Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, October 14, 1873, Image 3

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    iiOC~lL► a ~tOTI 5.3,
spelling's Glue mends Furniture, Toys,
• I '
Germantown Wools iu every shed° nt
We here -
received a Aim lidvertibe l meni
from "The Regulator:), at _burning too Into
for . insertion this!w.ookt 4,Alyillttproltr in
our next ii:sue.
Tits PorrAten took"ntiretniftni for
fi n e j,,b printing , atthe Inte,County Fitir. But
that WaS" nothing tittiang t for'thnt - office has
been winning golden opinions for, fine work
ill thatline from all good lodges for the pest
:s e w Pall Shawls at cer i low prices at
This Aorre.ToaOffice lies just 'received a
large invoice of'printOr's stock of the finos4 ,
q u l lity, and is now, prepared to turn out;
flit-classjokwork on the shortestnotice and
at reasonable- rates. Persons desiring job 7 ,_
bing of any kind tire invited' to call and ex-.
„eth ic • our specimens. Orders by mail 'will'
1) e promptly and carefully filled.
in thonew shades of fall rnate
tial st Mrs. SoFiELD'd. ^ .
'lies Pauline Smith- has . just returned from,
N ew York, with a largo .Stodk.. for the
and Ir o t er Trade. The Assortment of mit
iii„ry ; aid Fancy Goods. th'ii largest .in;
wpu s tboro, and her customers will find the,
prices very rea4onalle. The: Weis-making'
department i 4 complete. Dresses cut and
toad. - ! on F.liort notice hy eiPerieneed _hands,
at low pricec. - ,
s onEL p has received anew and very
do-irable assortment q Latlies'Voaks, Dol
which .are offered at
mans and Redihgotca,
v ery low prices t
A FINK TutNu TEETti.-=The
fragrant SozoticiN'T;liits takeik.a•Nery promi
nent place amorig the most ripproe,! l l deuti
frice.s of the day. It . is a very pope arti
de-for the toilet, highly recommeiadati by
a n who have usedit, , ,as robeautiller alut pre
server of the teeth, refreshing .ho . InOUth,
sweetening the breath, and arresting the Pro
grea, of iteesi. ,`• • ,
\VAN'rED.-A man and his Wife, of raid
die age preferred, , tod9,thelvprk •of, a fami
ly of two in a Railrnad , country village.
The man must bo teMperatd and willing, and
must understand the 'care (sf . hoTses and
cows. The woman must be a good plain
coo k, washer and;irorier;'good tempered and
industrious, and r both Must give good refer
ences. Good wages, paid promptly. Address
U. L. PA.vrisoT,
Messrs. Cearrolf& of . Trgy, Pa.,
took the first premium at ,our late . ,7 County
Fair for a fine light Pith is an
indorsement of the geticial'hpinion,held in
regard to the Worlrlurried put by ;that :firm.
Their wagons are derfainiy wasu f tlifilagd in
beauty of finish diud iecia: - Nr,erkrtaaniship.
Mews. KrrcirAm are: .- aiefits in
this village for the firm, and anybody in
want of handsome and substantial work' in
t h a t line will do well to call on them.
F l a.NI Foa SALE, in Delmar township,
within a mile of Welhboro ; 115 acres, 70
aerei cleared, the rest in I t er. Or
eharl of grafted fruit, a good story frame
dwelling 26x32 feet, well finished inside and
oulaide rind a good cellar; barn 31:iit40 'feet.
The barn is well watered by .spriigs ; soil
excellent. Terms S5O an acre, $2,000 down
—the balance to suit purchaser. Inquire Of
11Atyriorty BUTLER on the premises, or of
Hun ia You o,
• Real Estate Agent.
The elegant glassware designed to grneo
die table of the Presidential mansion is rap
idly approsehing completion. .It numbers
forty-sic dozen pieces, consisting of 'goblets,
ehatnpagne;, clarets, -madeiras, sherrys,=cor
diab,-&c, &c., all ent and engraved in the
!loco! and most artistic manner. Many.have
already voitcil the Glassworks to see it, and
ptObabi, hundreds yet will avail themselves
of the opportunity before. the ware i 4 for
l‘arded to its de,tination• By the kindness
a Mr. John Iloare, the: ladies of Christ
church, Corning, are enabled to announce
public exhibition of this set, at the office
of the t,laos_n•orks, on Wednesday, Thurs
day, and Friday, Nov. sth, 6th, and 7th,
during all hours of the day. .and. evening.
An adinatam+fee of 25 cents will he charg
ed, IN hien` applied toward the pay
ment or the mirish debt. Parties from
abroad who de-ire to see these goods, will
d o acid to remember the date, as they will
only be on exhibition at that time. An hour
spent with the President's dinner, service
and in looking over• the Glassworki cannot
till to be both pleasant and instructive.
Pickets may be procured at the following
P[acel Wm, Walker's, Walker & Lath
rop ;,t Todd 4.t Smith's, Dickinson House,
and K. Newell's. '
tlle gteitator.
Home ----Affaijs.
Mew ailverifieriinapßi p o Tregf:.
w awe. - 3
Goal_ Qt —}r. P. Iligonp AfigeT: .
G 00.....„, C 1086. - •
Farm for Eale—Snrali -
hank Walton rionsp , ;-J. Q. lierriCk-f
coittluiviionerte V °.
I?. 1 ni V. •,4 " :• •
--Tlip - ft,?.stivo.Py begins to Amp.
—lf idu JitiVori't voted;, do so at-once
Sapervi - Sors,-shodld .put- their roads in
mutter trim
--The first snow Of thdseason put in an ap
pturance -last, week.._ - •
—The nut crop is bountiful, and tho Smal
Boy rejoices accordingly,
the carnii.latcs for public office wil
hddisgusted with politics after to-day.
—The pupil, in itttendttnee ttt the public
FM/0 , , 1 in this village ;umber ot'qr fem. lie 11-
—Mr. N. P. Close has purchased the gro
cery told prpvieion Vlore infely belonging to
L. A. Gardner•.
—RerPetit - 113er that oue'of the first duties of
ft Citizen of ft republic is to Eustain
principles by his vote, tl-
' - - - --Itenben Short, of Westfield town hip,
'NA , considerably hurt by being thrown from
wrtgon nne dayiast went,
ow the tipne to advertise., Every!
ulethant . lktiows that the bestrthing
1, 0 csri do now is to get ri4l of his go(Cds' ras
thplell,y possible. •
— l Where - are (hose, "droquet Concerts" we
14e.a1l to listen to after the hew ihstru i hie.hts
ame? It seems there is seine' difference be.
'tweet' talking awl
—The leettira ex , tiovernor Curtin,
which ia to be delivered in this riliagc ; Ties-
day evening, .nv - ein her 2fith; for 'the -benefit
of the liermaie Scicitt• will be upen,",Lite
inIRUSSja." •
--Tile store of A. .T. Fisk, situitte4 . about
three miles from' lon; was totally - Oeitroy
° by lire last Tupsdiiy ,night; • The stock of
gOdS was entirely constimed.,l'he* fire is
hel icy ed to . hriVe be:eti neeidentftle• • ,;.
