And Where that t holy fire is
wanting, there can be no sacrifice Ilhat
never our, invention, or Utterance or gifts
May be, and how blameless soeyer,the
"ternals of 'Our life may be, and even s our
hearts free from, gross pollutions • for it is
scarcely to be suspedted that any of us will
{ ,i+ t. -43
suffer any of those strange, yea, infernal
'fires of ambition, or avarice,; or malice, or
iuipure lists sensualities to burn - wittetn.
us, 'whieh "Wotild render Us priests of "iidole,
of airy nothings and of dunghill gods
'yea, of the very god of this lierld,'the
, prince of darkness. Let men judge ' , and
reiile us as they :please, that imports noth
ing • at all; but 'God forbid that anything
should possess our hearts, but he that loved
US and gave himself for us; for we kbow we
cannot be. vessels of honor meet 'Tor• - the
Maiter's usei unless we purge ourselves
',from all filthiness, of the flesh and spirit
: end empty our„,hearts of, all things beside
him, and even ,of ourselvess and of our own
k will, ; and have no more any desires, nor
delights, but his will alone, .and his glory,'
who is our peace, andAur life, and our all.
And truly, I . think it were. our nest and .
wisest reflections upon the many difficulties
and discouragements,withcout ns to be driven
by them to live more within as they observe
the" bees ; that when it is foul Weather.
abroad; they 'are "'busy in -their 'hives.—
Archbishop Lii9hton.
THE richest sa;nt must be, and is, an hum
ble beggar at kruee's 'door all his days;
aid Christ, the' Lord" of hcirie and the
Dispenser of \ the alms; and'as",,the alms 'is
too good not to patiently waited for, so
the Lord is too good and too great to be
quarrelled with',and never did a believer
get any good by. complaining Of'hiin. Com
plain to 14,,and pray and ask largely;
still with faitl and patience. Knock at his
'door, but stay; and bless him that he ever
gave you- any crumbs` of his grace; mix
your yrayers for new.wanted, graces With
praises brills old dispensed grace. Christ
loved) you, and path ,proved it. .Believe it
and bless him for it, and wait for his renew
ing hie love to 3io; and lb due time you
will find that he will pot, only answer, but
out de your desires to him and your ex.
petitations from him —Trail.
CEttysTrAsTriris a testimony; 9r c t, martyr
dom,: every Christian is, a martyri and, has
no other calling upon earth than to, 44 show
forth the praises of Him who bath ' called
himi out of
. dailrness into his marvellons
light" Tha;discAßlc, of Him *he died kir
the truth ought also ,to be willing to die for
the truth; if not on the cross or in the
flames, at.least by the perpetual subjection
of self-love and the constant practice of self.
denial—if not in his„ body at least in the
good opinion of his fellow•creatures, whose
esteem is deemed- a second life, an whole
contempt is'considered little short of death.
Thus the 'distiegiiihing characteriatie, the
primary seal of Christianity is testimony, is
confession ; ; and : the greatest crime, toward
God, is silenee.—Vinet:, •
It in our line/ a 1/ 11 4041kquAT
Fools, dream it•is time. enough thtnit of
death Nrhon he visits , thetzt. Not too; my
seal ' must to
'ail' tt be at i
must bo rem(
God 0a11. , .
Dan at evil
to callii', of Vi
nine, the, Awe'
or rucking. p!
PRIP, if G o d
.. !p td, 1"a1'
lint eterwi i t,y w
.aiiim of hell.l l ,
erty,,..R . f - . oalai4
.Would - do.aftei
, ;N . , it o .l. l i l ".'
iir . es of - tp,i4.
• leis %fly'
enraptured .. 1
wsuld wood ,
e 'ftilinpb.
born as' ain,
Min 'Of 'Got
tripated 11
there tultttl
-teo 1,0 Re)
es ) b.y..i
',... Xl,traiitki
k?ltti g id A T
sud jpdg9tent
( tiiiiii,:biit'ltalia e i
the ithield..of ( Si
.the iewdrd..of A
s and ibolv: valiV
bold of Christ )
the'fabi and sin
ieeilinpany the
iii•jitatifiad ; LW
feeling of Ihifissi
A8PPtel ) ;;0 0 P ;.
'fate and terrors
'gri3ise 'thee; ' 4
tope •fol. iigh
qww , by faith, al
4PRerfig4l ARtii
.Relfeot iri.the
i Tars, nbio, is
o‘ o .ros-..k. 1 ,Arl . j
forth the be'aUty
itii!'''9L'he truth"
in- lies bitreticrii .
iimple and nake
thltt 9 ' 4
From tout. L. , . dnn(Comfisnid ftft •
t • 1•••
, Ceytrailritaiy—A tri Waffled= . .
