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Pali were not so apparent in this plamias in that
•above, . .
The Methodists end :Presltyfiptens both have
'fine churches in Eden That of the latter 1,4 much
the largest; muktheanost nupstantial. it is now,
well furnioherl, and .4 modern style 4 ttiehifen•
tura, having a reetibule t gantry. spire, bell, &0.,
,and lIRpqOIIIIIP enough. to .seat,, cotrfortably, five
imatired . ut.llll. TI., Collgrerinti .11 is arr ; the
mei:fibers active.-zeitintlei Clbrilltians;‘ and Clod has
greatly blessed, I am told, the labors uf the pato
toe. Rev. Mt Monartee, among them After the
adjournment ;or Brio& we pessLd a, felt. daYsFof visltntien in nis commenity,
end wine much pleased with alt we Saw.. Exzepting,
always, the had bebavior_of two giddy girls on
our left,- in the ohurch,..tiat .night, we. preached;
and.ihmtld this meet their 'ifye," is •hoped they
'wilt feel rebuked. • . .
Myself and family remained part of two days
- in Columbus, m we went to Synod.; Mat to fell
en or readers of our visit to the Blintl i '.'Deaf and
Dumb, Lunatic, and idiotic Asylums of.the plre
—to apetik of Whet we stOrthere, and In the State
aoil. in the Penitentiaryand , of the good
famw,erreoelyed at the Nell ilentaeatid 'of the
godd things we heard of the ;ministers and
ohnrebos; q f this ,loyely city—and of our stay
overnight at Niirk, w,itli th 9 frailly, of brother
Robinson, and of ORD viiit, the next day t i to a Ger
mak sohool and churoh;;qf which Rev. Mr. Reissl
(a 'Presbyterian whom We redentlY re
ceived from thb Gsiñau Lutheran. Ohltrob,)Lis
tea Cher and pastor—to tell orall this, I sayonight
weary,: rather than 'intermit your readtdir..*Jiio,
But you will see ' by .what I•mktuin,
that I am, as ever, the Befsrtyr's friend,,and
old correspondent, . '
Wor the PreteVita - dew Be;trier and Adywate., i
• - Synod of Illinois. . ; ;• :
The Synod of Illinois,tnet according to. adjOnkn
meet, Oct. 13th, in the First Presbyterian church
of Peoria, and was opened-with a sermon by the
Moderator, Rev. P. D.. Young. After sermon,
Synod was constituted by prayer.. •
Rev. E. W. Thayer was elected Modera,tor, i and
1. A. Cornelison and C. F. Jennings, Tottiporary
Clerks. • ,
Rat; L N. Candee, Li: D., Rev. N. L. Rice. D
D., Rev. W. P. Carson, Rev. W. C.:Mason, Rev.
T. S. Vail, from the Synod of Chiciago; Rev. B.'H.
Charles, from the Synod of Kentucky; And Rev.
11. R. rice, from the Synod of Cincinnati, being
present, were invited to • sit asi oorvesimnding
, .
. .
The Committee on,Bllte and Overtures, reported
Overture No. 8, concerning the action- of the
Synod of Cinoinuati, - in reference to.the,Theoleg
loal Seminary of the North- West.
That, whereas, the action of theßynod of Cin
cinnati is similar to that taken by this Synod one
year einoe, the Committee recommend that Synod
do now reaffirm their
. former action, and adopt
the resolutions of the Synod of Cincinnati as their
Committee on Bills and Overtures reported
Overture No. 2, with reference to applicatlons
from several parties, to Synod, for payment of
Certain indebtedness of the Theological Siiminary
of the North• West. Committee reported that in
their judgment these papers beleig rather to the
Board of Directors and. Trustees of, tuff Theolog
ical Seminary of the North• West ,than to this'
'Synod, and it is recommended that they be 're
turned to the persons from, whom thdy came.,
Report adopted.
' The following action was tiken in reference to
' eorla University: •• ): •
Resolved, That the Board of Trustees be and.
'they hereby are instructed to raise fifiy thousand'
dollars (60,000) for the ; rise said University.;
Twenty thousand dollars of this fund to be in,
- cash, land, building materials, or work, at alaii
ostudi valuation, for the purpose of erecting ts•
suitable college building; the remaining thirty.
thousand dollars to be a permanent endowident
Resolved, That the Board of Trustees ,be and
ereby ere inetrnoted to appoint a suitable agent
,o carry into (IVct the foregoing action.
Synod, by reAdjusting,lines and dividing Preis
yteries, formed. three new Presbyteries,
to be
'• lied Bla4mington, ,Hillsboro Ugh, and Saline.
We attempt the duty of giving a Narrative of
the State of 'Re!latent with feelings. of unneuakin
tercet. Whilst God je calling his people not only
by his Word, but by, his. providence, and by the
onders of his grace, to " awake and put on their
beautiful garments," to be always abounding in
the work of the Lord, it is painful to the hearts
of God's children. to know that in,,sointi 'places
"the ways of Zion do mourn because few come
to her solemn . feasts." In a large portion of the
• territory embraced , in our Synod, iniquity still
abounds, while the •love of many waxes (told. It
is feared that intemperance, with all its fearful
train of attendant evils. is in some places on the
increase; whilst worldliness, error, and vanity,
are, as we fear, bearing many doWn the broad
road that leads to destruction. Add to these
things the melancholy fact that many churches
• and districts are still destitute of the stated means
of grace, and it becomes God's ministers to 'weep
..between the porch and the altar ;" whilst Chris
.,tians unite with them in crying, "0 Lord revive
by work in the midst of years, in the midst of
years make known, in wrath remember mercy."
But if we are called to weep, we are also
•alled to rejoice. God line given his serrante a
,good degree of zeal and faithfulness in the wo rk
•,to which he has called them. in the Bible and
ateohetical class. as well as in the family circle,
' he lambs of the flock are receiving a good degree
..f attention. Our people appear to be steadily, ,
lthongh slowly, increasing in love to the cause of
. .enevolenoe. ffenoe, the number of those who
contribute to sustain the Boards of our Church is
increasing, Encouraging additions have been
ads to most of our churches enjoying the'stated
.ministrations of the Gcispel. And a goodly num
,.er of them have shared in the glorious work of
race which our covenant keeping God has been
flocomplisbing in our land. Many in the midst
.f us, who, a few months ago, were "without
• rod and without hope in the world, are new
numbered amongst the sacramental host of God's
, Not." In the method of accomplishing this
leased work, the Lord has deeply impressed upon
' the minds of his people the itopOrta,nt truth, that,'
t is " not by might nor by power, but,hY-his.
'ilpirit," that the good work is done. At the Same;
time the Church has been more fully taught that,
ehe is a worker together with God, and, that he
,' mploye, in the conversion' of men, not only the y .
abore of Ministers, elders and deacons; but i6lBO
the private membership. •
' Let us then as ministers and people, whilst we'
thank God and take courage, "bumble ourselves.
sand repent of those 'sins by which we have grieved
'hie Holy Spirit, and through the grace of God;
being steadfast. immoveable,.always abounding in
the work of the Lord, knowing that our labor
ball not be in vain in the Lo'rd.
Bonen. JOHNSTON, Stated Clerk..
For the Preebyterias Banner and ASTocate.
Presbytery of Des Moines.
n' Aty the late meeting of the Presbytery of Des
Moines, the pastoral relation between Rev..lrwin
Carson and the church of Oskaloosa, was dissolved."
Rev. W. 41 Rollyday was received, as a member,
from the Presbytery' of lowa. 4
All the churches of this Presbytery are balled
•upon annually to report in regard to settlements
WWI pestore and SAPPII434 but, in order to,.
secure greater promptness and efficiency in' this
atter, specially on the' part of missionary
churahei; Presbytery passed 'the'following resolu
tion t
.Resolved, That it be a standing rule of Presby
ery, that ohnrobes applying to be recommended
the Board'of Domestic Missions • be required to
state whether or not they have fulfilled liteirown
pecuniary obligations to the individual in : Whose
, ehalf the application is made, or to any .Other
hose labors the Board maY have aided them in
curing. ,
•.Report was made of the organization of a prom
ten church at &well% Clark County, of fourteen
members end two elders.
' For the Prenbyterten Banner and Advocate.
Tribute of Respect . -
~ , 'At a meeting of the students of Clarion
! Collegiate Institnte, on the 7th of October;
r` the undersigned ;were appointed a Committee
to draft appropriate resolutions relative to
the death of Miss-I. 0- Shoup, who was a
_worthy and respected pupil of, said 'mitt.
Wuuaute, It h as pleased Almighty God,
his All•wise providence, to take away
. from our midst our respected friend and fel.
' low ettidunt, Isabella 0. Shottp; therefore,
Resolved s That we acknowledge the hand
of God in Visiting us in the death of one of
cur tiumber, and that we .submit, with
humble resignation, to this mournful visits.
J. M. McEvacnr, C
don; and endeavor to profit by the solemn
admonition thus afforded•a.,.
Resolved, That. we sinmeely revere the
memory of our deceased hind; that her
many virtues and amiable qualities; he held,
;sacred to us, and cherished &wont; our, fond:
est recollections; and that her Christian
:walk and conversation be ever remembered,
;as an example worthy of our imitation.
