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Pradobytorisa: 1111311Niers V.l. Vino
Prmsbyterhin Advadates Vol. KUI X•is *8 I • •
DAVID PIcKWEY and J'abN: ALLISON, Editors:
• Thd Borealis.
Enraptured t long I etb t od and gazed,
In wonder lost,.hitrled in thought Prgoind,
As, from her c toYetfo temple 'mid the skies,
Aurora, 010 hi mildest majesty
Walked fortli, surrounded by a shining host
Of lightning footed messengers,. whose steps . ,
Made paths of quivering light wherefer..theyt
trod ;
Seeming, to fancy, like . somerfalrymmons,
In order marshalling her elan:troops.; , • .
More seeming like disorder ;•, -
Now there, in wild, fantastic vagaries ;
Well pleased that now their new •fie ' dged wings
were free,
Unhooked to flatter o'er the bloominreartb,
While nature slept beneath the ample folds
Of night's sat curtain; lulled to cold' repose, -
By voice of silence, low, melodions'eweet,
Breathing her quiet everting hymn Of praise.
Or, still more like, when on creatieri's eve,
The greet Creator Walked'iieretielifsSith; _
To'view his finished work, by
A countless throng of waiting angels, who,
With eager joy, and Willing haste, obey
Each high behest; now glidibg here, noir',l 3 iiit,
Like living threads of light wore tha
Slate Creek, Sept. 14th, 1869.
Por the Presbyterian &ismer
Extracts from the ittiadleal
DOLIVIOLuD BY JOllll Itsomore,..4 !us 80ns
D. 1829.
NO: M.
It is pleasing, also, to reflect on:the pro . -
gress made by other nations, during the last
thirty years. They have their. railroads,
their electric telegraphs, their, ocean steam
ers, together with their education. and. re
ligious institutions, as well as we. In the
construction and use of railroads, England
took the lead. Yet, their railiostde have
been principally constructidlo4in...,thelast
thirty years. So, likewise, wiWilio . ae of all
other nations.
There are in operation one hundred and .
seven thousand one hundred and fifty miles
lines throughout the , world
—all constructed within the:,llolviztaen
Airs. They not connect all ilia' On.
cipal places in the United Stith
ish Provinces, but are eiteidid l Wee r ,
foreign countries. They paei' frOm
crag on the Alps, and run - tiiiongli Italy
Switzerland, Austria, Prnssii,
Russia, England, France, Autislia, aid ;
There are in:operation, Alen, nine hundie
and fifty-four miles of submarine telegraph.
Theae wires are laid
~inder the sea of the
English Channel, the Irish Sea, the North .
,the Blaok Sea, and the ? , filedi.,.
terranean Sea.. They 'are rilan laid :undef .
the largest rive* ;O
not only in r own
country, as the Mississi pi at l'ad 'ow n
and the' St. Lawrence at. liebeisi: *kr_ 4110 '
under the Gulf of St: `Tit titari : 61(404.
largessalso, under the largess Aver . vera O'iithii liftitiij
tries. All these have been laid` Witiiiiii: qui'
last eight years. During the last yeir, iris':
1858, a telegraphic cable was laid across the
Atlantic Ocean, from Valentia Bay', Ireland,
to Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, a distance of
one thousand nine hundred and fifty . miles.
A oommatioition was effected ; and . the
Eastern. and Western Continents saluted
each other thronghlhe dEkrk a)kpaiikr of
oceanic waters. Though the enterprise litM.
failed, for the present, it is fiill Of i ennotir: -
&gement in referenCe to the'future.
At the present time, a Fleet of about .
forty-five steam ships, Mostly of the first
class, is plying between the ports of the
United States and Canada, and 'iliose Of
other countries. These,vessels belong most
ly to other nations than our own.
The Ednoational and 'Religious. Institu
tions of moat otheenatioim have made some=
encouraging progress, 'daring the time of
which we are speaking.
The piet thirty yeare s tave 4 likewise been
eignalised t by the discovery, improvement,
and introduction of useful Inventions.
These are. employed to facilitate or lighten'
the labor, not only of the mechanic and
manufacturer, but also of the hu.bandinan
and even' of the seamstress. Horse and
even steam power is geared 'to appropriate
machinery, by which the hardest labor on
the farm is easily and rapidly performed;
and even the heart•aohing toil of the seam
i as she' plies the needle with her fin
gers, s 'being fast "ruled oat by the ma
chine." It has been truly said, ' that one
boy with irourdrinier Machine, will make
more paper, in a twelve month, than all .
Egypt could have made in a hundred years,
during the reign' of,,Ahe Ptolemies;that
one girl, with a pow , if press, will stri ke off
books faster than a million of Scribes could
have oopied them, "before the invention of
The inventive genius of the last thirty
years has been controlled by a regard 'to
practical utility. This had been particularly
the ow in our own country. Accordingly,
• when an opportunity was afforded to bring
together and compare the machinery of all
nations, at the World's Fake, which were
held ii few years since, in the cities of 'Loin
don and New York, we need not 'Wonder
that the palm, in this respect, was conceded
to the United States. Whilst it is true,
that the presiding genius of this age, and of
our own country in particular, " would tun
nel llellioon for a railroad, and sound Lake
Lemon with a view to its water power ;" yet
a.taste and talent for the'Fine Arts are still
possessed and cultivated.
• During the haat thirty years, we have seen
natilnal revolutions effected, with the shed
ding of blood, and without it. We have
als& seen the wave rof popular freedom rising
i hikh and rolling over the nations; in cense.
quence of which; in A. D. 1848, the
subjAbta of many of the most' arbitray
•GoVeinthents on both continents ob
tained constitutional guarantees of their
rights, and the Pope himself was driven
into exile from Rome, the seat of hit tem
poral power. 'Mutt wave, it is true; has sub•
aided, but it is'prily to rise again , at the up
lifting of Jehovah's rod in the kingdom of
his providence; of which we have some in
• 'cations in the asnat of thing amongst the
nations on the continent of urope r a pct.
Lion of whioh.have recently been involved
in all the horrors of wait, Even the treaty
of peace recently couoinded among those
nations, deems to indioatet,,the same result.
The last thirty' years tatire also been ohar
notarized, by the increased wide diffusion
of the spirit of Christian ;aeons, and by
increased wide
to promote the o oh ersion of the
world to God. And, dririne, the last two
years, a revival ' of xeligion , bat 'prevailed in
this and other countries, whilst, far power
and extension, has not been &India since
theoßeformation of tho sixteentlitenkary, if
jacked, airiee the time of ' the'':•Aphnties
AtfAli ghee us pleasure , to hear* the
. '
prevalence of WS' work of grace, at the
present time, in Ireland, causing the trice
hearted Irishman to bound with joy, and ,"
Ulster to resound with songs of salvation. '
What a privilege to .bavo lived in such an'
age as this, and in such a country' as ours'!"
But. let u 8 not forget; that . privileges.
have their responsibilities. Let the patriot, •
in the ardor of his attiohment to our Union;-
exclaim, Our country, our whole sot ntry !
and the Christian add, our. world, Ou,rxvitoda.
world I Let these sentiments of patriotic
and C.hristian benevolence preiail; And we
way expect, that ere, long, the 'banner of
freidom and of the Cross shill waiviits am
foldir in Teaccfnl triumph, over' ill na-
We noir'enter on anotheiferiod 'ottbirty
years: . Perhaps none of us shall see the
end of it. Neither can we foresee the
changes wbioh may A*ait us, during the
traniiticifi , bflhe•liamii: But W - 15 do knotv,
that '5 the To, whieb'-covers the fuel of fa;
tnrity, has been woven by the hand of
them " Let us not peek to.", lift that wail,
teat etdiks,,3r..Fay bP Isrprl? 9 . lnyle i -thn brow,
fiiiE`bas :Mike • * 2. . • •
. . . .
