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Probytuttar Aditeiluakiii i llr j el s MEINik Mt 1 .
DAVID Mili s iNgif 'and AVE'S ALLISON „ Editor:
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' I 0 rxgma - ' 14 otttr
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The. Baby ? . ,-
4 Theremee a cradling lent as here,
To:Oheer:oir lot; .
ltters,T a cherub in diskuble,
But.yet our dhn atia earth-bored Oyes
Its,Toitkik'n,iis like the symphony ;
Th t.nto strings loud;
et'thongh our hearts the mush: hailW
bfeatti of,helaven, ihey_fail"d
.TConinprehend: •
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Thp : ,, 431-147.ta A IL:4 . = 1 -
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it;:41,3 wont roam ,
And the first, , e n herry bloasoms , stiroo,
eoft,iring of chirping bird, 1::
A call from annel'ilarps it heurd,
Come tip Come home"
, t4; 4 r,Or . fh q°l!?4‘s:OffiSfy A 86?.,
• The Circus: •
The following paper was prepared by the
•four Protestant pastars,•of a late town in
the interior of thills State, SigkedNthTzt
and publiihed from their severat, pidpits, Im
the Sabbath preoetlipg,the visit of a Circus. ;
A friend has sent ,us a, copy .of, it, and as it,
relates t 4 tulkieet of gerkeykt intere4, we
giv,e it a place n,our , columns : •
•The undersigned, pastors , ,of the. several
Protestant ohurehes of,Hollidaysburg,- have
felt themselves called:upon talenter into and
announce to their ieveral-eongregetient the
following united, solemn ,warning and re
moustrattce:. - • •
We feel, it to be our duty, aszwatchmen
.upon the-walla of Zion,
m ap
at °t(' endeavor ,
to lead our beloved flocks into the green pas
.tares of salvation; that they may be flour
;;abed and fitted for duty,: but -also to guard
them spinet the dangers that beset :theni,
,and warn them of approaching ~enemies.; ,
The, candid reader of the thirty-third chap.
ter of .Beekieli•must be convinced that the
Christian -:ministry . . beoome chargeable
tbe blood of souk if they fail tolgive faith-II
far • warning-lagainet those influences that 'l
tend to lead the people into the way of death : ;
and it is unreasonable to expect us to incur
ench terribletguilt.; must be, faithful,
whether the people will hear' or forbear.
And adtwe believe; tlkat the,,Circusi and tits
inseparablea poncomitanto art-evik and only
• Mining ,40, immorality :of sentinient
and practice; we do unitedly,andzipost
emnly lift 4ther Nolo& 0f. , -*arningi reinon
strayer!, andentleatr.; Mautioningtour beloved
lottOple,'andeapecially, , the dear limbs wf our
flocs, 'IOWA ,the 'dangerous Allurements,
Whit:44lm ~en'enige, o ft, genie - his - .connected
velth e this- aunniettient, andz entreating them
to . abitain from:Mt : en denoting:Wu this
spooled of t
( itre. •
• b thinAtatiteptipwould-z
-fee-from any attempt to interfere - with leap
bf the. innocent' and. lantfnl ienjoyments. of
ouripeople. We rejoice to see our people
cheerful and happy, when we can approve
of the source of their ‘ plearili as lawful and
safe. We wohttriat; 'We °quid, . abridge
• hfidymir • Ptai4 Ettd- 4 BOW anliageminite
But vtimidanfdrAtii lahlinit over thErliiiiethat
anti instlitition 'so taW' in its neoeiatjohi l lO
audit bittaittatitenitt an art, se linileticitte in
nal leo in entire
tetifi r entiesy salts the dircus, aboidereileive
countenance from a community in whose
ppirittud welfare we have'rso deep
and heartfelt an interest.
• z few, of , the many, objections , which we
have Wilds sort of theatre, are as follows:
I. It is the degenerate relic of the lowest
and 6 4)9;4194_0f them games; by, which the
ragen!Eriperors of Rome sought to amuse
tb unwashen moba, who could only be re •
strained ifrom violence, rebellion, tend ta
rps, hy„anok appeals to 'their fondness 'for
base amusements. The „Circus as A place of
ginueement, can be relished only by o f people,
• uncultivated taste'; 'or by meth as have" a
fblidaeisis'for`that which 'is coarsest in wit , or
most groveling - in morale; and we are .re
'natant to hehold any resyeatable pOrtion of
teti ouirifunith in which our let is oamta,,giv
lag 'such Proof 'of a buskin:hi condition,pf
plead and soda' lefinsiment, as attendance
uPan the' Mews implies.
2. We are rah:nitwit to have it kiidWri
that our community differs, ' in its estimate
of this place of low resort, from the great
Majority of other :immunities .where' aoeiall
refinement and Christian morals have Lmade
some advance. The, grans ,pep p le cenfeser
that, during the Simmer season, w hen they
traverse `the country; thei do not make their
eitPensea:---and only expect diminish,: therm.
Their main dependence is uperi their Win
ters'•itient tint the city; and there it id well :
tbet their :patrons are the- ignorant
and vicioluennidses; and that it is ricdc(n-
Adored reputable, for; any persona ,laying,
claim to,Chriatian morality And respectabil
ity, to, attend. Why abenld,virtuous,coun
try and
~village people, place themselves
upon a level with the less *reputable masses
of city porilation I •
All that is objectionable in the theatre is
found in the Oireuti, in'intensiliddlnedeure.'
The evils of the theatre without ia
are found in the Circus. In the 'kitty,
horses, monkeys, and men without manhood,
and women, forgetful eft the ~delibaey of
their sex, are the adore(' whilst the lowest
buffoonery, and the most ribald wit, and
the coarsest profanity, constitute„ the ; staple
of all that je said.
4: Those who attend the 'Circles ars
brought:in' contact with men and l irtnneli of
improper, cheraoter, andcontamination, to
greater or less degree, must ensue. The
mind' that consents to breathe an atmosphere
so' impure, must be conscious of a moral
!fp. The Oirtius presents to Tashi , that are
in straightened Olkonatistatices, a temptation to
spend their slender means, and bring them.
selves to want. They are tempted to
” Deena money for that which is not bread."
And the very people who are , moat likely to
do it, are those who can least afford it- A
large amount money is taken riiitYof every
oolnmibity in which a Circus eitbibita,' and
for this money, what equivalent is left be.
bind ? Is any good done ? Are the people
left wiser, or= better, or happier P
A. But, our great objection to attendanife
linen the Cirque is, that it is of demos icing
tendency and is wholly incompatible with
a consistent Christian walk. It is a worldly
coctiormity of the most diereputable kinA.
Our Lord demands of his people not to
coaformid to this world, and be calls them
to Christians should avoid the
very appearance °Ceti!. And we do most
solemnly, war p : and ,entreat our ; beloved, flocks
.touch not „ibis 'tinishpin en
treat the youth of otir,Aoiliwift4
of our Sabbath Schools, to stay away
, 4,141 •••• 4.7
fronb•the Circus,. and , we appeal; to heads
of &miles to .interpose
.t iaa :' raofluenoe,
,PPed J.l l ,ir,s-. ll PltKßltt.ti.-%* re-'
stra9 their children from i going to_a phuse
where they, can get .no possible .good, but .
muOliioevifahle =
Hoping that a fistiniony - horne unitedly ,
by foili'ivitnilish4 (tour with addition
upOti':the t ioinds J:hiaJoimuniiy,
tre'lhaii) fiken this ixtetfio'd ot - ainienitch?a
We belieVe'that' we Were mcivea t- 44''it
by the Spirit of our Master, and with singu-!
lar ooindideiiie ' thoughe'anl pur p ose, '
and bavitig °odelva-ore& to perfoini this dtity
faithfully 'and affectionately, we leafe the. e-,
TAlltrioit;`Pitstor'Of Baffin ch.,,
h' of Pli t eittirtiititlp;
41,1114110 YD C4 Oft tuthertin;
J. H. C. Dosn,u - dov .of , Methodist:
r.ll, AI v:te
7 , 3 I
o ebrs4olP,Mobdertimataiinorokod , editicate; - ;D
Lai+ Inter/3120W Thdia ' ".
• ' -- NO. 11.
