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    lly dangerous to defer until to-mor.
which should be done today? Do
A, know something of the indurating
of sin; and
. are they not conscious
• are today less concerned about
Is than they were a year ago? Do
find a growing indisposition to con
claims of religion; and when in the
which they frequent less fre
than formerly, whilst their eyes are
the preacher, aro not their thoughts
up and down the pages of their
or busied with their plans for the
These are startling facts to us, and
a source of alarm to them. Be
tubt, their condition is daily grow
; for whilst they are approaching,
may be, the goal of their long
wishes, they are as certainly re
im yonder joyous heaven. They
to secure that which will profit
little, if anything; about to lose
• ten thousand worlds want wealth
God is justly displeased with their
of the priceless treasures of his
soon may say, "They are joined
As; let them alone," Then the
!avers shall be closed against them;
they may at some period of
, eek to enter in, they shall not, be
Jld the storm is gathering; the
growing darker and darker; the
heady crumbling beneath their
, God incline their hearts to Se'ek
,t safety, before it leaves its moor.
turn no more foreVer. '
Ci sinner, to be wiie,
stay not for to-morrow's sun ;
tiger 'wisdom you despise,
harder is she to be won.'
T. G. E.
o Presbyterian Banner and Advocate
Bucyrus, Ohio.
ing of the Presbyterian church and
of Bucyrus, on the 6th
.of March,
ig preamble and redidations were
Our pastor, Rev, SiPis Johnson; has
this congregation a desire to be re
this field of labor, aria. has stated to
ing to circumstances, he feels it to be
do so ; and whereas, he requests us
h biro in asking Presbytery to dis
ter and sacred relation existing be-
deem it proper to express our views
'That we render thanks to the Great
Church for the harmony and kind
ich have characterised the relation be
/1,3 pastor and people ; and for the kind
we have had, one with another.
, That we acknowledge to our Lord and
the favor with which he has crowned
of our beloved pastor during the past
se i ogathering of a goodly number into
aship of the church.
1. That as our pastor has expressed to
Sono tely, his - views of duty, and has
to us his intention to ask Presbytery to
the pastoral relation, we regard with
respect his conviction of duty on this
id while we would gladly have retained,
relation which he sustains to us, and his
the service of the Lord among us, yet,
ince with his request, we will place no
is his way, but will join with him in his
d, That we commend our beloved pastor
family to the mercies of our Redeemer,
rracious and covenant-keeping,God
iyers shall go np for the preservation
and health, and the continuance of
and comfort 'wherever his lot may be
That a copy of these resolutions be
le hands of our delegate to Presbytery,
:bat the Secretary forward a copy, for
3 in the Presbyterian of the West, and in
terian Banner and Advocate.
T. A. GomaLir, Secretary.
e Presbyterian Banner and Advocite
H. Childs, Treasurer of Board
reign Missions. for Mitch.
iN PRZSBYTERY —Hooltstowdi3ong., $l9 00
I, Mon. Con., 24 45; 81stersvIlle, 15 00; Wed
00: Lower Eaff,do, 6 00; bit. Proofs:wit, 31 54
,66 21. Total, $179 33.
ES BYTE RY.—Li tle Beaver cong., 3U 00; New
; Newport. 00 75. Total, $B2 00.
'1 L 's PRES BYT E RY—Rock Hill Cong, 55 67
lg. 34 95. Total, $94 52.
PR ES BYTE ItY —Morgantown Gong., from tbei
,Bsoclation, for the education of a Chinese girl,
•garet . Davie,2o_oo ; McKeesport. 37 00; Union-
Total $7O 50.
PFtES K 1 TERY—Concord cone., $7 40.
tYT E ItY-81 , gar Creek eong., 118 00.
IiTT Env —Sewickley cong , 301 85; 2d Pres,
'ittaburgh, 444 88; 2d do. Sabbath . School, th
boy in India named W D. lloWard, 25 09; 212
t Sabbath ' School, to support' a ocholarohip,
.)ert Totten Cooper, 25 00; 4th Presbyterian
usborgh, 52 81; Yost Liberty cons, 75 04; do.
mcert, 39 66 ; do Sabbath School, 1410; Alit.
lifflonary box. 1 00, Total, $778 81. •'
E PRESBYTERY—Congruity cong , $2O 00.
' PRESBYTERY.—Young men of derub erase
ABYTERY, lONSr4.—Blne Grass wog , 810
30 ; Rev. Jolla M. Jones, Davenport, lowa,
e.lB 00.
PRKSBYTERY.—Ist elsurel, Zanesville,
Glass, Illialletown ; Pa.,99;
(primilield, 111, 5 00; Box of Clothing froia
Allegheny P'by, Valued at 90 96;
Treasurer takes this opportunity of informing
igrrations hu contribute to the Board of For.
; t rale; him, that all moneys handed him,iitt
' April, will be included in the Annual RePort,
Financial year closes on that day.
H. CRILDS, Treasurer.
s ptpartmatt,
Pittsburgh River Trade.
now had two months of river naviga
only of the time with a state °Pinter
is and for the largest class of steam.
Gazette, of the 11th inst., informs us Uaa,
onehundred and two steamers loaded a
some of them made several trips ; and
hundred and ninety loads, averaging
hundred tons each, had departed. The
't of this freight wts Pittsburgh mann
though much of it was goods front the
fined to towns and cities on the Ohio
isippi. The coal shipped has elmonnted
of bushels. A great quantity of !m
-ins been floated past ns, seeking ,a
Ti.c importance of our rivers is im
`.y are they not made navigable for
.rs of the year? The thing'is praa•
Colonizing Virginia.
Anians and New Engllnders have
some Seale, in small numbers, put
wn out farms in Virginia, and re•in
them, to great advantage. This pro
the advance ; and recently, it , world
ley are charged with a Scheme for ezteit
-ations, having in view the colonizing of
'them part of that State. As for the
," we rather think there is not much of
in regard to the process, this is likely
on and increase. Northern population
les. It must have 'an outlet; and, ag
, st " becomes more distant, the neighbor
. mast receive the emigrants.
New Orleans Bulletin, of March 27, speak
the alleged scheme, says :
zany has been projected; His said, with
A of three or four millions of dollars,
Mier has purchased, or will, large tracts
.-ont land in Virginia,and will resell it in
farms to emigrant s wh o will be 4nduced to
is certainly a•eignifioant sign of the Sines,
well attract publio attention. Some Of
•{finis papers, grow furious about it, and
the legislature to take measures to pre
e " assaults of Abolition upon the Matt
a the South 1" Characteristic enough
ikon it would be like "calling sidrits from
;ty deep 1" they call the settlement of
'n out sedge ,patches of Virginia, which
nee mys "outshine the, sun," by
from New England or anywhere
upon the institutions of the South, we
fear there will be no defence against the said
We r.,fer to this matter simply because there
is a principle involved in it bearing upon the
Southern States, and in which, consequently, we
nre interested, though perhaps not to the same
extent as the, people of Virginia. Why is it
that the latter State has been degenerating, its
soil becoming exhausted, and its whole affairs
going to waste and poverty ? That she is going
down hill, and has been so for years, let her own
press testify.
The whole secret of the wasting away of the
Old Dominion, of its poverty, worn out soil,
dilapidated ()id fields, sedge patches, brier
patches, waning power and influence, lies un
doubtedly iu the fact that her press, public men,
and leading citizens generally, have devoted their
attention from time immemorial almost exclu
sively to politics. El Federalism " has been
whipped clear out of ihe State time and again,
the people have been sound to 'the core in the
faith of the most approved political orthodoxy,
and the State has been running down bill every
day, too, having had twenty-three members of
Congress in 1830, and thirteen novel Internal
improvements have been ignored, as rather too
plebian in character to occupy the attention of
men of, enlarged. capacities; public schools—
which always afford, of course, the life-blood of a.
State—have heen almost entirely neglected: - The
rich were able to educate their own ohildren ;
and as to the poor, what need had they for' edu
cation ? If they had, twenty yearn ago, urged the
people to build a school house at every cross
road, and to go to making,railroads, hats, shoes.
;'shirts; plows,' hoes, elOths, gimiets,,plooks, pine,
Sm., Virginia, now might have; been just
what New York is, or considerably ahead. .
