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Prtabyterloa. BEd Vol. V. No. IN.
er.obyterlea Advocate. Vol. XIX,
.N o . 47.1
DAVID MoKINNEY, Editor and Proprietor.
Original Voetq.
To E. W. H.
[ The following, from one of our lady corres
pondents to another, conies as near to a pare
Offering, as any thing Ikeo have recently seen.—
Sweet bdid,Tettutt an humble Medd,
To thee an earnest greeting send;
And though my offering lowly be,
I trust't will fairer find With thee.-
I know not who, or where thou art,
But thy sweet straius have touoti'd my heart ;
Thdse Strains that etrika thy'sounding 'lyre
Are fraught with true poetic fire.
Methinki the,Spirit does indite
('T is only he can guide aright,)
Those words of sacred harmony
Which, o'er thy signature, we see
When be* who left fair Scotia's height
To bear to India heavenly light;
When farewell accents from his Itongne thy hbrp was'etrifig.
Oft, too, thy lays have comfort borne,
To souls who in sad' silence mourn; •
And, in the midst of doubt r,nii fear,
Point tb`the Words, ".Be ofgood cheer?"
To tempted sonle,-and fallen too,
That 'melting look thou bring'et to view,
Which Christ-to erring Peter gave,
At once to hid to save.
Sing on, and tune thy harp anew
To strains 'eturapt'eing, pute,' and'tine;
Still let' thy said- inspiring lays
Incite to our Redeemerli praise.
H m
All humble museannot 'pretend '
In lofty attains with 't t' tisoend ;
Yet still, trtist, Mu" aim is one,
TO praise the Father,: Spirit;!Son.
Though we may never meet on earth,
I trust a iew, oelatial birtb
Has each prepared to meetAliore
In heaven, toeing redeeming love,
Nicklesville, August, ,1867.
?orate ttresb,yte;dan Banner, and, laltNate.
Hartrest 'Reflections.
God should be remembered by this-people
'at all seasons, and amidst all his providences.
"Hourly as new mercies conte,_
Should hourly thanks arise:"
• lee
But peculiar seasons 'slid pele t i
The tittie 'of harvest is one - •hf those , pecu
liar seasons, at which we are especially
called upok, to, cherish a grateful, remem
brance of God's mettles, past and present,
unto us. It is equally our duty and. privi
We have been permitted, in the good
providence of God, to witness another har
vest, and to share in its toils and joys. God
has crowned the year with' his goodness, and
his paths have dropped 'fatness. From al
most every part of•our land we hear, that
the Earth has "brought forth abundantly."
"Oh that men would praise the Lord for
his goodness, and for his wofiderful works
to the children of men."
A harvest is the result of much precious
toil. It supposes. a. previous ~• seed time.
'.The "fallow ground " must be brokekup.
There is "a time to sow," is well as " a
time to reap." The htsbandinan !dust ~g o
forth, bearing precious seed."
A harvest is the result of - no little pre
viola anxiety. The- farmer often "sows : -in
tears." He often " petit forth; weeping,
bearing preciotie seed," or his lead 'of 'seed;
i e., he gees forth into the field, in ac
cordance with prudence and duty, and,
, amidst care: and fear of results, scatters his
seed, which may be scarce and. dear. The
Apostle James says : "Behold, the his
' bandman waiteth for the - precious fruit of
' the earth, and bath long patience foriit,
- 'until he receive the early and latter rain."
It is a time of great labor. All hands,
from the oldest to the youngest, are busily
engaged every day, from the earliest 'mom
until late' in- the evening, in securing the
fruits of the year. Amidst much labor and
weariness, "the mower filleth his hand,"
and " he that bindeth sheaves, his bosorn."
And a time of harvest is universally 'es
teemed •a time of joy. By it the Prophet
Isaiah illustrates the great delight that the
Church, in the midst of , her afflictions,
should experience by the birth and kingdom
of Christ. He says : " They joy - before
thee aceordin'g to the joy in harvest." • God
puts gladness into our hearts when our corn
and wine increase. " They that, sow,in
tears shall reap in joy.. He that goeth, forth
and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall
doubtless come again with rejoicing, 'bring
ing his sheaves with him." " Andthe•thai,
reapeth reoeiveth wages, that both , he that
sowetit, and he that reapeth, may rejoice,to
The word "harvest," in its metaphorical
or spiritual sense, is variously used in the
''Bible. Ist. It is taken for a seasonable and'
prpper time for business. Solomon says
"He that sleepetla, in the hervest is a son
; ,that causeth, shame." 2d. It is put for fa..
vocable Gospel times ; when "the word of
the Lord has free course and fs'glorified,"
aird'when many are ready and waiting to
receive ,it "in the love and in the power of
it." 'When Christ saw great multitudes
coming to' hear Mn, be said to his disciplee,
tt The harveet truly is plenteous, but thesis
borers are few; pray, ye therefore the Lord
of the harvest, that - be will send forth la:
borers into his harvest."
The Word ' ft harvest" 'also •denotes a
tame of judgment: Thus the Prophet Joel
exhorts: " Put le -in the , sickle, for the
harvest is ripe; i. e., cut dawn these sinners,
who, by their sins; are • ripe 'for judgment.
So, when the destruction of Babylon-is•pre
dieted, the language 'is; "Thus saith the
Lord. •of Hosts, the God -of, Israel;; the
daugbier of, Babylon is like a threshing",
, floor—A is time to thresh her: yet a little
while and the time of her harveet ehall
come:" "And our Saviour, in his parable of
" the Bower," says: "The harvest the
If 'end,, or the day of,judgirient
jylla.t4 t , wipers are the angels.,"
tll, l tilt, „of Revelation,- in redreriee to'
seine treat" "event, we read ilwAtuf
- another angel came out of the ‘ntetriple:
iviticsaj loud: voice 'to him.,that shat
- tbv cloud, Thrust in thy sickle and
reap; for the time is come for thee to
reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe."
This subject '8 teach us: Ist. To
be diligent in'securing the salvation of our
precious souls. As the wise husbandman
diligently prepares his soil, and casts in his
seed ; and Watches against all evil intla
'ence,s, that he may, " in due time" reap a
fiivorable'harvest; so fib °aid 'we '" give all
diligence' to make''ol.ll" calling and - election
sure." The , use: of means to an;:end is• as
necessary,in spiritual things asin .temporal.