For the trerbyterian pannor and Advocate., '
The Spirit of Truth. • ~
intimult, t h e 81drit of truth leoome, be will glide you
lit° Of truth.--John ;qui: 18.
• • .
A Deputation ittun-lreltuid- -
• • •., • The , great work•Of revival tlevi in 'progress
Therelkanotinir view of this general arab- iii Ireland; will forirk in6stiniportent chap.
feet. In fermef, article I spoke of what ter in the hitittitref the- Church 'of , God.
was purely, practical in .yrnrk and worship. Whilst confided to no , Church;' it has corn-
But many persons hairt:doubts before they inanded:the approbation of 'every Church of
advance •thus far. Many are unsettled in. Christ ; Bud hie drawn the. confession from •
their " They thatibe - `Aim what to be Baron , Pigott , , a, -Roman :Catholic justice,
here as to. doetrulrerk, or worship . that itt. is:- the work of G od ;: who also ex-
Now, what shall be in this' &le ?.' Dif- pressed the desire that 'it
• gi extend
ficulties arise touching doctrine, goferntbent, • over thalami, and. influence -society , to its
forms of worahip, or discipline. Men halt loiieit daPthi:7 not 'yet able to
between two; opinions, and so haltingi the f air hbw . mtrait'lnfliOnbe this reports of
inip:ress of their zeal is put ,neither on the• pin)YaOr
We*, nor worship of the''Chureh• Now, tliiii i imintryliee Year, of our:
Wllat- is the remedy for this imiceision ? the . aottit
kilt complaint, I would fain think. 'Sot Mbhoem'entlit thiewondinfttraiork ; bit no
proud" reaeoning; or 'angry oontroiertiy,'nei• doubt they hid some,
_in . :falling tip the at::
rash, judging, or any hasty procedure- tetition 3 oPthepenploAn'theliciWer of Prayec
There is a quiet, patient process, which, be- The ministers of the. PreSbyterian Church
cause it is quiet and pati e nt, i s more likely t.4?1 , .. have beery perhaps the most ardent and
be correct and lead to blessed ieleiw, I irieemefilAaboreis in the ' work, ' which
mean, huMbly putting one ' s hand Into its,' *if -extending into every part, of the king
hilitiFO this ' ide, tthe?lgedit ifiimeandwenetrating even.-to"Oeinaught,
Vriitfi e , 4 'with the
_Prayer' that he ' proeititillyVie"darkest Portion. of it
lead us into all truth." I would have every;Vit. weirs ' the
Christian fully persuaded in his own to** jjatholie poitilittikd of fielana
as to: doctrine, discipline, •work,; and wor- o .o 4;_thikki now , As4l;;;pirifer was the
kap& just because the Ohuroli-nannot spare priiiestant (Aura - more really to embrace
inert to sit on the fencle,".,-entAf the , little ilfein And --toiseist,br the carrying •on of
by:a s id:l2,m in the;ll4',464ll, , lyettle to the, great Reformation' among - them, the
4e. the jpoili."dr-:dai- 1 4c 158 , PresbyteriatvOliiirph.of Ireland is abopt to
iod the evil that is in the itokial: We Want apply to - Its Deputation is
'inithu•tadvelz that earnestojabor which- a already on theii:`Wirti bur shores, and' be--
firmoonviotidn of the truth.alone, can give- rdie this'isitiniriniOna ietidere t l i fief will
And for this we have a Guide who is equal to doubtless ,It ecipidAiliii Of the
every _emergency, There is no need • that EteV. Dr. Edgar, one of the nobknt:.iliilin
men be •in doubt:, 4 (..When he, the Spirit itiropiststof Ireland; and whose - natiselstnear- ,
of truth ie guide - you into all,. Iran familiar here as in hie oirrillittif;' . and:
truth." lam nt4.4miteliut'nur-conanut, un- Divia . et10,0,414/Ifi
der the pressure ot doubt, ia:niten: radically aiiid 10,'14v . „ Samuel' Dill, of Billitifarna:...:
wrong and praothfalky*n*lie.: We get a,.. ,» .Cooke .-iiione , pf the Deputatten-Omat
notion that some,d'oetit*Aetthad hi . therie• pievoOMin . g' lie' not ..earfain...Officiali4aties.
believed, has sm . foundatioa;to stand upon ,,,,, ipretrent'-hidi; . bid theri::jeioddie'hope'
or that ' oertain fditne 2 of r:walla ;. ,. :14
hirfitfril 7 propriety,:ioT thit4re*.".."' "
whole Church is seriously wronelkillit t kerning,..err; these brethren do, from the
once we become very
.. uneasyl express our. 1 heart of a Church a Pentecos
tal . .
suspicions, to everybody,• complain to our
neighbors,' argue.
. istrsogers, fret and s
vex ourselves no little as to the queetiop of,
duty. We 'sea 'B3lllOl . de,, teeiy bcidf bnt'
God. •' =We. the opinions every
one j 0
-';John, Peter,cirho
would kiirer tVeii‘_6s . piniipx;: , by the' inspira
tion of • GOV.' 'A'nd such '' l *frit:4
of opinions arise, that's •wis'C' notidlasfOu
is almost incip:assible' omit!
neicuot) ' • becolike exceedingly complicated
when handled by everybody. How =Oh
better whaajpa l first r shadow, of _doubt ap-,
pears, eit4fit!yt,o tale onel',Oihle to flit
closet, snit,ibere,,a behdedlttee, ask the
gaidinoe Sim 4o,.gui#asjiifn all troth.
I think, were siteli'l4 6 rfacee pursued, we
would raNL.llKaire oc on to mention our
doubts 'or - MBltiitiltiAlo ~t • person.
After all;' , ,itqw‘ieryllittl gets from
a third person, theior
When , h.l prayer tiff 'lag! lipirit for ,
light, a.. ~ Urgent study of" tlitilffite have
gent Miff
failed?, „ . ..,,i,hpkvW.:o3f Other intini r ee will be
• ••••• '
hsvie airdStleoOf . in'Out guidance of
the Holt Spirit .i e rken we subinit to that
guidance bArtiliiiMy, and in_ the use of the
proper ',of you' leek Wits
dom, let him ask of -. God that givpth to all
men liberally, and upbraideth , not; and it
shall be given him." Thit ip'sliromise on
which every man in doubtrciiite lay bold
with resolute grasp; "`it alattb ght Oiven
Let men, perplexed with dotibts,•ketip quiet
before men, and talk about theine - 0121 y. to•
God, and there will be very - little either :of
serious doubt or radical error in oficOkittroh.
The Presbytery of Zanesville held its last stated,
meeting, in Comberland, 0, on the 6th:inst. pie
meeting, was very pleasant and harmonione.
The following, in reference to Miller Academy,
was adopted : • •
• Resolved, Thitt Presbytery is gratified to learn
the success which has. tOns• far crowned the ,ef-.
forts'of the Trustees and Principal, in sustaining,
this inatitntioryttukdat many occasions of diiiiiiiir
agment, and *ff-lie educational facilities Which
it affords are stiti l bf such - tt high' ordbr i :ns-Well
as of such apparent usefulness. . '
Resolved, That while 'we are .gratefut to God
for the honor which he has put upon this in'titu
tion in leading young men to enjoy its priviliges,
bot literary and religions, and in bestowing one
number of them his oonvertiog grace, we would
not fail to recognize the fact that the past m
om of the Academy has been mainly owing to
the untiring exertions of Abe competent, faithful,
and self.eacrificing principal.