Me , ..srs. J. B. Nllo3 and M. F.,
lip:tubers of the Constitiatioind .A 5 iii:ention,
returned home last Saturday night,-''the Con
vention having adjourned,oyer election -day.
They return toPhiladellihia to-day.
•r-One of the '-piettiest i n : Of 'Ornaments
for room is nuido ?fluituinri- leaves dis
posed upon the walls with - due regard
mony of color and
,taste their arrange
ment, and withal'' tey Are very- fashionable.
—Mr. and Mr's. L. C:Benneti, : eelebt : itted
their Crystal Wedding ; at'their residence in
this village last evening : Avery large cqtrr-:'
"AY of ladies aid gentlerninWeivixt'ateerid
noce, many of them be - ing friends from
anotkoi Effie
I) buptica announemnetst.of the chAripin the
Flor. inumoliFFPAT!
liroliiietutWp .o,f- - 410. old popular
Welton FlOusiOVisit l ors to that, establish
mentwill fln4 ,, ,,this - good reputation of the
house- fully suathiund bi=thn new landlord.
-. --- ,Z-11‘-' §11,Ra;,.1): ffetbll: iphiave+ tty , nyert .,.. , oh
, I..'4ivre.rotvillo, 0u.41.(.10....1 1. 14i) otAnt The
4:C.Vitt, .I .. r;it.:ko: V. - 33t4inch, .;,F.-Itolt.Vin the.
Methodist ctilavh-ws*..Stintlily of last week.
Mrs. Mary Pfuidiiipwßesided at the organ,
and the youphili4.43:lo- theinselves great
credit. P , '." ,- ;::''' * "Y;i,' ,
.. .
--The Tea4iflia'fitititiikiconvened in this
village yesteid_ay„riffailfoon. It %via con
tinue until FOilay• - eyinio . g. Corning as they
do during elAtiOn•yeelii,.:the exercises will
[ be likely ty'attructlesaitt§l - 41, , 0n than they
0) cal d...4V.ift• eh ail - 0,%:e - 4.. - i!flipart . ,_ of the p re
ceedingifAexp - . l4 , ,:sielc;' ,'-:. -
.*;::.; . .'fri7,, ,,,
Mi.:'..0,t0.-Attithjers l/asjot:elqnlbleted An
ad)cltlioi . i . l6.bli store tbaltitk,o)4AtElhun
d :4 . -fee:,i - tlilii. '.l.l4S,..gbliirgetollaii.O'fabder
!'e ;. necessary by. the .steady iiiiwiliPf-t;he
'ls.!lsiUe ‘ Sa-;--a . kroyth yi4ch-is.the: - xiatOsil re
st 1k.0.c-.esnterprisei:faqt and itnflaggiukippli"-
-Catidu. - "‘Ve suspect tact,
most be
'one.of these men *he' are said lb - gro*, rich
by stript atteution,io their;owre_busineas.
. , . ..
1 Ate .
A. AWiLLTI ELM APy.tAt„—Aa TAO:6f the,
political hieti),ii of tho_egtll4,7: We print tho
fol 'entitle aPpent for ,1V
,Whleh WEIS
• -
pa. in eifeulation,lest Weo : • '
• TO Tnertizont.r4na or TniaA • connsi,:.
, tt'Oe tfili t nrideralgriett fteikublicang of Tioga county,
call the bttentlon of the voters of the county_ to the
_importance of electibralnith to 1111 the office of Sher.
ia of teinperatelaabltai gootl tuoral4.:ltint ability; and.
we_recoromend W. Wiltrellte, of hittnalleld r eassuch
wan: We are opposed to au,,y set of-inpn, orznYßing,
contralti's, fhb - pleolton of Ohne ran for their ;awn
nrivil purpeeee raga we' Memo:Lea& goon
eillzena should hot be eentrolte4 hyselitahPOlttitelaha.
Denextiet; - - - John Lowia,, , D.'S:Dewey, ;
H.. H. Nickerson; 'S. Sweet; i ;'A.airdn De4T,
AaalA:l3fillock, A. E. Roalei f r%
, Oren'Shaw, Lamkte,t, 'Sanford Detvey,
P. V. Clark, - •
4..D..Wehtitgi; ' AA. Halt,- D. Wetater,t
F. M. Spencer, W. U. Colony,' 'Lynam Beach, Jr,
M. L. Clark., • • "Ai If; Ave'r3-41,113) Charribtirlant;
W. Dewitt, - Harry Ellie- ' P. XJ: Miller, '
A. oa3 lard, ,• • S..FS. " •Wat.P.ollbelt,
B. F, RingeleY, • ' A.*-Davis;- - - • Ira Paller,-- •
. 1 1% R l,L o i geleY, J.-0. Ireton, W. Yennle, '
J. W ' N. H. Backer, .E. Muter.'
Orrnel Newell, P. W. Dona,' • • PI: 11,-01ffera, '
O. V. Elliott, • • - W. Austin, VP: B. Hall."
view gib :Tiieklimit t. 13 e./ 1 00,41 11 .ican
eaildhlate'vtas riominated::4 ih e e,?gii , ept rote
of the Republicans of- _the count;#:T4iridOr
.Crnwford.Countk§ystem, and that:the:Dem
otratie candidao'wciii
_nained by tullitioy co
taro of ‘ peliticianS, who represented, nobody
bUt themselVes'and who didn't even claim one
tittle of delegated authority, the utter ladk of
sense in,tlus appeal .will be Apparent to every
voter. • The only , "set -of er
that has controlled the Republican nomina
tion for Sheriff is made up of the pebple
themselves, and the "selfish politicians" who
will control to-day's election compose the
whole Republican party of Tloga county.=--
And yet this silly gabble about "rings" and
"selfish politicians" is quite as sensible as such
talk ever can be under our present system of
making nominations. Those Republicans
who oppose Republican candidates - must re
member that the only "ring" they can injure
by such action is the whole Republican par
ty. We have full faith that that "ring" will
thoroughly indorse its own nominations by
tr'Aumphantly electing all its own candidates.
We believe the whole--of the above appeal
is as ba§oleizs and. deceptive in its. insinua
tions as every man in the county knows the
latter part cif - it to be; and we - here put it on
'record not because we think it of any import
ance, but as a curious scrap of local political
000 r; TB:IIPLATi CONVEZITION.—The delei
gates of the respective lodges of the I. 0. of
G. T. of Tioga county met in quarterly con
vention at Knoxville, Oct. 7,th, 1873. The
meeting was called to - order af;p. m. by W.
C. T., :Jib. Brown, of Well , Alioro. After the
usual preliminary exercises, Btos.C. L. Peck,
Sidney Hall and R. R. Austin, the commit,.
tee on eredentials,reported the following:per
sons entitled to a Voice in the convention :
frestkid—Bro. James Tubbs, Eiste-es Cora Bliss and
Maria close.