In both, all ; our bleksing,s come from. God ;
but in both; exertion is ours. It is jast' ag
true that our pasonal Salvation isthe'reenilt
of - deersis*ietrouithe stibjeetl e andmfldaily
striving,- watching, prayinohelieving, re
penting, and hoy living, as that ,a natural
harvest is the result of,-much preirious arX
iety'and toil. •'
We must*ploligh sow;
before we can reap the food that perisheth ;
and , we must break up' the rallowground of
our hearts, and sow. to the Spirivbefore we
can reap life, everlasting..,.. And if, we labor
for the one, we should especially labor for
the other; "for the redemption of 'the soul
is precious; and it ceaseth ferever'." Its
salvation is "the one thing needful; the
pearl ~ of great, price." • We; should .then
labor ,not for the-meat which perisheth,
but for that meat which endureth unto ever
isting If any akcithekrise; and rest
Satisfied' with; the" temporal, to' the neglect
'of the Spiritual, they will finally:lament :
The harvest is past, , the Sump ar is ended,
.$ 134 1.w,e are not saved." For, ." how, shall
we escape,. if we neglect so great salvation?"
= 2d. To do -good to others as Gbd shall
give us , opportunity. Let us be imitators
of God.' .If he has 'blessed
'let " devise liberal things" t toward oth
-era., .It was an , interesting feature,tia-, the
• jewish.harvests that, by,the Lord:a, direc
tion, they were not to reap , their Lords;
closely; but must leave the ceiners and the
glimiiitiko'd their fieldeloilliepeor. atidthe
-stringer:: inalliuSr the duty , :ef` cultivating , a
benevolent spirit was inculcated,; "Not to
look-Avery man. on, own, things„ , but
every man also, on the things of others."
:Ldo e t
us'" go and ' Let us `try
; 6'Alhave-the %tits 'arld.'alleviate the 'nig
-mice Of thesearouna us. Especially let our
.benevolent =activities , exhibit, themselves in
.securing the spiritual wellbeing of others.
"To do good and to communicate, 'forget
not;' for, with an'ob! sacrifices' God is well
pleased!' . `"J 11 1 ; •
It is wonderful sometimes to see , what
great results , spriagitfrnen even APPVATII
feeble means, or funp,ll r keOppinge. o . l ,Get jp
orders it, both in nature and moo.
f' Verily, verily, I' ilariniii 4 llYrtr.Wiye
* 'hiiiitt"'wegOeitßlßoeferftw4l.~tilAinta
ii'abideth alone ;. but
if ito;die,> it bringeth„forth much fruit;"
"some thirty, some sixty, and some an hun
dred fold." Sometimes one remark, one
tract, orie sermon, one bdok, proves the.
=means of the'eouversion. not'only of a single
•Soul, lint, through this one, of other souls,
whose circle of influence continuesmidening
; and deepening upon others successively,
while time lasts.
A harveht; is usually' time of great labor,
and •af an • abundant supply; so- Gospel
tithes are times of great , labor, and of, great
blessings, to all'who will rightly Beek. them.
They are times of great labor. The har
vest," says Christ "is plenteous."
tides are perishing for lack of Ihebread of
heaven—liaatliens, •Mohammedans, Jews,
PaPistsi) rand Protestants ;. • and •many of
these, are anxious -to ,rreeeive the gosppi.
" Now, on never," then, must we hold forth
to them this word of life, as hoth diesr - ar4
we are rapidly - haeferting" to the. Yeternal
*orld. 1 -" But•thakilalihrets'are fear."-' 'We
must, , then; labor mu'oh—yea i l 'thevinore—
early. and. late, and , amidst privations -and
weariness, while we "pray O i e, Lord of the
harvest to send forth labbiers into his her
In a natural harvest, all hands- areshney
until the harvest is, garnered ;. so:should we
all be. ; in ,this ; spiritual: ; harvest-ministers
and people, young and
,old; earnestly de
siring to gather as many sheaves poSii
ble, for God' 'and 'heaven. • There is *OA
for' "all someto ;preach; someto . ipray, and
some to ," devise liberal -things.' And if
we thus labor, then the blessing will be
great. We shall not labor in vain. The
promise is Sure "They that'edw id - tears
shall reap in - joy.`' ileithat gdetb: forth; and
weepeth, bearing precious :se . edishall doubt
less come againowith rejoicing, bringing his
sheaves with him." ,flow much :has the
Gospel already accomplished, both in our
own . and other "lands::'"' But if we examine
the prophecies, we shill Sid that much
'greater-harvest before ms, than any that
has ever:, yet.- , been reaped. All, past in
gatherings, whether •,ameng Jews or Gen
tiles, were only as the first fruits of the
harvest. The leaven has 'begin to ferment,
but the whole luMp ie to beleavene& ; The'
stone which-was- "cut , out of the moun
tain; without hands'," and whielr.has, begun ;
to smite the image on Its feet,,, shall, yet
fill the whole earth. 'And the long, 4lark
night of the ;reign of Anti:Christ shill'sPeed
-ilk be brought to'a• close; for "the Loidshall
Ili:Ulm:me that•- Wicked with; .the ; , spirit
of- rhis -mouth, , and : shall ; destroy ,him with
the, brightness of his coming,' ,
All the religious activities of theiChurch—
her Sabbath Schools, Bible Classes; reli
gious herlie;`ltailitation 'and 'Circulation of
the Scripture 'in • ' ' the • %modern lan
guages?. , educate& Ministry; and growing
spirit of ,missions, and, liberality in sus
taining them to have, the Grope', preached
to , : every creature—are all just so much
good seed sown for th4 l lllilleiiiiiiil luittrest,
'already ripening. " Cast," :then, i" thy
tread:upon the waters, for : flieu, shalt find
it after .manY 6 '3 0 Or [morning
sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold
not thine hand; for thou gni:lV/est not
whether shall " . prosper, either this or that,
or whetheV i therboth' shall lie alike good."
3d. Let rue` learn: to prepare for the_`, na/
harvest. . The .end of the world—,-thhhar
yest of the great day—is rapidly approach
:ing. Speedily will the command be given,
" Thrust in thy sickle and reap; for the
• 'time is come for thee'to reap; for the hur
1, lvestof the Barth is .ripe.", Soon must: , • we
=all be : cut down, and pass the most searching
fi tanikillaP l2 of the greatlitrishandmaii."
; tares an,wheat grow' tOgeiVer in our fields,''
' l i ned t 'time of lia t ivreik are . separatedli
AV Itafighte be , burned blithe fire, .
naptbe ,
'what do t boo tethered War Ake billAti 8 , 1.17
there is a mixed multitudn Fk, %well
of Christ on ,Earth; but trthe good and the
': IC. Iok $ e. ul
bad" shall be unerringly separated at the
final harvest, the day of judgment. • The
Soo of Man shall send forth his angels, and
they shall gather out of his kingdom all
thioga'that Offend, and them which do in
iquity';' and shall cast them into a furnace of
fire; there shall ;be wailing and gnashing of
teeth. Then shall .the righteous shine forth
as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.
