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Ottrl •
The Believer in Heaven to a Friend en
I :thine in the light of God,
Hie likeness stamps my brow ; '
Through the valley of death my feet have trod
And I reign in glory now.
No breaking heart is hero;
No keen and thrilling pain;
No wanted cheek, whore the frequent tear
. Rath rolled, and left its stain.
I have found the joy of. heaven j
I am one of the angel band ;
To my head a orown s is given,
And a harp is in my hand.
I have learned the song they sing'
Whom Jesus hath made free ;
And thellorions walls on high still ring
Whir my new-born melody. '
No sin, no grief, no pain,
Safe bappy borne;
My fears all fled, my doubts all slain,
My hour of triumph cone. .
Friend of'my mortar sfears I
The trusted and, the tried
Thou art Walking:4in Itgleiof :Morn;
Alt, X . aniby Ah,ripis I
DMlsforget f Oh no! .•••
YOr memory's golden chain •••
•811lll,bind my heart to the heart below;
•Will they meet and tonoh again
ieitrong and bright, .
'And electric flame ,'• • . 1
° Flom, freely, down, like a rivermi
To the world from which I oame.
Do yon mourn when another gat
Shines out from the, glittering sky
Do you weep when the,,noise of war
And the rage of conflict 'die ?
Then whv . ,ehoaldr.vonr tears roll down,
And,.your, 'hent:t with grief be riven, , ; •
For another gem in,the,Savinpr i s'etoWiti •
And tatbei rent is htniVevirt
. ' 1 ' t: .7:•1
. 1•4
art hail I I ••: .• ;
t i n.., bi
•• 1...1 10 7: 3 Tt.r!.. A •".
ft n - ' 'ft ••
Tan LAini44D.ano Boa or, Biblical .
tration9the and Cantonal,
the "Ileiaii'llg'Wery;f4of. l tin • Holy I4nll.
By B'. M. TANNIC'S: D. 0„ AWeatylive yearn a
inissibbarrbtxthii 41,10.0.• P: M., in Syr,ia, and
''Paleetirie. Ragraiinga, Bte7. • In
two volumes, 121t_ ,o: pp. 660 and pp. 614.
New York : 4 , 4fe r t, t • Bilot/usii,' Ample
Spare, '. . •
.•, . .
—.Another, book, Attthi 1t04 . ..404 Yee, and
one'that. burly, ef' delstil,',tsliness • Of mat
ter and aiiiunee of iiiistrailOniisna4l;;,exaelied.
ThoMeenl4,ileililed in Sii*4 . l;Are than
ItAnarter of.,acentury. He, is familiar, with" all
the region. :. Unlike tourists who•pasei along :a
beaten track with all driebaste, to'savimpensee,
to keep out•of 'the way'of the Bedouin, savages,
who infest 'the country, and • who in order. 'to
make a book, enrich their Memories and .thM
pages by the.Produotions of Robinson, Bucking
ham, Stanley, and others, Dr. Thomson has en
joyed ample time and opportunity to become per
feotly familiar with the scenes arid the condition
of social life in the East,. Every chapter of this
delightfol work' beers" "evidence 'of fAtitnata
aelitaktance with Oriental localities ;, and the
judgment which is displayed, in-the • book‘ is :not
lees 4414g:than, the ininntenistr. of the:detiiiip,
He . eyidently understands to topics , do Which• to
dilate, in order to present a 4ilsorimirttithii,,Plo
.Ve to, the dwellers in Western lan ds, whose
hattitii . tire formed by the eondiiion :of Ato.
Saxon civilisation. Means .of Maps, and
'some two hundred and fifty engravings, the
whole scene!) , of the country,' the , implements of
husbandry, articles of dress,. and donseetio eCon
omy—in fact everything is ritrayed,the knowl
edge of which would servettfimpress the reader
With' the' aotnal conditiori Of Palestine- and h'er
p'eople. The wOrk•of Dr.:Boner; of Kelso, In
troduces the reader to the land ttt" Be:ersheba, in
thMouth, and conducts, him Northward. ,Olt.the
othirthand, Dr. Thomson commences at Belie* •
sad oamee . die reader to theinteiliii and Borieh;
ward, comminglin in , the most;delightfuttriatther:
his , descriptions of the kingdiest , of nature.• sad
the present state of the inhabitants. ..
'no effort made,by the writer,atioftinses',ilretyle;
but the language is at, all times digi3itied while
the deecriptiOiss.: seal clear,
reiderA°; 4l 4. ,4 1 1 pot fig;
to arise frautitileatiith alnestoom3rehensive
knowledge .. ' ot 'AU ireseiiViap6t!Of man in the
OEMS barna xurisos 'Ol. nor SAngli
" trelitaidelkiir a Beriei Ike
Colaeslass. By Thomaiqgvaris, D.D., srithoi
pi-ChNoel Esekishil.:46The
Nair York :,: Robert Carta: 4* - it ioai
ar v. PIMP
: J 'S. Davison. •18691 . - ,'; ‘) •
The spirit t of Dr. Guthtle; shines !id of stem
psge of
Y thie volume. • The saynikvivh, Or , trstture,
the eiiiine,dapacii'y of swttylPgite emotions, 41
the game yo*er of teaching dine by meanapf
illustration, that , were so abonepionons in " The
Gospel !in,„Zsekiel," are, are.-eq y : neililo r
Tkere,,werit listlst . tges . of; eurpasqpii . fiestqf
thrilling poster 'in; "The Gospel 'in .azelFlel.,"
Tbe descriptions of. the kingdom of. ni*ecvhieh'i
it contained, could alone he painted . '•by'i master
hanti. In that work, Dr. Guthrie hid• not. ei
Imitated himself, and tie readsr. of ,the,,yelpinel
,before us see,' by , referring, for instanri;:rto!
the fifteenth sermon on The, Headship
or to' the ifineteenth, pn The *a**
is as great freshness in the imagery, and at; itutteh
aptness in the anecdotal references, as if this was
the only Toll:line that had ever proceeded from the
author's pen. This is one of the hoo l lat illtiph we
have only to annOnnoe 'to our readers. :Tie name
and chai"act":Ptibl**o9ii.*:**44ll
- . •
'gm; or; 'Diiviness and Light.. .By A.:l[•.•
0.• E., outlmrept oi " The Clareitnobt 'Taker,
Th'e Adopted - 8ot," - "'The Young ,Yllgrim,",
'&O., &o: 18mo., pp. 212. ..
Enni d ßiiututol sr, iiriende With litew
: • Peon; I;.. 0.•. E. authorees •of ".The
Olortonoutadee;" Ago., 810. 18010: pp. 164.
• • 1 1; u 4ft;•/n' "a
•Then are.tweitest little volumes of the exeeli
In'Atontre:ot puhlinittrohl,b; the Xissrs.c t ioiti*
of New korlt,' and. for J:•l3;:iison-of
!Mae gag; ;...Thog'sre adesioWitrAtioni r
bifound leftatole far the . .. .
ZITILOPIA2II Dr i v Imaxsp AxiimiDebar& 7 ;137
an Artist ,1 0 1 6 .154; :
Aimee ChOleiel 4ni, 28' Bouth-Bixiit Street.
. .1
This daehing :broehure lays no pretence to
scholarship, or profound observation. It le,the
note-jottings, as the title indicates, of an artist;'
who hastily visited London, and thence passed
over to
,I3olgintn, the Rhine, .through Rhenish
tamale,. to witzerland, and it abruptlyterminates
as,the writer exchanges the stony Alps, for the
'genial shies of Italy.' We have
~ glanced over
diem; pages with ' more than wonted interest;
p l eg4 is, s freedom, an,Aspeet disPlayeof drat
impreneiorts; and, on the 'el le,' a correctness of
judgment diat is very refreihing to preceive in a,r,e;hops, that this. Tolima is 'only. an
introdniitidn to madth'Aat in to proceed frtan' the
.i, . ~~~
lame pen, for we can assure both the author and
the .publieher that there is much in ,this book
wpiek, if,we mistake no; the, reading public will !
be delighted with. •
fin. ,t4e nog.
Ddn't Tip*
Walking in the ponntry,ene morning, in
early Spring time, we seated ourself to rest
on a large atone near ari orchard gate. Very.
soon we obSertred a large'rniziliinging . top t hei
topmost ttobi of .a email apple-tree,:uith one
hind, while. With the other liccifitieUttimi
off twigs - and branobea. We bade him OM
tnor,ning., He answered .eheerfully.; mad We
'l , ebtrired to hint that the ,tt.qn;bo,,b )(itAbibed
'VOielik,begiy burden. 46 Yes,"'he said, , to the;
trees all need pruning; but I onnoply
tend to"a few of dii,egt2 l 4e . , 4 o,pprapidn't:
iilWF v uir - - -
6 5 Why dO'n'yn A
yodel; jpii toArdet •
stand' on the ground, and prune snob limbi t
us - most require:itrtwe-aaked. !