Norris Run—Bros. Oliver Strong and T. 11. I d wards.
Fan Proc , ':—Pres. Joseph MetsTeasb end Dennis
Wellaboro —Slaters Mrs. J. hifiler,Nisses Susie Park
er and Stella Bark(-r, Enos. P.: Austin - and It. Mon
roe. ,
Seczrille—Slstara Shove and L. Case, Bro
W. U. Staston. ,
Coringtosi—Bro.,T. PAtclipn.
Reports as to the condition and workings
of the respective lodges Were then received':
:4fost.of the reports were very favorable and
gave much encouragement s o those present.
The state of the county 'under the Local
Option System was reviewed and various
suggestions made for' . deVising plans for the
more stringent enforcement. of the laws
against the traffic in intoxicating., liquors.—
This took considerable time, the abestien be
ing a general one,)iffecting zi large communi
ty the different sections of which present fo r
cal advantages and disadvantages in every
variety of phase and meaning. Attempts
were made to view the subject in all its beer.:
ings, and the general conclusion - was that
Local Option, in spirit and in isstie, has been
conducive to the elevation of the social stand
ing of our county ; that where certain sec
tions—(reference. was made to the mining
dil-tricts in particular)—have not been ma
terially bcinefited they are exceptions rather
than 'the rule, and the general temperance
tone of the county has been strengthened.
In the , eyening A 'public Sessimi was held in
the Congregational church. A large audi
ence assembled, and during the evening
much enthusiasm was manifeSted. The ad
dress of welcome by Rev. W. 11. Sigston, of
Wide Aivak6.Ledg6, KnesVille,' Was replete
With cordial feeling and noble Sentiment.—
It was ably responded to by Bro. Denni s
O'Connell, of Fall Brook. Rev. 19'. „L. Reyn
olds, of Wellsboro, then spoke in his usual
ly. interesting waY, said that fear, fault
finders, and aWant - of fUnds are the greatest
obstacles to the temperance reform. Fear on
the part of the indiVidual lest personal inter_
ests should suffer, seconded by the recog
nized did - opening influence of habitual fault
finders., to which "In nst be s4ded a want of
the necessary funds, are great obstructions to
temperance ardor and. obstacles in the way
of successful
Von. Improratu
ches Were Made i),y Bros: Pecir, Close, Alba,
Short, Edwrq•ds and others.' The Chairman
of the meeting, Bro. Brainard, of Spring
Green, "Xis„ read a very interesting account
of the system of adulterating liquors, elect
ing much laughter at_the ingredients employ-
These various-exercises of the evening
xvve interspersed by some very fine musk
by the Knoxville Bracs Band and temper ,
nnee choir.
The meeting of the following morning was
occupied in soinewhat the same manner as
the preceding day. Bros. W. li. Sigster, N.
L. Reynold's and - Denhis O'Connell,- the com
mittee on resolutions, presented the follow
ing which were unanimously adopted:
Ti!..fat&q.i, First, That we regard the traffic in intoxica•
tiro drint:s as the greatest hindsrsnee to the rollgi-
CV% a;c•la I , and financial pr i osperity of the American
vecipli!.• •
&COO, That total nhatinenco oil the pert of the in
dividual end total prohibition on the part of the State
'are Dalippensable principles of the reform.
Thied; That the vote of thin county against Morose
has beet, productiveof-great godd by diminishing the
rlahk, by rendering the!sale Secret and diegraceful, by
removing the temptation from the uni4tiatcd and ice
formed, and by cultivating a more correct public sou.
Fourth, That for the more effective execution of the
law we need additional legislation to provide us with
a State 'coustabalary„ and we also need temperance
men in all of the offices of the Commonwealth.
Frtf:h, That in the present state of the country we
cannot es temperance' Turn, under any ordinary cir
cumstances, knowlug'ty vote for any but temperance
men; espeelany do we affirm this In reference to all
township, borough and county officers. -
,S.'izth, That in order to prevent, if possible, the for
mation of a temperance political party, we will use
and follow existing partiis, 59 long as they, can be
made subservent to temperance interests; that if all
patties offer us temperatice-men ; nd principles, we
will vete with either, as otheriiit. _may dictate;
that if ,only one 'shall thus offer, we will vote for tem
perance men and temperance principles irrespective
orrigirti; that if neither party shah give us lids
portunity, theft we will strive to organize an indepen
dent temperance party. •-
' Sprcnth, That this convention appoint soma Dora°
whose duty shall ho to act es prosecutor in all co
manlike where It may be found difficult to Lind real-e
dents to assume the responsibility, and that
the community in
,v,epieb: tho prosecution is undertab
en shall furnish the necessary evidence and funds for
carrying i n the prose-cation.. • -
Eight, That it is the duty of all Members of citurci.
es to render their add: and influence in the furtherance
el temperunce.principice. • •
Ninth, That w# tender our sincere thinks 'to the'
memblird of Wide /Wake, Vidge, No. (kV, and to the
peopbi of An'oxiiiie for.their hteanese,ata basPitda ,
ty in entertaining the members of the - COn'ention;ta
the shots and baud' for *di afttoieut 'Eartieaa arid
. „ „- -
- '
to the truehsee in the Congrefiettentil church for the
*use of their hottse of worship,
..,'• . , , -, „ -
tittitA'proieed ,niii or ~to irinprotoik bi,
s theta Or resp(ktive ripetit of tge i , equaly .I'4
p . .foil .1' 1 1.. - ~F k 1.1 '; it 11 1 1
it- deCordlanch: ?Aral; TesultitiSn' leVentli .
Bro. Warriner, of Wellsboro, was appointed,
prosecutor, and his salary fixed at fire dol
lars per day and expenses during services.—
A committee was instituted to consist of one
member from each lodge in the coußtF,elect
ed by theitokpkvihoi aut; .4ii ft. to de
vise mean 4 to, !risk funds ,_fOr.rltheprotifeCti
tions heretofo l te'inimed.-.= Bin: tt. It Atistfn,
Of Wellsboro, was elected Chairman of the,
committee. •
The Convention adjourned to meet nt Mor
ris stun at the notificatio4 tittite, AV.' 0. T. • •
METUODISM IN. TROY -Drimticr.—At the
recent C,eritrtil 4e,w;Vork pkilicrt:6'i of the,
AietliedisCriiishopul Church, held at tc'eed-''
port, N. Y., Reit. D. W.O. tintington, bite
Presiding Elder orth is District, presented
the following paper which is of some local
- "Troy District is'thfieVik of the 'Bl . ftie 4 .
New!York Which is situated in Pennsylva
nia. Its northern boundary is nothing but n
"State lino" which, ignoring natural and so
cial relations, runs across and over no mat
,t•gr. what... And It.irf-thesame c ; onseqUenee
iii thelnujicaf, Wbrk ings of eh iirch : rit at ttifti
as are pariMHs of latitudb in agriculture.