Resolved, That Presbytery 'view with' deep re
gret and shame, the items of the' report (of the
Trustees,) which speak of the . Oontinued:
quency of many of our churches as,th-undertak..
iug anything in aid of this Academy, and Ate
consequent, abridgement of the services of the
assistant Whom we had appointed; lesides the
deficit which it has occasioned in the meagre
salary of the Principal. „ It. . •
Resolved, That Presbytery concur with the
recommendation, of the Board of Trustees as to,
taking the co-operation of the Bt. Clairetiille
Presbytery. and do hereby invite that Presbj.
tory to unite with us, and to take an equal "Part
in-the control and mangement of Miller Academy
Resolved, That this Presbytery recommend to
all our churches, the observance of the last Thurs
day of February as a day of prayer for Colleges
and other institutions of learning, and that they
unite aims with their prayers, according to the
action of the General 'Assembly, and take up .a
oolleotion for the support of this Academy, either
iti connexion with, or in proximity to such set
vice as each pastor and. Session may deem best.
Alao if the St. Clairaville Presbytery concur in
the foregoing resolution, they are requested to
have similar collections made for this object in
the churches under their care.
Resolved, That Presbytery earnestly enjoine
upon the pastors and stated 'supplies in our
churches, to endeavor to enlighten their Congre
xations, from time to time, in the *truths relating
to the subject of Christian education; and its
proper advancement amonget us .
Prpsbyteryappointed' a Committee,, coasting
of Revs. "Ai Alexander, Wni. id: Ferguson, and
Elder" J. K. Caldwell, to confer with d the St.
4114EN131... . :741 1111491q3M.
" °Mir cs 0
/or we Presbyter= Banner and Advocate
Presbytery of Zauesiille;
, • . .
dlaireville Presbytery tipen 4 the , ifulOtidt *anted
above:- ••• .'•
Presbytery, in 'al' 'Of
the Generiar Aarnatio Yireeihniterill the blittriihes
under our, c tctabgetrehe eeeend.4,lloifdayl of
January, ne*.t, en A l .psfaigni.,•et special "prayer for
the„cotkversiimotAtlf ,
the ohaerven , orlof the Sabbath, P resbytery
reoommend 'Co ilroliFiniiiiiiters; ihefeeseS 41k..
ilanae in checking. whatever, hafr,a,
desecrate the - plrd's day, , euliklitenteg public
sentimentteri to' the Seripttifkl 7 ointis 'fat , the
sanotitybf Vie Sabbath, and inintioniiittbe &ads
of familiesigainst influences, which would lead
their children to neglect its proper observance.
In Vie* Vibe prevalent 'apaoh - y in spirittial
things, ar*the fewness 70f, , conversions taking
place in s our•ehurches, therefore, ,
Reso/Sed;.,That the first l'hirsday of iioveirn:
bet be appoin as of humiliation and
prayer within , ciur botinder.',lll reference td this'
Subject; that,theiBest3ion of u eaoh,church iu
the •Presky tery„ be :urged to..oonfer together on
the state of religiOn, and to take such measures
as may seenite'them bekt adapted to itoinote
reviial of religion. •'
I/ITP Pixie
Mt. Picasant chnieh. - --K11.• Alefandei, deCond
Sabbath in November:" Joisisliiibut,.Sedond Bab:
beth- 'December. 'Mit Ferguson, Second .
Sabbath janziarx. Wm. Second y-
. • • Fetrdier .-- s - V7 - 7. --- ninitgairlf •
.Siibbiali " •''•.
•I , t'Maifeitta'chtteci.. l 47.'M. Drake; ban SAM& itst
November.. Min: M. Robinson, one / Sabbath in,
March. , • , ,
Wit: M. Rost:4Bos, 'Stated
baptism, their visit will be hailedliire with
RI by multitudes who will:be,..eager to hear
*3 - istog 7 .pi . the .ion i der:fid Work of ; grace
from their lips. ' I f heir reeeptfon by the
bituteh ol'Oodiu this , land willibe tairdiati' .
bor'ehn , therb be a ddithVen to thelraolipir .
of their mission. The iintld slionfdl'be in.:.
tirestell ibetheevprgaiiifion-es tba 'Papal'
poptilation of Irelan'di as • they. are: the heg4
garisand - • the'-bank of
,every land , tat which
they ethigrate:-‘ 'Ape tiny "gpc•hietywir'sre.
' Weibespeik, in. , advaiee,4orithig;deipnta-
Lion, the welcome' •and - trimpat:hy":4P, ; our
On Monday last, a meeting , s.oterarßen ,
t l
and laymeq was held in:t e'oollB4ooll i. ri3orn
of'ilie.Dllitkih - eliiiVe ,Ifith referenhie
to fhb' ..eiiehted . arriiriet!Fili'l3`aPitiiictik
from 'the Irish Ohnritiii!.,Te-AeiP: Dr. Lelind
of'Soiith Carolinit,4 ; :. - ild'io the chair,.
kill - libilbitiONVAdi , 'I, was ' liPPilitid'
Beniatity.• •'‘'.'::i: ; „‘ ,. 1 1...4
'lt Dr: Mikta ,„` '
-.ay. Jr: . s 01.. upon
stated thtfaist , thari* Aegition were now.
on their way,luisi would probably arriVe in
a-feiv days;. he spike 'of the great 'rivival
now in progressrin Ireland, of the work to
be done there r -, and .the men that were
coming—holy, eloquent and devoted men.
Rev. Dr. DeWitt - Rev Dr. McLeod and
others followed ; and after adopting a; letter
of commendation, which is given below and
signed ilgemitlemen present, the following
persorisliOi appointed to receive the Depu
tation and . !Bake arrangement for a publie
teeetiekielire re ome theM : Rev. Drs. Miff
.riiy; DeWitt; Spring, Adams, McLeod,
Thumper), M'Clintock, Pxime, and A. R.
Wetknore, Tag'.
The-great work of reforhsition and .revival
in Ireland; whioh'has awakened Bubb deep
interest throughout the Christian world, has
opened up many waya of accesisto ite Roman
Catholic population:. Indeed.many of them
are , turning ~unto. the Lord, and becoming
active agents,iu.extendiorthe work. The
field is ,white ; unto . the . harvest, -and .many
reapers ! arciiready 14
;to enter 5 Ant,-the
nytans of • supporting them : artAimited,
The Ilen.eral Assembly has agn9apeputatiou,
to the churches of Amcriek • •irosisting
Dr. Edgar, of Belfast . ; . the,, Be*. Samgel
Dill, of Ballymena; apdl„.* Rev. Mr._
Wilson, of Limerick, th4r aid in
the prosecution of their missionary work
among the Rimini. Catholics.
And we, the undersigned most cordblly"
recoMmena this Deputation and their object
na!worthy the kind reception and the liberal
siiiport, of all the EfailgeliCal Churches of
our country.
.Mio 'York, ;Sept: 12, ` 1859.
A:lr. LELAND; C. K. hums,
lifilifinimAy, • • J. GIIBBY,
Wirr, - L. 8. Esstrait,
C. S. STEWART, 11. N.,
B.;.lisivaps Pant', J. Dzse.azar,
EnEfin.ins,N. J. Ildoz,
z eGistaßwris," , -
J. 133Asir; -
Joni Tuomeom, J. M. Vas Bualit,
Ia;-111. 4 Tea powur, J. M. Salm i ,
Moess D. Hoos.
