Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, July 01, 1873, Image 3

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Fike:, t.notttacli,, drops cure in I 'thinute,
, .
Spalding's Glue; handy, mends everything,
ZODONT renders the mouth enchanting. Com
posed of rare antiseptic herbs, It imparts,
whiteness to the teeth, a-delicious ewer-like
aroma fo the' breath, and preser es intact;
from yotith to age, the teeth.
NeTulE.—All persons indebted' to Derby
& Fislii , r either, by note or _bOok aebount,
will ha e thirty days ..td call and pay the
same to the undersigned, after 'which time
the amount will be lef t fur - collection.
July 1,4 w. ,* (ho. 0. Disti!Y.
alit Nita or.
1:-Io Affairs.
OCcto ..Ictrerffeenarrait this week.
Notre to Bilko Commissioners
WM:lames uentmu Bittets.
13 Ft 1 Ts; s
—Next Friday is the Glorious Fourth.
Hon. John I. Mitchell is to deliver the
o ration ut \VestUeld on the Fourth.
—The "Active" 13. B. C. of this placehave
c hallenged the Tioga and Elmira Clubs to
ploy nt Corning on Friday.
—Hon. John I. Mitchell delivered-a liter
ary addres•, at Mansfield last Tuesday even
ing on Bacon. We hear it very highly
;Token of.
—Mr. M. Yale has removed 116 Tobacco
Stord to the building formerly occupied by
Belcher 4 Co., one door ; below "Eastman'
dental rooms.
—Many of our exchanges will publish to
papers this week because of the "Glorious
Fourth." Our subscribers will receive the
AuITATOR as usual.
—Jake Williams has put down a stone
walk in front of his residence, and the ma
terials are on the ground for ono in front of
the Presbyterian church.
—The bridge across the creel: near the de
pot in this village is completet and will be
'mind very convenient 1,19 so o As the new
Cone street is opened and graded from East
Avenue north. .
—Prof. Verrill assures us that he intends
to retain his residence at Mansfield, and en
gage hereafter in the instruction of Teach
ers' Institutes. Good judges pronounce him
very successful in that work.
—A considerable improvement has recent
ly been made at the depot at Lawrenceville.
The track has been moved, a broad platform
built nearly as low as the track and the de
pot lowered to the same level.
—The. saw mill of C. F. Miller & Co, at
Ado Island on Pine Crock was destroyed by
tire last %6ek Monday. The amount of two
hundred thousand feet of hemlock lumber
was also burned. Los:. , about $8,000; insu
rance, $4,000.
—We suppose the..ditor 4f the Mansfield
AdrectiseP is neither a`Mason nor a politi
cian. lie wants to knw what a "Goode
nough Morgan" is. W -refer our jolly
friend to the oldest political , I:\orker he knows
—say Thurlow Weed.
—The track is in - splendid conqtion for the
horse fair advertised to come off On Friday
• and Saturday of this week. There ill un
doAtedly be a large crowd to witn the
rave,, as no pains have been spared to \ rake
it comfortable for spectators.
--The Soldiers' Orphan `School at Mitm,
field shelters, feeds, clothes 'and ediwates 210
children at the present dine. It is a huffy
little world within itself; a noble charity,
and a credit to the workers who administer
it and to the State that supports it.
—l' Rif. Allen is erecting a new wood build
ing i n the re a r of the Orphan School build
tng, at Mansfield. It is `..).8x70 feet on the
ground and two stories high, the ground
door being designed for a dining room and
•At.elic.vri and tWe stt,ry stbof e Gr school rooms.
And now /Int i k has 40110 bila: D;nc,-
ha/akin withont, Stlymg, good bye to Tien
comity And the county didn't eVell kin s
hr had gone I "Ho packed his valise
Arab, Mid silently stele away," or words to
that effect, as the poet. Faith. P...0,-bye
---M r. H. V. Forgoion,' the new editor of
thu Deinocrat, 6', We eleterstAtlCl, the Sell of
Rev. "M r. Fergib , on, late of Corning, and
h ow o f Le Hoy, IN. V. De ipori.at says
ho is known to be a lir:t-olao: joornali , zt.
Wi' WIACOMe hint heartily lo Well,boro,
and the now !Ifni long life and pro=per-
SuLurday 1:1:4 the reildunc., of Mr.
.Antbh liar& in thi , . wq Artick by
inyhtning. The bolt -track the ridge, tin
ning down lice end of the reef, thenve 'along
the water trough to the oppo-ite lint and
then into the ground. Mr. \Vbitney w.o: the
~tdy pet-on in dm 10.11 , ;
%Va.. utiiiijiirfitd.
—Mr. Jenkins, tho late publisher of the
Demucent, made his final bow to the reklets
01 that juarnai last week. We are sorry to
lose our tHeitd (ruin the local journalistic
world, but trust he will find more renmner
ative work elsewhere, tie is a right good,
fellow, and deserves success wherever he
goes. 'May he always find it I
—Twenty drops of camphorated spirits on
ft lump of sugar is said to be a very excellent
prophylactic for cholera, to be. taken every
morning . during the prevalence of the dis
ease. The cholera is not here and is not ex
pected, but the specific nosy be as handy to
have in the house as wasthe Thompson door
plate in' the dwelling ofaMrs. Toadies.
--There are signs of thrift on every sile
at Mansfield. The addition to the State NM
trd school is rapidly going up, the walls be
ing already laid as high.ns the second story;
a tine, brick block is to be erected on the
corner 'dpposite Ross i k; Williams's Block,
and there is earnest talk of anew hotel build
ing. This last institution is needed, and if
built of reasonable proportions, should prove
a profitable investment.
driving from this village across the
country to Mansfield last week we observed
that the crops wqro looking reasonably well
for this time of year. Corn seems to be a
little backward, and the yield of bay will
probably be quite light. One farmer informs
us that he has determined to plow his mead
ows and sow corn for fodder. But the re
cent warm ruins have brightened tho agri
cultural prospects considerably, and we con
clude that the proniiso of "seed time and
harvest" still holds good.
The Democrat of last week announces that
Mr. IL V. Ferguson, of Leßoy, and 3fr. H.
Sehlick, of Dansvillo N. Y., are hereafter to
be the publishers of that journal. It also
says that in the yourse of three or four weeks
the paper will be enlarged and improved.