This is plain speaking. And there is truth in
it; but how much '.we will, not pretend to.say.,
9f this, however, we feel very confident, that if
Pennsylvania would repelYanken , aggression, or
Virginia exclude PennsYlvania free-soilers, or
if any other State; rich in its soil and its facili
ties for traffic, would keep out its enterprising
neighbors, the thing must be done, not by pro
hibitory Legislative enactments and Vigilance
Committees, but by occupying well its owitfacili
ties for earning a comfortable livelihood, and for .
accumulating wealth. Home enterprise is the
only safeguard, in the end, against inroads from
the enterprising. Oultivate the lands and after
ti rely occupy all.the positions of honor and profit,
and those who, seek such things will go else-
Tun construction of the,towers for the suspen
sion bridge over the Ohio, at Cincinnati, is pro,','
greasing. The towers' are eighty-six by thirty
two feet at 'the base ' will be ; :tfro, 'hundred and
thirty feet high, and one thousand and six feet
apart. The cables' ill be anchored three-hun
dred feet back . on each side of the river, pass
over the tops of the towers, and thus, be made to
sustain the weight df the bridge. ' The
span will be sixteen hundred'andsix feet'
Gov. Poixotorlas appointed Mr. Armstrong,
a lawyer'in Williamsport, Lycoming County, to
the Supreme Bench, in place of Judge Black, re-
ST. Lours, April 8.----Por lkfayor,Timer,-.Enian
cipationist, has 4,487; Pratte, , Denn, 8,759 ;
Lane, American, 1,881. The •Emancipationists
have a large majority hi both branches of Coun
cils, and all the city officers. "
THE Fredoula, C'emor says ; that one million_
poinids of Maple auger have already been made`o
in Chautauque, which, at theprice likely to rule
for some time to 'come, (twelve and a half cents,
a pound,).will be worth $125;0d0.
Rum December lst . April Jst, over font;teen
thousand bushels of mheat• have been :shipped
from the Ohio river, to'different mills on the hlus
kingum ; and, in the same time thirty-five•thoti.
sand lab's. offlour have been exported to the E astern
markets, froth the Muskingum mills via the Ohio
„ . , .
TEE theimoinster at Augusta, kl ~ aon Tuesday,
.morning stood at 27° above zero. The frost has
killed all the cotton; corn and wheat crops in that
. , -
01NNATI.—The Gazette of Friday says .I—We are
gratified to learn that the prospects for a good
fruit en* are s still quite favorable. About one.halfg .
the peach buds are sonnd,,and the trees,will yields`,"; :
fair crop, provided disasters do not occur at a later
period. Pears are also safe. Apples are unin
jured. Early cherries are damaged, but others
are not seriously. affected. Grapes are in good
and promise a full, average yield.
South of this latitude the prospects are less •
favorable, but - we Ow not'corrrectly advised as
to the extent of the 'the 'damage caused by the
late frost.
IMPBDIATENTS.—No less, than , ten bridges are
already built, projected, or in process of construe
tion across the 'Mississippi River, at' various points
above St, Louis. These will greaVly hinder the
steamboat navigation,. • • •
Tnn National Ineelligencer, April4l, says :
" The various . works at the Capitol are being
busily urged at this time. The foundations for
the two corridors to 'connect the main building
with the'North' and South wings are excavated t
and the, buildings of the connexions wilLsoon
commence. In the interior the flue colonalle of
the Rouse of. Representatives is far advanced,
and already presents an 'imposing appearance:
The. ceiling, too, is not very distant from cord,
pletion, and a view of it never fails to strike
every beholder with admiration at its gorgeous
Tug impression that the world is to be at in
end on the 18th of June is so prevalent in Galicia
that the peasants are becoming somewhat diffi
cult to .manage. The poor ignorant creatures,
have been confirmed in the idea* that they have
but a few weeks to, live, by the, abolition. of the
" passpo'rt l tditnie" 'Anatria, 'and ilk,!red*
tion of the passport tax in Russia. According
to a., Polish,„ correspondent of, the ( Ost ,Deutsche
Post the' laWer class' ; express'themsavei . 'as
lows: "No one now troubles himself about 'the
world, and its inhabitants. ,A man can go where
he pleases', as it is now all the same 'whether he
be here or inAmerica,".
Cmuncn BuENED.—At Chillicothe, Ohio,' on
the morning, on the. 2d inst.,
,the • Associate Re
formed Presbyterian church was destroyed by - no,
together with all its furniture. It , was insured
for $64,000. • •
RECOGNIZING PROVIDENCE.—A. short time since,
there was a' very destructive fire in Mobile, Ala.,
which destroyed some twelve thousand bales of
cotton. When the news rePched the interior, a
gentleman who had Often large amount of cot
ton in the city, took immediate measures to ascer
tain if he had sustained any loss. Upon learning
that he had not, and upon consultation with his
wife, be set apart five hundred dollars, a donation
to benevolent objects, as a thank•offFing for
providential preservation.
Sr.. Louis, April 18.—Kansas advices to the
7th are received: Robinson and Dietzler ap
peared at Lecompton on, the 6th, to stand a trial
for treason, but the, time and place of holding the
Court being 'changed, they were directed to ap
pear on the first Alonday of May.
The requirements of - the law not being carried
cut respecting the
. Census list, no voti-eg will
be 'allowed at LaverenCe - and - Lecotnpton, and
four •obscure places have been designated as the
WASHINGTON, April 14.—There will be no troops
stationed in Kansas who have in any way been
complicated in any former difficulties in the Ter
ritory. In addition to the ; large ferce , detailed
for accompanying the = commission. to .run
Southern 'boundary of Kansas, a Summer cam
paign to chastise the Cheyennes and Kiowas is
arranged, and several officers. are now here re
ceiving specific instructions to that lend: .`None
of these troops are intended for Utah, as has been
From. Mexico
WASHINGTON. April 14.—New Orleans papers
of the Bth haVe been received.' An 'arrivaLfrom
Vera Cruz, with' advices from Mexico to'Mach
24th, state that the intelligence of the rejection
of the Forsyth treaty, had created considerable
Violent disturbances bad taken place at„Te
hauntepec, resulting in the lees of many lives,
and.seriously affecting operationti, though its ori
gin had , no connexion with. the transit route.
Troops had gone to the scene of the diffmnity.'
Oen. Comonfort was the moat prominent min
'Tampa ;dates are to the 4th., , There isf nonn
dian news'. • ' SM.' Harney was et Myers •
.:Nurses arocbeing eolleoted at 'Nevi 'Orleans Ter
Walker's army.
Affairs in Washington.
WASHINGTON, April B.—The Administration
has completed its arrangements relative to China,
and William B. Reed, Esq., of Philadelphia, who
is now in this city, has been tendered the mission.
In addition to other -vessels, the steamer Min
nesota will proceed to China. An order for her
preparation will be issued to-morrow. The Land
officers in Minnesota Imre been directed to con
tinue the withdrawal of lands falling within the
probable line of the railroad routes established
under the grants of Congress.
WASHINGTON, April 14.—The Secretary of the
Interior has given full instructions to Messrs.
Rector and Garrett, Indian Agents, who have left
Washington for the scene of their duties,
to or
ganize a delegation from the Creeks and Semi
noles residing West of the Mississippi, to proceed
to Florida in Autumn, on the special business to
- persuade Bowlegs and his followers to emigrate.
The Florida Seminoles, the Government is aware,
are too proud , ,to, be forced to this step at the
point of the bayonet, and hence resort. to peaceful
measures,, is, confidently,,Wieved,-
qmoomplih that important result. In view of the
bove mentioned design, there'iwill, theiineaU T
be no acti*e'rnilithry movements in Florida,
as heretofore stated.
From California.
New Ypnn, April 13.—The George , Late brings
nearly a million and a quarter in specie, with San
Francisco dates to the23d nit: She nOnnected
with the Golden Gate, which left San Francisco
on the' appointed day tut - put back, in conse
queues of a slight aceidant..
The George Laso,.ort her outward passage, res
cued the' crew of the brig Mary C Haskell, of,
New: Xork, boned for 'Cienfugui," which :was'
wrecked. March 26th, at, 'Cape. Maize.. She left
Aspinwall on the 4th of April.
The 'Teintessei arrive'd' ,on , the
same dayi. with dates froM.Greytown to April..2d;
Col. Lockridge went up the river on the24th
of March', ;with all' his` ; fforcesta attack , San
Carlos. When last heard from, be was at
Machucha Rapids, intending to' attack Castello
next morning, the 27th. He bad removed every
thing from San Carlos and' Serapiqui previous - to
e have nothing later from Walker
There Was some excitement. on the,.
growing out of apprehensions of an attackty the
natives upon foreigners:, The'Railroad,CoMpany
was taking every precaution, to. protect 'the pas
sengers'and property in transit.
A ifgarei'of distiatal from' Pogeta tookpas 7 ,
sage from,Aspinwall: on `his way to Washington,
with news that Air: Morse had refused. all nega
tion on the riot '<ideation. '
A proposition was ;aide to the New Grenadian
Senate, to send a force to the Isthmus, which met
with opposition. „
The news from California is tneagre.. There is
no farther action la the Legislature concerning
the State debt The prisoners in the State . prison
are starving,,and. some have .already died. The
Legislature have appropriated $5,000 'for their
Trade at. San, krancieco is improving. thinese
.had largely advanced-1-Teas full 60' per
cent. Fldur'has declined 25 per cent;' Super
fine is quoted at . $l.l. per bbl: The receipts of
:gold dust are'very'large:
POT'S'laseefizlir Out arnliade? 4
fine , variety at CarnaF,ban's near the Post Office.
City. New style Cdatings . fOr Gents'
custom work just Opened, and a full stock of first;
class clothing tor men's , ivear, now ready for the
Spring sales, at close rates for cash.
• ' TuoudaT, April 14.