" Well:4ldeolare,'6 he tosweredi.r.mtVati •
think of ;• • 1 - ";
~T here was valuable ileleon• i,trthit eon-'
It ex
f11101)(1.` why, mally,respeatq the iftraier '
,iteit•notprosperolut-9,11. wee , e worker. I
i#,P.„e44e&Yored Viit;:te
was :allityw behio;l. Hie orohard didn't !
bie itiffejoicoop,Al-L-ahii
aeil tiftiflowtitibe;Lboomise 4
Orkiib c tikkais 4.'o,o4 l 4l 6 .44lii:Afortiit
nnde`raLand how judicious hea - wo*aeeieta
o ' ' "
—Y)rdn'S tkinkrihat,:in •'
s 14esorrisaplktt
ton of, muori z ikrroT, of many prims, i f)f, many
a failiiA; l of 'Way a hardship, and many an
I Little, boys ,and.girle,.bear• :: inrmi~rd,t at
whigteveranta kF:7 ° u
41taii;iese, or In society; opiletie
eVWO; yoz*JivAli w.111 . 1)0
ekortemistiooesefok. LejlriAtiMil!,*Wle you
spo,g9.o,34iczntmit,:algeottav,Ae gthofle
lleataoaf tie well twappreeiio , 4lr . ,ll .
i'tlo 4 !P4: l •
In' a 130864 s middle.
0 43 d P 40,10" 0 :,WA 1011. t r e ,f1 .?Eave tab
Ind. iiii*iteikt! sill . within°
isboit , *( I4 IRAI I 4 kwiktpll'iot4Eiqv it citoe .
401 Palthatl i gtur now, sel.; . 'hcope; ' a 6 10 OP
314.614 1 •71' •
.:- . ! 4 , 4 9 08 -14 1 ,10 1 3 r . :1 1 0Ping , I ;7, 88 lying.:oh
!the r :sofe.tirr-,my parlor. My wife lad gone
Its(t':.:*.cf pee pith but little
Mabel; w sweet • elkil,kabout ! :si.x 'years •Old;
ilk; iai`i(i:!tlie,titie visit to ; us,
by ;thb pentre4b,le amusing
llama With,:piotures, , Attlergth; - 'getting
l',4 6 ,dAfi,tlOks*e ealike,up:o,ibt.anfa, an d
;A- •
• ‘‘''',Vlol,o,dflLßllli'llittin.liliceld.f4;l4o4o
, hand•Aii; ,f dear i unole, I .warit xini' to
tell me eomethi!giibont
wayti . does.Sunday_nights." • .
Ltol•wasx aback` by. , the 'questinn; b4t
evaded it,:talking :of iciiiethingitlee. tut
the little.,srflur9. WOO, ,nO, ( be, ,put off.
Again aid malt! she ; came b!iok,,to tile : same
i'eqiie r ic dbiut
Jesus? • leistirig.J'did not-,);(0'ply; she said
at. last, epehing. wide' her .' clear, blue, eyes,
00'4; don'tyou t ?'
• - "Thiti question-awakened thoughts and
Juidlnown before.
1 could not . sleep that niglc::the, dear child's
'Waiting:Wilde,' ?Wow. kimiie about Jesus,
dit lB 4loV ltimkted.;i3l4.'-fild*Oulltige
64; "keit& 'lOB
WOW about
know; and a sense ottiVignetaiiiiViind
guilt meighed , too theavilyupon sout ;to
be s ,phaken 'dr 4 181 =90ed:r 61.6 7 0 .
read my .gible with an 4nquiriUM'ani-•
ipusjitart, till at length 'I found the blessed
Saviour- and could say irchiinglitysMA*
4 - Ow ibotit, Jesus l t i tliatrdigeneyof
whom little Mabel sti ,eaget . l3;;;WilibeCto
hear."—Amirican Alessenga.: : -
• • ...W./1. V :;.11
ft , • CVOs
„ thog i ft w. vra i e. • .71
.Westqtn. , •Paillksirg'lttdsonnd r 4ye had
- - 11 • 1)” .
miltilation of ihiiiiilazirklianotlxpeent.the
laite•Sdatatiir ae it 'Bilf
V.l.l°Aine,TlO . 61 Y-14 1. 4114 1 .4'!,14in.the
*Motif fib;Ultiaa j tcrt l iftiluille . iiitiOT,
Er+ ts,4l •
...A •••
i 0 " , i , 1 0 ,/ n 3‘ 1 4 44. /10 IF S P IJ l7# l ? . . iir l i n**;*o
than not , . sun we•eipitat 'yOt ( to' 'atm' it' taki
ititpliate'lamong 'Hie I mops -Nailed by '
, •
••• . . •
ye : Aftet toitowiag. , frourthe
• i• • • GrreB "
tite IV American.
tiiieetiss ;
4. ,At i he rooms gt
Pith, 6 3 (1 °r Rileitint AgriatiltStei, L 44,:qor
reepchidliii..*e;rAikty, Mr. - Sidney,G; Flake",
1144 1 .4: 0 MPoTtehdritUddiston
mra ' valn °"; ° • f tl i '` e :•9 4
h l l O i* 044. .."
- tViiii,pielatitaig, 'the reportsistia thet Mr.
Them es F t llioott,
,eentthem,~ss : a gentle-
UAW of education • and. highly . .respectable
position, a _large -farmer and , progrietei:. in
- Chetter eeeek.
••siito valor of :the 'Elorglinkartalo•,.
It is.shon to,produeeti profit • to the . farrie r
three rhnetrxrimerf!tyes..Txidiart' corn, and
they iiiiitirmiSifibiteineite" made last year
by Mr: I 4 iiivittigit, 4014 Pregehted to this
Society. ~ These .(fiets .ke Own, it ,
imayto predict that the plitni Will be exten
sively grovottiatp,einnAhßtri iddprto odr
agrierdtaie, mitt lhatbrwp ?and "migtir made
from it -;tll4#lo:Atiliditki4iitifir.U;iiiir
-14chindise •ilit our-markets.— - .1t. - -,is,.:ptobablo,
'Abiit4the "iritiPlide, of., aileron-of' labor
Will be:iolVegtwurlyAppliedp,thisblirsisich
"of iii'distl3' `aeit&ethers.; b ranch
orol:4 4 ° 1 4,:0 0. -VindraatOre ., : of goViikluiitst
employing, dikerent, hands. :Thiss,'.4 indeed,
was done the,lrgeent ease, - 11E,Ellfacitt
'having grorn the Ateneand: lap s :;;pen)syd
haying.niatiaVit and .sugar :
eulti'vation&iglitt. .444jde, .iiiin3ifid-
Virele of syruparid ;sugar will spring up .in
the? large teifte . 'ind . villigee, who wilehe
supplied , with cane by, the weigliboting fugue_
era, 'with.grrn
advantage of eichAllhar, fol. - 0014 1 *M be
come more skillful•inotbe branch: ylliok 00 -
'envies . UVSal:lush's-4 crops
•oft• cane lied a better
ifiiiiiiiiie'd 1 be the rettir:l6::,nt,
There ere,Rther twee, howover, served by
this main:abler iplant. In .franee," fatier cr is
made from it, a coloring matter of supe rior
'9.uslii3Vondli l3 Ki : which'a l o°holiltif', 'InToP9 O
.4s itfire Shicati employed.ji.whilet,-taia Mr.
.1T: f ill am' told' that here exesinine.4 iniger:firs
leentobtaineddromOtejeicer i and with even
trfAtVtig.a.4oSkniP or engar
liellospiwtategeilea fodder crop is' now
8011;131(IIDI 43X1011.3.; •
well settled. Many experiments have proved
thatthe 'seed is food for all. kinds of stook,,
seed are :kOore nutritious
thin' thotre' - of Indian Corn. Itoannoi; hbvir
,oyar for s thesenpurposes, take,rankarith.that
noble product of our soil, though, probably,
it is much more valuable than oats. Most
farmers would be glad to gekrid of this crop,
if they could find one more profitable that
could be sown in the Spring and mature in
time to be,, succeeded by wheat, or with
',which, grass could combine to remain for
hay or, pasture the succeeding year; But it
ditfiaiOstO inbsiitrite the. sorghum
'were for tbe Cate . crop, or to fin4;aliblete for
, ite in. •our• oriiinary . votaition, • is ••itioes. not
fully ripen till too late 'lei loilfik wheat;
i neitlitteriuld 00 . 00 )J401004'14 At, at'
leak' noi s iiiore successfully an wiireh porn,
eiperiinebt 'tbnt hair gene ally " fined.
