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Me "habit 'of 'the' Church
It will be recollected that, at the late
General , Assembly of our Church, R R.
Read, M. D., of Washington, 'Pa., offered a
paper, commending the Colonization enter
prise. This paper was opposed by Dr.
Thornwell and others.' A. motion to lay it
on the table was lost, 'a
vote of ayes 88,,
noes' 160. It was then referred to a corn.
, On being reported, near the .olose,
of the, session, the subject was laid on the
tablet lark vote of 64 to 45. This is not to
be taken as indicative of a feeling hostile to
Colonization, nor as favorable to Dr: Thorn
well'S views. The Assernbljr had then pro.
traded its 'sessions beyond what is usual - ,
about twellilids of the niernbers had goue,
and this course 'viaiadoited to, bring biol.,
neeS: to a oloSe.
Thornwell's argument was, not against
Colonization nor. in favor of the odious Slave
trade. These matters he regarded an being
not subjetits , fdr disottesion in , the Aaaetnbly.
Ile itontehded that the bhurith of godis
exottisively a spikitind ''.9igtinilatfon, .144'
posseasee none but a spiritual powir that
she has no, mittsiott,tn ,
care for thq things of
this, voriti; and : that tenet) „she may, not,
even. commend the Colonization of attoeft i . ozi
the arrest of the Slave , kVA', not' in-an
wise"attendftnthe mere physiiif nionfOitecif
man. •
Thiii is no netS dostriae. It is ay lead4ig i
idea .with , the iturirau Independeuts;:aud,it
is peculiarly a favorite with politiciane i es
pecially with the irreligious.
Dr. Thornwetro,:idi t a — We expect to, see
brought out mar, tally,m thl 9op?her num
ber of the i.SGu,the;n Preabsteiicsm! . .Revipp,
when we shall likelrreouito,ikagiin. yor
the ,:prevent, we give ,anT exyttot from. the
Prineetow Review, supposed* to ,, express .. the
sentiment :of Dr. liotige. "The' reviewer,
after giving it, pretty full statement of the
In : strong, contraeti , with this whole 'Puri
tan !doctrine - ic that ides of the Chrtrah
which ie the life of our• system, which has,
revealed heed irn act in every period of our
history. It is, -thatawhile the true? Chttroh,
or body of Christ, the Israel kata pneatna,
consists of the-true ipeoPle of God, .yet, by,
Divine ordinauce the ;children of - believers
are to ba regardedl emit, treated! as included
within, its pale r an&ooneecrated to
baptiron,and therefore, in the.sight'ofinten;
all baptized performs, inithe language of our
Book, are amend. ;.of the i:Church, and 1
under its wikt4h.aaaate.l
Thiry of coureeiraS ,, inuitalted, abovek-ddes
not imply ..thet'they are all tn.beradmittrid to:
the Lord's tableoutiy.emore ,than, that- they
are all tir.he, admitted toi.the ministry.or
eldership. ;; 00.4ilifbas Ilpresoribed Edit qualifi4
oatiousfvflliolvilie Ahura _is., to regime of
those, whom elle, full-communion.
or to offiren; Still, baptized' 'persons are:
members of the xleittle,,Ghurcilli until , Alreys.
renonnailkikiiArtrthteght;er ateifiexcefdirrrat ,
niestaranti' 0013.elegnently subjeet tof4 , lfis
government , or This 'body , 00n.4.
etitateennemhole r no that...on&part is isub
kit to a larger, and;the larger to than/ale:,
To the Church, in..thislieneei. eorrimitted
not merely the work of public -:worship , and ,
exoroisingAieCipline,..mot simply or °actin
sively to .exhort • men. to :repentance .. .arid
faith, but •to asser4 maintain, andpropagate
the truth. And :. i by tha truth,f is ~ to be;
underetood•the Werd of , God, and all
tains, as rule, of faith and practice.
Thisie the great prerogative' and duty,of
the Churoh. - Het ,Divine commission
" Go r teaoh all ;nations," From thielit fob
lows: I. That,she has the` right 'to preach
the Gospel. This is the first, most im
portant, end pressing of ;her duties; andin
the discharge of this-duty, she ordains min
isters and sends .forth missiobaries. , Hence'
your. Boards of Foreign and Doniestio
mons, and of Church Extension. 2. She has
the right :to administer..disOjpline, whichis
one of the Divinely appointed means of pre
serving the truth. 3. The educate.:
If she is to teach all nations, she must train
up teachers; she must prepare the minds of
men to receive truth, and she must.oommu..
plate. that truth by all the •means at her;
command. Bence your schools, colleges,
and theological Seminaries; hencealso your
educationtil institutions among the leatheni.
and your. establishments for printing and
distributing Bibles,: , tracts,,andj. religious
books. On this foundation•rest your Boards;
of Education and Publication. 4. It 'fdl
follows from the' , great, commission of then
Church, that it is her. prerogative and duty
to testify:: for: the truth, ands law 'of God,
wherever she loan make her ,voice heard;
not only to her own people, but to - kiegs
and rulers, to. Jews and Gentiles. It is
her duty not only to announce the truth,
but to apply . it to particular eases and
persons; that is, she is bound to instrunt,
rebuke, and exhort; With all long•suffering.
She ;;; , naked of God .to, set forth and en
join upon the coneoiences of 'men the rein.
tive dutfert , .of parents and ohildren,s of
magistrates and people, .of masters , and
slaves. If parents negldet their duties, she
is called upon :by hed Divine commission to
instruct and exhorts them. If magistrates
transcend the BMW, of their authority, and
trespesa on the Divine law, she is bound to:
raise her voice in renionitranort and warn.
leg. She has nothing to-do with the State,
in the exercise - of its discretion within its
own sphere ; and therefore has no.right to
meddle with questions of policy, foreign or
domestic. - She has nothing to , ado with
tariffs, or bank& or internal improVeniente.
We say l lwitit , Dr; Thornwell, " Let the dead
bury the dead.," Let Comer attend to 'his
own affairs. But , if ()mbar undertakes 401
meddle with the affairs of God; if the State'
pass any laws contrary , to the law of God,
then it is the duty of .the Church, to whom
God has committed: the, great work of as
sorting and maintaining his trioh and will,
to protect and remonstrate. It the State
not only violates the. Sabbath, but; makes it
a condition to holding office, that others
should violate it; or &it 4legalizes piracy,
or concubinage,: or polygamy ;- if it prohibits
the worship of God, or theffree use of the
means of saltation; if, in, short, it does
anything directly contrary to the law- of
God, the Church is bound to make that law
known, and set Whole upon theroonseience
of all concerned.
In many of our-States, there are in lone
laws relating to marriage and divorce, in,
open confiletailth the Word of God. We•
hold that it is the duty of the Ohurch of
every denomination in those State*, to tell
their Legielatorsi tiat while tney have the
right tolLegielate about matters..ot property
41 1 d civil rights at their discretion, under
the Constitution, therhave no right, to-sap
ante those whom tGod, has :joined together;
L 'or aloha that lawful which God haa , declared;
[ l .° he unlawful. ' " I
A few, years since, .Dr. nornwell,
preached an elaborated ,sermon, setting forth
what he believed to, be the true, teaching, of
the 'Weld 'of God'en the subject slavery.
What he had' a right . to do,'and was bohnd
to do as a minister of the Gospel, the'Ohtirch'
has the right add obligation 'to If, on
the one hind, Northern hrethren would ab
stain from' teaching:- du thavand other sub.
jeets,,what God does not teach•; and.if, on
the other hand, Southern brethren-Would
dearly astiert, in lheirmapacity •of ministers
and a Church, whatpthey fully believe God
does teachkgreat good and God's , blessing,
we doubt not, would' be the result. They
are as mueh bound,,to, teach the-truth on
this subject, as a Church, as they are.bound
to do,it as ministers). and they are,•ittrely
as much bound .4) tepoh the law of God re !
ppeeting the duties, of masters and eleven,
ak they are to teach what God says. of
the duty of
. parents and children, of
Uinta and sinners. Therels a great temp.