1 t irh r et ; Ver e te: . a 7' P hettoL e af r6a ti r n ,,e.. t ra
.itlamaging Viet , a— le IS
~' h
. e t a ci—Thoi
1 i Irish National System of „ i Edhfatian'lnagiracy ,
ti-DWlroiit—lioiscopislians and Past' tertanB--;
-i The Great Eastern—?'riot Titp, cji ' Ittif'dy
, age Visit of ths Preatttery i e4konjon to her=
A Church Meeting on the Shore—Plaier in ihe
.1 Ship—The Welsh Sallgra at ZiortrusXf+atiittheir
Alabb . g/h Songs-rhrynt • Single at,Esa, and the
Awßcening in 117 lster—The } S pirit of ,
Engtnd—liluairntioni—Thi"Queen al itcdintoidil
—Mr. Spurgeon and the NewiTaberndele-LSeenssi
'in a Church-i-arties tit the Establishment. 1
i • i , ' ` Se pt lill , • til l
,LoNioti, 2d; 1.1659. •
.“......“. . :.f. .• us __ .1, k. ~ I v 1.... n
(ti C VSWIYA ki )
LT4 !lse ( 9) PiRcIAY Ilkst,
etill an'ging on the Ogee' precipice, end.
now It M M ould lib!nost lleeiV ta
as - If r ,.hei safety
Was eedled andlseouiteat "An' articleq& the ;
Constitutione/Moubiless- ifemi:tiffiebtl3 in its'
charaotsr, appeared. AlirOe d4Y4 1 : 9 444in. which I
1122 state of thew lbekpkis pvoitilly reflrre,d
to. ,2.1. t is siiidlgat tie Emperorluistissiii`d, 1
iiiiWehies still - Welitle, * iii i e !iiatbiatloli 'of the
docile; Princes: l ' It s ' - sidinittedlEilt,ignicord
ingtto the agreement bitwilenothe two .Epi4
mil at Irilligreilea„thie,w,quld .be most
desirable. But It is also-said that it ,never
If ' ti • v •• , t 3 • • •
was intended to ofee blink the wles,uson •
the people of Central ItalY. 'France Niill ;
mot do this.;; neithermilt she,permit be I
done by Austria whose.intervenOon in Ital—
ian affairs has, pealed foreser..., ~,.., , •
Eva the Pipes is •disPluied,,i.o believe
that tbis'means Ileall liberty forTtaly and the
Italians, and at alCevents writes in a strange,
flattering, and,. enoouraging..strain, to the
E mperor, .to 04 n ot ORnee t thei only trse so:-
lution of ..tiv . % question, ail so to cover hi'm
self 'With • 'ittiithiitat'ltim,OWn: '.i. - 'Cabinet;
COuncil was laid itLOsbiniti,liiiit the 'day
before , the artible,appeareivinsthe eonntien.
,cool, anti "'Ave a e ,strong, impression that •
Abe English ,cablii i pthave used their utmost
I,llli:ranee or.C . N ipolpon'n Mind,.in order to
liiiijat; tknobetfiroation'ima as is now in
die'ated. kA tTory Calitnet would' be-irldif
ferent.lor !.lioetile .to.'such an issue, for die .
instinotoodipmptithies of the partyoire all
in layjsgt i tlie z. i tp;tua . quo. , , i‘, i
- Neverthelisi, the matter still` Itligtf . 'n
litief•enieLl i na thit"Aiiiiria - or Prim* will:
mikeiwiit 'on'4'the proiiisioriallgoVeinnieniit
of l'usilny, Modena, and. Parma. iliitake.
,Enipenmiis,pusp . note4„wonld be glad pf:
an lions" "fnßinterferniiee..,, He it
.is who .
caused"Alio • - Pied 61i:tutees 'Commissioners to
retire final the'llimfagni and friim i Ttiseiny,.
also. ' -He iist stilh'supposed to cherish the
,idea s that by, the help of the priests, another
iPie° 6 i°9;Pill:4,•hOd 9I? gle ftl'ileige 0f, 111 3i .
vernal,, , and no` the peasantry will:
ovet!powe? 'the 'loins, and leave the latter .
-the altetnatiVe of either taking'" bank' • the
exiled' Riiyal fimily, or Wee accepting Priii3e
.Napoleon• its A their futurealithv Thialut
is what the Fniror, would like; but ..the
Prince is
_not like himself . ge it!, neither
brave no r` wise. When placed in . Office as ,
the Diivefor of 'Algerian affairs, some' time
since, he:disgusted the officials, including
officers, of the, highest .. rank, and r his.payly
resignation was, a State ,nioeseity : "Pity
'tie," that the young Sar.dinian Princess_,
should have been' mated With finch a hue-, .
band. Si; 'fres "sold"' and "sacrificed ;"
and yet after . all, she has not a sceptre or .a
crown to beguile her ,misery. •
The Duke of Modena has au army not
far from his own 0:1 territory. But Gari
baldi is wide aWalie, and-is the Commander .
in Chief of the army of Central Italy—an
army which, under such a leader, is reaay,
to illustrate the words
- "who would be free,'
Themselves must strike the blow I" _.
