Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, November 18, 1873, Image 3

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YrP ; ti l ''lll l
n Pa
su a if it shall . turn out tlfat, the rights of
e l American , eitivrtt hsve :: ,bianjahiptgefi
by the officer's - it 'bandage . , 'that; - odors
most be duly punlibed; -- -,'''. ',- -t-: 'll-Vv:! . .:' ,
That the present Government' of SPain
will be willing to aillbai - jetiticeMay re
quire to make emends for , these, outrages is
probable. ' SPain ii tordtryi frictiOn atherne;
bet new Government is engage ( /' in a grog.
gle for existence, and else isle' on condition'
tS brave the iii-t iIF of , thia - country, 13e,
sides this, it is no doubt txue : that. her pres
eut rulers are naturally inClinedte deal just
ty by us, and so secure our frientiihip:'. But
we doubt the power of those rulein' to en- .
MVO their order% in Cuba. , .The true_Tae. .
Ut9 •
Cif Cuba tiPatty are the Spanish volun
teers. the rule . of The 'home Government
in that island has long been - reduced to the
merest shadow -of _rintbiority. - ,- .' , ~.., :` -
This being the case; .it will probably -
impossible for Spain tb punish the offenders
in this affair, andlit may becothe :I:fence - lE6y
for our Government to, avenge - the
,4rsult to
our flag and the injuries inflicted upon those,
under our protection by. resort 'to - force:in'
d i ba, We judge that there will be no war
with Spain, but, that there may, bi,, some"
very lively fighting at Santiago.; ' Mt . 'ever'
this will not occur until Congress has 'met
.and taken action in the matter; for our laws
prohibit the President from' entering upon
any war without the sanction of - that body.'
Within two weeks Congre s will be in ses
afoo t and
-then the policy ' be adapted . by
opr Government will be fu ly developed.
That the attitude of our authorities will .
worthy of a great and powerful n nation, bl
d will be promptly and effectually carried
out, there can be no &Mut. - What that stet
mdecWill be is foreshadoWed by the active
Am 4'! preparation -at all our navy yardo.- 7 .
The, act that si'ven hundred men were kept
et wink last Sunday at they League Island
Da vy yard in preparing 'our monitors for
s cdie service gives some idea of the feel
lugi,of our authorities On this subject. We
believe that no measures of retaliation can
po too prompt or too vigorous to command
be hearty indorsement of.-the whole coun
Gold closed in New York on Saturday at
A dispatch from Pottsville, P. says that
J a mes Brown has been found guilty_of mur
der in the first degree for - killing Mrs. Ora ,
wil.o attempted to murder his wife
stElizabeth, N. J. on. Wednesday night,
ailed from Philadelphia for Liverpool' in
the steamer Pennsylvania on Friday.
A dispatch from Washington on Saturday
to the New,'York Evening Pose siva that the
&tier: of the Chief Justiceship is regarded
as virtually settled in favor of Senator Conk-
Srnall pox, to an alarming extent, prevails
in Bin Janeiro, and business is consequently
us complete stand-still. •
A korNier's inquest into the death of Mi
chel Doherty, in Woburn, Mass., .has re
sulted iri the holding of _Michael Doherty, a
an of ' L ille deceased, and his wife on the
charge of murder.
Settlers on the island of Anioosti, Cana
da, aro represented to be in a 'starving con
dition, and a Dominion government steamer
baleen dispatched with large- supplies of
proci;ions for their relief. •
A Chnastota, N. Y., dispatch says that
Win. Stone. concoetor of the plot to burn
that place, k a lawyer of more than ordina
ry ability, but has of late borne a bad repu
tation. Woodford, who was caught firing
the Parker House, was ton years ago one of
the most promising young men of the place,
residing in one of the finest residences. The
plot was one of the most fiendish ever brought
to light, and the authorities experienced
great difficulty in preventing the conspira
tors from being lynched by the excited pop
Adrices from St. Thomas to the sth inst.
tare been received. News had reached that
lead that Gen. Luperon, who, retired from
the leadership of the revolutionary, forces in
San Domingo two months ago, has been re
. tilled by the insurgent chiefs, and will re
alize his old command: It Is supposed - that
under his leadership the reVolutionista will
nuke a supreme effort and either- triumph
or be annihilated.
Sumner is rapidly regaining his wont
ed health ; but it is believed it will be many
years before he will again consider himself
strong enough even to assist in the burial of
the Republican party.
For the fist day since .the 2d of Septem
ber there was not a single dentb.from yellow
bier at Memphis last Wedne.pday.
A. dispatch from California, Missouri,
nyk that Henry Rae shot and killed Miss
nollie Wallin°, near Bellaire, Cooper Coun
ty, end then blew his own brains out. Bee
and Ries Wallin° were engage& but her
plants iefused their consent, whereupon
Bee attempted suicide, but was prevented.
Felt day he went to the residence of the la
and committed the deed above stated.—
&loft a note saying he could mot live with
.rot the girl, and resolved to kill her and
hiuneif, so that they might be together in
th next world.
The fifty-fifth annual meeting of the Gen
esi 3lissioriary Committee of the M. E.
rhombi was held last Wednesday. There
sere present Bishop. Janes, (presiding)
finipeon_,_ Scott, Bowman,, Ames, Merrill,
Noy, ilaven, Andrews and Peck. There
to aiso a full attendance fr&m the mission
Cutlets, The meeting opened with devo
tional exercises, after which the• treasurer's
report for the past year was read Showing
hat the receipts during thaE period /were
P 8 7 1233 49, and thaexpenditures $725,169 69,
having a balance of $42,063 80 which amount
will be entirely absorbed by, the outstanding
litters of credit to the foreign missionaries.
A dispatch from Victoria, Vancouver's
Island, says the steamer California has ar=
tired there from Sitka, with news of a recent
dlicovery Of new mines in Cession county.
he brought doriii• twelve miners who have
$16,000 in gold dust: The news , causes the
roatest x excitament.• - One party took out
1197 in geld dust in eight hours with a little
rocker. The miners who tame down oh th
California', ;intended to return to th
early in the wring.
The widow of the late Capta"
the Tigress al the Brooklyn lc
°lasi i if possible_ any relic/
voyage. mrs.__Hall_34. l 3l,
when shpwn ti
all visited
!wry Yard to
of the Arctic
greatly affected
e prayer book of hor bus-
judge J. 0. Underwood, of the' United
States - Districthurt, was assaulted at Rich
mond, last Tuday, by W. N. MCVeigh,
the former own rof tho property in Alex
andria, Va. which was purchased by Judge
Underwood under the-conflscation act.
A boiler exploded last_ Tuesday,'. at the
corner of Fourth Avenue and 128th street,
New York, used by Coyne,& - Beenier, con.
tractors on. the Fourth Avenue improve
ments,. Seven persons were instantly killed
and Beyeral wounded.. All the killed had
either the whole or a portion of their heads
blown off.l
The stetim=hip Atlas, which sailed from
llo'ton last Tuesday for Liverpool, had two
lundred and thirty', steerage passengers, a
proportion of whom were operatives
and 4rtizans, - who are returning 'to- the old
world for lack of employnient hero.. Some
forty factory operatives came 'on l'om Fall
River to embark in the Atlas.
Col. Shepard, United: S tea demist nt
TokohTioraiwas - nvitesenger v the steamer
Japan, which arrived at San rancisco - on
Wedhesday. He cotnes on lenv of .absence
for six months,
The New York Assembly sten s seventy
tow Republicans (including one who was
elected independently but will ac With us)•
and fifty-four Democrats.. The epublioan
majority on joint ballot will be from twenty--
two upward.
Both parties in Lycoming county, are in'
nor of the adoption of the new constitu
and the chairmen- of the Republican
IQ Democratic Executive Committees have
united in a'call for a meeting for its-indorse
The twelfth juror in the Tweed case was
°ltaleed last Thursday, - fternoon, and-the
we was opened by litr. Peckham for the,
Vice President Wilson expects to occupy
old quarters at the Washington -House,
the National Capital, in a few days. _
It is proposed to have the editors of the
toiletry meet at' SB Louis some time this
total' to organize the National Press ABSO•
The Albany ,journal of last- Thursdayitf
tezileon claims the election of Hopliins, - Re-
P4llesn, for Comptroller, by-bet*een four
tad five thousand mejority, and of Platt,
;publican, for State Prison 'lnspector by
.1 1 irlY the same major*. The Argus of the
city nlsq admits the election of Hop
twil/Irriali 4,647 majority.- The same paper
at 6,176 majority for Willers, Dens
tete. t j ! for Secretary of State.
..tt rumored that' George Hai
rills, now a member of Parliamentrfor Ox.-
„VIA city, will be appointed Solicitor 'General
Treat Britain.
-e Yellow fever hafbreken out - again at
aeintrA ge
81x deaths are . ,reitofttd
4 410 4 , ..11 also the doith 4.11v45;
: •s•
Ata iMblic meeting in'tondoralsat Thure::
- daY night, of which ; Edward:4lW', was eitair
an;,Ofirrele •Williatas;v/ bo . reeently, return
front ,AMerie:l4 .`•noodont,V: • Vs.`
Xlif4riiried' , _"•the.:riblinitar't , 46ljoinui
systiloin",latid`•esneeisdly commencledlhe • pOkt;
`He schools •theiTnned States.