6X®r4c. Jots, 6 1 / 2 @7e. Biala Ash,
'arrip33-11one In ; would command $4.50@3.00
Brasis4Sznallmbite,l2 35'per • C
DUTTrit Ann Hoss.--nutter, 24§25c.. - Ergs,-13(6)14.3.
Buur--Shouldersi - .934c, 3ides, 11@/114 Rama, 12c. .
.BROOMS—Common, $1.25; °better. qualities.-.51.50@2.00;
fancy, $2.25kd2:60.-
Minn) Iturr—ieaches, $3.25 for old; new, $8 50.:: ripples, :
Pennines—Prime Western, dsc. per lb.
atotra—Wheat, , superfine .$43705.00; ordinary extra,
5.2505.37; choice brands, 5:50. Rye, $4.06. •
loam4-Corintry,sloow. 20 per 100 ,lbs...
Gasm-Aats, . 43045 c. Corn, 56a58a60a63e.. Eye, 63&
65e. Wheat, $1.1.001 20.
Lann—No 1 city, 14 ;: country d0.,14.
Har--$l2 00015.00 per ton.
Lintarn—s4o:oo©ll.2s for common, and 22.00 for clear.
Shingles, $304(814.00 per 31.
SzEno--Tim0i1iy,43.00(43:58.- V1itx,41.76. 1 f
Para2o3B-41.25; mixed, 1.8T@1.50; prime d0.,1.50,1.624
Bracra-5 1 ,4@6yjc. gross for msdium to prime.
Surer 455%e for good tti prime;
11034--6@834c.,, gross.
' BATIMOIDS, Aprlt 10.
ro)101-Wbecit, "16.12%@6.25: .
GRAnr—wheit, 1..6541.80. corn, 61063. Oita, 47648,
Blum $8.20; Timothy, $.6)@3.75.
Lucti—Western, 14014 W
Pons-4tess, 323.e0; prime, 1850.19,00 ; rutop,Tl',7s@
Novi" York.
Nnw YORK, April 11..
Asnee--Pearle, $7.50. Pore, $7.75 per 100
noun, AND MEAD—Wheat, $5.500.55a5.50 ' Rye, $2.,56a
4.65. Corn Meal, 83.150.204. W
GRAM—Wheat. $1.58 3 1 41.60. Oats, 53a,55p. Barley, $l.O
01.75. corn, 69g1104.73. 'Rye, s6@)9oe.
jortign nail germ.
England was still all excitement about the elee
tions,'on the.departnre"tale last steamers which
have reached this 'obititqy. t The, 'representative
districts there, do not, as here, all vote on , the
same day. ' Neither afel , the people -confined; es"'
their choice, :, to resident oltheir own tewnlyr
couidk. A man'tiot , residing, near then' Maibe
chosen. -Hence, sometimes, the same person is
chosen by different districts. He, can then accept,
for one, and the others must-go into a new choice.
`lt'candidare mity'faiiiii one dislilet;-and
then offer himself - in another. So far as election's
had been made,' they indicated the success of the
The news from Ohina wasifavorable to the res
toration of p'qtoe...., The Emperor hid diattvo*ed
his Viceroy `Yell's proceedings, and ordered that
terms shonid , be made :with the English. This. s
doubtless wise on his part, for large forces were
being lei:Warded hylialOianee ,I;e4l l ".Eiltifeaidi;
and though our Government has'refused to 'ben
party in the war, yet it is, sending out a Plenipe-
tpttifiry to See to our interests . , land is Strengthen. ,
ing hirahy a Foripidable ItOooBlooll to our . squadron
in the 012inese waters. The midi will dotthiless
'hes.)).•large aeoessiou to the prirpe t ges of the three
powers. "?'
But little
of importance;, has been
transacted in' the Paris , Conference, the meeting
on the ,24th teletmerely for. the' purpose of re
ceiving Prdisian propositions. Another rmeeting
of the Conference was held on the 25th nit., to
receive pi Saritzerlanditihieti differ
from thoae received from the Prussian Govern
ment. An amicable settleinent is confidently an
tlcipated. ; •
. •
It le reported that Etighen'd has neded to France
the Longwood House,t, and .Napeleon's , tinnti, at
The 'French press has varied comment'on Pres
ident Baehanan's Meisage, pro. and con.:
• 4
The Univere, politico-Catholic journal, con
'cludei,an article, inspired !by the seneral subject
of the 'Message, in the, folleiving remarkable
words : "The present state of 'society . in Amer
ica would
. inspire us with alarm, did not the pre , -
'grees of th e Catholic religion give us confidence in the
future We repeat once more what we have often
said: it belongs neither , to England nor to the
United' ;Slates to constitute themselves judges of
the Governments and nationinritali. At Naples
and at Rome there exists an' amount of morality,
security, religion, prosperiti,' and Comfort, which
puts London and New York to shame.". After
that, 4/ fast tiros di echelle
The Spanish Government contemplates the lay
ing of a; submarine telegraph 'betareeti , Cuba and
the United States. ' "
The :first division: of the fleet to invade 'Mex
ico world- sail :about the 28th of March, for
6 tee`C er iaiil of Teixin, has addiiiised
a circular dispatch, setting forth the reasons for
the withdrawal, to all its different agents in Euro
pean Courts, stating that the Vienna Cabinet is
dissatisfied with Count ,Cavour's reply to its
complaints of the Piedmont press, and of the
tolerance with which Sardinia treats their at
It also sees new offence in the language used
by Sardinia on the occasion of the debates rela
tive to the fortifications at Alessandria. The
dispatch adds, that Austria has become convinced.
that Piedmont seeks to bead the insurrectionary
movement in Italy, which, if' successful, would
be destructive to the Austrian domination in
The particulars of ,the: English difficulty at
Japan have been received.. The English cont-,
mender, after forcing an entrance in Magasaki;
had a correspondenee with the 'Emperor, who
finally gave orders , to open' the , three ports of
Si modi, liokodaett, and Nangasalci, to the vessels
of France, , England,. :Russia, and, the United
Pe s eh
It ie also stated'bfleregraph, that abattle'was
fought at Thishire; between theliomliay, and
shin cavalry; resulting in Abe ;; total.rout of
latter, with a loss of Aigh_t_hundred killed. The
W. Brltiah loss wasSikrywityrived
The insurrection in the ( Persioa-,Tauris is
spreading. The fin TgIAM
. irr) Khavilatan lave
seized the Shahla lerwhomtle`Gtiverndr, and
threatened death unless ransomed.
Rum ia.
Drams, loriday o hsnrchA7. l77 Adyjnes from So.:
nigsberg state thrt i t Russia has reduced her cus 7 „
tom tariff' considerably:- , ' ' ' =
The iduty on Cotton and' u4oleigoods is tilbw ,
reducetione-half... The:duty:on unchanged,,.
• and , 9n‘ltilien. raiMai I r --J. , 03, ...ill
Tha Govornment dscreid registration and
censorshipof the'press,ort . 'theFrenchinodel:::lt'
81SO offers lands in'Adtimelitt ands An'atshia to for-
elm emigrants bringing three lamdred
capital. ,„
Christian sOidierW ' were to berinarporated in
turiiish i r regiirientsr• r" a:
The steamer tlrapitrool:trought r. eighty-five
women. and • ..:twenty-eiglit‘ children,i,Circassians
and ,there ;was little, doubt but that they would he,
sold at ponstlyaiii k o,o4 authorities
pretended to seiii tlie"ShiP:OOnveying g the
tion ; hat prodf Wier
A letter fromthleheniet Bay; Gen. Banjya's Aid
de-Canip. says therlanding of the .expenition ,:ous
effected February,23d,,,at Taub, ,rhere the
quarters were Axed. , hroight with
`two hinidied'inen, 'for inetruetionin the different
since Of hailrlicePted supreme
Eland of the Circassian forces.. -The nobles : and
deputies had sworn
. obedience to him, and en ;
trusted ,
flak • 'B'e! would
take the field in 4'ol. • .‘
CtS. ,
-371, ~‘
• WEST ustairrimivtitsrty:L,Thit Board .of Tikuiteee
will meet on TUESDAY: Atrll• 28t4;: Tio'tilbek at:
the house of Hon. B. E. Rankle, in West Liberty. The sales,
tionoi a alts fci; the College Enildillie,ViNatidlon'ited:liy
theeitiiens;will'then be , inede ind , :a•tode of UAW for the
goviernmenthf submitted for Opptioii.
It is hoped ,theWever, nsemhnitxill, be prelont at this meet.
ug. , By order of the ExAmutlskt Cnnunittee.
- :• •:<••, •,•
Vet, A Friend tikMiidgir 113 ft:1171111%1g vs witlr Barklari.
proof Locks, to sell and' apply' :the entire avails to`the causes
of,ldlealoria: 2 'flick. gaiety ihas endurektlie - ecieriatieist
and we are allowed to sell them simply at ; tip doa. prioe-- 7
' toid.7o; !drill not
,:tha : pleads, of, 2diss lons givs
rPresbyterial ; 'Nc ea..
The I.IVESISYTERY p 110C4INCi,stands,adjortrned to
"meet at Reit I' l lynionth; Tireeday, ALT o'clock P. M.