W are glad to jpitirn that the 'patent out
side" is to be disc - an/inland that hereafter the
paper will be printed wholly in Tioga noun
t'• We see no good retts'on why the Data ,
oeratie party of the county should . not sup
port a creditable organ, here, and we npte
these improvements with pleasure.
—lf any of our friends -bravo occasion to
visit Mansfield dtlriiig this fine weather, we
advise them to get a good rig and drive over.
In the first place, they will save time by . sp
doiug, for a Smart horse will beat( the cars
tither way, and in the next place, if they en
joy eitbei• the beautiful or the usefiil in na
ture, they will be amply repaid for the lit
tle extra expense.by a ride through one of
the loveliest and most thrifty pieces of coun
try that lies outdoor's. As for the smart
borso and good rig, if it didn't 'make this
item look like a puff,--which it ill i t — We
should say go to Messrs.• Kolebam & Colo
and be happy:
—Last Saturday morning as the freight
train was Coming south, when just below
tlfe depot at Niles Valley, - a man name John
pheluian stepped on the track in from of the
i l
engine, and was run Oyer and Instant y kill
ed, his body being literally - cut in two. We
aadarstaad that Mr. Shelmaamho wile 011 out
• wenty4 Years' , Othdi
the nigh, before, a Oiad . etite to Worlaleap=
ing a piece of land near the railroad i 41111;
morning: After worb itig: a while be remark
*ad that he felt sleepy, and would go and lie
down. Se then started and Walked down the
bank, seemingly unconscious of the neat' ap
proach of the train, and „stepped upon the
track, with the fatal result stated above.—
Ile had no family.
*r 1 ."..- ..i.-' , - •ti 7: ..:_.
..- pt• - -i; -
a , •00k314 : eV.2I. !i. *: t ..' z ' - „et - tif
Lawrea'4o4iii*Ta. - .%; . , ' . ! ; ,, '-e 4 . -. ;' ,4 - ,!:..;0 1
1041 ' I n k rt w o o r n o l f d n b i e os e t as or y t tde he zi e tiis y e s i ; hematter;and
might seem somewhat ungracious,. and we
pass Omni with the general remark that they
shoWed a fair average amount of -thought
and ctilfure.
The diplomas were then presented to the
graduates, of whom . there -were eighteen.--
Then followed the closing address of Prot
C. 11. Verrill-;
Friends of the Class of 1873.—The hour
for our separation is at hand, and . in the po
sition of an instructor I am in your presence
for the last time. ,
Pleasant indeed it is for meto Meet you to
day, to listen to your familiar voices once
more, and award you your diplomas after
your faithful career with us.
- Though the word farewell brings sadness
to your hearts and mine, - yet we can. look
back upon the course of study compteted,we
can recall these years with pleasure.
Standing as you do to-day at the end of
the career - here, how natural that we should
look back and*ry for a brief time to live
over again these weeks and years. „ . :.
I can truly say that as a are you have
been faithful and industrious, you have been
eernett workers. In my relations to you as
an'instructer . and friend I have doubtless
left impressions upon you, and you have
each and all 'left impressions upon me; no
two persons in -Ilia class, as I , think of you
now, present the same character; either in in
tellect or moral and religious culture.
And' this leads me to the subject of my
theme to-day—the subject of this my last
lesson. As widely different are the charac
ers of people as are Varying the scenes of
i ature, or aro various and are changing the
natures of the human coentenance as we be
t old now - faces from time to time. A cele
-4 rated Greek writer says : "The character
•f man is known by his speech." Not his
oral - character, surely, though some times
hen the speech is made up of cursing and
winning it can be quite accurately lacer
lined. - I. apprehend the writer to whom I
efer had another idea in view—the intellee
ilia character, and not perhaps the strength
i f mind but the culture, the nature of itidis
ipline and its training. But Another kind
•f character it is my purpose to speak of to.
• ay. Ido not mean by this the reputation
.ou may have or I may have, for these rep
talons may be true or false,but the charac
ers are true to themselves.
Reputation is easily obtained,
.or at least
. Stokes certainly has the latter.-`.usan 13. Anthony has both, and when ;she
if late demanded the full punishment (for a
lupposed crime) she exhibited considerable
:haracter. -
Reputation may be made uperebrass, and
tinny a man has a 'goad reputation who is a
effect humbug, aquitek of 'the first water.
ow unlike this s with,elittracter. A good
Tug POTATO Batt.—The following letter haracter cannot be formed in any such way.
from a correspondent who has had experi- othing but real with, genuine integrity
once in dealing with our farmers' new pest vill produce it.
