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rosbyteriaiii Usurer, Veit VII, llla. 7.
rweiebyterlias Advematro Vol. 421. Noe 2,
DAVID MeKINNEY, Vito? and Proprietor.
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The Christian's Hope
lia w pleasing the hope of the humble believer,
Thou,2l; and forsaken in this valu of woo;
Ili• kii”ws that. tho Saviunr at length will deliver
e“ry temptation and trial below.
!le'! eninfort and Shield you in eorrove and danger,
In deepe.t. 1.11 ictinn his tenderners prove;
II; Spirit still guide yeti, till, DO more a stranger,
Ile brings you to mansions of glory above.
T h vro, there you behold his ineffable glory,
Tat. Kirg in his beauty you there shall behold ;
A:1 , 1 iglu rltudotn'il 801118 rehearsing the story
Of )u v 2 Oat eternity cannot unfold.
Your glcrions evil shall ne.more be declining,
Your moon never more be obscured or with-
The Lamb'. noonday light shall forever be shin
The days of your mourning be oTer and gone.
Then why should you shrink at the world's trib•
U 9
'l' is but for a moment, and all will be o'er;
A mansion of glory, and full, free Eitlvation
In Christ, the Redeemer, is your's evermore,
Nicklcsville, Oct , 1858
Synod of Pittsburgh,
The Synod of Pittsburgh met in the Preshyte
rion church of Blairsville, on the 21st day of Oc
tober, at 7 o'clock P. M , and was opened with a
neriunn by she R-v. Juel Stonerood, the Ilinderst 7 ,
t from Col. i; 28
Afser sermon, - the Moderator took the Chair,
and constituted the Synod with prayer.
The following members were present, viz.:
A. G Fairchild, D,D., Randall McGlaughlin,
Jot.. Smith, D,D., Thos, Wray,
A. 0 Patterson, D.D., Jacob Dufenbaugh,
Joel Stuneroad, Thee Patton,
Watson Hughes, Win. Forsythe,
John McClintock, H. Campbell, ;M.D.,
C. C. Riggs, Sam'l Black,
James 11. Hughes, John Rankle,
R, M. Wallace, Andrew Christy,
W. F. Hamilton, John Giffin,
0. Ra'horough, W. S. Caldwell,
R . F, Wilson,
D. H. Barron, •
Alex. McGaughey, •
James Martin.
Ministers. Elders.
W. Jeffery. DA , Edward McGinnis,
W. B. Mcllvaine, A. Morrow,
George Marshall, D.D., John Culbertson, , •
S. C Jennings, D.D., L Loomis,
R. Lea, Thos. Wightmao,
M. W. Jacobus, D,D., John Simonton,
Alden, D.D., J. D. McCord,
A. D. Campbell, D D., Jennison Beatty,
D. Mcliinney, Jas Scott,
Samuel Fulton, B. Brown,
Jas. M. Smith, . Samuel Ooliins, - .
C V. McKaig, Siniecar Jackman. _
Samuel Findley,
W. Hunker,
R. MoPhertiot,J t iktutatv.o. ,
W. Ewing,: J: bcbit-T?. f
I. N. McKinney,...: ;:. • , ,
C. G. Braddock,.
A. 0 Rockwell,
J. Y. McCartney,
T. B. Van Emau.
Ministers. Elders,
D. Kirkpatrick, D.D., Alex'r Thompson,
S. McFarren, D.D., David McConnell,
:N. H. Gillett, Cbaties 'MeGlaughlin,
A. Torrance, John Hosack,
George Hill, John Gallaher,
James Doris, James Speer,
S. H Shepley, • James Carothers, bI.D.,
J. C. Carson, Joseph Reed,
John M. Hastings, Joseph iCennedy,
R 964 Stevenson, John Cavioi
W. Edgar, Andrew Long,
J. W. Walker, Samuel A. Logan.
J. A. Brown,
J. P. Fulton, .
B. L. Agnew.
Ministers. Elders.
Joules Montgomery, C. Orr, -
D. McCoy, - Jo n C. McCombs,
W. McMichael, "J. B Lawson,
C. P. Cummins, Dan'l Beck, .•
Jos. Matter, J. McClelland,
John McKean, David English.
W. P. Moore.
ifinisters. Elders.
W. J. S. Quigley,
S. M. McClung, John Hamilton,
Alex'r Donaldson, D,D., John Thom,
John Carothers, John -Hastings,
W. W. Woodend, W. McElwain,
Ueo, Morton, Francis Harbison,.
And'w McElwain, James McClain,
Thos. S. Leason, Evan Lewis,
S. P. Bolls:non, R. S. Robinson,
Franklin Orr, W. Irvine,
Geo. W. Mechlin, W. C. Bayard,
R. McMillan, S. H. Johnston,
John Stark, R. A. Hamilton,
J. P. Kennedy. D. Risher,
5. W.'Logan.
liedetune.—Samuel Wilson, D.D., J. B. McKee,
Reuben Lewis, H. W. Biggs, James Black, David
Williams, and J. H. Flanegau,
. Ohio.—F. Herron,D D ~ W m. Smith, D.D., A. B.
Brown, D D., A. Williams, D D., W. D Howard,
D.D., John M. Smith, John Kerr, Samuel Cald
well, J. W: Hazlett, Geo. W. Sloan.
Virtue, R. Carothers.
Marion.--John Wray.
Sallsburg—Jos. Painter, D.D., J. H. Kirkpat
rick, E. D. Barrett; L..M. Graves, W. F. Morgan,
W. G. Shand, John Rice.
The Rev. Alexander Donaldson, D. D.,. Was
elected Moderator, and the Rev. W. Ewing Tem
porary Clerk.
Oa motion, the reading of the Rules to the
Moderator was dispensed with, at this time.
The Stated Clerk laid a Docket of business on
. the table.
On motion, the Synod resolved to meet at • 9
o'clock A. M., and adjourn at 12 M , and meet et
'2, and adjourn or take a recess at 6 P.,M,,.during
their present sessions.
Synod then adjourned, to meet to-morrow morn
Wing, at 9 o'clock.
Concluded with prayer.
FRIDAY MORNING, 9 o'clock.
Synod met, and was opened with prayer.
The minutes of the last session were read.
Benjamin McLain, elder, of Presbytery,of Ohio;
A. P. Thompson, elder, of Presbytery of Blairs•
villa ; Joseph Henderson, elder, of Presbytery of
Saltsburgh ; 'appeared, and their names were re
The Moderator announced the following Com.
mittees, viz,:
Ministers—Ross Stevenson, J. M . Olintock, and T. B. Van
Eman. Elders—J. S. Quigley, and D. Beck.
JlThais'ers—W. Brafiches!, 'O. W. hTerhlin p f and Q. 0
Braddock. Elders—W.B. Caldwell, and J. MeGilanis. •
, ON BILLS AND OyEliTtial.lB.
Ministers--J. Iltoneroad, U. Marshall, A. Torrance, A
McElwain, and D. 4lcUay. Alders—T. Wray, L. Loonde
and C.
Ilintsteri-0. V. MeEttig, SF. Iltighea;:N 11. Otileit,. SF
Woodand. And U. P. flunimius. Elders—D.
