Presbyterian banner & advocate. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1855-1860, November 13, 1858, Image 4

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Pee the Praitutartan Banner and Advocate
Come to Jeans, Come!
Ebnert ILear the
Come to Jeans, come!
Ha Lath gifts, whate'er your station,
to.*Otit*Otuation ;
come to Jesus, come!
Is your heart with anguiek riven ?
' Come to Jesus,'ool3lo
There's a ours hr. sorrows given,
Jesus gives it, Itriiikfrons heaven;
Come ftt.aliits;•sOise I
Do you find life's, journey wavy ?
teisiti; mime !
Bin listleinude themsy so 4rosry,
Josue-1m cheery
Come - to Jesue, oomel
Does the hind of want opiresi *es
' Come to Jesus ' -come I. •
Why should poverty,dstrees Wee
Christ ha*. bleis thee;
061iletto Jesus; oonie t - • •
Do, ftiodaleieit, dial lon ileopive thee
" ' l ' ' POine
4, lliothtvlt loKtit zoererrn thee, leave thee;
1 0#14 1 1 5 : 7 J 1 04 . :0 . 44°, 1 4 11 4 1 *, / , '
0011111 , to Jesus, come l• ••
''l44lS thee reconciliation ;, •
-•i• Come , to Jesus, come
Do you doubt? 'T is folly—madness
Odme to,Jestka, ,
Doubts, despair, aasl 4 ,lpra aDdladness,
Christ will.baThillinatisll to gladness;
Qoinelo`Jesui, 00111141 V
Take the'welcorne invitation,
Come to hens, come
'Banish all .
.your hesitation;
Only corne„thire 's sure saltation , ;
Come to JEBI/11, come!
fittrarg 'its.
TEN Nsw Esown, Tirsopiwrt; A History
the Congregationalists in New Englend to the
Revivals , of 1740. ,By:.U. F.•:Uhden. With a
X. preface by the . late Dr. It/Winder. Translated
from 'the .Beoond. German Edition; by. H. O.
Conant. author of the English Bible,•&o. Pp.
808; 12acci. Boston': Gould - i t Lincoin: New
• York.: She/don,. Blakeman' .1 Co. Cine.iniatit
• George S..l3lanehard, • ~ • 1
! We have lore a very exoellenthistory of a ver
• WOrtiiiitieitttire the New Eogland , oolonide,
* ritten by it.G 4 rnan, and translated ints;Eoglieli
rtra, lune read it with deepinterest;
Y ,oomtniC ii% the attention of the
t. resents pinny filets which , should ,be eaten - r
.ealvely *tows, luring upon both religious @Attire
!:411iisii„,ityvoteiwalint y Those enter Prising pubi
: of Boston, are juAinibisli
fZi& their; Weotid!;k %. , ,The hams of their peek
cites an expectation of something valuable. •
ive&tiAit .tomeigai
«der rklovem l li.r v Avon eHot- Springs ~o
411110.13Aziaur . Pp. 941,
1 61 .!if.i . rprogherf•- -535t0n: J. E.
, 13 0141koiniibe bthf 'ff • have been
stain sits %ire iregs4sa s esksble' eoptribu-
Voik . to °oils.' it 1,40 up
by the well-ktoint Professors tit laplover .
, wards A 4 .figic; and Austin Phelps; D.D;.
and by Lowell Mason, Doctor of ihitidii.Atoasi
.tains tweive hundifid siCiainety .pmia. 1,4
terenty-fonr,DoOLOorai, and lift**
x,finmiarmas for ONAWITIG, - with Very -%ooolllki,
admiribi t y,
'''Ttitprioetho'rork, in sheep binding, ie $l.
It Will bitionitly to any clergy
vman for examination, who'wiebes tointroducamit,
on the reoeipt of halt the retail price. •
teriber number' is on our table. It le well
"executed, end: L doubtlees appreciated• by the
Order. Thq , geenlisrity .of, Qdd•Fellowship, is
distinguishtlAtaas the; I,dationio and some other
.Assoeiations, secret and open, is Guarcmteeisat.
"V puts in high claims to' Charity, but it. pro
fane*, is a'principle, to secure independenbe to
its seem . beramtbst is, it prorides by stated col
iadguthina member, (to its fitilds,) fOr'
• ,tb se , Ais,44ol.e . !it Ilptd amount, time•of,sioit,
nese, or to :tbe..l4er, or to the orphans. We'
the Gospel &sets to a far
, I M / 0 fx°44.0:1111.
,TF.II ;iOll4lll, 'M lioo CntanaaroAit, Its-
Edi(nah. - fipOorr Grns* and Rickard
son. Philadeiphisr :K. B. Lippinco
itt it
• • et . • • •
TIM ifth number of the current year :in now
• , beforine. ountiine nine Atmlytionl "ad Crit-'
leal-Roviaws, four original oommuniontiOns;'eig6t
• abstract" front tforeign‘journalc,atis"BL-mouthlr
flter6llol 4LWA4e , P4cii i
-• toner; ;lads
$t tont: . It' iorpublieltoa
- ibi . ml l 4 6l 7r l ll44o9lktlooted .
71 , 1,miewA i:A i ig ii a isi f im i piiiii t ro l n i li o
ia Meekly. Philadelphia. Dre 4 1 11. V":
Butler sed.lfoi. B. Atkinion,EslittuiL'
a 14 libs,oirnielNer.ilie .2 94 ' 014 44•4ttilbOIX,
9 . :erg 04. : 111 0.
tremennbly 000inotettlintAte, "ribere a sekiii
rf di 47 ...Ll_
et //4 Akininransi • ~ .d• • p.a.t wmf lr sip&
;71ffk a tt illb/1 40 1.6 0001 1 R0W
sod more , reolntly it boo 1 bees lolloszed Ira 1 1
re 13141 . 41 i f Y 14 4. 16;0 44 (1 1 1 41V .1 454 1' 11 60/0 111 , -
f thO;9llntufsWits•the lifospitat amA :
*the orerokoollegeo, tlor . log th e Winter ;,ielio
4 . ll(kiiiiiO j iit:O4PO/IfiChOttio, reeipit.CBte ;
igete* t.V.KOStili;',l47!.#ll".".
14,sa Kw° 0i1 ' e,,04.*1, • 0 ,40 I PIMt R r
I York : Zionar4 Mai : • ' •
The 00 # 41 14 1 40.00•PAPINt Pt • • ..
Whst Will He Do•Wlthin' Part
Animal Heat s:.. • : • •• : '•
A Plei .
The Light on Via Hearth. • PartlL
The Atlent9 Wi 44 l ohlg. rt
-- The Ilallad , Poetry of Bootland and Irdandl. and .
Lord Olyden Oatoplignin Indic
We intend,adverting at length to the Inii:fitanee
' of thine ttr rltieh Ppriodlitp.; by
•‘• *Scott 8r,i004 , anoint present we havo only to ay
:Aat this-le an exaellentnumber of Old ltbo'ny.
• " :Me
1 1 V '43 ° 1 4 1112411
• •') . 4 ••••••
November : 4
441V.41140 Blip. To Consui4lnii...'
, Btoinsah, and float oeut.
Traillig tor lifealtb. Suppers. .1
Untimely Itternalne.
EatingeS• ••• • Grumbling at Moat •
lObloroionti- lislinelnalkm. Feather" and Jag.
:'"`. Agit It • C• •• Clideir. l 7lnegsr.. • :
. I .'IIM 08, Moms* and Povvrty. •
t , Et II !Warming eitunase. .
:Sth *Ampis Dalai per . year. Speeimun
:„;40#4..".::A,A4 m : H*Jl
.Journal of
• . tirbtig; • • •
For the Presbyterian Banner and Advocate.
Labors in the West. ,
Octoter 22d, 1858.