without much effort,
one can rt, and consequently there be made
will be found interesting and may prove very re many of the latter. To form a good char
useful just at this time : cter there Must be it good heart, , a good in-
To the Editor of the Agitator.—Stu : In oiled, and' much will. A lack of wilt with
the AGITATOR of Juno 10th -you gave notice tech of/the other things mentioned will not
of the arrival of " A Dreaded Visitor," the arkk•Vtgood.chttracter. Too much will some=
" Potato Bug." Allow me to say that we, iimes produce egotism, as well as teo much
in this country, are well acquainted with the :
tellect, though I often think egotism thrives
rest in ignorance. I say first there must be
"varmint" and have been warring against` 1 good heart; a heart - not brim full of self
them for-the last seven years, and yet they i• (Mess, a heart not brim full of desire that
are with us. Your description of them is ther people should be nothing save some
very far below one's self. One must have a
correct ; but the "sweeping:v process hug ßart not ready to catch every word and pon
e or it for the sake of the gossip; one must
them off; arid in a very short tithe all will be I aye a heart not filled with desire to do oth
back on the vines with an Merensed force and trs injury, even at the risk of becoming a
/ t otorlous liar ,• a heart which will not be
sharpened appetites. .1 while the lips mechanically pro-
By experimenting we have found but ono : I t -l i t t i t . t ' c g o i t il l ( te hindmost lies 1. say the heart
way to treat them seeeessfully, and that is, t must be good, it must be true, it must be
to give them a dose or two of Paris Green, i are; it is of no use to suppose some one
either by sifting it on the - vines, while wet t links it is good; it is of no tlBO to presume
with dew, through some thin or open fabric tie people,
in E
, the friends, are hoodwinked,sop, s Fables
like book-th 1 ko an animal mentioned
uslin, or by applying it in water tle ears are sometimes exposed to view.—
with a,common sprinkler. I have used it I :al culture of the heart is needed as well
i successfully both ways, and am convinced it t • that of the intellect. It is not to be sup
'is the cheapest and most effectual when ap- osed that all aro to possess-it without some—
plied by sprinkling. One ounce of Paris • yen quite a good deal of cultivation. Edu
. , c Lion m its broad sense includes the culture
Green to twelve quarts of water is about the f the heart as well as that of the tnind and
i I right proportion, and the nose should .be ody,•though it must be admitted that ninny
finer than that of a common -Sprinkler so as a called educated whose hearts aro seldom
not to waste the solution. Care should be i inclined to exhibit any degree of it. Not all
taken not to use too much o' tho Green, as it a called educated men aro good men, not
a 1 of them Ore agreeable or useful to their
will stop the growth of the' vines, and the f Bows. A certain kind of education will
1 potatoes will not mature but will bo soft and a ly lead one to become a sharper villain.—
Watery. It is not necessary to apply it until I speak of the moral character tirst—it is first
o young bugs begin to eat, and generally i,i Importance. ,It. is the last to he mentioned
in the argumentative discourse ifi a plea for
tw applications' during the season will be clr , aracter. The moralelement must not be
stiff 'bent, or, in other-words, one application p stponed in th'ii course of study, however,
to each \ erop of young bugs. • ese a character far front the symmetrical
The old ones eat but little through the M ill be produced. The boy or girl must have
the elements of this instruction given them
summer,* to the f 4ll when tflerf3 are no e rty in life 01st 4 i , 4 ii d ifflettlt task in Mier
potato tops you may he sure they will make y -ars. As it is troublesonit, for the man fifty
a raid upon the tomatoes, eat the hark clean y ars of ago, unaccustomed to sthdy, to sit
from the vine and take the ripd fruit for d wn and go through the dry detail of text
b dm work, SO it.llidltllell4forkil/(lilan one whit
dessert. - Very respectfully yours,
n aa ou genuine integrity, who hes not been
k J ". VV. shEA""wN• a .customised to be truthful, who has not been
Plainfield, Wis., IMO 17, 1873. 9..customed to tell the same story twice alike,
Another friend at fort Allegheny details t change. The fact is the heart has been
Lis treatment of the btis as follows: - ti led with other seeds, and , now the fruits are
I had just e,i a parent. Dishonest boys IfilllCO Credital 0 -
I had a Visit from the dpi aro bug about the , . 1
•u er 'nen, provided they have brains
samo time yon /lid in Wells ors oug h .
received two barrels of Nos tk Sonde quick Students dishonorable in their relations to
lime plaster, and took one \ bushel of the cl,ch other are only propaling to no more
plaster and one bushel of liard-ple ashes, d -' l l l ) o n o o i rt c r 0 among their ll'soeietes in the
inked them and put a handful on C,/101 hill. r Bul v a good character I admit must naive,
Three days afterward I made a thorough intellectual qualifications, intellectual cot.
search and found only these bugs tvi_T - e the time. Schools and their ..,socintions, books
,plaster eduld not hit them. Try it for kr- and the proper nm, of owl., experience ii.
self Tt will _ save;, sour 011)14 , 811 , from e the world, contact with men and flood coin
black hug, and vines from the yellow bug.
d m e t s a i i n s d e l l i i t •n n w i t i l i l e L e T t i l yril t , j o u u n t
0 11 1 1 . 1
u t i l e ' v it.
e t l l i i
i i: ( l , g t s ;
limns truly, J i;TERLE. ' \ m),l d he who casts aside any one .of these
An exchange says that Prof. Riley, of filings gives poor nay it.‘of acquiring this cul
111 issouri, who has given great attention to 2 1 , 1 "-." is no easy
tivation of the mu-Die:Nal charifcter; peo
the ravage; of this post, states that the first , • ple st,IN• '0 for it, but if lever existed it is now
year they steep everything ; end if left an- ti lnOng\ the Lost Arts and even Wendell
di , turlied, a half dozen hugs will destroy the P iilipsill not delve lor it, at least till some
part toes on it thousand acres in a single sea- en 0 (Weevers it anew.
It can never be said to be easy save as all
-son. Th e second year ap ara.,-ite appears, turd j a b ot i4\ c a sy ly hob 0110 1103 the lqy 0 a
anti Itiettl-Mably.clieeks their oboe/dna* in - it: Time,'r' at
patitince mid peeveri'co are
crease, and from year to year the Parasite ea;ch and allueeded. 'ffia,e4liir
d essential tile
increases and the bugs decrease. meta in characterj tuntioaed is will. Nut
• a Will to be stubbota—that 'sort of a will is Of
mitt., ~ ,,wth. Stublibtnnesssis al . 'lli'• li'
• ."Tillt-DoOTOR'Oy ALCANTARA."—In 4pito
of the sweltering weather a good-sized audi-,
encegathered At the Academy of Musie last
_Friday evening yo witness the performance'
of this opera - by the graduating class of the
State Normal Musical Academy; of Mans
field. But altholigh the heat was npprossive,"
the reward we's ample.
As for onrielves,wo wore dissappointed
the performance, and we think the audience
showed the same feeling,butothe dissappoint
merit was a happy ono. We tiro sure we ex
press the general sentiment of the ,people of
Wellaboro whoa we'say that they were sur
prised by the proficiency shown by a party of
young amateurs in rendering'so ambitious a
piece. That proficiency showed not only
natural aptness, brit careful training at the
hands of u competent instructor.
Of course wo don't pretend to criticise the
musical part of the performance, for, un
fortunately, our own musical education has
been somewhat limited ; but that ,the listen
ers thoroughly enjoyed this - feature of the
entertainment was shown by their frequent
and hearty Applause. But of the acting and
the elocution we do profess' to know some
thing, and we'here wish to bear our testimo
ny to the fifet that in each of these parts—
and a very great deal depends upon each •of
them—the company showed superior ability
and training. The acting was hearty, natu
ral and unembarrassed; the -pronunciation
and inflection generally pure, unaffected and
not at all "stagey:"
As regards the piece itself, it is, almost as
a Matter of course, Ili ridiculous and highly
diverting exposition of o,no phaskof the
"gratid passion." • The scene is laid H'Spain,
and its a transcript of human nature it is
about as foreign to the ideas of an American
edienco and aboutAs unsubstantial as a cas
tle in the same land. But whatever the op
era is, its plot is amusing enough, and an
evening' passed in witnessing its develop
ment upon the stage is by no means mis
li de worth. Stubl.„irnness is all right when
M A INS BU RO IT EMS. —1 t some thne "Since
it is shown for the right, but is at least un-
I wrote to you. Mainsburg is very quiet. fo innate when it is exhibitett for the wrong
Mr. J. M. Clark has beilt a nice addian to It is clear that a strong will is not shown but
his house. We are going to build en addi- w sere stubborn men predominate, as it is
Lion to our school house for a primary de- u cossarY Will which Will allow one
paatinent. Our Street Commissioners are
to change his opinion if need be for the right.