,- 7 ['BY A Itl'lTTßiii 4 ir MitideitAltirl:
~. . vat ;
.;;,„ ••..,7,1.3.7e,1041g gllArgoo.of oppEessionomd f .
villains liiiv, b?„op ,lioro,,,nglit against the East'
Tridi . ti - 'tMilpitiy, without , en,fficient: res:ion."
tfery inrellMent, gindOo "Yritli 1 whom, tie:
'fifer cofiVerse d . at this
, 'ept,lo l c,i; frOii 4 ' ac- '
knowledgedlhe `i.rpla?i,,, , , Mach happter ;
liiiderthe Englisy Ain under ' their „own
r 4 itiiira.' ',The latter liamany more ,btirdens " .
upon. them than , : the former. "'ld' tidal ;of
war,lhe people had to serve as soldieti with- 1 -
out ;regfibir p . ay. " They had :no protection,
`rib. redress' in tithe of peace.peace.'`They'r6 f re
alike' the prey of",,the robber and of "the 1.
polices. Thee,two„.classes united in , plun- , •
doringsillagesand individuals, and, &tided 1
the'4lp - oil vaitiong L thempolvie. ' 'But 'Tinder
i rV l : e ., E ;•" t , T ,, ii i ai i i , ','°°. -03 , PiiiY'a I'llP'..,t l i 4eliFil l m. as
~goPEL 11 P91.109 ~systein established; all:lover .'
the ,countryp and as much- security 'of .life ~
and property afforded' the people ail the state
id -the ' country, would 'permit: .. 1 " - That ;of
'which the natives ,cOnti t plalite m il nithit,„ - iiiiO:the
heavy hind tax pay,.andAlie in- . 1
sectirity . of the ,onitivators: As, the land
belonged to the native rulers when the Eng
lish became masters ,of the „eolintrY, it be
ramie theirs by, „riilit of , eon,queet" It. was ,
'l4 them coosequently:farm,ect opt, ;at an 1 ,
average rate of tax, to land epeculato,risorhp
`beiginie reeponeible 'to tile, l ',Governinent for ,
the tat, and sublet the lend' at a high rent to
the cultivators. In`case` of arrears of this
land tavon;the part or the speditleitdra, sum- 1
mary sales werespermittedviiiid from these :
sales all undertenuree were.' unprotneted. •
This oftenlea . togreat distress ''"' " ' -'''
0 .., 4. . _ aiming village
conimunities, who clibhed together and
took large qiiintitiii of land from thei:spee
rilatori, to cultivate in common.. Many of
these , villager', whoever were ihp .rulers of
leasers, hid firm, time iminemo4al; cultiv‘r
tilt the same .lands ; , .and haying improved
ttem , by' _sinking wells; Plantjng i trees, &0.,
at their own expense, they, had; a claim upon '
them *hitch was generally `respected by the
Tie being deprived Of , these r ti ightir; as in
the Ostia of 'luminary, sales, 'the eultiv,atera
eonsidered the greatest oppression: But. op
iiritoignislof this kind were more. 0"
viti th,"OteA.L. • ,:, *it; ,tst -
', fa n o ne Iloynkniiient. .I i ; ',. ~ .
Besides their civil seririce;,the East India
Company`had also , a military , one--a ',stand
ing-army of Y tyro,hundred.and fifty thousand
men of all, arms *With th 11 exceptiono f
.. . „ . , . a
Mime nine ' thousand Europeans , these , ; wer e
all natixes of India.
_They were command,-
ii(l by About five thousand English commis-
Isioned office ass i st e dby n
officers,: ;°n'°Tsuniltillml4
native officers. In addition to the Portipany's
i ttoope, the Government' usually employed
4 &Kant forty thousand of ger British Ma* ty's
army, sent out from England for short pe
riods as a oheek on the ~.'ipohis., , For the,
service, of these troops, the company, paid,
the home ,Governrcient an equivalent. . The
domparly's officers, were oily = commissioned ,
for' ndia; They were usually educated,at,
the East India hlilitaii.OU'llege;it - Addis-,
combo, Epgland,,and were intelligent men.
A full Colonel's pay was 167,500 per annum,
and from this rank down the salary, 'was , in
profortirm. ' The thinerals of liivisions were. :
mostly Queen's officers, sent,outlrom England:
in their old age, by fayoritiem, , and received,
152.4,000 a year. The nativdregintents, when
lull mothered one di 'd' each, .;l 4
) stationed
were At various . oints thrOrighout 3
, the eoun , t4 ? from one to ten regiments at a
place. At the large stations therelvere also
one or two European regiments. In order
'to avoid- toomuolt lorial influende; these all
relieved e slastr a stkieF tk onee-An three . years.
No army sills evt'i better
,provided for than
the ',Sitalit! 11, , , ptiVate . gi ? iiil'oor's month,,
ttih, ,
While tiieehanto 'onli'iot,f3 'OO, and 'SI'S.'
borrif!O OW He could wi t hdraw MS ' . niirie ,
itt iny thi§i ldriring peace,' was' not' obliged '
to go on foreign service, and. after a oar
itiii2 mingle' Yillis, he" : dreitr a F ikineiriii.
.If Allied ifi battle; his irldei :and ilhildren
:Were' prOirdrid with 'a ebinfertible., iiring.
From the indignitYrif beirifflOgg e ed the (Si
pdlti want always l inrenipt. '; Cis worthy cif
remark - that in retain for ',goolOreilittrielit, '
the native aOldier,`nntil'latelf,' saa',rfar two *
hiindredi fats, giteriunder c iairta,f4trying
iiitatiniiitandifi inked faithful td,`" of
cole lei - tiiikftiVatile' 'Phenpinerro l i at Ale
ngniiiiitithrailit tile e the ven t quiehed the
eetja of ,their own ' eiPetUal' subjtfittigii". 4
But' it Vail 'by the native army India iiii 1
Congliilied'ind help!) .subjection sii rit4UY-,
y , eare, and b`ji them leo „many 'istirrounding„,
eoludirfel Were ritildidto the Company's ir...:
Seiaidni. ' bleleldiirti 'ever xrianifeatett more
ai:oho:mit to e ilit:Air offiliers" ~ atilt e tioCia 4
ever hid 'lesi einiei for iiiiitilly.," Soldiers by
bitth aUd 'pOfistilop/ifilty: &oiled` in 'faith
fri:lnekkaiiol-iiets of 'valor' even When "fight'
iWg 'egiiiiiiit' aerie:kit: conntrYinen.:,", Whell',
leiPbyTiird'peart'ofaeers, 'nothing 'eoulil'ens-
Pati4Siiireb6ii . , e'ew'in darigei'. l 'pi its long
fritlifuin ali: mild loraie . iy the mill aiiitY hid
colnirbtElyliiiiiid Ihe %gin - Mont into fatal '
'linearity, and; at the time Of 'the' lite ,IVirftil
Outbreak, they were ,in the entire poieelC4o
Oflsoine otrthittlaiglist ir'senals in& ma
Pt' ,
,s in the ecaiiitiVc,
1 ' uch hitliilletriqiiii 'illcit `the; Minim Of, ,
th:e late *affix, arebtli .i the` 414bhis',"' and
,ulth i ii4ifili&b6e of oPiiiton still' exists ` onm
thislinNei . e." :Triat optiiiiiindon tbdPatt of
thii'direrim'ent'tb &Ale extent, did exist,
ilia: t been 4 a thitlidf aild Wit the Slpiihis
ii4re"ik‘'‘ll7 l4 *iiiipgridr tad their caste '
I t
to'nliteht itwililo..Vnrilit* litithori: '
tea);. v§
ties, : she atfinitted; an d yet the true ,
+me' mai nai l e assigned : '
i . be truth leililie Sipobi Rebellien was
the Sesultant of - ruaiii causes : Voc *anti
had the laud of their fathers &fen seized' by
fOreigners of it etrenge speeeh l lnclitreiget
habits,_ but those, White-faced demeCshad
iittiddire,d many inn,,vations ,On revered
customs. Instead of 'the oluniey, dragon
headed boat, towed by men, "majestic steam
ers' st emmed their sacred rivers; canals
deprived 'die deified Ganges of its hely
waters` ; "the Ralanquin, carried on men
' s
.shoniders by feet:paths' thr6figh denim — inn.'
les, infested: by tigers and wild elephants'
as dispteecd 144 tbieliis and
`by IN A"
ormeitiver good roads; the fine carriage
L. H. 13.
'wir 3 rf,irtol •
" ONE: fr Et I - 1111ES rEt. ED;OP THE L;ORDr ". MEM ON., THING I 170."1;
.to -„E•- 4fiv 4 , ` , :i t; 4
thinderisfl over the ' site's ' of 'diliaolished
Ampler and ' kora& *alai' , and througlfittoly
-ditiasiaprea 'rig: bbnitekinatioti fall:; around ;,,
An agiaiwiree old. tales frone,Ons , end - J (Az thz
1 0 .0 A 34 0- the ; other , vitt filightning pepold. j
ilvigkt , maa;oo acing in ; darkness,`'
-thededolatitunhofxllinttooisni. , l
91# 41, inge,w . Ire passing away, : aud
g-xk al l things
IFefrilltecqu4kiow, Naliyawere , .4lo.l9loY
amazement, many wept,,w k 4,-411,..ettebkitt0,,
What will become of us and our gods t
The lions of 3 titlP 4 .R . 0 14 'Waters had fallen
1 befenawthe" iiiltininittiefingV iiiitiitt 'tio4
Thotoldentfoksted`Bilibilititiltitetin &Mho!