A Paiseritfir train on.-thb ;Louisville ' Bsi'i~;•
road was thrown from the track: twen ty west of Memphis last : edneeditY, some mis
creant having tied. anilionfbar _across ; the'
Tlio ellenei'telfaefi'l4gagO'csie;,iind
one passenger ear. ere• - denionshed,,, .:,Agnes
bad, who okh - tist arrived:froni-Ane,t
hind, 'ivits fatalipinjured, ';.
in the -1 07gtver,.0yer, ,- and -
New Yorklettliursday, four little boysi . ef,
-from - t6ll:4lo4welve y ears ,Of 'age, were 41'4,
maigned.:fOlholOint 'homielde of a Private , '
watchman, They, came to the bar laughing.
and eVidentlioniMpressel•With, the'grailty
of the 'Charge of matislaughter, - ;nnd,tbeir
counsel,t)leaded: not
District Attorney Fisher,..in his report as
to the 1)4=14- of, the steamer WawaSset last
summer,, says there : is not siiflicirinf eVidenee
of inisconduct:or inattention - --tedutY to con
vict any, officer or:employe of.the - crime of
manslaughter, and - he will not •institute any
criminal proceedings. - 'As it is clear from the
evidence that -the captain ' , mate and elle
neer violated the - law by notcbeing-liccinsed, ,
he will;:-=unless - instructed - other Wise, bring
suits to recover - the amount of; the , penalty, a
forfejtura.nf 'One' hundria dollars in each .
antelligeneelas been received - .lfi'LeindOh
that 4 famine' prevails in Greenland i caused
4V n failiire of 'tho.fisheries. •• In :one village
alone, one - hundred: encl.:fifty persons were
starved to deatb,.'- - - -
The death of General -Flallerriam is fin.
nouneed : , fts,haidng occurred it 'his boine in
Locust Grove, - town or - Leyden, Lewis coun
ty, N. Y., on Tuesday. • ellen. Merriam w as
one of the pioneers'in 'the • stage business in
Central New York- •
Mr. Bischoffsheire',' the eminent Paris
banker, died hi..that pity ; last Friday. •••
- The German government - Infs'nfade a Ali. -
ther payment of $8,000,000 for bonds of the
United States funded loan.. •1 •
Ju4ge , A. 'O. Miiler; " - of -the trnited Statei
District Court . ' of,Wisconain. - .has tendered,
his resignation. • •• =
• :103CAti.:NOTICES:,
TANNER WA.NTED. Apply to_ J 'o9 Erlt
BisnoLLE,.Wellaboro, Pa, L Nov. 18-2t*
We will pay cash - fef freali tub . inct Mail
liutter. J: 0.. & A. M. BiziaraTT.
go.4ingtoe,.Pe„ .Ney.:4,1878-at. •
Gen. LOuiti Wagner, of Fhiladellibia, will
lecture in title village on -Friday- evening,
Nev. 21. f" For particultiraste bUIB,
- The Ladies Aid' Society - of- - St. Paul's
church will meet next Thursday afternoon
At the rooms of Mr. Thomas it, Dryden, at
Toad's boarding house." '"
All persons indebted . to John ilschler and
requested to call, and settle immediately.l .- - .;: ,
joux Pisani:Eß.
Wellshoro, Nov.ll', ist - s-st. •'• ":
. 411 those 'wishing to take thiC. - 7noral
Yorker - . or Amp:lean Agricl4tur,iq ,v?iP
have a ehanoe to get the . re ot. clot> rates by
,their names with a H. BeleherA
Co. , , .
IMPORTANT NOTICE.—On account ' of great
loss'at the late fire all persons indebted . to H.
H.:IIA.STINOS are requested to call and 'set
tle immediately. Office at S. B. Warriner's
Jewelry Store. E. H. laliPrittos.
Wellsboro, Nov. 4, 1878-U. -
RAXI.TI.O4.D NOTICE.-The aunscriners to
the right of way fund are notified that the
balance of their ,subscriptions must be paid
on or before the Ist of January next. Pay
ment to be made to J. N. Baebe, - Esq., or in
his absence to the First .Nati nal Bank:
Nov. 18, 1878-St.
THOMAS HARDEN at "The Headquarters"
offers his entire stock or merchandise at
prices far below any''-ever offered in this
plaCe. He wants "to clean out", all his old
stock to make room fora new one: He leaves
town to-day for New York to make pur
chases at the Great Special Sale of IT. B.
Clatlin 3c Co„ and will 1111 up with the.larg
est, best and cheapest stock of goods -ever
brought to this place. Be on the, lookout
for the new stook.
Palm Pfacus.—Go to GEo;liyioxisn's
Cloths and Gentlemen's Purnishhig. Goods
'ever brought to Welisborh. flavjogjust re
turned frornNew York, my stoc4 is com•
plete. I buy for cash and sell' At bottom
&ices. Suite - made to4irder on short notice
and warranted in every respect as represent
ed. Please call and look my stools over be
, - fore purchasing elsewhere.
' 4,Welleboro, Nov. 11-4 w.
eke Aeitator.
Dome ' Affairs.
Mew \idverpfstmehts this . week.
' -
Eiltray taken up—O. E. Gee.
Geo. P. Bowel" it Cips
List pf Lettore—G. W. Merrick, P. M.
--Some snow
—Court begins next Monday.
—Blossburg has a circulating library.
—A revival is in progresSiu the Methodist
church at• Lawrenceville.
—Don't fail to attend ex-Governor Cur
tin's lecture next Tuesday evening, the 2f4h
—Next week, being Co urt
. week , will be a
good time to send in•your "back'pay" to the
t.. fail —Don't fail t read that pretty little story
headed "Const' ution" 'on the flat and see
' • . ..
BPS of s paper. I
•-•- ve. ote on the new Constitution Is to
take place just four weeks from to-day—
Tuesday, Deoember 10th. 1
—Five dollars bought a genuine horse' at
Mansfield 'the other day. The "shrinkage
in values" has been awful lately.
—Hon. Thomas Fitch opens the lecture
course at Tioga next Thursday I evening.
Subject: "From Cork to Venice."
--The eovington Glass Works have shut
down for an indefinite period, thus throwing
over thirty men out oremployment.
--Tice man who committed suicide by
hanging himself with a chain, near Hrrison
,cc i
Valley, as reported in our last issue, t ee Mr.
Charles Gil).
--A. new time-table went into effect on the
railroads of this county yesterday merning,
but.up to the time of going to - press we have
not received a copy of it. .
- 4-Prof. Fradenhurgh, of the State ( Norl
-11341 School ht Mansfield, has issued n r:ireu•
hiercquesting gifts of geological specimens.
for•the benefit. of that institution.
—Leo Afiller, 2 an oratorical light-weight
who will biS remembered by some of ou'r vil
lage !Team's, has been talking up woman's
rights recehtly over in' Bradford county.
—The dwelling of Dr. Wm. M. DardeV,
at Mansfield, was destroyed by tire a few
days age. Very little furniture was saved.
The loss was about $2,500; insurance $l,lOO.
The origin of the Ore was unknown.
; —Last week Sunday, the 9th instant, a
Congregatienalchurch was orgaui*ed
et" c Antrim, the officiatlrig -- miniSters being
Bev. J. W-Ptigh, of Philadelphia, and Rev.
P..T., Evans, of Blosaburg.
' 0. Strang, Esq., has removed to West
field\ and entered into a partnership for the
practice of the law with Bon. B. B. Strang,
the. Senator from 'this distriet.' The new
firm will make a strong team.
—Our - correspondents are reminded that if
they expect their letters to appear in print
they must send-41 \ the names of. the - writers
—not for publicat on,• \ but as an evidence of
good faith. We gO.. -through publishing,
anrymous ematannitations some time-ago.
• —Au accident happened - at the new Epis
copal rectory in this village last Saturday af
terneon, resulting inini uries more painful than
dangerous. While Mr: H. D. Deming and
his son were engaged in painting"the outside
o rthe building the Portable scaffold on which
they were Standing,gave away, and the two
• were thrown to the Aground from' a,
height of twelve or - fifteen feet. 'the young
man escaped almost unharmed, but the fath
*Om quite severely •
smiths Mood it0w4414•444 1 whlle.
tait'th - • eit 4. 4( -- "
• , Tr Allpf tc.,tl
at Coming It :'kit a! '
csti`.iloviii d= rai' fiver : ;
hOe.Y4nt- -- a ilitirothlkOttl)6tlV-.tates'nnd - -
lict • . - .,•aiin:i, - .:, , ThOir,lintottunatO7 - •inan..,*,i',
a'hotnt `*hoio'avii - tY• 7 ';'
thing possibleoritl,ei: - vg.snf.,.: •
ferings until he died . .0..44#4 - „rtiorning about
t o click the:449riaidas 3 ",rinitit),STl:ovi'4
fthiteOftnii.-.•:iind. , !Wont: .
t;tyaatY 7 ono Yeoa Qf . age is raportegAhiti'
thO' Aet
at an, if, blaster In Avyi• h l 4 .litl
loft laat - 'B,atUrda l yniOrning indor,ord eis
-to join• - the'eciyatament -it.on.alnd Manhattan
new 9tt rig. ont;at;tli na' y' yard near
deiliihitt "'for it - ctiye•eaicv,r6a in 'tiro Cuban rivixtr'j
'ors: has-been inalang ajong
friends' in ::this village ,during, -tiha
zsum flier - ; but . , the *it *awl' bf, ' , ilk)
"dogs Of. *ray" Calls :hint to bit
"post j
piiadict that the, young Master will - aequit .
trigisalt ccrith,lionor, hattv'er,,,inity. befall ;
it he should not h'ee'wOilidn't.:l - .44' OhiprOt"
Oa old blciels.q . : , I' I
_ .