- N A only a will to do right, lad a will to find
improving our 4reets, and we hope they will t what is right is need its the good strong
turn their attention to side walks. We have el araeter, And tido will must tie based upon
got some as good ones as any village in the hart and head culture. It might with more
county and some as bad. Our Sunday school prvriety be called purpose: purpose to do—
is:flourishing ; Bev. I. Everett is Superinten: in ention '
An these essentials can be summed up in
„lent and a good one, too. oati word—Culture. r Culture of the head—
The weather has been very dry ; you may culture of the heart—culture of all, faculties,
powers; this is needed to form the chili
judge how dry when I you that Mr. Es- of all
ter set tire to a fidlow one mile south of here ac er the ideal of V. hick may be imagined
and the tire crossed an old road, killed r
at maws of thegraduating class, establish
from fifty to one hundred maple trees, and f o y ourse l ves g ood (diameters; cultivate all
burned over two acres of grass, and they ,had th powers of intellect (Ind has given you;
to plow through the meadow to stop the are. CU Livia° all these olcuiclits which Junku
eh trader. You are all intending to teach in
The grass and trees belonged to Thomas
th keystone State. good work. Let
Doed. "We have had a nice rain this week.
tit impressions you make on those uieler
Messrs. Morton Lt, Adathy a re building a your charge he good—worthy of an example.
large darn for their grist mill. We are build- Chapel mei VP", o s tir
ing a new parsonage fence. Mr. Peleg Doud yo liter blurs room, our macs exorcises all the
raised a new burn last Saturday. I will " v•r.W " win not I. "'g vt ' Ll w ee ni " lin g s a "
th se gatherings. You are my last class its
write nein soon. O. t.h Normal School, and together with all the
2 1 / a inembury, June 24 1873.
eh mni will be kindly remembered by the.
Every graduate and every . student of this
- an former years will find an mo a lifelong
ri lid. There is not one toward whom I en
et lain any feelinas salve those of thy Idiplest
retire from the school with the best wish
zs 'or the Normal and its future prosperity;
• the best wishes for its one hundred and
e enty graduates, to all of whom I have
en instruction, and its twenty-five bun
d pupils who have been members during
,ht se last eight years, nearly all vi whom I
'e instructed. I shall not forget those who
e min of our present number, either as
et :')let's Or pupils. illy aYmputhiPs will tic,
vi h them, .and I can only trustthat, though
n labors have always Eeelned. of little ae4
nt to a very small and select circle, I may
ae remembered by them. If I can feel that
tai} work has been appreciated, I shall think
II se years of toil have not been lived in
Thursday was "CouilllPncement Day" at t ,
Mansfield, and no more beautiful day over 4 .,
dawned. The flue June weather was im
proved by a large crowd of interested well
wishers of the State Normal School who sl
crowded the 111: E. church to overflowing to- 6 ,,
listen to the Italia commencement exercises. 3
The program& litigant with a "Song of b
Jubilee" by the Glee eltth-led by Prof. Jew- 11
ett. After a prayer by Bey. pr. Hunting- r t :
ton and an anthem, the salutatory was do- l y
livered by David T. Brewster of Montrose, n:
Pa. His theme
_was Theory and Practice, c 4
and his. main point was that the possession of b
sound prinCiples and unswerving adherence tl
to them was a nceossity-oflivery true life. v
' Although we took notes, want of space
forbids oven time briefest outline Of the sever- °
al dissertatiOns. The following is a list of
subjects treated by the respective speakers :
No One Lives for' Himself Alone,' B. W.
Baker, of Mansfield, Pa.
Cause arid Beet, J. W. Carpenter, of 12
Cross and Crown, Miss S. F. Gray, of
Bath, N. Y. 1 s
Success, L. J. Fick, of• Liberty, Pa.
Opinions Differ, Win. Fuller, of Whites
ville, N. Y. .., - , , c
Progress, Miss E. B. Hayes, Mansfield, Pa. s
incentives of '73 ; C. B. Gardior, of Green ,
Grove, Pa.
Moninnents, - J. 0. Griffin, of Canton, Pa.
The Value a a Trifle; Miss 14.1, It. I.low- 1
land, of Mansfield, Pet.
Energy, C. B. McKean, of Zion, Pa. -
Trim Heroes, J. K. Ming, of Auburn Cen
ter, Pa. . .
Endosmose and' Eiostuose, 'Miss_ V. K.
Wylie, Daggettie'Mills, Pa. '', , 't
Independence, M. 0. Webster; of .11eildit:
Major John Reynolds, of Robersburg,
1 e tre county, a member of the legislature
n i 845, died a few days ago.
Mr. Jonathan Slaughter, a soldier of the
va of 1812, died in-the town of Erwin, ;Mett
le county, a few-days ago.
Mrs. 'Betsey Calkins, one of the most re
pe ted residents of yid-wed Post, died last
u sduy in the 80th year of her age,
There is a doctor in one Ctf the central'
m Mies whose name is McKillum. He
'aid petition the legislature to change it to
Curoum. - •
The Roman Catholics of Erie are' build
nsi a cathedral 200 loot long, 11'2 foot across',
trauseept and 78 feet across the nave and
'is os. The spire will be. 225 feet high. -• • •
-Hon. M. C. Trout, ex-member of Con
:r,-s, dropped dead in Mauch Chunk, Pa.;
•h le accompanying the Pennsylvania mil
er al excursion party last WeduesdaY. ; •
young lady at a wedding in Rlinira '
other night s frActored her ankle by tomb
lug Or the.hae of a Ott,
a gotkViifew'of the MI-
Oat partireliorie this will prove a Wara
ine , CtrOicat gymnastic belles.