AY. 0. Itovr.rd, and J. U. famson.
jtinisters—Georee lUD, end S. 11. Shepley. 'E/der—J
Spetr. • •
.A/it,i,ters 7 .T. S. Lesson, and James D/ViS. Eider—J. 11
Miaders.--V. W. •TRCObIIEL J. 111. Unatinga, and S. Id
McClung. Widers—J D &Venni, and J. llauulton.
Jlinisters—lt.l.ea; J. O. Carson, and Geo. Morton. Elders
—Simeon .leeldnau and C. Orr.
dlinistcrs—~V. AI Paxton. O. It. Ltnglier, marl 3. Mont
gomery. Lielexs—Ur: 11. Cun3pbell. and Or. Jail: Circitheril.
REDEJTONE.-74filai$6er8--$. findleY. ;Ind . F W. Walker+
Oura—Minitters--in. McParrett, and.S.P.Ballman. :Eider
—u i;nglieh.
BlAtazvlLL.B.—Ministers-11. - 31031111 an, and 4. Mateor.
Etter—lC'F +rsytha. • _
OLABiox.—Aftraistcr.s—J. IL EUgllet4 and . a.
Ebigr-ityX Thoupenn.. •
ZdePhar#sn A
, and, W., Edgar.
• ' 4 "
The reading of the Minutes of the la:stlebeion
of Synod were dispensed with. •
Preebytevial Records were presented, and
ptaced. in , the. hands of the
,Conunittees, for re
Statistical RePorts, from the Presbyteries., were
presented uud read, and amiroved.
The Stated Clerk reported, that he had written
to the Stattl Clerk of Ale General Assembly, on
the subject of the order of the Presbyteries,. in
the tklinutes of the Asgembly ; and that the-de
sired change had not been complied with. • -
Oa motion, it was
Rooloqd, That ibe several Presbyteries be re
quested to instruct their Commissioners to the
next Assembly, to bring the subject before that
body, itrorder to secure the change desired.
A Memorial from the congregation of Greens
burg ItAing to- beset over from the Presbytery
of Redstone to the Presbytery of Blairsville, was
read. After some remarks the request was
granted, and Dr. Smith and the congregation of
Greensburg were detached from thf; Presbytery
of Redstone, and attached to the Presbytery of
A Memorial. from the Boards of Directors and
Ttnettes of the Western Geological Seminary,
was presented and read, and referred to the
mittee on the Theological Seminary.
Dr. Fairchild, of the•Coretnittee on the Narra-.
five of the State of Religion, reported: The
report was accepted, and ailupted,,as follows, viz :
The Synod of Pittsburgh, in presenting, to the
churches the Annual Narrative of the State of
Religion in their bounds, wish them grace, mercy,
and pence, from God our Father; and Jesus Christ
our Lord.
From the reports of the Presbyteries sent up
to us, we are.enabled to state that there is a de
lightful prevalence of peace and harmony in our
churcites ; that there is an undiminished attach
ment to the doctrines and order of the Church,'
that the attendance on the means of grace is
marked, by an increase of numbers, and unusual
interest; that Biblical and . Catedbetical instetic 2
tiOn are generally imparted to the children and
youth. Sabbath Schools are sustained in 'nearly
all our congregationci, and academies and sohools,
founded on. Christian principles,•are receiving the
attention uf our, ministers ,and pedple. Meetings
fnr pi•ayer and exhortaticin me regularly main- -
thine& With very few exceptions; in all our
churches. •
The scheme of Systematic ;Benevolence during
,paaayear ltas operated,succe.,af ally within our
bound. In` th - e midst of a ituit eevere monet.fry
pressure, the contributions to the Boards of the
Church have been increased beyond those of any
fbrmer,year, snaking it
. quite 4ppategt thatin ti:s
Triigrlthl telt" artitir r a e .t l iVe
w a t wait t em' e Lep . onsy
Wttin'lliF'o . I '''firsiBreanß T Sffene*
ttiPlibtObileyW7ctittgpitiipire lhas , oboe ode d. We •
:hriweissilbtoolafneotohwwever, that most of our
nlinrehes,f.all.fa,below.the Scripture standard of
libnefteemse, and that some have given almost
nbthitlg to the cauQe, of Christ during the year.'
Our ministers, for the most part, have labored
with uncommon zeal and fidelity, beiug
season and out of season. Many of our Ruling
Elders and Deacons also have actively co:operated
with their pastors, by visiting families, conduct
, tog meetings for prayer, and persona,' conversation
will' the impenitent.
For all these tokens of the Divine favor, we
are bound to reader thanks unto God But we
have also received special mercies, calling for.
special thanksgiving and-praise. The Conaention
of-.ministers and elders, held in the city of Pitts
burgh in. December last, was favored with the
manifested pt.eeence of the Head Of 'the Church.
Whilst assembled like the. "primitive disciples.
with one accord, and 'in earnest supplication,
waiting for the promise of the Father, the Holy
Ghost descended upon them, and baptized them
anew with love and zeal. Many of them were
accompanied by the . sameDivine spirit, when they
scattered abroad preaeltiag the Word. Slumber
ieg churches were aroused, backsliders were re
claimed, neglected family altars were re- establish
ed, and many of all ages and classesbecame subjects
of converting grace ; the rich, the poor, the aged
and.the youngk-from the man of three score and
teu, dowu to the child of twelve years—tea well
the outcast prodigal, as the baptized children of
the Church. But the greater part have been
gathered from the ranks of the• young ; from
S'abbsth Schools and Bible Classes; from those,
who have grown up around our &mimetic altars.
It Ivonld be snperfluous to mention 'all the
churches which have shared in a greater, or less
degree in this blessed •work. The number of
persons admitted on profession, in the different
pastoral charges, omitting smaller accessions,
varies from twenty to one hundred and fourteen.
One of our youngest Presbyteries, with-but seven
regular laborers in the ministry, has received
more than five hundred to the Communion,
mating an addition' of more than a fourth:to
their membership. 'Another Presbytery, with
fifteen stated laborers, has received on examina
tion, nearly four hundred.
In several of the churches, this great work is
represented as exceeding in power and perms.
nenee any thing which bad been previously wit.
nessecl by their moat' aged members. Iv every
instance it bas proceeded in silence, characterized
by . deep solemnity, .and unattended by any marks
of extravagance or fanaticism. The'measures by
which itlas been prOmoted, have been the faith
fill preaching of the doctrinea of grace, social
prayer, religious conversation, and family visite-
Among the churches which have been more or
leas favored during the year, we may name, in the
Presbytery of Redstone, as having experienced
some mercy drops--11.IcKeesport, Brownsville, and
Morgantown. In the Presbytery of Blairsville.
the churches of Armagh, Blairsville, Centreville,
Johnstown, Unity, and Murraysvile ' e hav enjoyed
a gracious refreshing_ In the Presbytery of Ohio,
the First, Second, Fourth, Sixth, and Central
churches of Pittsburgh, with those of Lawrence
ville, East Liberty, Monongahela City. Sharon,
and Canonsburg. - tallies - Presbytery of Saltsburg,
the churches of Saltsburg and Indiana. In the
Presbytery of Clarion, more, than half the
,churolies have participated in the refreshing in
fluences. We may name, particularly, those of
'Clarion, New Rehoboth, Callensburg, Concord,
Richland, Pisgah, Bethesda, Licking, Leather
wood, and Perry.
Among our Literary Institutions, we may name
Jefferson College, ns having been peculiarly fa
vored during the year. At the close of the Win
ter Session, about thirty of the students had be
come hopefully .converted, and many others were
inquiring the way to Zion.
