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1741. Vile Wei 4. ' " ONE THING. IS NEEDFITL;" ".4DistE THING _HAV Vittitlfikti (
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DAVID MeHINNEY, Editor and Proprietor.
1211118,-IN ADVANCE,
Original • :1: ottrß.
On an Ancestral Bible.
Bright gleam the jewels on this hoary page,
Sombre and soiled with more than century's age;
Stained, not alone with feet of flying years,
But moisture of deep,sighs and dropping tears.
What soenes, what changes path this volunie seen!
In persecuted Covenanter& glen,
Or flying shallop on the stormy waves,
Or forts enflamed by whooping, painted braves.
Five generatinns treasured the rich trust;
Dainnatinn" neer wag written on ltd dust ,*° = 4
The raveled edg.'s show where Paul or John
Wooed to the cross, or waved on high the crown.
:I%ltich is it worn where primal Eden gleams,
Where the new Eden's crystal river streams;
Where the Evangelic Prophet's trumpet rings,
Where, harping sad, the Royal shepherd sings
Much did they ponder "Man's chief end," much
• seek
To know and imitate the Sufferer meek;
To save the lost, the broken heart to bind,
Do all the duties taught here to mankind.
Eyes, morn and eve, at no.n or midnight hours,
Perbnps through frosted locks, perhaps wreathed
Scanned promises that derv'd the trembling bride,
Or the wan widow's wrinkled cheek have *dried.
'eternal lips above this page hivie said
Welcomes to newborn, farewells to the dead;
Here mothers' hearts their little ones did hold,
;To hark to these sweet, simple tales of old.
'What joys, what fears, adown these leaves have
What drops, repenting or adoring, wept!
,Whot strength, to scale youth's slippery steep,
been drawn,
Or say, " good night" to life, and hail the dawn!
Those brave, those lovely ones, how many sleep,
Some in far foreign soil, mayhap in the deep ;
Soft eyes that read, strong , hearts that clasped,
this tome,
pweet lips that hissed it, lie in,dust and gloom.
Not doubting did they lay them in that dust,
IA Moved, like weary children, on this trust ;
it by this, lamp, they went down to that gloom,
7 shaded portal to a shining home.
0, God ! who halt the path of life here taught,
: elp rts to seek it as those loved ones 'sought ;
'allow their footsteps until lost to sight; •
Then launch our full-plumed souls in heavenward
* John Wesley says some people might wr4te "Dunne.
Sion " on the cover of their Bibles. '
Rev. E.. 0. Swift
We take from the Independent, the fol
lowing notion of this worthy minister: He
was the brother of Rev. 'E: P. Swift, D. D
of Allegheny City, and died at Buffalo, on
Saturday morning, August 28th, aged 76
He was formerly pastor of the Congregation
al church, in Killingworth, Gonnecticut.
"Mr. Swift was born at Williamstoin,
Mass , August 14, 1782. His father was
Rev. Seth Swift, wbo graduated at Yale Col
lege, in 1774, and Was ordained pastor of
the church in Williamstown, in 1779, where
he continued` his labors until his death in
1807. His mother was Lucy Elliot, nf Kil
lingworth, descended from the same ancestry
as Elliot the Indian Apostle. He gradu
ated at WilliaMs College in 1804, and soon
after commenced his studies for the Min
istry with Dr. Stephen West, of Stockbridge,
with whom he was afterwards settled as col
league, and where he continued for nine
years, until the dismission of Dr. West.
'After leaving Stockbridge he supplied several
pulpits until 1833, when he was settled over
the Congregational church in Killingworth.
Here be continued in the most harmonious
relations to an affectionate and appreciative
people for nearly twenty years, until the in
firmities of age compelled him to seek a re•
lease from his pastoial charge, to the univer
sal regret of the parish and the mini s terial
association with whieh be was connected:
Here his ministry was laborious and shame—
ful, as attested by several revivals of relig•
ion, some of them being seasons of deep:
and extensive interest; and a large proper
tion of the present membership of that
church ate the fruits of his labors. During
the last six years, until a short time previous
to his death, he had resided in Chester,
where he was universally respected and be
loved. And though here he had no pastoral
charge, he did nut lay aside the character of
a minister of the Gospel, , nor cease his ex•
r eitions to promote the kingdom of Christ;
but by his prayers,'bis godly example, his
interest in the Sabbath school, and his read.
- Ness, 00 far as his health would permit, to
assist the pastor of the church, *often Ten
dering him essential aid in the pulpit and
other religious cervices, he still brought forth
fruit in old age. His death was sudden and
among strangers, but 'his friends are happy
to learn that he received every kindness and
attention during his illness which his eon•
dition required, and he has gone, as they
believe, to the reward ef a geod and faithful
servant of Jesus Christ."
For the Preabyterten Banner and Advocate, :
The Late Rev. John Marshall;
Ibis most excellent brother, who died'at
Doddsville, McDonough Coutty, Illinois, on
the 24th of August last, was born in Wash
ington County, Pa., on the 13th day of
'Jiff'. nary, 1813. His father's family moved
to tehnont County, Ohio, in= the, Spring of
1831, 'and John commenced the study of
Latin, at St, Clairsville, the County seat, in
1834. Its entered Franklin College in the
Bpring of 1837, and the Theological Semi.
nary at Canohsbarg in the Autumn of 1830,
where he reitnaked four years. On the
27th of June;:`l.B43, her was licensed to
preach the the Associate Presby
tery of MuskingatlL On the 1.2th.0f Sept.,
1844, he was ordaibe'd and installed pastor of
the churches of Ldiidonderry and West.,
.cheater. Tn that charge he labored faith
fully for nearly ten yes& Toward the end
of this period, his sentiments on Psalmody
.and Communion, were undergoing a change
from tbe views entertained by the Associate
Church. In October, 1854, they became
mature, and led him under the dictates of
n rignience to resign his charge, and ask a
dismission from his Presbytery; and then
he connected himself with the Presbytery
of St. ClairSville, (0 8 ) After traveling
for. sometime to become acquainted with the
Presbyterian Church, he went, in 1855, as
stated supply to the churches of Woodsfield,
Newcastie, and Buchanan, within the. Pres
livery' of St. Clairsville, and from this field
he removed, in 1857, as stated supply to, the
sihurohes of Boddsville and puntsvillez
• This beloved brother was greatly esteemed
in the Preabytery of St. Clairsville, en ‘ much
so that his leaVirm was to moit'of the "ineib'-
hers a personal regret. He was a man Of
fine personal appearance, pleasing , and
tie manners; humble and yet attractive, and.
fekithie'd rn etrightdigiVitilftielidetrip.lFl44
impressed, all who came in content with hini
with a persuasion of his integrity and good
ness, and never erred from the proprieties of
a. ministerial demeanor. As a preacher, he
had from nature the advantage of a good
voice and a clear judgment, and his dis
courses were always sound, substantial, and
instructive. Last Spring he entered into
the ievival movement with all his heart. la
bored with gre;at zeal in the churches which
ho served, and had the satisfactiOn of seeing
twenty-four persons profess their subjection
to the Gospel. A: young and now widowed
wife, to whom he had been only ten months
married mourns his loss. "Be - ye also
Synod of Allegheny.
ALLIMHIII4Y CITY SeTitember 23, 1858
The Synod of Allegheny met, according to ad
journinent, in theyirst Presbyterian Church, and
was opened with 'a sermon by the Moderator,
Rev., Loyal Young, D.D., on In. 3—" The
voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, pre
pare ye the war of the•Lord; - make straight in the
desert a -highway for our God '—,after. which,
Synod was constituted:by, prayer.
The following members were present :
Ministers. Eiders.
John V. Reynolds, D.D., Levi Dodd,
James Coulter, ' John Wylie, s
S. J. M. Eaton, Wm. Campbell,
John W. 'McCune, James M. Carnahan,
David Grier, John Reynolds,
George W. Zahlaizer, Janice Miller,
James W. Dickey, A. M. Barber.
James M. Shields, ,
Wm. M. Blackburn,
John R. Findley. '
Ministers. Elders.
Absalom MoCready, ' Ales. Ross, - •
Wm: Nesbit, , Isaac Winans,
John W. Johnston, Win, M. Francis,
Benjamin C. Critchlow, ; John Welsh,
David Waggoner, John Nesbit,
Henry 'Webber, ' Charles Ronnie,
David C. Reed, Josiah Gibson.
Elliott II Swift,
Tbonsits G. SCcitt,
Thcisf P.-,johnston.
Ministers. Elders.
Johnilltinson, D.D., Joseph o..CaFtpbell, -
John Coulter, James McCurdy
Loyal Young, D.D., David McCune,
Robt. B. Walker, John Breekinridge,
Newton Bracken, W. S. Gray,
Wm: G. Taylor, John Boyd,
Alea'r Cunningham, . John R. Harris,
Ephraim Ogden, James Crawford,
r. Roan, Philip :Miller ,
S. V. Miller, John Swink,
J. F. Boyd, Robert Hays.
David ' ' •
Samna Williams,
T, R, 090 1 t0r.