— rho southern line of the District no man
will ever be troubled to find, whose eyes or
legs have been called to survey it. It is one
of the grand fences by which the God of
nature has divided ll id A
is ; lips, tanddparated
his flocks, A long' line of scalloped hills,
'rising into the proportions of a mountain
range, gashed anti gorged to suit the wildest
freaks of the earthquake, parading its illim
itable forests of hemlock againsi the sky,
serves as•etfectually to debar Social and busi
ness intercourse with what lies to "'the south
of it as would a confusion of tongues.'
• L"East'and-west also the , Distriet is similai-'
ly 4fined, for it extends from the great river
SusqUehanna over and up to the head waters
of all streams—Potter county. So far as a
Community of life with that which surrounds
it is 'oncerned,,,three of itsl,lo , 3_,,ltto practi-,
cally shut. On 'the - north - its hapepy* gateft
stam open night and day.
"Per a goodly number of years therefore,
,the,„tefritery enabrareetrin„Troyl;Distriet. has.
iupPlied its northern - dependencies With wit
ter, lumber, coal and Methodist preachers.
The Chemung would be like the Nile in the
days of Moses bpt tier: its southerro tributa
ries. Its richest flats have been shipped in
to New York on the hoods of_the Timm and
the'Cowanesque. Eighteen hundred thous
and tons of coal are annually brought from
this territory into Corning, Illinirli. and Wav
erly. In two years morei.thiti 'am mnt will
be increased by fifty per. cent„ ' and even at
this rate the coal beds Will' scarcely be ex
hausted in six hundred:years. 4,- ' - t ' ' 4
"Thb statistical:report - rpm tlni, several
charges will show that God lab-been-with:us
and that souls have been saved. ' , Vito king
dom of God comes . with A nd - ..Witheut chser
vation on - Troy District. --, -, • ~. -
"The sue_ ass of our MethodisthinlthiS sec
tion has, by the blessing of God; been ' quite
marked. I began with the "settlerS,-endured
hardshiph, si. d performed ; labors, which' if
Written up, ould do honor to Methodist fhis
tory. Its p r cent. of progress' for a Aeries
of years has been 'higher,. than the 'average
01:..th0 Conf rence of whachAt has - been a
piti,t. it now numbers - mord members than
all tlther churches combined within the Same
The following are the appointment. mad (3
for the r
M. 0. Dean:
W. 11. Rumsey.
C. F. nowo.
U.:,. Transuo..
I. V. Lowell.
Towanda . ...
East Canton
Li bert,y Corners
Forksvi I le
Blossbnrg •
Delmar N.
Gaines ..
Harrison •
Rev. D.:W. C. Ifuntirigteu gcies to Tfnivei
sity Avenue E. Church, Syracuse.
Rey. D.:D.',Buc!s; to - Seaccia street, Ithaca.
Re4,-. J. P. Crau;forr i l; Agent of Con forenee
Temperance Satiety, • ,
- •
Con JrPramions.
—Wilkie Collins reads nt Williamsport to-tnor row
—Wilkie Collins reads at the Opera House, Elmira,
~ 1
—The Teachers' instita te, of Potter county meets at
Lewisville to day.
—John Shuey died at Lamont, Centre county, a few
days since, from Injuries received by a fall from a
barn ten years ago.
A li - eivtloafoniielattitieen eslablighed at ebiSrYy
Springg,P.otter countsSt!rliag•Dertng Post.rafts!
er at a salary or $ll
—From the gialiti'r'egfthill lels',reb.irtea tL it `tl
early fronts have done
plea they are chipping at the fat'e of fifteen tons Per
(lay. ":3`,
—Abram &miller, a Frenchman and a shoemaker
committed suicide by shooting, last week Sunday, at
the Ward House, in Towanda. He was undoubtedly
—The Central New York Methodist Conference, at
reedspelt,' adjairifed sine itai..lasf, Tuesday
night a4lO p. The '1111C') of meeting.n'fit year,
vidli be fit Ittiaea, N.Y.
Liberals" of the Drk &cube/2 district hare
nominated N. B.:sccift, of Cameron, for Umber of
./CaSeinbiy. - But that candid - ate won't be very swift in
his progress towards Albany.
—There was a fire at Corning last Saturday morn
ing, resulting in the ciestrtiation ,of a ate3m, laundry,
and a dwelling house on Market street' The lbsi was
about $1,060, and the insurance $3,000.
—The Democrats nominated George B. 'Bradley, of
Corning, N. Y., for Stitt; Senator, last Thursday. This
is a go6d Democratic nothination;:but the 11:endure
doesn't stand inneli chance of an election.
. —The Spiritualists of Chemung county, N. Y., met
at Big Vats the otner day and resolved that they had
no connection with Victoria C. Woodhull or with "that
class of persons." That was a good thing to. resolve.
—At Wellsville, Potter county, a few days since, two
performers in the McAllister & Polley MinstrelTronpo
quarreled at the depot, when ono plntiged a knife in
to the other's neck. The wounded man lies ill a criti
cal condition at the DoA;iiii-eirtuit;,V.'
—Tim Towanda Reporter says the mountains lii the
vicinity of'that place, were covered with snow on
Tuesday morning last. One of the oldest citizens In.
forms us that such a sight tins not bef'_.r., witnessed he_
comet this season for-thirty-five years. • •
TheitntyrikXntion's saw
. 111111 it Lea 'haven, hnoWP
as the Star Will was totally destroyed •by fire' on the
Olt instant. The loss was about .$4.0,000, on whtrh
there was an insurance of V. 0,000. The mill had n
c opacity of 12,000,000 feet. It will be rebuilt at once.
—The Sophomores and Freshmen at Rochester Uni
versity had their annual "rush" last Tuesday, Ono
of the Sophomorea, by name "Ererett A. Brown, was
nearly crushed to death. his spine'was seriously in..
„hired and three or four of his ribs were. brOken.-:-
'Wasn't it fun though! -
—Rev. Father O'Riley, a Catholic ' . .elergymen;•sta...
Honed at Susquehanna, N. Y., was rnu over by the cars
and instptly killed at Susquehanna DePot, on Satur
day week. lie had Just left a train of cars at the De - -
potuud was crossing, the track, When an engine nntlo-,:
tired by iliMatrreck and threw him on the track, cut
ting him to pieces.
—The Elmira Advertiser says: "doorge W. lireck,
of Bath, is the Republican candidate; fdri Eiherier,Of
Stertben count}:- ' Mr. Brock - is a 1460011011 y npright
had trite indri; Well knoWn and Milsvicinity respected
by the people of the county. We aro gratided to learn
that perfect harmony rules in the whole county, and
that the 'nomination. •of Mr. Brock will rpecirf.the
itett-an d can party."-
is correct, as far as it goe'kil; but wetere. ante Mr.
Bred,: will receive truieli More than his party support;
although that alone would be sufficient to insure his
election. We predict that, on the 4.th of November the
ballot-box willprove the fact that he is the most popu
lar candidate for sheriff of that county who has run
. ,
for; maniyears.