Bay. D.' MoKINNEy, D. D :—Dear
Brother :—lt has been seine nine months
since I wrote to you. A desire was ex
pressed that I would write you again. I
send you the following, with the hope that
it will be acceptable•not only to yourself , and
our many friend', but also to your reader"'
It is now just 01141, year since we reached
Mills County,,,diretk • front the Keystone
State. How rapidly has time fled I • We
are preppred for a brief retrospect. The
old adage, often comes up to my mind,
" Time and tide 'omit for. no man," and then
the moral l s l Whateeever thy , hand Ade*
to do, de *With thy; nifiliti for theti is no
Work, nor &Mae, nor kpowledge, , por
'dbni, in the grave whither thou . gehit." .
~Leaving many comfitite and enAearmeets
In the East, we mune out,to this Wisaturn
Vorder of our Union, tilismianti4strangere.
We came without the prospect of binlding
upon "another man's foundation." WS
humbly hope,the, past year has been ,one of
mutual blessing to ourselves and others. It
etertainly has been, to us, one of rich expe
mid of bar& labor in= both body and
We haver' gifted, upon a country ,
justly celebrated for its inexhaustible fer
.tility, its beautiful prairies, and its extended
'rivers) We hiverlearned something of the
i iayings and -doings of Western •people. We
_have seen some.of the Christian's temptations
and, wanderinge here, ~We, .have- felt the
need of faith, prayer, patience, and hope.
temporcits, upon our wive! we "pitched
in " to fit up foroutselyee eamfortable resi
dence—the pro perty of , another. Then we
!Aid hard to improve "a forty" of this
. „liotiorn land ? , and-to secure the neceis-
Myles of life fof hointehold." The
lorialitY :of this 'mil re itlinop inoredible.
This grave and'lkeda here j thie season, Mae
Wolin places'grown to seven and ten feet
`high.' Raiplieitriee, !strawberries, and • other
nbeftrl fiitits; ‘ gad many Varieties of •excel
lent herbs,Jeuch as sage, catnip, boarhound,
hops, &0., and 'rainy kinds of beautiful
'flower'', grow without cultivation' in'abun
dance. Last Fall there' was a great abun
dance, too, of wild gripes` and- plums, that
were gathered by the barrel:= This year
they are very scarce, 'but then in their place
we have a vast supply of elderberries and
hazelnuts, which have been gathered by the
c bushel, if not. by the barrel. I have been
,astonished at the abundance of hazelnuta,
especially. out twice gathering them,
and could, gather a large bucket full of them
in about fifteen,minutes. Useful game has
alset.heen plenty here for thespertsman, euoh
agt.prshie ohiclmPariPbiteriPtubrder stripes, ,
wild-dupkg, . an
geese, &0 ;1 ,whlle, in the
prid Feers,* - .`variety, offing ; fish are
fitocluiPtly "44' And. 9 1,111 311) '1 1414 • -I ,P
abundance of excellent,premegreett'en this
Ablusippri bottom, Seigel we ely l i ll
i'tive for the
twenty, loads
Vive — setinild male
twenty loids in fine oidee 418%e:a trifling; 'eiPense."'And lait " i guenet . fiat,' have
, • 'o ur
and striven lb peedre stoma of 'our
'own, whioh is as yet ` citi
zens here offered io 'help ris if tie 'would
materials. _But I have not been able to do
much withproperty, such has been the diffi
culty orineNfiltiAo:ll,44 to get:a
comfVal3le lixing, r owtpg j V tke_ twarcity of
money and thePpeeulietiressure of the times. :
I, however, madeleffort,vgot doge put and
sawed, and , the lumber hauled. , l e t ,nd," now
have a,goodstable, caKriage-hones4;and corn
crib 'nearly 'completed; the cellar of in;
house dug and walled, the, hoxis* raisigaid '
nearly all the lumber needed` for its coin
pletion upon the ground. The carpenters
promise to have it done in a few weeks. If
possible We are anxious to get into it this Fall,
as rentsa,Ke hp:sees...sold, !I'll' rats svery .
troublesome. The greatest difficulty in the
way is the wan t of money. I can scarcely
get any here, and my own' means are now
exhausted: -...1t cost_ me $7OO to bring my
family and ; funsitures,out,to•my present ,fittld
including a few artieles purchased , for irottee
keeping, and I 1114 Paid °aka Mt:private
purse at least $5OO rea i re,to meet tnyeurrent
expenses the put yearYithe Board• and my
people hero havinga,a,yet rendered me only
5,1444 , ! 4118 i 3 tann°1 ./1q4°,1 be ep; the
habiiiiver since I 'entatier the iniinetiyf of
contributing systematically to charitable and
religious objects, giving at first the one-tenth 3
of my entire income Pail Auguit l lB47, and
since that, giving the oneeseventh. But the
stunthus expended the past year in bringing
"myself and family out, to my,hlission'field,
and pupporting myself so fully in it, has been
',hieing a warfare at my own eharges" a
little tocrelteneively for my presenteomforts.
If only I would be more useful in it, I ver
ify helieVe ;in "Associate Smretaryship"
would be preferable -at $1,' , 800 per annum.
But.l, do not regret having cohse'out here,at
snob n i esteriftge, nor in having expended so
mueb mgetting along, if 'van "but be 11884
frd heist in helping_to establish_and build nil
the institntions of Chrietianitrittige) - cw,
ing. West, and 'can receive barely a relle
01 4liete*,FuliRoz1 1 .; ,
, • SPifly . ellse, I have labored, during the
year past,. int two ,counties, viz.::,?dills Conn
ty,,,lowa, and Cass County, Nebmalik Terri-
tom,' irtdcol the pely.Preenyteiiiniuliirditer
in• them. hive • aided in :staitinE'two
BeiNath'Soliebls, and two prayer.meetings,
- besides -preaching- twice each Sabbath.
t sang in supefintendlngoni of'the Schools, /
it 7 have, . 2
t. small tibegiiiiinge, gathered three en.
eoligoo 4 o 6— at'Olenwoodf .Pa
cifie City, , pnd I,4attsmoutli—haie already
niginized”s• of sixteen, members_ in
PlattemouthprlM., which is both)interest
ing and full'of,:premise; 'and foetid aVolt a
, dosete •members in Glenwood, anti
whom, I expmt,i i f L vee,catiame ap etrter• )
ship, to organise into anotlteflMilhTillaliout
ititnet.Weeks ebenee., A „As evidence, of their
61 .0 3 1 gb ,aPd;thbki.fitir.tq in I. ie';, 3 ;welfarep
Mutely took up among them : tkouviitse- eon
erf*fion, tothe Boatti of potheititgigsions,
tesitieb r aniounted in allie $46.1 , , Somoinonths
etnae, made an effedite,gat a entlifOrtable
,I ) retttaterinn .obnroh 'milt nso
at Plathiutb,
as it was,somuch,';needisd. For. this pur
pose, Iblitained a siitektifttion in materials,,,
.worleilotevand money, to the amount of $2,-.,
000. ' Bat` "`the'times' being so Ma n
money solireiitwas thoo,g4 bet tor the
*meat noitO • pro c eed. Some. of the lead
tog, citizens
,titeiii,then madd another effort,,
and secured a aomfortable.roorn of twenty
by forty • feet, andiflidd it" tift 'fok use* '
Winter, and thend'entinided"to me an in
vitation ' tio eiend one•half of, my time
there if I could. Arrailements were made
tOrteist,the expenses 'pearled, and now, we
oaawarithic there more satiefaotority,lhan
if we were in a house that cost $6,000, with
a heavy debt hanging upon our shoulders.
kexi, Sabbath we expect t 6 have the 'Lord's
Supper administered there, and weohope for
our •Divine Master's presence and blessing.
If' we can succeed in organizing a church
at , Olenwood, we purpose holding <a corn- '
ramekin season, there also in a few weeks.