--417.; •
Y. Obstir" ver.
A few days •ago, a •Itight" little OA of
probably three or four .Summers, who re
cently lost her father,'oame.up Professor!
Wise, at the. Jones' House, and said; '
"Mr. Wise, wont you take me up With
you in your balloon.?"
" Why do you want to go, my deat?" . re 4,
plied the Prde i sior.
" I want to see my pipa," was the tench-.
ing response. „ , ,
A tear was vieible in the aerOnaut'S 'eye
as he assured' heethat it was impossible'foi
hini to take her' high enough to- see her
papa.—Lafayette Journal.
-From our Long
.',The Amnesty and, the
• „Different Passes of
Uneasy Relations bt
-The Future of a
'and Broken
Rights of Conacient
H. ,Hanna. the P
SS " Case.
Claim' of Oppose.
Revival a Test of Cl
Meeting with the
counted for—A Cone
elainied• by: the
It is n great 'stroke
conselidate , his po ,
his It
provisions. y It 1
Astir of- 1848 and
istArn tck,,prance.
ispx ! „•to ,Ilgeria, el
, torn,* and •numl
0i1)04, in exile.
• "aiiid to - Alfieri
disirer. it, arid et
itaiipied with regal'''.
eludes the Repnblit
Chii3garnier refuses to
Relgium, and others of
!tile' Will 'doubtless in
Liiiiii,,Bliko, Who was ii i '
ni:oletitetid Reds, .i c rit
.jpiiiiits;idmits that t
era 'as fioeclible, but 'tin
an exile must remain'
goodly number of Fren
uir" in London; dodlid
find employment oU'iiii
class they have been gr . ,
Would do better in. Peri
as they excel in the 'de'
speak, , rather than in^
terial and substantial
return, and all the 1111
peroris wise and °term,
any pledge or oath, fr.
others will •remain nu(
a Conleveriement in,
upset Napeleonism.
The - Orleans branel
other worde, the lam
is not inoluOid br
this, an explanation to
the effect that there al
BOWE of France; Whir'
Hero, doubtless, no 01
have been aocePted.
Count De Chamboido
young prinod,: the ./
Orleans, retain •their
, t.
with " hope !defined
Their expeptatioOktit
only blasted. AC
whether Anglp 4, : swo ,
friends in eith 4:ae..
remain 6g dowatight'! .
piontatalle tt*. Popi3
or while to the,
Prince Da itiFille . .l
oid.projee . pt Aavil
PEACE ' e shall ha
time; and all the Mery
a :Palmer thCabinet
theitudi en of .the '
'ewer foci;
Duchies ab lutely deu.are ay._
of these a If exiled -prineesi• find •vote.. by
Constitntio al assemblies...that; they, hare... ;
forfeited.. t eir rights k, a r o ; .Austria,: in-
sista on "t e pound of ,fleshi' apd.....D01-•.
poleon..plays fast and ha*, in,. hi5..i44.,
mysterious, f ion...
,Bardiiiia and
have aepipte . 'ater6ts/ The .Freneli Em-
• Perer'S onto!in, rincilerome, is "the eon- Viet'? Emthannel, ap4 instead., of
fcirmsilq . aiinexi, the Daohies to' 'led-
moat, there "lia, ' Veen - 'pinions that the '
Prince is to 'he' rented `King' of Oentril'i
•Italy, or rather .tb t the people are to be,
asked to dhoti's& Ili' asltimiti: Confereneei,
however, aptiirefitl frieudly, have been
held at Zurich; 'al
,oiigh 4t is significant
tititrlAuistria keeps atlrg:Aforee in Italy, •
riseturipidions 'and kiotAo, • ttalks , abont the
legal.rights-of the •exiles, is manufacturing::
a news new Constitution at V enna, aristocratic
and priestly;; in its main el•ments. . ; :tv
Young Fran (lie. -4/ - ose p• 4 inaugurate d -hie:"
reign, in 1848, by a- ~ tioilesto . fall of
liberal proinmes ,and pr , essions - as to the.. ;
equality of all the'euhje sof ,the• Emperor
before' the law; but thee ik . ,ve been p.m,
wilily falsified. -. ..'Thile, , .aiigoint Jeenits .
behind thelbrone,:andt: alltthe,Coneeidat,,
with' the Pope—o Pea 4 k: tit)on a mind,
prejudiced and 'bigi . ;---,havit," hithertt:
balked the hdpee of Ea Iridiekt"freeidin2 -
.. , . • Ate )14 , ,,.., ....!
- len Celebrated 'it •.
nexition of Loin
the amphitheatre, . ; .
d persone.reoeived
he greatest enthu
lation of die
‘. ,Lake
the eveiiiiigo,: f. " it,
tare carriinito,the . :
m. , lion was 'honored
, i arshall Valliant
erientative. ''The •
•ved by theAmited
fti France, .on . this
Yery annoying .to
' the nnoer. nd -...
w.een:France a. •
ributed, to .the..Atz,
The Emperor;..
' bite, all partievist.
14ilen i in honor of the
baidy to Piedmont. In
n i
a crowd of thirty thor n
'Victor, Emmannel,-witir
siastn. , A generalilln -
of Comb took place in
~. , .
combination of art and n
utmost perfection." Na
at the same time, and
was present as his , re
allusions to victories se
armies of Piedmont an
OCCat3iOD, must have heed
Austria. It is whispers
tainty of the relations be
Austria, ,powerfullY cord
.of „th4s , ,, amnesty'
hoii v i. . 41.11,,,.
. • .
• ,F .llirE RieFLTB OF CO SOlENOZ , blWerbeell...
the. wahjectt of recent .iscassion, in • co*, .
1 1 ; 41.
nimbi withithe case o ,a Roman Catholie , ,
girl at Belfast, who ,b • come under. the :
influence of the awak ning there.„,,Ao 4 ,
had attended the. Berry treat churph-fqr,4 1
number of evenings, an "Waribreughtttelpri
a deep ,conviction of si
similar Circumstances, Was at . once
to discover that the wor hip of the Virgit :
and saints was arkqab ination, and she
Eructed in Christ alon. as. her Mediator
Ind Redeemer. The, ch nge was known to .1
souse ; young persons p her .9lva age, and .
her mothep-ra wom a n' f inditerent chart,.
aiiier—Went to the Ciiii Ii in ordeito bring
her away. A suffie oe arred at the,
after the breaking iip' b 'tie seon#ll;mtiiiirl
arid' the attention - dr bil - 'riiiiiniter; 'Kr: .
Hanni, was thus dia, Oki the 'matter. He
reasoned with the woma as to the right of
the.-girl• to have liberty of emiscience, and
the mother consented': t allow. visitors from
the'..,-ohnrch to pall up n.her. : Very soon,
however, these were, , ..i
nied access, and a
ptie!t was found to.,bc.the instigator. .I:Fri.:.,
der, ; the oirriumstatropf,l the girl went into
the country, to soro,friends, and, returning
thence to Belfast,* i took rpfir in the Air, Hannai She was Al ed with
shank; leet she shoilir berthreerlit6 a eon
tietii,'irid her : vieiliV, iikitli; keir*iio`pip='
AIWA,' of love(tO tOfiiiit; Ware' *eft rattirti'
faiiterf' 'Mr. Haunt Infant - ad 'We 'Moiler"
of , all. this, and 'Ob(iiiied a elluiitt4 . &Ait'klie
girt in a Christian family ' Wierinporin in
"mane tat . law ilia' raised by'the - Petriefi%
fit* iliatiling• the girl to be aivezemptv
ber4noth'et. The'Dii'd Chief Justice 'fibril')
thrtflartiair beforrhim, in his private °hank-
. .
i` Dop THE ,Airti 6 le i r ytiate: ri 7r
OtiA.Bon BhITHL~ R:
SEPTEMBER 24, AtSls9.'