ReeOrds of Sessions, and Statistical Iteports. - 4illlio called
,for. .7. H. PRATT, Stated Clerk.
stated meeting, Providenc e MailuoketEt,
mencing.Thesday, April-261,h, at 7 ceajoelt.S.M. •
J. PIIELPS Stated Oak.
The PRESBYTERY OF; BRIE will f zeeet,at Itlorcer, ett,the,
l'oprth Tuisiltiy, (284:0 of Atal;ait rh''ehieli T. M.
',! Eh J. M EATObI, 'Stated Clerk.
Tie PyiESBYTERP OP NMVp - I,lBBOti - Will'meet
First; Presbyterian" church of New Lisbon; on the Third
Tuesday of April, at l 2 o'clock M.
The - thiFehis - iffirliesen lid: heir geaslonal Reeorda.
2d, Statistical Reports.;, gd, Brief histories of eOngrega,
Lions, if not previously presented.
The PRESBYTEitY:Ote films/WEB SIVE'R. will hold its
next ettitedlneetinly at. Wyoming, on. MaesdnYi•the,2ilth.of
April, at 2 o'cloOW. P. M. nessional Records andStittlatiind.
Reports intuit be Piesented; • •,` •.
0.E.0.1t0n D. STEWART, ptated Clerk..
fie next stited meetirig on TiVeday,'2ist of April: AMU
lituneport; at n and•the.
Aeseemnent on the churohee for the Comudielopere Coze.!
tingent liOnd, which for this ` year bee been 41a:timed**
enty-five per cent., will be called for
ISAAC GRIER, aided Clerk.
ionatitzamr , 'OP PHILADELPHIA , siII
holdAta neittr anted: Oneeting iri t the First Presbyterian
church, in Eaattin, on tho third Tueiday 'OLitliif April, at
7 'o'clock P.' M' JACOB BllLVlLLE; . Statedlilerk.'
The PRElltinßY OrROOK. EV2E114411 bold its stated
Spitrig briboAPritabytirian.• church, at Andover,
Bleary County, Int Kneaday,, Apsll . 21st, 'kr o'clqck P. M.
Staidonal Recorde r and Armamentr for • Ctintinteitt FnOil;
will be calledifoi. 08: T. WlLOON,.Btatlact, Clerk.
PICESBYT . E . RYIOYigi)OLA)I:I I IBVItIii will 'clack at
. _. .
Mount Pleasant ; on the . Thlrd,Tuetatay of, April, at 11 o'clock
A. M. SessionalißeStatlatleal Itepo'its, and Congroaa•
tiobal fiettlenainti; istill he'ealled;for. :Members will come
prepared to pay the money anew* for the Commissioners'
Fund. JOEINAICiFFAT; btatenceterk. .
• -
the Thiro TuesdayAtha' 21:sit. I day)., of Apr . ll nert,.' as
Florence, Ps , at 2 o'clock P M. Sessiorini Recoids, Steals.
tical Reports, Tremurere'• Proof of Settlement, Reports
~ contributionto.theChurch,Boards, and ,preach
ing on miriieteriel siipport . ; and the Oeiimisiden'ireqind
Contingent Funds. will be called for. Pastors ,and See.
aiona are also notified to make out full repoitiVon the state
of religion in their churches, and send them to Rev. E.
C. Wineiii• 1:i. ; .D.; Washington Penns., Irs4 ,ieast .ten
days before the time above mentiOned. • '
• • • • : r ZDTAM. i.WOODiii Stated Clerk.
The PRIMBYTEXY OFIVOOSTER ittantli najourned, to
meet In Cenal Fulton, on Tuesday,. thel24 t orAmil, at 11
o'clock A. M J. W. HANNA', Stated Clorr.
p 1 1oto,: ~:tvpi, :. 1'
; . 1 4 . 1 lane, I . 4•;iv ~,.
.4 1 1tfi',•••
•At the residence of the bride's herAti Morgan County,
Ohio, January :Ist; by Re '.W: orriaGrtmea, 'Mr./Domes
S MURRAY to Mae ;Sweatt J.. s:. At IVlleon'a,.Hotel,
N. Ifeiner . War to Miss
Eur.searit MoDanum.. t...lKrt 141 it kat
By Rey. J. A. Brown, Mareh 26th. Mr. EIAIII7EL B. FAT, of
fichelleburg,Ta., - to iMes Jass,M,,Nzonworroas,
,of Ligonier
Valley. AirtflalaWLinte - Panuert to Mile Miiir!sreAs
za, both of ligorder Yalley, Pal vkprillth;Mr.;Wif.'s. BA!?..
of Leechburg, DLO* Mies Susan S. htiodar,.of Ligonier
Valley,'Pei • '' l . ' • • V.t‘ :. r.:y .c,
.., •
March 7th,l9th, by BAKTZ ttionbot.Mueek. Monty
Yates, Peoritc 4 ."... l ,°o7.4W,OffixZ Urn
:On Toe , day, April . 7th, by Asti
Robert F. Semple, Mr.
Jinns P. RI
ftABLA, of Kankakee; ate 1114llibe Vara J.
°saws,' of Bedford, pa. 't; tAt:i Jr:AM
On March 25th; at Tositersilbalty.M.o74.,P /freers, Mr.
ANDRETSWAAIII4.I., of Mi rof;_tosertes - AsnaMAwr Ammo,
of the same place; both of MMWCOnntyIYIJ n 01,1 i ,• •
By Rev. John T. Pett.leth: Mr: JoniElittinincrrrio .
Mies SOPHIA HILLIARD, all of Butler. County, Pa. March
19th, Mr. Wx. Contents to Miss Boset4 Couloir, the former
of Butler County, and *he latter of Venango Coitnty,ll44;',
On the 4th of April, in the,Presbyteiian'obircitakbeer
Creek, all., by ftey. Wrp. T . Adams, Mr.-Lewis W.
Miia.Maar 31. Clienza. • .
bittlat) •
, o• • .
Drgii.:-Osi April Bth e •af bie , resideneeloqi °m ir k,
Mr. JOHN WILSON, aged agent 45 years.
. . . - •
Dmo--At her residence,laßcomiu,sT4Fnehip,k4Omint
County, Pa., April Bth, of stiort,, bet gerereinness,ll,
wife of 'lsaiah tiagerman, at the age of. 87 ; yeare. ;
She was a 'membei of the Presbyteriancehurch Asparkil
of forty years..
Dtao_On'tha 16th of March,' of 'typhoid feeer,MnJeltitila
311oariow, of. Derry Township, ,? 1111, P, 1 Pa. f • after a
short illness of little more than a w
The deceased was is the meridian of 114; bit the invade
lble deetioyer eoon'dld hie work' reakkilthe brittle cord
of life. He leaves behind hinva wifeand two children, to
Imam his lose. He wea a member! of t this Presbyterian
minwoh of ; Little Valley, regular In attendance, exemplary
In his walk, and always a ready contrihutor to - the Interests
.of the cause of Christ. In this soleten'dlapensation may We
learn to pie'pai's to ineettoni , God.“ ; 'i •:* "• T. g;
DuD—On the 26th ult., Mr. OI
YRINN Sams, Of Derry Toirn
ship, Miffitn County , Pe liethe 87th year of his age, after
weeks of protracted sickaees. , ;
Deceased wag a member of the Prosbyfokail (Mani for'
more tban half a cenidy; aineilia the tiig esteem of all'
who kneW htia, and was admired for ocaultst envy of MOW lie.!
pirtment; Bs was subsequently abosanalder, and !rqtb Is
act A d ;
eel approbstSon. In hle Lan illnesshe wail patient, tnoogb
his sufferings were acute; and ho longed to see his Saviour,
in whose atonement be bad his fixed trust to the end of life.
Our church has sustained a great loss in his removal. JO
his actual life, ho was a generous contributor to our Preis
byteriatt cense, is her various schemes of benevolence; and
at death he bemieathed the sum of six hundred dollars to
advance the Redeemer's cause. Though the Church mili
tant has lost i n him one of her veteran chiefs, her loss, we
trust, is his unspeakable gain, as he unites with the Church
triumphant. " Mark the perfect man, and behold the up
right, for the end of that man is peace." T. P. S.
Ineo—Near Mt. Carmel, Franklin County, Ind., March
26th, in the 77th year of her age, Dma bisuspencn, relict
of Peter Xilispaugh, lately deceased.
The deceased was born in Orange County, N. T.; removed
inlB2o to the vicinity of Xt. ()etyma., Franklin County, Ind..
where she remained till death, having been a member of
the Presbyterian church of that place from its organization.
Though comfortably situated, and Cared 'Or by children and
grand-children around her, yet from the death 'of her hue.
hand; the often• expressed herself as but a stranger here,
'and waiting for are-union, When Godshallbe all in all, and
friends shall part no more. For some time before her death,
she had enjoyed good health, and on the night of her death,
retired to
f eet goodapirite, intending next to Visit a
neighbor; and though her bed - was' tinrethe dooi of the
roaui r wheivitheterid of the fandlislept, nothing was heard;
'through tbemight. But not leaving her ;pens at thousual
time, theyantered and found kter, asiniheattl„tud . paf
with her feet partly over thehedside. :She drawn the
cover aver ''her, and wait lying' withbah . 'head on tluit
her eyes defied, and from all aprieeirainsii hid Wajdred with
out a' ggle.' J.