Some very damaging letters of the Duke's
have beau lately discovered, and under the
bacreassird : 4erty given to the French'presS,
I isiiiiibeeingmblished• in raris'as well as in.,
Lsiiiddnr.: ( these lettersver,s`written in 1855 ,
Wilda kliiiv'Ori&man 'War I %via Web* sigigedi
iikilliddisiNgpoleoS; is spoken otaiiii•gg Wt.;
u;i 41 , -7 f • .i.3,'" gtful
, I .'•
ou th4t i p i niall iao fall en n
inlay wit .od, hfs,"entiiity
, ti.'d bel•s IP will' listen to
ies , E ) 'Sit I . ~...
li3; ,may butoke4it,R.give; : es,
, e. 2. itiliattra;er atid . l4l(ti
"ctiglitorinl the ''regittefife; 't
f; 40, th6tanliiitrygaillV *it
oes.Afartkt . tra : chad (Meet o
jpok,flf, teprip t ,pekiplAvf:i .
otlt,love — iiiild..h.s,, i t.he,tei
a,.*ly- ,exterrqy called
Irdah ti';' sioliaett tov-, 1
7 1.4,tirci It first 4 thibehit ''
„ iv
he seilee'tff these - had • left :'
f., 4,042.90 T not , 1 1,
to `trot ttie armitir of e
• ,ittiellielAkflilf liopeifiat f r
OSpirit, iwattqLhoavi Oixd
;F. wAgy.iorill4li 1%0. , ~.Lii
wilt,"i he
,' blEd , of
o allt jogjveaifiiqh
t.ieviV79 L?m i lita
oh ifiagt,isoetn&titia
lawnohtarit *hen lthConlitt ;
titetki itm ttiffilword..e.t
`nl l *-gliiiikef4qie , 9op; -
a llexiigfptitr o i an4, Ix
Mott tpgrently i tlii.ougV ,
.S4Asfl • if rtiog h iligi' halt ,
• , tiglioittiltibut.tragrm anti
tiviade**dp end, made! ,
4P9l o fi h P,P v ,Pf - r - -4*4 2 :,
t 4 . 4 il / k A g li tAsoettLige I
4 tilr Gla_pe 11 hu m 1
'the 04Fel'ati t iVe''''
ii ; tind iteli beauty, id ib
lisoovery. We may log-
:ii , 1.: 4 .;. *.
:1, *,
' 1.2.:. . 1* •
, ~ ..-.
::: ; 0:1 1 .:t .f.• ~.• ..; .~....?.!..
...... A• . , : • . . •
.. . • ''' •-, ' l6 l 1 , 4 . 10' - 41. .
.7.. / .
t4A4I. le . . i •:'.! f .. j . I
.ti..i4.1,, ~ . ,••,i 1 c•a I '2°' •••I t k: k - - ••!' ;:tat, t!'.'.? xi.: --
. .-
• •
(i ' LA i i'ki.::::,4 4 ' ll :V'''. ail U 1t. ..- 1 -" ) 7r l attj had ‹...e. ,a..); i •
• . ._ . , .
__1_•144., i. i 4 i
4.11. . It . 24 ! VLF e Y V t
ti Izl
• • . ••••,. nf , * •
, PITTSBUR9H, PAS • I "tinadelphiarSeittli , WeTit orierif Seveith and t hestitut Streets
•i'," 't*:‘; t; 4VO I 3:t; a - ' ' •
j *; , I a.ntmait e.: st u ff ., A I.,
5. U40.4
SEE PRospEcrus.
BER 18$9: -4 PIS;
a pr o a t t i tit i O t e"e,
2 ,
o , o ,pe"r ear,
lumbered among.'" coquins,7
Western, .:powers :are.- spoken
ion, and Austrimmith arn
iration., tlt is ,am: awkward
toe to-run away without tak-
~ o r committing to the .flames,
daMaging documents. In; the case of the
, Gikand Duke.of Tasoany, the discovery after
hia flight, of a State paper, drawn up-some
loam, ago, and directing the bombardment
of'the city, and :" how to do it," rendered.
hiereatoration.imposaible, to say nothing of
►iiwpreaeno%ip,lkmed hostility (along; with
tlii c tykr2, l lo.oena apinst
- i •thp, °awe 61 ).I.ltl4,yit lip to the ; letters of
the Mod enese 'fiinoe,.these seem to live
lieeh 4erilaen etrayeir!':fiom one of his
confidential correspondent& " A plague on
loth. their.louses " ; in thelsense of their ir-
EstrigvAble c oycithrow i is a tyrant Princes, and
base, bigoted abettors of the , Papacy an its
jolted tiiilloard. 'Dr..Merry continued to
etislicti - it, liy his inibieele, ss long 'an be
Wed!. iiiiill irPtill.'o6lleii!'s new regime. Dr.',
'BiciHal 2l € o John 'Of T uam , ':L--and 'onir ‘ . .ot
l'e sve6tigillielaiet t ,'iticlitd,iDg - " The' Deve!ot
' IPilitilo l iveleap)otiiielitlyebV rdy letkeinteit
ofllllollfaliOriti i r B 5 r i d! In q 'th; Popery
`hlo 4- 4:iid'4llrier t lidetirtii; . 'll , nft I li . oink' +lido
eas t lila& the 'syriten, tad '' , Ary'initerof
- theiliell i ilia , Anritliesligetable'llititSi las‘
'* friiigt i . r hsivitA. eittibasive'dbmlnaihie ;' and
ihe 'Wirt' 4 edueitikbPoiricie& 44,11jider the
:14efyiiiiiirilef 'i•S'Aid.` ComPiiiiing heretiew:,
. 4 4;61' iltisliii*TQL ISOIcAs i *Mai 'inisiilStite
l'oliiistibifiWloyeliiiiiciak 'persoliS•of . dila*
ilk . 'dbioixibiati tike,!oi' /a ethicatioillioth - ai
1 tio'te:adiel* agd,:geto' irlia(isiiiith4.ocig"dir
tiriOitiotifd ItY "The cirdinit#'•thAt to
1 the Biiihb r y tfiketlideesn—ltliiie tfittiiiilit
einlinViliity, 'Milt': ~ • ' ' 4 ' : - ' l . :
h 'The'' Papist 'Biehiipir, i tbeiefore, amiiiiita
a separate endowment for sahholscfc•mit'thor
.onOly3gClatholia ', .pr.lttelplee -!mod ato. . an
.eEttount morre.sporiding
. tp the ; numbers and
_of the, "Catholic population. - If
;.oiltytidaiiild be , ' conceived , in -
tusk, for the funds to whiCh'ttiey
) . 3r .ttri%entßltid, they obeerve that
13....numerOus/isehools, colleges, and
ies. already*existing under- propet
ttioal authority, and that , similar in
is maybe• griolMilly-efected. :: ; ;:.