? ranee --
fa joeeph
ver t—ein
h and
0 At.
een pro- :
4' l / 4 401410
*Ott Y
1ip14164 t
1 6 7 4 1 0 r. '1
AU who
will, be
It iw
.enerals ; but
ve his asylum in
the same class or
;ate his example.
Aderof the Com- '
ii to the English
amnesty is* as lib
ti•emain a man,
. bli: We have a
Pliefugies aniongee
I hump of them ''
kind, bat as 'a '
sufferer.. •The'y
hitt in Llindbu t '
atitw•arts; 60 'to'
bens,in Dublin.• .Hefntiuditerso , trery in
telligesittOlcar, and decided In heriiisws,
thatitiiitaidtaposed to. allowlher at atiVe-tb . 1
,retufletc-Belfast;'uhdet Mr' Flailtia,q4 charge: l ,
ButlhaTopigh counsel obje , Sted that the
gel Was' not of the legal age, and warrant
ing•shoh'allebision. An adjournment 'took
place for inquiry ) and - the girl returned,' in
theimistritimeri to'ltelfibik 'Ander. Mr. Han
iserhate.:!'.4oVlSPlKOr'discortied that 'the'
Mother had Oh& ireibielf tato ter'daughter's:
age,' bp ntarlytja whole 'year:- , Eleveti days;'
however; 'were still - wanting, fro oi 'the day of
thir.secotidAearing, - . to Complhta her. four
issatt .Year; at'solifoh veribUslie world >be
attlfibeity to ohotise foiFheinialf. ; - .,f i , .. - •
i %Now came the :p)ieseli' "primate. ' The.
~iludge•at first wia''abotif7to' giib•:OVistti#lBi
girl lor 'the eleven . days) ' toldr;:lit*ll,R.:* ; .
hefPopish ' eon nisei' protesting ) . It- witotti , '
thatshat she:should itay with herlitothltr.l'-•Andi
lo she . was kept in - -Dublin , Titill'Aulaancr"O r'
infinences were' brought to . beer Nit her: ,
floc+ Clothes' were purolittod'.l)olki -at, ,
IIa: • _ 'AShe. Court met, Itht(9l.*: ~1 1 4 „ .. '"'r'- • ..\e;
61444 it
era: h ' r'n ire so orowaid Siound , her; •
as carefully to prevent even a gigues to be
exchanged between her and Mr Hanna. Be=
ing asked as to her decision, she answered
in a schooled and mechanical manner in the
affirmative, and so the priests triumphed
Mr. Hanna, however„ believes tbat the
via df:Dirine grceeis'in:lhis girl's heart,
that she is iiituallya prisoner, and in my
hear* ':urfied the large congregation • at
Belfast;:to whom he 'related the 'issie, not
to cease tolnoy for her reedue and deny;
eranoe. •
One •thing, however, is now settled by
law, and that is, that at fourteeq..yeare• of
age, *eyoung person is it,hberty,X,ohoose
his or her religion. It iettlie,glog ai lf,
Constitutional countrYto,PinietiCilcitisitenos.
As for Popery, in her hatellidle/4.'ititi
treads it in the dust This seeona
assault on liberty of conscience •••wasi made
at Carrickfergus. ARoman . Catholjelsutli
had become a convert, the result of Revival.
Meetings in 'the Presbyterian churl*: Be
'took refuge in the honse'.of
lady. His . mother followed him' , 4,hither,
and took possession. .of -bedroont,t,,,in
which she repeatedlY beat him, and whaa..
he refused to say _"Ave Maria,". as well :as .
the Lord's prayer, she • and others
him with such violence Vila, if' ifits:lotind•
necessary to retainer. him frotrilthiirihiniis;
.and to eject. Oria, , , rom.,;#4s :114,:tkhonee,.
into whlah r. ike 4stirsided:„ltenktif., In
'the Nt
° the
"W ill' it he s belietre4
the , niagistrites•-14,•;Carriokiergasi :against
this ladkaa4er i frianda,AndJthit everfAhs
minister at gitinsitfergint ,(;wlto wee shoot
in klagliiidityibei time,) was soughE toy'he
implioalit" The ihateist ihe'prieiteind
their parti, however,. # 44 ''''',lgnominiiiii 4l 3'
dismisse4 !aid /they vert4sinsehed '
as, well aa,nompelled I t ti,mair the
.oestkof : the
innocent defendants., i, • .
It is *good signlll4 . thikliNitaiiivoili,
when wet see ''the
fdriittd... The -trtith' iN that 'it INV; of
liskakening hag, aliraiss
•_ Isom ethi ng ' ' testing.
It :1 14.iidei what ; Sinidon:
'said of the infint, Messiah 7« T cbil ,
, •-•tits_ea.
.many in Israel, a, or a sips a e•
/poker, agairitt,rthiit the thiiglts'
hearts: neay'-6 ""iiii'ea&d." •: 1 • .•
-.The zelsieseg WhOs l oppOW.
various. There is the High) Oht
both Englatidi_ 'ins4,llredaitd,:onii„
sorry to be obliged ; t o
• Sow, professed
Evangelicals ), too, WlinipiStegid thtewing i
themselves Into the seieliiiteilifitiaelf
tight, etand,bi!,l talk of eifisiml4lo
.look on,
00,001.*ili,::in4 so leave' theini4lireiViplb#:
pds}ilon d = escribed by christ :
not' --0111: i 'ittp", is against nie, and' be that):
tiorlifth me, seitteieth abroaff.,!l.,
lit t liondon'iletry, an Arclideieon - iesties 4 - 1 4
adif t eii, and after speaking :fit tho.Moo 7 „,
uien ' as 104.' 1 .inikei main, and 141 4 . 0*/481,
iWir, its great gala!' feaults, concludes by
exhorting the clergy
,not to .60000,
Dissenters in the initia l so d isk d"..
l i not 74-0.,, and sin against lithteuth ii 4 edlkin#e"
ak ' the' tome time. Tie."JiiiiitiOpl'eridortei,
the • Pilida*, (at ikrytiagh,y,aoteires theism,
Sty,itiniSA' and abortive at'Orptp - at :Ae l
inval'serVices 'of their own are made:
re really thishiniiioly, Prelacy I:sifeeefrirriri.
exciusive.. ,T here aye, however , ihapy ) ex4 .
captions siiiiofiKtlic. clergy . ; and ,of
O A.
Church be,g3if
Witit.tritt dusiiprove of. High'
'Church opposition, '.4t.Por - Craeh; in County;
Antrinf;l. opposition.
tiro. .eXemlietit
the.lnedinbent labia Ciliate, heartily ,ohj,
'operating with the' - .Presbyterian miniete i r,
and theie,* . rtaftill. is' in every other place
where enoWnoion - of ' heart and , •toil. is 'resr.l
lied,' glorious harvest is 'being reaped to
the honor of cicHrti . grest name.