AloweC,3by#lthe foreign ' *At heitait) b DUO% f
''OeNtqllte , f6il6priliope 3 oli' .011W,3111inabtreend
4410baatnieda-n ;. aadJtb ea eiadleletitheaellicihi,'
felt illayfw ~ strokei'ilf .ttbac.LobVil3ahiViPiOti
~Iwithoitt. ,: sai elfetti',td , maieditteitlExtiOndat4 E
I tsnatemid btu:ll-the ;! Brie
AfSlaniCalthy the 4.‘ ( }oval 4th
I,!tetasikkedt bausao eft tl ligt '
I, . ,ftwievog A sAtcoloi*wal rpti t ,::,
...„.. , ,-. .silenneln ;gip, 7 iiith; ;
i :c 4 4441 1 ii! 4 ) 3 14 Y O /4 1 itoh ; ! .;
IcrlitiP ff,llltfAlkilP lile
341 1 - APIN , I!,i/le-gc) . CO , .
:movie tb the . 10iimal ,Die
:.ceSept. ,and, !li nlill read
tiiiiiiiiia:nit, "
the la n d. 1 de
mss la shelf's .1
, r .4 , 1 1 A
l ' .oll , iiiVerlor, 'their j tnd
. ,
l , intigi* tiiinkie sObi
i feetnie t t'th.'n'tant -- ;'4e r kl
i Miigil f r id' Osier, iiii't
1ien:4'0444.f eniyiag , as i de
: - lititerd 'id Mieneffoit'
friani)th;dii,Tii' Th'e'ileti
've*lely trainified:' Thi,
~a vislanysiteribiudyluiih
andrfniektO city: k , An
unwillieg 'obeiliedati to'
1 , fulnesso and , pr ompts' .._ ...
foreboding rot eviii 811
.doontretto die: - 4Bdt•
dam by. thesauthoritit
At.Je,ngthtsen eves
trap*rd, which. was,
a *salon w,ltiohrhas
'Old aa. tingle. . ; The, ,
..„ , said .
to be greased ,witht,lard, or t,allsik, was,intpo-
AuCed to the native army, friinj England.i
took Hinddos and Mohammedys refused to'
toolt.,it., ~on
,the plett ij of,,de timent.,.,4tl
Meesut, in the -IN'orol;aw.9it • ,07.048. of qiii* i o ff etii, the: long , pent :op t atorni burst;
lorikn all its fury; tiglitylpiOnliii hid!
been itairlioned . kni refusin g ;tartan tha'ne,*l
CaT44lga. Cie' a Veautiful, Ibith'nitok.:
'neon, 'oa. `the 10"th' of .114ay;18 while t,bei
f it
- Efigiieli'iiffiCeriiiind"Meri 'Wale. iiolmicions
4if eVii:iiiiil'iliiiiitly4vorshiipt 1 the '.ehria-
tiain G4il;llfe -- domrades 'Of! imprisoned '
men liberated ' them, and it'tlio 'itd aorivfoll
fronilbu'irislie ' '.A2uilitikat 'lr laite then
made on all foreigners. Many Med,'itonniti
and children - fell - in; line vaitillaugliteririn
' the chiral' and station. • -The kiellohisc . then
made as , nil& on 'Dell?i; thirtylleiles . .distant
'froanMeeint, and before{' the'taiin at 'the
next day, , massacred hundredsfab foreigners
and native Phristiansi lotdqvisessioive the
Ext f and•prociaimod;tbe-oldleinglefliDelhf
Emperor T ot ,Indist.:lThinheattolenen and
b 1 9 08 A 10 4 A811t..40 neves, well'ftrieeotrdett in
any,age, spread ,frorn atatione*alatiewwith
-Lso4.l4lViditY, and inAttvaltajifkin o
Mivrnt,pplhiisHmi,ratareilly t guttahmthr,
0*1!1?1,9%•0 •fi .W ll '4 melancholy, iansociai
dons, these names, bring li to remembrance;'! .
FoT,Moptha. the destiny ,of tha gaat, s india
COmpany's_rule tiernbled, in the
. kalanoe,
But. Lawcenoe, an Edwatde, a , Hp,velook,
and a , f ,,Gcratit'—all, God-fearing , men-were
taiiiert4 by TrpTidniken to stern.t . lukt3de:of
rebellion, ' and 'save the fairest ,portion of
asi& ficiii- Mcihimmodin tyranny an d 11 .
,4 . ..In',
doo siqrstition.
~ ,
' So utterly unprepared , t
however ` , ;visas
East I nidia'G in
Overnent foxthe insurrection,
andligievere'weethe'slioCk they sisitained,
gat' the 'trial& Parliament 'irithdreii 'the
naliniitillreharter they'l'a c ,d ' i granted them' a
few years ago, and annexed India la , their
own . •leinpire, , 'The „44neilm , IhiksA.teen pio
claitned;,,,Empresa.of Hindoostan, , and every
where hailed- . with delight by-her one
.hundred and ,fifty millions of Hindoo sub- -
,jects. •,,- Thousands :of • English-troops 'have'
~ been i poured , into- thc :country,. and .order.
restored. The,t roubled night, which , lately ,
rested on. that vast country, has passed: away ,
1 11 , 1 4 the Arkosl447Phq4,hung over itiPor'
!tending r,mn, has, peen, u djsperted. . The;
. of death
,hae, retired from his., work of
'destruCtiOn, "had the
_wildflower again
'brodiniiin peace on the field's:if 'battik The
niiitionniy - of Partin. again' goes 'OW to his .
'work, often encouraged by the 'powers that.
tHonor to the , Chrietiari 'beret's whd fell in
tbeldieciharge of , their drifyq't ,Hcinor tofthef
martyredoilissionariels , whose E.lionee *Mien
on.,the plains -of rPawnpore and
,May Great Britain _fulfill. her high Inie=q
eion, and- India term , become, int:morale,
what she .ia v in neturei the I Garden -ot• the,
Lard.: e 41 . r
For the Preehrterhinfßanner arid imearat - 1:1
The JAtonementi,
I r "Nor vaLtx r, .
) 3
Having thps f shown from, reesph,W z rev.e.,
lation (eatiefeetorili We' hoPe least to
,minds,),Christ „did not
die for all ititikinlecie'VA•hp Atin4 l
iionOlute hotiOifg,a
lore `objections to 'the vieis
'w'hioh~it has` been my aim' to 'eetiblish.
• IP I 4- i F
It has ottAn''bilen :said; in slpflpiiitiOn'
`Christ did'
nut die alike kir faki' is inteirmaible "tii t
exhort -sll. rids to repent 'aiitl'hgliiiVe the
Gospel. 'Sit low it is 'itureasonal3le is a? ..
4neetionlif - kdiffieultdeolutiore. IV* 'lp&
have sinned, it is , -ef 'course the • ditty 'of alli
to repent, and Sierflainly it cannot he wrong
or,unreaso,nahle to ,exhort: men= to do their
And Ahquht sinners ; reply, "Ne are'
Wnetble,to,ropent,Juivo not, the ,power,7
I 'ewer, : th a t ,nothing 'hut the ,love, of sia
inTieis & spy, ( sinner from repei2ting ,at any
,h,nt, the love of sin is of course no
esenee..:There is no physical hir4ranee
,I , iepentutiod; no secret purpose of God hold.
ing f ple sinner back from Repentance; he
does fi t oi l even tois4, to repent ; nay, is'bittey
ly opposed to true repentance.