corn men oe ment,irand' the higher
'4iduiation,..they ash tliattle 4 4l. l kiii'l
of Alookb,lttud PAiligrayi idit;6o.o4
ferholbe Conducted on Rhiligilitin
le, College ,of Belfast 4 being. 'AU
.Ibyterians, and members -of the:lis;.
d. , Church heirs •alreadi :, pro _'dad
This daring and impudent demand ifor
tfieldestinelien not only oE the,unired)sys t
11*$ Oloilidmmito scomilmfufsehdolitoblit
age bi.#44tode oelfeg4iikikeitt inAsli
gip by 6111106/It :PbelpfreaeivmOttabdpinly,
isomelaid from the exelbstale pretbnsirms !of
the griat body of the Established Church
in slristalid.. , Vhe elergy(bwitht, few eitoeli!
tons, chive keptialoor) from- the -Natrona' ,
Board, balsams , they believed thatote• did
, note leave-the Bible free 'at trouis, or
rather because that it was not ade Impetra
ys, but daft , opitcpiaL i govitheiiiir c isnq or
guirdians) that everiehil4 should rea4 .the
Elorippures This is the rule of l (Tile
Olinreh Education Society," and fiirilesus
ifininee 'great sacrifices have nadtailitedlyi
beeur-made l . The Presbyterians gener illy.
;liiive l atesiihed their schools to the Board'Of
•Eiductagrin,l'eceiving ruspeotionind endiArl
%mitt, lid fled/ "an hour for -religious "
itrbotturai 4 Driiyll6iliart Catholic! ohildrAn
ttebd-Ude sehoble ) and receive light. The
sysfeineiederilly-isl tbe beet in existencei
It has iblinedeely dii4niciped the intellect of
thistithpre';'it Mathis *them to think ; its(
arp neoilsiiilT, anti. Roinith,' elfin
amid inaf UllOllO4 and'an it 41 ot: 60 YR
of difftiient oreed# tlet WI%
friendship; - and etioinlatee theta
'to look' to promirtiengand, adisifideniettit un
ler the drown;iii-the rewl:rdi df thle'bigh
.attainb4mts in libti(iing, Rome,disloyal;ex
clumve, and libertyhating; and dierirness•
, loving s ecainde the tocsin ofrshoskil4y.
ikilOO'at P:IfF,TITiITrOPN:Fti : t I IO. I4
nikii" for Romisksupport in deference to' the,
`this;'tiie'latt .r inaolentlyboastscifitlieir poier
to putlont or keep in. Cabinet's. ' But _surely
: Lord.Perhy: will never c ooesent 40 :destroy
his own progeny; neither will :there.,bia any
occasion by , the, Liberals, generally,, of a,
its ihe Phiroh,
which` would involie t3On'oea
eion of Whae:Onflen iirid. his? . Ciiredhicites
&Maud If Lord Palmerston - We* hat to'
'Utter fe "and
s . feai s tip to these *quid . be &tote:toil,
'the 'Ana'
jdo shout, would rise to his
make it !MAO: Mile for P,Opery to, be the ar-
Ilitir of our deauies.
ff j pizei,:.FsAirr.Eßl:l-qae t -,lloW , ready
tie.e.ik: Altai /link , leave ; 'Portland,: ,near
NeymouthitPorsetsbire, her, trial trip,
isb,o4tAtie durt.-;_awitafter.going probably
halt way across the Atlantic, will, return : to
,kiglyhea4, She is further appointed * to
feTAVe E4lyhead, for POitland, United sfates,
oi6or about'the 15th of Septabiber. First
class passengers only will be taken.C: Tag.