Aation to adopt theories whiehfree' us from
painful responsibilities; we are; satisfied
that the brethren must, 'on refleetion, l be
convinced, ' that the - duty to tetitifY to the
truth, to make it known, and &Cie it
,npen-,the hearts and # confidences of men,' is
.• •
.a.. 1 much obligatory',on the Chirdh, In her
aggregate capita% 'Las Ton her indiiidnal
pester's. Her 'Cook:Wen ' Citechisnis,
ate an 'admirable summary Of that than:lolly
but she is no more to be satisfied withitem;
rthah the:ministry is to be satisfied with-teed
1h the Confession of' Faith, Sabbath after
Sibbith,le the people.
.".•• The, pilnoiple which.:difines and- liniits"
tile, prerogative sand. duty of. the Church; in
all such cases,. ieeme toms perfectly
She has nothing to'•dO na a"Chirbh, with
seentir,affairs, with questions *Of pdlition'or
State,policy., Her duty to .announce and
.ettfOrce by moral means, the law- of God.
If at any time,' as may Well happen, a'2given
question 'essrunes 'both st''moraliand . political
bearing, aa,kor exatnile,;the ela"v'e trail's, then
'the" duty of the - Church is limited to setting
forth,,the law of .God on, the -suhject. It is,
not her ,office to ! argue the, question in its
.liaring on the eivilr,or secular interests of
the community, but simply to declare in her •
official capacity what God has said on the
subject. To, adopt any theOry,whic won
stop the mouth, of the,Church,
,and prevent
het bearing het testimony to kings and rid.
magistrates 'and people, id behalf ditto
truth- arior law of:Gad; ielike athuidistering
chloroform te.a prevent 'his 'dolig
mischief. We 'pray Goa that this 'pideon
may be dashed away, before it has reduced
the Muria tO 'a'state of inanition,. and (1.3.
livered "her 'hound 'haiir and foot into' the
power of the;'world. rt isobvious e Viet the
mote, prineiple is applicable t o o ministers.
,Theyprofane•the ;pulpit when they preach
Writ the sacred &ski into , a Ids.'
trum for. huittires - on. sepitlar,iffairs. 'But
they to their
,they proclaim the truth , : of: - Cloil l and...apply *4,l , l:natters, whether of private
.manners, or.lews-of the State. The whole
history, of. the Presbyterian
_,Chnrch in ; 4 . a•
rope ; and America islnstinetyfith this spirit
The Presbyterians of Scotland told the
Government_ that it had, no right to establish
,PopCiy'or'PrOlaoy, and' that they wonfd'not
fitbmivte . it, Our fathere of the'Reioliition
took tidelt 'the' Istriiigle •
for liiaPericlence, - and Vroteitiid Wgeinst' the
seta t the BritiSh tioterithientlandide to
the iintriiduction of Epiedopacy. Before
the; Resolution; the old , Synn& rehibildtattid'
mith*thewuthoritietr in'Arirginierfortheir
perieenting 1830 -theL"-Geterall
-Aseemblriaieedits voice againatthelperse , ;
Auden. of Christians.. Switzerlaudy•.- It
has; over ,and.• over, remonstrated, with the ,
Ooternmeut of this country on thelaws en.-
joining the marrying ion d, distribution , of the
mails on' Sunday. While admitting that
the 1 Bible!. does, not forbid!, slave-holding,- it
' has I &one fits ,testimony in the most explicit
*Mat- againSt' the '; iniquity of many alive
laws. - It Vai many times ' enjoined - on', the
coriPOteß o 9` ,of ..the geolae;tl l 9; 'll4tr;
structing the„ colored population. of out!:
.and:,paironized the establishment .of;
schools for that - purpose. It has never been'
afraid to Atinounei 'What 'dad Torbias,;,hi to t
proOlihn in , ears' 'what God, ootho?anda.
This is, her prerogative and this is her duty.
With the - Colonization Society; as..acorn
me> oral ente,rmilie; 'or 18 a mere 'benevolent
idsMitithidA r e his nothing
means deeigned'anditailiticto promote: the' l
progress of the Gospel / in; Attlee,' she has
over and , over commended it,to4he favor ,of
the people., It., is,Antly ott the ,assumption
that Presbyterians, neither in this .country
nor in Europe, have ever. understood their
own system„that the principle advocated by
Dr. 'ThorElwell, can. he admitted.; Preihyte j
rims have aliays held that the Church is,
{,hound to hold forth in the face , of all men,
:the truth, and law of, God, to testify
all infractions of that law. i by, or peo
ple, to lend beleohntenance irnd support to
all means, Within and Without her Jnriedie
,tion, 'which believes to be`desighed and .
wisely adapted" to promote the glorY and
kingdom oi the 'Lord Jesus' Christ= This
our °Mitch has always done; atitt
GI. he may 'oriatititte •to de 'even to the
end:: ; ;
For the_Predbyterim Bannlr and /11voeits.
Christian Submission.
Dlnssna:<Enrroite:—What wearinelarthere
`is, fighting against 'facts. Whit - tumult,'
quarreling • with things as they - are, - which
are es they are: by as <stern a necessity as
though the , most iron fate .held them in its
nnyieldinggrasp,,. I do not believe in -Fate,
or Ne&shy, but ,Certainty., Things are , as
t .
they are with absolute certainty. And when
once piritlences .are developed, they, will
not be' ,reyoked. 'By, frowning leeks 'and
threatening gestures we, cannot ,drive hack
the WS of history into the vestibule of 'the
future,iind'Voinpel thenilo come forth
different 'They were prepared' 'and'
sent forth by, 'Stronger than Ours; and
with filisolute' eirtizinty as to what they
Would be. When they come, we may as
well; receive. them gracefully, whether to , olir
.liking or not., To war with facts is the height
of folly. Yet there is, among us, no more
fruitful !puree of unrest. 4mountain is on
me; andL r , I struggle under it;.although all my..
writhing only, brings the ' agged„corneri dowp
more provokingly, and moves the mountslh.
never an inch ~',who has ,been -taught
santission, l 'aceeptp•evcipiging'as mercifully
ordered. tot* does 'he know The moun
tain may be on him to shield him fiorn a
fiercer wrath that wentiblastingAkd scathing
the upperworld with, a tempest of fire. The,
°loud may lee over 41 13 :040 now to save
from the,sun stroke which elae had stein him. ,
The frosteniixbl!ghf hisorops, to drive death
'out of the a tmosphere, where be4luver4
with Peet;ifia *lug. AnYhow, be this as it
may, if cast into the furnace, it is for purify
ing. If called threugh ""deep waters," it is
that he may grasp the, "rod and steff of
Him whO With him.' If shaken' by an
'iartbtfardie,it is thaVall loose things may be
shaken away, arid'iiih Met' planted on'sdulue; .
thing' which '$ Canna be shaken:" Tie .
of cloud," 'the " the :column' Of,
ire?, ititn.easerrof' present
In February, 1859, just on year from
the determination to arise and , build, the
idifiee, a neat 'frame thirty-two feet by fort y,
'costing near $1,500, was completed, paid
'for, and dedicated to the , worship of Al
mighty God.
In the enterprise , very enema
' • 1 aid was
rendered by Mr. Charles E. Kiiihnid, one Of
, the Ruling Elders of the church of DaVen
,port. ' "God leVetli st: cheerful giver."
The Church now consists oflorty 'Me
members, and' the congregation`ordinarily'
of, from - one to two hundred. At our core
munidte tipon last Sabbath, and upon mural'
previous occaaione,.the honae'wee'well filled'.