On the l6th
~of May last, by request of
this Sesasion at Clarinda, the County mat of
Page Co., lowa, I administered the Lord's
111 M
1k • •
Supper to an int eresting little fool
having traveledAtint sixty miles io EC),
ind having preached, for them the, two,dapB,
previous also. They„bad heard' bitiptie.
Presbyterian sermon before for fifteen months.
They ' have been organized more than.three
years, and with Bedford, the County seat Of
Taylor County, with their outposts, would '
form one of the most encouraging pastoral
charges around. They offered to make me
Out a unanimous call. But I could not ao-
Cept. MP present field claims my attention.
Clarinda, contrails three hundred inhabitants,
and has es yet no Church building, but with
Hawleyville, seven miles distant, has about
thirty Presbyterians, and others are con
etaetly moving in, as both Page and Taylor
Counties, are'. considered excellent. Page
County.: as about four thousand, ! or five
thotisszidAinbabitants. Taylor County the
same:' Lewistown in 'Taylor County, is
twelve:onfourteen miles East from. Hawley,
vine, and has twelve or fifteen members
formed into a Church. And Bedford, the
County seat, is four,mileS farther, and has a
larger population than Clarinda. They
might raise in those two Counties, for a good
minister, from 1300A° $4OO, besides what
051 the.Beard 4 migtit,give. It is , important
that t anob.pouste-beoeitgiied as speedily as
pessible...,llgeg;teifiee them well suppli ed:
theflettotyleitt of ,F,regiont . county,
also invites. as well as the Eastern pari of
Mills and Montgomery Counties. Not long
since, I aEsistefd the pioneer
of Presbyterianism in lowa, at a communion'
season at Sidney. He held, in connexion
with it, a protracted meeting
,of several,days
.continuance.' . The services were well at
tended,much solemnity prevailed,and'Oireil
-were added to 'the Church. Prather `' Bell
was much. encouraged in his'xiiiniiiterial la
bors He has' also , forinded' fxbellent
' Seminary, at Aidney, which 3e now com
pleted and already occupied with two good
'schools: F heir Bell is ': do ug;.good
service to tbe cause of 'education this
, regioni both.* the present ana the future.
:I'alsulateljtAeived at:invitation toTipton,
the Odinty.. seat of Cedar 'County, lowa,
the church, there being now vacant' 'Bat 1
eannot,leive,my present field. '
vest truly' is plenteonsi but 'the labl,Mstvrere
few." 141.ay the Lord of the himiegra
°lonely raise, up,. qualiO, .and .sesid..forth;
many faithful ' laborers iatb '; bis'hatty at ''"
Brother Ha . ncook *4in:o safely
.his toui , an Aunt:Lodi and !Is' higide
his post at Council Bluffs; though' neither ;
•aboe.mno ro.B 'btßAnejto'qgngvlierr i'llg4o.•o;N dl e i b e r iidteiltdZ),•-Vity,
these latter naraed . , 'pliees,iiia'bredginiritiiiiy
; I *lo7biiie:`Pa. kik City, Glenw o od,
and Plattsmonth, are a lso makinreommen;
liable, progress ",these ,bard tames: f• • We have
.now a ally ne o, ma
. .coass Tanning in
connexionswith'itli 11141 r e -ell,. from Burling
ton ,diMetlyfcTatifie Abdo Eton as
rtinning.Eastle.,Westyfina, -the:Rt. Joseph
'OO 'P001; 41EitY .Ailrogiti 00041 1 . 151 a
to North, are completed, this Wiade7Mialonri
inence almost unprecedented. And this
will be one of .the Omit thoroughfares to
the still farther West:liking. the Big Platte
The Congregationalists :have_just _held_ a
meetingof the. Council Bltitis,44pociegftli, at
Glenwood.;; Four ,nainistels..t.4 their ,rheTiY
were, present. They have the start of Pres
,OtaWary; at that,Ppint, tinlievihe lifgan,'-
.*,4o 4 : l 4l'l 6 , l.l o , o;l s4if i t iti ili g'Aq
ions to make progress , ii - deare 1 " , .....0,f 4 ,'
do well, and shall_ ever_ act courteously to
-wdrd'itkein baV•we , tave , onr own• duties to
liiiiionfiquid'in:tilinai we hope' to be Wadtiees
Ikillor64o 1
11 'Bill '
s 110 t
gait ' the "third' Triesdirof
;Tali Gerieitit'Atiseinblydireettd.
We could not get a quorum. Oar rintnbeis
are roc?foitiiTtu get such with l any
; certainty. elid'not think, for One,' 0441
was best, at this time, fortthe : GieneralJAß-. organize the Omaha ; Presbytery.
It has divided-our interest; too muokin -this.
mew:WWII.: "'United we steed, divided, we
fall;", ,may,;perhapa eiltii.4l4o.-)Aueh„of
onr,infieencs- -4 1 rhe, -VmS4l, grellhOerY,Was
favored in its Organizaiion last July; but it.
met lately at Florence, N. T., and, as I have
bien' intotme'di; . bad :: only three memtere
present;, SarrAndrinrciihile it'seems.that
we cannot meet gill. I lAA attended 'at
three' different place!, , babe not"yet,bid
the pteasurn of seeing our Pifehttry, *et - a.
Anornm. hive
.are shalt y 4 see .betiar
,dsy , s in this I,:iispeefri : ; . .T.r itte'sfoirai
.boareve!,:bad seen,ll . .tennitii; foil lite,
,preeeikt; all the mini s ters ` figie'iblbe
Bl of&
lready'orgitnised, we 'might have 'hid "fifinl.
five tb seven members, at letitiVii:esent'lat
• everilegelermeeting , ( 1 . 1 e,4 • 03 Teri.erieed,.
sHowygootl , and how pleasantlii , is for breth
ren to dwell together in unity.' t" ' ,
My . .. Sift as -well' at that :Of my,
firsilyi hie' gentinillY been good, during the
•Wholelear,•andi thus. vie . haVe had 'cause , of
'iiiinetanti-gratituda to .tbetreat' Giver of .all
good, as 4irell.asiabilitytollabor in 'body and:
failedl during, the year, but
in two , or•threeinstanoes i . of fulfilling albroyi
'appointments,: and then only inconsequence,
of . heavy -storms.- :! My heart, too has,,:. hy'
..God'sgrace, ebeen to • love and I
him. if in:. ;evil, !report:or in
And amidst., all ,my , anxieties" : and
have, .esjoysti .o :,settled • peace,. a•
tp.i4Pc,l 4,44 , J93'tt,.!
-'haves444lAftWPMV,tiaß,".., !gctlrjn.„
smiimmTe.:;•o3we xelih imiAthik3Taei:
tuo.; B iIPANTR4, B 4 I 4 1 79,-,blOtelgti. B • This
no .
neither y .
greatest enjoyment, "irtiltAjt,tilkaiii:4;:',.in .
labors of the utinietry. "
~ . --finoe .1; last .wrote,you t I.7.hase„ had my
'discourager:dents geeeptrage ents,- -
and have Paul,!.
"We trod - bled; *i 'every rside, , yet not'
'distressed; we are k'perplexed; , !
persecuted,-but', n ot :forsakew.p., beet
down, +- buts not -destroyect•:. - Always.:bearing.
about. the- of Vie ' , Lord •
Ueetis, , that , the • life .alsofof Jesus might.; be,
made•manifest in .our ~Every. thing
..went on- swiatn4ngly Spring,; when
the rainsfiet in. And then, from the middle'
of May until the. first of August, every,thingi
seemed, to 141• . at a dead stand. ; I never aaw,.
.auy.thing. lihe : it. There,. was . scarcely sny'
. tihieg but ,eltoessive and. liewfry floods..
akeerly every_
The r sty .hadt.e.etaii . his binsine,se":.
:The, ground was ;not only ii . erfeelly . •setiitited - .