. .
.-;--Thellerinain S,oo f iety have arranged a
free course of nine lectures to- be,. delivered
at the Court Haus° in 'thii village during the
:coming winter. • . Although these lectures
will cost the society V l ery little Ind the gen-,,
eial public nothing, we believe they will, as
a.whcde, prove quite interesting and in
structiye,as any cours we have ever bad.' The
folloWing gentlemen have been engaged :
JI - N:FI6!DENITURGH A. M., Ph, D.,'Hon.J.
4,l%tivas, Hon, M. PI .ftracirr,..Hon. H. W.
l'iruirksts, Hon. Joisrl.lMiTufixtr.,, Rev.
;J. F.' CALEms, Bev. IN. L. itha'iiiiti:lB, RSV.'
Tnoi. SiAcnr; P. H. Binog,, A. B. Tie'
,datecand subjects of all these lectures Will
be announced.; hereafter: ' '-.• • ' ' .
—The Elmira Ativer l tiger says that last
Saturday, miming, titl about half-past . five,
Mr. "O. Hamilton, -esiding at ' Hamilton
Mills, in Jacitson tow;lship, went to the barn
for the purpose of hitching up his team. One
'of.the animals became frightened while be
ing harnessed; and knocked down a lamp
from where it was banging, which set fire to
the straw bedding. Mr.Hamilttin succeeded
in subduing the flames-by threwingblankets
On, the burning straw, and supposed the fire
was all out. As he passed out of the door to
get some air, he discoered his barn on fire
in the roof, and was powerless to stay the
-flames. He succeeded • in saving his wagons
.and horses, but lost about twenty tons of
hay. , Damage about • $8,900. Insured for
—Hon. J. B. Niles will denier a lecture
:on the' proposed new Constitution at the
-Court:House, on Tuesday evening, -Decem
ber 2d, and Hon. M. Elliott will speak on
the same subject, Tuesday evening, Deitem
ber eth, at the same place. ,As these gentle
men were members of he_Ciinvention which
-framed the new instrument, , of coarse they
ate thoroughly postedion Several provis
ions and the reasons which led to their adop
tion: Both lectures will be delivered before
the vote is taken upon the Constitution, and
the subject Will, ther4ore, be of the most
lively interest to everyithoughtful voter and
in fact to every citizen of tbe Common weal th.
No admission 'fee will be " - charged, as the
lectures are the first of !the free course to be
given - by the Hermitic) (Society this winter.
We trust our people—and especially the vot
ers—will crowd the h °use both nights to hear
this most itnporiant question candidly and
dispassionately discusse!d.
—Ex-Governor Curtin's lecture on "Life
Initussia" is to ,tie delivered at the Opera
House next Tuesday evening. It, is hardly
necessary to say that any address prepared
by the distinguished and eloquent "War
.Governor of Pennsylvania" would
. be well,
worth listening to. But, tiii46 - froth the high
character of the speaker, his long residence
-in-Russia as our Minist r at the Court of St.
Petersburg will give -t
. his thoughts upon
Russian life peculiar in crest and authority.
Of the social life of the great empire of the
North we knoW practically very little, and.
the subject will possess II the charm of nov
eltyt and, could hardly f it to prove interest
ing in the handi of any man of ability. In
this case -the !weaker an the theme are each
ot speoia - rfriterest - fo olpeoliTra, and - we - var. -
pest to see a overfiowi
g li
g house next Tues
day evenin . • The tickets . have been put
down to suit the times, nd can be obtained
at the Post Office for 86 cents foi any part of
-the house.
—Last Saturday Mori ing while Mr. Hen
ry Schell, of Middleb ry, • was hunting in
the woods about 21 rail -0 north of this vil=
lage' he came across thci ienutins of a human
body? which had evide tly lain where found
for a considerable leng hof time. Thehead
and feet were gone e tirely, they having
probably been eaten o by some animal, and
the flesh had all disap eared from the re
mainder of the skeleto . The remains were
evidently those of a m n, and the appear: ,
antes indicated that 6 unfortunate was the
victim of self-destructien. ' A large navy re
volver laid across the breast of the skeleton;
three chambers of wbioh were still loaded.-
The' wood work of th s weapon bad been'
considerably eaten, apparentlfby some ai - qt.
mal. ArOund the remains were found pop ,
, tions of two shirts—one of red flannel' ante
the other a common woolen one. 'Portions of
3 4..„
the st pkings were also found, and a hat was
picks up near by eon aining a quantity of
hums hair. On Bunc ay a number .of our
citizens visited the place, and removed the
remains - to this village, where they were ful
ly idePtifled as those o Mr. Louis Margraff.
That young man inaldenly disappeared from
his borne - here - last 31: rch, and since that
time no trace -bad bee found of him. He
bad been slightly_dera
family feared that he h
fear which time has s
well founded, It is be
of his death.he had ab
on his person ; but no',
wallet was found with
great length of time d
lain' a prey to the eleml
renders the disappears
suspieioui, There is li
mains are those of Lo
belied by his own ha
OUB .:41110.11110115.
—On Nov. 9, John ranee
drowned, while going fro..
Landing on Lake 'Ewalt,
—The extract works at
shut down for tile present.
by the accumulation of stn
present lattily any market.
—Hiram - Woodward, of Penfield, one of the largest
in Elk co' ray. was stabbed-by one
lumber operatorsof his warkmen - :itt a quarr 1 a few evenings since.—
Mr. W's death ' 'vras first reported, but afterwards
hopetrof his recovery wer entertained. The asses.
au came up behind him an stabbed him in the tilde.
—The Leek ilaen Repub ican says: t. Exciting re.
porta of silver mine) come, from Sugar Valley. The
Mine is in Green's Gap, seine ten miles beyond Lo - ,
gamsville, upon the lands of the Lebanon Lumber
company. Some of the p coleus metal was sent to
Philadelphia, and found in be gtnnine silver, and
rings and other 'articles !bade from it. Since then
eight hundred weight of tht ore have 'been sent to the
city to be again tested. Tb anal' is /taken trona the,
solid rock."
—The Demociata of Oil,'lty, ate,' facetious act of
fellovre. At the lett municipal etc+ ion they under.
, Mirk to perpetrate a first cieias joke on the Republicans
by voting for a colored map for one of ,the council.
men. The Republieaus took the edge off the joke by
voting for the same man, and' this is whatcormis of it:
In Oil City; when the oflice of mayor becomes vacant;the councilriien that receive the highest vote steps in
to that high position. The mayor was elected county,
treasurer and a negro Is Mayor Of Oil City' by Denita
critic, votes f
• ---The WilliamspOrt,Alut f last week says: " litthia'
city, the Catholic controveroey,is again resumed. and.
although it hie been two years in.,progress, very few
except those concerned seem . to itriOW anytblngpf its
rill - Merits. It Is generally understood to betua effort
on the part of the Mica:tht:al to break down the pres
ent power of the-bishops b' enforcing the canon law
of the church. Father tit 4 ck and his counsel have
'been ocouiried for some Ulna past- In biking testimony
berate the examiner aPPOlnted by the Court. On
Wednesday Bishop O'Hare's counsel were ruled to
close their testimony within 30 days. The case. there
fore. will soon be In shape for the Anal hearing anti
decree of the Court. Fat er Static has already ob
tained two opinions in his avor in the Court of Com
nion Pleas:'
—lest Wednesday there lwas a homicide in the al
oha/ of UOl , cltrof.WllltaMsport, :TM:SBM* it: pas.
the body of a (lerrosti by _ e name of 1417110:1111.1,,;Whil
'gas found dead In the Ma , where , lived his ,itori-In-..
law; by the name Of blebs, and vbexanStitekiVii. wire
..,. liattticiMit for protection- pant 4er- hisbind: l . l "itehiv
1414;09 33 / 41 PIA A. 4 a tlekt in tote hams aid. I n the
, .
404 . 04A011)0 go,l2i*lcs Att,p l tqpret, 26 - *O.l
:4 1, it'fo*4110,atlikk,ot 1,14a0. 11k. 4 z i
1 1 42 'zi 61 .15-4 11 P'rlian ' .:Wagili/itij cii: 4l6 !-P:iiik.fi t iAnPll
, iiioneit • itkt:iritiriest iltatl 44 ,1
OtA - . Aittman.o9ita,to Ms! ileatii fr. a wqoudtrit!iltetk:d,
by pciOwe th:4410
bY::01 1 / 1 =lll4tlCMl . .telit:Oefentko, tysi4 Atreete/f
4°*l o ll v - 7 11 0 .010 tor 0001 ). ana.waeitotkiivt?...kik.
~ ! i!, , , , ttioyolll*.fre, the! ),051111•:,.