doge , money .wkll.:be from .£lB to . State
ev,ra ; ,and,...return tickets be
grelitted. on,..libere) ; Star.. popbtleas there
will be large nun:goer otpassengers o n both
'Oeciaisions. Great oonfideece•ii bherisheir as
to the veneer.. ;iiunotes; and it she,saeoeed,
it mill, be A great . 11109680 1 pr,eparing the-way
for,, , Wdeing „crow'. ;t1 never h°lo,th re • -14,41i41
ir0414.4.6g0 besides
'a large ; liody azigaiere i r t ithryeesel could
troops to Bouibay. in 'tbir
ty-nine ililnecessaiy, she , cotildqbe
:armed in front ap,aiSteam Ram,. and d,quble
,through a hostile.4.eet u des,,tr4ipg,..thia.„),Tp
est ships of , war , COWS:
Juet before My' depiiiiure for Vefitid; I
was mmmoned'to 6 special gaiheiitig'4 'our
:London !Presbytery, for the' , purpose of An
:Angara ting , churelmat.; Blatkpall,, on
,the,,Riim i ThameiN. and for,thei special use
of that class "old workmen (and their
hi . the eeti
. The , Preebytery mtentc'zdolikiialty4appoint--
ment, to the GxepEtAcialinsh apit i aaspp_dipg
its mighty sides, anitsianding on its magnifi
cent quarter deck, - we: - were politely shown
:ore= the 1014 3 Arai Soott ilueselT the
o,,VeAfWrarlilliFfEPPAT shore . faith
us'elia laut i t% firmilaol,AppiApo&o4ir new
eigiaroh, delivering an Voila and exislient
11 "rW
tiler soil!' i t ' Selitiiiih)
-.) torts
,and is slaws of great ingentuty, sud
till:hits and
i energy. 4Thes: vast ciefillating ;engines, the
meparat,O , water, ) tight. compartments of the
vessel,the, beantifal dining, drawing, and
1. tt. •
private .ftpertments, with the ' cabins — the
:meths !Ogle' pilvhiete are' superior in size
and heightlfa;. 'illy 'first-elm; cabins I 'have
:ever seen=—thisse, with the :magnificence of
the . gilding; furniture,. and, ;decorations,
together with , the apparatwhfor lighting,the
Whole with: gas, present a marvelous spec
At '.the' dine lif b our- visit, the workmen .
- were still- , busily. • engaged in their final,
efforts. _Ont. : those .members the, the, Pres
bytery who arriytsd first, fpprid a private
cabin, into w,hicii they gathered I,iiemselves,
and then ° faliking tEre l oleigleg" of Him
who ruleilliewinds and and who is
the Church's Head, constituted themselves
a Court of Christ. It was the first united
pre•umc, -,card
,•, z -
• lust. uel •'the` trae7ls no' 'ar
away when maritime nations shall hive-their
floating vessels temples , of, the living god"
and Amid the :rnighty a rnaroh ,of scien,tplot,
construction, ` t,fir u yorkof pie be.
allowed to lin ger or ' be 'laid. When lately, 'at PortrushOn Matti; from a Wilsh
vessel, came floating over the town eirly on
the wingsof the , Babbath,morning,breeze, the
•weet straiPa. of ~ the clapti k k fl ogd_his crew':
.singing . hymns . in
_honor, of,,4sns, in the
- tongue Sf the'Ancient Briton's. 'And so in
'the evening, also, as I ' stood len
master ind men, (including,' tfiniprkyouth,
with a glorious voice,) sung:irrAferteotoAtie
,honor and praise of God. ; ~, O lt, for the, day
'When' Cowper's visioni--nay; the ,proptietic
•vision—Shall be realized': '
` 7 " -‘, Orie Bong inapais
*Tome `it - in f ra' ad r 4 re‘i vs+ eciTet,
and lowittlaild, teem alitty.t.l 1
I 'ill* '.49ivAinlifiiet in 17Yerniqairctro
.) ifreeate:3 Fietih'rad arvltirly :rennin:
heel:lees (If I,,,tbreeinteke'vtour f •terednittitt •
on 36(1%TS,M7{4AtIvb°1 atl °et " 1
the Prince 'of . Wales, to Fleetwood, the •
traces of the Revival
fif remained. 'The
( iikhgqitie lieiiiitii; th'el r 4 hi
414 eabini , end; thearfl the "Rotind of: barns) ) ,
?.ninno a voioeo 4 .llAeoeadiogimithi a friend, ; to
ntklnquir.eer:o o Pgil OMAR n11,0°5.401' 1
~WitetlYl pimita•
• iomething . liettek and 'the - mention' niul
admirable..; iP: , !• - !verPult4;94
! ,.I . onlfieater,,,ans;W o e:Osy,anfi si as I might„.§l
sathered i ffom ihe hymns ind4 - 91e173„They
' had been'st and at a gfeaCiiin
aii'meetin, near Armagh';. wliere'thiOkria:
~,bytericanerniniatere.aft'd pecitile hid alseetabled
, :They were returning, end
andinpleir s eonge
the 9 oth,e); j rauggeetepi the
liiikittiOe, , ot 46 ItoCk f of l Ag . es, "" l4fd irie
14130, 'ttiticir;
stialreotionJ:,:iffir !Meth itaidMrhyl not
-REa.9 ?" .70.491 1 it WO yTPPlie,d, t`t.44-
Captain don ' 6 - He :i l 4.lrfeltiVi
no obniing osier to Bel* on' Tama!"