—Henry bempbell; who was arrested for
robbing the post aloe at Towanda, some
time ago, has just had his trial at William
sport. He was found guilty and sentenced
to undergo an imprisonment of S Ypir4.in
the State Penitentiary and pay a flrii9f§2oo.
—The 'Elmira Advertiier is engaged in a
very warm debate with several of the clergy.
men of that city on the Sunday quation, in
which the paper seems to be getting decided
ly worsted. As a neighbor says, the Adver-
Gar's "best hold seems to be the attempt to
vindicate indefensible 'theories."
, —The annual meeting of the National Ea
ucticignal Association occurs at Theirs, N:
Y., on" the 6th, 6th and 7th of Augdt t.
Among other things, the disscussion of 'She
question, "Hew much culture shall ho im
parted in Our free schools?" will be opened
bigon. J. P. 'Wickersham, State Superin
tendent of Common SchoOls of Pennsylva
nia. •
—A4ioy fell out of a second story window
in Erik, the other day, and would have been
killed by the fall, but fortnnOcly he. atruek
on the bead of one candidate for Sheriff, , roll.
ed off into the arms of another, and ho hand
col the little fellow alive and kicking over to
a third, while a fourth, without waiting to
see whether the boy was hurt or not, started
for a physician; seeing which a fifth, tletei
mined not to be behind his competitr4 in
showing interest in the boy's welfare'imme•
diately wont to the nearest candy.aop and
bought him five cents' worth oFsinim diops.
And after all this interest; the tumbling
brat's father wasn't a votei.—Titusville Cou
iamsport Gazette and Bulletin of last week
contained Alio following in relation to this
road : / - • •
The'' ropacsition of the President of the
Jersey Shore and Pine"Oreek Railroad Com
pany to reduce the grade, in order to bring
the road closer to the borough l of Jersey
Shore, has been rejected by the people of
that town. In consideration of doing this
the company asked a bonus of $25,000, ten
acres of kind for depot purposes, and the,
right of way for six miles. •
As the road has been surveyed and loca
ted, it will pass within one mile of the town
on an embankment some fifteen or eighteen
feet in flight. This is necessary in order - to
maintain a uniform grade' of fifteen feet ta,
the mile, a distance of eighty-two miles, from
Williamsport to the summit of the 4.110-1
gliony mountains. To reduce this gradient,
in order to come nearer the borough of Jer
sey Shore, would require a break in, the grade,
as now fixed, of from fifteen to fifty-two and
eight-tenths feet to the mite, and the point o
intersection from whore the grade 'breaks;
until it reaelies the original ronto again, is
about six miles.
One engine will draw forty-two cars a dis
tance of eighty-two miles, but with this break
in the road the motive power would be re
duced to seventeen ears to the sumo engine;
and if the break in the grade were made it
would compel the company to keep one or
two `4lushers," or assisting engines, at that
Otte°, at an expense of not lose than $5,000
per annum, and to build n round hinir, two
turn tables, double tracks, , all of which
ould oust not less than $37,000, with an an
nual outlay of $5,000 or $lO,OOO more for ex
penses. Besides this, it would cost the com
pany twelve feet additional excavation in the
now thirty feet out through the land of Mrs.
Pfouts, a distanco'of over 1,1300 feet, much
other hard work uu the line and the tearing'
up of public highways, which they would
have to meet at their own expense. The.
whole expense of this proposed change of
grade would, as far as we are able to learn,
be net less than $150,000, and as the people
have decided not to accept the proposition,
we presume the company is just as well sat
We are anxious to see Ng ruacl built as
soon as possiblo. It will greatly benefit all
the country on that side of the river, and
materially assist the people of Larry's Creek,
Jersey Shore and Pine Crook. It will open'
new fields of trade and dovelep now indus
tries in a large district entirely cut off from
the outer world. It will also, on account of
its shortness, become an important thorough
hi re and a great competing line for travel.
Lot it ho pushed through at as early a mo
ment as possible.
R H. KIMBALL, Rd ail Grocer
Wt.a.uatiouo, JUNE 'SO, 1t57.3
Flour, per bbl —lllO $ll 011
Buckwhent floor. per evil 3 25 3 76
Wheat, white, per bushel 1 tit)
Wheat, rid,
Wheat, Hpritig. " --.—
11114,1; wife:4f , 4:4)
Corn, shelled, ‘• 744 9O
Oats, GO
Clover seed,
lIIIIGOS'.AELEVANTOR Is comprised of Ammo ,la ;
Chloroforni, Spirits of Camphor, Tint.ture 01 Lupti
lin, Oil of Juniper, and Alcohol. This compound is
itheipialleil In Gra aimuls of medicine fur the cure in
,WrViilik4 Sirk lived Ache, Neuralgia, Troubling
'or Twiteitilq; of the Nerves, and all Norrous Diseases.
It will conoterart 01 poisons, banish pitutilisi, cure
Healey el uptions, itching, humors, Av. ; it equalizes
the Orculstion, ales the HyBll4ll, 11701 , 1451,4, the
Action of the heart, w Murat exeiting the Main, cures
Heartburn, Palpitation loci kilittevurti of tie I leari.
Dyspepsia, A.c. Ilriggs' A enter absolutely poescii.s
p.m. curative properties than any other prepara
tion. Physioutis, ells mists, mid len , r,, are I. quested
to exalitillo and 1118 t 11111 remedy, and ' woo will WI
paid if found ,71itrereut Dom representidion.
C 1- 11 ;rah has been wri
1111(11y r01.1111A1109 11;11'0
brow of tor the rola f and cure 01 throat and lung
iliflCllSCh; hut nothing has been so emitteutly success
ful, or obtained rap h a wide celebrity, as Briggs'
'throat and hug Healer,
Let them nr Loots,
COl 4 llllSa, curse thou make up your
Mind that you can endure their torments as iollg as
they Call tOl.llOVIlt you, but take the advice, of uo old
oral) who has tried it, but got wended by the corals.—
They are worse than a coon in a barrel 4. tier r sur i
render, but light It out on that line sialilluer
Wa and„
winter. Bunions, ingrowing nails. and other siteli,
pleasant little pets, art: gothered into the relief kitelk.
by neillf 1111.111W5' C1‘11.111111(1 Bunion Remedies, '
Alickit,tor Curative.
Di have been a terror to mankind for cola
tunics, and almost every attempt to cure
them has been battled. lly uneetudzig study and ex.
pertmentillg, Dr. lik•iggs. has discovered an absolute
mire for internal, bleeding, external, and itching pllcs .