Vhere ihe -sorghum, howevekia grorrfor
*lereidie;Of syrup Of sogar,'ilie 2 ii . fofit - miglat
.jaatifyLthe - porn prop,
or the•sorghtiiiiiiiiiiii be addeb. ic"ite iota
lion, the
up by an inoreasedltitatity of -tratinrC'•
These .gentlemeri,..Mr.,,Ellioota •and• Mr.
•Conard';'ldesiiitei" one thimlce.fOrllie tfouble
they,-•have...Aiken-, inn maaing.....thenek experi •
ments and sending us reports of them. , The
information they,,h?Are;giy,iiii, is interesting
and important; not to:, fanners only, but to
the community, and this Society cannot be
.b.e.tter_emplued_thatt.indiffusing . 4 as wide
pie possible.
4.1;90..A41 PA,2I
- - •
• •Decertber 10 ; 1868.,,
To • Sally; Georpe Fisher,Corresponding -Secretary
of ihs .Philadelphia ,t4gieudeural. Society:
• ''`ln latiteiOf the' "
year - 18M; and
- liikitining,or _the 'Year ,1157 there viife(*i;
ili l ibaed'by the Patent Office, small •
of - the seed of the-Sorghum, or Chinese su.;
.gar. Cane, fcirE theta purpose-Jofnhavinritzez n
up'cirilits- an artiiilesetirlbeintris:
duced into the agriculture of 'tile cotintiy.?
I-I had-little mo 'faith in iterraderitation
•Ale :Jatitude.-and. , olimate of Pennsylvania,
',:beit ',planted a few rows of. the' seed:driqny:
iserden, and distributed•severahamall tateelsi
*my: neighbors, •who also •planted•it in the
Idnone,way, ! . The. pieta. grew finely. , -, •
ouself-ernaciA no ,experiments as, to-,its :
roduct in syrup or sugar, but r gayerny i esue,
(to my scientific neighbor, Dr. Michener,;
Ly..added to c AtiAbout,the,panas i queotipy of
cane raised' by ' , llett; andjiiideian experi.'
went of
r ite value; by using a small Reis of
:1411iiiellrirlid , :hy' one'
s titp r ie+thei
.6 lit
ilitcheia Waded jilt&
I•dolielwhiolt *salon n dql3Theio,
ihe :licit: New " ()dahlia Infoliatieri,litit iris!
*.evidebt.that the'elarification of "th'bliffile!
, 1 ,
• waskimpeifect. Theirluitntity roadiVifshiiiv
[ er, was very "sitisfaetery. .1; °thirst. of My
neighbors made experiments in the same
way, tind!wlifs the saftieffileulfii, iiiii - oriolek
MU' lavinglillinlid; 'papiap#, - iic:,*fiag 0 . 1 t1.1
; eighth , part of an acre ."' Airiorif Went all,
i iny IA eh d. 'arid iiefghti or,' 'Mirth U • efiligei:llll3
the InbittiticeelarfuLl , 7 ' :I 1 .". ' '''' " '' 7 : l4 . ~r a•
I , i 'The seed of Ili' sian grown in 11357061
1 plaited' in' th6 , 4prits g - of 1858.01 iPtiblitidL
*able irismber - of' the neiglibering:farrileff,
id 11maliquintitiesinroOtioperbamitteihpt
ing to grow lio.mtch as the ihnlfloPawl'attre
i but ' myself.. .•The ksultivationvairdsn&Ort•
meets of the preceding year. had , bien-sup=
' ported and , illustrated by the disinterested
andvaluable efforts of Joseph-S. Lovering,
of: Philadelphia,. to whose! timely exertions
andAtoidoxpositions uposi this subject the
country is greatly indebted. I had now be
' come so well assured-of-the great Value of
the sorghum, as arr article toth:of rdomeatio
and Tolitical economycloithcilevSiitea where
Indian corn will mature, that I 'Oisieed an
experiment to be made•uPen `such a sealing
Is thought. would set at , rest :all doubts as to
Iwhether' it ~ bouldt bevprofitablyi - introduced
into• our, system!. of /agriculture: in i , Pennsyl
vania.r Thistexperimen . t iseompleted, and I.
1 herewith, transmit Aolott , the -subjoined re ;
If port:4 Milton Conardpahowing :its .results,
for: gu t infor e istion,a. th e , Philadelphia So
i piety r anii all : others wrirsr,feel an, interest in
I.' 440 e ojeet, itniusx:,<satisfled ine,that the
i•sggiltulPigtilre Piqrbe Patio; ii!..fmt . rPe of
1 great
save individual ,44ti!a tijiiliiii*d
' ,pill to• thin 8 44 4/411P 0444.1134 e cost
1 ..5f tho su g ar AO. molasses P9X,P*ll,M4lii
I : . ,:eliati,lif quite three j 'rnillions, of polui4e. :.; i
I) , - M aliiri purjitiided theethiactul:bo,sione . 44
iiide, and expense Oisnli now' in
'•iiiWil'i I,l4tegittihe, W.. Of ' ''' '
- .. . t • '..
i : The report referred , to, l ahßyvp . that the
actual product of the_four acres, planted 'by
Oue.,t,h,is ; season, was two hundred and seven
'~tepan.gallons lif: syrup ~ and forty-bushels 1 of
/fir i .-- P- the .4 0 .r#77the likedlligilinglortY
, Amide iolfili biisliPJ; . .Ili Miiiil l ,4o,P4' l of"isi:Ofteiahra' l .itithliti 111V+
f!a6A•Bod? 'vile' fok viirt/oiciarig-iizApid,
I , liarwltiw,ohaa vAlifiiip,6 - iilliliefiiiit
I, itay.'.lol: iiio. l 4lie'iffiliaiitlO cr ux aiiiiifiets
Would' Aire 'biliii Mier;
, the''gitefiirid a joil
1.66 Oak arisklie 'gad' did'Uoileriiiiiiatuirii'-
; "tif riehrlY - the' 'furst'"tsf Itilld;wifitill it ‘Ocir
iiipidlindli fedeive&figeieelilli'd iiinie at&
%fire is 'lli - applied to "IndistriLodrrif." 'There
iiitmx:partial6 hiltire irtythe "'seed ". to - the
itmotint - of ond. r sath - parret'thsiteroP3• a hale
, iii4hif 'stalk , froths being'cut too ebbrt,. and ca
lois - of atileast.torrver oPnt:ifrornimperfect
' .smachinerydforrexpre,ssing/theluioe . - These
-drawbacks 'removed, the report , shoirerthat
an ordinarily favorable crop on our' good
lands, may be . set down-at two.. iuudred and
seventy five to three heti4ro4 iOlpinp i aiit.up
to the siere. r • But takisig - my amp
,ditt its
'actual product ,: With' ill, its deficiencies, end
its resultsiias , ..compared , witirthel cultivation
of ,a crop of corn,. it may b e faitly:statid .as
follows : . .1 . s , ' : • • ' , ' -,
-- , The expense and labor of••Oultivating an
acre of Chinese.sugif cane, until if is ready
• to out, from ,the ground for manufacturing,
is , preaiselyrthe same as the expense of cul
tivating the. same quantityof land.ill Indian
corn or broom. corn. Asmils,:.: -,t, 141 L.ll d:.,
i ,„Asonming toy oroplto be an average tong.
and taking the,sorghnmptor .oatreP
Neint, on land
. kbat ; would prodnoe!fifty, , ,bush-`,
,of.,eolrp„.per ie , an i,oyerieati
osate„pf the. bir)d„prit into serslitun s ity me
and i its jialj3e,,as opopsFed t w,AtA I a., crop ;. ,o,f
Jut „fAljnytt.
217 gallons of,ttrnß,,,fl);,sextst • • ;
•. .. 4 . vs a —aa • g d . 6 1,-6 11
per gallon,
40 bushels of sorglinm seed:. ,
40 oentt per`bustieg''' 16.001
Deduct expense pudinficatiii** '
amp, T 2 ote: , L" 26 00
Leaves as net ,proceeda of, sorghum •
. Per alr9P. -• 4.1 s nt
Fifty busbelau 91 ; 41161*a. ;eorn the
field oannot,.upou ,an iveraseCot.yearsi
'esti blated as worth moretban fifty, oante .S
VMS is. Si96Y.'
five`dollarii r deditatedfrifikth; lOW
g0ing'176.76, lelaires'ie dietio4i., 'hi of
tbe 'sbrgbuin. of s6l.76; . (4'showels'efOp:Of
'over • threelia;es • 'the 'value' toe.lielia'Woorn.
put the comparison `different
still'mOrg . jO
'the fariner;r - therinandfsetiriiii 'of 'theilyrup f
in 'Cheater .0614tt Ole !Shirked 10 'WI:
Tier gallon formiintifaithitik 'the Small. lay
of cane brought to %lilaWilling
ly receive a third part of the eyrup inetead,
wherever the cane was furnished in liDrion•
eiderable quantities. Taking the prodnot cif
an acre at 217 gale.'
and deducting one.third•for man- ". •
Leaves:; , 145 "
of syrup, together with forty bushele,of seed,
weighing forty pounds to the bushel, as the
clear product .of as Wore of the sorghum to
the cultivator.• .