4t4ewiy,: my , first sphere , of pastoral la-,
141c:tint still dear to me, I was weloomedibi
the' Dein Of Promore, ind invited - not - oily
to ,- the' hospitalities of his table, ; hitt to
Union Prayer-*eeting, which *as crowded,
to overflowing Presbytery 'and • kpisoOpiey
uniting in holiest harmony Of speech , ,
song,:irid , -
, -- A'rtiitheertirliark abl e fas c ia' of 'thisi AAk
eningild, that Whelps to st4pressr: the' prej-
Wdipes of Churohmen against N,onoonform
'lets. Ming for example , an Archdean and
tf . 4 Xteethit .ati the C onn - of .liesccantnonhpe,
piriod,"hlald" ne' l idierOonike
th riting Presbyterian minister 'sent'
thither for the 'instructionorBcottish
'migrants and others. - 51ii truth, he regazded
ltillt with hitughty neghSot *id jeakiwiy.
Th6r6, Watfeholreive'r,' - " Some good - thing ",
MgrOhtirch)iiitti'slienit.' He ketird - of the
111111669I6ViViirand he Came to' See kir
- Aid see , how Webb sdisipiseit
Presbyterian ministers Werehoridilfd of God
in the work; 'aid as slide"ite' tetilnied
mime, he 'called on 'the litardellOilMitiry;
invited' him* to his house, asifiArhins . th
diesifUlpieyet-meeting, and' ikiiii*l4vaigly'
. asseeinted With hiarin every good Worit.;
'Another class of opponents is to be fon&
amongst men of the world, Whe - Will
nothing (because they hive ne`disietioNk)'
of Spiritual realities like this:, • Othittif l .isci;
love sin, de backsliders' in"heart 'and9if e,
and So do notAiiitt'to"beillishit
They love theletidelk unkeitot than!. 'Olt
will go.'" , `f'
Unitarifinidiretilfteftbe Ifertheiii
Whig;Ofcßelfant,) - *Bile. *lag' out all
newril - 10 theAWskenindrid . note
°eke' iiekdoWledging` thenniiio4olol
;on the 'people's habits and niers
too glad 'tti, (Oohs 'a sneering article
ffativr'a*vieto, whose °fever but
ptilOtts — ' •place the " Calvinistio
same catek6kj A 6 With ' 6 B"'
realists, Ministerial fanatics , -' - ' . .. - Jhmpers, OjP i•
leptio , Cory b Sri tei and 11:tka
j ers, inch
the victims Of 4itpiterilit I" 4- •
Tests of trfititind' dierPiAlafrO MI if thi:
enmity .of 'the unreticwed
ithed by this ,awakening. -is it' riot a 'mar , .
venous thing, that invariably ` when` a Ro: .
;Mnis%ht. a ,Unitatian is "stricken;" and
lifter Warde, finds' a 'relief and deliveran* .
that in , , e one neap ;all' Virgin worship d .
. .
1 'il'i•lifo' is' 'relit a -
siinf.-a o i n . o nee 'with ablier=
ronot, ;and thatrin !the' edic t the Lord Jesus,
;1,— , % 1 10,
` -feoo_, F4 l l.l.aonr4Ad i r ov,4o r„all.",
.A 4 ;piost - ilte cling olio , of . thiLtiitter deicrip. '
tiori'iiiii ridated - tc; me in.niyreeent 'iiiiit - to .
; ttie neighborhood' of Colerain'of'"There- iv,
Unitariau-had byert under dreadful: ; distil*
both of body, vid ,miod.; he was direoted ,
the Atoming i §aprifice of which he had 147-.
in that's ;put 'I diebefieVer: .Lnd it ,
r ;
described' 'to Me as most impiessiie to`heiteo'
this inaivon his knees, pouring out hie soul
W.llollol' of Christ, lavishing,in_c i iimulative.,
t heantyaid freshness, titles of, honor on his
head. as his Lord and ILIAGIQd.'s
The progratA l ,'Oetlie 4 4iiiikedine., k hiluis;
hated. ' No one eau foriult tharditriffil, ' ,
•, , its.mttnre andldepth, whalsit-riet'pered
.• .,visitedi, the , seines of As ,:msnifesta ~ 4 f,
'.tvery evening , : Vast multitude—in se . , i ,
i ate congregatios, in school houies, iii ,:.
tages, •in churobekiand in the open •a' '' •
assembled for devotional' purposes. Pear ,
has fallen On mosti of • those .who,,onoe re.,
6 - 1 9e 1,AP 4 *- 1. 5/Pz r z*a *,., ' from 0: .1 4APPAf
, joiiina s. The poWer of:prayer . now - -1
recognized fact, and especially the t poier of
united prayer. And then to see the tearful
eye, the intense interest, the unwillingness
1 to separate on the part of the
,people, who
have been toiling in the field or factory all
thoday, to mark also the radfiiiijicy on the
countenances of the converts, and to liateci .
to that jubilant shout of praise, 'Stich as•
coulti,only come from a regenerated and re-.
• deepud ,threng—rall this i s, truly intioug,..
iiiiiiiical' agitation is still not uncommon,
' although diminished..- Aliiicist:iiiiiiiihltit .
iii pre 7 otiiiii'd by *deeli' dbitiresit of: Mind,. Mid
• by perit - .np" feeliogs-.....lacfmetimes"it ,itt,thei(
moit,ignorant that, thus stiffer . niostotnd ee l ,
140iiii.y. when o c l P,ketnd, ; if tbs.', havli: in,
Siiiodr clearly s et - before them; fheir '624.;
err is Infinite'aril lititiPaged. ' Ministers
and others, as a vide; 'dot,' hoihini to stibirki.
' late , the people—lt:Certainly not. -Alit
, Ytt.:PAsOs .a.Ke. "fig:, P*aufllPg - I n ' 9fl a
osee,o) l ooleMilli, t ;' not 4 hafist Ilailymnlh,
andli*Vdetioli 'ilrenlit*,..llttioorislit:
dicir l iikkilittkolij itiffe*eiViiii„and the Teell'Ogii•
elioitedilia itteVetiltir4 hit followed, see ta i
clearly, ttir•prridythilt; :the' holy Spirit. wg , tl
present in grog pAiii, • - :,,,.1/4/ gill Mr. Simpson, of PC:km* - 4, told me that i
he had 41°12 - verged Witiiiiitriiiindiid'igd
twentylnine peiseini. 44 . 6111 d . IMeii - Phylii:.
tally affected, attlit - ,..he''jbelblvfid that fifer
greater number,;;Of th emeotm;44oroxtghlY!.
changed characters.,.... t ge t .ll4ma;ofyliffisti .
tells me that he fissloiod five outiof t every
six times of:a Char 6 he ter alit ' , l oon=
sidered'ae genuine.' While illihiiiiiilii his
congregation (an immense' glithbringOkat ai
recent ,week evening: Servioe,iolie, heYi wok
taken nutt.atuij heard,' -tm,x.,44 close Orklite(,ro offere d , a a ,PPr e ° a s"7 l 9'
It iiiitiji6fithiNis of
yo iik,A#l4, .4711 1 :
repai4ooloiii VestrY, I fOliaik*Viliby
of ; '40,., i 441*ten years of * I ; ..4elinitAl
1' 41 4. 1 - 4 .Y# `, i: \ :as f,eltifflring,:from ,severe..
plug, itt
~, pi( gesturts„,iincl: the : ilitelog
of his edds,:thire' could:1014 ilfklietta`
'itiifia , .o6.: 2 4lit stoopinrhldiii ls (lititi
: : were iilbsed,) , to the lipsElMark:hfilreilost4l
eel Atelrorday. f` Oh, Jellutt tave ,!EteroY .91ift
PP •
: int t l :
...:, k . 1,4* . yowl*. girl.; seventeen
Oars of ke, pale and ,. estresee'd, .r 0 .-
ctilia,uViiiNM -ileris4eitii'eitetllf n .fe.. . '
. . . • _
;and singingile found them eta I ,prostilite ,
acili,lielplesq,nricl,the girl apparently jam',
sible. After.w,4,4,,,lßWrreOlgy,rte.