Who hath ears to bear, let hiin hear." Sure
-I).'inebonies'eael of tis to khow his own.
ehara:eteri an& prospectscAnd to 'be prepared
fort the great, day of final reckoning. Now
is the,,sesd i tinio: ;of jetpruity,,iNow is the
favorableperiod for the exercise and growth
Or' Wiiiiittirie l e flit% t 'add i ghdlY h v
Mid ii * eedrillif YOI Our inkieties - and labors
will be i our reward, ; The texhortation
and!promisa are;, 44 1,et not;be. weary in
welhdoing4, for in due season we shall reap,
if we faint not,
Bdt'ah end of borne things is death.
"'Be -'not deceived God is noc •'mocked;
for whatsoever .a man i3oweth, that shall he
also'reap. Tor.he that soweth his flesh,
shall ,of the , flesh reap corruption ; ; bat he
that soweth to the spirit, shall of the spirit
reap' life ''everlasting:" Permit me, then;
myaderit-readers, in, all earnestness , to en
quire; *hat }kind ;of seed lare , lon sowing, for
eternity,? 7As professors,of ,religion, what ?
As new professors, what ?„ and wo.
man, what A s parents, What: ? As chil.
'd fen" and jrteith, what? Be "wise time.
It is badness to defer. ; ,
Lastly. , We should learn to 'rejoice and to
praise God forever for, the riches of, re.
deentzny grace. As it is reasonable and
p'r'oper for us to rejoice id the precious fruits
of theißarth, and • to praise.. god for- our
bountiful harvests,-wherebyour lives maybe
prolonged, and rendered ,useful and ,happy •
so should, we especially rejoice and pratse,ltim
for bleSsings-L.fOr his Own i Son r , add
Spirit,- rind. Weird; 'for our fialVation; andfor
all the public'and private ordinapoes , of 'his
worship, whereby our soulsi may, be nourish
ed to eternal lify. These things should put
more ,gladness into our hearts, than when
dui corn arid wine are increased. - But 0,
, whatleart nan cOnneivei`what tongtte 'can
'describe; the jeys arid triumphs of that Trend
.haivest, when all the precious. •fruits of .sal
vation, shall be brought r safe home to
glory, I
,Then will god rejoice- 7 will - "Christ
rejoice will an gels rejoiee-will miniitere re
,jto ice-uwill every redeemed sinner rejoice. Of,
!that , time may. it:;truly). ibe The ran
,sjpged,pf the Lordshall return *mad pan? to
Zion with songs and everlasting joy tTon
'their lleads; they shall obtain joy and glad - -
dem,suit)* and sighing shill flee
away:"` :
.the happy number, that .stiall keep fttheir'
harvest home in heaven." D. L. H.
From our, London Correspondent.
6 .
Special Notice pf •Brahminism and . Caste—Sir
Napier's Remarkabie LanguageL=Prabable' Sole-
Lion of a Great'PrOblim-.-Fightingbefore - Delhi--
,A Standing Army ta stern. Necessity—John Bull's
Folly—The Peace- Men—The Atlantic` Cable
Broken--" Close of Pariiantentary , Session'—noo
Important Bills—Tractaricatism in: Rural Dis
tnets—Sketches from the life of Sigh Church: and,
Paseyite' Performances--The Tork No blerii tin and:
the Lofty Pew—The three Priests and the,after-,
noon Catechising—A Father • Confessor—Rvan-'
gelical Contrast-L-Shaftsbury and Beckersteth—
. The 'Value -of Dissent in Rural-Parishes—Ex
, elusive. Dealiny—London Light, for Rural Dark
ness'—Exam:glee—A Case of 'Persecution-The
Squire , azaddie Priest Defeated—The Practariaw
Depot—Stones, Crosses, and the " .Afeditsval Al
LorzpoN;-' August' 17' i 1857:"
the INFLUENCE OF CASTE, come out very'.
strongly, in conneximwith. the insurrection
against British, polio' in, To,,the.
CalCuita Babooic,', the Bengal Government:
'gave the assurance'lhit'it "would ''iiontiini&
to respect 6f all thS soruplesrof caste,'-'• whiSh
virtually Is to
,support ~For
what is caste . ? It 1811 , 0 i a but
gions institution, and, as both 4.merican'and
British missionaries' know and; feet. every
'day, is tiii'strodghold of
Of .the four 'original castes, the Vaisyas
is extinct •; the , Khetriyas exist (if at
very small numbers and it is not pretended
,that the Stidras are a pure class They are
a mixed race, from intermarriages. Wliat,
'then:, is the claw or' otiste who are_the 'great
actonyin this revolt? The ;Brahmins' and
they:alone, exist as ,they were. ~T he theory
ie that „they are - Divine, "twice boro,"--4
race superior • to others in origin, in sane
thy, and in natural fights. This theory we
must' recognize, and thus acknowledge ,to
'the Repoy 'Brahmin that we are .1v defiled,
'inferior race 1 " the. Governor : General
himself lvere to touch the eating, or drink
ing, vessel of a Hindoo 'of caste, these ves
sels wottla be" polluted:"' Sd Jtidge
'Wylie, i Mute Calcutial The 'following 3 are
:extracts from the sacred books, theßhastras,
as•trenslated from the_original &esprit
,f 4 The Brahmins are, our superiors.
4, The Brahmina alai) Calked in' he beginning.
"ti have created-the four ensteS aceording to
their gratifications and acts. , ,
" There sprang from Brahma's mouth, beings
endowed with the quality of 'goodness ;:lothers
froM his breast, pervaded by the quality.of!foul
ness.; ,others from his thighs, in whom foulness
and darkness'prevailed ;'and othSii frotir his feet,
in whom .the quality of 'darkness' predominated.
These were, in succession, beings of the several
casts—Brahmins, KhetriYas, Vaisyns; andShdris.
"The! Brahmins are 'My mouth; the iihetriyas.
ray turns, the Vaisyas pyr,,thighs, and the Sadras
my feet. Their pourers decreatie in gradation:"
"Since the Bralimin%spratig-fronvthe : most ex
cellent parts ' since he was,first.llol.l., and since
he, possessestlie Veda, hiis by right thrichief of'
`this Whole creation.'
"[A, Bralunio, whether. learne4 pr,ignorant, is
a powerful divinity; even i tts, [ fire is a powerful
`divinity, whether consecrated or popular.