-The still warm, she leemi. tq
have. 'died in, the actlorlisiFtg 1 . 0 iornottal timB. ll rio9gh, ;
painNl t 6 tAtebemivid, not 4eptittare,
yet their ooFiqr . :t l& ;Mether sleuth both sate and easy
5o W is ` eeSummermueloni away, • ' I - •
; 1 ' 3 "
4 eye iayi • , ; .1
Sordteis a,vrave idongthe 1,
DM4 I --(H)ii' the laitiArti4f;FebiitaiA Cumbiihih4 Gtifirnz ,
eei pcninty,lolo, , lklfas Miar t d. Moon s „ia.the,2othJearof
her age
I , She Mul,beeaht. the I'o comm ion of tiM'l4esbytetien
tihurCh 'for nearti four rani: months' of stamen,
that' tiiiiiose 'lathe time to her room aad bed,
prectided her death: . Her pasta often; reminded her ha he ;
"feebieneesiof the !et:4s or imit',......11#.1,11,14.0ne5..97 •--
e "They, Mon tier re who „onl7
Stand and wait"
She O??diire i d her feebleness and deeiine 'oath soltioarehing
Ahotghtfnhaemi, with ooicipatittiet and littl:Mt a Murmur!'
_She had her !Masons of; =Mona inquiry and fear in reladou
to horintereet imehtbit yet it aPP,Va:redtO he/ 0 ? most of Lb.
'time, her abiding eonyiatien ; pla Jesus larasyreoMue to her
pireugh lights,and oftEidociO wit,* experience . of
hopes and oho' traveled' on ' fbg feate" of death. , We
hwnbly "tine that'idok ptionOd throne!: to' die land of
unclouded and,eiernai day. , •
Drio—Con the lit Inet.rEitszemerirliping!tier , of Gloom
Sweiringen, F.ayette County, Pa.
The 'deceased,' fOisevereLyears, Maintained a verkconeist,
rut meinheishipAkthe:Prenhy:terion church ,of,Lenrei
llnusnai sweetness of irtotoral.,dispositiory, periaded 'by
corresponding ,nreasiire,Of the Spirit of hi* ktilter;invested:
' her character` 4vith peculiar interest.' dit449V early
narked heildits victim lauf, though *Oung i llisithnas
'her inn : toot of frequert, earnest thought. fA brief , respite:
from ,thei ,destrayer;. gaVAf faint hope of reef:Tory ;• yet the•
event proved, her diere seeped, all thewhil9, to he getter
ing fresh energy Akiiii4 l ii*nal,'fital attack. She elseps
Jesus, andiiot; for the LOrd.hatit taken her. J. S. •
Drenf—At her refideoce t in Harrison Ohio, on
28ifi'ok hiWit!nkirhialratiy,
in the bilthlesxer ber age. • 'J
Therdiwas a rare eombination virtues in the oleof!ased.,
The deTelopment °cites...vitt:nes endeared. her to aliwith
;whom she was connected. Tier, piece will net soon be lost
in the memory of "
theselowhonfsheinstained the relation
of neighbor, sister ,' Wife; or mother . ' , Mif f whit is , 'ince
? than all, her humble Christian defiertinentwill long'.be re
membered, by-the reentbers of the:itidge &gob, of which
`she was s member for nearly thirty years. We • r hUmbly ;
trust that she is now dwelling $n the ‘‘ lipase not made with
haide,OtertiailnilM healing."
Ihen--Niarch 16th, at his residence, in :Indian* County,
Pa:, 'far. 111611A.13 TilAvis, in the. 58th year of his age:
The parents of itaitiSted'te Western Petiusyli
vanity Misterzi Fait of the , State,' while heves
quite yeting, and settled in:the:hounds of 'the griehygrrlau
church of glade gun, ; Be• was peeved into full istrunnuion
of that church in his* year, ,and adorned his F0438E011
nntil his death. In May, 1841, lie was installed a g
Elder;ainiznia. the' fliee,':irhile - he Hied: to the eddication
of the'chilichi Re seents'nainrally to have iiissn'of segniet
end' retiring. „disposition, • aid bore the pains of: a lingering
disease with meekness and patience. ; The church. of Glade
Run, in his death,
, nalerns,the lossofnfaithftdrace-bearer,
the neighbfirbood.4kiad and oblikiig neighbor,l his wife auil
fivechildren, besides a largo circle of relattl; an irrenere:
ble lose. , But we believe our lots is his everlasting gain.
.Stimmer, Session of this Distitotion. will open, on
TUESDAY, May Bth, and las't hniisdayof Sep
tember, Without• any harvest vacation. Students whenre
MillITO will not be allowed a4sence during the terip, , excupt
upOn mitten:regains from'Parente guardbnia. • •'•• ' • •
TUITION FEES in Languages; $lO 00 per &beim ; ilf
Mathematics, Philosophy , Ac., $8 00;:;in ' H OU&
brinobei; lON 001 , -• .• • , i •J;
The Verna. Department. is , under the care of
STIRLING.' 'raw. 2i:Dozenimos;Tilikdoiy:- •
. • r
Ldm Over
this IpstitatiSity.and,im behalf. of, the Board', solicits for it'.
the continifed paribelOof the suirOunding country. The
seriless 'of Oreen, , i. 8.. a 'gentleman 'highly recom
mended by the .Itacultyaif Jefferson College; have, been se- •
The . ,Stanmee Session will conimence on'Tacsd'ay, April
21st, and continue for a term of twenty-one weeks.
Every exertimewill:be Made fo'r'the advanceMent <ol,tbe
malaand female, under our, charge, in orderinpe,
pure themeither for teaching entering advaiiced slasamf
at 'Colleges or Seminaries.' . • ' • r '!fftlf.i •
Terms, of .Tuition heretonre, Se 00, 8.00,,a,n010.00.per
terM;accoiding to atudies. Boarding 'may be Obtained in'
private families, miaow as at any other place, ,
.. • By order of the Board.
Cll lO . l O /in . YMELLY 0 acipattißs tr przat
mu subscriber, having onlarged.h ADA by - 64111E1'de
tidos of freak . goods,' would - respecifully Write the attendant of,
of, families and dealers to, his extensive , assortment, unsure
palsied by any other Of the Weise: My efforts
hav6 been &retied mathlY;t: theestablishment of a
And I' s halla endeavor at all tidies to 'fuinish such goods as
nay be reliedvipon, as of the first quality..including,besided
Orooliries,a general assortment of domestic utensils iu dig*
UBO in a; famdy. '.; • ; " ''' •• • •
Catalogues will befurniehed by mail, giving an extended
liiiE ocgbods.
.:For..:thay oonvesionco of customers residing at a.distanets
liciiTer,gooile st asiy.ot the Railroad or Omnibus staXiona 3
Emigualktataniltanal landings, free of. charge:. • • ••• •
••• JI•1,0: A. I,tISeISHAW,-
. • (Successor to Bailey k Renshaw,)
apl&tt.• • '. • ' • • 253•Liberty:8trask.i
:41*:: : '.i1(..ti,:.$'„,.$:1:$,..0: 1 1'1',:t§'.'‘."
'' jmi ci
' =The Summer Session of Dia Ineititution, which line
now entered upon Its thirteenth year, will oommsnea on the
The success which hie thus far attended the'efforts'of Its
Prinoipal,and her Assistant", to.promote a high standard of
NmiltiEdneatiOn, has beeti so flattering as to prOmpt to re.
mewed 'endea*ors to meet pitbllo expectation. The times deL.
wand a large memo's of effort on the part of those to wAom
itkintrtiated the mental tiaiiting 'of the 'youth of both sexed.
Ipiedietaity in no,departaxient edueittlott eIU nowlbe telacr
aced.. The fiat talent, and . them oat unckmlSted eimabiliky on
the arfotTeashiiis is deeeded; 'and - whoa% an ' lieu
falls In mooting oompotent Instructors,. la castpat,lattpaAr t
nor does it daerve.'suceeisa at a day "len tharoilitinelmjA
lAuhatlow haln/laptnitab.ll.
..The Princlpalef the "Olomelnstitnte", hampered neither
effort ner eipe ee in her endeavors tciroake the Institution
over which she presides„ worthy the patoinage of the
She 'bait ihe pleasure of asstiring the numerous friendsof
the Sonlatary, that she has been 'successful in securing,the
perryio of an Instructir, in both
which she flattev; herself; will be a great acquisition to the
The gentleman, Mr. J 111'..FIS GER; hi a pro
ficient, whose scientific:Atli has met with the hlghost;corn
meudation. From numerous test.monials, from the moat inhabit; sources, she * adds simply . •
, Butuuvonew, Ps, March 17th, 1E,57.