Ministers. Eiders.,
David 'Elliott, D.D. James Burchfield,
Elisha P. Swift, D.D., James Gibson,
John C. Sinalair, David Duff,
Wm. S. (Plumer, D.D., • T. H. Nevin,
Jobn F. McLaren, D.D., Robt.
Wni. Annan,'• James Schoemaker,
Henry R. Wilson, D.D., David Ilawkins,
Daniel E. Nevin, Joseph 'McCune,
Leland R. McAtioy, M. , L. Hawkins. -
Edward S. Blake,'
Louis L. Conrad,
James Allison,
John Davis,
DaVid A. Cunningham.
Presbytery of Brie—Wm. Ni and . L. G;
Beaver—Robert Johnston, Robert Dilworth,
D.E., Win. T. McAdam, and Jonathan:Wilson. •
Allegheny—Ebenezer, , Renry, and J. .I.Wald
Allegheny City—Nathaniel Todd, Alexander
Shend, - John Brown, and H. W.. Guthrie.
The election of officers resnited in the unani
mous choice of Rev. Jamie W.-Dickey as Moder
ator, and Rev. B. E. Swift'as Ten:Tor:l7 Clerk.
.:Adjoifined to meet to=morrow morning at 9 o'-
Condoned with prayer.
FRIRAY MORNING, 9 o'clock.
Sytiod.met and was opened with prayer.
Thi allotted half hour was Spent in devotional
exercises. „
The minutes of •the last meeting of Synod were
Rev. C. C. Beatty, D.D., Rev. H. G. Coming°,
and Rev. X. S. Pornroy, of the Synod of Wheel
ing';, Rev. M. W. Jacobus, 'D D., Rev. W. D.
Howard, D.D., Rev. A. D. Campbell, D.D., Rev.
Richard Lea, Rev. R. McPherson, Rev. W. M.
Paxton,; Rev. Samuel Findley, and Rev. R. F.
Wllson, of the Syncld. bfTittsburgh ; Rev. James
Campbell, of the Synod of Upper Missouri; and.
Rev John G. Brown, of, the United Presbyterian.
Church, being present, were invited to sit as cor
responding members.
The Moderator announced the folloWing Com
Ministers--Tteva. 'Loyal Young, D. D., John Munson. J.
T. Boyd, and James M. Shields- Eiders—Joseph 0. Camp
bell, James GibFon, and Lost Dodd..
Atittraters—David Elliott. D Jaittee Coulter, IDavid
Waggoner, and Henry. Webber. Elders—David Duff, Wm.
Eare.—Ministers—John F. McLaren, D. D., and William
Nesbit.. Eiders—T. H. Navin, and James McCurdy.' .
BEATER.--, Ministers—John R. Xindley, and L. R. MeAhoy.'
Elders—David McCune. and John Breckinridge:
ALteatte.Ny.—.Ministert—John W. 'Johnston, and James'
.Altison. Eiders-34=es Burcbtled, and-Di. L Rawirins.
ILLEOutriy thm—ifinistcra—Abealom Vc.Cready t and
Benjamin C. Critchlow. Elders—Alexander Bess, and John
4fOrtsters=.7. Y. Reynolds, D. D., and E. P. Swift, D. D.
Etder—Tames Crawford:
Minigers—William M. Blackburn, and David A. Reed. Et
der—John 'Wylie.
Monsters—David Crier, and John W. Johnston. Elder—
Philip Miller. • '
]Ministers—John 0. Sinclair, and William F. wean, Rider
--W. S. Cray . '!'. -
Tdinitiers—Jchn Coulter, P. Boyd, and David Hall. El
cier—Joha Buick. „
Ministers—Newton Bridge% and•R. B. Walker. Elder—
Robert Gilleland.
The first standing order tras taken up, and Sta
tistical Reporta,read and placed in the Banda of
the Stated dierk.
The second' standing order was taken up,.and
Presbyterial Records were presented and placed
in the bands of tbe committees appointed to ex
amine the same.
The report of the Committee oil the Matter of
Funds for the Park church. Erie, was made the 7
first order of the day for this afternoon.
report of ths CCromitteo on Funds for the Salary I:
of the Synodical Missionary, the second Order of
the day this afternoon. "..
A collection of twenty.five cents from each',
member was taken up to rePlenish the continiept
fund of Synod. ,
Synnii then pro6eedeckiolippoiiit ttielilseganizt o
boar; of the next Aneeting: It was,resolved.
meet at Mercer, ; l a., ,pn the Fo,urth,
September, 1869, at
.. o'olpelF P. M. ,
The Board 'O'f •CiiiPortage Presented l a fePert,,
*filth was aocePted; and: committed sto4teviil3:se.
Oritatalnw, Rev.' ' 0 - . iIV. A Zahnizer, 4 (And .aJohn
Reynolds, elder. as
The fpllowing is the report
Aoceilling'to the requirements `of the Martial tirrocon
portetion; the Board of Coportage oj,,tha 5y4 0 4 1 1.04 1 1.45:
hergita,arnExtieatieny,present ths following swport - of %sit_
•tfisiagile fromlite , :let iklefeinber,lBs7, ],tat t,
At the beginning of this period; a most Careful inventory
was taken of the whole stock of the concern, consisting-of
books, furniture, end book accounts, when the entire
amount of our assets was Wend to be. $3158.27; at - the
same time our indebtedneks from all sources was ewer.
tained to be $81.27 ;' thus 'our net assets were $3,07712.
Now, it will be- remembered-that according to the report
presented to Synods at their last meetings, our net assets
were $8 381.33. ThiS shows a discrepancy .of $BO4ll be
tween the report made to Synods and the results of the in
ventory taken immediately after the meeting of Synods.
The error in the _report made Id Synods, arose from esti
onating books belonging to Dr. Jaccbuti and others, as stock
actitally paid foal , while they Were Teally only'left`an• sale.
The mistake ,occurred owing to the recent death of ,the
fonder Librarian, the new Librarian having not yet learned
/du, actual et/edition of the business of , thweencern.
Daring the ten months, the amount of sales for cash has
teenssl;97o.B4; 'for the same time; the sales on credit have
amounted to $989.00; so , that the total sales for ten months
have been $2,959 34. And the net gaink for the - same time,
Pram the .proSts of sales, over all expenses, of whatsoever
kind, have been $90.50,
Throughout these ten Months, the accounts of donations
received from the churches, and of the expenditures for
colportage, have been kept entirely separate from the other
business of the- concern, that the churches might know
directly what disposition was made of that' Mods. We are
very sorry to say that the contributions from thaetturehes
have only reached the rum of $237.81; of whieh,there have
been'experided chi 'col *0 ge ' in' the 'Way of commiseione
and d0nati0n5..5169,47... Andthe,emonnt. of commissionan '
books now in the hands of eolporteurs will most probably
absorb the remaining pertion -of, the donations: Thus
every cent contributed by, the et arches has been expended
in the actuaiwork 'of distributing booksimil tracts , ainong
'the people, while the profit§ of sales havekept up the rooms
and paid all eipe rises, and yielded a profit of $90.50. The
amount of books purchased during the year, is $8,769.71Y;
and the amount of cash remitted is $2,77248; leaving a
balance due Parent Board of $987.22. The areonat offends'
now in hands of Treasurer is $70438.
The number of colpoiteurs senployed in the ten months
has beeneleren. - If the churches had furnished more means,
a much greater work might have been done, for there were
Many applications-for employment as colporteure„! and not a
,few requests made to have, colporteurs sent to partieular
tut the want of hinds prevented Its fretureepond
ing to these
In this connexion, it may, he proper to IllAioo the fact
that the ltepurt of the Board of Publication showa a larger
contribution from the churches of these Synods to the. Parent
Board, during the lest year. than to our own Board. Now,
we have good reason to believe that a good part ofthis sum
was intended for our own institution, but failed to reach
us, through the want of more definite .direetions as to its
application, ley.thone sending it. We earnestly hope that
for the future due care :maylhe eitercieed 'in this matter,
by,pastors and Sessions, so tbat•we may riot be deprived of
any ot - even the small amount of food intended for our sub.
sistence and growth. • .
Moreover, .t is altogether worthy the serious considers,
tion of the °hurdles of these i'yrtiids, whether the sum of
s,6o6—for the contributions to the Board of Coleortage and'
the Parent Board do not much exceed tilts sant-4 all they
are called upon to do for the dissemination of a Clove] and
Presb)terian literature in the word. Certainly the Oppor
tunities for doing good in this way are many and encour
Wo should have at least one colporteur employed con.
tinually within the litnite of the cities of Pittsburgh
and. Allegheny.. While another might find .aliandent oc
cupation in the adjoining towns and villages- And in the
different Prsehyteries there are greater or less 'openings
every year for the distribution of the littnature of our.