:with water, 'but nearly all hottem'
tvae overflown ,_ . I
never Sairep„Many ,
firms "wherever h
eiperienced so
• .It has,
.I.#• *a
-140661 'it;' wheat and 'oatt . **,'
. whicih:P l6sl ilitred:ileill ' Were.
alefesit,' • eill'arelr'oiit off. And 'While cern-.
iiiidlottiteseithat - Were 'on 'high ground 'did
'Grill 'mi h b that were on this low lend, were
sdrciiihed'init','"fted will net ' , quit the cost of
italeing them: An excellent garden, too l !'
pon which I had bestowed • much; • care-and"
.effort, was entirely ruined, besides consider
able . 44 material :beirig•S'wept
away.' In these vericis. We'ye, have - inf..,
.fere.d.several.hundred , dollars loss, this sea.
son, hat i not , more
,than,. many of my th is
bars.. It was allordered,however, by a
wise Providence, and I have naught to say
against it.
Then there• is n great -deal of skepticism
ih the Watt as , well as carelessness about
keepinkthe eon:mien& of God. The former .
in 'connexion the 'latter. The "neglect
011ie Bible paves the way for.the rejection
of it. "Rivers 'of .water run down mine
eyes, because they keep not thy law." And
worse than all is, the , loeseness that' exists,
too generally, among prfeising Christians
of 'all'elassee, larte.religtous duty and privi•
lege--their tindite .iiorldliness, and their
want of decided, zeal* and 'persevering
co-operation to advance the kingdom of
Jesus. To labor amidst• such neglect' of
Bible principle and radios,. requires no
little 'faith and. maraLieottrage.. But light
follows sliside t '":4B;:*lfetif thnt
which. ushnisdn' the -morn. -" They. that
sow m tia=B:o644.4';booir:
-Di botisequentaii-Of -, se' mitelt. wet' weather 1
hereysAbia.:seasotiosiukneas...has , preVailed;
4 18 :74.#11,4.0 0. ih..4 • !‘ 1 4 11 10P:' , 3t . 4 1 0 - been'
mostly of ttie"fillioiwtype, Unitas chills and
fever..., Letitia` Ilier haio,die4,l bbildieii and
adults; 'thus' showinrthat death is~ no re
specter - of - age .or - porcon l oand, .thatt-we are
miirtid'eferyli+here.' '''',,..."'? .. , i ii `.. ' '
fi ''...`J
""white's we do where l er welie
• , , Were traveling• to the grave."
One family, during die past year, lost:a
iitagtix ‘ tiOnr; ! andi,lctdatightei.liilaw,
Li#l4 . 4rOinhtlier:fardil i t,iiiiithinithree short
;14eltsi aiiiiiiiiri oliiid,..unCfitiiii, were :all
PallgA •1 1 9 1 .0, 1 ;-:
,010 1 1 - Atfl;!qs - Cie Pf, s 'd':at,wg
ravagesw. 4:40.4 fttnatisfr • werw.wise--, tat they n
1 .1641-41491/144901iikli.itesii.4011•213u, alas /
whiny live; Nov Itherii:*ere' no future state:
I I Thai 4411'14 ;64411 'filial; iiiil they wake
1 i!g'Aikaxi,vott,v - 0 , ~ : ecioity;:,T:i. - - ' ... . ',
• O'The misis.?!' isfeltzeiii.kitr,e,, more this
,year: than it was '. TAUB:are
~saidto be
Money; iir.expeedingly • is . earee,
first-rate' propeiVis:pleUty and obeap.
Itiff a"gociiittine to bightt, t,i' poor time to
Bell. What either the•Board;.or the .:people
here will do for me the next year, I do not.
yet know. A number-examining to help so
far as it is in their power, ;: unitalthough some
subscriptions are' unre liable; I feel • enema
'aged- froth the past, tolklevell for the ftr
*titre. I do not 'dOtibt'',l:iiit - ttilik "p-ii,d' till
F lo
grant us all needed od; fOribe Proniise is,
true aid sweet . -` t. in `the Lord, and
.419 groil;,r .5haTt,,,t:411,911 in the
.aud' s ymly thovi oak, :Jed." , •And . w. feel
.that.we must live. by 'faith - here, as welt ,ius
every. where else, We.t, are lookingiltoo,
for tiiirder , timele. yet among us, unless the
.g.alafd dig4insr'at Pike's Peak, on Rbitiir
,Cffeek, '4me,of ,the inost.;§outhern ,branches
sit the Sorith Platte, alit.sonlo,4k,hundred
miles a little South-west 'of us, shonld..prove
favorable in the -Spring.— This-new 4 g El.
Dorado" has already elicited much interest.
It is •said.rAlist. : . one ; tkau l gan : gat,hey; there, .
•P'QR ~efigkt tqwtyrl4l -0 31 1 Pfs -,Pcr„ day,. and
several coMpirdos, fu l l esiluippid l'oth'ne-
ASI IB ATT2• 4 P,O, N ld ..-*?° i 4s'. l '-° 'Pft 11031 1
jp° l 4l],epphlt)T read ' cliii44;Er ol P RF.L i t.n.
Itursdit Of the bidden n trekkare." : i .
We .. n tire` VAC ii,likfillif tr s vettliiive:ly: Wit.
Thfi t :Weiiiii*.liii'been'cittlee gpiSd'ainoe 'the
'l.oi . :' 1 to
`re "veil;` itilid 'iiis(Wittrif,Adiiir ' 'the loliaid
Viiiii . ,' 7l 4l &Pfeil more ''Cifeiffnrind good
ilLiiiii`dih'lli'tilielStliniid'rletlit'iiist i'• tile
• #rilt'ir'ATintil& .`Agribriltdial '''ll'aif '' if :Mills
'Flaunty, .ivint-lii'eldvit''' , Crlenivocid.'"lt 'was
esvellkitteedediGaill giveleneral satisfriction ;
•s;Adfilikikitiglvit , lias , been, in manYlrespeets,
one of the most unfavorable seasons .for.)the
'farmers ' , over knosin -, here before, .the Fair
iexceeded•lotir most-sanguine, expectations.
The display of. stock Was•exuellent,:: and the
tarnips,3 beete,.and potatoes; werei so large,
. Aniti•the-language - coed. was, -f' we defy the
;world ; to I beat ,t , hertyl'o Whilezthe.eabbs gee
and vonpki*,.wer,e eo. Jarguk,thut, they 4 6 ap
.t,oniehe)l , the,nativeu.,l, ..;The„Chinese,sugar
ORe.italfict beginnipg tio,bo ; u9lAvated, i and
f!i . ‘474olrega.wied !here , :f2.l It i. d L.
, : 11°.ffifare.r. b", PAtelPeen f orgotten by
nyf t. lint z ica ll y.,tbe" . eipAt of; tiiingl.ainong
,us is each . Alai', I . ` have ; net, been al:4 te do
M 14,,, es ye, for it: T ... nowsend, you a few
names, a nd will add another uou , , R4:1111ni
wh'eiteier opportunity favors. • '
Wishing you much encouragement, and
as ever, • . Very truly vonrs, -
. ~! t
f ) ~ .~
71", ip greeby terlan Banner and advocate
op'; 0.4 0 .t,es ;of Taiga,
This (venerable olitiemati- WAS .thej pnly
Campbellite, with whom., I..ever d oonversed,
-who appeared, to think,that:therei were ilitli• •
, °tittles connected withpampbelliam, and who
al,inwed any, disposition to Ivan from one out
,of his own Church„ „Ile,,said he :had_ be 9 n
immersed on a professton of his faith, . , hen
a Young man ; a na,
.when ,h steered the. Pis
ciple Church he w as notAnirnersid, for the
,remission of his si4s,fielievinglhet , y'thete
were. any thing saving i n the cidinarice;le
got the benefit Of it. When,lo . ,efiipied the
oiniatnunion of the'Diptiiirehtirch.' 'T grtve
him to understand 'that ibelierielt derived
'fital'ounifboles ivititatiat
,ii'igCneitatihni was. ,
l Ot little account, and it Might 'l4 WI for,
him. not to rely, on it. 1 According-„to his
creed which he had labored .to. palmittion
l'hii-iviirld 'at the-leipeiiiii or traducing all .