W THE RD E = 3PEItbIL ^ R. In Wpitabofb. -Sept.
Lfteybotdsllfr. - Volter Welbeibi.o and
Miss Louiso Sterroor, both of DelmatY, _
YELSON.- , -At the ' residence - of • hor daughter,' In
CoVington, on .the 20th of September; Airs. Martha
Wilson; aged 97 yonrs • "
Wilson WaS 'ono of
,the old 'settler — e l of this
county, removing from fklassnetritsetts 'wilt her bus.
band; SttinnerVileonr in the ospriripi of 1810. , They
pprebesettrt farm in Richtinond township, near Cow.
ington;:Where they eonttnnod
,to reside until_ tiltart
time previous to • , •
1 _1 Ai ii. 644 z4e • ii 4;..' ' ' 1 •
• it 0.
-1 - O, •"T.P*I: -2. : 1, 414'. .
1 t i
l e Vrt r fq? . l 4 4 En 0. 14. •
• Vet. oth. lai.
. 1
larinTSl- - f
Dairy Palle, choice
.4. 4. orlinary..... ..... ...... 3.5 4o; ~
Perin's, Choice ' Lis 0: 4t r •
ordinary .. ...
35 091 Ilf ,
r., . .....
, State Firkl4, ae1i0cted...4....k. 0; 3E'
stikto Tuba. 5 . " 4...... bb 0, 36'
0,. , 0 , OrEart.
State Factory . fancy, -
11 44 medium..
Farm Dairy. Prime......
" ,lair to good
Drie.AAPplps, quartered per lb
Potatoes, per bbl .
Apples, tape....
Ata.ple Sugar,:, ,
Asbtou Salt •
... ...... .
Eggs, fres)l4
Sce y Pritfein
Flour, per bbl
,Buckwi•icat flour, Per qwt• ••*, .1. •
Wheat, wlfith4ier hpsani
I.'heat - ', rod." ," '•
Wheat, spring, ••
Corn, shelled, "
ii• Y et
Chfnoerf teed,
Timothy seed,
Corn meal, per cwt
Peed, per cwt
Potatoes, per bush.... .......
Apples, green, per bush
thiluuS, per bush
Turnips, per bush -
Pork, per lb
•Hanis, per /h; ....... , 4 ~. • 4 . • t •
Should era, per lb
llutter,per lb
Cheese, per lb
Lard, per lb
Tallow, per lb
D•niey, per lb ' '
Vinegar, per gal
Eggs, per dozen
Dried apples, per .......
J3r fed peaches, per lb ......
Dried cherries, per 1b...10
Dried blackberries, per lb. J...
Dried raspberries, black, per lb
Dried raspberries, red, par Bo
P ay, per ton
Wood, IS I aches, per etird.
Wend, 3 feet, per '4) d
coal, hard, per ton,
Coal, son
(Around plaster, per
Sugar, "A" coffee, per lb..
Sugar, yellow, per lb
Sugar, brown, per lb
Teti% green, - Dsr lb
Teas, black, par lb
Kerosene, per - gal
Wnol, per lb. ,
Pens, Canada flehli.: , • • •,-.:••-•
Black-eyed Altrewfat
It ianver thirty,yeara Since . this celebrated remedy
was introdneed to the American' , Barite, During this ,
timer,it haa performed hundreds and thousands of the
most astonishing cures, and' its , reptitation and sale
have now reached a point that far surpasses any rem
edy of-the present or past ages. •It has acquired this
great reputation, not by a system of priding, but by
the actualinerit of the article Itself. If yon are af•
dioted with any of We diseases fox 4 Which It is recom
mended, such as Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Nervous
Debility, or, disorder of the Digestive Organs, it wilf
not' fail to sustain its reputation in your case. It is
nut an alcoholic drink, but a pure Medicinal Bitters
that will de you good. For Sale by All Druggists. Be
sure you got Iloofiand's• Gernian Bitters.',' John
ston, Holloway & Co., Broprietork, 60'.1 . 4%.re St
4-June 24, 7m-Rot.
J. It. trurton
..J. - .nerving
..Paul Smith
is the hest remedy in tho world fur the following
plaints, viz.: Cramps in the:Limbs and Stomach, Pain
in the Stomach, Dowels, or Side, Rheumatism in
its form', Biliiuus Colic, Neuralgia, cmlera, 13:1401-
, tery, CA' AttS,F.g.llh , , Wolllll.l£l. BUM?, Sur . ° Throat.
-11,11 Complaints, Sprains awl Enlists, Chills and Fe
n% FOr internal rind External use.
I - Van Kirk.
- 0. Hinman.-
0. N. Clark.
..A.l. Blanchard..
......J. D. Blain.
....S. G. Rineynult.
11. Lamkin.
0. W.• Gibson.,
.:E. G. McConnell.'
...A. J. •Parkhurst.
G: Ilowell.
U: C. Mo i S , er.
.....,...J. D. Requa.
. •
A. D. Braise.
Itritte Everitt:
Chas. Weeks.'
I E. - William.,
• ,G. C. Jones.•
- 4. Ensign.
. J. N. Sackett.
Its oprratiOn is not °My to relieve the patient, hut!
etalroly removes the cause of the complaint. It pen
etrates aniL pervades the whole system, restoring
healthy action to all IM parts, and quickening the
Tidal 10 Crill.llIOLD , PAN
In and Al! Het li 4CEX IS'l'Ve.4ll!N't` ta-
t ng. • go
I'vpareti by
-• ' •
No, 21/3 F u t-L T •
For Faie by all (fril i r 4 hOPPC, Nevarotitt
. 1111 .1 15., JAY '29' 1.r3-1
-Thirty Tears' Exiierlence of an OM NurFR.
Mn:s wfxstrOWl4 SOCiaurrrei
(yr of the best Female Physt 3
eittltil gad Nurses In the United Mates. and has been
need for thirty years with never failing salty and '.-
ese ce se by ndlltens of 'mothers and children, from the
feeble Infant Of oni3 iweek old to the adult. It eor- 1
recta acidity of'tho stomach, relieves rt ind colic, reg-i
ulates the bowels, and gives real, health and comforti G
to mother and-child: We believe it to be the Ilest and i
2itirest Re n
znedy in the World fit cases of DYSK.N.T.
TEM: and DlAlatilt.F.l CHILDRES, whether HI
arises front Teething or, from any other ,C.3IM:
,direellons for using will stemnfitny each' bottle,—;
None °ermine unless the tee simile of CURTIS. S 5
PERKINS in on the outside wrapper. Sold by tills
Medic:log Dealers", • 'July
, •
Children often look Pale and Sick
from no ocher( acme than baying worms in the et omacih
will.destioy Worms without itkhiry to the child,Amilj
perfectly iyukru, , aryi free frora 411 eolorthg or. 611ier
tahnicnts ingreilthhta ugually.eeed ,ta n wOrta!`pfeinsta-1,.