Toe Western Theological Seminary, though.not,
properly spesking„ within our bounds, is a child
of this Synod ; nor has any portion of the
Church a deeper interest than we have, in its
prosperity. We rejoice to say that during the
year past, it has participated largely in the re•
freshing influences of the Spirit—that there has
been a very large accession to the number of its
pupils, and that several of the young men have
consecrated themselves to the Foreign Missionary
work. We earnestly commend this beloved Insti
tution to the prayers and contributions of our
But it were impossible to speedy all the par
ticulars of this exteneive'work- Eternity alone
FOR THE WEEK ENbiNO 6 siwunikv, *covEitimpt, 65
can disclose the whole hikory of its progress, and:
its blessed results..
Truly, we have fthundantreason to'praise the
end inagnifY the, riches of his unuterited
mercy. Much has been done, but let nB_ll*, fors
get that much more remalos to be dune. Let
us hope and pray that the mercies -received may
prove'tbe k harhingor.of bright and glorious Aays
to our Zion. Let us bear in mina that titda:niq,,
Sttbbrttb bi.Atikitigi 'intemperance, and 'adiotoof
kindred vieos, abound everywhere; that -many ; of
our Church members are slumbering 'hat ilte.,l
foolish virgins, or 'are awake 'Olaii'iti-the inter
ests of; this present world;' and t. hat f the, number ; .
of those who, ate grieved for the. atilictiOtt.„ of,
of ffneeph, is 'still ',OinuParatiVely _ t
Inl bee
meatititto, mitt tibias- are perishing. .
the sanctuary, and within hearing of the sound
of salvation. Thousands of the stated bearertatf
the Gospel, among - we:mil are - great numbers of
precious youth, are hastening toward the world
of detpair. ~Soch the3Y pay be beyond tho reach,
otAtir - alit:6111111nel' an.d butelprriyeret:tet Whatgatlt'
tin :hi 'done tquiarly• ; , ; 0nr,:n040.;
efforts are weak and,ineffectualt let 'us remeMber,
that " the Lord's hand is not shortened that he
cannot save, nor his ear heavy, that he cannot
SYnod - proceeded to : a:" . point tbMplace anditime
for the nest meeting,. when the Second ,church,
Pittsburgh, WILE< tho place, ond the
third Thursday of.„Ooto.ber next, at 7 o'clock
DI., as the time.
Synod took up - a Collect.ion of cents
front each member, film the Contingent Fund.
• Synod:,adjourned .to meet :at 2- o'clock, this
, .
Concluded with prayer.
Synod met, and was opened with prayer
The' minutes of the last, session were read.
`The Committee milling and Overtures.reported
Overture No. 1., on; the subject of the Associate
Secretaryship of the, Board of Domestic Missions,
and recommended tat no action be takdn mr the
The -report 3.4,5 accented anti put on, the,
Docket. Also Overture No 2, via.: Overture to
the Synod of Pittsburgh, by the Presliytery of
Does the action of the General Assembly.,relatieu . to
the solemnization of - marriage try licentiates autitorizu them
to.pinforin that ceremony is the Ptate of Pennsylvanian if
his Ovel ture Eibould be answered in ths affirmative, is it
the judgment of the Synod, that it is exuedieA that licen
tiates should solemnize marriage within thu bounds of this
no Committee recommend tltst the Overture be answered
iu the negative. • '
The repOrt was adopted. .' • •
Mr. Henry Robinson, elJer, of. tho rresbyteiy,
of Sal tsburg, appeared, and gaveyeasons. foriate,
attenclaoce, which were sustained.
Tata Committee on the 'Western Theological
Seminary, to whcim was referied certain resoln
tions, adopted by.the Directors and Trustees,of
this Institution, : and , forwarded En this., y!'iod.
for its action, report the following redotiiiinuida-
IsL That the yisper adopted trtheDlirdtOrinsid Trustees
of sho s.emtuary, he read And anSared.upon. the Minuted of
the Synod, 'dz.: „
" At a meeting bf the Trustees'of the' Western Theolog
ical Seminary, held--in the Leeture.roorn of the First Pres
byterian church, Pittsburgh, on eh= 234 day Of Septticaler,
1854, after consultatiewrespecting the interests. , Of In.:
attention, it was unanimously,
e• resolved, That we gratefully recOgniza ^the 'Maid' hand
of God upon tho Seminary-from Ite foundation to this ,
in giving it favor among his people; in giving - toqui •
fiquifie ebeertultrest road persei °Mere Mader discourage,
ments; Mao far enabling . us, to keep the ustPutien optin;
in sending us ti foil Faculty, chOsen fir the purpose bykino
General Assembly; -in giving ies ao good a. foundatioffia,
the way of buildings, library, and considerable *lnds: arid'
dn leading so Marty prehions youth (in altimorerthon tfivgb
.) hole to prosecute their studies for the Gospel,
'ministry, so that not 'them is a most animiliag;
witnessed in every Claes-mire in theinstitution. ,Allthese,
;things, as well ai many others of a similar nature d'e'mand
Italie a "Ar i t ' ef 4 ketri44,4o 4 4 l,o
:tbelturtituticffittApirfringftaioithtifig ami4ok
endowing ~the Frau th Profepreolabip, the sum of thirty
thousand dollei's and that far twenty five thou
sand dollarerof this sum It is right and reasonable to look,
to the four Sytinds sum,
'Allegheny, Wheeling,
and Ohio, each ' of which bodies has ropeut-dly voted its;
cord'al approval of this Seminary. and recommended if to
the liberality of the churelies within it bounds. • ' -
Resolved," That as the Jillautes of the last General Assem
bly show that in these four Synods there are about flft3' ,
tbouSand communicants, the plan recommeLdedforraising
this money be that of a centributian front each of the con
, gregations in the four.Synoda. equal to. flfty cents for 'each
communicant belonging thereto In this arrangement, it
is supposed that perhaps a few very feeble and - destitute
congregations ma!„ give little or nothing; yet it is hoped
others will give a larger sum titan that indicated . , and so
supply any deficiency.
Resolved. That we think it but reasonable to•ask the.
friends of our Church in other parts of the land, to supply
during the year, the sum of five thousand dollars,. to be
added to our permanent funds, and to extinguishing
tome pressina'
liesolved, ' That the Finance Committee, with the Focal
ty, be requested to give to the matter such attention and
to conduct such correspondence,
as may be ; calculated to
effeetthe objects contemplated by these resolutions;: and
that the Treasurer be authorized to pay all expenses in
curred in the prosecution of:this Work, and also that said
Committee and Faculty be at liberty to employ such local
or occasional aid as may be found expedient.
"Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing reaolueleee'-be
forwarded to each of the synods of Pittsburgh, Allegheny,
Wheeling.. and Ohio, with a request that those venerable
bodies take such friendly action on the subject as shall
seem most likely to effect the contemplated object."
[A true copy of the pape r passed by tb S Board of Trustees.]
The mmittee moreover recommend,- .