night." '" We
.eak to hr -se to 6116 ingitir-'
z. , wiltaidp,iodietAiikay,7Aintr 411.Ijoidariin
l•the4tippliCationeellind thankegiviniie 11 . 14 i
*that ditattliii Urev cronld%.'tfht diseetn?etichi
bthees sinsed ; qutniirof ituttini
'll HO, . Oakes* Ilito*titiigethocr)
I.biitr : yeeibeyewirre 06;3 :.48ailoriandisetterage
- ipesseigeretilotitittrird - andietairerdeeii; end
other", drew tlear, rand ::lietatte d •
;Biehoti - Ken 'PE i Hymn .• tom, and
!kiieelletli Mitt cawir breeze,:
t,bithicift ifintinni;of t;the ,
mounding sea, and tieing with it to 'heaven.
• Tau I3PIEFZi OF NlA.l:lll.l. r ,Al L npw
ponrel, nut .on ,33ritielObristians.
The . liiih Revival stimilates. ;bust: eiiiionr
ages supplication. A . pione young Officer in.
• r the' India 'noise, presidia over a - prayer
e e tip i're every 414, (66'0 c
by Hall, in the - city. That. - ,ist; famous .
rg 4 T94O. 49Y, tinpAititqfY.i !LAP, rya ksns.•
T#4 , 11**..14H.
Derry,:(44,40,4*3011440,4.4 TP.legeAl VAial
t!TI 1 04011.4'0 1, /PrRelF: 1 .0t4PY;)--,10PlieeD:Will
,A4ot - P 4 :9f11F1tii4i.. 1 4410 1 1H141 aO.II4TIPINAPPI
44p ytirliatioe ,ef the; .E.phieopaljunnesiput;
5 1 .9. 1 .4:11111 5 1,41, aTeales I
' Tor - QUM* is At present do
:land HBbe, it' -
.43,4'14 61140
Northward by' ifght,!iirlyiiqAttdiabittgli
bleltiCk in - the ugh thie.E . wiii
the rebeOtioi 1 / 4 1
xaddyeatee at diffBreitt 'Way stations, "KOMI .
fiat , Town 'Odiaidilletii. 4 ' - 41i 3 eVentei
tbieWity 'aid. after. re-,
mining Rid; a, *OS Oat" -Holsitiod
her, for a time, the Prince of Waled ; ( likely,
rge!':to Canada; • 'cin2
• re:tithed Dar
stalking and field iiis)3rts .will v, now A be Lthe'
order ofe the clay Quee n !
and hpr . l / 4 tjangkers,will..,reannie,,„their calls;
on the tenantry t books and!
serials, taste the , •beeth , ' , and have, the
pleasure of 'baking' - thr?'.old women, sittin
• !Sil` t
in their. muteill s n ..i caps„at,oe, l 4tett,fifeside,
saluting' heeqdajesty, nee‘f , ,Mietreas.,Aitiertl l . l
She is a womap;: , of • greittlease undkhearti
and by no . means fokmal.- , It is but t l ahort
time siniioii# '011ie( entered t's
hut, at Alde'ishat and itikecf 'for a
cup of tea. theLy, was rather'
taken aback, but got out has‘tea.things, after
,get adigg ,a on his ; little 10100 and
left the Queen and company, exhausted:PA
kgpc.kedlTlPcliihk,9l l cOrth.. l 4 l 3,4 l 9t,..ine -
briites, enjoy the beverage. . ,
1 . '17 rSe' • ti
pow beipg,ereota4.itytheiuglee, of, a mighty
: • London thoroug4fete„qqAte„9.otithern side
of the -rivere,.. , near Elephant and
Castle.", ,The foundatinue'stone was laid by
Sir SUPethi . M.bP4 - :iiiidrimenk the contri
butions lresestradifit.lthe-:thrie, , alioheolt) for
£B,OOO was laid..;dowat on the foundation
atone; thif-iift.; of-,a pions gentleman;, an in
valid, at, Briatiil. -- He offered to give an;
reqnal eum;,:providet.iawas doubled, :Which'
either has been done- stUrill . be done, The
onsti,millf a be An/Ards of
Thp . .dtligp.isqqy elegant, and in the main
• ' it is on theGrecian'moiliil;afferding !mein*
modation to five thousand *flame, : iiud
thilinelfeitiy : Manxtdooni"..fneligriiii, in Case
.7df , pressure- 'eland.. . - Ainongthe - sreakeire
tieeti ng; at whioti the 'Lord
iltleyon was the 'll4l - vi , l James A.
-:14 - ftufgeoli. 1 He' is now a intobeEefill minister'
it!Staithanipton. thel Chia**
- :Gabiiiet,se asp': " preichilik is in a high'
degritelinittnetive; ihtereetideraili 44E44-
43f , 40166 ,1 &JP, p*moit
:eirinfot , Ylire 410 et:itod , la; his
1 lituther, Int trere . * 'thOelikirpteter the
preaching tier -yelit!giato - vib
brother? I
Igil honied': of his address, the yothimpt
'-lbOthet recannetAeaVa; 'this Matting:
Unlit*. : Web oiled 4 - igiiine- 4 : Able out „Solefilit
mitiaiiltegiiingeoi GO& Yor
Ysiid i fate : great - doves he our
-fat. tiny #ntAiier ;1
Pi 2 t .