." All 'Brahmins am excellent, and ,always, be
honored without discrimination, whether they are
learned or unlearnea. Theie eicellent - Brahintils,
WhO` are guilty of [ such, theft, are.
offenders against themselves, not others. ,
" He` who does not" iminediat 1 ''"b 'dOwn
[ e y o
when 'he sees' his' tutoi 'or Brahirdn; or: the
,i i sc t ge,of a got!, becomes a dog on the, earth I
Whosoever hears hut 'drop oewater 'Which
has lbeen' contact with 4, l k[Brahminls,loot lan
[sins. in his, ll body are immediately destroyed.
Whosoever 'carries on his head the holy things
tonclied 'by telirahmin'S font, - verily; verily, l say
he is freedlrout ,
I. It is alliffiou4 question in morel essqls#Yi
i f ybp,thsrgovernment estaplished by 'a pro=.'
fessodli phristuiu nation; 'ours,
oisteY and maks' ißuty
doinexiqn witikthe lying,frandiandi
..obseenitp :identified LtwitikuthqwwsuuJkirt, of?
Abe lupple a lo,ciftify, ? , At, , pumbe
asn orjwi T trot,thug;msrstern i dvtruotire or
ail‘eonserentioushess, and 14fo l iulig t a l enigral-f
icing. Lord Palmerston tilitdeess Wilirdid in
apisalti 'a 1,94
, i e I,iu lir
dissent when Mr. Whiteside pw Il i (iv/ aa' ,6; -
voeating, such e course ; ) 1 h`l la iiiiti
down caste 'I" Well, how c )4 , es it to pass
that the high caste Sepoy " Witisnigthe i
missinnarg laid no access—is a. 4 firtif#4lo 4 l
lid .? Is there not here a rotrib '' . 4.titiiffillifirA '
cowardice and unfaithfulnes , : - :i l 4 ~;fiaps
seems to come first—the re-1 e mini
leave to the " Creator Spiri' , .• r let us in- i
yoke him to " brood on thv• ide 'of Ike
waters " and then all shall , be 'oatilif I
) . ,
beauty 0, a .evils
A REMARKABLE PAPER Of ' I'' ". ' '44 i l
written in 1850, has juat i :ii , . 6t9, igibt.
Very ) prophetic it is,..justal . , ihnl i etlnars i
from his: pen. Ho 'advocates , .
,e •" giving
the natives a common chancel command
with 'ourselves—before they t' ;
.e it , - ." -He
also says, disapprovingly, "74 casie; that
is to say, mutiny, is encourage ',,.' ProMo
don of natives to be ofrtoers,•': el& grad.
ually lead them "to throw cast +the.dogs,
and be like ourselves, all but in Iot:'; ' '
"I have no helief," he p *,' the
power of caste resisting the Oh: tia9,
for: any great length of time, b , r,.,.' se:reason
is too 1 strong 'for' nonsense, in t , 2 k ' Ougtronri
and I believe if' the Indians we' - 'insidii'dffi2
ners,.en the ,same looting as Ou Ylv.4they
would ,he . perfectly faithful, and t l' EAgul be ;
Wine Christians; not that I wan convert 1
thenii , but So. it , will be.?' - ; ; •',, ~ 1., i
The language is so signifies '!' iiiii.eligl:
gestive'Of ' a `posaibla Providential 4bitiolf lof i
4, giO_ht "iiiirtPul4;: that ',I 1 4e, 23 : ifilb;
copied. it, ; and hog Partioulac At . „WAN ;t.
This'is the language of.,a meat. ' I had ino
sympathy , with , Missions,tesi such 'O.IA '.IA4 good
soldieri• tint- elk& Christian!! "' ' - Zi';'' _w, ,' ' 1
Truckling to the people and" ta r Irilkt 'Ail:
Perstitior,s on the One ,lliiiid,'llftirtrgiinglhe
native cheers en the other, has •b
fault in theandiarvlGovernment. , ',English;
men altio, acting . as magistrates, ..i ave.lbeen
corruptandliceritiemi,at times. ' ' 0 J.L1 1, - , '
. ,
Sit ditailessays :" I haVe kive,,,' sl, 3ll ig
Mins a,floorer,. as ,far as the troTO -- c` N-
corned, by introducing, Ghoorka 7 oupsimt9l
the line and showing that We can a . Whetter i
SoldiMvi'Withertt" their late 'An &bin* {
at easte;: hat.- only a sloglb ' onn:l i I !li'pozi; +,
there will and must be a revoliiti - - r izi e flip I
matter,. ; The ,I3ornbay low -casp Er o net.citste
soldiers,;.are,: firm. , The, -Petlectf - Itinm;s
mutiny) . Go& rreignsi. ~•'lle Ltwilliorkwkrid
who shall hinder) him?' - '' 1- , . .f'.. , , "Al'
"'At Dzirizi - there Aradhbeell 'severe fight- i
ing; great 'dash and 'eoUrage On lt
' ' itf kilitllf f
English officers and soldiers, `;.:.lter'Xiteh,
some native, trpops;.,their all: ~ - 1 . ' ,..1 . ;,0bi11'5:
had suffered:.terribly. - .0!‘":,: - ' , c:4' '.; '• ''.tlierei
'Wei ,mtielclp*dalifi4•,,, . ::.' l'..'". . v4_
- tcBfielp6dbittrilii'3' tmes expected ','
541Y I thi_ plebe wOuld . be ' entered by one of
:the,gritea, (blosin open by gunpowder,) at`the
point of the bayonet. . The mutineers (oh,
-fatal infatuation. on our: side !) ihave " the
, dergestl arsenal in India; two hundred thou
,•poUtida of powder; many" Millions of
'percussion eaps, and hundreds of thousands
.of, -rounds '9f „ammunition. They, . were
firing-two twentyifour,portuders lifer ,every
'eighteenTiSunder. of ours; and ' the English,
were short in artillery-men."- . -
' Aettet:viriteT'lrmit. Calcutta kindioates
that the eonsrdiany big 'been for
some years t and that i'ersia and itussia , fo l s-!
tered it.
, The reinforcements sent out to India, And
the raising 'of militia regiments, in their
Stead; Wilzig up
ti the question Once' More. of
the "necessity' • of• AI-Linos . STANDING ,
Auirt..Talt , is -•ilueistionable •Iwilether,tlthe
United. finites, ,will ; net. :Auk lt impossible, '
ere- *III: AP . nttf'•••l l . 4 tl l 94l' , -g7 4 I•Y c - '
increased tallied force . ''''Aii for us,' we ztl,
li.feniii"iiiii) Mil d iletand - fiiiiiish'," Ai this
'ffriattitiOindtdt ttibitinoment•have nine thou
isand4anned t:men favorite • the l uonntry , than
level.r-.” 4l llriggs the v•Piiirlglit I!!!!: "IRV .