Resolved, That we deeply sympathize
with the parents and friends of the deceased,
in their hareavernent Cnr in her death they
have lost one worthy of their highest esteem .
and affection, and we a' friend and echo
malre)SoT W,N4n we entertained 0e highest
Resolved., That a copy of the above reso•
ltitionti 'be transmitted to the parents of the
deceased; and also published in the 'county
papers, , German, Reformed Messenger,
Presbyterian Banner and Advocate; and'
Christian Advocate. • • • .
J 8.. , •
D. it. FUCK, • • •
Suse,rt gun, ,
Rimersbutqi Pa - • ,Cloiomittee.y.
For the Fredbyterlan Banner and Advocate..;. . ,
Presbytery of Washington.
The Presbytery of Washingkoa•appointed sap- -
plies as follows, for the • '
, Run Church—Mr. AleziOsr, Fifth tiV:
bath of Ootober. Mr. D. Heim, Second Sab
bath of November. Mr. Lester;l3eoond.Sabbath
of Deoember. J. I. BROwseow,
- Stated Clerk..
Rev. ALEXANDER SWANEY declines the
call from the church of New - Lisbon, Ohio,
and has taken charge of the eharch of
New Hagerstown, Carroll County, 'Min,
where editors and correspondents will
hereafter address him.
Off Rev. E. Ju -Er aRR'S P ostmut e* address is
changed from Stnithville, Wayne County,
Ohio, to Cedar Valley, Wayne County,
Rev. JAMES COULTER'S Post Office address
is changed from West Greenwood, Craw
ford County, Pa., to Exchangeville, Mer
cer County, Pa..
Rev. ANDREW 134unea. Post Offioe address
is changed froth Danitille, W. ) to Wyaox,
Bradford County, :
Rev. R. M. BOLiTDAY•AriB %Stalled pastor
of the church of Roc shill, Ohio, and not
Riohhill, as stated in our issue of the 23d
ultimo. His Pcst,OtEoe address is, Belle
Air, Belmont County, Ohio.
Mr. Wm. B. 'KEELING was ordained to the
work of tie ministry, , and , installed as
pastor of the church of Mount Prospect,
on the 6th day of -October last, by the
Presbytery of Washington.' On the 26th
..ibty of October, by the same . Presbytery,
''Mn. JAMES T. FREDERICKS was ordained
and installed as pastor of the ;church of
Burghettstown. Both of these young
brethren are graduates of the Allegheny
Theological Seminary.
Rev. JOSEPH' H. TOWNE was installed pas:
tor of St. Peter's church, by. the Roches
ter •Oily Presbytery, on Thursday evening,
the 16th tilt. This is an Old School
.ohnioh, with au Episcopal 'service, and :a
'Congregational ministur s .whioh is, (100.•
• airy in unity. : . • :I,
Rev. SILAS JOHNSON *II metalled liStiOE
of the church•of Worthington,:oso;,:bY
'the Presbytery of Columbus, , at its late
meeting. .
Rev, C FINLEY has • received' a call
from the ohureh of London, Ohio.
Mr.' J. 0.• TIDBALL has received a call from
the ohuroh of Scioto,. Ohio.
Rev. A. D. illaltDit* Wee installed pastor of
the church. of NeF Providence, Va.,
the Presbytery.ot lexington, at its late
Mr. THOMAS HEMPSTEAD, .a ltoentiate, was
ordained by the Presbytery of Raritan, at
• its late.meeting. I;
Rev. N. L. RicEi:D..k, was ino l 4llB, ,
of the North Presbyterian hita
go, IllinOW 'on the 20th nit; : . .Tke Rev.
It. H. Richardson preached •the.sermon
and gave the charge to the pastor, and
the Rev, John M. Faris the charge to the
GEoidi . .Niipitr, a member of :the-late
Senior elan of'? Princeton 'Theological
Seminary, has aacepted a call from the
church of Weet Farms, Weet Chester
County, Neti.York.
: Icriosw, were
,lieensed to preach ,the
Gospel, by the Presbytery 'Of New York
at its late meeting.
Rev. J. MARKLE having received a call to
the Reformed DOteh Church, at Sarin)-
sortville Ulster County, New York, nor
respondents will please address, him at
Rev. 0. RAT has'removed from Rochester,
N. Y., .to Genets, .New York: - Corres
pondents and others. will please 4ddreaft
him at Geneva.
for the,Prelbyterlan 'asua Adv 061,,)
Decease Dayid Letot, Esq. ,
A meeting of the, citizens of ,the Borough
of Leechburg, at the , eehool-house, on the
.of. November' init., was organized, by
choosing . David Kohnsi,President;, Wm.
Cochran, Win Goeser,
.and Philip Bair,
Vise Preilidetitfi Ulan/ and Alex
ander Gordon, Secretaries' ,
The object . of the' meeting having been
stated, the Tollowieg preamble,
liens were read, received, and adopted ! viz.:
WHEREAS r It has' Pleased Alinighty God,
in thedispensation' of his inYsterioureprovi
dence, to remove from - onr, midst and from
our ,
'David Leech,Eiil:4he
oldest citizen, and founder of Leeehburg,
who was 'associatedamong us as a beloved
friend `and citizen, and had become 'er:leered
to us by < many> hallowed recollections
therefore, be it , .
Resolved, That - we as a community and as
individuals, deeply mourn this 'separation, ,
and shall alwri3i,s retain with feelings of grat
itude and respect, a memorial of our de-
Parted friend.
Res lved, That_ by his death, this neigh
borbodd has been deprived of a worthy cit. -
izen t ; and the community of a diligent and
highly Useful business man. ,
Rewlved,"' That though ti;se feel'we have
lost a friend,,we rejoice in the hope, from ,
the satisfactory:evidence of:thristian expe
'riende in the latter part of his 'life "thatlie
has been translated ; to a house not made
with' hands, 'eternal in the heavens
Resolved, That is tender to the bereaved
relations, our most heart felt sympathy, and
point them to Him whole the only - stay of
the afflicted and the bereaved whose voice
speaks,to the heart and not to the ear,
Resolved, That in token of our respect
and deep grief, the citizens of this borough„
Will suspend all: secular buitinede,ort
row, and attend , his Amaral' from his late
residence, di:o'clock P. M.
Resolved, That a copy of these xesolu
tiona be rant to the' relatives o► the deceased,
and published in the• Armstrong County pa
pare,- thy- Pitt..bur_•h; Chriati.43►:.ddnocgtei
and Presbyterian :Banner and -Advocate. :
RPsolvett. That . Col Jacob. Thew, B.
Anclartioa, and W w. Cu.;t be'it uOusustiteet
to-present a copy of these rneolutiona to the :
relative's of :the deoeased. • .
Resolved, That the• Rev: illY..Shasi oluse
this meeting with pray,r.".
• : President
J-164 6.14 " 7 " teeisiigiria! •
'Alexander Gordon, • • ,• •
7or thePrisebytiarkin Bander and Advocate." '
iieffort Vhlldsi •, •
Tansatraa of Tits, BOARD OP FossioN thlB . BlONB,
...ioa 061xiBisit;16.68. • ' •
, . .
0010 ,F,RESEYTERY. = BetIuis,t . :congregation,
renewing subscription to FOreigniMiisionary,
for thfrty Otipies, addressed-to' C:lll'Braddoolt e
Herriotteville; Allegheny County, -Pe, $44 00;
Chartiers dong.,.. additional, 7.00,; ~Femele
Misaionary Society. . Bethany,
,cong., t 31.80;
Centre .coog„, 24.64 . ; Female illiegSicary So
' MeV; Miller's'itun coat., 14 I& : .$121'.69. '
ALLEGHENY I"llY.—Nrentiiiiii , eoisg.; 11:00;
• Centreville, 22.00.:' $33.00.. ;1 -;, , 1.: :.1 '...•
7AS 111 N GTO N , P' BY. --,Fliet, , odes.,„,,iineeling t
,61,30 ;I,l3etkol, „6.90 ; . A. West. lAtotV,, 29.00.
• ..... .) i .1..
5f3.8 . 0. •
ERIE I" 4 l)±.4fibbatVetat i orritinkilitictinii.;
-'to eidaiutte iridrdn tkiiit, TOO; - IProdlillii!eolig., .
' 15:00. t e $22 00.:•.'i i ~ ..!zr.f, i : ..; . • . , pr 1) :.I. . . . 1 I
NRI9IIIIB RON—lePONCtreekociAg-,,87 1 410;
: 43apck 29,00:. cliftnvioN ,14 P. ii.l1 1 49,t1.. , 3
•s-Send Qe#.IMVIL E PTY--1/ iii n '°gmt I°i' ' f
STEC BEN VILLW PBY.=-linet64lltint Sit;,i titi ;
66 ; -Annapolilifl6.oo4 . •letiobnii, Steilbeirvilli, :
31.26 ;‘.Oak Eldge,,l4 46.. t. $7241ft.,,tt . ~ Vii.,..
SC H CYLE II , 1 0 BY,- = Sabbath Solieoly yoddridge 1
cons. ; 3.00. •'; . ,* ' ': . ;
CLARION P'BY.2l.Ladies' IllsedoinlCY 'SO'cieti, •
Rehoboth Voilg., 16.00; Siblitiin School,' Cal- 1
• lensburroong., 7.00; Female 'Missionary :So- ..
oiety, Callensburg cong., 17.00;r Fumaleilltlis-,
eio.nary§ooietY, Concord cong., 8.00. ;48.00...
BL &IRBY ILL E P' BY. —Coogr iii ty , cong., nyknlii- . ..'