2d. litst the ittynod adopt the h. - Ironing resolutions. Is ex
preesive oitbe sense of this body in regard to the subject of
the foregoing paper : - „
Resolved, let. That this Syr ol would glee beady thanks
to the great Head of the Ohurels, forthe signal favor to, the
Western Theological Seminary. in so far supplying the
friends 'and the funds-for-carrying carrying on its.operattons. . , •
Resolve, 24. That this Synod would recommend the ob
servance of the second Sabbath in December, as-a day of
special -thanksgiving to-Ood, for the, spiritual harvest-Kith
which he has bleated our churches, sonic of the first fruits
of whfrh are now ingstbering, in an accession to our 'Saw
inary, this session, of more new students than the whole
number. fire years ago- • ,
Resolved, ficl• That,this Synod recognize:the claim which
aod makes upon us by his distinguished favor tir this be.
loved Institution; for which 'we have labored ; and -prayed.
And that Nre.rogard it as our privilege to, extend our contri
butions so as to keep pace with the extended 'growth of our
Seminary. , -
Resolved, 4th. That we heartily approve the plait`submit
ted by - the Directors and Trnatees of the Seminary; f minds
ing the endowment of the Fourth Professorship, and we do
hereby recommend .to the pastors and Sessions of -the
churches, to bring this obiect before their people on the See
rind Sabbath of -December, for'a,thaifk-offeringto 6-ad, equal
to the quota of fiftyments for each, member, and.ths,t they
communicate their action to'the'Treastirer, at Pittablirgh,
Theodore H. Nevin, Esq., .and report fully to the- Synodr
at its next meeting.
•'.Restilvett, sth. That, in order to make up the endowment,
and to provide scholarships, and, furnish additional rooms
for - stirdents 'an commit call be made upon the Church at
large, to contribute to this great *Went.
The, report yFaa accepted, and while under dis-
mission on motion to adopt, the hour for adjourn
ment arrived, and , the SyMod 'took a`recess'tilh7
o'clock P. M. .
After recese, Synod met, and the 4ev. Samuel
Fulton preached in accordance with 'the appoint-
aunt of the 'Synod, from John xv : 12L" Love
one another." • ' -
Synod then"adjourned to meet to-morrow
morning, at 9 o'clock.
Concluded with prayer. '
SP TUEDAY MOW:7 - 111G: 9 o'clock.
Synod met and was opened with prayer.
The minutes of the last meeting were read:"
Rev. A. D. Campbell, D.D., end Rev. D. Mo-
Rinney, D.D., of the Presbytery of Ohio, appeared
and assigned reasons for late attendance, which
were sustained.
The Committee on Leare'ef Absence reported
That they have given leave to Mt stirs. S. F..Toilman,.ll
at. Wallace, H. IL barren, J. O. Carson, 1. N. McKinney, J
McClintock, Sanyhel Fulton, Joel Stoneroad, Joseph Alden
ministers ; er.d John Hamilton, C. 111eGlaughlio,W. yorsyth
John Giffin, J. E. Bred, John Cavin, John Simonton, Thos
Wray, 'Monies Wightmanj S. R. Johnstort,ll. McGlaughlin
John Rankin, elders.
The report was accepted and adopted.
The Committee on the Minutes of the General
Assembly, reported. The report,-was accepted
and pnt on the Docket.
The unfinished business, viz., report on
. the
Western Theological Seminary, was taken up. and
after full discussion; adopted unanimously.
The Committee ou Religious Exercises, reported
as ,follows
Ist. That there be public worship in tbis.bouse•ort 2atur
day, at 2 o'clock P. 2I --.Sermou by Dr. Jacobus.
• 2il•Thit. Synod unite with this conirregation:in the Rom
uninjon atilt, Lord's Supper, on Sabbath—sermon by the
'Rev. W.M. Paxton; introduction of the Ordinance, tby Dr
Beatty;-distribution of the elements, by Rev. W. V. Nell
end Rev. J. M. Begins.
3d. Preaching at 7 o'clock I'. M., by Rev. D. McCoy.'
4th. Methodist E. church—Saahath, 11 o'clock A. M
W. tiollerign ; at 3 P. M. ,Rev. J. Carothers; at7.P.111
Rev. J..Mateer.
sth. United Presbyterian rhureb—At Ti A. AI. Dr Patter.
ton; at S P. 31., Rev. O. V. 31.:Kaig.
6th. Lutheran nhureb—At 1t A. M., Dr. Jennings; at 4
P. 37., Rev. It hlePheraon. . .
7th. African Methodist ehurch—br. Campbell.
The report was accepted and adopted.
,o,a motion, the - ,Ropy the; Board, of Col
portage way made !le C
order for Monday, at 1,6
The Committreeivotit_t44Reneids of the IPresby.
tyriee. of Itetisione,
repoked,' and tite'lleoords were ap
The following papYr i waSyresented aril adopted,
TiTrItRE&S, e .proT VGa , on o -prays lug new and.
inora euf*gvd,ftteilit es foi the,.6ietemituittotfthct ;Word..
or - Life' halt vellerAilv, , C - 6iailnllfroPpgnize the. guidarePe
of ft:: hipd t ,P,royyente .itt the ritatiou of the egitatiops
ieeetitly Pda'n2'"Pred efi - Li se - Minas - 1)f thel'Ameridan
4.littl YPPlqty,;. therefore: r
PerrohAfir 18t , , TPlit wale Irtreih ' tinviindiriiinisteeil iinterest j
in flto-wo2k, , ,and pur ultikk a l l ed.oofradtynce in.themiA d lnt,l
a nd'+lll . Btene.y "old `and '
Betotrat, t.d .11atthis Sjjstgt_feelst, strung e attaehnhent,
to; and au entire eunildeitbAin, - 1111, 1 fidelity . and &betel ei•
eeltenev 9f wilatiot z t 41131.ellihri Ounyadn, combo use,
and that we tbert fere reralaily reioutrueua the Aillericau
ltible Society as• the instrument for the eiroulalion ittf this t
trauslatiun, to the confidence and. liberality of all our
Chttrthestt" at LV ! , .v,;•11 9 "
I " itt e •.gifisnaof ~Lseneefrom
forta,er ire inv:;3•eporteil
shi f t§tefylVigtAk Min-44;
following perseue, viz..- :t ,
Cirson, entledue James V. thl4P4Staft Sfe. '
venson, S. k.
The report was nocepteura l
nd adapted:
Synod adjourned till Monday morning, at 9
Concluded with Mina t;
34.44xuAl9loreatia, 0 o'clock:
Synod wetland - waitopened with preqer. '
_The minutes of thelesti,session were
Dr. Beatty, of thii'Synild of Wheeling,‘4,as in
vited, and took his sat `as _a oorreSponding mem-
T We followitg pnper was preientid and adopted,
Tit : ' '
Werftess, The cause of abstftience from.the sale and use .
of all intoxicating drinker as a7beverape, now reguires the
solemn; prayerful deliberutiewand action of alliudividuids,
and of every organization fer the proanotion of religion or
morels ; to prevent its retrograde movement bruntrise leg
islation, love of gain, and love,of indulgence ;,and
Whereas, Thennitedltestimonyaf our mhola Charch, by
its rep . r, m motives, say more tally unite ail our , people,
an'd'sumillate other brariblietf.of. the Church to a continued
co the great Temperance Reformation; there
foreß, • —:
esolved, Thzt this Synod memorialize the next teener's'.