• Aid hoiv'does the &outline defended con
flict with* the . .olovforie duty Of Fait to
Jesus MAO' *Gbd•comutaitds men ` every
Where fo'bdrie' on hie Bon Jesus Clink ; of
doilisei' rfiti c stlief their thuk'te he
lievt Oind aiiint it unreaeonible to
exhort =f 'To 'do their .'ditty? • Christ is
Presented to all who hear the Gospel ae• the
oki" eel , of Faith p os iblii
tb the uttermost %Wylie receive himw The
Primary act of feigr q igbneMchelieving that
(Arlo has Oita form.% hut that he died km
sinners such as me, and,thst whosoever be=
lieveth,shall,be saved. , ,This ; ,:is encourage,
ment,enongh to wait on God; in, the , use of,
the means. And,should it!, be, said„.“ faith
to the li git) " . ti n e, sinner ,has not
the irwe!, ctf ! 4 "4 ef*Prelle-e.
faith * 'anisiver, this ie aJ tiutoJM.tpo
r6iakiiltiiierer Wily; t sinner'ehould not
He4/14, to
tie f,
.. i~~;
:-.1 , k, ).1•--1,, v, '.:l,!' r.- -," ~ ,
belitintbeentib..God'edfifitaitai bilft - to 'be- i
-lievler; and' bitir..inabilitri 2w: believe being'
Aelf•fr t 999TlOA kri9it 9f - 091/11 1 1 4 , no valid ; ex
euse. cod is b not itic o stithor. " 0 ter,sel,
'thou el lisild'''`desVeyed .111.yel,"" ' lfriidee
, 11
'therefi l ifel id'ibilityrie the cue kihialC iii t ' riot'
botivilicitiitillei rate tesitil Mid' lioneO.
quait, / elmwonititutiono - - possible , apology
, m oplkelysk., t ll,forgover, if. the sionee h e
helpless ottion.sbetuld diaomirasp o ang, f o r
tli i sa'a r r 4sen,at( have eCiiitil reason for
discotiligifheliptildil !alike Oilief ilie..aine
Anability.l4offiann.ha r ve wittin . `thebiselves'
:414 ,r , 9l 2 te.PWrrafel believe.. and 3 , repent,' n i p
Pii i rgir.Z.e l iallffl9 l oe iiTeßd iiirg4ll; ,the;
sheer toAtugprithe, grace and shinty r4l-
niin'tic' Mae,' y " . for'' WiiiiliOnine'asliitht
,iu ce itithrtidttis -, ~. 7. 1.1 .1 1 , .
: ri '.'9 1
di 2tr,F4kgainAtiliorten . 3ll4&tbiti the' !difi4-
r &0 9 911 . 0.°241.riiiWAnaisionbient;) Jpalies iti
MY:A t'2l- 0% tale. P. 4) !lltekhasv tti n A e l l *
Tins , is nsui er„rmeitea .tuen mews)
TA Wilted b i , Jadiiihatre illifeliiihingir
flsodOnloalesi deftrgitiPalilive ?" 44 h14 1
tholighbAthe 'great Afaistfe:' 4. -Wherefthere 'lli ,
.no poops:II, , unealietioi. ;In preach.
: lag pe„Gopel,,,hotrver, it id, "lop, imum . 46
fe 'tell' m en that' Christ died &signs:no, ,by
;hit' death, 'ti. 'sae al/ en L AVllifit;`,oiiid•
not be trite..4` It ii' °plea stifidient 'id iftit..
111011-the:gladritidiagei ,thalit4thrist aliedf-lor,
fiArkeTkilifoßiL9.49P,.. hAateoitep . litith±orreti.
arms e r-47.1P04,q, fcg , M9NeYsi9;94 Air.
Lion. Wha t greater eicor' * eutifit , ids.. l, Di
given ? We are, t 'iliol'ilivel,, no £ t
thorizedift ;hut `ienjecibed, Telisiglilaiiif the
boundless sujicieney of !Ohristicineritslii
Pleve,,h i . wti.9 1 .9 .1i.945 1 , . 1 1.449)*Iltbut come:
And 4r tens of t thimsande,lpliziotioeno t Qas
experience lamentably (hod certain
4S,=. inliieboiiiiel to make'ihtliiit i lie
responsibility :hod bliiine,q tit " '";"-ortheir
not ,coming rest, not uperniGaiipbutmpon sin.;
nets ,Allizuselves. Traq vc ind '' " he :; does
make his "people will i ng in t l„ ref lis
itt a
power; and if he did not do so, i. none would'
tbiiiit; abdlievehriet i wanle faille 'died' in
=Vain.": But his doing , thia; Weitifirryipeh•
,p, , l is ,-matter of- purcsjiiiice,' , l4dlnpSwif,
.ele4. li Ae a y soyreigo - 13.441,1 i n ch ' ) 14k.. in.
Alisputahie right
tot ake." ; &reselso
. 'iierny"l
t r .
vitt of 'some of the vestitdilifiira
__,'" when!
cii/Pwain " by katirii the' iiiiiiiritiii i btireitii."
dlisaloingithii for sonte r nisikketheihilditielu
of others, none,the worses hl[avingl inalleow'
munificent banquet for e,beggatect world,-it
was wondrous mercy in , God to make pc
`iiiiii4 to . partake of Within sirlilio - ouch.
fi r
ineral;:notiipittsion, all W' mild ' hive Midi) ,
manse r.tline the 'Lerdre7, l lmittiliet 'Woild'
have been without a solitary gliest, and-this
rich and boundless provisionfurnished. in
B n ' . . - : "Ag a in • ' l n'
op po sifi , V i to c ' the " d octrine
defended; noilieeniertihaFii leineeniiitiiii'
with the ;goatees - sr of iglodi' as 'it meanie to
make; salvationim . possible , tomanyizand tends
4 , desPalr.,4o,9b 4 ,4 1 .6 4 how_.,can these
lionsequeneeli p o ssibly snuc k ?. ,if.,,P5 0 4.1 I*,
name, had designitallthe peTionft not ~in. ,
ollided iii . ther oo r itinine er'redgliiption, * the
ease of such ;Would t haVel indeed"hten' dee
.betpQod has non.dolus saitand) we
durst 99L , s Ministers, 9f .I..hfil OTpfl, f;Anz
entirely nutieraintis.444,the seorptinit,
.iniel'Of Giodfinifoonsi all" Olin on every
iSifu9;ttP blidieve;iisaiitin e 'mid' Oftiall
ration ort*alotng, ands ially - peritadtd. of
the eifficiency ofi.the death) of:Christ' to
save_ every pit ihat,be)ieveth. ,Besidesi if
lie . ' doctrine,, thit 'Christ did not die design,
ing 'tiiiiivi'll by iiii li diath, tends to de.
spairpthit , !same ticideniy - certainty lien in'
the.doot'rinn -(admitted 'by all bit 'Culver..
salisw,) tivo vast,inultitudes of our_race will
assuredly be lost. Ansi,,,it i3 Obritsee,doeigu,
in his death in not embracing the salvation
of all, is inconsistent* With - the goodness of
,i3lod;i4, isiequellyi if .no tat/ ei,.. repugnant to
that goodness to suppose that Christ having
died alikividerairittPlfaiiiiil unlined
saltation , for) allowq-manr are 'still' left'to
perish, int,.. their. sips, when-God nicnild have
easily ~ p revented it; with, no' additional - east?
to.his own.Bon r had he chosen tollo•so: It.
is 99 - 1 9 281 99r,t , 9.the5e diffieulties) tole) , that)
ifiliTerii. Pe#B4i gbe„fault lie :their :owntp
this Is ' fiillY*4 l 4lo44, bnt z doec Dot relieve
the ' difficulty,' as the,itetter fate j ofoothers4. is ,
the iiiiPle Feaule of distiiguiehing- grace
aline, ; aside from, which eternal perdition,,
and that
richly deserved, awaited , the entire
- *Wont delaying ,to RotispiAther ohjeon
thine to tilis -- 4 1 w we hav e tot "%ken Of this.
subject, I.deSign to" nlose, the discussion by,
a 'brieflexiinination 'of"th Bible:eitidwiten%
on Wiiiih;after all, main Opposition rests ..