From this new Presbyterian church' of
Summit, a Methodist and a Baptist ohuinh
=are inaight, three and four miles distant 4
and probably one ;hundred farm houses, in
all directions. Eight years ago, there, were
but two, dwellings within four or .five , miles
of the spot where thin ohuroh stands; and
all around, the eye could behold scarce aught
but the untrodden prairie: Now almost all
is in a state of fine cultivitinn. With Janes
running at , right angles, ornamental trees and,'
orchards rapidly springing up, and the gold— !
en harvest waving with the almastftionitant''
gentle breezesithe' Preapeot: over this' wide
undulating expanse is Only delightful: "Fair ,
'plenty, fills, ,God's -mercies ,nover ,
tease, the .husbanduien give. - thanks, .to -see
„. .
. • - &Tag ;1:5 F. t : C;
been seen, towering.up over the fields of,his
tory?. had not the Church been led 'through,
wildern'ess, pursued by Malignant 'foes.
But whatever may be the end , of partieular
adverse providences ' the maiiifeSt duty
meek submission. "This best recipe for Mi
sery is, quarkl not with Providence." The
best`fecipe b appioels; is the Conihe of / this
submission "to Previderfoe. Thin
honey from'the eareass i robe"calainity of its
sting; transmutes everything into. gold; and
enoaneo a man in mail et - proof. D. H.
tor the Preeliyteilau tehiei Ind iidvboatti.
REV. PEAR SMI;TH, A 14tRiB011il8T
Brasher: 7 -411e doctrinal of the Ar
minien‘Mithodista often reminds nf the
image which Nebuchadnezzar, king
lion, saw, idpyi,,,,he,4l,
arms, tide body,, the legs, were each
solid' metal, of gold, inesilver, and
and iron, - the feet and 'toes had'this aininlar
peculiarity -they were` partly', of iron
partly of - potter'i clay. The composition
those feet - and 'thee Wiling 'nue a
reprisentailon= of Araiiniinlism, which' hie
at once - the iron strength'of 'truth, and 'he
crumbling inCoherence of "error. The great
fundamental truths' of the Gospel are there.
Theta!' of ?man, the Divinity ,of 'the Lord
Jesus`rChrist, his sacrificial' offerium the 're
generationlof the: sinner by; the Holy Spirit— ,
these are slithers. 'llut,toifortunateirwith
every one of these great Scriptural:: truths; are
mingled errors more, or lees'serious yeome:of
them quite specious, others quite absurd.
:Let me now, : , my brother; point tout to, you
the prpportions of the iron and the elay, of
Which your,theologicritaysteM is made
The Standards the MethOdist Episoopal
Church set foith the following drietiiden:
Ist. God created Adam a fie& agent.
This is iron.
2d. 'Adam' lief` his` free age►iny in the fall:
- This; is day. •
Bd.` Trough- grace; free ageney was
stored to - Adam. 014:
4ta: Adaar-seas. odnetitut'ed - the `federah
head add relireseatative,of all Ids.pdsterity.
sth. The human race were invented in
ruin .by their-federal head ~ . and ,repreeenta
'five, so that-deathi,temporal, spiritual,' and
eternal,-deized them all. iron, •
• 6th, After,the fall, God as a just ,Being,
was under ,oblinntion to do, ne of two ; things;.
either AO out off the race at ono" in; the
person of Adam,, or to Trovele a Saviour, by
way of ipoinpensation to the human family,
teary `Cloy -
7th. In the infinitude of his God
protidedra" the' Seetia'Airifti,'
Lord frtini'VeathitiPto redeenii sirbeelikid
ners fiom the uthritldeni' of Win eh& 'death:
Bth. Without grace sinners cannot repent
and turn to and. Iron.
9th. If God did not bestow,grace, sinners
wpitlanot be bound to repent and ~turn
God. Atiry Ciay -
, v \Lb pas s
':' - fOth. 'God has not the right to pass by .
any sinner of the human Kane.'
. .g1:43. not
the right to have inerny merel y_ On
he inn-Have
`-Nilale"ro" much le
'! aWd:ri; =
rrght to wh o m' e wiltto
r e
e's- it' tii 'sinners -,tov be impartial - aneto
stoic , mercy -to them alike.. - Potter's ,
Clap enough; surely ! The feet, and toes
'ef Nebuchadnezzar's imsge could hardly_
lave had a •Reuter zpreportign of it. , In
the 'skillful hends,lowever, ofyour preach:
cars and r writers, the iron and the clay,,
psitruth and. human error,. are so sttem-,
pared; the angular projeotiOns so fleetly,
filed away, the ugly hollows and indenttithins
so nicely
- filled up, that the mina comes forth
. a system, !meet androunded; eiutifnl to
look Upon, but great care - to :be Usedin the
handling: '1 propose - to try a few itiokaof:
the haininei: on the several faAis of `t14814,,`1
geniously constructed system, 'and should
the I softtclay:seParitte - and fly Off 'Wit the
hard LT metal; let the`result' be attributed
rather tto the comliitiation of such
di °indent materialtt,i than to the' s trength or
skill of theeranhat,tvields-the _implement,
• ' JOHN ySMTTH. '
ior the Presbyterlin ?Untie; ind - Xdrocati:
A Re* Chu& E stablished.
Far about three yeass r past, the paStor of
the Pre.sbyterien chinch of DaVernport,idiia,,
has preaChad regularly two and - three
a morith;:in a beautiful' prairibeettlatnetit i - 7 "
a wing 'Of his charge; fibm ;fife' t% fifteen'
miles 'distant froth the 'City.. lin •thist'field,
from the first, special encouragement 'Waif
afforded, in they steady increase of thir
dienee the tiniforthly^rretentftil `attention'
to ordinanCes *Ministered, and th ' e
unanimity`and :cordiality: manifested !in' all
the steps - which hive been taken toward , '
the establishment of a - particular - church.
In February; 1858, at the close of public
worship, in a hospitable farm halm, it , was
resolved to undertake the erection of a
church edifice, and' to petition , the 'Preaby.:
tail , of Cedar for an organization.
Within five months, the house was en
mimed, and temporarily ,arranged for rwor7
ship. A Committee of Presbytery, consist.
ing of Rev.,, J. D. Mason j ßev. John M.
,Jones, and Elder James Jac k, convened with
the congregation, July 6th, and after an,
excellent sermon by the Rev. John .
D. D., who was present by invitation,
a church' was organized, consisting w of
.twenty-eight Members, three of:wom were .
made Ruling Elders , viz.: Robert`Ett g liii4;
,David H. Moore, and Victor King Tor;
- -
the 'htrge inorense."ll' We long, 'and look
ho'pefully, for a seasoefor'tfieingethelitig of
Soule, from this field tinweNrhiterfer the her
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hoan Catholic trineNtf - Ad.hvg-swadtalw.,
'Rev. H. Hanncer Tea oey- 4 -Ateseriziel: obi - I
Lon.,•July. f)th, -1.8,99 , ,- ',' 3 " 1
Ir:i rn
• ii•'GIGAIITIO DUEL , itlififfile tattled
Solfetine , 'lnay Wid , • . • iflW-Klettittilligiii"
- ''' ..648 13 t - 164 til "
also receive the tit,: •• - • ," a t .„.. w
Emperors." Both, ,'' , ~ ,4, "frif.' ate thiso
head of their arii-Of • , ' 1 : , .20.. :
, 110" b t , ' - aii .0
their eiperitinoed adilbeih.z . •‘ . 'vi "' knowing
Wei the plan resolvedXsti!hilTfiutifisiSoseph
and his vhoutiselbre. ' fir. Diligetibi, , they
ret!lesitedlttfricidly; leesifg , itbres , „ dud ' iiia
nitioes of war,lis well as titi*niaditifiedlat`
vast - expense, 'behind: 'illfinit thei'villey
itiiaiTtlie ChieseirWiletw,jciiiiii likileorek a
'Otind Would' hi've beet Vie , 'they' atnilitly 1
'departed *arose the 141hicso.- 'No-more fight. ,
beg in the open field, ithlhild seem, was't h
'policy of the future, siveli!thin the area of
the quadranguler 'forte jtht ibl the' Min-
bio is - crossed to be'r serciiitek and' , • , the last is
to - he done suddenlybOlabiw catch' Napoleon
napping; 'and, finding his' troop" scattered
wide and-far, to out thism up in :dotal. ..hied
.so-ht 9A. M., on Friday the 24th of Jline,
the , Keiser of &tattle Witliblds Hese,' Ail -
Sotdlok;quite as old,rifid all his other Wise
4eterans;iesolveg anthill!' troops Shall home
MI the'foe like ah'etitanehe. ' •"._
All thie`wae defeets ; had, hoar? Why,:
by a little batoohin4; Ah aeronaut' had
been brOught - I zee' Pais; ( trtid ` toffeTild'i6fge
) 'from 'the dead - litill' 'tol'' Ilible -Itiliiiiit
plume, , and hover 'in'Erldihee'vens' -.look,:
enough to 'look down into the Very' heart Of`
die AuStrien eathpi eieditotiiiie/ifer id their
airengemehte I And fifit diVgoitei cilie 'Ero- -
naut by Iniperiateduhlidfid, and it'lln i iiil'
pebie of 'a' few nyttidik,if dailk,"iitid'f'a 'fair!