Assembly to express its convictions of duty, and, to point
out a plan of concerted action.a ,
That it isliereliy - Wennitemilded bYifile Synod,
to,all. the ministers: and; chure t tes , under its cars, in the
_moire titne;to nse untiring efforts, hl , 'serinona, - ieddiesiseic
publications, petitions, *o4de/re, to stay; the. Rrogreaq of
thadteidfol evils of hitliintaiia se in fitoilcsting drinks,
which now threaten to roll baeliftpon c:luntry, destroy.'
lug the interesti 'of Cliti - ch 'titd State,. militiplying
and pauperism.: cerrupplig 4 theDATig N and reining..multi
ttide_s of linmortal beings'
-Resolueri, That it is : thg duty oflOhristiamo ;to- testif3 , ;,liY,'
example and Pmeept. itAttin'et de; Outline of turnishinithe
hdunties of Divine Providence; to distillers
bu c. , liverted into a curse to tho berries - and aMils of retie:
Resolved, That the foregehrg,Weambie,ittal,Ept
tion. he sent to the noire Goneral,,AsseMbly, as a mei:at:ilia '
by thig , arta [ •
;Resolved, : That in,,vjew r e ; the encoursenglant.
that in ausw,er to the t ctiyers of .God's people,
the; number tuitlei the Board' of
Bilucation'as nave L thitte46,4e„hl the'lauthliee of last
year at•this , d„ale.,,,tlt,at wouldexhort
the' churches td'enliiiieilielieontlibutilMS, sous'
to 'meet thi-lecr‘easectuientaddlor theisuppirt
these sons .of the Cliprohlrp are devoting, them-
Sehes to het service. • •
The Committee tontllatie .or Absence, rsposted.: •
nat flay , balk, elicit'Poccinitiitt W,,laP fallowing; Pomona;.'_
: '
Rec. MeaMessrs . J. 'Mark. R. McMillan, ,Irunta_ 'IT, B. Van
liiiiiii,•mid to HiillititliSkiirtiata,'Keters. FE:T.: Robinson', •..;
W. C. itovard, J'. S. Quiglay. - J , Foch Handers", C. rirr,
JosephKaniledy, , SiaioATadif6' , 'ldnliliiinali G.!Sin-';,
C 1 1:... ' 01'
.:( 2 .^ 3(1 t't Li 12r1131' , " it ail t r 'W l -7
I Resolved, That thii'Synoti .wleuld suggest that
ttii officers of the Valils .igitilaedwrilkiiViliiiii=A
teefrot the Sem inarylMtuPi 14 c !WAIF.) Ptttitr) P. 47
Or subjectcf the Entipwiiketl, - ths ! t i slisliOnsent,.
,litli' 4 lll.' ent — claimilitAriMi. : p r t 1441 1 6t,4Wei, kV 1
fray ,
.., - -..;
I iii4-:t . ",..c -he Board of Ociportag, was
a t om
pfisetite - Iti'•fead, - " - ' '-
- On t&tioni thwfollowingpaperwpalidoptedsoli
this subject: ... - . „ ~ ..
. . . ,
. ,
itssotved„ That the 'Report •of the Beard Of aolportegii
presented to the Synod,' is.; highly:.encottragingisud. de- ,
wands our gratitude to God.
Resolved, That as the embarrassments of this. Board,
seem row to have been overcome,,this.Syned should - earn.
eitly address itself- to' hei work of Colpoitige,i iis the
origineLohjeet of this undertaking
esotrea;•Thattlie cis:Jua of theTarent Board are atithis
time specially urgent, ankworthy,or our hearty ce.upera-,
tion. through our own • - 3 3 13 •
Resolved, That the lank of contributions in this Synod
for the last year, tothe - almolst entire--neglect both of this
Board and of the Parent Board, is matter for lamentation,
and that eYerrchtirehlie - exhorted, Ati:giTei regalarlyiand
liberally to this Olijek. so as net Only to "eutirdy'eneown
bounds. but to aid the operations-of the Parent Board.
Resolved, That' the a>nod repeat to the Board at Pitts
burgh the instructieskto send their Annual Report to the
Parent Board in time for their Report to the Assembly."
Resolved, The.t.the (Inters of the Board be instructed to
issue A. Oral. ar Letter to the churches, embodyin r the
'main facts; and tirging the claims of this oldgetivpqt.:::9‘,tr
people. ,
On motion, the members of the Board ithoee
term of, Office expires ,durilig, the ,pfeeting of ; this
Synod, were re elfved for a term of three years. t
The "Receiving Agent of the Board of 'Domes-'
tic Missions and:the Board of Bduce.tibte,
D. Williams, having submitted his accounts to the
inspection of thei'Synod', it was, on motion; •
Resolved, That we rejoice in the result.exhibr<
ited, honorable td the churches ; ; that we ap.
prove of his mode of operations; nrepleasedwith,
his manner of conducting the financial - bitsineiS`
of his agency, and wish him;increased sin:Mess in
his labors.
Overture No. 1, on the subject of the' Board of
Domestic Missionsrwas taken up, atuLthetreconi,
ruendation of the .Comcoittee " to take no action,
on the subject," was under disctission, tnotibril
tii•postpone till thebouefor adjournment.t; •
Synod , then adjourned , till 2 o'clock P..M.
Concluded, with prayer.
Synod met and Wag opened with prayer.
- The minute . ; of% thelast , session were - read.
The' unfinished business was resumed s and ,the
recommendation of the,Committee was postponed,.
and, on motion, the following piper Was adopted
unaninamply, viz • -
Resolved, That, this Synod is strongly attached to the
Boards of our Church; and has ion confidence, not only in
the wisdom, but generallytn the ecencony l withwhieh they
employ the funds committed to theni.. '
Resolved; That: as • relate:Vto • the unhappy difference's 'of
opinion which have eprung rug .r,erpecting; the Asqociato
Secraarygliip' of the, Board'ef Domestic' liiihlionS; whilst;
with ths lighr whiclowe at, preaent •PooWie,, We think that '
thenilles might be dispensed with, and that these
tunes which amplest& in -this view, map, with greatpro.
priety r instroohtoPkrepresentatives to. the .nextreeneral •
Assembly to that effect, we leave ilto the Mseinblyto give
such direction to the Board - on this '943 may.then•aP,
pear to.he required by,the Public sentiment of the,•church, ,
and the greatest efficiency and usefulness•of theileard.
The 'Cinomittee on SynollionViiisconiges at 'the
next meeting Of Synod; itport;-ui the .subject,
" Chriaian Communion "-Liireaeha, Rev:. And'w
McElwain. . •
The report was 000epted,and adopted..
On motion, the Editor of the Banner and Advo
cate WRS requested to publish the Minutes Of the
Synod, in full; in his paper, at as early ii , date'its
may be convenient. • • ' • .
Oa motion, • . .
Resolved, That the thanks, of. Synod hc given to
the citizens of this place, and vicinity, for the
handsome and hospitable' manner in which the
members have been entertained during their lies-
The. Treasurer presented,thS follow,ing report,:
T. M. laAaentos ne Accou mien Rena:, :
Dr. ,
To Ilallines inTmasttry, • . . $843
COI Collection, . . . . 83 21
By meal° Stated Clerk, . - 1.21.26
" " Stationery, . . .
`r Janitor, . . . . . 5.00 •
" ,Porinaoent Clerk,; . 5,00 :
Balance in the Treasury, ; , $4.78,'
. . . '
The report was aceepted and approved. -
Synod adjourned.'
Closed with singing; prayer, and Benediction.
• W. B. Alclnvalsz, Perat't Clerk.