Church with the most happy effects. And at the same time
our stock of Sabbath School 'bootie ' , should bet largely in-,
,creased, to meet the : wants-of the sayisithi Sidiele.ofJour
own cbsiches, and of othei" Churches that give Mt* illeledr
time a'preasrenoe overall others.. The Board is doing etery
tffingla its power to accomplish the objects for which it
was itistitnted, and the business te conducted on the most,.
,economical scale; so that not a doilar of the funds contrib.
rated is spent he the expense's of the bisiness of the rooms,
but every . dollarts devoted either to the work of colportage,
or, to the increase of stock. Bat so long as_the churches
withhold the funds,ao lonentitat all our.. effOrterbi3 greatly;
crippled, auditor expectation failto be realized. • This Board
Is the creature of there Synode, and can only live and 'pros-.
per by their benevolent*, encciurgement, and fostering care.
We earnestly ask the pastors and Bunions of theme Synods'
to come to our aid; that we may perform this 'work on a'
mush larger seale,,and with greatly increased facilities.,
. A Circular was read from the Committee on the
Matter of Funds for the Assistance of Disabled
Ministers which was ootomitted to' Itev r .,
J:ciin Manson, %Rd :Joseph - 0, Campbell,
Rev. David, Waggoner, Rey- Henry Webber,
and dames Crawford, elder, were appointed
Connnittenen the Western TheologiealSeniinary.
Tate Comanittee appointed by-thelast Synod, in
relation to gn Agent to receive: contributions, for
the hoorde oe theChtlrelt, reported. Tlie;`report
was Recepied, and "Peridiug 'dficuesion' upon it;
Synod adjourned. - ' • ' •
Concluded with prayer. , • .
• FRIDAY AFTERNoorr, 2 o'clock.• -
Synod met and was opened with prayer
The first order of- the day for this afternoon;
was taken up, and the Committee on the Matter
of Funds for Park churUh, reported that 'but
had been collected; whereuptha the Coin
wittee was continued, - with directions to,report at
the present meeting ofSynod . , some plan for rais
ing the remaining six. hundred dollars.
The second'order of the day was taken up, 'and
the Committee on. Funds for the Support of the
Synodical .Missionary, presented areport. i x Pend- ,
ing the discussion,, the time fixed by the standing
rule for deiottonal exercises having arrived, Synod
spent one hone and a half in •eihortation,'Prayer
and praise, under the direction., of the Moderator:'
During this exercise, titc Narrative of the State
of Religion Was read by. Reir. James Allison, the
•Chairman of the Comniittee - ; and after tha 'close
of this service, it was unanimously adopted; and
is as "folio tins : : •
The eeminittee on the Narrative begs leave to
• following a•.
submitthe annual report Ot the 'State of
Religion within ; the bciunds of, the Synod of
b eny
To make inquiries as 'to the state and - prospects
the. Ceuech, of the progress of the work of
thelaird, of the encouragetnents, antt elite diffi
culties in the way, must he intereatinganti nse
fa to theTious and reflecting; mind, 1. And when
the fathers and . brethren of
,a £,iyised come to
gether, after a separation of twelve Months, of
what do, they delight to,hearao ; .of what
the Lord has been doing for,hia,,people, the sue
,ceea.that has attended the,labors, o 1 his servants,
the trials -through- Which
.they have passed, the
answers given to the prayer of:faitli, and,the suP•
I ports and consolations .of, the,Gospel of the 'grace
of: God enjoyed by many 7.
.. • „
The condition of things in whiCh our last meet
hag was held, Aeon - be - nrgotten by any
whewere .present: -Disasters and ,dismay were
relMd.about,tts ;: and our hearts were ready to
einleititiliri us. Riches were taking to themselves
wings and flying away;,the opulent were - reduced
to poverty; and confidence in man . was gone.
While fears were entertained that many streams
through which Christian bepevolence flowed into
the treasury of , the Lord, would be cut 'off,- Nor
was our spiritual state - any-better ;- the same sad
news reached our - ears from every side. The
heaveni c above were as brass, and- : the: earth se
iron ; no Blonds' of mercy seemed to 'hang over
; no showers ef i grace seemed. to comedown;
.ri'ghieolienesetthEnot spring up out 'of-the earth.
ehriatian life was feeble'; faith was weak; but
few "came to•the help - of the the help of ;
tke Lord t .against the mighty." Again did we
tyke up -the lamentation, " There is none that
ealleth upon thy name, that stirreth up himself to
take held of thee; for' thou bast hid' thy face,
from us and halt consumed us because of our in
iquities." "Zion was a wilderness, Jerusalem a
desolation.": But now, when assembled together
after the toils, the sorrows; and the joys-of an-i
other year, every bettrtis ready to cry out, " What
hathOed wrought !".: Our sackcloth has beeeput
Off, and we have beengirded with gladn'eas; , ' Re
bath 'pot a new song inte our mouth, even praise
unto our God; many' shall see it, and 'fear, and
shall trust in the Lord." The fathers are still
with.ns—though one has rested from his Jabors.
A good degree of, health and strength have been
given to those who labor sn word and doctrine;
. they have had favor before Opd and Man. Peace
has reigned in our churches; old divisions have
been, heeled; and but - few eccasiensefscatidal,, or
for,the exercise of discipline, hayeariseit., .'Wile
the claims of the Do,ards'of the Church; ever to
be regarded
plied With rni
Rids more 11
liss done for
line). done gi
.glal' The
• isave ,hegun
-down • the •
presence. ,
/kirteries, anti
ispy,s 'that a'
wiling within
mr entire b
,grently hum
strong crying
ly quickened
, mientle to GI
;•other; churci
is'aokes - peel
•ditiens have
Tartzits and
3eatmed ; th(
Evea the mo
'hurtful error .n and most
aseitinously c fedi the good'
sped of the W A.lll abundant
harvest: 8 0 n:1 1 y fold : and
some et hund-- _ the tort? has ,
had free course and en glorified.. ,Oaft Presby
tery rsports one. intired and fifty added, on. pro
fession of faith; tote 'cliniith, seventy free to , '
soother, end forty t nother: Another' Presby
tery reports an' aggttgate , of two hundred , and.
seventy-six conversife in six pastoral• oharges-
And alt the Presbytetes report large atmessions
in almost all their Sure/leis: 'And a degree of
seriousness altogith unusbel perituties , etbole
eammuntties; . open pposition is eileneed ; the.
- wrath of man is-res fined... " This Asithe Lord's--
doing; it is marvellms hi our eyes." With great._
thankfulness to theloriOnd 'Head of tle'Chertilty.
'would we also retort! the 'fact of the ' centinued:'
prosperity of the .Wittern Theological' &misery,
within our bounds,jand the largely, increased , .
numbers in attendaskte during the lasi,term, to
gether With the etdouraging I - fronted., for the ,
enetvit g-, year. ; We itave 'reason to .believer,. the•
effects of the preciais .outpouringor the Holy
Spirit. have been ita:nifested' in a greet 'hogging
after holiness Of. heirtsiod life, and 'fees: snore
intense devotion to tie bleeder's werk: '. ;
Let this institiitios be' berrshed by eur bene
factions, and .by our t prn • • raj
,tbftt Profemers•
maybe aided from 0n,b1.,., mid . that ts , stsFientis.
may benonie goOd‘minisie s' 'of Jikii 'Moist; Mt
of faith and of the Ho], '
. .
It is highly proper, Cie to consider.the•lseane.
by which he has accompli :. ed such gree.t results.
'Many things lead tis ; to 'l. love that the ;017 stater
of the Church, .and ,of ..p rsoital f4ety,,,and the
abounding of wrildiinetia; -riror, and'WhikOdnese,.
had long borne eat:Whitt . a barb' of entre misis- •
ters, elders, and 'private eniberstof the Church.: 1
Long had some of theta. been crying in .seeret,,
~ R e turn, .0 Lord, ho w l ) l t i . And let it. repent .
thee coneerniog thy s ere te: tt,iiiitsfy ut). early.
with th v marey ; that we ' a y rejoice and Weglack
all our days. Make us ad according to the days. !,
wherein thou . haat • art - ted us , and,,the.-yeues. o !
wherein we have peen e, 1." . put those tfesitrea e . i
so long pent 'Up in the solitude of individiset 1 1
' bosoms, thiingh.ofteir 'glitig 'te dommilitickuy -
tbemselvea to others, Tortid exPreasioniriAll#o4-•.