!gneiss feet of'gae,''tidtbkg4'welbailliefrbieek
of the exact 'positiona - of all theie Aiiiiii - if
masses And' 'While ifre"hiliiiry, selfaApli-
cent 'Aulsiiittn" lifpittitie,teff bill' vier* till
nine cectook'A.‘M.eifii'dtihilltokliiill it:this'll
*might' of `a' , glitlidttedipifsh;LßctieVeitei'iW - I
tacks; to day bresiki`alidlib' imiiiiiholithitel of
the field. °-, ' ' s '• ' I- ' L. .' ,
The difference of ehistibity and adaptm.'
lion; and the 'Obatiiiiici t lhittirlei4arii`itrik
As a ' pnblio - Writer IfellriPtitsf I ..t' lie
4 /Ifizirigne "are •• a '' stagtistilk
Theylare getierned'aihtlirected - by6l4-rt' Iles,
old 'uitirCluid old rotittii& They -Mirk an
„enem'y Who - dhoti ith4 .
tiquity, and is not above takintlfetilostir-'
Tegular Meats for apauling 'rifvititbry.
The links
.preientwreportsi-to' heliolater' than'lhtseecif
the Aim:Mit& I . * The Vytrilefie 7 liiiiilfribleri.
Made. 'sad *.lirivOo o"lig 1 their - 7 hihesris,
tianty itiefti hit
and !ono- hundred litn4 . fiftyi *Are shot dead: •
This the Fronahlatia'oitiititlidhilt; ., :nuir iteo
lweliethoitiudidi*iteickilted: ihdirktided:
The Aullitirinerteknavletge . ""ohly tWe
dred rind'ithirty officers struck"and' 'teit'
thorisind privates killed' or 'Th'e'
-following -is. a thrtipse Of -a - = part of the
battlefield, by the correspondent of the
_daffy Tel egrtsph: - "The- pioturiis
graphic :
;The plain of Guldizzolo is "Gaily horrible it tp
Ipok'upon. "Even ad late es 'Yiaterditi'thi dead
Were not. ally briried.. They wore Ito be seed in
reolips,pf,4yrenty a',nd;thirty,.,-hticldledgogether in
cone spot; .where;a,shall, had e x ploded or,thaghas- -
spurt§ ll'Afiisn't h ad pitised. All still maintained
the, atiftilde in Whiiihliathiad stittekittegdo'sni.
'tore was onelwitli4pliftold tirhild'ir,lirdloff the ft
whidli had splitlopen his'altulVandAilashed
bisihrtim,s far aluipatr; ',Close, by „Was another;
ith his hand upon his breastshivered.end,rent
by the'graPe. Atwater
b`e smiling, as
if mockery of the%griatOilarrini'a 'apPfeacli.
.fiethe .irtirer lying !upon their batiks; Pith 'faces
tarni3dtoward intiaven,.and,prayeis stilt Seething
to linger upon- their lips, _Further !on,vtliere was
PlTungarian, who thrust his clothes into
t gliastly wotind'Pea bsd
r'thelmart...,At his left,w,as.a.,
Tyroliiikilth the' hiditreattridrh u te4447llllW
teeth. Th the/ right it Crest had, lid hie heed
anti c off br a 'ball, and„the head was by his - side,
with its borrible'eyes, glaring and leering, es
Seethed, at, the i dismembered body . Two young
lads of 'certainly not More:than sixteen, were ly '
ing, iii''onah other's t&ni. '`Death - had sarprised
them in attitude, or, perhais, feeling them-
Relies about`to die, they ih'
last embrace -and-had fallen, thus: never to riseagain, Upon, the , body, of a Bohendim officer wo
noticed " a 'dog.'weiting l aPparently for his mastera
'Co get ` e had nor the heart to Call off the
faithful - animal 'by 'a word or a geeture, for**
felt Sure tliat'God would reward the - :devotion Of
, this popr dumb creature; so, touchingly shown
amidst the,o,arpago which man hadiragedpgalnet
lellbw.nide. 'Oat/ ;Ade itwas thelsaMe.
Death; in his most iorrible Ahaitlr forte,
glared at us, no matterichere we gazed. Etriingh;
however, on this sad. thenie. , ‘' ,
,The Atiatries, was', over-
Whilmcd by,,,the-.Titled emotion ' , a 'third of it, at
leant Niairendirk Mier:lie, and utterly disahled.
The;Emperor -Napoleon.had a''narrow is:
cape ; an epaulet beingoahot awapfiom his
The young :EmpeForW Austria,
who had saidin the Inorning,tl( The French
have found. heirttonab!! rodeia*ay defeated,
With tears falling fast from his
The lossio•of - the Sardinians in this bon
4fict—fightintalone-on,--one of the flanks of
'the' army, against miperfor numbers, repeat
ecity stbrming . , heights, and repeatedly. ,:re.
pidised, although finally masters'of the 'field
,4 -4cre terriblei-Itoth in officers and men
probably near six thousand .in all. It was,
affirmed: that thoymere so cut up, that 64
oould not now be formed into a line of bat-
tle. But now it &Wears that they have
themselved invested Pesbhiera, 'one of the
taiii forts, while the Emperor is wit:ling
'Mantra the-one hand, and advice:dug to
wilid that marvelous and apparently impreg
nable (as parties who, have.amit z have told
nib" they regarded it,) - Tgraia laving re f
'deiVedlresliraincilitities,l4 •the'vrifia from .
Parma oft Priebe 'lshipalbanSithihirtOlie
thougand . Men.
HOPES OF PiioE are rather . buoyant at
this moilent... The fuiids adS
oOrdingly. There Is great buetle
dipldmatists at Brussels. The King' of the
Belgians' is still here.' Louis 'Napoleon is
said himself to wish for peaoe, and our new
Cabinet will do thiiir utmost to obtain it.'
But I behove it will not oome so speedily as
hoped for. Germany is still effervescent.
exhilarating ; A SHOOolieiOn of
,warm 'show.
era, aeoompanled often' . great thnndei
dorm; haire 'forced grass' and cerealal*ward
ex) rapidly, that' an early harveat
Otra DEPENO,IIB lave been gristly . in
creased dniidg WE' frilve,montha: 1 1 ,61
owe much of the iFeir pi*of tho
Ministry., Lord One'. of iheit
. .
-7 kr , f••• , •••it
• ,„ e '?""" ' II9 M
. . 4 , 444 rd , 6137, "..
E"' IRE 0 'V' Witifr` 44 1 4 T.
F l oYaftfi'Vy in oillen'tirlieW/141d hatelifialf
)1' thelllplgek -And • of the ' Wilde of tit
liteneli, tztllttlecurl and hialiehoollt Beelde6,
SIP "ftlP.,'!• Pa„
~• Nl' ,w‘
~TPiag ?f, -"Oat
lisigtitje littel?Ptcci some .pay, sEiinst, but
phMi. All ciii ire - 0'4630e . have Vetiii
itrigfirdifeti*e. • 'They talk on' 'the Child.