,niimea• to their homes:. .1. mention n - these
;ciaes' as ilivisitnithini .6e irlateilielWg 1h;
aid's* whet' ii 'generally' gollotiedfliry
4 1
5140vre, , t0,: the Saviour. ,
f r,l l ! 4 # ,r 1449, .. 1 5 1 . , MU 10 ,at. all y
mesa and Portrush, bilies,of enverta„both7
male and female,: 144 be en 'dine large
e 4. .Doctor Murray -Mitchell, from Ml
lbay and ManYlother saber minded men;all
treee.gnised the 'reality, of the,changes klest
er. shall I,forget the joyous prayer meeSega i
suiff hitinse eartiestneep - witti t elipse•V- during
my= 'alip&shillY caielidg.•
is 'deeply graven - - on 'Any leeienty. • Mira
• late at eight.. The : General Prayer-Ale eting.
had, been succeeded by another for 09147 1 08 1 ,
to Wboni -addresses were also Aslivere4
various strangers. It 'was : a lovelY 7 Wltgua
night. .t
m.inister,'lrhen suddenly rose Up on. the . abilh
air the ~ Foieto otaisatl At first .I, , ,thought.
~,Bacalkairflan chorp,,nf vellers.,.. ,
RL onieft-iti. harems more distinct. It - wee .
and, many witi6loilieii. in it.'
rapidly flerbtif
!the bOdritry,-.)when iniddenly' atr.theteridi Of
!lane, and: Worm ;gads we came upon, a
;bttidfe l f,e,hont thirtyjnting z inen—allumilt-,
Lifigtoiir O . : Ave deep ind \ ,,a they Marehed
rlAtimiiisiM,'• they stag 3iigh praise's' Of
i .thisk".4*ltid'leard b - efati:ef-lthia felitide
. the !pill* but now it was a:viirld and affect=
tngfealit The party mfas arrested by the
.ftill uite l r, t .l('- :e ri"h w e e y ll 'ga ; t k. hrred :* 'a around d ne., '
found t,hiti they formed aliirt , of that utt-'
c znetousland. of converts whom tie had siien
!about .an hour before,lnkaia-upper-room
hind- oue.Lof• the Presbyterian churches of.
the:: neighboring t own.: - It was ittrizitenFiew.,
both sole Mi l, and delighttel. , It. was.
• an t to speak to these young men; toTinagnify .
; before them the 'grace of God; which ,:had
'Wide them to differ from -others, to warn
them against grieving the Spirit, and so;
losing the freshneaa and fervor of their first
love,, fizianark their warm affection for onek
ancitliet,tarid theipearnest'desire to do g00d: , ..
Theril4rayer was offeredk part'of the , 1034:
Dalin , Tic enfig, the beiledittionl. was prof
nOttimed; and we parted with affectionate.
adieus;' It was a memorable , night and
scene,, and it was in strange anclpainftil con-
treat to, , when my friend' and myself °me i
soon after, on the prostrate body- of a poof
drunken miner ' as,he lay intoxicated oli:the
pnblia road. As-,ll,;llifted. him •up , and!
helped him to hisolth house (not far istay,) ,
we talked toy, and its; wages. : t He ,
said the Fliiiiriiqiiiiirirairied him, too, and
haii•pattpenance ( ot4im, and that was. to
' repeat so.miny prayers in thOday: " But,",
said he(' P I had n't time to 'get through ,
Chem.". ..:And ,thou his bigoted spirit peer
ing ouLtbrongh his drunkenness, he shonted;
out, '.' onthis Rocktwill I build my Church,!',
intimating;thet Peter:was .the Rock; and so
.. 1 atilast ire. am him'. over the threshhold. of
hisysiditaryi and t. miserable 'cabin - It,mas
sad; indeed,- and::give us a= glimpse 'of' the
' refuges. of Rollo - whit:a superstition, allied
with vice, hides itself and. hake.. its 'fears
:::` .. .. 4,i ii.$ egoing 'kir iliat;lnflriP'44.lriiiil cdi s
a fid
pe s ; • 1.11. , ..rvationii: - - irk/trace ieiscsis
ne)iii4. 4 "'" h the I* iinkenliht.l'itiffelfir
and CS: 1 'ions," . : _ °ailing 'fast. nay
seem ie' , ll9 largel3i4eiziiineVeid for by the'diii:
organized iiondition of-triii hertfons iyaneloy
which, accompanied by i r esligiona terrors, lad
after eonviiiiiilm, religimia jliy, shapes vigil*
of hell or heavers after the Scriptural ideal' of
both, and finjltntteirlifide in& etprinisidilla:'
oordingly.No importance, Is attabliiidqb
these by 'Wilhite* Who', ii' fief; diem - Kiritb
them. Strange , physic& **lnk 'hie' ' ilaY
ourred. I ea* IMleciltiviiiiiil with - 136K at
.I•Biliymittlay *lick viie :t4f!' iiftelrfshi"PiAiil"Or
whit% 14144 ' 7 4 foliffilfierlid ' r hea. 'both'.
_ .
r 4r ;JP. 4 4
Iritlinif 'Seventh and Chealut Stab
* : • ' • e-'" =43 1,0 ' v
st4ll.llo o isrlmir.• - ami,..•
DdriVied itthe •: , ,..41‘00.:46 • - , df. 9 ; Waal rialer•MMUS.
• 'F" . -4. .
This was told Me both by
ber`fallei(is • altAiiiker) and =
, •
otherstaiii,.dunsbness lum been mal*ld and
. , • ••• •-• • • oct... •
thevrayers, -of lievcanrirestkm4ftlistio
Verrremarlable for%their Beuiptittutireauty l
`'Port Rash
J OH At,
Itiesh +Ards - tiitert.,dititiriMr.
Ililitnpson,);ponred , ont he*;ititil "thall:v 4 .‘10,
I Nans,.let thy Spiit - I;omerlitie., kW: let
h im fold me in his wings. o,.blesesras,
:Cast thoo not say,in;thy
ere % 'they that hnnier and thirst after—right
tmisnessi for they shall*
. 64 Oh, Jesus, have merop oh, have com
passion. My biaitie TOpty ileigoitl it.
Oh, thou west empty on , ioth,letki'lliOti,flit
1•fslllin heaven-... me, of rticladlnesir.
• The habit Of silent prayer is. ,being
ea ,b a
e stablished in
s conneaion with iiriOns meet
ings and servi ces. , I :fiitiUd l it so,st a united
meeting it Artnighl also:lCitielshtTali of
Mr..' lianneV-lindieillitaly: after the first
; tealm, :aryl 'before tlsininister's own :pub li o
-4 0 0 10 *A-4 041 1** 10 . 40 0ttkelivtimulsire se.l-
emniziig &lime' of the great weekly prayer
Meeting at the lthisic „Vali, Beira/it.
A -Aathering of nearly, twenty , thousand
ingefetfie **fleet ork,he te-
Yeting Wren's 'Aashitaticiiii was held in
. 5 ' the flatfeet Botanic"Garaens. last week, -the
'Ater-i Jr.nox prosidiog. ~411,4usern tore
silt to the i marveponflytm,syeather of
%met Sum nier the . preskit a
. prOtr . ideEitial ' Awakening
storni ttrikubliti; this z iildeet and
the - feeblest Assemble thei open air,
and the land and climate are ,like.,Gelil,4l4
;the days of the :Eittyipmea ministry: d-.
• • ' ' ' ' • '''t '.! ' ''''" .'
t . ';7' .. .