IT is stated thatlince the commencement
of the revival, in Natchez, Mississippi, more
than six hundred persons have been added
to the churches of that !city. This number
is nearly one tenth of ,the entire population
of Natchez, a larger proportion than has
been reported from any other city ins the
United 'States. •_ , , • ' -
From our London Correspondent: ,{
.4efortn rin Parliwinent=-M Trickei7"-;—Lorti ;Tohn
Bagel. and. the Premier--TV Probable aeto,
Nigotiat&es"--The 'Bishop ' of Oxford and hii
Letter 7 ,4roetatian Caischisme--Mr. Stowell on
„ the c9.feSisfonal--PopqarDeptorqtratipn#7,Ca,r
lige',; Ci:eed and .Calvinism—Supplemental Lit
`, eiary Notiees4Dtirhant Lcitinity—Ruksian Lig)
eratare'—.-Bengel'enonton—John Knoz,:to (lice%
Elizabeth—German Summary—The, Meeting of
the °sirchenthg atHerniblirg—The Paetorat'Care
and. Lord, conning -he Gutatior Aebelt
.and their Treaeitre --Wardship and Everienee—
Itin`daa".fikieres: ' -rt
LONEidN' October Bth. 'lB5B.
The quefition of 10.LITICAL REFORM 38
dimming an 'aspeef of inerwised interest and'
i'tdpVitance.' falienlfcir grin tell,? 'on 'all
hands,tthat mneweßeforsn 11 livillamobtolightl
forward by the DerbyTQattillet , -r .Sirv.ov9,l-
Lewis, the Ex-Chancellor of the kitcheßner;
His Essex , c nestituente,' h Ott "thit .4 llo
"trick."•attempted, ioadredelras thei
English ; people are sure to fied.out.trickery, , l
and punish it. Sir George is one of the
first financiers and statesmen of the day,
and, like Disraeli, he is a literatevr, more
solid and less brilliint. He is employing
his .unexpeeted deisuro ,from political • sort
hudget projecting toils, in :assisting Dr.
Donaldson, of Oa k mbriclge .University, in
getting out a IliStarY. .
- The -rumor of interviews between Lord
Derby and Lord J. Russel has been both
circulated, and -contradicted. But there is
"something in in this sense, that it is
dipected that Lord John will shortly visit
the Premier at Knowsly Park, (where he is
lying a martyr to his' old enemy, hereditary
gout,) and will Meet there -Lord Stanley.
and Mr. D israeli,.whose leanings toward a
sweeping Beform Bill are undoubted.,
The grand difficulty of the Derloyites is,
to retain the support of Mr. Bright and the
Radical-portion-of the House of COMMODS;
without Losing the confidence of the old
Conservative, ,or Tory party. Indications
are not wanting that even some of these are
Mak'ing up their
r ty' 'eave the trenches
they have so long' defended, but'Which they
find , uritenitble.T Yet, 'any 'extrents Tisn. of
Beforin would, rally them -to resist, and
would, end,io shattering the,parry, while, on
the, oth'ei band, Nr. Bright, is
,not likely to.
be' saiii fied with Out Democratic reform, in
its reailt r y.' -=Under the circumstances, Laid
Derby may t adopt one ior. • other -'of two
courses. : Either there may .be , an under-,
standing with Lord Johri, theiN,cstor. of re
form, to introduce a Bill, and thus to leave
ttie .: 'question open as a Uilit,rielttlifestion, or
- an open ' Coalitron may effected between
him and the administration I This last
course, is not probable. The old Whig fala
ilies would be enraged, and the country it
salt would hy'-no means 'admire it. Pal.
merston tand,liussel ntay , work together, but
this- ,, 0n1y (when. the 'former really= becomes'
more liberl and reforming, - than he hag
',AltAleCther, 'flip s
, 41'*et
ai patron tire, . .44
ana,rone- taut .spernft
certain, thatolarge coocessions, in ,the,liberal
sense, must be made by , whatevei party may
hold' - the' fides' of Government.
The -13rsuor , OF OXFORD has displayed
his usual - itact and cunning, in connexion
witWthe 'enne,lusion of the Boyne'Hill
tiuiry`. L fle has addressed= a letter to, the
Commissioners, adopting and endoriing the
Concliision to which they came,, bid adds
that`Whil'e he .rejOices ,in a :voluntary - con'.
fession of'sirt, he earnestly protests against
the introduction into the Chureh of a sys
tem of habitual and enforced confession.
Ilere is-the letter.irself :
- GentZepten:-1 have received-the-report of
commission of inquiry into.' the charges brought
against Mr.- West, .and heartily accept as my own
tlik'deeision at which, -after a fall examination of
tai inatfeb,;You'haVe arrived.
1 1. n thus formally adopting gout' decision, I
wisl,-for the,sake,of my diocese !at, large to,add
a - few words r p. the general 'subject of confession.
haVe already 'stated in writing to Mr.
Shaw,-4-lio4 -it to be a part-of the wisdomand
ieridernesi of the Church of England that she
pi-Ovides for any - vkirishioner who id --sickness
p Tali ¶' feel ibis conscience,: troubled :with any
weighty matter" being " moved to make special
confession of his sins ;" and that she also provides
for thoshviho , before. Holy Communion "cannot
quiet their,-own;- consciences" being invited to
4 • their =grief to the minister of 'God's
In making this .special and limited provision
for troubled soula, - I hold'that the Church of Eng
disconote.ovnees any atiempt on. the-part of
her clergy to, introduce a system of habitual- con
l'ession, of, in order to carry out such a system, to
: require - men and women to submit themselves to
the .questioning and examination of the priest.
'Such a system of inquiry into the secrets of hearts
-mat, in. ni yj im eta,- lead 'to innumerable-evils.
(kid forpid that our clergy should administer, or
that our wives and daughters should be subjected
to it., ', l l.?arnsure• that anyLattempt-to introduce it
avould : .thros-,grievous:ditEculties • in 'the
that free ministerial intercourse with, our people
which, for their sakes and for the efficiency of our
ininistry r itis, allimportant to Maintain' open.and
„unsuspected. I am,
,&c., S. Oxus...
1 The COmmissidners of the Boyne . •i:{ ill Inquiry.
All this sounds Well, 'brit a crafty man,
unchanged in heart, is the writer of this
effusion: 'The teaching' of :the "`priests"
whom the Bishop favors, enforcing• confes
sion in thesense thatiti points . out to their
crodu)9;as- congregations its necessity, , is, the
true exponent of his rent opinions. , In the
catechisms anii examination books' of the
'party;'sbitre of them venture• to call eon-
Ifession "<a sacrament!? •Mr. Liddei calls
it " a—link in the sacramental chain."
*bat, a, glorious .thing would it be to
,the wily, oily, "dangerous " leaders
and patrons of heresy, before a Presbyterian
Synod, with -thorough jurisdiction over
them How the ",:fox ."—of Cuddesden,
Wilberforce, to wit—would be 1 4 unearthed "
and se run, down ". as to be prevented for
life from doing further mischief ! But to
try the Bishop,. or Greeley, or Liddel, or
Pusey, the arch-priest—nay, even to at:
tempt it after Dennison's escape, and the
bold,blasphemies of the Union, and above
all, in the "-house-divided-against itself"
condition of the Establishment, is not to be
'dreamt of. : if attempted, it must come to
We are to, have public meetings in Lon
don and elsewhere, protesting, against the
confeßeional, and the Rev. Hugh Stowell,
of Manchester, has been lecturing to an
enthusiastic andience at Manchester, against
it, showing plainly enough that he is true , to
the Bible, but riot so plainly that. the prayer
.book gives no warrant for this abomination.