branches of 'thibit's'OhUrch, there is no'
Divine agency chTeltilid in regeneration and,
sanctification, separate,ficiin the Word ;itself ;
that the work. of ,the•spirit in regeneration,
•Wastc dietate.the Wordkand the work• of the'
ord is to regenerate and sanotify; , .the,
1 kit CPeratee'otitlW . stuilii 'or Oen only as,
1 I
W n:i 3 Puit of one pp,0410 on the si)iiit
:of —another. ~ His ,language• is, ." As ,;the'
'Spirit. of , man. , putsiforth,All its morai..power
in the words whiideit'•fills'mith• ideasj . to'
liii ainrsinclifying 'phWer,' id' .. the'' . Aids
which it fills withaits , iidees.;!:4ll444,ooo-`
.lieiting Tower of the Holy,Spirit9is exhibit.;
'ddiretheDieile-rigeordYi..`* ll *l.:=4* . ! -If ;the'
qiiitlif . bra Illiti 'Spiked ill its lirgthiietits, , :
or if the New and,c)id -Testament contain ill,
..themurgnments..-whistil oan4e ,offered4ko rei,
4weimoile - mite. to /God,land , l to purify.them
who are, reap:piled ; then all the
,powerof f ,
1 tifeigniy'
Spirt * h ib:67fi l iii:6linfattitipon the
, Ilit.iFt.:liajFk4l , iliPO,Titilifia'..W??..:,is not
;sanctified. Ana l: leaved typ.atietter.•aaPPP-44°'
lived: by angels or apiriteDebate betuicest'
Otiltpqat . Mitt Bice; pp.' 62T, • 628 r 7 r‘fte.
'Witte With . tiiiinOlie - Bil9e"dOefrinetif 1.0..,
generatien bY'tho Biiiii,i l liit:Aliiit 14' ge %-
I bate, and many.of hisipublioatione.. : . ~.
, ..' In his' debate with- McCallaphe declares
lil Viet •the' iinineised;belicifeinooniea , kip
of P l P' * .if e it;i i i i , as* ii4.6 1 :'4 . , He nine,
first Gelleve, at least, tiligi;tiiisphy fiti'y of
praparation,p thsittim:liiblei is the word of
God, that Christ is the SaeiOnr,7and,thatlhe'
will be 'regegerifid'ild the' jnomentvilf his,
submersion:, , Tifillitith iii`iither`iiintitigior,
• it utmot , if t a TAgt ,h kon l orPigrigrzl_,,ff,o keflree'
he touches the water;rafpn9t saviug,;4anies'
pronounces it "..deaddit He goes down into
;'the Water believing hinutelfrto. , bo aaranref l .
generated sinner, and that thil Bible) or' his
I: 6 0 1 ,00 'of, 0.;: #iill a n .• 7othe ' ilTfii>69lllF
manner,' regenerAip him' while th
15 '. 1 %((i.4 8,1 1° , 0x1'.;/:o. CTIPP4T.II that the
!spirit ~ n _f(.cland .u_rUnluv j .X4etterate -A* tt (%.
any one elsei.ttor f 4 all'_the;converting s power
of-the Holy S pirit '- is inthibitedk in”the"Dis
vino' leCcirtf.' 'lliii iiiiitAir!if hilsfitilliiiii id'.
pray that the Bible, which may be a mi's
from , him, would put forth its regenerating
power: The late Dr. Miller says "an Ar
minian prayer would be a theological nov
elty," but a Campbellite prayer would be a
novelty without the qualifying adjective ;
"theological." Then, again, if immersion
be regeneration, what becomes of infants
dying in infancy, and idiots not capable of
understanding the Scriptures? And this
system of absurdities is proclaimed to the
world as the true Gospel 6g Christianity re
stored," and its author presents himself be
fore the world as one of the greatest Re
formers that ever lived. _
The old gentleman, like some others, was
under the impression that the Spirit on the
day of Pentecost, filled the honse where the,
Apostles were sitting, and, threfore, they
were immersed in Him, which was one of
the strong proofs that the mode of baptism
is „ taken front the .mode of a burial of the
dead. When informed that it was the
sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty
Wind that filled all the house where they
were sitting, he appeared surprised, that in
his zeal, for.immersion, he, had mistaken the
sound for the Holy , Spirit. If thsmode of
baptism be taken' from the mode of a burial,
eiti f itteition arises, from which 'of , the 0. -
feren,t ,rnodes practiced 7 Surely not 'from
our tniirtie, for then the subject should be
placed in a small cavity of the earth, of.suf
finient•Fize-to contain his body, and.'the4e
ter shiittlit rhea be sprinkled in..Pot , tred ,dewn
bpoii tiftir 'the 'manner 'of 'filling' a gkaie,
burieciceyeral,feet beneath
the: surface of the water. This, would best
very, different mode from that which is prits
'geed btthoae who immerse. It cannot be
ktken : froznthe mode of , burial practiced by
the '
R,Cmans for they burned their dead. ;It
cannot be taken from the mode of the
Savipur's burial, for his body was placed in
a tomb hewn out of a rock, above ground,
as the manner of the Jews was to bury.
Ala our conversation , closed, and we parted,
the venerable old man's countenance indi
cated a feeling that Campbellism constituted
that part of his religion which Pau; calls
',hay, wood, and stubble."
In glanoing at some parts of the Western
Reserve, in the bounds of the Synod of the ,
same name, I found its physical appeataricie
very muchimproved by the hand of i 0,4 1-
try, within' twenty yeakei but of its
Val improvement, for which.there was rains, , easily judge.(: From some of, its
Aneraliers, I heard staunch orthodoxy, and
ficiiii i oiheril; 'flat heterodOxy in days, of, yore.
.Previons separation .from the General
A/ie**, One of
- itaPresbyteiies examined; .
a young man before installing him pin&
When:het *as asked the question, Whittie,
original siti;?" his answer was, " Original. sin
is the ,first sill; Adam's first sin ; was his
original, sin: my firet t i'ain k :Was my . original
sin." , When asked, "..With. whom was-the ,
covenant 'of trace , mride?" his answer. was, '
With Ahraham." Wh.en..t9non'.:orthe
',dox. member,.riald : 1 ' Bred:did Yeti - do not
'agree; Witk your Confession of .Faitli," and.
.then.nread,- 6 . 4 The covenant of , grace • ; was
•iianife.with-Christ as the second Adam; .f in d
all the elect 'An
, aims/and '1 have. the, and ~thirewas.
to;- buret,. of, laughter. On linother,ocmisioni
a young Evangelist in the slams Preabytery,
priddlibd a dersisiin fin melt Fern e ration,„ to a!
large oongregatiOn:
told the"congregation not to believe it, for it
was neither dnetrinebf rea.
son, norcomnisifiifebse ; t h ' formed s a o
ciett, auxiliary, to 'one of. mit American In
statutionsy_for which Awas,..kben.„ an ~agenti
The pastor of the congregation afterwards
thanked me for my rebtike;• • k
7,111837, this Synod had one hundred and
,fiti4oharehes, all of which..wetre,,Pongrega
iional except twenty-five.. , or„thtrty. This
was , the•year in' whit& the - General Assem
bly, with such masteilapiCitis :in . .' the lead as
Dxs-,Plumer.cand.R.. J,Breckinridge, said „to
this and to three other Synods of a similar
character, heretofore you have belonged to
us -nominally, but ., not.constitutionally; but
the day has come when we roust say to you
that you no longer belong to us nominallc,
'and for the beet :reshot's; i'whioh are still
fresh the recollection of, the .Chtiroh.