• Thus we see that, at .any rate whatever,
within the widest , range of pribessthat can
be fairly assumed, as the price of the syrup,
the .value , of the sorghum prop is more
'double the value of liicorn crop, and the
`rifea'at. Whig' it" line by the bar.
, . T''4".i.ff...3 . • . •
re& in, this conotry, tne present year, is mo re
It is easily seen, frontt't4i s statement; that
tl4:lialatilltibtinfriiittikidsy be made much
more favoritbki'td . thaisiigiumunultivaiion,
by eetimatin~ Afile44insent shows
may one oil laiideriiheie tti VOn'tfitions
of the crop are favorable4-butl see
in , . which the - result" caiiAlbe rendered less
prothising",to 'the. 'oottivatois 'of 'the
The, results here' shOwn'are -a minimum'
.which any fair expecitneritOus'-atrytrgool,
season, may be fairtroaptotod Waimea'.
. may. with "roe propiety add, that no'
ga,AFTIP.b#4:IO.OI liPon Anagsthol - 1.
*or of. th0ptp . 0.F.,t,,i01,0944.110 tatAiliPut/efl
l qijifiliTlPto 9 1 : hitOOPPOePtiPPßist!Ycrenoo!
. . ftIP •
toiriath . 71 4,he ,Eaot r e fhorawatato4,.. Nor
‘ 441/ c i lf i 4° 44 4vAif t° 4 415. 1 ii 4 1 .9
'the moat' AP .4444*
4 . iff %iniit4tli (OW ,
r TitoTeltitchk.
41 St •
- ‘• :el ow. 4
• •
h ~~
-, ..
The Itortata 'bum
The. News-of-Philadelphia have just held
a large meeting, in : thsAranklin Street Syn-
Regue, to protest against the abduction, by
ome, o . ,f r ,E4gar4Nortara, the,,lewiskobild
‘ Cif.„l3O)ogna, whose purse hid him.. sprinkled
with holy water by a Romig's Priest Tana i to
Tait SiVellihrfr
tell lo lo a(9.*.furirlease- ,PeliEms,l of: Law
hnne, of Switserind, writes to the New
York Observer ,, the following history 6f' the
Mortara, has for• some time been set;
tied in the (14: J . 0;4'1414'01i. 4 .,,JECtriiihife
there, an• honorable , reputation.l • -He.•lulu
-intelligent; industrious mancwithnit oOnifort=
able living 'He 'had iti 'firs sceilttirgiTl
fifteen or sixteen yetileOla;litleil'llitlra
This young girl,i f try
bigoted, was,especially ohargedmikh *emirs
Offlittler Edgardt ltilortara,• land- .evru o imeed- ,
, 1 0 1 Y foild',te_l4llv7: l l)llBs43l l B.,Ofkiiir,'
then a 'rat' tsOmo
onsly ill; and the eervan~ , R fesring fleet _he:
should-be foreVer•lostif - he thortlfdie'vOth-,
out being baptized, secretly ndimi;iitered
sort of Pr"i"TY:lVt4int ac
canons of this'ltininst(Chtinl,lrhich allow
laYnien "441 1 *
extreme ot:tirgenkcasem. • 7
The Paienteektigar-,iiotiting of what hid:
taken* TThd - child';tobOvOrell : hea lth,
and.the - •sezvantklonnuiMorisi; passed several
years longer
witheititrm'entioning; Sitter* thti s 4l4y,:br:
any one elseithis sacred, Blit beingseet
the hbitsi, I knot YOIC - faifiv s ktit
reusone i ehe• revealed the clandestine baptism
of 'the 'Child' to a priest;' and ' annbtinnid:
the, fastto_ the cordinal,arekbiethop_of, Bo
logna., Monsignor :Vide
ecclesiastical, dignitari t itifortaiel,ll6 tolY
13413 , 14 , CemP„what The'
'reverend .pers ons of the Holy Office mice&
Mr-,BliortaraAf, he ,xould:coseetatto.bringup
his son Edgard in the-Roilielitithiliityelig
ion ! Yon, eau . conceive the „i4dignatiOn of
this unfortunate fathr. 10101)4 • Perfiiotly
unexpected news to him. He replied that
this - baptism by a servant, against his will
and.withoutrhis knowletige,,had no valneln
his eyes, and could lay him ,ender no obliga.
tion; that the • religious education of young
Edgard, now seven,yearekeld, depended' on
'himalene, , aecording to all 'human - and Di
sine' according afiensteiral 'rights.
He,therefoie mimed to the
ageota T the. Hay offioedeeifindea
Then the , ecclesiastical, - ..gorarnment 'of
Rome ordered the childtole seizedibyphys ,
foal !ft.iice. In vain theiaientsloktfstedi
with 'arks , and tears 'agairiet fAbbely.
dg vas tillefi to. 110 0,44 placed
itt : a e sort of :boarding echoof or imonastery,
under the direction of the Operai Pii,;Piuns
labbreOrthat is to ay; Mbils;"wilb are en
ga !bietrsia Mr llortara .. .t:ihe
Loping * Plk.obiaininetioe against the base rob
bers •ofthis eon.' •43dt his chopF watedeceived.
The heads'
iiiireieW,fiiiii'aikt okiid',lllVi la tillierl'ii),)
tixed, belonged no,lnigpr, to his father,' but
to,. the Rombeh tihuroh ,T lie only, thing
ivies 9 p,gii'iiilei.4;3 A to
ee'llid don in the preaenee SY witnesses, ' and
with express condition not to pr! . .h, to . him
on relittonee,ulije'pfs: Tl4o:* Ittlding
kik tiunPirY.
It;liku pe eeen that Pins IX., informed
of:this affair; eenfinned'thersentenee of'the
Holy AZlffme. hfdllitrilbild'bronght`io
him, ( 11 9t ' i °j /e d'hi:lii&, l 7:oolhiil.o a/40
down uPon,his Ate wordi
Jesuit pnbuoation,) isno-biessings or/mav
en, •As to the unhapy • father, he has, not
even •obtainbit an en ienSe fAel:he Pope,
11 1dalitiStit'nfient entr ' ep 'Peps
4lte4,,byti wiadtoind
•timid man, especially since the Advesities,
which have; befallen' hits; IRO
and . ' thiiugli i•dgretticticp fattir,,
bb'has eine toned the crime • • •Such iire,t)ket
I ne Ai:tot:Living with Others:
In - tliii• fitit 'place,:lia, 'peeple 'are t.Q.. krt
ppily ] togs er, they must not faney,.be...
-o muse. they Are ; throwt! together, :now, cf gulf
all their lives have been exactly similar ups
to the present time, that They
alike; ; and that'' they. aiXti t y
,f 434640,4,!
. (it the Lliiorotiet
Aif t the diffetenee. of menu theirerit•
.to:be essured'of in soeiaidknowleidgel;-si
to life what Newton's."liiiflieto* is
SOMitimes' ',;tn‘i!atdge,,
garil ".0 general ; they ,
not, expect the ,outer. Ikeda to agree ewithi
:them in all , 'points,'.'but•Are? vexed at ucit;
being able
opinions into those they live with. Diier-'
there are many forms of virtue and wisdom.'
Yet we might astwell i ;" Why all these',
stars ? wily this-difference;? why not all one'
star ?"
- Man/ of the rules for people living to.
!tether in peaoe; 7 .follow :from the above.
or :inet~nue 3 Apt( to.; interfere- unreasonably
thelr' i*::3.1,41
to question and requestion their resolves,
not to' indulge in perpetual - comment on
their proceedings, and to delight in their
having other paisnits than ours, are all based
upon a thorough perception of the simple
fact that they are not we.
Auotber rule for living-happily with oth
ers, is to avoid having stock' subjects of die
putatiOn. It mostly happens, when people
live much together, that they oome to have
'certain set topics, around whiehi from fre
quent dispute there is such a growth of
angry words, mortified vanity, and the like,
that the original subject 'of difference be
comes a standing, subject of quarrel, and
there is a tendency in all iminor
. dispates to
drift doin to it.