CITRUS & BROWN, Proprietors,
No. 216 Fulton Street, New York,
..7o1(1 by D 11401.513 and Chemists, and ceale.rs im ..1141i
einets TwE.NIY-FIFE CENTS 4 }lox; July 29,"11-ly.
- .
TRAYP:D Obi STOLEN.-,Prom the premises 0 /
17_bf tliecahUgcitibef 'MI abdiut qbe (A" Sept.,
ono tver,year old grey cow,. - three red yearling steers.
two led yeariliit heifers: Any person returning there
orgifing eny lufortpation of them will be liberally
,i'ewat•EW(t. 3 • • 2 -- I JOHN I'HARSON. ti
, Delmar. Oot. 7, 187340
EExamination• of 'Teachers .
- I ,IX,VxMCATIONS for those desiring to teach dorbag I
i the year, will ho held at the following places: • 1
Liberty. (Block House), Monday, Sept. 22, 1873.?'
Union, (Ogdensborg)r:: . Tuesday. r - ii 231 - "
llioisburgl, : - •- ' Wed4o4idaf, i' •24, : . •. Cilivingtem ,-. :-• - Thurpttrty, ! , f 25, , ~.
lianstield,'-(ScE0O1 Hou)s(?), Fridityii -, " 2d;" . "•
Tloga, -. • }, : s atu i,, day, . ~_ d 7 ,„
:vtithi9tairgi i : :. :.: , ' Moriday, -, tf, 29, -”, ,
Ilptlanit, ! ~ ~ ; l . Tuesday, ' I'titi,;.'":
JackSon,lMille:rtown), - - Werine:rdity, det. f," ii' 1
Lawiencovilp,i, Thursday, i• 2, ''
Farmington. (O. C. S. 11.,) Friday, " 2, ii
Nelson, Saturday, " 4, " 1
C,l,yinor, isabinivrillol, Monday, " 0, i 1 )
•-ilaincii, (Veiruillyeall), Tuesday, '• 7, . 1 I
'Dolnia l r, (Stony Folk), Wednesday, ' ii, ii.
'Wellshoro, Thursday, " 9, "
Charleston, (Whiturlyville), Friday, " 10, i• ,
Chatharn, (Shortqville), Sat urd,(ll'.- -.." ..11, " i
BriOok(lebt;•- . i "-Monday, •i' "•• 21), ii 1
Wext1101,.,.. •; • - Tuesday; .".' 21, "
Ktfexville, - - Weettesday, " 22,
And at Knoxville the two following Saturdays.
Examinations to commence at 9 a, m. ,
Teachers will provide themselves with foolscap:
paper. pen and ink. School' Directors and others are
earnestly invited to attend. Our Annual Institute m ill'
be held in Wellsboro upon the week commencingi
Oct. 13. E. HORTON,
: Sept: 9,1872-13 t. County Superintendent.
BW4+ ' • t
0, 9
1 59 ®,z2 p 5
975 0 , 4i^5
04)( •
......... „ tlX@, 9
1 " .; - NWPALL, Mail Grocer
1VM12130110, OCTOBER
. :4-10 Q $l.l 00
tu• "-
IloollanWs kiernian Hitters.
. and
itEaD Q
This will be found a rare!
The puhlto ore thvitoci to
Wellaboro, Aug, 20.1873,14 . _ ;: ,
, .
is 47,1442 41 A ityj-- mi tin 641 ti r plibliia'alc,.
ft 01l liikpfeitißks, in of
. Te. coif,.
• o nii TUESDAY, the 21st day of 00TODEll, Dri:i.
• e folleWillif described property : ..,- A. lot, Of -Land -in -
•id township, bounded es follows: Beginning at -a
oar iirthe Stony Volt rend in the .xrcate-rn:PulwelltrYll
tin of - banal; of henjahlin Alf heelerl; Wein% 'nuitls,'77 '
egre,, west,ll 5 perches to a post on the east side al
tic ritony no* creek; thenw by lands of M. 8. Coles.
orib, 4111 degrees east. 4 - .8 perelies to a birch tree
eti!Le•i thenee south, fig degrees east, 5 P perches f$
t..e, - 4 tee Airy Vork read; thenek along the ipatate
orlt road solitti),;lsi, degrees west, 47 perches tai.3h-ii
bee.,, of - theitrildinet outlining two acres and 67 mnire
t'renevtuere Ot lestclvith privilege of ludtino,tho
titer la the cfeekitt Idgh water into a dertaltbe'crve cm
I- 11(16 OZ . M. 8 1 ,0,0:lek s bilt 11,0 t so high as Al:Cate:know
ny oilier landL4 said Coles. upon which,ltittlialtuat ,
.rt a hicaksmittcsilop and a wagort shop, With dAmtor
ater-power. -;liihown as the wagon facto.ry,af Hough:
lu, Orr & Co,. .- ,": I -- ' 1
Atso. - _, - - 1 hatineof landin Delmar towuslitiraf4reanid.
i aundetiandfddetaribed as , follows: Beginning at a.
'got mu the center, of, Ititonyrork road, thenee , along '
I -Q dine of,-Edgar TlOtiglialea lands 'north, -76yi deg.
eat 4 .7 perrhes,to - a pobt,e - orrierl
,thenee' south .18
_West 7 porches to .eptostedrner,L t hence South
7 X dept..etuat - -ll L'Oprehes,„tcY'llitV-Steny Pork • road 4 ,
i encb alerignaldroadl per. tO the,place,ol-4egittning
c•ntainiog-20 squisre'perattes,.,Wlttt It 'thiuble 13 , story
i awe house thereon, known as the prOperty of Chas.
• ouniltOn. : - 1 ~
_''',- • L - ~ - , , • . : .tt-.--
Also --A tract -of land Irr-Delniar--_te*nshiP Afore -,
a id; bounded and described stalbl l 4WAL . ''Crlegi4 3ll2 n
a a post in the Stony Fork road'; thence along the:.
,ad Leading to Jaeob Bartles' nail north; eftl 'Owes
hat IS .6 perches to a post in the centre ot tbeiast
o entioned road ; thence by lands bfal. S. Coleitiorth
2 degrees east 12,perOws to a peat ; thence - SOUth V 7 ,7
egrees east'2o rierches to the centre of the St'oniTork
1 r ad; thence,along the cenirenf said road south 38 deg.
[ est 16.4 perches to 'the place of beginning, cen
t • ug Is acre's of land more or less, with 114 story
I g house and a few fruit trees thereon, known as th e
p °party of Charles:turd Sylvester 'Houghton. ~,---,
Ar-se---A lot of land', itt Delmar towns:lßlS afdrisala.-
b unded and described as follows i Beginning at a
pat the northAvest corner cf lot Q. 12, being, also
t e south-west corner hereof ; thence by lands of 'W. -
, Coles north 18 - deg. east 6 perches ; thence north
A .6 'degrees east . 13 '.B perches : to , the mertit-WeSt
c rner hereof near the bridge Over the Shiny Fork
c eek ; thence along the road leading from the Stony
rk road to the Sehoold House, south.„64K deg. east
'8 .1 perches to a point in the Stony Fork road ;•
6101 .-along the ,Steny Vork road south 29}g Aegraeo
I a • st;l7 .0 porches, to kt post in the centre of the last
'i , et/Boned road, thence, Along
,the last mentioned
r ad north 76;1 degrees west '4',.7' to 'tliti'plit.ce of
b •giuninglcontaining 102 square perches, with a one
'a, . - otte.half ettirydiame , house and frame barn there
o ~ known as the property of Sylvester Houghton.