Dint•abiAtlNegland'al " epOrratina " ritepiii•L
aloe tfOrtwar.- :`'But , the fact is, ate became
uneasy,tkops z tymiparative defenselseutress,
and• hays. titter! taking enersetic Aierins to
.piati G iYdrii Ifilk 16 iseiurity. i ,, . - • ,
•- ., ;i MM.. ‘, ) '' 1 •' A . r ' (tr •
We have adribled o "first - fie Italie
'Of liTeit"lnt6htiliAidt we hide hilf:itiefeU.
our army by a single battalion, all4ittltg..
'in6ntations L isinoe dl l.4s7, ; having , been. °pee l , '
4i6 i e 4,.;bii k ll!atiMir " I) AV , t.X o lFailif#,-
~ ritii
ctiir 'Ptisorbed tn. the , Indian service. OF
ariale l ry'ailli s tlii ) 8111jA, 'itialti4 ihiColig
il' litir l '"ilhianitifiti," drittliA is 'not , dm
al htest evidence ofbaggresibitrintaitions,
j og
- ' h,tie. marked, i the preparation! of :Louie
P° l6 aad P,34 ~•ii4ai, zs'.l; ' A. l
01 , :‘•.
.. I;.
'et' ' •
ioA;cit "
doo m ,' lir Adis "
fa Lute of the lie r ,74 1-411110ippli. MA L
*1 I be superior in p - egitiiiefeh killKfr ea:
artillery of tcfnitr 'Nepolemiptihttilf'-CintintniT
Mated the victory of Solferinoi and seethe
etheils most irreverentlytq ,explode, them
selves over the , sacred head of Pt:wrote Jo.
sepli; as heitillenly rode Oyer" the field, there
haa•b'eeepriidueed i Vitseimenfit ef'Orditie
ry' artillery and munitions. Nit these have
been all, displitched to the coasts to man
battkries and, inartelie towers, or else to for
*eigii;faii•iiiins, and all this for defensive
pUrposeriliiiin. ' '
In'likd iiistineefor defensive purpos'eS, we
ha r l ve now 'building, the :new Steam Ram; an
instrument of tremendone power. "Con-)
oeive, sayit!the Timei,“ 1 atiristrowt fabric
:floating in mid-chantipl, fire
~pmf,-- I rind ball
-friar, capable of hurling breadsideit of, one
ttiwited' pounds ' Stet; to a ilikilidis '6f six
- Tiles, or of clapping' •iiii stela's, Jilitigurii,
and'ruraisrdown , every thing , iiis--tke bur- .
'hoe of, the spy with •,a momentum. , utterly
iriesistible 1. This
,terrible. e „cx l
*OW - to - bit Well iirileetitietihle. We are
-told that she in, be riddled wit§:Ali;t•
suPi6llYrie *4'lo l . 484 'ticlifldateree - 'her'
l'aile!!4tkaC l 4 4 • ll .it ' ASlV,.a l 4, , litita; and
I stated cut. to: pieesorpanst • he .iredueed , &Oar
! bully do awhaptiless• wreck; Without losing
Wei. llpiVianal"liill p6'Wer. '" Stiplitiliftittlist•
she ,relief oliihe'rorie iii'beilnakneit4l,l 4 tetill'
l'Esf 1 b'gzfiiitiiiik - iii*",li'ili:i4. l .4ii:lo.4:oiii
;Ale iwonte sink-a a line - of-ba t tle of -battle ship in
thieir niiriutert, , so-that •it •trittadron cas - large
las t l ut' *hole fleet Weald - be Aleistreloidlif id
hb „,l ' fi ii iS t i% i g i ' -1' ' a .,
;• ;
- A,
,P.IP:EA'Pat !Taseli .El.. to be,aritafrava, 1.1)1 ) ..*-_
:saw Jona, clear the waves at the:rate
of l itixteen miles an hour. A'datiralN3iirto••
'fins Ai l ** 1.110 half a d9zo. l lcitth,eal-v19. 1 4 1 1
t adder the in ion, of our shores impossible.
• fiTit:isli t litlit u wili he the' use Of biiildiig our
4:l6;ee deck line of battle ships ? Ifriddoo 14
inked. To which the cilisseaniti , erir, "cif
trehut an experiment istill.'" , This: time next
- !
r year, ; thc3e,wily 4 . „ ye -,stea m rams,. and .then
:i rifir new - fabrics will tare tilt, form. `The
tyobligatiOn' Id a; giiilYci
'tie t l'id ' doubt '-` b s ut 9 if
lit istfe tiiii fkailliirtiiVaii'd'eliabilk ni ( 6l ieisiiiel
E 4#4lo2tality• wriseenfinzliaithat! of - nedtralitir.
.itself, wer omght to ' be truly, thankful forth. ,
~ ,
ehancel ~ .. ,
, 4 ,, ,
' I ' ' er t . ' Cohden e in'iiiiii oi hie 'Apilei - to 'id- '
I dressWiAslll4ll iii Iliiiiiiool''on'fiii i iitia'-'
ling, said is'ariell aillanifti be eitietiteirfatodi'
I - irsg, Pearie.Pfman on the subject of 'deficient
wakfare for altar ti id libuies. Tudeedi4hat'
"'peace party " are tregining - T to. to a little
: more,, reasonable.. Ar., .I;lright. • : Itimeell,,
though 'a! Quiker,, see, getting in to ,that:
• state of mind, which
.. letteig
_Friend " who
• found himself on board of a merchant ship,
that wailbitidgebY i'Frelldhliirigifebiltinde
,; wh i p taking a marlingspike quietly but
v,6 l.4ks. u °Fitasfq ll .7.i., tu•TkliPA a - 9 lim ki n g
' Ahnny,C;apakil baoli' lute, the'liiiat llnl,tg
1' sidit; E V a'''Poka i oritie Inirli6ilPille,:eiyi s eg
''ilii bildiktiktitly Milder tlieliebuliaireirenni
:"litiiieed could- be • , ,eipeettid, •" Friend,' thou ,
'' kali 14) b3. l l 9 iPess her5. 1 .1..i.L,,i; 1 ;t ;;., I ,-:
.4 .:
. • , Thn : deolaration of Er . uoblitt44l,l9.ute
- effee't /hat h'i''Would'tfaillei . isittlia itaao'iiil .
' debt L ef' England ' doiiblelf; ilia; less
Frew& 4itiny Shouldoec upy the a cirt n triobibiff
` for's montlyeven though coming in friendly ,
guise. ...This. will please. and satisirthe the:
country, which, indeed, could no t . bem,f, : o; bok :
• told eour;ioir Was 'to be left diiferisittesilY
free 11:411'ticithere. Lektie Ntiporeori;eliktoir-••
. 144 hiklocretiroe (wheii'she liritlfinielad of
;':lLluitriipsnd-, may-liapaGerinany,i too,) shall
• ' 60thplyte. hi 5,.,." mission.', and„ avenge the::
14: defeat . ',',,,cf Wfitetlee,,by.entering London
it'oettßignr.aveu.though Ms. destiny be (ad
"they* ',j , " tritass`elid,)'te` MI . 'S); ante
' bullet:itt•Orir stfwetal . • ; -
We wait the developments of the futdre
without undue,,apprebenaioc,,sarl
.troßt the
multiptiel'etni of - this favore d aye
which` ablitali'plo'fiblition is one very Proin
' ioent, 'and espeoiilly 'in this great - capital.
Nevertheless, there are increasing tokens of
reverence for . the Lord.'e driy, and.. let but
1 the Spirit dieiend; ina theh all .41..1rd!