Briggs' Pile Remedies are 11111 d, sate and sure.
Hold by the following Druggists 4-llastlin.W.A Coles,
'lQllslioz - o; Benj. Doi lance '
Elitism]; 0. I'. Leonard,
Lae reticulate; 1). Orcutt A Son, Painted Post; Ver
'Alyea A Warren, Westfield; H. IL Borden A Son,
sad 0. Thayer A: Co., Nelson.
StAltl by the following Otitioral Dealers:- P. J. Presho
and Wm, S. Gregory, Erwin Centro; Seidy k Crandall,
Nelson; J. O. Parkhurst, Liklund• l_ttentlaß Bro's
Co., Clark 101)411, N, 81tra t tut Co., And It. A: F. M.
tiks ! ,ol:4; Wood At Seovoll, ElltrX.Villo; D. W.
e , i)Walle}:(1110 Valley; E. It. Stebbins Oee,
Satanic:illy; E. W. tracker. lattle Marsli4' N. O. Potter,
Knoxville; A. W. Potter, Middieintry Centre; Joseph
/1/1W1.0101,V1110; Di)(Ille, JUMPS k Stokes, Stokes.
dalo ; Dodge, 'James A Stokes, Wellsts)ro; Jesse Locke,.
Ci, ra „ Bunions, B M
Bad Neils. and other a
/VP ell, P. 4 eases of the ft et, Scrofulous and
Cancerolis honors. Piles, etc., skillfully. treated at
the great central Chiropolleal and Healing ItratitUtei
No. 07 Itroadway, New York. DR. J. BRIO OS 8 Co.
Velf. 11, y.
. . .....
Cut•u meal, l u •r c•ct L „
Fo , a, 0.‘5'1
P 014 1 ,1
peen per Inwil
Oginna,lwr bllsh.
Ttirusps, t,l•r
Pork, prr
Imo. lwr
81m1(1 prr lb
iSuflr+,p+•r lb
Cheese, per lb
Lard. per lb
Tallow, per lb
Honey, per lb
Beeswax, luir
Vinegar, per gal.
per 4biiifdi
apidea, per lb
Dried peaches, per lb
Dried cherries, per lb
Dried blackberries, per lb
Dried raspberries, black, per lb. .
Dried raspberries, red, per
eranberrlea per fit
flay, per ton
Wood, 18 Inches, per curd.,
Wood, 9 !vet, i.co "ir9.
Ofkal , bard,;uY Coik
Cum, heft
Oronnd plaster, per ton
Hagar, "A" L.olfee, Per lb
finffar, yellow, per 1, .............
orL.wd, Per lb
Teas, green, per lb
Teas, black, par lb.",
Keroseno, par gal
Wool, per Ili
Puns, Canada field
•• Itlaek-eyed Starowfat.. ... ~.
I IST OF LVE11:11:3 reintilning 111 tlif: L4l Oil at
Alien Anillcy. Hatlia Abrams. Charley lienimon,
hinggiv Fay. William A. Nemo Nell
In ealling•for any of the above please give name and
date of advertiminont.
FUI I Lim a 'table CnUery and Ilatc.d Waro
J at Bullp'a.
New and Desirable Stock of Merchandise,
will bo town' attractive, consisting of ninny new additions of rich and elegantetyles ti,mcdertita prices
-01torvimiami tutio7,l4tiaTag,c,,(s2!
, . Poll aull coinpluto atocle;cenaletlug„of =any now and dentrable 8 fyles for
The POW) are Wilted to call and ace for thennic-lvea, . i
Wellebora, Iwo 17.18178-14.
6 60
2 ( 1 9
ho tkl
C:k, l 15
s 0
II 7507 25
3 40 3 50
8 40
CIT.O. W. 11111ItitICE, P. M
Thomas hiarden
Would tvanectrully call attention to 1314
whictk enables him to offer greater bargattin than ever
The Carpet Department
cizAivEL-Atatvitzi.-:-At the bonne et U 00 111 6 21
fattier, iu ,Parnittigton.:june 0!L , 1879, by nek: 41 K.
Butunil. Mr. Oliver °hope!. of Chatham), 'and bliss
Marlette Mourrey, of Farmington. r
BOST—PRENOO.—Ety Rov. D. A. Booth In Chat
ham, atareu 1, teak Mr. A. Bost mid Wait Jane
Preach, both of Chatham, Pa.
WALKEIR-OAIIO/INP..—At the residence of the
'brides varoots, June 21, 1873, by Bev. W. H. Burn•
1 43', Mr. Uoiuee R. \stalker. orUisier, Pa.. and Was
Jennie E. Osborn. Of SVoiihsquin, Pa.
JoyiNSON—IiELLINGEIL—At the residence of the
hrhie's father, Jane 29(h. /873, by Elder p. P. Alder
auto, Mr. Theodore Jobnaon, and Wes Alice E.Bellia.
ger. all of Obarleston, Pa. - - I, S-
s9l2ooietil Notioe.
Datcher!s Dead Shot for Ded .Bugs.
Rills on toucb, destroys eggs and nests, roots ..tiadal
out, Ilse it and sleep in peace. 26, and .60 eeirts.—
Large bottles the . cheapest . Juno 10.-4 t.
17 -4 2 - I€43PIEM TX CI Sal ah6lld not tri
fle with their livaltirby resorting to now and untried
remedies. often drastic and injuricais, while the great
cure, Hoe/baud's °email ilitters,,can be had. The
testimony in favor of this standard remedy is Ina-
Meuse, anti each day adding twit from the most res
pectable climes of society./
• Read the testimong,rf the Supreme!. Court :
Fortner 'Chief Justiee,Ceorge IV.' Woodward": I dud
"lioefland's Germedyfiltters" is a good tonic. useful
in the diseases of the digestive organs, and of great
benefit in casesdebility and want of nervous action
the sys, , eni.! lion. Chic,' Juelice J'antes Thompson :
I ooneldlor Elorunut Bitters" a valluiblo
inoilicino, in case of attacks of indigestion or dyspep
; sta. t eau certify this from my experignee of it, lion.
Juslid George SA4irswoott : I have found by expert
once- that " Ifoofland's Oorinan Bitters" lo a very good
tonic, relieving dyspeptic symptoms almost directly.
They are not alcoholic. They aro sold by all Drug
gists.-24une Rot.