„ i
verition that assembled at pittsbergh, whiff was
called by proceedings initated,e.t. the hist Ile , tiai 1
of this Synod, ; and which Wei the'begirifilsg, 'elf sera'
glorious reviv al 'for . tili . ii 4endil end' 'WeAtfite arid i) !
I "lstltyk , fOr .66titisOfteijmkgies.:4*-thiiwiketelk
world. Scarcely did I:meth - ten sea& thairhotesis k 'a :
before _an unwonted ' tenderness was nittlWerl.. :
among professing tixttettans, and the encoskientedi
„began to' inquire, '" What' •must ' we' . dray ti 'be
saved ?" Some.plieford speali'idlythreesibaitilie of
theirdongregatfoise being bathecr4ii - 1 tease, even,
where the,hardnees,,ef the nether millstone had,
been manifest. a 'Elbert time ,before, so that,the
promise.or t'fiod ilia literally fulfilled, which ssith..,
"Before theY call; Twill antiwar, and While they
are,yet speaking i .l:will hear." And throughout,
thiswork heel:own phariqeOzed remarkably by
the preeminenee . giNen to pr ayer. In .'this way,.
Jeboviiicitts 64d:reminding - ur of 'his -saying of
old, "Not' by might tier' by i poker, but by 'tny
Spirit." :At the same time le has litet. high. honor
on.the pree i ching of liths•fieekel t by the regulto pas
tors and ministereitf the ehurcliel. Ifo now
measures have beei v iinfactieed, ritir' - liiiittitinin of
ettraordinarjr giftit , :ea ' eiangelista 'bees- found,
neoessary: ThusAlin work las been threat' tut- ,
der the ministrations,ot,pliators, and the- supee-.,,
vision of,the regular'Sessions,of the charehesi •'
Pesters that so tong "went firth weeping,. bear- `
ing preoious seed," • have now " come again- with; •
rejoicing, bringing Ltheir sheaves 'with them."'' •
Preaching the °gape' from house to housel. faith—
ful instructions in the Sabhath Scheel ; personal;
appeals to the unconverted; and the fervent:, ef
feotual prayer of the righteous in secret, 14 the
family altar, in• the .social meeting, , and iKk the.
public congregations, have been xemaakably
owned and blessed of God:
`ln view of all' theee things,'onr duties are-plain:
and. imperative.. God. should receive our most
devout gratitude for all his mercies and alt. hi&
salvation: F i er, " What shall'me, render unto.
him for all his benefits ?" The criltivii:.ticiti Of tt..
higher degree of personal piety, - should' he sar,e—
fully sought:- Tor'it is potiSibleldtmistake au, in:
creased .membership. for. a• deeper: and more fervid;
,personal piety. We . must guard. against being'
satisfied with present resni ts; . for I l i) • werk , ie.
only commenced. To act self ii Was oomPlebedi.
ii a dabger to whiCh we are peouliarlY , expette4
from the - fact that it has become so soot latmatitge
of, history. We may use the name of Agri se.,
familiarly as ; to . forget its halloweddess,,and we •
may bedome p° accustomed to religiousNibrde
and phrseesi'ati l tb' lobe sight of their "Import
History, toti,iinforms us'of the danger ofore-ae
tion, andAlAtearful consequence. For, to got ,
tvLekward ,efter IVO, imight,day and earnest life,.
Would be to pliiiiie" . ititn t' darker night, gild a.
more' hopelesir dietlit'iltofti Tor ''n's, - therii , to be:
strong -in:the Lord,' andliii- th'Opriwer -of his ,
might,", to " go, l from ittretegth unto; strength.'
A streng sought, , , faith is to be sght ) , the sword of the
Spirit is to be wielded, • the pialei, of faith' that
can save the soul is to be offered.•' For 'the; bat- X
tlele not over.;: a•great 'conflict is still before the
Church, sat home and abroad. Here God has been:
pouring out his Holy 'Spirit upon ns., And
abroad he has been honoring
.us in counting
w ho went out from us , , who 'had had been ordained.-
with the laying , oi of the hands of one of our
own Preshyteries, and with Whom:dome of ua
have often took sweet counsel in time past, wor- '
thy of a. martyr's crown.* The serial of prophecy
is rapidly unrolling; tremendous' isstes!rise up
before the Church in the,future.' And:" the time
is short." It is for us to walk close .with,,God, :
to " Work Whileltis day." For the kingdoms *a
this world are to becbme the kingdoms of °nit:Lord
and of his Christ;'' every knee must bow at the*
name of lesns„and every tongue: confess. to the
glory of God the Father. Yea,,the , eye of faith
beholds the day- 7 not * fox distalif,--if the people
of God be true to him, andlo themselvel;' when,
,‘ The dwelhara In tbe,ealea, and on the rocks,
Shout to each other; and the mountain tops •
From distant inondtatna.eatoh tbs,flyingjoy,
Till nation after nation, taught th e strain,
Earth rollsrtha rapturous Rodinna round). !
*Rev. D. B. CaMibeli. -
Synod then took a reoasuntil the hour of pub
lic worship. '
Synod met, and heard a sermon from Rev. Jas.,
W. Dickey, on the 'eubjeat, assigned him at the' ,
last meeting—" Ministerial -Fidelity the
Acts of the Apostles,xx :,28—".Take heed, there
fere, unto yourselves, and to all the floOk over
which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers,
to feed the Church' of God, which be has pur
chased With his own blood.".
,Rev..D H. A. ,McEean, D.D.„ and Rev. G. K.
Ormond,,of the United Presbyterian Chproh ; and.
Rev. David Meletimey, D.D., of the Synod .of .
Pittsburgh, being prekent, were invited to sit as
corresponding members.
The Committee on-Devotional' Exercises pre
seated the following,pertial report, which was sc.
ceptecl and idopted:
i Ear. E. J. H. Eaton to preach Inllti3 First °bunt, Ally.
.14241 • i • ;.: a , / a
• . ::n
leap 'and amp.
me !teem ) met
tat the Lord
" The Lord
tereof we .are
.the. shadows -
haa„eeme,his • '
all ont:•Pres- '
ofitirehre, the
;41, *Pik await .
.M3ll . • 4 •
seas and c on
.ndtthe goang. .
Pant and the.
Ifherar moats. ;
ifIIIDAY Bynum, o'clock;
. . .
. .
• =7m ... , vornrl , - , , • ••••••- • e . ' .. . - w00r , 1. , 1" ,,,,. .....01....% .4'..-••=1.......wri5rwer...,........p00rr.• -••••••:...........,,,,..,„...,,,,
7 f
;. . 1:
A •
. . I , ---; • ,:, tA. ,1 0
, '"IT, ,: • ...0 - . . .
1111 )1
L ,„.., ,•• ! ~k „,••. ~ • : ..., 11- I,it. ' • 1 !-, , c)::st ti 0 ,1.1: eli'tep c:Are l l 9 • 1 t '• .. • I ~, : 9 , .. 4 ..,, 7 t . 4 I, i 44 '4 4 :.
,-, ~ 1 . '• • • • - ••• .*% ..r . ..";-• • ••••• . •••••,f 4r ; vl.ll b....ti
... . . . .
.. . .._....
. .
Trflp. r..orerktig ". TEl'll3 ONV TEEING,/ LPO.* 6 -- . • •s. B .ftr , elatrer - V1 7 1443nr-SO5. 8
TOBER 10, 1.858.
• . •
ghtoy, at 3 o'clock oft Saturday afternoon; 'Rev. William M.
Plonk burn •to privicli in the tame church at 11:44 o'clock;
and Rev. John; it. Fi,•dley at 7.56 ,o'clock P. M. Synodical
Col3llllllilloll at o dock P M., to be administered by, Rev:
Jolnalitininyn, Mev. ..McCready, and' Rev. David O. Reed,
'meet thlt direction:of:the liPderator.
91. av ibyal• Yelling, Rev. B. C. ' , Critchlow, awl
Jasneslitbson, elder, were appelinted.a Committee
to 'draft a paper expressive of the• feeling of
'Briod with; refereniiirto the revival. • ';
A:djonrned , t,o :meet to-morrow morning, at fli
eolook.. • , •
' Cloncluded'with prayer:" 'T •• : • '. • -.
• .• •
I • '•• Sairthuiat
ryitod .met and ;grits upenod with prayer.
iras',aCcepted :
ill • i•J:.a ~$ •••• '•,.
,Tlm.Cdompkittetrat Elite and Overtmes would report °rep:
j titire 11.12-:' 4 • •
L. A.A.ZePtiVoln.a nunaher miniatere.and. Warr ,in the
leatintss ids Piguittftliry 'site; the' organisatitin o*-
I t tftgri P a b gn e lirkliVe t ittAt ib irg i rV fluil '" l ' eFlee ..