:IVoid e titiff
1 aB4. fad., -;huti, what he Ass:, !ship** has
aohiefredi hid tsnefeese," OarteihlrSphrgeo n
Wirrrifos •*iilPilietihEihYdr . f . he ha e
afitiYis:skrc r rettting . Vo7.4y . ; ~
ind ~to; the. Oita ,
with rare,:Pctke,i.cit anibi.i6 M WitiAl• "P
-re]. was t oomparingsenentlylismeighty
and pithy words and .s . t.yle • With -thiqhfrid
'elegancies Of another Ader,...4ciopn i lar
preacher and =vriter. - -A: minister 'hail
,houglo (Bite a ninil,b,pr,of ..the books, of the
-ana; . • as 'a minister, rhe amid get
nothing oat of then'. Now that cannot be
'Orgies H. 13101VOii;
frhey,arellinggestiTtil and
1.40rt43' o f 14)..1) 1 40e-i9.:anY 1 PiPi1 1 441 1 04 1 4 1 7-
Mr. Spurgeon's father a Itißtiet.minister
in Essex, was present at the laying . Re the
foundation stone of the new'''fairernaole.
He bore testimony ed value of airio i ther's
training, and especiks4 prayeis for
her two eons. 7 s? 'fax - e e2s(
very painful character,:riThe. ) Reeposi.lthe
Rev. B King, is.a.„Trariturian, an sonie
.thing-,4n0te.1. - 7. Thru. afternoutili lecturer—
chosen, by .:the Teo*: ise.o9 l :diPg th) ,IPM
custom—is' the Rev.rllugh AWin, a i feyvad
, ~ I . ,, ~- ,-..--, ,-, -„, 3
Irish I Evatigelbray ' The - Tractarians :had
emptied the °l4tchi- 'Mr. ' `Allen Tractarian s
it to
, , , . ,
overflowing. As *he 6: is t's , popular cfaVorite,
so Mr. Kipg,, ;and
_.10.1 curates . de
teited; - IlainediaielY 'after' We r t' =` o clock
' c service and , 'sermons- by: Mr. , Allan, , coines
. , eveni tigxprayers, ',arid, sermon , byther Roman
izigS• :ilit4vPord',P . day,. Al!' ileli ) P.htfXgre
I erFlio.rted i lly Mr. 4.ll,eu l to,,givigayllembly,
' but thej,wouldnoe, aod hut that theclergy''',Yiel4e4 ,i4difi4tit - ,; 111 470 11 ))190,04V1 1 the
service, tbere would have r been a not, wird
r dnubtless ' the
,instant desti,ii - eticin tof '-:the
ivaltar." 1 The cu r ate; Illi. 7 LielaWpreinlfed
iin the morning, ' dressecriiizactlyialilteA a
Bornish priest, after ,iiitopipg ,t4allara Yers
w,,itA„,his.h i ackto.the„ , Reople. In his sermon
he °Ordemneittlii,„prpse,„ and all who op
„polled hill l patty„wbo,A tAel „wen.Ae true
is ,
Churchmen.lae `denounce of
.6 -, mob”
riiiiiisigg:liint, 4s'thi di r iciqifes Of 114'01'461
' 'dfi.'llelfar,`,arldfdisblpliel 6f 'BelilelffiliV 43 C 1
1,3 Thediffererreetrimitile Vharchrsorheitimes
• come 'out OAFLitiittglyAr f This g wed kDave
passed tevetilajoemtety4uTpthrit witiglihr
hood of three °britches.," The inbuilt - bent
of one is a Low Cfiniiikaian:anfiethlorkiih
Ethigkilicati Wiiiincumbent of the second
is an Ultra4ractarien---, and more than one
6 of ,liictiredliciiiitairEhasigonia oveii to - alma.
-. l .4lie'Rector-o4 the thitil f the sompf,,a,,Wes
leyarrutii#tes44.4 Iligla i (ihrtrolunan,,fcrid
of seriguous • ,,worsh,rp, andarchitectural deoo
,ratiori; t having a 'font, foi example,; - (a
in4Sent)`.iii We iilturoh,-.'whiolVeo - sti- four
::'hundred , and ;fifty guinea; geaehingt on
s .,Saintsc, dam..and: . yet , -
,rather, Evangelical,
,:. 4 .and l yers t ;siiiike in* iisM „prliiihing., , He bids
'fair to 3 be-a - Biihup=this hybrid 'cam with
administrative shill% and who can be 'High
ps'L2w ltinAc. ali - neral y faveites
"1 iV ,O9 PttithAoibr,disPenstis
! of patronage
eViVni*ltiit4ilei , isißnt; , lor .