There is no_'pain which the Oen.
taur Liniments Will not relieve, no
swelling they will 'not subdue. and
Ito loneness which they: will not
t• ' cure, This is strong language, but
_ ie true. They haVe produced
" 444troci cdres of rheminatientiftieural
iiiii: lolta-Javrt,lials;. sprains, swellings, caked ineaetPr
scalds, burns. salt-rheum,, earache, to., upon the hu-
man frame, imil,of strains, _epavin, galls, ;re., upon
animals in one - year than have all other pretended
remedies since the world began. They are counter.
irritant, • ell-healing' pain - relievers. - ' Cripples throw
away their crutches, the lame walk, poisonous .
are tendered harmless slid the .wounded era, healed
without a sear. The recipe is published around each
bottle. They self as no articles ever before sold, and
they sell because -they do just what they pretend to
Co. Those who Wow suffer from riteurnatiem,"pain or
swelling deserve to finger if they will not use:Centaid
Liniment, white Wrapper, Moro than 1000 certificates
of remarable cures, including frozen limbs, chronic
rheumatism, gout, running tumors, &c.. have been
received. We will send a circular containing certiii•
eatcs, the recipe, &c., gratis to any one requesting it.
One bottle of th e yellow wrapper Centaur Liniment is
worth one hundred dollars fur spavined or aweehled
horses and mules, or for screw-worm In sheep. 13teek
owners—these liniments are worth your attention.—
No family should be without them. White. wrapper
,for family use;" Yellow wrapper for animals.' 'Bold
by all Druggists.. an cents -per bottle; large -bottles.
t,OO. J . B. ROSE AL (M., 53 Broadway, New York.
CAST ORIA Is more than a substlints for Castor
09., It is the only We article in existence whiel is
certain to assiinhato the food, regnlate the bowels,
cure wind-colic and'; produce natural sleep. It con
tains neither minerals, morphine or alcohol. and is
pleasant to take. Children need not .cry and mothers
may rest. oct. 28-18734 y.
Ft - t r et t RANCAIMW.--TATA/M4-ArgA/M- I _,
De sure you get " irloofiand'n German Bitten." Bold
by all Druggista. Principle office, 802 Arch St., Phila
deiphia.—..l-.7ruae 24, 1873-7 m, Rot,
'gea at times, and his
:d killed himself—a
own to - be only too
laved that at the time
ut $9O in currency
' raco of the money or
he remains. But the
ring which they have
nts and wild beasts
cc of the money less
i tle doubt that the re
is, Alaigraff, and that
0 d. in a fit of insanity.
t and Mary Stewart ,trere
Bluff Point to Oibson's
1 i . li., a violent wind pre-
Painted Post, N. Y., have
This stoppage was caused
ck, for which there Is at
, . . . , ,
. 'GARLiMiIt--;LEWI2.= . -In - Ididdlebuiy:- Nay: ,11tb,
1873, t,w_Tberiina Reeepy, yaq,.; 1dr. , .. Maid Gardner
endgra,;Aun Londe:4l4h et Middlebury : :
, ....
::',-,t . iENV YORK' CiTY:MARKEt
onior4 aim /3V
' 4( .*P'.. - . 1 1- 4. *:,* : kiti*T co
NO. 825 A9asiliscaos.B;niii";-Nasiv''Youx.'
Difry Vais;'crboi,:e .
4 tz - ,
Stge - Firkiiis.; selected * .;,
State nib's: -
state factory, fancy
." 4 . • . triedlutu. „.
Vann niqy;
Dried Apples, quartered per lb
.- 4 4
Potatoes, per bbl -
Applee. fine.. .......
map t le Sugar.
ipi . .
loud Salt -
,Ta to , * ' -
Ent). treeb... ,
• Strang's Law Otlice,
WESTFIELD, TIOOA 00.,-PA:.—WIII attend-all -the
Courts In Tina Potter cbunties.--Nov. /S. 1873.
IfiT OF LETTEOS reinaining in the Post 01
ilea at Vi'ellsboro. Pa ,;Nov. 15, UV.
William - Abbott, Geo.' Axnott; Nelson Bennett,
Thomas Barber, Emma C. Huel, Cone & Stonchotute,
Geo. Christie; Mrs. A. Christie. Wtn. W. Close, Ly•
man Cowles, William Dartt, Mrs. Charlotte- Decker, 2,
- Unice Davis. TeDard Drummond, 2, Oliver Durhaeo,/,
Mrs Davey, Janmes Bendy, Mrs. W. W. Johnson.
Obas, Jackson, Mra. orpba Johnson, Fred Norick, 2,
Minnie Scheller, Alfred Stephenson, Frank Trivet:ter,
M. Williams, Mate E. B. Wheeler, Morris Walker.
In calling for any of the above, please give name,
and date or advertisement. G. W. IifERBICK. P. Jr!.
Centaur tinirlients:'
Is the best remedy in the world for the following com
plaints, viz.: Cramps in the'Llmbis and Stomach, Pain
in the Stomach, Dowels, or side, Rheumatism in. all
its forms, Billions Colic, Neuralgia, Ouolera, Dysen
tery, Colds, Fresh Wounds, Burns, Sore Throat, spi
nal Complaints, Sprains and -Bruises, Chills and Fe
ver. For Internal and tkifernal use,
Its operation is not only to relieve the patient, but
entirely removes the cause bf the complaint. It pen
etrates and pervades the whole system, restoring
healthy action to all its parts, and quickening the
lle and All Healing.
Pspared by CURTIS & BROWN,.
r No. 213 Fulton Street, New York.
For gale by all druggists. July 29, 1873-Iy.
Thirty .
Thirty Years' 'Experience of an Old Nurse.
PRESCRIPT!. N OF one of the best Female Physi-,
r l r
clans and Nu es in the United States, and has been'
used for thirt years with never failing safety and
success by Millions of mothers and children, from the
feeble 'infant of one weekt old to the adult.. It cor
recta acidity of the stomach, relieves wind 'colic, reg
ulates the bowels, and gives rest, health and comfort
to mother, and child."We believe it to be tbeßest and
"Si - treat Remedy in th 'World In all cases of DYSEN
arises from Teething or from any other cause. Full
directions for using will accompany each bottle.—
None Genuine unless the fee simile of CURT IS &
PERKINS is on the outside wrapper. Sold by all
Medicine Dealers. July 29, 1873-47.
Children often look Pale and Sick
from no other cause than having worms in the stomach.
will destroy Worms without injury to the child, being
perfectly wart's, and free from all coloring or other
injurious.ingredients flimsily used in worm prepare.
tious. ' CURTIS & BROWN, Proprietors,
_ No. 216 Fulton. Btreet, New York.
. _
Sold by Drageits ant Chet/lists, and dealers in Med
cinec at TwErcry-Fxvx OEFIA A Box. July 29,'73-Iy.
To preserve your health, cleanse your blood when
it becomes vitiated and foul. Many are the, gym'',
toms which sound the-note of alarm. Tail not to
heed them. Indigestion, Ifimaea, Lassitude, Head
ache, Wandering Pains, Bilious and Eruptive /area
Hone, are.so many signals to tell you Of disease in the'
blood. Remove it, and they disappear. How? Take'
effectual for its purpose; purifies the blood, expels dis
ease and restores the deranged functions of the body
to their healthy action.,-Corydon Mid.) Argus.
IIaTRAT TAK EN VP ..- Came to the Molos-
Niro or - the trobttmiberiou or about the &at of
September, a BED YEARDINOITEIFES. The owner
to requested tv prove property, ray cbarges, and take
bar away. , . C. F. (+DE.
Oatlln I - follow. Pa., Nov. 18-BE*
For Restoring Gray Hair
2d, its Natural ritalits, and Color.
vancing years, sick•
care, disappoint
. a»d baraditomy
;edievotAtion, all turn
e h air grey , and either
them incline it to shed
tvxa's Ham Vtaos. by
g and extensive use,
proven that it stops
falling of the 'hair
iniliately; often re
r the growth, and al
- surely restores Its •
ir,when faded or grey;
ttraulates_ the nutri.
Idirreseives both the
_Jy,tvealt r or sickly heir
becomes gloisy, pliable and strengthened; lag hitr
regrews with lively expression; falling hair is check
ed and steiblislied; thin Lair thicketisy and Weil or
gray hairs rennin their
,ongirsel color. Its operation
is sure and tient:doss. It omen dandruff, heals all
humors, and keept the scalp cool, clean and soft.—un•
der whir& oonattli;na, of are ina.
posasiblo. [
- As a dressing for Mulles' hair, the •Vtoon is praised
for its grateful and agreeable perfume, and valued for
the son lustre and richness of tone It { imparts. •
Dr. J. it-AYER di CO" Lowell, Masi.,
Practical and Anazis cal 07lc/00Sr.
got' stile" bryikilve 4 814,141n5; Drualste. Welk
lexic, 1in,..41:414yr
- ; • ,„. .
ItiSittatiool6 l
AtAei eip e r42tEAV
002 d ciu,e(j - '
-- - r
This cidnimany hisx: iroarigatkist losa or damagn:V
Arn Or 11g/itrilfiel iilOtlt on
. ,
,nt ,
CoulPi -. conitnetoct on *lcily. tantual,, _
tpu 7
. c 1 1, 1 7 1 . - 'Ryer" 'Orion Inill'aittit said Coinkany-bn.
conien a lumbar * and 11 n rlght.koVptorpst , election's
Tor Dlrocic.kri,b7 proxy, or, otherwlqu. Tl3O boolorot•
tho Igompafiy.nr'efaubjel tothe IrtarinctlOnortlio num
bers at all reasonable .•
• - •—.. - TROMAS ALLNll,'Preiittloot.