Publicity is a good thing r however, and the
more "demonstrations" intelligently made
by . the laity, so much the better. • On this
point,-a public journal says
The_preservation of tlie Churoli. of England in
its integrity is ,a point that not only as nearly
concerns the laity as , the clergy, but ia one in
which the _laity have a. right : to, interest them
selves. They are , as trulys.part of the Church
as the clergy. The clergy were. , appointedlor
their benefit, the shepherds for the sheep, by the
Great, ; Shepherd, and Bishop of ; souls. himself.
There has, indeed, been no period in which. : tkek
laity have not done much by their learning itud
application toward the maintenance and elucida-,
tionpf religions-truth. The Word, of God is the A' all Christians,- and as all
Under the Jewish dispensation whre required to
ke_conversapt with the ..Diyine iaw„nraehmore,
obligatory is it upon all Chriitiane to attain to
!such a degree cd• tho knowledge of the.Grospel'as
Provkdence may place within their. reach. This
ia evidently decordiog bythe spirit of the Church
!D,ogland,,which .maireA, all; the provisibti that
can be made for the dissemination of the know
ledge of Holy Scripture in the course of'her pub=.
lie services. . '
-4 1. 4 0 fie" theleity who lave - received•urni
..xessity,„Aclucation hav,e it. indeed in, tkeir.power
biSli:thore:e,ltrefaltitkan `othersTlitto i the tiatnie
ile -all rellgidus''questionX and; by; availing,theM
solves,of their superior advantages, they may ap 7
pls .o the Safest and the Surest of all"influences to
the .Eounteraction Or whatever errors -May arise
from time to time in the bosom of the Church it
self.' The
if they respect their Own pro
fessions as Ministers of a Winton]. and reformed
Church, wi3 not only not be jealous, but will be
thankful for this kind of, co, operation. ,
But after all, as long as, Tractarianism it.
self, ,increases in its volume,And Maintains
and propogates' its principles,' inducing an
increasing number of the !laity tb praetice
confession, I expect mischief incalculable,
such as probably yet :break up the may
tional Establishment.
book' I have elsewhere and previously re
ferredo seems at present not, to be- that , of
doubt and darkness, but. father of the Cal
vinian stamp. Speaking, in his history, of
the opinions of "Fritz," (the future Fred
erick the ,Grcat,) he tells how his. Royal
Father was opposed to such opinions, which
included Predestination: and Election by
Free Grace, " according, to which a -man is.
prenppointed from all eternity either to
salvation or , the' opposite ;" " whinh, in
deed," says Carlyle, "is Fritz's=notion, and
indeed is Calvin's, -and -that of many be
niohted r -creatures, this. Editor's fairizon#,
Putting aside the terms used to designate
the creed; substantially it is Pauline and
Scriptural. Let us hope that in Carlyle's
ease itsis accompanied by- Evangelical, faith,
in, the largest and most.spiritual sense of-the
`venture to add to those given, in the
recent -4 c quarterly notice," which, from want
of space, were necessarily incomplete. Here
is a, little fun, to begin with :
lie l may not perhaps be aware that ; civilization in
their neighborhood ban reached so high a : pitch.
that a bieach , of its laws is liable to the penalty
of death. This fact. Wee • revealed by the erudi
tion of some lads, who a few days ago visited the
fort, so kindly and shillitlYplanned4by,
vihW. k,
Atakfth - fi,...1E14441. Drybilrn. re:
first attracted by , the miblexpostulationAddreserd•
to the perpetrators of the late wanton ontrage on
the premises, which, having duly studied; they
turned;to, the opposite. side, and having vainly,
endeavored to translate the following inscription,:
Civibuellanc •Speculam Visentibus Dicit.
Gull. L. W:, A.D. HD COG' LVII1," one more
learned than the rest, suddenly sung out the fol-•
lowing solution of the mystery : "Be civil or you:
will be banged on speculation;" upon which they
ell decamped more speedily than they had come..
—Newcastle Chronicle.
With regard to Russian Literature, - a
statistical document states that in 1857,
one :thousand four hundred and twenty-five
original works, and two hundred and
one translations, were published in the Em
pire. This number is more than thrice as
great as it was a few years ago. The' num
ber of 'books imported. , in 1867, was one••mil.
lion six hundred and thirteen thousand eight
hundred and sixty-two volumes, of which
three thousand five hundred, and forty-seven
were' forbidden ' and reexported. Among
recent literati deceased, was. Mr. William
Weir, 'formerly editor of the Glasgow Argus,
and latterly of.the London Daily News.
Another Sootahman, Mr. George Combe,las
also died, at the age of seventylears. <His
brother, Dr. Andrew Combe, was 'well
known as a writer in . physiology, '&e. He,
himself, in his "Constitution of Man,".gave
a powerful'impulse to'the. Cause of Sanitary
Reform,,but the tendencyrof the book was
decidedly mischievous, 13y his constant
resolution of almost all ills , into a ; " violation
of natural laws," he virtually set, aside that
doctrine of the particular providence of
God, the non-recognition or denial of which
always indicates a heartless, undevout,-and
semi-atheistic state. of mind, He was, per
sonally well' known as a lecturer in the Uni
ted States, for a period of two years.' It
was a visitlof Spurzheim to:Ediaburgh, that
made both brothers enthusiaistic apostles .of
Phrenology. George Combe deserved credit
for his urgency in advocating the teaching
of the principles of Physiology in all !schools.
He was a lover of poetry 'and the finelarti,
and , his marriage with a daughter of Mrs.
Siddons, made 'him a warm admirer of the
The school of philanthropists to 'which
lie belonged—in .which the Messrs. Cham
bers and the late Mr. James 'Simpson were
always prominent--was, and is, "of.the
earth, earthy." These men acorn the Evan
galena which makes, and has made, Scotland
'what it is. Like some deadly nightshade,
their writings blight Gospel -truth, and
propagate the proved falsehood, that a' Mil•
lennium can - be brought about by material,
!)physical, artistic, and literary appliances.
:They do not say that Christianity is false,
-they would, kill it by neglect; or at least
they hustle it into an obscure corner,
as old fashioned and effete. The Scotstizan
is the Edinburgh exponent of this . class of
literary menthe.lingering remnant of the
early Edinburgh Reviewers,and the advocates
of a Semi.Fretich Sabbath for Britain. In
their latitudinarianism, Ragged' Schools
with the Bible, are sectarian, and to be dig
. owned, because Bishop Gillis and his black
fraternity object to them.
'The Messrs. Clark, -of Edinburgh, , have
recently published a valuable , English trans
lation of BENGEL'S GNOMON. Its pithy and
..pointed Evangelical comments are , eminently
• suggestive, particularly , . to =ministers. ministers. For
example, on "To love .him with all the
-heart," &e.—Mark xii :"`32'' " Kardias,
. with all thy heart, which lives and loves;
psuche,4ith all; thy soul, which enjoys
andrelishes; dianoias, with all thy ,
which is the ever continuing power, whieh
engages itself in thought; ischuon with all
thy . strength--4he ability =which . earriewinto
• effect the volition throughout the. whole
Philadelphia, ;111 South Tenth Street, below Chestnut
By Nail, aril tie Mike, $1.50 per year
Delivered in the,City,.