If the Bible is opposed to the " doctrine we
advocated we folinerfullfribh'ildettle lit)he
meat otiiiiii,l , whit ' ' shilll 0 beljdone 'Vali "the'
numfrousSpassagen , alreadvidiltiond' ii"-•ii:'
tablish the psi** nnainidnedrifil theteriP
going disoussionl , i Can the Bible o , intridinti
itself ? Assuredly not ? . 4 cLet GodfbiStrie';
bat . eery pan. a Aar." -As ,preparatorylo
ththis # ,9"94"g o 44 Po
14,,ltcl'iiffitA P
how th e words, all, al!, men, the wordd, .the e
whOli tto'rldake need the Dille, wheo tf i T
d6it, Vat is not referredlo If they ~a re :
often enipleyed with necessary tescriOgns.
upon their tiCanietuknoinemon t witAsothey
subjects,'l4'idiat'riilb' of 'exegesis, we hii . ye
a -rightitedeaninitiPildirttlirbi'AlliTiiiiih
out the ileastrlitidtatiatiiiiihilialijeot if fee ,
demptioul ft;Thiscpart - of ithe - subject' I Shall
take up ju u t rueut i.: ,r tiltr_crair , . , 4 A , i . s"
. 17 7 f;Te1. , e CU , . •' 'lO, 1
Nor t the, Pres,byt_ whin Batumi 'slat AtiTife4B. ; 17-
• nTbhigefe Erie , NeabYtefir,Pl--"A
The 1491 dirk - 3 , 60 . tii
41 df
of'Erie? tu biving to 'oeireial'
dedthis of the isliui shoe'
were left without a paotor;lad reeiain " ed f in`
that mituation ,for,-oome`3them Several pai
tors are, now being settled among no, rand' ,
prospeota, are brightening. - • ••
Howey, a graduate-of the;hat ,
oh" op,Alleglieny, has taken charge of the,
acTSrePti9Pe of , Creek • and, Sugar,
C'4o. l r.t "1. , b. 0 -7.! a 41 1'
During lut : winter,. Rey , Shieldq„of;
Georgetpal,_lor e ar :gotinty,,,labored. i for
week is the Wier, :oongregationi the, result
of hia..lalions being , the• addition , - , of twenty
'six persons to 'the - ohrfrolf. Ob the first
Sabbath of this druisainfOn' *a
againheld in the Ohnrohli the . name,
AnOther, whim young persona were re,
ceived into the church.
, Onv-Babbitb, Us- *fie 'efoiided.
Laige"iniiigsVgatiennteiii. in it:094144 on
the three PITNiPue .
Mr; bee endeared , tetthe people
of Sugar Creek both,olland pang.
-oTAcTro' .o. Toot,,of •Love.
av ilierfectly' welMaideittoodi or if ifdt,"
it should be, that alintistiiny husband would
leap into the, sea, qr rush.into,a burning-ed.
Owe ,to rescue...a perishing ,wife. But to an
ctioipaiq ,the ,00nyenieneo,or happiness of 46
wife in Oman 100 tor the,negleet of which
rwcl l 4. unOMPT4iii! it., Agra t.eloquent
Pr?of:4- teniferurf.L L., ',This 8.40,n, *OW
,foldirs 10 . 1a4ruao oivesj,p Mbillb t A9
eqiikiltireif.%"gnd,btapl e aliqr the oeipk t
sion'eliad:nuou, tiatenitt •affea.
two A. 4.44.1 Zt tas.
tumults "the altenttonfat Bus nett.
From our London Correspondent
The New- Parliiment:— The Swiaring in of Members
—A Struggle of Parties—ls it Probable ,-21 fr.
Roebuck a. Pro Derhyite—The Reasons Why—
.Nnpoleonic Assuranees" and Papal Alarm—The
14 Al - 14- Ara/m(4i in v ilmbaydyfki,Em-
V /all t ad . they 4 tt . th,_. ~.•
.B,igtie ofm„,-,kbeno
Parma and Asc l anfa - Revolt—Ktissuth and his
, i.l.Warningi to • England.L.L'Elung - ary -end It/surrea
-1 fioU r Ti Wa r .ergßarotions in Eng/and—A. Case of
Rama' deduction- 7 A ,Rehuke and " Costs "
I ` 7 ..: Paiseeratio'nlorkTraCtisrian Church—The BM
. eA . : n' St t l e is= e emili k es e j3i rL a ee nd .; l n h g e lrov — a•
, ) tions."—ZMO.. s Witith arid; Lay Rvinielisis—The
Free Church Asgembly ! and, Brountlote, North—
Dr. Cunningham and Prance—,The palatial
~ L . .Miision,--Thelfirdiensirk &tire - A.' ,
Cl U. ,`7 r. , :,11, LoLVD6N, litay 8 1at,'%1859. 1
0 141 . 1,tiNnv, PgitWAJNIFIT .instate this "day.", i
0 11 „in to he
,opmcd by, Commission, ,antliiint,
tyilie"Que4u m,perkiii.' The Main body of
lib k ifiAbkrii teih rr notiiiiectiidlolie in town
cc,,,,,, j a r , - --$ -0 - 04,1
Atilliegljhritnitolts‘e' ir esti -events, a 'Prot:sees
444,0 , 8wetiti*iid'imfbgaArn fa- nometlitne, -
-II atilt. 9.Pht.09‘14460114 APPlogillibilet
triat - of
_stren6th. chistylleob pjlioeB 4 lMn.,heri
lade. 'Manor s are not wanting on that
'. . ' 4 .4. I . 0 ..ei It . - ..4.41 , .....,, 1 .r
' 4. l9litiiiiooP ) 4ly*lDA iris eonadently affirmed
that the Derby Cabinet is to be ;fisher by; a
~yote ptimaptt l of f icongifuoilp an& ttiatFLordsi
v.Pl a / m rill ind .il te lligkA t tT e :2 3 4 011.1314,he
come runup the firjt obpanins the„.l;,',re-
'lTiefihifil i iiidliie w rnitei b le4ing, nli' C i r. hi m, -
t; 'litailitii Wit DWI Bilihf iiidllie liiiiiili t eeter
Liberals are in accord withsttinirina-Dniby ,
t sleeigne,, 5 Oil ersAlloweye r, Irbco &Teethe - n dly
,4 0 111, 11 ,Ye, 9. 6 I9 .O NISTeRteRT4 B ,49109.0 1 . 1 0, -
grim. Certa in it iti , ..that the i gnkinet r ef,pepts
'inlarrilititliirit iiik,land they fiiive bleliefi!T
•: - kenb (Areal% tbsiilf Wet PRifeerndiiiiii i''•
.; ; etc, tobirin nhiiii.Plicsinti r dcordinglA. Tli - ,
,or at,thinprembhukter Azgo:4 Iltaloal -
~ , e'if thniiiirisions in thu t Libecjil j ratilte,„stilf
hobs up ilir. Brig ht as it jingbear. to frigliteli .
, i .Al rt , .4 r .ti t 4 , , i
t itle frielia ottnonartifiy" itto and , one; goes
. 1 .1
';'scifili as -`to 'beg 'Lora .Jiiini not to' lie in a
.burmiliasmnoheas if hironlyt wait, (MAC
ItrificiPle 4 1 4 t Os zPeqtei:efeA:ctreLto, glit
tired of an administration after
~a ; certain
time, the' iitie linit,,, l will'"drUp . into hisliind
I, l y and by.
, rm.; - , Li: iii W., 1 ,13 ..t.,1, ~. 1
4 ' ,7 / Mr: ROlibeckl tiffileeciallf nit'
t,AdcpreCatnitheiloVcrthrowi vt :the Cabinat.
His egotismiand..self'sesteem are enormous.