-.. Anao-st-A guso4, 417- Oak t ittchkßastwoneltand-Pine
.tuber, wi th ogler property-uiedin their . business
o cartisge natilotvg,•_, %lan altpiatttitrof Hiiiniticin 'ash
a-6 Hickory hogs ,„iii ~,- ' •
ViD CAtitittiii; klatiflik '
Wellsboro, Sept. SO, /873-. 0 3t, , ,•,.., ', 'l , , ! ~, t , ,:• ~: ~ •
I }9git'• 14
3o(U1 12
12 eo ;
10 3 ,(,@ 12
70 4)0
40 ;45
- . 7 ,00
2 Oo
2 50
1 So 1'75
o 12 1
/25 18
, 12y,
air au
12S 14
' 40
16 20
... 95 4 30
- 2 00
3 110
- 6 75@T '25
350 3 50
- 8 50
- 12
500.@1 60
80e@I 25
2 00
3 00
HO says Billy Wilson is putting on airs, selling
goods at such minced prices?
Great Inducements
To purchasers of
' '4
S 4
<Or 400 t.)> S
BOOTS hi.IID 8110 ES,
eats' Furnishing Goods,
.ic., hc., &c
c ,_, ,
aving purchased a complete stock of goods suite
for the Fall trade. I am prepared to dispose of
at prices that must suit everyone.
die following La a brief qpntnary•_ot tpy;014.61:.
, ott Prints, desirable patterns, at 10c
' ..Sneeting,.yard wide, 10 to 120
- it " " bleached, 12,c
' nornestio Gingham, at 12;.. to The
.gut yQ-RGE T . TIAK'P L ti:O,E
No. e, Vnion •dock.
ellsboro, Sept. 23, 2873
ut Sale
~s,li AW LS, lsqN:S,.
pportilnity . t Baigrii6
and weetArthempelv es.
. „.
~-,--,,_, , -,.", , , , , ":': -f:'.; ",f, ': tip
-* .". ',.,' 4ll' 11 ' :7 R 7- - - ---,--.' is,.- --, ,ii f. . i IT't -=•-
.it - 1 4 . .; ` ---. .i i ~.v 1 t t i g i ... c i , ? r_ 't -,:
.- -: '• ~ 0 • . - - --- -- ,- --__ z_2. L. :- - - -- '
. . cz.
.., .
. • ,
"Camera Hidr, '
9oti Diaepuals, . ; 4
Ttirkish Brilliantlnes,
Aiiierigari silks,
Embroidered L'dgeE,
White Flannels,
• led Flannels,- , .
Blue and Grey Ft
Broad Cloths,
Suits made to Order by the best Tailors
13 ODIC 13]Er S
- 133EtIUSsicir,s,
rxwop A.INTJD rrl-311;nalE
0 IL. CI.. o_'llBl . S
`1 31. WILSON
- _
and oil Whoa vittut of goose thatllls,' are on Imuti with iklarger stook than over.
Beaver MoliaiN
Embroidered Insertions,
White Goodd •
_ Shawl*,
Qt all kinds as c4a,p as can be nought in Any town or city in the country
We sell GOOD GOODS and will make-it pay ior people to . come and see us
Corning, N. Y., Oct. 7,1873
- _ ), Ro
b - Thr aum C
Gut en
Our Stock of DRY GOODS
is uniienally large and attractive. It cQt)siSts or
.~ z,`
Striped Ottoman , . _ -
Thibet and .heavy 'Doable. Shawls
Waterproofs, and Cashmeres, Flannels, - •
Domestic and Housekeeping Goods, .
1 Prints, Mt 1811129, Tickings
' Denims, Skirtings, Napkins,
Linen Vabio- To‘welis..
Lane Curtatus, Whitelaoods,
Ladles' Belts, Rushes and Ties,
A fine stock of Fanc3 Goods,
` ~ New and stylish Fall Suits;-for yen, Youths, and Boys. iipring,Tall, and
. . .
Winter. Overcoats. I' . • .
- Remember that we manufacture our own goods and can therefore save buy
ers considerable. 'We call especial attention to our •
Justom Tailoring Departmen,t.
. .
7- WC,kep a large stock of Finelmported CasslUiercs, Coati: igs, and "Wavers
We 10 Custom workou:short notice.
'We guarantee all work done by us as regards fit and style.
New Hats caps and a large stock of Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Don't fail to call on us'before y u purchase, as we can offer
than yOll can possibly get - elsewhere-
• 211 BWRN.IIOPIi I O . Maiaggin# Pairtneicl •
Oa' Branch esti:fres-158 Water street, 2 UnionEltnira,:Basquehattila
Depot, - and IVlontrosq,. l a.
Oct.WeH 111;Iii4
`~='u .~
Would nay to their eristiarteriirilioit minty, 4,7 r,:;;..
French Poplins,
Japanese Poplins,
Lowest Prices.
Doe t:kins,
In all the new shades
A full assortment of
Kid Gloves, Laces, Embroideries, &c.
Imported 1311131,
TOlo 1,1,41:43,
oinels t :
Stripe Sheeting,
• 'Repel'tants,
Of. It I,?4,l**o4{NE,
Laiereamerilk fold ". Tioga 7
.13 AS all the traprored ta
li ditties. for perfecting
.:: : • 4 ",
...igegZst. fi , workin all branches of the
, -, -- -r,, . ~profession. Aa to rettabili.
Tt'Zsk - 7-, - ---. --
e,---. 11 m14. - 4-Yi- tv.experttnes and ski ll ho halt
' 7- - -- rp, - --‘v- numerous. cert/tleatea of
A , reconssnerulatlein from all.
It p
-. i, # IV , ' classes of his PaiTonal—olor
_" omen. Inerohantirtraschan
tea, ph/Idol/ins. armors, and working people.
Preservation the natural teeth always recom
mended. If those mans aro too mph wasted by ds•
eay artitloial ones an be substituted at prices rang
fug from
t2S 10 to $BO, -
which resemble the natural teeth BO closely that none
but a professional eye, can distinguish the difference.
All the different agents used for produeing imams!.
bility to pain when deemed advisable.
The Doctor will be pleased to give any information
Or advteoftee to any who may ask It, either by mail or
otherwlso. Office In Lawrenceville at _his residence.
next north of, the Presbyterian church. At Vega ev.
ery week Monday and Tuesday. Pleasti call.
Aug. 12, 187 a-tr.