This is to certify'that Mr: John M. Heber taughehlusic on
the Piano and Guitar; also, Oltand Water ' , *olor-Paintinga,
An the '; Mountain F male Seminary" during one year, and
la an these branches gave greet eatisfectfon; and Pro Visa
, himeedf welt qualified Jo advance pupils rapidly as well-an
, thoroughly in these studies. -I take yleasnre in recommend
log him' to such Institutions as wish to employ a thorough
teacher in these branches.' 'ISRAEL W. WAittl,,
Principal of the Mountain Female Seminary..
'Board and Washing.: . .
PILO in Sleeping Ito me, .
.Atwoh.lluly will find her own light.
. .
Spam h, Italian, Latin, de., each Pesidon of . •
, 4yst months r; . . : , 51000
Oinamtditil Needlowork, Session of 'tire month's, 800
,51tisio 011 •: . • . . . . - 1800
„Music on Melodeon, . . • . . 16 00
'VAS of lcestrunietit, '. . . ' . . . '• ' • 400
• liketching; , drawing, water colored painting, . 10.00
,Monochromatic Piloting, . . . . . 500
• Oil Tairiting, 20,00
Vocal Mneie. ' . 4 og
,No reduction made for ieholtirs who leave befere the clove
of the Beesion, tanking by enemal arrangement on entering
school, or in me* of severe Linens.
. . . .
..Aocountw unsettled at the Moan of the Stselon will be
charged teciper cent. on the abore blips, and will invallsl4y
b• considered on interest. • ' '
'The Summer Session will open on the first Monday of
'mor.. Vacations during the months of October and April.
• An person sending three scholars far a Session of fly*
.months, and paying heard and tuition In advance. ,pall be
'entitled to a reduceion of five dollars on each scholar ; and
iatir ono• sending flee scholars, and paying the board and
tuition in advatc., shall be entitled to a reduction of eight
'dollar. ou This' will . affard different indirld
,,uals or ttio same neighborhood the,privilege, of uniting tp•
gather, and thereby reducing the expenses,
firdilische that' those Who avail thentielveri
cilia, will strictly,' comply; with the : terms, pm which ICU
made; otheriirise;theywlll tie Charged therejpihiz.oetiditite
...• .v• . 14Ad.!
~Catslogues, containing Course of Studies,
1101 1 ;jardeti td6l4 'that niiA whih
❑ l4friP. ; - ;iic i rf4t. 7l W °U tT ria° o l ,l,l
splint •
Or, Questions Answered in Scripture Language. By
Bee. Loyal Young. Just published and for sale by
HN s,p4visoN, 61 Market Street.
AOADIteIY.--The next Session of this InatitdUon
will commence on the 4th of May, and continue for five
PROF. B.4:UNA. Principal.
M'alliflElN, Teacher in Female Department.
M IPS DANA, Teacher of Muck, French, and Painting.
For farther information, address the Principal, or
. .
aplS.4t President of the ltoard.
1857.—]MIIRPIIY & BURCHFIELD, at North-East
turner of Fourth and Market Streets, Pittsburgh, Pa., an
nounce to their customers and buyers generally, that their
arrangements for the Spring and Summer business will en
able them to exhibit &large and choice assortment of
'ln all the departments of Fancy and Staple articles,
`Embroideries, Shawls, Scarfs, Basques and identifier,
Mastery and Gloves.
Their stock of • •
Is alma very complete. including superior French Cloths and
Cassimeres, Tweeds, Nankinetts, Bummer Cloths; du.. And
:always keep .on hand a stock of the beet make of •
SITIRTLNG 81TT91.11,18
and Pure Flax Bosom andlibirting Linens
New Goods receiving every, few !Isla..
(Successor to Bailey & Renshaw,)
.253 Liberty. Street,' .. •
Ras just received bill Spring atook,oteltolce Family Greour..,
Yes, Including '
160 ht chaste choice Grain and Black Teas;
60 bags prime /pO. to fee;.. $' 'loo*
• 25 do. 'do: Laguayia.uotteey •• 3
85 , matg do. j`Jall'a • " td06;•11, ;Sir
4 bales ' do. Mocha do.
20 01i:relit New lOrkllyrupl ;T' i
• 6 libds:iLoreringle steam 8rlIP 1 l,:1'5
12 do. ,prime . P.orto Ricoßogart,
.1 50 bbleliLoWeingle , donblerrefleid'Ougairr I
25. do: ,Baltimore soft do, do. 4. , L .
PlOkilui; Smirks, litita,
Mame , BiledliteefilkevAcc, wholessiesata retail. •
Ottialoguee ersteßdel,pst,of sib*.
Xllll7'' NOR IMMO' TraDUCILL-This Inatitfition, , baying:
lenik,ponnitht, : reorgemized on the Buropean, or University.
plan, Which, it laballeved; greatly enhance its adven;
lagescWilVre-opmefer the•roceptlon of pupils, on the 4th of
iMay l next. „. „ . :
As now organised; there'are eight of Letters, and •
flee of AC'compliitunebte; in ohargeof comigetant Professors„
; each his own fay tit ., artinent of
'study. • • t ' • • • . • !
The Buildings, erected, eta coot.of s4o, o9o; agefarnishadi,
with'irvetir comfort ind'concenienee necessary for the aim.
ltal, moral, and , physical education of young ladies.: •2. 1 ..
The attention of parents ie
invited, to OOP,
'systematic arrangiinents for the pkijrolcal ndiation of ou r
.pupils, espevially ;torthe Biding echo& connected,with• the .
.establistunent.• •
The. location', 'swhieh is near the village of 'Carmel, Put.'
tam, ountyi N. Yy , taaeceesiblo by the New,York and Hare
biro Railrow‘, hiring lees thin three hours' tide from tile
Ottir:Visiters Will , leave the' ears at "Breirsier's Stationp
, whisehthey will find Coaches wailing tooonyny them to the.
cliatlalare and Catalogues obtained, by addressing .• • ;
wilvirnirils !mai IL cents. 6m.r.zas,
. .
founds& in. 1840, and incorporated by theptdslatttreitti
• ' •, . • • • :;
BOARD-OP • : • •
The Extellency, tho , Hon. Jaur Buchanan,' President
of tlithlinited Stated. • " '• • • '
Ilon4adgie Wtlkine, , lion..Ohatlee-Naylor t .
Bon. Judge Hampton, . General J. H. Moorh ead,:
Don. Judge' 'Lowrie' ' • • C.
President of the Faculty- 7 ?4)1111!, author of the North.
American 'Acenniant.' ,
The' le Scully includes iive , ..Psolisimacf Book-keeping, and
from eight to ten uther,krohnergwatti Lectorim, including
one ettke'beet Penmen in
About 4,000, students , terie wimplete' d their Commereial,
educatkir in this institution, large numbers of them now
among 'die Most succeailfel Arkhhonored merchantsiti the
Pamphlet Clreolaii, , ;with spec 'tient; of our Paiiman's
writing. Milled freeito.ill 'Parts .of the country. ••• • :
Stuctonta have access to a library, of 3,000 yoliameS.
PUFF'S BiXHIBBBPINCi, Harper's new enisiged editioci
pp. in. Myainctavo.i Pries $1.50;. postage 21 cents. • •-
STEAMBOAT ; JIBUK-HkiiPlir G. Price $1.90
INS Rai! by PrincirglAPoWPrat • • :RPIB-tf
*J scoff zuLiasi. ancwsihroies::
:1.1 Wild bit POW)* about atArait
• . , • . • irie , • .
•TZ Z 0•07"7 O u r T.ll Z 311t0C•JE 8;.
• - , • BY
- -.v ', Eves murzss. •0 . . .• • -.
..,, with ono dinndfed and fifty-two Illutdrations.... •
IA which is prefixed Mamoriabi of - the 'Author, embracing
as antirentio and minute 'account of his deetthi with' •
12mo. Cloth, pp. 630. •
This work is to be issued simultaneously in Salthnd an Obis
country. Its publication in Xdinburgh, (and of course here)
bait fawn' postponed three times, 'oh account of 'the unex.'peetedly large orders for it in advance. By last adviewh .
nearly 8000 copies bad been ordered of the Min biargh 'pub.
'Ushers, • while the advance orders for UM Arneriaan•fidition
already exceed what we have ever had for ar :former publi
Crderdfirat received will be flret attende , .to. • •
Na imiltions of 'the follOiltig Workshy the came Author,
Oic'TbettorrEeiny Education. With a portrait of the
hal an original Ealbotype. 12m0.' Cloth, pp.
Or;vi i• ail' old Yid .'
add Mo t : cloth; :pp: 253 . . sl.'
• '
Or,iThe Astarolaiiis ot, Btronineom. ;With numitrollailltW
.tkationo and a !demob. of the Author, by Pita:INTL/pia
12nice.' Cloth, pp. 855: $l. •'• • • '• ;;
Of England and Its;People. Wittia portrait; engraved fenln
' 4 " nr'111.51 " :;11?11-1°. ' Pi le l attri lAboiLl•C
"10)28; • .• : 69 Waihington Straps; mistqu.