• - Moe Otatualtteetritotannytrittliat kak*est,,.g . reirded,,
ininigteirs and ehimehesof Mercer County, except the pastor
end &larch of Centre, and go much of Venaugo County se, i
Iles ;within the born:idiot' the Synod _ofAllegheny, except
'the church of Amity; and that the • new Preebyteiy .
known by the nettle of - . to hold Ito Bret meeting in
Denier, on the day of ne*t _ to be opened with st`•
sermon' by Rev. David Grier,. anti .;in case of Ida abeenee,
.'then by the oldeat minister praent, who shall, pea* till
.a new Moderator is cltwen.' ' :
fr .2titti•
Ami, 1 / 4 4 Uhler
.bodi.- ,
. . ..
. .
They would further report Overture No 2:
*.petition from the members of Übe• &erica and Cobgre
dfation of Mercer, to be transferred to the Preebytery of
Beaver. r
The Committee reconimend That the request be apt
vented; cni account of-the impition of the church of Mfg
:.aer in relation to the new Preebjtery. . •
'The following Committee reported :
. ,
'The Committee appointed to consider and report to the
'Synod of Allegheny on the recommendation of the General the churcheatoraise,frindirforitbe
Wied‘Mi Dieters," 411 c., beg leave to ' report: That while Synod.
•vedoicerirst this important branch Cl:abatis benevolence'
is noelost sight of by a considerable nunitin of efiuichee;
yet they "cannot forbear, to oxpretta_ their ..zegret that a ma.'
Zority of our churches have contribstad•nothing'to this
.object. •• • • • • • .
Your Ckorimittee werald recomn2end to Synod the adoption
thn following resobilions: • • •
Resolved, let, That it be urged upon the Presbyteries
'composing this Synod, to make inquiry tato . the condition
of their,ased mininters,,to ascertain their wants.
Regait . hid, '2d, That it be recommended to all our ministers
to lay this subject before their congregations , rind annnally
to raise collections, with - i , sige , tp , carry fete .'effect the
Feeimimendation of the General Assembly. in relation to
such'Of our suffering biethren as may require ail: •
. •
The Committee on Leave of Absence from Fcirm •
er,•Meetings of Synod, reported ,that: they had.
heiti.d and sustained the reasono of absence of the
follOning membeiti:sE. P: Sirift; D.D ,
Laren. D.. 15;,, Nesbit., • ,W,
Johnston, T. G. Scott, A. ,MoCreedy, Alex's Con-,
ningham, J. V. Miller, John W. Johnhting i ßenry
Webber. John Mnoson,,itnd.John Rilloydr • '
Rev. J. W. Scott, D.D , and Rev. S. J. Wileon,.
.. •
of the Synod ' of Wheeling ; and' Rev. 'wm: E..
Hunt l .ef the• Synod Of Ohio, being .present, 'were
invited to sit as corresponding members. • .
The Committee on Devotienal Exercises farther
reported the folloiving supplies the Sabbath
FOUrth'Preibyterian ChuivA,. PittsbarrgE. , ---ftev. B.;a. EL
Eaton, at 10IA o'clock ; Rev. E. E Swift at 7% o'clock.
&cora Ptesbegericen C74iWeh, Pittsbuipk.:=Xer. ii Yung
D. D., at 8 o'clock P. M.
Methodist B. Chtireh, Reiner Jae.
noutteT, at.. 734 o'clock. P.M.
Ceram; ~ : ftesbliteriaisC hurch, lealeay. —Rev . • B. a
Critchlow", .at 1.93 i cociopz E. Bra, at 3
Oveetee:M 7 . ' • • ": " ••• •
South .thhimos Chiret-liev. J. V.-Reynolds,
it 107/4 South, .
A. M. ; Rev. G. W.' Zilini2er, at 734 delock ,
• • ,First Wilber/2nd Chtmch, In:Sakai,
tt.lo4,o'olqck A. M.; 'Rev. . 5. J. , AL.,..F.aton, 734,o'tioci
The Jridicial Committee reported that the'Ap
„peal and Complaint of
,Itey. A. McCready.. and
certain members of Neshennock Congregation,
ritiaiiist . the Pieisliiieiy of iteaver: an. the' inatter
Al!,e ditsolution of the "pastoral relation-,eaist
di'74Cies7o3l: and ilia atorestatit
CouiregitiOn, had been put iritO l tlleV Wadi' and,
being found regular, recommended •that,l4 l l4 tai
kemnp i and issued. ,
• The report wee rdopted, and the appeal was
made tee first order of the day for Monday morn=
The Committee to draft a Paper, exprcssive
the feeling of Synod in reference to the' Revival, •
presented a report, w io hr was aceepted, : ellioneaeclil
and its final dispositiontThistponed ADM pen! the,
close of the meeting ef
. 531n0,0. "
The Committee on 41io IlieoloklolAnsinter3i:
preSented repnrt, was accep ted and
placedon the'Docketl 'tor
The. Committee on the Minutes - of the General
Assembly presented the followingreport, which
Was adopted : 7
Theytimee not seen any thing in geld jaunty,' that de•
moods any mirtkular !Lotion of Synod, "except it be' Over
ture • No.lB, ,on the _demission,of the ministerial Mete, on
page 299, cent down tothe Presbyteries with the re
quest that they take action upon' it, and report to the next
Ctaneral Assembly. This= Overture . wu, recommend to the
consideration of the Syod. •
The Committee - on the Minutes - of the Presby
tery of Allegheny:City, Beaver, and AlleghenT,
reported, recommending their approval. Their
reports were accepted And-adopted.
The ,Committee on the Records of the 'Presby
tery, of Erie reported, recommending their ap•
provak, with eiceptione filed: .
Adjourned teineet on Mondayinbrnhig, at 10
o'clock. '
Closed"withrprayer. • 1.
7 'MONDAY MORNING, 10 o'clock.
Presbytery met, and spent the usual half , hour
in devotional exercises. • • •
The,Committee on,Leave of Absence reported
that. ther i llad granted leave of absolve from the
-sessions . of Synod, to: Rev: J. M.
Shields, Rev. David Hall, Ite:. - Sainuel Williams,
mid Henry Webber, witb elatifil , Johnlioyd,
Robert 'Gilleland; :and:A.: - X.Barher4 •?.1 r.s 0
(Bee. Win,B. 41eItralne• : and RA!, George Rill;
of the Synodof rittsbargh, iqeg
,p r resez4 ; were •
inv.i,ted:fo . sit es'eoiiespoeding inemharii. ". '
• Oa motion, Rev. 'Jobe •Ilitinsim,' Re+. :lan IL:
anil"elthe Jlohtf' Bieokiiitidgiii were op:
:pointed , a Committee to: cionsideein whakways
the meetings of this.holly may ha :. iremlereAmore
useful to goals ppp, espettifOly anon-.
verted sinners, and .m:riting at an
early stage' of 'onineit , sessiOns. - • .
The order of the day was then taken up, and*
Synod entered upon. the:considerition ofthe com-!
plaint of Rev, A. McCready and others, against
the sot of the Presbytery of Beaver, in the, dle:
solution of their,Pastoral The original
ptrties ;core heard, when the honiiiiiing arrive&
:Synod• adjourned untirtWio o!,oleela 60:17
Concluded with prayer..
.. • • ~ .., • • • •
Tivo O'CLOCK..
, .
Synod met and was opened with.prayer.,
The Committee appointed by the last Synod to
report on Ctuiroh Architeature,' reported that
they' bad given the matter sortie , consideration
'but recommended no;speciftc notion on tbe sub.
ject. • The report was accepted, 101 on the table;
,and the committed discharged. i 9;
The consideration of the complaint of 'Rev. A.,
McCready and others; • was then resumed, and the
original !partieir farther' heard. The• roll
then called; and,an opportunity offered the mern r ,
bers,of Synod,of, expressing their views, on the
case. The vote was then taken, when itappeared
that the complaint was not sustained. '
The report of the Committee on the Matter
a Receiving Agent for' the Boards of the Church,
-waa.taken up and adopted. .11.t . follows:
• peroloed; That it is sense ofahle Synod that an Agent
ought to be appointed 'for the wining and disburelig of
the funds ratted for the Boards of the Church within our
bounds, who Isbell ,do this work without a salary, provided
ir *Tor pereion,den be neared.
Rev. L. .R.' . MeAboyi' as! •Riobard• Bard, elder ,
were appointed Committee to carry out- The
above resolution.. • • • c:-.: •• . '
Tho Committee on the Records of the Proaby
jet", of Beaver reported, recommending their . ap-
Rioval. The report was adopted. ' • .
Adjournidie meet at'T o'clock.
• 'Concluded with prayer. • "
I - • ' MONDAY .EVET7I2IO 7 o'olock.
Synod met gild Wati . opened' with prayer. '7
The following I)issent from the action of the
Synod in regardto the oemplaint of -Rav i; A. Me.