82 . "
Again, if people wish to live well to
gether, they must not hold too much to
logic, and suppose that everything is to be
settled:Jo' sufficient repot' Dr Johnson
saw this clearly with regard to married peo
ple when hesaid,,is,Wretehed would be the
pair above all xiitalea !of wretebednev, whop
should. be doorire4 ..ap'ist by r .rei!eva PrerY;
minute details;?3f* . dchneetie
Upplioation simild le plunk
more geiliral than he. made it. IThere is no
time for such reasonings, tindr,nothing• that
•is' worth' And 'whisirali i '''reoblteet .
'boir tiolt#,Fil rj or tiv4:ollidt*Al! Off
PcitenAlgy.,iinCtbat 'there 4; 49 • end; of
.oui:daid„reasoninglon. say 'subject, me
-not beanie thitanehmantentiol is the Nat
mode 'of ertiiint''et4hithrplt betteinlfit
74 6 , 6 or(littt IPPIAI,I 6 ,OO*
Af Y 4 . 1! rilld • • fil• , itogPulPso?P)
avoid nunaces:W . 3r oritiennunpon those with
whom'yon•livel a • The number of people who
have = taken: .6t9uditeif lot: thief
selvei Veli 'Urgein'
Q4:,fiara . 91 Ifith
unoilter ik4o wan always ion:tick:lug 4115 so
tietut; even if it were`kindly and 'jlistetiti ,
elem.' would'be likeliViiieblitireen the
Wiikeies of BM. lherie" se 1f-
Meted i jOgen, ,like ~their. pidotypeii, are
.t veu,apt to ,have dle persons they, judge
brotight-UtoVit thism in the guise of- oul l irits:
oi6' of - provoking'lorms' of' the
leity,be,:aalleskTpiiiieisria over, Vie ihnill4et.
oonsnlted :you...lis
tened. to - inet"—"llut you alwayegivill
itadriog*horre4,, , i ikpf. , ..Npfireecinti r .l2
sii . 47ol l 4.te)i.vre
cannot call to mind: any moothing effect.
;Anoth'er - tale siderest
*AHOY IWO' ';e6tittellSo."'' Vint
i i v i ti ibig nor ho '
sneh Minis as we ;32i l alietii i. :41,:ears
behinds theirrbselts:AL.There is: n0.7. , p1e8e,
hotrever-where treul^paliteness islief 4 Three
value than where vi t ilobtly`thihrtti. WM&
VeYfifilif (A)
. • t 7 1,0 .. •. •
or rather speak out more p y your ea.
sociatity.butmot less Asourteously r :than low
do to strangers. rn . 7'•• • - N;)
attlat:not expeotlnoce 'final the
lets - $4
g‘'iree, iintegoiiiilj not- eapeot
aontroxylthings,./Teesuis in , Citunce.• -
: ^ r • ••c: j•
When bequests are made to the laititatbana of. tier
Church, let • the following- foram: be -eariolaiir ahm:fed.
Legacies are,often-loat to the .earme.Whiehl pri testator sisol
signs to &Nib) , a defeat in the will. 'Often real estate of
other property is to be liven, let It be particularly
scribed. . • • • • ' '
Board 'of Domistle'•lllllisloni: • ' ;
• • - • -
To the'Titnete - eifof thef &wird of DomeStic Missions of the
General. Assembly of the P.resbyterian.Ohnrcie firths Uni
ted Slates of America, and to, their stlee . aasjorvisuitd.assign,,,,
I; tie and bequeath the sum ' of rdeyitte a
certain'ziesimago;iand'tratt`offand, Ai.„) t toitelittiy the l
said Trustees, and their attocessors for ever; to and.for the
usos,and under the direotion of the said. Board of Domestic
Missions of the said 'General Asiipiliaj; iii,4llll?g te l the
provisions of their ohiirtcdP r•—• •", -
II 0 , he 'Board of e. Educ.
fr.l;:t e
aiititt,44" •
tiOit the Church in the ttrnited stitei tit,
.tuiaiiionveluossactot to be applied by egid'Soiltd;
ao dip sineoglon of pious end indigent , young men- Torahs,.
.-.7171411) :
;Banaisi of 'Foreign 11111saloiio;
boOsset to my executors the : sum ; of ; I
in trask . i4 11184 Oyer the itrue in after mitisolaufe,,
to the perasis arho;iitheii this . same shan't:it, iisiabfe,' anal
act aiiiieurer . ,of the Board; of Pereira "Idiseirms of the:
Preebytesiin Church in the United Stalls of America, 0, :7
applled to the uses and purr:mob; of said igard,... ad to
its direction ; and the'reeeipt of 'the mid' Treasue': ` shill
afall and legal acquittance of inyfeaki•executore fee.'
• '• • Hoard of •PublleatlOa.'
. To thetrodees of the Presbyterian itoard of Pnbllcatioie;'
and to ..tholtr Tames/lore and. aefigne. I; give and bequeath'.
We aim , (or,/ deitie ceasin raeso nage and tract
of fund , & l 4) to held hi the said Truetiee, and their
oessorsfor ever, to and fOr the neeb snit - ander the direction
(file said Board of Publication; according to theprovhsions ,
Of their Wafter. ' . •
`'The tadich Eiten Omindttee of the Genets . l Assam
t t i;q6 9 4:
It,lisapposed; '
• • .
Tbixiticitli to m`y imikriliOrirthiiDEß
in -trust, to lmy'over - !Miter my deciiimi!
A* the portion who, ,when the came be: payable, shall
act as Treimirer. sr theChureh - Ritenedort Committee or the.
Oftlis Presbyterian Chtirehin the United,
abaci eirdiee — rica, located 0113t:lionis,11fissohritz
to be applied to the uses and pFiNgges or said Committee.
and under its direction, and the,reesipt or the- said Treas
urer shall be midlevel airemitianoe said execu
tors for the aame.
' A 'arlir*:l
Ragm,as m A i n IftB
a H. 3,7ni, • 71
le:No:It Wood area; Pidebargb;l'4 • • figat
'QUO* MIXON . big/OP - 111 g 110ARSICIIIESSi
''lllloWl . ll4r TAItREI;: . any' Irritation. oy,Borenois ot
~ . ;1;- t c MIT .*: •• fire ;) Throat,' instantly , . 'inlieredk,
Biosszt!'s, Bronchial Itroobee; or .oough
• gee. bho.. l oeakers
ngera they are effectual p n ele'aring
.c 4' • arid'gising strength to the voice.
sulfur our readers, particularly miniiters 'or public
ea/wre, ,are. so l dering from .b t ronslatal isLitation,, this aim
3r-*atah t r... 1 P, S , P;3 , 7 1484 11 ?" Ch7sAan
" Indispensable to public speaters."—Zion's Herald.
" exoelleut artiole."—Natios4 . Bra,. Washi2,39 . 4es.,
(4 Superior for relieving 'hoarseness' to anj*ing are
acquainted withg'Christian'llittiatir, Cinetitiiasi . '
..'A most admirable remedy."—DistersJotalnal."•.:
` e .Suire,remed . 04/or throat atfecdonk". 7 .2
44 Ettleaoltfus and plettiant."--
13oltr , by 'Druggists threnighoxterliAriiteii
• . delt-Bmeow . . cret..rn
• •
bb w it nAii.D.Lir THINK • Alk AtiPitralt
gorier of Books for Obildria were' war Into
ten."—Youth's_ampattisd.' ' • •
" • •
;: • ;.. ;•• A: NEW VOLUME: • .
• •
N ;
: .'2_II:XII.IG TO .812.-...80701180DY.1
. , . .. •
With liorty,•,lllltuituitions• lemo....Clotb, 83 cents.
We invite parents to make•eceireful examination of this
series of books. The alm , heue•been, to make them varied
and attractive in manner, mingling pie usefUlandamusing
in Properlinei„, — Ptire and heislttey,in tone,:ieligion
'Seine 'solved:4d as the foundation of the morality they
inculcate; and sprightly, natural and colloquial in style,
bat carefully avoiding everything dike slang: To show the
wide range and scofe of these - books, we Invite attention to
jiAllnwitsit.litst of isome ,of 'the:principal` subjects` iretro•
do In n'lngle volumetbe one just published:
Getting , Paid' for "UM EsnowDress and Pinery. .• .
• • Beating Down the Price.
Learning to be Pdisi* • Three . Ways of -.Keeping a
:Step by ateli:i• • • Dim. - •
A Leeson on Prnyer.„: . The Grade of Honor.
i Speillisig•tdistchea: ' How to Make an Ams*alit
,TTtp,Wayes4l3tedyinik. t . neg. . •
Wvir to bo Loved and nappy, April Fooling.
Battling es Quarrel by 'Hafer- Easter Egga. ' ' '
.; Notes of Band.