1 75
I,?iqEtopm `3l'9
(body:" ,Thus,)again, on Peter's words, "God
is no resPecter uf persons," ‘.&0., 3 80
:abused 'by Socinian and others, Bengel:re
midiks " It, is not an -indifferentism of, re.
ligions,but an impartiality.aB •to the accept
anee of natieffs,,that,•is here represented4f
Then, on( The lamed Scrip
tures, in all its parts, *1 *-Divinelyin ;
; spired, not merely fwhile:it was .writhen, God
breathing through the ,vryiters4 ; hut .also
while •it is bang, read, dok, l s2r4tting
through the Scripture, and the beripture
breathing Him. • Hence it is
,proftabios for
.doctrine f and doctrine instructs the *nor
a Ot l . ; reproof convinces, , , also„ thors whip,./are
laboring under error and prejudice ; cor,ce ;
got': ;recalls a row rem • wrong , • right •
training ,in, righteoustms 9oOtively ,
I c h a V
I . s P•rring, " Kil4yßßP9Belk the 'PPIVA
rhp.,P4 had passed ithFollikilYla9o9lli,4-9114
401 Asia, go. to.,,Jertuilaeus,'?",,lta,r-,;',111e,
gains,. possession of Ppliesus.and &Ma, j;liq
makes an appointinenk for Macedonia and
,he looks toward, Jerusalem;' he
meditates Rome; thence to Spain. , ltiYO Al
exander, no Cm .ar, no other hero appner.hes
to tbe large.mindedness of this I.;ttle 13m
jamite. The truth concerning Christ. and,
faith and love toward Christ, enlarged his
heart like the sand of the sea "
Bat let my last specimen be domestic and,
practical. 4 ,` Ilusbands„love your wives; and
be not bitter against, : 19.
".Many who are
; polite, to all .abroad, yet,
without scruple, treat, their wives and chil
dren at home with covert bitterness, because
they do not fear them; arid when' this' teeh
ing is vanquished; it :affords a 'specimen, of
• great softening of natural ruggedness of
The Athenefon publishes the true text of
Elizabeth, on the pablieation of his .First
Blast of the Trumpet against the .Manitrous
Regiment of Women. It is a curious illus.
tration of the union of courtesy and courage
toward one whom,,withall her. great:faults,
he evidently looked upon with far , diffirent
feelings than upon. the. beautiful Mary,
whom,. by his sternness, ;he moved to iesrs.
Its date is, 1 4 .Edkriburgle, July 20th.,
(How , fresh, is the old hero's memorynow,
at the close of three centuries !) He begins
"To the virtuous and godly Elizabeth
of :England, John. Knox desireth the , per.,
petualgrace of ,the Holy , Spiritl He 'de
clares that her," grace's displeasure "i at hunk was'lnost /t,unjustly-,coriceifed." Helloes
not deny the writing of the, book; but it
}vas notmesat, for her 41 regiment?", "How,
can .I, envy ; that ,most I have- trusted, and
the which (as oblivion will suffer,) I ren t
der :thanks unfeignedly, to God, ii,,ithat
it hath pleased hirn,rothis-,etercalgoodnesst
to,,exalt you head to the ',manifestation -of
hie:glory, and. the l exiiipatiou of ,idelstrV.?
The true,iquarry t this Appal iEagliN owal!
IVlary,inf Guisepancillgary Stnart,ltog
, .
anet4"real IS. , „JeUdekt an r/14.49%
that .",riowornan niifyibe .exiliell,abbfeAdry"
realm to ,make the liberty of OD sapaisAhritll
to a strange,
,proud, and evil ! Didion.?
,France,. to. wit: •If Elizabeth—will' glorify
Got, he says, with tongue and : pen,
justify your, authority and regiment, as the
Holy Ghost bath instituted -the, same in
,' Debora,' that ; blessed mother,,,in Israel,
But if these premises, (as God Torbifi,),be
neglected, ye 'shall begin tolbrag of your
birth, -and -build --your—authority upon your
own law, ;, wiwsoliat, yottr feli
city shall •Ge..shore
As to laTarque.N LiITEIyeII:TRE, the cele.-
brated Comparative, Grammar of Bopp, is
just .now 'being published, in a second,en r
larged edition. , The great Sanskrit Diction
ary, edited
,by two Germans, Bothlink and
Roth, has now appeared, up, to, the . Fifth
Part: of the second volume. his printed in
Petersburg, .at.: the expense of .the , Russian
Academy. The Chinese Grammer? by
Schott, in Berlin,
is warmly recoraVerided
by Students in that; language. Bnishttion',
Berlin, has :published a learned ,wPrk outhe
Tongues of Mexico, and Northern America.
Diliman-publishes a Grammar 'of thetEthio
pie language, from whiclOwthe'providence
of God, the 'cause of missions may yet,profit
In.the.department of Practical. Theology,
'Dr. Nitzsch, (Berlin,) has pnblished -work
for clergymen " the latest part of which,"
'says the News of the Churches, to_whielt I
am indebted for the foregoing partial:dm,
-if treats of the care of individuabsouls,. with
'general regard to htime missions. Though
, `Dr. Ilitzsch's style is not'always sufficiently
clear, yet'he is always full of deep, Christian
ideas ; and in the 'number of .those -Divjnes
,who have issued:Li.= the School , of Schley
ermacher he is among;the most,erthodex:y
The GEB : MAN KIROHENTAG met at'ffain
burg on the 14th of - September Therets4
,:been great anxiety 'felt, as'to the .prOhahle
„hostility of the ungodly; arobargere, *hose
Senate,' this blot Summer, refuse theuireef a
number of the churches for evening worship,
and *hose, newtpripers showeirto Ae".ttp
, posed meeting, considerable hostility: ;Bit
-all fears were mercifully. disappointed.
High Church bitternesS, such as shown - by
Sthal and others, at previous meetingi, was
hushed and the subjects of diseriSsion *ere
"ohosen with referenee,to the renewingrand
perfecting of the.who e man, in the image pf
God." The. first subject of discussion twas,
"The rights ofthe congregation to special
pastoral care. Nitzsch spoke admiratly ? as
to, the duty of the. Members of the ,Church
to co.operato with pastors, or ,to supply their
lack by visiting the tick, the , careless, , the
hardened ; and to try to draw the souluearer
'to Christ. "In this sense, every living
Christian May be a pastor." Bat " the
minister must have courage to speak to the
people in private as plainly as he does from
the pulpit. - When- be visits, he ought to
bear in mind; that; many souls, even in care
'less famihea expect' the jfaitor i jirhiti ire
oalls,::nnt to speak on indifferent subjects,
but to'deal with the soul. Then; ho*sweet
is a vord.of comfort .tora 4 pook struggling,
• awakened'soul, , that has not yet had cour
age to-speak of th*Pnew light that has burst
on, him, while he is' obliged to live in close
contact with those who love the`tiorld. Let
the pastor, -in' , meeting e,asuallimith . lis peo
ple, sow .the, , IVOrd liberally beside all
Dr; Hoffman specially recommended Bax..
ter's Rehima l'aspr, as a guide t:ct
rat visitation. "Fromfinding people *tint,
in hi&own. heart he:had almost gaven , up an
despairk *hen Baxter's work fell into his
hand recommending special prayer es the