.1 - In "one of theakqingte*tational - ohiroliesi
which 'no* belongs id Oberlin or eon other
,Association, I Spent _Vie Selibittbet .4 the
quest of the pester.tho•ehnreh
Sabbath'do m oitai g 103 . 1aie 'the' lieur of
ship, fiiallted iintO the Cemetery te'ghinee
at the - ootigremtidu - ut:the -- 49ad. I had
been there ' , once 'beforti. 'One tomb4kine
whiehd . hadvever-before 'Seen; but witk•the
'epitaph' of Which' I was familiar, immedi
ately nitrated' my itteritiOn. Beneith tit
laid the . remaipe . of. a. dangbt#,'an 1;34 her
„aide & the remaine.4 her„.(atber, brother of
Rei. N. Pratt,.D. r . of, greingia,', and the
late Rev. Horace Pratt, Professor in the
Universitfor?ifiValna.' 'Pie - father died a
few days afterftheidatighter, and their asbei
•sleep aide by side until the:' resurrection.
The-remains of 'the daughter'had been eon
wveye'd 'by her husband, one hundred and
:.fifty,mires by railroad and oninibris, for in.
,ter.ment. An hour and a half 'after the sun
ennk/below the Western horizon, the funer•
al procession moved to the Cemetery, from
her 'fither's house. The silenoe of the '
the rays of the ., .ill-orbed,nsoftn
.softened by reflection, appeared to,say,iliiit
the , globe was clad in. mourning, 'and was
sympathizing Vvith weeping relatives As
the Coffin was losi , ensid 'resting place,
; bearing; on .its lid ber,,dYing bitgunge,,, 4 , , Into
thinelbsad.Loomtgat TAY thou, b ast
cedeeined-my, 0 Lord God 'of .truth i ."at.the
:idgent.request of-the father, the bereft••lius-
Intird t beginning to sink under 'the typhoid
lever,,ailpparied by one on etich,'side,,made
thelasi prayer, literally on the, brinic. of 'the
grave, over all that was mortal of his• corn
; itnibifj• %This next day . • be heard, indis
sentences of a funerarsernion
from inuseionary from Africa. 'Xiesir.4.4o
.afteewar,ds, physicians beginninitio'fear the
..resultfthe sinking powers of- nature rallied,
•siiiivriutping a pen, he wrote ariineJtii a
'minister; trying' that if. he 'died
scinest,thti,pe would see thatlds:pliildOn
would be oared for, several of
tlieti lying on beds of sichneevone hundred
and 7 ,fifty miles from Efethen diotaced
'tile, whick, was the list
aecular. _
g.adv father-in-law. ' A
tow dais more, and be heard ,some sobbing
in an adjoining.roonv. , a• few moments,
the widow' and tier ohildren - Yfiere standing
around his sick bed:- said he-to.them with
a faltering tongue,:at two periods in my life,
just as' the , soul was leaving• the body, my
prayer was, " Lord Jesus, receive her spirit,"
and' my prayer a few moments ago' was,
"Lord Jesus, receive his spirit." '144
_days, paseed,away, and he inek,hineick tiliil
dren, emaciated a
with diseasa,nd`,o,'w/jat
.D. , L.' HUGHES
• These , days otiore silliotionbivirig passed
imfpro Ake_ mind with, 'all . : tlie
thought, I turned frotij..the kiali to .th'e,rll
- with the truth e,f;tlset we must
throe& mach '.tribtlation, enter tbeviting•
dom of .G6d : " -As rose "%Lei its
fpp my'n ins ora m onieite j ilieitkrbed
pnje r dlim all , oiiogregnitc4, spa :*
the brother behind mei keepingAeitlsitAig
witure;! The 'flint' thoughte linty it is
• nets; tlie niodid; it is Mit" eflitanitlientTtpr
an Old School man. Bat, as our last
thoughts are onr :best, it .instintly:oecurred 7
to my mind that Imes in Yankee land. On
this day I' preached twice, and ; ordered a
third appointment to be recalled in con Fe.
(pence of the rain falling almost in torrent?:
Thirty-eight hours atterwards, , l was on
the way to my own field of labor not much
rested; but more deeply impressed that. there'
is a mighty' work for the ministry in this
sin-nursed world, one stained with the blood
of the 'Son of God for,its redemption.
I,Pxingon, 0. J. A.
fill HZ .ALETEIK.I I C, AN SUBWAY Sagoolii
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, Il22,Cheataut Street, Philadelphia.
rye'They are fcrt di% '1: -, 4%11 Bb,ilimeners. oc94f
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Embraclug--L Lectures on Metaphysics; 2. Lectures on
Logic.= tEroir`early Sheettqc ..1.;" s 7:'l
THE LIFBrOF Jonttairtiaort. "iliy , DaiiidlgatU . on, Profes.
elor of Euglish — Literatnre. yuitersiti College h Londoxi.
[Froailetrly Slieets:Pr
N 11 0 1 6R : AOY iff
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(forigregationalliter Or New .Eagland to hie' BeQtrall; of
' T 140: 'front' th'e , Gentian 43P111 F by
o;.,Donant. , 0* Introdnation:4ll). ileand B r.
Vow. ready.]
" • IV.
SAL'VATION' BY CHRIST. A Series of Discourses on the
Most Importaat.Doctrines ofgthallible. By Francis Way
land, D.D.
Itovey.!: ProfessoYof , Ebalefliastical Bigotry, Ai, moNeicL
ton Theologinat Institution.
for; All and Hon , to po Hervey !qv. ervey Newcomb.
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James White. ;•.Witir an Introduction. ~)Conree of SiudY
and Alphabetical Index, prepared exclusively for the
American Edition:j ) , . !I
• -VIIL_
altriVPoolV GERI; TRUE WOMAN; or; Elements of
Success; dravrn. from. the. Life. and Munster of„slary
- BylViri: M. Thayer, author of the'Poor Boy: and
Merchant Prince.
HE .GENAT'MAY, OP ATONEMENT; , or, , MeditaM o D B
and Prayers on the Lea Tiventi-four Ronis'of the lite'Of
, Christ on Earth. Translated from the 'Oerniati: of Char
, lotto ElizabetNNebelein by. Mrs. Colin Maiirenale.
God and the Universe. By T. W. Jenkyn, D. D., P. G. 8.
E .*h,iwireeiseig4nd eniarged.edition, prepared. by the an
thew ebeitti before his 'Aesitli.;•cereluehTlk for - the Anidri.-
. -• 1 ! •
SAFE HOME; or, The Viet Days andMappy Death.of-Pan
,. ny Renyon Sy FYI 8, with an Introduction by..profestice
Lineoln; t or Hrow&Univereity..' , [1 , 16 , 0 ready.3.r
Zaino a ".The:AiniwelL Stories??
pY z .11 310 ti a ' L s '
Peansyrvaois.•State Agricultural.Boaity; -
thin held at Pittsburgh, 1858,
Penneyhania,State' Agricultural. Society; at their
tiin held at Pittitali 3.856,
Tenneylvania,State,Aaricaltural,Sockety, at .ihnir
pittabuiilk; 1853, '
'Charitable Mechanic Associat'n, 11187, fold
Charitable Mechanic Asticiant, 1839; - Gold Mattal.
';Mass. Charitable blechanicAssociat'n,lB4.l,, Gold Medal.