..V i e B the man,. i'lmlMi 9( lßul .sivilL cite . with
`bini ,. ' Ilehits riot been lioninited fii:L'Ord
i.folfie;iiin hillined'tolie; andiliorilit. serrou's
4 ilgencir,,anclolintirniiierlin belonis-',Officially
sl to,oti : Direotory,of the,new Lever line of
Mail 61 8 . tenice,rii i ; from Galwa,y, to ~ the, United
States, which. is largely eubekifizt(k by: the
friliett Goirerninenq aild'ite Mr Lever, the
projectbr, ibdtlithe'r Daly, of Galia4 i ltlig
, ago: Zpenly deblakedt`themselveS Politically,
-,tiold- to- Lord, Derby, because •lia-vninifinant
eially,!i s tbn man gorp-allily,'' now,
‘ lir,lßot
, buOkbai an additional and golden reas'4- iCiiing tiplhneyestlse i itherwiee tig t
IlotilitiltVith ptyc bleeding Italy' ill :
;,he'll wrongs; and; awn flash with the ilidig i
...sant sconn,ot m a true,-freernan,stthn aigico,oc
Ausisian ,tyrants ,inivakuing , to, trend d.
4.4 ' rising liberties of a.„,bing Cp l itelsA '
lieclfiliV lie c licielinisiChitipea " the Vert
:Aiiiiistrylvrillsitity itir aintritill doled ili''"
~t o retain them .-.1 Ilia tared ofNepo 7 . a
• ° I ffr , intysiiMp. 41# *din.. A ‘.4psf,
t lit T'allgerston loct Wi th -erctiv i tiv
i ,
' 'al' 13 4 ""thiii 4m ' c ur ia s;_ rie me on v eryc
and, it`muit 'be inorifessed, justly to be eliEl
peeted 4 personage. - It- is something, iroti
.even, ,to,Y.eielitectothat the First Napoleon
`did much to weaken the PapaCy and•that it
will go hard with his unitative, nephew, if
lirldied liliek 'do not follow now. • One
thinV hi 'Certain,' that' the' alarm 'among the
;Cardinals,at Rome, and in thnbreast of the,
1 314elnentsshietib all: i over; ~, Europe, in very;
Areat. :I'ha / t yl ainun ,is, ;pot ,allnyed even!
though ' ;Count Antonelli, ,Publiehes ,t, o , the'
~t o allaY'appretbentibiliis 'coinierningthe Sever
eigre pontiff and the States of tho.Chtinah,"
has sent the -moat ‘,', forma ""assurances,that
it will, not Ili theprpgr,epe, of the war, permit
with impunity - 41 any 11 , e rf yrhatiloeyer i contrary
to the ' keapeet aim lie person of the Rely
Father, 'or having for its 'Object tbe destruc
tion of his timporildominionr." : - Fine wordi,
truly Lblit, proverbially fine words.; hurter rio
parsnips, ,nor dOliey cnriiieh, a sauce pigu . -
aide - tor ,the PiOil.dinneitiliin: , Mock re,
Splice foithe - POpe ;iiiii carried"` tii the very
acme=of Yoempletlineir on den pait'Of .14 My
: nude;'-'',and ialthoigh; it May notAbn Artie '
thi4 the ;I,Dershew 7,:seqqnietilY causing: O. be
aired and dgettl (assorn gossips ,in ,rat
t aiY;) the : k ol t d 'apaitmeots in ihe Tliilleries
tined inhabited' by .Piiise Nit, is a State
ipiistiner,;finaiidilly, politically, and encleii=
, astically, Napoleon the,Jll4iiis the Worst
enemy,, tha t ,the, ",,temporal,. W dominion of
finis Ilt: ever
{ yet encountered. Yet I
fear that gapolion dares not do what many
. b'ope" fon. - The- Jesuits 'in France are too
strong forhim.s 1-i ‘;''- : ,' -i -,---:'' , -
Tat Wieliiii receired' an im p ul s e bY the
dariagiprogreatvof. 4aribaldip in , hie .turning
the right: of Lthe , ituatriana a . raid .: into
Lombardy. r:Withput artillery or'. cavalry,
and with a following of less than ten thou
sand he '1611 4 ilriien the Altai : rine;
after trikittle; frolieGdmii; 'Eleiled the itierh.
era.. off; theAdoes , a_comsr - ana Maggiore;
rowed 49,1 VAS- t,ieoPp.aluata by: a patriotic 1
proclamation, and ruade advances toward
Milan itself. If p roperly reinforced with
artillery; leTiVriliiP,'"ln'ir frail , ItivOis, he is
13..ye1y tof prove the i true .Bonaparte of this
Italianoampaign. ‘. .. ~ . .. ~, .., ,
`The ,stuperor of the French her lingered
it the fortress of ilest4itdria, While Victor
Emmanuel` hie OVOieed the iiirer Seale in the
face 'of theithemyi and taken ' many -prison.
erst e ...Tht z Empe„refa piane once. matured;
and, all his , material* of, war Arrived, there is
little - doubt that Satin will be takenspeed
'ily. "The "Fielleti,people are a little imps.
tint: ,' They-411e Parisians especially
would like a bulletin of the veniiiidi; vim'
order ,eyery day.
~ ,TheT are glorifying:them
'Befves on,, tie battle of ; Montebello, , which,
however, was a moat bloody affair; and al-
;though a' iictorY, yet settled, nothing, save
that fit'sbowed the terrible se ries: of tiombati
of which this is but . the pioneer. The
Imurs of the Austrians ,were„ gm ) great l iiv
the affair, and the
~eonibat, I}perned,to. prove
that their Me* however steady even under
artillery fire, cannot anti will not And be
fore a bayonet charge: D'il N 4 .'
The Duchy. of !Permian , once more re:,
volted even efter,thereturn of.the Duchess
and: le, r poweriess and permheive, ati to , the
advance' of the VreniSh. Theeapy, too ; te in
their'Made, " aid flesh 'utoVemanta greatly ,
embarraisinr to Austria, are 4hus being' fa
cilitated, ~ - • ... in.- b ,; .. ~,{ . ,!- .;
Kossura has been ringing, int ;rating
parts ~of; Englandfae i itocainn of, alarm •aild
a l i ti .n l ai ' o jt_g 4 ; e o ' p t. ll 4 43 f . r 9 v a t e r , d i l
s that, lo i t i fal , 2ll `-`, t n . h ttlt x ra n i g tt l Y4 4 ','„ ,
Ministry have Atiatrinii ityripatiiio, and it
lays down • theirule-that ittidoieno- pOsteible .
circumatan gee , is England Ao .i . mute; the "fitcy:'
Ilia reason 'fpr r tliis t lilearly i ta,,ltit tf ..tng,„ !
104',i914114994itiejaiilkstiviill.inet *tree
to strike a blow' fortheyr . eservation tif I.oin.L
baritttOrAtietriai Of , unituhol'eTliti 'air
piano's -frobilelt 4 0 'll#ctrafty nelitiiii;
riletherciVitnilk yoritil4reack*O ite; hew:,
tialliy,if he forind an English Oahinet4ulll.
of sympathy for Italy, in office, and ready,
. c ..~• ~
/ • • • •thJ
Philadelphia, Sou ' est- Corner. or Seventh and Chestnut Streets
411f* 44,../44441ter,
in easel . iip9teon aid Yiotor, Emmanuel : ,
were worstek . to lielirtliiero with the strong.
hand. 'The BOW by What Roireill'ealls
fg au,,instimit'or.tivil/.1 iibnies , him seitvidly,
and Illine,orMfAlltnisbin, I.ncWttg ilt pursued
the 8841 4 I ll a f eTille.o4fißgstile, , Eittegiri"
insurrection to 1849, and that . .mn with.' l
Lord Palmerston in the 'PO i rein °thee,
That nobleman did notlielp'lltingarYin her '
extremity. ~:It remsios.3o be seeny ifittet,o. ,
an epportnnity,neetil,,whether he willfsn i
repentant Mood andlp,iri&,.prietiesitx Tscialle.
. • ~
and recant:Ape wiling.
•• ,
gores2o; 1 t
It isitiftiOrstAditfilt Itoiatiith yery
soon Ao••Italy: ':lts appeal; *Ted; that 'there)
t Is .. one 'parts :ohlthe AuStriati tieolesi4 wmr t o
treoßeoPehtlimi44. l g4t 3 A falkan,adymmintO )
I° g 4l7 '.!'Pf l .mTl l f tro K eCePft4 AiMiltge f et.l
r ail liflapka—the atter as the Gen s trajona
the other as the ft' Governor and'Orlifar---
appear ,sinong.', thliegiyguri MI Viil leap,
P.4..tieir hut , flitteltheir:,4 l 99edeFti§#74. o a f tliy i owl/ aitit,Wiv i gt 8.