Greedy and.others was presented and ordered to
be entered, upon the Milfhtes : -
The undersigned beg leave to dissent from the decision of ;
the Synod of Allegheny; in the once ()Mho complaint of the'
Rev. A. teCready, and others, against the decision of , the,
PiesbYtery of BetiTer,'lor'the following reasons : While this
regular Minute of the setion of the Presbytery would show
this : notion to harp been orderly, in ,tl}4,).dimeolulipli of the
pistorni relation 'of Itev. - A. Al'Oready aid the iongregidlon,
of .Neshannooki yet , the;boartng , otthe,ossefilis i diselbeed
the fant,that the pastor. and 'many of tlie;peonte, 'were of
the opinion that tbi'eule tii diemisistok a ipaitol would be
••Civrtled out, of citing the congiegation to assign reasons, at
the next meeting, why this nelationshifi should not ,be
Delved. Believing that thiq is a wholesioneand - silutari
-rule. and ought to be adhered‘towfOr the protection of all
wai-tice. this decision, "Moll seems to setasidesueli citation,
onight be hereafter claimed se r a .;
' L. B.McAsor,
; • ! , Jonedfluntion.,
Comm itt ee on. Ibps,a4d-Pvorturee r i crrted
, Overititie 16:4, A Petition to detilareliew ;
Wiltnincton oat!of tthe bounds of the !PriAbytery .!
of Beaver,; that a ohttr9h, 'pay bo,orgoniFed there_,..
,'with a. recommendationtitat, tilt) Synod oppoint
•peciil .coinmittee ' to Sr and . ilefine be z ,
tween the Preittiyprien if P.rie;' Allegheny, at 4
Beaver. sl.
• site rcport : avap tioseptads4atipted,
,and itev. elders
Rounizo . :atid: 7 Xohnße7intilitil were , a. 0 7.
Pe' l3l ` 4l ,•fei coTtO4fAi* %ITO/A fitirl,?Tr°,l*.,
''T 4 645 1 'repitft - thiMa l iaCnittiiiiin•thetiteeords of
*e.er4lAl,tery i ef w,at Aeibltakpn t up,i the
ri ken ou t and.theretords,approvd.
of Park'sbuivh;•Erhit , t<< *; f n -,113
- Devolve, Ist,, That this Synod , have heard, with regret,
"that the pleaga of $l,OOO, in aid Of Park env:welly hes not
bean nedeemed,
, • •
learolved4l2d,"'Thai 'the remaining snen of s6oo' yet re
quired, be apportioned aniot.g the Presbyteries, irrespectire
of %baths" beenrilore.
• Besotted, ad, That this ,Synod will redeem.
their pledge, at least, by the time of the next' meethig, so-`
: cording to ttie following plan :
That est& - cbureh pay a Po 113 equal to seven reefs per
member,iir report*. Cto, the, last general Amembly,-,l>eing
the from ef5201.82 to the Presbytery of Allegheny ; to the
.freabytery. of heaver, $142.25. ' 1. to: theyresbyteryof Srle r
1147:7u; to the Presbytery of Allegheny City,.5161.41
0 Ant to 4,41:U11181S the matterilhilftml.nitteeim;esald • '
%ytery male the apportionment witha referenoe to
eat" promptli .
djourie.d to .m ee t. to: morrow, inornin
.Cencilml ed. WI th , prayer. : . . i
TUESDAY MORMNO, 2 o'clock.
• ' 'Synod met, and spent half an boar in devotional
! • . -;iio •e'c
Tbe.viiintites of last evening
,were read. TM,
Committee on Leave of Absence reporied . nsi
tbey,tia.3l granted leave of. etseecr. from ref . ;
..rettitting, sessions ofto r minieters 4 1 . } . 0
'Boyd; 1)...C. need, Win " Nesbit, '3Bidei , 'd , Coillter,
YEt.tbraini; Ogden, Aleiander Canninibani,i.and' J.
Joktieton; and elders, Jatoes:Praisford;•Diiiid
MoCane, 'Gray, Philip Miller, Robert Ilaysp
Mid lota Swiok.- The rePoit'wee aceepteit
• ...VIC, resoluti9ns,overeomanimortsly
paned, is relation to the Ameriean Bible Society*: ,
.. I .1 • ;
IZeseicel.; let, I:nat "as s 8,3 this nod has undiminished interest,:
cand entertains unimpaired confidence,An tite t yMdom and
oflEciency of the Ameriean'llible Society." '
• , Reeelvast, 2d, That,the wonderful , providence!! ot l god
*Mali bare opened in our awn country, sidle toady parte
•ofs,,takittmtb . eri wide. doors of peeftiNeeetio theyAmer
lean Bible Society, and kindred inetantiOns. bialtir calls on
,:all the friends of the Redeemer, for amo re ,_)mited and feryent
, layer,
an tbr a largely increased liberality in the -dona
tions-of Obristianstowardthe diffusion of the W,oxdpf,ood.
Resolved, Sd,. That this Synod has meat confidence in the
' tklelity lend' ,th .translatlim;of the
holy Scriptures now in common wain onr,conntry, and so
commons*. to all with whomour i otnion an
The Committee on .tha Synodical -derision re,
ported, recommendinr,,Rey.__NewtOn Bracken, of
the Presbytery of Allegheny, as the preacher,'
• iiiii4: 4 ol3itel Devo
Scipcese ? 7,aii dine. The
'report was accepted and'adapted. '
olthe fkaninittee appoi n ted 36 take into fisted
pratitif ihei; dues ,d ividing ; . the lines of!
Beti,irer'„?kle, Alligheny,inibinittad the
ing rCipert,' to wit :. • • "`.'
• Thilibe. es teretefore separating the Presbytery of Ben.
vex from the Presbytery of Erie, shall begin at Orlogeville,
on the Ohio State line; thence 'Salt; to the tilitiniuiaotrireit`
thence dawn the Rbensago too "the Big Bend mad; thence
Smile to' the Big:*Neehannock ;. thence. deviate
liesksanack, till It strlkes,the Bouttkweatent line dividing*
the :Priebresriee of Aliegheey.aod Belteee:ll' 0 .1 "'•
The report adopted. , •
Thq,2Tileasttr; p_reaeptetYlhe fallowing ,tetor‘v
iWrii`W a S o v e 'Kul : IK-171i virr
-i)lttiudanew iionv last'yeat:,` 0.. 10 , .. , 33.816
Syncalicel Collection, . . . • A.' .17.81
' • Oa!'
l . 65 1
71; ARMS& S Sa •
-vpJ4•5lOO •
. ,
Path Stated Clerk,
" Pormarvont Clerk,
Janitor, . .
Delano-in the Tramittry, •; • . glO.ll/„
;The following resolution re to the peti
tion'forvitiridry. p'erediaatkrbariTlifir Wilminktote, l
was ailepted: •,2,7 •
,ptelold, That so trinik ace* poifilon or *•7,..
- A. - Mien:4; others ; ateieterilictlieorgan-'
hiaKoci - ef a .Cheroh in 'be re
,' tarred to. the:Preayytery,of Bearer, with i n room:I?.
inetillittion t 0 reeorieiaer their former` action on
the aeldept. " • * "
• Rev: GeOrie W. Bhkfffer 'Of thii . Syi'oil 'or *hp
r i3j tev p , iii o a ;a tt g !n in g este . U!,, ,
‘ w ,
, The' pOniMittee to ailiam was - refeired i ,tlie ;Re
port of 'die 'Bo t aid of • Co l portage, - eabititte'd: the
followigj;, which waa'aceelitetl , .atal adoli d'
Resii.ose. That the 'fidelity, of the Baaiß , 'end saps
tun,. of the Banally° Committee, the lianligataipt, af.
their trust, be . approved. • ' ;
Resolved. 2d, That in the judgment . of Synod,.,.tors,
SOMakol3B, And Chl/17Chl!S would ealiaerie the C/111110 of tirade:
• and pure and
bY redoubling 'their diligen ce;lo secure
• e wider circulation iof our , books, especially cur.
School; hook B.:Hymii. Bopa, and-The, e ,
Risoived, 3d,Thtt, it ho '
reponuaindell to the la:tram -
to giTethis Board aPlaii in their elitipithiskaur loners,
and that they take ,up :regular contributkiamer fkil-^
portage Fund.
.Couitnittep would further recommend.thikrati raw
hers 'whose term of office at this iiteilthfs7o/
be .....l ec t e r .thi e s , (i
.sAxis Aszisop, ,•,, r impubooftwo, t d j
ff. . Wixom, • . .1, W' lt A i
, B:Ol ,R
earientoir,' • • Zolia ' "-* 4"
I • Ministers: ;,;) c. ()rivers.