~.,. ,
' ly collection, 20.00; Salem , ' 24:00 t' f. West%
, Lebanon, 7:'88.;• Nen' SIM*: 30.68; Goitgruity,ll
30.00. , - $11.1.91.. , tvc . ..• • •.• c!......•...“.•r: .. ; ;
RE DSTONB (I"11Y. 4 --Cortnell8Yille.,00ng.. 69.264
IR eh00th,;61,44 ; :§abbatl; pchool, Rehoboth
cong., 1881. ' $1139.60...:. •
FORT WAYNE P'BY:l=Bltifftim .con
. _ ;
Pleitiant Ridge; , tl . oo Nitir rasigiitter;in'part, ;
3 50. $18:00. . •
ZtINESVILLE• , --iMegoottektriDo cong.,
FINDLEY, TrßY.. e, • • -
p n i a a k r ; . • •
HUNTINGDONPBY. - :=- 7 1st;,ogisgivSpreioe; Creek,
. to part,: and. to otinutitate Dkvid Stewart; Esq.,
AndiiMrs• $ 0 41 0 4 Members,.
SAI;TSBORG '(Society
OU'lnqiiiirY,' -) 10880zgd:26y '.Bolling!
10:00.- $80.t0: -11 'Tl' . •
.COSHOCTON P'BY.,.-Keenc•ootig.,k2l.oo3 .Nuh•
. Linton, 31.28.; • , Eaten,.ls.oo ; •
East.liopewell c 7.00..
.$56 26. •
WOOSTER P'BY::—Jaakkoif con ga; 1'6.15. •
'ALLEDIIENrCITy P'BY.UL,Jbvenil,i'AliesiOnary
Society 'Fairmonni eong;, , of which thirty
sevew cents :is the'. legao,r4.
Mean 5,19.58.,• ••• ..; .[ .; •
.MISCELLANBOUS.--:Timen er.loneph
Eakin" Rose Point; Pa., 1:00 ;Voliefeiiiitstate,
by heads of Rev: .Df:•://trishill;!. 104 64 Mrs.
. Ann Eliza Morgan, :to 'constitute. her•mother,
Mrs. Fannie. Alexander, a Life:Pdember, 80.60;
Bequest .of Mrs. Jane. Crosby,. per W.,Ewing,
ear • 28.56 ; Bequest of Isabella Lyle, Per do.,
10:06; H.' H.. B , 'Missouri, 10.00; Box of
Ck th ing, from • Concerd and Pleasant-Valley
congregations, valued at $142i87, 'for William
Porter, Little Traverse, Mith..!f 1!;; •
• •1 • 4 1 44Ph.7 -1 : e ‘ wur e . t• -
Pittsburgh, Oetober".Bo, Al 1 8
le, Ot! " •'' '
• • " ' I„?'• • ••41'0111,1!),
lor the Ezeebytartea Deaner and - Advocate. it
; ,ChuV.o , h,
Boleti* for>Ootobr..i'.e.P •
Georetowir iont.,:liria•Pia r rebytaityy•r;
Fairfield . . • I -.44)n . vo: , f , :r 91501".
Newport " Bearer -," ll.lm,t,
:t •I •
• wss.oo
In niy . neknnwledgment'for•Septeniber; ;Central
was printed Tor Centre congregntion::) ll
• • : T.ll. NEVIN ReceivinsAtent:.
. •Attaluigh, 0ct..80, •1 858.. az; .7
• ' lii end `Atli The Fall ejections, tlie o epe e
States,itit , e'?;esulted, exteesiielf,:in l it . o3 de
feat of tile Administration, ;ble eno:oetii ?f
Douglas, in Illinois, was hardly
~It is
. .. •
probable that the tare . gueatiort, will, henogforth,
for a time;, enl ist the aatiikaal.politiciajleo •
New Commas, Nov.S.—The number of deighs
from :yellow. fever,,,pn Saturday, were •thirteeo.
The total , during the rust week were one huziOied
and thirty Ave. • tr , . ,
There was a'good fresi tile Morning. • z ,'""
_ •: ••• 1„„• • . I,;*
OHARLEI6TON; Nov : tr.---the deaths from ytuow
fever daring the 'Oast we4k," tootle tielve. , • /VI/
OCTOBED: 80.—A:transit contraet with NitleSre,
Vandyke SL l ;;Wallacc i ,of, gl4ladeipi4ta,, unilert the
title•of, the Central American_ 'Transit : Company,
was executed today by OCU. Terei.
signed, sealed, and delivered 'in 'the preseimblof
Secretary Oars, who •Cordie,llY approves of 'the
same. = It itrunderstood thaklommodora, Vander- •
hilt is• the seet'et cash partner, , r ,
The contract requires eemi-monthly mailsend
continues fin' 'fifty years, or, Should a railkolid be
censtruated West of the Bay, for zeiiity' years
The tranimit' Mast' be in Etinc'essfoiluitieration•
-within four.rnonths; or the:grant, and.PrepertY;mf,
the iinemill be ferf4ted:: Ohfflit 4, t•4o443!,he,ill
terropted at anytime forthcspace v qk • 8,
a forfeiture will ensUCT. •
The only tax which can be imposedlB one. do t
tar on ea'cli Plisiehger: 'Ptirtsvat the ' termiiii '' etre"
free, and Sofia all linterior tlEkTiptionoitTittaan-f , i
traokislntbjllo tray Ist4ll3:44 4 :?PffiANcht
may be he9eafter -made. • : ,
• 4 iitimio , . „t)O. , ,
This peet, T acii secures the grea t ()Neat at wt .o uon
our Gaferninent has aimed—LtiuS 4 %Ida u imiigati l on'
of theriVer" and - bay. - • - - • '.••
(The Matter; is still;disputed.)., t> 1 , ) cc, , arr
Novi/masa 6.—Thehataneejntha United ; Stites
.Treasury, oFbthe Ist ofNevetabex;,. ) ,eas ,j7,,043, •
(/00 ; tha t reeelp!i i tor the week were $7BOOO ;
the drifts'paitl were 000!
Nov. B'--445. private letter •frotheGalVelton i 'of
Oct. 29th',' states that4he yellow fever' is 4i:taking,
fearful ravages there,; Ala t
erithAit. The ;writer ; adllses absentees.nOt; to re
turn until the Jet 6f Peoeinnel:`. Therefii - e been
no frobt,''icith phlinka to ,VverinJiiietithei.',T The
fatality has increased : -
GeneraLWard, of Georgia; isiippointedhliniator
to Sardinia, ifn.,place f of the.' H2On• .4fin 4;;D•anieli,•
resigned. Get!eral Waid vr, aft,the, President of
last Democratic Convention.
The Washington Union - 1)01160S
a f table classi
fying the teemh"erti of Oongress; •jtist,
one howl red and. Tour. Republicans,:,twelve Ariti-
Lecompton Memooratb, thirty toor,Demooratal.
Sr. Lops, November 6.-L-The Overland -Mail
from San Francisco. has arrived, • bringing , the
,titter Californian , of that city, ,of the,
from which the following,.. summary b,fnewii
gleaned of;
The first dveriand Mail from' ItAtilde Malted
San Francisco; on the inierning ‘of thelOth
quite unexpectedly, being then only , tvrenty,four
days -out. Arrangements were. being made to
properly celebrate the event. ,
A telegraph dispatch had been received it; Sari
Francisco; by the new line to the stiturait'et the
*Sierra Nevada. . 7 • ~
The steamer Cortes, sailed for Tictorka : on the
9th alt.ovith only twenty passengers .. item : mere
were daily, returning to San -Francisoodoaded
down with the disheartened miners, who have
been disappointed in their expectationg'OV rich
yielde oflold from, Frazer •
The , total" amount" of:gold dna fromi !Frazer.
river deposited at the San Francisco Mint to the
first cf October, was $57,000.
3 , . The Elections. ~!
The Yellow Timer.
.... . W.,ashmgton.
PITTNNUILGEI, 1 • 114811AY, Ni 'ember 6.
Business this week was vary active, as compered
:that of,the previous, Week. The.wharf, preunted.quite um .
or d in ate& appearance ) , Amd pe r nFmber , of ltanits, learlioß
• 'WA'S farad. A great daal or Bain had fdild.u.
to' have had but little 'effect 'on %lir river % There Is ',fug
clout wat.r in the ebeenel• to. puenit 'nests •to 'go up an&
down, but not enough to Inearnpthe,permanentiremimptlon
'of navigation:
A retro—Poor quaiities. $3.2553.0. Choice 4 0p04.50, white, 60. ' • • '. • ,
Bonn: AND YMos..-Prime ROIL Butter, 17a18o; commbn
; do., 144150.; packed, 10allo. Rais,lBal4c. . •
' • Beoos-Bhoulaers,' , s%o74;;Sidestisy o B%c4, plain Hams,
21;4'010 ; plain canvaased , doi,
.1030i14,:soaar armed do.,
12R,11 1 / 6 "
' toter useiwes--11..00 per Md. • : ;I ; )
Dacca eamr—Appler. 2.50: Piachei;4.6oa4.76. ' •
1 ; Daus, 8kaa—,12401210. ; . •
Flurrsass--5011 . 536.
market iiibibited More aitivity; thi'ddeuMnti
bolus large, and 'sales „more liberal. , • We qreteas o follows:
$476 for soperboe, and 3.00 for alba. From ;dere,
superfine. at $4 87,@)6.00; outran! 5.12415.25:•and family do;
at $6 62@8.62. Rye Flour; sales from first bands at 4.00,
and from atom at 4.36... Buckwheat: fran'tithri4 ailed at
2.62(02.75; from ariltti?*PdPr. 14 .4 4 '4 and , ! 1 7 31 5 11 1.1t 3 1 2 6)
2.76 pot 100 tbs. • .