• , Jon •REIFOIt.I), Vico '
C.• PItIOE, Secretary. , '
ILALAXTElt,..Troatrarer.,, ; r •:;
'' • 4
• T1102.1,ur Atinn. lon Itgxroun,'Rß*, ;Porn,
VANNEnsi W„W,- .11.. - mrearmoos, - p,
8UL1.14, AlrinhAur Halm, L Pnran; .114XTRE,
M. 11.: rimbrz. " - - •
Hoy. )Ir..nax t3BFfitVOODi . Well49berv, ra'.; Companion
Att.trukky. •-• , . ••• -
W41 , 1/itboro Nor . 11- 1878.4.1 y. ' „
.240 y. 15,' H 73
.. 35 0 31
.. • -0;) 0_
.. 0 30
55 , 1 i) 28
:Pt, Q.3*
2 . 4 gs '4B
1,1, - *14:ow : 41;:lg,,1
111 '13,1;
12m0 is
12)60 i
. ..
liftillitiin Itobert , s .-
i 1 ,A,14141 Voturtted to Welist4ro prcrgoiei hereafter -
- .t° devote his, thne to the general admire trade.
at We new store, in the Opera' Souse Moot, win be
found a fall assotAteattt goodsot tn Waite°, tngludtpe
MO by,
10 @
2 130 @ 226
2 76 @ 8 00
7 ' a TV&
8A(0 7
28 0) 28
I 0. Brtgf
and avez7rbrog also usually kept in et-elase Herd•
were Mere:::
Ito also has on band a large .vartoty, of, Etoves for
wood and coal, among which is the well known
besides numerous other cook stores; the "CONSTEL.
LATION" and "ARTISAN," bard coal burners, and a
variety of soft coal burners.'
Jobbing done to order
by the beet of• workmen at reasonable retie
Welleboro, Nov: It, 7873
t*fi1kg.0.i7. 4 14,r.,.tt,(01;
_ Pays for tuition in all branches, in
, , ,
t F e u n d w inz r p l cio pi; L: cial 4( d er ng f r o ing, llk ri ut ir c li t i t t n ila
"Wel. all. and washing. Students
intending to- teach ireceive,, Stoic apppropriation.—
Rooms• for salftboarding can be procured. .
Tuition. Without board
,PG per year.
A full family of experienced and succqssful teachers,
nstruction thorough, discipline Arm and preventive.
For further imttlenlare addretei the Vrlneapal. 2
Mensflol(l, Nov, 11, 1873.-61.
DISSOLUTION.—Notioe i 9 hereby given that the
firm of Markham & Hood. of Kuoxvitto,
was dissolved Ootobor 20113, 1878:
Knoxville, ra.. Nov. 4, 1873-84*
REGISTEWS NOTlCE.—Notice is hereby
given that the Executors and Administrators nam
ed below have Mod their accounts in the Register's
office for Tioga county, Pa., and . that said accounts
will be presented to the Orphans' Court for said court.
ty, at a session of said Court to be held at Wellsboro,
in said county. on Monday. the 21tit day of November,
1878, at 2 o'cleek, lt, ni., for allotraike and confirms.
Final account of John Howland and Hannah Seely,
executors of the lust will and testament of E. S. Seely,
late of Deerfield, Tlogas.ounty, Pa., deceased.
Final account of 0. A. Smith and W. W. Tate, exectl
tors of the lust will and testament of Conrad 33ernatt
er, latenf tiainre, Ttoga county, Pa., deceased.
Final account of 3f, K. Retan and Edgar Kinner, ad.
mtnistrators. cum testament() annexo, of the estate of
J. 13. Eaten, late
ceased: - ----- • .7
Account of Angeline Shepherd ands=rodirroaltsoonof,
inimtntatrano eu.
Final account of Loving Gee; administratra of the
estato of Joseph Goe. late of AftddJebury, Tioga coun
ty, Pa., deceased.
Final account of Orreu West, administrator of the
estate of Wm. Archer, late of Middlebury, Tioga coon
ty. Pa., deceased.
tit-Gond partial account of Levi D. Melva, adminis
trator of the ,estate of Waterman rlfolntyro, late of
Jackiion, Tioga county, Pa., deceased.
Wellaboro, Pa., Oct: 28.18T.3.4t. D. V. DEA.),IF,
, 1 Degister.
AIUDITOR e *SiII/0T1C12..-The undersigned ap
pointed an Anditor to d'istrintte the money Su the
ands of D. 1.. Deane, clerk, in the matter of Alfred
Seely. late of Jaelesen, deceased, will attend to the du
ties of the appointment at his Mike in WeUshoro.
Tioga county, Pa., on Saturday, the 29th day of No
vember, 1613, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, when and
where all parties having any claim on the said fund
must present and substantiate - the same or be for oT•
er debarred from coming in for any part thereat
Wo!labor°, Nov. 4, 1873-4 t
_a al S• Woodruff: Yon are hereby notified that Mar
tha Woodruff has; applied ,to the Court of Common
Pleas of Tioga county fortd divorce from the bonds of
matrimony, and that the said court has appointed
Monday Oa 24th day of November next, for a hearing
In the premieei, when and where you can attend, if
you thiult:proper,: .'E. A. FISH.
Conrkilouse in Wellsboro, on Thu,aday the fourth
day of December next, at 1 o'clock p. m., the follow
ing describedreal estate, late the property of said de
All that certain lot of land in Morris township in
said county of Tioga, bounded on the north by Henry
Miller, east by Henry Miller, south by Frederick Bo
ger and Jolla' Linok, and on the west by K. G. Seaman
and W. W. Seaman. containing about 185 acree
or less. ,
Terms:—One-third at confirmation of sale; one
tiiird.in one year thereafter; one-third in two years
thereafter, with interest.
Nov, 11, 187 X-it,
/ - 1 letters of Adminletration de bones non to the
tate of Leander Out er, late of the Borough of Elklaud,
Tioga county, dece 'id, have been granted bathe sub
scriber. all person indebted to the said estate are re
quested to make 1 mediate payment, and those hav
ing claims or de nds against the said estate of the
decedent, will pr sent the same without delay for pay
ment. THOS. ALLEN. •
Administrator de boots - non.
Welleboro, Nov. 11, 108-6 t...
,11 tics le hereby given that the following:teasons
for charters of incorporation havo been filedin my of
fice. and will be presented to the Court o Common
piens of Tiogs county, Monday, November 24, I=3:
Applicatfon of .Rev. Dr. 13reck, John Hinman. David
Cooper, and Others, fur the " Trinity ohurch..Antrim,
Tinge county, Ps." -
Application of IL' M. Smith. John F. Rehanbacker,
JOhti - Maynard. and others, for the " Second M. E.
Church in Gaines, Tinge county, Pa." -
Application of Charles W. Brown, L. B. Decker, W.
G. Lutz, and others, for the " Odd Fellows
i ( Building
Association cif.Mansfleld. Tioga county, P.
Application of - Andrew Van uses, Edgar . Stevens,
James E. Peters. and others, for the " Union Ceme
tery Comvany.'' , ' B.C. COT,
Wellsbiro, Nov. 4. 1813-. st. Prothonotary.
'DIY VIRTUE ,OF sundry writs of Flax! Facies, Leva- I
.1.) ri raela.s,zand Vouttioni Espouse, issued out of
the Court of Common Pleas of Tioga county, and to too '
directed, I ' will expose to public sale, to the highest
and best bidder, at- the Court Mange in Wellsborn, on
Monday the 24th day of Novomber,lB73, at one o'ohtolr
p.m., the following described property, viz :
A lot of land in the borough of Wellsboro, bounded
On the north by Sears street, east by Nichols street,
and on the south and west by lands conveyed-to Fred
crick Margrair; being 128 feet on 'Nichols street, and
extending back 2E17 'feet ;- all improved. TO be sold as
the property of Hiram Willard, suit of E. It:Elinhall.
ALSO—A lot of land its - the borough of Wellsboro,
bounded on the north by Sears street, east by Nichols
street, and Smith-and west by lands conveyed-to Fred.
erick Margrair; being'l2s feet on Nicholsstreet, anti
extending back 247 feet; all improved: To be sold as
the property or-it. N. Smith, suit of E. It. Kimball.
ALSO—A. lot of laud, in Chatham township, being
lortio. 77 of the lliti(min allotments in said town
ship; beginning at the southeast corner of lot No. 63
of - said allotment, thettee along the east line of-eald
lot and lot ,NO. -81 ninth, 15 degrees east, 88.8 rods;
thence ale g the seals line of let No, Cl east 15.4 rods;
thence al g lines of lot No. 62 south, 40 degrees east.
47 rods, a d south, 89) degrees oast, 104.9 - rods;
thence ale the treattino of-lot No. 76 South, halt a
degree wes 48.1 rodd; thence along the north line of
lots NOS. 05, 109, 111, and 94 north, 89% degrees! west,
172.3 rods_to the place of beginning; containing 48.8
acres.,. , - ,- -..--. .
facto - ' ,l -ot No. 76 of Hingham allotment in Chatham
township, beginning at the _southwest corner of lot
No. 64 of said allotment; tlieneb along lines of lot No.