The following-Paper: in relatiouttoitalZre'rige
.lllst to labor within boniidOot theliPieebytery i
Wica'adimied : , •
21 citeivieei, . I Ttie r 'Shied did, 'tali 9efar; mettgi'
within the bounds of the Presbytery 61 Fade'', from ;tlm4T .
wparsonal ob!erv,ation of tbe,..wants ;of that. Preabytatyras •
sin:lemon sty - field, pledge:the:melees a antlimanti
" lacuna to suppoftia missionary within thiti &condi; aid (
whereas* from- some., mieenderstanding, ~uteoterkjyertay,
faled; . aod whereas, the Synod are now,. of opinion that
- -tialiZeeparite 'action , inikhepitivedetritded the gap;
, era interest of the Board of Domestic Missions ; thrrafol'e;
=Zr.iielitd,orbtit of Do.
mastic Missions to Aippropriate the Amu of, 3,300,. for 'the
support of
•,%:5 mire Coe2roitthe,. to 10. 1 Oullifswg TVekfil ceit l 4n.
resolutions, adopted by the Trustr a nd * Direeterh'
of We ' eastern thio'brfasitt Beriiiinai",-Vagmltted
:the 'following: report: :_ecr Lag ,efc-
Istrhey. recommend.. dud., the. pipet step* by the
• ' Directors of the Pearinary; tirrreed,'arsi spread
ttWit4PP , ..Ft'ec'Srl 4 4/)3719 1 •) 11117
s'inkeenlll444l# was tkfnAnd- is .11.8
, , : ' , t 7 0.)
At a meeting of the Trustees of thesWeetein Thee
Seminary, bold in the Lecture-room of the Pint Preisbyte,
Clan ehurelf, - Pittsbirth';' - on the MI of September. 1868,
sifter sionnaLtiationremeting4l9 hiterettis of the Institnfion,
it was tieinfidowilf - ..
il , ' 24l4 4efille‘ Wert! grat°lo.7 retnnizo 41 1 15 00 d band
of 'God uposi tbe luny,' from the loondatlo unto:this
. in al.7suiPitifaY°AspePii...t#FlPo°Piein.ll..l?l°F, to its +
' friends cheeifoiriese and perseverance wider o iecourages
, ritueuts,3nlso far enabling us to het) the insitteitionopen
in winding us a full Faculty. chosen for the purpose by our
Gemend'Assembly ; 1 untivingilli so good a foundation in the
way of buildings, Library, and considerable fonds. and in,
feeding to •many.precions youttu(in all, mire thantive bun
dred,) here to prosecute their stndiee for the Gospel minis
. try; so that now there ii a Most animation scene ;witnessed
in every class room.of the Institution. oil thee , ' thinim s as
well as many ()Uteri ofii similar nature, 'demand:the lively
gratitude odoureelyes and of all the frienda of r Zion.
Resolved; 2(t; That in iir•deitolinlAVeheirfidneliaiebt,ed
the,lnatitution ;or paying soma existing and fbr
endowing the Fourth Profeisiorship, the 'Buie 038000 Is.
necessary, end that , fer 526,900 artists sum, it is right and
reasotiableito loOk to the Mur 'Syn'cids of Alle
gheny, T7heeling, and Ohio, each of whlch.Bodles has . r e.
peatediy voted its &Zile approval of tltie and
recommended. it to the liberality of th?churches i teithin. ;tit
31,1, 1 Ther s as the Mantels of thq - leat °enema its.
pamblyehow that in tbeFe four Synods there ere sbOnt fifty
thousand communicants, the Planeecommended, for, raining
this money be ttiat of a contribufiOn from eeetief the images
gationsjn the Synods, equal to fifty.mentsfor . each/commw
uicailt belonging thereto. In this arrangement it is sup
poserftheeperhaps a very few feeble and silmtitutir congrec
cation smay, giro little or nothing. yet it is hoped others will
•-cheerfully 'sive a larger stem than that indicated, and so
supply any doticioricy.
Resolved, .4tW That wo"thinkit but reesonable!to ark the
friends of our Church in other parts of the land to supply,
during the year, the tram of ga,ooo, to be'added to oar 'per!
manent funds, and to aid .in exth,guiehlug some praising
cialinik • • f I ,
Resolved, 6th, That the Financial Committee, with, the
Facility, be requeseedtcrgive tide lisalterlinch'ettentisinj
dud to conduct such correspondence, as may be calculated ,
to effect the object contemplated by these resolutioturr
that the Tresiorrer, n' be,autharisal,Soaay,,all,expenses ingu;.
redin the prosenutidoftlife work, inireibo. that "aid som.
Waft and Faculty be at. Ilberty,,to,euipliobnchAlOcel :4 or (
eceilional aid; may expedient:' ,
Besoleed, Oils, That , a.copy,of the for_oodn,f4B"inthlugibt
forwarded to each of thegynods of Allegheny: Vbeelibg,
mop; and Pittsburgh, 'vial restuest i that those yeners,VO
Bodies may take such friendly action'on'tlie eulbjeret, as
akin seem moss liketr l to effect the contemplatedrAsuesifi ,
A - trno copy of the riper passed by - the'lemirdortrusteei .
I,Ottheyelltmettiteologloo,llSeitolo3 .id
t•~ai tend
Hipauto BeerotaTy.
1.'• 1 0110 . 1 •litrti3 lu ;131ii elf ~1 ai
Philadelphia; iii South Teiith ' Street, below Chestnut
By 'gill, orAts the 'Crglif,' 11 / 1 0 liei"nar•
7 ,‘
Delivered li,the C#7l '4 '" • *4‘ •• tain
1 , 4) .to *c.dt i TAM
• .
~rant:: ekst.iewlo
The ' .)-7, ebalta•tea va.ft Emr:
Committee, moreti'ver..raownnew.6l44 2 *pia t the Sy
nod adoeCtlie itirpreneon of the
lee of thin Body •inrregart;tuithetriunttenzeintemalated,
jjjjttologd, let, • . 3 . 1,4 : '/X , , •
to -r
ender net thin Synod can ,DeVer Mlle to - render
ifiriblirrto s AlmiklitY 'God 'f6rPtSe 'rime irithirhickrbe hes
'beeritplederdto look upon ounTheologicallemißery,}a thus
fskcrouning the efforts of Liitfrliinde toisAtAnif o rtth en
tire sueoeis.
Resolved, 2d, That we heartily apiiirc — rneroi itintrjbets con
iotemplated,byf the pirentorerAnk 7 . ll:ll!ttlikineliAbe paper
Tl listtirr t .4 " rini aleAroll'oelitiTlVifeefifeeridnDinic
d:tersl*lnbruitted roll bit , Syriodr.rberreierred , tOthertseveral
Pre•byteries composing this Body, with ayeineet_thid they
, , 'could, ake it up at , an estly period, ramitqc ,00ate their
action' tirlifeFactilti; or."fini t .M.fsPeibmliitilenadd report
SYIVInt * I YF .it
Resolved; 4th That members of our Church, apd espe
cially thoee in affluent circumstances, in all pirfebr the
"1311111Slirtia - breliffterttiMalogi c al
Seminary, as en object emiriently worthy.
t'Wridg*Egri e taotre s t mod sid
lijoyfriedllsl 1:17 ,1 490i1A in "tied!
Concluded witly.Ariycß 74411 4 auhd at ar ,
Synod met - atnrAttsiiMitill with grayer. The
d iscustioW • finerrgted - t*tiktedifisnAht, was
'l e Pu T h e n . ig i tk 7 ,, 9o lo fl le g t i te :,pf e f d ,.. t !. the
IVilitern - Theorogical Seruntiry, were 'acroiltea.
The thatifi ofliheitlYad were tendericCto the
Trustees of the First Presbyterian church, for the
use of theiredirdolt sessions, and to the cit
: newt:Of-Allegheny aiitr-P-ititikburgpylpr,
, ling; extendfd,tp lls:inombers. , • ,
The dittePCleik witi l alieitedto l fittillett the
tfolloising resolution •ip theetirannit andiUdiocate,
and Presbyterian : rev , v i t :t 000 " a
Resolved, That this Synod express their oontinuill confi
dence in the Beards - of Foreign and - Domestic
b N
(m lissioisttsdlidu.
esti:4 , l,42v
. t tibi a r i a ., l ,.,,,t i b i i . 2,C ommoin ttee Ti s ur n lh tb l e t :
. xegeotive übjecte, to the, fervent prayers, and to the eon-
RtindiAl s "briclieritfflii ind 12c~ llberniqy I hi , all otir
f!t i r3•t...? - I , ini•t••,: - • • It.s. Ulf{
• "rhe ulerit was- !ASO directs - al to request the Ed
• ithi: rofiliel3;lllner• doodad! tts:Publhdt the
Minutes ofSynod-in_bip_paper.