Gams.;-Oats, 43a45.•:•C0rt. 611660." Rye,.73:L e Veed
63 for Spring, and 65a70 for, Fail., , Wheot, has
; 31$1
We now, quote Mediterranean at 85k96,pritire Rejlit 135;ant
White at,Sl in sthiail iota from - wagon'." r. Elf
, On —Lard Pfe..l ak 82%826e ; Linseed, 84860.
• Pirieromelized; 70c.. tied Neehatenoekis 76.. 'From !toe%
in7s n. desor; Reds /64 Flake; eikei t WOq, and ,N,eahaoneolui
Bstna -Clove eold.freely)at 4.75;' but a round lot wooltt
probably bring 4 87a5.00. Timothy, .1.60 psr,busball.of,ol
MN, from first hands. ' -
OrtootiosiTti..,o4Bugar,W,9 l / 4 ., by the h. 1 4 1, and 83( t aii%
Yr, the bbi.,, and Molasier at 48140. "Coffie,"l2il2%. and
Rice 5a6%. 'The fO)lewiug' quotatione of:lingo and Ma
, lanes WO take from'ths New Urleana Proc:puns, of the 80th
etILV. , I r • . (so 1;0 2
tie et r !l: 4 4 7 P l , :?rgtN,t4ill46Zfpi;;; lt lo,oftcentziapajpi.opba boa - desi k o,- ,„ wO , O
receipts 2,631 hfide against 131 for the correapoodliireek
haat year • 'Mil i6oeipte frodi they lat'-!of 'Elaidelinbir/ 8;898
sthda. agalbat 364 i 4o,the sEmaidate :last year. .4
Ifsicteres=There his been le; Meal supplY, 7 "but with a
rod dema`od prices advanolid lir the osttlyiPirt of.the' week ,
2•23.6 c. Vs galicn. -
,Up to. Wednesday. evening,, some 2,8(9
Able. were sold at'B l li32l;t i c for ordintriteehOlde: bet jib
terday the, rates fell off, to 80a310A ,Wlthisalea of shoat 1,000
bbis. Today prices were still lower, an rf solo :400
were' sold at 28 2 8a20 , 18 - gallens,'.ler prime" and
choke. Half bbla. eoung dull; at. 03tgallon. , Week's
receipts, 6.251 MAI; , egaimet 1 . 881. Or the enTwalondiiB
week last year. Totarettedpte eines the let ;of September,
13.886 bbls... against 1,866 to the same dat e
111D0N , 4,1*0, - 3Ka4d.; dreeseel, - 4 1 / a so. The•ChioaghTri buns, of Saturday, 'lava:- The Hogs ,eonthme
large; notwithstanding 'which the market is active, and:
Mime Were shoo t'10.3. • bettei , h eery •• A contract
tam =de for 2,000 Hoge to bo delivmxi !this. ,mon tb, , at,
.24 nit—the'HOgs to' weigh,. about 200 Di •Fort. Hairy
okurmild tri-day at $4.26e4.86, greesultCL 6.811
r~~+:,~.7 , .. .
be the largest, moat flourishing and.; most
pletely, organized„ is the iron, City ,College , ,
Mittsburgh. i pa.—From Sun's 'Merchants''Merchants' Afifg ) a-;
sine, .of October, • 1858. '
• ounq*:' lt• '
, .
. •
• Tn. cash system. of ;business is certa in l y the!
'hest for `all'claseee, and where' its 'ecoompanying
. idvantagee are shared hy. th •finyer
it begetela confidence end eatisfactioriwto
the opposite system is ;a stranger. ,Altitagnpunte
for the successful exp.erimeht. made. tox
rederSl'Stieet, Allegheny •jii - the
tailoring and fe'rxiisliing trade. ;Hiiisttiek pis
'to henf the bettei . Ohiek'and 7 sold at ' close"rates
rforeash. • 2i , "sr
• [Avvinimazramr: •• •.:...(`
' l -*. Have yon a IlietateitLiverl
The question:though 'Maw ins, is stipoiently
r suggestive When the fief icia' keit into 'considera
tion that dieeilies of the moat
alatMingly. l frAuent in the United k Elqi* in
deed, there.iiiii few 'fOrikidable (iisealien'gpaire
• •
not in Bonte.My o trsy , ?ast ;l koloik GeMtpg.l ll triol .
thatitopOriant vpi 7:Or the . comp idnta
:AtntsUy . 948114 .tniflea: *ONO of Conan, Viol);
Lave thefr , erten. in thl. Liver. Any remedy
.that wouldimpnec.„rciptlarity, andhealtkftii,a4inn
in the Liver, Tovdl : trne l
I. has been the ..exigiwation: . Onthonsandp.. j ahat
remedy has been 4onnd; l tit R io k anfe4ofilAykre,
.When a fair trial les.been atfor4nditi itibaSielnar
been known to fail; :o.l):'_R ';4 ems
it , 'Reader, have you any disease of. the . Liver, ler
'Come ,whioh yon.belleveaproceeds.froni hepatic
odartingemeutAtliciwaotikintonent,but pinch:lige
. a boi of. Dig..4l l Lanii'eriPillll. prepared by Plowing
IPittabUrttb l , •Yakanid thOytwiti!restorh.ion
to Health.) ititi the Cielygrehiedygyitt dieddiferitd ?
is which' litilnitroonfidnhai maPii.plaiielijillt •
T'nrnhanera willlbe carepti ' ta 3 itelPfoiDitillr
.lAlTE'S CELEBRATED Niaßirpimi,Esiii*
factored by FLEkIINEI"VitCI3::'or
Pe "All other 'Veiniffnieo (if 'OninPariabit are
worthiest. Dr id'lkine'te: asinine Verinlfuge,
also his celebrated Liver Pills, can now be had' at
sit respectable ding stores.' Xone genuine unthotit
ihe sisfititiere of 'FLEMING BROS
The sews froth Europe reitah'ed - to the 29th
The dal . ** line "of ;s r teameis is tti b;43iiie
feitlit3r;•ees 'it 'medium Of mail '
Tile frill Wit the time:ter dispitebei ", down
itioiit'io.inrio• 010040 tie4e2n thiothithients.
11UP/talus- .
' ieNtAig tletrikOW `Ot
distal, tint ally iiiiirtll34l; gae." ' :
' t 'dog 3 tievookri= i 0467 Voilicater
7 . the, gpi,; ( l 7 lc of
•iltittiWiin,, ant! 4iltokist:M44ol - ,*.:,iiri*
‘ 7 9!* 14 4 fr i g lado ol 6 iT7l 4l4, 4**Ml t :ttd;" .
while riey, await !neer°. ;
. 0
from kitapleeplTed.,.
Laid _Milli had 'Blida
j apa n % • .h, usi al LA 7C.3
Tiade"it' Onion *so ototti‘nt. l ligtottit dal
illhingbab were f rfni.dif h3t1.1 •
The gee erel lP erl ifi l eetlee.o. o l444alrft*C
have resulted in, fatfer, Liberals,
T.M j jk!V t arj • •
• A:fcriaidablg tosorrecti_ly reiortedste
' inglicarred ;
• inane were .killed TiOopelotieibeen dispatched:
• 'thither to . preientlfartheridiffionities:Vacpenishi
. the, offenders. uor. ;41e - ma-..x Intl' 1 1
,The 1 1°, ,P r Os l iktVlNlt
committing terrible outrages on coo steam 'lan'
population." tia've the beffietlifftiV,iiiltiliqinli
porfe'd Fiantiel Mdesiiirin disine - 011ierraent ,
h ilittrkiSh ern pit cird tithe" 16SMIttibii . a, k ,
'..ereeluVonstantinopplit,al4o4. 1:17 0 v; adqj
..,,;.The,reported nyassaore f ,oLthp ?seWoh,on
tugnese ,ponstds . Titaft, jprotes it `O,
A title. a ; , :• 1•1•,: .
'" 'Couliderable ezoitementilezieted at tonidan-,!
!regarding(t 3 / 4 141 tpiesince)..of :ithe - i United,'
:StiOB frigate Wobas4. l oAe F korte;halAprotebto..,
as.ktike, largely, eaneofisitinklinhiptimtolthe ytt) , .tbei
Of 'LOGS. •
, • .k../31.':! ) . 1 4440 4 ,0i; t.jr;
, of. Paris, will-shortly, be lintehdedr:to, - ,the...fertitii ;
cations. ....', ' t •
The French and
Portage : regard
to the ship,Maiiii - GArge . reniitein'styf quo .
"Cotsiderible itOdinbAtiile theiegenfteii-t!
gent Likesport
later of thirlnterlOvhadsent orders; to • the?fren l ;
tiers and seaport towns,, - ,for ' t tke, ae,thoritke to.,
oonai der ; passports ,itzkoeforTtb.,as, a; title .to,,atitt:
Pot a eattse for delays . aitiOtanties:' `•-•
Thl* zPriita3i,l r Teiii Ides tepoiti•'ilitie . l'or-'
tugal iaXstit dispelled to Sone tkia therdeniarid of
Pr de Tenfies ; charged; with% ; dispatch ett )
•for tbs.... Wench Minister int, leighopi . had, arrkved in,.
the city and .delivered bikipstrvothine. M. D.