I:°Prik.YPaTvon an, average, we 'FP in som e . •
fresh a nd unexpected pent o f •pari'oi aila. :
'tail Contle,WWhieliis u illsiytiPoriisitise — rfo'
iiii - li ibe ; very , latt . ;? , batie nbtdr (The , Tituresi ,
chat! mihuhdering article , on .thisiniatter.,;,,lt ":
shows •the ..madeses ,rof disbanding w gcmil,.
well-trained,soldicm,.of disbanding the For.
eign Legion, 'Cwhich'the East India COM
piny might finite had,)' iid 'of redriairig lir- 1
tillery-men ; andother needful troopl. s .e/clut -:
'Bull lis like the. , ,London,Corporathm, Ffilics4
Juts a, standing:lor r„that no. officer is-tom.:
h ;
.pear in, hie regititentfas and sword, or Soldier .
with i lia let-Cii(i l eatid bayonet', in the be r no•de
'Of tlieleitk piiiptii'l t 't Whew war domes," arid,
victory follows, the victor is feted,and rem
,plimentedlNltheta ,guld t box containing the '
,fuedoet !etAlts., citly,..o But p,eace ~ re turned,
the ory to Irt!escuie l" So 'is" it • 'With
4 '..l c ain'l 4 i'''aftireicitii. ' .l Pelitielini,VlTiilit i v „
r' mine ,' 'and ifinaticl'peifoO•rbeerdidadilioks;for
1 the iMillennial brotherhoodeatnat.time when
i Christianity, has, not cemented c htiman hearts
.by the . , comm oniiii littraction of the C t rjr3B : All
these say, 'soon as one war is over,
" Away with soldiers and sailors, - armieW Mid •:
'fleets ; reditoFth'efelkithir lowest point we '•
shall' never WaioAiiiii.itgain !"-: It ,18 - lotte b
,ixae,,t,liat, Am ii.Uy and navy coat ,nit;,eiii'ili ,
enormous 'stuns, othat a commerciaLuation; 1t,..
inatuielly eager to reduce the expensei but ~
i'igiiiiyinne' proves that 'after all; there may ..{
be sto4 • 4.oiiii g . as *a' once *de)totieVed u by
a states man as gg an ignorant liniatie4e ; ;or
ASTaficow r'.• FP 1., pay to_ ret,aw , i'hit
• •••,.. • •,. nir
we been. '' ' , . ~.
: ... , .., 1; - - -,C - :"?..7 , )- ' ; • • , - r
nej a 94B of, No 2 l,nted miles lengtk of
. the, 4 forwilp yir,ioAPit CHAIN'
_his ;lit t '
an. !Whig 'On 'the 'greiti; tindertelting: u 1 he .1
'dad* iewa's 4 kepeitedly foretold,' Wohldl not ~
kind 'the 'strain, !being -too lighti, ti ;After ; the , ,
:sad mews reached. Lend on t ib e X1.,09,9, shares ,
,orstke . , .Coppany,,,(Poo Plild,) .which had'' Imp at only XL discount, fettle kr5V. l ' Theo 1
loiiitotiiiis erg about VS Casid t er itietliii itip .
. ieti'dukthe iitteilipt',i of let iii stand lover L 1 t il l . e
t a w, year. ~190 c writerinithe , Times. advimis.p
ithatAMlGAPiernment.., l l ll co, l,l sF ll l.lll4 l ld46
f eeble, and nee ,it tor, a telegraph a o rta .it
Indian ocean. A lelegrkphio.liidia"atlill'i
‘e4itiats, is i resolied'On?' i Tliii4 4l o6l4WMPtti-xl
milts hasten on the : DlViviopritymmiA ofd;
%minting liear to one another the extremities
'6f - tin:l - globe and so science' shalloobritiino
more ',end More to bring , er offerings'to e
.feet of • the world's destined .i3oferidgn l ;. , u•
,''‘'l'lle . ,'4 :ll 9: l .",lß*o,. l , lo 4 4 S l a4vtebeiiig .l an i> '
vtitOle't• and. w,eie . e'tc9*, 1 4 . 0 1 4444t h rfted 3
.Stratford; , ;who ho,backed;:Pluill'orteTiii.„),,4 i
H i,"; ; re='.
'filthily it As midst will liegrecalledand;Lord*
'flokifildri, 9 ticoil arldadrid; , gato Vonetintitio-
le iii i liiiiiiei lud 1 jkiidebli'citedite *Uglie r " ,
t. 11 . 'I I. . '''' ^ ' tr. 0115 I • tri
inior,•tlf Ahq,_€93 2 9ial qf ', 4 1 1 5 AVNiloajitlat , `
ithe,vsterm Joe n sea , . B.,,,,emogiAppolieni oft
iiiiiiiiblintifigitr. The Anierioanimisaion•ai
I." .. i
~.: kilt:4)lo,f 1..
.•( , 4ii:i9 • • ,
' bli,) , .. o irr 4 .
.3 :tali 040 In . f
1 • •ik . .
will :g
Gover L m
e -
rac tliarr ( h ,
'V )"'
-tor m tidi
iffid of k cur. ewe
I.D4III4 6 iViA.
laboriciis • dne.
1144 aalY' 'the 1 - 1,045 e of Commons has sat
it),,niorst .day and night. , measures of
importance'have been passed. The first is
Lord Campbell's excellent Bill for the Sup
pression of the Sale of Obscene Publica
tions. This infamous traffic prevails in
‘London more extensively than, in any capi
.tai in, Europe. Occasionally a seizure is
Made l and a shop is shut up in Holywell
'Street, but. nine'or ten others remain open
'if)' pollute' and destroy. We trust to tee
these abominations swept away. ) f':
'Rhe • other measure •is the DivorcOlill.
..garliament refuses•tl reco,gnize "the Romisg
dogma of 'the indissolubility, of marriage;
dvdh iti case 'of adriltery, as 'Gladstone' and
the Triotarianalmaibtain, .llbalso abOliShes
inhe) diigracefuhcrizw.)con.wwkion for. ;lama
gell„gives. power ; to, gliklpy,ps#ea ! to,
)(RP.) O° . , 50 1 r d pi f t@ atin g,, l h e woman from
uttei estrucdon,, of
' tozniWiryitlitiiteclii4rtiti334horrebnscienttoutily
xabjeetspbuttorionactliis paitikohnreh) foEstlie
CP,oani)t9)l9379oPF •Fil,aEgYFI M A96°,PPlieg
f i - u , c P;!Bf u 4l es .i L. , ,i,16;,!!.„1,t. up.