75 and lot No: 98 south, half a degree west, 48.1 rods,
and north, 89% degrees treat, 48.1 rods; thencesiong
the south line of lot Mo. 62 south, 89% degrees east,
94.8 rods' to the place of beginning; containing 25.9
Acres; all in one farm of about 71 acres; 63 acres lm
'proved, with a- good frame barn, frame house, out
'buildings, an apple orchard and' ther fruit trees there
on. To be sold as the property of John Wass suit of
Preston & lawman for use of Joseph Vaulkricr.
- ALSO -A lot of - land in'Olifithany township, bound:
eft en the north by lands 'Zintilki Beytiolds, vrest by
lauds of Victor Close and by ;Meads creek,- south by
E. M. Tucker, and'essi - by publiq highway; being '75
feetby SO feet with one two story.. frame hone, one
framabarit,,and other otittrOlidlngs thereon.
-. ALsO—ThCuridistded -one half of the following de.
: lioribed lotii "Of lend'iti-clifftltran toWitehip; , 'tot 1442.
Saws of all kinds,
3.11. (MILD'. 1 Adnere
A. G. SEAMA . )
Sheriirs Sales.
. _
: :li e '
gi n ,
ic ;',
tit. i ,
s : Esnit stir
e;t ',
he, i
ori th e '
ar itOb finer
Miltation L. Visor; and' 'N. E. .W , limon 4 .,.Atoiliettn; 'the
.tuhillicast coinet:liertief,'and etandinS Wee vteatont.
boundary Into of. Itausataer Tolca's lattat;" thence along
said line south; SX - Sogrookwrist, 22 torches and one'
..foottcra ifitke and'stones; thenceb'y landirbetonging
• 'to Ilk f.etimto of, Alvin Mice, 'deceased, tree,, C$Y de
arees i-, cal. 37.4ipoteheatcos Make
,Stit'.oltatieti; thence.
long the eastern lontindary,line at 1110;Xessetiug tionse,
. ‘lot'nortit.-05M degree% ettab./17-perthea.to,.a, stake end
EiNnarthcalee,bylandtrotEraquo litceisonth..6l cle.
'grees eihin'l9.l perchels .to a stake .imn .mytene4n.tha
'tiougun u boundary Una Of,tfartoms L',- it 'it'll. 'T/2 - Wll-;
.aceeslatudithettoo along the, said line houtiaol7. de.
gives -via, La, perehes _to lb S place of .bcgthithagy•elan
.. ttaining 3; 3 4 tic reit,' with a-steaualmolier And' engine !Bud '
' mill tiearing thereon. •-:, -.: '.. -.•.-• ', -:,..- ; -•:-...._.:‘, ..--- -• .
Atacm-1.et,,V0l 2 in - said townshpl. , begimining cit_the
southvies,t, corner. 'of th e ' schnol Let on - the !Veneer.
road: thence along the south, iine.:of. the.asiti sehool
hOuse lot (134.Iods;,theneo, along , the -tenth line of
Erastua Eke's:land six rods to a Make and ~atones in
- the lio.thwest bonndarrof A. and I. Wass's mill lot;
thence along the mill let' rive . it= ds - ovmd, nine feet. O
the northeast corner of the M. E.. church lot; thence
along the north line of the-A..ld oh eh lot 13. rods to
the oebter• of the Sialneer road; the cd'along theeen
ter of said Spencer road titre rods a d - twelve feet to
the place of-be ,rinningt. containing bout Milt 'macre,
:more or less.'. - To be kohl rum the rope rty of John
Wain, suit of DeVid Wass. .
, ALSO—A , hit of laud, in glkland borough ; bounded
on time north by the oowanesque river road, and west,
south;and east by liable in'the posseision of John W.
Shoff, being live rode on the road and fine rods deep,
with a flaws two story tavern house, - a frame barn,
ontbUildings; and fruit trees thereciu. To.be 'sold - as
the property of E. S. Wagner and E. 0. Wagner, snit
Of Pnilo 'Baxter for use of C. J. Spencer, and others. •
ALSD—a. lokof land in Tioga township; bounded
on the north by 'llili creek, wept b.; the Blossbyargrind
Tloga Railroad, south'by lands of A. S. Turner, and
east. by. the Williamson highway; containing. about
one acre, with is frable honee, frame barb; and a few _
fruit trees thereon. To be sold as - the prOperty of,
A. L. :Rhodes and F. IL Rhodes, suit of W. 0. Afann
for use of Wm.l. 'Mann:
- ALSO—A lot of lend in the borough' of Covington;
ou the north by a public alley and leas* Bee
rYi et cat by lands of Charles Howland, south bylands
ref-Clark Thomas, and east by the public highway;
potitaining about- half an aeree - More or' less, with a
frame two *dory house, a neMeebarn, outbuildings,.
arid a few !edit trees thereon. To be - sold:as the prepe.
orty-of Giles S. Martin, snit of Jeremiah - Mock. —
ALSO—AIot of land In Ohateam township; bathed
edent the north by lands of William Wass and Sally
Burr, west by the public highway, south by Wails for
merly owned by Franklin Spencer and Allen Strawn,
and east by lands of Orange onnelley; containing 01 ;
acres, all improyed, with a frai 0
house, frame barn.
acorn house, entbuildinge, an an apple'oreintrd and
other fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the property
of Jesse Spencer, suit of John Benson.-• ek
ALSO—A lot of land in-the borough Of Knoxville;
beginning at a post in the center of Main street where
Mill; street intersects said Main street, and running
easterly along the center of Main streetlol feet; thence
southerly, at right angles with Main street, 102 feet to
a stake; thence southerly, on a line parallel with Mill
a treet a . lsl)i foot to alitake; thence westerly, on e line
parallel with Main street, 86 feet to the center of Mill
street; thence along the-center of Mill street 210 feet
to the place, Of beginning; containing a little more
than five-tweiftbe of an acre, with a two story brick
hotel with a basement story, a flame barn, outhuild.
inga, and a few fruit trees thereon. ,To be sold as the
property of Jeremiah Stoddard, suit of Seeley, Coates
Sr Co. and 0 hare.. . , , -
ALSO—A lot of land - hi Union township; bounded
on the north by lands of Chauncey, Bacon, west by
lands ot Jeeeph• Bastian, south by the Lycoming
creek, and east by lands of G. I. Olaellain; containing
about 17 acres, 10 acres Improved, with a frame house.
outbutieluge, and a few fruit trees thereon. To be'
sold as the property of E. M. Wadi, suit of Charles
13. Great. .. , , •
- ALSO—A lot of land in Liberty township; bounded
on the north by lands of J. Anderson, west by said .7..
Anderson, south by lands of John Shefferran — d 'fast
by the public road; containing six aores, aßimproved,
with a Prairie two story hotel house, outbuildings; aga,
an apple orotund and other 'fruit trees thereon.). To
be sold as the property e Abraham Pieldhonse and
Jaime Rancher, suit of J. Wesley Childs,. • e -
. ALSO—The following described lots-of land in Mid
diebetry township; Lot No, 1 beginning st e n beech;
thence by lands formerly of M.' Stevens north, 81 dee
grees east, 179.2 perches to a post. thence by lands
formerly of A. C. Crandall and- James Wilson lands
south 307 perches to a post; thence by William Bing
ham lands north 278.7 perches to the place of begin
ning; containing 300 acres and allowance, all unim
proved. • . .- , 1
mac—Another lot of land in saldktownship of Mid.
dlebury; beginning at the northeast cotter of war
rant in the name of A. 0. Rush for 600 acres; thence
westerly along the original line of said warrant tq the
uorthweat corner thereof; thence southward along .
the line of safe warrant to a poet, and being a line es
tablished by consent of said parties of the first part
and - John Magee and James O. Mersereau; thence.
.eastwardly Meng said division line to the east liue of
said warrant; theame northerly along the said warrant
line to the place of beginning; containing 1.0 acres,
more or less, all unimproved; excepting and reserv
ing the south half of the foregoing described lots of
land eonslaered as one entire lot, as they were only
divided in the deseriptlen for convenience, the Bald
'much - half or part reserved belonging Cr, other parties,
and is not owned by, the parties of the first part to this
Atso—One other lot of land in said township of
Middlebury; hounded On the south by the Stephen
House Linn road, cast by the Welisboro and Law
renceville •Itailroad, and north and west by Crooked
creek; 'containing three acres, more or less; except
tng and reserving a piece of land where the black
smith shop stands, and extending 76 feet on said Ste.
Olen House Run road easterly from vale creek, end
the same width down hale creel?. parallel with the cast
bank of the same,loo feet from the north side of said
road running dOwu said creek; and also excepting and
reserving ail the right Calvin Hammond has to raise
the wafer_ In said creek and flow a portion of said
Surd. All improved, with a few fruit trees thefeon.