Pairs, the POrteensee: 4irtie ati•
' LiAtion'oe r '21,4'14 t.F jrn
The Thieel Per , tentei %UV mdaitictdioligek.
elosingJat , 72f: £030....: si •.1 d:)•cartt , bIA.I
'1 1 .1 , :Iratigh MconfOftWelkslP aritt
the,Tagtia.., j EKare i rcßeptAtfielligetiqpjfa at
the . ,ditfignity likelt ;to taf mitred." • 4 0A1 Tarr
taiiiititi have r igliaa!“.aii':
that it eritei tO-W-tittieritsiinfotrtiefii ; `"): 1 -4 1 1 1 '1! f. , 4 • ill
The Primehm s : Malabar.. :were topened: on! the
20th by the PASCO:At' Mriunkifi, The •, Regent on,
the.following,day sent-: in a measage ti regmetini
the Chambers to achrioaredie the Regency. ,
R " l
The nu an poa ea one 'on 'the f Amoor:riyer; ',
are being repfdly 'deierciped adoornme'date •• the
expeeteltredevitht Chins; nailer the new treaty..
The:goverrimeat,ehgine.rei'Vfopole the eoestrPe-.
tion•ef . railway,.from . the . ,Gulf
contingent bend of the 'homer river.
•mier.i!M)Wdopprzww• , .2qa , .•,.sa..;asrAl:MT.t.:
Indio •
Letters from Bombay to the 24th Of Biptember,
state that operations are being carried on, with
out Sigging, against the twittered rebels. The
arrougth rot thetrebels in Oude,.and the adjacent
districts, is seyeoty thonoand men,, with fifty-six
guns : it,is bald+ that utue outlaw...l are to be or
ganized at Luckt3ovi to traverse the country in all
dieeodous, awl / Otiertiti'ageinst tb,d rebels.
' London Thsee correspondent! thinks that
Prow thirty -eight {A; forty {how-mt Sopoys hate
been or,exeoßtorl. and adding the oasualtieo
by . anclinnes, woltuga nod want, that . not more thin
twenty pei . etin't ofthe original Bengal army i
ta::ektitibiai; ”orifniscludiug dui dinardled iegl l.
'; :r' ..).. •
vitta mitt that tliera;is'ittbe an amnesty deilnrid
in the proclamation of thsAueetep.anthority.,:
The rebOs. bave beel . ,„pereitted; with, 4rent
slaughter, on, an island Gelgra. 'ThSre* weii
thiev thousand engaged in the 'coMilot. -"Thai
were - a riven -out' 'or their entren'ohed :positions;
one tbonslind woeeaiiited , inoludinr.two Jeadert;
tJte glitieli!oencWttritillAng• -:Bombay, was clattlil.
1',.-ttlf•L'i t.i.• , r!i' 7'., 4 :4 ~! , • -... '.... : .... .• 1;*
11 Darr, i.•••; ~..ti!' • ot .. •CS•': ,'• i - ' • )
rt • ~:. . • .:. : ..• :.
4! . , , 11'.1 :! ..ob - : 7 .1 . ! ;!J;. : • ' '':'`:'!:' '• : "%.- iI.
f f piestartakfia. .
rig„ , . ! • •
.1,z . ..6
eA4l:Nsirrnozy or toisogVE DOM -10
PiOVldidief fA 11 111
nnitilliVratae p liMU4Pllolktr
1 1ee141n39T ,
Juocarr:lllo 71",,o• ) -.• •
vlbt.pka •
ig bib 1. artirli.A.:l:..q:
• •
11 611;1' f s, (...1 :.•• 1 t .. • ii.: : • 141 . 110
•, . ,
X.iototat , Hay. Wirdlow;
f01:1120IlY,Of Westmoreland Cloantyi Pa., to AtilaiJa‘mip-.4.
Monapa, all of Para, g.intiOgy.
, ' jo -i • iji.ili'riaTh
On the 2d loth, by 'Bor. Jonn, zi Wumit;alf•
Juke itli*orm., to mitia . Mairak
of the late Mr. Ailanilllar, York OonatAgrkl. „,.,
; chi .mhoviday, ottotiedath,..4 tlto , riallMitoo oll:‘,11(10
briiVeirather Itlabbiateoanty,'o., wav:
Mr.. 'J. WIC. Ins ;orCriolli . oreakc WasidViblalkrosty: Mlat Maar P. Tema. „.. r , s ,„1 0
On the 19th,of Redeber, ib_j!Bar: jlt:DoolOpr.
CLARK Mita EilaklrJANl Willillt;rbOle Of Graullail
ship, flanieon!Connty, Ohio. OA ti !W.? n; :.!
• Septeinbei;3otb;•, by J.
Aleisnderi Mr. ):alas
oAai!.4 . )pt t ito Mis
r s Aaaks P+IREBOOIt, of Washingto n County,
, Pa. 'Oetlbatlblb, M. lloritagai , HAttivia,-! • Cadailo44
,Conaty,,Obio, to :Attu PilltatiTi-.410,1011v.44.4.7441114•1 14
ounty, Pa.
• , -; , •4 • rf r
At Um parson sige,in Washineen . rdisy.msonslng,
' October* 6002, by-Bev. W.- Mt (Pargairiac-MlClotifiboort,.
090'2'913,4f .coMissibus, 0., aid.Mhstpqrkilkorh, of „pc
former .
•"_%• 1: ;
ostobor Roy. S. M. wallas% Mrt&AsoN 1311111.1. f
t2o' Miss Nett IT
AIITA Biows , Tall of Payette County, Tenn..
October,2Bth,Mr. J011114.,3119t38,t0:iiiM1, biaat - ,AAA 11.rnBi o
altpf Fayette °minty, Pa; • ~.*t
'•• At.ltoeemottiit,' by W HnCilor; tbe Nth'
111r:•Josaro }tempo:to Mat litiolinlittatTA; both , of 'Beaver .
??naty, Pfmna. • . . •
•In Ottumwa, lows, August 17th; by Rev. J. M. MeElloy,
Mr: Mammal!: M. Toes; late of IlutlarTAintY;'Pa., to Miss
'Emma Emma; of .Ottomws. ' , September •22d. Mr. Joie' L.
2311111 T to Mims ANN Elaza .
Ou the by BoT. D. D. Clarlce t ,PampaL .
nif.; of Xaisse TerrlhitY; to Miss Agragtglitniot
County, Ps. ,-; .Itrt ••• ; 1)011
By Ito-v. John ;;V:1 IPC
Armstrong County, to . MISS MAROARIT MmHg, of Yinlatt
Pa. .otobei Mr..7astis flzia, Of •Wai'rerrebliitig. •
to Min :80Pals hiAnOop, of patter, polpety„.Pa.:
On ,October 28tb, by Rey. Alexanlier;WOnnibel. INAPIN
,bozmuito, Esq.;io Mee Anar.J;Oii WXciaosria; itirof *Mb
linatibgdoti Toiinikap, Weetineiroland3Cennti,'Pi.'l. 4,G3
• ,
In Green SpringzVeabiy; Tfenspehini Ccinnty; VnyOntobital
19th', , by,Rev. tdoeeelltarnond; Mr. Smitten, T. mooL4Tirrar.
'of the Arne pWri, to. MIN iitavisn VtiorinA; • anuititeent
'tboolsctattngclergfmah.., .t •
• ':; ) . "0:13/.1 Pttlffil4
• di
U.U,441 .4Pzci
. . ,
Erd 77 •yearEn
evs l i 0:!:t
1 aof . e, nip 1 tEin 'and 18
017.7,. n ip
9-I'7.r. zut.t
I tin:6.01;1,0 .toy ; :iov
Dien4-September3l9tha7Motety k stilanghte.a.„-.4
Sauteed; PA PflAxlti PtmithiAtilLi*-a
her age. • . 4 Mt
j .
0 g11: 4% . iritifti?. few 4no"the
~,,Tkfrint l ulat„taccpl y 1%061411e the cold,
CPPAfigir#"*ii 4 .4"igigl•SlP !WA firk°o s l.l3r .
sUltroi.E't 2-; Plki4(ax
••• ••, 1.. r ." •
CU VOIT44IfOOHAMS dity;; keit; Oattibeedth.
a.tifittio iftlicizi %rather-lit- w,•Tir!tratten,
4 liffi6 ldani4l.3lknar s agid acieasts„-
life iirofeseed (to', JoVe 'her
42114E4 hid united :With the Prestiy teriati church
lit t H4cireitoinikPitiov. i.. .l3tiring her !Michalak', .ehe
'exhibited thrirthin'reeigistifioic , iindSciiint•in
h'Ope Jane.
. J • , , • J 1 J A .: , ,,ytig . l
Diun—At Zioneentra.CocuitypPingion,
morPing; • liovenlNT c•P*?1,4 1 4 113 5117 ,0 u. 1111 ,
daughter °t' 8 ,g""/ 117°. g uu .r.