,:iil4fayrtiltteix,s;gyero9al, in)tboolt paNg,
u.9fl,ll:iwzrPL.AvßA ttf ) ? h l ll#l , , m ha Jn
reeputly a s,een, 'us orgings on a 'e.;
tiVict!*Tlid'ee l e6e s w is'
Cafft•Pof liter
fewLitare gkciilmathysiii'v , ertd:hills ) i overlook
dog)** aigtolAsiu PlOT:tea/1004PM ; LOX,
the hest, there was but a few howl,. priri
on the ,si4es and crests of the - hills, and
'grog th3ls l rtieliblikgrill4.37lollEfeybilintifull
414WeVihs& k ii];! irtrf n tilMic*•l l 3rADYglaP.Csinit l2 :
smiling, shfli,p_msl as itiA.frpit . ,,b„etring girstels
in die rear. These villas liribuilf, and ful'
;Ofdtoillti fyilldsh rib fal
&omit . form itd wsNltkeii 114
rkP9slidgf The wipiteraig.4a4e,
l pea
, S B l llll% , J i !' if ti 7 FFIA tfrffi h
series.i3r occupants— row EOlid ti on an many
'litliet'Vcel-14alee'ilfiellP %MY DepeWthkat
for• - €l4O oft? ii*4 - 4notnheri et:4l4llW
, Nlefit. timid? altok,kterlanwati'liatterflinorier.
aP I I an %. 8 1 a Yf4kM t Aiii 8 !!' e ft e ? . i t Pg
elation la b orers, bneklay era, enialtgar
timers, alniblimichis,'An'd tbeir'fliiiiiial •
Four miles' off: , is it pariah' ohiroh, atrial) ,
so-valled. ..I,l3etsreeri , t and;,-,13 m7
,§Aretene,s ,aqd,luqu s latipz plai t th i ,onsupio
chiefly by squatters ; on the yet unbroken
heath, although nearest T—, you'obnine
on a well-cultivited/dilitribt, with its farm
ste ac i ft , Q. r . ot k arAs yr , AlApo r ,ficONATO .„helges.
Ai r i1!,74.=xt0t0n4104.9,i9114400 )9AnN4y
•and vicar is (as ?sob o his
i•• • .; • 0., '
.have been, for Igerierattons,) the nominee of
the itlible l'hly Lelid
''M.'s , Evilit f is neairi atikhands . - and gonna •the
ufeadnws is, 'a bye.path:trx;theiparish , ,
to. widoil'hel'oPAinkniAiliAcfmni,Vt•when he
is not ; in London
..He , !,itiiirough Tory,
of the 'teeo-
-fa:Minty; s'Ambassador 1 Stil'Peteraburg.
:this:. Lordship thas.:bwitt,himself• in from the ,
copgrAstioqqati,tha ,pyish church, ,by the ,
erection c d : a „ pew ,4,60 lofty, that none of the
ptofsile 4ttlgsi'iittiiliiiik . !Over, it!'
~ S iini'etidl&3,
witit , tillitarpseaohioblejuvenila
ling; over the,,psta,,and. i msking_gritpaoss by
ntr means afrianNadifying character ! • „
lie theitpalish thurobrior centuries',
Siihool" . hate halite •
tA.Rrtlrlti#.vAtAP44A l43l.o k# lo '4Po BB 4 6 , ;
Adjatoblyitriwited iii2114,14t041T-,4liglit. an
independent iminister•at 101tilsteehttreh o and . 1
'::Mean'of iibridrionreneigy-lbithuldl*Athe
slumber of spiritual death to
" ftAilnin l lo YATIT• II 3I -
placiee(oompr4e4edqind l the pansb.;,4,a - o .
ready indioated,) ao•Tatetarian • priest; oh
11iainad,• saute iyaarirstek . ahlo perpetual. Curia.
,/.`;' . ".He tee lidded•ode:iiirigs, to the church.
Jatflisiti polaced'a 'glass Window bdhind
the communion tablet.with the figures ot, the
Apostles, and of Christi:adding, slso i sundry
of th'ese'Ecelesiologioal land; significant, em- •!1
'blems,ite the' use..'of , whigh;;Fuseyism de-
teliaitate ' •
Then there is .411-13thsin; 'and'it you 1 :
:4,tificiVittaitgiethii X I • V& af
-frextioonelOni :301, Belk , xl?attArll-FA•
I , dnoted; i4:!Atiffwoluntary r; on um orpn, t an
approaelptoi.the :expeotant •
marehiialiq'wo of them,
wkit tizajutiitits kneel o'n' t'he kepi' Of"the '
oornwittio4; taide,;Ar.ithi tlLAir,:fa"A;E*O s Ard)
(While thauliest (wheAs the mounibentdlen - •
fterso;tlre'lreading-desk. .1 The ",voluntary" r:
'iradire?' 'thiS 'tiro 'Priests • rise 'from 'their !,
,Itnede, and each taltedhinphuse,, , With prayer
book oPeor , iiP4son4; Sidi) Cle)., ol 's screen, so
/hiding: himself that the poet& eannet , see
him ; or :if his • - tiacred-presence and person
are at all revealed, - yonviie only favoted , with n•
la 'profile glance tof .his i rery i priestly,, and (I-1
squat frAnItA I 4I , TAInP.TA.braP9IS 1T 3 4: 13-1
,st i i•? i ns.faltify : liiceposslietw i ev Atsktean and '.
Piietait . ,)''.lla 4 2(isisoo46ltl6llllle-,'
via l, a al i 3.1.01,
n" This lit ano afternoon us'ervice, I only, And
therei is itoi be op .sephort4 jbe, , dfaot 4be
zealoP:Qxf9,o4ePtlgq:Yr4 1 1T4f5' t2,4113.'04nd• L '
every ,§nrigly, ker . o r •
.11pe morning, l Oiey. ~
2 4
began at o clock ivitii n the op~d}nunion . ear
vice; atieihe' l celibiltiOn" 6f , th'e AEI7O, harlot..
karodldr=thual if.reeeire "-I.
• faating, , beim& .; liTheA
.. 40 1°94 , can? .A.h.940) 4 1 [919? .!,°g t•Per.I1"71":
the .I?ea)m' 'and breed planted, , and a .
aermon'followed. ' Yenigh't,"atliaiieh t
will - be' l' fulPtrenfilie SaivrabVlirith ,
.13ut thilf laffpciatolour service*-to - tlastitone , ...