? btithliolifidallY iiiid tuoitilli,', - • -
The follb4ing will' give 'yet& readmit' a
vivid idea of the'French 'Emperies• habits
in' war time, and also a glimpse 'of the per
t son'el of Victor Emmanuel :
• It was the,l . 7th, at Travigliatc, the .day before
'we luitiied'BreitCisi..• The Emperor had taken up
this quaker's:it alarge farm-house, inhabited by ,
1 the '.efayor. • ..I,ttat imagine ek spacious yard; on
1 the left the iiirelling-house, on the right a large
t gardM4'llisiiiiied front the yard by a railing.
The' pixel Jit oforded 7ith,trayeliog carriages' and
1 wagons. The Emperor's attendants and :the peo 7 ;
' pie of ifiti - farrre are Passiiig and repealing. , It le'
six in.. the _evening; Lthe Emperor comes down
from his room, attended by Marshall Vaillant.
The whole military household comes out and
! stands apart. The Emperor sits 'down, and a map
!is 'brought , to him. Marshal Vaillant presents
A several papers to his Majesty. The Emperor re
-1 mains alone for a moment, and rests his elrow on
: another chair beside him. A spy arrives, and is I
;Introduced. His Majesty listens to him, but
I i t titit. A A Colonel is called; he gives ten napo- 1
Cleonir to the spy, who seems well satisfied with
! his pay. Marshal Ittignaud de St. Tenn d'Angely
; arrives; the Emperor converses with him. Other
generals come in. The map is called for several
' 1
times. The King arrives in a carriage, and the
, two monarohs shake'hs.nds. Soften down a little
the hectoring air which smite po rtraits' give to
King Victor Emmanuel, give him ' a iery plain
'cavalry unifoins,' and yen will have the portrait
of Victor•Einmannel. 'You must also darken his
compleximi a 'little, give greater 'distinctness to
1 his reatures,so' as to have the true . physidgnomy
;of a frank soldiernsed to' the life of camps. The
i-Etiperor and he go a' little apart and converse,
both Making cigarettes in rapichmecession. Thei
lEmperor, tired of standing, leans against the,
Shaft of a waggon' close by; the conversation ie
' liiely and long. Othei: generals come in. The
light, though now declining; is' still •sufficient`to
allow of seeing the mapoethichlis s'gain` brought
forward.. At last, the King left' it I en•o'claalt,
sail the Emperor dismiased his' household; la
quarter 'of 'aitliiona afteriards he retired to :his
aparfthent. The'Emieror eats little. He sleep/
more kr dmj ,then by night. He works till one
lathe mornini, 'and to baled np again at three or
Twir4Vitti,ill3, err' LeBRoN . ferming
themselves trite IV& Cot*. L. ) .Ormiklti;the
" chaff:tog" expended on the the
wits of' the Press: Thus the Mist eiye :
" They,he*e' detiiiMined to a sho4p'aitis'e".
against' the foreign:Oitr4 '
in the advegierfpi!.lo6-..4N1X40040,,e1i
liiiii)-gstdenrrwfx the: plessid
ff7:74 e'!lr 1$f):111
4. ' ;; 3 Z . . 1 4 trthl 51 0 ;
'A74v;^ 0 .010 *Ge404.1
; ;G1
i 14, 1. -. , 1.! i...^.!-- -- : ` trails. :) tJA
iiOrdlil(t Siiiiit • 411111-inriung •out
• . , tiler, they itialtif46B' ilibli- 4 4eigokftr . : biffiiik
I be .Home= Cifiiiitj.iir,nonrltheiti,4l3injiaiiti
-, .. iihi!arsdi:i‘ltt::s.liffiii ilinitniAbiiii&g.4.lkel!
Alitensed Zenawit.their, head , u :., ..ii ....., ~
If the Frendi plition :dial:mi . know the`
71 4iihrir litittiA lepflibillkiii'niFVell ill e :
iinil•iittElehiti thlifickird'afidi 3 tiiiiielibilgrtii.
...,titisi, VentiredVirthin its c.i.iiiiitio • i Asti them
. beoevrarii4l*.t.tipy litill iha. itkiigtiOrTrir
*ith every Chancery iergemtaiped l eglitaet.
them. Whit would bete.. te'etillk of Sal
*iiOniiiiiiiiekir iriraistigl ifiei'iCieisilikeitd
I,tqf lahitinifilitillitdidbeiiiiiin" f*littildifff'.
; irirmethitithiikieotibentizatur:litttery?qriThey.: ,
will Imt,ite.:;AUP* l *-MoOltiG .,- 14 1 **WM'
,;* l / 1 , :# l4 ofrni#l?V -t liqtfqr7l44- ,
-Loaev.,,. tats ! ",..I_,. :p -' ,1 „a mp_m",
A l te.
1 ' Aiiirtiiii.iiistilitifi; Rite' Irtilfare
.0011Viihtiqn kift the4lll6iiitivr&t . ihieet.:
i I ed-Iffttbei'ilabled ntreetk- - .niirfibbeabigetrial
lieadtwhei:dely,attalibll4 tO , AtirritiCiAkt4i
...I:14 here will be, at, the imf ti titeitlyeagivlli
.44'4 fiattilaili ' 'it IW . .f~ixl, li f t
,-$ A t • , - ~- 4. - - ---,`:: - - 4.4, 4 .....4....4.v., ,, ,,i;,.
''',..: - .', et, ,• -.- •p- ~ < • , •,, t a ~.1
1 .0 1 010#041405 4 1 , .... :iidt< •,.. letiOr i
OrlifttlNP*l Mtkitaittel4kelfilittgitc
i lk
' -
to idt ,kik ikt4sinif 04 - 11 P.Rtrilize • f 4-04)
- f6r. g e; oiviikia-.. , via ,a ri ir"te, ''.,;,
into thi-feel 4 -',Thel6l94ef witrotw i
don ! again et the weather, r. az , iiiiftit iediefiet
# night,. and "it. might be, tucked tip in
~ n., ! ,, , , .r. 4. .
The Mornin g Star ridicu ler t he objet,
awhile ' the ' rimei Is ' eitreeeeei f or, it, iii a
part of 'a ‘generil preparation for iiefenee';
necessary, because - ' . .
, L , “Inini North to South,'
Austria and France shoot in each,other's month,"
land ; no one,oan lee with reasbnable certainty
in whose face the. ,FrepohlEmperor may be
pleased to bern hie next cartridge I
The Ihroi4ini'SUr, 'ivitrcirinpielioiti'ilie
Bright school of -pbliii6i, iitlitge; in i 'aid
ilar vein' ofefutrand =frolic; at the) eifense'd
the .clawyers, ,and, with almost email point
and, wit As the Tiow. , ,But it . talks very,
irreierently of the., whole movement, s and,
seethe in'thinl&that '4,14 (ti,denikna'Rifieni:Sti .
would' be sof little . nise i ' it' an' -in viii6CC. wife
. .. -, _
attempten; .. ' 2 -,a . . " 3: 'I"-'-` t t
The l nikfriNtY ' RAti n 'crilt' es o t' - fit)l
o mu
, in rich sbniidanbe (in thli-Proeutoe °Milker.
- The:work is indeed! 'narrate/eft and; Mighty,,kl
• far exceeding the hopta , of ;the ; ; , mcnit,nan:
1 gIPPe-.. , .9 l r 9 c i tmcgattcYjlgAfgnlttiq hen
quickening. of ramof Frofearr i s Auto s it:
ktnar lifei in large!niiiiiiAilli, se , welivls the
, re'storition lof bliiikeliders; ;in (I- ftlieS4' ficiii4
1 ,
el sees •croardllogether - to :the , couitannica.,
;',...ia , 1 91, gclkor faith , penitence, 4 hITP; Mid;
•* 1 Joy. ,-, . , 1 • r `., -,.. .; .. r
. I la Bitiitsi;• - tte icies • 4;', iinVeisron g ain
numerous. A minister: 7 'o%le; 'ol' s 'itiat
sobriety: ofnju s dirniutii; tvritel me otibie Wo'
' 120ver. ~etteMtragesTpliysicallexAitimentltbat_
''he bats liken qsases- of ity-wiwt . there) ap
‘,.pears,d to be re/I,7o e rk, 4 ?t i grace,,
, l ing
other' ail no '
Aire' gracewastiedOnyiedlY
ofieratiNg. IE6 traces it ili r ieselktOnieifixt'
natdal, feeling, on rather. tio.theialatoes+Cf
'liiatural 'conaoienee ‘Bot asifarfasJl ea
41d gii n aV:,.