4 6 H : .: 1 :1,... 5 :
_ It OF
B o
.! • or; Year'Bdokof Biotein Sciendo sod Art
irOft,l.Bfa. •.; ,
iihibiting the moat' treportarit Discoveries and ImPrir 7 '
•inentsin• Mechanics; Useful Arts, Natural ;Philbsopby,
lehemlstry,, Astronomy,. Meteorology, Zoology, Botany,
Igiocillogy; Geology, Geography, Antiquities,' eiMi• to. ,
gellissg• with List of...recent Scientific Publiestions . salsas
'Wed Lid of Paten . . to, Obßriorbia orEminent Soleatifid
Alliiiiii•Notee.dn title Rrifigireal if Science during %Nil
. . 181144 ." 1 " BY ixi4ii/f..ii , BLLli; A. M. • "
- • . 'Math. $1.26.• . • , .4 •
With a portrait of Jeffries Wyman, M. D., Professor. 49.11 1 .
•• • ' Bar*iiiirUniTirsity,. from a.PhotOgrapb'.
i..Thre .is. the •eighth volume. of an' nnual which lasokbomi
received by the pubUe,wEh steadily . increasing favor. , Gain:
Menced'originallyita an experiment, it lias , been ointinued
from year •tO•year,• because the more its character and value
have beelime known, 'the greater hie been thv . demand !hi
its - coritiOruince. The increasing demsvid'for it in England
has been noises steady tbin in this country.Of, the hot
voliime; 'the' sale win greater within the sanie time
that of any.previoaa voimie; and; on the other hard, an
acquaintance with each new volume has excited a desire to
miseess the' whole' series. • Taken togettier,' they present a
completeaurvey bf time latest discoveries and improvements
in Ecience and the Arts. : , •
A'complete set of the railnieSitusitormly boond,Twiil
be sent brawn, free of postage, to any paiwozi,,lo op) part
or tea' United Statit, remitting $ 10; 'and any of the
series will be sent in the same manner, tbr51.26...
69 Washington Stieet, Boston.
dry eruptions Ise anneytniVtiVnianY aged Persons, asi
weilm bolls, ring-worm, maid heed, feverson,r, bruises; and
zlein tit . Lnflaminatlon, whether the:result of acaldent
of of:dimes.; heal' rapidly. wider the.: appliention 'of WI
Ointment... •. t ,
Bold it thif taanufactoslea, No'. 80 Blildezaine, No* Tort,
and,N0.444 . Strand, 4anadon,..guid : by atl dragedpita,' at Ale;
62%c., and 11 per pot.
' aplB-11
.1162 - 1 7,11, 11 , Akir: tat, re Ajiir FLORIDA
jet WATitit li.ttie ladlepernable riniutelti, of the Span
ith tolletrinSouth Amerfca"; is atipersedirig herb,- ai it has
done there,,very other : perfume andeleam.tlo. Diluted with
water; it 'gives ealiken aoiootletiese to toe skin, removing
6hatni, roughnese ' arid7pl4loe, while its aroma is Auer than
that ,of the most fr_ graut exotics in the conservatories.
' Sold by D. T:Lanman Co,:witilesala druggists, 60 Water
Street,, New. York,: and by all dinette, at 50c. per bottle.
_ . .
MAGNEELItyIii BELL. Fou..Npoor.,
We notice that the.hieaars. hieneely have their furnace
in , full blitat again, and we are pleased to know thet they
are daily receiving orders for their celebrated , Rells,'fivire
different parts of the Union., ,
,Among three ordered within a went is one weighing
2,600. pounds for New. Bedford, Mass.; another of .rhe
seine weight for Gelderland Centre, one of 2,000 pounds
for Coikorkl, N. 1r; oneof 8,000 pounds for the city of
Mobile one of. 1,600 pounds for, Beloit, Wie., , one
0f 4 . 1,200 pounds for Fort Des Moines, lowa, de., 4. They
Ire• also furnishing ' bells for' the 'Oorernment,'M' be
used on• board ,Light Ships, in foggy weather, to, 1 1 / 1 121R
Meiners not 'to approwili ' too near the 'oodet,lrest 2Yoy
Adtmatfe.• . Jy26-1.-v-sowl,
vainiassieTioniAN ,, BoollC ROOMS.—TH
. pepository 18 lIONY' well furnished, with all tho Publics
tioni of thirPresbytaisilloard of Public-titan, and
•wtth those that are suitable forBabliath'Sool Libreria°.
There is also a good supply of „nearly 400 additional volumes,
selected : witli special care, from-the numerous publications
of the Massachusetts B. B. Society, an:. Itanterioan 8. B.
. $50.00
. . 5 00
• *75
• •Orders from any part of the country will be promptly at
tended to by addressing the subscriber. Money may be scut
by milt at our ' '
Also, s good supply of stationery. • •
novl7 . %JAMBS A. IRWIN, I.lArnese
r ,
An•elegent Gift for a 'Father to present to hie Fatally.
...p s eud for, one copy r ead try It among,your friends. r. .
WANTED--Agents . to circulate SEARS' LARGE TYPB
QUARTO BIRLIt, for Fitailly use, entitled, . .
'This usefril Book la' destined, if we can form Jsip opinion
tlkom the notices of. the press; to have an unpreCedented eh ,
oulptlon I celery section of our wide-spr ad continept,,and to
[ ''form's diritiret ern in the sale of our works.' It will, no
doubt, in a fewyears, become THE FAMILY DIRIAD OF
• remit 'liberal remuneration will be'stllcaisd'id
Ogre whci may be pleased to procure attjaseribers to the above.
From fifty to one bundred copies ma y Asesilly be citeislated
lend told in each of the tprincipel"cittiest.and .towns of the
••• "Applicaticie ebintld be made at once, jig the field will be
' nocin,ocoupied: , •
Penton' wishing to act as A gents , and qo a safe business,
NOM sendfor sispecitnen copy. • . , „
__"oo.recelpt of. the .establishedprlpe, U sars, the ETC
'AORTAL PAMILYEIBLE, Witt% a well bound BilbsdriPtib
6lkitilt;mlll be anifbilybonetVend ibrweirded par serest: at
ear, risk and expeilsesl9 and central *Moe Till/we in the
"Ignited ' States; btreeliti g' thole' bf 'Caillibruia; 'Previa, d
/Vim. Is . :sic !,. ••• ~;;•,1 7 ;
orders reseestfully . solicited. For Anther Patti:nisilh ad•
Atitees tbilogiorlbrr,liptiliqpitd;y , • ,
.mtiNtrski P-4.• Arnzr.r,
apt. • tl tt• 181 Mein ilia, die Yrk.
!;.7:~ i
rte .~;
other m•ttere
The BANSZE 18 pllbilBhed weekly, In the sines pt Pltte)
burgh and Philadelphia, and Is adapted to general eircuLatior
in the Presbyterian Church.
IN CLUBS of twenty, and upwards,
DELIVERED in either of the cities,
For eight lines, or lees, one insertion 60 cents; each sub ,
Sequent Insertion, 25 cents. Each additional line, beyond
eight, 8 cents for every insertion.
For eight lines, three months, $B.oO. Each additional tine
26 cents. .
- • . .
For eight line, One Year, 410.00. Each additional line Si.
CARDS of two lines, $6 a year, and $1 for each addl.
tional line.
Rustasee Napes& of ten lines.or leas t One Dollar. Each
additional line, 6 cent' •
4il- Communications recommendatory of Inventions, Me
dlcal Practice, Schools, &c. &c., being deelgned for the pecu
nary benefit of Individuals, should be paid far es Bustnees
Notices. ,
IRSKIT by mail, where no good • iportuulty b otherwise • '
at hard Drafts or notes of the larger denominations' are •
lieeferaile, where they can be conveniently obtained:
,llMMoirrrions taken by Rev. B. Gutteau, 7.3 West Payett• '
Street, Baltimore. J. D. 'Williams, Esq., and Jas. A. Irwin
Req., Presbyterian rooms, No. 46 Bt. Clair Street, Pitts.
burgh. J. B. Copes; M. D., New Orleans. • •
Pstrrons sending ne twenty subscribers and upwards
will be thereby entitled to a paper without charge.
N.B. When Presbyterian families are very much diapered,
) boy maybe accommodated at the Club price, even though •
ew of the twenty be wanting. Letell be supplied, if poled
i dle. The Pooa we shall favor, to our utmostability. Let tka!
!Wupply be , Lats. but paper paid for.
y Fors Twd Dollars paid, we will send nuMbersr
Tor . One Dollar, Thirty-three,numhers. This is for the mike of • ;
r sasy remittance.
*.*lr credit's extended (we wishitmay not be needful to • • '!"
:give eredlt) the Oosorriew le . Two• Dollars, after the third
month., and Two Dollars and Fifty cents, at the end of the
year. ' The• o . ere but customary, prices for other papers.
, If Pastors, id making up clubs, find some persons not
ready to pay, at once, they may yet send on the names, at the
Club price, on their own responsibility to pay us shortly. It
Is desirable that clubs date their subscription periods at the
same time. DAVID lde ;.tiINEY, Proprietor.