Notice to• Bridge Builders.
county bridge aerose the Tioga river. near
1 where the road ercianea the said river near King'e
Mills, in Covington township, Will be let for the build
ing of the same, by the Conaniasionere of Tiogaeouu
ty, (as by plan to be exhibited on the premises) to the
lowest and beet bidder on Friday. the 11th day of July
next. at 10 ce.oloeir a. ni. JOB ligKronD,
T. 0. 1101.418, cones.
July 10873-2 w.
.7 - Atssolution oi Partnership.
MOTIOras hereby given that the partnership lately
existing between M. Yale and A. 1.. Bodine, of
Welisboro, 1%4 - under the firm o0.1"ne of M. Yale & Co.,
was dissolved on the 20th day of dune, 1873, by tnUtll•
at &want. M. Yale Is authorized to settle all debts
due to and by the company, MOHES YALE, ,
Wellsboro„Jono 24, is-3t. A.' L. 110DINIP.
if you aro afflicted with CANCER, come
.12 immediately to the Causer Infirmary of Dr. J. N.
Crane, Addison, N. Y., where you will be promptly
treated and cured, if you come in time. When reach
ing the lt. R. Depot at this place, ask for the Aineri
eau Hotel omnibus; it will take you direct to the In
firmary. If you wish for references, send for Circu
lar without delay. Charges always reasonable. '
JULIO 24, 1873-Iy.
TABLE LIMO'. Towels, Napkins, at
Kelly's China flail
T insu to inform the public that I am now ready to
do nil work in my line at reasonable rates, and in
the best manner.
IVolleboro, Juno 17, 1073. S. A. 111LTEOLD
- "
7 k .7 7.. 4. 7 47' W '
,„ • ,
- 4 • /
• .-„pe-z
- `4'
- 41-
—:Ter,lnds. •
er*wiC); •
•;:. I A;
7E' wr? NVlttsel 7411,0wi ,
IX 151 MIL 0 Eticile , 3:;•i 7 4ick - ft
AND ItEN'ilti W1 0
1143 Mado Wholly of Iron and Steel.
Pifrabte, Astro Ja 011r1 Simple.
Tub TOMPKINS couxry
amore*® 3E=Lietir&AD 2
la the BEST RAKE In tho market.
For partlentars apply IAkS. N. BOYDEN, Agent,
Wellaboro, Pa.
$+I00( EWARD.
1 44
Jh 140
L 1 12
lY 1:4
to 121;
12 16
121 15
20 2p
ID 20
•2(1 25
GN.14 . 01 25
Bought ayace thQ :` ,
: •
. -
AT ,
Polka Spot-Prints,
black aladcolored—of superior quality;
and as()NEAP as eau be found West of New York City
CA.lllprtatlCS .for Spring land' Slimmer,
MA.RSALES for Ladies' and Children''s
Dresses in large quantities.
In fad all kinds of Goods can be found at the Regulato)
11111' /13Mai Olt IDgg6QA 1441M1.11 ©3
MUM 1M1T1NG4A,211433Z 04 NM=
Grooeries — of all lints.
CROCKERY of the best Ironstone China.
- 3,3()c)irs :Y-ILLS'
A large assortment—plea's, Woman's; and Children's—at prices as c o nesp as the elletirest
Corning, April 22, 1873. -tf.
An Entire Stocir, of NEW Gpoup
.11.70 LAC:ISW 1:10.3FL.
Wholesale Clothiers 'and Merchant Tailors,.
Dry Goods p Notions, Fancy Goods.
Hats, Caps, Gents Furnishing Goods,
WE respectfully announce to the people of Welleboro and vicinity, that we have opened a store In this
town, and aro now offering to the public a tine and well selected stock of Spring Goods, ronsisting of
Napkins, rriowels, Ctn•tins, .iracnet,
in large qu4ntities, Kl 4 Gloves, Ladies Ties, Lucas and Embroider lds, Velonra, Velvets and Fringe, Hoop
Skirts and Corsets In great variety, in fact everything belonging to a first•clase Dry Goods store.
We have a choice lot of HATS 'CAPS, TIES, COLLARS, CUFFS, GLOVES,
SHIRTS, &c., all of the latest styles.
Au Immense stock of Men's, Youth's, and Boy's ,'Suits. We manufacture
our own goods, and can easily save buyers from teu to fifteen per cent. We
would call especial attention to our .
Custom ficailorino. Depaitment.
We keep the best of Amerionp & Imported CasMineres, Broadel >the, Doeskins,
Tricots, Diagonals, Pique Clot t, and Scotch Sußings, and do Custom Work on
short notice.
We guarantee all work done ti l y us as regards fit and style,
We Invite the people to call and inspect our good ' s before purchasing else
where, as we mean to do a strict
\Volitive marked our goads at such low figures as to he p ) temptatlon to every
CASH bbyer.
Wholesale Store.
M. BERNIC()PI. Managing Parttr.
Aler Branch stores-458 Witter street, 2 Union Block, Soequeli tina
Depot, and Montrose, Pa.
Awn es law* .
Delains and Alpacas.
uurivalTft lu quality and price.
that the ladiesa cannot do without, in abulnaance
1 Lt
J. li.
- - 3~2.74.0 •
BR,Ort ~&' 1 t
- _
BLOSOBITR(}, - Tioga
sz)l ,
Pomo* Dtto'a
- Tray, Pa.
Web. 4. 1.873-tf.
Wall Paper
tiVitintrolti *•aVtls.
of any stock over brought into Tioga county
13 40 COIK S C, Jo,
G LASSWARE all endless variety at
-F- - -- $l,OOO - REWARD
A. reward of One- 'Phousand pot
ara will bo paid to any Phyaician
who, Will produce medicine that
4 ,
will supply the wants of the people better
than the article known as
Blood Cleanser. or Panacea.
It must ba a bolter Cathartic, a better ' Alterative,
a bettor Sudorific, a better Dinrectio, a bettor Tonic,
and in every way bettei\than the Pan-a-co-a. ria mat
ter bow long it Las been nue, or tow lately
°red. Above-all it must' not contain„ anything NOV
A reward of Five hundred Dollars will bo paid for
a medicine that Will permanently cure more cases Of
Costiveness, Constipation, Sick or Nervous Headache.