, Running inDebt. Beeping d.Orntinte. ;;)
GAME! AND SPORTS IN .7.8811L5x ..
Peter Coddlo's Trip to New Gallery *- of • •TAtitary her.
. York, (three gam** one ) ' treite..
• Titetdosieto Oracle. The Demeette:r
Javenlist.Ooltitir., Pith Tumblers.:' er
•" ,
'Arithmetical Pmedag.. • „ Parlor Celebration Week
-Teak Nara& ' • ' ington's Birthday.
pent° Yersee. . '; •
• a. Ale2trow. natione otracionz cram
TON, , NLLA," WHIATLER,7 anti 14 )19,6113" each
which•einitiineit-larti.nislia Olnatrationi f Th' 4ilitheis
,00nptitute one rflthl aott pe an 4 literal series-M.
boa and glEle eierlaried.
44 '7he may be h itieParatelY, or in Beta neatly , patlip in +itith uniform -biliding;&
Price per eetail.f6, or 63 centa each.
I 7 t Goma) & LINCOLN,.
onns .13equests:'
.; it:
111 MO
Charslt Extenalotitommiltiose
7. tl •,.•
•• • •
RIZEs 7111EF , P ALM .
• • AWARDED PAz• .2 •
ait I C fr.E:l? N G :PT.A , 08.;" •• •
• Pennsylvania State Agricultural BengeffPat titstrtaig - ,
Lion held at Pittsburgh, 1861:5
.'''A DIPLOMA• AND SlEvliftwasa/AL
Penneylvana State Agrictilturalat their exhibi
tion hold at P ittsburgh, 1856, • •
, Pennsylvania State AgricoltatalSociety, it, their exhibi
tion held at Pittsburgh 1868:
Maas- Charitable Mechanic Asscciat'n, 1837. , Gold, Medal.
Mass. Charitable Plechaiik Associat'n, 1889';' Ovid Medal.
Mass. Chiritatile Mechanic Aseociat'n, 101, ( Gold -Medal.
Masa. Charitable Mechanic Ansociaon, 1844,','G01d Medal.
Mass. Charitable Mechanic A aeociat'n, 1847,' Gold
Shea. Charibible Mechanic Aaseeict'a, 1850, Gold MedaL
Mass. Charitable Mechaile Aseociat'n, 1562, 'add Media.
Albany County Ear, New York, . 1854, GOlddifediL
Maw. Charitable Mechanic A asociat'n, 1856, Geld Medal.
Amerl-an Institute. New York, 1866, Gold Medal
Maine Charitable Mechanic Arlen, 1858, Silver Meda
l Charitable Mechanic Associat'n, 1844, Silver Medal.
Mass: CharitibleMectianie.Associat'n; 1846, Silver Medal
Maas. Charitable Mechanic Aseociat'n,' 3847, Silver Medal.
Worcester County Mechanic Aes'n, 'lB4B, Silver Medal..
41110111 n Inetttate, Penns, . • 1818, 'tfilverlltioNtal.
Worcester County Mechanic Aetna, 71849, silver Modal.
Mass. Charitable Mechanic Associat'n; 'lB6O, Silver' !4'w'aL
Woroester County . Mechanic Amen, 10.1, Silverldedal.
Worcester County Mechanic Lee'n, . 1851, Silver Medal'
Ohio State ikeird of Awiloniture, • • 1862, Silver Medal.
Ohio State Board of Agriculture, ~.y180;
Mentucky Mechanics' institute, '1856, Miter Medal.
Mass. Charitable Muchauic.Associat'n, 1856, Silver Medal.,
Mass. Charitable Mechanic Associatin, 1866, Silver Medal. .
Illinois State Pair:, . ••• • •1.13581,q River Medal.
Mass. Charitable Mechanic deaeciera, 1850, Breeze Medal.
World's PSir, Lend* • : .:-, • 01851 Proinze Medal.
Mass. Charitable Mechanic Aseociat'n,, 1856, Bronze Medal
Mask. Charitable' MeeluinidAsimiciat'n, 1856; Bikini° ModaL
f sup of
SONS' ply
Of every description, manufscured by thesa i oonststbsg of
1 . • Q 17.1 R P.I.A N /3, '
Awn :Timm •
RiW COTTAGE, os • opßiorrrlterrOS,l
For sale'br ,! • • JOHN . IL .MELLOB,
Bole Agent - nor, Chiokering4 Sone Pianos for, Pittsburgh,
81 'WOOD 'STREET, lietweizi 'Diamond' Alley and
•• flouttN Streit: • . oottl.4m
‘4III.IXCE 0.01611.1111111.
IC) BALASTOOK jdat rebel - fag avant* sodest reduced
• 50'bage chilce Rio Coffee; • •
4b t do. :old Gove rn ment Jtiva,Oidireet •-• • •
,do. choice Green Lagusol c sa do j : c .... . •
5 hhds: Layering 's Syrup :4: 3 • •..
bble. do. Crushed asid.Ppliterfsed:Stillari,
-• do . Maned- 'White andlrelkiw''.'""; - "" do4 "
XOO hr. chests Oolong Tea; : • .
• 25 `do. - 'do! Young Rpm:4 Teo.
• TOILS of all grades put up iworddy
. = an bxces.: At az
together 'with a fresh supply of Wad
cari. Pickles an d• Sauces; Foreign and g
in various gilled packages, &•z• 7V - ••••zirs.
The attention of liiinseheePera ia.
ma. •
onted Pl ig =
lcgde,Uthich VOID betiiiiiihed 'loy midi deidlrkd r ,
ing an extended Hilt ofigoods. ; •,
Sir Gdocle deliveredlree,of oharriarr Carta
the Rai Irc a D epot or BtessotioqdraplistBp 8, 1
-wiirottse Mod.
however small, carefully ,• ;S i
Ls •
. ;40.4N.A.,RENarIAMtagt=14::,
18 1 ' -
. •ap . 25S Liberty:
wpitnuirimisittenr , no4zsD iostirumaoAr
ii - .• , Tl.ol.l.—The . Publications of, tkin,40.110. 1 1 6 F,9 1)1 , 88 ,4
divided into Iii.BILIBIES;aalellowi: • "fl .". 1 . .- ,••••••
, •
.. ••. ..,,11T1.18210.118' .i.J.1114301:; .7 . , ".... 6 _41
. , By,OASIOMie. ,'7°l.'"ua*
87 . ioluniee, up to NO. 485 .- / .., 492.90 , , • 124.87 A
GOICAIIEciATICIptAii : LIBit&Bgt, •, : .. d
= volum es , up to No: 906 . 1 .
' ', '.. •' -' ^:‘ •- i. y Oatilogue. For Cash;
tilt roan. •
itidellni '-, • • : • - - 91.62 68.64
' . 207 volumes, iip td No: 604: , ,
. • . . ' ': —'• I . 33;y1Cateloga a. Bei-owlIL
. Half roan, -, : . ' 01.00 : , SIIPAI ,
mialin, ' - ' ' " • 48.46 oum
, ,7iic 36.: ' ‘ TOTAId'XIBRAZirif 1 ,-, .1 ' • 'TO
478,7u40: ,
• ' ' -. .i• so ii ttykti,Vi=r o r Gild&
Priem in beet :Mlin ~,
.;.0. I; i w TAP 4.,.,, ; 41 *IRS •
4 vi.
A ny..piiitkei of the . % .inarti. calf!.
wttii a: diticciiiiit'bf twentjAlsolliallilsollWOU'efe ' -
price, proelddd the /Epee atuousst e h . ,,Odesi:#96 .
dollies. 'A ddrell ' ' 4 .• • ..
I; ,f)JOARP.NPAING/INNietailliNdliN4tOi r .:* .!
. No. 391
. .
jelfgf' •I
,tolt • • • •
1 1117" r 'RCA' 1,17A1113; H 011111
114 Bmltlifleld'Btreet; Pittaliiirgh; opiatelte - the Oar
tom Domed have hut opaaed,afary, choke selection of
Of the latest importations. Alao,
FEES, : New Orleans, Onba, amigo, Crnehed and Tralvirised Sugar!,
IllrO;Ricie-TlcOni;Pearl and Coin Starch, BarlitlicTinkit Pow
dere, Mactertini,yernOcelll,Poeoll6 . Broths Balsa No.l, and
Spiced Oliocolate ,
_Pare Glenna - ailegio.