The Board of Director of the Wellsboro Graded
School take pleasure In a flouncing that they have s
cured the sorvicse of the allowing teacher; for the
-siting year:
P. Er. Epics, A. 8., Principal.
SUSAN R. DART, Preceptreas. 1-
'The term will begin on Monday, the 15th dey of
ScptenibeT, 187 S.
,Flr further particulate address J. IL - BOSARA,
NV Tabor°, Aug.. 19, 1813.-tr. Scrotm7.
Napkins, Towelling,
TIZGRANI 11110ITIERS, Proprietors of tho above
J. will manufacturo as usual to order, to suit etisThrs.
are 'warranted. Partienlar attention given to
801 l Carding & Cloth Dressing
We manufacture to order, and do all kinds of Eton
Cardinf, and Cloth Dressing, and defy conspetitipn, •
We ha . vo as good an assortment of
Full Cloths, Cassimeies, 4 3 a,
and give more for Wool in exchange than any; other
establishment. Try them and satisfy yoursolveli.
`We wholesale and retail at the Cowanenno mills, 2
%Iles below Knoxville. I
`Jan. 1, 1872. INGHAM BROTI7B.
J. H. Griswold's Water Wh i eel ,
Tundersigned, are agents for the above Water
j. Wheel, and can cheerfully recommend it as wipe
rior to all others in use. Parsons wishing to pur
chase Should see this Wheel in operation before buy
ing other wheela. /1. ,, 70.11.421 131/09.
Deerdeld, May 18, 1872.
WesynELD, APRIL 21, 1872.
We the uhdersigned. purchased one of J. El, Gris
wold's 30 Inch Water 'Wheels using - G8 inches of water
to run_three run of stone under a 20 foot head, and are
well pleased with the wheel. We. have ground sixty
bushel's per hour with the three run and can ayerago
that amount per hour all day.
- E D
100 Finmers and Farmers' Sons (raring the Fall
and Winter months to do business in their
own and adjoining townships. Business respectable,
easy and pays well. For particulars, address S. S. , '
sop.ANToN S. co.; Hartford, Conn.
Columbia Classical Institute ,
A Boarding School for Young Men and Boys. For
Circulars, address liEV. H. S. ALEXANDER, Colum.
RETAIL. Double Guns, $6
' and upwards; Breech:Loadera,
• $OO to saso, Rides, Revolvers.
- -
• • " - ReVO L di a sentir allVarrt i gi a i;;;
;:-• • country by express 0. 0. D.. to
be examined before paid for.
WZ? send a genuine W. & 0. Scott & Sons' MazZie Load
er, with Fles'k, Bonelland,olcaning, Rod. nicely boxed.
lorl t !:"*. Send stomp for Bkice List. switri
SQ i 723 Broadway lid CO Chatham St., N. Y. 4
' \ , '
Peopte of the
Tioga an4VowanesQue Valleys,
fack<3on,,,'Eutliiia, • Pai-m
-iviiton- Chatham, - .ll:lo4libury,
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Deerfield Woolen
Read kilo following
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- - FEND ron cArALootrE.
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The Sc lent jilt American is the cheapest and best
illustrated weekly paper published: Every number.
contain; fI'OUL 10 to 16 original engravings of new ma,
chluery, Novel 'lnventions, Bridges, Engineering
Works, .Ireldtoeture, Improved Farm, implernents..
and every new discovery in Chemistry... A, fear's _
otouLcrs contain 832 pages and szveral hundred en=`'
reference. gravings. Thousands of volumes are preserved for
bindingand Tho practical receipts are well
worth ten _times the subscription price. Terms, $3 a t
year, by mail. Specimens sent free.l,lMay bo had of
all Is.;ews.lealers. PATENTS obtained on the best
terms, Models of now inventions and sketches exam
ined. and advice free. All patents aro published in
the scn:Nrirrc A3IERIC-tH the week they issue. Send -
for pamphlet, 110 pages, containing laws and full di
rections for obtaining PateLps. Address for the Be-,
per, oh concerning Patents/ AITY.N.N S CO, 37 Park
Row,N. T. Branch Office. corner F and 7tll Sts.,
Washington, D. C.
8 1
I. ;Atk.Ve.'A '
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Having strAglbct twenty years betweeli
life and death with Asti:pun orPlutlals
le I orperi nentrd myself bpi compound.
ing, roots ‘net herbs. and inhaling the
Medicine ;hue obtained. I fortunately
discovered a most wonderful remedy and
sure cure for Asthma and its kindred Ws
nses. Warranted to relieve the severest
....4paroxysm instantly, so the patient can lie
down t.) res and sleep comfortably. E TRIAL
dress D. IANGELL. Apple-Crock, Wayne Co., Ct. ,
( No Tar ua , d), fur outside work, and' ins.tead of ,
plaster._ Felt Carpelings, Sze. Send 2 stamps for
enlar and Samples: C. 3. TAY, Carrigan, '
CHIMNEYS, mado by PLUME 67,
ATWOOD, producea the largest )fight. Can be used,
on any coal oil lamp. For salir by all lamp dealers
j either sex may fascinate and gain the loco rink
01,c - firms of any Person they choose, instantly. Till%
simple mental acquirement all - eau .poisess, free, by
mail, for 2.3 cents; together 'with a Marrhigo Guido.
Egyptian Oracle, Dreams, Hints to, Ladies. At queer
book. 100,000, sold. Address T. WILLIAM' Sc CO.,
Publiihers, Philadelphia.
~- . .5.. ABM, ' 41.9 P ,000.
By all who will work for us. It upon writing you do
not And us rat s‘luaro, we will give you ono dollar for
your trouble, Fiend stamp for circulars to
v, MEN,
0 rls and 13oys wanted to
Een our FrenelVatul. American
Jewelry, Books. (James. &e.. in their own localities,
No capital needed.. Catalogue, Terms, &c., sent FP4/1.,
p. 0. VICKERY & CO., Augusta, Maine.
PIIONtY ygii,uhiegtek
E S. r..spENcErt i UT IlanOvor 'at., Boston.
per 'du Agents 'wanted !
$5 to $2O I;.5Z:”.1 of warking people,of eiths ,
SOX. 'Yr1111112; or oil, make more money at work for us in
their Ryan: raoment.s . , or all the time, than at anything
I'.‘vtivol.tr3 free. Addi,m.4 G. STINSON, k CO.,
, Sept. 23-41.
Victor Cieriarge - Shoji:
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Iniblic to the Vet that they are manufacturing from
tho choicest selecte4 material% tho latest anti wait
approved style' rt
mut nice the fine CUT-UN - Alt PLATFORM 'CAIN
ItTAC, so convenient for turui , J, about tu a narfOW
space. 1
-We shall keep aiaktys owl . na h good assortment of
Doggies and Platforag 114, mud eustoraers from
ahroaq nay rely on Uniting ero just what they want
amt at as low a price as is c 'nets:tent with •
'Orders ptomptly falai. Our place is at tho ola
ptaua 0 Bradford a: compton - , near the Troy TIOUPO.
ITroy, Pa.. May G. 3573-iy. E. F...ULLEY.
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