Liver Complaint, Bilious Disord Jaundice, Mama
atistu, Dyspepsia, Chills andrrever, Tape
Worms, Boils,;Tumors, Totters, DI ,pores.PaUris /II
the Loins, Side and Head, and Fzitt Cour/Amu,
Blood Cleanser or Pana Tit -
which is used more extensively by practiatriePh/al•
clans than any other popular medicine knoWn.
ccz-Prepared by P. Fahruers Bros. & Co., Waynee
hero,N Pa.. and Dr. P.PAnnuar,
VW' , North Dearborn Street. Chicago.
`‘6, price, $1.25 per bottle,lor Bale by
Wholesale and Retail •Deaiers.and
by Hastaugs Ar. Coles, Wollsboro, Pa.
IV which Von es,ii obtain Life Insurance is the Low
Premium, All cash, Stock Plan. It furnishes the lar
gest amount of Insurance fora given sum of mons,.
The contract is plain and definito,without complication,
mystery, or uncertainty. The policy is always worth
Its face, the premium never Increases. It Is the most
satisfactory and economical phui for the inattrant.=
Conn., grants Life Insurance upon this excellent plan.
Its security is unquestioned. Apply to any Agent, or
send for a Circular.
In this township to•gncass for the new, valuable and
ihat selling book by Dr. JOHN COWAN,
Recommended and initor,kicq by piomluent ralth3ters,
physicians, religious and hocularipapera. No other book
like it publielle4l. .S4O per weel:guaranteed. Addresa.
COWAN tv. CO., lad Eighth St., New York.
V. w •
with the newest and heat treatment for all cases. The
The only thorough work of the kind ln the world.—
Embraces Small-rox i _Yellow Fever, Cholera and all
analogous elkeases. No Family &do Without It. and
all buy it. Has 24 chromatic titustratinne. 'flie big
gest chance of the season for agolgli. Adarefla I:3,
twoI)SPEL:I3 37 Park ROW. New York.
(4001) Ailtil`i' ; ''"" --
by C. W. Ottm-x.)::, hI. D. 13t11% rapidly. Ono agent
'odd lOti in one week. Apply at onto to 11. N.
NEN k CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
Vkr IN T TED .
(lcueral mid Local Agents, for
the liartram Sowing Machine,
made at Danbury, Corm. The
stillest, firatest and eaebet Lock-
Stitch. Straight Needle Macblue
In the market. We give better
terms than any other company.
Agent, Danbury, Conn.
HALE.- fi,lato hotly of Timber and Iron Oro
Lands ot Middle( Pennsylvaula; estimated to cut
co,lion„rod feet of mind whito oak, veldt° and yellow
plot and heinloik,l On and near floating streams.
Estenni saw-mill; boom, otc., on, the Susquehanna.
AN 13 to P. W. slitAPElt,
ADORN YOUR HOMES with the new
f. Chronic,. Awake" and i• Asleep." Sella liko
wild-lire. The pair sent for 50 cogs. A largo die
could to agents. Addrqss W. E: CARPENTER, poi.
Iwo), Mass.
$4O l'er IN (,'.1511 to Agents. Eve ything,
furnished and expenses paid. A. COUL
TER & CO., Charlotte, Mich.
$5 to $2O f.
Pc_,rsset. l 9a( 3 ,l wo A r e iu n g ti3 pe lv o a p j l i e ti f l elilij
sex, young or old, make more money at work for ua in
their apart• moments, or all the lime, than at anything
else. Particulars frqo. A<lamas O. STINSOU, & CO,
Portland, Blaine.
$6O a week guaran
teed. Respect able einployment at home, day or eve
ning: no capital refit full instructions and val-,
nal le package of goo s sent free by mall. Address,
wl tilx cent return. stamp, M. YOUNG A; CO., 113
Ot leach fit„ N. y I . I
, ,
pia La eraix Medical Dispensary.
Is thn oldebt and most Stlecesatut institution in ibis
country for the treatment of Chronic and Sexual
eases. For terms of treatment, call, or address bY
mail. with statement of. ease, S. 11. BUSSEION.
,Ittly 1-Iw. :it Maiden Lano, Albany, N.Y.
Thal:est Materials.
Auclitoi's Notice.
IN the Orpheus` Court for the eonuty of TiOga--C4 -
latP of David Morris. deceased. The auditor ap
pointed by the Court to marshal the assets of the es
tate of D.vid Morris, deceased. in the hands of Jef
ferson Harrison, Administrator of the estate of A. P.
Cone. deceased. Executor of the estate of said David
Morris. deceased, will meet the patties tutereated.ler
the purposes of his appOluttuellt, cut Thursday, the
dity of July, 1873, at his office, in Wollsboro, at 10
o'cluelt a. in.. when and whore all porsollq having
claims acc.retrireit to present them, or be debarKcii
from coutlim in for a pharc of such assets or fonds-
Juno 21. '73.5t. DAM CAMERON, Autrts.
AllditOP's Notice._
auditor appointed by tlio Court! of. Common
11 . Pleas to distribute do Wilda in tins panda of
FI li . Sberla of Tioga comity, arising from the sale
of Ow personalproporty of J. 'W. Itergln at suit of A.
M. Spezia/met—pl. will moot Ile persons Interested,
for the purr:mica of Ids appointment, on 'Wednesday.
thou vr3.ltisy of .1%4, 187 a, at. ton o,clock a, hi., at his
coition iiilVoll,sboro. 'IIIVIO CAMERON', Aud'r:
Juno Si. 1873—it.
Auditor's Notice.
rrE undersigned, appointed an Miditor to distill).
the funds arlalim from sheriff% sale of tho
peopetly of Houghton, Orr az Co., will attend to the
duties of tho appoltxtoieut at the °Mee of Miteholl
Cameron, in Wellaboro, Ttoga co., Pa.. on Thuras.lay,
the 2lth day of July, 1873, at ten o'eloel; a. m., Wbeu
and where ail parttra aro required to, present their
attraa. or he forever debarred from any share of the
feints. JOJIN 7. MITOIIELL, Auditor.
June 21, 1873-11'. ' .
Mrs. Geo. Campbell,
I I AVING returned to WellaborNaud ti 2 04b 3 g
lwr trade in the inauuttletturevt•
would respectfully say to her old friends that she
woula bo phut td sco kil who would favor her with
their Calls. Bite eau be fouutl at the tioutte;ot 4, AL
Jolamop, tho bubo, 1
. .
, ' 1
. . .
W. ff. Slam
rlcsnlouz PS,