To ho sold as the property of H. O. Bailey and Cephas
Bailey, suit of A. C. Cole. • -
ALSO—A let of land in the borough of Wellsboro;
beginning at thd northeast corner hereof, it being at
the southeast corner of tenth; owned by U. G. Fisher
and on .--- street; thence along said street -in a
Southerly dtOection 7,6 reds to a corner on lands of
.I)...P.....HubertsoitionceeeheineeleMhfirtL ' "" - "" L
of mid Roberts In re sme lt ie i "along .ands
lauds ot said U. G Fisher; c.r. con 7 .5 rods to
10.6 rods to the platte of beginning; containing. ~._
an acre, inure or less, with a frame dwelling house
61........ e... - , 4`. 1 ., Oran .as the property of George Pier
son, snit of A. Wivel for use of Seem & ;Bodine.
ALSO—A lot of land in Lawrence township; begin
ning at a post, the northwest pottier thereof; thence
south, 89ee degrees ea5t,,200.5 rode to a poet; thence
south 12 Areas to a post; thence east 92.2 rods to a
post; thence south, one-half degree west, 68.7
rods to a post; thence east 32.1 rods to a p"ost; thence
south 181.2 ps toe poet; thence west 10 ps. to a post;
the - nee South 100 perches to a post; thence-west 60
perches Ma post; thence north 50 perches to a post;
thence south. 88,te, degrees west, 49.9 perches to a
post; thence south 67.4 perches to; a post; thence
south, 89 - ee degrees west, 219.2 perches to a post;
thence north, ono degree east, 385.9 perches to the
place of beginning; containing 700 acres, and being a
lot conveyed by James W. Tubbs and wife to W. W.
Aldrich by deed bearing date March 0, 1872; 100 acres
improved, with a frame barn, a log house, outbuild
ings, and an apple orchard and other fruit trees there
- -
Atso—Another lot of land in Lawrence township;
beginning at a stake in the middle 'of Tipp river in
the line between Linde late of Adam Hart and P. and
J.qteep; thence north, se degrees west, 33 perches to 1
spent; thence north, 20 degrees west, 454 perches o 1
a post; thenee north, 60 degrees east, 34 perches 1.0
the middle of Tioga rivr; thence south, 20 degrees
east, to the place of tie inning; containing nine acres,
more or less, the privilege of keeping up a mill
clam across said Tioga river and securing and keeping
up the name on the eastern bank of said river, with
leave at ail times to go'to rind ,from said dam for the
purpose of repairing the same, together with the water
privilege belonging to said property; excepting and
reserving out of the same a lot sold to Delos Reitz,
and now in possession of E. IL Tremolo; all improved,
with a frame steam saw mill. a grist mill attached, one
frame water power saw mill attached to same, five
frame houses, two frame barns, one frame granary,
one frame ottice.Outbuildings. and fruit trees thereon,
To be sold as the property of W. W. Aldrich, snit of
Samuel Wyman, Jr.
AL9O—A. lot of laud in the borough of Wellsboro;
beginning at a post on the northeast side of Sheridan
street; thence along the same north, 42i degrees
west, 7 9-84 perches to a poet; thence along lands of
-C. S. Moore north, 47% degrees east, 13% perches to a
post; thence along lands of-M. Blather south, 4238
degrees vita, 7 9.83 'Perches to a post; thence by lands
of GeorgelW. Daskam south, 47% degrees west, 18%
perches td the place of beginning; being 120 feet on
Sheridan tatreet, and extending back 219 feet, with a
board hoilee and outbuildings thereon. To be sold as
' the priperty of Geroge Christie, suit of .1. C. IVY! color
& Co.
ALSO—A lot of land in the borough of Wells:bora;
beginning at a post on the south aide of Bunne4Arce
nue at corner of lots Nos. 2 and 3of block 0. 4;
thence along said Bennet Avenue south, 22 deees
east, 187% feet to a post at the intersection of her.
man street with the prolongation of Bunnel .A enne
; on the west side of Sherman street; thence along said
street south, 45 degrees west, 180 teat to a post on the
east side of Shumway road ithence, along said road by
true course 208 feet to a post; thence north,4s degrees
east. 100 feet ;to the place of - beginning. containing
\18,197 square feet, more or less.
AtsoL-Another lot of land In the borough of Wells.
boro; beginning at a post on the southeast side of
Pearl street, the north corner hereof; thence along
lauds of C. L. Willeox south: 45 degrees east, 250 feet
to a post on Walnut street; thence along Walnut greet
south, 45 degrees west, CO feet to a post, the corner of
R. L. Van Horn's lot; thence along said R. L. Van
Horn's lot and lot of 11: T. Van Horn north, 45 de.
gre eat, 250 feet to Pearl street; thence along said
Pearl root north, 45 degrees east. 60 feet to the place
o )egitining; containing one-third of au acre, more
r less.
Ameo—An other lot of land In the borough of Wells
boro; beginning et north-oast corner of lands of G. P..
dloberts; thence south 45 degrees west, 108)4 feet to a
street; thence along said street south 45 deg. east, 120
feet to a post; thence north.4s degrees east, 125 feet to a
post; thence Muth, 45 degrees west, 92%. feet to n
post; thencenorth, 75;:i degrees least, 82% feet to the
place of beginning; containing snore or less leas.
kr-so—A lot of land in Delmer township; beginning'
at a hemlock. the southwest corner of Horton Matti
son:llone° by said Mattison east 150 perches to a
post; thence by the Enaley Simmons lot 70 perches te
the corner of Bean & Ellsworth: thence west by 'said
Bean & Ensworth and lands surveyed for 0., A; J. L.
Robinson 150 porches to a hemlock, the corner of Bel
-km B. Dimmick; thence by said Dimmick lot north
"70 perches to the place of beginning; containing 65 . 1 i
- acres, it being part of warrant 1541, James Wilson
warrantee, 20 acres improved, with a log house, log
'barn, arid an apple orchard and other fruit trees there
on. To be sold as the property of MAL O'Connor, salt
of Fox & Williams, and others.
ALSO—A lot of land in Middlebury township;
beeinded on the north by lands of 'Menai Houghta
ling, on the east by lands of Isaac Losey, south by
lands of Solomon Day and It. N. React", and on the
west by lands of R. N. _Keeney; containing about 25
acres, all Improved, with a frame hobse, log barn,
end an apple orchard and other fruit trees thereon.—
To be SOW, as the property of George Loney and Jfillo
Loney, suit of Watkins and KEtchant, now for
_uss of
Charles Tole. .
ALSO—A lot of land in the township and borough
of Westfield; bounded on the north by the south line
of Broc,kfield township, on the east by land of R. 'fru•
son twed.Willitun Simmons, south by laud et William
Simmons, and west by Gilbert Seeord and Anguetite
Tubbs; containing 100 acres nearly all improved, with"
~.ti frame house, frame barn, outbuildings, and an apple
orchard and other fruit treestheron. To he sold as.
the property of.B. Malloroy, Suit of Thomas Atone.
ALSO—A. lot of hand in Westfield borough; bound
id on the north by lands of D. l'ileNanglaien, east by
the public highway, south by lands of S. 0. Murdock,
and west by lands of T. U, Sanders and Alfred Tanner;
containing half SO acre, snore Or less, all improved,
with a frame house; frame barn, and fruit trees there.
on: To bo sold as.ths property of S. D. Phillips, milt
of Richard Reiman.
ALSOL—klot of land in Sullivan townithip; bounded
Maine north by the State road, east by the countfitne
between Tioga and Bradford counties, on the south
running to a point, and west' by the Howe ll Hollow
road; emataining about 40 acres. 1 c --
Mao—A. lot,of laud in . Bradford county; adjoining
the above described lot, and bounded north by Adel.
,hart Dillard, east by land of John Van Valconer, Nel.
son ?dodder and Adelbort Ballard, south by laud of
Samuel Jacklin and lands of the estate of Joseph BfIX•
ter, and west by the line between Tioga and Bradford
countietie .containing about 00 acres. 71 acres ins
- proved on the whole, with. two frame barna, ob.thntid•
Wile. and lut apple orShard and other Wilt trees there
on. To be sold es the props orliorace Taylor,
- lull of , llterntte Q. led for use o rty t
.Toel mhhurst,. ( •
VW; 4;4670. ,_ X. A rain.taprie_
:,.,,:„.::-..-.,......, ,„
$2 - -500 AITEAR
_ , .. .-, Wadi Willi enti - splendid'
, 01118 i*Att ON ii Ft - CI - 8
P Etll 'IV 8;
It r4rodet,ta rumple priwn inii atYle of binding Of 50
_inkwell fn,...1 eding ti Litt utiPttit limit ri c that stain even
family. ' NA iftetareer : fr. - til Niativrasplys,- AGENTS
117A.N 7 111.32!,t0m0ke a ono sanraor'aliginfit4 On tiieoe
;work's in every County,- Prnapeekus nent post-1445. on
receipt of price. 5 1.5 0.. For circulars and sberatierme,
"nddre a - . 1 ant E. - POTTpS fx,C)0..00:40 1 5 • 1141.504;Pii:
;$42, 80 - I,tture..llNk*.pr'aft°ol"i iii it
. Librarsi j oi-poef4, and Song; ino
;in olio - week on The . etv Housekeeper's Manuel,
by. Iltaa Beadier tini3 , o, - ..Stawe. Any active man
o r woman• cou lisvo an
,agentoy. .J. 11; FOUD & CO.,
New '4in, Boston, Chicago end San Frantbtoo, , ,: ~
, .