'• ~ f ' Prayer toirlfi '., r -1 :
-; The ' inieieieri of 1 0hriarstAillailiyers
'of their people, for. their - -worktis. ardttonS,
• t,beir .. ,nerthoess is_ ~:grear,,.. their- toes •• are
!fur,i9r,, and th7 . ir,hinAeranees are. many.
dicey dlaiiSlhio prayers o f their ,people, for
O !thole Tit rih itlpi4er. hiii)Cwe r` wilh God,
.anslcbrillgsrdoinzgrisatlitk inSilhahl'e Mess
na' gs. ; - The Preen, - of , the.l people influtnoe
the ,preaching „of the, nu nieter,.. and no
II lf t il . . -
Mplp , s4n, or er, i expeo t
. 4,,ip . ntnilter to
,h or to dew 804 e,
, profit,
exiefti ilfeY aiii9ntieh 'in frilytir ''fdr him.
AitrihtrpriOernof iliqiniple inftwenne the
!preaehimcof.thelminister, so the preaching
lof the 'minister, influences the prayers of
the people,, z ..,The,moilv..tl4l,,rgoze ought
se,,to,..rn !EA ft . i ), T i egfi.?-7a 04'1'4 grace
ion 'tab niunstet; 'and tne.mrishir
,!xight so
itl.,Vigag.vielo ' ktir ' b ; *P. , A4, l iis : di A °
!liiViiiii, - Id` bed ii* *Ai , - bleSsin" "Om.
;the. Lord: We & - ixtenriPly! le lideiiit,
i ite'riiiii; a 'din iRiall , :t111.1W1441 1 6"" . ' l6l 0
cii it t
413 : Ifillebleei)elraWe'beinsli., I l in 4 6 1 / 4 4 9ht
teekeifte-bUthe 'Clititelf i lt 04 ' fcir ibAni
' nbittet titi'dik, 04iaii Rimplir;' . ainiiit the
additiii; lirelich ?the;: Georpel - With' "Siviir,
urictiinr; ; &DID We , IfidrtiiiCet ; tolitt.' 'down
• ' frotri nearen. - /Thesis %thottthts rigs& tie la`
put the. qUestion, 'all .affeatibm .nr - eVbry
member of i , Christian °hut. hf. Hole bin&
have , 'you ;loved. for , aniniatera t Do you
pirayilfor/tilem.adaily..? 'lllaVei they a , lilacs
4 mei private prayers and family. :am
iticnal •Do you ever set apart special:times
itaikod4WOtim•?:-. Pchypxr. Rray fwrf theanin
. , „ •. , • ' '
_.,4,1,-.. 4..arthowains*Ps 3 / 4 4 , 040,4ear Rork r''
oplpqqeigur Ininistry• 1),11 WIFIA 'ling. 1114aric
-4130*A4 ithn , ftt l sso/149w 4 7 14 1 41 1 , 4 10 w
rtl ni t kotr; e'fßgilt , ! l , l ilig, JrAfo,rmjiyg,, mid
pig s)rt9nnergi'delketids op i. tbp prnprihing
We •Pupe
• 'tit l. - Apr Aim lufzikum cull on
. -9" . 3 v .,,riik h iflft ratk i aßa.
, ii6w . eau .1-nsi us
.., fe,,qn , , web. npt: tuff
1 reVerl3l" leitt:drAd how out the hear .
'Ague i Pitiotei? ' and r fAiliikall" they
ipreaoh except , Ille r i l le' lan' NOW it is
I Gore iiillq,o'qiialifY; commission, and send
ministers to preaoh tWaiiiiirto the world,
and he does of irhiivek Willsyerj there
' fore ,hursLOrt " says,' `t Tfitotiartiltut , tndy` is
I VlllkteclAa, but the_iliborm —fis
arew ; I pray
ye, therefore, the Lorti r arAbe harvest, that,
•',,he would send forth' 'borers into ILit bai
ielit 'm Suflul iptile 46 AliFp:N i fOliis
ffl l elMkAsr. E 4 .41,40TANr411466
ilvAbAte ziAtil Antliftigno4o llllo, notuto oou
demn the world, but that the worl&tlueuth
hlixv ihikht. beweind-m-yoitt*OF ,foiday
iffitsl; -the'-impoittiiii,t l ir, iiiiiiiiiirs„riftrit
h4'rferaiinittbee'lgting_•aent out* firtuteh
the ownp, Impel among.all nations; sad
will- thereforetpray, fervently pr r irg, frequentit
pray, flat , God 'would ram .0 pnd idiot
,fdrth'in , irigl i 4Aieri for the' ' '', foiklN l ip
Mere ink profoUlim betweer iiptittew
and erveuoy o your prays ,:f
''' f ' e
_rk_ liiio ‘
ject, and its importance r - ,,,, ,
senger. .
• Slidiiking Well of Others.
,if the disposition ;to speak well of (llicit!)
were tiniv'eninllT pvale fit, the 'wodld
bdoome'a eon piffildilie. 'The oppo.
RI O -440# 6 °001Aht•Pand°r 1 4* 111 40 1,
'1044, clPePoi4lie.,Pfn4v.:os7-,'4^oj2m, and every
neighborhood withlpain Ivan sorrow.- How
many enmities and-heart•buniinge flow from
this, sopeo, - ;i4ow - ,niruit ' , happiness is in
terruptedand fleetrcled l Envy, jealousy,
ninAgant 4irit - of *lien they
$ vent by the 110;frio their
sionlikefronds;'-to hint the reputation
snd tientoe others.:l,-. Every one 'bas , ihis
IP-Perfe° 4 °Th;A n d i 9 Atte& 9 913 0:99 t s 9 4h9
beet there: will be, uooasi4psl - faulnk, joh
I AiliVeleeni t 16.1 i
i.faalt•findingAto dnitprithitelr to Ain erring
1 ) TI ill may:ptove Aiht i taty. r ir:-s
Fla the which
Tilt flePlrally-,1)04', kindly, ?WI"
rior 'of doing it is not offensive. The -sail;
rtion' int rirfahrielildntriile, on the
iq tioronlainr, thirlalliiigs of 'ethers to 'all
is unchristian,, and
s aro4.4egicablertheart.
• q'
`CkfOdliblivitiatier Ka
17olVals eliklent &rn y of boVdittici
10, anti "Wit shall show yOti s &marital%
switspvers and periodicals are plbotifel,
NpbtAdy,„lrlan hull been without .theseqsllept
ii.lors, , ,can know their edlcia j tjng
poweilor go od or evil. Hive fort, never
thimigtir of the irlifutnersblelopisiteordli.
ottesiohAthitih tlfey soggeWar the bitalifsist
tableirthe-important public •messum; with
which, thus early, oar children bawl/ga r
a,pluainted,4 7 pet i t philaltlf96o%
aelf6ollls Ofthe lily, to which uneOnstuottely
feg?PililiniM ieiii , akoWlid; It& The *last
spirit' ' i., `egortOffit
these; .41wiet visitors E s Adything.thist Nrasilres
1 19P9ipilIPABIOti , cheerful amt . :911m* time
tke heurkto end' r ale, thoum9d
inie s aN4olies of
be regarded, when ifs
consider ` ita ii d
elsde on the minds of •the young; is akitteat
meraL:andtdooial bleariig.--:Ebnerosti
4 • - •
P3186NA.1. ' tapeOlattility . e tOtlari
9. :; large inoonle. Its greatest
peon Poverty eau,
decade hose Tho bever degrade thepaelvee
byliAtteriee 'or duritioit3r.
- •
. <