. 4 Y 5 Vjg f t l i n gi A C M a O, 3 l r ,
. ;
plen there to t y eft
Stronfetneri: ' .This occurs; tiepin:Othe r :Wed'
"or, street, . and-, eoinetiniee , br - Ithe--oise %V
43 ( 4 9r5.5' Unitarians, ta4 -I {Lcrulaliete who
had _set their: fayea tigainetfileonovpnient c ,
The 'Rev::George ilAilan 4 gi t li , iiiale,,,
that ilrin Oa' atilt le adei of litT3Vary ootioelegiid -
puppyism, has ' bon ht Ipr6per to noun°
; the Irish revival as „apiece pflinatiolitir, to,
ill, great joy, of Arisne g anil N infidels,.;of'
course ,This iaqui l ts lvortthy ) of Atm . , mah tz ,
The Rev Di. Di ll has, written, to the *it
task/On theltibjeni,lirrelol3l, 'aid" Mr! Mg'
fillin 'inakes"a very' lanie''res - pOiliaTiaitifig, '
"ill , the revival ,prOducet snot' and stick,
e e , atb l i t ..1 1 MP„,; ,be 4 •1 1 A 1 14 19 90,51ee4) AITeAdY,I
- ippearing,,anoCt.he extinction of party _ spirit
one . of:thenl,): he will then—but not till
thenowri he:Wei wrong'''. , - ',.._
The - beet oilier io oppoeere ) d T tlist
giVen , by;an' Irish car ,dtiver; eV Belfast,- vibe
had seen, in
. .a conntry,,,distrioi,,,thirty per „7
sous iiiiickdown.
," What do pv."think of
Are' tt tolfieriiiiikOf the
work , orthe devil •"- bur if 'a slimming - Ad fs
drinking the ,devil- would ,tempt them to,
not pixpingjaml dang,:gTAT 6
"The Bev Wre.
• Artlinr„ of, bondon,
eniinOneWeilelati minister, now aißilfait,
pronouneei thii*Ork`to'' be;
Divines;; Last'Week" vast multiiidies-i-frout
thirty,-4mthousan4t t o iorty,thonsand- 7 ;-oanie c
day Prlierineeting,in'ihe,Oniiie Oerdens,
The Rev. J ° eha ' lohnetbii, the
venerabletbioderalef`orthe Trial AifieniblY'
presided: : The -miiltitudw'mal: broken% up'
into different congregations, ancif.infirTelOpe.
was tiU3' display of qpirs, ppyr9r,.
apperik` - certain Jlaii`t. ihe
,arvreknning c, , , ,in .
Ameiiiii`lait4eir--intilligence *itll regard'
to;which was - fdlly given by the(' piresi= l .
stirred up many in Ulster: to pray for , and
expect a similar qiiipteeing„..,„flince, when
it funt„firsikeii i eeeine, to have produc e d',
joy, rather thin surprise. "
To ifs'ireilitir,' depth, - Ind' , ibiee t '
Episcopal 'Olereideri; wtio
mingled amid the scenes of gracious: mania:
fesiiition t have borne strong testimony. Bat
'just ,as in Ai:nation, "Ifigh*Ohurchmen are
showing their blindness :end - malignity.
One of ,these,, near Belfast, i'netilted a pious
Presbyterian, who had
to give fio m 7 .
fort to young girl win; had been brought,
- nndeisminviotion! The Prieetlyntin ordered'
hioi onfdef the house, deolating, u I don't 1 .
want Dissbntere here." t, .
,• Anotitier clergyman,. "Pmnbyter .Dunen•
pis," writes
. to the pelfast Xeres LeUer r inti•
mating thetinismukih as the United Church
'of England and Ireland has not tatighi .
false doctrine or perverted truth, (?) andlas
the Spirit is a Spirit of unity, and not of
schism, that unless there be azeneral returtk,
.-to the Episcopal Ohnrah,
,little .or no , good
shall have been effected I That Oht4nh
appears, "only " furnishes - — "a y and
means for the attainment of a rear and sib- ,
stantial unity."
It is .thns ,that hatefil bigotry, Ming,
like s. bird Of Attallit;eiosking and deprecia
tory. The ".liarersi ,Piftkrr " Presbyter
say that there ie ao-bfanah'rofithertehiredi
of Christin thole kingdoms but the Epia-
copalian Chanel:lr "If inot, <his , letterf is
inconclusive; and• ireo, We tell' himhthati
such a conclusion is a- piecerof-ecektictstithr.
imp u de nce ,". , t ,,:: •.;t
Roman Catholics-come' within
of this blame& movement, mOrw-iltdoturap
one case ' rdt'Ballymoney, a PotoinTi nuked
has wrathfullydismiased his ,- eon*VirtNdetert.
.vent. • Atdlallymena, ion the'Aftertiffor3 of
a Sabbath in June, when the tniatylkivet :
of the Spirit was being manifelited' in 'the
towni , one'of the priests; whb' iire.Kitbitteit
against the' revival, was engaged mOste
boon companions, ''phssekity-f'car n ds. , MO
Hanna; in his details•ll4 tasted at
R - ornat nth ol lc 'con rt, young .girl, {
was underlhisrcarecoind,whn had Written - ill
strains ilnvissionated dariittitrukts'thoher
rather, i attatititorteiThi mtgittr
dltt. A 0,4.1. e.l
bEkil *b. 858
4.1 u.„ , •
14 " , 2 `ol_
zLlti 2.4 4 .414114‘,144.--;
iillfifiVadtititbi lila hottet, ate would eon
i:itit-19; ‘i'li' 0 a:4l i ii; "
e 414 94 , , a 1 , ips,:'. ;vitas Ni. Hanna,
Kew tn eg incl,,,g2„d'4, grace proves
bittlf.stippgea Om oautraveray, in., the pull
inge'dbarn r OfitAwbrongholde." Nearly four
undreditnitafirtfiqbdnviotion have been via
itfli„!hy, M ',Blfibtridtfttli,„ 4 bear dative,
, neon of hilifiiiir, RV - Writes me from Bei- '
aet 4 pand-whovsl*,,Arato wan verpelreotioat on
'' iiert l i i **CMS I f / beilf!e 06e.there
+/1., e a lasting iorpreraion on thousadds,
bettritAbOrt lit_:trity,f( been so , deeply ' ,
-407re'" '
X.kiaekowii4l44l r Alas appointed
I;aneed Liberal,
Ire r . ivlas `the , '
liSnaingr. prive, ' I
imt die claims have
Bright, it is tang
ibtffitiri,6 r ile
lop . hropingt'thlit'
be. 'lll'elinier,,' , '
i .#
.I , ‘l
1 * _`4 - .. RA I big: 3
r 1 °TlielViiri:o.
1146 , i;4l toiaa
...1414fry commences
its annual meeting - thfediyi in - the eity of
Dublin.. pit'milli doubting* be.' marked7ll,t
unusual ",interest', ,in ; .connexion ,with the • -
reports to bp , giyeein frouNtneter t ttiths,
spread of ` tine
From India 'ye filar thit riena l Baldb
large . , , indthai tnni*'rebel chieftain*.
; .comet and submits toI the: governments
The agitation among, the,,English regiments'
had almost entirely subsided.