- I - i'yOMPANI I N
[YOU 110 f*EO Pkej
Friar, COMPANION aims to be a favorite, • every
family—tookell ior•eagerly by the ye 'OAR,'
and read with Interest by the older. I tsp ose is to''
interest_ while it antussa; to be Sudiclons, pr
sensible; and tehave really perhaanentworth,Wil It
attracts for the hour.:- • _ .
It its handsomely illuitrated, and has, for its contrib.
labere some of the most attractive writers in the
- -
country.. Among these are :
Edward Eggleston; Dr. I. I. napes, •, I
"Prot. James DeMille, Louise C. Moulton,
Louisa M. Alcott, “Sophie Nay?
RebeccaH.l:llaV , C; A. Stephens,
i k .....
C. W. Flanders, • Math Chesterfield;
8. S. Robbins, , ' _ et Al. A. Denison. , ..
Its reading Is actitedr , io the did and young, Is very
varied in its eliarAter; sprightly and entertaining,—
it gives - ~,,
-.- , I
StOrley of Adventure, Stories of Home and 1
Letters of Travel, . School Life._
Editorials upon Car. Tales, Poetry,
rent Topics, Selections for Den-1
Historical Articles, - lamation.
Religions Articles, _ Pacts and Incidents
SUBSCRIPTION Flu ez, $1 SO. Specimen copies
sent tree. ,At tress, " - . .
41 Temple Place, Boston, Hass. i
Wes of proceeding and debate in deliberative as
eemblies. An indirpensable hand-book for every member
a deliberative body,and the authority to all the States.
"The most authoritative expounder of American
parliamentary law."—Chas, Sumner.
Price, 65 cents. Sent by mail on receipt of price.
Address TEIO.IIPSON,BROWN k Co., Boston, Brass.
No Flu ations t 'Always Improving in Value t
. The W Ith of the Country is made try the Atelvanee
in Real Estate.
11Wion's of sores of the finest lands on the Conti
nent, iu EisserEns lizonseue, now for sale—many o
them never-before in the market—at prices that DEFY
five and Ten kears Credal civen, with Intereet at
Sixper Cent.
The Land Grant Bonds of the Company taken at par
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partfeulara given, new Guide with new
Maps mailed free, by addreofing 0. F. DAVIS. •
Land Commissioner U. P. R. R.,
oAtaita. NEB
t;.4 i 4 1C1,C)INI E, sr/ „
RA e 0,5
7 . 171 , 42.tctc1.
DOMESTIC 5E'141 1. 14 IVA L C4 ' IIIE CO., N. Y
S2O S A 7- E D
To meet the vivent demand of the times the
hare determined to
'and will beiverfter.sell their SOG Machine for $45, and
other styles in proportion.
I; f aiß oNLy Sewing Machine that feeds the work
PROVED .571.1-2 - LkiewNdwd,,,,Zef4...attqe
than any other MaChine in the market
Florence, Nov. 1, "73. dfrollots
171 'Verrill% EON , II; 8
11 3 —UaLLILA (.I.III3,INEVS, made by PLI ADA C4l
At. WOOD, produces the largest light: Cab ten•cd
on any coal oil lamp. For alle by nil 1 , ,,yr (N, ere.
07SIEN finl
Jewelry, )Souks, (James, iu their own 3rca neat
No capital needed. vahllogue, Terms, !LEE
P. O. VICKERY & CO., A.ll:rri,ta.
1118 D it d L a ilv g :;; . g. 'e :, 3 / B t S ') t.truM,Ba u ;ilui' a
o s rN : d . :
MONEYMadeßapidly Sop Check
Outfit's, Catalogue awl full particulars
FREE. 8. Sr sore, 11rnatiover•8LI Boston.
t i Vag
T -1 4 -1 4 Al 1 T - 1 hfip
N.2.,W u,...1,..i]t) 1. .: U a f \ li ~
~, n LID n 1 ' lnv ri ..
- ---:
OttzeC c Stook, of, D 1,
is unimay large and attractive. , It consltts of
BLACK ALPACAS, 4 a Specialq.
Black Cashmeres; Black Silks.
StripecZ Ottoman, ,
Single and Dincble Paisleys,
Thibet and ileavy Double Shawls.
,Waterproiirm, and Cat-shmereti, Flannels, . .
Domestic au& Housekeeping, Goods,
- : • Pyintm, Milofins, Tiekingm, . .
--- pennum, Shillings, Napkins,
•- • 5
,Linen Table Cloths, Tow.elm,,l 1 .
• . Lace Ctirtasnm, White Geniim; _
. .
• Ladies' Belts, Rushes and Ties, .
• .
° A- fine stork et Fanny Goods,
L nrwr„,
wail" AL tufa k i 3,7
New and styliall Fall Suits, for Men; Youths, and Boys. Spring, Fall, and
Winter Overcoats.
Remember that we manufacture our own goods and can therefore save buy-_
ers considerable. We call especial attention toiipur
We .ke:p a laiggstoek of Fine impor„ed Cassimeres, coatings , and Beavers.
i . 1 . zi:. We do Custom work on short notice. •
We guarantee all work done by, `us as regards fit and style. -
NeW Bats, Caps, aid a large stock c ot.Gents' Furnishing Goods. • •
Don't fail
fail to call on s before u purchase, :as we can offer
than you an,l::.>sislibly got -oltiiiewhei-e..
105 puAlin ST., NE* YOBS.
i•_ . - •
- 1 'M. Bilt2l l lCOP:Et, Managing Palrtn4r.,
_tkr.liranoh ateies-158 Water etreet4.2 1141ozi Block, Eirairas,le t tpAgielaaatiiii i
Depot, and Montrose, ilia, -
wviaexcas Get t levi4t. -,
46 1008 Y itoniANcy, ;bit rGOti - 421.4117airii,1, , ,:
.IL#lhw either ittex. may fsasinatOffand gain -4 th*
love at,4 affections of any person they choose. truttaitt;,
iyr • Thle simple mental - acgafrement ail can possess,
tree, by mall' for '2B conts;nat
togetber. aritli - ra Marrisge: : :
Egyptian - Oracle; Drea.:'ltinta n
queer book. -300,000 soid. - Adam,
CO,; Pdbtishera.Thpadelphis. • nor.LEf4C.
Trial.Liet-,Not. "Term - 1878--
"Elizabeth Itakftss...ErioaDaker. -
. P . 0,.1..0vnia t rt .. 4 atia - Tire:dilly : Oats."-_
G. Sall'elt::1113 vs. tiol Donned:et lit.
‘2 .
Pater ?It tient:3i 31,..LattLP el at. , _ : '
Jones BleVey es. James
Geo. 1) Feeney D.
Geo. Bennett nee of E. Domeioy vs. David Colefiroie..
Converse A 04gond ts. lohn F.. Doilaldedla.: •
A. tY4lle ' • - -
W. (3. Dronvon et at u. Stepti'en Mott,
it. IL Palley vs Albert Mark,. _ . . ••
Joot A. Sullock oaten.-*
Airaauder Jon• s vs, 14 It Jelriff.
551 lI Wtstrtiore Jvt? filtreigon. Ada:Vt.
. _
Char:(3.ll3, e,. Eifignitel Tubbs el at..
_ Deloon CJef(p., ,/,..Prancis Kohler. -
tieo.Al7. r.r.Nyaiiiiin we ' •
S B. D.iiiek e: a! vs. iilner Field et as._ - ,
H. . , ho Snyder.,- ,
A: Ku. vs. FordSaßA._ /ales- -
Geo. W. Nails it CS, Witra & 3lettartlie,
Seerinee CoLell es: A. B. A. Briggs. - -
John Sobineon vs. John Nch.tahon,
Janice Roselciiiiio of L. 181. Smith TS. /loth Alford.
Ell Anies vs: _Covaneaque Valley_B.D. Co. _
Bfre..Ersnties. Colvaneeque Valley It, ft, Co.
Aaron Coleus. Covvineaque Valley 11.-B. Co. • '
A. IL Evanit cs. CS.marieque Valley B. R. co,
R. O. cox, - _
- • Prottyy.
Nor. 11, 18'13,41
Have just received a very Isle saaortment of
and Far Tor Stoves, fox wood au coal, which tined*
for sate at reasoDable prices., Every stave far rate
ranted. We have the.celebrated
for wood and coal, which we offer kir **lo as tII6 bed
cook dove in this market. Also the -
Base Burner. for hard coal, and the O t3P/TFLIM," b
soft coal, both of which are warranted to *TO good
We are silents Or the Horseheads Plows, whlati Map
ly need a trial to insure a sale.
1 We keeps general aisoFtgneut, of
11,,rdurare, Wails,
HOUSE TIUM3I/2;013';
ellinl T Ware, Sheet-Iren Ware,
Qopper, &o. All for sale at "live and let dire prices."
Alt kinds of JOB WOBIE. promptly done and' atisEw•
don guaranteed.
L A share of the public patronage solicited.
.r •
. R. Duo:arr.% •
0. E. BitEwormt, l
WeUsher°, Oct. -
Wallebolo; Oct. 14. 1873.-tf.
In all the new shades,
A full assortment of
Kid Gloves, Laces, Eltni3roideries, tico.
Tailoring Department.
- AV
I , I