TollekTithii; German; and'ROtdti•Boape.3( Sity:Cirbonata of
Soda; Cream. Tartar; Jlxtra Fine Table:43BA; Pure Extracts
LemenAdVaiiilln; Star; Mould, aid Dipp ed Osman ; Eat.
gar.Onred; Hama ; Dried' Beef; . Wateri - ,Butter, Sugar and
Bala crackers ;:Foreign.yraits,fitc., &c. ' ' •
Thlis stook hailieen purchased for crest, in ci Wiirlb — e Offer
ed to the Trade, end also to Famines, at Iteri moderate ait:
vanes, from w hom we respectfully eollait a share orpairaii:
• apll-11
The BUBSCRIBERt3 have always qn sale, an exten
sive stock of goods expressly. adapted: toitbe furnishing of
And, boding in Theit'ethi,l,rj`da . Peniendedllnhoiaterera, ate,
stall titnee, , prenated not only to. ftuntidhille quxn3ad?-
bitt!to make up and fit whateviii
the ihortiet dOttee'; and'cin- terms. 'F : 1 ! N* to
M 9 an - B. PLUSH and BILH VELVET,. for,polpi .
ak.BPIVTIN(}: Vrt. 4 nr, natoman•-• or 'lNows tog 7:
tvindivostry, - ch• Sesaion Itooni--bbareh• patt er pr, - , f.t•r!
OZPBTIN tid 2I(9iRc. rNI:a3Y I : O OI°N Itar7,l*.
OXIOA''ItArgriVAND 7 Nita Poreti, Varlinnaar
ttLobby.l "AV . J • ' xr.. - cro
WRGEB, 1111 :./INIOlikep.AND
Variety. : •
MISLED HAIR Grgtopty, Picked, or made intaVaddona.,
Ir9/4ARAPPRlffindaw , Bliadas •
DOILHHUS & NIXON,EC 21 rfißliaah
ff ••• • ind IS'HurrafEktreA; Rail/ark;
. .
'WM' INVITE TIEN . fif '.: 11 019/1
the pubde to the , , , ,
notrammema-mir aooDI3I3TOBB
whiff& may bkrfotuid clasiirtissortteent.oteirtinci"ei)
Dry 9.00d5, required in tundeldsig: ,house,,,thrua: flFrjog
the trouble =Ally experienced In _hunting enek:sr.tiFte,
''vtii-hine iitscei: In 'eonsentlestee'hf '
lour;gtving ors at
tention Able" klnd titettook, ',OS Sitritudeit:.-st &see
and faney- goods, L we eau, musadett , ontPriweitand style's
to be the mostfavexablein,
- 'IN' 'l34lpil'', • . ,
:id able to ithre'ri6t ttelFaefiotqbeinig-the ot.i;eer
EBTASLISELID Lrsaisq flroas arms.. arrrj imidluseing; been
for more than twenty years importer? favel earn of;:the heat manaketturimin d: W. ds. taxi
large aCidk•of , Itt. •
I 7 7 ,rWings,,Lß AOD. MEKL.Thrait
of the best qualities to be obtained. and at the Terylowir.
prices.. Also, Blankets, Quilts, Sheetings 'figixtm;De•
mask Viafass,
anchabace, Table , madtt• - Plaikokeowers • rand. MO
rearm, Lace - „tuvi t Atualin ilimllles s rvcrskiture
" I'le •"f".1 1 01g4 4 . :l0W11121440111;'''''F' )
11: 111 r.e!wniz01111113TNIIT'snd
.. z .v.410. 9.091 s
',6•311 , 165100rt d i,140 z s o e l ; .
"Jr- ,WAU=4 , , ,•• •-•,
" . Ewa JustNahlishad . • ,
S. Qos RR Till LIPS Ala' Timis
R N F. - _
•Ir '0 E , A. If.
Erataiseir Of MBLEfia' Theology in Newton Theological
, L.
•• • ••• , •Imo4-Clotli.
o f -
This work ghee an acconnt of a remarkable man, and of
a remarkable movement in the middle of the last century,
resalting.iMtheAmnation,of whit were called the," Sep*.
ate Chnrclies."? ;It suppliee an inzportatit'deflelencY in the
history of New England affairs. It has'aiso a spaded local
interest for many places In Maseechneette, Connecticut,'
Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.. For every Baptist it is
a necessary book.
...; "B r' H Ir.' If EUDE N . • • the. late Dr . - L ean der .. Translated from edition, R:Ocinitit, anther
• T. :of . i, The...English*Bilde,'.? ke. 5 - • ~;*4
12Mo. Cloth. $l.OO.
Thla work , 'was undertaken- at c tlie' , eiligestion: of Di:
Neaoder. „It is a German view of Maw. .logland ecolcabist
Neal history. 'The New England ChliSl3 is regarded aesus,
generic;, lie development ialogleally aa well as hiatoricially
traced; and it is viewed se having an important bearingon
the world at large. The merit of the work is ita imparttaV
ity. The acaletare.hekLavarayletween-theCongregation
alters on the one hand, and theatists. BOhanpaliana, and
Keeakers on the °Umiak* of these the work pos-
Quer the iiiteopeat of so vnptro fe2B ly.
SS R.0,04 1 ,r..N.,Gr_11
..0,. A..IP! ~ ' A D
The, firm ,cif FEWN, ,J'OHNI3ON:havIng, •by mutual
konieet;' 'been reeently distsilved; BATES and
M. JOHNSON., give notice that 'thew. have entered, into
pertniwehip,, fOr the purpose. of carrying
,on ti n . .at
DOOFINGUIIISINDEIS; ita branches, under the name
and firm of,RATEI3 & JOHNSON, at. the oil stand, 75
'Smithfieldlitriiet; near Diamond Alley.'
We era now prepared to 'tver, with our SUPERIOR
ROOFING, steep or flat roofs, over 'rough boards, and
shingles eotnrosition or metal s .tontler; steamboats, railroad
care, .24 , ,,b e tng admirably adapled to withstand the various
changes of Weather, br the''action lire;'lnid it ht not in
jured by being tramped upon. We also attend torepairing
old' gravel roofs, in the most thorough manner also; to
:inter-tight, 81:11i
n copper. or zing rook; making them
86 , 241114 them against the action of the
weatheraor $1.50 per agtume; (one hundraYsiwire feet.) .
SIII If G ‘ L H. , 0,0 S D
Preserving' them( and' rendering theta' FIRE-PROOF, f;,4 ,
$2.00 per aware—discount for largitraofit,-,
ROOF, and is insured at same rates at's mob, and is
fast superseding all other kinds.,
Reeding material ffir'SaleYerith instructions for'applyini
Referancee'and certificates ,ar our 'Once. • 41
• 75 Smithfield St, nekr`Dittnibnd Alley, Pittsb% Fa7c•
N.B.—Our canvas is -not z,ndecerl worthless in preparing
it for the-reef.'
tisl.6-1:f •
irAVITSCA.ROII.A. iticittIICBSY.—THIC. lepEtTlr•
a: ,: FUME EiSSSlON'llifif open on the iii],blti-tilf
NOOw.lgtEft. neat. Young Nen. and Boys prepared - for
%einem oi College. Terms; Sao per Session of five: months.
Light and Fuel'extra: •i• . •
Those desiring a School, in the country, easy ,of access,
affording then oughlnitinction, conducted on the principles
of a woll regulated Christian home, will ,please addreaa,
J. If 2 BITUMAX-Sit, A. M., 'Principal,
BeZ5-6131! •
' Acadian* 'Juniata Ootuity; Pa.
m,IIIT.RALL, •ACADIGatlfi aCie 411/.lf. %UMW
N./ Tnecarora Salley, Juniata county,Pa., muirfOnathtl
i'mtle Prem.- the:Perrysvfile Station ofrenzusylsaiiiillidl-
The Summer Session will conamence on Matta 246
of APril. - ', Whole expense pir session of twat ' *id*,
Jor BoardAtoom, Tuition, 1 1%10kb:ix and hidden Allitifiny
able rine-half in advance: ' - ' • - -- ' '
Alliirr See Ci.rmaless. • , DAYLE.I.,WASO'
' ipipls:4l Princ i pal iiiii Priliirietar. Part Ilatfal P.O_: l '.. 0
"WE beg leavi to call the atten
. tion of the Trade, and more
:,especially the 'Pliysicians .of the
ixiOntry, to two of the most popu
laeremedies now before the public.
We'icier: to
Denis, !Names gelelkapt .
Vermifugd'ancl Liver Pills.
We do not recommend them as
univerialCure ISut for
what their name purport viz. .•
For, eaciAhig Worms . ;from the
hunian system: It 'has atio been
administered with: the mostcsatis
: - factory results to , Various Ammals
Sn, Worms.
For the cureOf Lrapt CompLAncrs,
HEAD:ACIIP.; &c: iii
,:eoi) of .
preparatory to' or aftettikink
theY.4 l iii* -jAviris l 4 make
.speedy and permanent, cure.