:IBishofit; their IKiipigehsipOgitt y
4 ,
defies,"' though pot 1." beautif#l4,l l eps:'
. if _Goa ling , not % raultitiitted i f t „,,,,,, r , r
~ ..1 4 , 4 A4-4.4 a. Aility , tsuAti 4 , , ,
allif UR , • axe .. ao o n
. e ty ,s e
P ' t . etiaikof
vittnia v g aeeffelit;lti f '6= . fn i i.etergi,,fitela
rich tHiglitabutpliisai, win)dlinessreadßtate
patronage, would soon: lay, iteri hiirpult.„„in
the dust. - - J.W.
r hT 1. k. ~- 0 .02.4i5
94o0v , MicfricriP"
; IPijOe.ll.rhao
eresnua A1E881059 , (iii eon
nPiirt'wititieZfriCldonriAie,)lid" a
" , •fall(inlprieSai'lAvßnillidrif
biNIY ewarkiiiiiin,), is. doing
, ;the nietrppqlis t f „a .. , 4 ,, 1 ,,..
Pr. Smethnret ., has bed Aon,Tioted of
poisoning a lady with whom4ii hied, for
the'siakn of her mone y : 'The Veirdice is
eagerly canvassed by:mediital men, :and the
tv,ptess.".i If a,. poisoner, (as I,)fear ,beirOSO
~ his subtlety wiyy equak, tq ; that pf
Palmer. His doo trembles in the ba/anoe.
• uly:«nu r 547, Ida
Thi):3Kuilmicicif. Christ.
..ditlikemithrggarts gartneht.;Littio madeßip of
cipieces find ?goites; iandsis wcirth , xer#l.7 little,
;Differ: kit tat- -the - • blessednessiiWensderive
...from' the .Baviontistingte and omple.teoeln
fullness.dwellsa He is ,eoeval3with
t...avelmoperiod..; He le answerable; to revery
0410ndlition., &le 'is, a physician -tot,heal,
tatioroisellorAci:o pleadi la kin g. to .1 govern , a
arielisittoreyinpathise, 41 father to 'provide.
AfieriatatfoundationAo sustain, aJrootAa: en
~iven,e c :foantainztos iefreah.. He.- ~the
sottha!lbw-from,theleat, the, brepd of, life, the
morning star, the sun of righteousness ;vall,
and in all. -Ni' creature-eau-be a substitute
for him; but hesearii.iupply the place of
. ievtiry pre6tdre. , .Heis all nipsal4ation; and
efigi.;43rildtsiFft:;'. my hoPt3x)Pl7),PEItKeAmy
my glory, and joy.
Nykoni ha,vel in heave butbut Tl7ee7 r and
'OlllO ,none . , upon .`eiltiqVittitt rdesire,l3e-
AWL, add 'PLY geliffillith,
Ita n tellontift the _slid
ttiis porlio tirtioeri., cannot be - fi t I
4 W°fAfeti'dleitsi .I cailupt I
not' I lie 't 'eapikotgbit t , .
• ••• • % -
. Ott) b 0.4
iA soiris4ondent ~ends:
Nmesedotei,adding thereto a :few..ixaments :
4, A sensible obi _Saunas, who' knew ,isonse-
thing of spiritual—husbandry-as well to of
that whitilJ)F.i.hgfittiof44l4taket bread that
r ryielheta,, , asked :
n‘inister„ who, alt hough profesSedly
iieund, ( wamorelliete stispieted'
in); 'smooth tliiaga.rJ replied ithe
i.wieelfarmer r '' he; seisms) tO3 be a good•min ;
4 1 .10 8 9P 1 PoTrUrPV4ite.f.'he lOU rake With the
teet4inpms4 l ;',:, l7 t i t
• ,I.,pose th:f phiehei rekeinth the
`leeth'upiiire s iihck in 'a` :werldliad.atiitril
- damming: ooilimiinity,lJ ::afraidL• op Bak
against yodivOhriatiana going to balls anti
q.l l aPAlrrePlrWr i) bra 1.. '
not n the, prevails's:. rake 07 ,,i,th the
teeth usward, Tiro, ,or dares 'not
pre:ol 6 sk . ihaNiiteetion • of " intempeianoe,
beimnie Time of his members are in love
with the Bin
3. Does not4ll3 , 7reirolrer rake with the
teeth gp,starol w t he.n he. ,ileeliktes s matltiing
es , of uot#OP lB °;Afi'd
other nnsoriptnra l . iigit, i teoause NoTe
sigifillifioeri in illieiscsiigte tion, 'Who lieu.
`:him `regnlsrly , will leave ' the ehtirSh if-he
• • ef)esles against these ..Nisms?"--Tele,scope.
PONOMOIItous (Question.;
I‘.'•orhe otiiitheridement of lilt in themottlOs
ttßafoly'Spirit I?reatiAsisnd-the herd
lies t, "eotF , ene beneath ito itisfigenoe; when
*;tiktikittl ?like been wdtinde'd inatil 11'4'1E41,
When 'broke% gestill4tibuBia4p.
JINN itYpn.
` *oat of attentio)l.;o4oo s lliiiii
fo't tiri ft before you yOttithit-iindifintitts
'Vora 9o'o
( 1 0141:toil which iI the,p4iii3t !it
'to "iik; Viol* "aomany,
r B~ 'are la ding Betray.: . 7 ;
:" 1 / 4 . • : rs rl