'yet, re m aining consort May;fif,
:, ' tok i nga 'of •7
years,l•4'4iontie? e"
tile get:y - 14ot
0 4 •,• li p • .:11:.r; 2 • •
Ne one saw ner eland have thought
canildjfivelociiiiikier'eut to become
!,. !t! 7• .:u• elf • ,
its victim go man. xet t tee gone---gpne, as we
humbly tohe ens., severe attack
~of'ao let • .1711Trif . • t ,
4 1 111r r Apl y bititl i Ati e f'
fi!Tat!•1 11 :::t
• '
I ' I " ship,
Sr., aged 88'N:cm .!c7. I
Mr. Barber ; Wks. AP l ll o lilfAlNAerfill•
early TOutilkbto.cainta ta , PutilletCßOtliitllYeAo
CiAinty, Pa. be- married: AndriellArettid
!himself ricitk the:Prebbyterian, Church:: aftll3ll
the removed to hi/ late-yesidenee..o ~Bver . since, ; lie
las'beep •ntember;of.the eburek of. Cross Meek,
kalid for many ',years. ienstained ; the !nlEee of a
gt 11 der. ROA eharaotbri zed 1 . 3 i: great
•equanttniti, and naifolti cheerfulness. , . t•Ele plm
:tt ally attended- upon ' all cltke means of. grace,
Pivbile Nis tiowilt;•atfd stood high,lbeth as`a min
and so' the charbhJ IfoldzedJoUnid
see ':lPhitallkethfs 4ederible slid belaveit f4 f th l er,
thetienfc** ihdir I oC the
T irlatut keTtitiale‘Otilii•Oin4essildiliteiyifito
'd; ,rtillaice tie thi'Veliptirotrezi4.
The adiafaViliOcnitli
lift, ie YaN olio
' Batt r*:
• • !
tltit'Atihils residetiCe, in MO Pieasanitown
;ehip;•Wasbington 'County, Pa., ,on depaember.2,o4l,
1 ,
ihk .19,iPg CitoVE.lttitige4 about; P 5 YeEP:M... 1. 2 :1, ,
The anbjeskof ,this-briefnotine was a native of
-Irelat`xl;,-/eho,mnigrated ;to , this country :about
might:years ago: , : Settling in the; boo ods , of Mil
31W,adttut congregation; he united with ) that church
'on' certificatelrOM the , Episeopitt Church, to which
ihe( l bekinged ,in theilold , 'cOuntry: , During: this
Ishbrt life among ne; , .be was , note& for! librietirin g
'Median, 'eie'Sriplary piety; . 'and;titirii' hotietty.
The-disease of which he died, iiiiiwcitriber , id' the
'stomach.monthsFor months lie was diS4ilidi T:oni en
'gaging in his usual biMill esii.l' Milch' Of ,) the time
'he Wee'ainifined -: to-tilie' lionsii," laid I ciftiti ; • i stiffeled •
' isfri; ietAring . .0 tile Mitiiili - •iiiiinifiat an.
'T'uittl)6lllEigeeifitinees: liii'Woil'lt Otioillittiiiie
i4i4iiai.lifil lips. , A l oi ai lam a d -,- w4 , 60 •
i: . • zEi.u.c - 7 , ~, :_ ~....tu; .t ...., • 7,t tiar
s1"1- 6 4rAttY 1 , t 8 1 11 P 1 7, rP 32 ,• /1! 14 4.a, ~„"
4fori ti , t'lliln. 'Hit 1 1 4014.04 it) !r40 6
# l i F 64 : i tiM s t ii7 . en ' l ?.,P. t :,t t,' 'f i l J i lr i i!')r t 1
awayl t o ,Mren!?!. ft9.;s7 l o ,P l iM -fists ,st, better
w0r1d.,,, J' ITV ISl)lclitesr7"..Mt° Ali t , q*Ptf'd
l s dcathed,..tu,htitsr hie,leet tilmaatplokfNl Ire
for cfpd.vidilPreParP 'ic trOetiPhAlk t S' , -FA'r li
the strugglings rof his, soil c fp,lkstAts, : . tktith
scene will never he, forgot s tpt l / 4 19? pttree,,p,,lrit
nessedit. Long 741 ;hip WA, erY.;47) , !k9tP.S7
.in the :hearts 4 ,013)41: ORIPMd . t*Milb 1
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hearts of al), whp,kngier, : ,lok i l i ;•,; .te r .K 4
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,_,DxpD,--Xa • pair
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" Thet al'itkjece bf Silo wile's'
'Wo're , h'Y'it;ail,' tad Ctirfati r anr ^A•
liiied * Thirlitt - of Ilia" WO Leans; ~nnd (lied 'tho
tri timphs of the. Chrlettiri 101 1% Re was early
hron e ght into the aurck,Unon — ejt de instrumen
tality of 'David Mnßinaiii t, * than pastor
of the Spring Creek churoh; in Penn's Valley,
Pa.. From Ibe first ho was: ate': natiie, working
Christian.• After the organization of a church la
Altoona, he was called to discharge the functions
of a Ruling-Elder in that Ohurch; whiCh offioe •he
fiNd until hid death, with great credit tohiuiself,
Ind universal satisfaction to the :people: In his
death, the'community have lost i'valdableeitiiebt
the Church a bright ornatnent, his brethren 'Of
the 'eldership n'Whie - and prudent 'ocifituthifir,-*
is, , ntor a sad ilibitiat
and above all;ilit . tnrititta 6mA deietied ,
and a teutia int eidde l iful:fatkar. l telii
is his untiiittlitt* c iatiol;4, l ',SOlesk" are
dead oi,efie 4 :ll447' 4.64 itai
we lilt who iiiew•ioWiriOii W5:410144
imitate his en,amila,:',W4lkin.,hia. fooie* , h •
, IV:.
cheered in I.ife ttoN.Etalne 4 1 91krk„IffIr.Olik • : Nr
same triumphant deitti Then
. ehall , we fie' With
hini t ‘fniever,,in , the ,
be l art•siricicen wife anditith j erlses dim.
• -.of r sr../ JO
commend to the 'oars andligntee ourgovewpwt
keeping God. . • ;,
DrsO-20f natural debiiitY; oit i MMidliyi:Novrni-1
her Ist, Mrs. SABAH:4BAm: relior 'of+ the". late:
Adam Liam, of ,No rth Huntingdon Th*lllll49
yestmarelancl PeR4 16 74,PA , t1 1 410 TA 7*-1.8-n:: .. 1
• The ciro um atipaCekoflitrilittlialka earirlifei
would. be too •tidionit tOinariate v'stilibie+it toil weirl
'of her 7 religiotielyPthittiftge litairttleined , : With !
, ,
'sedulcitts , care -bittite: iitineiNintv of the German:
A lilekonnedikelff?iiteAiiiinsbifegtoitbniflikliVOthi
rthilitli(diisli *file's!"rikilltii iiiid4hfutilithiit nuinii
14. I ITlke S iiiiildi4f thii fittibtitef. Ifilithinti' iiej,
titiiiiiititi isittinl4'inorV thiii tfir,11631,446.!
''Cli eli , iotts:foOtilit i thei tiii)tiii hitliiiii;tiViiitild..o
and he 40iii it to' be iiiiili the tionigii , lof 64
iiiiiiiiiiitormiYi . ortineeseli viosavaovaiiiiip,oakt
vai fait tqViii.:athidreV,lid'iie Olniiil s ihi ;idiii•l
• i•Wii,ol,li, 4iiiiiWiiiii'eigtoP4io iiiigitl 3 / 4 5 'esa
'zjii!,y, tf fei.. *Me igiiiiidasigi l l i ia i?Viiikai
.. .t .:. ...g ram ,4 r•i, 11;0
.. J. 1 ., 4.. r: tr 3,2f1(
:1 9 X P °r " 'VI I ff , "R u t 11 .9°VP' 4 ". °T 4 1 " M ° l l l
finei ioileiiiY,,iiariio ie= cbsii, -1 4C4t - iio
J,, , i !,. ..•3X, ..‘..)-: u 4 IV. , ' , !"..U... .. {3 M' 4 •
A g gh t qX 1 1 M I RP9 'Ol h , 9 FC 'Wtia# not he;
,q, scat 2, 1 6 1 1' Itirtel, ViNl
elPlAlit#PYllit,*thns t $4 A n :iNTRINOti
. 1104. iblikiiiinltkanqie; : ifxlfidOS Vit et 4 PO
..9mgeL i , I 130ffs c lOi r t ,wiflovri liith l it:4ftrimy.4ol7 l .
-Pfi children, around her , • PanYl. nttikliam -Young;
jalie :lisubs.rged• Ake ) 4lntiesjofyher- perijous i trust
iwith such rarhi-sticPesai'l that Skepticism keolf;
...N.lewin g , that, family walking :before. Godli Odegi
!city of heart; . , °outdo hardly: doubt) the Tealitrof
• that . ; invisible; guidance 7 and': 811004tVirbieh ''. a
ilthiinant God has engaged to ltnpart, ilipiinnisiAg
stO' , bl; ig•hesiiatol to:the Aiidow',... arid skither'w the
. fittlitlrßee.l n iiier;teltiFerNiietirtiftirolly:ldatiotciiiid
t tiiikqitil: it4ll,rti l oCifte.e , Yiiiiisti::Wiiiiiii't:tiiiiihi
' freni iiinid.liakiiie, it 'an .1- iinifOile 41156sitioii,
- theitgli"shi : PitioliefthesiPiit iikii4 . iingiesiegreti;
, icift' 'Uteri ... l44l'c ' ief.eiiiii Of Iliiilii rat liiii s tillfillt
is t3Oti p r. :oll:,filaritttiliy inipitieelf gwitii'Velitieiwoi
Ilit4l64o?"l3kiii*EetethWilt , flas l'itigixt4iilii
*IN' r.