As specifictifor . the abate men
tioned diseaseS,: th ey are Unriiriled,
41 - d
.never known to fail ad
ministered in accordance with the
• directions. ,
Their' 1014:01 . *1024 plailannr
FLidittifG ,BAcenrEit fr i;.
.Act-dispose-olitheir. Drug 4usiness,
in which. they have been success
;fullyOiitaaged tar the last - Twenty
Jfitrq, an will 4 o W give: hell'
4tnaivided - :time. , . andiAttention , to
ltheir-mannfacitare. And-being de-
Airated Veriiiifiige' 4j .ind Liver Pills
shall continue to occupyithe.high
position thernow hqld among the
i;ho . ':iiitY;;they
_ngrexplore., in tproeurnig -*Best.
and Purest material; Corn-
P0f14 . , 044 'hi 'the thorough lFl4 . ol7- -AO*
ANL :Pittiiiingh t :Pse
P.S. Dealers and. Plyeleiens ordering front game
'than'Fleming 'Bray will do well to write *heti Ciders
, distinctly; ant take none :bat Dr. if'Lanea, prepare by
.F"kteing Bros. ratabtnvit, Ps To those wishing to give
them airba, we win forward per =D. poetpaid, to any
i = ou t Bl77lo7tj . 6b4 : box"
rteenkteorrntstamPl Or e s i al
acoon w p& M orders k
xa Leeringa
p , ity
cants extra.
uplitti *mkt' hundreds
Vents, ' ~ ' • • -
"DEP. Ifr c J. W. fI:YMIMI,
' . • li_Elliwil'ecorialtided'to remain
11.4.71,11.TLT IN Pir2 BBURGH,
Arla Mir be Collimated. at their:office,
.E0.,1.91 PiEN N. - 13 T De.E.ET, '
(eIL-ept , elindlyir) for , CONBIIMPT/Ohr. ASTHMA
plicated with or causing Pulmonery.Dlsesse, inelridin j i
• Heart ;Dines* Affections of The''Lliisr,` Ajar — mpg%
0 1 " 1 "4 16111 4.4 P ama1e Complaints, etc.
• DllB.llTfell & BYRE'S would' state' tlisetbar treatment
cif,Oonewmptlon le based upon theDietthatthediaesse'exists
in the blood and system at large, both,before and during its
. development in•thelungei mad they therefore eiMploY 'Me
chanical, Hygienic and *Ohba.' comedian tot purifyithe
blood 'and strengthen the system. Wi th th ese they use
Medicinal di
Inhalaticui,lthlt . hey trldi,' but only as
palliatires,Sharing no ourattre,effect ; w*lk need aloned and
Invalids are earneetlf cautioned igainet wasting the'tiiecione
time of neurabilltrou any treatment based upon the - plansi •
ble, but ,false idea that the " seat of the disease can-be
reache:fin-a' direc t-anmner by4fililistion,":for asi befire
stated, the seat of the disease is in the Wood and its effects
only in the lungs.
Nowharge for aonexatetion. _ _
A lit of queelAone will be sant to — theNlo - wishing to eon
snit tie bylettlit:. : 4:I 4.! - in&tf
LONElliß , NT=Tuestea — arlfay ei ptation, on the
Eittebursh, Ft. Wayne and phimigo and Ohio,
River; ten Miles West Of th'ektity: r .•tution coin.
bine, superior advantmee, for the - moirßand
'Coniplete'extie of disease. We woild • the
attentiovi of feinalea.wholmie infrared *' ' years, laiirhave
almost despaired of ever finding ielief.3o -onr establish
meat. We can recommend tide tnetitatiOn to feinideeaiier
era with great confidence; as in overlong' exOerience in
diseases peualiarto their sex, we have' had an , almost And
fatin'eneCenn. We will glaiy give any farther inibrinetion`
to i l:hose who desire it, .AO.rew Box 1304; Pitteborgbja.
arizi•tr HI FILIDASEcIe D., • ' PhystelPul•
INTEREST.—NATIONAL 5AY74191...T.8.135T 0081-
P Walnut SOMA, South-West Corneror Thfra"Phila.
readied in any sum, large or small, and inter
nit indd finin Iheiday ofyftPoWit to the day of withdrawal.
.The office is open every day .from o'clock in the morn
ing tfirfi' VoliMk in the afternoon;- Arid olv Monday and
Thuraday evenings till treolockF; • •
• - HON- .11Itli SY BEV:WS" President.
• • ' ' ''ROBBST 8111,0iStiNV Vice llinident.
Oscrifturiz- ZI oz z. ,
'Money received and payment s, made_ aauy without
The, investments -are made n ILIPAL ASTATB )(LORI
GAGES;GROVND 'RENTS, and * Mich "Ott Oias securities
an ti'es-Charteimiqutiesz • ".: • '
FatIV:WA B-13 AM-11 - 11 CH 0 01.:519 BIBLE
Prot Olieobusli Notes on .- Jdhit; new edition.
;, ; :at L; Mark and Luke '
new edition.
" Matthew, "
Question Books on the mune, interweaving the alitirta
On Matthew,Sith - - sLio,paidps.
°altar - Vend Mike. "*; ' 1400
or, the t-,eo yaltunee bound in one, .1121P,3 66 ,
On John, with Catechism also annexed, 1.50 a
;They will be forwarded to any address, if ordersbeis
'• Pres. Baird of Colgortage, Bt. Clair St Pitteb'gh.
/GUN S. , DA.V1,0051;
65 Market Street, Pittsburgh,
St. Clair Street,
0fi 6 ; 1 .-ti ,
This Institution, located near West I4laprejs,.olllo
County. Va., will commence first 13eeelon F IRST
M0NDA7.0,4 SISPTIMIBER, .11168: - Its is 'intended foi the
educition of males and females In all the branches, useful
and onniniental, which are' usually taught - in our higher
Seminaries of learning., It la tuiderthe atiperhatendenee of
A'. F. Rees, Late Profeaeor of Tatrignakiat in Bethany . College ,
who will devote hiasetirelfine arid attention to its conduct
and management. No effort or expenditure will be spared
to render this an imitifutien entirely worthy alba public
confidence and patronigi. The Principal, baa braid an ex -
pirionco of twenty . years as a College Profesqpr, and none
but, aeacimplrabeklinstrnirtors shall be 'enitdaYed in any do
partrpent., , - , - , -
The locatlen is remarkably hailihfulthis surround
ing*xitry noted for its fertilltY*;% 'kid the picturesque
beauty of its scenery. - - ,
• Thetaiidifig-honse for females will be hi:charge of the
Bey: Win.:Aikin, in whom , the !public can have' the' fullest
ilinid_diame. About twenty tyoung men, can be acconnno
dated with boarding at the house of the Principatand on
der his immediate , oversight.. Circulars detailing Pardee.
Bare eau be bad 1'
1 4.1441=d - on to the PrinuiPal.
en2l-tf a. T. ROSS. Prtocipat:l
mputsuirrsatierr BOOR 'ROONS.---1418
Depoaitciry :Is now wellfurnishiwl •with all the Pilbliita
Bons ofthe Preebiterian Board ofPublication,andespepadiy
with those this are *suitable for Sabbath &tool Libierie
There is also a• good supply of nearly 400 addltiointlyohnnes
selected with special care, from the nomenDoaxnblicaeon
of the.lfaesachnsetts 8. B.2oelety; an: 9. **- '4ltfeifican 8.
Ordeinpart from any of, the country iruibe promptly at
twailed.toby addressing the embscrlber: lifOney may be Bent
by_rnall at our risk.
`Also; a good supply of stationery.
• novl7 JOHN 011 1.81fRT80a1. Librarian.
I A IF Ili y„ I R•D t.
No.B2llathBlloolTh Stree&,abore Market,Plidiattelphia.
The 1 eliihpeat, andr heit assortment of PLAIN arid
PANCIY Bof any othet eatabliehnient n the t t rnited
Ststro. ;
BIIPAITITNG promptly attended to. qive ne aes
and aattify yooraelvea- •r feßly,
A. 4, .:Liksz.b, az, IQtAFicizi /Liar
The Winter Sesalon,of eve monthaildlM I:commence thefts
Wednesday inMpTember. !:
lg rPonnes ) fOr M Ind , Light arding, In, at and Tuition In the In
saah branchegled per Seaton.- AtteNnt aid Modern Lan
riewee, each.s6. lama. on the Plana, and 'use of Matra
went; $l5.
,l h anting and DraTing, each - $6. Or the mentof poly
MAlrillinclnde the whole: '7 •
A "111 t% . • otinnecta wlth the cone Newark,DeL,and
lUD at rarkeittriire, Pa. Addreis "
° 4 • 1641 ,8 4 44- 20 . 1851 ditalllKL DICSZY, Oxford. re