It 01'41S:tilt; froweveNto liseive t,44,941ietf.
"ItimehiaVraltieleliiiiid Ilia to age a Vi,4.1,.
'Wart. Iltitigify: 4 ' Tfi"Senfoeliallifi - liirepe is
more _probably thairldettign,'l* ' ' gillirit,
palsdespotism stih ri toginy' 1.0 .•,.i 4 :-.-rsvi., ; 1
•' I n ii 1 4 , ( 1 .1, # , ,E4KAnt, ORJITtiaNsT I /* l4 Pitetifif
' i ,a g • . e gt.e. r9 e!TEIe-Wellefl) ilqfaittnAini*ilmat l l , -
, quesiion 'of lima. _ The„,ll,useieu r poippy,bas
'S v
triumphed in theNUaltoll,ana notifirmitien
tioy:lbef'Partes , (iiil'apiteiif' 'itself) 'of the
elebtlon nf..a illosiiodut. - over AlitinPrinbifialti
,)tim.l,lnjiiite,ipAnner theaMoutenegritsiyare.
threlten,ing,p Alphif t Asitri c hinAtiarp v iv.i.
tnally independent of - piii, ey,,,,,w1ti,13 *re
ffeliVoilio - Ppilitilik'keiteially,:and ail the
'peopled of - underihiMierOltileh,
' ate , in a. , state of teoinmotion and-expantiitiaq.
It rnMahlelethe aentii 4sllothaitbes!, thmul.
61:° R a li' avi° g e P l reee t deA tempest,ofAihetit
er by,a - speedy eeseation of ibe r warip i ltily,
' confining it wit' is stlid Napoleon desiieti to
A to that ocintry,'.' and: to' One' eitinpaigi,
the me hopes and) fears I. ottintagoniat,,judi c ral a
shall alike be disappphite4 11,0 -I V4ll/. c r
~ .I` PR R AR4II ° N g i ; MeiglitafinEigfrtarft . :still
beingnisde , with
England.:iroluiiteet: forges are .being avi.- 1
- - idly - ergiiiiiiedj:' 4 'Marg'tliali' tiIi,YWC have
...5 veryloonsiderablirifieei iir 7 thalleditliii4
, neap, Silty, seyen lineraid'aigstery and , :sniallet
vessels either itotly,ely,at,lten r , or.inv.oommisl•
lion, coast defences 'extended, and a speedf
eing on . 7 of3tie.pieliarition'rif will iiititerial;
which seems , to bode misehief.: `lt irisiid
u that: the, Ministry fear,tbst-nentrality.)oiiitioi
hepreserved. I think it.isoxdtit beia,bettek
- 2 ‘ + s' -
explanation of the real, state of th e
, Aispi
thatettiet W 64.10011 it to be ireseyved-,t
Alkali :1i in Tilie-iiniiiiin'iltoh - the nitl4n
\ inerally.,.. it isltibir affirmed that
hfllgbrit.P4l WV -I,Yrit4iegbaniug. 'l4. i
. 1 1\,
It 4 . solemn ! form leatithimanifernaT. ~,,`,P.
k.? ., - - --- -" ,
Ve l le s !iktitim-bYl.VOrktittite_Lanreate, ,, an 4
not -withou t r
it isillisehie'l
411 1 ,44rtkeirksi
'The 3-'0;
marines. I
'be paid, I bi
it cheerfully, prop
to put on the double income tax again. '
A CASE ov ABBiJOTiON, of very
-.offensivelind, fie& occupied our la* courts
for a week past, and haajaist ~ b een decided
~way, that. the- Aelitelltegt.l,,Will
speedily €orgot Those Ile,linquents
Caidlinif'Wiseman (per-du), and the Rev.
Mr. Roberta, a priest of tßinne,' and master
of, a Ronian'Catholielsehogin York Street,
, MeeeheeteW• The abiluot?dri lir' of
twelve years of , age, whoie mother is lead
and whose father was formally nominally .a
Romitlist, but who brame .a convert to
Protestantiimi and thairied sediind wife, a
Protestant. The child was sent-to -ad ln=
depenileßt.Boll9o4 in Wellttalnet9,lbut iwas
one ,dity . traced to
the Popish'Seininav, but Rob erts and the
schoolmistress 'both denied that t ihe' wan in
the place. At the eame'iifoiiiint; it is now
prov4,4m., gkil was in ,
Action' was taken against flip priest and
WIT le • e
a ra of: Iffikibeqs &Ars, wpm sgriell,to„ to
bring iiri`the and: ''Agaiti r the • Sitikellitiiiiii
took placwas-toi latiireabesiitki* , ' thieqiiiii
pn.. oath; Mr. -Robortoplthe.,nisarnip and
-Shea, ..Reettliehieetle.eelodefeedi
ing his evasions , ,all dlittated, fors4oth,
the desire' to save thechild's - soul from
hateiy, and f‘ by the sa cred interests the
Church." . .1;
The judges. lrere 4. extremely ,firm.-,-The
*liernss7a.,PFßPWd to, F.. ll 4her:Aoherfa
to give up the child, it?!go,toptison., -Where ;
upon be did give her tip; The law of ° Tog.
land gives° the Witient poWer Over' dill Add
up to a certain Frago , 'and Rome darisd?-it i t
hoping, to baffle sae awfully, rand so‘balle
another Mortara, victory, inL.the ,Psotestant i
eillde. The poi* child was made j artitew
War, warning her fathei Ugainiii his tare Sty;
Jibing " brotigbt"
scathing a:tit:lo4o tosa'finiise religious etote'
of horror on account of : er,rots an the
.of.conenbata, sithigon ,and transult,
istantiation."' This kind 'wadi naturally
outrages public :opinion, and 'dainiiges the
interests of the cunning Cardinal: Besides,
his friend Mr. Roberts pays all '1 the
costs "`'of the trial. „,
The CO,NE9CORATION,OF IvlNzw.,olll7Roll4l
of madisiyal „architecture ; And .of.,enortnque,
Costliness, and beauty, wae : 4 . 14,
by the Bishopof IliMd6n.'• It is the - church
of St. Margaret's; arid its iinigregatiiiirCP-'
resent the ..Tractinan party, which, -ad , 's'
Parth early rdeveloped malignant
vitality, and, successively, sent ;two, ministers to Rome. One of these was, Mr.
Oakley, now a canon of Rome, at Islington,
and a very bond slave of the Papacy, and 'a
higs of the intensest description. The
present incumbent is .sjr.Riohards.. The
Bishop2i presence iinpnaltgood behaviour.,
°tags` gentlemen it priests. " " Not only did
the Bishop refide to" begin service 'even
whenieeatgGd=within the mnliiiiion rails,
until a gorgeous sltateloth wee-removed
from . the communion: ; table, and s, ; linen
cover = was subOitz44,;,iipt ! only didbe
obtfPel the omission of iilitiriaters iu the,
preisticlon, and of 'in 'anisitint:litiii'bYinii -
Rohe nervieegasirell:an taka.ooll tai eet~tiie
qt: i4 jEntoliipg „Itt4hei NortheAtni.
Auf; tftf 4 .1 1 1,104).45 jriat.esd MAW
N6rth:West i
.eitrner, and witktiali j nyk t in i the,
peopleL4itaYingr MO, the iiirnimm,to ‘ tbe"
East- 'tat ~`"' 7/m4 -'01614P risgrivirf
ohoristeiik-nbut &et Piemihdil2Nit
which he,apalre Am, plainly, althbugh fairy,
kh eY,lkki n P.,9 r t , Pq49P4 1 10,4 and Seriptn
verities. st true„ be i ;taikid b cbolit_t
conipromni sfpiiii of Bit, "Churcii4,of he
land, al( indidatineVie - Lir iviediiin "'fir' its
founder Spew well towitisidgticatiAlrelikidenal
sities,of its onnditkon.'iliallntlisfletillFltber,
• F rind RlNtlYttgh ‘?'ila4 l2 *.atilluAti.dolffePt,
= inheritance , came ee d tur t fathera .
apciatH)liouttlitliNriliolfdhaetieeti "tarp;
'soured, but which God in his great mercy
n tenTA 1 1 1 I 19 , • ..