,bona=—iii saind l , of ,‘tlittle
(0 1.4 4 1 3 h.* Pt ant,the sP#A4??Les
epos art, re ad from a 'LeCiern, over wtieb
youioareely seethe head - ofone of ike i y6iing
prieilCS, I the' speck/ • objeobi•-•oreii.llet,,
'examination 'of loo 4 pg•pebple ;if abtio , ll
ißaptisin. 'Let auvilisteßitthePi Ito Allgagite - '7,
otOsjEtg• /gter 0 0 ,k , Tel4 l 4og ofhtlithroont
Lepaon, the clergyman leaTela the dpek,and,
ales hie p u ce ' behind the oommnntod ' raile. t,
"I're "Oren' ' w
nitraigfitmeibiloor 'iloys;v6iollan4 equal.trozm be '
co& girlapi (1.0. am tarepiiied/ 4144414mP05t0D,1
R I ',
4 jrtr,
07/ adi EM I
iftiw 141
Presbyterian, eii,n,_
would, methinks, have replied : , ... ._
emblem of immortality, of eternal life.". But
the young Tractarian catechumen glibly re;
plied, as he had been taught : " It was an em
blem of the Holy Communion!!" And sothe
eltechising went on for about a quarter of an
hour, or more; the words of Christ, " E.T
cept ye eat the flesh," &a., applied as Ro
nianists apply them, and as Archbishop
Usher denounced them for so doing . , to the
, Lord's Supper, as the means of eternal life!
The ofilyredeeming ; point was, that the
pow"? : of absolution in the tlhurch, was
.brought out as " only declarative." Ur. B ,
t, appears, hail not. got to the letigth of ' Dr.
Pl!tsy; Mr. Liddel, and certain priests' in
. dlitiigineese , -of Exeter ' ...who tnitually. hear
penitentsi -; and, give rahsolation.-,l,Llhere lis „a
iit,tle, sphism in. the ; parish, on that, poi n, !As
t one gentleman " illorders," resident, tbou,gh
7 I 1-i, .-1--, J• ,
is`l.l ...: -.1 I it- f.,l,it - .1.
net employed, it said, receives, pent
ients "at hia'resideilad, in his pthititlyididscl,
and 'duly ;confesses • and ..ablicolvtao villein.
.I . ,ealbuslcif)thisr, or , disapprovingiithe; ineu in-,
=bent keeps
. elear,of ~.thagonfesqopril„,He
satisfies himself, in tf .mean time, with
ail Wt. 1-3 ) :.'..:1,...11 :. .. 1 . kii. ..; )1•1 1+;:. ..,;.•ni .
~ morning . and evening
~..9.ervices.,,every day , .
Aifili'li'day-Sehoor, in Whichhigh l'obtrin4s,
*rb taught; ..witive little •rbook; ,. antiltractolej,
.(pOsitory. of .01.3 1 puMioittions 'of 1,,c,,N 0e ke r , 4 4.r .
a jc oOted.
IPD 4.9
ff / . Pte Ylte, ,il%l
) 4 .i 4 P i,PY, ieeling'clearof the a ible.Socieli;. l bytend
leg' his, curates over the region retna e ittiout,
' ) fruthiildin glitelittle ' chi:trek l Of '" St. trt;titi. '
fit:suite' Wildeinees;'?iontiarnongtiOs icitt e'ted t
population of the moors ;„.,tPti,last, inot) : e,sat,
,k4ellingf . his, copgr,egatiep ; , that 'it : 4;
„, o d . sin
to go to i any ; other place, - on Sup4aya, except ,
4.lol4'ilintlinrifi l .' ' '• . . 1 ;., -- ••• ,-',..., ;. , 1::.e.-:1
;'''' 4 llffitliefbiliCeselof • Salisbury;' (ATI:A f ro this
,:isagoingTon ,)•,meolchilligh-Clinfreliisini - ;.and 1
14.441P 1 A!).lititiPPPlit , ..Aftll..ari”i 8 9,,Aivi.i° 1
,q,te j g,pmiseßc tß?nle,solls cl hptron. ,6 them *..
and Satan trt3implits. li True; thcre are,V;oitit e i
l'e4 i exceiniSta , -therii :. and L tfigia an , •'oaf 'lin
Abelipfritniii illeaditli lorsitatilple, , fourtien
Imiles; ..frem .114 orcitMahosittird**i4eMpqdii
s ikipin t il • ,-- "..:5, „ 4414 , i, P ,
~, I I , • • . , Ik,
~,r . l ~ i I '.-, i 13 .. t 0:1371ta 'CI :..,.
mr fir --, i, '... Jtrli:i I ' , t no- ..; .!,., ••••1 'I: .. -f.
go 17 son, Just as was the case wit . .. ,
Maul's,' Of ':Setitlittill,:iiii4'.Lhid ' Penton ', I ,
' l .' The lather patienizedithel" High-and Dill'
;just! 'as old tPatinure . supported .theriSeotti.h . ,
ii 51.9 . 4 prates, ; and, refused sites, as. long ,is he
dare„fo the
,Free Church Protesters , Tit ,
, I raWlOrat'inimitre' coines'inin his' father's
t' feaheiefen-tito I t
folitei'• FreaChureliEsin,-: and
apirithal •ieligionz-4hi , nevi -Lord - Shaftsbury
~...reignsf in. his : ,,fatii.efß ! isteatl, Ao..,Cherish
earnest Evangelism. And, so in.. St., Giles'
I parish, Dorsetsture; t he hi not only': building
good " houses'' ''for the farmers ' and' cleanly T HE Sp HERE s - 4 5 1 1 - fO - se xEL —Al e i r .