Masa. Charitable Mechanic Aesociattn; 1844, Gold Medal.:
...51tnik'Chatitald'i, Mechanic AssociatTnT 4847, Medan!
adess„,Charitabln.ldechanic lissociat'n, 1850, Gold Medal.;
Ittasa. Charitable - Mechanic Another% 1853; 'Gold Medal'
Albany County Fair, New. York,; 1854,_ ,GoldiMedaL
poi.a. Charitable Mechanic' Aesoclat'n . , 1856, Old Medan:
Amerimii Institute;. New-York, r 1866, .Bold Medal,
Maine Chiritable Meehan% 1888,
- MMs. Charibible Mechanic AasociaPni 1844,' Silver Medal.,
Mos. Charitsole.Mechanic Associat'n, 3.848,„ Silver Medal.:
;1141isk Charitable Mechanic lisiociat'n, 1847,':,Silier Medal:
Moiceiter`,Gidntyl Mechanic 1.803, :Silver.MedaL
Franklin,lnstitute,Pentia, 7 1848, Silver Medal:
glicNiVegteir:Oatigtsr - MiC9Abio-lis'iw 18890lhilvier Nodal.
illasslCharittibliaddechanip AsSociapny,lB6o,.,SilvoMedall
Worcester MintilleAniirc — Aßn; 1851; Suitor medal:
Worcester County Mechanic ANN '185141
Ohio State Board of Agriculture, 1852, Silver Medan
70h10.4titelloaid - xif Agriculture,-..
Rentuckyyeebanics' institute r . 1455, Mint Meal:
N:Masii.*Olutritable .5%611144C Wasociat'n',' Silver ldedall
.Min a Charitable,Mechanie Associarn, 0 1856, ,Stlver, Medan
lilirideState Fair; 1856, 'Silver Medal:
Mass. Charitable Mechanic Associat'n, 1850, Eronaeliedal.
:World's Fair,,,nondon, 1851, Bronze Medal.
i.MassiedinaGabla Mechanic A,inieciaVn 7 1886, Bennia , Madal.
Mass. charitable Mechanic Associat'n, 1856, Bronze Medal
supply 0f.... .
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tion. l.r
LISIMENT—Loasted at Hiyirville'StsitiOn, on 'the
sbnrah, Ft.. Wayne and Ohloago,Rallroad.: sad- Ohio,
River, ten miles West of the City. This institution corn
hines superior advantages; *tithe erneeessfullreatment and
complete cure of disease... We would especially invite the
attention of females who have suffered for years; and have
almost despaired of ever finning. relief, to eur-establish
meat. We can recommend this institution to female suffer
ers with- great confidence, as in our long, experience, is
diseases peculini In thetesex, we hive UAW& almost }mai
. form susses/I. Wp will, gladly; give any furtbeninforniation
those who desire it. Address Box 1804f - ffitieliurgb, P.
.f . JOBBPH BURFORD, M.D., i,pb .r ad iag.
ap24-tf H. PRBASE, D.,
r r . the pubdcto Um • • I
where may •be found a large assortment of all kinds if
Dry Goods, required in furnishing xp house; thrui.smirg•
the trouble usually experienced in hunting 'snob artir'e,
in -various splacee. , In consepasnee of 'our at
tention to this kind of stook, In the exclusion _ . j dues_
and fancy goods, we can guaratlee our prices and ty/is
to.,be the most favorable in the mai ket. •
•we .are able to „give perfeot satbiNdion,beinT the mass
for more , than twenty years rep iar Importers from some
of, the beat manufacturer, in It. land. ,Weoffer also a.
. .
large stook of
of the b eet t qtalitlea to be obtained, and at Ate Yen lowest
prices . . Also, Blankets, Qullti,' Ekieetings, Tiekinge, DI , •1
mask Table
Olstle4 and,NspkirA, TowelDpigs, Diapers,
tinekab'sei, Table and - Piano Cei , ers,'Dans and Mo:
;i reans, lace and Muslin
,CurtalAs, leurnltine
Witidow BiLiwilEge,"ke kr . ' '
Otio-tr 8. W. comer CI MOBBTMIPI* SJIIMPPSIZ Ste.
• •
x.F.O D WU , LI Ell SIR .11.11111AR Y
The nter tiepin, of Aye months,
,00mmitmte etrat
xWednesday in November.t.• ; 4' -
Expenses, for Boarding, idel, Light and Toltfon in tl4
gll eh branches, $6O poi Swinton. Ancient arid' MOdioiiiiaLOxi
Wasgor, ascii $l4 ilsissolus on the Piano, sad, ne• Orlutins
went, *lb. Painting and Drawing, esprit •
tbs pay!
merit of $BO, will iiiclud'e the Whole.. • I.".itil's !
- A daily stage connecte with the carpet News4:llol*wied
,also it Parkeabnig, Pa. Address '
Olforplart. 2p, 795111; IRArrilyliwig-..olgre`rd,
• ..estgar
POD AEI ai *gin Ero o isgagAc
ARSISSPAWD sexuAtlNsTaronow,a-
ett,edition. • -
s il ti aik and Luke, now editiOn. . ,
Question,.!**s :on the serne,.intarweavingthe,Shorier
On Matthew;(wittaateehism annexed,) 11.50 poled°,
On Mark and Luke. each 1.50 "
or, the two volumes bound in one, , 2.25 8 /. 4 •
On John, with Catechism also annexed, 1.59 s " j•
They' will be forwarded to any address, If orders be sent
Pres. Board of Oolportage, St. Clair St,,Rittsb'gh.
• efi Market Street; Pittsburgh.
St. Clair Street. Pittsburgh.
110111:I'D Ssy. 0I If AND VER , I I : • STORE.—
MIX D. 11111KPATRIOK & SON 840. 218. THIRD St., be
Market and Ohe.etnnt Btreeta, Philadelphia, have for
Dry and Green Baited Patna Rlpi , Tennees Oil, Tel:inert
and °naives Tie& st thelowed prices, and upon' the beat
terms. _
Air' khods bf Liiithik in the rough watitted,,io
. erhichthe bigheit'snomket- orlon will be given cash. or
taken In exchange in Rides. Leather.stored ; free of charge,
dud sold on commisidon. ' • • '
ALE Alm; *kit Alric . Id tis Air,
AZY.II-I.lthrßY Itggg . gyt t Principal.
Urated in aVealthfil mid beautiful ieglon of eouninr,
eightmiles. North i of New Brighton, I with . entire freedom
from all immoral as so ci ations. The morel and religion B
culture of the prirdli le regarded, as , of prime Import pee.
The studente, for the moat part, hoard in the• faintly of•the
principal. The course of Instruction' le compri , henatie and
-.Terme, p er
. Beeeion pf twenty-two Weeks" including
boardinCroom. fuel. lights; washing; and inltioh, $60.00.'
LathalOkeek. and French Languages, on e q u af to
be paid in advance, tbe balance at the dose . of I Seindon.
L 'The Winter Seesion will comMenee NOVEMBRE4m; 18580
:; Btpciente admitted at any, time.
For !either particulars, Lddress, • ' '
HENRY WRBBE.R. Prfuelpia, ' .
North Sewickley, clover ,Co., F. •
WE beg leave to call the atten
tion of the Trade, and more
especially the Physicians of the
country, to two of the fmost popu
lar remedies now before the public.
We refer to
Dr. Clam !Plane's Celebrated
Verrnifuge and Liver:Pills.
,We' do. not recommend them as
universal- Cure-tills;' but simply for
what their name purports:viz.:
For 'expelling Worms from the
'human system. It has ,also been
"idrniiiistered with 'the most satis
,factory,resuits to vanous..Animals
`4ilbjett•to Worths.
Forthe cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS,
all Iinaouv,D4tICANGEbtfENTS, SICK
•HEAIY-ACHEi &c. , -In cases of
preparatory to or after taking Qui
nine, they, almost invariably make
a speedy and permanent cure.
As specifics for--the above men
tioned diseases, they are. Unrivaled,
and never known to fail:,when ad
minigtered in accordance, with the
unprecedented pcipularity
has induced. the proprietors,
riTTSBUI.6H, rA.
to dispose of their Drug business,
in which they haire been success
fully engaged for , the last Twenty
Years, and they willnow give, their
undivided tithe and attention to
their mannfacture, And,being de
termined that , Dr. M'Lane's Cele
brated.Vermifuge and Liver Pills
shall continue, to occupy the high
position they now, hold :among the
great remedies of the day, they
will continue tO' spireneither time
!nor expense in procuring the Best
and' Purest ,'Material,-andcom
pound.them in; the most thorough
manner. Address all. orders to
FLEMING tie& Pittsburgh, Pa.