' lute" i.iliiir . ii . `'‘i .. eop'n' . ' fatly ''', -iT te : YlP : tie
* tank:Wel 'iritkiiiidq ilie,h - niiink ilati 4 iiiiVira4
, s , e i ttl-LWt . .
- ,1 7 0Y : 711 .1 1 1'tcft' , 2 7 rti i Di ° it •"..‘ l . 9 , 1 .c 1 ' tee
i t
' l4de ,g r°°° P ° 7l 4 l , 4ftl e .f I ; l ' l ft i T l s l,° -q r 7
' not, for, the d?aa as ther„yrno. have ,A 9 I hope,
•J` Fir if .71g b e il ,..IT ''' iit u ti t :sl4 . "Akt.d it' . 'd
, rose
'gain, even 2P,i9 l ,ellift. B° .7 l !Vi 8*9,11P :leans
, nillAod.,bripg l ltith*.7 ; l .
.;;, . .. ILICG.
• •
t!) sd7 tized tio Vioocr
•Pin A l LT l Ctin a WN 6 44l.. E M ll br,i s ir j
*a34411J cimaigtilk** 2 3
in 4 :4 Mir STYLE. I3 I4ION, s6o:ooPir
,rt ; l ink s sthititbat filte ,
ingionontwAx i vitinw•ltAto
'!",?:11.TN27 Iktmo?
.4* Than Machines sew firnwtvp. spools , and iig l a
issue otikiiiipilakidf:atiagui+timity;s
eery,' Bl t4lrOe•Cut:
They are %Jinni& onity the bow in Ihelnazigertb;
11!• , 1 eil u.:''.;! . 0 1
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r ,
•Litiflth la 01 'ZW9 MUM:
Thiropig W
cf V 1.4 ttlftne . Treo 4 . dr,0 . 10ij ~_
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O r i 1 / 7 1/
-9 V. tbeAilertO,EdltlOw, 9 1 44 ) 11 r, bourn& 41 TriftlintOrier.,
mrtll.• be Bold low. Aleo,,Oe new edltlea;6wo/5..R0p1 . !ew.."
belt lig:km . 4lin Turkey Morigicd..,` i..t t pll.o ,irll: t
1; Jell Inktike &Mg of Solomon . isl,s,o,"iktsf
eft hs.sq
re Cause et pal and Trutb.
41 berworui and T vas; bouna.s.stolg ;
„ . r,
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Ptiblieiitionii. of 3 116118016•411bivesilimin
APP ,li ngrathtt l lstgaiet:liif .•
: . 1-1!),t-e.e0 elf k P,ati n ,7if PY.Cattgeolligrbi.
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h;i.! t .thc 22 P.Y0402.4.460ht54 1 0 606 :=;,
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at d.AI crag! r• ' t
"tairjav aw-) vz :o t'ls7laAAasv.Pe3o:l4l
, I.triinalbkinsto . nqw e liliguty:Ati t Am el*, 1 °
-or gi ctsvdiuniZinow Tino 'lf I •
' ,By/gsti lm ;,=cor. get,
rm. bdat luau& 5172. 1211.
./Ally portion f die& Llbrarieemay be pure4eediA
erlAp 41.1ppiAtof,tnpilit=p,e t ri l t i e vc a i ftt i tzto p
ptice • providedihe Odes
• 1 rt
)44°114 7 . : P:'ENG Pilbibil n utrAtiVit;" ;
81); !{t 11:.1 -
,:11.1catik Kamopmas istresur
f de/A 44, . •;; -
I[l - 014410,14TA.Y 6 15.1ED1XAL 111 . Mil* OSLIE
, v l iverpat roe3lChie . of the keit' let: ally',:Tlikeiran,-,
'! mass isle nit* the itebetiellrialthdlnenet: In
lands both aiviiists sod gangs, It, it ,the, mod:icing . o r f the
million for ell the intArdia teotillollatihr'Of Age Itueen
Bola et tee loannitetory, 080 slain ,ueue y Nom Orly,
edged WilitDritzgler4 pe c tibee•ox pot; _
ikisi anima aaasaacion%l r t i h i rr fa a family,ps 1.
MP . 7 .`tet:* 4771 hilit 4 t 3 AM l lfl l .olnA L b .
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MD aiiiiimitotityxgr DI 'ulna
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ruloi&nriortsieircorii) Strefitiibbve "dak'
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rletritiir. 41.1-1,1w).Z5114:". _ •10 el
mod ai gg rre glinr i . P:TOr i ) 1 : t i t irei d . lf ° 1; Ti t l e : l 7 14
.5161 0171111 , Er 0•11111111111111ABY,
apatailißSOßML—The. t Winter, Tom qtAis Altruel
tarn Emilie Beliteriary will *lea (XlTOBitlegerk: -; •
tiwill4m;:, a 43 Reg Si'.; tL. , .(17 GREW
I - 11 qfo r.) •'o* •
ijVdr ' 00 1 0
. 2 7- 11 IP / 0 II EP
isnaans , :f avnrm!m• •ffiffl
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inaystd 4 lNDlZlNgsgaitie
• 7,1;41,., mi ffo is. „op , lamas, 'MUM +lllAr _
iT , ' This &alma* of :thrilling (advent...twain said Itiairbreadtte
begets d ore /MYNA MOIL Dr.
, I =anelr g aini s rie white •
Iltravaildfriwitto afrkirr attehdanA amorialferent fteibes
, mat natipme, all ettrarge to him, end many of Ahem ho/itile,
' l lendaltogether 3 forintria themost satonishiak book diem:
oak the woridluaq ever sawt.. , , 1
ThislKork; in iiddittain 'to its ipt`ereetieg oh/erecter a
kW*" k of [ treed,: and the •Veiy•greet ,petscinal merits bt its
linOmr,is amatiallxwortivapte attention of the(
ICE T, I'G, I 0 UP" WORLD, 1
ZOn acodeatof .the , new, liehtl4filibuilonsryashra:gerhich It
„hl pwit„tbe peopief 3 hich, au thor presents on
tioVsr method
Aid shatsr,.tOfilaiSZilige,B.AßßAßOkrodkeNk
, he new eri bliTOry ot
'I ef'a stimo N k.ll y. 1.3 rimotirl9,-1 - ,1
t i vdeb. It, wilLprobably ineurgentei A4l, gpr, Agents ao
kdowlestge it the moet'ealeablet book wo,blished:' The' Most.
iliberal CODIIIIIbBIOII MOO toMMIN, small or, /loge visa
titles. Nor particulars, address
• i- • • T. IV BRATILkIY üblieher; '
ry; - 148 ENorth•Yeertb Stzset,Philadelphie;Ra.
~Copies rent by moil, free, on rec'etiat'of fairies; $1.25.
Ile, 1 r Inl. - 1.7 oy
i ; .* - itti A it if: grOUti YOIEINBTab
NlVliro • Vlb 111;141.• W A 111
BATA AND ANTAIL.--W • Daliatar. joroisToli ,
Smithfield gfitiet i PittabniglG;(fiearly'. opposite the Oaf-
Hosseiplasejnid opened R yaftnriCe selection of
(AMEN ANDI3I•ACN NAI3; • • ' ,
N the lateetimportaDaner idles %• ft 4
z I
icOVIP:9IIIOV (jab% 901411; Crashed and:Pitlyerimad Bogor',
ties ? Moo. our; Peel end - Coln Btircit; Farina, Iresit. Pow-
Micciironi,Vintealitliioorlba; Brom d; Nitro Vo: hand
4,lpiced Moro's* • Pure ,Dround Spiess., Castile, Almond,
Palm; oenniiiiand ROBili Soaps; sup. Carbonate of
•CS oda ;:Ores= Tartir ;01sta:inns Table Balt Pnreltitrects
• onion and Vanilla:. OW; Mould. end Dipped Dandips ;,130.
seosied Hams `: prioid - - 'Beef; /fakir - and.
' k . ,. °.. l=k eri li.:Sreil iPi pix=VCritCH,ind &
"':d `ID owderste •
_rotsti: Aye j w . vtimots!!,7 so4cips, share of patron- 1
go, "'AO Ike, I
J: '
•. q tea ..!
4. bo C'Zttt•.,
The Buttes Ie puhlieluttweekl,y, lit *be FlltSep of l'itte•
burgh end Philadelphll,iiittidailijebedhillemerilededellatlon
In the Premb:rtoriari. f.axurek
IN ADVANCE," :'T tf ' ' lrrtil ?MIN :TT " . ' Owl jj , r 'sem..
IN CLUBS of towsty,andopinttaot) 1 . 21 " ••
Diaavirmar In either of the et , • 1.74 4 ..
ADITIITIKIIMENTB r Ili Ad" - 18.1 h , - " •
101' idea Mum, or km, quoin/titian
,os,ounto ;,eoch Bob.
boviout loarrtion;2s' ionta. 'Rich addltiosfil 'ltsrii,'boyoßd
eight, 8 poem for . ioxigy-laster.t f, .•,)
'oreight tines, tom . $140. - ilisb adcUtlonai Hoe,
25 conta.
for eight litoes,Chis TiorNll4sll:4l6bliddlitionoli in. $l.