E Pail ; oral the Oiltee 81.50 itr Iretri fin nosnons .
Delivered in the OW," - ` 2;00 •
larHotz N 0.853
'•bad,consed to shine forth anew in that happy
,Reforruation agess.,!K .s.-.% _Beware Meet in
your, zeal' for . an.tiquitryou be -not ancient
, enough, going:hack to the lealieting /*lifters
' of the Apostles, irnd not to the Apostles
themselves Alas Iwe must speak of waver
-,ing,, :kw tbitimiee. has produced many sad
' .. eXamPlei . irjr - „per , ' trakied in pure Gospel
teaching in our ;' , Apostolic Church,
4b . m:ng leititWaX—rtf, .. by„ excited feelings,
some by - the weakness c aused by sickness
motoopproaehing-dissolutionto - the-miserable
l worltii, °Chipman saints, and the Lord's
InVnisuimiither t lilt° Which, in their calmer
kfilollients;:tliey , contd. not 'have believed:they
fl`would haVb fallen " '
41 4The.vefdrenne here.3° . , cases of conversion
m i .
i r ,ff,* approaching dlesol . ion," was particu
larly pointed, inasm i s the Doke of
Leeds, wit° died n,orn ` leeks ago, was a
-Tractarian s And r sentler IMr., Richards, to
41 . 0 ,rrelLe _ th,p, , eacrament from , him ; ,but,
d'enh*AhaValidity cd",,biti orders, and to
make lige : Pita -that - a true " priest"
- ilibauldiadanitster thtlorlittist ' Holy Sacrament
mf.,tlfe :Alt:N .as .Richardif!and his school
, i kads taped, 7 :: , . was necessary. to salvation,)
1 'sent iii , aiiiid- - , .. night for a *Roatialt Bishop,
and reeeivedAte
_communion and last rites
1 t r ?"94.gi1L;; ,14 .1.4!, if.l 3 ,Eultiol 6 ",,TY.recentlYl
and ma d e air. itieharle?epr,ridistilona. It
i `id Co be &axed the Bui"top s 'warnings will be
•iterii 'lselin% aad-hlir" irriadallireh " ta•
,erance ;;cif Tmetr . funtniionsly linsonnd, is a
tal% faireo
s very, lamen ' ' eabstestvin one who has
.sor LunAh to_ci , '4; bim, He errs by
'dtifeetAnd by a litiskt, . :ty. He is a con
Anglican Biabcfr4: but just because
be is so, be is a very imperfeet Evangelical.
His theology
_bi - "gbbol; but paler diluted,
, His
lastikeation by faith ' on;,tbe imputed
~ Triglitentintiethi, although 1 belieVe substan
,titilly held , brhim, is- seldom or ever fully
; =put forward, -Yet is he not a denier.of the
"orders. " ..:of Presbyterian Churches, and
wer sympathizes with the Protestant
'' rnii
Orirelitent: Fiance.
- Ilia . ) SooTiisa Assmuuts are now
- , , drawing .their , sittings =to a close. In the
, Establishedhureh Assembly ; the ,ease*of
Dr. .abert Lee, of Edinburgh, excited
great interest, and, long debate. He had
beeejeanikmned-,byi his.: rtesbyteryi for the
~introduction ; of kneeling, in ,prayer, and
standing in singing, and also of written
fOinm o f
, : prayer , into: public worship. By
J un.appefil t the Matter -cense - before the As
nembly,.and; a considerable majority, the
, ,lf.lipou,yatiouu," 40 far as kneeling in•prayer "
and standing in singing , were permissively
sanctioned,: While the use of forms of
' juiyai was fdrbidden. Dr. Lee had pleaded
. =for -.the '" litter, from }h is inability to pray ex
tempore with liberty and fullness-, and also
argued • for the lawfilneas and frequent
necessity from I. the ;- jejune and uncle-
and recognition of Mr. Brownies , North,
(an Episcopalian, snail revival preacher of
great power,) u an Evangelist. He was,
after conference with a Committee, publicly
recognized by the Moderator, amid general
enthusiasm. There were some objectors,
however, as interfering with "order." The
mind of the Church, was- all the more
strongly brought out,' that while - retaining
her love of order, and recognizing the im
perative necessity of a ministry regularly
trained'and ordained, that there were ex-
Ceptional asses which should be joyfully
endorsed, that so souls might be saved, and
God glorified.
indicated reduction of building debts, and
large increase in endowment funds. The
'Case- of Professer (libson, of Glasgow, ex-
Cited muirb: attention. He had been in
antagonism 'smith. some of his students,-.on
the grounds.of alleged_. heresy in some class
essays furnishearbrthemp.ald he had ap.
paled ,to the Assembly against, a decision
of the Glasgovi,Fresbytery, in . :favor ,of the
College FiCultY; and adverse to hioiself.
The -Whole Metter' waethereforti fully' viii-
Ailated.ig 'Theo decision of; the.i %lege*
s was • sustained.. The, wor th y
Frofetwor, seems, to - he, often tin hot water
wath'liis gratin:en, fiom bis :peculiar tem
Ounningliain delivered' a ititement
from the - chair?:agreeably to 181 001111519 Lto
that effect .coneerntrig .the 'Reformed Trot.
~estant Uhrirch,,,,iNFrairee s , ankits present
' ;'' Mond, afterwards
With kniiieeerhisitnessi and'affeetion on
,theleitthe subject withspecial reference to
the Ter , - . Centenary of the Church of . his
fatherls,l l -` • •4; • • • •
The Colonial Mission of the, Free Church
has isoisS,nearlY three hundred ministers
under' ibis' 'bare: - Eighteen' fresh laborers
lave beinrient one during the pier.- Special
•pnins otrerexpendedl on Nova Scotia and
Canada, and a steady purpose to do good at
Fraser. Mier
,gold, region, is cherished, as
there is there already a colony of eighty
thousand perionic'most of whom are Pres
byterians; -- Jt large United kresbyterian,
,Churchds,lilreirto be formed in Australia,
which will he, greatly facilitated by a bill
Passed into law, by which the , property of
emelt:lady is meowed in its present connex
ion, and is tut' -beyond ° disturbanie When
the-differezte braes Aran become ecolesiasti.
tally roe. 41skiittilararraegentent was agreed
to, (althowgit i ngtremtripg a special act of
Parliament,), at the, me bf the union of
the Synod of Ulster an ti d,the Secession Synod
into our Irish Asitetilbly, l inlB4o.
- Great usistanceilasthen rendered during
the yeurfdimulit itiebisittlblfietion made for
Cputißegbi g Evangelization, to various ob
i_iefitk Of .Finmkry. impAlince and interest.
Evingilitial churehes i n France, the Evan
gelical Soda* bf Paris, Geneva, Bilgium,
and the Higli , the' Turkish (American)
Missions, Ispeckit winir done 'at Genoa,
I f i, Prenee's igiloottori Nloof and Pau, as: well
OP aid. to= the . . Spanish Evangelist Society,,
the Herrn Mission, and . , the College at
Preiitli.:N'Tegthe Waldettian Church, a grant
woe tnillel6o4llA- and L 35 was - Voted for
“ a Valdensiawnstudent."
The WALDINSLiN 011171101tv6)11tilltleil
415. 1P rI71 #11.T ir l er* - / -walociKBhted' to
tear =ibis por ting a letieni'read ,at our Tract
Wait.) , tittlgrkont `Pailoagnriln, iant'szia
big tbstal ithaplidialind liedri 44ecialli ap-'
pointed dOs the bsViddipsiatsVisohtiers in than
almYstAf YieterseAßolooneirtePCOoo . that
tel l
taco osolgAr, , , urivemabout to,begin .e. work/
Of bilk - die lintion both among F 4114414
Plhatlfin glai4.''' tklairaisthurel,
. . .
oppressid,tahedv , bht 4itteeit p astes;` now
Ole) iltS filtYoliwol , i Altidtie elementary school,/
atteld Stirs thelapanddchildteno and eighty-.
seven Intidenll are In itcpellege. lf Ant e
trio itiii ibe l diewiiiike' shilt this ievivtng
Chureh be found ? AT.Vrf.