, m ,„4l33:weitheNtpok 1.13 ,%,p,,m,,,9 14 e A 5.nbject of
revisal of '
riligion t " ,, 'during the past year, the
~, : frrrther4obeideratiowikuirildhptioienf which had
. nbW/4 4 0:97€1b Ftt4 ~6 P EVelruf lc ffakim,it the
• cloktig earre.ise 9f the Synod; ' 1 •
if ' The • lehltftiodd tielisiddiedlinacr adbpted,
separately, and after prayer tolio4 Op : paper,
as a whole, witeAttppled, and is as ' follows :
t eme4Opmniittes sppuktfd tri,ittaft,apfrper,. t orv i the feeling
tliel , SyMirli with referenr id
to the revival , would report
1. 0 1 P19 1 4110 ' — 7
W,nisneolod has Wieiderfa ll y displayed his itch grace
jsinos.ontilastimeettog,lin tliegeekial:pf hie-wee/On our
lend_: and, whereas, Many. of @iurchei fn our own
bounds:have : teen the, favorrid;LthOugh.;unWerthyi , gharers
In this work; thdrefor e,
Reserved;ilitr Thattgrateral'altuoYriegreerits areldue to
Dim that remembered to ja out low estate; acknowledg
tiiintb pritide, lifpmler, , atidlin'ikhearedncroneectaikkrn to
DA service; and that. in order suitably to express our
!!gratleideletl&C - Wilipbbint• ithb lrebithi nein' idiriof No
vember as a_day.ofsp,er,l4..Thankegiving, 'unless the Gov
erinor of our Commonwealth,. should appoint his Annual
- 1 , 9 hank egtiin g - at.anbtlierctiten, lint Welt 'mil 1 3 Y - floc' wi ll
orate In. the observance, of, the day appointed by the
10 9110) 9 , 11
- Resolved. 2d; That tbe,retval of God's work in our midst
tifiosii StYditToitiliSdiolemnirksOniibliltikitponkinisases
of men :,for mice know no now . in eur day, the things
Vtliktrtieloire t o bur peace ; YtheyWarheiredfoith bit hidden
Priat o o l idirWrdl ) Allan ; !Of tirOihttbsi " 4", i it is the
solemn ‘ duty of the.ministry to bejmore an more faithful
biabiaticin Ang VIA their
work, in Cstechetteal instruction, familyjisitatioA,,pnd in
giving themselves "continually to praysiqiidr trYThk min
istry of tke_Woni.,...." .
Resolved, 4th, That It l a the airframe' duty of the elders
of this Thltobliftn'ilphohliendothelritaistry to
eouriseland instruct and pray with o whom God gives
• tbsinVeeraccess..t. 7 7 lEr '10( - )r.&1
.Resolved: btb, That it is the, solemn ditty of en Ch ristiana
VlOlkk Grid' isliathe themlte. de9 tenderly!. bf their
vows to devote all they havelrilis service.
rrt 1 716611714,186", Thiittedigthel soihnin'•derty•rotrttitouncen
verted to give themselves, Immediately to God,. lest he be
angry at th eir deliynitiewlthliSTS ' 'Ho* lipdrit from
them. , •
7 ox M i :iselt, A 6 7llo g rklt
t iiii " atltteatioilsdieto M the chit
-1(-PIplagintrarful44 T ,
_ anti rcalieuto willektturyitemp .641..are ted, and .tb us ell the
ble rl itel r i e t V i vrliwt h ibir witudiimgsri and
Resolved, Bth. That this Synod desire to be, ;
and to have their dons:motion" impressed, withVr=.
gli t tinteVca r fN 7 trort e fir " CV iXk Wei l o ri n tr of g
ofaini& :31:1 i• ksktr,•, , T
Resolvea, thh,Lnist n recommemded to an our =misters
• • aid olifiredprs, opterys;theitenings,
,‘ - df the ttO re} Monday
f - O
odic - her, Noiembei,ind - Decembir mixt, "as - sia: atone for a
concert of prayer,Aur.4l Napelpe".log of God's Spirit within
otu. r bounds.
I: Blnoriii;eti r " - Cloi3n3eatwilliiiiiiglifesla. prayer,
: LimillAhe!, l 4 .o o.Btolidet l3 .6 B 4 B o*.QP• I: t 5 ,...
Permanent k.
,d ier
cie".ceral 3 •:• , f7 A 7P. ,14 41" , •? ) n•la
" t
lot the rieabytialan Bamier kidAdaraeks.,
" 9111.'r,r1r
ticcOrdanoe ".'eritht aQcalll of..the r, Sesitdon of
~,Miugo,, for the ,cepgregation,to:meet,-to take ac
tion upon tif'Re4.
• fo'r'-: d i aka uti oft 'of Jilin ‘lpatitOritl 'relation, (an
unotinoigi frortaAmpulyit t en i tmAnbbat.Mays,) the
congregation met for that purpo's'e,,oiTEronday,
the 6th of SePtliiit er;TISSB7 itetingitroifel or their
communionsersictiatmixio_very largely attended,
when, after ( t.he organization of_the meeting by
"ttie'eleotion of nxiactagn, CMMnan, and
Cell l iw99l2 ll 9VAßg:Llet* ie a n d
' resolutions were
t t adopted w ithout , dissenting
^-r r 14%
nit: Wan
s, Our: highly 7 estaemed pastoT, Rev.
Reek . lull,.bas signified to this congregation
ititentionl i o'reditekokitelleititeiy of Ohio,
) its next meeting, m:dissointionl. of .14:fridation
„Aw ns,pasto t r, ang..gesif i tie..ocooregagon to
acquiesce With - him in this i requier Vthbrafore,
)nt' serrovoind re
grgh-Nooputomplae the tilierlutiop n o l f ? this most
sacred rblation; and' vrhiel, as ' Tie trust, has
been greatly conducive to our spirltuaLinterests ;
yet thatin-view-ef ,the-reasone that have led him
to this course,,and especially as a door, as we
tiusti . Ofltill'gr'eater`Vslfulnbsitliiiii been opened
, thougb , painful it be to, us, 4 and though our full
' igalis c art - r n elidY to ( 134 eauto . crichitait, we
Twill notthro,w,ity.obtitastWilitbithwayginit freely
m tiO 1111418% in,bip ion,viction of duty,to,retire.
Resolved, 'Thai tide Pitirl3getftonliWely ex
liresii:theiwarnieseattikedriatiat Ito i Citr; i :Rookwell,
4 1 .71 - # l #o l :l h f,Fth e isn. trirtift hri _t_ Btian '
and a ratillster:—ks 'a man, o • at r g mud nn
-1 yiediiig 'hinigentlemably, and
1 4.811ifttlid9PI ri d. tifiett pro
fitable intercourse, bik.o puu rivate.
As a Christian, for his gentle unaffectad piety,
hes meek,* and'forgiving-spirit, and his example
and ialtappswily tkeiMmoh, and the world.
An . ci r la Tor fhb faithfuland success
sr=filmannerAnsirbich lielableingrgeambiail duties of
idilmtftnesinktingdhaVklitKOSW s 4.lo24AoFang s t
63 y uittnoi oalkitt E hishbkathAxilibitio z o 9f, Divine
~; t cuth, a n d l l is lcqtnres ft e, rar e r meetings,
bit &Ist *in"Aii'Ack and
chauilieri iiiheibig Jar?Vdhristian
)trf.seitibe, dr this fhaysirs rootdd be of
: .
,IRefPle:P:4 , That •in retiring from ouF midst, our
efTleet.,jiwro,, Our o opppaNtic ..feelings, and
:oriphes shim acconvaany luin", - irlom we
inay DO' lbngelliitilretiilltrifor, and gat We heart
oflChrist, gate:time it
in, as the under
shepherd snq.44aaaapphopp nitheir souls.
Resoivil4"Thaf lesiiirs? Andrew McClure and
l'llasatinin • Beatty,: be, and IterehY*fe:APPoieted
A ili*Pleei9Po7l , l o .l. 2ll 4qA9.ll 40,1 , 9,ti0n to the
41AP4118,4r7„PV)Iitz,„i"lopttt_eziu of these
piocee tu gs b .presented, air.x.dcrwell, and
also, that they be iitifolgad 'Presbyterian
41ittititr and 4dikiale.4ey‘my a. l e•AC
v 1 '1 ,J 3. rt 4).t b i lditP• 4.. 1 . 1r . , i9 /11 SP IM4
• ✓ q9 z Afflii l l e efif 36 ffl7i bt /If f.ll.Md
4/;•..1 , r,711:1r , •
1,041j4, - 1
./e" I s lere tell us, that while he
wae`eoinamiliiig parmony, he was BO etrook
coWyouaitijohti tv f .e ekoellent b diaeouraes
o gents, avid Po *. me wan e love of
‘" 3 lieehfid *
r. -
'wife, a'
it thaw&
Ms '
she' shot
P 3