,The Queen
is about to meet, at Dover, the thirty-second
Regiment, returning front India, and prob.
ably als9f the;lieY.P l 4l* l 4hitighleelidqs,
:both .so, fameus at Lneknow. ,From the
latier; 'it r e farewell ' bantlitet recently-given
then' at'Ronibity?btirst forth thrice` repeated
Ind anthill/113th/ chieritig, in holor of -that -
' 1 40 1 '4 q•Atie 'lndian,' Sit James.:Outrani. ;
- kindnessitad, ; been, extraordinary,
and so tie SOjeantatijur
,proposed three
, " cheers for , our leader in.'
tatile,rout friend in sicknois,"ourlienifaclor'
heiihh,.the kiud;the •gerterbus, the'brate;,
thelchivalreis Outran/. , f: a
. ',At:* ;4 7:7..'" 1
' I. 1 . I PrAltrffnanttnrilik BOYMPY and 'AL/YOCUM
If Vis. J Ontirfa Prayer-Meeting." ,
' 4 I" 4 Xes , rits is .only li. prayer-ineetir%; :and'
', th i eTefore m itit i ,be• a,
_little • opld, ,or r ieet,, or ; ;
4,,npw\y; or if it be a little disagreeable
ayeJ io g; .. or . if I feel,evsji JP. ‘ liAtle ciT i e_rse.,
— l9l tildiefite out, 'dial li'infftofent ' excniii: '
' tf , ibmtre a ieritioOtehetdd tifis;thifik , 4:' .
remainingdo home; but: it is: bittla Orgyeti.--,
~ *letting. 'Pew will he prejient,und it is so'
~.. ry and uninteresting, I shall not attend."
It, his tfitli fif iturgrePleriPeh t fie r tiiii 15100
1 8
3 1 4, 34 1 iitotilfiglyeraleabisg illy:sr:Quainter-, f
"Vi r sti . tw . phoe'tp, tip fol.)9yren ,e..Amtiti,7,, AV . ety,. 0
41 tit n, thi') ; evlclen i til that the pop , dge!4lf i . ,:vi
,"4„rvgireViOlee 7 j ot 1 1414/1 " If; Pl 4
s igordk , wolild eipgaittilitaly‘t* "aboah'iiiiitta 5 -
.13+4 ? VT l 444l•thill ?:•:. am - tliato : Astra -.*
~- , l ), ei.inta.M9o,.PPAglif .46t; 1 414 0. PrA4Artkla;:latge -;.
7° 1 9 PAPliokrAtte.lPerubere limit *IC sob, thus . -*
fi itheee matters.? ,• We 'leave:: the , - reader to
1 udge. ' ' , We' r could' i litiiid?On6.."liit)e, 0041167 ,
.chiaroVithisitil 4 a)ve4ly,rtie r e r tuig for t , prayer
•31 itgs'4o,,, sad *igh; the . .ohniolt L utsinds
; 1. 6 , :: Oil - 500,1•Ao tiled-, Aeighborhooli,:wbere al
. tall' the 'hinder of famili es *areArriibers,
,_ e Is Foie:3
mm, present., wheih. ant" more
~ e i httuffiye'lir (di of ,thilie' ' hai , e, 'been l ,...' there,
-and liiiit„,*44,iin n,,,4ouen -persons in all.
low;Ave,yrouldsseriteuipaek, as in the pres
iiiatir God, Do auish'ilegleotOis feePsheir
. 4 4` litiblii-otitheiwitnitfof Zion? Do they
qfeell that a : iitighst'ly:the .: prosferitY, of, the
, r zejiltgit iiiti: irlitiih they stand connected,
thit the cause demands ?
, Why is the priyei=ineetiii — g " dry and
- uninteresting ?" Does iiof th ohiiioh need
artitet s petj,tiim Ls,. the, B,iv,ine blessing
on.: usio s . . : plrtionlar,ppien,, a matter
pg importance ?: When you hear of
othef of the' Church being visited with
. "?Ftiges Of refreshiogrdoeiyourheirr never
- 'l , TutibkWitls•the .deeire that we' too 'might be
, the samesttjapaer ?., nsirrow
-4)% flit-i7j 6l !r thin
Arence l to tne, ptayer•nieeting; thire is not
.a.,lllill'indiffiferfee l iviill'rigiirct to' the 'filter:
giti p'rosperitf of the Church ? And
too, our ave. not left to your , own
llbtoli,s4A r thjq-,Matior,;., , ,Xott ire }coder. ob--
AillgittB4, l l7 L voluntarily assuming
*peQfpasion p ." not for
linglef Yourselves together,"
and also' „, pray , far: the' peace of Jens
' I"-, .Q ,)felki.yr .profeseors,. haw Can
you, oot iplifferitnti to these things? If you
eyence i onaptt: your : 0,0 enjoyment, enjoyment, is there .
,)19. 'Aeasnire in appearing before God? In
etead 'of thinking; it a task, should rd'snot
eitisear iCalPrivilege; to 'meet together and
tiiisent our united petition. at a; mercy seat?
Haw sweet ite „toles& his promiesp,„l Where,
two or, tlirels, i pr l e_githered tonkliff 4 : T y ;
AsaMe L ; r ilieie,am in the midst --,' DO you,
'liSliti3S - 'th6 ) '' fib tn Ise.? 't hat
thinnas by alisbntidg',hinsielf Idishefithi the.
liloesofsprayerimiesed meetingi•loitli, his
' Lot% I I ,D,o„ y9tt i ge sy.itb,tk desk, of mooing,
withJedits? liow.thea l 1p :it, be nitinter
estin-iy, • .ve
One Aieid, - in eimisliesion, to thoso who
ooMinot , the -meetings-i for prayer. Try to
mpkit4em.itsterlesting , /, Lead. thelhearthy
presenting our particular wants as ii4uroh,
hekore the throne of grace. Are not the
, petitions too general ? The 'heart must be
L 'affeeted by atatjtmsimicipeamoppm.igrEcEs
, , sufga. Be ,Inknot#, to ittendar i str A p44. 7
show ` by your conduct ' that . you yourserv,es
are ;d e eply interested: 'Plead like •Abribans,
4 0 that Ishmael:might live tifora Thee'!” •
FaceaBtefin,lFirsit.4=The 'emineidi ebb:4
4tiftt deyott4ippgel s regoirkAdi thatin pastor
- Innotkot xj ayrms Ad sit 4 .otOp • tryc' character
ofks church from p distarbance made by ;
a Slw turbulent sp.ints.' u Vhe l n'a 'mat,' said
he, dnirp - tokinfrepold', o llWellrom it noth
ing but thei!ottitkink laftirtisj‘ it is yet by
no means u n,safe,icferenee hence, that the
water coma ge uSt
.4. 4 .0 Id •
I:llF.greatApqo-ofal; ;WA, of fill 80p:tire
s 'sera, are the ability and di position to die-. .
9 olu l lka ai men -
baud u He' who not a better
abVo i t 3 ter;.cneighbor,ifriend, , and:foitizin, be.
170 a Of. hi! atiparpor'-knoydedge, may very
atwell oplakythgt i lim 145,,kaowledg9
sipertor to title .
' oranoe
of the AnleAtered
Jimmy aretiad'ina.
„: f . fi f br:%tat!ots.
t r
. 14 # 1 titan 100 ":ci dtplictg - ,MJ 0
rp. :I Z . . VI ! i lle Ys er jt o i ) IDI O'ithPrffil"Algo.
1 y,9 , W'n,tar"hila, 66.degran for the vollatil ~
I t og, kindadiii - to i.eilaftiffilVfNesit:Wnifdallegletn ),
,4.4ionfrlskin pftguihrima I deMilitoPilbettiat::.
.sPO4. , •r J. ), .; : t ~..; L• al ,lihii!) ' 1 lo kJ .i ",
'id. - ------ —7",en.),.:;:.:7
• Ir,r7l;li 01.1
"1 1 1( 41 1 2 9 11 atr i fi tig f r 11 41 E9ti lit Y . 411
eikeril • e
i g s AtriAirkP,, a F t ie„ lataGf. vl l 7
p_re lased e9p3p9eure•
7 114 1 i t ga 9 ;