- -1886.—The'llammer Pension of this Institution open.
lon the .Ist,.of May next. The. last Catalogue numbers
160 Students, from ten States of the Union. The Course of
"Inetruction is full and thorough; both as to preparation for,
business and for College. Students have been entered by
'the Principal at Yale, Princeton, Dickinson, Lafayette, Jet
• tenon, Maahlogton, and Delaware Colleges. Location in the
country: sally of access, healthful, free frau temptations, and
to the midst of beautiful scenery. The moral and religion'',
'lnfluences in and around the Institution are all the most
'anxious Parent's ern desire. For Catalogues, containing full
information, apply at this office, or to
• SFIUMII{P.R., A. M., Principal,
AeademisiJnahatts County, Pa.
lEgrawr Busaion rubs vvireoL l :_
The :next Session of this Boarding &hoed for both sexes,
61)1111013Gli on MONDAY, April 13th:- • ." -
The Boarding4l.ouse is new—conveniently arranged and
'tarnished; and the Boarding department is in the charge or
Iftr.mnd hirs.'Garrett, whose character is too well known to
need commendation.
The Rev. W. W. HOWARD, a• thorough class car scholar,
and an experienced and successful teacher, has aecepted the
charge of the Adademic d.partment. He will be assisted
by competent leachers; and parents may feel smeared
that, every proper attention will be paid to the religions,
mental, and personal:welfare of their children. The scholars
will attend church with the Principal, unless otherwise di
rected by the parents.
The terms for. Instruction, Board, and Washing, are
$132.50 . pee Session of five months, without any eztras, save
for Music. Drawing. and French.
Prespectusee, with full details of the Course of Instruc
tion, Discipline, die., may be obtained from the Principal, or
'from the • REV. JOS. STEVENS,
mh7-St Prea. of Board of Directors.
, —PRO v. R. CURRY, A. SI., Principal—The summer
,hession'of this Institution wUI open on the FIRST MON
-O,F MAY. ' . .
Young Ladles wishing to obtain a refined, liberal, and
'practical education, where they can enjoy alt the comforts
and conveniences of a pleasant home, in a place proverbial
fords beauty and healthfulness, will fn this Institution
'find every facility. . They ladies ; employed to impart instruc
tion in the creparatorY ; Advanced, blush:al, and Ornamental
Departinents;.ste all prefessional teachers; and the Wane
of instruction pursued is calculated, not merely to present
an arraybf facts, and store the mind-with useful knowledge,
but also ta unfold and develop its latent principles and
powers, and teach the pupils how to analyte, and think, and
' reason-for themaelvec •• • •
• The Seminary buildings are large, commodious. and well
rentfiated. , The younq ladle/3' rooms are all well furnished;
and teachers and pupils hoard-in the Seminary, with the
family of the rrinctpal. 'Por further particulars, sec Cata
logue, or address the• Principal. •. , a;s4-;tt*
Principal and Proprietor, aided by six thoroughly qualified
and experienced teachers.
The Stunner Session of this well-known Institution will
COMMODOO on MONDAY. the.4th of May. The situation is
one of 'the:milt delightful and 'healthful any where to be
found. On the, bank of. the beautiful Ohio River, and near
the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad, it Is easy of access,
either by steamboat or cars. Being entirely in the country,
away from the temptations of town and city, with ample
grounds, and' Shady retreats, it is most favorably situated,
both for. exercise and study. The young ladies •have the
benefit of horseback exercise, free of charge. The Principal,
being himself a Physician, will give epeeist attention to the
health of his pupils, free of charge. The Institution is far-
Mined with a good set' of Philosophical and Chemical ap
paratus; and in addition to the usual instruction,* course
of 'Lecture" and experiments will be given by Professor
Rtetbon. While due attention will be pail to the:mental .
and physical training, spezial care will be given to the
moral and religions instruction of the pupils. We wish to
educate, riot only for time, but for eternity.____ •
Circulars may be bad by applying to 7. H MELLOR,
MOOORD a CO., T. H. NEVIN k CO., -Pittsburgh; or
to the Principal, at Sesdekley. .
. A K
A. Proprietor and Principal. J. A. REED, A. 8.,
: ofesiOr of the Latin and Greek Languages. J. ALFRED
ERADBOIC D., Lecturer on Anatomy and Hygiene. Rey.
W. B.SIOARISON, Lecturer on „Evidences of Christianity.
dielitent in English Deparlinent, and Teacher in Prepare,
tory Department. , ,„
The next &moron of ills Initlintiosi Viii open the FIRST
Peculiar inducements are held out ky this Institution to
y - fiting men dashing 'an education': The Board of liiertrne
tors is composed of gentlemen of high literary attalrunents,
and skilled in their profession.
The location is quiet, secluded, and healthy. Situated
among the, mountains, it enjoys the pare mountain air.
There has never a single Case of ague originated here; and
those subject to it could not find a better location.
The Course of Instruction is such as Is best calculated to
Mimmejoung men for bissiness, for teaching, and for taking
ehrgh stand, in College.
Norma Class is formed for those desiring to become
bachersile which practical instruction will be given in the
art of t eaching . hearing recitations, and the proper mode of
mimaglag and conducting a school.
' The &urea of study in this department is inch as to give
thorough Instruction. in, Single and Double Entry Book
keeping, Mercantile Calcuations, Penmanship, &c.
The time 'oecupied to'flnish the Course will vary from dye
to ten, weeks, depending upon the student's own diligence.
Stialentii can take up this branch 'of study, either in con
nexion :with other studies, or devote to it their whom time.
Shade Gap is situated on the mail route between Mt.
Unkin. Station; on the Pemisylienla Railroad, and Chain
hersbnrg. from which places there is a regular line of stages.
TEEMS.Por Session of fire months, $52.50. Washing
and light, extra. TnitioA*l4 Double Entry Rook-keeping.
full Course, time not limited, $20.00. In Single Entry, full
(lonise, time unlinilted;l9l.oo. Students in Academic de
partment.etudying BoA-keeping, are only charged half the
above prices.
Payment. half In advance; balance at the middle of the
'A deduction of ten dollars mado for ministers' 5.
For Catalogues, containing full particulars, address
W. H. WOODS, Shade Oap,
mh2l-4 , Huntingdon Oomaty, Pa
Session of this old and wellestablished
school, will commence on the trot Monday of May, and con-
Urine twentrone weeks. The services of experienced and
successful teachers bate been secured. Mr. 6. M.Spargrove,
of Allegheny Theological Seminary, takes charge of the
Male Deparkm en t; and Mr. G. McDonald, of the Female Dr
pertinent: No pains will be spared to give a thorough
MathematicaL Clamdcal, and English Education Will pupils
entrusted to their care. Board can be hail in private Semi
lies, at reduced rates.
For further particulars, address
West Alexander, Pa.
ACADItMIA, Juniata County, Pa.—Ttda Institution
has thole advantages and attractions4hat pertain to a thor
ough alibi comprehensive systinn of education, conducted by
experionced mid skillful teachers. sad a location in • very
healthful region. away from towns and villages, and in the
'midst of charming' scenery, Expenses, $l2O per annum;
with music, $l5O. Tho Summer Session will commence
41CADEMI.—The Summer Term of this Institution
win opesVitulltialaat Wednesdey of April. For particulars,
addresp the Prtedpal, nt Men Motown, yayetto County Pa.
" ' S. B. Busitcib..
LAMP at present a student ()tit'', Western Theologi
cal Seminary, who has had three years' upon/nee in teach.
in g, - tinairos a situation, as Asaistant or Principal, in a Pub
lic Belton, a High school, or an Academy. Address
"TEACHER," Box 507,
Allegheny City, Pa.
►FLOWER SEEM; of every valuable variety for the
,Farmer. Gardsner ' and Dairyman, wholesale and reta il , at
the Seed Warehouse, No. 47 Firth Street.
tx ap1.1.2t . JAMES WARDROP.
efinFlES -- " • SE • SUGAR. CAN/Es-017R STOCK OF
.the pure seect . of this new and valuable plant is ready
for distribution. Circulars containing all the requisite in
formation-fin the ottitivAtion and tnanufactOring of sugar
sTruP. sod. outing the fodder. The seed Is put up In
Papers, or by the pound, at the Seed Store, No. 4 7 - *nth St.
ttapll2t . JAMES WA/Witt:lP.
j2i • WO of the Lawtonow New Rochelle, for see br
0p3.172t .DAMNS weal:m.43P.
10,000 strawberry Waste, of the moat spores/al varier
tios. • . T ralal 4 43 • JASIIB WARDROP.
100 tux. °ilk'," Purple °bill, for seed.
ipll.2t JAmE.s welitißOP,
/13.41. .°.7.441.:1A):1•'
Alamo! .
G l lA.A3 za , : ::::l awg .l7 4 lsa ili bo‘,
• ) tr •
) aOOO zrinciil it' Orange, at $lll.OO
101110 Hudata! River Antwerp, at it55,,00 100..
$l,O per y^ t,
1.2 r, 4.6
.1.76 "
E. FIINDEI, Principal.