homes for the laborers, but he has presented a
.outestances welriailinned there can ..e no
l'nephevr.of the , -lamented ! :Ed ward , Bicker ''' .deubt' •Providence' -liar' Willed that l• man
sstetti,m,..ofqiivipg;; ;and new a pure Gospel, 'should , : 'be: 'the thw' head of • the 6 litthiaii state
, in the Church and in the School, hegina, to
'..even as. :women is it* heart ; ithat , ht. /111041 d
stir up . t . i3 C B 4g , P t P°Pl4atiQu' and to edu- ',
baits. strength, as -sheds its solaceh giat i .„he
bate' the"rming race, for 'Christ • should, be its. wisdom, as she. is its graCe ;
::'''' One 'feels; 06;7mben out in thelEnglish 'iti - lat he Should bnits_ Mina, itaimini4tS, and
Countiesp themprecionsness: of -Evangelical ' • i ts 6, 24i i,ii g -i , as .igh e .ii ifs ' agii i im i nc ie a uo,
1.-Di'ooento -AOPeO jai 1 3' , in• .bye VW (3 14YP, EATP7 sad its consolation --isii,ir..Fdliell Buxton
est uhnroliineu !confess, 'that , but for this, , ~• . i,..., ~.. . : , ~ ~
'religiOn ~,i,i1d..4*.;- .d ieti.' 6 - hi of' " the ' land. 'H,AV E,l,Oii ever thought'of,Whitethat man
Too often, Dissent is 'bitter,' nar'r'ow, ultra- isl Who' teaAM; children? - - You go . •••itite '= the
ideditlcititia, and' as iost)ita pristine 'power. ' workshop 'of eiwheel=wright ;:dhe , IS; making
Still, , ,its EvangeliCat -teaching is., itssalt, its . ; ,wheels and shafts,,andgoik.sayhe 3s *Aso
conserving principle. Qtte,,feels,,,,siso„ l 7l4i.• fa) .misn.,. T Xe4 visit the shop,A., -Ow-Wit
a blessing it is, the clays of Tovism areettin, _ sthiPhi and You: find tleAlifo,,,y;lfiakll%Prok
iieredi. ' Molting it'iild'iMaimihnii;land their- axes, ' hammers and pleuglishares,' l and you
ancestral free l y.: you • think.- of i moblesl and - say that this man la ' essential ; you salute
! cp,etheeutathe,Pnritans ;-: these , skillful laborers. • . You :enter the braise
:the Aimes l of tha f q.vil Wsr„come .` hack ; , t lef• ai schoolmaster,. #4lltet him more profotnid
then the, Reyolution, 41.688 ; then . the as ~ i ly. l ,,Pnyett..knowwhat:he la doing ? Re
eeeeiee of 416 House of Hanover' and iti„ !,,,,, manufacturerl , of minds
full and finalestaibliihtieiit' of veligiais 'lib.' „,- , u ,„
i aisioN• . AND, /RUTH.— vrastairer, ~jott
r'eity..TlTrite, , Slintrea.;WillripersiMutit still;t if - ' t,' D ii - • -- ' ' ''',. 'i, ',,"„ -• be
.3 .tnina. ~proper; to .
„grant a. amp', ; let It ,
itheyiiian peiblusivs/llealing4s w eneenrageu'l . .
granted at the first *oil, ; Without entreaty
by the High-Church and Tractarian ,clorgy,y,
~ O r:PAYer,'aliii above' I all, ioithold 'Ma" king
and ii,,piaseuti i ng. tradesmen .or shori ireeper l ,
eitt;!' , .. cb . il . d „ itiso s nS.:''''''9l..aiit- 1 with pleasure } -re
findi'that as sugar is 'not at all Waimea', /ii,s,,
'tea Mit tie beg 'aiiThil'bitelfeVejnieii'verY but let nr refusal ' be
,tusawitn reluctance, yo •
rrevora- r -let.not Im shake your
inferiorfte that !Of his< steady ; , . church going
reSolution Ol • ',let the'..Pospo rtuni titive " y
No," when
neighbor, who bows abjectly lisfere, ; tlie
oncerona l ueed„le3,aoWa,ll.,:off brass, which
Squire and,the :Rector. ~And so,.„the „poor .
child,h h' h tr . d ; Ida strength
!Dissenter, lifuoksustainedby has own p . 4.7, ,
against ,it • half •a dozen. limes, shall never
must either' conform. or starve: ~, i Still, afire& ''' more endeavor to Shake. ''
'Preee , , , ifree'Opinion; a, , free aciuntiv the /fence, : .. 1 ,, ~,, , y .
ifiltw,,'kee,ii theSe:gentil ;vil.'hiti bbUnds;:and,, - -IiNT4thmtIOODIANDI TAUE:-.7-How greitt,,,the
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for conscience' sake,• a remarkable ease ! ~, ' Whi'shiniiiiiii6e-itlf evening tithe.
recently in , the neighborhood 0f',,,, • ,,, . i'.t ..At-.4`..-t5,4,1 ~.;. , •..,- ...: 1,1: , ~.
itheiNewikorest, Hampshire; partrofftheidis- Starry isles octet:3%cl; A I
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~a 1,17 .171 - i ;;;,;
• • • I •W , I G 1. -1 , t
England would be,' iieieJiatidite principles
to have dominance again. •
Aod now, concluding this sketch of . Tian
tazianism i,n the .couotny, where L bawl,
just walk down the High Street of B=,
with me, and stop before a , centainlwihdow.
This is the Tractarian BctoktOtiP,P. irThele
is not
,ari,Evangelical,publicatignSttia e tseen,
but plenty of Legendary at;?ry Vadits, and
High C,hurch Tales, , to,tnisl
.eest,ey i nung.
And mitre i,k r an' this, crows in bran e ; and
crosses in brooches, for drAiiitgliiktbs• and
for cfre'ss • • and there,:inthenaernew,isAilThe
Odedistval Alphabet--,Skz,th e to
help young and old•in--Eeelesiological stu
dies; tAnd-so, with, nosiglai Sttibid ihit4cari
aoistivin,the , country ,farecre,4 4 93,y i aatMgy
for such a,leng!,hened p2tiFer t lei t r% the im
irporttiiide'Vf the toiiid'in oonpexion the
signs of the times, antriti`e fittlitlhiitFba .
not ,ha,d, ttrr n i fifyirtunp t v, fronviper
!tie l obSetvi.Tt;, of bringing Ehe refiglovs
condition of r,iral. Ifietrioes' "ligodia,
.ptomi ctitly alitlnlearlyibefore-your , readtirs.
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.40 virtuous, ....It mly p • OillipiCto
i la Seigiabitty ou p. .` 8 is •ivs: i 1.1 ;.
aidAtting it.•:i2v.i.vlC Ilot ./. Of (t e
WHEN itas..nct.siespisable to be, poor, we
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sat)sfaction than to live nuagnu Tr 1- fniently wnSh
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• hT;h l V?ilt, l 't °V l °. ( , ) fte,' o lghet. o fT, the
rive ,18 shall y gr'rieep so neither can we
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4.10:N fihpuldlift 4 tre dita a
rebyfir , e Is wiser
yesteirdayil—Poge. - '
• 4 .; t
IiOMMON rATHs r —!t sometimes Irma's io
plior thing to . Wilk in 'these common
**Atte' wherein.all.steowalliiog. Yet these
'mei mod paths are the/piths in t hies
siogs:vastel,; . they. are the : in which
Gokliii,niet. Welcoming, and fulfilling the
lowest dupes which meet is there,, we shall
often be surprised ilititid'that i We . have una
wares beed'sieletiniingEnil 'enteitaining an
gels. • . .:•!
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