V.P. Dealers and Physiciani" ordering from others
than Flaming Bros, will do well to :writertheir orders
distinctly, and take wnze but Dr. Inane's, prepared .. by
Fleming Brat. Pittsburgh, Pa. To those' Wonting 'to eirs
the& a trial, we writ for Ward per Wait: post paidito - any
part, of the 'United States, one box: of PlUs, for twelve
envenom postage ,stamps, or, one, vial of•Vermlfare, for
foarteentbreocent *Manna, All orderotrom Canada must
be Accompanied by twenty cents extra.
r .1,
"pulms - idozactigrte' , or .araisma.
• OINB;r• .
The -s)sSicyx, of 113114, 'coMnieisea on
tlie I Stb.' day Of 'OCtolier;t OITA witch's'. Mitten weeks. A
fidilisiethormigh cotirateOPPectares -occupy
:lag elk or stereo hours daily, mith.goodouporturtitiesfor at
tm:atoll:to-practical Anatomy, and with afanlo fact[
itiss at the Commercial Hdsgltdt
The iii-Angerneiitlat the Chairs srilt , berairfollatita
T. It. . . .
. , ± Professor of Anatomy. and
J. P. JIJPGI4 - 11-Dt.
Professor 'of Chemistry- and:Pluormacy,
- • ,
- ;;Professor of Surgery.
C. 11. OVIIATIffiAND; Nt.D.i 1
PrOfersor of Motorist Medico autlTherapentice.
r rWM. BIiE&WOOD.~M D,
Professor .of Medical Practice and Pathology.
.. • •
Emeritus Prefessof of:Cerebral Physiology and Institutes
„ • RING,
,of, Obatittrice sea of Women and
The Terms for tbeSeacion will be the same as heretofore,
-vis.:--Matriettlation, $5.00. Tuition, $20.00. Demonstrit •
tor'a Ticket, $5.00. (Every Student is required to' engage in
dissection one Cession .bofore- graduation.) Graduation,
$25:00. Ticket to Commercial Hospital, joptional,) $5.00.
The Lecture Rooms are newly' elnithed, nest, and eom•
toctable, and in a central loialltiAiiioollege Hall, Walnut
Street,' where 'students Will tied it ;convenient to call on
their arrival. ,- • • •'- ; ; ,
.Tickets for the session ,may be ; obtained of the Dean of
the Faeutty, at his 'aloe, No. 113 Smith Street, or of Prof.
`Of H. Cleavidatid, iteereittnr oftheGibreelty, N 0.1119 Seventh
Street. near Elm. . .• Joax iuma, BIM., Dean.
with • the format regent; of htutdreils of .their pa-
CREi. C. M. FITGIVIND I 3. O II: 1111101,
Have concluded:to rolidn
R .3tAITE ./Arl v „ri.g.T4B.ll/EGII,
And may be coneuliNid thishintlice,
'NO. 191 p NV , or ,
• • - • OPPomirs nix et. otuaeriatify
Daily, (except Sundays) for CONSIIMPEION, ASTHMA,
pllcated with 'or Causing Pialmonarl Diseaser, Including Ca-
Writ; Heart Disease, A ff ections of 'the Maier, Dyspepsia,
Gastritis, Female Complaints, etc.
DRS. ELTOH k SYKES would state that 'their treatment
Of Consumption Le Lased' upon' the fact that fled isease exist:
in thai blood 'and system at large, both beforb and during it 3
development in the lunge, and they ,therefore employ Re.
chanical, Ilyglecic and Medicinal reniedies to purify the
IffOod and strengthen the system. With theee they nee
Medicinal Inbalationa,:wbieb they vain. highly, hit only es
:oaWatlves. (having nu curative effect. rhen used alone,) end
Invalids are earnestly cant Toned the precious
time' of curability on any treatment liasedirpon' the plat:l4-
hie, Vat telluride* that the' et seat .of -the disease can be
.reaehed in a direct manner -by Inhalation, " for as before
stated, the seat of the disease is in thCbloo and its effects
Only 'in the lungs. ' ' •
Afir No charge for consultation.
A list of oueetions will be sent to Chose Arishingto roe,by letter. jut-tf
The sußFaiiqiuts have ‘ alivsys on sire, an eaten
e stock of goods expreitsfyadepted to' lhe furnishing of
And, having in their employ experienced Upholstorere r are,
at all times, prepared not only to ferniest: the unmade ma
terial, but to make up and At whatever ' May he needed, al
thershOrteit notice, 'and'on liberal teir'sns.
DAMASK, MORESNoind GERM - AN REPS, for Cushions.
MOHAIR.PLUSH and SILK VELVET, for Pulpit Cushiem.
and Vestry, or. Session Room—Gl .
,Inreb patterns.
CARPETING ( Chuich Patterns aria :Oolbin,) of every de•
COCOA' MATTING AND: MATS' Jou:Pori:hi Vestibule or
FRINGES, TUFTS, AiN,P,...A.11V*1033108 In every
I • •,!••• • . ";
CURLED HAIR in Rope, Picked, or made into Cnahlons.
;HQLLANPS for ;Window. &hides.
DOKEMUS & NTKON,'2UParliPlane,
; ,antfte, • and 18 Murray Btreet, New York.
. •7 ) RA.O7'BOCmTY. , •; 1,1 .7 .-,,,..:1.. ..;.
• 1441;FE:OrhiAILY 1.70 N.. Price bOmmte.,l2sio.
, !-:It, hi -worthy of more than
pa/ Recnite,. : •,. .-:-- ~ .
"lt will do immense good to any Christian &telly who,
4trill'orayerrully peruse its holy pages."—arristiais Citron.
i " Her life is a lesson and a treaanre to.the ma—Chris .
tins Observer.
Sir 1859. SLv.cente single. , cants a dozen.
Reicently leaned : n tilany . vidnable and 'interesting Wog»•
phieis fbr. the Old and Young, yllustisted Books or no
dotes, Sketches from Life, Tales for Children, ko.,
with other publications of the Society, make a list of free
hundred :and fifty three' - volumes. 'Bold 'separately, or Is
different priced, Libraries, uniformly bouncL : ,
Descriptive Catalogues it ...nblicationifirsielled free of
,exponse. • • ; 1, -
The . .Amoritdrneeia‘gav and The Child's Paper prifr
fished monthly, and imbed from the
ins • t No. it paishant Street, 1%11s:
Tbirmiltitution,uoitiditeer West Liberty. Obi::
Copt Va-• will commence lb limb Session on thee PIED'
ftIONDgY OP 131IPTERRER, MS. It ie intended for the
education of Duiles.afid females in all the branches, useful
and ornamental, which ars' usually blight in oar higler
Bebinarieeof leirenbsit:ell is tinder the anperintendenree i
.d-It. ]Roaii,late Professor of Languages in Bethany Collsfe
who Will deYote hbmitire time and attention to its sondes '
airmisnigement:rlioleffort or expenditure will be efsee"..
to render this en bbtitution entirely worthy of tb e pubi"
contidince and Mitecinage- The 'Principal bee bad an es.
perienoe of twenty years as a College Professor, and DO'
ftut accomplished instructora shall bo employed in any
partment. -
7% The bcatien le remarkably. healthful, and the ennead'
big country - le noted for 'its fertility, and the piettiretil o
beauty of italecs-nery. • •
The.bpsrding-bouse for females will be in charge of ti ?
Rev-,Tfri.'dihin, in whom the public can base the bidet:
1 confidence: About • twenty • young , ' men can be ammo ,
dated with boarding at the house of the Principal, and
der hie immediate , oversight.-Circulars detailing part
stars can be bad by•appliostiodAo the Principal
• sii2l-tt • • A. F.ROBB, Principal.