01.111.,8 of two thief, $11,4,...yeir. A4os 41 for each addi
tion/41 line. '' " ' .''' "" '" '''''''''''
BUSENXBB NPZISiIf! of $1 0 4484111 htliOntiklu A r Back
additional line, fr cent,.
Commtinkedkialietekdieiliedniatiory enztventidne.2de
dicai Practice, geh,~4,Alio. r being designed for Lbw prow
ottani benefit of I v ldnal s be' 'paidfor as Bn Ill) et a
Rim: .by.,msd! ,sood.oilontt7.. Is otherwise
el * be
at hand: Drafts or notee Of` the'lar eidenendiration. ere
preferable, where they,earkine tips _ tly obtained.
Pesroas send** na twenty sub • re and upwards
will be theritireatltled to w Import-well:Wit charge:
N,ll-nivi tzesprtirlan famlliesarevAerxecuphAleperved,
their may be aceommodaled it the Clib'prico,iiren'thGugh a
row of the twenty hPoopvtimbi. LcstAkt Desapplled, if Fold.
hie. The Pool we /hall favor, to our chnostehtllty. Let Um
supply be rum. but every paperpoidfor.
Per Tiio Ddt air fad; stilitill4rild Seventininaliert; or
for One Dollar, Til 2.lo.yrihrlie pponbere ; „ Thia le for the selteot
easy remittance. • , - ' ' -
I.l ., ,Pitstorei ii ,isiskiner pp , elulni, find ,soptcpernons not
ready to pay, at onse„,..throymay "yet send on the names, al th e
Club priesytm Weir oyriireiponelbllitftoliaynilhortly. It
is desirable that olubti date,tirair•obion periods at tb •
same time. ' ' ' DIVED MirEMNIY, Proprietor.
FruschutosmAopatg•- 1 -paZ ipoivry.
PIM SINSMN will ' open On * SECOND OW
NOVEMBER nixtatrEnung Am) and - 410y, prepared for
Rosiness or College. Toilsomo parßerelon of tire months.
Light and Fuel exttif ' ; 717.. •
Those desiring a School in: Abe country ; easy cf. saws,
'Minding thorough initruction; coodgeted on the principles
of • well regulatatleh7 l _ l ll alrbMee.will;rme 8414111.11
J.ll. IJIUMAKIIBI, ~ Principal,
Academia, Juntuta County, Pe.
*.y^ LF. 4I
P t y /PALL STOCK 'AseriDoefeci4 gala at radnes6
I .fr)ti f A.. / ,etzEur.olbp bap choice A C o Cone;
• •
do.:f•cidAloyernilerktJaVa,Coebeifru •
80 do. choice Green AAgFasyni, do;
4 holes " do;
6 hhds. Lovering's Syrup;
60 bbis. do. ,Ozzudied and Pulverized Sugar;
50 do. Reline&Whiteliiod • • • do.,
100 bf. chestaColong,TeaA , ,
25 do. do: Young Vyrlou 'Teri: —
Teas of all grades, putupin middy boxeae for :fasolly ma,
together with a fresh Newly of Spices, English and, Ameri
can Pickle. 'avid :Pruiau Oidirrnits, Jiih
in various sized packages, key._ • .
The attention . ofllousekeepere 1. tequeested to my Cate
kipie;whlch will be furnished by mail'. if_disired, oodtaiu
log an extended list of goods.
se•AsAlitrrafici aeYcer
-Ibe-Matieditlrigpoifor Steamboat landings,'-and all orders,
however small, carefully tilled.
.t.t.f D IIN:A..REDI.,B4.A.II7,AnzaiIy Grater.
spill , ~
I.lfNNA.—Tbe founders of this Institution hays e
mad -tiiii:i•rvitew 'of 'MILS. •CAROLINX .L. WIT !JAMB
(widow of the late Rev. I. W. Williams,) and it will be
ormed ! .lllk the reception,ot wan, ladle", on the.yiqt
.KOnday. (ves,W) of.
lets thedeiftu of tile KinCl4l and tifeode of this
letituthin toi aliiitall Watobuld be disked itiu , nrathlasa
,lileminarnfor tiut practicalandth
I =h training of young
TO this eurl,,thay:hare large brick house
fora biirdiNg-hotelo,, and = an Vireo's . large 'ectiool-roome
rplimpletAyfurniiheit.. . : 1 • . ; •
The Estuautmelesoloneellt comm,Teson.ll4oAPArt Monday
of ro r T, ..a continua fweutjr‘ina
- PntSilfifroin edistande ire enacted tO' Ward -With the
Principal, who will endeavor tdinake heittotiae irtudde for
than, rather than a boarding-house.
I :ltNewburris sarshilerfroni•abla
pensbura, from which place •.baciF supplies it with a daily
'min. Parificuirthe Fellondit
1 'MO t.Wr i rilre'. 4 . ;
rit. the Principal of tido anotitntion 1 •
/practical (Imbiber: Of zwoctu'esperkrniaiiitiall .tgailranclies
tortially gat In ,ota: ~beat Semtnarjea r . and "onmel v ery
'highly rim'woieitded,' Dote ikiliful teacher h ud a s n
,00intdisheci . - • . t
A'll tfie . branches usual In our best Ilehainaries lse
'tinighttandlltiardlk tornistantori very reasonable:Urals.
Forjurttter information, j applY to IdFa t WUllipog L at
t lrew" burg' ",* alter iii Nit /of Apriii r or *leftism' .ktrii.
$l9l4.llf)."?''YVW. , • st , hall • . • fa b! ') #,A,
14110.4 ICATIt'.I
,f!tsrusay ?oti , 3:^-nint tirm.o.: , t6qz , )
411 I M 8 TR I NP-1 q r . 1 . 1 .V 9 . J 4W
ed' 4Fc'•N*
ow,the.l aulAtioat . (Tough clommerotiq fklapol
of UPPlTisltici Mtn-11-Ye ankhtinitireir stultasJ Males
Witt ~ L iffipiging:AloupLi . . , r:e3") -•-o 2in c:- (1 A.. 4 ra-' • A
J. U. MUTH', A.M., Prothcoor of Boos neeptug sun Monte
of Accounts. .0 ~'..,,, ,s3•l:;:ii.a
A. T. DOUTIIIITT, Taming . pi Arithmetic and +Demmer
eta Oalcalstion.
- .
ifS3.rA.,II22DRICH and. T.lO. IBNICENB;Inushers nlEttli .
A. 00W : LEY and W. A. MILLI:B.; Prois.,n f . Penmanship.
.tuitdAnanry departraent,44hotlines ii., , ,CrintinerstallArith •
lineiness ItritrottL Detecting CO)nbterfett
taught, and all other att . hjects neoestaary; for the an
*Main' .
eancatheit:Of Vint:4ll:li biaraileniiiii.crtM adi
~ T .iv01T,36, Lf;',. iTIR 1401 IX; 403
t r At a,the,p, :sm ms Plt4eburgh, fbr tya pat Mt*
' ralankif It&iftrwa ip
ndWiistena'OlUes;fOr PsWirtighir,
I..9W { NTFATAD. ;
444-7,lteviilw r at pl.esiture,--Gradtuttes aselsted,in,atainfes
for egininariiat Marie; F 35.00--
iAtatagattont elatitrto twelve wasks—Boiurd,}s2,so)perivibek
—Stationary, s6.oo—Entire cost, sBp.oo to, 0.00.
Mir Ministers' sotth'iiiaiieVathedfililett?
ITP r ittp4, spegatif, eat:Oren
eel ritingin'elose two stifling, an tt addien
t 4 •! , P, , w IJAPricjWBveAttPliniielr.Pi.
. . .9 .11 r : e •. • :it f'
• By ~D)MD Lol6p. •
Perhaps there is nocloser-and more indefatigable stn
llelAsof ham , paid much a -
ention'to the piihCipleus of' hitiernratiftf6ri;indtbilldwa
i,Setioitieg language. ..Whatja Onerally ;; termed the.pre.
doctrine to the one be Aotota. endno - One 'argues
It More .ably Ural 'dirpanatinefily2f .
- totak t ii
• .44,4,6i . bayi nieiFects" iind.P,in_j[e• 'agathYS
Peofiee,e, dwarf, editionA Prfee4l426.", ; 1.4 b
• The Characterlitlev Lawa of Figuitalthe
, tronith , 'editOn:r ericepsl.o,o 011".11
. Tbe ?rem op,Propheflp ilyathoth.
ton.' Piles 16 '" • " ti
s,Altrthf"aboAlsontob 3 ;tmaiLTettlfAres44 , 1 41 1 A 1* *
oda or thii'lprice,Vy the '
00 Ice esririoig MrisIifILINULNIGHT:i
.44 • .
New. York.
,wtaar r i, is : rilf.j5;111011 .li9lVlll. PER .0 EXT.
VAXlS i eWeinuellfreet,SouttOrnitsCorisr of Tblnd;Ptiii a.
16101RPOR6.TRD ef,,sts,B7,47E,ciff PENNESUVeiN I p.
• • thiiiiet ie,eeiveit ilyinuar large cir email, end' inter.
eet paid from the day of deposit to,thedepotr. arlthr al.
The office is open every day from ' 6 o 'clock
cloci in the morn•
sing till 6 o'clock in tlie - dfrernoon, and on Monday and
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References and certifkates at our Mike: f..
76 Smithfield St., near DisiiMid - Ailey; Pittan'g, Pa.
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AltaE, N 0.167 Libotty area, Pitiebargh, Pa. aab•